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Love for the Cold-Blooded, or The Part-Time Evil Minion's Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero

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Superheroes. Evil minions. And one hell of a conflict of interest.

Being related to a supervillain isn’t a big deal to Pat West. So what if his mom occasionally tries to take over the world? All Pat wants is to finish university and become an urban designer. That he moonlights as an evil minion sometimes – that’s just a family tradition.

Then Pat accidentally sleeps with superhero Silver Paladin, otherwise known as reclusive billionaire Nick Andersen. It’s a simple misunderstanding. Pat never means to impersonate a prostitute, honest. But soon Pat is in way over his head, and threatening to fall for the worst possible guy.

When Pat’s mother returns to bring the world to its knees, Silver Paladin races to stop her… and all of Pat’s secrets threaten to blow up in his face. How can Pat reconcile being a minion with wanting a hero? Will Nick’s feelings for Pat overcome what keeps them apart? Or will they both lose everything?

“Love for the Cold-Blooded” is a light-hearted jaunt through a world of superheroes and villains, android dolphins, mind control rays, eldritch artifacts stolen from the tombs of ancient gods, and young men loving not wisely, but well.

300 pages, Paperback

First published December 22, 2014

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About the author

Alex Gabriel

13 books260 followers

I am a writer. Mostly, I write gay romance – frequently with an element of the supernatural, fantastical or futuristic.

About Me

It all began when I learned to decipher the alphabet. I soon found that the world was full of wonderful stories – but not all of the tales I wanted to read were being told. In self-defense, I began to write, and haven’t stopped since.

In what little time my busy schedule of reading and writing has left me, I’ve worked as a copywriter, a translator, an English teacher, a linguistics tutor, an alibi S.O., a soap maker, a cloakroom attendant, a bartender, and other such things. Only the jobs that involve writing have stuck.

About My Stories

My primary focus is always on the characters. My goal is to create real, interesting and multi-faceted people and develop relationships that ring true… in the context of a world and a story that grab the reader and don’t let go.

I love fiction for its capacity to explore countless different worlds, ask thousands of different variations on what if.

What if time could flow backwards, what if we could travel to alternate universes, what if magic worked, what if gods and demons walked among us? What if telepathy and/or other such powers existed? What if stories were real, and reality just a fiction?

What if…?

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Author 9 books1,980 followers
November 12, 2015
wildly nerdy, completely without reverence or delicacy, and explodey as fuck.


delicious, in other words.

as occasionally hilarious as it is unexpectedly sweet, this novel held my attention late into the night and into the next, until i was forced—forced, i tell you—to put it away when the words ran out.

i loved it best when our superhero was trying to Normal, and our narrator was trying really hard not to be attracted to him. the kegger was a great time, and so was all the majestic frowning in consternation (you’ll see when you read it).

if i had to note any splatty jazz trombone moments, i thought it was excessively voicey in some parts, and the delight-factor fizzled a bit when our lovebirds were necessarily separated for their respective heroics/evil challenger duties. however, some of the detail-work with all the side characters was superb. i also felt kinda sad and squicked-out by the narrator’s obsession with muscles and fitness, and his related vanity. coulda used a lil’ more cowbell characters of color, too.

but other than that?

lawd, ha’mercy—this was marvelous silliness from start to finish.


bonus points for naming the currency after joachimsthalers—thalers—which a word-nerd like me is just dying to fucking tell you is the dutch antecedent to the word dollar.

fun, fun, fun—and recommended.
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223 reviews234 followers
December 15, 2015

Took me an entire day to process my thoughts because after reading this, all I can think about was...

Nick in his skin-tight quantum armor or the lack thereof...


Nick and his incinerating stare which doesn't burn you, well literally, but does spark something inside you. Be it this kind...


Or this...


Doesn't really matter which kind, does it?

Or his perfectly ogle-able butt or how he cooks with precision and perfection or both his butt and culinary skills in the same thought; either is desirable...


Or his despicable fashion sense at home or his deadpan sense of humor. Uhm, endearing much?


Yeah, all these are enough to cloud my thoughts and...

Heh. I should have written paragraphs by now but you can't really blame me.

Okay, enough of Nick (but not really). Let's get the ball rolling, shall we?

*Insert perfect transition to my 'smart' review (again, not really)*

*Clears throat*

All Nick-fangirling aside, this was one of the most unique books I've read to date. The world that Alex Gabriel created was insanely well thought of. It's a futuristic universe with superheroes and challengers living normally, or close enough. But it's not what makes this book unique. It's how Gabriel made a mockery out of the hero/villain business but in a ridiculously smart, wacky, funny kind of way. With over the top heroes and their challengers, completely absurd subplots, and with the way Gabriel made all these seem normal, what more can you ask for right?


Because while the macro side of things worked well for this book, Pat and Nick's romance was even more delightful to follow.

Don't even ask me why it worked for me. Both MCs are awkward with each one on a different side of the awkwardness spectrum (if there is even one). But goodness gracious hallelujah, their chemistry was sizzling. It was arousing but without letting the adorable, dorky, cute, and awkward factor(s) go. More than half of the book, I was giggling and bed-rolling like a lunatic.

"Patrick West." Nick spoke so quietly the words were hardly more than a soft exhalation. "Student. Swimmer. Fan of lurid supernatural romances, €linore, and BadMadRad. Casual gamer. Admirer of Jaguar, fictional warrior princesses, and soprano witch queens. Lover of historical buildings. Idealist who wants to build cities where people can live well. Owner of strong opinions he never hesitates to defend, no matter how obviously wrong. Quick to laugh. Spontaneous and unselfconscious, except when he thinks too much, or tries too hard. Talks too much, with hardly any filter between the brain and the mouth. Adaptable, Outgoing. Unreserved. Loud. Talented. Whole-hearted. Foolhardy. Stronger than he thinks. Wiser than he seems."

"I know you, too," Pat blurted, breathless. "Nicholas Andersen, aka Silver Paladin. Brilliant engineer, inventor, and all-around tech geek. Lover of hypotheticals and logic puzzles. Focused and intense. More comfortable with machines than humans; uncertain of how to interact with people outside of familiar patterns and situations. Thoughtful and kind without noticing. Subtle, dry sense of humor. Passionate about the greater good, driven by the need to help, to use his advantages for everyone's benefit. Alone in his own inner world. Serious and wound tight. Eager to learn, to know more, to experience new things. Scary smart. Courageous. Honest with himself as well as others. Observant. Open-minded and adaptable. Sweet."

*Sigh* I mean who does that? It's like reading wedding vows or something. But this very accurately describes why I love these two oafs. And I say that very fondly.

This was sweet, action-packed, and nerdfully satisfying. Most of all, it's genuinely funny with lots of heart to last a grand hoagie/challenger showdown of the century.

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727 reviews11.6k followers
April 21, 2021
Ok, for a book about superheroes and minions it was hilarious and sweet and adorably wholesome — if you discount a few quite graphic sex scenes. But hey, since when including a few beat-by-beat graphic and yet humorous sex scenes makes a story less warm and fuzzy and adorable and simply ridiculously heartwarming?

Right. Ahem.
“It wasn’t that he didn’t want his mother to conquer the world. Of course he did; she was his mom, and she deserved it.”

*This* is what I was expecting when I picked up Hench (minus those graphic romps, admittedly) — but while that one turned dark from page two, this one remains sweet and comically light and silly in the way that tells you it doesn’t take itself seriously and that’s quite fine. It’s a loving mockery of the world of superheroes and supervillains that struggle for world domination — when they are not going about their lives and living normal lives, with a side of supervillainism or superheroism.
“Tomorrow I’m going to mow the lawn and prune the trees, and after that I’ll cook some stews and casseroles to put in the freezer. We’ll be glad of them when we’re busy gaining dominion over the world, and can’t find time to cook.”

Told through the eyes of Patrick West, the titular “part-time evil minion” — you have to serve minion duty if you are a supervillain’s kid, even if your real ambition is to finish your education to become a urban planner — it shows the adorable mess that life can become when your superhero boss (hey, even minions need spare cash) accidentally mistakes you for a rent boy*, and all that, of course, leads to romcom style misunderstandings and hilarity, amidst some musing about android dolphins which only a proper supervillain can build.
* Not a problem, apparently, if it lands you some much-needed cash, hot sex and eventually a hot boyfriend.

Not to mention that the chapter titles provide some quite sensible advice: “Choose your battles wisely. Cheat whenever necessary”, “Expect the expected. (Expecting the unexpected is a given)”, and “Lying is not for amateurs. Get plenty of practice.”

I’m a terrible romance reader. Pure love stories bore me, and supposedly hot overly-detailed sex scenes make me giggle at best. (Seriously, point-by-point sex description is funny, but I’m yet to find it hot. I’m a buzzkill that way.) But I’m not averse to a romcom-ish story that has other layers to it — and this irreverent and a bit immature (but adorably so) mockery of superhero/supervillain tropes* hits just the right spot, even with the over-gratuitous sex bits.
* Yes, people who know you will still be able to recognize you even if you are wearing a mask. Or a mask and body oil and some hot pants.


Plus, don’t judge me but now I’ve got a hankering for a pizza with “shaved truffles, nashi pear and smoked duck”, perfectly geometrically arranged. Be right back.

Anyway, it’s both ridiculous and delightful, and although I’m unlikely to remember it in a few weeks, it provided much needed overdose of snarky adorable feels. You just can’t take it seriously — and neither should you. Plus, I really hope for a sequel, just so that we can see some uber-awkward family dinners with superheroes and supervillains awkwardly shoveling salad onto their plates.
“Level with me, serpent spawn. You’re all having me on, aren’t you? The only alternative would be to believe that you’ve actually had sex with Silver Paladin, and there are a thousand and one things wrong with that picture. For one thing, how on earth would you have gotten the stick out of his ass?”

3.5 stars.
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2,176 reviews1,046 followers
February 11, 2015
I require more alcohol than I have on hand to review this properly. I think I should have had alcohol to even read it properly.

I'm giving it a five for creativity, and breaking out of the box, because . . . *waves hands inarticulately* . . . just because.
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1,838 reviews6,126 followers
January 11, 2020
If you love the Pixar movie, Megamind, but wish it was a gay romance with porny moments and narrated from the POV of a minion, hey, have I got the perfect book for you!!

Pat is our hero. He is also the son of a super-villain who is planning her next world domination campaign, along with being a part-time minion for other villains, a night manager at a super-hero's estate, and a college student who is hoping to become a city planner one day.

Just your average guy.

One evening at his super-hero night manager job he gets mistaken for a male prostitute that the super-hero ordered up and thinks that he is just getting very very lucky that night. Later, when he realizes that he was mistaken for a hooker, he reacts just like any reasonable person would react...

Okay, so maybe everyone wouldn't react like that. But, Pat has his own way of thinking. For instance, he thinks the evil villains are way cooler than the super heroes in this world. He might have a bit of a crush on the hero that he is boning-for-dollars, named Nick, but he's not impressed with him the way he is with the villain who was able to create android evil dolphins.

"Sir Toby built android dolphins. They had individual personalities! They frolicked cutely in the ocean waves whenever they'd blown up another base! How much more awesome can you get?"

Nick frowned darkly at him. "I could build android dolphins, if I wanted to."

"But you haven't, have you?"

No. Nick hadn't. He was too busy building "useful" stuff to keep the world safe instead of cool robot animals that kill on command. Like a loser.

I like the dolphin thing better.

This book was hilarious from start to finish. The complexities of being an evil minion are given to us in glorious detail, including important information like how much body oil is the proper amount when you are posing as a slutty groupie when the heroes enter the lair, and whether or not a mask will actually help hide your identity. (Hint: would you recognize someone you knew if they were wearing a little silk mask around their eyes?)

The only funny bit in the whole movie.

Pat and Nick's love story was adorable too.

Oh, and Pat's evil family? Awesome!!

Pat's Dad: "I did air out the old lair... and bring in the contractors to make the necessary alterations. Tomorrow I'm going to mow the lawn and prune the trees, and after I'll cook some stews and casseroles to put in the freezer. We'll be glad of them when we're busy gaining dominion over the world and can't find time to cook."

I totally loved this book!!
Yes, I used way too many gifs in this review, but our family is a Megamind family. We answer the phone with "Ollo?" Spiders are all spee-iders. It's a thing. #sorrynotsorry
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559 reviews835 followers
April 11, 2015
“I’m adorable, dude. A total dazzler. We talked about this, remember?”
I loved every page of this story; every single ridiculous moment...
I want to wrap myself up in this story like a warm fuzzy blanket!

It was silly - without being overly absurd...
It was romantic - without being sappy...
Just normal guys in extraordinary circumstances...
Plus a lot of hot, sexy, sweaty moments :)

This book somehow managed to take a story about heroes and villains and turn it into a tale about regular people doing regular things... with um... ya know... interesting day jobs :)

This is a world where showdowns between beings with superpowers are as ubiquitous as the Starbucks on the corner. Super Heroes and their dreaded rivals have constant throw downs, and the general population has gotten pretty used to ducking and covering when someone with a cape shows up...

Patrick West
Pat snorted. “If only you knew how wrong you are. See, the entire world is populated by these really weird dudes, and I’m the only normal one. Nobody but me ever seems to get that.”
Full Time College Student,
Part Time Minion,
Accidental Rentboy...

Pat is the black-sheep of the family... He's the youngest child of the Dreaded Serpentissima - a snake woman known for her plots of world domination... But to Pat and his three older sisters, she's just Mom... She was out conquering the world but still made it home for family dinners. She plotted elaborate schemes but tucked her kids in at night... She even checked under their beds to make sure no super heroes (or Hoagies) were lurking under there.

See, it all depends on what side you're on. Admittedly, Pat's perspective is a little more skewed than your average college student. All three of his older sisters are following in their mother's villainous (or Challenger) footsteps, but Pat is studying to be an Urban Planner. Makes since really, when you consider that every other day a skirmish between Hoagies and Challengers breaks out and the resulting mayhem levels a building or two...

But hey, Pat's family has accepted (mostly) the fact that he has no interest in entering the family business, and even though he has to pull 'minion duty' every now and then, everyone pretty much supports his boring lifestyle.

He's just a normal college student - going to frat parties, striking out with hot guys, wearing flannel, using the word 'Dude' entirely too often... Oh, and he's working a night job to make ends meet... and that's exactly where the trouble starts...

Nick Andersen
Nick was bad with people and had weird habits and questionable opinions, but he was terribly good and heroic at his core, all selfless and noble and shit. It was pretty disgusting, actually...
Part Time Super Hero,
Genius Scientist,

Nick is the kind of genius billionaire that pretty much stays in his giant mansion working on superhero things. His only social interactions occur when talking to his house's AI program, or making grand superhero speeches in front of city hall. As a result, the man has zero social skills.

Sure, Silver Paladin (Nick's superhero alter ego) is one of the best and brightest hoagies around, but without the costume, he's just a nerd.
Ok... An incredibly hot nerd...
Ok... An incredibly hot, kind of adorable, totally rich nerd...

Pat managed to get a job as the night manager of Anderson's estate - nothing nefarious, Pat needed the cash, the hours worked with his class schedule, and the AI pretty much runs the entire house, so there's lots of time for Pat to study.

Pat has been spending his shifts quietly studying in the night-kitchen with barely a peep from the rich, neurotic dude that owns the place - Pat makes the guy's 2AM perfectly symmetrical pizza and that's about it... Until one night...

One night the AI gets a new request to "send up a guy" - not knowing WTF Nick wants, Pat puts down his books and enters the secret lab of Silver Paladin... Poor Pat had no idea how he got so lucky - finally getting to see the awesome lab that only a billionaire genius scientist could create... and the fact that said scientist begins undressing and tells Pat to do the same...

Who in their right mind would turn down all those lickable abs?
Not Pat, that's for sure....

The result?
This wasn’t the kind of thing that happened in real life; bizarre and unlikely misunderstandings like this were the stuff of straight-to-DVD romantic comedies. Plus, Pat? Pat of all people? Who on earth would mistake Pat for a hooker?
Silver Paladin, apparently
Pat's mind might have been clouded by several layers of lust, but the guy isn't stupid. He figures out that when Nick asked the AI to "send up a guy" he really meant send up a hooker, and ta-da Patrick showed up.

Not a bad arrangement really - I mean, Pat would have sex with Nick for free!

Eventually our boys graduate to dating like normal human beings...
Well, as normal as these two can possibly be...
The result will make you laugh, make you smile, and give you the warm fuzzies.

Final Verdict:

***The author provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review***
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Author 73 books2,498 followers
June 16, 2015
4.5 stars, rounded up for imagination.

In a world where Superheroes battle Villains - excuse me, Challengers - for control of a city and the right to do better city hall administration and force bad bookstores not to close good ones, there lives a man named Pat (don't call me Patrick). Pat is a young college student who wants to be an urban planner. His evening job is as a household administrator for billionaire superhero Silver Paladin, otherwise known as the far-too-serious and clueless Nicholas Anderson. Whom Pat calls Nick, of course.

It's not always easy to juggle work and school. To complicate matters further, Pat's mother is one of the more formidable Challengers, off regenerating her awesome powers to soon battle for supremacy. And as a super-villain's son, Pat has occasional minion duties... which Nick isn't likely to understand. Even though no one gets hurt beyond the occasional building damaged or ripped outfit...

This could have been a totally dumb and silly book. Instead the author managed to make it great fun, warm and even sweet. Sure, you suspend disbelief, but it's very much the immersive comic book experience. Leave the real world behind - it's fun inside the pages.

Nick is the prototypical superhero at first, absorbed with his lab, his high-tech weapons, and his duty to protect the city. The people who run his household make it so smooth and invisible he doesn't even realize how far this is from how most people live. Even the occasional hooker - excuse me, companion - he employs is just a release, a body like any other to him, to be treated well in bed, paid, and sent on his way. Until a misunderstanding puts Pat on Nick's suite doorstep at an unexpected moment...

I don't want to spoiler anything. The low-key, constantly unexpected events provide an amusing backdrop for the characters. And it's in the characters that the book shines, and rises above its premise. Nick is stolid, but mostly because he's unawakened to the potential of friends and life. His character is admirable and his sense of humor isn't non-existent, just deeply buried. Pat is light-hearted and well-meaning and kind, and just the man to show the Silver Paladin that there are other types of pizza than marinated duck and shaved truffle. They are hot and sweet together. You can't help but root for things to work out.

This is a lighthearted romp that will tickle your funny bone while making you smile with fond affection. Not the book for a deep emotional moment, but when you are looking for something light to bring sunshine into the room, try this one.
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Author 15 books185 followers
March 18, 2015
Wow, this story is one long nerdgasm, a brilliantly funny take on superheroes that reminded me of The Incredibles for its wry juxtaposition of superheroic and mundane and its affectionate and knowledgeable play on familiar conventions. You read this for Pat, whose awesome-dude-bro POV dominates the third-person narration. I highlighted about a hundred quotes, but practically every sentence just crackles with wit:

Nick was way hotter than nine-tenths of the people Pat had previously not been ogled by.

Yeah, sure, Pat would put it on his schedule right after 'jump off a bridge' and/or 'win the Bonelle prize for astrophysics.'

The Battery of Bounty had an even sillier name than the Crystal of Power, in Pat's considered opinion--who named these things, anyway?--but it got the job done.

For a moment it sounded as though he would go off into a Speech of Frothing Rage in the noble tradition of the Challenger Foiled, but he trailed off instead, shaking his head and digging out his mobile phone.

My main complaint with story is that it is long--135,000 words--which is a lot longer than the wafer-thin plot can really sustain. Much as I enjoyed it, I did not feel any overpowering need to find out what happens next. It turns out a brilliant narration is not enough to drive a plot, even the presence of highly likable characters. I had similar problems with the pacing of the sex scenes, which were hot enough but lacked urgency and much in the way of character development to make them feel essential to the story.

Still, Gabriel is an incredibly gifted writer, with an unparalleled ear for dude/bro-style narrative inflection. I haven't laughed this hard since the last time I watched The Big Lebowski. I'd call this a must-read for superhero fans (and a likely winner with Stiles POV Sterek fans as well).

Bottom line: hilarious.

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1,289 reviews432 followers
February 13, 2016
***DNF page 275 of 300***

I think it's about time I DNF this. And I know it's ridiculous because there are barely 20 pages left. But. I. Can. Not. Go. On.

There are some parts I wholeheartedly loved. And I laughed too hard sometimes. But there were times I honestly wanted to put a bullet in my head. I was so bored! The final scene (heroes against baddies, the great fight) was going on forever and I just couldn't take it anymore so I decided to interrupt and take a break. That was 2 months ago and still no success in picking the book up again. So I'm going to call it a day. Enough is enough.

My American teacher told me his most profound desire: his perfect job would be doing something he loves and that means he has to become an Iberian ham-taster. I hope he fulfills that wish someday, as he truly enjoys Iberian ham. Impossible is nothing.

So this book, why not? Why not a superhero-villain world? Dreams can come true, yeah? The Incredibles, Megamind, Futurama... that indefinite area between the absurdity and the brilliance without smashing each other's teeth with the contrast. And gay. Impossible is nothing.

Everything has that unmistakable charm old comic movies had, like a proper James Bond movie, the ones in which Roger Moore crossed deserts or oceans and no stain spoiled his suit and no hair was out of place. I must confess they make me smile, and prefer them over the actual ones, maybe because I'm a romantic and an idealistic, maybe because they were extremely cool. This book had that feeling in spades. It didn't matter that no way all of that would happen in real life but it's powerful nonetheless. That innocence, that candidness, that naiveté which was never insulting nor stupid. The superheroes saved damsels (or lads) in distress, and of course, they gathered the brand new bag the victims left behind. The villains were as ingenuous as the hoagies and of course they had their evil speech before they achieved their machiavellian plan to rule over the world (with cruel laugh included). And the minions... with their uniforms and their cuteness and their loyalty. No, I'm not talking about yellow thingies who plan to steal the moon, but almost.

I'm serious when I tell you that in some scenes I had to smile and smile and smile and never stop smiling because I feel like a little boy who had just made a new friend at school and hurries in the morning because he craves to play with him in class (not that I would do that, I appreciate my mattress a bit too much). That urgency and impatience you have before you learn that you can get up earlier and earlier but things won't come faster that way.

But I must say that that exhilarating feeling didn't last the whole way. I loved Nick and Pat together but when they were not I grew more and more impatient every time. It's not that I don't appreciate the wittiness of the situations. In one moment or another a movie or a comic or a story was copied and being ridiculed. You expect the cliche to happen and when it actually happens you giggle nonstop. This book has that power but in-between I could see my inner goddess crossing her arms and rolling her eyes, demanding some action again. Because the family, the friends, the studies, the everything was cool, but not as cool as Nick and Pat together doing a mischief and going mad in the process. Sometimes I felt they weren't taken advantage of, not enough.

I believe my problem with this book was the style in which it was written. It was hard for me when a new situation was introduced. Sometimes I had to read several paragraphs in a row again because I hadn't caught up with the scene. It was as if my brain was a behind the action and it needed a little more time to get used to the rhythm. But then the rhythm was too slow, above all during the fighting scenes, when I completely lost it.

Anyway, I recommend to read other reviews before pushing this book aside for good.

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2,040 reviews199 followers
September 20, 2019
Another re-read still LOVE this book, the energy of it. Characters are so likeable and it's funny while also being sneakily sweet. Too many favourite bits too list any.
Re-read - I still love this. The humour, the super-villain plots, the shear comic wackiness. Would love some more or this world.
ps. the new cover is much better, despite the deplorable lack of android dolphins!

-- --

Very funny, full of funny moments, funny lines.
A wry, affectionate celebration of the absurdity of comic verses with loveable characters.
Super-heroes aka Hoagies, Villans aka Challengers and part-time minions.
There's some cute feelz and sexy-times.
There's even special sorry for the inconvenience villan COOKIES!

I want more of this verse. Read it all with a super-powered grin.


Pity the cover is so bland, doesn't to the book justice.
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169 reviews254 followers
February 9, 2017
I am going to do my best to describe this wonderful book. This book was funny, silly, hilarious, original, memorable, romantic, emotional, sexy, innocent, warm, and sweet! Kind of similar to a rainbow explosion in your very own bedroom.

The entire time that I was reading this book, I had a big smile on my face. It did not falter for one second.

I think it’s quite hard to take ideas that can be found in many different movies and books and turn them into something completely unique and original and that's exactly what this book has achieved. I think it’s just as hard to have villains, minions and Superheroes as main characters and yet manage to create a beautiful emotional story about two innocent, inexperienced individuals that struggle very hard to hold to the treasure they know they have found.

There is a lot of fun madness and craziness in this story and yet I couldn’t find a single plot hole. None of the characters act stupid. Everything that happens is quite logical in the context of this crazy story and everything makes sense despite the hilarity and madness.

I loved all the characters. Every single one! From the main characters to the parents and sisters and all the lunatics running around exchanging blows. The superheroes are righteous, stubborn, dorky and socially awkward. The villains are charismatic, funny and understandingly crazy and the minions are just adorable and cute. The main couple have nothing in common with each other and yet complement each other in a way that possibly only soul mates can.

At the end, this is a brilliant and unique Superhero/Villain story. I enjoyed reading every single page and I am officially in love with this funny and adorable universe. I strongly recommend this book if you need something to blast you with a powerful force of positive energy. I strongly recommend this book if you want to grab a coffee, slip under your blanket, open a book and smile the entire time. This book is fun, try it!

And finally, Sheziss, my dear friend, I owe you for discovering this one! Thanks!

*Grabs the book and goes off to place it in her Favorites shelf, smiling fondly and petting the book the entire time*

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802 reviews289 followers
August 30, 2015
4.25 stars

This was great! I laughed just about the whole way through. I was thoroughly entertained by Patpat and his heroic Nick. All the secondary characters were great and well fleshed out. The plot was OTT but not in a bad way; more tongue in cheek and self deprecating that never reached annoying levels. I would so love to read a sequel if the author ever thought to write one. Recommend!
Profile Image for Mir.
4,845 reviews5,003 followers
April 14, 2020
Fun. And pretty funny.

There were a number of things that were silly, or implausible, or even annoying, but they all fit in the superhero-comics model that this based on. And I liked they way it played with some of the tropes, like the ridiculous inventions and contrivances of the villains being by their own admission purely for the coolness factor. Drop a bomb on a naval base? Pfft, okay it might be more efficient, but android dolphins are way cooler!

I also liked how the Minions are all just other villains kids taking turns swelling at the ranks. If you happen to be gung-ho it's a good internship, otherwise you just wear your costume and hope the day's fight wraps in time for you to finish your homework.

Bonus: Chapter headings give sound practical advice, such as "Lying is not for amateurs: get plenty of practice."
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March 18, 2018
Reread - March 2018 - wow it was actually exactly 3 years ago I read this, cool. Still loved this and flew through it. The humour took me a little while to warm up to, but I think that was because I've just finished the TLSH series by TJ Klune and it's very similar humour, but Klune is slightly more refined. Adored Pat and especially Nick though! And superheroes! So yay!!

This is such a unique book, full of cliché geeky superhero fun. This is set in a alternate universe, same time period as present day, there are just Superheros, Super-villains, Aliens, magic crystals and time dimensions. Patrick is the son of a super-villain and he participates in part-time minion work for other super villains, due to his 'family connections'. Nicholas Anderson Aka Silver Paladin is a top Superhero of his time and is Patrick's employer, as you can imagine there are alot of awkward situations these two find themselves in. This book is sooooo hilarious. It's all written from Patrick's POV, he's just a normal student who likes hot guys and video games, he's the way we get to see behind the scenes with these villains being in the throes of battle and then having a conversation about their favourite book-store.

"'How have you been?' Doctor Destiny tossed the question over her shoulder, adding a menacing glare and threatening pointing a finger for effect. Pat rolled his eyes, but obligingly cowered a little when she stabbed her finger at him again with more emphasis. He wasn't completely blind to propriety, and people were watching after all."

The villains are so over done, (but of course they do that on purpose for dramatic effect) that its brilliant, just like watching a classic superhero movie.

OK getting on to Nick and Pat, they are two very different characters, Nick is stoic and has absolutely no people skills and Pat has no filter and does what he wants, but it works and obviously they fall for each other. Equally as obviously they have their issues they have to work through, but surprisingly its not what you think it will be about (you'll just have to read to find out :P) and i think this is done well, no annoying misunderstanding or overly dramatic reactions.

Ok so my most important point... sex sex sex! Yes there are a number of hot scenes (honestly i struggle to get through long books if there's not), They're sensual, but also hot as hell, here are a few snippets to wet the appetite :D

"This. This- being opened up by a force field while other fields caressed you everywhere, your body held in place open and ready for the gorgeous man watching you hungrily, stroking his swollen cock... this was. Just."

and yummy Nick saying...

"'How does it feel, knowing that you're mine to do whatever I please with? How does it feel, knowing that I'm going to take you every way I want, sate myself on your body, open you up and fuck you until you beg..."

This book is long, but i didn't really notice, it's totally entertaining and worth it. Funny, Sexy and a city council that hands out free cookies when there's a villain attack, just priceless.
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June 27, 2016
Some truths are inalienable: the sun rises in the east, coffee is the unholy elixir of life, and android dolphins are the most awesome thing ever.

Sadly, this book does not have android dolphins. :(

But it does have more than its fair share of awesome. Also it has a mind control ray–which might not be mechanical dolphin minions, but is still pretty dang cool (even if it is somewhat dependent on a dubiously amoral crystal of cosmic power).

Pat West (part-time minion/student/night-manager/pretend prostitute (the last one was totally an accident, he swears!)) never wanted to break into the family business (not that there is anything wrong with super-villainy), instead he intends to make his mark on the world as an urban designer. But school is expensive, so he takes a job as a night-manager to Nick Andersen (full-time billionaire/inventor/hoagie superhero/hirer of prostitutes of uncanny resemblance (ok, that last one is probably more part-time than full-time, but still…)). All this wouldn’t be much of a problem if:
1) Pat hadn’t accidentally been mistaken for a prostitute
2)Pat hadn’t stupidly started to fall for the emotionally stunted superhero
3)Pat wasn’t completely related and/or friends with most of the cities supervillain population
--He also may or may not have also undertaken a few minion duties here and there (but what happens under the mask, stays under the mask!)

But Pat did, and Pat was, and so now Pat is trying to lead so many double lives that he might as well call himself Replicator Man and be done with it. And that is all without factoring in his mother’s Grand Return (w/ obligatory world take-over, of course). Oh, what is a man to do?

Well…what every part-time minion/student of urban planning would do: get very very sneaky.

Ok, if you can’t tell by now (and really if you can’t I don’t think you can blame me), I really loved this story. It was just hilarious. And action packed. And romantic. And nothing like the ‘serious’ superhero movies that are coming out. Except, maybe, in how much I enjoy them both.

I really loved how all these characters were so interesting, how the ‘good’ guys and the ‘bad’ guys were both so well crafted…but without them getting all stuffy and angst filled. This was a humorous look at the world of super villains and their counterparts, and while it doesn’t take the subject matter seriously, it does take story so. You could tell that the characters, the plot, the world was well thought out, because most of it just blends into the background and you forget about most of it. Except sometimes you remember and you see how ridiculous it all is, and you can’t help but laugh at these people (in the best way possible, of course). This story is irreverent, in a way that so many superhero movies these days just aren’t. It makes the story so bloody fun.

I don’t know how to talk about this book without giving away too many spoilers. I honestly think this is something that must be experienced for yourself. So if you are looking for something a bit different, something a bit fun, something very well written, then I heartily recommend this book to you. It was nothing but a pleasure to read.

This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.
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December 3, 2016
Utterly adorable, quirky, and delightful adventure. Sparkling with humor, charm, and completely endearing characters. I would love to see more of these heroes and villains--erhm--I mean challengers. One of my favorite reads. Highly recommend!!

*PS* I hated leaving the world of superheroes and villains, so I got a quick fix at Shousetsu Bang*Bang. The theme for issue #43 is heroes and villains. Check out the gorgeous artwork by DragonReine on the cover. Love!


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March 1, 2017
I tried my best to not laugh like a hyena in public while reading this book.

I failed.

Pat and Nick are genially well drawn characters in what seems to be a light story involving superheroes and villains. But in truth the book weaves a complex tale of perspectives, the ability to listen, tolerance of different points of views, subversion of social constructs and expectations, actions vs. words, and also: a pretty cool love story. All the while, being hilariously fun.

Pat is the son of a notorious and nefarious villain- or challenger as they call themselves- and through a series of hysterically funny events he ends up falling in love with a superhero- Nick aka Silver Paladin-, who is just as smitten with Pat as Pat is with him. Events unfold that use all the known tropes of a comic-style story but twists them either for amusement or to make a point or both, and does it spectacularly well.

I also have to commend the author for including a bisexual or possibly pansexual main character and LOTS of incredible women. I really mean it, LOTS OF INCREDIBLE WOMEN. Pat's family is- as a whole- majorly cool, but his sisters (and also his friends tbh) are AMAZING characters.

Seriously, this book was wicked good.

I loved it. And I want more.

Only caveats? For all of its inclusion of others, the book is majorly lacking in POC characters. And it's a bit over-obsessed with the fitness and overall physical appearance of the MCs. Some reviews also mention that the story over-extends a bit and that they skimmed some of the skirmishes and such that were prolonged, but I personally enjoyed them.
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May 23, 2017
Gaaahhhh! 4.5 Stars! LOVED this BOOK!

Hilarious! Irreverent! My god this was so much fun to read! The real world meets the comic books. Superheroes and villains, or hoagies and Challengers fight each other and knock down buildings. Villains take turns seeking world domination or simply doing away with the travesty of chain book stores. Their sons and daughters must serve on minion duty for other challengers/villains. Heroes bicker with each other. All fights are televised. And no one seems to die. And it's all as funny as hell!

In the middle of all this, Patrick West (son of the Dread Serpent Serpentissima) finds himself working as night manager for the genius billionaire superhero/hoagie Nicholas Andersen, the Silver Paladin. Nick mistakes Pat for a hooker, one thing leads to another which leads to a big ole fight between superheroes and Serpentissima. Of course this all ends in an HFN for Pat and Nick.

Saturday morning cartoons and comics meet MM romance and RL. Yes!

This has to come out in audiobook!
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May 20, 2015
3.5 challengers

I feel like the Grinch. My friends all loved this book, but not me. I liked it. I laughed a lot. I also put the book down a lot. Worse, I didn’t miss it while I wasn’t reading.

This book started great. That first 30%, maybe even the first 35%, I couldn’t stop reading. Then, I don’t know what happened, I just got bored. The one-liners and other funny Pat moments were still funny. The in between parts just started dragging. I noticed it the most when Pat was describing the view or a room or something. I know the OTT description was supposed to be funny and OTT. I just didn’t feel it. I think the ending is a little open, an HFN with the possibility of a sequel.

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August 10, 2020
Sorry Claudie, this was just not for me. It was exacerbated by the fact that this cost $$ and I couldn't return it 10% in when I realized whole-heartedly that it was not for me. Honestly I think I'm being generous with the 2 stars. Only for the sex, which I skipped pretty much everything else since 20% to read and call it a day.

Nothing about this gripped me. One reader said it's like Austin Power with sex. Yeah, that's kinda right. I didn't smile at any of the slap stick comedy... I'm not the type to laugh at that type of comedy. I didn't totally feel the "love" between the MCs. Felt like it could have happened to anyone... maybe. It's just chemistry.

The writing wasn't bad per se. Just not the kind that engages me.

I found it silly. I really really wanted to return it so I didn't have to rate it by forcing myself to skip and skip and skip and finish.
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April 24, 2015
I found a new author to follow. Yes. Yes I did.

I loved this!!! Because Because Because... all of the wonderful things he wrote

This was outrageous, unbelievable, hilarious, off the wall and I LOVED IT.

I hope Alex Gabriel's other books fall into the same line as the way this one was written, cause I know I will have a goofey smile, and laughter bubblin out of me


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August 15, 2020
This was a very cute book that I did really enjoy although I didn't find it laugh out loud funny. I enjoyed the characters, the world this was set in and the romance. I found this whole book to be delightfully entertaining.
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October 27, 2015
After about reading 8%, the book will suck you in like quicksand, I LOVED the beginning of the story. This book is also very different from lots of other MM books, it’s creative and new. The narrative voice, the voice of a young villain who is starting to have feelings for a super hero, is crazy and funny and would cheer you up, and their relationship, even in the fantasy world of minions and heroes, feels realistic. These are some of the things that make this book so good.

However, I should complain a little about its length, very descriptive voice of the narration, and the unsatisfying end.

As I mentioned earlier, the story starts by creating a wonderful situation for the hero/villain coming together, but it also makes a prostitute/non-prostitute misunderstanding. And these two are different stories by themselves, and it makes Pat’s secrets too much! I just wanted Pat to tell Nick the truth, the lengthy fighting scenes at the end were unnecessary. And I’m not sure about what happened after that! The ending seemed unresolved!

But generally this was an enjoyable read, with unforgettable characters :)
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February 9, 2015
**I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Probably 4.5, but I rounded up...

First I need to mention how incredibly incongruous the book cover is to the story. This cover is sleek, yet bland. All white with the word "Love" in this flowery-ish font... honestly, if I were browsing through a bookstore, I would totally bypass it. And the story, wow! the story, is so different from any other MM book I have read lately. And having read the book, now I am so loving the fact that it has a bland, boring cover... almost like the book itself has a secret identity.

The story takes place in a comic book-type world. Pat (don't call me Patrick) is a studying urban design and working as a night manager at billionaire-genius, Nicholas Anderson's mansion. One night, Nicholas (don't call me Nick) asks for something beyond his usual not-so-usual pizza... and Pat gives it to him, literally.

So this is where all the fun begins. Because Nicholas is not your everyday billionaire-genius. He is a superhero (hoagie to Pat) called Silver Paladin... and Pat is the son of challenger (villain to Nicholas) Dread Serpent, Serpentissima. And while Nicholas's superhero identity is known to Pat, the same can not be said of Pat's heritage... nor of his part-time duties as evil-minion.

I don't like to give too many details in reviews... I think it takes away from some of the fun the reader would get from reading it for themselves. But this story is worth the read. For 300 pages, it goes quickly; it is lighthearted and fun. I laughed out loud more than once. There were no editing issues that drew me out of the story. The supporting characters (ie. Pat's three older sisters) were almost as much fun as the MCs themselves.

I would love to see a sequel to this... (and I would have more than loved to read about that family dinner!)
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January 13, 2015
Okay, this was the best way to kick off the New Year! Amazing, awesome, hilarious, sweet, this book had it all. Well developed and original characters that broke the mold and whom I cared about right off the bat. Side-splitting situations and lines that made me develop a near six pack. A world full of inventive contradictions and strong personalities that I lost myself in completely and want to move to right now.

"'To make up for the inconvenience [of a challenger attacking the city], we'll be serving our special villain cookies.'"

A smooth plot that flowed naturally from start to finish. The best chapter titles ever. Way too many highlighted sections for me to list even anywhere close to all of my favorite quotes. And...way too many more reasons to list to show how this book is full of greatness.

Pat is a quirky, confident, charismatic young man who is the littlest hatchling of one of the most feared challengers (villains).

"'Patrick, I don't think--'
'Excellent, keep that up. Also, shut it, I'm a genius.'"

Nick is a shy, socially-inept billionaire genius who also doubles as one of the most magnificent superheroes (hoagies).

"'Mr. [Nick] Andersen,' Suze said into the cold silence, 'is a gentleman.'
Yeah, right. A gentleman who regularly engaged hookers because he had so little game he would actually come out with a line like 'suck my dick, you little slut' without spontaneously combusting from sheer embarrassment."

When those two come together, gold falls from the sky to shower the masses and global warming is reversed back to a harmonious balance. I love them together so hard.

The large cast of indelible secondary characters added spice and variety to the story--from Pat's sisters, to the various and numerous minions (even stylist minions, come on! :D), to the Serpent Sluts. The situations the characters created and blazed into were priceless and glorious. There were tender moments, serious moments, hot sex moments, fun-filled with a side of laughter moments, and every single scene was interesting and added to the storyline.

I absolutely loved (adored, devoured) this story, and even with houseguests, I stayed up all night for two nights to finish this, 'cause I just couldn't tear myself away. I highly recommend this to everyone. *shouts* Quick, read it! Be filled with joyous, vivacious pleasure!

And..."Remember: Anyone worth doing is worth doing right."
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September 16, 2015

This is one of those occasions where I am really sorry there is no half-star rating option on GR. I keep relying on the fact that by GR standards 2* means I find book ok which I do, so proceed with that in mind.

So, this book has similar vibe like Pawn Takes Rook- on humorous side with comic effect of big fight scenes and lots of giggles. Told from Pat's pov*, the whole tone of novel fits his quirky character and it simply doesn't take itself seriously. It's pure fluffy fun.:)
I am a huge fan of superhero novels. Hence, I came into this book with experience of Hero,Bitter Seeds Kingdom of Heroes, Soon I Will Be Invincible, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.. name it. I am an unapologetic fan of subgenre.
What I missed was exploring a little more superpowers and abilities of heroes and villains. To end I am not sure if Nick is super genius billionaire in silver suit a al Stark, or is he having inborn powers like pulverizing eye-beam... That sort of thing.
I guess it was not the point of novel- it was definitely more focused on romance and silliness and that's what it managed to convey.
Recommended if you're in for something fun and unusual. :)

*His voice reminded me a lot on Howie from Know Not Why, so if you are familiar with book, you get the picture. :)
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January 16, 2019
4.5 stars

I'm sad that I've come to the end of this - I don't want to leave these characters behind! I really want to read more in this world and would love to see a sequel...

This was such a fun read with a really likeable MC. The whole premise of the heroes/hoagies and villains/challengers etc was a bit different to the usual. I loved the voice of Pat and the humour in general was just spot on. It was great to see Nick's up-tight character relax through the story and when the guys get together, the sex is REALLY hot. The characters were all really interesting - I loved Pat's relationship with his sisters - and the insights we got into some of the heroes and challengers.

The romance here was nicely developed through the story but we left off when it was just getting slightly more serious, so I hope we get to see the development of their relationship in future.

The only niggle I have with this is that for some reason I kept getting distracted and reading other things and then coming back and reading more of this one during about the middle third...I don't know if it was just the reading mood I was in, or perhaps some parts were slightly slow? I'm not sure, but either way I ended the story loving it and would even put it on my list of books that I would happily read again at some point.

I'm excited to read more by this author!
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245 reviews20 followers
August 2, 2015
 photo giphy_zpsjbegdqfl.gif

I'm sure there's a valid reason why I waited so long to read this one, but for the life of me I can't remember. If like me you have a fondness for MM and at least an inkling of a geek soul, this spoof on superheroes and villains will be right up your street.
This book is quirky, fast-paced and different to most things that are out there. It's absurdly funny and, actually, just pretty much absurd in general.
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442 reviews156 followers
August 11, 2019
This book is just an overall delight. Hilarious, sweet, sexy at times, and brimming with fun characters. Also, the author maintained an effervescent level of light and punchy humor throughout this novel, which I applaud them. That's a real feat that many can't pull off so naturally and winningly. Multiple times I laughed out loud at Patrick's sharp, sweet, and hilarious narration.

Also, it's quite long! The GR page says 300, but smashwords says 144k words, so closer around 400 pages. I didn't really feel the length though which is also a feat with books that lean on humor.

Definitely one of the best books I've read this year.
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Author 13 books618 followers
December 1, 2015

Ah, that awkward moment when your mom discovers that your boyfriend is her arch-nemesis…

I think the main title doesn’t do this book justice. The (intentionally) too-long subtitle gives a better flavor of what you’re in for when you open the cover: “The Part-Time Evil Minion’s Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero.” Try to imagine the wonderful 2004 animated film “The Incredibles” as a gay romance novel. Add to this a smart, literate author who can create funny contemporary prose that smacks of the here and now but vividly envisions a world very different from our own.

An early throw-away line from the book’s endearing protagonist sort of sums it up:
“Billionaire superhero geniuses were just normal guys in the end, right?”

At first glance, Patrick “Pat” West is just an ordinary young twenty-something, pursuing a degree in urban planning at the local university, and supplementing his income by working the graveyard shift as the night manager for the aforementioned billionaire superhero genius, Nicholas Andersen. A misunderstood directive received in the night kitchen brings Pat face-to-face for the first time with the eccentric Anderson – whose superhero avatar is Silver Palladin. The increasingly hilarious goofball plot unreels from there.

What really makes this book so good, beyond its absurdist humor and geeky fantasy setting, is the deep probing of both Pat’s and Nicholas’s characters. At first glance – particularly through Pat’s eyes – Nicholas is his total opposite. Aloof, pampered, humorless, older than his chronological age, Nicholas seems to have no family and no life outside of his laboratory and his public persona as Silver Palladin. Pat, on the other hand, is still very much part of a large boisterous family. He is an adult, and a fairly responsible one, but clings to his college-boy fecklessness, sneakers and baseball cap included. He has three beautiful, high-powered older sisters and doting parents, who adorably call him Patpat and treat him like the cherished baby brother he is.

What we learn along the way, in deftly handled internal monologues and comically romantic interactions, is that these two men are not as antithetical to each other as it might at first seem. Nicholas is simply isolated and unschooled in normal social interaction (after all, he’s a superhero, and needs to keep walls, literal and figurative, around himself). Pat, by contrast, is smart and intuitive, but he is also a far more clueless dude than he’s willing to admit. Having never had actually had a real date (or, possibly, actual sex), he is himself unpracticed in any sort of relationship beyond his family and his college swim team. Pat, in other words, knows a lot about love, but nothing about Love. I kept seeing these two guys and thinking (forgive me for yet another movie reference) of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby (1938): the nerdy bespectacled paleontologist and the smart but thoughtless socialite. If the author didn’t dig beneath the surface of these characters, it would still be amusing; but by mining Pat and Nicholas’s shifting responses to each other as the story progresses, the author gives us something rather touching and at times almost profound.

The wry comic-book world that Pat and Nicholas inhabit is wonderfully rendered so as to be almost believable. Superheroes and Supervillans are simply part of the landscape. Attempting world domination and challenging those attempts is simply what they do; it’s their job. And everybody (meaning the general populace) expects it and reacts to it with no more alarm than if it were the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or professional sports. Once more, it is the story below the surface that is most interesting, as we gradually realize that the line between evil villain and noble hero is sometimes very thin; and that the difference between the two sides is more a matter of presentation than intent. This is a world where supervillains (who call themselves challengers) try to alter the status quo, and superheroes (whom the challengers refer to as hoagies) are supposed to try and stop them. But nobody is supposed to die.

Alex Gabriel is a new author to me. He or she must be British, due to little bits of lingo that pepper the narrative. Otherwise the tone and setting of this substantial novel felt very United States. All in all, this was a delicious book, and one of my favorite reads of the season.
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