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Dark Harvest is no longer part of the Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series. There is a new book #2 (Blood Therapy) and Dark Harvest is now new book #3: Crimson Psyche. Contact me at my website for further information.

383 pages, Paperback

First published October 1, 2008

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About the author

Lynda Hilburn

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Lynda's books can be classified as urban fantasy/dark fantasy with romance, suspense/mystery, satire, horror, humor and sex.

Lynda Hilburn writes paranormal fiction. More specifically, she writes vampire books. After a childhood filled with invisible friends, sightings of dead relatives and a fascination with the occult, turning to the paranormal was a no-brainer. In her other reality, she makes her living as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, professional psychic/tarot reader, university instructor and workshop presenter. Her series, Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist is being rewritten and will be republished by Quercus Books in the UK and Europe, and by Sterling Publishing/Silver Oak in North America. The UK version of the first book in the series, "The Vampire Shrink" will be published September, 2011. The North American version a few months later. Book #2 (tentatively titled "Blood Therapy"), which is a new book, will be published a year later, and book #3 (the book that used to be called "Dark Harvest") will follow a year later. She also has a short story in the anthology, "Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance," called "Blood Song." "Diary of a Narcissistic Bloodsucker" and "Undead in the City" are available through Amazon.com and Smashwords.

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February 4, 2012
Opening Line: "Top o' the morning guys and gals, and welcome to "Wake up Denver"! WOW Radio's top-rated talk show."

Dr. Kismit Knight returns in this great sequel to The Vampire Shrink continuing her witty adventures into the world of vampires, the paranormal and magic.

It's been six months since Kismit began her relationship with the 800 year old gorgeous vampire known as Devereux. Although still very much in love with him (and the sex is still awesome too) Kismit is becoming increasingly frustrated by his over protectiveness and domineering manner. Devereux after all is the "master" vampire and used to getting his way. He in turn is having to adjust to her modern ideas and self-suffciency.

Kismit's life has been relatively normal of late even though she continues to counsel the undead and adapt to her new role as an expert on things of the paranormal. During a live radio interview an on air caller named Hallow claiming to be a vampire even older and more powerful than Devereux, casts a spell over Kismit and enters her mind. This is when the story really takes off. Refusing to acknowledge Devereux's warning about Hallow's evil nature and needing her space Kismit teams up with Maxie, a tabloid reporter who manages to drag her into all manner of trouble while searching for that one juicy story. Hallow meanwhile begins to take greater control over Kismit's mind, in turn causing her to exhibit a more uninhibited side of herself. As Kismit becomes possessed by her sexy alter ego Dev realizes what's happening and casts several spells in an effort to bring his true love back to him but Hallow is powerful and believes Kismit would make a welcome addition to his harem.

This is a great read; sexy, thrilling and with Kismit's own brand of sarcastic wit throughout. There are a couple of impossibly sexy yet bloody fight scenes as Devereux tries to save Kismit and destroy the wicked Hallow. There's also a great supporting cast of characters including the return of self absorbed ex-boyfriend Tom who has an outlandish request that will potentially land him a job on TV doing live sex counselling. Victoria the resident witch who manages Devereux's building returns as does Luna, Dev's personal assistant who still has it in for Kismit. Although we do finally learn why. Hallow as an antagonist is equal parts sexy, funny and pure evil and I really enjoyed him.

Containing far more magic, spells and psychic connections than the VAMPIRE SHRINK, DARK HARVEST is a great ride and I enjoyed it almost as much as the first book although as a whole it was slightly darker and in my opinion not quite as funny. This series is developing well however and Kismit and Devereux's love story hasn't been wrapped up quite yet which makes me hopeful for the third book in this great series.
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October 5, 2008
I liked "Dark Harvest" by Lynda Hilburn and I'm not sure I can really explain why. It's not because I couldn't figure out the bit of mystery in this second book about Kismet, a shrink who gets pulled into the reality and power struggles of the vampire world. I knew who the bad guys were pretty quickly and saw most of what was coming. What kept me reading was the way Kismet tried to deal with the horror and mess her life has become and what she learns about herself in the process.

There's quite a bit of scorching hot vamp sex for Kismet in this book and she's entranced by a seriously bad baddie nicknamed the Slayer by other vampires. If you're up against a vampire other vampires fear, it's a good idea to be terrified! Her main vamp Devereux is still in the picture and still pushing Kismet to call herself his mate...and he's still smoking hot. But this time, his protections aren't working as well as either he, or Kismet, would like.

There's also witches and weres and humans and minions in this series; and really, what more do you need for a few stimulating hours of reading pleasure?
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February 2, 2011
I can't begin to tell you how much trepidation I feel about submitting this review. I have to admit, I almost didn't. It's difficult being the only one who so greatly dislikes something most everyone else loved (see Amazon.com reviews), but I really didn't like Dark Harvest, and no amount of wishing can change that fact. I was hugely disappointed because I really liked The Vampire Shrink (4 stars for that one). Perhaps that colored my reaction to Dark Harvest, the crushed expectation leaving me feeling even more negative about this one than I would've been if I hadn't liked the first one so much.

Set five months after the events in The Vampire Shrink, Kismet's fame as the vampire psychologist has grown. She splits her practice between the living and the life-challenged and Dark Harvest opens with her being interviewed by a Denver radio shock jock on a local station. While she's trying to ignore the wretched little cretin's disgusting habits, a call comes in that sets Kismet's senses to tingling and puts fear in heart, a call from a force of vampiric evil so old it defies understanding. The low, seductive voice informs her that there's a new player in town, and the Slayer is going to get what he's come for, and have an uberspecial dance with the fair Kismet as well. The kind of dance that will leave her mind shattered and her body trembling for more.

Soon Kismet is feeling strange and behaving stranger, and her vampire boyfriend Devereux is doing everything he thinks necessary to protect and defend her...in as high-handed and superior a fashion as he can. The discord and danger escalate until Kismet is hardly recognizable even to herself and the danger eons old does more than start knocking on the door...it starts obliterating the doors completely.

I have to say, don't think the book was badly written, nor do I have any criticism for the author's ability in general. I actually think Hilburn has a very nice way of writing lyrically descriptive scenes that add beautiful color and life to the background of her books (the way she describes the mountains in Colorado brings them to vivid focus). I also admire her ability to write the psychologist aspects of her lead character in a very comprehensive fashion. In truth, the things that I so thoroughly detested about Dark Harvest are more personal preference/opinion based issues, and that's actually why I finally decided to submit this review, even though I know I'll be the wee little minority whisper in a cacophony of praise.

The first major problem I had with the book was that the plot seemed a little too similar to its predecessor while lacking the complexity and layers that the first had. Again we have a psychopathic vampire (with issues) who is leaving a trail of bloody corpses (and some not-so-bloody enigmas) in his wake, and again that psychotic fiend has set his sights on Kismet. Much horror and terror and some weird sexual behavior ensues. Because that aspect of the plot seemed so similar to the first book but in this case lacked the appeal of the mystery and the character of the FBI profiler that added some interesting dimensions to the first book and Kismet's development, I felt the plot in Dark Harvest was significantly less compelling.

That was the first major problem, but it wasn't the biggest. What put the largest and most unforgivable nail in this book's coffin was the portrayal and development of Kismet. I'm probably going to get a little ranty here but I'm going to try not to be too spoilery... I loathed Kismet through approximately the first 70% (Kindle) of this book. And I don't mean a little. I loathed her a lot. Just about every single one of my personal bugaboos about female leads in urban fantasy was trod all over with reckless abandon in the first three quarters of this book.

She wasn't the overly cautions and cerebral psychologist slowly delving into a wide, dark new world we met in The Vampire Shrink. In Dark Harvest she became a vapid, bitchy, hormone happy, idiotic victim whose level of stubbornness and stupidity catapulted her from sympathetic to ultimately killable, as far as I'm concerned. And while I know she was under a particularly evil influence through most of the book, I didn't feel it made her character any less contemptible, because even before the amusement park, her criticisms of the metaphorical chest thumping and knuckle dragging of the ultimately controlling Devereux were completely inconsistent and contradictory to her hair-brained willingness to allow an absolute stranger manipulate her into several potentially life threatening situations. And over a cup of coffee, said stranger, the reporter Maxie, was her new BFF. Um...yeah. That certainly felt like organic character development - NOT!

After five months dealing with her vampire hottie, Kismet still hasn't wrapped her mind around the undead world. She resents that an 800 year old non-human may have a better grasp of the potential dangers in her new life but does nothing to try to expand her understanding of that new life. Sure, Devereux's commanding demeanor was a little off-putting, but she's an adult and a therapist on top of that...why wouldn't she more firmly address that aspect of his personality in the five months they've been together? Instead they argue again and again about whether or not she's his mate, and allude to their relationship as abusive. And they resolve all their problems with...oh...wait...they don't actually really even address their problems. And they sure as heck don't resolve them. They have lots of fun monkey sex, instead. In fact, through both books, Devereux's character isn't exactly what I would call well developed. His penis is...but he's not.

I detested how seriously stupid Kismet behaved in relation to...well...everything, but particularly Maxie (and that plot thread was grotesquely predictable). Both under the evil vamp's influence and on her own, Kismet's character ran the gamut of bad character traits, seeming at turns self-absorbed, obtuse, inappropriately wanton (my life's being threatened, I doubt I'm gonna be focusing on the big happy), judgmental, willfully ignorant (about the vamp world, anyway), and a right stubborn bitch. I have no clue why Devereux loves her.

There were so many missed opportunities in this book. I would've loved some world building, to give readers a better idea of Hilburn's vampire mythos, and the mythos of the larger world around the vamps. A plot that was a little more varied and had a bit more depth would've been nice, too. I would also have preferred much more attention given to developing the relationship between Kismet and Devereux. Hell, I would've preferred any development. There was sex, and there was the big D telling Kismet what he was going to do to keep her safe. There wasn't much else. Of course, I would've been thrilled if Kismet hadn't seemed like such a waste of space and time through most of this book. Lots of missed opportunities.

I'm not entirely sure at this point as to whether I'd even choose to continue this series if there are more books forthcoming. I really liked the first book, but I disliked the second to such a degree that I feel a bit reluctant to give the series another go. And as I already know I'm in the minority with this review, I don't know how I'd be able to judge with any level of certainty whether the third would be to my taste even with reviews. I guess it's a moot point for the moment. We'll see.

Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.
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May 25, 2009
Kismet and Devereux live to tell another tale… are you ready for this one…

Kismet is still as hilarious as she was in the first book, if not more… she never lost that! And Devereux never lost his HOTNESS!!! (mental note… hubby walked by and saw that sentence.. He laughed and looked at me and said “He never lost his hotness huh..” what can I say… I love me sum vampires!!!!!) Thought I would give you a laugh!

Kismet opens the story by going on a radio talk show. It is no where near Larry King Live; just picture a short, bald bad version of Howard Stern. She probably would have been delighted to go on Larry than this dumb ass program. Carson is the host of the program and he is one cocky S.O.B. Kismet wanted to help her career by venturing out to the media; to kinda help clear things up. Since, recently she was involved in a heavily reported serial murder investigation So, she wanted to help her career to be put in perspective, to allow people to see what she really does. The callers she gets all deal with vampires. One caller has cancer and wants to know if she gets bitten, would she be cancer free… yea, but you would be dead. Then one called wants to know,

“Why do you think women get turned on by the idea of having sex with a vampire? I mean, aren’t they bodies cold and hard like statues? How arousing is that?”

OH MY GOSH, if she only met Devereux, she would completely understand… just ask Kismet =)!

Okay and FYI… when Kismet says that

“the hairs on the back of my neck rose and goose bumps swarmed over my arms,”

you better believe something bad is going to happen… or she will come into contact with someone not at all nice.

Enter the next caller and the beginning of the story…

“My solar plexus tingled as it always did when a vampire was near.

Whoa. What‘s going on here? This guy has the vampire voice, for sure. And his vibe is definitely bloodsucker. But it‘s daylight, so he can‘t really be a vampire. I shouldn't be able to feel a vampire over the phone, right? I don‘t trust myself anymore to make judgments about who‘s a vampire and who isn‘t. Brother Luther slipped right under my radar and that almost got me killed.”

((Now, if you didn’t read The Vampire Shrink, Brother Luther was one crazed vampire with some serious issues. He really needed a shrink! Don’t worry, he is worth reading the story to find out who/what the hell he is!! LOL! ))

Back to the caller… His name is Lyren Hallow, Vampire Hunter Extraordinaire. Okay, he is a vampire and he is a vampire hunter! He is very old, probably older than dirt. His powers are quiet well… powerful. He manages to put the “listening“ population into a dream like state while he chats with Kismet. He wanted to inform Kismet that he has been hired to harvest… (get the name… harvest… dark…vampire… ) someone she knows. He thought it only sporting of himself to give her a fair warning and besides he wanted to take a stroll into her mind…

Now with the conversation over… Carson thinks she slipped something in his drink, because he does not remember where the time of their interview went…

Now even Kismet is still dealing with her own issues of real vampires alive (or so to speak) amongst her world…

“Ever since I stumbled into Denver’s hidden vampire community, I’d been struggling to regain my balance - to find some sanity to cling to in the midst of one absurd revelation after another one.”

So, now she is dealing with vampire wanna-be’s, real vampires, crazed and almost lunatic sadistic vampires… now she has to deal with vampires hunters who are vampires themselves! Damn, this world just keeps getting crazier and crazier with each page turn!

With the interview over, she headed out the office. She was bent down when she was muttering something to herself about Carson. She was surprised to hear someone mouth off about him just as bad as he did about them. This is a brief description that I cannot pass up,

“Carson Miller is an oozing wart on the ass of humanity. No, wait. He’s what gets sucked out of porta-potties after sports events. No, wait. He’s what you squish out of a pimple.”

I love that analogy. Now as far as the person giving this wonderful analogy of this slime ball of a person… let’s meet Maxie Westhaven. (Maxie is short for Maxwell ~ yea, her parents wanted a boy by all means.) She is a reported for National Skeptic Magazine.

Now, if we thought at the beginning of book one was that Kismet’s love life was lacking… (of course, before she met Devereux)… her girl-friends… well… let’s just say that her love life was better than her girl friends…!!! Poor thing. That was another thing that I associated with her… I don’t have many girlfriends at all… so when she met Maxie, she thought she had a new friend… yea, you noticed I said had… You will have to dig into this story to really finds out what happens to them. Now the thing that makes Maxie a little special, if you will, is that she has pure silver hair. She says something happened to her when she was twenty. But she tells Kismet,

“Maybe I’ll tell you about it after we get to know each other better.”

So Maxie figures what the best way to get to know your friends… invite them to a vampire staking! That is exactly what Maxie invites Kismet to on the very same day they meet… Boy, talk about trying to impress you friends!! LOL!! Now being the “sensitive” one, she picked up nothing abnormal about Maxie. Just keep reading the story to find out about this one…

Oh and ps… Kismet’s office is now in one of the many beautifully, stunning multiplexes’ that Devereux owns. He pretty much made her take the offer… but she could not pass up an offer that sweet (it even has a private bedroom in it for when he Pops in for his own private session)! She was kicked out of her last office; due to the fact that a dead body was discovered there and the walls and carpet were covered with blood… It was a very nice parting gift from Brother Luthen… remember him!! And the owner did not like the attention she was drawing. So, with being evicted… she had no where to go. So taking him up on his offer was a matter of “I need a place to work”… yea right… it also had to do with Devereux!!! LOL!

Now the building had its own personal office manager… let’s meet Victoria Essex.. She is the high priestess of a local coven of witches and the owner of an internet-based Wiccan ritual supply business. And her body… is to die for… the description goes like this…

”Her naturally curly, golden blond hair was chin-length, with tight spirals framing a heart-shaped face. Sharp cheekbones, dimples, a straight nose, and round, peridot-colored eyes caused her the appearance of the exotic girl next door.” “But her body was a different story. It was voluptuous in the richest sense of he word- wide hips, rounded belly and generous breast. The self-identified Wiccan Mae West.”

But I love her own job description…

“I’m his bloodsucker bullshit detector.”

She is truly what I would want in a friend!! I know you girls will love her as much as you love Kismet.

I will share with you this part…Don’t ever say that I am not a nice friend. I will skip some of the non-Devereux descriptions…

“An enticing aroma caressed my nostrils and a velvet voice whispered...” “Soft lips trail my neck…” “His throbbing manhood…” “Devereux stood next to the bed, oozing sexuality…”

Now this sounds like something we would say, (Kismet said this talking about herself looking at him)

‘Various parts of my body grinned, jumped up and down, and yelled “YIPPEE!!! The rest of me held my breathe, reading for the metal popcorn.” I love that part!!!“He hooked his thumbs into the waistband, and angled the leather down his leg.” “His naked body definitely qualified as eye candy!!!”

I thought of Ms. M there… how we adore all her eye candy she offers to us!! And here is my Devereux being described as the perfect eye candy!!!

“Yes, it was that good.”

Now the funny thing about Devereux and Kismet in this books, is they have couple issues just like the rest of us…. He knows it is her destiny to be his mate…but the psychologist in her… is having a hard time accepting him for what he truly is… a dead man walking!

Excuse me… after mind blowing sex like they just had… Yea, you are going to have to either win the book or go get it… to read about those delicious scenes, you have to accept him for what he is… but warning to you new ladies… he is a bit bossy and commanding.. But he is 800 yrs old… so he is use to having his way!

Then we find out more about Hallow… We learn that he really is the oldest vampire on the planet. But what is said about him living that old is that - his brain cells start to distort, causing a stronger reliance on the old brain - the primitive mechanisms. He brain goes back to the dark and evil nature of what he truly is - a vampire.

“He is, in essence, a perfect killing machine.”

He also has a stable of female slaves… and he plans on adding Kismet to it!~ But the bad part of being one of his slaves, is that once he is finish with you (to say), you are a mere shell of yourself.

“I have seen the empty shell of the women Hallow leaves in his wake. Their minds are useless and their bodies wasted. They have described their captivity in ways that sound like human heroin addiction: pleasure beyond belief followed by an aching need that never ends. Apparently, he can create such ecstasy in the women that they would rather die than leave him.”

Now think about that for a minute… Humm… hot sex is awesome… but to want to die than leave him… hummm… I don’t know about that girl!

Well, while this story continues to unfold, there are two women (one from book one that I did not introduce you to, Luna… she is a real bitch of a vampire.. I needed to leave something for you to get your hands on and get pissed about and she is it… because she is not a likable character… but in this book… oh just wait… I can’t wait to get her in a dark alley with some of my own vampire magic and kick her ass… and not to mention Maxie’s ass either!! You‘ll see!
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November 22, 2011
*Warning: possible spoilers ahead.*

Dark Harvest is the second book in the Vampire Shrink Series. The first book introduced us to Dr. Kismet Knight and her crazy introduction to the world of vampires. We meet the sexy Devereux and find out that even vampires can have psychological disorders. Of course, good defeats evil and Kismet is saved to continue her relationship with Devereux and continue seeing her patients, both human and vampire.

In this book, Kismet's life just gets more bizarre. It's been six months since Kismet began her relationship with the 800 year old gorgeous vampire known as Devereux. Although still very much in love with him, she is starting to get very frustrated with his cave-man attitude. The fact that he is from a very different time, combined with the fact that he is the "master" vampire and used to getting his own way, makes Devereux very over protective and domineering. Kismet is a modern woman, and that act just doesn't play with her. So, she makes Devereux promise to try and adjust to her modern ideas and independence.

I do appreciate the fact that Kismet doesn't let Devereux get away with running the show. There are times when he is right - there are forces she needs protected from. However, his "I big, strong vampire man, you weak woman" routine gets annoying fast. And, unlike many of the female characters in these types of books, Kismet asserts her independence.

Since we left her in the first book, her life has been relatively normal, although she continues to counsel the undead and adapt to her new role as an "expert" on paranormal. During a live radio interview a caller named Hallow, who claims to be a vampire even older and more powerful than Devereux, casts a spell over Kismet and enters her mind. This is when the story really takes off. Refusing to acknowledge Devereux's warning about Hallow's evil nature and needing her space, Kismet teams up with Maxie, a tabloid reporter who manages to drag her into all manner of trouble while searching for that one juicy story. Meanwhile, Hallow begins to take greater control over Kismet's mind, in turn causing her to exhibit a more uninhibited side of herself. As Kismet becomes possessed by her sexy alter ego, Devereux realizes what's happening and tries to cast spells to break Hallow's bond with Kismet to him, but Hallow is to powerful for even Devereux to defeat with magic.

This is a great read; sexy, thrilling and with Kismet's own brand of sarcastic wit throughout. There are a couple of sexy and bloody fight scenes as Devereux tries to save Kismet and destroy the wicked Hallow. There's also a great supporting cast of characters including the return of self absorbed ex-boyfriend Tom, who has an outlandish request that will potentially land him a job on TV doing live sex counseling. Victoria, the resident witch who manages Devereux's building returns as does Luna, his personal assistant who still has it in for Kismet. Hallow as an antagonist is equal parts sexy, funny and pure evil. He is definitely a bad guy you will love to hate.

I will come right out and say that these books are somewhat corny. However, they are engaging reads that do a good job of constructing a believable vampire world. There were times in the book that I wanted to strangle Kismet, but overall I think she is a great female character. She's smart, strong, and won't take any shit from anyone. Of course, she has her vulnerabilities, which make her very relateable. And, Devereux is your typical, perfect male vampire specimen. And, despite is cave-manish ways, he genuinely loves Kismet and has her best interest at heart. It does seem like he is really trying to adapt to a modern world where women are free to express their opinion and make their own decisions. I'm really hoping the author writes a third book in the series. I would love to find out how Kismet and Devereux's relationship progresses.

If you want a good read that has action, romance, and is chock full of vampire-goodness, I suggest you check out this series.
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February 24, 2011
That's NOT Devereux on the cover :( That is an evil - rotten - no good - double crossing BAD VAMPIRE! - ok so he's hot - but I still would have loved to see Kismet laying across Devereux on the cover instead of Hallow - Hallow was NOT a cool guy bad guy in this book...

Ok When I first started reading this - something strange was happening to Kismet - our special Vampire Shrink started getting a little out of her own personality and into a little more darker personality - was she in control?? Hardly - That's where Hallow comes in - This guy is older than Devereux - and Devereux is over 800 years old - and he has Wizard’s magical powers from his father's side of the family - so he is considered "THE VAMP"

That is unless you count the delusional - messed up in the head - psychotic old Vampire Hallow "the Slayer" - Hallow is obsessed with death - he LOVES to kill - humans are boring - they don't put up enough of a fight - so he goes after Vampires - He runs a hit man type organization -

WELL Someone put a hit out - but it wasn't on Devereux - it was on Kismet - but Devereux has to fight for his mate - there is NO WAY he is going to lose her to someone else. Hallow wants her for his own personal gain - To be his love slave - Sex is addicting once you have it from the best of the best - no one else will satisfy you ever again .... ahem - at least that's what they say :)

Devereux puts up shields and magical wards around to help protect Kismet - thinking she is safe and out of harms way - Devereux is able to go on with the feud between covens that is keeping him busy and away from Kismet -

Enter Maxie - Kismets new friend. She is SO CUTE - love her bubbly and spontaneous personality - they hit it off from the start - Maxie works as a reporter for a tabloid - she is the one who wrote the story with the 2 headed monster :) WELL Maxie was invited to go to a would be vampire staking - and she drags kismet with her.

That is the first time Kismet meets Hallow outside of her mind - and he gains the strength to control her.
Her personality splits and here we welcome "Ms. Lust" into Kismet's mind - Lust takes over and Kismets wild side comes out to play. she's a LOT of fun when she wants to be :) But those that KNOW her - know that something is wrong..

I thought this book would have been a typical "break up" book - but it wasn't (whew) it was actually pretty cool the way the love triangle worked out in this book - Hallow plays a very convincing vampire - and Devereux is really focused on keeping his mate safe...

If you liked the Vampire Shrink - you would defiantly love the sequel to it :)
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November 14, 2010
The outline for the story sounded both intelligent and intriguing, a psychologist who has to come to terms with the reality of the paranormal and then finds herself attracted to an 800 year old vampire. Unfortunately as a reader I found it difficult to connect with the story’s protagonist Kismet. I wanted to, but ultimately I found her to be somewhat irritating.

Especially vexing was her absolute refusal to accept that vampires exist. This is understandable at first, she is a doctor after all and presumably her professional training would mean that she would require irrefutable proof of their existence before she can believe vampires are real. After being snacked upon by a vampire, mind-controlled with vampire mojo and witnessing a fight where the participants levitated in the air and snapped at each other with their bloody fangs, she still will not believe. And this was after being told repeatedly by both humans and vampires that vampires really do exist.

There are a lot of good ideas in The Vampire Shrink, It will be interesting to see how the author develops both the story line and Kismet’s character further. I have to be honest and say that I had mixed feelings about this book, some parts I liked while other parts irritated me and in the end my irritation won out. The Vampire Shrink has some quality writing and good original ideas but I think that the enjoyment of the reader will depend on whether they can engage with Kismet. I think that people will either love her or find her remarkably ______ – I’m not sure there is a middle ground!


Sorry, Lynda I really tried =(.
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September 15, 2008
Kismet is back and she's got bigger problems than sleazy shock jocks making grabs at her. A caller not only calls into the radio show where Kismet is a guest, but he has incredible power, power to entrance everyone in Denver so he and she can have a little private time. Too bad Devereux is out of town.
She's not willing to voice her concerns as she is still reeling from the information that this paranormal world coexisting with her is real, but then she meets a new friend, witnesses first hand a murder at the hand of her "caller, and to make matters worse, her own personality cracks and her bad girl side decides to secede form the union, so to speak.

Ok, now what?? It's a great follow up to the first, The Vampire Shrink. I'm a bit disappointed that Devereaux was not as prominent in this one, but when he is, he's front and center. A loose end from the first one is tied up but now wondering at a couple others that frayed during this mondo-crazy conflict.

If you liked the first, you'll love the second and leave it wanting more.

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February 23, 2010
In this sequel to The Vampire Shrink a Very Bad Vampire comes to town complete with an Evil Plot that involves Kismet. A good read but not quite as absorbing as the first book although I still found it well written with an action packed plot and fascinating characters. Maybe it's just that I wanted Kismet and Devereux to have progressed more in the five months since the last book. She seems to wrap her 'divorced from the situation/non-judgmental shrink' mantle around herself too often. And maybe it's just me but I definitely wanted more resolution in the ending.
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June 22, 2011

Eigentlich dachte die Psychologin Kismet Knight, sie wäre einer neuen Geisteskrankheit auf der Spur. Aber ihre Patienten haben sich tatsächlich als Vampire herausgestellt, und das war für Kismet – gelinde gesagt – eine ziemliche Überraschung. Die Vampirpsychologin hat nun eigentlich genug damit zu tun, sich an ihre neuen Patienten und ihre speziellen Probleme zu gewöhnen, da muss sie schon den nächsten Schock verdauen: Der älteste und mächtigste Vampir der Welt ist auf sie aufmerksam geworden und will sie zu seiner willfährigen Sklavin machen. Doch da hat Deveraux, Kismets verführerischer Vampirgeliebter, auch noch ein Wörtchen mitzureden …

Kismet Knight ist eine Vampirpsychologin und ja, sie ist auch für die Richtigen zuständig - nicht nur für die Möchtegernvampire, die sie ab und zu behandeln muss. Sie ist schon seit einiger Zeit mit dem mächtigen Vampir Deveraux zusammen und steht unter seiner mächtigen Fuchtel.
Doch als der verrückte Vampirjäger, Lyren Hallow, Jagd auf Kismet macht, bricht ihre heile Welt zusammen. Sie versteht nicht, wieso alle so eine riesen Angst um sie haben und sie verstecken wollen. Doch schnell stellt sich heraus, dass Hallow auch über Leichen geht...

Der Schreibstil in Vampire lieben länger ist eigentlich relativ einfach. Nur leider hat mich eines sehr gestört - Dauernd wird auf irgendeine Ähnlichkeit bzw. irgendwas hingewiesen, was mit Kismets Erfahrungen mit Vampiren zutun hat. Hier erinnert sie diese Bewegung an Deveraux, dort kann sie es nicht fassen, dass sie so tief in diese "verrückte" Vampirwelt gerutscht ist. Dadurch wirkt alles etwas überzogen und kindlich, was am Anfang wirklich sehr, sehr stark ist. Am Ende wird es stellenweise etwas besser.

Was mich an diesem Buch nicht wirklich positiv und auch nicht negativ überrascht hat: Der erste Band von Kismet Knight war ja schon heftig. Aber der zweite schlägt den ersten in diesen Sachen um LÄNGEN. Vorallem die Vampirkämpfe (und die sexuellen Szenen) haben mich ziemlich erschreckt. Da muss man einfach wissen, was man mag (mich hat es eher abgeschreckt und stellenweise auch geekelt). Ich fand es schon ziemlich heftig - vorallem, dass ich das Buch eigentlich durch den Verlag als Jugendbuch einstufen würde - als beschrieben wurde, wie Kismet jedes Mal in Hallows Gegenwart total durchdreht und sich wortwörtlich an ihn schmeißt. Wobei ich mir dies eigentlich schon durch den ersten Band hätte denken können (das sollte kein Vorwurf sein!)... Naja, ihr solltet selber entscheiden, was ihr davon haltet.

Ich muss sagen, dass das Buch leider nicht so spannend war, wie ich es erwartet hätte. Der Anfang war zäh wie ein Kaugummi und hat mich eher dazu geleitet, das Buch abzubrechen. Was ich natürlich (besonders bei einem Rezensionsexemplars) nicht tun wollte und mich durchgebeißt habe. Was sich aber, muss ich ganz ehrlich sagen, auch gelohnt hat.
Der Anfang hat vorallem nicht durch fehlende Spannung überzeugt, was das Ende aber in Massen hatte. Die Jagd von Hallow auf Kismet spitzt sich zu und man merkt, wie sehr er sie will (und vorallem wie verrückt der ist). Besonders hat mir die Beziehung zwischen Deveraux und Kismet gefallen. Ich hatte im ersten Band meine Bedenken, dass die Beziehung auch... wie soll ich sagen... "ernst" ist und nicht irgendwie auf körperlichen Bedürfnissen basiert - was die beiden ja reichlich nachgehen ;)

Was die Charaktere angeht - Bei dieser Art von Buch kann man mittlerweile nicht mehr besonders facettenreiche und orginelle Charaktere erwarten, in die man sich wunderbar hineinversetzen kann. Mir ging Kismet mit ihrem Standartsatz "Der darf mich nicht bevormunden" ziemlich auf die Nerven (selbst dann, wenn Deveraux ihr eigentlich nur helfen bzw. sie beschützen wollte) und das Deveraux immer den großen Obervampir (Obermacker) makieren wollte, das hat mir auch nie wirklich zugesagt.
Dennoch hat Vampire lieben länger einige interessante Charaktere hervorgebracht, zum Beispiel Lyren Hallow und Kismets neue Freundin Maxie. Luna - die mittlerweile ehemalige Vampirassistentin von Deveraux - und die Zirkelmagierin Victorica natürlich eingeschlossen, wobei ich der ersten Wohl eher immer den Tod an den Hals gewünscht habe ;)
Immerhin konnte ich mich mit den Charakteren (nachdem Kismets Genörgel weniger wurde) einigermaßen anfreunden. Einfach muss ja manchmal nicht unbedingt schlecht heißen.

Mein Fazit: Leider nahm diese Reihe etwas ab. Anfangs kam ich garnicht mit Kismet und der Handlung klar, musste mich folgedessen auch leider durchbeißen. Es wurde bis zum Ende besser, leider nur nicht so sehr, dass ich sagen würde, das ich dem Buch vier oder fünf Sterne geben würde. Hier gibt es von mir gut gemeinte drei Sterne mit einem fetten Minus. Ich würde mir vielleicht auch noch überlegen, eine Fortsetzung zu kaufen (falls es sie geben wird) - nur nicht in der nächsten Zeit.

Informationen zur Reihe:
1. Band: Vampirpsychologin (OT: The Vampire Shrink)
2. Band: Vampire lieben länger (OT: Dark Harvest)

Ich weiß nicht, ob es drei Bände geben wird, da der erste und zweite Band auf englisch out of print sind und überarbeitet werden. In der jetzigen Fassung würde es meines Wissens nach keinen dritten Band geben. Ich bin einmal gespannt, ob PAN die überarbeitete Version der Bücher auch übernehmen würde? Anscheinend haben sie den zweiten Band eh aus dem Programm genommen - auf der Seite von PAN kann ich ihn aufjedenfall nicht mehr finden.

Das Cover: 

 Beide Cover finde ich nicht unbedingt toll. Auch wenn auf der englischen Version Hallow genau so abgebildet ist, wie ich ihn mir vorstellen würde - Das deutsche entspricht ein wenig mehr meines Geschmackes und passt auch noch hervorragend zum Vorgänger. Wobei ich den ersten Band besser fand - die Ansicht des Gesichtes der Frau ist etwas unpassend.

Die Autorin:
Lynda Hilburn, geboren 1951, lebt mit ihrem Sohn in Colorado. Sie ist eine der Menschen, die es lieben, etwas neues auszuprobieren. Deswegen hat sie auch schon sehr viele Berufe ausgeübt: Kartenlegerin, Kolumnistin... Natürlich gehört aber auch das Schreiben zu ihren Leidenschaften.
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June 9, 2019
A bit too much feminism from Kismet, even for a female reader. Fabio's description was the best laugh - when you remember a certain male blonde model named Fabio who was on historic erotic novel in the 90s- looking quite the same. A bit hilarious, a bit dark.
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January 26, 2012
This series is really the exception for me. I so rarely enjoy paranormal romance compared to general urban fantasy with a healthy focus on a love interest though oddly enough I'm a big fan of shipping in general. But for some reason, this one's not so bad. Dare I say it's enjoyable.

Dr. Kismet Knight seems to be trying to adjust to her new life and new level of fame based on the murder mystery in the previous book. Now she actually counsels vampires for real. It helps that she's got connections, specifically to her boyfriend, 800-year-old vampire Lord Devereux. The book begins with Kismet participating in an interview. As the seedy radio jockey takes calls, we waste no time meeting a new villain, Hallow.

He's the oldest vampire in existence and is looking to add Kismet to his collection of women due to her own special abilities. One can imagine that this news doesn't go over well with Devereux. But what can he really do to control it? Hallow's older and more powerful. How will they thwart his plans? Can Kismet do this all the while keeping her new reporter friend safe from the dangers of the underworld?

This is a book is an example of first-person really working for the benefit of the reader. One of Kismet's enemies is...herself. She takes on a bit of a split personality, and that we're taken on that ride with her, we get a front row seat in witnessing her inner-struggle with this "other self" that the evil Hallow awakens and manipulates. It makes for a really interesting read because that "other self" is quite formidable. It made me wish there were more books where the central character is a bit of a schizophrenic because that adds an element of unpredictability.

I really like this style of vampires. I have no complaints whatsoever. They're sexy, they're strong, they're powerful, they have fangs, and don't sparkle. It's a plus that they can teleport and communicate telepathically, too.

I like the Devereux and Kismet's relationship isn't that easy, though they are still together. It makes much more sense to me that way. I would think by now though that simple communication would make both of their lives easier. He tends to baby her too much and she tends to make silly decisions doing the exact opposite of what he tells her, while not trusting that he knows what's best. Most of the time, Devereux's concerns are right. You don't live to be 800 without having a clue. You would think that--being the highly intelligent person that she is--she could understand that.

So all in all this is far from a perfect book, but it's an entertaining read and delivers what it promises. I really look forward to the third book being published. I'd surely like to keep up with this series.

*Review also posted to Amazon
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September 1, 2011
DARK HARVEST is a continuation of The VAMPIRE SHRINK. I recommend that you read the first book so you understand both the characters and the setting of this story. ***Read my review on THE VAMPIRE SHRINK for a better explanation.***

Devereux wants Kismet to acknowledge that she is his mate and wants her to bond with him. Use to giving orders and expecting obedience, Devereux loves Kismet but she feels he has to learn to become a more modern man. He gives her his word that he will join the twenty-first century. In turn, Kismet sees more of his vulnerability and loneliness having lived for over 800 years.

This book has a darker story when we are introduced to Hallow. The oldest vampire, he is both hateful and depraved. Hallow is evil incarnate. He can stay awake during the day unlike all the other vampires including Devereux. Even though Devereux explains to Kismet how bad Hallow is and to stay away from him Kismet is controlled by Hallow's thoughts and she releases an uninhibited side of herself.

I enjoyed this book enough to give it two stars instead of three like I did The Vampire Shrink. To me, the ongoing plot was not written as smoothly as the first book. I also had questions and missed some of the characters from the first book but I don't want to give away too much. Tricks, scams and intrigue are part of this story. Who is really who?

***FYI, UPDATE 9-1-2011*** The Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series is being rewritten and re-released by Quercus Books. BLOOD THERAPY is slated to be a brand new book, now #2 in the series. DARK HARVEST will be book #3. Perhaps new readers will enjoy this series with the addition of BLOOD THERAPY and things will be explained better than with the content of the original two books.
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July 1, 2010
Okay, first off, I honestly couldn't tell that the author who work the first book, wrote this one as well.

The main character, Dr. Kismet Knight, a vampire phsycologist has gotten herself an evil admirer who wants to use her as his food source and sex slave.

Devereux her lover, mate, whatever you want to call it is trying to protect her in anyway he can, only to realize that nothing is working. The evil vampire is just too powerful.

Interesting plot, but the story was such a freaking drag. Kismet was inside her own head, questioning this and analyzing that throughout the whole book. I honestly skipped so much of the book just to get the actual dialogue and action in the story, it was ridiculous.

Some questions weren't answered, like "how come dev never told her she was a emotional vampire?" (not really clear on what the heck that is but okay). "what the heck was hallow?" (seems nobody knew that) "what does dev mean when he says he wants to bond with kismet?" (not sure that was ever explained)

Plus it seems like all the relationship is, between kismet and devereux, is just sex. Almost everytime she seems him she wants to jump his bones. Especially when she gets 'influenced' by Hallow. And then contanstly describing how 'muscular' his chest is. I get it, he's a mega hot vampire.

I wanted to like this book, since I liked the first one. But it let me down. So would not waste my time on another Kismet Knight book.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 12, 2014
#2 Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series

3/12/14 Good Reads/Amazon Note on this book:

Dark Harvest is out of print. There is a new book #2 in the series, Blood Therapy. Some of Dark Harvest will be used for the new book #3.

Kismet is a guest on a radio call-in show where the DJ is a sleazy, groping idiot. She fights off his innuendos and hands while taking calls about vampires and the supernatural.

One caller dumbfounds her with his mental powers, and that kicks off this very exciting, action packed sequel to The Vampire Shrink (a 5 star, absolutely outstanding read).

No Spoiler, but there is a Very Very Evil Vampire in Denver who creates all kinds of mayhem. Devereux, Kismet's 800 year old vampire lover, is pulled into the intrigue and all kinds of hell breaks loose.

Tom, Kismet's self-absorbed psychologist ex-husband is back with a bizarre plan; a tabloid reporter tries hard to befriend Kismet, and Kismet wonders if the woman really wants to be friends, or if she's using Kismet to get info for her sleazy tabloid rag.

Lots of excitement, never a dull moment. I *HIGHLY* recommend #1 The Vampire Shrink, and this follow up. A true outstanding gem in the very crowded paranormal field.

Lurking at the author's site for news of a #3, which she has said she's working on.

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November 18, 2010
Dark Harvest is second book in the Kismet Knight series it is a some what thrilling paranormal romance that will make you laugh especially with Kismet trying to remember that Vampires can read minds, her mind to mind conversations with Devereux are hilarious however the plot become a bit confusing in particular when the ex boyfriend pop up then disappearing with a vampire girl named Zoë, a reporter turning into a good friend after one meeting, magic rituals occur in other dimensions ,Glenda the good witch ok ok I mean Victoria makes her abilities known {Sorry she is a bit Glendaish } or a Vampire slayer who physically can’t dead ,I think I may have gotten as confused as Kismet. I think some of the secondary characters could have been axed from the book as to lessen the confusion . However once I cipher though the maze , I found that I could not put the book down until I was finished which is a good sign for any book I pick up. I would recommend you read Book one The Vampire Shrink first to understand Kismet and Devereux since this book really did not expand much more .
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August 23, 2010
Kismet is the dumbest heroine I have read about in a long time! I was really excited about reading the book I loved the first one and thought this was going to be a great new series. The book started and I was not impressed I want more Devereux! I then realized these books are about her. Okay I will keep reading I started to skip parts, Kismet is stupid. However the story does bounce back toward the end and I actually wanted to know what happened.

Really it should be 3.5 stars only because the ended was really good. I was LH had put more into the beginning and middle. It's a really great story line but I want more from Kismet and more of Devereux!
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May 9, 2010
The world created by Hilburn is intriguing, but in some ways not completely defined. Kismet often does not get the answers she demands, and to some degree I get that. In a series, you don't tell all your secrets in book 1 or even book 2. But I found myself unsatisfied and distracted. The fragmentation of her inner self, where she is sometimes not in control (or even really cognizant of what she's doing) is frustrating. The whole plot sometimes feels scattered, and I don't find myself really attached to Devereau. When #3 comes out, I'll probably read it, because it feels like time to actually learn something concrete about the ongoing questions.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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June 6, 2009
The first book by this writer in this series was a bit silly, but on the whole a fun read. This one, however, is an entirely different story. Dumb plot, very badly written. I hate the whole "this is what I'm saying, but THIS is what I'm thinking thing. It wears thin very quickly. Being constantly reminded of just how "hot" & irresistible our heroine is to practically any man. Give me a break. This was so bad that I couldn't even stand to read it all, I mostly skimmed the 2nd half just to get it over with. Guess there's a reason this wasn't picked up by a major publisher.
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March 15, 2010
I really like this series, despite the weird dream like situations in this book, I must say that I have found even more reasons to fall in love with Devereaux. His relationship with Kismet is very sexy and sweet and endearing to me.

I especially like how the author transitioned the kismet character into a world that is supposed to not exsist. For someone who is sceptic and makes it enjoyable and believable to the reader as well.

You will love this series, even if you don't too particulary like the books read in the first person I would give it a try.
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February 17, 2009
This is the second book. It deals with the same major characters as the first novel with a new plot twist and loads more sex involved. However, the sex is not graphic or overwhelming. More and more is revealed about Deveroux and the vampire society.The violence is more intense than in the first book.
The story line was great and I just could not put the book down. I am definitely enjoying this author.
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July 10, 2009
I thought the first book in this series was fabulous, and what a disappointment this one was. It's like two different books, one a sit-com and the other a macabre vampire-thriller-wannabe were stitched together quite poorly. And did she have some kind of bet on with someone to see how many times she could use the word "muscular?" I've noticed she hasn't had anything come out in over a year, and nothing due out soon. Thanks for saving a few trees.
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July 18, 2010
As a psych Ph.D. and a writer of paranormal books, I'm in a unique position to recommend this book. It's well done and believable within the supernatural framework that Ms. Hilburn has created. The reader can both identify with and root for the main character. I think this second installment in the series is even better than the first--the intense ending had my heart racing. When can we expect book 3?
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September 8, 2010
The first book in the series was good, even if it had a bit too much indecisiveness on the main character's part (hoping that this would start to resolve itself), and left it open for an interesting series. I was looking forward to reading this one, and finally put it down because the main character, Kismet, was so oblivious to everything that it annoyed the daylights out of me. No more of this series for me!
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July 25, 2011
I enjoyed this book which is a follow-up to "The Vampire Shrink" which I thought was slightly better than this one. Still great chemistry between Kismet and Devereux. I loved how the author gave Victoria a bigger role. Even the new character of the evil vampire Hallow was pretty good. My only disappointment was the lack of Alan Stevens presence in this book altogether. I also hope there will be a third book in the series.
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October 7, 2012
this book was a very good read,I didn't think that i was going 2 like it that much.Its a switch for vampires being cold,the vampire in this book have warm bodies,they lips are warm and they breathe warm air.I like the characters in this book,but they were alittle slow to find out that the enemy was already inside.its has some twists and turns
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May 10, 2011
Just like the first book Kismet is being...duh! When the facts are in front of you don't look the other way ! Or question thing when it's obvious ! I like Devereux but I can't stand anymore non sense, I'm done with this.
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February 14, 2009
2nd book in the series, liked as well as the 1st one. Our good doctor had no idea what she was getting in to when she started up her new practice.
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