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Aurelia #1


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Princess Aurelia is next in line to rule the kingdom of Tyralt, but she would rather be one of the common folk, free to learn and roam and . . . not marry the next tyrannical prince that comes courting. Naturally, the king wants Aurelia to marry for political power. Aurelia wants to marry for love. And someone in the kingdom wants her . . . dead. Assigned to investigate and protect Aurelia is Robert, the son of the king's former royal spy and one of Aurelia's oldest friends. As Aurelia and Robert slowly uncover clues as to who is threatening her, their friendship turns to romance. With everything possible on the line, her life, her kingdom, her heart, Aurelia is forced to take matters into her own hands, no matter the cost.

246 pages, Paperback

First published April 1, 2008

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Anne Osterlund

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Anne Osterlund grew up in the sunshine of Eastern Oregon and graduated from Whitworth College. She lives in a cute little yellow house with her best feline friend, Simba, and her own library of young adult books. She enjoys immersing her students in language, literature, and imagination. Anne has written five novels: Aurelia, Exile, Redemption, Academy 7, and Salvation. She has dreams of many more in the future. Unveil the intrigue on her website. www.anneosterlund.com

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272 reviews962 followers
November 12, 2011
I don’t feel great about giving this book two stars. To me, two stars seems paltry and possibly indicative of poor writing, plotting and characterisation – and that’s not actually true in the case of Aurelia.

But the Goodreads star system defines two stars as “It was okay”, and to be honest, that’s the most fitting of the ratings for my personal reading experience of this book.

To be clear, this is not a badly written or subpar book. In some respects it’s quite the opposite.

But for me, this book felt rather “paint-by-numbers”, where the finished product looked just as it should, neat and tidy, and yet somehow a bit soulless. There are so many promising elements here: a clearly realised world, a strong and intelligent princess, a court intrigue, a varied cast of characters. And yet at no stage did I feel invested in this story, or attached to the characters, or compelled by the conflict.

I can’t help but think that this novel would work better as a middle-grade read. Or perhaps I’m simply beyond the age where I find this type of story “my thing”.

There was definitely enough substance here to create a more emotive, dynamic story, but sadly it felt a little formulaic. None of the reveals came as surprises to me – I had the villains pegged early in the story by virtue of their transparent motivations – and some of the characters unfortunately fell into clichés.

The highlights are definitely the characters of Aurelia and Robert, who are intelligent and self-determined individuals, and the hint of romance in the story is well handled and slowly developed, not overshadowing the mystery elements of the plot.

I will read the sequel to see where the story goes – and I’m holding out hope that I’ll feel more connected to it than I did to Aurelia
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348 reviews20 followers
December 13, 2008
It was a quick and easy read, but not a lot of "meat" to the story, more one of those books you pick up and just read for fun and don't expect too much from.

It's got an interesting ending--with a main character that acts how you expect her to act--in that she actually follows through with her actions, despite it not necessarily being the ending you expected.

The one thing that drove me nuts was the setting or I should say the confusion of the setting. There was so much mixed together that it wasn't or didn't come across as real or believable. I don't even know how to classify this book - it's not fantasy, but not historical...

We had castles, then tenement houses, horses for travel, a kingdom, but also a frontier land. There were so many centuries pulled into the "world" that it made it impossible to really understand it as a believable world. When you have elements from the medieval time period, to the 1600s and then 1800s and even early 1900s it's just really hard to reconcile them all together in your mind.
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2,214 reviews207 followers
September 19, 2019
I liked it. Very interesting story but you could tell it was a new author. I have great confidence she will do awesome things. I would like to see what she can do with a little time under her belt. I really liked the main characters and had a hard time figuring out "who done it". Very clean, just a little violence. I would let my 12 year old read it.
Re read to my 2 13 year olds and 15 year old and the 15 year old loved it the twins said there was too much romance:} I really liked it the second time probably better then the first. It was so easy to read out loud and the imagery was very well done. My girls were totally shocked when everything was revealed. I wish the third one was out so I could read them the whole series.
Reread 2019- You know when you want to read a book for the 3rd time it's a good story. I enjoyed it again. The third book is now out and I am rereading the series so it is fresh in my mind. This is a great story for any age. Very basic, but very good.
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1,188 reviews2,891 followers
June 3, 2011
What a fantastic book! I can't believe I waited so long to read this one! I had such a great time reading it and I absolutely adored the character Aurelia! She's the type of girl I always imagined a Princess would be. Not as stuck up snob, but someone that actually cares about the people around her.

The mystery in this novel was enthralling! I had multiple guesses as to who the killer may be and in the end I was terribly wrong! If you enjoy reading a good mystery, I definitely suggest Aurelia to you! There was mention of romance in the summary as well, and while I could see the hints and slight mentions, I wouldn't go as far as saying there is a love story present. I was sort of disappointed in that aspect, but I am hoping that perhaps there will be more resolution in that department in the companion novel, Exile.

The story was beautifully written as well. I felt like I was right at court with Aurelia and Robert! Osterlund has such a great talent when it comes to story telling, I loved her novel Academy 7, that came out a year after Aurelia, and I never thought to go back and read her earlier novel.... I'm glad I finally did!

Great characters, an enthralling mystery and a perfect setting, Aurelia is a wonderful read!
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219 reviews178 followers
December 20, 2008
The back of this book says "Mystery. Romance. Danger." Well, the mystery is easily figured out within the first ten pages, the romance is hardly developed and certainly not something a reader can get invested in without a great effort of will, and danger never quite feels real. The book as a whole was so incredibly bland (a heroine who gives us no reason to be attached to her, a romantic lead who has few personality traits aside from loving the heroine, and all taking place in an incredbily generic fantasy world that figured so little into the story as to be unneccesary), that I had to wonder why it was written in the first place.
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230 reviews
July 18, 2009
I love princess-as-hero stories. It's the right blend of power, femininity, and responsibility. Aurelia's quintessentially all of these characteristics, along with a dash of insecurity that is oh-so-familiar to all of us who haven't blacked out our entire adolescence from memory. I also liked the love interest/hero, especially because he treats Aurelia as an equal. So often in princess stories, you get the guy treating the girl like a frail damsel in distress. Yuck.

The only thing I have to quibble about this book is that the resolution happened too quickly. I liked the final reveal (it wasn't who I'd thought), but I didn't get enough of an explanation into the rationale of why. On a side note, I used to be more forgiving of young adult novels because of their shorter length and publisher's tendencies to ask writers to wrap things up more quickly (I guess because young adults can't concentrate long enough!?!). However, since Harry Potter came onto the scene, I think we have to start giving young adult novelists more rein to fully develop their characters' motivations just as they would in "grown up" fiction.

Otherwise, a resounding 4 stars to this book! When I got to the end, I hoped this could turn into a series, so I guess that shows you how much I enjoyed it.
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788 reviews238 followers
September 28, 2011
This is not nearly as compelling as I expected. Again, I am fooled by the cover, which is gorgeous.

The writing is subpar - ok, its passable, but for middle schoolers. The story is historical fantasy, in a YA theme, but I feel like it fails to hit the mark. There's too many random time periods stuck together.

But the biggest problem was the heroine. Aurelia, isn't that likeable (to me, at least), since she comes off as spoiled and immature (I don't know how she develops, since I didn't finish this). Maybe the author was trying to make her seem strong, but I don't see it. There is potential for something more, with the interesting setting and possibilities with the characters, but I was not intrigued enough to continue. Especially after the bratty princess heroine.

Overall, read this only if you like YA literature, with juvenile tones.
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32 reviews24 followers
March 21, 2012
This is one of those book treasures I was lucky enough to find. I have absolutely no idea how I happened about this book, but I'm so glad I did!

So, first, let's get the cons out of the way. First, the writing. There wasn't necessarily anything wrong with it and I didn't particular dislike it or anything - as I almost always greatly respect authors for their hard work! - but it wasn't anything too spectacular either. The ONLY other con I would have is that there wasn't quite enough action. This is like a historical fiction with mystery, but not particularly a page turner or suspense novel.

However, that being said, I really liked the character building in Aurelia. Aurelia and Robert in particular were brilliantly built. Also, the description of different parts of the city was well done, but didn't drag out too much. I particularly enjoyed Ms. Osterlund's description of all things horses.

But let's get to specifics. First, there's Aurelia. Anybody who likes a strong female protagonist is going to love her. She's got attitude and doesn't back down. She's strong enough and smart enough for the throne - like really strong. Very, very strong willed and stubborn. However, she's secretly very sensitive, which I really like. Only people she really cares about gets to see that part of her. I really, really loved that she travels through her city to know about her people....disguised as a boy. Oh, and she has to do that in secret. As in, she escapes from the palace.

Robert is sooooo sweet. He's not the "bad guy" hot, but sweet he-totally-understands-and-complete-gentlemen type. Very protective to the point that it's a fault - but no less attractive, trust me. Also, the fact that he's from the frontier is really cool. Also, his dad was the previously the King's Spy, which is unique in and of itself. Oh, and did I mention his duels with Aurelia are sooooo much fun to read. He's always fighting her, but in a good way if that makes sense.

I really liked the horse aspect in the book. I wasn't really expecting it, but there's actually a lot to do, but this really brings out the culture of the land. That was the other thing I enjoyed reading. The country was so real because of the culture that was *shown* not *told*, which I really appreciated from the author.

The plot was fairly good. I can't say it was *completely* surprising, but obviously it wasn't so predictable that it was in my face and took away from the book.

Overall, I would highly suggest this book to lovers of mystery, romance, and/or historical fiction (even though it's not real). Also, it's very clean, so appropriate for younger readers, but still a great book for lovers of YA (thank you so much, Ms. Osterlund!!)

Sexual Content: Mild Kissing. Language/Profanity: Mild. Violence: Some, but no details.
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349 reviews35 followers
March 13, 2010
My full review can be found HERE: http://leaveyoureyesbehind.blogspot.c...

I'm going to start this book review off with a confession: I am a very, very hard person to keep entertained/engaged. Kindergarteners can focus better than me - well okay, some can...
Usually it takes me a few days at least to get through a 200+ page book, either because I stumble over some pacing potholes or because I just flat can't concentrate...
- THIS BOOK is...NOT one of those books! It only took me a few hours to read this - not in the least because it's short or anything, but because it was such an enjoyable reading experience. I wish all authors could pace their stories the way Ms. Osterlund does. Her sequences of events flow very effortlessly and never once does the story lag or excelerate too rapidly.
- One thing in particular I really enjoyed about this book was the attention given to the setting. I love it when authors take the time to visualize for us the worlds they create, and I got such vivid descriptions of the places in the story that I felt like I could paint them. So bravo and thank you for that!
- And let's not forget the characters: they all were relevant to the story. Now that may sound like the most basic assessment out there, but so many books have characters that are just really random and don't seem to serve much of a function other that background drapery. Here, every person we are introduced to matters and has a very special role to play in the story's development. I especially liked how she wrote Robert: he was strong and smart yet deeply caring. It was so refreshing to have a "love interest" character who was *not* a jerkface :)
- The only thing I have with the book (and this is most definitely a "me thing" probably, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the writing) is the MC herself: Aurelia, a spunky, plucky, "princess who kicks butt". She was a little too spunky and plucky for my taste, and she got on my nerves sometimes in what I perceived as her constant need to be right: with her father, with Robert, etc. If I was reading this as a teen, I would probably not even notice it, but I'm 21 years old and so that kind of stood out to me.
- Anyway, this is a credit to the author and her storytelling ability, in that even though Aurelia got on my nerves, I still cared about her and wanted everything in the story to work out for her. And they did! For now, at least… I heard there’s going to be a sequel, and I will eagerly await its release!

**This book is definitely recommended!**
- Amelia
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24 reviews
September 5, 2012
Aurelia is a princess, next in line to claim the throne of Tyralt. When several assassination attempts are made on the princess of Tyralt, Aurelia’s childhood friend and son of King’s former spy, Robert returns to investigate. An assassin trailing the princess, a spy obstinate enough to find the assassin and a headstrong female character? I was definitely excited to read Aurelia.
Let’s talk about the plot first. The whole idea was great and it had the potential to be an exceptional read but its execution lacked details. It was kind of hollow. Not much was happening and the constant sense of danger that you would feel for the person with an assassin on her trail, was gone. The mystery wasn’t entangled as it should have been but it did keep me guessing till the end. There wasn’t much action still; it was engaging enough to keep me reading.
Now on to the characters, Aurelia at first appeared as a headstrong protagonist but with each passing page I felt more and more disconnected to her. From time to time her action annoyed me, and left me rolling my eyes. Robert on the other hand would have been a crush worthy character if only the author would’ve put a little bit more details into his character. I liked him and strived to know more about him but there wasn’t much to learn. The side characters like Drew, Chris and Melony were good but like I said before the author didn’t give you much to picture them in your head.
The writing style was good. Aurelia was written in third person and it was pretty easy to keep up with everything happening. Although the description of surroundings sometimes got over the top and it pulled me out of the flow sometimes, yet Aurelia proved to be a pretty engaging read. The mood of the book was mysterious and frankly, quite dull. The talk about horses got me interested. I would have liked to know more about the setting in which the story had taken place but sadly there wasn’t much to learn.
The romance in the book was not well developed. When the story is about a princess and especially when it is a historical fiction, romance does come to your mind. Although I am not a huge fan of romance, yet I felt the relationship between Aurelia and Robert lacked development.
On the whole Aurelia is a quick, light, engaging and a pretty decent read with a mystery that will keep you guessing till the end.
I’ll recommend it to YA historical fiction fans.
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2,531 reviews197 followers
October 15, 2008
Aurelia, crown princess of Tyrult, is in danger. Several assasination attempts later and her old classmate Robert Vauntage is back at the castle to try and solve the mystery of who wants to kill Aurelia.

The characterization is very sparse, but the effect, overall, works. Though the characters are more colourful vignettes than fully-fleshed out individuals with minute psychological description, we still have the measure of most of the players.

Greedy, selfish and deceptive Melonie - beautiful, gifted, yet still not satisfied with anything less than the crown. And she is willing to do anything to get it.

Elise, the cold, distant and constantly critiquing step-mother, who verbally abuses Aurelia.

Aurelia's own father, the King, who essentially is weak, self-absorbed and loathesome. His own flaws and sins gave rise to the entire situation.

Robert, quiet, unassuming, honest and brave. And he does care very much for Aurelia.

Aurelia, in turn, is spirited, independent, obstinate. She strives to be a good person, but is surrounded by corruption.

It felt like a quick and easy ending and I really feel that there is a sequel somewhere waiting to be published. Especially with all the unanswered questions about Aurelia's mom and the people from across the sea....
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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437 reviews
September 14, 2009
Aurelia is next in line for the throne, and set to marry a truly awful king who is looking to expand his territory, so to speak. All she wants is to ride her horse, see her country, and get to know the people she will one day rule. When a plot on her life interupts both plans, the spy-master's son comes to solve the case.

I should love this book. It sounds awesome, right? I disliked Aurelia from the first chapter. You know how in these kinds of stories there is either a perfect princess, or an imperfect princess? Well she was the perfect imperfect princess, so much so that she drove me up a wall.
That being said, I would probably read a sequel.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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344 reviews59 followers
December 29, 2009
Aurelia I must say is a brilliantly written novel. The plot is one of the best I've read, keeping me riveted to the pages. The style reminds me a lot of Tamora Pierce minus the fantasy twists.

I just have to add that I was so excited about the ending and I thought the closing was amazingly done. Very satisfying way to go into the next book. Aurelia showed them good!

I must find more of Ms. Osterlund's work. I'm definitely taking tips from her on plot twists. :)
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294 reviews
July 13, 2011
I wasn't entirely sold the first half of the book, but towards the end I liked it. If I may be picky....princess Melony's eyes are described as being green twice during the story, but also once as being blue. ???
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2,051 reviews589 followers
June 12, 2020
I have mixed feeling about this book. I was first drawn to it by the beautiful cover and the story sounded intriguing. I enjoyed the mystery (although, it was fairly obvious) and the relationship between Robert and Aurelia. The ending felt a bit rushed and left me wanting more. I try not to give spoilers in reviews, but it’s unavoidable with this one. So I will just say that throughout the story we hear how Aurelia’s mother left when she was just a little girl, the king leading her to believe that she had abandoned them. When Aurelia learns the truth I was hoping that she would be resolved to go in search of her mother, but there was nothing. There was a huge lack of emotion of Aurelia and again I was hoping that the path she chose at the end would be one in search of her mother, not adventure. There wasn’t any sense of justice for those involved, and it seemed that Aurelia just gives up what is rightfully hers to pursue of her own life. This is odd because she claims to really want to know and help her people.

I read somewhere that this may be the start of a trilogy; I am hoping that is the case. Maybe some of my concerns will be answered in other books. This was Anne Osterlunds first novel, it is exciting to read someone first work, I do look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

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4,230 reviews1,652 followers
June 15, 2011
Pretty much every little girl has imagined being a princess and how great that would be. Well, Aurelia is a princess, a crown princess, and her story shows that it's not everything our little kid selves hoped it was. Aurelia's mother left after her brother died in a horseback riding accident years ago. These losses caused her father the king to shut down; he hardly ever talks to her anymore. Her stepmother Elise and she do not have a great relationship, although she loves her stepsister Melody. Her last remaining real friend has just wedded and is moving away. Even worse than all of this, someone is trying to kill her. On the plus side, a cute guy from her youth is back to help protect her.

Aurelia is a book I selected primarily for the pretty cover and because it came up just below some awesome fairy tale revision I had read on Shelfari (although I don't remember what book). The main genres to be found in Aurelia are mystery, romance and intrigue. They are all done quite well and convincingly. Another awesome element of the book: the horses. You can tell that Osterlund, like many other girls (like me), adored horses as a child. Many are lovingly described, such that you can get a really clear picture of them in your mind.

The story is satisfying, but is not what makes this a really great read; the characters were what really sold me on this book. Aurelia is not your typical princess. For one thing, she frequently dresses up as a boy and escapes the castle, so that she can familiarize herself with her city. On these journeys, her favorite place to go is the docks, where an old sailor will tell her stories. Aurelia is clever, sarcastic and stifled by court life. She is vibrant and full of life. Robert, too, is well-characterized. The other characters are a bit one-dimensional, but not enough so to detract from the story significantly.

If you're looking for a good princess story, you've found one.
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35 reviews168 followers
July 29, 2011
This book was filled to the brim with mystery. I found myself eagerly racing to finish because I desperately needed to know who her assassin was. I needed to know, because once my curiousity is piqued, I read an entire book in one sitting. That’s what happened with Aurelia.

While the book promises romance, I was slightly disappointed. Robert and Aurelia – lifetime friends – sounded just like that, friends. At least the book promised danger, and we got it.

The cover is very indicative of the book. There is a masquerade scene and I love her expression on the cover. It reminds me of her personality in the book right away.

The masquerade scene in the book reminded me a little of the masquerade scene in Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly with Alexandrine. The slight danger, the curiousity, and of course, the masks. Both of them had bird masks, or saw a significant person with a bird mask. The two characters reminded me of each other.

This book also showed the darker side (the politics) of being a princess, and I really enjoyed that. Although the general point of view of many girls is that they want to be a princess, at least this book addresses the other side of that. This book was well written and the climax intense, but I just didn’t connect with the main character. Although, I still liked it, I just didn’t love it, but I recommend this if you are looking for a quick intense read with mystery and danger.

Recommended for anybody who loves: Revolution (Alexandrine); Anne Osterlund; Kissed by an Angel; quick intense reads, etc,.

Possible book club questions:

Who did you think was trying to kill her at the beginning of the book? Why did you think so?
Do you think that we saw Aurelia develop as a character throughout the book?
Aurelia was constantly surprising us. How do you think she established her methods of sneaking out and disguising herself and such? What was your favorite surprise of the book?
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3,390 reviews73 followers
December 14, 2012
AURELIA was an enjoyable high fantasy novel about a princess mired in court politics who is currently in danger of assassination. Is it the stepmother who favors her own daughter over Aurelia? Is it the king of a neighboring kingdom whose motives are not at all clear?

Aurelia's childhood friend and fellow classmate Robert Vantauge comes from the frontier to protect his friend. His father was the former spymaster of the kingdom but is now retired and raising horses far from the political intrigue of the castle. Robert's uncle is one of the king's advisers and his cousin Chris is a noted courtier.

Aurelia is smart, stubborn, and eager to be a good leader to her people. However, her stepmother and the king are more concerned with marrying her off to "suitors" nearly three times her age than they are with her abilities as a ruler. Aurelia feels that her fate is like a shackle around her ankle keeping her from doing what she wants to do.

It takes Robert's investigations to unravel the tangle of plots around her and leads her to see an ultimate betrayal. But, along the way, Aurelia and Robert fall in love. He has loved her since they were children but this is a new thing for her. After all, he travels from the edge of the frontier to help her when she needs him.

The story is well-written and the characters well-developed. Fans of fantasy will enjoy this story of intrigue, betrayal, and romance. Luckily, the sequel EXILE is available for readers who want to know what happens next for Aurelia and Robert.
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315 reviews56 followers
March 9, 2012
Hmm. You know what? There's a LOT of great YA in the world. There is even a fair amount of palace-intrigue stepmother childhood-love romance. If you want truly awesome political feisty women in your YA, go read A Proud Taste For Scarlet and Miniver. You'll thank me later.

Aurelia is strictly mediocre YA. It's like knock-off oreos. Somehow just not satisfying, and you find yourself wondering why you're even bothering to eat it. It's not bad, not revolting, just not GOOD.

The strong points are an intense horsiness, a plausible romance, and a mystery it took me 3/4 of the book to figure out. The weak points are a predictable setting, a boring hero, a heroine who is defiant and avoidant of responsibility, and god help me, a magical negro character.

The writing is workmanlike, and I really wanted some of the costumes described, but overall, meh.

Read if: you are a voracious pre-teen reader systematically working your way through the library, you are also studying for the LSAT and need something as a palate cleanser at night.

Skip if: You might get your hopes unreasonably raised by a book named after an interesting historical character, you have limited reading time and like to allot it judiciously.

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48 reviews38 followers
January 13, 2013
On the night of my reading this book, I almost died. Of boredom.

That might seem a little harsh, but unfortunately, I did find this book a bore which is a shame since the cover is beautiful. I really expected something from this one seeing as I love stories set in a historical setting, especially those which involve mystery and possibly a bit of court intrigue. Sadly, I was very disappointed.

The mystery wasn't all that mysterious. It became quite predictable and there was supposed to be a sense of danger and urgency to the plot which I never really felt. The romance wasn't developed on and the characters felt flat.

I disliked Aurelia from the start. Instead of coming off as bold, she was spoiled and selfish. She always felt she was right, she argued with everyone and she doesn't take responsibility. Despite knowing the supposed danger she was in, she was reckless and her anger at Robert felt unjustified. I didn't care one bit about what would happen to her, honestly.

I actually read just the first five chapters then skipped to the end. They figure out who the plotter is and then... nothing else happens. Um, what? At this point, I'm never picking up another book by this author again.
Profile Image for Milly.
637 reviews23 followers
August 22, 2010
It was the intention of the author to provide 'love, mystery, and danger' in this book. She delivered in the love and mystery department but not so much with the danger. There were at least 2 incidents in the book that were quite dangerous but it would have been a better read if there were more. The book was well written, the characters especially Robert could have benefitted from a better description of how he looked like. He obviously was portrayed to be a nice and intelligent person but I was unable to conjure his face. Aurelia was obviously pretty and it did help to visualize her with the help of the book cover. I usually enjoy reading about royalty and romance and this book did not disappoint in these areas. It was light and easy to read and I honestly enjoyed reading it especially because the herione, Aurelia, was portrayed as a strong character who does not take bull from anyone. However, I didn't leave feeling "wowed' after reading it. I will definitely pick up the sequel to this book just to see what becomes of Aurelia and Robert and Aurelia's future as a princess.
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326 reviews
February 10, 2009
For a first book, it was pretty good as a fluffy kind of read. It had your usual "plucky" heroine who is amazingly forward thinking in her backward nation...considering that she is the crown princess. (Perhaps I have had too many history classes.)

It is almost historical fiction, in a locale similar to a French/Venetian Cavalier period (think Three Musketeers) but she tries to bring in too many political issues without the background behind them to make them seem plausible. The author writes it off as "tradition" and leaves it at that. Which for a young adult audience is just fine, I guess.

To her credit, the author left a suitably unfinished ending. The main plot points get wound up, but all the bad guys don't necessarily get their come-uppance. More like what would probably happen in a situation like that.
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359 reviews284 followers
May 26, 2010
A really good book. The beginning gripped me. I loved Aurelia the first time I met her, and was laughing a few pages in. I really liked the plot and the characters. And I like Anne’s writing. She describes things very well. At the end when the strings were being tied together I figured out who the traitor was, but I was very surprised over who the real conspirator was. That was a really good twist. But I think the ending could have been done better. It wasn’t really believable the way the conspirator was treated. I think that they should have done something to the traitor, instead of basically letting it slide. I also felt like it needed more romance. I’m glad there’s a sequel so that part of the story can be explored more. Overall, a really good book, (although I think Academy 7 is better :)
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17 reviews3 followers
August 13, 2011
Complete review can be found at The Lonely book-club

“Aurelia” is a fast and easy read with not too much meat to the story. You baffle through the pages rather quick when you sit down to read, and there’s not too much information to absorb at once. I would really recommend it if you a looking for something fun and easy where you don’t need to use your brain too much. The plot, however, is a little predictable even though the ending can be a little surprising as the villain isn’t exactly the person it is easiest to pick at first.

As an overall I think Aurelia was an easy read, it’s a book that didn’t need much attention, and I could put it down and start right back where I was. It’s a book that is perfect for summer reading on the beach when you want to take a break from the social activities.
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November 26, 2012
Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.com

Princess Aurelia's life is in danger.

There have been at least three attempts on her life, but her father doesn't want her to know the truth.

Instead, he brought in a royal spy to find the culprit and the mastermind behind these attempts. Robert, the son of the spy, went to school with Aurelia and never stopped thinking about her. There's no way he can keep this secret from her.

The two question people and devise plans to flush out the responsible party.

However, they missed one crucial detail - and it could cost them both their lives.

The cover sold this book for me, but I was immediately sucked into the book the minute I started reading: danger, murder, spies, royalty, and love. AURELIA is a winner!
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December 7, 2009
A tightly-plotted mystery/romance, much like Osterlund's other novel "Academy 7". I found the main characters in this book just as likeable, and the writing very similar. There's a freshness to her phrasing, but sometimes it gets a little awkward. The details about Tyralt, the kingdom of which Aurelia is the crown princess, are fine but perhaps too vague. A lot of fantasy kingdoms end up being kinda generic medieval Europe - this one seemed to be Europe/frontier America, as there IS a frontier on which people are settling and building log cabins and stringing barbed wire, but the workings of it all remain awfully vague. At the mention of barbed wire I wondered about the technology. Handguns also make an appearance, but only once.

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March 10, 2015
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I don’t really know what to say about this book. Not because it was so amazingly awesome, or because it was terrible. It was because it was so….uneventful.

All the characters were entirely one-dimensional, it was so slow, and there was supposed to be a mystery, this big assassination thing, and it just fell flat.

I didn’t find anything glaringly wrong though. It was just that I didn’t feel anything. At all. At least in a book I hate, I actually FEEL something.

I thought I would like this book, but apparently not. It was a bit too typical boring blah for me. In my opinion, reading this was a waste of time. Better things to do, more books to read, etc.
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December 2, 2012
Quickie Review:
Aurelia is the princess of Tyralt, and heir to the throne. Unbeknownst to her, someone is out to kill her. Her childhood friend Robert returns to investigate. From there, the adventure begins.

I don't want to go into a lot of detail because it will give away the plot. There are very obvious red herrings, and I did figure out who the bad guy was pretty early on, but it was still a fun adventure. The book has the perfect amount of everything, romance, adventure, mystery. It is a great quick, not-much-thinking-involved book. I think it is actually YA, but I still enjoyed it immensely. Definitely recommend. I gave it four out of five stars
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May 19, 2012
I didn't like this book. It’s supposed to be set in the distant past- an age of chivalry, people riding in carriages and horseback, princesses, kings, castles, sword fighting. However, this medieval theme is ruined by naming characters Chris, Uncle Brian, Jimmy, Daria, etc.

Also, the writer does nothing to develop the romance between the two protagonists, yet they somehow fall in love.

Lastly, the main character-- Aurelia-- is a pain. She is one of those that is always right, has A LOT of attitude, likes to argue with everyone, and is short-sighted. I did not enjoy the book. I just wanted to get to the end to find out who the bad guy was.
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February 6, 2009
Beautiful headstrong princess + plot to assasinate her + bodyguard = Heather's FAVORITE kind of book. Soooo since the library didn't have it I ordered it off Amazon which of course I should have known would be a mistake. Its not very good at all, I gave it two stars basically cause I like the cover. It is seriously like my favorite kind of plot/storyline and it could have been done so much better. The romance is not very well developed and the mystery is not much of a mystery, the whole thing doesn't flow together very well.
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