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The O'Malleys #1

The Marriage Contract

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katee Robert begins a smoking hot new series about the O'Malley family-wealthy, powerful, dangerous and seething with scandal.

Teague O'Malley hates pretty much everything associated with his family's name. And when his father orders him to marry Callista Sheridan to create a "business" alliance, Teague's ready to tell his dad exactly where he can stuff his millions. But then Teague actually meets his new fiancée, sees the bruises on her neck and the fight still left in her big blue eyes, and vows he will do everything in his power to protect her.

Everyone knows the O'Malleys have a dangerous reputation. But Callie wasn't aware just what that meant until she saw Teague, the embodiment of lethal grace and coiled power. His slightest touch sizzles through her. But the closer they get, the more trouble they're in. Because Callie's keeping a dark secret-and what Teague doesn't know could get him killed.

338 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 2, 2015

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About the author

Katee Robert

138 books25.6k followers
Katee Robert is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of spicy romance. Entertainment Weekly calls her writing “unspeakably hot.” Her books have sold over two million copies. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, children, a cat who thinks he’s a dog, and two Great Danes who think they’re lap dogs.

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2,059 reviews12.2k followers
July 15, 2015
2.5- 3 Stars

Whatever she'd expected from this kiss, it certainly hadn't been desire. Though DESIRE was too tame a word. She'd felt desire before, and this wasn't it. This was...need. All-consuming need that devoured everything in its path, leaving only destruction in its wake.

Having loved every Brazen book of Katee's I've ever read, when i saw that she's releasing this brand new series that's grittier and has a mob story line? I was hooked. Line and sinker. Reading it was an absolute no brainer.

The set up was extremely intriguing. Callista "Callie" Sheridan is the daughter of one of the prominent Boston mafia families. In the hopes of uniting themselves with an even more powerful one, her father arranges her to marry the eldest son of the Halloran family. Unfortunately he's also known as more ruthless with his women than he is with his business. When he also turns up dead a few days before the engagement announcement her father doesn't spare a moment before promising her to Teague O'Malley.

Teague is the son of a powerful Irish Boston mafia family and he also wants absolutely nothing to do with the family business. But when his eldest brother comes to him with this "business alliance", the last thing he expects is to be inexplicably drawn to the delicate beauty that's now his "fiance". As much as Teague longs to be away from this life, he can't leave his siblings. Being incredibly attracted to Callie certainly doesn't hurt things either. Unfortunately it's not all smooth sailing when their engagement leads to a deadly mafia war started by the Halloran family.

There's a lot that happens in this book aside from the central romance. There's numerous POVs and several characters introduced, including all of Teague's siblings and the Halloran brothers. Because of this it took me quite a bit to truly wrap my mind around everything and really get into the story. While each character added to the story, it was also a lot to keep track of at first. This may very well be a case of the "series firsts". This book definitely had a much grittier feel to it than any of Katee's previous books, which was great. So what didn't work for me? The romance.

Now I'll say this; considering both Teague and Callie's personalities, their romance fit them. I just didn't feel like it fit the story. It was just too saccharine sweet. I'm not a fan of insta-love and this was a very solid case of this. They basically fall for each other at first sight. Katee pulls it off because, again, she makes it fit the characters. But I just needed something...more. The amount of time Teague called her "angel" almost drove me up the wall crazy. 59 times to be exact and yes I counted because I was just that irritated by it.

Sadly I'm one of those reader that if I don't connect to the main couple, it won't matter how great the rest of the book and story is. And the story itself was great. The set up for the next book with James Holloran sounds like it will be right up my alley as a matter of fact. Unfortunately with this book, it just fell a bit flat. I wanted a more gritty feel to it considering the story line and I just didn't get that. Readers that haven't read much mafia romance will definitely enjoy this. I like my mafia books with a little more of an edge, so this one just fell a romance shy of that for me.

I'm definitely hooked on the series and absolutely cannot wait until the next book. ESPECIALLY after that preview that we got in this book. Can't hurt that I had a mental visual of Charlie Hunnam after reading James Holloran's description. Nope. Didn't hurt one tiny bit.

ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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2,658 reviews3,256 followers
August 29, 2021
Congratulations to the 2016 RITA Finalist
Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length

3.5 Boston Crime Family Potential Stars
* * * 1/2
There is something to be said for crime family drama...my first experience, like many, was The Godfather. I remember not being able to put that book down...and the scene of Sonny banging his mistress against the wall during the reception of his sister's wedding... OMG, it was a first for me. Everything about that book was perfection. It set the standard in my mind's eye for all things Mafia.

The Sopranos brought this into the now; seeing a family week after week on the screen made this type of life clearer for today's world. I talk about these touchstones of crime family drama because The Marriage Contract has enormous potential to take Irish Crime Family Drama and make it exciting.

This was the first installment of The O'Malleys. We have the setting of Boston with 3 major crime families in power and then lower-level players always looking to rise. There has been a careful peace; a division of territory with very little disturbance over the last years. Each of these families has flourished in their focus of the business. But the heads of these families are aging and the heirs in waiting are getting restless causing an undercurrent of things to come.

Briefly, we have the Hallorans, the O'Malleys, and the Sheridans. Each has its downside with characters to hate but all of them have their human sides as well and this is where the meat of the story begins. We have a surprise love story mixed with layers of withheld truths that complicate everything.

As the blurb tells us, Callie Sheridan is a pawn in her family's need to achieve the next level of power; she is being married off to one of the other families' oldest sons....whether she wants it or not.

Callie is not the usual passive woman these families wish their women to be...she has been capable from the beginning, listening and learning as a child from her older brother who was the heir apparent. Only he is gone now and she has stepped into the leadership role with her father's support. She is strong and cares about her people...has been working the legit side of the family business and now must handle all of it. It is gaining respect and not showing weakness which is causing her to need this arranged marriage... she is a woman and with the traditions of these families... a Man must be by her side looking to be the head. Callie decides to see who this man really is before marrying him setting up a chain of events that play out for the entire book.

Teague O'Malley is the heart of this story. He longs to be out of the family business. He is one of seven siblings and wishes to take his younger sisters and brother away; save them from having to be caught in all of this. He has distanced himself; was looking for a way out somehow. His father and older brother are ruthless; the father is one to be feared and he has left his physical marks on all of them. The older brother is becoming an extension of the father's mindset.

With an unexpected change in alliances for the Sheridans, Callie is now scheduled to marry into the O'Malleys. Teague was deemed the one by his family and he knew his days of leaving, taking his sisters and brother out of all of this was now over. There was no escape.

These two are not soft people; they have lived with death, manipulation, and hard, demanding parents. These two are ready to marry but it will be a power transaction; they will keep their secrets.

And then they meet...

He is nothing like what she expected...surprisingly a gentleman who seems to see right through her...

He sees her...She is beautiful, has this strength yet makes him feel the need to protect.

They are interacting with caution yet both are sensing they are not what the other thought they would be...She has plans to bring her family out of the dark and become fully legitimate. He wants the same thing or an escape from all of it... yet neither can voice any of this to each other...neither can share as what would be the consequences if the reaction was not safe...

There is so much to this book; layers of romance between Callie and Teague. There is the groundwork of introducing all of the families and their distinct personalities through the parents and children. Old friendships are hidden, power struggles within each of the families for the thirst is always there.

As a first part, it was filled with all of the necessary backstories; there was a lot of telling. The read held my attention. I liked Teague and his passion, Callie and her determination...then caring for Teague.

The ones who stole the show for me were the secondary players, Carrigan O'Malley and James Halloran. These two are the ones to watch for...they had their own storyline and it will be the next focus of the series. Both are combustible together; both know they are not good for each other and we get to enjoy watching them fight all of the feelings they have in the next book.

Katee Robert has a very strong and extensive list of accomplishments; she has come up with a new series of unlimited potential. I can't wait to see it develop.

This series is best read in order:
The Marriage Contract (The O'Malleys, #1) by Katee Robert The Marriage Contract (The O'Malleys, #1)
The Wedding Pact (The O'Malleys, #2) by Katee Robert The Wedding Pact (The O'Malleys, #2)
An Indecent Proposal (The O'Malleys, #3) by Katee Robert An Indecent Proposal (The O'Malleys, #3)
Forbidden Promises (The O'Malleys, #4) by Katee Robert Forbidden Promises (The O'Malleys, #4)
Undercover Attraction (The O'Malleys, #5) by Katee RobertUndercover Attraction (The O'Malleys, #5)
The Bastard's Bargain (The O'Malleys, #6) by Katee Robert The Bastard's Bargain (The O'Malley's #6)

And The New Second Generation:
The Bastard's Betrayal (Scandalous Scions #1) by Katee Robert The Bastard's Betrayal (Scandalous Scions #1)

~~~ Before Reading ~~~

Do you like crime family drama...

An arranged marriage to increase power...

The two unwilling participants....

They may like each other in spite of it all....

Let the manipulations begin...

A gifted copy was provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.

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3,389 reviews1,991 followers
May 16, 2017
NOW ON SALE - http://amzn.to/2qohQSe

Re-read 2/5/16 before starting The Wedding Pact

The way this book started out was WHOA! There was so much happening already and from the first chapter I was loving it. There were so many secrets and I had no idea what was happening with them but I couldn't wait to find out.

Callista Sheridan and Teague O’Malley are used as pawns for their families. In order to enter an alliance their family arrange for them to be married, taking the choice away from them. Neither are happy that they now have to marry someone they have never met before. But the second they see each other the chemistry sparks and they don't try to fight their attraction. They both have secrets though, secrets that could hurt the families and they have to trust each other in order to save each other.
You consume me, angel. It's the most welcome kind of distraction, but I can't get through an hour without thinking about you.

This was such a great story! There were so many secrets, it was suspenseful, and the chemistry between Callie and Teague was hot, hot, hot. Teague was a great character and I loved how protective he was of his family and only wanted the best for them. He and Callie both lived the life of a mafia family member, turning their heads to the illegal activities going on. Despite this, they were both wanted to turn their lives around and get on the legal side of things, which is really commendable.

There was only one problem that I had with the story, but it didn't stop me from loving it. I wanted just a little more romance between Callie and Teague. The overall story made up for the fact that I kept wishing for more romantic scenes, though and I wish I never had to put this book down. I picked the worst time to read this since I was so busy this week and had to keep putting it down. I'm already dying for the next book in the series and hope I don't have to wait too long for it!
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2,434 reviews4,592 followers
August 11, 2016
3,5-4 STARS

I really enjoyed this story but to be honest I was expecting the story go so differently! This story isn't only a romance as there are so many other things happening. I was surprised in some parts and confused in others as to who is who etc. I found the story sexy, interesting and captivating. There is action and mystery that makes the story even more enjoyable! Some may not like the fact that this is a bit of an insta-love but that wasn't a big problem for me.


The Marriage Contract follows the story of Callie and Teague. Both are forced into this arrangement! They have to marry to create an alliance between their powerful mafia families. Teague is immediately drawn to Callie and he starts feeling things for her. He wants to protect her but Callie is hiding something... What is it? Is there going to create a problem for their relationship? How long Callie will keep the secret? Will Callie and Teague be able to survive?

I loved Teague a lot!I liked him because he is smart, protective, passionate and so hot! He is a really good man if you consider where he comes from. Callie is a lovable character too! She is strong,loyal and very clever!! She is exactly what Teague's needs!!I loved their chemistry, they couldn't keep their hands off each other and there was tons of passion! The sex between them is super hot!


Since it's my first book by this author,I wasn't sure if I would like her writing but I ended up enjoying her style a lot. I'm looking forward for the next book in this series!!

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
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664 reviews835 followers
May 25, 2015

Title: The Marriage Contract
Series: The O'Malleys Series
Author: Katee Robert
Release date: 2nd June, 2015
Cliffhanger: No

 photo 3B1E05E7-7C86-476E-B82F-686ADAB40DA8_zpsuqoenb0b.jpg

I was sold on The Marriage Contract as soon as I read the blurb. I was very much looking forward to the potent cocktail of angst, distrust, danger and lust that come with a plot such as this. For the most part I enjoyed it, although I felt it was rather watered down for my tastes.

I found the first half of the story engaging and relationship between Teague and Callie my main highlight of the book. Although The Marriage Contract is brokered for the purpose to strengthen the alliance between the two families the reluctance of both Teague and Callie dissipates when they finally meet.

 photo 2E267411-3842-4AE3-AB5A-0907E2C4118B_zpsrq4ccglz.jpg

The absence of a higher rating comes from what I felt was a lack of action and anticipation. In some regard I felt like a bystander when I would have liked to have been immersed in thick of it all and witnessed the destruction of these infamous families. The relationship between Teague and Callie was one I found sweet considering its circumstance. I was glad Callie was able to find a place for herself with Teague and his instant protectiveness over her was all the more endearing.

 photo FD766AB9-AE32-4763-8A82-2C651DB6476E_zpsj9l6bmuu.gif

Although told predominantly told from Teague and Callie's POV, there are multiple POV's from other family members. This not only introduces us to them but also sets the scene for the next instalment to The O'Malleys Series.

 photo 8D80F14F-0FE8-4BD8-87E5-0D368D92E223_zpsh0pnbzgk.jpg


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Author 39 books1,174 followers
September 24, 2016
3 Teague STARS

I’m a sucker for a great mob story. I’m all in for the grit, the dark, the danger and the power struggle. This was the first book in a series about three Irish crime families - Hallorans, the O'Malleys and the Sheridans - ruling in the city of Boston.

Each have fairly equal territory and power yet, the heads of each family are aging and each family is looking to groom their heir and solidify their power. This story is about Callista Sheridan and Teague O’Malley.

 photo marriage contract_zpspwvhb1j0.jpg

It's an arranged marriage: two families forming a business alliance. Callista may seem like a pawn as she was originally promised to a Halloran and narrowly escaped that fate when he met his untimely demise but, she's wiser and stronger than you'd think. And Teague is one fierce protector of those that he loves.

While I’m usually not a fan of insta-love, Callie and Teague have this instant attraction that blooms into something more rather quickly and you know what? Ms. Roberts really made it work. Their instant connection didn’t bother me and there were some hot, sexy times between these two.

There’s a lot going on in this first book; a lot of it was necessary as background that sets the stage for this book and for what's to come. This was an entertaining read.

***An advance reading copy was generously provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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June 3, 2015
Review Posted to: http://www.sweptawaybyromance.com/201...

3.5 Family Loving Stars!!!

I absolutely enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. I liked the storyline and all the characters...well most of them. Teague & Callie will be married to unite their powerful "Families" who will then dominate the underworld of Boston. Teague tows the line as does Callie, but Callie has a dark secret that can and will cause a war between the three powerful Boston Mob Families.

I loved Teague O'Malley, he's a strong, fiercely protective, and a loyal hero who want's to change things, things within "The Family" not for himself but for his younger brothers and sisters. Callie Sharidan is perfect for Teague, and her being the "Sheridan Heir" she's also striving to make changes within her "Family" as well. What neither of them expected was the instant off the charts chemistry they shared!!

"I could finish you like this, but I'm dying to taste you"

 photo PicsArt_1432445071754_zps2lix8t60.jpg

"I might not deserve you, but I’m sure as fuck going to do right by you."

This book kept me on the edge!! I loved both the H&h and the secondary characters and I am dying to see what's in store for the siblings to come. I was saddened for the outcome of one of the characters, but things happen that are beyond control and this book shows that.

I've read and enjoyed a couple other books by this author, I enjoy her writing, looking forward the rest of the series!!

 photo PicsArt_1424755199048_zpsg2vc9rsh.jpg
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1,747 reviews6,673 followers
January 16, 2016
The Marriage Contract is the first installment in Katee Robert's romantic suspense series titled The O'Malleys. The smokin' hot book cover and the interesting synopsis had me pretty excited to read it! I was intrigued early on as these mafia families arrange their adult children's marriages for the sake of strengthening the family name and ensuring ongoing business...and it's a no-brainer that everyone complies. But when a death impacts pending nuptials, things go kinda haywire.

I enjoyed the world building that came with developing these mafia families and I loved that a smart, strategic daughter is the powerhouse behind one of them, but beyond that it was just OK for me. Even the romance (which was surprisingly very secondary) unfortunately didn't quite do it for me. The book seemed to revolve around identifying the person who caused a death in an opposing family. Lots of accusations, threats, etc. ensue. The reader is aware of the identity very early on and watching everyone go crazy and almost die over it (in addition to everything else going on) got kind of annoying after a while in my opinion. I obviously kept reading though. Overall, this was a fairly engaging fictional story of mafia families on the brink of war and how protective each side is of their own. If you are a fan of Katee Robert and enjoy romantic suspense and fictional crime dramas, then consider the The Marriage Contract.

My favorite quote:
"She was the spark that set the whole explosion into motion."

Note: For a perfectly objective and thorough review of this novel, check out Wendy'sThoughts review HERE. I just stumbled across this talented goodreads reviewer and she's great!
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173 reviews185 followers
September 1, 2016
FLYLēF Book Reviews

Original Post: The Marriage Contract at FLYLēF (www.flylef.com)

FUNNY AND PASSIONATE, The Marriage Contract, by Katee Robert, is an engaging and gritty contemporary romance about the sacred ties of family, ruthless mafia politics, and the remarkable tribute to the power of unexpected love.

I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it, despite my concerns with several issues. The first of which is the startling notion of an arrange marriage. Eek! Secondly, The Sopranos-like setting, filled with violence and immorality was at times too heavy. And lastly, the writing had me cringing a bit. Clichés such as, “If I never (fill in the blank) again, it would be too soon,” were used too liberally. However, when the story took off, these concerns were less pronounced and I was able to let the story naturally unfold.

The Marriage Contract would have never worked for me had the main characters—Teague O'Malley (such an unusual name) and Callista Sheridan—heirs to two mafia dynasties, not been so magnetic and fun to read. Ms. Robert weaves a captivating tale about two trapped individuals, thrust into a deadly, age-old war, and struggling to rise above their destructive heritage. The tragedy of their circumstances pulled me into the storyline and I was eager to find out how these two tormented souls would find solace in each other’s arms.

I thought The Marriage Contract had some great conversational moments between Teague and Callie. Their bantering was witty and flirty, with a measure of honesty that makes the characters very likable, especially Teague. He is the epitome of a perfect gentleman. With a sultry and protective personality, he is very swoon-worthy, and will perhaps win over your heart as he did mine.

Distill this story to just the romance, and you will find memorable characters in a highly satisfying tale of courtship and love.
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3,096 reviews666 followers
September 13, 2016
Five reasons to grab your earbuds and listen to The Marriage Contract

Arranged marriages, blood vows and heart made The Marriage Contract an exciting start to the series. While this novels focuses primarily on Teague the second son of the O’Malley clan and Callista Sheridan the sole heir to the Sheridan family. Roberts drew us into the world of politics and family loyalty with a Westside story romance that will tug at your heartstrings.

Through the characters, Roberts allowed me to slip into this world where wealth, scandal and death are a daily occurrence. Alliances are made through marriage and the children of these clans have been instilled with "loyalty to family" above all things. We often watch shows or read books about mob life, but Roberts gave us the offspring’s perspectives from their fears to their sacrifices.

Calista and Teague was an interesting couple. Calista was all set to marry the son of the Halloran clan when he ended up dead. The O’Malley’s family see an opportunity for an alliance. They step in and arrange a marriage between Calista and Teague. I loved the chemistry between them from their sizzling hot beginning to the way they stood up for one another. This had a little insta-love, but I enjoyed the Westside Story vibe and the characters felt genuine. Robert added depth to both characters from her secret to his need to protect his siblings. I enjoyed getting to know them as their layers were exposed. Both are kick-ass and intelligent. I am curious to see how these two take on their corner of the world.

In the Marriage Contract Robert sets up the world and introduces us to each family as she shares their differences. We meet the siblings of Teague, and the brothers of the remaining Halloran’s. Hints for the next romance have me just a tad giddy because their chemistry and banter is off the charts!

Charlotte North did a stellar job narrating. This was my first audiobook featuring her work and I was impressed. Her pacing was easy on the ears and I feel like she nailed the accents. Even her male characters sounded great. For that reason, I will continue this story on audio.

Copy provided by publisher, This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer
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554 reviews48 followers
December 29, 2015
ALL I've ever wanted in life is to read a well-writen factoid of a mafia book. Wtf, man. -.-

Things I didn't like about this book:

1. This book was more bits and pieces than a whole. Emotions, dialogue, explanations, motives - scattered all over the place so that it seemed no one actually knew how to think, or make sane, rational, in character decisions.

2. Everyone started wanting each other too fast. Too good to be true.

3. Three seconds after his fave bro died, MC was going down on the other MC and not feeling the gut wrenching pain of losing a sibling. I just - what even?

4. The 'Crime Lords' in this series are just too unrealistic to be taken seriously.

5. I absolutely ABHORRED the pacing. The relationship was too fast paced while the conflict too cheesy.

I'd avoid this one if I were you.
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2,101 reviews1,263 followers
December 18, 2015
Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

 photo 4818dd132d445060bbbdd060f442a8_zpsdnsi07ug.gif

As a Brazen girl junkie, I loved reading Katee Roberts books. And so when I finally had a chance to sit down and read The Marriage Contract, I was intrigued with the blurb. Right off the opening pages, my interest was piqued when I discovered this was a mafia romance. The heroine, Callie was arranged to marry into another mafia family but another circumstance came about so Callie was surprised to find out that she was arranged to marry the Teague O'Malleys, son of another prominent mafia family in Boston.


Instantly there is an insta-lust/love brewing between Teague and Callie. As they navigate through their arranged marriage to each other, mafia business seem to be the forefront as danger threatens as a power play of struggle between the three prominent mafia families begins to intensify. While The Marriage Contract had a romance aspect, this book was so much more. It had layers of suspense, character development, and family history that were intricately exposed and revealed.

Overall, I did enjoy the first installment and look forward to the next two book of this series. I love that Katee Robert was still able to intertwine romance, suspense, danger and power struggle all into this book.

 photo b373ddc87926837ffa753458fb29e1_zpsdn2eln3k.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Katee Robert
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355 reviews226 followers
January 14, 2016
This book was ok- it was an interesting story, but I felt it was a lot of telling and not showing. Their relationship escalated to love pretty quickly even though we only saw them together a handful of times. I liked Teague and Callista- they were both strong and loyal. Their families are rival mob families and there was a little too much inner monologue about this issue. We also get a few random POV's thrown in- including the H and h of the next book. I appreciated that there was no OW drama, but we get no info into the H or h's dating/sexual past. Neither was a virgin and of course Teague had condoms in his bedside table. It's a fine line for me because I loathe specific details of a sexual past, but I do like some basic info. Like- how long has it been? Was Teague with OW the night before he met Callista? Who knows. Also- did they have relationships or ONS? Were they promiscuous? Just a few lines can easily give the reader an idea of how they lived their lives before meeting each other. Oh well! Safety gang safe
Profile Image for Ari Reavis.
Author 17 books145 followers
February 8, 2017
I wish I liked this as much as I thought I would. It wasn't horrible, but around 30% I was so bored that I thought about not reading it any further, but then remembered I paid $5.99 for it, so it was damn sure going to get read. It got significantly better towards the end. More drama and secrets coming to light between Callie and Teague. Overall, it was ok. There's just some parts where the thought process reallyyyyy drags on.
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2,993 reviews870 followers
January 26, 2016
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance My Review
Teague O'Malley has always hated the lifestyle that is the family business. All he cares about is protecting his siblings, and doing everything in his power to get them away from the corruption and the evil that taints their parents. But Teague knows its going to be near impossible to do, but he refuses to give up on those he loves the most. when their rival ends up killed, and his fiancee left up to take, his parents and her father make a pact for an engagement. There are three powerful families in Boston, and by marrying into one of the two...it will make them even strong and less of a vulnerable target. AT first Teague, doesn't want to enter a marriage of convenience. But upon meeting his future bride, he sees a woman he could come to care for. Callie Sheridan has always been training herself to take over her father's buisiness. She has worked hard to make it legal and honest---as much as possible. She is determined to make her marriage work with Teague, but she committed a grave act, an act that could ruin everything that she has with him. Teague is everything she could have ever hoped for in a husband. She will fight for him and those he loves even if it costs her life in the process.
The Hero 
Teague O Malley, hates his parents with a passion. He despises the family business and will do anything to get out, even if that means betrayed them by working with the FBI. But Teague is determined to save his brothers and sisters from the path their parents are forcing them to take. Teague has no choice, when his fathers word is law....literally. When he says jump....his children jump or face dire consequences. Oh good ole Teague...there is so much that I want to say about his character and so much that I grew to love and admire about him. He is loyal, honorable and a fighter. He doesn't give up even if it means the cause might be hopeless and not much chance of succeeding and could mean his termination by his own family. But Teague is honor to the core, and has worked hard to be that...no matter how difficult it is for him. He loves his siblings with a fierceness and so protective of those he loves.
The Heroine 
Callista Sheridan is Teague's match in every way. She is a fighter too, but she fights in a different way. Callie was a heroine I liked from the first chapter. She is strong, tenacious and stubborn to a fault. Unlike Teague, her father is a man she loves and adores. Callie lost her brother, her only sibling. Now she is the only one left to carry on the family tradition. She knows that one day she will be responsible for the company, and she knows her father is not in the best of health. It is up to her to make sure the family business is legan and honest before his health deteriorates futher or she might not be able to hold it from the other men in power in their family business and causing a war among them. Callie hides a dreadful secret, a secret that huants her in her nightmares and she knows that one day she will have to pay for it, and Callie knows it could be her death. I loved Callie so much because she is vibrant and strong. I loved her courage and strength of will to do what needs to be done.
Plot and Story Line 
Katee Robert is a new to me author and I want to thank Caffeinated Reader for convincing me with her review that I had to try this one out. I was lucky enough that when I looked it up it was on sale for 1.99---but I think it went back up to 5.99. So I got luck with that deal for sure, and I think it was just for the day. I have gotten hooked on Mafia themed romances...and don't ask me why I have falled heads over heels with this trope but I am loving what I have read so far, and Katee Robert is my favorite author in writing it. Dang, can she write a romance I can't get enough of and seriously I have to wait months ----MONTHS PEOPle!! Like really, I have to wait that long....unless I get lucky enough to obtain the ARC, which my luck isn't always good so we will see what happens. *crossing fingers*.

Anyway, this story is simply amazing. It starts off a marriage of convenience. Now I don't think I have read this trope before in Contemporary romance, so this was new and fresh and I just soaked it all in with every page that I read. I actually love this trope, and it doesn't get used that much lately, so I was really excited to start this book. And wow, it defintiely worked for the story. In fact, it is part of what makes this story simply fabulous. We have two people, that are trying to make their lives and the lives of those they love better. They are stubborn and courageous and strong. Equally matched in temperments. Our hero, isn't a big fan of having to marry someone just to help out with the family business (which he loathes). However, when he meets our heroine, he sees her bruises and the dark circles under her eyes, and he sees a fighter and a woman he would feel honored to marry. He is a protector and from the beginning, he wants to know her for herself, and make the best of their arragement. I loved that about this hero. He makes the best of each situation...no matter how dire.
There are no guarantees but...I want your ring on my finger and you in my life for as long as we're granted. Not because of your family or my family or consolidating power or anyo of the other reasons that originally drove us to agree to this marriage. I want you, Teague. I Choose you

The plot is quite full of intrigue and spice and man the passion that explodes between these two is powerful and exotic.You can practically feel the steam coming off the pages. But there is so much more to this story than just heat. There is strength, depth of emotion and vividly portrayed moments that will want you to read as fast as possible because this story is so delectable you can't seem to get enough!!
The Cover 
I am so in lust with this cover...I mean really---can I marry him??!! Like really, he could ask me and I would say yes. That hair...the scruff, sexy pose in a suit!! GIMMME!!!
Overall View 
The Marriage Contract is a stunningly written romance that deals with the heart and emotion and fighting with every breath for what is right! A story of devotion, loyalty and passion. This author has written a treasure of intrigue, mystery and sensuality.

Series Order

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1,064 reviews291 followers
January 26, 2018
3.5 Teague and Callie Stars

I don’t often read books with ‘underground’ or mafia type themes and this one has that big time. It’s about three Irish American families that run Boston’s Underground Scene. And that was where it lost some stars for me - there was a lot to take in & I kept having to really think about who fitted where. There are seven O’Malley siblings (Teague being one) , there is our heroine who is a Sheridan and then there are the Halloran’s. It might have been more tricky because I listened to the audiobook & it might suit being read better.

Aside from the introduction of a lot of characters , I enjoyed the story. Teague and Callie are really likeable and even though it was a little ‘instalove’ it worked. There is a fast moving plot, lots of heat and the angst actually comes from other characters , not our H/h.

This book sets the scene for the subsequent books and I am intrigued to read more.

HEA? More HFN I would say.
Cheating? No. These two are solid.
Profile Image for Kim Bailey.
Author 9 books607 followers
July 25, 2015
4 Stars

Great start to what promises to be a fabulous series!
I truly enjoyed the power play that unfolded in this story - between the families & between the main characters as well. I've not read many mafia style books - but it they're all as good as this one was, it may become a new sub-genre that I look for. Definitely a book I'll be recommending to my friends!

*ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Profile Image for Melanie (mells_view).
1,730 reviews353 followers
December 4, 2018
DNF - I’m not rating because I only made it to 20%. Not a fan of the writing style, and the story isn’t grabbing me. I like my mafia romance with more punches, I suppose.
Profile Image for Courtney.
299 reviews31 followers
May 2, 2023
Not for me. This was literally a case of instalove. The MCs were in the same room for all ten seconds before they were all over each other. I don’t love a long build up but this was way too quick!

The whole forced marriage to sustain control over territories also seemed implausible for this book being based in current day.

Thank you @readforeverpub for this arc in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Jen.
1,655 reviews1,008 followers
February 18, 2016
This was just an ok read for me..I found that the relationship of the couple took a backseat to the going on of all of the other characters. I would have enjoyed more romance, rather than all of the politics of the other Mob families involved. I might consider checking out book two, just to see where it goes; but I am in no rush!!!
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864 reviews127 followers
October 26, 2016
Awesome book!

Three Boston crime families. Arranged marriages. Drama. Intrigue. Backstabbing. You name it, this story has it in spades!

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1,069 reviews843 followers
June 20, 2015
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***

The Marriage Contract by Katee Robert
Book One of The O'Malley's series
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: June 2, 2015
Rating: 4 stars
Source: eARC from NetGalley

***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers***

Summary (from Goodreads):

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katee Robert begins a smoking hot new series about the O'Malley family-wealthy, powerful, dangerous and seething with scandal.

Teague O'Malley hates pretty much everything associated with his family's name. And when his father orders him to marry Callista Sheridan to create a "business" alliance, Teague's ready to tell his dad exactly where he can stuff his millions. But then Teague actually meets his new fiancée, sees the bruises on her neck and the fight still left in her big blue eyes, and vows he will do everything in his power to protect her.

Everyone knows the O'Malleys have a dangerous reputation. But Callie wasn't aware just what that meant until she saw Teague, the embodiment of lethal grace and coiled power. His slightest touch sizzles through her. But the closer they get, the more trouble they're in. Because Callie's keeping a dark secret-and what Teague doesn't know could get him killed.

What I Liked:

Katee Robert can do no wrong! I absolutely adore her romance novels. Her books with Brazen (imprint of Entangled Publishing) are scorching hot! And so is this book! I was hesitant about this book because it deals with a modern-day arranged marriage, and the subject of arranged marriage makes me twitchy (Indian people still do this, and not just in India!). But I liked the treatment of the subject matter in this book, even if it was a bit strange!

Callie Sheridan, daughter and heir of the Sheridan mafia/mobster family business, is part of an arranged marriage with Brendan Halloran, heir of the Halloran mafia/mobster family business. But then Brendan disappears, and the O'Malley family swoops in. Teague, one of four sons (and one of seven children total), is pushed into marrying Callie. Neither Callie nor Teague wants to do this, but their controlling and demanding fathers will take advantage of the situation and create new alliances. But the Halloran family wants revenge - for Brendan, and for the lost alliance. Teague is caught in a crossfire he isn't completely aware of, and it could cost him his life.

TEAGUE. I love Teague. He is noble and honorable, and wants to do whatever will best protect his family - his sisters, especially. He doesn't want his sisters to have to go through what Callie and him have to go through - not have a choice. Teague isn't abusive or power-hungry, isn't looking for revenge or how to top the Hallorans or Sheridans. I like Teague a lot! He is a swoony hero, a good guy, and a wonderful family man. It's so obvious that he cares about his sisters and brothers more than anything - and then he adds Callie to that list!

Callie is terrified of something awful that she did, and doesn't tell anyone, not even her father. When Callie is told that she is now marrying Teague O'Malley, Callie feels resignation. What if he's like Brendan, whom she was supposed to marry? Abusive, sick, running illegal operations? Teague is none of those things, as Callie finds out. He is sweet and sexy, and she falls for him like he falls for her. Soon they can't not see each other, and they find that they like each other and the idea of the marriage isn't so terrible.

The romance is quite steamy! Teague and Callie sizzle and simmer together, right from the start. I love watching them get comfortable with each other and begin to like each other. Even though Teague knows Callie is hiding something, he knows that she doesn't trust him yet, and he knows that she'll tell him when she's ready. Which she does.

Teague and Callie aren't the only ones whose perspectives are featured. I believe this book is written completely in third person, and while Callie and Teague are both featured individually, there is also Carrigan (Teague's sister), and James Halloran (Brendan's younger brother and friend of Teague), and there might have been others, I can't remember. Carrigan is an interesting one - she was almost just as trapped as Callie. She's getting "old" (almost thirty, I think), so her father is desperate to have her used to gain power sooner rather than later (power-hungry jerk). James is another interesting character, who is caught in the crossfire. I like him. I hope he is featured in future novels.

There is the whole mafia/mobster family/crime thing going on! This book is by no means just a romance novel! The arranged marriage is just the tip of the mafia iceberg. We've got three mafia families who are competing for power. Marriages make alliances, and the O'Malleys and Sheridans are about to make a strong one. The story surrounding the mafia is really intriguing! I was never bored with any of it.

This book is a winner, in my opinion! All of Robert's books are, and this one is another awesome addition to Robert's name. I hope there are more books to come!

What I Did Not Like:

At first, I didn't really like Callie. It has to do with the beginning of the book, and I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't say anything specific. I really wanted to shake her! How could she walk away?! Ugh, I can't be specific, but ugh. Just know that my initial dislike of her was brief! But it was there.

Would I Recommend It:

YES! I liked this book a lot. It's contemporary romance with a crime/mafia spin. The romance is hot hot hot, the male protagonist is swoon-worthy, and the character development and relationship progression are really well-written and sweet! Robert writes such great romance novels, and this book is no exception.


4 stars. This is probably going to be a year-end adult contemporary romance favorite! I'd like to say I'm impressed with Robert, but I expect nothing less! I can't wait to read the next book in this series - hopefully there is a next book and it is not too far away!
Profile Image for Kirstie D..
95 reviews200 followers
May 15, 2023

* I’m normally not a fan of the insta-love trope, but I think it really worked in this story. Callie and Teague really had some crazy chemistry! I just wished their emotional connection was developed a little bit more.
* The story was told in third person with multiple POVs. The spice was a lot tamer than what we’re used to from Katee, but it was still really good.
* I loved the suspense and the fast-paced storytelling. However, it just ended way too soon. Katee does give us a glimpse of what’s next so I can’t wait to read the second book!

Read if you like:
* Arranged marriage
* Mafia themes
* Fast-paced

*Thank you Forever and Grand Central Publishing for sending me a copy of this book.
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508 reviews27 followers
November 23, 2022
It seems that my obsession with Mafia romance books isn’t over yet. And when I saw that Katee Robert has a series that strikes these criteria quite well, I knew I had to give them a try. And I wasn’t disappointed to say the least.

In each book of the O’Malley series, we follow one of the O’Malley siblings and how they maneuver life in one of Bostons big three Mafia-families. The first book focusses on Teague and his arranged marriage to Calli, the daughter and only child of one of the two other families in Boston.

I really liked the characters, especially Teague and Calli since most of the book focusses on these two. Calli is strong, determined and knows what she wants. Teague also was a very interesting character. He struggles more with the whole world of crime they live in and everything that comes with that.

There are some spicy scenes but not too much, which I enjoyed reading. The only real concern for me is, that it was over way to soon and the ending felt a little rushed. I would have hoped to get a little more story after the main conflict was solved. Overall, though, I loved it. The writing, the characters and everything that came with it.
Profile Image for book bruin.
1,200 reviews299 followers
June 18, 2023
Dark Succession started out pretty intense and set the stage for this crime family romantic suspense novel. Teague and Callie were both likable characters and both were trying to break away from the world they were raised in. I always enjoy marriage of convenience novels, but a lot of the tension that I love was missing since the instalust/love was so strong between Teague and Callie. Since this is the first book in the series, a lot of time was spent introducing other characters and setting up future books. This really took away from the main romance and left me not very invested in Teague, Callie, or their families. I did like the sparks between James and Carrigan though and their book is sure to be explosive. I'm just not sure if I care enough to continue on with the series.

I hybrid read this book (ebook and audiobook) and the narration by Charlotte North was enjoyable, but there wasn't a lot of variation in her voices as she switched between characters.

Audiobook Review
Overall 3 stars
Performance 4 stars
Story 2-2.5 stars

CW: death of loved ones, gun shots, fighting/violence, murder, sexual assault, mentions of human trafficking, kidnapping

*I voluntarily read and listened to a review copy of this book*
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2,794 reviews1,381 followers
May 13, 2023
I am sooo obsessed with the O'Malley series from Katee Robert. It's like re-visiting old friends. Teague and Callie were fantastic. I loved the drama of three mafia families at each other's throats. I am obsessed! Now I have to read Carrigan and James Book! 4 stars! ~Ratula
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252 reviews19 followers
January 30, 2018
This book contains adult themes.

I got hooked on the O’Malley series after reading books 4 & 5 so I figured I would go back and start from the beginning.

This book is the first in the O’Malley series and follows Teague O’Malley the second oldest brother as he finds out he is being forced into an arranged marriage. Teague is set to marry Calista Sheridan who is from another powerful family in Boston. The marriage comes out of left field for Teague since Calista’s original groom was murdered.

Teague doesn’t want to be an O’Malley and wants to move away from this life style. Teague was hoping that his life wouldn’t catch up with him as quickly as it did. Teague does have strong ties to his family and will follow through with family commitments. Teague loves his sisters and wants what is best for them even if that means getting them away from his family. Teague is a standup guy once you get to know more of his personality he will become a perfect book boyfriend.

Calista recently lost her brother and is now in line to take over the Sheridan family after her father steps down. Calista has a large amount of pressure on her shoulders to step up into the role of head of a family. Calista doesn’t trust anyone from the outside and struggles with accepting Teague as a partner.

I enjoyed reading the romance that develops between Calista and Teague. It seems they have an insta-attraction, but it takes some time for the romance to develop. Calista doesn’t want to jump feet first into anything so she is always trying to evaluate the entire situation. Teague on the other hand goes after things that he wants. It is a cute combination that the author created and their two personalities work well with one another.

Since this is the first book in the series the author is giving us the lay of the Boston land. We get to learn about the different territories and what is going on with each family member. I love that we get to see a little bit of how the O’Malley children were raised and were their values stand. The story is fast paced and an easy read. The author sets up the rest of the series within this first book and gives a big glance into the next book in the series.

I would suggest this as a weekend read. I love the O’Malley clan so I enjoyed jumping back into the world and getting lost with the characters. I enjoy reading the story that Katee has crafted out of these characters. I found it challenging for me to put this book down. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series and the last one in the series!
Profile Image for Stacee.
2,741 reviews712 followers
May 12, 2023
2.5 stars

I got this one on a whim, going more for Katee's name than digesting the synopsis.

I liked Callie and Teague. They both want something different, but loyalty to their families make them stay. I did enjoy how they worked to make something friendly into their forced relationship and how it organically switched. This has a pretty big cast of characters and a lot of POVs.

Plot wise, I expected a lot more. 3 feuding mafia families and we only get one gunfight--and it's barely on the page? Booooooo. The action was non-existent and so was the tension. We were constantly told that a war was coming, but the few violent things that happened were underwhelming.

Overall, it was the characters that kept me reading and I just might skim the next one to see how that plays out.

**Huge thanks to the publisher for providing the arc free of charge**
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885 reviews122 followers
May 9, 2023
This was AWESOME! Excellent storyline. It had this intense feel happening right from the beginning. I had such a sense of urgency while reading, I was excited to know about the world being created. Hot mob guys for the win!

Teague and Callie were fantastic. Feeling stuck but wanting to do what's best for their families. I got such a great sense of who they were and felt bad for them but love how they persevered. Their first meeting really set a perfect tone for them, that chemistry they had was electric. They have this nice pull towards one another happening. I thought their relationship had a nice build, it was sweet, caring, and hot all rolled into one. It was heated and electric but really sweet. I totally loved Teague and his attitude about being with her. Callie is feisty and strong and I loved her determination.

Loved all the different players and layers to this story. I thought it was fantastic how it was laid out and told from different POV's and perspectives. It really gave great insight into all the different characters that were involved. Love the conflict that's happening between the different families, it's very Sopranos-esq. It had this underlying suspenseful feel that I really enjoyed. I was totally onto it! Loved the details, build, and development. It was all great.

There was major discord between the different families, internally and externally, that really pulled me in. It's such an interesting dynamic and it creates a lot of tension. Loved getting an introduction to all the characters, excited to see what's up next for Carrigan and James because what the author set up is pretty fantastic. I cannot wait!

There is drama, emotion, love, and hotness but my overall feeling throughout was intensity. I just loved it. And that ending, action-packed! I love how it played out too and how the women were so strong and really did some smart thinking. Fantastic read!

Note: I previously read and reviewed this book when it was titled The Marriage Contract.

Complimentary copy received from Forever Romance.
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