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The Anatomical Shape of a Heart

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Beatrix Adams knows exactly how she’s spending the summer before her senior year. Determined to follow in Da Vinci’s footsteps, she’s ready to tackle the one thing that will give her an advantage in a museum-sponsored scholarship contest: drawing actual cadavers. But when she tries to sneak her way into the hospital’s Willed Body program and misses the last metro train home, she meets a boy who turns her summer plans upside down.

Jack is charming, wildly attractive, and possibly one of San Francisco’s most notorious graffiti artists. On midnight buses and city rooftops, Beatrix begins to see who Jack really is—and tries to uncover what he’s hiding that leaves him so wounded. But will these secrets come back to haunt him? Or will the skeletons in her family’s closet tear them apart?

304 pages, Hardcover

First published November 3, 2015

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About the author

Jenn Bennett

22 books4,780 followers
Jenn Bennett is the author of over a dozen books for children and teens, including: ALEX, APPROXIMATELY; STARRY EYES; and GRUMBONES. She also writes romance and fantasy for adults. Her books have earned multiple starred reviews, been Goodreads Choice Award nominees, and have been included on annual Best Book lists for both Kirkus and Publishers Weekly. She lives in a haunted house near Birmingham with one husband and two dogs. Visit her at www.jennbennett.net.

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January 16, 2016
What, exactly, is the anatomical shape of a heart? I can tell you. It's a bloodied splat on the floor, with gory little pieces of bodily tissue everywhere because that's what it looks like after I've stomped on the figurative heart within this book for 10 minutes after having read it.

Do you like manie pixie dream girls? For those who don't know what those are, here's a good definition taken from Wikipedia.
"that bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures."
Yeah. And they're bloody fucking annoying because they flit through life seeing it through rose-tinted glasses, filled to the brim with bliss and joy and seeing magic in everything. Think every single Zoe Deschanel character ever.

Thusly, it might not surprise those who know me that I want to commit bloody murder on those magical manic pixie dream girls. And joy of joys! Hurrah! There's one in this book.
He didn’t ask me why I was carrying artwork around a medical campus. He just squinted thoughtfully and said, “Hold on, let me guess. No still life or landscape. Your skeptical eyes say postmodern, but your boots say”—his gaze swept down my black skirt and the knee-high gray leather covering my calves—“savvy logo design.”
To be fair, it's a manic pixie dream guy in this book. Does that make it any better? Fucking no.

This book is about a stupid artist. A different, special, unique *rolls eyes* girl...
Too weird for jocks, and not weird enough for hipsters, I was neither freak nor geek, and that left me stranded in no-man’s-land. I was fine being a misfit—really, I was, even when someone scribbled “Morticia Adams” on my locker with a Sharpie this winter.
*coughspecialsnowflakecough*...who falls in love with a handsome brooding handsome rich handsome famous handsome Banksy-type artist
Could that someone be Jack? Was he an infamous street artist wanted for vandalizing?
...who happens to be barely out of his teens. Imagine the sort of artistic fame at that age! Incredible! Unbelievable! Seriously preposterous, like are you fucking kidding me?.

Did I forget to mention he's handsome?
He was a walking figure study in beautiful lines and lean muscle, with miles of dark lashes, and cheekbones that looked strong enough to hold up his entire body.
Don't worry, the main character will shove the fact that he's handsome in your face until you can't breathe for the scent of his cologne (sprayed onto his handsome ears). He's got his image to maintain, brah.
A jacket bent over in front of me and picked up my portfolio. When the jacket stood back up, it grew arms and legs and a face that probably competed with Helen of Troy’s in the ship-launching department.

He was all retro and rockabilly and cool. If James Dean and David Beckham had a baby, it would be Jack. That jewel-thief outfit he’d been wearing that first night was a total criminal disguise.
Good lord. Jack is so annoying. He's the epitome of hipster pretentiousness.
He tugged on the small black cord that hung from one side of the bracelet I’d noticed earlier. “Is that a religious thing?”

“Mala beads,” he said, offering me a closer look. The strand of irregular dark beads wound around his wrist three times. “Bodhi seeds. I use it to count a mantra. I twist each bead as I count, like this.”
He's so Rebel-Without-A-Cause with his fucking pompadour.
“This is Ghost,” Jack said with unabashed pride.


“A 1958 Corvette.” He unlocked the passenger door, which was covered with dings and scratches in an otherwise mirror-shiny paint job. “She was stolen last fall and taken for a joyride, which is why she’s a little beat-up on the outside. I decided to keep her that way for now so she wouldn’t look so showy."
Oh, and of course he's so broody because he has a Sad Past.
Maybe Jack was traumatized. Some people can’t handle seeing blood after witnessing something shocking. Acute stress disorder, it’s called. Over time, it can develop into PTSD.”
And he's just so perfect because despite the fact that every girl is after him and he's ridiculously handsome...Like, are you fucking kidding me?
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November 16, 2015
“Those dark eyelashes should be illegal.”

I know why many people like this book, I really do. It's the same reason I kept wanting to bump my rating up as I was reading. The Anatomical Shape of a Heart (or Night Owls in the UK edition and, in my opinion, as it should have been called everywhere) is an extremely diverse book in all senses, it has a very sex-positive message and portrays sex in an open and honest way.

Politically, this book and I are on the exact same page. I like the stuff it stands for. Bravo. And yet I feel the same way as I felt about Dumplin' - a few important messages aside, the characters, the plot and the romance are just not particularly memorable.

The main characters are a quirky art girl - Beatrix Adams - and a drop-dead gorgeous (and rich) graffiti artist. I lost count of how many times we are told how beautiful Jack is. It is the first thing we are told about him and the first thing we are always reminded of every time Beatrix sees him. It got a little tiring.
“He had large boy hands, all sinewy and latticed with faint blue veins, and long, slender fingers. More beautiful bones. I desperately wanted to trace my fingers over them—which was insane. And stupid.”

His perfections and his part to play in Beatrix's life were all a bit manic pixie dreamboy-ish for my tastes. The author tries to introduce a back story to him and make him more complex than your average gorgeous rich boy, I'll give her that, and yet the "mystery" behind him is not very interesting. Mysteries should demand that you solve them and this one doesn't.

Jack is mostly there to propel Bex in new directions, encourage and enable her talents, and offer new perspectives to her.

I just think this book doesn't have enough tension for a teen romance. There is very little drama, no obstacles, realistic conflicts, or questions to be answered. It all runs a little too smooth to be compelling. Bex and Jack like each other as soon as they set eyes on one another, they are drawn to each other straight away and are happily in love by the halfway point.

The "conflicts" of the novel, if you can call them that, revolve around family issues that are honestly uninteresting because the secondary characters are not very well-developed. It was hard to care about Bex's absent father or any of Jack's family.

I'm glad for the frank discussions about sex and the message that you are not defined by how many people you've slept with:
“Would it have been an issue if it was four guys?” After all, I’d known plenty of guys our age who’d slept with twice as many girls. Double standards were the worst.

But, sadly, these are not enough on their own. It's great that we're starting to see more YA books promoting healthy attitudes towards sex. I'm just still waiting for some really good ones.

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January 3, 2016
4.5 Stars

If you’re looking for a swoony young adult romance The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is the book for you!

Beatrix, “Bex” Adams wants to be a medical illustrator, a highly competitive field, and is trying to win scholarship money to aid that future. After trying to get a seat in the Willed Bodies program of her local hospital she misses the train home and must take the late Owl bus where she meets Jack. Their chemistry is immediate and mutual:

His gaze lifted and met mine. We stared at each other.
And stared.
And stared…
A strange heat sparked inside my chest and spread over my skin.—I didn’t know what was happening between us, but I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if the Owl had burst into flames, veered off the road, and exploded in a fiery inferno.

But on their journey, Bex figures out Jack is an infamous graffiti artist. Does she want to get involved with trouble? The pull to him is undeniable and they end up crossing paths and hearts, navigating first love and family drama along the way.

I enjoyed the fact that Bex was comfortable in her own skin being a sort of “misfit” but okay with that. I admired that she was a hardworking teenager since her father left and the family’s funds were stretched, but didn’t wallow in self-pity. Her father was supremely selfish for leaving, and my heart broke for them. I felt for Bex’s mother, Katherine, and I thought she tried to do right by her kids for the most part, but I was very disappointed with her over one issue, but no one is perfect, and feelings of rejection can short circuit good thinking sometimes.

Jack, the graffiti artist/beautiful boy, had his share of family issues, but he was a complete sweetheart! The unraveling of his secrets and slow progression of Jack and Bex’s romance kept me glued to the pages.

I just visited San Francisco over the summer, and while reading I felt like I was transported back there all over again with its cool, foggy weather, trendy restaurants, old Victorian townhomes, and unique energy! The city came alive through Jenn Bennett’s writing. Visit her Pinterest board to get some of the imagery and more of a feel for the story.

It’s been a while since I read a young adult romance. I actually don’t read many young adult stories anymore, but I’m a huge fan of Jenn Bennett so I knew I had to read The Anatomical Shape of a Heart. Ms. Bennett nails the ups and downs of youth and real life, mixing it with humor and charm making her story utterly captivating. She captured the thrill and headiness of first love perfectly, which, of course, was my favorite part!

A copy was kindly provided by Feiwel and Friends via Netgalley for an honest review.

This review is also posted at The Readers Den.
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July 9, 2017
I’m going to say it right now, The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is going to be on my top ten book list at the end of the year.

From the moment I read the summary of this book I knew I was going to love it and love it I did. When I turned the last page, I wanted to read it all over again.

Jenn Bennett is a new to me author, even though she’s not by any means a new author. This is her first YA title and I’m so, so happy she’s jumped in this genre.

The story here revolves around Beatrix or Bex as we get to know her. She’s our narrator and I absolutely loved being in her head for this story. Bex is determined to win a much needed art scholarship and she’s going to do whatever she has to do to make it happen. Even if that means disobeying her mom and pushing her way into the hospital’s Willed Body program so she can draw cadavers. Yes. I said cadavers. That’s her specialty and she’s crazy talented, but she needs the extra experience to win, and she needs the scholarship because her deadbeat dad walked out on them several years ago and left her mom to care for her and her brother with no support. But this whole decision is what ultimately changes her entire summer and introduces her to the mysterious Jack.

Jack is everything you ever wanted in a book boyfriend you guys.

“And right now, my anatomy-obsessed mind was appreciating the way my new acquaintance fit together, too. He was a walking figure study in beautiful lines and lean muscle, with miles of dark lashes and cheekbones that looked strong enough to hold up his entire body.”

He’s gorgeous, he’s funny, he’s talented and he’s got a secret no one would ever guess about him. He’s one of the city’s most wanted graffiti artists. His life is definitely not perfect. He’s got some major things happening, things that he can’t exactly be up front about for reasons I can’t even tell you because I’m not a spoiler!

From the very second that these two meet, I was hooked. I wanted more of them… more of their banter and more of them falling for each other, because those were two of my most favorite things here. Bex is probably among my most favorite characters I’ve read as of late. I appreciate her voice, her wit and her humor, her quirkiness and her talent… I would want her as a best friend if she were here in real life. And Jack – no matter the hand he’s been dealt, he tries so hard to find the happiness in his life and when Bex appears, he wants to grab tight with both hands and never let her go, I absolutely loved the way he pursued her.

While outside forces may be pushing and pulling them apart, they know what they’ve become to each other and are determined to make this relationship work. And they are seriously the cutest and sweetest. But there are a lot of background forces at play here… The secret that Jack has in his life and the noose over his head in regards to being the most wanted artist in San Francisco.

“Hey Bex?” Jack said as he grated. “Just so we’re clear, if we were alone, I’d probably kiss you right now.”

I gave him a swift glance as the hallway laughter made its way back to the kitchen. “Just so we’re clear, I’d probably let you.”

You guys… the SWOON in this book – I can’t even tell you how much I loved seeing these two fall more and more for each other. If you’re looking for an amazing YA romance then this should be at the top of your list. One of my favorite parts was when Bex and Jack talk about sex and can I just tell you how much I love his eagerness to make sure she gets what she needs and they are just so adult and mature about it and what an amazing representation of two people who are in a spot in their lives where they are responsible enough to be having sex. Plus Bennett is really good at writing the really sexy stuff so if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate that.

“Just promise me one thing,” he continued. “If it’s not good, tell me. Don’t just get angry and resent me. I’d rather us not do anything and keep what we have now than screw things up between us. Okay?”

If you’re a fan of contemporary and looking for a book filled with romance and friendship and family, look no further because this has it all and more. Bennett does an amazing job of weaving a captivating story filled with wonderful characters, and a story you’ll absolutely love. Plus, it’s low on drama and that is always a bonus in my reading life!

Thank you to my lovely Kassiah for grabbing this for me at TLA!
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465 reviews1,115 followers
February 11, 2020
This was cute, and I liked Jackson and Bex.
I loved the setting of San Francisco, and want to go there.
I liked the art.
I liked the positive view of sex.

I didn't like Bex's mum, her actions, excuses or how easily it was all dismissed. In fact both sets of parents were highly unlikeable!
The mental illness rep made me feel a bit uneasy too.

This was Jenn Bennett's first YA novel, and I think you can tell. I enjoyed it, but it was my least favourite so far.
Recommended for a quick, light read.
Why is this called Night Owls in the UK, but The Anatomical Shape of a Heart elsewhere?! I thought it was two different books for ages! This shit confuses me
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1,208 reviews19.7k followers
November 5, 2017
A beautiful and heartfelt story about art and love!
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553 reviews638 followers
November 21, 2015

"Feeling alive is always a risk."


Wow. Gorgeous cover. Stunning story. Incredible writing. This isn't your average YA Contemporary Romance. I admit that Jenn Bennett is a name that I haven't heard of when it comes to YA. But after reading this novel, her name is one I'll never forget and and I'll forever stalk.
TASoaH sucked me in from the very start. Theres something so magical in the first chapter of this book that made me stick around until I read the last page. Well, that magical feeling never left until the end. Jenn Bennett just aced that incredible writing style where every words, every scene, oozes with romance and... and feels. Honestly, this book is rendering me speechless.
Another thing that will impress you would be the whole plot of the book and its pacing and how it flowed until it ends. It's just so refreshing and very unique! Bex's interests are not the kind of stuff I usually encounter in this genre. It's actually the first time I read about it. And in YA! We need more ideas like this. Even the love interests character and story is not something you'll call cliché or been there, done that. Every little bit in this book is exceptional!
Beatrix character is 100% likeable. There's something wrong with you if you and Bex won't get along. She's truly one of the best character I've ever read in a very long time. And Jack. Oh wow... JACKSON VINCENT. I could write a whole review for Jack alone. This boy. This boy just stole my heart.
There are books that you read and that you'll like. There are books that you read and that you'll love. But then there are books like The Anatomical Shape of a Heart that you read and that you'll treasure forever. Because you'll never forget the feeling that it gave you. Those butterflies that invaded your stomach. Those smiles that appeared in your face. An absolute gem! The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is not a book you want to miss. Real, romantic and full of wit.. we need more Jenn Bennett in this genre. This is absolutely one of the best books this 2015!
September 7, 2020
Riveted from the start. Heartbreaking goodness!

Jackson: A bit retro rockabilly in black

Bex: always in braids

Truly a powerful story. This is a YA story of first love between two outcasts. Beatrix (Bex) has a love of drawing anatomy and is trying to get permission to sit in on the medical school anatomy classes so she can sketch the people who have given their bodies to science to be dissected so she can try to win a scholarship and become a medical illustrator. Her classmates at school had nicknamed her Mortician.

She meets Jackson (Jack) on a late bus one night and as they talk and stare at each other, he loses track of time and nearly misses his stop. When he gets up to leave a can of expensive gold spray paint falls out of his backpack. She figures out he is the graffiti artist wanted for some large gold graffiti popping up around town lately that has been in the news.

"He was all retro and rockabilly and cool. If James Dean and David Beckham had a baby, it would be Jack. That jewel-thief outfit he’d been wearing that first night was a total criminal disguise."

The book is full of the angst of first love, both of them are seniors in high school and have family issues. They are both artists and he is a Bhuddhist. The romance between them is sweet and beautiful while some of the issues keeping them apart at first are achingly tragic and unexpected. The characterizations are terrific, story development and flow is perfect and the descriptions of San Francisco are awesome. There are several supporting characters that add to the story. Overall I really liked the story and recommend the book!

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1,869 reviews54.5k followers
October 15, 2017
it is literally impossible to feel more whatever, more blah, more okay-sure-fine about a book than i feel about this one.

will i review it? who knows. probably not, unless you count me copy/pasting the word "eh" 1,000 times as a review.
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2,739 reviews710 followers
October 3, 2015
I loved the idea of this book and was super excited to read it.

Love love love Bex and Jack so much I almost don't have words to explain why. The two of them together were just perfection. Their conversations were filled with snark and swoons and heartfelt conversations and passion over art and I just devoured it.

I seriously think I could read these two forever.

**Huge thanks to Feiwel and Friends and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review**
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65 reviews307 followers
March 29, 2017
I've heard a great deal good about this book but i ended up not liking it that much. I can finish one 500 page book in a couple hours if i set my mind to it but it literally took me a gazillion days to finish this 300-page one. The beginning was cheesy and kind of insta-lovey-dovey which I really didn't like. I like fluffy and sweet YA contemporary but somehow this book just wasn't it. It kind of tried to be special with its plot which it does manage to achieve to a certain extent. But if you look at the characters, its like the same stereotypical people being recycled and given certain qualities to make them "special".
 photo tumblr_nwudcgzzXK1ravqovo1_500_zpszme3fpeo.gif
Jack who is the main love interest to be honest just seemed like a pretentious hipster who existed in this book for the sole purpose of playing the role of the love interest. EVERY time Bex sees him we are treated to a special paragraph of how "hot and beautiful" he is. Like yep we got that after the first couple times. I also didn't like the weird stalking that the two of them did of each other
 photo 200_zpskopsoyey.gif
^ kinda applicable to them
the story started getting a bit better towards the end but it was so dramatic and soap-opera-like it was hard to continue but i did it!! Beatrix's character was downright irritating at certain points and i find her to be very immature and harsh to the people that she loves. For a person who is written off as logical and kind of unemotional, that was certainly not the case in the book and there were moments that I had to physically restraint myself from slapping my forehead.
TBH in the end this book wasn't exactly bad but it wasn't good either and it was one huge 300 page of me going "meh"
 photo giphy_zpswgbqujff.gif
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Author 9 books404 followers
June 23, 2022
This was just adorable. I loved the chemistry between Bex and Jack, whose cute, quirky relationship jumped off the page in every scene. They were a unique, perfect San Francisco couple of teens, and I loved the look at their complicated pasts and the way they helped each other. This is the sort of book you just can���t put down!

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August 12, 2019
3.75/5 Stars.

Night Owls is a typical YA contemporary book, and here's why I think that:

-Insta-love ✅
-Cheesy lines ✅
-Too much drama ✅
-Clichéed events ✅
-Predictable twists ✅

But despite all this did I still enjoy the heck out of this book? You bet!

The first Jenn Bennett book that I read was ''Alex, Approximately" which was nearly 2 years ago, and I loved everything about that book, it easily became one of my favorite books of that year. However, I knew I should'nt get my hopes up for this book, because I believe ''Night Owls'' was the author's first ya contemporary book, and they always tend to be more ''flawed'' than the newer ones.

The characters were somewhat likable, and I loved the interactions between the two main characters, but I couldn't relate not connect with the characters.

Overall, it's a fast paced, easy and perfect summer book, but will I remember this book after a couple of months? The answer is no.
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December 28, 2015
4.5 anatomical hearts.

I'm not sure how to start this review. Shall I start with “Holy smokes, this one was amazing!” or with this: you know once in a while you read a book that you don't just read, you drink it in, you sip every word, you taste every moment happening and you think "man, this is an appetizing read!" This feeling is the sortta feeling you get when you read a powerful book, which has a message that needs to be heard, a story calling you to listen, a tale of love, self-discovery and action. This book may seem very ordinary to anybody else, to you too perhaps, because it doesn't have that action, that message that echoes in many minds but it does have a sort of thrill for those who know the true value of art. Have I ever mentioned before that I'm an artist? Well, I am. I sketch. And when I read a book about art, I am either delirious with joy at how deeply the author understands it (like in Isla and the Happily Ever After) or disappointed with the lack thereof. This book is about two young artists, a girl named Beatrix- Bex- who is into sketching actual cadavers and a boy named Jack, who is a notorious graffiti artist. Bex and Jack meet each other on the Owl — San Francisco's night bus and, more or less, change each other's life for good.

Written in Bex's point of view, the author very accurately describes Bex's passion for art. The way she deals with her problems is also pretty realistic. The characters are sketched perfectly, the chemistry between all the characters is spot on, the plot is different and the writing style is tbh real, moving and cool. At some places, Jack does seem to be a little too perfect but that was really not my main concern since dude had demons of his own. Bex keeps praising and keeps going on about how Jack is beautiful and all and that may be a turn off for some but being an artist I too have a bad habit (or good) of looking too much in detail and spotting out beauty (or lack of it) too. If I really think someone is beautiful, I too go a bit bonkers with the his bones, his fingers, his ear lobes- perfect, perfect, perfect! and as annoying as it might be Bex being a anatomical drawing freak who is into bones and flesh was bound to behave like that. The art is unique, the description of every scene is beautiful. You might even point out that the romance was a bit too cheesy but honestly if you meet a beautiful troubled teen (very much like you) who is into art (very much like you) but in different ways and dimensions, you too, might fall hard. Helps in connecting you see.

This book was 5 stars for me until the last half that is. You know how when you make a single mistake at the end of your mathematics calculation and the whole equation is ruined? Same happened here. The ending sucked. It was too perfect, too predictable, too happy-go-freaking-lucky and that my friends, destroyed how real this book seemed to be. This is not how real life works. It disappointed me enough to reduce my rating of the book to 4 stars but still this book helped me deal with certain things, ended my dull artist's block and woke up my napping creativity so I only reduced it to 4.5 stars. I felt connected to Bex. Bex was unique and real, the romance was more about understanding and care, the main highlight of the book being art. For what this book has given me, thank you Jenn Bennett for a wonderful experience. :')
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1,127 reviews2,172 followers
January 11, 2016
REALLY enjoyed Bennett's debut foray into YA. Not only is it swoon-worthy, sex-positive, and unique in its casting of hero and heroine, but it's also family-centric and impeccably well-written. Can't wait to see what else Bennett has in store for us, both Adult and YA. ;)
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2,739 reviews710 followers
July 17, 2016
There aren't enough stars in the sky to rate this book. I love these two like whoa and it might have been better the second time around.
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499 reviews374 followers
June 12, 2020
¡Si estás buscando un romance dulce para adultos jóvenes, Night Owls es el libro para ti!

Beatrix, "Bex" Adams quiere ser una ilustradora médica, un campo altamente competitivo, y está tratando de ganar becas de dinero para ayudar a ese futuro. Después de tratar de obtener un asiento en el programa Willed Bodies de su hospital local, pierde el tren a casa y debe tomar el autobús Owl donde se encuentra con Jack. Su química es inmediata y mutua:

Su mirada se levantó y se encontró con la mía. Nos miramos el uno al otro.
Y lo miró fijamente.
Y miró ...
Un calor extraño surgió dentro de mi pecho y se extendió sobre mi piel. No sabía lo que estaba pasando entre nosotros, pero honestamente no me habría sorprendido si el Owl hubiera estallado en llamas, saliera de la carretera y explotara. Un infierno de fuego.

Pero en su viaje, Bex se da cuenta de que Jack es un famoso artista de graffiti. ¿Ella quiere involucrarse en problemas? La atracción hacia él es innegable y terminan cruzando caminos y corazones, navegando por el primer amor y el drama familiar en el camino.

Disfruté el hecho de que Bex estaba cómoda con su propia piel siendo una especie de "inadaptada", pero está de acuerdo con eso. Admiraba que era una adolescente trabajadora desde que su padre se fue y los fondos de la familia se estiraron, pero no se revolcaron en la autocompasión. Su padre era sumamente egoísta por irse, y mi corazón se rompió por ellos. Lo sentí por la madre de Bex, Katherine, y pensé que ella trató de hacer lo correcto con sus hijos en su mayor parte, pero estaba muy decepcionada con ella por un problema, pero nadie es perfecto, y los sentimientos de rechazo pueden acortar el buen pensamiento, a veces.

Jack, el artista de graffiti / chico hermoso, tenía su parte de problemas familiares, ¡pero era un amor total! El descubrimiento de sus secretos y la lenta progresión del romance de Jack y Bex me mantuvieron pegado a las páginas.

Ha pasado un tiempo desde que leí un romance entre adultos jóvenes. En realidad, ya no leo muchas historias de adultos jóvenes, pero esta historia me hizo una admiradora de Jenn Bennett, así que se que tendré que leer sus demás obras. La Sra. Bennett explica los altibajos de la juventud y la vida real, mezclándolo con humor y encanto, haciendo que su historia sea completamente cautivadora. Ella capturó perfectamente la emoción y la terquedad del primer amor, que, por supuesto, ¡fue mi parte favorita!
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261 reviews66 followers
July 22, 2022
i love art, romance, and reading. aka i’m obsessed with this book!!

this was probably my favorite Jenn Bennett book because it was more than romance, it dealt with mental health and some of the stigmas that surround having a family member who deals with mental illness.
but, the romance was a killer aspect of the story because Bex and Jack were so cute!
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June 21, 2016
In case you didn’t know (shame on you), Jenn Bennett is one of my favorite authors. I first discovered her books a couple of years ago and have been an avid fangirl ever since. She writes romance spectacularly well and happy endings that leave me more than satisfied. When I found out that The Anatomical Shape of a Heart would be her first foray into young adult, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic. I have a huge soft spot for young adult contemporary romance, so of course I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this. I also hope that the book’s (probable) popularity will spark interest in her adult books, which have great crossover appeal for older readers and basically deserve all the praise.

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is set in San Francisco, California, and I have to first say that I love Jenn’s descriptions of the city and of city life. It reminded me of Stephanie Perkins’ books, in that the setting comes alive and feels so wonderfully vivid. I felt like I was in the heart of the city, hearing its pulse and understanding its rhythm. It’s on one of the city’s night buses where we meet our main characters. Beatrix, or Bex for short, is trying to get into the local hospital’s Willed Body program, so that she can draw actual cadavers and enter into a scholarship contest. She’s quirky and offbeat, and instantly clicks with the young (seriously good looking) guy across the aisle from her. Jack is a charmer, that’s for sure, but she also suspects he’s the graffiti artist who has been defacing city property… Suddenly her summer plans have gotten wildly turned upside down.

I have to admit that I was quite annoyed with Bex in the early chapters. As soon as Jack begins to pursue her, she puts on a defensive front that comes out of nowhere. She’s really rude and unnecessarily mean, and I couldn’t figure out why she was behaving this way when she had a crush on him, too. It was so sweet the way Jack kept trying to get her attention, but she really didn’t deserve it! Thankfully that doesn’t last too long, and once their relationship gets its footing I was seriously a goner. I mentioned Stephanie Perkins before, but I’d say this book is more like the love child of Huntley Fitzpatrick and Kasie West. (I know, I know, drawing comparisons has become so cliché, but bear with me.) Anatomical is pretty much fluffy goodness at its heart, but it also has a strong emphasis on family and tackles a couple of more serious subjects. It’s also very frank about sex, and I wanted to celebrate when Bex and Jack actually talked about their experience (very reminiscent of Sam and Jase in My Life Next Door). Actually, one of my favorite things about their relationship is that they communicate so well and are honest with each other. Plus Jenn just gives them a lot of great scenes together… some great and swoony ones. This is definitely upper YA; things do get steamy a couple of times, which made me extremely happy. All together, this was a book I obviously had to devour (and did) in one sitting.

Though it took me some time to warm to Bex, I did love her artistic flare and her emotional arc. She’s a pretty straightforward girl but learns to let go and let loose as the book progresses. Hers is an easy voice to sink into. She’s really close with both her brother and her mom, two characters I also loved, but she doesn’t have a relationship with her dad since he left their family for another woman. She has a good attitude about it though, and while that part of the story may have wrapped up a little too neatly, there were a couple of surprises along the way, too.

Jack won me over from the beginning. I already told you he’s charming, but he’s also entirely too swoony for my own good. That boy made my heart melt. I can’t resist a guy who pursues a girl the way he pursues Bex, and he’s so perfect to her throughout the story. But Jack is also dealing with his own personal demons; there’s a reason he’s spray painting words around the city. When he reveals the truth of what's going on with his family and readers see it first hand, my heart broke for him while at the same time I fell in love with him even more. It proves how loyal and dedicated he is to those he cares about.

If you love contemporary romance, go ahead and put Anatomical on preorder. It’s sure to be one of my favorites this year – sexy, mature, and refreshingly angst free, with plenty of time spent with our couple and also fun family moments as well. I hope Jenn gives us more of this in the future!

***Huge thanks to the author for sending me an early e-copy!***

This review can also be found at Love at First Page.
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September 25, 2016
This is romance done right. The characters actually become friends and date before they fall madly in love! Huzzah!
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October 6, 2015
5 Words: Family, friendship, secrets, graffiti, art.

I have to admit that the start of this story was pretty mediocre, and if it hadn't been for that very rocky start this would have got a full five stars. It took until 25% for me to really warm to the story and the characters, and I was just about to give up when things started getting good. So stick with it and push through, because it is worth it.

This story is sweet and funny and slightly heart-breaking all at once.

I received a copy of this for free via NetGalley for review purposes.
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October 30, 2017
"Earth to Beatrix. This was the night bus, not a Journey song. Two strangers were not on a midnight train going anywhere."

I’m kind of bummed that I can’t rate this book higher, but this book has a pretty big amount of insta-love seeping through its pages. To be fair, the teen romance is nicely build up and the story has a positive attitude towards sex, but after reading for the 20th time how hot Jack looked I was ready to throw this book into the dustbin.

The main characters in this book are Beatrix, a calm artsy girl who wants to be medical illustrator, and Jack, a rich, handsome boy who is secretly a notorious graffiti artist. As an art student this should send me over the moon, but sadly we only get a couple of scenes about art, and a whole lot more on describing how dead-drop gorgeous Jack is.

"He was all retro and rockabilly and cool. If James Dean and David Beckham had a baby, it would be Jack. That jewel-thief outfit he’d been wearing that first night was a total criminal disguise."

Those descriptions made reading this book pretty tiring, but what I did love was that Beatrix and Jack become a couple in a normal, realistic way. They go on a couple of dates, Jack meets Beatrix her family, he invites her over to meet his friends, and only after all that they share their first kiss.
The two also are very open about sex: both Jack and Beatrix bring condoms to their ‘date’, and before they begin Jack asks what Beatrix likes and doesn’t. Very few YA-novels handle sex so maturely, so applause for that.

However, I found Jack just too good to be true. Apart from his good looks and graffiti skills, Jack is namely a Buddhist, the mayor’s son, in possession of a black 1958 Corvette called “Ghost”, and hiding a tragic past behind his dark eyelashes and strong cheekbones. In conclusion: Jack is a bit of a Manic Pixie Dream Boy. He’s basically there to show Beatrix a whole new world and to help her make her dreams come true. Granted, his tragic past is more complex that you would think, but when the secret is revealed the most interesting part of Jack’s character disappears.

The other secrets and conflicts in this book resolve around family issues, but because all the family members are so one-dimensional, I felt pretty indifferent about them. Jack’s father was a stereotypical jerkass and the struggle of Beatrix's mother with her divorce was underdeveloped (and resolved within a week), so I didn't care about those family troubles.

So despite portraying a healthy young couple with some good chemistry, Night Owls didn’t do much for me. I admire the honest conversations about sex and the message that you should fight to make your (art) dreams come true, but for the rest this story had little tension, a few easily-solved problems and uninteresting side-characters.
If this book wanted more than two stars, it needed to be a whole lot better.
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May 13, 2016
Will cause:
Idiotic smiling to oneself
Fits of laughter
Sleep deprivation
May invoke artistic expression
Will invoke the feels, or in medical terms, the warm and fuzzies.

Night Owls was absolutely phenomenal, adventurous, heartwarming and incredibly lovely. Previously called The Anatomical Shape of a Heart for the overseas market, it follows the story of Beatrix, determined, creative and incredibly quick witted. An artist fascinated with the human body, she wants to illustrate cadavers and it's there on her way home from an interview at the hospital where she meets Jack, exuding confidence and mystery. I can't remember the last time I had read a romance so utterly lovely, where two characters were more ideal for one another. I adored both Beatrix and Jack as individuals, and even more so together. Both artists, their natural chemistry shone through the pages as the two formed an attraction, leading eventually to gentle and tentative relationship.

Reminiscent of the Australian classic Graffiti Moon, Jack is a graffiti artist. His choice of art is created by a gold spray can at landmarks around San Francisco. But Jack isn't a hooligan, his art represents a side of his life that no one understands, a secret that threatens to tear his family apart. His reasoning was beautiful, it made my heart ache that a young man would go to those kind of lengths and hence, the swooning began.

It made my heart soar.

The storyline is utterly captivating. From the first few pages, I was completely immersed and emotionally attached to both Beatrix and Jack. This is a couple you can't help but cheer on as they flirt their way through the chemistry that sizzles among the pages. There is no excess drama, but both teens have their own issues that are slowly unraveled throughout the storyline. Wonderfully paced, I read long into the early hours of the morning and simply couldn't put it down. One of the loveliest, heartwarming, contemporary romances I've read in young adult to date.

Beautifully written, Night Owls is an engaging adventure romance beginning in the most unlikely of places. Jenn Bennett has crafted an immaculate storyline to warm your heart and steal your breath away. I adored it. Madly.
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April 3, 2020
This is my second Jenn Bennett book and whilst i didn't enjoy it as much as Alex, Approximately I did enjoy it.
The plot was fairly simplistic and easy to follow and I liked both of the main characters.
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March 10, 2021
Full Review on The Candid Cover

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is all about art! This book is such a quick and adorable read that will entertain and delight fans of the contemporary genre. The main characters are artists, there is lots of diversity, and it isn’t a book that has an overwhelming amount of drama.

Amazingly, The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is an art book! I haven’t read too many art books, but I have enjoyed basically every one I have read. This particular book features two contrasting art styles: graffiti and dead body / anatomy drawing. I loved this because normally, art books take the typical painting or sketching. The Anatomical Shape of a Heart takes on a type of art that I didn’t know existed, making this book extremely unique and enjoyable.

As well, another feature that I love about The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is how very diverse it is. First of all, the main character’s brother is gay, which is becoming more common in YA, but there is also a character with schizophrenia. I loved how this is incorporated because the reader can learn a lot about schizophrenia and what it really is. This book raises awareness by mixing it with art, which I found to be really interesting.

One of my favourite things about The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is how there is not a lot of drama. I, personally, am not a fan of those contemporaries filled with fights where the characters forgive each other after a minute. This book was pretty unrealistic with some insta-love, but I found that there wasn’t too much drama, and I will take insta-love over drama any day.

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is an artsy book that is very diverse. There isn’t too much drama, but includes some insta-love instead. This book is a must-read for fans of the contemporary genre!
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