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From New York Times bestselling author, J. Daniels, comes a sexy new STANDALONE novel.

Riley Tennyson has made a huge mistake.

At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.

Showing up to her brother’s wedding pissed off and newly single, Riley seeks comfort in solitude and an open bar, until the gorgeous and irresistibly charming CJ Tully makes her a better offer—a wild night with the master of smooth-talking where nothing is off limits.

Riley does what any single woman would do, and a connection is made. One neither one of them can ignore. But when she comes home to the boyfriend she no longer thought she had, Riley buries her secret and begs CJ to do the same.

Forget about each other. It was a mistake. That’s all it was… right?

Desires are hidden. Distance is kept. Until one night CJ makes the ultimate sacrifice, and Riley can no longer avoid the man she can’t stop thinking about.

Not with him sleeping down the hall…

306 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 5, 2017

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About the author

J. Daniels

20 books7,864 followers
J. Daniels is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Alabama Summer, Dirty Deeds and Sweet Addiction series.

Best known for her sexy, small-town romances, her debut novel, Sweet Addiction, was first published in 2014 and went on to become an international bestseller. Since then, she has published more than ten novels, including the Dirty Deeds series with Forever Romance.

Daniels grew up in Baltimore and currently lives in Maryland with her husband and three kids. A former full-time Radiologic Technologist, she began writing romance after college and quickly discovered a passion for it. You'll still catch her in scrubs every now and then, but most of her time is spent writing these days—a career she is eternally grateful for.

Always an avid reader, Daniels enjoys books of all kinds, but favors Romance (of course) and Fantasy. She loves hiking, traveling, going to the mountains for the weekend, and spending time with her family.

To receive an email when she releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter! http://bit.ly/jdaniels_newsletter


CONTACT: jessica@authorjdaniels.com

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March 8, 2017


God. Is there anything hotter than the way he says that one word? All smooth, southern drawl and sweet to my ears.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Southern gal.

Maybe it’s because I love country music where Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Florida Georgia Line, and others sing to my Southern soul.

Maybe it’s because the word, darlin,’ does things to me like make turn into mush and is my favorite Southern term of endearment…my kryptonite.

Maybe it’s because of J. Daniel’s words catapult themselves into my heart and mind with a force I’m powerless to stop.

Maybe it’s all of these things.

Actually, there is no maybe because I have to scream, YES!!! YES to What I Need by J. Daniels, YES to this Southern story that made me feel my roots, YES to all of my love for CJ and Ry, YES to this romance that made my heart dance, and YES to all of J. Daniels achingly-addictive words!

When you sport a sappy GRIN nearly the whole time where you’re swimming so deep in the land of swoon, you know the story is a keeper. I conquered What I Need by J. Daniels with a BIG SAPPY SMILE on my face, swimming so deep in the land of swoon, swooning all the way to Cloud Nine. This story SPARKED TO LIFE, and oh did I feel every flame…every tremor…every word…EVERYTHING. CJ and Ry together were EVERYTHING. What I Need by J. Daniels was EVERYTHING!!!

What I Need held my heart soon after I turned the first page, and it never let go…I never let go. What I Need sparked to life as magic poured from the pages, melting every part of me. Oh that SPARK! What I Need had ALL OF THE SPARK...ALL OF HEART...ALL OF THE SOUL. All of MY heart. All of MY soul.

This story from the start was my addiction…my angst…my ache…my ALL! What I Need is a whole lot of sweet sprinkled with a little bit of sorrow and angst. What I Need quickly became what I needed because I NEEDED THESE WORDS…these intense, intoxicating, thrilling and tender words were ones I needed like air to breathe. Oh did I breathe this book, every breath was for What I Need, and every heart beat was for this book.

Beautiful, blonde, and blue-eyed Riley ‘Ry’ Tennyson is done with men.

Ry arrives at her brother’s wedding steamed and newly single, drowning her sorrows in tequila until the charming CJ Tully makes her an offer she can’t refuse…one hot, no-strings attached night. Oh YESSSSS!

CJ with his golden-kissed auburn hair, blue eyes, huge muscles (hello biceps!), and tall and inked body is sex on a stick…an Adonis.

The night may get complicated if this passionate-powered and soul-searing kiss is any indication.

It’s the hardest, deepest, most incredible kiss of my life, and I just want time to stop right now or the world to end so this is the last kiss I’ll ever feel.

This kiss was EVERYTHING!!! I felt it surge to my soul through the pages, the passion penetrating my heart.

And if it’s possible to look inside another person’s soul, I swear CJ doesn’t just peer at mine. He stares and studies it like I mean something to him. Like this is important.

These words…they SANG TO MY SOUL, a sweet melody that MELTED ME. My heart was…IS...SO FULL. Butterflies danced inside me where I felt as if I were walking on air. At not even ten percent in, this story stole ever part of me. I was powerless to the passion…the intensity of the words that intoxicated me…overcame me…became me…ALL OF ME!!! What I Need had my heart…my soul…MY ALL!!! THIS BOOK BLED INTO ME EVERYWHERE…OWNING ME.

"Tell me a secret, babe."

"I like you."

"I like you, too darlin'."

BEAUTY IN WORDS, OH HOW THEE SLAY ME! Oh beautiful is this man from inside out, CJ grabbed my heart that he’s still holding. This amazing alpha MELTED ME from inside out! I LOVED CJ SOOO MUCH! He can utter ‘darlin’ all day to me and I would likely have a wordgasm or ten. Tully totaled me…RUINING ME! I’m his forever!!!

Darlin’…that word…so sweet…so sensual…so Southern is my KRYPTONITE!!! I’m SLAYED…my soul IS SLAYED!!! I don’t know how much harder I can SWOON, as these words touched me…blazed me…burned me…lighting every part of me with love and life.

“Just remember, you wanted this. So when the Tully charm doesn’t wash off, I don’t’ want to hear s**t about it.”

That no-strings night? Not that easy. Sometimes strings have loose ends or knots, and you can’t help but get attached. Oh did I get attached to What I Need.

CJ had me at darlin,' a Southern gal's kryptonite, and I never stopped loving this hero with a huge heart and delicious mouth. That Tully charm is twisted around me and I’m not ready to let it go; I doubt if I’ll ever be ready to relinquish this soul-searing and swoon-filled story.

This is only the second book I’ve read by J. Daniels aside from the last story before this one, Hit the Spot, and I’m embarrassed to call my hoarding self out now but will do so. I bought the first Bama book in this series way back in June 2014, almost three years ago, and REGRET NOT READING IT RIGHT AWAY!!! J. Daniels, you can bless my heart for that…I deserve it…I do!!! I swear…mark my words…I will make this series my priority, despite an ARC avalanche, and read these books soon because I NEED MORE BAMA!!! I need to ride this Tully train again too, but the right way this time: from the beginning like I almost always do with a series…start to finish.

I’m still lost in J. Daniel’s wondrous words, my head and heart still stuck in this story, my soul still swooning. I want more…need more…ache for more. I knew from the start that this story was SIX STARS because of my steady smiling and swooning. How could it be less when it made me this happy?!?

What I Need was my sweet…my smolder…my swoon…my soul…MY KRYPTONITE! This story has THE CLICK, that perfect match where everything feels SO RIGHT. The chemistry-clad characters with all the charisma, the sweetness, the swoon, the angst, the Southern setting, the endearing Southern words…I WAS UTTERLY ENTHRALLED WITH IT ALL! What I Need has all of the elements of a romance match made in heaven! This story is sooo SPECIAL, one I still feel deep in my soul.

Sweet, sexy, and swoon-filled sprinkled with angst, this story is HEART HEAVEN. What I Need is what just what I needed. I’m still basking on Cloud Nine, on board that Tully train, hearing ‘darlin’ in that Southern drawl, humming Sweet Home Alabama, and there is no sweeter or better place right now to be: a Bama girl for life.

6 darlin' hearts (because CJ)

A MUST-CLICK ---> http://amzn.to/2lVncOX


Just darlin’. That’s it. And I realize that is all I wanted and needed him to say.

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April 6, 2017
**2 CJ STARS**

For my real unfiltered review... https://prettymessreading.wordpress.c...

When I read books I normally make really cute graphics and all that jazz. The characters I use are what I see in my head when I’m reading. Let me introduce Riley and CJ.

I just couldn’t picture Riley, it was like she wasn’t even there. I could see CJ, no problem. He’s the only reason this book got any kind of stars from me. I feel like his character was wasted in this book. He deserved to be in a good book, with a good story line.

I don’t know what the hell CJ saw in Riley. This book is proof that all you need is a pretty face and a tight pussy for someone to have a connection with you. The story kinds of revolves around the idea the two of them meeting and with 2.6 minutes they find out how deep their connection is. What-the-fuck-ever!

She had a someone break her off a little something, something and forgot she had a man at home. Riley acted like a damn child in this book. They only real conflict in this book between Riley and CJ was the fact that she didn’t want to tell her brother Reed that they were fucking. Seriously, that is it!

CJ? Perfection!

Riley? Childish!

While Riley was busy trying to keep her brother from finding out that her and CJ weren’t together, I was busy trying to figure out how it wasn’t obvious. I mean come on! Your sister moves in with this guy because he broke his ankle and needs a live in nurse. Seriously? Am I the only one who sees how ridiculous that is. For starters, she wasn’t even a nurse – she was a nursing student. Trust me there is a major difference between a nurse and a nursing student. He broke his ankle not his leg! He didn’t need no damn live in nurse.

I felt the same way while reading this damn book. Tortured! I felt like the author was trying to prove her point so much in the book she just started repeating everything. Whenever CJ would say something nice and sweet, I guarantee it was repeated over and over and over and over and over again.

I can’t even tell you how many times I put this book down because I got so bored. It just wasn’t very interesting. I didn’t expect it be some noble peace prize type of shit but I at least wanted to be entertained. A good 78% of the book was repetitive. It was a good thing I had Jax from Sons of Anarchy to occupy my time.

As much as I loved CJ, I did wish he had a little more alpha male in him. But it wasn’t a big deal that he wasn’t. I still loved him just the same. I just couldn’t stand his girl.

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3,758 reviews32k followers
March 8, 2017
4.5 stars!!!

 photo 3FE82ECA-9F6D-41E5-886D-64C8CA202C98_zpselplzxls.jpg

What I Need was one of my most anticipated reads this month. I’ve seriously been dying to get CJ Tully’s story. Reed has been my favorite guy of the series, but I had a feeling CJ would top him. And I’ll tell you a secret... I was right. CJ is my new favorite Bama boy. There was nothing about that man I didn’t love! I can’t imagine anyone reading this book and not loving the hero!

Officer CJ Tully and Riley Tennyson meet at Riley’s brother Reed’s wedding rehearsal. They are paired together at the wedding and Riley is going through a hard time… CJ is there to make her feel better. And boy does he. Their weekend together is explosive. And then it’s back home and back to real life. As much as there is a connection between CJ and Riley, it’s decided they’ll be just friends. Well, Riley decides that.
Do I want to be friends with Riley? Fuck no. Am I going to take what she gives me right now? Yeah. I’ll fucking take it.

Riley and CJ’s friendship/relationship was the best. I love the fun and serious secrets between them. Their high fives, funny pick up lines and the way they always have fun together. Riley has never truly been treated the way she should be by a man, and CJ is more than ready to show her the way a real man treats a woman.

 photo 8FAC7026-EF32-4B53-A63A-4A13CE454026_zps0rhhjodr.jpg

CJ Tully. Sigh. I could go on and on about him. I thought he was so fantastic. I haven’t had a book boy leave this great of an impression on me in the longest time. Seriously this man is perfection. Read the book just to meet him. You won’t regret it! Riley was a heroine who I had mixed feelings about. There are moments I legit loved her. I love that she’s a nursing student. I love how playful and fun she is. Even though the things she did I understood, I still was irked at times. Honestly, that’s the only thing holding me back from giving this one a full 5 star rating. Just a little irking from the heroine. Overall, it was an incredible read for me!

From the moment I started What I need till the moment I finished, I had a huge grin on my face. This book was exactly what I needed. And OMG after meeting CJ’s brother and reading the sneak peak to his book…. I can’t even wait! For real another Tully boy. What could be better? It seems more on the emotional side too, which is right up my alley!

If you’re looking for a sexy, sweet, fun, and highly entertaining read with a perfect hero- look no further! Don’t miss out on this fabulous read!
We’re lovers who became friends who became . . . everything.

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March 6, 2017
*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

I know he said we could never be friends again, but I still kind of feel like we are. Just more. We’re lovers who became friends who became…everything.

 photo image1 1 1_zpsy0ebafca.jpg

Every now and then I love reading a book with a sexy, swoony Southern alpha male who knows how to please a woman in every way. It didn’t take long for me to fall under the spell of Officer CJ Tully. From the moment he drawls out a ”Darlin”, I melted like butter. I never read anything by J. Daniels before but you better believe I’m going to be getting to her other books as soon as possible!!

Riley Tennyson shows up late to her brother’s wedding rehearsal dinner after having a huge fight and break up with her boyfriend. He wasn’t invited to the wedding since her brother can’t stand him and the fact that she was still going to the wedding, really pissed her boyfriend off. When she arrives at the dinner, she spots a familiar sexy cop who she has seen around town but they’ve never been introduced. CJ instantly hones in on Riley and is completely mesmerized. After they share some conversation and a few shots of tequila at the bar, one thing leads to another and the couple ends up sharing one hell of a steamy time between the sheets that weekend. They keep this a secret from everyone since Riley’s brother is a bit overprotective of her and she’d like to avoid unnecessary drama. The two plan to meet up again but things go South quickly when Riley goes back to her ex’s apartment to pack up her stuff only to be faced with a remorseful man who swears they were just having an argument and he never considered them to be broken up! YIKES!!!

[image error]

Riley, being the sweet and terribly naïve woman that she is, decides that she made a terrible mistake and calls things off with CJ, but quickly places him in the ”friend zone”. CJ is beyond bummed by the turn of events but he’s so smitten with Riley, that he’ll take her whatever way he can get her. This is where I am just SMH more towards Riley! She’s young so I get that she’s not wise enough to know when she’s making a poor life decision. Anyhow, soon the douchey boyfriend will show his true colors and we don’t have to worry about his presence causing any further interference between CJ and Riley. Oh, but there’s still more drama to build up extra angst, like the crazy over-protective older brother that Riley still wishes to keep in the dark about her relationship with CJ.

Every time it looks like these two are finally going to get it right, something surfaces that threatens to tear them apart. I have to say that I didn’t mind the added angst because it kept me fully engaged with the story. It felt like no time had passed at all when I got to the end of the story, and in my eyes, that means it was a winner!!

 photo image1 2 1_zpsmipuhik2.jpg

If you love a story with a sexy as hell alpha male who knows how to take care of his woman and you don’t mind a bit of angst, you are definitely going to want to read this book!

WHAT I NEED is currently available! Make sure you one-click! CJ is waiting to charm the panties off of you!

US ➜ http://amzn.to/2lknOgI
UK ➜ http://amzn.to/2mGWMkB
iBOOKS ➜ https://goo.gl/k966zS
KOBO ➜ https://goo.gl/AY2lbL
B&N ➜ https://goo.gl/aOqooj

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March 10, 2017
⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 Stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I’ve been obsessed with this series for a very long time so like everyone else, I was anxiously awaiting CJ’s book. I mean who doesn’t love a hot talking, swoon worthy cop? I your answer is no, then you need to have your rights be read to you ASAP!

Being a part of your brother’s wedding and knowing that he’s found the one should’ve been one of the happiest moments for Riley Tennyson but instead she’s a fuming mess because her boyfriend decided to be a world class a**hole the weekend of the wedding leaving Riley livid. Getting paired with a partner, Riley wasn’t expecting to have an instant friendship with CJ but with a guy like him, how could you not? When their hookup goes wrong the morning after due to an error from Riley, she decides that they should remain friends. But that’s easier said than done. Especially when CJ brings out his Southern charm.

“Lovers who fell in love being friends. Friends who always wanted more.

Don’t screw your best friend’s little sister. That was the chant going on inside of CJ Tully’s head over and over again. But one look at Riley and he knew that the chant he kept reciting to himself was not going to work when he had those big blue eyes staring up at him. Wanting just more than a weekend hookup, CJ decides to throw caution to the wind and let Riley know exactly how he feels about her in that moment. I was swooning so hard over that conversation that I felt giddy but you know what happened? Time. Time happened! And timing is a first class bitch!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Having no choice but to be friends, Riley and CJ embarked on a friendship filled with unspoken meaning, laughter, and longing for each other. Was it in their best interest to do that? Probably not. But with a girl like Riley, CJ knew she was one of a kind and if it’s a friendship she wants, then it’s a friendship she’s going to get. But temptation can only last so long until you decide to forgo everything and finally give in. And boy oh boy did they give in!!

“ I’m gonna be honest with you babe,.. if I ever get to the point of getting enough of your mouth, I got a serious problem and most likely need medical attention.

I really enjoyed this one a lot and I found myself smiling like I needed to be in a mental institution but ask me if gave a damn? Nope. Riley and CJ’s connection felt genuine and passionate that you couldn’t help but root for them and their love story. I did have a few issues with the overuse words of CJ’s term of endearment and I did want to smack Riley a few times because home girl was tripping. But I loved the fact that they didn’t add unnecessary drama to the mix and their intentions were always upfront with each other.

This will continue to be one of my favorite series and I can’t wait for Jake’s story because that’s one messed up dude and I’m going to love it! If you haven’t read this series yet, you really need too. These Bama Boys will make you go Southern and never come back.

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March 4, 2017

Tell me a secret,” she whispers.
I close my eyes.
I want this so fucking bad, I don't say.

Alabama Summer happens to be one of my favorite J Daniels series. These characters have become like family to me. Well...the women anyway. I have an unhealthy desire to molest every single hero in this series, and I suppose that's not very "family" like....right? Uhem. Anyways. Moving on.

CJ Tully has been a character who I've been rooting for since the moment I met him. He's a well-rounded, sweet guy that you just can't help but love. But man, I didn't expect to lust after him the way I did here. Having him end up with Reed's sister was deliciously fitting too. But I digress once more.
More than she knows. Riley Tennyson got under my skin at that wedding and fucking stayed there.

One sizzling hot wedding hookup didn't go quite as planned for Riley and CJ. Riley thought her and her boyfriend were broken up, and CJ thought it was the beginning of something more for them. But when Riley realizes that her and her ex weren't quite as broken up as she thought, it makes for an awkward morning after. Can past lovers now be friends and keep their one hookup a secret from everyone including her brother?

Now I have to admit, I struggled with the first half of this book. Quite a bit actually. I had a hard time truly connecting to Riley. I wanted to shake her to see reason. But then I'd have to remind myself that this one messed up relationship is all she's ever known. She didn't know better existed until CJ. And boy did I love watching her realize just how amazing a man Tully truly is and seeing him crumble all of her walls. And don't worry, my conservative friends, there's no cheating here. So calm your tits. It's just a well paced romance.
This is why I’m addicted to sex now—CJ Tully is the world’s dirtiest charmer.

The other thing I have to admit I struggled with was CJ's voice. This may have been a case of totally me, but he sounded different. Not in a bad way. Just not how I've come to know him in previous books. His speech pattern was just...different. But then somewhere along the way, I also stopped caring. Because somewhere along the way, this man totally captured my heart AND my ovaries with his sweet talk and big heart and dirty mouth.
Yes,” she pants. “God, yes.”
“All night, gorgeous girl,” I promise. “All fucking night, I’m worshiping this body. Every inch.”

The second half of this book totally won me over. I was putty in this author's hands. PUTTY. Everything that seemed to have stuck out at me previously no longer mattered. All that mattered was CJ and Riley. Their banter, their sweet, and their dirty. EVERYTHING. Riley grew on me more and more as she grew as a character. She matured, she knew what she had in CJ and she never doubted it. Sure she had her insecurity with her brother finding out about their relationship, but I could also understand her fear. Irrational as it may have seemed at times.
And when he rasps, “Darlin’,” I know that’s mine. Only mine.

I loved seeing all my previous favorites make a cameo here. And we also get introduced to a new character that I'm already salivating like a mad woman for.

If you've been anticipating CJ's story even half as much as I half, you won't be disappointed. He's EVERYTHING you thought he was, and MORE. SO. MUCH. MORE.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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March 6, 2017
4.5 CJ Stars

"Do you want me, babe?The way I'm wanting to give you me?"

I loved What I Need and I can easily say that CJ is by far my favorite hero in this series! I couldn't get enough of him! He has everything I wanted in a hero and even more!


"I'm crazy about you
F@ck...you're all I think about anymore,Riley.Tell me you feel that."

CJ is swoon worthy, cute, sweet, funny, super hot, protective and charming! Riley is cute,sweet and a little bit shy. I loved them together! They were hot, intense, adorable and passionate. They had some really intimate moments that I would definitely re-read!

"This is why I'm addicted to sex now-CJ Tully is the world's dirtiest charmer." :))))

Lately I'm obsessed with J Daniels's writing, i enjoy her stories and her characters are lovable! I'll read whatever she writes! These Bama boys have stolen my heart!


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April 1, 2017
4,5 stars. This book put a big smile on my face. I truly loved CJ and Riley story. It was my first book in the series, so you can safely read this as standalone. And I definitely fell in love with Bama Boys!

About the plot: Riley’s brother Reed didn't like her boyfriend and forbidden him to come to his wedding. This caused not the first conflict in her relationship. After a big fight, she went to the wedding as single woman, or at least that she thought.

There Riley (22.) officially met a charming cop and her brother's friend CJ Tully (30.). After a certain amount of alcohol and the allure of her companion, their fun quickly moved to his bedroom. It could be the beginning of a fantastic love, but after returning home to her surprise, her boyfriend wasn't at all an ex and now she must fix this situation.

“Riley, I am not forgetting you. I got a taste of something I want more of and a taste like that, babe, there’s no forgetting.”

My thoughts: It's a best friend's younger sister theme with some of the roommates situations. At the very beginning I was a little confused, probably because it was my first book, and Riley is a bit nuts, but once I get drew in, there was no a moment I didn't enjoyed it.

““Friends don’t do that,” she informs me with some sass before spinning back around.
“Friends don't do what?”
“Look at each other’s asses. That’s not a friendly thing to do.”

CJ and Riley are perfect together. You'll swoon and laugh when reading this story. Their chemistry is off the scale. I really admire patience and strength of the hero. CJ was wonderful in every moment and very, very charming. Riley is a pretty funny though really stubborn, which can be a little frustrating. But they are just adorable together, and so hot in sheets! The book definitely has some really reviving scenes.

“And if it’s possible to look inside another person’s soul, I swear CJ doesn’t just peer at mine. He stares and studies it like I mean something to him. Like this is important.”

What I Need is a sexy, romantic, not always simple, but very playful story. It's insta lust kind of story, which turned into a great love and was wonderful to read. Good for fans of the series, as well as single book.

“We’re lovers who became friends who became . . . everything.”

ARC kindly provided for an honest review. Thank you!

*I have no rights with the images that are used in my art work. All rights belong to their owners. Made for entertainment only. *

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1,005 reviews800 followers
March 17, 2017
OMG, I thought I loved Ben, well I do love Ben, but Tully! You must read this!!!
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March 6, 2017
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo Untitled_zpsdjsnpsnc.png

Tell me a secret...well, here it is: I absolutely adore and love reading J. Daniel’s books. I know, I know it’s not much a secret since I practically look forward to every new release she has in store but let me tell you that she completely has me smitten for her newest release of What I Need.

If there is ever a man to be totally head over heels in love with then I cannot tell a lie because Officer CJ Tully has my heart fluttering with butterflies. As an avid romance reader, typically we tend to love the strong alpha male but I found CJ’s character to be refreshing. He was a mixture of alpha but mostly sweet. I love that CJ was one of the nice and sweet guys. So major kuddos for J.Daniels for showing some love to the nice guys.

 photo fe77d2cb0f666d5eec2f5a864bd6ec_zpssl7zw5r7.gif I’m not thinking about anything besides his soft mouth and his rough hands and the scratch of his beard as it burns my skin and hopefully leaves evidence of tonight. Whatever happens, I want to remember this.”

CJ hits it off with Reed’s baby sister, Riley during Reed and Beth’s wedding extravaganza. Reed’s weekend wedding turned into a hookup fest for CJ and Riley. Well after their hot weekend together, a hiccup and misunderstanding occurred that caused these two to keep their weekend fling a secret and that they should remain friends. Well let’s just say being in the friend zone is kinda hard especially when these two are wildly attracted to each other and have this special bond. So what happens when being friends become something more? Will Riley be able to tell her brother the truth of her relationship with CJ?

If I didn’t say it before, J. Daniels is an amazing author. She has this way of bringing life to her characters and in such these fictional characters feels like they are your new tribe of friends. Yes, the Alabama Summer gang are one of my favorite group of characters as they each bring their flavor and sass to the series. CJ and Riley’s relationship is just a reminder that the sweet and nice guys are the ones that everyone should be rooting for. You gotta love a man who makes you feel special, wanted and needed. So if you are looking for a love story that beautifully blends heart, friendship, passion, family and romance then look no further than this book.

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg J. Daniels

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March 9, 2017
4.5 My Lady Stars!

 photo E609016E-FF52-4991-A11F-B5D2E6DD712D_zpsek1t7oiu.jpg

Riley Tennyson is a gorgeous, southern 22 yr. old woman from a small town in Alabama called Ruxton. Her brother Reed can't stand her boyfriend Richard. Reed is getting married soon, & she's got quite the dilemma, because her boyfriend isn't invited to the wedding. Riley is of course part of the wedding party & has to be there. When her boyfriend expects her to choose between him & her family, things get heated and they break up.

 photo 0201E57C-6EFB-4AAF-8C87-9986281182A5_zps18fhplkb.jpg

Riley arrives to her brother's beach wedding newly single and angry. She has too much tequila & ends up getting cozy with a friend of Reed's named CJ Tully. CJ is a police officer in Ruxton & is delicious. He flirts, and she can't help but accept everything this sexy man has to offer. They spend an incredible evening together & then soon return home to reality. Riley goes home with plans to move out of the place she shares with her ex. She soon learns Richard thinks they just had a fight & doesn't think they're broken up at all. Guilt has her calling CJ & asking him to keep what happened between them a secret. CJ respects her decision & agrees to be her friend, or at least give it a try, but he clearly wants more & doesn't think they were a mistake.

 photo 85107372-94D7-4B0A-ABDA-B685A64B14C1_zpstaqlkqjt.jpg

-I want her. God... fuck, I want her. All the time. That hasn't changed.

-I care too much about her to fuck this up. Christ. I care so fucking much about her already. More than she knows. Riley Tennyson got under my skin at that wedding and fucking stayed there.

-"I never waited for anything like I waited for you."

-"And I would've kept waiting, babe."

 photo 5056EF8A-4876-40CE-BE33-2932C1848E56_zpsrj8zdtzk.jpg

I really enjoyed this book. It was my first in this series, and now I can't wait to read the others. Being that I'm an Alabama girl, I can especially appreciate a chivalrous Bama man. I adored everything about CJ Tully. He is 100% alpha, but has the kindest most loving heart. Every time he called her Darlin' I melted. This man was absolutely irresistible, hilarious & everything I love in a book boyfriend.

 photo A3A9FD19-2860-4CC4-B7C0-7451FF21689A_zpsn78skptm.jpg

-I want him. I want this man more than I've ever wanted anyone. It's beyond desire at this point. It's beyond anything I've ever felt.

-"I'm your lady."

-"Fuck yeah, you are. Always were."

-I'm his world. This beautiful, sweet man. I'm his.

 photo CE0B163D-1B96-48A0-B37E-23696A25A26E_zpsktgxscm7.jpg
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March 8, 2017
3 All for CJ Tully Stars
* * *
It is important to note- I happen to love J. Daniels' writing. I love the creativity and crafting. When I connect, I am ALL IN. I am such a Daniels' fan... When I saw her name, I just clicked wanting to read her... and didn't look at the blurb.

That was my mistake...

Because as much as I love this author... I am not a triangle gal...I also think my acceptance of our main character's actions were stretched too far for me...She was a really young 22 ... or just seemed that way to me- and we did not jive.

Again, this is just me...(It could be an age thing)

The saving grave, besides the writing, the main story of these to finding each other, the continuing interaction of past characters from this series, etc...

Was TJ Tully....

He was a stand up guy- 30- on the police force and built. Had a very sweet side, macho for sure, and had a cadence of speaking which slightly reminded me of some of the Kristin Ashley men I love.

So, if you are a Daniels' fan, don't mind the triangle thing and can relate to a young woman finding her way....and want the bonus manly, cool of CJ Tully...Then dive in.

You will get all the yummy goodness of a relationship that starts out HOT and gets even HOTTER. You will get a man mature enough to let the one person he wants, finally find her way to openly love him.

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March 6, 2017
3.15 -don't hate the hero- Stars

You know what really grinds my gears? Dickhead heroines...

The hero was great (super sweet and all in). The supporting characters were great (especially if you've already been aquainted with them throughout this series). The writing was entertaining and engaging (no skimming or getting bored for Jewels).

I just couldn't connect or relate with this h. She wasn't a horrible character or human being. She was just super ignorant to her own selfishness, which just made her a clueless and selfish dickhead who feels justified in her actions, because no one actually called her out on her dickhead'ness! Nope, it was super hard to empathise with her.

I could seriously rant on and on about her level of dickhead'ness, as well as pinpoint all the scenarios and actions where I started losing my patience... but that would waste a whole lotta time and effort which I don't wish to waste on pure ranting. Look at me... I'm even ranting about the possibility of ranting... So sad...

Anyway, the positives to this book is that I've always loved this author's style of writing and that was no different here. Fans of this author and series would also love that there are some teeny tiny snippets of young Nolan's budding romance with... wait for it... Princess Ryan!! I totally wet my pants when I thought about that possible cross-over! So please Ms Author, please please make that happen!!

Told in dual POV and can definitely be read as a standalone story, but because there's a LOT of secondary characters popping in and out of this story, this series would probably be better enjoyed reading in order. Ended in a way too quick HFN with no epilogue, but has a bonus chapter of the next book in this series (which I'm keen to read, but not gagging for).
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March 8, 2017

Let's start this review by stating that CJ TULLY is mine!

Godfuckingdamn, just look at him!

Reason to claim CJ Tully as mine?

Easy-peasy girls. I'm Riley motherfucking Tennyson.

Reasons to say that I am Riley? Let's see.

"Never again, Tequila. Never. Again. You're dead to me."

I have said those same words not one but many time. LOL. So tequila is my amigo.

I'm blonde.


Wait NO! I'm not but I could dye my hair so no problem there.

I'm quirky.

Love everything coconut.

My ex was a dickhead.

I told CJ all my secrets.

And I'm not in nursing school but I have a Kid's Nurse Kit.

See? I'm Riley so CJ is MINE!!!!.

So after making this situation clear for y'all, let's talk about my book.

Pissed off and "newly single" Riley shows up at her brother's wedding and seeks comfort in solitude and an open bar, until the gorgeous and irresistibly charming CJ Tully makes her a better offer.

What happened when you mix a man with a chest like no other and tequila shots? A WILD WILD WILD night. That's what happen. Oh, and don't forget the connection!! Because let's face it, once you ride the Tully train you'll never go back.

BUUUUUUUUUT when reality slap her right in the face, she decides to take the easy path and bury her feelings for the chest god and begs him to do the same. Forget about each other.

Yeah, right!

"You can forget about me in that way all you want, or you can try and convince yourself that's what you're doing but I'm telling you now, Riley, I am not forgetting you. I got a taste of something I want more of and a taste like that, babe, there's no forgetting."

Well, there go my panties.

They tried the "friends" thing, until one night when CJ makes the ultimate sacrifice and Riley can no longer avoid the man she can stop thinking-lusting about. Not with him sleeping down the hall...

To say I've missed J. Daniels's BAMA BOYS is an understatement. These boys and this series hold a special place in my heart. So to finally read CJ's book was like to get a joy ride in a meat pole after being dry like a dessert for so long. It was the heaven of heavens. And I tell you right now, the waiting was absolutely WORTH IT. With the power to make light in the dark, J. Daniels has outdone herself with a story full of flirt, fun and heart.

So if you are reading this line, you are aware of my love for the characters. I won't be saying much about them because I want you to experience them, feel them. Each makes the other whole – they are a PERFECT MATCH…. It doesn't matter if they are imperfect as individuals because they complement one another perfectly. And because I have written so much you should hate me right now, LOL.

What I loved the most about What I Need was that J. Daniels not only gave us CJ & Riley story but she also gave us more about the gang. YES!!!! Ben, Mia, Tessa, Luke, Reed, Beth, even NOLANNNN were involved in this book and I couldn't be happier. I ended up making plans to read their books and relive their stories all over again.

What happen when you mix J. Daniels addictive writing style with a hero to die for and a quirky entertaining heroine who is more than perfect for him? You get a sizzling example of contemporary romance at its finest.

Overall, What I Need has it ALL!! If you are a certified Bama Girl you will definitely love it. And if you are not, its ok, you will be one after reading it. So Everyone needs to read it.

And now, I will be here patiently waiting for Jake's book!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can find me here: FB PAGE | INSTAGRAM
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March 6, 2017
If you aren't reading all of Jess's books you should change that immediately. she's just the shit. her words rock my world. CJ will rock yours... have fun picturing Chris Pratt doing the deed when you read this total banger ❤
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February 23, 2017

"Lovers who fell in love being friends. Friends who always wanted more."


There's nothing like the feeling of starting a new book by an author that you adore. The excitement of opening that first page and knowing that you will be finding something you like to read inside. J Daniels, is an author that I don't think I would ever miss out on. Her sexy alphas and likeable heroines always score winning points and there's always a slice of drama or angst to be had. I think it's safe to say that fans of the Alabama series have been eagerly (ok, out right impatiently) waiting for this latest 'Bama boy, was it worth it I hear you ask? My answer is simply this; if you've loved her heroes this far, then you are going to be eating right out of officer CJ Tully's palm.

What's it all about?
This is the fourth book in the Alabama series by best selling author, J Daniels. This novel follows the story of CJ Tully, resident cop and his friends younger sister, Riley Tennyson. Told in alternative hero/heroine point of view, the latest from Daniels tells the tale of friends becoming more (Even if it is your close friends younger sister). Along the way you'll get snap shots of your favourite former 'Bama characters and a trademark love story that we've come to expect from this author.


What did I love?
Those who know my tastes will already be aware of how much I enjoy this authors writing. Her books always combine a whole lot of sweet coupled with a lustful pages full of sexy and this latest book is no different. It has an endearing way of making you fall in love with a friendship whilst leaving you with a story to sink your teeth into. I loved that I was able to dive back into a fictional world that I've grown to love and I was glad to see that CJ Tully turned out to be just as loveable as I'd anticipated. The romance is alive and certainly kicking in this book and there was plenty to make me fall into like with this story as a whole.

Why not five? (Final star rating 3.5)
Most of you know how much I adore J Daniels. I've found an author that definitely gives me the romance reading time that I like. But this book wasnt whispering those five star feelings to me. As much as I wanted to adore this book there were parts that left me wanting and not as convinced as I would have liked. Call me overly British but I struggled at times with the heroes dialogue. I'd find myself re reading parts of the book as it felt like he was talking in riddles, which would sadly throw me out of the flow of the book making it sometimes a little hard to follow. This book featured a lot of the 'sweet' that ordinarily I wouldn't flinch about but it did fall into the instant love/like combination between hero and heroine. Unfortunately for my reading tastes it left me disappointed and desperate for the characters to retreat and spend more time building anticipation. Did I like this book? 100% yes, Author J Daniels is one of my favourite authors. Did I fall into love like I desperately wanted to? This time around sadly I didn't. But one thing I know for certain is that those readers that have been dying to fall in love with CJ Tully have got a lot of swoony, fictional hero to fall for.


Final thoughts ...
Author J Daniels is my 'go to' author when I want my romance amped up a little. She provides the sexy, alpha vibe that I sometimes crave and this author always knows how to combine the heat with the soft. Romance combined with dirty talking is this authors forte and my secret weakness. Those of you who have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on this book will not be disappointed and as for me well I'm left with that overwhelming feeling yet again of wanting to pack up and move to the states, namely Alabama. Enjoy ... kisses.

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March 12, 2017
"4,5 CJ and Riley Stars"

Lovers who fell in love being friends.
Friends who always wanted more.


"Alabama Summer" series is one of my favorite so I always come back for me! Bama boys had me hooked since the first time I read "Where I Belong" (which is my most favorite). And of course J. Daniels writing style and beautiful stories make me swoon and love every second while reading her books.


"What I Need" was a sweet and hot reading! I enjoyed every page of this book and I had a smile all the time while reading it. It was an easy reading with funny moments and HOT scenes. I loved reading about the previous characters and especially Nolan, who I love so damn much. They were still a strong gang.

CJ was such a good hero sweet, handsome, hot, dirty, a cop with a lot of muscles. I mean what else could you ask for? He was a sweet and charming guy, the moment he met Riley he was smitten and wanted to take it to the bedroom. Go for it CJ!!!

"Do you want me, babe? The way I'm wanting to give you me?
Do you wanna be my woman?"

Riley was Reed's sister. She was sweet, funny, loyal. And recently out of a long relationship with an asshole. She was paired with CJ at Reed and Beth's wedding and that was enough to set everything in place for a great story. She fell for CJ's charm and muscles...(I mean hello he was a cop again!)

Makes me feel like a facking king the way you look at me, darlin'.

Their chemistry was off the charts H.A.W.T!!! Don't get me started on the sex that was going on... Steamy, Dirty, No Words for how insatiable they were. I just loved them together! They flirted, teased each other, joked around and had the hots for one another, that lead to amazing sex sessions all over the house. Damn them for making me hot and bothered. You dirty dirty CJ...

"...You're mine, Riley. You're fucking mine..."


CJ has a slight obsession with Riley's boobs...I may say!



"...If I have you again, Riley, you're mine. My girl.
My lady. My fucking woman..."


Overall a great, great story that I enjoyed very much. The only thing that was kind of bothering was when Riley acted a little immature about some issues. But it was something you can overlook so no harm there. Other than that a sweet and lovely book! Try Bama Boys and you won't regret it!

Enjoy! xxx
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August 12, 2017
This friends to lovers romance is both sweet and hot, albeit frustrating.

CJ is certain he and Riley are meant to be more than friends. However, the leap from sleeping together throughout one weekend to CJ wanting Riley to be his woman seems too fast—especially since they spend the majority of the weekend having sex instead of really getting to know each other on a deeper level. When they do get around to spending quality time together, they easily click.

Riley is a nurturing person down to her core, but she’s rather immature and not very intuitive. I appreciated CJ showing Riley how a lady should be treated by her boyfriend. It’s sweet, even though he lays it on a bit thick. He’s so nurturing and unbelievably patient, which is admirable. As a reader, though, I found the secretive nature of not just their romance but even their friendship—per Riley’s insistence—to be unnecessary and tiresome after awhile. It was difficult to believe that a strong man such as CJ would be so whipped that he’d agree to the secret for so long.

The overall progression of their relationship is enjoyable, and although this is a standalone, it’s nice to be reunited with other characters from the Alabama Summer series. I think this book best suits those who don’t mind insta-love and like a little dirty thrown in with their love stories.

Recommended for fans of:
Friends to lovers romance
Nurturing heroines

Reading Frenzy Book Blog
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March 6, 2017
Tell me a secret,” she whispers.
I close my eyes.
I want this so fucking bad, I don't say.

Holee-sh*t! This book! Ahhh!This is one of the reasons why I am so in love with J.Daniels' works. It's like heaven here on earth. Doesn't matter if there's no angst, no heart gripping scenes, what's important is the fact that I get to enjoy the book, no boring moments, just legit and pure fun, swoony moments and scorching scenes that made my heart leaped in utter bliss.

And What I Need? Gah! I enjoyed every moment I had with the book. First pages in and I know I was in for a great treat. That treat comes from the man I never thought I would love not because he's an alpha with all the seriousness in the world, but an alpha so sweet, unselfish, determined, knows how to treat a woman with gentleness and respect, that on top of how big a man he is. Ahh..another reason why I love J. Daniels, her and her Bama boys. That Southern gentleman trait just got through me. He might not have the 9-inch dick Ben has, but he's got heart bigger than Texas. CJ Tully is the shit! I can't even with this man. He ruined me with his Tully Train! That and his Darlin' and come here. Three words, so simple yet held so much emotions. I was a goner and I declare this, I want this man to be real. As I said he's the shit! I am so glad he's paired up with Riley, which really at first made me want to smack. Don't get me wrong, because once you get to know her, you'll definitely love her just as much as I did. With her quirky and funny with innocent-ish nature, no wonder our Bama officer falls for her hard. Don't get me started with their chemistry because my God, it was oozing with all the hotness there is, it sizzles as if it's seeping through the pages of the book. The moment I read their interaction, damn! I needed a shower! It was so hot and there wasn't fucking involved yet. Now you have an idea when they do the act, it was not just scorching. It was WOW!
"You can forget about me in that way all you want, or you can try and convince yourself that's what you're doing but I'm telling you now, Riley, I am not forgetting you. I got a taste of something I want more of and a taste like that, babe, there's no forgetting."

Now, do you want me to tell you secret? I am CJ's Darlin'. And I'm sure once you get to read this book you too would love to be his darlin'. J.Daniels once again delievered this story everybody will love. I don't know how she did it, but when I read her works, it's impossible not to fall in love. I'm not just talking about her characters but with her writing as well. It engages me, entertained me and hooked me. It is just perfectly blended. I know it's a given considering how talented she is. But every releases,she never ceases to amaze me. Every time, she made me want to crawl her mind so I will know what she's in store for us next. Because, CJ and Riley's story? It's brilliantly written. It did not just aim to please, but it was delivered to entertain and to feel love. What CJ did to Riley is a true definition of an alpla gentleman everbody fantasizes. God, it was all sweet and swoony and really I fall in love over and over again. Much more because, as I write this review, I have read this book not just once but 4 times. And each time, I fall in love with CJ and Riley's story and never did I got bored. In fact, I'm still exited. That and the Bama gang whom I get to get glimpses in. Ahh it's just so refreshing to have all these characters we fall in love from the start of this series.

I highly recommend this book. Prepare yourself now to ride the Tully train. It was the sweetest story coupled with hilarity and heat. You will not regret I promise. This is the perfect addition to the series. J.Daniels NAILED IT!

Buddy reading this with Kcee of Unbound Book Reviews!

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June 6, 2018
i like this book less than the others. the story is the trademark of the flirty summer alabama. fun, light and cute.

in what i need, it is the characters that throw me out. the heroine especially. riley is a needy, lame, lack self confident girl. she is also annoying. immature.

and CJ.. he is not an alpha male. he is a confuse character. why he likes riley is not clear. i just dont like them together.

but i managed to smile, smirk and giggle through the flirty banter.
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February 23, 2017


Where to even begin! JDaniels, has created a series. The series. The most over the top addictive, fun loving series and characters, and life, and happiness & pretty much every emotion I can concur up. The Alabama Summer Series is the best thing that has truly ever happened to me. Ever.

Book 5 CJ & RILEY! You ever imagine the perfect man? Fun, sexy, romantic, gorgeous. A man who loves you from the depths of his soul, puts you first, calls you Darlin'.

That my friend is CJ the sexy, well mannered cop you briefly met in "When I Fall".

Then there is Riley. Reeds sister.

I LOVED HER! The perfect girl next door, please be my best friend and now. She and CJ had the best chemistry. I don't want to give much away if you haven't read book 3 so, let's just say the beginning of the book starts out with Riley and CJ meeting at a very important event, sparks FLY HARD these two hit it off.

"Iwatch his eyes move over my face. He stares at my nose and my lips and my cheeks. I swear he can see every freckle I thought I hid with my makeup and is taking the time to count them. Every. Single. One."

 photo 5171F4E3-5A0F-468E-B273-DFF0BB6244D2_zpso5b5e5mq.jpg

The writing is so fun. I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud.

I'm swooning so hard for CJ. JDaniels has created THE Bama BOY! I say THE because he is utter perfection.

“I never waited for anything like I waited for you,” I admit, watching her lips slowly part. “And I would’ve kept waiting, babe.

 photo 9588D3D1-F8E1-4B1C-A4EC-6EEF3186A921_zpsjrbupwgc.jpg

The gang is present and they are silly and fun and addicting as ever.

If I have said it once I've said it again this series is unputdownable, a mix of friendship and love. You can't walk away from these characters, they will stay with you forever.

Dear JDaniels,

Thank you for this. I know you asked us all to wait a bit longer. I waited. I loved. I swooned. I finished with a gigantic smile on my face.

Thank you for never swaying from this series. We begged and you delivered.

You fucking delivered.
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1,698 reviews323 followers
June 16, 2020
This was a cute read. Secret relationship. Brother’s friend, or friend’s little sister. Whatever way you’d like to look at it. It’s nothing unique or mind blowing, but it is a sweet read if you’re looking for those tropes. There is a bit of an age gap as well. 8 years. Hmm. Other than that it’s just a steamy contemporary.

Someone told me this was frenemies with benefits and it is NOT that. So I don’t know WHO IT WAS THAT LIED, but don’t let them play you like they played me 😂
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March 3, 2017
 photo 2A706D1D-9FA9-4896-9C8A-210471431282.jpg

Where do I even begin with my love for What I Need? It's book five in J. Daniels' Alabama Summer Series. If you've been living under a rock and haven't yet read the others, What I Need is a standalone, but you REALLY need to read the other books to appreciate the greatness of our friends in Ruxton, Alabama.

 photo 3E5FFCE7-086D-46EE-94E1-1A1595B7EC6D.jpg

After a horrible fight with her boyfriend Richard (Dick), Riley makes her way to her brother Reed's wedding. It gives her time to get away from the monotony of nursing school and her failed relationship. What Riley doesn't anticipate is being paired up with one of Reed's friends.

"My breath catches the tiniest bit as I instantly recognize CJ Tully, another member of the Ruxton Police Department. We've never met. Not officially, anyway."

CJ is the bachelor of the group. He's a little bit older, not much wiser, but definitely just as hot as our favorite guys Ben, Luke and Reed. He's a fun loving guy but has the sweetest side to him. It was fantastic to get to know him and his #TullyCharm.

"Come on, darlin'. Go somewhere with me."

After a series of events, Riley comes to be CJ's roommate and they're officially in the friend-zone. Things may have happened at the wedding, but their attraction is off-limits...until they both come to their senses and realize that it's inevitable. Riley and CJ belong together and nothing stands in their way...except a few little white lies here and there.

 photo 4B6AE426-5010-446D-BA28-C7C8AD2EFC59.jpg

Once again, J. Daniels gets it right with What I Need. Super hot in the beginning with awesome build-up and banter throughout the story. You can't help but fall in love with our friends in Ruxton. This series may not be super heavy or emotional, but J. knows how to write on all levels and you find yourself laughing out loud on one page, almost tearing up on the next and swooning throughout.

"I am not forgetting you. I got a taste of something I want more of and a taste like that, babe, there's no forgetting."

We've waited almost two years for new characters from our beloved Alabama Summer Series and let me tell you, the wait was worth it. It's like coming home after being away for a while, everyone is the same but a little different, maybe more mature, but your friendship is still there to stand the test of time. Instead of a typical "years later" epilogue, J. set us up for Jake's (CJ's little brother) story. I can already tell this is going to be angsty and emotional and I cannot wait!
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121 reviews2 followers
Want to read
March 24, 2015
This right here is why I need to read slower. This needs to be released :)
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1,187 reviews510 followers
March 26, 2017
I'm a huge fan of the Alabama Series and I've read every single one. I enjoyed What I Need. Did I love it as much as the others? Unfortunately no. For some reason I just couldn't connect and understand certain choices Riley made. They made no sense what so ever and it kept on for far too long. I was pushed in every direction when it came to her and it frustrated the hell out of me. I did enjoy her chemistry with CJ. That was off the charts hot and I didn't complain at any time. There's no doubt in my mind that they want and need each other.
CJ was great too but I felt there's too much focus on how big of a douche Richard was and how good of a guy CJ was. I didn't need it spelled out constantly. I wanted to see CJ in action and prove himself which he also did. I would've like to see more of that.
I love that the other characters from the series made an appearance. I can't get enough of them. Especially Ben and Mia. I'm very excited about CJ's brother Jake who was introduced. He's a flawed man who still struggles and I can't wait to read his book.
Although What I Need wasn't my favorite I'm still going to stick by my Bama guys. They mean too damn much.

3 BadAssDirtyCoconutsStars
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February 23, 2017
In a crowd of people or just two, I’m only seeing her.

Confession: Those that know me know that I am *incredibly* lucky to be a beta reader for J. Daniels. With that said, that line up there? I've loved it—it's been my favorite line—since the moment I read it.

And this book? Is actually filled with lines just like that. Lines that made me reconsider who my favorite 'Bama Boy was. (For the record, it's still Reed, because MINE, but barely). Lines that felt magical; that made swooning for CJ Tully and Riley Tennyson legit and legitimately easy. Lines that melt panties and bring on belly laughs.

Lines that make What I Need a book that everyone needs to read.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this book. I've read it—in various forms—six times and every time, I find something new to love about it. I find a moment or a word or a touch that makes my heart flutter and soar. It's breathtaking and witty and a little dirty.

It's perfect.

I know I'm lucky to have read it. And to have found these words that have stuck with me since the moment I first read them. And I can't wait to read it all over again.

“I never waited for anything like I waited for you.”

~ FIVE Secret STARS ~
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March 5, 2017
3-5-stars.png (629×121):

I really love the "Alabama Summer" series and I love all the "Bama" boys. C.J. has been a favorite of mine ever since he was introduced in the other books, so I have been anxiously waiting for his story. As expected...he was awesome...what a man...sigh

fangirl-emma-stone-tonsofgifs.gif (500×208)

CJ, all aroud sweet guy, cop and best friend of the "Bama" guys and girls. Him and Riley share a hot passionate weekend together at Reed and Beth's wedding. Things don't turn out as planned though. Even though CJ is all in....it seems that Riley is not.

a3a99f8c2e5245654b2022db4cec2e4a.jpg (480×597):

Riley is Reed's 22 year old sister. She is still in school studying to be a nurse. She is living with her douchebag boyfriend, whom she broke up right before the infamous weekend.

c8a8ed4c65307ccb532596a51991e85b.jpg (615×851):

She is really attracted to CJ and she really enjoyed the time she and CJ spend together. However, when she gets back home...turns out she and her ex are not as broken up as she thought. She figures that after all the time they have been together and how much she loves him, she needs to give their relationship another chance. So she asks CJ to keep his mouth shut about what happend but she also still wants to be his friend....so this is what they will be from now on...just friends.

anigif_enhanced-30727-1481910161-2.gif (389×335)

However awesome CJ was...I just didn't feel the same about Riley. She got on my nerves more than once. She pissed me off right of the bat, by going back to her douchebag boyfriend who treats her like shit. Also, her even asking to be friends with CJ after what happend and telling him not to let their secret slip.....

e863add2816b1738aa7f00ba122bc09e.gif (400×225)

Anyways....turns out her douche boyfriend is even more of a douche than everyone thought (well everyone except for Riley) and an accident happens, which leaves CJ  hurt and in need for care.

After setting said douchebag aside (like she should have done in the first place), Riley agrees with CJ,  when he offers her a new place to stay, if she will help him, while he is healing.

They start of their new friendship, which soons leads to more. How could it not, with all that sexual tension floating around the two of them.

98c19ce36f274e03ca655ee79f2a4e95.gif (400×224)

It isn't long before these two are burning up the sheets. They are both committed to one another this time and their feelings keep growing and growing. Problem is...Riley is not ready to come clean with her brother yet.. I really wanted to jump into my Ipad shake her ass !!

fb9a7995c68c1440c7c970aa8c62cb50.gif (493×299)

To be fair though....CJ is keeping a little secret of his own.

I will be totally honest and say that this heroine is definitely not my favorite in this series. The hero however is awesome and for me CJ totally rocked. I could understand Riley having some insecurities because of her age and lack of experience, but come on...grow a spine already.

The steam was great though...these two really rocked the bed...and other surfaces. CJ also had quite a mouth on him ;)

giphy.gif (470×257)

It's not my favorite in this series...that spot still belongs to Reed and Beth, but I still enjoyed this story very much. I can't wait to read about Jake's story, which is next. Now he sounds like a very interesting character.

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March 8, 2017
J. Daniels is back and she's taking us again to Ruxton Alabama where hot cops and sweet southern gals rule!

I have been a a fan of this lovely author for a couple of years now and I can attest that she writes some of the HOTTEST romance books you can ever get your hands on.

Her latest book-- WHAT I NEED-- is the fourth book from her Alabama Summer Series and it follows the super cute and really hilarious love story of Ruxton cop CJ Tully and blonde beauty Riley Tennyson.

Fresh from a break-up, Riley attended her brother's wedding rehearsals pissed and very confused. Her idea of calming herself down? Drinking all the bad vibes away. Then comes hot AF CJ who shows how willing he is to listen to every weird question the gorgeous blonde has. After a few tequila shots and shared secrets, I guess you already have an idea what happens next right? Okay, so before you start thinking that this is another "instalove" story, I'm telling you now... NO. WHAT I NEED is so much MORE than that!

Let me start off by saying that CJ TULLY is effin PERFECT! I thought that my heart belongs to Reed Tennyson ( WHEN I FALL) but CJ effin TULLY happened and made me question my loyalty. He is out-of-this-world hot but what made me love him truly is his heart. His sweetness and perseverance gave me that feeling of wanting to take him out of that book and make him mine. MINE. Riley who? *LMAO* And CJ's southern charm is so strong you just want to hand him your undies and go drop dead in front of him. Oh but because he is a legit gentleman, he'll never let you drop dead, I'm 10000% he'll catch you before you fall. Told ya, PERFECT.

RILEY TENNYSON is such an adorable character. She has her quirks, her confusion gets the best of her sometimes but you know what? You'll adore her so much. It may be a little bit difficult to relate and connect to her in the beginning, well it's because she's been through a crappy relationship and crappy break-up and all of a sudden a hot and super amazing dude's asking her to give him a chance... tell me, wouldn't you be confused as hell too? Right? Give her a chance and be patient with her and see how Riley Tennyson will reward you for that.

Five books out from the series and J. Daniels still never fail to stun me with her stories. Reading WHAT I NEED feels like going back home. It just feels so good to read about the Ruxton gang again. I wish I could define how I feel right now in one word but I just can't. These characters feel like they're family I see them getting married, the kids... I witness how they grow. The friendship between Mia, Ben, Luke, Tessa, Reed, Beth, CJ, and Riley... this is something you seldom experience from any other series. J. Daniels just doesn't write a book for her readers to read, she writes books that you want to be a part of. She has created a series that fans like me never want to end. And she made characters that didn't feel fictional but real... they feel so real.

I cannot really express how freakin' excited I was for this book. ONE YEAR. One year I waited and it's everything I hoped it was. Actually, it is SO MUCH MORE! WHAT I NEED is one of the funniest and sexiest friends to lovers book you'll ever read in your life. Don't ever ever miss it, PLEASE.
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March 3, 2017
Sweet baby Jesus, it's true! Once you're under the Tully charm, there's just absolutely no going back. It stays with you for-freaking-ever! And I can't even begin to describe how much I MISSED these Bama boys! This is ultimately one of my most favorite series, characters, books ever and I'm so incredibly happy CJ's tale is finally here! All that stewing? Every single day, hour or second of torturously waiting for this bad boy to be released to the world was absolutely WORTH IT. J. Daniels continues to outdo herself with every book she releases and I couldn't be more grateful. These boys are LIFE. This is just one of those series you'd wish to never end. You'd want to be with them, be surrounded by them and their silly stories for always.

CJ Tully is ultimately the PERFECT man. Any girl's ideal man. He has the patience of a saint and so well-mannered in a very responsible, hot and adorable way. He's funny and sweet and thoughtful and someone who just makes sure your wants and needs are covered and tended to before his. I mean, he's all about putting his woman's happiness above anything and everything. Who wouldn't die, melt and swoon all over that? And that's not even considering the guy's killer looks and all that he's packing yet! CJ Tully is a man who will certainly make you feel like you're the goddamned queen of the freaking universe if you were his woman. I swear, I crumbled on the spot right from the very beginning of this book and it was all because of CJ. I absolutely couldn't love this Bama boy more.

Riley Tennyson isn't too far behind—she honestly won me over just by being Reed's sister. And to me, she's already been part of the squad way before she even knew it. Riley has just as big of a heart as CJ has, but it was her awkwardness and rambling mouth that stole my heart completely and just entertained the hell out of me. CJ cracked me up, which was already a given, but the things that are so unexpectedly coming out of Riley's mouth just knock me over every single time. I loved how kind and selfless she was. How she took care of CJ in all the ways and how she got along with him right off the bat, no matter how much she deluded herself that they were just friends. Because CJ and Riley? They're combustible and inevitable in every single angle you look at.

Reading What I Need is like asking for a massive case of delayed gratification to the wildest, most intense and wickedest level. The sexual tension snowballed and built up so greatly between these two that it will suck all the air out of your lungs, then singe and melt away every single thought in your brain. It was so palpable, even you—the reader—will have the goosebumps and chills all over with how consuming and captivating the charm of CJ and Riley is.

And did I already mention how much I missed the entire Alabama Summer Series crew? I'm pretty sure I already have, but whatever. I'm proudly and insanely addicted, and it's worth repeating a million times anyway. Yes, I was utterly well sated because every single one of the characters we adore in the series are very much involved in this book. I loved the get togethers, the celebrations, the girls nights out. They were so spot on; they made me want to read all the other books and relive every single one all over again. And sweet little Nolan isn't all that little anymore. *wags eyebrows* Every scene he's in in this book was so precious and adorable, you'll want to squeeze, cuddle and give him bear hugs that never end. Actually, every moment in What I Need will just have you begging and pleading for more. Believe me.

Thank you, J. Daniels, for making the wait worthwhile. CJ and Riley's book was everything and so much more than what I expected it to be. And now I'm so looking forward to Jake's book!!! Because all the feels...

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