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He has tradition ingrained in him…
She lives for the moment…
Will they find a common ground?

Lex Fitzgerald is not your average billionaire. He leads a double life as the conscientious head of his family and the pleasure-seeking rogue who parties hard and pushes the limits in and out of the bedroom. His two worlds are about to collide because of one woman, Jillian Finnegan.

Lex needs a secret weapon to defeat a competitor and finds it in Jillian Finnegan. He has no intention of letting her potty mouth, her crazy lifestyle, or her eccentric family get in his way. So when he makes her an offer, he expects her to accept. However, sparks start to fly when Jillian gives him a counteroffer and dares him to refuse. Has Lex finally met his match?

Let the seduction begin.

302 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 27, 2014

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About the author

E.B. Walters

14 books341 followers
I write sensual Paranormal and contemporary romance. When not writing, I read. When not reading, I hang out with my family. When not with my family, I'm plotting and writing....it's a vicious cycle.

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Want to read
June 18, 2015
 photo free Pu3 xB by sb_zpsurxn6hmp.gif

FREE on Amazon US today (6/17/2015)

Book 1 of 2.

He has tradition ingrained in him…
She lives for the moment…
Will they find a common ground?

Lex Fitzgerald is not your average billionaire. He leads a double life as the conscientious head of his family and the pleasure-seeking rogue who parties hard and pushes the limits in and out of the bedroom. His two worlds are about to collide because of one woman, Jillian Finnegan.

Lex needs a secret weapon to defeat a competitor and finds it in Jillian Finnegan. He has no intention of letting her potty mouth, her crazy lifestyle, or her eccentric family get in his way. So when he makes her an offer, he expects her to accept. However, sparks start to fly when Jillian gives him a counteroffer and dares him to refuse. Has Lex finally met his match?

Let the seduction begin.


FREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf: Kindle-freebies (currently over 430 books)
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December 17, 2014
When I realized this was the last Fitzgerald book, I knew it was time to start a new series. So I started a new series about a secret society of billionaires with one agenda... One definite agenda, and Infinitus Agendum was born. You have to read the series to find out what their agenda is. Is it one woman conquered at a time? One corner of the world or an extreme adventure? These men are diverse in their lines of work, but they are tight (they have each other's back). While the Fitzgerald series was more traditional romance and some of the books were even submitted to traditional publishing houses and accepted, I knew the next series had to push some serious boundaries.

In Impulse, we meet Lex, an alpha male who works hard and plays hard. When it came to women, everything goes, until he meets Jillian, a woman who is his equal in every way. Jillian is sassy, fearless, and protective of those she loves. She has no problem telling Lex to take a hike. But the more she resists him, the more he wants her and pursues her. Of course, it doesn't help matters that the chemistry between them is hot and their bedroom scenes... yowza. If they ever make it there…

I hope you enjoy this first installment in the Infinitus Billionaire series. Impulse is the beginning. There will be book two (Continuation of Lex and Jillian's story), all full length (350+ pages), before we move on to the next billionaire. I hope you enjoy them all--Dom, Sloan, Rod, Cade, Nate, Aiden, and Lucien.
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January 11, 2015
I have received an ARC copy from the author in exchange of an honest review.

The only word that comes to my head is: Sexy as hell. Ok, that's three words. But honestly WOW. The book is sexy, steamy and funny. If you want to be taken into roller-coaster of sexiness by a sexy billionaire: THIS IS IT.

In the book we meet Alexander "Lex" Fitzgerald, an alpha male, who works as hard as he is partying. He likes to have control everywhere. Inside his family and company he is the one, that is responsible, always taking care of everything and everyone. In his life women came and went. Since his last girlfriend he didn't have anyone special. Until he meets Jillian. After that meeting and their first talk, which was as sexy as hell, she is hooked. He wants her. He needs her. And what he does: He takes what he wants.

The other main character is Jillian. Fearless, sarcastic and protective woman, who doesn't like to be told what to do. She likes to have control. In live and in the bedroom. Until she meets Lex, but she refuses to give in to temptation his eyes are promising as she promised to stop falling for wrong men. And she knew that he was not for her. Rich and hot? She was done with men like him. But after his offer, she is unable to refuse is she wants to help her family, even though she was pushed away by her father. He was still her family, and family was everything to her. She agrees to Lex's offer and the seductions begins.

The story is amazing. The characters amazingly well constructed. Once you start reading it you can't stop. The whole world, that Ednah has created just sucks in and you are taken for a hot ride.
You have mystery, family, danger and lots, LOTS of steamy sex. The attraction between the characters made me blush and their sex? Oh wow, I was panting after every single scene.

In my opinion it's her best book from all I have read (and I have read most of them). It's well written, everything falls into place and there is no abruptly left things that makes you wonder, what happened. The supporting characters are also brilliantly developed and you can see from the book who will get their own story, which I just love, when there is a promise of more of a great book.

So now I will go, grab my husband and do all those crazy things that are rattling around my mind since yesterday.
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7,836 reviews16 followers
October 16, 2016
'Impulse' by E. B Walters is book one in the "Infinitus Billionaire' series. This is the story of Lex Fitzgerald and Jillian Finnegan. Jillian is working as a stunt double on a film in addition to helping her family. Jillian is a tough, dare devil who is trying to keep her family going. Lex is a businessman who is looking to have a pretend wife to help him complete a business deal. Lex thinks that Jillian would make that perfect pretend wife but Jillian is in need for her family too. So will they be able to strike a bargain? This was an exciting read for sure. I love the Alpha male in Lex and Jillian is such a strong women for a heroine. Overall Great Read!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
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January 30, 2015
*I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review*

Two words.... Lex Fitzgerald.. HOLY FRICKEN MOLY!!!!

I was so excited when I received my copy, I just couldn't wait to dive right in. Walters is a fave author of mine and she continues to blow me away with each book she produces. They just keep getting better and better.

Lex Fitzgerald, the billionaire who will steal your heart. He's a sweet, hard working man who has an appetite for parties and the ladies. One of his clients is a little old fashioned and before Lex can pluck the deal he needs to change things up a bit, that's where the gorgeous Jillian comes in.

Jillian the potty mouthed stunt double, who loves the thrill of a motorbike between her legs and wind in her hair. Right from when Jillian and Lex meet their chemistry and lust seems to seep through the pages. I swear I needed fans on in my house. Time seems to stand still when we're locked away with these two. HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

We also get introduced to Lex's sexy billionaire friends. Cannot wait to hear more about them!

An addictive storyline, characters you'll fall in love with, hot men, steamy sex, twists and turns, emotional rollercoaster. This story is one you'll be reading over and over again. I know I will be.

A Must Read!!!
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4,999 reviews404 followers
January 29, 2015
***A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review***

This is the story of Lex Fitzgerald- and you have met him before in the other stories where he was a secondary character or a supporting character in his relatives’ stories in the Fitzgerald series –where his relatives all found love, got married and are now quite settled.
This is Lex’s time to shine. In this story, Lex and his cousin Eddie, sell this really awesome brand of motorcycles. It can now go worldwide BUT the gentleman who can allow this to happen from Japan can prevent this too. He wants to have his sellers to be “family men” Well Eddie is married…Lex, not so much. So Lex dreams up something to make it happen… Lex is the man who makes things happen-think high power CEO who has to have everything done to perfection. Lex isn’t a bad guy, its just, in his mind, its likely a matter of life or death.

Jillian is Lex’s opposite. She is outspoken, lives her life as she sees it , tries to take care of her family ( when they let her) -and the only time she ever is controlled is when she is doing her stunts. That she is so locked down, she is cool as a cucumber. She works as a stunt double on a set and is trying to get her step dad to let her come back to family fold to work for him. She met Lex on set and the fireworks were immediate. The sparks flew and the scenes between Lex and Jillian were highly entertaining. Jillian finds out that her step father * may be* involved in something bad so she tries to help him but that ends up shattering whatever bond Jillian and her step dad had together.

Meanwhile, Lex is realizing how deep he has fallen for Jill and he doesn’t want her out of his site, for any amount of time. Jillian is not willing to let that happen and fireworks just go off. Two strong personalities.- EXCITING to read AND what is great is your imagination paints vivid pictures for you as your reading along.
There is such a rich story woven into the details. The story leaps out at you. It takes hold of you and won’t let go until the ride ends and oh, what a ride. You have Jillian going thru some very significant life changes with her family which spills into her relationship with Lex when she is threatened. Lex goes nuts trying to protect her from the threats.

OMG! This is such a fantastic book. There is so many twists that you do not see coming. Lex and Jillian can’t keep their hands off each other- the sex is passionate and HAWT!! This is how I like it! Kudos to the author. The ending is wonderful. I highly recommend this book.
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343 reviews60 followers
January 23, 2015
The story of Lex and Jillian is unconventional and beautiful. What is it about Jillian that captures Lex immediately, even though she is nothing like his usual "type"? He feels a kindred spirit unlike he ever has before. He knows she will be a match for him in every way. It takes very little time to fall for her completely. The question is, can he keep her?

Jillian feels a strong sexual connection to Lex from the beginning. What's not to like about a gorgeous guy on a motorcycle, especially to a Hollywood stuntwoman? However, she sees a hint of something else, and it scares her. She is used to a life filled with temporary. When the unconventional relationship begins, and Jillian is drawn to Lex, she wonders how she will leave without a broken heart.

The relationship itself is loving and sweet as well as steamy and erotic. Their sex is sometimes described as sweet, slow and sensual...making love. Other times however, the sex is OMG STEAMY, graphic, erotic, and HOT! However, the sex is not written without purpose... no sex just for the sake of sex. When a sexual encounter is written, it is to further tell the story of the growing attraction, bond, and trust in their relationship.

I thought the additional characters and budding storylines revealed during to the story were great in that they provide a glimpse of what to possibly expect in book two. Obviously the focus of book two will be Lex and Jillian.There is just a glimpse of the potential family drama awaiting. Also, there is sure to be more getting to know "the boys".

I love this book so much. It is so well-written, I feel like I really know Lex and Jillian by the end and I am just getting to know the secondary characters. I look forward to getting book #2. WOW!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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80 reviews26 followers
January 19, 2015
As far as stunts go, Jillian is really put to the test when she is met with an obstacle she is not sure she can tackle. Jillian is a stunt-woman in Hollywood and loves the adrenaline rush she gets but dreams of the day she can join her family again doing stunts with them, as a family. Hollywood just isn't for her, but it pays the bills. She is tough, hardheaded and better than most of the guys at what she does.

The sexy, hot-rod riding billionaire Lex is everything Jillian says she doesn't want, but when he makes and impulsive decision to make her a deal; she finds it hard to refuse him in order to save her family. Things start to get out of control fast for both of them.

I enjoyed every word of IMPULSE. It was set up perfectly, nothing was rushed. I found my self glued to the pages and wanted nothing more than to trade places with Jillian. There are hot & steamy sex scenes, but it is a perfectly written STORY about two people that are more alike than they realize and the trials they go through to realize what they really want.

This toe curling book is the first in the this series and there will be a book 2. The book ended without leaving your mouth hanging open, but still wanting more! I have yet to read a Walters' book I didn't like and look forward to reading every word she writes!
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4,967 reviews524 followers
February 14, 2015
Billionaire Lex Fitzgerald needs a wife in order to secure a deal. He has carefully selected ten actresses that could play the part for a year, once he gets the deal done he plans to step back and find the woman meant to be his wife. Everything derails though when he meets Jillian Finnegan a stunt woman on set where one of the actresses he is meeting is.

Jillian is done with Hollywood romances and when she catches the eye of Lex she knows it is another disastrous encounter in the making. She did not expect a proposal of sorts and a contract to be his faux wife. When she finds out her family is in trouble she needs the money to help them out and agrees. She knew they had chemistry but she had not expected for lines to be crossed and the more time she spends with Lex the more she wants something more.

This was a delightful read. Initially I was not sure but the first chapter hooked me. Jillian is tough as nails but there is also a vulnerable quality to her and Lex seems to bring it out in full force. Lex is protective of Jillian and although her job terrifies him he tames himself to be mindful of what she needs. I so appreciated this part of Lex, he could have gone caveman but did not. Great read, look forward to more.
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114 reviews17 followers
July 18, 2015
I had to wait until I could stop fanning myself to write this.

If you like smart, independent, strong main characters, Jillian Finnegan is for you. If you like your men smoking hot, rich, and manly (but a little sweet), Alexander Fitzgerald is your... no, wait, he's mine. Hands off.

You should definitely read the book though, I'll let you have that.

Fair warning however, this is apparently a continuation of a 7 book series, which left me a little confused as I was trying to keep the many, many characters and story lines straight. I'll definitely be going back and reading the Fitzgerald Family series, re-reading this one, and then looking forward to Jillian and Lex's next book.
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934 reviews64 followers
January 16, 2015
Feast your eyes on this sexy , panty dropping , yet intriguing romance. Impulse is the final installment of the Fitzgerald series and I have to say that This author put it through with a bang and confetti !

Sex on a stick is Mr Lex Fitzgerald! I love this man - he oozes sex appeal. His demeanor is powerful and I have to say he is one of my all time favourite characters in this series.

This man will not only have your toes curling but your e reader on fire.

Impulse is the Last Fitzgerald book that Ednah will write - but she has left an opening for her new series about a secret society Of Billionaires with one agenda. ** Infinitus Agendum * We will see more of this in the works and I eagerly await to see the stories from Dom, Sloan, Rod, Cade, Nate, Aiden, and Lucien.

In Impulse we meet Lex - he is every woman's dream. Handsome with brawn - sexy and certainly fearless. He usually gets want he wants and pursues it will full force and determination.

Lex meets Jillian - who is sexy, fearless, sassy, smart , strong and independent. She takes no shit from anyone including pompus Mr Lex Fitzgerald. She tells him what's on her mind and tries to avoid him with all that she has within. But the undeniable force they have is like a magnet !

From the first moment they both lay eyes upon each other the chemistry is zinging and the electricity is buzzing. Jillian tries to avoid Lex - Lex pursues Jilly with a force to be reckoned with.

The storyline is well paced, giving the reader depth and definition into the characters. We see other characters from previous books in this one and also as stated we meet a whole group of hotties. ** squeal **

The sex scenes between Lex and Jillian are hot , sizzling and panty dropping.

The plot is well delivered and written and the ending MMMMMM don't get me started haha..

Another fantastic installment in the series. Loved this story and eagerly await more installments to come.

Sinfully delicious, this enchanting contemporary romance, is sure to delight readers till the very last page.

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30 reviews1 follower
January 17, 2015
I am one of the lucky ones who received an ARC copy of this book & my gosh am I so glad and happy I did.
I finished this book and Immediately wanted more, I hated the fact that I couldn't so I fixed the problem by reading it again twice. Because I don't give to much away in reviews I will say:

This book is quite possibly one of the sexiest reads I've come across and trust me I've read a lot. The sex scenes in this are so damn heated I had to fan myself each time. The characters bring so much excitement to this story it makes you want more. Lex Fitzgerald with his I get what I want and never refused attitude. Wow his character is the perfect power player in terms of business and sex those two aspects can make for a concoction that will blow your mind and senses. Pair him with Jillian Finnegan with her Smart, Funny, realistic but thrill seeking attitude. Her also being Saucy, Steamy, Sexy Bike riding self but unpredictable stuntwoman and you have the perfect chemistry. They're both always putting there family ahead of themselves making there relationship one for the ages.
These characters are so believable, I love that about this book when I read it I have it playing in my head like a film and it captures you.

I recommended this book to all my avid reader friends & avid readers out there. I just have to say that E.B Walters is an amazing author with many amazing books & like I said I don't giveaway much but hopefully I can get you to be your own judge and read this book and enjoy it just as much as I did.

Thank you E.B Walters :)

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6,729 reviews146 followers
August 3, 2022
Finished Reading October 17, 2015

Impulse by E.B. Walters
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
4.75 Stars

I liked it a lot.
I liked the characters & the story line.

There were a few parts that seemed unfinished to me. I debated on giving 4 or 5 stars because of that. Then decided E.B. Walters deserved the 5 stars.

It was well written and flowed easily. I didn't notice any editing problems.

Lex & Jillian were fun to read about. Their chemistry together was fiery and authentic.

Purchased from Amazon June 22, 2015
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429 reviews3 followers
January 14, 2015
I love the way this book starts off going staight into the two main characters meeting. Jillian is a thrill seeking adrenaline junky who does stunts for a living. Her character is strong, the person every girl wants to be and every guy wants to date. Lex rides into her life just in time. His character leaves women drooling from the very beginning. The whole storyline is so good and then you add in the steamy parts and it makes this book perfect. I'm already waiting for the next one to come out!
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Author 15 books3,025 followers
December 19, 2014
I was one of the very lucky few who got to beta read Impulse and all I can say is WOW. Lex and Jillian are such well written characters and the chemistry between them is combustive. The sex scenes are smoking hot and the emotions feel real to me. I hadn't read the rest of the Fitzgerald series and I had no trouble jumping into this story. But I am definitely going back to read them now. :-)
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149 reviews17 followers
January 14, 2015
I was one of the lucky ones to receive an ARC of Impulse and oh mama this is one hot story. It flowed from beginning to end. The story continued to build on itself and keep me wanting more. I had to keep turning the page. I had to learn what fate had in store for both Lex and Jillian. Once again I was left hanging by the talented Ednah Walters and eagerly waiting for the next installment!!
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2 reviews1 follower
January 16, 2015
Impluse was wonderful and I loved reading every minute of it. I liked how Lex's and Jillian's story did not start out the conventional way. Full of hot, steamy moments and laughter, Ednah created a heart pumping novel that will leave you begging to read more! I for sure cannot wait till book 2 comes out.
113 reviews4 followers
January 18, 2015
I was hooked from the first page. Jillian is a strong, fiesty character and a great match for Lex. There's romance with just enough excitement mixed in. And the bedroom scenes....um...yeah...you might need a cigarette after.
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688 reviews10 followers
June 14, 2017
"Impulse" is one of those books that you can't put down. Its unique characters are absolutely authentic and lovable, their story is romantic and keeps you glued to the book and when you have to put it down at the end - you just take it up and read it again to savor it once more. I loved every single page of it.

"Impulse" ist für mich eines dieser Bücher, die man nicht aus der Hand legen kann, wenn man einmal angefangen hat zu lesen. Als ich es durch hatte, wollte ich gleich die Rezension dazu schreiben - und blieb gleich wieder hängen und las es noch einmal. Und dann noch einmal...

Es besticht durch seine authentischen und unverwechselbaren Charaktere, die nicht nur natürlich, sondern auch unwahrscheinlich liebenswert sind. Die Geschichte selbst ist romantisch und einfach schön, immer wenn ich befürchtete, dass es ins klischeehafte abgleiten könnte, schaffte es die Autorin mich mit überzeugenden und realistischen Wendungen zu überraschen, die perfekt zu den Personen und ihren Charakteren passen.

Insbesondere die beiden Protagonisten eroberten mich im Sturm. Beides sind Menschen, deren Bekanntschaft ich sehr gerne machen würde. Nicht deshalb, weil sie -natürlich- gut aussehen, sondern weil ihre ganzen Eigenarten und ihre Art auf andere Menschen zuzugehen und mit den Menschen in ihrem Umfeld zu interagieren mir gut gefallen haben.

Jillian ist ein Charakter, der energiegeladen, leidenschaftlich und von Grund auf unverfälscht ehrlich und humorvoll, sprich, ganz einfach unwahrscheinlich liebenswert ist. Aber auch Lex hat es immer wieder geschafft, mich mit seiner Art für sich einzunehmen. Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen männlichen Protagonisten in diesem Genre, besticht er auch dadurch, dass er eben nicht um jeden Preis dominant und rechthaberisch ist, sondern mit viel Gefühl und Einfühlungvermögen aufwartet, nicht nur, wenn es um seine Jillian geht.
Auch hier war ich immer wieder begeistert, wie die Autorin es schaffte, tpische Klischee-Fallen zu umschiffen und eine natürliche und gesunde, dabei aber auch leidenschaftliche Beziehung mit ihren Irrungen und Wirrungen darzustellen.
Dazu kommen dann noch die gut charakterisierten, ebenfalls einzigartigen Nebenfiguren und eine fesselnd geschriebene Geschichte und heraus kommt ein überzeugendes und ausgesprochen schönes Buch, das ich absolut empfehlen kann!

„Impulse“ is one of those books that you can't put down once you've started to read it.When I had finished it I wanted to write my review and got caught in the book again and read it again. And again...

It impresses with its authentic and unique characters that are not only very natural but also incredibly lovable.
The story itself is romantic and just beautiful. Every time I feared that the author could slip into the land of cliché then she surprised me with convincing and realistic twists that fit the characters and their personalities perfectly.
The protagonists took my heart by storm. Both are people with whom I'd love to get acquainted. Not just because of their good looks but because I really liked the manner in which they approach other people and because of the way they interact with those around them.

Jillian is a character who is energetic, passionate and honest straight from the bottom of her soul and on top of that she is full of wit and humor, in other words - she's just unbelievably lovable.
Lex did also convince me by his personality. In contrast to many other male protagonists in this genre, he impresses by the fact that he is neither dominant nor self-opinionated at all costs but
shows much empathie and a good feeling for the right move not just when it comes to things related to Jillian but in general, with all people.

This was also a part where I was very impressed that the author managed to avoid typical clichés and instead presents us with a natural and healthy but also very passionate relationship with all its ups and downs.
Take those factors, add well characterized, equally unique minor characters and a captivating story and you get a very convincing and beautiful book that I can absolutely recommend!
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37 reviews3 followers
January 29, 2015
ARC for an honest review

Let me tell you this, this book is amazing. I've never before wrote a review for a book like this (with lots of steamy sex scenes). So bear with me.
** May contain some spoilers **

Jillian Finnegan is a Hollywood stuntwoman who loves to ride her motorcycle.

Alexander "Lex" Fitzgerald is a businessman and a billionaire, and who also drives a motorcycle.

Jillian has sworn off Hollywood men.

LEX need an actress.

Jillian meets Lex at the studio, and can't keep him out of her mind.

When Lex meets Jillian, he knows she's the one for the job. He has to have her.

Jillian is completely loyal to her family and will do anything for them, even if they don't deserve it, but family means everything to her.

LEX is also completely loyal to his family, he is the one everyone looks up to. He took the role "man of the house" when his father died. He made sure his family got what they wanted in life.

So when Lex offers Jillian a deal, she can't turn down. She has terms of her own.

LEX need a wife to make deal for a potential businessman. Jillian need a ton of money.

They strike a deal, which will last a year, their relationship grows and they become intimate with one another. And let me tell you, those sex scenes are HOT HOT HOT. I literally had to get my bearings back together after reading those scenes. I don't know if I was blushing the whole time, or if I was just really hot. ** fans face**

There are twist and turns during the book, it flows smoothly, and at the end you are left wanting more.

E.B. Walters did an amazing job on writing this book. She knows what her readers want, and she doesn't disappoint. Well done Ednah, what a fantastic book. Thank You for letting me get an ARC.

I gave this a five star rating, because that's what the options gave me, otherwise I would have given Ednah a 10 star rating.

I recommend this book to who ever wants a Hot, $teamy and $exy book to read.

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592 reviews4 followers
January 26, 2015
This book was sexy, steamy and funny all wrapped into one.

Alexander "Lex" Fitzgerald is an alpha male, billionaire who works hard and also loves to party just a hard. He likes to be in control of everything he does being with his family or with his work. This all comes to a change when he meets Jillian.

Jillian Finnegan is an independent, strong, stunt women who is trying to stay away from a certain type of man. Which just so happens to be the type of man Lex is. She loves the rush of her job just as much as she loves her family. Who she will do just about anything for even if it's putting her life and heart to the test.

When Lex and Jillian meet their worlds collide. Jillian wants to fight the attraction she has for Lex. He will do anything in his power to get what he what he wants is her!!!

There are hot and steamy see scenes but they were not over the top and fit into the story line very well. This book was not rushed but left open for book two.

You must read this book if you love twists in the story line of two people who fight to get what they want.
2 reviews
January 25, 2015
A wonderful book to wrap up the end of one series and start another. It's a stand alone book and yet it is so wonderful after reading about Lex (in the other books) to finally get his story!! Hot, steamy, and an unexpected meeting of the stubborn minds. Haven't read any E.B. Walters books yet???? Try this one!!

Lex is that sexy billionaire we all like to escape with on our reading escapades. Sexy, strong, business savy, manly and yet loves family. Jillian is independent, strong minded, lives on the edge and says it like it is (usually). They are perfect for one another, except you'd never know it meeting them separately, but put them together and you got combustion!!!

Yes, I waited for this book to come out after reading the Fitzgerald Family series. And now I can't wait for more.

I'm so glad I found this author. After reading mostly the same romance author and all her books it was so wonderful and refreshing to discover Ms Walters and her series. I love her style of writing. Forever fan here!!
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113 reviews
January 15, 2015
As a Fitzgerald’s fan, I have been long waiting for Lex’s story. I was not disappointed! Impulse is a truly great book with lots of great characters and even hotter love scenes. And Jillian is such a perfect match for Lex. Sassy, smart and strong, she doesn’t let him get away with anything! Their banter is perfect and I loved the progression of the story and how it leads to the next chapter for this series. The new characters introduced were so yummy! I can’t honestly say whose story I want next. They are all such delicious men! If you’re new to this series, you can start here but I really recommend you go back and start with Slow Burn so you don’t miss any of the Fitz family and their hottie men!
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453 reviews45 followers
January 13, 2015
Great Odin's Raven this was good. No slow start or shaky character development to be found, only steamy action packed goodness. As one of my first genuine contemporary romance reads, I wasn't sure how I would take to it even though I greatly enjoyed previous works by miz Walters. Color me impressed as this was rather fun and such a great read in fact that I gave up hours of one of my most precious resources...sleep. 5 MF stars dude
*** Free ARC received for honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.***
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February 2, 2015
Every now and then I read a book that makes me want to stop everything else and just read until I finish it and this is one of those books! I could not put it down! Jillian was so lovable and Lex was so hot! All of the characters were well written and the story kept pulling you in. I was on the edge of my seat during parts and close to tears in others. There was love, family, suspense, betrayal, lies, and hotness!! Looking forward to reading more from this author!
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January 15, 2015
This book is a must read!! This book has it all.. Humor, Drama, Suspence, and twists every where.. right when u think u know what is going to happen BAM a curve ball is thrown your way!
Impulse will grab your attention and keep it until the very last page then leave you begging for more!
I am very impatiently waiting for the next book!!
This is one series I will continue to follow
January 16, 2015
I received an ARC copy from the author this week and finished it in two days. I've been waiting for Lex's story for a long time and was very curious who he would end up with. Well he definetly met his match in Jillian and the sex scenes were smoking hot. I loved her sense of humor and the fact that she brought out the wild side of Lex.
Well done E.B.
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January 11, 2015
Impulse is curl your toes hot!! Chemistry, romance, sex, suspence, strong believable characters, this book has it all. Lex and Jillian are on fire! I can't wait to continue their story. Mark this book as MUST READ. Thank you E. B. Walters!
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January 25, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: Toni
Date: January 23, 2015
Lex Fitzgerald has been the leader of his family for ages. He made a promise to settle his siblings and cousins and now it’s his turn to find romance. He just didn’t expect to find love in a stuntwoman.

Lex is a man with two faces. One is the family man who is the foundation of his very close knit family and the other is a secret face that most of his family doesn’t know. He is a thrill seeking adventurer who takes life by the horns.

For the last seven years he has made sure his family is secure and well loved. He is currently finalizing his last member’s security with a business deal that unfortunately has a few snags. He needs to be a married man for a conservative foreign company to even talk to him. That is not going to stop this man of action. He has his list of potential women and is checking it twice. One look at a ridiculous woman who likes his bike more than the man, makes Lex throw that list right out the window. He has found his woman, but now he needs to convince her to be his wife for the next year.

Jillian Finnegan is a woman who misses her family. They used to be unstoppable and now she has a chance to rejoin the entertainment group, The Fearless Finnegan’s. The problem is convincing her overprotective father that she is ready to rejoin the troupe. She thinks she can get past his walls, but then overhears another problem. Now she needs money and needs it quick. Thank goodness the tall drink of water she met earlier needs her services. Now how to convince him that he should hire her for thousands of dollars a day…Piece of cake!

This is the final book in the Fitzgerald series. The series focused on members of Lex’s family finding love and security. He helps along the way and I was sad to know he was the last of this special group, but Ms. Walters did something amazing; Lex’s story will be the beginning of a new series with Lex being the end of the Fitzgerald’s and the beginning of the Infinitus Billionaire series. Can I get a HELL YES!!

I’ve wanted Lex’s book since the beginning, but had to wait years for it and it was well worth it. Jillian is spunky and fun and I love that she doesn’t’ take any of his crap. They are a perfect pair. I wasn’t sure how a stuntwoman would fit into Lex’s life, but Jillian fits like a glove. To make things even better, Ms. Walters is making Lex’s story into two books. YES, TWO BOOKS. He is has such a great story to tell that it is taking extra long and I can’t be more excited!!

Impulse has family drama, a touch of mystery, sizzling chemistry between two very likeable characters and the introduction of a group of men that will make your heart pound and your wildest dreams ignite. Ms. Walters did a wonderful job bridging these two series and while I’ll miss the family feeling of the Fitzgerald’s, I’m ready for a new sort of family. A family of men that always has each other backs, know how to play hard and have a loyalty to their group that is amazing.

Pick up this book! Especially since it's only 99 cents! It’s so much fun to read about the great and powerful Lex being brought down to his knees. Impulse has moments of laughter, shock and imaginative sex scenes that make you wish you were in Jilly’s shoes or at least Lex’s bed. This is a great beginning to what I expect to be another outstanding series by this very talented author.
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