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The Law of Moses #2

The Song of David

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She said I was like a song. Her favorite song. A song isn’t something you can see. It’s something you feel, something you move to, something that disappears after the last note is played.

I won my first fight when I was eleven years old, and I’ve been throwing punches ever since. Fighting is the purest, truest, most elemental thing there is. Some people describe heaven as a sea of unending white. Where choirs sing and loved ones await. But for me, heaven was something else. It sounded like the bell at the beginning of a round, it tasted like adrenaline, it burned like sweat in my eyes and fire in my belly. It looked like the blur of screaming crowds and an opponent who wanted my blood.

For me, heaven was the octagon.

Until I met Millie, and heaven became something different. I became something different. I knew I loved her when I watched her stand perfectly still in the middle of a crowded room, people swarming, buzzing, slipping around her, her straight dancer’s posture unyielding, her chin high, her hands loose at her sides. No one seemed to see her at all, except for the few who squeezed past her, tossing exasperated looks at her unsmiling face. When they realized she wasn’t normal, they hurried away. Why was it that no one saw her, yet she was the first thing I saw?

If heaven was the octagon, then she was my angel at the center of it all, the girl with the power to take me down and lift me up again. The girl I wanted to fight for, the girl I wanted to claim. The girl who taught me that sometimes the biggest heroes go unsung and the most important battles are the ones we don’t think we can win.

285 pages, ebook

First published June 13, 2015

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About the author

Amy Harmon

29 books17.5k followers
Amy Harmon is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times Bestselling author. Amy knew at an early age that writing was something she wanted to do, and she divided her time between writing songs and stories as she grew. Having grown up in the middle of wheat fields without a television, with only her books and her siblings to entertain her, she developed a strong sense of what made a good story. Her books are now being published in two dozen languages, truly a dream come true for a little country girl.

Amy Harmon has written eighteen novels including the USA Today Bestsellers, Making Faces and Running Barefoot, as well as The Law of Moses, Infinity + One and the New York Times Bestseller, A Different Blue. Her fantasy novel, The Bird and the Sword, was a Goodreads Book of the Year finalist. Her newest release, What the Wind Knows, is an Amazon charts and Wall Street Journal bestseller. For updates on upcoming book releases, author posts and more, join Amy at www.authoramyharmon.com.

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Author 104 books21k followers
June 10, 2015
Amy Harmon is a master storyteller, and 'The Song of David' is-- in typical Harmon style-- completely unpredictable, atypical, heart-wrenching, inspiring, and passionate.

I'm going to keep this review completely spoiler free and just tell you what you need to know:
1. This is an incredible story.
2. 'The Song of David' inspires, moves, and teaches without being preachy or predictable. This book has soul.
3. I cried. You're probably going to cry, too. Just let it happen. You'll feel better after. In fact, you're probably going to smile after you're done crying.

So, enjoy. And do yourself a favor, go into it "blind". ;-)
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3,923 reviews33.1k followers
February 8, 2016
5 Tag Team stars!

 photo 831A1617-7524-4872-846F-7B996D9765F0_zpsqzzyrosz.jpg
“Life isn't perfect, people aren’t perfect, but there are moments that are.”

No one writes like Amy Harmon. And no one can deliver such beautiful, powerful and profound stories consistently like she does. All of her stories are special and unique. Her characters are perfectly flawed and wonderful.

We meed David ‘Tag’ Taggert in The Law of Moses. He’s Moses best friend and he’s a fighter. Figuratively and literally. Tag never had much to live for, except his friends and fights, until he met Millie. Then everything changed.

 photo 60582685-0DAE-455F-991A-6BA3655E5DBD_zpsvluqiy1g.jpg

Millie and her brother Henry change everything for Tag. Millie is one of those heroines that have so much strength. She doesn't have an easy life, but she’s never crumbled. She takes care of herself and her brother Henry. Speaking of Henry, Ms Harmon has this way about writing secondary characters that become your favorite. Henry is such a special guy. I loved his relationship with Millie and especially Tag.

This book had me in tears more than once. Yes. It’s a tearjerker, but it’s worth it. I know people are going to be curious about the ending, but honestly, I think it ended perfectly for the story. As well as it could. If you’re looking for a book that will captivate you, make you think, and give you ALL THE FEELS, pick up The Song of David. It’s beautifully written and just an fyi- the narration on the audio version is fantastic!
“The most intimate thing we can do is allow the people we love most to see us at our worst. At our lowest. At our weakest. True intimacy happens when nothing is perfect.”

 photo D6AE3BBF-5874-4A3A-B476-4DCC66D12AFD_zpsg9ifmmdx.jpg
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1,476 reviews975 followers
June 13, 2015
LIVE -> http://amzn.to/1BZV1QO

Amy Harmon nailed me in chest with the feels!!!


”I’m big, strong, and angry."
We met Tag in ‘The Law of Moses’ as a secondary character. Tag is a lot of things to a lot of different people: boss, friend, lover, brother, son, hero, etc. In his twenty-six years he’s been through a lot, more than most people his age or even older have dealt with. MMA fighting is how Tag channels his energy and feelings.

”Men have always fought. Women have always danced.”
I loved the heroine, Millie. Even though she has obstacles in her path they don't prevent her from living her life. Millie makes no excuses or apologizes for who she is but instead lives with purpose. Unlike any other female Tag has ever encounter he is drawn to her on a deeper level. While others may have dismissed her Tag finds her ”an intoxicating mix of girl and enigma, familiar yet completely foreign.”


”Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”
Ms. Harmon nailed it again when she created Henry. Secondary characters are a Harmon specialty. She has a knack for creating the most phenomenal supporting characters. My all-time favorite is Bailey from “Making Faces” and now I’m adding Henry to that list. Henry is Millie’s younger brother who talks in sports metaphors. He touched my heart and made me smile.

It’s been a day since I’ve read this story and I’m still thinking about it. My son said, “We know it’s a good book when mom cries.” At one point my daughter asked if she needed to bring me a box of tissues. I adored this emotionally charged love story between Tag & Millie. Facing the giants that stood in their way was what made them strong and bonded them together. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

Putting into words how I feel about this book make me feel inadequate. I just know that this passionately told love story gripped my heart and made me fall in love with all the characters. If you enjoy unique and poignant stories then this book is a must read.


RELEASE DATE: June 13, 2015
Pre-order | order: http://amzn.to/1BZV1QO

"This is David 'Tag' Taggert's book, a supporting character introduced in The Law of Moses. This is a stand-alone story, but it is highly recommended that The Law of Moses be read first to avoid spoilers. " - author

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

descriptive text here
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2,434 reviews4,593 followers
September 3, 2016
The Song of David by Amy Harmon is available NOW! ‪#‎TagTeam‬
➜ Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1IKneAN
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There is a moment in our lives when we find that one special story that we want to keep with us forever! This is what happened to me after I finished The Song of David. I want to keep this story in my heart forever. I loved this story so much and I cried, I laughed and simply melted for it! Such a powerful, unique, beautiful, emotional, heartbreaking and sweet story!! I'm not going to forget this story...ever!!

Amy Harmon proved once again what an amazing and talented author she is!!Each time I read a new story from her I fall more and more in love with her writing!!I thought my favorite was Making Faces..but this story has surpassed my former favorite.

From the first pages I was captivated in Tag's story and I can say that I was a little concerned about where the story was heading!I try to be strong and I keep reading..

Everything in this story is beautiful..


Tag, Millie and Henry are so lovable characters! I can't express how much I loved them! Each one of them has something in their personalities that made me love them! Tag is a fighter! He cares for his friend and he will do anything to help them!!I adored Millie, she is strong, sweet and funny. It was beautiful seeing Tag and Millie getting to know one another. Henry is Millie's brother and he is so unique and sweet! It was nice seeing Georgia and especially Moses again both of whom play very important roles in this book!!


Whenever I finish a book from Amy Harmon, I'm left thinking about my life what I have done and what I should do to make myself a better person and this is simply amazing because no other author has done this to me with a book! Isn’t it beautiful? The influence a book can have to us!


You should read The Law of Moses before you read this book because you will understand this story much better. I highly recommend it!!Well the truth is not only I recommend it but I also think that you MUST read this amazing story and all Amy's books!! She will captivate you with her beautiful stories!!!

Thank you so much Amy for this amazing story!!!I can't wait to read more books from you!!

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
June 17, 2015
It's LIVE! * Amazon US * Amazon UK *

Formulating the words to express the thought provoking and utterly mesmerizing writing of Amy Harmon is not an easy task. Her stories leave me breathless, they are emotionally invigorating tales that simply need to be experienced moment by moment as the reader unfolds the tightly packed layers allowing the tapestry of them to envelop their senses. The Song of David is unique in its premise and telling, a story of life, love, hope and fight. A story that made my heart swell with emotion and my angst levels fly. I smiled, I loved, I wondered, I cried and I sobbed uncontrollably. This story touched my heart and gave me the deep feelings I crave from my reading material, feelings that I wish I could bottle and savour forever.

The Song of David begins 3 years after The Law of Moses with the main focus now on the story of David Taggert and Millie, and sensitively entwined with the thoughts and feelings of Moses. The way Amy Harmon proceeds to tell the story of Tag is simple yet extraordinarily effective and utterly unique. I was enchanted by the prose, captivated by the dialogue, in awe of her character relationships and completely immersed in the ebb and flow of the elements within the story telling.

Tag, despite his tough guy persona, has so much heart. He's gentle, sweet caring, and thoughtful. Readers discover the beginning of his emotionally heart breaking story in The Law of Moses but for those who decide to jump straight into The Song of David, or need a recap, the scene is perfectly set and the necessary story details are revisited. David or Tag, as his friends call him, has become a man of pride and integrity whose current aim in life is to do the right thing by his friends, family and the people he loves the most.

Millie is strong, resourceful, courageous and confident. The perfect heroine whom I have the utmost respect for. I love the way we’re introduced to her and her brother Henry, a secondary character who won my heart in equal measure with his own special charm.

Amy Harmon, for me, is the Queen of the perfect slow burn story sprinkled with engaging magic. The abundance of integrity and truth makes the story overflow with beauty and warmth evoking raw authentic emotions that are deep, exquisite and often life affirming. The desperation that builds throughout the story arc is palpable. It made me catch my breath and like a tidal wave it hit me and flooded my heart with tears. She pulled me in, took hold of my mind and rewarded my patience with the most intense and exquisite angst levels that drive the story forward. I basked in it. I savoured the feeling; I read and reread sections of the flawless writing, even the parts that made me sob.... especially some of those moments, they were precious moments within the story. Amy Harmon wrings out every drop of emotion, it’s not just the story arc or the characters... it’s not simply their flaws or their endearments; it’s not just the sad soul searching moments she creates or the happy blissful moments.... It’s everything. It’s the way she weaves them together lacing, weaving and intricately braiding until she captures our attention, and we can’t look away or miss a moment of heart break, of feeling the most exquisite sadness.

The characters in the Song of David held my hearts in the palm of their story... This author always makes me think on a deeper level, she has such a beautiful way of presenting life and sadness whilst edged with happiness and love. The emotion and angst captured when sprinkled with a dose of Amy Harmon is pure gold.


** This is a STANDALONE featuring characters introduced in The Law of Moses. It's not a sequel, but it is a spin-off, and I would wholeheartedly recommend reading The Law of Moses first because not only is it a 5 star read but reading it adds a provenance, depth and a rich feeling of knowledge pertaining to Tag's story. Equally The Song of David carries heavy spoilers for The Law of Moses. Both books will stay with me forever. **

My review thoughts for THE LAW OF MOSES I have an abundance of love for this story.


Advanced copy provided by the author for my honest review thoughts.
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896 reviews1,977 followers
June 22, 2015
4,5 “Some people are worth suffering for” Stars.

This is Tag’s book (you probably remember him from “The Law of Moses”) and Millie, a blind girl with an unbelievable strong personality that sees more in her blindness that most of perfect-eyed people.
They meet, they fall… and after that they go through an unbelievable road of learning when to be strong, learning when to fight, and how to love the other person in their worst moments.
Get in and get ready for an amazing journey of romance and strength.


I do believe that Amy Harmon best quality is to create refreshing stories with “out of the box” storylines, that will always wrap up in an amazing romance book. She is a brilliant author, she’s clearly a very wise woman and her books always hook me up from page one. This one was no exception. And I know, that whenever I need an unusual and amazing romance, whenever I need a story that will take trough an unforgettable road, her books are always a great choice.


Rating: 4,5 Stars.
Characters Development: I liked both protagonists, especially the fieriness of Millie. And despite Amy’s last book not being my favorite one, I really liked the few chapters on Moses POV.
Steam: Some heated scenes.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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634 reviews1,276 followers
June 15, 2015

A beautiful, thought-provoking novel, with a phenomenal cast of characters. Honestly, Amy is a master at creating a stories that just resonate in your heart and soul. I adored The Song of David and I wish go on all day about how wonderful this story was, but Amy tends to render me wordless. I just can't put into words what this story meant to me, how special and honest it was, how it just made me FEEL everything. So I urge everyone to read it, to experience the story for themselves, and hopefully you will love it too.

"The most intimate thing we can do is to allow the people we love most to see us at our worst. At our lowest. At our weakest. True intimacy happens when nothing is perfect."
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971 reviews142 followers
June 29, 2015
4.5 Stars!

Whether you have read all of Amy Harmon’s books or just one of them, you know that her writing is simply beautiful. Her stories are always thought provoking and heartfelt. They evoke every single one of my emotions and I loved every minute of it.

I won’t talk much about the plot because like with her other books the less you know the better your experience will be. Just know that it was an amazing and touching story that will fill your heart. You will fall in love with David “Tag” Taggert and Amelie “Millie” Anderson. And Millie’s younger brother Henry will touch your heart and make you smile.

Tag ~ remembering his story from The Law of Moses broke my heart. He had experienced a loss that set him and Moses off on a journey. Tag returned a different man in some ways but still a fighter. He was a protector and he was a fierce friend. From the moment Millie reaches out and touches him, Tag knows she is unlike the other woman and wonders if he is strong enough to claim her.

 photo 80dc494cc1c74362ae897a0f94bd2c3e_zpsobk1y8ka.jpg

Millie ~ like Tag she was a fighter. She was a survivor. She had a powerful spirit that made her beautiful. She needed to be loved and accepted for who she was. She would be the woman to bring Tag to his knees.

 photo e790a9f6-3608-42a9-9f68-46336624a2e5_zpspqu2mg4l.jpg

The journey Amy takes you on with Tag & Millie was such a tender and intimate one. Their relationship will see the sunshine and the storm. There is sweetness and sadness.

 photo fdbfa2a4-4424-4a20-8849-ed612d454be3_zpsbswry7bw.jpg

There is a “song” that Millie has for Tag. “You feel a song, you hear a song, you move to it.” I loved this connection for Tag and Millie. ❤

 photo 213b8c73-1e41-4ef8-be40-6ca74f877940_zps9p8qshgb.jpg

This was another amazing story by Amy Harmon and I certainly recommend it. For those that have read this what do you think...
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65 reviews115 followers
June 2, 2015
Beautifully Devastating

If you’re an Amy Harmon fan, you think you know what to expect when you begin a new book. Except, you never really can know what to expect. Her books are different. Unique. Surprising. And in that respect, The Song of David is no exception.

Harmon excels at creating intriguing and unusual characters. In this book, she gives us David “Tag” Taggert, a rising MMA star, and Amelie “Millie” Anderson, a pole dancer. It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but remember — this is Amy Harmon. She saves her characters from becoming caricatures by adding depth and realism, strength and weakness, by stepping aside and letting Tag and Millie simply be themselves. It is that unapologetic, “I am what I am” kind of attitude that made me care so much about these two, right from the beginning of the book.

Neither does Harmon give her secondary characters short shrift. Millie’s younger brother, Henry, has a form of autism. He isn’t, however, “the kid with autism;” he is just a kid who also has autism. Henry is endearing and has some of the most funny, tender, and heart-rending moments in the book.

Harmon knows how to do sexy without the ick factor of so many romance novels these days. From the first kiss, it’s more than just sharing body parts, it’s about sharing souls and discovery of the most intimate kind. She makes our toes curl and our hearts beat faster. She makes us yearn to find our own soul-mate, or to be grateful for the one we have.

As the book approaches the ending, Harmon could have taken the easy route, manipulating emotions through tired, tried but true cliche, but she doesn’t. Tag and Millie don’t need your pity, so take it somewhere else. Through their strength, Harmon reminds us that life is unfair to all of us, some perhaps more than others, yet life also gives us miracles that make it all worth it. Ultimately, Harmon’s story is a celebration of love, hope, family, and fighting back. That’s what makes life beautiful.

The Song of David is a tie-in to Harmon’s previous book, which is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, those who have just finished The Law of Moses and want more Moses are going to be thrilled. On the other hand, those who want to jump right into Tag's story may be a little annoyed at the intrusion. However, his contribution is essential, and I don't think the story would work any other way. The epilogue, in particular, told in the way that only Moses could, is beautifully devastating.

The Song of David is a brilliantly written and deeply satisfying story. It lingers. I highly recommend this book.

I received an advance copy of the book as a gift, with no requirement or expectation of a review. But I loved it, so you get the review. :)
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856 reviews655 followers
June 27, 2015

♥ ♥ ♥ 4.5 STARS ♥ ♥ ♥

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"I watched Millie because she fascinated me. She was a brand new species, an intoxicating mix of girl and enigma, familiar yet completely foreign. I’d never met anyone like her, yet I felt like I’d known her forever.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

The Song of David tells the story of David "Tag" Taggert. If you have read The Law of Moses then you will be familiar with who David is. This story is about Tag being mysteriously gone and no one knows where he has gone to. Moses receives a call from the young woman Tag fell in love with named Millie. While Moses tries to find Tag, we end up finding out how Tag came to fall in love with Millie.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

"The most intimate things we can do is to allow the people we love the most to see us at our worst. At our lowest. At our weakest. True intimacy happens when nothing is perfect."

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

The story was told in a very original way. It was told in Moses and Tag's POV. I will admit that at first I wasn't too fond of having Moses' POV because I didn't understand how he could help tell Tag and Millie's story. But as the story progressed I found it really grew on me, and was necessary to know what going on in the present. As well as having Tag's POV through his audio recorded tapes that he had left Millie about their past. I was actually looking forward to the recordings because I loved reading how the relationship between Tag and Millie progressed. Millie is blind, but she was strong and confident of herself. I really liked that about her. She was also a dancer at Tag's bar and took care of her autistic brother Henry, who also took care of her.

The story was written very beautifully. It did take me a while to get into it, but once I did, I couldn't put this down. I loved Tag, Millie, and Henry. It was very sweet and at times heartwarming. I liked their story but it also had a very sad tone to it, I just knew something bad was going to happen next. My emotions were everywhere while reading it. I got so freaking teary eyed and emotional, I just couldn't help it. I really connected with these characters and felt all of their pain, and their happiness. By the end, I was glad to have Moses' POV for giving us a deeper insight as to who Tag is. I also really loved Henry, he added so much to the story and made my heart melt at how much he cared and loved wholeheartedly.

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

“If heaven was the octagon, then she was my angel at the center of it all, the girl with the power to take me down and lift me up again. The girl I wanted to fight for, the girl I wanted to claim. The girl who taught me that sometimes the biggest heroes go unsung and the most important battles are the ones we don’t think we can win.”

●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●

There were some issues I had with the book, like the pace of it sometimes felt a bit slow. And the tone might have been too sad for me. I was almost wishing for something happy to happen. I also don't know what to make out of that ambiguous epilogue. I liked the way the book ended, but then that epilogue totally confused me. Overall, it was a really wonderful story and a bit of an emotional roller coaster. It was told in a very unique fashion which I ended up really liking. I loved all of the characters and enjoyed reading about how the romance between Tag and Millie grew. Amy Harmon is quite the awesome storyteller. If you enjoyed The Law of Moses then you should definitely give this book a read.

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724 reviews2,662 followers
August 2, 2015
*** 5 STARS ***

"When you're with me,I feel like I glimpse a David nobody else knows is there.It's the Song of David,and nobody else can hear it but me"



I would say to truely appreciate this book you should read The Law of Moses first.This is an amazing book that left my emotions all over the place.
Tag was introduced in The Law of Moses.He and Moses had a connection years ago and as a result have formed a strong,unbreakable friendship.It's hard to tell this story without spoilers so all I can write is what I'm feeling after finishing it.It's told in an unique way and from the first page I was nervous as you have no idea what the outcome will be,but the feeling of dread kept building the more it went on.

Tag is a MMA fighter and owns his own bar and ( without giving anything away ), that's where he meets Mille.His fighting is an outlet for some of the anger he has inside.He's a bit of a lost soul until he meets Millie....
Millie is an amazing character...beautiful on the outside and inside..I just adored her.
This is a beautiful love story that had my heart aching,the way the Author told their story was both heart breaking and uplifting.

Millie had become my favorite sight,my favorite smell,my favorite taste,my favorite sound.My favorite.But that was never what any of this was about.
It was about me.

There are no descriptive sex scenes in this book at all but the way the Author describes how Tag and Millie first make love is just beautiful.....
I have to talk about Henry ( Millie's brother )..a teenager with mild Autisim,his character played a very important part in the story....... he made Tag understand so much about his own actions and Millie's feelings.

This has been an emotional story,not least because some of the subject matter touched me on a personal level,that made it all the more poignant...

I've read a lot of books I've rated highly but this one,along with The Law of Moses are definitely in my top reads ...

This is just an amazing story of deep love,strong friendships and an outcome that I fully anticipated but in the end was beautifully written...

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296 reviews824 followers
February 12, 2017
Clearly, reading this duology back-to-back was not a good idea. Because too much heartbreak and my fragile heart can only handle so much.

Again, Amy Harmon is a genius. This woman is brilliant. She's an amazing storyteller. This book, like all of her other ones I've read so far have managed to tug at my heartstrings. Her writing is so emotional. So, very emotional. Again, I cried reading this. At this point, I truly believe all of Amy Harmon's will make me cry.

“Saying something is “meant to be” is a cop out. It’s a way for people to deal when they screw up or when life hands them a bowl of shit stew. The things that are meant to be are the things we can’t control, the things we don’t cause, the things that happen regardless of who or what we are. Like sunsets and snow-fall and natural disasters. I’ve never believed hardship or suffering was meant to be. I’ve never believed relationships were meant to be. We choose. In large part, we choose. We create, we make mistakes, we burn bridges, we build new ones.”

The Song of David is a romance. It is Tag's story. We get a lot of Moses in this one, too. I can't tell you enough how attached I am to these characters: Tag, Millie, Moses and Georgia. They're all amazing in their own ways. They're all so precious and I want to hold them and never let them go. Also, Millie's younger brother, Henry, is just as precious and I just can't begin to describe my love for him. Tag and Millie's relationship was beautiful. Tag and Moses's friendship was beautiful. Everything was beautiful.

I admit, for about half the story, I didn't know where this was going, hence my 4 star rating. When everything came to place, I fell apart. I cried and I felt numb and so much pain.

Amy's books are always so deep and so meaningful. It opens your eyes to a lot of different things.

Nothing I say will do justice to how beautifully painful this book was. Just as beautifully painful as book 1, The Law of Moses. I definitely recommend this duology. But guard your heart!


Buddy reading with my wife Em because she doesn't want me to go through all the pain alone. <3
June 26, 2015
3.5 ★'s

I was excited when I heard that this was Tag's book especially from getting to know him as Moses' best friend in The Law of Moses. However, this book was nothing like I expected it to be.

The book starts out with Tag missing and Tag's girl friend, Amelia, has called Moses for some help. They then find some tapes that Tag has left and start listening to them...that's how we (sort of) get Tag's POV.

Tag starts telling his story from when he first sees Amelia and progresses through all through the ups and downs. We get to know Amelia and her brother, Henry, several of the guys who run Tag's shop, bar and gym, and of course, more of Moses and Georgia.


This book was depressing! Just the way it's set up, you know something bad is going to happen which really sucks because these two have already had enough bad things happen. It was just really hard for me to enjoy it with a cloud hanging over my head.

And even having Moses' POV didn't help. I kept feeling like certain ghosts were going to pop out any minute! And some did and luckily, not everything was bad.

There is a lot of drama but there's some good things too. The epilogue was interesting and definitely wraps things up. It only left me with one question:


The Good Stuff:

Dual Pov's? Just Tag and Moses'.

Steam Factor? (Scale 1 - 5) 3...wish there was more!

Angst? (Scale 1 - 5) 3...but OMG, that part between Henry and Tag - tearjerker!

Next book? I doubt it.


Favorite quotes:

♥ "I’d rather have a piece of a dream than no dream at all.”

♥ “Let me hear your song, Millie.”

“You mean my chord?”

“Nah. Your song. You’re a woman. Women don’t have just one chord.”

♥ "When you’re with me, I feel like I glimpse a David nobody else knows is there. It’s the Song of David, and nobody else can hear it but me.”

♥ “The most intimate thing we can do is to allow the people we love most to see us at our worst. At our lowest. At our weakest. True intimacy happens when nothing is perfect."

♦ BR w/Melissa!

Song for the book written by Amy Harmon's son, Paul Travis:

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Author 77 books12.5k followers
June 8, 2015
Every time I sit down to read an Amy Harmon novel, I immediately get a quiver of emotion somewhere deep inside me because I know I’m getting ready to be blown away, and the chances are after reading it I won’t ever be the same. The Song of David is no exception. I was enthralled from the first page. The Song of David is told in such a unique way that Harmon kept me wishing I could devour the pages so I could figure out what HAPPENED, and at the same time had me savoring every word as I slowly fell in love with David the same way he did Millie. It’s tender, sweet, hopeful, inspiring, and completely gut-wrenching at the same time. Few authors have the talent to pull off emotions the way Amy Harmon does…but she doesn’t just make us experience them, they are so often life-changing, forcing us to look deep within to what we believe and how we face the obstacles in our lives. The Song of David is simply beautiful. A must read. Yet another masterpiece from Amy Harmon. I am again blown away.
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1,059 reviews74.9k followers
Want to read
May 26, 2015
LOOOOVE the sound of this!!!

“I won my first fight when I was eleven years old, and I’ve been throwing punches ever since. Fighting is the purest, truest, most elemental thing there is. For me, heaven was the octagon. Until I met her… If heaven was the octagon, then she was my angel at the center of it all. The girl I wanted to fight for, the girl I wanted to claim. The girl who taught me that sometimes the biggest heroes go unsung and the most important battles are the ones we don’t think we can win.”

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February 28, 2018
I found The Song of David to be an incredibly emotional book. The love Tag and Millie share brought a smile to my face. As usual, Ms. Harmon delighted me with the devastating beauty of the stories she tells. I recommend this book to anyone in the mood for an emotional read.
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2,082 reviews861 followers
October 2, 2015
Song of David features, Tag who we met in The Law of Moses. The young man that found some closure through his gift and offered Moses a friend and a way to channel his gift. For years they have traveled, fought and lived but now David 'Tag" had planted roots. He's home. He has a team. And so the story begins.

But Tag has settled down (mostly), now he’s the proud owner of several businesses and is well on his way to a very successful career as a fighter. He has everything he ever wanted, well almost. There is something else he wants, something he didn’t know until he saw it, or rather her.

Millie wasn’t born this way, but she made the most of the life she was given. She found a way to continue to do the things she loved even if it seem impossible. Mille was just as much of a fighter as Tag was. Her fight just took place outside of a cage.

The Song of David begins with dueling POV between Millie and Moses (which I loved). But we get Tag’s story in his own voice, through his own eyes. It isn’t an easy story, but it was a beautiful story. I can’t say much more about this book. This is really one of those stories that can’t be explained, it just has to be experienced.

Amy Harmon has such a gift. Her writing is moving, emotional and just utterly stunning. I was so captivated by this story. And much like her prior books, inspired. Her writing doesn’t just entertain you, it moves you. Her voice is just powerful. Like, life changing powerful. Some books are here just to entertain you, but I can’t help but walk away from one of her books feeling like she gave me more than just words on a page. She inspires. She makes you take a closer look at who you are and who you want to be. I love this. I love that I can read her book and find something about her characters that makes me want to be a better person, or makes me want to fight harder for something that I love.

Another stellar book from this author. The Song of David won my heart, broke it and set it free.
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Author 29 books17.5k followers
November 26, 2017
Sometimes the most important battles are the ones we don’t think we can win.

The e-book of THE SONG OF DAVID is now available on Kindle Unlimited until February 4, 2018. AMAZON KINDLE

“When you’re with me, I feel like I glimpse a David nobody else knows is there. It’s the Song of David, and nobody else can hear it but me.”

“You can run. You can hide.
But here, there, heaven or hell, you can’t escape yourself.”

“Why was it that no one saw her,
yet she was the first thing I saw?”

The e-book of THE SONG OF DAVID is now available on Kindle Unlimited until February 4, 2018. AMAZON KINDLE

Copyright © Amy Harmon
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June 18, 2015
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual (Male)

David Taggert was a fighter since a very young age. He discovered not only he enjoyed fighting, but also good at it. Even though born privileged, he chose to pave his own way making a name for himself in the MMA circuit and built his own business that included a bar.

Amelie Anderson had passion for dancing. It was her escape from reality – the one thing that set her free and the reason she ended up as a dancer at Tag’s bar. Together, the forged an unlikely bond that taught them about being strong not only for each other, but also individually.

Tag’s was definitely one of my favorite sidekick. He first appeared in The Law of Moses and now his journey continued – front and center, after the events in the said book.

It was hard not to be taken by him. He was fun and kindhearted, always trying to make others feel better. A fighter who always fought for others.

“And I’d rather have a piece of a dream than no dream at all.”

I liked Millie a lot. Even with some roadblocks, she navigated through life with her head held high. She was a strong and inspiring character.

“He’s the eyes. I’m the heart. He’s the hands, and I’m the head. That’s what my mom used to say.”

Henry, Millie’s autistic brother totally captured my heart. His innocence was endearing and he taught the other characters around him a lesson or two in his own unique way.

“You rescue everyone. You have an invisible cape. You’ve been wearing it your whole life.”

Of course there was Moses, Tag’s best friend with the unbreakable bond they had. And what special about this book was how much Moses played a role in it. The book was presented in dual POV of the two best friends. Yet, never once I felt Moses overshadowing Tag or felt disconnected with Millie. It story was elaborated and blended seamlessly.

Overall, the story was beautifully written and the characters had good development. However, I did felt like something prevented me from being totally invested in the characters. Maybe I simply needed more heartbreak in between.

The Song of David is a standalone. However it is highly recommended for readers to read The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon first because the characters played big part in this book and for readers to understand the significance of their friendship better.

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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March 22, 2017
"You can’t see a song. You feel a song, you hear a song, you move to it. Just like I can’t see you, but I feel you, and I move toward you. When you’re with me, I feel like I glimpse a David nobody else knows is there. It’s the Song of David, and nobody else can hear it but me.”

Dammit, epilogue made me cry... :(

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July 2, 2015

“I’d rather have a piece of a dream than no dream at all.”

There’s nothing like a book that devastates you in the best possible way, and then leaves you seeing the world through different eyes. Amy Harmon’s words have the power to make us see what we are often too blind to notice, or to present a whole new perspective on life, her unconventional stories touching every hidden corner of our hearts, and embedding themselves so deeply in there, changing us, changing our perception of life itself, while inevitably raising the bar for every great book we read after that. Just like all her other stories, this is a book that takes the reader on an unprecedented emotional journey that is as distinctive as it is utterly beautiful in its approach and honesty. A story of true love, a love in its purest, most selfless of forms—this is a book I savoured in its entirety for as long as I could, basking in its exquisiteness and drawing comfort from its gentle bravery. Give Amy Harmon a pen and she’ll show you the kind of breathtaking beauty you never even knew existed, and with this book, she most definitely took my breath away.

“The world was a scary place for most people. For Amelie, it was downright lethal. She was completely vulnerable… And yet she didn’t hesitate at all.”

This story takes off at a very distressing moment in these characters’ lives, but we do not know the reason behind what has happened. So, as we slowly peel off the layers of a love story like no other, we are made privy to every single detail of their courtship, all leading us toward the instant when their lives change forever.

David “Tag” Taggert is a free-spirited young man who spent his youth searching for a place to belong to, a place that would ground him and give him purpose, and he has found that very place in everything he’s built under the ‘Tag Team’ label and in the people he surrounded himself with, especially his best friend, Moses. But something in Tag has snapped and he has abandoned the love of his life, leaving her with their entire story narrated on a collection of tapes.

“She was a brand new species, an intoxicating mix of girl and enigma, familiar yet completely foreign.”

Amelie “Millie” Anderson is a blind girl who entered Tag’s life like a quiet hurricane, filling his senses with her enduring courage and tenacity, kindness and generosity, until all he sees is her. She becomes his whole world, loving her and protecting her from harm becoming his first priority in life, until he becomes convinced that that power is taken away from him forever, making him unworthy of her love if he can no longer be the strong one in their relationship.

“Millie had become my favorite sight, my favorite smell, my favorite taste, my favorite sound. My favorite.”

But Millie’s strength is one of the things that made him fall in love with her in the first place and it is that very strength that brings things back into focus for him, showing him that some people are worth suffering for, regardless of how much one wishes to protect them from harm.

“I’m always going to try to protect you. That’s who I am. That’s what I do.”

A slow-burning, heart-warming romance that enchants us with its simplicity and candour—this is a book that made my heart hurt, on more than one occasion, but it never made it stop growing too, filling it with positivity and hope. Amy Harmon has this uncanny ability to make us care for every character she creates, whatever their story might be, turning us from silent observers into emotionally invested participants. Millie and Tag were no exception, their tender love story enthralling us with its gripping pace and momentous set of life lessons colouring its every page. I had no idea where this story was heading, I was crushed by it too many times to count, but I walked away with a spring in my step, knowing that life is made of as much darkness as it is of light, and that one does not need to see either to know they are there, forever intertwined and making life worth living for.

“You can’t see a song. You feel a song, you hear a song, you move to it. Just like I can’t see you, but I feel you, and I move toward you. When you’re with me, I feel like I glimpse a David nobody else knows is there. It’s the Song of David, and nobody else can hear it but me.”

See this review on my blog! | Follow me on Facebook! | Follow me on Twitter!

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1cL7L7r
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1AgfRzH
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1dfnRXV
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September 23, 2015
“Are you going to devastate me David?” she asked.

“God, I hope not,” I prayed aloud.

Anticipation dissolved the lingering space between us, and I pressed my needy lips to her seeking mouth. And then we melded together, hands clinging, bodies surging, music moaning, dancing in the wreckage. Sweet, sweet devastation.

“Too late...” I thought I heard her whisper.


Genre: Romance
Cover: 9/10
Writing: 10/10
Heroine: 9/10
Hero: 10/10
Humour: 3/10
Hotness: 1/10
Romance: 10/10
Extra book Details: Hero/s POV; 1st person. 2nd in the series, can be read as a stand alone.

I loved the style of storytelling and beautiful writing.
I loved the theme of fate and the emotionally driven tale.
I loved the lead characters and their personality traits.
I loved the addition of Henry and his humour added a whole new level of awesomeness.
I loved the sense of togetherness and the incredibly enjoyable scenes painted between David and the other characters.

Yeah, all in all, I loved this book. Highly recommend to everyone, even if you haven't read the first, even if you didn't like the first.

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June 17, 2015
Devastatingly Beautiful, a favorite of the year!

“Sometimes submission meant releasing pride, letting someone else take the reins, trusting someone with your love and your life, even though they didn’t deserve it.”

I can tell you one thing for certain, I have never read a book like The Song of David before! It is a beautiful love story which will have you on the edge of your seat turning each page as you follow their story.

Without giving spoilers, I will say that this story is a love story told via a series of audio tapes. Essentially, it is an audiobook within the pages of a book. It is stunning. It is passionate. It is gripping. The switch between “then” and “now” was seamless and at times heart-wrenching.

It is also a love story between three people; Millie, Henry and Tag.

“He’s special, [Tag] and he makes me feel special.” “I can feel it in my chest, the way I can’t ever really catch my breath when he’s around. I feel it in my stomach too, the way it flips when he says my name. And mostly, I feel it when he talks to Henry. He’s gentle. And he’s sweet.”

But really, I am without words to describe the beauty of this book. It is a love story within a love story, a book within a book... an emotional rollercoaster ride, that I gladly took. I bawled ugly tears and happy tears, I laughed too. Amy Harmon was a puppet master and my heart and emotions were her toys. She played with them at will and I let her. I felt my heart squeeze both from joy and from heart ache. As soon as I was up, she had me free falling. One moment I would be enjoying the slow build romance and the incredibly endearing way Tag was with Millie, the next, I was bawling because of their love for one another. One moment I was laughing with Henry, the next he had me bawling because of the way he understood the world. GAH, I was a wreck. My husband and son were concerned!

“So who takes care of Millie?” I whispered.
“I don’t need to be taken care of, Tag,” I whispered back. “I’ve been trying to tell you that.”
“Need and want are two different things.” I swallowed once, trying to convince myself that I didn’t want what I wanted very, very much.

I have to be completely honest here. When I began reading this, while I loved Amy Harmon’s writing, I was having a difficult time connecting with the story. The melancholy feeling was a little too much for my already melancholy mood. I started reading this as I was on the very long drive taking my daughter to her college orientation. So my mind wasn’t in the right place. Gratefully, I took a break that night and the next day and didn’t resume reading until the drive back home that next night. I am so glad I took that break. I think sometimes it is as much about the book that we read as it is about our mindset when we read it . Had my mind not been in the right place, I would have missed out on all the beauty and the incredible story that Amy Harmon crafted.

This book had it all for me; it made me THINK and FEEL! I loved it!

ARC graciously provided in exchange for honest review

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January 23, 2016
Amy Harmon, I swear this woman knows how to deliver the feels. I love Amy Harmon and when I met her last year in Cleveland, I fangirled so hard I was crying. It’s so embarrassing and now my bestie and I actually call fangirling “Amy Harmoning.” Before a signing when I am going on and on about my love for an author, she will be like are you going to Amy Harmon her?

All joking aside this book is just another reason why I love her. Amy Harmon writes books so beautiful, unique and full of emotion that you immediately fall into them. Her books consume me when I am reading them. I get so immersed in the story I feel like I know the characters and miss them when I finish.

Sometimes the most important battles are the ones we don’t think we can win.

Song of David is no exception to the Amy Harmon Experience. You will get lost in the story and fall in love with these imperfect people, who just want what everyone wants: love and acceptance.

I loved David’s ability to love and see beyond superficial things. I loved Millie’s strength, determination and fight. I loved Henry and his ability to see things and his unique way of showing his emotions and communicating. I loved Moses for being the friend to David that he needed. I loved all of Tag Team, because no one fights alone, there’s no “I" in team.

Song of David will pull at your heart and definitely make you realize what’s important. I love books that transition and alter your thought process. I love books that make you reflect and want to do more and be better. Lastly, I love the poetic writing and delivery of such a beautiful story. I highly recommend!

I listened to the audio version this book. The audio is fantastic, the narrators did a fantastic job!

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1,655 reviews1,009 followers
June 22, 2015
My rating is between a 3.5 stars and a 4 stars. I found that I enjoyed the first book way better than "The Song of David." It wasn't a bad read, I just found that at times it dragged a bit and I was much more charmed by the secondary characters than I was of the hero and heroine. In saying that though, I did like Millie and Tag, I just wasn't fully invested in their relationship. Quite possibly because there was no sex in this book..(yes, I sound like I'm a crude person; but hey, I like hot sex in most of my romances!!!) There were a few intimate moments between Tag and Millie; but they were very surfaced and not many at that. The unique friendship that develops between them though, was very heartwarming, and did suck me in a bit. The show stealer for me was Millie's brother, who was autistic and could quote any athletes stats from the dawn of time to the present. He was such a neat character, and I found I would have been quite content to have all of the scenes with him in it!

This story was told in a very unique way. It is told through Moses and Tag. With Tag though, it is done via a tape recording that he has left for Millie of him talking about his feelings on when they first met etc...It isn't until very later on in the book that we are in the present day moment. Mind you, when Moses is sharing his POV, it is in the present time. It all sounds confusing, and to be honest..the first 10% of the book I was feeling lost! It took me a bit to remember details from the first book, as well as to figure out what the heck was going on! There were times I actually felt like I might be dumb that I couldn't figure out what was what!

All in all though, Amy Harmon still has my utmost respect when it comes to her writing skills. She never fails to capture my attention and draw me into the story that is being told. She always seems to take readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, and does it in a way that no one else has ever thought of. I love that her stories are built mainly on friendships, and they always have substance.

The epilogue left me with a huge question at the end, and I'm glad I read this story with my Buddy Steph...I absolutely was greatful to be able to ask her what she thought the ending all meant!!!
Thank you once again Steph, for the wonderful Buddy read!!! It's been a pleasure as always--even though we had a hard time hooking up!;-P
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February 6, 2017
You know a book is good when your heart pounds and you have tears threatening to escape nearly the entire time. And then they do escape and your kids look at you like you're crazy for crying over a book. But they just don't understand that Amy Harmon makes you cry!

I loved the way this book was written. It was unique. I actually looked up Braille letters and numbers. I loved how Tag told their story, and I loved how Moses was such a prominent part of the book. While I did guess at some of the events that were happening in chapters ahead, this book still kept me on the edge of my seat wondering where exactly Amy was taking the story. It is a beautifully told story, and beautiful doesn't even come close to fully describing it.

The ending left me wanting more, though I understand why it ended the way it did. It fit absolutely perfectly with the rest of the story, even though I was left screaming, "MORE! I NEED MORE!"

Five stars and kudos to Amy for another beautifully written book!

First read 6/5/15 - 6/5/15
Second read (audio) 1/23/17 - 2/2/17 and it is still.so.good. The audiobook is phenomenal! I loved the narrators. I love this book so much.

Is it wrong for me to already want to rate the book as 5 stars, based solely on Amy Harmon's past awesomeness? It's going to be amazing!! Can. Not. Wait.
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June 13, 2015
The Song of David by Amy Harmon
5 stars!!

“He was clearly telling a love story. And my experience with love led me to believe this story would not end well. Love stories tend to be tragic.”

It is no secret that I am a huge Amy Harmon fan but every time I open one of her books I never know what to expect, I never know what journey I’m going to be taken on, I just go with the flow and expect the unexpected. Her stories are always unique, always heart felt and always extremely well written, she is one of the masters of story-telling and this book is no different.

“…I’m all or nothing, all the time.”

I will say, I highly recommend you read The Law of Moses before reading this book. Moses is quite an integral character in this book and I feel you would benefit knowing the complete history between Moses and Tag as you read this story. Told in dual POV by Tag and Moses, the way in which Amy Harmon has delivered this story is pure genius. For a romance you would never have thought, but this works and it works amazingly well.

“Since the moment I saw you. It devastated me. And I love when a girl devastates me.”
“I’ve never devastated anyone before…”

Tag was introduced in The Law of Moses and this is his story. Once again, Amy Harmon delivers a character that you cannot help but fall in love with. Tag is a big man with a huge heart. While he is tough and angry on the outside, he is a pile of mush on the inside but only a few ever get to see that side of him. Tag is an MMA fighter, he uses this as an outlet for his anger and this man holds a lot of anger. We know his back story, we know where Tag and Moses met and we know that they saved each other and borne from this is a friendship that is so deep and a friendship that will last a lifetime. This relationship is prevalent throughout as the importance of friendships is really hammered home in this book.

“We’d run away together as lost boys looking for Neverland and somehow managed to come full circle as men.”

For me this was a book of two halves, from the very first word I was drawn in and as you read the beginning you cannot help but get that deep sense of foreboding. I spent the first half of the book on tenterhooks, waiting for the cards to fall while silently falling in love with another two characters.

“…the world is too flat, people like me will slide right off.”

Millie was an amazing character, she is one of the strongest female leads I have read about in a long time. While most would have given up and thrown in the towel Millie was made of stronger stuff. She was resilient, she never gave up, she made the best of the hand that she had been dealt, she was strong, she was empathetic, she was loyal, she was just a beautiful character inside and out. You knew where you stood with Millie, she told it how it was, she didn’t sugar coat, but sometimes you need someone like that, she was refreshing and she was just what Tag needed.

“Men have always fought. Women have always danced. We’re as old-fashioned as it gets…we’re timeless.”

While most would never have given Millie a second glance or the time of day Tag was different, while others ridiculed and only saw the surface, Tag took the time to get to know the person underneath. They were total opposites, but they worked and they worked so well together. They brought out the best in each other and they gave each other what the other one needed. They may have been opposites but they were the final two pieces of a puzzle and when they last two pieces fitted together a beautiful story was born.

“Bullshit. You collect lost causes and charity cases like old, white women collect cats.”

As I said above, we are introduced to two new characters, Millie being one and her brother Henry being the other. I have to mention Henry, he was adorable. Another misunderstood kid that had struggled with life in general. He had his issues and Millie had been there for him through thick and thin, but his relationship with Tag was heart melting. Henry needed Tag and Henry gave Tag another sense of purpose. To see these two together was smile inducing, their relationship was a joy to see unfurl and the growth in Henry as a person was an amazing side story. You cannot help but fall in love with Henry, such an inspirational character. This is another Amy Harmon speciality, her side characters can be just as integral to the overall story and their presence just as important and Henry definitely fit’s the bill, he was akin to Bailey from Making Faces.

“He’s the eyes. I’m the heart. He’s the hands, and I’m the head.”

The second half of this book is where Amy Harmon becomes an emotional powerhouse, if I didn’t have a lump in my throat, I had tears in my eyes which slowly progressed to a constant river of salt water. Few authors have that emotional impact, that punch to the gut but Amy Harmon delivers it effortlessly. Such is the character connection that your heart just breaks as this story unfolds before your eyes., the plethora of emotions you go through on this emotional journey will leave you feeling drained but you will know that you have read a great book, an amazing book. This is an emotional gauntlet, your emotions constantly on the edge, but at the end of the day this is a story that is full of hope, of love, of understanding and most importantly friendships.

“This was where we started our journey. And this is where it ended.”

This was a perfectly balanced book, you had that sense of dread, but it was lightened with some great dialogue, great one liners that will have you giggling and laughing. Yes it is emotional, but it is also uplifting. Amy Harmon always manages to do this to me, her words, the sentiments, the flawless writing always deliver a story that you will never forget. A story that will stay with you forever and characters that will leave their imprint on your heart. The Song of David is one of my favourites of Amy Harmon’s and is definitely a book I will never forget and will re-read time and time again.

“Let me be your best of burden, my back is broad to ease your hurtin…”

As usual, I was not disappointed, I am just left in awe at this author, she never fails me and once again has delivered a perfect, poignant story. I seriously cannot recommend this author highly enough.

“I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do…”


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Author 17 books150 followers
June 15, 2015
6 devastating stars
2015 Top favourite

When a story make you remember that one day you were David, it's impossible not to cry. Some stories are like deja vu of past feelings that are difficult to remember. The fear is the worst of them.
Like David I killed the giant but I know that sometimes they are more... and they are hidden.
I will beat them again!

Congrats Amy Harmon for this brilliant story.

Review in portuguese.

Sempre me orgulhei de ler de tudo, de ler muito, de querer ler mais.
Admiro autores que me fazem querer fugir de um livro e esconder-me em algum sítio onde os sentimentos literários não me consumam em demasia; outras vezes deixo-me cair em queda livre, sem suporte, e sabendo que no final irá doer. Eu quero/preciso/necessito dessa dor - literária e sentimental.

The Song of David foi isso tudo. Uma dor de fechar um livro e saber que certas lágrimas são necessárias. Porque enquanto dói há vida, e enquanto ela existe, a esperança também.

Como sempre não irei dar nenhuma pista sobre este livro ou o seu tema. Venham cegos para a leitura. Muitas vezes é na escuridão que melhor vemos.
Nunca leio resenhas antes do livro porque muitas explicam a história. Digo sempre que tudo que escrevo é escondido e só após a leitura é que percebem os sentimentos que passei na resenha.
Leiam este livro sabendo que vai mexer convosco até ao final. E que final poeticamente sentimental, mesmo com um sorriso que nos retira lágrimas.

Primeiro, aconselho vivamente a leitura prévia do livro The Law of Moses > pois o protagonista tem muita importância nesta história. Para mim um livro não existe sem o outro. Tag e Moses são a extensão da existência mútua.

The Song of David aborda as partes mais singelas da vida: Amor puro que surge naturalmente. Um amor que não vê a beleza exterior, mas como a pessoa vive as pequenas coisas da vida.
Foca essencialmente sobre viver.
Precisamos viver a vida. Uma vivência perfeita ou não; boa ou dolorosa é só importante se tivermos algo: Amor.
Amor do melhor amigo que ri contigo e chora por ti;
Amor de adolescente que te idolatra na sua forma peculiar de ser;
Amor de lutadores duros por fora, mas que ardem por dentro.
E, o mais importante, o amor de alguém que viu mais do que um rosto e um corpo.
Alguém que ouviu um som e tornou-o o seu favorito.
Tornou-o a sua canção favorita.

Tag é o tudo. O nada.
A coragem. O medo.
O riso do fundo do peito. O choro que sai dolorosamente.
É a melodia. A melhor canção.
O melhor som.
O melhor e o pior sofrimento.

Millie, Ah... doce Millie.
Sempre mostrei o meu amor exacerbado às protagonistas da Amy Harmon. Making Faces (Beleza Perdida) trouxe uma das minhas favoritas de sempre e a Millie conseguiu atingir esse patamar. Termino este livro apaixonada por ela da forma mais intensa.

Ela é perfeita para o Tag. O meu coração apertou até ao seu limite com tudo que estes dois viveram e como ela mostrou ao Tag que os heróis às vezes precisam retirar a capa e deixar que alguém cuide deles.

Certas vezes apaixonarmo-nos é um simples caminhar de braço dado. Um gesto. Um sorriso. É pararmos para sentir e ouvir o som das bolhas de um refrigerante sem perceber que somos "vistas".

Este livro, que se tornou favorito de 2015, faz uma ligação a David e Golias. Aos fracos e fortes. Aos pequenos que vencem gigantes.
E aos gigantes escondidos mas que estão lá...e quando os vemos sabemos que será difícil vencermos, mas não impossível.

Porque as vezes as batalhas mais importantes são aquelas que pensamos que não conseguiremos vencer.

Making Faces foi o meu favorito de 2013.
The Law of Moses de 2014.
The Song of David de 2015.
Se aconselho? Cegamente!
Sem suporte.
Sem medo.
Mas sintam as dores porque vai doer.

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