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Tall, dark, and dangerously handsome, Zane "Tracker" Colter is the strong, silent type of tattooed muscle biker who drives women wild. But as a master of strategy for the outlaw MC club, Sinner's Tribe, he doesn't have time to play around with groupies and biker chicks-especially when he can't stop thinking about Evie, the girl who got away...

Evie's been in love with Zane ever since they were children-until he broke her heart and disappeared. Now he's back in her life, bigger and badder than ever. Zane is stunned by how beautiful and confident Evie's become, using her artistic talent to customize motorcycles. He wants her so bad, he'd ride through fire to win her back. There's one problem: Evie is dating his deadliest rival-the leader of the Black Jacks-and if Evie and Zane hook up, there'll be hell to pay... in Sinner's Steel.

Sarah Castille's Sinner's Tribe series is:

"Raw, rugged, and romantic." -Eden Bradley, New York Times bestselling author
"A sexy and dangerous ride!"-Roni Loren, New York Times bestselling author

350 pages, ebook

First published October 6, 2015

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Sarah Castille

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Sarah Castille, writes contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense featuring blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them. A recovering lawyer and caffeine addict, she worked and traveled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies.

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October 5, 2015
~4.5 Sinning Stars~


"That's the thing about love. It makes the impossible possible. And it won't be denied."

Sinner's Steel is the third book in the Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club. I have thoroughly enjoyed each installment in this series and Zane and Evie's story did not disappoint!


Zane aka "TRACKER" is a loyal member of the Sinner's MC! He is best friend's with the club president! The Sinner's have been at war with the JACKS MC for several years. While tracking a Sinner defector, they stumble upon a woman from Zane's past.

"Intimacy and connection only lead to pain. And she'd had enough pain to last a lifetime."-Evie

Evie is a single mom working hard to make ends meet. She has a precious little boy and has recently started dating a biker. Coincidentally, she is Zane's long lost love and the biker she is dating is none other than VIPER (the President of the JACKS MC)!!! Needless to say, this is a recipe for disaster! As Zane and Evie begin to reconnect, secrets are revealed. Lost love is rekindled and passion is reignited (like it had never died in the first place)!

"Never in his life had he felt such a complete and utter conviction that he was exactly where he was meant to be. Here. In Evie's arms."-Zane


Sinner's Steel offers a riveting concoction of action, bikes, deception, steamy sex, romance, and brotherhood "MC style"! The Sinner's MC is a perfect series for MC lovers that like to live "a little" on the dangerous side but not tread the dark waters of MC violence. In other words, it isn't unicorns and rainbows but instead more like "Sons of Anarchy Light"!


"Mine before. Mine now. Mine always."-Zane

The dialogue is witty, the character development is complex, and the story arc is well developed. Told in dual POV, Sinner's Steelis a beautiful story of redemption and second chances. I found both of the main characters to be extremely likable and well matched for one another. Additionally, Ms. Castille continues to develop the secondary characters (without hindering the plot line) in order to build anticipation for further reads in the series. Although certain elements of the plot were somewhat predictable, the manner in which the story unfolds was very entertaining! Not to mention the steam factor in this read is full speed ahead. Zane and Evie were simply HOT together!


"I don't want to hurt you."-Zane

"Only hurting that will happen is if you don't let me love you."-Evie


Overall, I highly recommend Sinner's Steel. Although it can be read as a stand alone, I recommend you read each book in the series (from the beginning) in order to truly understand the dynamics of the club as a whole. I will be watching for the release of book 4. I have no doubt this series will just continue to get better and better with each book!

~ARC graciously provided via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review!~

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September 27, 2015


** 4 “Hold on tight, sweetheart.” STARS **

“I don’t want to need you, but I do. I need you like the air I breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat. I need you because you are the only thing that keeps the darkness away. YOU ARE MY LIGHT, Evie, MY HOPE, MY SALVATION.”


Evie and Zane fell in love with each other at a kindergarden yard. Evie was just 8 and Zane was 10, but it was REAL. For 9 years, they kept their feeling for each other bottled, and the night when they finally came clean about it all… was their last night together.


Zane “Tracker” Colton, the VP of Sinner’s Tribe MC, is a man of few words. He doesn’t party like his fellow brothers do. He doesn’t bring women to the club. He doesn’t smile much. At least not since he was 19 years old… Since the night he lost the girl that he loved with all his heart. The girl that had no loyalty and no faith in her. The one that didn't wait for him...


Evangeline waited for the love of her life for 3 years. Waited and hoped that he would come back like he promised to… But when he didn’t show up, Evie got over her one true love, and moved on with her life –as much as a person can do with a broken heart.


When life makes sure that their roads cross once again, Evie and Zane don’t know how to deal with the pain and regret. They are both very different people now, and there is so much heartbreak, despair and fury from the past between them now.

How can someone forget and forgive?

“Whatever it takes for you to trust me, I’ll do. If you want me to go slow, I’ll go slow. If you need gentle, I’ll be gentle. I will do what it takes, however long it takes. But I won’t let anyone else have you. YOU ARE MINE, EVIE. You’ve been mine since you were 8 years old. And now that I’ve found you again, I’m not gonna let you go.


This book would have been PURRRRRFECT if the female MC wasn't a total moron. She never listened. She never tried to understand. She never even trusted HER OWN instincts. Sure, Zane had made some pretty huge mistakes in the past, but that doesn't justify Evie acting like a stubborn idiot. Nope, it does not. Especially when he is doing EVERYTHING HE CAN to make it all up to her and gain her trust once again.

OVERALL: A wonderful second-chance story with an annoying-as-hell heroine.

Special Note For The Author: The scene below almost made me puke out of disgust for Evie's character. Or lack of, in this case. Very distasteful, and NOT sexy or sweet AT ALL.

“You want me to f*ck you so damn hard you can’t think of anything but the orgasm I won’t give you till you beg?”

“God, yes. Make me pay for letting Please, Zane. Make it all go away.”


Undermining an event that tragic with a sex scene like this almost made me want to 1-star the sh*t outta your book, but I stopped myself, because I'm nice like that.

Just a little tip for your future work.

** ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **
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September 21, 2015
Release Date,October 6th 2015

Story Rating ~ 5 Stars
Hero Rating ~ 5 Stars
Heroine Rating ~ 4 Stars
Romance Rating ~ 4 Stars
Action Rating ~ 4 Stars
Heat Level ~ 3.75 Stars
Ending ~ 4 Stars
Overall Rating ~ 4 Sinner’s Tribe Stars!

 photo 364dd3f7-fbff-497c-a675-f8633c57d7fc_zpsvbuuyxau.jpg

Sinner’s Steel was a FANTASTIC read for me. I enjoyed every moment and was quickly hooked into the story line.

Zane and Evie had known each other since they were children along with Jagger the three of them were best friends. As they grew older, Zane and Evie became closer and fell deeply in love only to be torn apart by Evie’s father. A tragic advent took place and Zane had to leave Evie behind but he made a promise that he would come back to her.

Its years later when these two meet up again. Zane is now the VP of The Sinners MC Club. Evie is an artist who paints special art pieces onto motorcycles. When they meet up, the strong attraction between them still exists but there are circumstances that leave them both holding back. As the book progresses we learn about these issues and some surprises unfold that added so much more to the overall story.

This is NO sugar coated MC romance. There is plenty of violence going on especially since the Sinners are at war with a rival MC club called The Black Jack’s. Buildings are blown up, people are stabbed, shot, kidnapped and killed. There was plenty of action going on, never a dull moment.

 photo 216_zpsejbql9ct.gif

I fell hard and fast for Zane. The love he had for Evie was breath taking. He loved Evie for all those years and never once gave his heart to another. He was a strong, sexy protective man with a very dominate streak. Even though he was not a sweet talker he said some sworn worthy things that melted my heart.

”Whatever it takes for you to trust me, I’ll do.” He wrapped his hand around her neck and leaned down to kiss her cheek. “If you want me to go slow, I’ll go slow. If you need gentle, I’ll be gentle. I will do what it takes, however long it takes. But I won’t let anyone else have you. You are mine Evie. You’ve been mine since you were eight years old. And now that I’ve found you again, I’m not gonna let you go.”

 photo flames_zpstcsylzgl.gif

”I don’t want to need you, but I do.” His voice rose, wavered. “I need you like the air I breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat. I need you because you’re the only thing that keeps the darkness away. You are my light Evie, my hope, my salvation.”

Evie was also an excellent character. She was tender and loving but she could also be strong, brave and courageous when she needed to be. There was one thing that bothered me about her character, I felt it took her too long to realize that she could not be without Zane in her life.

It takes a while for these two to finally give into their feelings and hit the sheets. Some of these scenes are sensual and tender but most of them are HARD and SCORCHING HOT! I really felt their attraction and yes these scenes turned me on.

In the end, we get a wonderful epilogue that wrapped up everything except the evil villain Viper. He is still on the loose so I’m hoping and wondering if we will meet up in another Sinner’s Tribe book so he can finally be taken down. I have no idea who the hero will be in the next book but I do know for a fact, I’ll be reading it.

*An ARC was generously provided to me via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*
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September 26, 2015
*ACR copy in exchange for an honest review *

★★★ 3.25 I-loved-you-for-years stars ★★★


MY Thought's on the book:
Humm..Where do I begin? Im still a bit unsure about how I feel when it comes to this book.

Initially I was very excited to read this one after reading & loving BEYOND THE CUT (Book 2) last week. l adored the characters and Sarah Castielle’s story-telling so much, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to read the next book as soon as possible.

But SINNER’s STEEL somehow missed the mark for me. It wasn’t exactly the story, because to be honest you do have a solid plot woven into the characters but more the CHEMISTRY between EVIE & ZANE that didn’t hit me.The heat ? It just wasn’t there.

Oh don’t get me wrong there were LOADS of sexy times lovelies, but I didn’t really feel much for these two to actually care. With all the angst and character background the plot carried, I felt like this book had SO MUCH potential but for some reason just couldn’t reach there.There was just too much going on.

Nevertheless I did enjoy the story, SINNER’S STEEL was sweeter in a light way.

Would I recommend this read ?
Yes defiantly.I have no doubt that all my fellow GR readers with a love for a bit lighter MC Books will enjoy this read :)

Will I be continuing the series ?
Oh yes ! Will defiantly be looking forward to reading more of the series as they come.
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October 13, 2015
I have to make a statement. It was my first book in this series. I know that it can be read independently. But I planned to read the entire series, and I am extremely disappointed that I did not have enough time. I love MC series and is a much better read as a series. I think then you can experience better this group. But anyway, it was very pleasant reading, and I planned to go back for more!

“You and me, sweetheart … it’s never just anything.”

***Quick Review:***

Series: The third in a Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club series. Can be read as stand alone.
Grade/Tag Tabs: Romantic Suspense. Second chance romance.
Release Date: October 6th 2015.
Main characters: Zane "Tracker" Colter and Evie.
Secondary characters: We have here, obviously the whole crew of MC. Some of them we know from previous parts.
Sensitive topic:
Love triangle:

Next in the series? There is no information yet, but I think so.

For who I would recommend? For someone who likes to read books about Motorcycle Club, of course.


About the plot: Zane, Evie and Jagger (hero of the first book) were childhood friends. For nine years they were inseparable. However, between Evie and Zane feelings grew more than friendship, feelings, they afraid to admit for years. To one night when everything changed. They admitted their feelings for each other, but it was their first and last night together.

Now Zane is the Vice President of the Sinner’s Tribe MC. He shuns people, lives in the shadows, is hurt by the only woman he ever loved and can not forget.

Evie, however, had through difficult years. Everyone she cared about left her. People who had to help, disappointed her. Now she has a new life in Conundrum, and works as a artist who customizes motorcycles. And the only person she cares about is her son, Ty.

But as always life has its own plans and their paths cross again. They again must face each other. But nothing is like it used to be. They are not the same people. Despite the strong feelings that are still between them. They can not forgive themself. And even if they do, Evie is not convinced that she wants to live a life that Zane now lives.

Final thoughts: In this book we get just what you'd expect from a book about a Motorcycle MC. There is a lot of action, cursing, friendship and obviously rough hot scenes. There are also adorable and funny scenes with Ty. He is the champion in this book. I could ask for that even more.

“Batman. He’s the only true superhero”
“Duh.” Ty rolled his eyes and pointed to his Batman pajamas. “I know that.”

Nobody had ever said “duh” to Zane since … well, ever. (...)
“You allowed to say ‘duh’ to a grown-up?” Ty shot him a sideways look.
“You allowed to say shit to a kid?”
Damn. The kid was smart.

Very fast and out of control action. A lot has happened but skipping are sometimes so fast that you can get lost. But the most disturbing could be their uncertainty. There is a lot of anxiety. They have go through much to be together to the end. But Zane is an amazing hero, and it must be said that he fought for his woman. And that's what I think we like most, right?

“I wanna see you, my sweet Evie. I wanna bare your body , lick every inch of you, feel your skin against mine . I wanna be inside you so deep you forget everything but me.”

So if you like a good adventure with the boys on motorcycles, this series is worthy of your attention.


ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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October 7, 2015
ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review


“ She was his. And he wanted her body and soul.”

If you are fan of rough, sexy, raw, intense and gritty MC romance novels then I highly recommend that you read the Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club series by Sarah Castille. In this dark and dangerous world of bikers, Ms. Castille takes her readers down a vivid and raw journey of bikers, rival clubs, and the fierce ladies who are willing to go beyond the means to protect and stand by their men.


In this third installment, Sinner's Steel , Sarah Castille perfectly weaves a raw, gritty and intense perspective of bikers, MC clubs, and the code of brotherhood that these bikers live and die for. In this gripping and riveting tale, Sarach Castille immerses her readers in this all consuming complicated love story in the background of revenge, first love, second chances, loss, forgiveness, and chicanery. So when two former lovers are reunited and have their lives collide, can passion, memories, lust, desire and forgiveness be enough to reignite the sparks for a second chance at love? Or will the years separated forged two different paths in their lives?

“ I have always loved you. I've lived my life in the shadows because I couldn't let you go.”

Zane "Tracker" Colter, a VP for the MC club, Sinner's Tribe has been living the outlaw life for nine years. With a warrant for arrest back in his hometown of Stanton, Montana, Zane knew he could never go back. Accused for a murder he didn't commit, he has been living with a secret that he knows will destroy the woman he loves. Evie has always been the one. She owned his heart the moment he laid his eyes on her when he was 10 years old. Zane and Evie promised each other forever but when Zane suddenly had to disappear, she was destroyed. When Zane returned back for Evie, he was too late because she seemed to have moved on. So call it fate or what not, when Zane and Evie's lives collide nine years later, a possible second chance to reignite that love lingers. But what happens when Zane learns that Evie is now dating the rival MC president of the Sinner's Tribe. Can he just sit back and let Evie be with an evil man? How far will Zane go to get back the girl he lost? Can love conquer all?


The sexual chemistry and bond that exists between Zane and Evie was sizzling and palpable. Their connection was the cementing foundation of what it means to sacrifice, honor, respect, and fight for your love. Though their love may be complicated, I loved how Ms. Castille kept their romance heated with passion as danger and doubts begins to surface. I loved how the author kept this book an MC trope but incorporated the elements of love, family, brotherhood, and second chances to be a forefront in the book.

“Mine before. Mine now. Mine always.”

Sinner's Steel was such an intense, raw, brazen and gritty perspective of the world of bikers and biker clubs. The writing was so gripping that you can't help but be immersed into the story as you await what danger, unexpected surprises and twist of events that awaits for Zane and Evie. This book is a reminder that although time may have pass, the memories and intense love shared between Zane and Evie remains. Though this book takes on a dangerous, rough, and brazen perspective of the lives of bikers, Ms. Castille was still able to paint a vivid and lively picture of two characters finding comfort, solace, forgiveness, and family with one another. Beyond the scars, heartaches, sadness, loss, and time lost, lies a story of what it means to truly protect the ones you love even if it means death. What I most enjoyed about this book was the raw tangible emotions coursing throughout the story. Every hurt, pain, heartache, loss, guilt, and hope were so palpable that you couldn't help but feel the strong connection for Zane and Evie. Your heart will ache for their happiness. With a hair-raising and fast paced story line that will keep you on the edge of your seats and blood pumping, Ms. Castille will take you on one dangerous ride where there is no turning back because once you read one Sinner's Motorcycle Club series, you will be a sinner for life. So if you are look for a book where intrigue, suspense, brotherhood, honor, passion, revenge, heartache, first love and second chances are all entangled in a sophisticated, sexy, and steamy MC Romance then I highly recommend you to read Sinner's Steel.


Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Sarah Castille
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August 14, 2015
ARC received for review

4.5 stars

Oh yeah, Zane was as hot and awesome and yummy and kinky, as I knew he would be. Evie was great for him as a teenager and even more so now. Ty was a sweet kid except when he found Zane sleeping on his pillow in Mama's bed. That was great. A real kid one with a mouth, and not afraid to show his feelings not a perfect little angel who did no wrong. (I'm really tired of those.)

It's only 4.5 stars because as I've said before you can't be 5 stars with holes. There's no cliffy and amazing HEA for Zane and Evie and Ty, but holes. Can't tell you them cause I don't do spoilers.

Now who's next....can't wait for more Sinners!!
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September 13, 2015
~ARC kindly provided by St. Martin's Press via Netgalley~

5 Delicious Zane Stars!


I said it and I knew it, VP Zane "Tracker" Colter was going to be the Sinner that brought me to my knees! This probably won't make any sense but when I read a series the first book holds the hero that I tend to feel no other will compare. If they're made alpha and dirty, how can I not? Therefore, I don't usual continue unless it's all about the same main characters. That may have to change because since I received an ARC for this, I decided I would go back and read the first two and I'm beyond happy I did because THESE badass men are sexy and dirty and drove me crazy in the best way. In book #1 and #2 you didn't hear much from him. Zane always in the shadows, mysterious, all work and no play. It was very obvious there was a back story of him being ruined by a female but it was never mentioned who or what or why. This is his story and all of that will be answered.

[image error] photo 24f7e083f04bc9d54e26d6230b7f497d_zpskv2llksg.jpg

When Zane was ten years old, it was him and his two best friends, Jagger and Evie. Along the years, nine to be exact, Zane realizes he has feelings beyond friends for Evie. One day he witnesses a kiss between Jagger and Evie and is broken hearted. That same day she reveals that she to has feelings for him and they share an intimate moment and then the next day Zane is gone.

Fast forward 9 years later, the Sinners are in the pursuit of a traitor when they enter a shop and Jagger and Zane stop dead in their tracks for Evie is standing right there in front of them. From that point on not only will you find out Evie's currently "dating" a rival but that she's been hiding a secret. And then the ride begins.

I loved this series and even though it seems possible to be stand alones I recommend you read them all, each character is still involved since they're a club. Jagger is quite the President, I still love that bad boy and he's included a lot. Cade makes just a little appearance here and there. Benson from book #2, well can you say a shocker and I couldn't help but laugh it's great! T-Rex who was newly patched in book #1 makes an enormous sacrifice that blew me away. Arianne slivers in here and there but annoys me. I think she's too macho but then again it's fitting considering her story in book #1. I loved Dawn, Cade's woman in his story book #2 but she was a no show in this one. I LOVED THEM!

[image error]collage

I must mention the sexiness and dirtiness that Zane is. This alpha bad boy, dirty talking, hair pulling hotness of a man is told he's needed and he thinks fast (*laughing*) of all places, a caretakers potting shed! At a cemetery. I don't want just any Zane, I want this one!

[image error] photo f37c14e8a4e9300966d9cad0246d3775_zpsnrlnimmr.gif

Don't choose to read a book and rate it on the contents you don't like, it's not fair although obviously the review I saw didn't change my mind. This is a MC book, what did you expect? I'm so confused. Why choose this type of read and make the statements you did? It's raw, gritty, violent, illegal happenings, whores (excuse me)and hot as hell non-vanilla sex! Their clubhouse is their work place, they have a family life as well. The author isn't going to focus on trips to the park, zoo, circus and diaper changing, (you get it). Those things definitely happen for even their lives as well it's just not what this book is about. Millions of MC exist and there is nothing wrong with it. Their families are no different. Come on anything and everything in this book happens in everyday households and life period, and that's a fact. I'm sure you know all that it's just this is an MC book what did you expect? Just choose carefully next time.

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June 16, 2017
***** 3.5 Stars *****

Can be read as a standalone

If you want me to go slow, I'll go slow. If you need gentle, I'll be gentle. I will do what it takes, however long it takes. But I won't let anyone else have you. You are mine, Evie.

This started off really strong and I thought I would be giving it more than 4 stars. But after a while I felt disconnected with the characters. Everyone just seemed really immature.


The romance between the main characters was wonderful. But sadly... I just wanted to skip all the sex parts and finish the book.

description description description

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October 2, 2015
The Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club is one of my favorite series but I had a really tough time with Sinner's Steel. It wasn't like it was a sucky story because it really wasn't. I really love the author's writing and I love the characters in this series but this book was my least favorite.

The main reason for not liking this book as much as the others were the main characters, Evie and Zane. Don't get me wrong... I love Zane, I really do but this book was making me so frustrated with him and his gloomy attitude. He did get better as I read more but still.

And then there was Evie.. The was the worst. In book one and two I loved the female main characters but Evie? I just couldn't like her. She was too naive, especially when it came to dating Viper. And I also felt like she was always away and didn't spend enough time with her son, Ty. But that's just my opnion.

So, yeah, something about this book pissed me off. Maybe it was because the previous book was so good that nothng can top it. I don't know... And like I said it wasn't like it was a bad book because I still liked it and it's a great addition to the series. I really think Sarah Castille is an amazing writer but I was frustrated a lot.
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October 8, 2015
While the heart don't lie, people and relationships do. I'd been in love with Zane since we were kids then suddenly he was gone, outta of my life. No return to sender, address unknown, vanished! He may of walked away with some heavy secrets, things he didn't want me to find out about but now I have a few secrets of my own. Like my eight year old son and Viper, president of the Black Jacks. What you thought I'd pine away for the guy indefinitely, die of a broken heart, no I pulled up my big girl panties gathered the pieces of my broken heart and moved on.
 photo Slide1_48.gif
(Sinner's Steel: Eve) “Everyone said you killed my dad, but I didn’t believe them,” she continued. “I said you weren’t a killer. I said the Zane I knew would never do anything like that. You would never hurt me that way. So I waited for you. I thought you’d come back for me. Explain. But you never did.”
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September 23, 2015
4 motorcycles and wickedness starts. The motorcycle clubs and sports guys have really been a thing for me lately so, having read stuff from Sarah Castille in the past, I wanted to read this! I wasn't blown away but I was kept engaged and entertained which is important since reading is a pleasure.

Zane and Evie have some wicked history that left scars on their hearts and Evie with a piece of Zane forevermore. Zane only ever loved Evie but had to make his choice to leave her behind which he always regretted and it haunted him. Evie waited for Zane until she realized he was never coming back and tried to move on. No one was ever him and that is hammered hard into her when he appears back in her life.

Zane can't believe Evie is before him and Jagger but he's not going to let her go. He learns she is All he knows is he has a chance to have the one woman he could never truly live without. Survive, yeah, but never actually live. He did everything in his power to have her and keep her.

Evie had to do what was best for her and she thinks keeping Zane away from her heart is best. She can't help that she's still pulled to him, drawn like a moth to a flame, or that she still loves him but he broke her heart once. Once a heart breaker, always a heart breaker, right? As Zane wears down her defenses, her poor heart and body can only handle so much, she's left with the possibility of a future with him at the cost of a war.

I liked both Evie and Zane. Zane was a good man, underneath all his rugged exterior, he had the tenderness any woman would reach for. Evie was pretty easily to like since she gave it to Zane and Jagger more than once and wasn't afraid to speak up or risk her life for those she cared about. All in all, the read was good.
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Shelved as 'no-dnf-zzz-avoid'
November 7, 2015

The whole outlaw, criminal MC vibe ,treating women as objects etc. etc....not working for me.
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October 15, 2015
Best book so far : I enjoyed the first Sinners book, but I wasn’t as invested in the second book. I think Sinner’s Steel is the best so far, and that’s due to Zane and Evie’s second chance romance.

Zane hasn't seen Evie for nine years. On a tragic night that was the best and worst of his life, he lost Evie, his father and has been on the run ever since. Evie is trying to start fresh in Conundrum, having escaped with her son Ty from a loveless marriage. When Zane and Jagger come across their childhood friend Evie living in Conundrum and working in a custom bike shop, can they work through the past to find a future together? Yeah, we all know it’s gonna happen. But first....

Empathetic leads : I loved that Zane wasn’t concerned about whether or not he loved Evie - that’s never in doubt. It’s the fact that he thinks he doesn’t deserve her and wants a better life for her made him adorable and my favorite Sinner to date. Evie’s concerned about his tendency to take off is also natural. I think the concerns they each have about entering into a relationship made sense and made me empathize with each of them. Their chemistry works and their love scenes are certainly not lacking in heat.

The Sinners are good guys...mostly : The banter between the brothers makes their bonds believable and I think the overarching storyline of the Sinners vs Black Jacks is ratcheting up the tension with each installment, which I love. You need a good villain to really elevate these stories and here, the big bad, Viper, is certainly creepy and perfect foil for the relatively decent one percenter Sinners. Though there’s violence throughout, alot of it happens off-page, so it’s about a 3 on the WTFery scale.

Talking isn’t a four letter word : There’s this crazy little thing called communication. It involves speaking to others and can do away with alot of heartache and plain old stupidity by expressing yourself in a verbal manner. Meanwhile Zane and Evie both look at me like this


They act like communication is a foreign concept. I wanted to slap both of them at different times for making huge decisions that affected both of them without taking one second to discuss it with the other. I think there are always ways to make the conflict resonate for the reader without resorting to such a basic storytelling device.

The future is bright : I’m wondering who’s next up for the Sinners romance train, but if I have my druthers, I’d love to see a soap-style miracle and a certain Sinner come back from the dead. Soapy, yes, dramatic, hellz yeah. I like it like that, so I’m crossing my fingers it happens.

I think it’s the best Sinner’s book so far. I’m in for the ride, just to see what’s going to happen next in Conundrum.

**ARC provided by publisher via netgalley for review**
September 27, 2015
The monster behind the man...

I'm a Sarah Castille fan, and a MC Romance fan. So of course I was in 'hog' heaven when I got both in a Sinner's Tribe MC package. What I really enjoy about reading the series is the ongoing story that involves characters that I've already met. I already know some of the club history and some of the character's back stories. So, when a certain club rival shows up early on, I'm ready. All those previous events that got me riled up come rushing back to me. It's time to deal with this problem once and for all. I've got my drink and my popcorn. I'm going in and nobody better interrupt my ride until it's over.

Can I retract that statement? Cuz, I don't want it to be over. Not the problems, or the series. It's so damn entertaining I want it to go on and on and on. Y'all already know that Jagger is the President, and Zane is his VP. They are best friends who grew up together. And the new addition to the party is Evie. She's new to my party, but not new to them. The three of them grew up together. From the time that Zane was 10, and Evie was 8, they loved each other. But neither of them shared their feelings out of fear they would lose their best friend. So, they played video games and hung out together. They dated other people and hid their jealousy. They protected and cared for each other, making whatever sacrifices were necessary. As they got older and prepared to graduate, they knew the time had come. Give up, give in, or get over it. It only took one night to change the paths of their lives. One event to change everything. One event to ruin everything. One memory that will last forever.

Zane is the moody, quiet, loner. He was given the road name Tracker because of his skills in that area. However; since he's a club officer he had the option of going by his real name. He has a past. He has secrets. He's hiding in plain sight in the middle of his club family knowing they have his back. He's trying to move on. He's trying to forget. But it's not working...

Evie was heartbroken when she lost Zane. She thought he would be her forever, until he left. She waited. And then she gave up. She tried to move on. She tried to forget. But it's not working...

Who the hell would ever think that they would both end up in Conundrum? They both have secrets that they are keeping from each other. They don't trust. They feel betrayed. They feel passion...still. Hell, even I felt the passion, it was intense. Will their secrets stay a secret? Will they ever be able to get past their past? And if they do, will Evie be able to accept the club lifestyle? After all, "It's called having a family. Sinner style." Will Shooter stay alive long enough to become a patched member, or will he shoot the wrong thing at the wrong time for the last time? And what about T-Rex and Tank? Inquiring minds want to know if Hacker is kinky? What's he really watching on those computers of his? I'm totally crushing on Evie's best friend, Connie, she's funny and badass. Will we be seeing her again? Will she become an old lady? Please?
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968 reviews849 followers
August 5, 2020
2.75 stars

In my opinion, this was the weakest of the series so far.

Sinner's Steel is book three in the Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club series, and follows the romance of Zane, the broody MC vice president. He's been an enigma in the series so far, and all we knew about his love life was that a) it didn't exist and b) he'd been screwed over by the love of his life when she cheated on him.

In Sinner's Steel, we learn that that's not...exactly what happened. And Evie, his lost love, enters the stage with her own version of events.

To me, I kind of think the author wrote herself into a corner with Zane by establishing that his past love had abandoned him and cheated on him—and therefore when she tried to write herself out of it AND make Evie out to be a kind, good person...it felt forced.

Evie and Zane were childhood friends, sweethearts, the works. But then Zane disappeared in the dead of the night and left Evie with no answers and an unsolved crime. Evie thinks that Zane never came back for her. In truth, Zane DID come back for her...three years later. When deciding to approach her from afar in a park, Zane sees that Evie not only has a young son, but also seems to have found a new man. So he doesn't make contact and writes her off as unfaithful. The end.

Yeah. He thought she'd wait three years? Buddy, come on. He abandoned her and, as we discover almost immediately, Evie was pregnant with Zane's baby. So that young boy was actually his, and Evie needed some help!

So flashing forward to the present, Evie is now in Zane's city of Conundrum on the fringes of the outlaw biker life doing custom paint jobs on bikes. She's also casually dating Viper, the big bad guy of the series and mortal enemy to Zane.

Chaos ensues, obviously, and drama between Viper's club and Zane's club goes down in a MAJOR way. But—and again, I can tell that my beef with this series is still the plot—the plot felt like something really simple that was dragged out endlessly. Viper sees Evie as his, Zane sees Evie as hers, and Viper decides to go full-on evil at the situation and makes things dangerous. The most intriguing element of the plot line was that Viper kidnapped T-Rex... and from the blurb of the next book, I know that we focus on him next so that was essentially set up.

The other main element that bothered me was the insistence that Zane was into pain and/or BDSM. (Hear me out! I'm not implying BDSM is bad!) It was heavily implied in the writing that Zane was some sort of Dom...and yet, we didn't go there. The closest we got was some light ordering and rather vanilla-themed graphic scenes. And yet the emphasis continued to heavily imply that about Zane. I'm not saying I needed the BDSM element, but to imply it and then ignore it felt like a bad writing decision.

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This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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September 23, 2015
This is the 3rd book in the Sinner’s Tribe MC series, but can be read as a standalone.

Zane’s story.

Evie, Jagger and Zane have been lifelong friends. On the night of Evie’s graduation Evie and Zane finally act on the feelings they’ve had for each other for years. Thigs don’t go according to plan however, and the two are pulled apart.

Nine years later Evie is an artist who customizes bikes and Zane is the VP of Jagger’s MC. While looking for an enemy, Zane runs into Evie. Neither of them are the kids they were in the past.

Evie isn’t sure about Zane’s new life as an MC member and scared that he will abandon her again. Zane is running from a secret and there’s still another problem; Evie is ‘dating’ the deadly VP of a rival MC.

Yet, their attraction to each other is still undeniable.

This was one hell of a ride. Through the drama of Evie and Zane there were still other issues such as murder, MC gang wars, scores to be settled, traitors to be tracked, hostages to be taken and a few buildings getting blown up for good measure. An action packed page turner with excellent characters and a host of hot and sexy alphas.

The chemistry was every bit of the clothes-ripping, wall-pushing, neck-biting deliciousness that you’d expect from an MC novel sprinkled with a tender moment or two.

Zane was Alpha Central. Absolute sex on legs. A rough bad ass all wrapped up in a long-haired, tattooed package. He was emotionally stunted and often communicated in grunts and monosyllabic answers but yet capable of such vulnerability and beautiful words that I was a thigh clenching, quivering mess after this book.

During the read it was alluded to the fact that Zane was dark and dangerous and at the precipice of losing control at any second but I never felt that way. Although there were a few asholey moments he more than made up for those with his absolute devotion towards Evie.

This book is almost 400 pages long but I was never bored. My stomach was all tied up in knots because of the constant threats, twists, swooning and action throughout. Secondary characters ensure some much needed comic relief and I loved the interaction between all the characters.

Absolutely would recommend this!

(ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)
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1,339 reviews50 followers
August 12, 2015
Normally I don't indulge myself in MC books but after reading book two in this series I knew I was hooked and had to sink my teeth into this one.

I think Evie and Zane might be my two favorite characters of this series. Not only were they childhood friends and sweethearts but they both got a second chance at love. I wouldn't say their story was sweet but it had some sweet moments between them. They both went through some stuff but I loved how they finally came together and cleared the air.

The story starts off with them being young and in love and then jumps to 9 years later of them seeing each other again. I enjoyed learning how they changed and what they were up to in the 9 years they have been apart. Their was secrets, lies, and a 8 year old.

Zane was so alpha guy hot! He was intense but then you got to see the sweet side to him when he was with Evie. Evie starts out pretty normal but as the story progresses she becomes more like a bikers old lady little by little.

This story contains some hot sex so be warned. *winks*

I enjoyed how the storyline continues but it's like when will they ever get viper?!? I mean this man is always popping in and out of thin air. But I love how Castille keeps it interesting and how everything is back to back. It makes it feel like you never left.

I did enjoy that I was surprised at certain parts and felt bad in other parts. I'm trying not to add spoilers because this book is so worth reading.

Overall I am won over with Castille's writing and ride she took me on with this book. I couldn't put it down. It was great to see the characters from the second book and I loved what a big part they were in this book.

If you like hot alpha biker badasses and heroines that can kick ass this is the book for you.

This book could be read as a standalone but trust me reading from the beginning will capture you in and keep you from ever wanting to leave.

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870 reviews23 followers
August 17, 2015

Awesome ! Sarah Castille has outdone herself on this one. I didn't think this series could get any better. Somehow it did.

My Zane was a compelling character with a heartbreaking past. He lost Evie, the love of his life, and had been hiding in the shadows ever since. They are drawn back together and he finds out that they have a son, Ty. Their reunion is complicated by Viper and the Black Jacks who cause a lot of havoc and mayhem. This story has plenty of passion, drama, action, and suspense.

Sarah Castille has created lifelike characters that reach out and demand attention. Zane was incredibly sexy and dominant, but at the same time he had such deep emotional scars. Zane and Evie were meant to be together, but things kept getting in the way.

"We're not done, Evie. I don't expect you to forgive me for leaving the way I did, and maybe one day I will understand why you didn't wait, but I will never be done with you."

Oh My ! Sarah Castille ripped my heart out with this book. It is a vivid and powerful story of love, loyalty, lust and redemption. It also has a bit of brutal reality that was painful to read, but I'm keeping my hope alive on that one .....

"You are mine, Evie. You've been mine since you were eight years old. And now that I've found you again, I'm not gonna let you go."

"It's always been you," she said. "Ever since the day we first met. I've loved you since I was eight years old and I'll love you always."

All I can say about this book is that it was absolutely amazing in every way. I wouldn't change a thing about it even though my heart got broken at one point.

Five Flying Stars from this ecstatic reader !

My thanks to the publisher for gifting me with a copy of this book.
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3,984 reviews466 followers
November 7, 2015
Let me get this out the way ... Sarah Castille set the bar exceptionally high with the first two books in this series. She also set-up Zane's story with bits a pieces thrown in here and there throughout the two books.
I knew going into this book that Zane's past was going to be extremely important for us to know. I also knew that whatever happened in the past had defined every single move he has made in his life now.
All that being said, I had a few problems with the story itself. I can't really wrap my head around Evie working and living in such a small distant from Zane's world and him not knowing. It's a small town. This particular fact just didn't mesh in my brain. And it really disappointed me because what I've read of this author's work has never lacked in any way.
But it didn't disappoint me enough to not like their story. Because after all, it's a Sinner's story and Sarah wrote it :) The book still had it's usual grit and hotness. The story of the MC ran right along with Zane and Evie's story perfectly.
I do however wish there was more sentimentality to their story. I felt like it should have had it. These were two young people madly in love that were ripped apart from each other's lives 9 years before. It should have been gut-wrenching, but it wasn't.
But even though this is not my favorite Sinner's story, the series still tops my all time favorite MC reads! I would highly recommend to all future readers to start at the beginning with this series. The Sinner's have a story to tell as do their members and if you don't start from the beginning, then you're missing out on half the goodness!

ARC provided by St Martin's Press via NetGalley
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May 23, 2016
*ARC received from publisher via Netgalley*

I know I’ve said this before in my other reviews of Sarah’s books and once again, I’m sorry to say this but it feels like every time I pick up one of Sarah’ books, I always seem to have one issue or another. However, I also want to say that I can’t seem to stay away from her books. This tells me then that for all my gripes about her books, there’s something about her stories that keeps pulling me in.

This is now Zane’s story with Evie. They’re childhood friends as a matter of fact and Zane has always been in love with Evie. They lost each other then 9 years later, they found each other.

Just like in the other Sinner’s Tribe books, I found the H sometimes got too emo. For all the sass that the h has, I found some of her thoughts and actions frustrating. And the pace felt off for me sometimes.

And just like in the other Sinner’s Tribe books, what I do find is that I enjoy when the H&h are together; their connection sizzles. And I do enjoy when the boys of Sinner’s Tribe are together; they’re quite funny.

2 things that I felt slightly different here are, for starter, it didn’t feel as gritty as the first 2, and second, the way I felt about the bad dude. I hate to admit it but I think there was a fraction of a millisecond that I almost felt attracted to the bad dude. If I don’t know any better what he’s like from the 1st book in the series onwards, I probably would’ve said there may be hope for that dude after all. But of course, in the end, no…

And I gotta give half a point for Connie, Evie’s friend, and Tyler, Evie’s son. I thought they stole the scenes that they were on.
2,740 reviews
October 6, 2015
Zane is VP of the Sinners MC. Evie is an artist with a young son and paints motorcycles. Nine years ago Zane left Evie after their fathers were killed because he knew he'd be blamed. Now he's found her again but she is dating their rival motorcycle clubs president. Once she finds out his true colors, she tries to break up but he wants her. Zane will do anything to protect Evie and her son even leave the Club if she wants him too. This is the third in the series. And they just keep getting better. I just didn't like the way Evie kept waffling back and forth. She didn't want nothing to do with Zane or the Club, then she couldn't live without him, club and all. Sex, killing, and explosions. He's "All man. All biker. All beast."
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9,520 reviews151 followers
August 12, 2015

You just don't get between a man and his kid especially if that man is Zane, “I’m not people,” Zane snapped, surprising even himself at the vehemence in his tone. “I’m his dad. I’m buying him a bike. I’ll take him to the Toy store and we’ll buy all the goddam bikes they got.” Ty is going to be just like Zane, “Zane says we’ll be able to afford to take the effing space shuttle to the effing moon now that he’s around.” Ty rattled his swear jaw and Evie turned and glared." I don't ever read blurbs where Sarah's books are concerned I always one click and the girl hasn't let me down. I love her books, it makes you want to jump in and be a part of the action.
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2,101 reviews1,263 followers
Shelved as 'up-next'
September 20, 2015
ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

~Full Review to Come

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2,756 reviews
November 26, 2015
Actual Rating: 3.5 Stars!

“Whatever it takes for you to trust me, I’ll do.” “If you want me to go slow, I’ll go slow. If you need gentle, I’ll be gentle. I will do what it takes. But I won’t let anyone else have you. You are mine, Evie. You’ve been mine since you were eight years old. And now that I’ve found you again, I’m not gonna let you go.”

Sinner’s Steele is the third book in the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series and it follows the story of Evie and Zane. Evie, Zane and Jagger have been friends since they were kids. Zane and Jagger were always there for Evie; always protecting and rescuing her from bad situations. Yes, the three of them were all friends until one day, Evie and Zane decided to become more. Evie and Zane had no idea that this one special night that they shared, would suddenly turn their worlds upside down. Now, many years later, their paths are about to cross again. Zane can’t stop thinking about Evie and realizes that his love for her never went away. Evie on the other hand isn’t as excited about this reunion with Zane. Her life changed drastically when Zane disappeared. She’s no longer the girl that Zane remembers and has one heck of a secret that she’s been keeping from him. And it also doesn’t help that Evie is dating one of Zane’s biggest enemies. Only time will tell what the future has in store for these two….

Overall, I thought that Sinner’s Steele was a good read. I really enjoy a good biker story and for the most part this one really held my interest. I liked that Zane and Evie’s story had a darker, more gritty element to it. I really enjoyed digging into their pasts and seeing how the two of them got to where they are now.

The only real issue I had with the story, was this: I would have liked to have seen a little more development of Evie and Zane’s relationship. Yes, I know that they’ve known one another for a long time, but given everything that they’ve been through, they left me wanting more. Especially since it took them an eternity to get on the same page regarding their relationship.The hot and cold really drove me batty. I mean, most of the time I really enjoy the will they, won’t they. But, in this case, it just didn’t work for me. For me, it got to the point that I was lke you either understand the path that Zane chose and the man that he is now, or you don’t. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me, but I got tired of waiting for Evie to decide if she was really going to be with Zane.

Sinner’s Steele was a quick and easy read for me. I loved that it was told from dual points of view. The characters are complex, yet entertaining. I found the story-line to be interesting and it captivated my attention. I loved that it had a lot of action and I really liked the darker feel. The chemistry between Zane and Evie was definitely scorching. Sarah Castille does not disappoint with her alpha males. And one of my favorite things is that all of the books in this series can be read as a stand-alone and you don’t feel lost.

Sinner’s Steele definitely took me on one wild ride and I’m looking forward to seeing where this series will go next!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*
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5,107 reviews543 followers
October 9, 2015
Biker Zane "Tracker" Colter was burned once and he has never put himself out there again, the woman who he trusted more than anything destroyed every ounce of hope he once held. Eight years later he finds Evie and he wants answers, he wants to hate her, wants to destroy her like she did him but Evie is just as pissed at him and it causes Zane to pause.

Evie waited for Zane for three years, she put up the dirty rumors others went on about ignoring the slander hoping he would come back. He didn't. He wants answers, she has a secret and given his pattern for taking off, Evie is not sure she wants to share. However the choice is taken from Evie when the man she had been seeing turns out to be a facade and none other than the sadistic leader from Zane's rival MC.

As Zane and Evie navigate to figure out what they are to one another it is not without plenty of problems. Zane doesn't always handle the situation with Evie well and Evie is not sure she wants part of the biker life or if she can even trust Zane again. The love is there but can they find a way to move forward, especially with a ton of baggage hanging over their heads.

I'm in love...I have been fascinated by Zane since the first book and was not sure if I would like his story. He had been closed off, surly, and bitter but he flourishes once Evie is back in his life. He puts her first even if she does not understand that. There are other parts to the story I don't want to reveal but I have to say the biggest surprise was Viper, I hate to say it but I kind of liked him towards the end, even if he is an evil jerk. I am not sure who is next in the series but fell hard for Shooter, he is a bit of a hot mess but brought moments of hilarity to the story. 5 Stars.
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939 reviews4 followers
October 12, 2015
ARC review:

Sinner's Steel by Sarah Castille

Sarah Castille absolutely captured my heart and imagination with Sinner's Steel. It is a raw and gritty second chance romance, MC style.

Sinner's Steel has a combination of lost love, best friends, and loyalty to a brotherhood all wrapped up into one.

Zane, Evie, & Jagger were best friends growing up, but circumstances and misunderstandings tore Evie away from their lives.

Zane and Jagger are now a part of the Sinner's Tribe MC and are at war with their rival MC, the Black Jacks. And things are about to get volatile !

They must remember to follow the repair manual and not get distracted, otherwise lives will be at stake.

When Evie re-enters the picture, she has more to worry about than just herself and the raw chemistry that seems to make her and Zane thrive off one another. Will their connection be enough to keep them together for good this time or will the MC and its rivals tear them apart again?

Castille did an outstanding job with the creating a story that was filled with raw emotions you don't expect and will grab you and not let go.

I was completely captivated with these characters, and can not wait for more.

A definite 5 star read for me.
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2,157 reviews120 followers
October 4, 2015
This series has my heart. When we met Zane, VP of the Sinner's, in the first book, he was dark, brooding and stayed away from women cause they always broke a man's heart. In this book, we meet Evie, the woman who's responsible for breaking Zane's heart.

Evie was a great. She is a civilian, just trying to raise her son. She does custom painting on motorcycles and meets Viper. Evie has always had a wild streak, and Viper fits that for her since he is the President of the Black Jacks, the Sinner's biggest rival. Well, in walks Jagger and Zane and Evie's whole world is turned upside down. She thought Jagger had died in military combat and Zane was the boy she loved. From that moment on, there was nothing that could keep Zane and Evie apart. Not even Viper, kidnapping, some stuff blowing up, several murders, and Evie's fear of Zane leaving her and breaking her heart again.

I'm so glad Zane and Evie worked through their problems. I think Zane tried harder than Evie did. He wanted them together so much that he was willing to walk away from the club if that's what she wanted. I'd gladly be Zane's old lady ;)

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley
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111 reviews21 followers
September 29, 2015
***ARC provided through NetGalley for an honest review***

For the most part I enjoyed this book. Lots of actions, drama, sexual tension, sexy time, emotions and so just some plain old fun. I loved Zane! He was an Alpha to his core. Loved every part of him. He was a quiet controlled man in the beginning but once Evie came back into the picture his control pretty much snapped. Evie on the other hand I went back in forth with her. Most times I liked her but then she would do something stupid and I wanted to slap her. Like the time she went down into the basement...ugh. I kept thinking this is club business Evie, leave it alone! Not cool! But with that being said I did believe in the love between her and Zane. It was powerful and very real. But they did have some road blocks to get pass before they could reclaim what they once had. It was fun to watch. Oh and I love Ty too! You have to find out who he is by reading the book! 3.5 stars for me.
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933 reviews237 followers
February 13, 2016
Damn, this book was sexy! The first half was especially appealing to read. The chemistry between Evangeline and Zane was delicious! Although I read this book out of order from the series, the storyline was easy to follow. Shooter's overzealous antics kept me laughing! And Big Bill's return after being MIA from the beginning of this story? LOL! I like how he just waltzed back in like nothing was wrong! Who does that? Oh, and a biker minister?? There's a first!

What I didn't like so much? I disliked the way Evie introduced Ty to Zane, and for an eight year old boy, he's remarkably knowledgeable about bikes. Some of the emotional dialogue between Evie and Zane was somewhat corny at times but otherwise okay. Evie waffled throughout the story about whether or not the biker lifestyle was right for her and I wanted to punch her a few times for her reckless actions, but otherwise she was a good heroine. Thoroughly enjoyed this book!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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