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New York Times bestselling author Kim Karr kicks off a thrilling, high stakes story of self-discovery and forbidden love...

2 fatal sides.
1 epic love.
7 days to survive.

They met in the face of danger. They weren’t looking for love. They both knew better. But they couldn’t stay away, and they fell hard.

He is heart-stopping handsome, fearless—and haunted by deadly ties.

She is breathtakingly beautiful, determined—and in harm’s way.

They should have parted. They didn't. And now time is running out. One hundred sixty eight hours. That’s all that remains. While Logan McPherson fights to save them, Elle Sterling is forced to make a choice that could change everything.

When torn between right and wrong, tainted love doesn’t have a chance...or does it?

***This is the first book in the Tainted Love Duet. The second book will release on November 16th, 2015 and is now available for pre-order. BLOW is a full-length romance told in dual POV. It contains mature themes, violence, and strong language, and thus is intended for readers ages 18 and up.***

First published August 31, 2015

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About the author

Kim Karr

51 books4,564 followers
Reader * Chocolate Lover * Writer * Coffee Lover * Romantic * Beach Lover * Yoga Beginner

Kim Karr is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of eighteen novels. Best known for writing sexy contemporary love stories, she enjoys bringing flawed characters to life.

Her romances are raw, real, and explosive.
Her characters will make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel.
And her happily-ever-afters are always swoon worthy.

From the brooding rock star to the arrogant millionaire. From the witty damsel-in-distress to the sassy high-powered business woman. No two storylines are ever alike.

Get ready to fall in love.

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2,359 reviews4,607 followers
September 21, 2015
4.25 Stars


Kim Karr came up with one intricate and suspenseful story line! Gabrielle Sterling is helping her brother-in-law with her young niece, till he can figure out where her sister, Elizabeth has vanished to. Elizabeth seems to have stolen massive amounts of money from the Irish Mob and the mob wants it back.

”He’s giving O’Shea until next Friday. Seven days. If he doesn’t have the money, the drugs, and his wife by then, I’m to deliver a message.”


By chance, Logan meets Elle and is taken with her and aware of the dangerous situation she and her brother-in-law are in. Logan’s a man of two worlds. One grandfather is the former Irish Mob boss and the other in New York, is high society old money. His past has placed his father working for the mob and he lives with this guilt daily.

I loved the author’s incorporation of both these broken soles backgrounds and the fact that the story takes place in seven days. What I struggled with was at times it felt like I was the only one aware of the ticking clock as these two start getting it on like rabbits.




So yeah the suspense aspect of this story was more than 4 Stars for me but the sex scenes dare I say could have been cut down (yeah weird right?). I felt that although it wasn’t love at first sight, we did get a pretty instant love regardless.

”I felt like I could love this woman that I’d only just met. Was that even possible?”


Overall, this is a very clever layered story, I mean what is going on with Elizabeth and Michael? The story does end with a cliffhanger and a generous glance at the sequel, which is due this November.


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Author 33 books1,053 followers
September 20, 2015

 photo Blow2_zpsxvhkrdvl.jpg

This was my first Kim Karr read and I must say, I liked it. Like Elle, the heroine, I was sucked into the dangerous situation of this story from the prologue without knowing all the facts and desperately wanted to figure it out.

 photo image.jpg2_zpsma5zaviv.jpg

Elle and Logan were two broken souls, drawn to each other even though they should be running from each other, and together they take us on a wild, sexy and suspenseful journey.

This book takes place over 7 days and while some may say the days were long, for me it worked. The connection between Elle and Logan wasn't an insta-love thing (thank goodness!) although they certainly were attracted to each other. I found the days spent together was a slow build that made their growing connection stronger and believable.

 photo image.jpg1_zps6wttpnac.jpg

“He was a man who could bring a woman to her knees.”

“No one had ever wanted me like he did.”

 photo Blow3_zpskhpmjbuf.jpg

The story also shared with us the back stories of both MCs which was crucial to understanding who they were and how they got there. Both stories were not pretty and left them with walls and feeling damaged.

“…come on, Gabby. Make a wish.”

“Blow, just blow, Gabby. Everything will be okay.”

This book does end on a cliffhanger although not totally surprising. I had my suspicions about a few characters from the get go and I’m still holding out on a few more. There are so many variables here and it’s hard to know who you can really trust.

***An ARC generously provided by Kim Karr in exchange for an honest review.***

For more reviews and blog posts.

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715 reviews103 followers
October 22, 2015
4.5 ~ 5 Stars

Suspense, half-truths, lies and deceits – a tangled web of mysteries laced throughout a lust filled romance. Kim Karr captivated me within another riveting, hot and steamy love story whose plot twisted and turned, revealing it’s secrets layer by layer. Cleverly sprinkling hints and leaving a trail of breadcrumbs waiting to be pieced together, Karr created a world where mobsters, lawyers, and drug dealers collide. Tensions run high as Logan and Elle are coincidentally brought together, instantly attracted to one another, and danger surrounds them at every turn. Blow rattled my mind as I found myself trying to unravel a knotted string of clues.

Logan McPherson fascinated me since meeting him in Toxic.

He’s a hot, sexy lawyer who stuck between a rock and a hard place courtesy of his family. Working for his highly influential, obscenely rich grandfather in New York and rooted in the underground world of the Irish Mob in Boston (grandson of a former mob kingpin) - he’s a total contradiction and I felt bad for the tough situation he’s trapped in. (I totally love the ‘mob’ element giving Logan that bad-boy-under-a-clean-cut-guy vibe). Ties to both worlds pull Logan in opposite directions, saddling him with obligations that affect his life. He has secrets and troubles of his own to contend with. Add to that, fighting off an inexplicable attraction to a woman he just met, who is knee deep in trouble. His desires and the overwhelming need to protect Elle, become too powerful for him to ignore. The chemistry ignited between these two is smokin’ hot.

Things are not what they seem when it comes to Logan. I found myself constantly trying to get inside his head to guess his motives and reasoning. Just when I thought I figured him out…bam, Karr throws in a curve ball.

Elle Sterling is lost as she’s thrown in the middle of a bad situation, with little to no information as to what the hell is going on. Her estranged sister, who’s involved with drugs and the mob is missing, leaving Elle to care for her niece Clementine; Her brother-in-law (who I think is a shady S.O.B.) is purposefully keeping her clueless; Thoughts of her sister Elizabeth dredge up horrors from the past and memories of her bastard father; Trying to piece together this riddle places Elle in a dangerous position. Her life in a total freaking chaos. Yeesh, this girl can’t catch a break. There’s still so much more to discover regarding her past and how it’s all linked to what’s going on…ugh, my brain is muddled trying to piece this all together.

Logan and Elle have a complicated relationship where so many external pressures are trying to tear them apart. Elle’s scars from her childhood, along with persistent threat from Logan’s enemies, are just some of the obstacles that stand in their way. Despite their difficulties, they find comfort within each other’s arms. They’re magnetically drawn to one another and their sexually chemistry is sizzling.

I love getting wrapped up in all the intrigue and passion whenever reading a Kim Karr story. In Blow, Karr gives her readers both POV’s with flashbacks from Logan and Elle’s past (warning, some scenes from their childhood are pretty intense and heartbreaking). THERE IS ONE HELL OF A CLIFFHANGER, which left me dangling with so many unanswered questions. The one thing I learned from reading Karr’s prior novels is to pay close attention because the devil’s in her details. The beginning started a bit slow, but picked up speed during the second half of the story where the plot thickens. Their ‘falling into love’ was a bit hurried for me. Wanted to see their connection blossom some more. Looking forward to digging deeper inside Logan and Elle’s relationship in Crush.

For more reviews visit www.sizzlingpages.com

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2,101 reviews1,252 followers
September 21, 2015
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review



A brilliantly intriguing romantic suspense that will blow your mind and heart. In this fast-paced addicting read, Kim Karr intricately interweaves a complicated love story in the background of mobsters, suspense, murders, fourberie and a surprising twist of fates. When two lives collide, can passion, lust, and love unite and save them from revenge, hate, betrayal, and lies?



In this sexy, riveting tale Kim Karr takes her readers down the rabbit hole where intrigue, mystery, family obligation, passion, and betrayal are all entangled in a sophisticated and sexy romantic suspense. The lives of Logan and Elle collide when danger threatens the safety and life of Elle as she in tangled in a web of lies and family expectation. For an unbeknownst reason, Logan feels a deep connection to Elle and wants to help her. She intrigues him and there is something about her that calls to him on a deeper level. It ignites a burning passion and the same goes for Elle. With strong connection luring them to each other, will their passion be enough to blow away the danger? Or will it blow the danger right to them?



In true Kim Karr fashion, she brilliantly weaves all the elements of suspense, romance, and chicanery into one heart-stopping, tangible and palpable tale that will have you blown away with the surprising twist and turns. As always, she writes a story that keeps her readers second guessing as to what will happen to Logan and Elle. What I most enjoyed about this book was the raw emotions coursing throughout the story. Every hurt, pain, heartache, passion, lust, and hope was so magnetizing. You could not help but be compelled and enthralled with Logan and Elle. Your heart will ache for their happiness. Though this book ends in a somewhat of a cliffhanger, trust me when I say that Kim Karr will have you begging for more. So if you are ready to beg to have your hearts and minds blown away by this beguiling, seductive, and captivating read then I highly recommend you to read BLOW.


Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Kim Karr
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975 reviews665 followers
October 3, 2015
★★★ 2.5 Stars ★★★

I'll keep this review short, since it's not very positive. I started off enjoying this book, the writing was engaging, and there was a mystery that I wanted to solve. I think what put me off was the insta-love and the long drawn out days.

The book is told in the space of 7 days, and I was extremely frustrated at the heroines willingness to trust a man she had only just met, and who was involved in the Irish Mob.

Unfortunately, this book was not for me and I struggled to get to the end.

Blow is a Romantic Suspense and is book one of two, told in dual POV. Ends on a cliffhanger.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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1,371 reviews313 followers
September 21, 2015
3.5 stars

Blow is a romantic suspense/mystery that took place over 7 days. There are enough secret revelation and twist to keep me hooked with the story, but the overall pacing was rather slow for me, especially the first half.

Logan is the third generation of the Irish Mob, who is also a lawyer and was back in Chicago to help out his father. But the fact is, Logan is not welcome into the city.

Elle is the girl who got caught up in her sister's illicit lifestyle and since her sister went missing, she came to Chicago to take care of her niece.

A chance encounter between these two make Logan's feeling all protective for this innocent woman who will be caught between the cross-hair of the mob. Logan is truly the knight in shining armor, what other reason for him to dedicate all his time to watch over this woman he hardly know. But is he gonna cause more harm than good?

They both have a complicated background story and the unknown about what happened to Elle's sister was a mystery I want to watch unveil. Who should Elle trust? Her family or a man who hardly know?

The problem I have with this story is the pacing. The first day took up 30% and the second day stretch to 60%. I don't mind reading the whole book that took place in 24 hours as long as there are a lot things happening. But between Logan and Elle, they mostly talk and trading flirty banter. There were even dual POVs from the same scene. I think there are simply too much minute detail.

The part that I enjoyed was the last 30% when things start moving forward and I feel the hint of danger in the horizon. The bad guys finally came out to cause some chaos. With the cliffhanger ending, I'm definitely gonna read the next one.
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635 reviews392 followers
October 1, 2015

3.5 Stars
❝Blow, just blow, Gabby. Everything will be okay.❞

The prologue fascinated me. I was excited for the ride I was sure I was in for. With Blow, Kim Karr takes us on a 7 DAY journey between two people who are trying to solve the mystery of missing drugs and money as well as the whereabouts of Elle's sister. There is instant lust/attraction between Logan and Elle which combusted into an instant relationship. This normally bothers me and to be honest, it did here, too. But because this book only encompassed 7 DAYS,  it was easy to ignore forget at times, since each day was several chapters my sense of time seemed to disappear. There was so much going on like the mystery and danger for instance, that the focus was not solely on the relationship. But when the two were together, the sex was sTeAmY!

This was told in dual POV and I appreciated that because it gave us background information for our two main characters. I liked Logan. He was a great character. Although he struggled with both sides of his life, he had a strong sense of right and wrong. Elle, however, got on my nerves a bit. She was a little too trusting and willing to do whatever she was told without questioning things. Especially since she was one of the caretakers of her niece. However, she was a badass and loved with her whole heart, so I am anxious to see where Ms. Karr takes her character as the series progresses.

This is book one in the The Tainted Love Duet series, and yes, it does end on a cliffy! Crush, book two is expected to be released November 16th 2015. I need to find out what happens!

ARC graciously provided in exchange for honest review

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2,138 reviews1,188 followers
November 9, 2015







Logan's grandpa number one was an irish mobster from Boston and grandpa number two is a rich New Yorker - rich as in MEGA-rich!

He grew up torn between those two worlds. The legal-money world and the not-so-legal-money hashtag criminal world.
And right now things with his Dad and the irish mob in Boston are very dangerous.

Enter Elle.
She's this mysterious girl he met in a lawyer's office.
And he can't stay away from her.
They shouldn't start something.
But they do - and it might just change both their lives. IF they have lives left at the end of all this.



NOPE . . .
I'm not telling you ☺


hmmm yeah - probably a little bit of a Cliffy - but book #2 will be out verrrry soon!!!




I wasn't sure what to expect at all
I thought it would be something dark and mafia-ish.
But it was a really amazing mystery dramance!

Yes - we have the irish mob with this horrible junior-boss Tommy.
But our darling Logan is not realy a mobster guy - he's only the grandson of one. He's just trying his best to keep his dad out of trouble with the mob. Because it kinda is Logan's fault that his dad has to work for Patrick-the-mob-boss.

Every girl who is ever seen with him, lives very dangerously ....
But - as we all know - Logan can't stay away from Elle - and she can't resist him either!


It's a really interesting story.... with lots of sexy scenes and mysterious scenes - suspensy scenes - moving and sad scenes....and grrrrr...the end!!!!! o.O

BLOW was a really sexy & suspensy & mysterious & moving Romance! I totally fell in love with Logan & Elle!!!

And now HURRY November 16th - I NEED to know how Elle & Logan's story will end! → Crush



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821 reviews415 followers
August 8, 2018
4 Irish Love STARS

"Blow, just blow, Gabby. Everything will be okay.”

La historia no es nada nuevo, la misma formula de los libros de Mafia Romance:

Príncipe de la mafia + damisela en peligro + amor prohibido.

Lo que lo hace especial (al menos para mi), es que es de los pocos libros de Mafia Irlandesa que de verdad nos muestra un poco de la Cultura Irlandesa.

El protagonista, Logan me robo el corazón con su lado Irish. Todo lo que sufrió, todo lo que le toco sobrepasar, sus malas decisiones, sus errores y defectos me enamoraron por completo.

"No, handsome didn’t convey how devastatingly good-looking he really was. Maybe ruggedly beautiful better described him."


Y Gabrielle, me gusta mas el nickname Gabbi que Elle, pero wathever. Su historia es desgarradora, te estruja el corazón.

"Do you know what the Irish say about green eyes?”
“That they leave an invisible trail of magic surrounding everything they see.”"


No me agrado Gabbi y aun no estoy segura porque pero no me gusto este personaje. Claro que quiero que sea feliz, y salga adelante de todos sus problemas pero simplemente no me enamoro, estoy mas interesada en saber la historia sobre su hermana.

La autora al principio maneja muy bien la tensión sexual, yo me moría porque pasara algo físico entre los protagonistas, y luego cuando por fin pasa es un poco AWKARD.

Y en la segunda mitad del libro esta sobrecargada de escenas de sexo, muchas y muy largas.

No que me queje.

Bueno si me quejo un poco, porque Logan y Gabbi estaban en medio de un sin fin de problemas, y en vez de tratar de hacer algo, se la pasaban como conejos en celo.

En conclusión: Un buen libro que entretiene y te deja con ganas de mas.

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1,453 reviews409 followers
September 21, 2015
☆ I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! ☆


Blow teasers 1

Kim Karr’s writing is never black and white in this first part of an explosive two-part series duet. It’s diverse, transfixing, and mesmerizing to the point where you feel that you’re being led down the rabbit hole and brought to a point of no return.

Logan and Elle’s love story is not for the fickle and bleeds you dry. There’s a huge blur of suspense, there’s a lot of contemplation, twists and turns, as well as steam.

But, what intrigued me the most about this read was the calculating nature of measurements that author Kim Karr devolves throughout. Giving you little by little of the puzzle and then leaving you to figure out the pieces. Priceless mindfuck, this one. In a good way, that is. ;)

My mind was definitely blown away!!

Blow teasers 9

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2,841 reviews628 followers
April 16, 2019
Listening to 12 hours of audiobook, really mess me up. I want to rate this book 2 stars instead of 3. From the blurp, it is mob and romance. I am hoping for romeo and juliet that kind if story. But i got less that dramatic. Elle has been experiencing her mother death in the hand of her father abuse. It left a marks on her soul. She avoided intimate relationship. And.... here comes Logan. Her sex therapy. Well Logan is suppose to be manwhore lawyer who caught in mob war in boston. He experiencing a horrific teenager experience that makes him also avoid relationship. When their world collide, lust sparks. Lust not love. So 8 hours of 12 hours, its all about sexual healing. For me that is too much. Too much sex but no story development. And the insta lust suddenly turns into love without emotional connection between Elle and Logan.

Aside from the too much sex scenes, i do enjoy a bit about the mob plot.

3 stars
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2,377 reviews205 followers
August 15, 2018
This was a fast paced, exciting read (listen) for me. I listened to the audio version and found the narration really good. Looking forward to the second part of this duet.
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826 reviews405 followers
November 30, 2015
This was good, and I would recommend it for a romantic suspense for readers that don't mind a little dark, somewhat heavy shit playing out in the character's backgrounds around a current-time romance and suspense.

This is one of those could've, should've, would've been a 4-5 star, but wasn't quite up to par IMHO. I felt it hit a sour note near the middle.

Superb characters. Developed easily and naturally. Charismatic. Easy to like, empathize with, and root for in their romantic and suspense plights.

Both the romantic and suspense plots had depth. The plot points were dished out in a way that slowly yielded clarity piece by piece and that took you on a ride at the author's pace as she showed you exactly what she wanted you to see when she wanted you to see it.

The angst and ado about the male mc's romantic misgivings were not one of those overly dramatic plot lines where the reason behind all the pity party monologues and woe is me comes to light and you're left rolling your eyes because it was all over some trivial, accidental BS. No, for a change, there's some real, believable danger here and justifiable reason to be wary.

The female MCs sexual issues are a little harder to compute to her background. It's not a pretty childhood at all, but the sexual classifications and level of fear?!?... I didn't feel the author did enough to make the reader understand that particular aspect of the character's personality.

The writing...

I both loved and loathed the author's writing style.

She laid the pieces of the suspense puzzle out perfectly. As the foundation for romance was laid, she created a perfect blend of chemistry, lust, more , and tension.


Somewhere around 40-50%, the situation stalled... The writing stalled... And my enjoyment stalled:/ It's a 454 page book and a good 50-70 pages toward the middle could've been condensed.

I understood their reasonings in trust and romance and their feelings were completely warranted, but it began to feel like a broken record after about the third or fourth go round of inner monologues r/t 1. How wonderful, sexy, and perfect each thinks the other to be. 2. How much each wanted the other. 3. How it could never be because of x,y, z 4. Let's give give in to our urges, but it can't mean anything. { And then Back to} 1. How wonderful, sexy, and perfect each are followed by 2.3.4. Again and again until they just kinda realized it was more~

^ I got it! You did NOT have to cycle and recycle the same emo looks and monologues for me to get the gravity of the feelings and dilemma.

The repetitive descriptions of how he was an Adonis weren't necessary!

The foreplay writing for sex scenes were too long, too detailed, and littered with to many of the same inner thoughts.

Around 70% or so, the pacing picks back up and we get back on track with the suspense and the romance gets out of the muddy rut is seemed to be spinning around in.

Plot holes...

There were a couple of plot holes, or rather things that didn't quite fit together. The sister and her husband fitting together, was the main one:

.. "He's thinking of running for District Attorney next year."

"He claims it was his wife who set up the drug ring with his friends."

Why would a political-aspiring lawyer do any of the things he does in this book? While he and the sister are secondary characters, the author dropped the ball on ensuring they actually fit where she needed them to fit in the plot. Maybe this shall make more sense in book two?!? Idk?!

Bottom Line

Again, while the middle stalling makes this a 3 -31/2 star read, I still highly recommend for a good romantic suspense. I'm a harsh as hell critic that demands perfection for 5 stars, and realize that my 3 star rating is equivalent to a lot of reader's 5 star ratings.

It ends on a cliffhanger, but book two is published.

Trigger warning for sensitive readers: non-MC suicide, sexual assault, abuse, and drugs were background plot points.
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1,867 reviews294 followers
October 12, 2015
More than good stars...
As I started reading Blow, shaking my head and perfecting my WTF? look, I remember that this is one of the author's talents. I had a deja vu moment, thinking of my nail biting experience while reading her debut novel. Yup, it's like she's leading me down the path and while I'm gazing at the scenery she's leaving a trail of crumbs that I'll be looking for later. She drops clues, and then distracts me with something sexy. There are undercurrents, flashbacks, hidden messages, and glimpses of what might be...but then maybe it's not...but what if it is? Was that as clear as mud? Well, welcome to my world.

The chemistry between Logan and Elle is instant, but they fight it. I did too, and you'll see why when you start reading. I felt like a soldier that had just jumped out of a plane and landed in enemy territory. I was scrambling for cover and trying to determine where the enemy was hiding and if I was alone, or if someone had my back. And then, I was trying to figure out who was a good guy and who was a bad guy. I was inside Logan's head, but he kinda started mid-thought without setting the scene for me. While I was trying to untangle myself from my parachute, things started happening quickly and my brain struggled to catch up. It was an adrenaline rush to be part of the drama. I really enjoyed the suspense and the challenge of solving the puzzle, though I most definitely tried cramming the wrong piece into the slot on several occasions. But isn't that the fun of a mystery? I love trying to solve it and figure out 'who done it', don't you?

I got caught up in the mental anguish of the countdown. I worried, I stressed, I cringed, I sighed, I blushed, I melted, and then...I gasped. I really like the title of the book now that I know what it means. And I really, really like the cover because, well you know why. And now, I really, really, really need Crush...and I'm scared to know what that title means...but I can't wait to find out.

Favorite quote: "You can call me anything you want--when you're naked."
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688 reviews37 followers
February 18, 2021
Elle moved to Boston because something was going on with her sister. Elle meets Logan who also has a rough background. The issue is they are supposed to be on opposite sides of what’s about to go down, but Logan wants to protect Elle.

The beginning and the ending captivated me. Kim Karr does a great job of drawing her audience into the story. She also does a great job of ramping up the plot towards the end. The action picked up and there was a little twist in there too.

The middle of the story…didn’t enjoy that so much. It was as if Karr pushed pause on the plot and dumped a bunch of sex in the book. After Elle and Logan finally had sex the first time, their sexual encounters became most of the story. Also, this was a whirlwind romance. Some of the stuff they were saying to each other and doing for each other (not just sexually) was a bit much for after knowing someone for only a couple of days.

The book ended on a cliffy. Although it was a good cliffy, the middle of the story has me second guessing if I should continue with book 2.
Profile Image for Amy .
2,693 reviews
December 5, 2015
Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars

Wow! What a crazy ride! I had no real idea what I was going into when I started this book, and let me just say, I am blown away!

Blow is one of those stories that will pull you in from the very beginning and keep you guessing the whole time. It’s thrilling, intriguing and captivating. I loved trying to figure out just what exactly was going on.

Blow follows the stroy of Logan & Elle and is told from dual points of view. Both Elle and Logan are caught in a world of danger, lies and mystery. Logan tries his hardest to stay away from Elle; knowing that no good can come from the two of them being together. But, as much as they both try to hide the way that they feel, they can only hold out for so long. The closer the two of them get, the more dangerous the situation becomes. Lines will be crossed as time becomes of the essence. When the deadline comes, a decision will have to be made. Only time will tell if it’s the right decision or not….

Blow is one fast paced, heart-pounding read. It is so addictive and will certainly keep you on your toes. I didn’t want to put this book down for one second. I loved everything about this book from start to finish. It had a great story-line, amazing twists, action, suspense, intriguing characters, romance and of course lots of sexy times. And the ending will BLOW you away! Just when you think everything is about to be wrapped up in a nice tiny bow, BOOM!! You get thrown for one more loop, that will have you begging to get your hands on CRUSH! I can not wait to get my hands on Crush and see just how things will play out!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via TRSOR Promotions, in exchange for an honest review*
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422 reviews81 followers
September 20, 2015
I was intrigued from the very beginning. It had quite the mysterious start to it.
What's going on, who done it??

Then came the attraction between Logan and Elle.
Even with deadly danger hanging over their heads, their connection was too strong.

"Like magnets, we were drawn together."

The lust and need was palpable.
They were perfect for each other in every way.

But, they're both hiding secrets, they both have major hang ups.
Elle's childhood has skewed her views on relationships and sex.

And Logan's connection to the mob and all the craziness that that entails has left him scarred and broken.

Read full review at Judy's Confessions

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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2,154 reviews45 followers
November 18, 2015
Blow (The Tainted Love Duet, #1) by Kim Karr Hot and dangerous

2 fatal sides. 1 epic love. 7 days to survive.

His eyes turned hungry as I circled the bed and a shiver danced down my spine.

"I want you" he whispered at the same time he lightly nipped my bottom lip "right now"

[image error]

Yes definitely hot, a plot filled with mystery, mafia madness, danger lust and love.

Great read, finished leaving you wanting more with cliffhanger leading to Crush.
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September 22, 2015
Blow was a pulse-pounding 4★read for me. Full of twists and turns -- down was up, up was down, and the main characters didn't quite know who to trust, including each other. There is a lot happening in the story and you have to read every detail closely or you just might miss a critical piece of the puzzle. You will fall in love with Logan and Elle and hope that their epic love will conquer ALL that is thrown in their path. This story is like Romeo and Juliet meets Goodfellas on speed! You'll definitely be left on the edge of your seat by the end...or should I say...pause. This book is part of a duet series so use your best guess about the ending :).
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September 25, 2015

Kim Karr’s best book to date! OH MY GOSH! I am IN LOVE with BLOW!!!! IN.LOVE. Kim Karr has truly delivered an addictive story that had me hooked from the very first page! You need this book in your life. Trust me, you do.

“No matter what he said, I knew the truth – we were on opposite sides. And that meant there was no way we could be together.”

In true Kim Karr fashion nothing is what it seems. Yet knowing this, I still felt the rush and surprise with every turn of the page. Oh, the angst and suspense!!! Gah! Loved it. Dealing with the mafia and drugs was not an easy task. Logan knew this, and Elle was beginning to understand it as well. No one is ever safe. No one is ever off the bad guys’ radar.

Logan grew up right smack in the middle of two very different worlds. He learned though. From each world he learned something, and let’s just say, he knew better now. For instance, he knew he could not get involved with any woman if he didn’t want anyone else to get hurt.

“I knew then that I’d do whatever I had in order to keep her safe.
I just hoped to fuck I could.”

Elle was dealing with her own demons too. The nightmares that haunted her at night we becoming worse and worse. And now, her family had her tangled up in a mess she could not get out of. Meeting Logan the way she did was not something she – or he – EVER expected. And the feelings that came after? Yeah, no. That could not happen. Was the risk worth it? The danger? Could they really keep denying it, though?

“…you don’t decide when you fall in love. Love decides for you.”

I won’t go into ANY of the details because this is a rollercoaster you MUST experience for yourself. You need to feel, first hand, all the emotions this book will cause you…because it will. You WILL feel while reading. Your heart will pound, ache, break, and you will squirm and probably need to fan yourself while reading certain scenes… *ahem* ;) Kim Karr truly nailed it! A true page-tuner! FIVE STARS!!! I now NEED book 2, yesterday! TOP RECOMMENDATION.

AMAZON: http://amzn.to/1KUGvBo
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October 27, 2015
I am dangling off the cliff right now......

I am still reeling from the ending, so please bare with me as I try to get my act together here.

Blow – first off, I love this title! Perfect title for this book. And trust me, if you have not read the book, it’s not what you think. Read this book and you will be surprised.

Blow took me by surprise. I knew there was going to be some suspense in it. What I didn’t expect was the amount of layers in this clever plot. Kim wove an intricate puzzle and just kept giving us more pieces to make us on our toes.

The instant attraction and chemistry between Elle and Logan is very obvious from the get-go, but they keep their distance. And that just added to the whole suspense in this book. They didn’t fight it where they were oblivious to what was happening; they fought it to protect themselves and their loved ones and in a not surprising way, each other.

The whole book made me feel like an adrenaline junkie on a huge high! I won’t give away any of the plot or how all these characters intertwine because everything ties together. And it’s put together so beautifully. I want to read it again – and I will because I was left needing more!

Yes, we were left dangling off a huge cliff……however, the drop isn’t too far down. We get our next rush in Crush that releases in Nov.

And since I now get the meaning of this title, I am a little paranoid as to what Crush possibly means. See Kim – you still have my mind reeling trying to figure this all out!!

Go buy this book people – YOU HAVE TO!!!
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September 22, 2015
If you have never read a Kim Karr book get ready for a ride because she knows how keep you in suspense.

Logan McPherson grandson to the head of the Irish mod was destine to be better, greater than the life his grandfather was leading, until one night it change in an instant.

Elle was a very broken woman with a not so happy childhood. She prides herself on being a strong independent woman, but yet again her life gets turned upside down when her sister goes missing.

There is so much I want to say about this book, but I don't want to give ANYTHING away, BUT what a story, The suspense kept me turning each page even into the wee hours of the night. I could not put it down, I needed to know what was going to happen. The Chemistry between Logan and Elle is perfect, it wasn't your typical instalove they have flaws and don't know how to do relationships, but they needed each other. Yes there is a cliffhanger and man oh man it's a good one!! Don't worry book two comes out in November! I will definitely be reading book two ASAP!

I so recommend this book!! it is a 5++ for me

*I was given an ARC by the Author for my honest review* ~Alison
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September 23, 2015
I received an ARC of this book from TRSOR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book's blog tour promotions.

I love Kim Karr's style of using only one-word titles for her books. But those one-word titles are really connected to the story. Like for Toxic, the love story there was really toxic where the hero and heroine couldn't seem to reach a place where they stopped hurting and doubting each other.

This book is really something that will blow you away, just as it seems to have blown the main characters away. Like any story from this author, Blow is a mix of romance, heat, mystery, action, conflict, and impossible challenges. It may have started out a bit slow, but the moment the momentum built, there was no stopping it. It's something that will leave you wanting the next book right away.

I don't want to write more on this review because I don't want to accidentally spoil anything for other readers. All I can say is that this book is really something that any romance reader should check out. It's not your sweet, contemporary romance, but it's something that any reader will surely enjoy.
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November 11, 2015
Blow was an ok read for me. There were parts I enjoyed but there were also parts that were so boring I really didn't want to continue. I think the story would have been so much better if the author had either made this book shorter so she can continue the story in book 2 or just made this one longer and included the story from book 2. This story is suppose to take place over 7 days but it felt like a lifetime. I felt there was so much repetition and nothing happening. So many things were left hanging for book 2 and that may be the only reason why I continue. I'm hoping book 2 will have more of a story and the excitement I felt was missing from this one. The characters were ok I never felt any real connection to either Logan or Elle.
November 8, 2015

Ok, I want to start this review out by saying thank you so much to Kim Karr for sending me an ARC of this book to review. I have loved all of the books she's written so far and could not wait to dig in to this baby.

I hope you check it out when it goes live on the 21st :D

Let me just give you a little of an idea of what I was going through when I finished this book. It was after 2 AM (This was the third night of this late night reading business with this book) and I may have considered throwing my phone across the room. Why you ask? Well I'm pretty sure sleep deprivation is one reason, but the other would have to be the ending to this book. I mean pretty much the entire book I had a hard time putting it down. It was so suspenseful, and every time I thought I would be to a stopping point something would happen and of course I had to keep going hehe. Well the problem with the ending is just that. It was the end... And after reading that last sentence I about jumped out of my bed and started pacing and yes there was phone throwing contemplation. I knew that this wasn't going to be the only book, but man if I thought it would end like that. And please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I didn't love it. I did, which is probably why I was so mad. I just NEEDED MORE!!!!!!!!

So... Just to be clear I loved it. Although I will tell you, I have yet to read a Kim Karr book I didn't like and this one may be close to my favorite, although I really did like Toxic too.

Lately I have seemed to be all over the place with what books I've read. I went on a sports romance kick for a while back between March and May sometime, and then pretty much crashed from it for several months. I had a really hard time picking up another book until July after close to a 2 month hiatus and when I did it just happen to be when Toxic ARC's were being read. So really that should tell you something that her books can pull me out of my slump lol. Anyways, after I finished Toxic I fell into a pretty big romance stint and have been going non stop. So after some pretty incredible books by Emma Chase, Christina Lauren, etc... Finding out this book was next on my list had me doing a happy dance and some major fan girl squeeing. I love Kim's books, but this cover just drew me in on this one. I mean the cover model is gorgeous, but I think it was actually the bright green text mixed with that that pulled me to it. I mean literally I saw the cover to this one and just felt this possessive need to read this one. Which truth be told is usually my downfall. I am a sucker for a pretty cover, but usually get the book for this reason having no idea what it's about and never being able to finish it. This book was exactly the opposite though. I loved the cover, knew what the book was about, and loved the book as much as its wonderful cover.

***Ok so I kinda just had a moment here where I realized that this book actually has a character from Toxic and I kinda feel a little duh for not realizing that. I mean I just got done talking about how I liked that book and couldn't put it together until I read a post on Kim's FB group. Some reader I am lol***

So like I mentioned before, I found myself unable to put the book down. AM zombie reader right here *points to self.
It wasn't just because of the suspenseful nature of this book either.


I really enjoyed Elle and Logan's POV's. Both characters were so complicated and I really liked seeing how their pasts unfolded as they began to feel more emotions towards the other. Both of them were so closed off at fist, and as they grew closer their stories just kinda fell out. Both went through so much when they were younger and my heart did kinda break for them. But watching what kind of adults it made them made things better. The fact that two people that were by all intents and purposes were broken were able to start working to being whole through each other really made me happy when reading. I don't want to give anything away, and believe me this book wasn't an easy romance by any stretch. The characters had to work for it, and the delay made it that much better when things finally started to happen.

So lets break things down a little.
I want to talk about both Elle and Logan.

I'll start with Elle.
I wasn't really sure what I thought of her at first to be truthful. She was such a mystery. She had people around her and as I read I tried to figure out all the dynamics. Once the book got going everything came out and it all started making sense. Once I knew everyone's rolls in her life I could better understand her.
She was a complex character with a bit of a shady? (not sure that quite the word I want) past. You could tell she had a lot of demons she was dealing with, and all the present drama with her sister wasn't helping.
But as the book progressed we get so see more of her strength, and more of how she came into that strength.

But I also liked how Elle wasn't afraid to lean on Logan when she needed him. After so long of dealing with things on her own, I think it was good she finally had someone to share all that with. I also love her connection to Clementine. The addition of the little girl in her life really showed Elle's character. She adores the little girl to the point she is willing to risk her own life for her. I liked that she had someone there to protect, that she needed to do that after the childhood she had and feeling like she couldn't do that for her mother. Clementine gave her purpose and a reason to keep pushing forward.

To be honest I'm having a hard time articulating things about Elle. I know I really liked her, and I was extremely intrigued in her back story no matter how sad and terrible it was. But I just can't seem to find the words to keep going on about her. I think ya'll will like her though, and will be able to see what I see. That she is a strong caring woman, and is not afraid to kick some butt if need be. But that she also just needs someone to love her and care about her and only her in every way possible.


I'm going to go ahead and jump into Logan for now, and if I think of anything more about Elle I'll be sure to share it with you later in this review.

So Logan...
I really like this guy. We meet him on sort of sketchy terms at first, but the more we know about him the more his true character shows. In an early Goodreads update while I was reading this one, I made the comment that I wasn't really sure if he was a bad boy with a good streak in him or a good guy with a little bad going on. And now that I've read the whole book and the little snip it we get of book #2 Crush I'm still not for sure. I feel like I had been leaning towards good guy with the bad streak, but as the ending unfurled I was starting to change my mind. He is so complex, and as more of his past unfolds the more I feel like I don't have him pegged down. He is obviously a sweet guy, caring, kind, not afraid to go after what he wants. He doesn't let much get in his way. But he is also tails to this coins heads. He can throw down with the best and is a little broken in ways when it comes to his ability to care and have relationships. Right from the start we can tell he cares deeply for his family. He tries to right the failures of his past, and works hard to protect Elle and Clementine even though he knows so little about them, but there is a thread of wanting revenge on the one person that made is past so bad, and for what they are now threatening in his present. And while it isn't technically a part of this book but the small preview for Crush, we see that Logan just may be willing to do literally whatever it takes to get rid of the threat to him and Elle.

But his bad boy good guy thing isn't the only thing I liked about him, or how determined he is. This guy is sexy as sin. Like whoa there buddy put those abs away before you hurt someone with their abyness. But it isn't just the looks that are so attractive. He is really the whole package. Hes sweet when he wants to be slow and caring even, but man he takes what he wants. I like how concerned he is with Elle though. He always thinks about her first in most of the situations and worries how she will react. I like that he can separate himself enough from his emotions, and carnal lust to be able to do that.


This whole book in general was really good though. Suspenseful as heck, and even nerve racking at times when I just had to know what was going to happen. But so so good.

I cannot wait for book #2 to be here, and hope that ya'll go get a copy of this book as soon as possible. IT IS THAT GOOD!

I give Blow: *****5 Stars*****

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April 9, 2016

5 Blow Stars
ARC received from TRSoR for an honest review
Review also posted on Mara's Bookshelf

"Somethings in life will just never make sense."

I have read every single book Kim Karr has written and I've loved them all, but I think she outdid herself with Blow! This is phenomenal story writing from her and I was simply blown away. This is a different Kim Karr work, although we have seen glimpses on how she builds up certain mysteries and suspense in her books, Logan and Elle's story is a full blown mysterious, steamy, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat novel.

Brought together by a dangerous circumstance and the sense of protectiveness, Elle and Logan's relationship is anything but simple and sweet. Theirs is full of intrigue and had me questioning everything that's being and said and done not just between them but the other characters, too.

I've been lucky to have been with the author since the early stages of this book, and reading the final version wasn't easier than when I was only giving a few feedbacks here and there. I found myself still feeling like it's the first time I've read it and if any, I was more stunned and left with more questions.

I have been sitting on writing a review for Blow hoping that the words will come to me, but after weeks of trying to think on how to write a review that will at least come close to giving justice to how incredible the story, characters, and writing are, I only ended up with the first paragraph above. It doesn't help that I also do not want to spoil anything -- and I mean anything -- to those who have yet to read this. It's quite a challenge for someone like me who enjoys rambling about what I loved about it and what my guesses and thoughts are about what's happening. Though, come to think of it, that should tell you something. Right?

If you're wondering if this still has the Kim Karr romance touch, you need not worry because Blow has some sexy scenes that made it to my list of hottest shower scenes and an electric chemistry between the main characters. Also, Clementine is adorable!

Kim Karr will take you on ride that will guarantee your heart to race, your skin to tingle, your cheeks to blush, your lips to smile, and if you're always close to tears like me, your eyes to water. This is not just about love and danger, this is about family and what you are willing to do to protect them and the people you love.

Stars: 5 stars
Recommended to: Kim Karr fans. Readers of romantic suspense.
Series: Book 1 of 2
POV: First person. Dual POV.
Extra Comment: Have you taken a good look at that cover? Holy meatballs!
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September 20, 2015
OMG! I love love LOVED this book! It was epic, sexy, and suspenseful! It was adrenaline pumping! It made my heart race, my stomach flutter, and my heart drop. BLOW was absolutely unputdownable!

Oh there is so much going on in this book! From start to finish I couldn't take my eyes off of the pages. This is about a man torn between two worlds, when he meets this mystery woman and instantly connects with her on every single level. She sees through him and he's intrigued by her. Bringing her in to his life is not a smart idea, but there is just something about her that brings out his protective instincts.

Instantly, we are transported to a world of danger, mystery, and passion. Kim Karr gives us page after page of suspense, keeping us on the edge of our seats. From the prologue, I knew, I just knew that I was not going to get any sleep whatsoever. It sets quite a tone for the rest of the book and sucks you in like no other. In true Kim Karr fashion, she gives us characters that compliment each other so well. The connection is spot on. The sexual chemistry and tension is ridiculous, and the romance aspect instantly grabs hold of your heart. I didn't know what to expect with this one. I was hooked on the blurb and I trust this author so I was ALL IN. What I got was SO MUCH MORE!

A dark, sexy, and mysterious world full of mobsters, criminals, murder, and drama! The sex scenes....WOW! The twists and turns....OMG! The emotions....ALL OVER THE PLACE! It was just simply FANTASTIC! Keep in mind, this is BOOK 1 of the TAINTED LOVE DUET, so you have to know going in there will be some sort of cliffhanger. Don't be bummed out though, because Book 2 is right around the corner. It's worth it people! SO DAMN WORTH IT!

 photo blow teaser.jpg

*Gifted copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review
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September 21, 2015
Thrilling, exciting and VERY HOT!! This story has it all. The chemistry between Logan and Elle jumps off the pages. They should stay away from each other, but they can’t resist. Once they give in to their desire for each other, they can’t stop! It is HOT!! The story is told in alternating POV between Logan and Elle. Logan is a fierce protector. Elle is a fearless strong woman, but is caught in a dangerous web without knowing. Who can they trust? This story had me sitting on the edge. There is suspense, danger, intrigue, mystery and a beautiful love story. You will be taken on a rollercoaster ride. Starting in Chapter 31 my heart just started racing and there was no stopping it. I’m still reeling from this fantastic read!! A MUST READ and definitely a favorite.

"As I took him in, the air was once again ripped from my lungs, but for an entirely different reason. I drew in a breath and wasn't sure if my reaction was the adrenaline high I was still on or if it was because he was utterly, unquestionably perfect from head to toe. Handsome face. Strong jaw. Sensous lips. Beautiful eyes. Broad shoulders. Flat stomach. Narrow hips. And long legs."

"Elle wore a sad smile that told me her laughter was anything but genuine. And for some insane reason, that only made me want to f**k the sadness right out of her- right where we stood."
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