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Jordan: A Whole New World

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Following the surprise smash hit of last year, Being Jordan , comes the next installment in the life of Katie Price,
aka, Jordan, one of the most notorious celebrities in Britain today and described as “the biggest driver of sales of tabloid newspapers in the country.”

From the Hardcover edition.

352 pages, Paperback

First published January 23, 2006

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About the author

Katie Price

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Born as Katie Infield in Brighton, East Sussex, England on May 22 1978, I changed my last name to Price when my mother Amy remarried. I have an older brother, Daniel, and a younger sister, Sophie.

Although I had many interests when I was younger, a friend suggested that I should pursue a modeling career. So I sent a few shots to an agency and was taken on. I attended loads of castings, had my fair share of negative responses then one day, in a studio next to where I was working, a model failed to turn up for a shoot. The photographer asked around if anyone would be interested in doing a topless shoot… and the rest, as they say, is history!

My topless modeling career took off in 1996 when I appeared in The Sun as part of the ‘Page 3′ pictorial. The legendary section of the tabloid features a different girl each day posing topless. I was the first topless model to grace the Page 3 for a whole week – fully dressed on a Monday, then each day revealing more and more untill Friday – full topless. The exposure boosted my career and I soon became one of the UKs most famous models, under the pseudonym ‘Jordan.’

From there on I graced many magazine front covers , not just in the UK but also across Europe. My popularity soon reached even further afield and I posed for Playboy, landing on the front cover of the September 2002 issue.

I have been through many well-publicised relationships. And my illnesses, including the removal of a tumor from one of my fingers and complications with my pregnancies and family, have been very public.

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50 reviews4 followers
June 21, 2020
Wow! What a rubbish read. Shines a light on both Katie and Peter been very controlling, jealous, possessive people.
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144 reviews5 followers
August 13, 2015
I decided to read this book to find out more about " Katie Price", and not Jordan. This book tells you the graphic details and stages which Katie has taken her life in. It seems to make you feel more sorry for the bad press which Katie recieves. A good read if you want to discover the real person behind Jordan.
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90 reviews15 followers
February 26, 2016
In a relationship with this person but didn't have sex with them

Then in another one

Then another one

Then another one

Then another one

Then another one

The end

Utter rubbish this book is not for me

Had to give one star but does not deserve one
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Author 23 books21 followers
July 31, 2013
After the raging success of the first book, the demand for another was high. Instead of knuckling down to something to be respected and thought of as insightful, she took the opportunity to repeat much of what she had said in the first.

This book though starts with a rather odd dream sequence of her new celebrity beau, Peter Andre telling her that he doesn’t love her or have anything to do with her and she finds herself crying in desperation about losing her new found soul mate. But fear not, dear heart. For everything is fine for our princess does in fact waketh in her mansion surrounded by all of her wealth and with her man who DOES love her and GOSH, I’d thought I’d lost you forever!

She loves him, she adores him, he is her everything, she immediately wants to tell us all that is great and wonderful and well hung (Great, thanks) and sweet smelling Peter Andre is before going headlong into a bitch fest between the ghostwritten pages.

All repackaged in a new cleaner, less glam look, she slags off her rivals, her exes (laughing in their faces during her new found love) and the press before re-iterating that she has no hard feelings towards anyone, trying to emphasise that she more than just a FF cup. Something classier even.

Like calling your new husband, as equally in the public eye as yourself, ‘Dickilicious’. Not only that but the first time Katie made love to her jungle hero is was the ‘most satisfying, sweetest fuck of my life’ that made her ‘walk like John Wayne’ after.
But it wasn’t all plain sailing and sore crotches. Katie had her initial fears too,

“I was afraid that the fact I was a single parent might scare Pete off.”

You mean even more so than seeing you with those braids in the jungle? Nope, I think you are ok there. I’m sure the large boobs and all of the money balances things out quite nicely. But it’s not the single mum thing that is going to eventually scare Pete off, nor even will it be the recurring sense of longing, desperation and poor sentence structure in your second book. It will be the insane green eyed monster you have become.

In reality, I don’t think the end justifies the means for a second tome. Compared to the first (what became an incredibly successful book), A Whole New World just doesn’t measure up. It’s just a sickly sweet love in and opportunity for a deeply troubled and obsessive girl to have a good whinge. Most of us get enough of that at home.

We see ourselves what is a very different Katie Price. Still struggling with her persona, that cash cow Jordan that she is ever so afraid to kill off but still desires to be the sexy, hand on crotch minx, something she doesn’t seem to realise that she could do by being called by her regular name if thats what she wants. But not just that, we meet a very different woman indeed from the one that entered the jungle. Perhaps, it was the experience of meeting Peter Andre (who hasn’t read her first book, by the looks of it), but perhaps it had something to do with eating those fish eyes.

But she does wrestle in her mind with the Jordan image. She is constantly and very subtly harangued into a change by her manager who you get the sense desires for Katie take Jordan out behind the barn like you do an old wounded pet and put her out of her misery.

It’s nice that she found Pete it really is and she really does deserve a happier relationship. It’s a wonderful tale of love coming up and biting you on the arse when you least expect it, as true love always does but she comes off with this ignomious sense of constant desperation and utter smugness. We are continued to be guilted about her heavily disabled son when we are treated to a much more detailed account of his condition.

Really, we know. We remember from the first book. We are sorry. Honestly. Every single reader is feeling your pain, your suffering and are so proud with how you have coped with this monumental task you have been given. Now be a good girl and tell us more about your breasts.

“Quite often when you do a deal with OK! You have to invite a certain number of celebrities just to get the deal, but our deal wasn’t like that.”

Is that right? Does that happen to include the three celebrities you had in your bridal party that were such close friends of yours they were never mentioned in your first book at all and only in reference to the wedding in the second? Honestly.

There seems to be no editor in charge of double standards in this book or a great deal of internal fact checking. She needed some sort of pixie to tell her to stop what is clearly PR laden yarn spinning. She totally contradicts herself all the time. Her attitude towards her son, her family, people she is or isn’t at war with the press. It’s all very confusing. There was that about her wedding for example, what should have been HER day but for the sake of exposure and the need to afford the opulence of her delusions of grandeur she spoilt it by organising things that essentially ruined it for her. As much of an elaborate fairy tale her wedding was, I think she realises that sometimes big is not always better. It sounds as if it was a big mess and so opulant in its pinky chavness just to appease a tabloid magazine, something she clearly admits she hated about her day.

That is no way the most annoying and frustrating thing about Katie in this book though. She becomes some sort of intense jealously gremlin after meeting Peter Andre. Granted, Peter has seen more pussy than the Cats Protection League but how she becomes so aggressively controlling over every aspect of their relationship and in particular, Peter’s ex-girlfriends (many of which he has maintained many polite non-sexual friendships with) is the most demeaning and self-depreciating way she could present herself in a format that hundreds of thousands of people will see.

I wonder whether she has completely thought this through. I mean, what if this couple did split up?

Any other potential suitor Katie would come across would run a mile after witnessing her attitude in this book, which would explain the recent model from Argentina who spoke no English. Anecdote after anecdote after example of incidents when she has flew into a jealous rage about very little or something that would really be better solved in a calm and sane manner. When she reacts, it’s back to the insane questioning every nuance and angle of every situation in that ingratiatingly bad habit of talking in italics, before continuing with her mantra from her first book,

“This could only happen to me.”

Katie prides herself as not being as fake and as catty at Posh Spice, but I do begin to wonder.

A perfect example of Katie’s neurosis is when she finds a phone Peter has lost and starts to go through old messages and numbers of exes and old liaisons before her and she rages at him like he is supposed to have had the foresight to realise that they will be together one day and the way she acts concerning Lisa, Pete’s air hostess/former fuck buddy/friend of the family everytime she either comes across or is even mentioned is absolutely disgraceful. All the times she is going on about how it is such a disrespectful act for Pete to even associate with any of these people anymore just shows Price’s woeful disrespect for herself, let alone the distrust she has in her partner. He should be allowed to be friends with whoever he wants and she’s a fool for thinking otherwise. Peter Andre may have the patience of several saints right now but that could quite well be their demise. Unless they record anymore duets in the meantime, of course.

She soon wises upto the eventual and probably wise conclusion,
“I suppose I’ve just got to accept that wherever I go with him there’s going to be girls he’s shagged.”

The filthy stop out. If the garbled rabling sense of Insania about worrying whether Peter Andre will do the dirty on her like he has done with so many in the past, Katie talks with that same adorable tone of desperation about her music career, bewildered almost at exactly why it hasn’t gotten off the ground. After all, she almost represented us in Eurovision a couple of years ago, there must SOME be talent there.
There may be. But is she a role model for young women as her PR machine are trying to mould her into? This, the person who referred to Javine, her Eurovision rival as a one hit wonder and telling the “slag” to “fuck off” ...to her face ...at a crowded party is a role model for the young. The very young in fact:

Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies

...a children’s book range for the 5-8 market. Personally, I’m not in the thinking of others and that this is a wholly irresponsible move by Bantam (a subsidiary of Random House, who have taken on her memoirs) but one of bravery. It’s possibly pushing a brand too far and one that will probably fail because (despite her clean cut image with her pink fleece hiding her breasts, toned down make up and her hair tied up) essentially it is the parents (mostly mothers) that have the last word on the purchase with their child at an easy age to be disuaded.
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1,562 reviews55 followers
October 18, 2011
I haven't read this one before becuase I thought it was the same as the first one but with some added chapters. I was wrong. It is a whole different book about her love for Pete, having Jr and her wedding. Some of the things written in here are also covered in her third book 'pushed to the limit' I really like the honest way Katie writes. She doesn't hold anything back. She speaks her mind. It must have been very hard for after she gave birth but she speaks so openly about post natal depression. Which is something alot of women don't talk about. This may be a odd thing to think about when reading a book about Jordan but it really shows how society is still really judgemental towards women. If you asked some one: 'Out of Pete and Katie, who is the bigger slag?' Most people would say Katie, despite the fact that Pete has slept with hundreds more people than Katie. As well as the fact that both Katie and Pete have topless photos done. But which one is considered cheap and tacky? Kate! It makes me angry that women are still judged this way! Bloody double standards! Anyways that was my rant over. I really enjoyed this book. It keeps you reading and dishes all the dirt!
September 8, 2007
I decided to read this book to find out more about " katie price", and not jordan. This book tells you the graphic details and stages which katie has taken her life in. It seems to make you feel more sorry for the bad press which katie recieves. A good read if you want to discover the real person behind jordan.
Profile Image for Louise.
79 reviews4 followers
August 25, 2007
Where I liked her in the first book, this book is just written quickly to 'beat' Pete and it shows what a competitive, jealous, messed up, obsessive girl she can be. RELAX KATIE, PETE LOVES YOU. Very repetitive.
8 reviews
September 3, 2007
Loved it, you realise how much the media dress up celebs and over exagerate things, it showed me how they are real too and have the same worries about relationships and kids as the rest of us!
Profile Image for Sarah.
7 reviews20 followers
April 19, 2008
Brilliant loved it just requested her 3rd book at my library can't wait till they get it in I have so much respect for Jordan must be real hard for her with Harvey's condition
Profile Image for Ally.
120 reviews
June 29, 2008
The second autobiography of Katie Price.
3 reviews
October 15, 2008
I just finished this book today and I thought I would watch the Eurovision contest that Katie Price was so embarrassed about on youtube- it wasnt even that bad! She neednt be embarrassed.
Profile Image for Lisa.
137 reviews3 followers
July 28, 2011
Interesting stuff - look forward to her next one!
Profile Image for Olivia Bloor.
30 reviews
October 14, 2013
this tells the story of her relation ship with her and peter andre although she suffer through baby blues with her first baby with andre she get through it all
21 reviews
April 2, 2014
Loved this book, about her early relationship with Pete, to the birth of Junior; and the unforgettable wedding!
Overall great read!
3 reviews
February 1, 2022
A second autobiography from Britain's ex glamour model Jordan/Katie Price. This book joins and goes through the next chapter of her life with her. The chapters or some of them are based on her relationships, her looking after her son Harvey who's disabled, her wedding, her losing a family member and the birth of one of her children called Junior. A look into her life before and after her and Peter Andre got married. Worth a read if you are the glamorous type or if you're interested in her!
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94 reviews4 followers
August 15, 2018
Ladies, when you think you've found the right man, never trust him one hundred percent because you never know what's around the corner...

Luckily I don't think I've found the right man yet, and somehow, don't think I ever will...

So, you might be thinking, "What compelled you to read an autobiography by Katie Price?" and in all honesty, it's down to this dream I had near the beginning of the year. I could not tell you what happened in it, although I'm sure it involved ice skating. One thing I'm positive on is that she was definitely in the dream and when I woke up, it had affected me that much, I felt the need to read her autobiographies? I have never had such an interest in her before and I even gave her Facebook page a 'like' and a subscribe on her on Snapchat, where she's always posting videos of her and her children.

Whether she wrote this entirely, hired a ghost writer or just had help, it's a pretty good read. Personally, I was invested and I could feel myself relating to her in some way. For once, you feel like you're beginning to see the real Katie Price opposed to the media's representation.

Unfortunately, I have not got Being Jordan: My Autobiography but I do have this one and You Only Live Once. I found them for free in a free bookstore in my town (so if they weren't really my thing, at least I knew I hadn't wasted any money on them); it's a charity that encourages people to read more. I have found them incredibly helpful after struggling to find things I have needed for college.

This particular autobiography focuses on Katie's departure from the I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here jungle; struggles with her and former boyfriend Dwight's son Harvey; her modelling and hopeful pop music career; disagreements with her manager; her dreaded Eurovision contest audition and of course, her meeting, relationship, engagement, marriage, pregnancy, struggles and honeymoon with Australian musician Peter Andre. She also describes how she felt after her pregnancy with Junior, where she is diagnosed with postnatal depression and her feelings of not being able to emotionally connect with her son.

Her emotions towards, arguments and struggles with Peter Andre do take up most of the book, with her telling us details of intense fights about exes, family and her son (although I'm also quite amused at the fact that Pete told her to stop drinking, but then when she asked him to delete all those girls' numbers, he said that he wasn't going to be controlled by her.)
Obviously, we, as humans, are not 100% perfect but I can say that she seemed to get incredibly jealous over past flings with other girls he had and it bothered her to no end to even just be in the same room with them. She truly was/is in love with Peter, wanted him to herself and didn't even want any other woman to set eyes upon him. She was a woman possessed, and I think I can understand... feeling like that just once. Although, I can sympathise on every level if she's been cheated on in the past. You think you've found "The One" and then they turn out to be just like what everyone said...
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