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June 20, 2015
Daughter of Deep Silence demonstrates how an author can tell you one thing, but show something completely different.

It demonstrates how a narrator can take centre stage, metaphorically throw her hands in the air and declare herself an unlikable and complex character hell-bent on revenge, but never give any indication that she's anything more than an incompetent fool who lusts after a boy she believes is involved in her parents' deaths.

People love them these days: the unlikable narrators. The complex individuals. The revenge-seekers. From Kill Bill to The Count of Monte Cristo to Black Iris, we just love it when an author can take a character we shouldn't love and peel back the layers of their mind until we understand them and sympathize with them. I've given books high ratings for having such characters.

BUT sometimes, often in YA, authors cheat. They give us fake unlikable narrators that actually - when you take a closer look - never do or think anything the average person wouldn't. Oh, you don't care if the people involved in your loved ones' deaths die? Well, whoop-de-doo, neither would fucking I. Oh, you harbor feelings of resentment towards the people that ruined your whole life? Goddamn, you must be evil.

It's bullshit. Frances can say whatever the hell she wants about being all broody and vengeful but, in reality, all she wants is to get together with Grey - the guy who at best is covering up a mass homicide, at worst actually helped cause it. In fact, I felt the book breezed over the events of her parents' deaths without emotion; the real feelings being reserved for when she's in Grey's sexy arms.

The book opens with Frances being rescued after spending seven days adrift at sea, following an armed attack on the Persephone in which her parents were killed. The only other survivors - Grey and his father - lie to the press and say it was a rogue wave that brought down the boat. Her friend Libby died on the raft before they were rescued and Libby's father is the only one who will believe Frances' story. So he encourages Frances to pretend to be Libby (coincidentally, they look alike), in order to avoid people coming after her. Four years later, Frances - "Libby" - returns for revenge. Or so she says.

Let's look at the reality.

Frances says:
"Everything about me is perfected and polished, and thoroughly, thoroughly Libby."

The reality: The very first time she really needs to pretend to be Libby, she calls Libby's dad "Cecil".
“The whole point of hosting this thing is because the Senator supported Cecil’s efforts along the coast.”
Shepherd stares at me for a long moment. “So you call him Cecil now?"

So you've perfected the art of being Libby but - oops! - you can't even remember to call her dad "Dad"?

Frances says:
"The only brightness in the black I’d plunged myself into.
Another, darker word followed quickly after.

The reality:
“But there’s another part of me that only cares that, after all these years, I’m finally in his arms again.”

Frances says:
"Rage is a powerful emotion. Strong enough not just to burn away the pain but also sear back the whispering tendrils of fear.”

The reality:
"Yet, somehow, this is the situation I’ve found myself in. Desperate for him to continue loving the girl I used to be."

And don't even get me started on that part where she goes out alone at night to meet up with a guy she believes to be involved in a mass homicide. Shepherd expresses concern for her safety and she's like "I'm badass, whatever."

Revenge? Yeah, right. This is another angsty love story with a stupid heroine.

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April 27, 2015
I am nothing except this: a girl reborn of the deep ocean silence, meant for nothing but vengeance.

Oh boy. This book left me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't flip pages fast enough to uncover the truth! Frances was such a fascinating character and I took her in, rage, flaws and all. If this isn't on your TBR list, fix that. I can see fans of Dangerous Girls eating this one up. I know I did. Review to come.

Oh, Carrie, what have we here? Something else to haunt my dreams? You know I can't resist.
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January 2, 2018
Was this a five-star middlegrade (MG) book? Probably -it had all the right elements. But I was a bit crushed because I expected a more suspenseful/thriller/revenge drama along the lines of YA, or upper YA since the heroine looked older on the cover.

Note: This book reminded me strongly of the ABC show Revenge which is, of course, based off The Count of Monte Cristo.
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February 15, 2021

DNF 55% - The truth is, I don't even care how it ends.

I know something is wrong when I'm able to stop reading at 55% without waiting for the end, especially given the fact that it's a thriller. A fucking thriller and I can't bring myself to go on because ... well, that's what we're gonna see, okay?

Reason 1 : The writing is giving me a headache.

SO. MUCH. TELLING, I can't even. Indeed while I completely understand the need to show how Frances is a master of manipulation, strangely all these braggings about her ability to deceive people aren't convincing me at all. No, because I'm too busy being annoyed as fuck. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the fact she is supposed to be a manipulative revenge bitch is annoying, not at all. In the contrary, that's what I was seeking out here, so no, it's not what bothers me. Nope. What aggravates me is the fact that there is TELLING everywhere, and never SHOWING.

► Frankly, it can be read like a fucking textbook.

Lesson 1 : How to appear embarrassed
"Keeping my head ducked, I bite my lipe and squinch my eyes closed, as thought I'm too embarrassed to face him."

Lesson 2 : How to appear vulnerable
"I cross my arms over my chest, cupping my elbows in my palms and allowing my shoulders to hunch so that I take up less physical space. It makes me appear vulnerable and weak."

Lesson 3 : How to appear awkward
"His shoulders relax a bit, my apparent awkwardness having done the trick of easing the tension."

Lesson 4 : How to appear unsure
"No." I twist my lips, ensuring that the uncertainty of my tone undermines the response."

Lesson 5 : How to appear overwhelmed
"My breathing's a bit ragged, my chin trembling as though I'm overwhelmed."

Are you tired yet? I am tired yet.

I don't want to read a textbook. I want to read a STORY. Frances, a master of deceiption? Not convinced.

REPETITIONS. Sometimes it made me think that I was supposed to be stupid, you know. So, I'm writing it here : I don't need a refresher every second. I got it right the first time, thank you very much. Perhaps if I did these thoughts wouldn't have crossed my mind : I was here. I know. You already said it. Yes, I know. Stop repeating yourself. Just stop. Please, stop. Oh come on!

Reason 2 : I can't suspend my disbelief anymore.

Let's overlook the fact that Frances can pretend to be Libby without nobody finding out . I'd like to believe that nobody could take my place so easily (even my own sister, and we look alike... Kind of), but... Anyway, let's be generous and overlook this.

Here's the thing : I can't buy this so-called 2 weeks love-story at fourteen. There. I said it. Frances is going on and on about how intense it was and how touching Grey again brings so many memories and feelings and OMG it's so heartbreaking and intense -

- Except it's not. Except I'm rolling my eyes something fierce. Because come on.

This : "I have the sudden urge to rest my cheek against his leg, to let the edge of my lips press again the soft flesh inside his knee. To see if he tastes the same as he did four years ago. I'm almost dizzy at the force of my own resistance."

This is ridiculous. I'm not buying. The fact is, Grey is her enemy and she intends to make him pay. In my opinion there aren't near enough reasons to be torn between her revenge and her "love" attraction for him. Nope. Not after 2 weeks at 14. Sorry. I might be an old nasty bitch after all.

► Okay. I'm pretty sure that I just gave a 1 star rating to a book which will be part of many favorite lists, and when I reread the blurb, really, I can understand why - it sounds fascinating, and no, everything isn't bad in this book and that's not what I'm saying. But while I can only hope that it won't be the case for you, to me the way the story was executed felt flat and frankly? I was so bored I can't bring myself to finish. So yeah - maybe don't take my word for it and go read other reviews. The only thing I can say is ME, Alienor, didn't like it, and I'm not going to feel sorry for that.


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April 14, 2017
Where do I begin with Daughter of Deep Silence? It was one of those books that I couldn't seem to really form a solid opinion for. Did I love it? Nope. Did I hate it with a burning passion? Not really. But it kind of isn't "in the middle," either?

The main problem I had with this book was the writing style. It was really hard for me to get into, and the narrator was telling then showing more often than not. It felt like Frances had to keep repeating the statements over and over again to get the readers to believe her--and I just didn't buy any of it. Plus when she does all these movements or expressions, she has to explain what she's trying to do because apparently we're all idiots.

And this book has flashbacks. Normally, I'd be okay with flashbacks, but with this one, they were repeated. Multiple times. I GET IT. I need to get a perfume called Eau de I Am Not an Idiot. I know I've mentioned multiple times that I have a short attention span and horrible memory, but you don't have to repeat ALL the flashbacks ALL THE TIME.

Another thing that REALLY bugged me was the romance. We have two love subplots here, but one is more prominent than the other. Basically it goes like this:

At 14 years old--
Girl: This guy's only talking to me because he likes my best friend.
Guy: I want her best friend.
*they have one conversation*
Girl & Guy: I'm in love. (Take note--THEY'RE FOURTEEN.)

At 18 years old--
Guy: I am falling for this girl I don't know.
Girl: Holy shit I still want him. *cue internal struggle*

So yeah. Didn't like that at all.

Let's talk about The Twist now. It honestly was the biggest letdown of a twist I've ever encountered. Sure, it may seem like a legit reason for things that have happened, but was it unique? No. Did it make me go WHAT THE FUCK? Yes. But not because I was shocked... More of because I was expecting so much more. It was just so... ordinary. Mundane.

Okay, rant over for now. If there's one thing I liked about the book, it was seeing the things that happened to our heroine as she struggled to stay alive on a raft. The descriptions during these parts of the flashbacks were a tad bit graphic, which I liked--you could really see how tired the girls were, and that made me want to go into the book and feed them some cake.

For some strange reason... I can't bring myself to give this book one star, despite my earlier qualms about it. Like I said earlier... My brain is full of fuck. It's probably the heat.

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April 7, 2020
3.5 stars

Daughter of Deep Silence is an interesting story about what it is to lose everyone you love including your own identity and to live a life as someone else in pursuit of truth and revenge. Written in the first person POV with originality and sophistication but without compromising its ability to pull the readers in, I found it a very addictive read what with the short chapters that keep you hanging , with the intense plot that make you curious and the intriguing mystery that keep you wanting more.

Perhaps the downside to the story is the romance and the irrational insta-love but what truly caught my attention is the inner conflict of the heroine manifested in her thoughts, words and actions winning the reader’s interest and empathy. The story is written with more narrations than actions and dialogues but I found it tolerable, even gripping in this particular novel. The conclusion is also satisfying and overall, I think this is an enjoyable, fast-paced YA mystery-thriller.
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June 2, 2015
"I am Elizabeth O’Martin, I remind myself. I am cold destruction, calculated retribution."

My first Carrie Ryan novel and it’s a blast.

Daughter of Deep Silence follows the story of Frances Mae, one of the three survivors of the yacht Persephone. All of them are lying except for her. Frances Mae is the only one, who truly knows what transitioned during that night. She is unstoppable, and she is planning to take down everyone in order to avenge her family.

Initially I was a little bit skeptical about the premise of 'Daughter of Deep Silence'. I don't know if it would live to my expectations. I see several people comparing it to the Titanic, and that’s overly ambiguous to me. Not because this book is bad and Titanic is such a classic movie, but because they don’t have any similarities aside from the ship that killed thousands of people. That was a misleading blurb, thankfully Daughter of Deep and Silence surpassed every inch of my assumption.

The plot instantly sucked me in. Thankfully Ryan also established some ground rules and the relationship between the main characters.

The writing as well, is gorgeous. It is lyrical in some sense. I want to quote everything. The only negative thing I could think of is, there are quite a few of flashback scenes. I don’t mind it at all, it’s not annoying as some stories. They are genuinely necessary and integral part of the story, but some particular scenes have no warning of a flashback coming.

Aside from that reason, I almost convinced Daughter of Deep Silence is written for me. It is calculating, fast spaced and spectacular in every way.  Perfect for readers who are seeking a delicious, fast paced thrilling book.

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August 22, 2015

I love revenge stories. I think it's no secret that I love reading about people who are wronged and they want to have vengeance upon their wrongdoers. I'm usually with them. Why? Because for me, the basics of revenge are... correct. People should pay for what they do, don't they? (Okay, now, don't hate me for this.)

That was the main reason why in The Count of Monte Cristo I supported every action Dantes did. I felt he had to give his ruiners what they deserved. I didn't care if what he did was inhuman – I just wanted him to get his revenge.

Same applies to Laney from Black Iris. She doesn't hide her feelings and she as well wants revenge. Her actions may not have been “correct,” but I was always on her side, believe it or not. This thing was also one of the (many) reasons why I ended up hating Ben-Hur: because that's not revenge – it's redemption.

And well, didn't this book disappoint in this too?

The story starts when Frances (the protagonist) is rescued from the cruise Persephone after it sinks and everyone but her and two other people survive. Her parents and one of her friends (Libby) died in there, with the first ones being murdered. Four years later, she's pretending to be Libby to ge her revenge on the ones who killed her parents.

Sounds promising, huh? But yeah, it didn't give me what I wanted.

The thing is, this is not a revenge story – it doesn't even get to be a mystery. Do you know what this is? Another stupid YA novel promising to be one amazing thing but ends up being one cheap and cliched romance.

Yep, that's right. I had not even read 10 pages when this happened:

It didn’t matter than I’d known him barely a week, it had been long enough to fall for him with an intensity I’d never experienced before.

Not only is that eye-roll-worthy, but also, it's freaking unbelievable. Bitch, please, you were just 14 when that happened... and that without counting that they had met for only a few days.

But also, you know what? The revenge she's supposed to seek is completely forgotten. She mentions it now and then, yet it's on the background. And plus, her said revenge is just one more reason for her to spend time with Grey.

His voice triggers something inside me, a flood, hot like adrenaline. But there’s a taste there as well, a slow contraction of my stomach. I can’t help it, my eyes fall to his lips.

Lust, lust, lust. That's all this girl feels. She tells us she wants revenge, she tells us she has hatred inside her, yet...

But there’s another part of me that only cares that, after all these years, I’m finally in his arms again.

And even when she says/feels these things, Frances is always trying to convince us how angry and full of hatred she is.

A total fail on that. The only thing I felt from her was L-U-S-T. Plus, she was stupid. She gets herself in pointless dangerous situations ans when she's warned she's like:

“It’s too dangerous, Frances.”
I throw my hands in the air, exasperated. “Haven’t I already proven that I know what I’m doing?” I tell him.

Yeah, whatever, Frances, you can tell us what you want and we're never going to believe you – not because you're “unreliable” (because you're not, you're just stupid) but because you're not convincing; your actions show different things from what your mouth says.

And not only did this disappoint in terms of plot and characters, it also had a T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E writing. Like, I could't stand it. I almost DNFed this. It was too much telling and zero showing.

My breathing's a bit ragged, my chin trembling as though I'm overwhelmed.

I place the vial back on the counter and riffle through the rest of the basket, holding up the contents and inspecting them as though I’d never seen any of it before.

Gasping, I bolt upright, pressing my palms over my ears as though that could somehow stop me from hearing. But of course it doesn’t.

My chest tightens as though it were collapsing in on itself.

And then... repetitions. So many of them. There were some scenes that were narrated twice. Like, wasn't it enought to read about them once?

Also, it was effing predictable. It was boring, with stupid characters... and predictable. I saw everything in the end coming from miles away. I think I guessed it when I was around the 30%. And you know waht else? Even when I was prepared to hate this, I never thought I would hate it this much.

To end this, I will share with you something that happened on the last page (without spoilers):

But know this: I’ve lied about most everything in my life, but never about my love for you. It is as strong now as it ever was. There is a reason your heart found mine. It is my sincerest hope you find me again.

Screw this. I don't know how I survived. It's a shame I won't get back the brain cells I lost.
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July 16, 2017
“That’s the thing about silences and futures; someone always comes along to fill them in. If you let them"

This book is spectacular! There were so many amazing things about it. I was so into the book and it was very difficult for me to put it down! The writing in this book is wonderful and it was not like any other mystery book and is quite unique. When I finished Daughter of Deep Silence I was lost for words and did not know what to do. I can’t get this book out of my head. I was captivated from the beginning and I was so annoyed when I had to stop reading. I flew through this book as it was such a quick read.

If I were to summarize what this book is about in one word it would be revenge. This book isn’t just any mystery book. Usually, mystery/thriller books are about someone trying to uncover the truth but this book was more than that. It’s about how Frances was trying to take down the senator and his son who had lied about what had happened to the cruise ship the Persephone. For her to do this she had to take the identity of her dead friend.

This book was really good but there were some things that annoyed me a lot. First is the insta-love. Before I read this book I knew Frances was in love with a boy called Greyson Wells but what I didn't know was that she had only known him for a small period of time on the cruise ship but she was ‘madly’ in love with him. She only knew him for a week but so sure that he was the one for her. He was also so in love with her which didn’t make sense. How could they be ‘in love’ with each other if they had only known each other for a week? And what’s worse is after all he’s done, four years later she STILL loves him. I don’t get it. I don’t understand how people in books fall in love with someone who has caused so much damage to them. Their relationship throughout the book irritated me so much.

Now onto the second problem which is similar to the first. Now you would think Frances is so upset about Libby’s death because they’ve been friends for a long time but no. Frances met Libby on the cruise ship and knew her for a week yet someone how it was like they were friends for a long time. I don’t know why the author thought friendships and relationships begin the second after you meet someone.

I really liked Frances because she’s so manipulative. The thing she wants most is revenge and its kind of taken over her life so because of that she is so deceiving and cunning. I know those aren’t good traits but she’s just really clever. The ideas she comes up with and all her plans make her so smart. I felt really bad for her with all she was dealing with. Frances takes her dead friend's identity and becomes Libby. Throughout the book, it was just talking about how she struggles with finding who she is and coping with everything. She was a really smart character but her mental state isn’t that good. She luckily wasn’t an annoying protagonist.

The ending of this book was crazy. I can’t handle endings like these because they make me think about it for days and ugh! The ending was so powerful I think it affected everyone who read this book. Frances is so crazy and to have

This book is honestly so good and everyone has to read it. The beginning, the plot, and THE ENDING were perfect. If it just wasn't for the insta-love and her friendship this book would have been one of my favourites. I think everyone should read this even if you aren’t a fan of mystery books because this book is more about revenge than mystery. It is not a disappointment. After reading it I did not know what to do and right it won't be easy moving on from this book.
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June 7, 2015
Don't judge a book by its cover -- this isn't a story about... *squints dubiously at cover* An artist's model? A girl attending a Met Costume Gala with a "Titanic" theme?

Nope. It's actually a revenge thriller and a pretty fun read. Yes, there are some minor suspension of disbelief issues, some of which are explained away later in the book. At first I struggled to buy the fact that an entire ship of passengers could completely disappear, taking with it all the evidence that the passengers had been murdered, but that does get explained. The romance was also a bit of a stretch for me. If you'd have trouble buying the fact that two separate couples could fall madly in love at age fourteen -- one of them in a total tween instalove moment-- and then, after not seeing each other for four years, remain madly in love at age eighteen, that could be a stumbling block. I rolled my eyes and got over it. Impersonation stories can often be triangle-y, but this didn't feel that way to me.

Overall, this felt a little like the movie Titanic and the TV show Revenge got it on and had a book baby: pretty young girl-slash-yacht disaster survivor moves into an exclusive coastal community to plot and scheme revenge on those she holds responsible for the deaths of her friends and family. The thriller aspect of it was well-plotted, though I wish the book had offered the reader more clues all along, rather than dumping out the answers in our lap at the end.

But that quibble aside, the suspense was good, the pace was good, and it was a page-turning read. Some readers may be unhappy about way the romance plays out, but it worked for me. You've got to get over your revenge fantasies before you can find love...

If you're a fan of revenge plots, impersonation plots, and/or thrillers, you should give this a try.

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January 4, 2016
Quick review for a quick read. Preface to this review - I first heard about this book from a preview galley offered from NetGalley and that intrigued me enough to check into the full book. I knew going in that this would be a retelling/alternate telling of "The Count of Monte Cristo," and I've liked most of the adaptations that I've seen of that novel since it's among my favorite classic works. From "Gankutsuou" (a colorful Japanese anime series that's an adaptation of the novel) to ABC's "Revenge" - something about "Monte Cristo" resonates with me in seeing how each of the flawed main characters pursue a quest for revenge against the people who wronged them.

Such is the case of Frances - a young woman who loses all the people she loves over a boating "accident" that turns out to be more than it seems. She's one of the few survivors left from the wreckage, while the other two - a Senator and his son - are lying about the events aboard the Persephone. When Frances is rescued, the only other person she was found with was already dead (Libby). So Frances assumes Libby's identity (with the help of Libby's father, who recognizes the jarring lies painted in the media) and grows up while plotting a path of deeply rooted revenge.

Granted, I recognized that this book had more references to "Revenge" than "Monte Cristo" (heck, Greyson's name is a play on "Grayson" - the family that Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke wrecks revenge against in the series. Hence a clever ode, it seems, and the only direct reference.) But if there was one thing about "Daughter of Deep Silence" that I didn't like - it was the force fed descriptions of romance. Goodness, this book didn't need that, because otherwise, I'd probably be rating this higher. What made it so jarring and out of place was how forced the depiction was, particularly in places of the beginning. When Ryan does character intimacy well, she does it well - I even recognized that in places of "Forest of Hands and Teeth" - but there's also a dependency on how she's telling details rather than showing them. I really liked seeing spaces where Frances struggled with her identity - I liked those parts and even liked her reluctant relationship with Shepherd (who was pretty much the more level headed of the two). I even liked *some* of the sexual tension that developed between Frances/Libby and Grey - but not when it was shoved in my face that she wanted to jump his bones. If the narrative had scaled back on that and opted just to show some of those scenes on description/body language alone - I would've gotten it. I don't doubt that teens would get that too. It didn't have to be so overt and forced in the descriptions.

There were a few plot holes in the overarching narrative about who the culprit was and how the incident came to pass, but I was nonetheless entertained to see how Frances figured things out and the overarching march to the end, which I was able to get behind even with some open ended contexts.

I liked this far more than I thought I was going to, even with its respective flaws, and I'd probably re-read it again. I just wish it had relied a little less on pushing the romance and let the plot and characters carry it more, since that was intriguing enough as a lead in.

Overall score: 3.5/5 stars

Note: I received a galley blurb from NetGalley on behalf of the publisher, but ended up reading the full book after its release.
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September 18, 2016
*Thank you so much to Penguin Canada for the review copy! :D All opinions are my own.
*The quotes, while beautiful, are from an ARC copy and is subject to change.

I have heard absolute golden things about Carrie Ryan's debut novel, Forest of Hands and Teeth but I personally haven't read it. However, after reading this slice of awesomeness, you bet I'll be reading that trilogy!

When I first started reading this, I was slowly succumbing into a reading slump because the few reads before this one hadn't been good so it took me like, 2 days to read 40 pages but then things started to get super interesting. My interest was piqued and I was intrigued and curious. And when I get curious, I will go through any means to quench that thirst.

So I started reading faster and this book had my attention in its sticky grasp and even when I had to put the book down, I was thinking about it. In fact, I was thinking about it so much that after I finished a math assignment with my partner at her house, instead of taking a half an hour nap like we planned (cuz we have a LOT of HW...) I ate chips and finished reading the book. The poor girl woke up to me screaming and laughing and crying instead of her alarm.

If anything, revenge in the absence of emotion. It's pure, calculated through stripped bare of entangling emotions. It's cold, deliberate action.

Let's talk about Frances, who pretends to be Libbie and refers to Frances like "Frances would've done this" and "Frances would've done that." but also refers to things like "Libbie does this" and "Libbie doesn't like that." That made me a little uncomfortable and a tad bit confused but I quickly got accustomed to it and even enjoyed that aspect of this girl being both these people but neither. She even at one point refers to herself as the hybrid between the two girls but cold and calculated and bent on revenge (don't quote me on this but it was something like that. I can't find the direct quote from the book right now.)

I usually just refer to her as "her" or "she" in my mind but we'll call her Frances here. This girl is kind of more than crazy. She's (like said before) cold, calculated, insane, observant, fighter and determined. She wants revenge and she must have it. She has detailed plans, pages of research that way more than stalker-ish. I honestly learned SO MUCH about human behavior or actions (did you know that your pupils dialate if you ask a genuine question you don't know the answer to in anticipation? Neither did I till I read this book! This sounds an awful lot like an ad right there...) because Frances took note of everything and she had to be so careful, making sure the events go as planned, noting everyone's reaction, plotting. I swear, I wish most heroines were half as smart or observant as this girl (only half though, I can't imagine all my books filled with Frances', it'd be scary as heck!), I do love Frances.

Over the past four years Grey has been both my daydream and my nightmare, my fantasy and my darkest desire.

I quite love Frances and Grey's romance! There wasn't THAT much romance (I mean, how romantic can you get when you planning on cold revenge?) but Frances had to get close to Grey (as Libby, of course, he didn't know who she was) so that she can have him under her clutches. We get around 3 or 5 flashbacks from the past, during the cruise on Persephone, and they are so adorable and romantic and I wish that I got to see them during the cruise, when they were just normal teenagers, not ones parents dead because of a crime the other's parent committed. (or something like that. It's confusing.)

I really love the writing! It's not how I usually like my writing, all lyrical and magical. It's choppier and somehow colder but warm at the same time and it still flows very well. It intertwines you with so much warmth and pulls you into the story so well that you feel the cold atmosphere in the book!

THAT ENDING! It was so happy yet sad. Satisfying yet unsatisfying. I love it yet I hate it. The only feeling that's certain that I feel about the ending it that I love all the confusion and how I both love an hate it. (that sentence only makes sense if you think like me... It makes perfect sense)

Luckily, rage is a powerful emotion.strong enough not just to burn away the pain but also sear back the whispering tendrils of fear.

This book, let me tell you, I am definitely going to reread! I NEED TO! It goes on the To-Reread pile along with Harry Potter and Throne of Glass!This book is unique, addictive, awesome and brilliant. I highly suggest you try.
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May 30, 2015
This novel is wonderfully despicable and twisty and it's definitely a worthy return to the YA world for Carrie Ryan. I found it hard to put this book to the side and I loved how calculating the main character was. Review to come soon!
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June 8, 2015


DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE was the most fascinating, most original, most thrilling, and most intriguing book I have read in a very long time! I've read so many great book this year, but DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE was so different then any of them that it made it stand out from the crowd, and made me see it in a different point view.

The concept of DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE was fascinating, and the more I read, the more I wondered how I would feel and what I would do if I was put in the same situation as Frances. And every angle I looked at it, their was no good outcome! And I could fiercely understand why Frances dedicated her life for revenge. And the way she devised her viscus plan was not only devious and conniving, but also down right brilliant and fabulous. And though some may not find the justice in the vengeance and revenge that Frances dished out, but I surly did. I guess that's why I connected with this book the way I did. Like Libby AKA Frances said:

"There's no better feeling than the deliciousness of a well-crafted plan executed perfectly."

I think that says it perfectly...

Carrie Ryan is absolutely brilliant!! This is my first revenge story, and though the whole vowing vengeance on someone is not a plot that I particularly love, but not one I hate either. But something about DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE drew me in and had me desperately craving it's vindictive adventure. Although I still don't think revenge stories will become one of my favorite genres, but if their as fierce, plot driven, and skillfully written as Ryan's, then I would jump at the chance for another good revenge story like this!

I loved the world-building of the DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE! It intrigued me from the minute I read the synopsis. And I'm not just talking about the revenge perspective of it either. I'm talking about the whole idea about a ship of people being murdered and it twisted to be a natural disaster. And the aspect of falling in love on a dazzling ship, and then having it all ripped away by a vicious event that changed their lives forever. And I LOVED the idea of a Titanic-like novel, but with the revenge twist!!

But I have to admit, as much as I loved this book I still found certain parts to be a little absurd, and over the top. I can't say what these issues were without spoiling it for you, and trust me, you don't want me to do that. But their wasn't too many of those parts, but the ones that were made me want to scream at Frances/Libby and say "Girl, what the heck are you doing????"



Frances Mace just wanted to enjoy a luxury's cruise with her family. Just wanted to reap the perks of young love found adrift a beautiful ship. To cherish the bounds of newly formed friendship discovered in the beauties of the ocean sea. To feel alive as she spreads her wings and sails the oceans vast body. Feeling the soft caress of water spraying up and flying in the air like the promise of true freedom.

All of those wondrous glories were found and lost the night the Persephone bleed red. When the joyous yacht that brought her to life, quickly drained it all away, taking her sanity with it. The night god turned his back on the Persephone and the 327 souls aboard. Because before the night is through, only 4 souls will remain. But before the week is out, only 3 living souls would be left to tell the tale of the night the Persephone was attacked, leaving the walls painted in crimson and screams echoing in the vast waters, replaying the horrors of the night the world ended on the Persephone. And that is the night all became silent in Frances's heart, and she became the Daughter Of Deep Silence...


There has only been one word that has kept Frances Mace going since that blood-soaked night four years ago when her world ended, REVENGE... One penetrating thought that has fueled her heart to carry on, RETRIBUTION.... One outcome that thrives in the back of her mind, TRUTH... One way to get it all... DECEPTION....

After the agonizing seven days adrift in the ocean sea, Frances was finally rescued and pulled aboard Libby's father ship to the horrifying extent of her situation, and the devastating truth that she is absolutely and utterly alone. But somehow in the midst of all the death and destruction three survivors were left standing. But two of the three survivors are lying about that fateful night on the Persephone that ended the world she once knew. And Frances Mace knows with absolute certainty, that she was never suppose to make it off that yacht. And if she wants to live long enough to tell her tale, then she must remain silent, at least for now...

She's been bidding her time four years, lying low and remaining silent as the sea. Building her plan and researching everything possible about every pawn on her game board. Because the game is now ready to be played, the pieces are all lined up, every last detail played out in her mind, every angle mapped out to turn around in her benefit. And now it's finally time, time to put it all in motion and end this once and for all. It's time to make Senator Wells and his son and love of her life pay. Because Libby is going home, and all the unknowing pawns are going to come crashing down around her, and all will finally be revealed for the rest of the world to see...

Overall, the DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE was more then I anticipated and so much more then I ever dreamed it could be. I loved everything about this book, the characters, the atmosphere, the world-building, the plot, the revenge aspect, I LOVED IT ALL!! And though I did find certain situations a little much, and not as realistic as I would of liked. But I'm assuming you'll find that in any good revenge story as the author has to push the boundaries of what a person is capable of under the pressure of betrayal. But nevertheless, even with its minor flaws, the DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE was still epic in more ways then one, and I am so happy I decided to give it its fair shot! Ryan has definitely just made my new list of favorite authors for 2015.

NOTE: I received a physical ARC from Putnam Juvenile (Penguin) for reviewing purposes! All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way!

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July 16, 2015
The blurb lies.

This book isn't about "[...] the lengths to which one girl is willing to go when she thinks she has nothing to lose." What this book is about, is a heroine swooning over a guy and tossing aside her plans and rational thoughts for the course of true love. A heroine who is none the badass bitch or the unreliable narrator she desperately wants to be.

I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit on the romance. The characters meet at the age of fourteen and barely know each other for a week before falling in love. After four years, instead of it being among the pile of embarrassing things that happened in their early teen days, their love for each other is still going strong. I mean come on, really? Aight. Maybe this is possible in some Utopian reality out there, but the romance in this book earned more eye rolls from me than anything else since we don't see much connection.

It's also laughable how easily the MC strayed from her path. She knew the guy - Grey as the enemy - someone potentially involved in mass murder. I just don't understand how the feelings and fantasies and little flutters could be part of the equation. Heck, their feelings can't be healthy in the psychological sense.

The writing itself was enough to give me a migraine with the repetitivity, lack of substance and the fact that telling was prioritized over showing. There are times when the readers just don't need a chorus to jump in and give them certain explanations simply because they are obvious and the readers are not stupid. Frances felt the need to explain her actions and it was like having someone tell you that you'll die if you were stabbed to death. Or watching Dora the Explorer when you're not, like, three.

"I cross my arms over my chest, cupping my elbows in my palms and allowing my shoulders to hunch so that I take up less physical space. It makes me appear vulnerable and weak."

"Painfully.' I hurl the word, dagger sharp, because I'm angry. And hurt. ..."

"My breathing's a bit ragged, my chin trembling as though I'm overwhelmed."

Double that up by a few hundred pages and you have the trailer.

I have neutral feelings towards the flashbacks. I could care less about the MC's conversations with her love interest aboard the ship but I did like the survival aspect. It was quite cogent and the only time I felt any kind of anything towards anyone in the book.

Another thing is that as far as our MC knows, Grey is hiding dangerous things and is a master of deceptions. Funnily enough, she can tell when he's lying because of the thing he does and he turns pink every other second and stutters and stammers and is basically an all round transparent plastic bag. His character portrayal had the power to kick the unpredictability factor up a few notches but the potential went wasted.

With the way things were, are you sure you can't just look into his eyes and see the truth, Frances dear?

Finally, the rushed ending came along and all the loose ties put my shoelaces to shame. It was also certain I just went through 375 pages of absolute shtako.
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August 12, 2015
Quite predictable but entertaining nonetheless.
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February 26, 2017
I read this book for the October spookathon.

Ok, ok, my review is a few months late but in honesty I didn't even plan to review this book at all.

This book takes place 4 years after the ship Persephone sunk, taking all it's passangers with it, except for three.
Our protagonis Frances, the Senator and his son.

Even tho the senator and his son stated that the ship sank because of an ice berg, Frances know the truth.
All the other passangers were killed by some men. Shot.
She only managed to escape because her mother made her hide.
After she saw her parents die before her eyes, she escaped the ship with her best friend Libby but was the only one that ended up getting rescued by Libby's dad.
Libby died from dehydration and starvation just a few hours before the recue came.

Now Frances and Libby's father want revenge.

With the money of Libby's father, she got a few plastic surgeries and was sent to a private school, to imposter Libby.
(The parent trap style)
(Well not exactlly.... but close)

After a few years however Libby's dad died, giving Frances the final push to start the plan for revenge.
Her plan is to make the senators son, to fall in love with her and confess everything.

What she did take under consideration was Libby's adoptive brother and ex boyfriend, with whom she now has to share the house without giving anything away so that he doesn't find out that she isn't actually Libby.

Even tho the story had alot potential, it didn't deliver.
Frances wasn't a big, badass, spy like protagonist that I thought she would be.
She was more focused on Grey and how she loved him even tho she shouldn't and on how she wished he would recognize her even tho she didn't really.
Gurl you've dated for like a week before the ship sank. Get a hold of yourself

It was very predicatble and I think there were supposed to be a big plot twist... but I didn't find it or passed over it while reading.
Turns out the whole massacre happened Shocker, Shocker.
Still a pretty f*cking dumb reason to kill an antire ship full of people.

Also the ending was so abrupt and so open like...
What happened? Is that all?? Are they good? Will they live together again? I have so many questions!

2/5 Stars. Could've been an amazing kickass story, but wasn't!
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January 13, 2021
Edit: I changed my review to a 4 star rating because as much as I enjoyed the book, the ending was just a little too unanswered for my taste. Still great, just not 5 star deserving

I am a huge fan of this book! I knew I would be honestly but I still am surprised.

I just want to throw in a quote here that I loved from this book. I rarely write down quotes but I found this one beautiful:
"Sometimes I think that's the hardest part to recover from. Not the loss of someone, but the loss of the possibility of them."

This book is essentially the tv show Revenge as a book. Revenge is one of my favourite tv shows so naturally I gravitated towards this book. This was such a unique story. It is very similar to the show, but in reality there are no books like this one. It's such a unique story and I would have almost rather this have been an adult fiction book that was a bit longer.

The main girl, Frances, was really great. I obviously sympathized with her and what she went through and I was so on board with her revenge storyline. But at the same time, there reached a point where I wanted to be like "enough is enough". She is unlikeable, but likeable at the same time. I found a lot of similarities between myself and her and that made it that much easier to relate to her.
As for side characters, they were all great. Grey was such a complex character. I felt like I understood his struggle and while I didn't approve of what he did, I still find it in me to care about him. Shepard is a character I felt sad for truly. He lost the girl he loves and I feel like that stayed with him for so long. I cared about him and his forgiving and loving personality. He also reminds me of Jared Howe from The Host because he loves someone who really doesn't exist anymore; who has someone else living in their body. The person he love became someone else.
I also approve that this book wasn't a love triangle. It could have been, really could have, but Carrie Ryan dealt with that so easily and wonderfully that I didn't have to live through a love triangle.

While I loved this book, and rated it 5 stars, I did have problems with it. Well, I had problems with the end. I didn't agree with it.spoilers ahead I like that the "bad guy" died. I like that Shepard and Grey lived. I like that she confessed to the female cop. I liked all of that. I do not like that she essentially goes off on her own and leaves them both behind. I know it's better if she starts over, especially since she "died". But she really could have started over with Grey. I know at the end of the book she decided to right a letter to him and tell him that she was alive and everything, but I don't like not knowing how that worked out. We got closure, but no closure at the same time.

All I wish for this book is that it was longer. More developed storyline. More detail in the plot. More planning and acting out of her revenge. Otherwise, I was extremely satisfied with this book and I do definitely recommend it!
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July 10, 2018
If anything, revenge is the absence of emotion. It's pure, calculated thought stripped bare of entangling emotions. It's cold, deliberate action.
This is a book with not a lot below the surface . And yet it's an incredibly compelling and intriguing read.

Honestly, I think this is a classic example of a book being saved by the mood and environment . Because if you think about it, the plot concept of a girl disguising herself to seduce some boy and then falling in love with said boy is not that original. But you know what? Atmosphere can make any story compelling. Daughter of Deep Silence has a similar vibe to Revenge, the tv show, which is perhaps what I loved most about it.

I liked the main character a lot as well. Frances is compelling because it is so easy to get lost in her hatred. She's planning on murdering several main characters and yet here we are, rooting for her, wanting them to die. But I mostly just liked how cold and calculating she was. It was interesting to see when she did and didn't show emotion - it made for a compelling read.

The main problem with this book, and perhaps the one that most reviewers have pointed out, is the terrible romance . And yeah, those reviews are right; it’s not my favorite. The somewhat love triangle does end early on, but the ensuing romance plot with Grey overwhelms parts of the book. I somewhat wished for the heroine to drop Grey at the end and move on. Every issue I had with the book could have been rectified by it being a little longer and giving some more development and more slow build to the romance.

I once read about this interrogation tactic in which you break the person’s will in steps so small that they don’t even realize it’s happening. Here’s how it works: Imagine a suspect sitting in a police station, refusing to talk. Ask them something about the crime, they’re going to stay silent.

But, instead, ask them if they’d like a glass of water and they’re likely to answer. Because not answering a simple question like that seems unreasonable—it’s a question unconnected to the reason they’re at the police station, so what’s the harm?

Except now they’ve broken their vow not to speak. So getting them to break it again isn’t as difficult. It’s no longer about whether the suspect is going to talk or not, it’s about what information the suspect will be willing to share. Suddenly, the playing field has shifted.

VERDICT: It could've been better, but I appreciated the development and mood we did get. If you can ignore some romantic flaws and character stupidity, this was a super compelling read.

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May 22, 2015

I’m the daughter of murdered parents.
I’m the friend of a dead girl.
I’m the lover of my enemy.
And I will have my revenge.
I had extremely high expectations for Daughter of Deep Silence, and needless to say it did not disappoint. This is a chilling and unputdownable analysis about one girl's drive for revenge against those who wronged her, and I enjoyed every bit of it. This is my first book by Carrie Ryan, but it most certainly won't be my last.
I am nothing except this: a girl reborn of the deep ocean silence, meant for nothing but vengeance.
When the luxury cruise ship Persephone is attacked, all of its passengers are killed. All except three - who manage to live to tell the tale. And two of them are lying about what happened.

Francis Mace lost everything on the fatal day the ship was attacked, but through sheer luck, she manages to survive. Now rescued, her whole life revolves around getting revenge against the people that murdered her parents and her best friend... no matter what the cost.
It's funny, most people think that revenge is a passionate affair, driven by rage and pain. But it can't be. Feelings such as those make you weak.
Frances is an extremely well-written character - calculated and determined, never swaying from her goals. She is so focused on getting revenge that sometimes she doesn't even seem able to see what's right in front of her, but after all she's lost, who can blame her? Everything about Frances - her fears, her hopes and her need for revenge - really soaks into your head in the best way possible. Even long after finishing the book, she's a character that will stay in your mind for days - even weeks - to come.

Combine an amazing plot with a swoon-worthy romance and Carrie's eloquence and gift with words and the result is an unforgettable, spine-tingling revenge thriller. Daughter of Deep Silence is all that and more, and I can't recommend it enough.
But that's the one thing about silences and futures; someone will always come along to fill them in. If you let them.
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November 20, 2015
For a good portion of this book I was on the edge of my seat, absolutely enthralled with Frances' journey and revenge. I was with her one-hundred percent. The people that wronged her deserved to be brought to justice. She had a plan, and she was going to stick to it.

If it had continued in this vein, maybe just for a while longer, I would have given this book a perfect grade. The plan was well thought out, well planned, and beautifully poetic. The suspense - even after I began to get annoyed (which I'll get into later) - was superbly done. I was turning pages, unable to get enough, unable to stop. I had to know how it was going to play out and if Frances was going to get her revenge.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for Frances' plans to break down. I couldn't stand that she was allowing herself to have these feelings for a boy (Grey) that she thought was - at best - complicit by neglect in the death of everyone she loved and held dear. I could understand everything else that she felt and thought, but not this. If some boy, someone was complicit in such a tragic affair as Frances believed Grey to be, there'd be no forgiveness, at least not as quickly as Frances starts making excuses and reasons for him.

Granted, Grey does seem to be nearly as tortured about their whole history as Frances, but the fact of the matter is that his family survived the tragedy and then LIED about it. While Frances lost her parents, her friend, her life on that ship. Nearly isn't close enough for me. And for this boy Frances changes all of her plans, nearly dying, nearly getting others hurt or killed, nearly losing all justice for those responsible.

And in the end that brought down my enjoyment of the book quite a bit. The cliff-hanger/make-up-your-own-resolution ending didn't help much, but it was really the "romance" that was at the heart of my discontent. I agree that it needed to be there. Frances needed to find some reason - beyond her revenge - to actually live, but the way this one unfolded didn't work as well for me.

Pre-review thoughts:

I'm just not sure how to rate this. There were (many) aspects of it that I absolutely loved - and one that irritated me...a lot.

Review to come.
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February 8, 2015
I loved this idea of switched identities and revenge. The entire book was calculated and filled with delicious tension.

I really liked Frances. Her internal battle of being Libby and straining to hide Frances away was really interesting to read. Especially when her plan starts to unravel.

The big reveal wasn't as spectacular as I was expecting, but the ending was quite satisfying. The epilogue was just okay, it left me wanting a lot more. Overall, a quick and compelling read.
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August 4, 2015
I am the daughter of murdered parents.
I am the friend of a dead girl.
I am the lover of my enemy
And I will have my revenge

After reading those lines on the back of this book, I knew I just had to read it. Don't you feel like reading this after reading those powerful lines. It pulls you in right from the start, right? Or am I the only one that feels this way...

Wasn't expecting this book to be so intriguing. It was so fast, I couldn't believe the book ended when it did. For the past few days, I feel like books are so fast-paced and so interesting. Maybe it's because I get really into the book and I start feeling like I am involved in the book. Sometimes I get so sucked into the book that I forget about the real world. It's crazy of what books can make you go through.

When Frances was fourteen years old, and she was on a luxury yacht called the Persephone, an unfortunate event occurred. The Persephone was attacked and so many people died, including France's parents. Libby is one of France's best friends and she also died. When Frances finally finds a boat that is here for her rescue, it turns out that one of the people who were rescuing her was Libby's father. He was devastated on Libby's death but told Frances that he would take care of her. But, Frances has to act like Libby and so she lives as Libby and threw her whole life of Frances behind. But after she got rescued, she realized there are two more people who survived this attack. But both of them are lying and did not mention of an attack to anyone. Frances believes these are the people behind the deaths and pledges to seek revenge.

I really enjoyed this book, the plot was strong, the writing was beautiful and I really liked Frances/Libby. I like Shepard and he is really protective which is really nice. I wish we got to read more about Libby's father and how he took care of Frances. I wasn't a huge fan of Grey, I feel like he falls in love too easily. I felt the same way about Frances/Libby, she fell in love way too easily and her relationship with him was so rushed.

I did not like how the book ended, there should've been more! But other than that it was so interesting, this breathtaking thriller will have you reading until the very end. Once you start the book, you won't stop, well that's what I went through. I highly recommend this book to those who want something with sweet revenge or those who want revenge on others. :)
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June 11, 2018
I'm writing this in the middle of the night. Yaaay.

Rating: 3,75 stars

Daughter of Deep Silence is a revenge book with weird romance. It was fast-paced. I finished it in 2 sittings.

Frances Morice is going to take revenge on everyone who took part in her parents and Libby's death. Senator-forgot his name- and his son Grey are at the top of the list. And that revenge starts with her being dead.

The Revenge:
I really liked this part. With Francis bloodthirsty af, calculating and cold-hearted. I didn't know if it was the ice-cream I was eating or revenge. But both were really sweet.

The Romance:
I always appreciate romance in a book BUT this doesn't mean that this one didn't make me roll my eyes a little. They met at 14 in a ship for a week and they fell in luuuuuuve. Seriously? At 14 I was watching cartoons. And it was a love so strong that they remembered it for 4 years. Where did my brain cells go? And then after 2 days of seeing each other, they are falling in luuuuuve again.
That doesn't mean I didn't want them to end up together and swooned over Grey. Because I did. But something was off about the whole thing.

The Ending: I wasn't even surprised . Kind of Anti-climatic.

The writing: is good and the atmosphere of the revenge is amazing.

I hope you liked this review and thank you for reading.
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June 2, 2015
Full disclosure -- I love everything that Carrie Ryan writes, since her very very first book. I love it all so much that I've since become friends and critique partners with her (we even wrote a short story together in Dark Duets). So...I might not be the most unbiased of reviewers.



Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for a revenge story (ahem -- A Rogue by Any Other Name). Or maybe it's because I adore shipwreck stories. Or maybe it's because I like girls who take lemons and make badass lemonade (ahem -- Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover). Or maybe it's because I like sexy sexy will she forgive him/won't she forgive him romances. I'm not sure. But this book is my favorite of Carrie's from start to finish.

If you're interested in YA romance -- or have someone in your life who is -- or if you're (like me) missing the TV show Revenge -- this is a perfect read for Summer 2015.
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April 17, 2018
I had bought this book when it first came out in 2015 and am now only getting to it in 2018... this is the story of my life but I had high hopes for this book when I had originally picked it up. It did not disappoint, in fact it blew my expectations out of the water. I loved the characters and story felt like it was an adult mystery just in the YA genre. Nothing was held back and I was holding my breath at times, waiting to see what was going to happen next. When it came time for the big reveal and how things unfolded in the end, it wasn't what I thought it was going to be and I was a little disappointed in that, it just wasn't what I wanted it to be and it fell kind of flat. The only reason I am giving this book four instead of five stars is because the ending fell a little flat for me. I would totally read another YA mystery by Ryan ASAP if she were to come out with one!

Longer review coming soon! :)
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