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“Life is full of crossroads, Alex. Full of choices.”

Returning for a second year at Akarnae Academy with her gifted friends, Alexandra Jennings steps back through a doorway into Medora, the fantasy world that is full of impossibilities.

Despite the magical wonder of Medora, Alex’s life remains threatened by Aven Dalmarta, the banished prince from the Lost City of Meya who is out for her blood.

To protect the Medorans from Aven’s quest to reclaim his birthright, Alex and her friends seek out the Meyarin city and what remains of its ancient race.

Not sure who—or perhaps what—she is anymore, all Alex knows is that if she fails to keep Aven from reaching Meya, the lives of countless Medorans will be in danger. Can she protect them, or will all be lost?

454 pages, Paperback

First published April 1, 2016

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About the author

Lynette Noni

20 books4,513 followers
After studying journalism, academic writing and human behaviour at university, Lynette Noni finally ventured into the world of fiction. She is now a full-time writer and the #1 bestselling author of the six-book young adult fantasy series, The Medoran Chronicles, the award-winning YA duology, Whisper, and the globally renowned YA fantasy trilogy, The Prison Healer.

In 2019, Lynette’s book Whisper won the ABIA Award (Australian Book Industry Award) for Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of the Year, as well as the Gold Inky Award (Australia’s only teen choice book award).

Her newest series, The Prison Healer, won the 2022 ABIA Award for Book of the Year for Older Children (13+), and was shortlisted for the 2022 Indie Book Awards. It was also a finalist in the 2022 Audie Awards, and a CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) notable mention for Older Readers Book of the Year. The Prison Healer was also voted in at #2 on the Better Reading Kid’s Top 50 list for 2022 — directly behind Harry Potter.

Collectively, Lynette’s books have been published in 18 different countries and counting.

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1,454 reviews365 followers
September 17, 2020
**Re-read Jan/Feb 19**


This is definitely the book that hooked me firmly on the series.

The escapades.

The characters.


And yet still so much sass.

Where's those handy check marks ...

✓Alex is getting better at fighting
✓Meeting new friends: HELLO Roka and Kyia and Zain and oh hey a cameo from that one guy that we're all definitely falling in love with very soon
✓Spending more time with old friends ie I TOTALLY SHIP ALEX AND KAIDEN THEY ARE ADORABLE
✓More super powers hooray!
✓Teachers trying to kill students; how very relatable
✓The whole SAS trip was SO MUCH FUN
✓Alex is so snarky when she lacks sleep which I love, but she's also just naturally a sass queen which means I love her even though everyone else loves her and I'm not usually one to follow trends
✓Lots of fighting, I LOVE FIGHT CLUB and mostly just Declan enjoying beating the snot out of Alex and Alex taking it like a champ

This concludes my nonsensical babbling inspired by my love of this series which is only growing stronger with re-reads. For sense, please read my original review, below.

**Original Review**


This series is so much better than I expected! The first one was quite obviously Harry Potter-inspired but with this second novel the story has certainly taken on its own life, making it quite an exciting read.

There's still way too many good looking people but these characters are so easy to fall for because of the dynamics they bring to the story. I love the friendships and particularly the teamwork, which gives our heroine a great support network instead of the 'only I can do this' complex so many teen fantasy heroes end up with.

I love the variety of the classes and the little details that flesh out the world as a place of magic. There's still a few predictable elements and typical scenarios but surprisingly this didn't bother me in the slightest as I truly enjoyed reading through these moments. As with the first novel, there's a few explanations that you can't really think too much about (such as Alex's extremely unconcerned parents) but if you let go of the details and relax into the story you'll find yourself enjoying the ride.

Absolutely loved it! Can't wait to get my hands on the next one!


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October 21, 2016

This book has wrecked me and destroyed every fiber of my being! Jordan my baby... *sobs for eternity*

P.S. More Kaiden in the next book pleaaaaase!

P.P.S. I have to wait a whole year for Draekora? Fuck.

P.P.P.S. Maybe now's the time to consider reading straight up standalones from now on.
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Author 20 books4,513 followers
June 3, 2023
Full series re-read November 2021
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3,228 reviews2,058 followers
December 24, 2020
Another very enjoyable entry in this series! It is a pleasure to escape for a few hours into the wonderful world Lynette Noni has created for her Medoran Chronicles.

A wonderful world and a lot of great characters too. I love the banter between Alex and her friends and enjoyed the romance which is building ever so slowly between her and Kaiden. There was a lot more in this book about each character's gifts and some of them are amazing. Alex herself is turning into a kind of Superwoman which is fun too.

A lot happens in Raelia and it finishes with a cliffhanger. It won't be long before I start book three.

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4,109 reviews2,666 followers
February 29, 2020
Alexandra Jennings was excited for her second year at Akarnae Academy and rejoining the friends she’d made the previous year. Little did she know the events which would unfold over that year – how much the hated Aven Dalmarta would dominate her thoughts.

As the four friends - Alex, DC, Jordan and Bear - picked up their new timetables for the fourth-year students, Alex was mostly pleased with her schedule. But when she was invited to participate in a trial for another course, she declined. She had enough on her plate without adding another grueling few hours a week.

Coming up with a plan to keep the city of Meya safe; stopping the banished prince who was attempting to return to Meya; Alex knew she’d have to find the Meyarin city if she was to have any success. She had a few tricks up her sleeve, but could she pull it off? The danger was phenomenal, but she knew she had no choice. Alex was determined to stop Aven if it was the last thing she did. At least she had her friends by her side…

Wow! What an exceptional read Raelia was! Book 2 in The Medoran Chronicles by Aussie author Lynette Noni, and I devoured it! 448 pages read in a matter of hours; it was that good! Twists, intrigue, magic, fantasy, tough decisions – it was all there. I’m really looking forward to the next – Draekora - soon. Highly recommended.

With thanks to Pantera Press for my copy to read in exchange for an honest review.
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652 reviews89 followers
March 5, 2020
First read: March 21st 2017
Re-read: January 24th 2018, March 6th 2020

Life is full of crossroads, Alex. Full of choices

When day and night combine and fight against one enemy then dark and light shall meet mid-strike and set the captives free

Trying to put my emotions in check is going to be extremely hard after finishing this book and boy Lynette has taken this series to a whole new level in this second book and i cannot wait to see where it goes in book three.

This book picks up a couple of months after the first book and Alex is getting ready to begin her second year at Akarnae. I loved how Alex returned to earth to find a massive search party for her going on because her parents find out that she never enrolled in her school classes. I secretly thought that her parent's knew about Medora and Akarnae and were just keeping it a secret from her but they had no idea of such a place existing. I had a little laugh when Alex told her parents and they were excited at the prospect of having a whole new world to learn and discover just like Alex did in the first book.

I loved learning more about Medora and the school in this book and i love how Lynette has handled it because we are learning about these places and things for the first time just like Alex's is and i'm always left wondering if theres anything more to discover and boom Lynette throws more information into the book. It hasn't been information overload either like in most books, you start to find things all throughout the book at different stages and before something big is about to go down. The world that Lynette has created is magical and a place i could see myself living in because there's so much to do and see and learn from.

The characters in this book are so well-written and are a group of friends that i want in my own life because they all bring something different to the table. Alex for her determination, fight and loyalty because she never gives up on her family, friends and the challenges she's given. Jordan for his wit, loyalty and sense of humour. Bear for his smarts, loyalty and sense of humour. D.C for her compassion, loyalty, understanding. Friendship plays such a big role in this series because all four of the main characters are so close to each other and it definitely shows and i seriously need these four characters as my friends in real life.

There also so many other amazing characters in this series that make it worth reading from when you start the book right up until the end of the book. The stealth and Subterfuge class made up of Kaiden, Blink, Pipsqueak, Skyla Fay and Tom Barrett all of these characters were all amazing and added something to the story in there own right. It was good to see Kaiden return in this one and i'm surprised to see the relationship forming between Alex and himself because i honestly don't see anything myself and i do see something more between Alex and Jordan.

But the pairings don't really bother me that much and i love how insta love wasn't a thing in this story because that would have ruined the good thing thats going on right now, i really do like stories that flesh characters out first before they go any further with them.

can we all talk about the last few chapters of the book and how much of a shock and devastation that was, I really was feeling what Alex, Bear and D.C were feeling and my heart was breaking for them and i really do hope they can attempt to save Jordan in the next book.. i don't know how or when but i really hope they can.

I need Draekora right now but i'm glad the third book is coming out next week so i won't have to long of a wait to continue my adventures with Alex, Jordan, Bear and D.C.
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181 reviews938 followers
April 26, 2016
YAY RAELIA!!!! Thank you Pantera for sending me out this beautiful book. The thoughts and opinions in this review are entirely my own.

Magic: CHECK. Sarcasm: CHECK. Friendship: HELL YEAH CHECK. This book has the perfect mixture to be placed alongside Harry Potter and Rick Riordan's books.

Alex's adventures continue after the first book, Akarnae. She is back at the academy with her friends and hoping for a stress free school time but of course, there's no such thing.

I fell even more in love with the characters in this book. So much so that I actually had to hug this book to my chest. UNTIL THE THING HAPPENED AND I WAS SO BROKEN. I WAS LEFT HURT AT THE CLIFFHANGER ENDING. It was so wonderfully written and painful. It was perfect in that ouch-my-heart kinda sense.

Basically, read this book. But be prepared for pain. LOTS OF PAIN.
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341 reviews242 followers
November 13, 2016
My God, this book.
I��ve come to love Lynette Noni and her stories like few things in these past couple of months. It is a combination of multiple factors that make her books a second home to me, nothing different from what I would expect from her.
It has become a safe haven where I can go to find comfort and cuddle myself, for I know what will be waiting after I cross the threshold and I can count on a hand’s fingers the rare cases to which this statement also applies.
And please don’t confuse my phrasing with predictability or boredom. It would be like saying that Cassandra Clare is predictable and boring with her awesome perfect books. I know, right? Crazy.

I can’t really say much about this book, being it the 2nd installment in a series.
Alex and her friends are back at Akarnae Academy for another year of getting their asses kicked in combat or getting mixed in the weirdest and most dangerous situations. In fact, they’re not the only ones to be back. After all, Alex is the chosen one by the Library and only she can open the portals to Meya, the ancient place from where Aven was banished and that he’s trying to reach to carry out his revenge.

Medora is the same world but so much has changed.
The writing style keeps up its lightheartedness, its sarcastic tone and extreme fluency. Seriously, Raelia is 400 pages long and I had an exam coming up but I still read this whole thing in three days and no more. I couldn’t have let go of it even if I had wanted to, I was way too sucked into what was going on. And I didn’t want to let go anyway, so that was ideal. I would describe it as a perfect mix of Jennifer L. Armentrout, for its addicting effect on the reader, and Sarah J. Maas, due to the 100% sure fact you’ll fall in love with more or less the whole male population present in this series. Which is crazy, considering there’s not really a love story yet. My goodness, the tension. It’s eating me alive, I just need something to happen between Alex and… someone!
I did miss one character in this installment but it was compensated by tons of other characters’ development and hopefully things will balance out in the sequel.
Plus, I must mention those nice addictions to the story that I always go crazy for, such as Alex’s timetable or some notes and messages from professors and so on. I
Still waiting for my map but hey, there’s time for it since The Medoran Chronicles is going to be a 5 books series. Yep, you heard me right. 5 books long. It’s Christmas all over again.
I mean, after all the shenanigans that went down at the end of Raelia… Lynette Noni was evil. So evil.
I just need a bit more of descriptions for it to be absolutely perfect.

Where’s book 3? Someone’d better give it to me. And something needs to happen between Alex and this… someone or so help me God!!!
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930 reviews194 followers
September 20, 2021
I believe that this could be my favourite book in this series. And this is a VERY amazing series.

Alex is as stunningly described as ever, with a determined, brave and absolutely hilarious personality. She keeps me entertained the entire book with her internal monologue, and I love, love, LOVE her relationship with the combat boys in this. They're some of my favourite book characters ever. Not to mention the brilliance of Kaiden.... so much love for him.
As always, Alex goes through many trials in this stunning book, but comes out ever the more determined to save both this world and her own. With her best friends by her side and love blossoming in the air, this book was the perfect blend of mischief, humour and adventure, with a tinge (and a bit) of romance!

This book was just as good as the first, if not better. It's clear that the characters are maturing and becoming stronger both mentally and physically, but don't worry, Alex is still swoony over Kaiden! Thank you Lynette Noni!
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1,694 reviews1 follower
November 30, 2022
Don't get me wrong--I enjoyed the story for the most part, but I found myself just annoyed at Alex's character for the majority of the novel.

Its like- Okay I get she's the "chosen" one, but did she have to be the only one who is good at EVERYTHING? She always the only one who saves everyone, always the one to come up with the genius plan, everyone finds her charming and funny, and even when she fucks up- its cool- we all still think you walk on air.


When the main character can do no wrong, or there are no consequences, it kind of makes the stakes seem trivial- oh of course Alex will come up with a plan- no need to worry. I get it, its a YA book, but still bugged me a bit.


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576 reviews137 followers
February 22, 2023
3rd read through of the series, and the below still applies


Actual rating: 4.5/5

This book was an absolute blast to read. I adore the characters and their friendships and the fact that there's never any miscommunication between them. I appreciate that the love interest is really low key sub plot but still there. I really like the direction the plot took in this book as well.

Definitely a step up from the last book! I'll be picking up the next one as soon as it's out!
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347 reviews33 followers
April 15, 2019
4 stars

An excellent second book and one I enjoyed just like the first.

World building is excellent and very emotive.

The characters are further developed from the first book and I really like how they are developing.

The plot is strong and added in a few more elements this time which as good.

An excellent second book and i'm keen to get onto the next in the series to see where it goes. It's developing very nicely into a very compelling series.
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1,549 reviews83 followers
October 16, 2018
Alright book dragons. If you are following me on Instagram (on my profile page) you may or may not know that my opinion of this book which I shared in a story BLEW UP! I received hateful DM’s about ‘how I am too stupid to review books’ and ‘how dare I’ and so on and so forth from FANDOM accounts for this series. And lucky that I have thick skin and the hateful words of other just makes me laugh. What I do like that is that Lynette has a passionate following that aspire and adore her work.
Let’s start with the positives. I’ll give credit where credit is due, Lynette Noni is a captivating writer, you can be in any mood and be pulled into her worlds with ease and in such a few lines. Not many authors are as captivating as she is and this is coming from someone who isn’t a fan on the series. I will however keep an eye out on Noni’s work because her mind is just fantastic.
Another positive is the world building, it is fascinating and well explained without your mind trailing off with about unpaid bills.
Also Aven. The bad guy and at this stage the main reason why I am reading this book, I’m predicting or rather hoping that he gets more brutal.
Alright now let’s talk about the small and silly aspects of this book that KILLED ME! And not in an enjoyable crush your heart kind but the rolling of the eyes kind. This whole book is rose coloured glasses. Nothing more. Nothing bad can happen to the all might hero Alex, and literally everything always presents itself at the right time to save her because we wouldn’t want our leading lady to have a rough time and actually save herself.
Alex needs to get into this magic door. Oh a key just suddenly appears!
Alex gets stuck in a bad situation. There a muscle bound guy there to help.
Those are examples but you get my drift.
I’m not a massive fan of Alex, I mean at all. And every time I think of her I think of killing her ‘death by a thousand cuts’ style. Mostly for my own amusement. For someone that is meant to be a teenager, the hero of the land and a pretty savvy chick, she acts and speaks a majority of the time like she is a year old with a bad attitude, which everyone fawns over like she carries the cure for cancer in her pocket. Will Alex actually win anything for herself? Who knows?
So besides D.C and Alex, the remainder of our characters are men, who all seem to joke with Alex, touch her should ‘supportively’ and all the flirting. The amount of sexual tension in this book was ridiculous. I grow bored at a love triangle but this book is something else. The male characters out stage the females, which isn’t a problem I much prefer males to females anyway, but every single male in this book idolises her and it makes me ehh *vomit* Can’t deal. No deal. Check please!!!
The parents, or the lack of? Oh our daughter is now attending this mysterious school in another world and there is a bad guy after her. ‘Oh good luck hunny and enjoy yourself!’ Umm seriously? Who the hell let’s their child go to another world and have zero means to contact them. At least Hermione Granger wrote to her parents. And on that side note, none of the adults spoke, nor behaved like adults.. at all??
This book was almost a high school orgy fest. There is already the premise story line of a war literally on the verge of starting, yet we need to add these teenagers needy for love and affection in there as well?

D.C is sooo irritating. Can she please be a casualty of war please? Or a flight of stairs? Or can someone just push her in front of a moving vehicle? Any of the above, I’m not fussy. She is daft, annoying, whiny and kills my brain cells where ever she opens her mouth. Just killll herrrr alreadyyyyy.
Bear. Meh
Jordan. Meh
I don’t hate Bear and Jordan I just don’t find them interesting, or interesting enough to care about.
Also that ending… well I figured it out real early on.
Over all this wasn’t a book I would read again however I will be finishing the series because my life is based around reading and supporting Australians and Noni has some talent, I’ll give her that. We definitely need some more brooding bad guy moments!

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,106 reviews299 followers
July 3, 2017
4.5 Stars
Raelia is a wonderful edition to The Medoran Chronicles, engaging and delightfully surprising. The storyline resumes shortly after Akarnae, after coming close to losing her freedom at the hands of Aven. Now Alex is back with a vengeance, her training has increased in order to protect the institute and the portal that Aven is so desperate to find.

After the revelations of Akarnae, Alex's character growth was immense. She's always been resilient, but has taken her place at Akarnae in her stride and is relishing in her new found role as a protector of the library and the institution itself. Old characters and friends return. While readers are introduced to new characters in the mystical kingdom of Meya, we now see characters such as the dashing Kaiden and roommate in D.C who is now part of the core character group, with much stronger storylines and interactions with Alex, Bear and Jordan.

One of the most appealing aspects of The Medoran Chronicles is the adventure. Comparable to the Harry Potter series, it appeals to young adult and mature middle grade readers as the storyline is morally uncomplicated and doesn't rely on a romance to develop characters or further the storyline which really is a breath of fresh air. I loved the attraction blooming between Kaiden and Alex and hoping the third book explores a potential romance between the two.

Once again Lynette Noni's writing is a mixture of sass and humour. The series is perfect for non fantasy reader such as myself as it offers a lighter take on the genre, making it easy for young teens to engage with and relate to it's well written and depth of characters.

I love a well written villain and I need more Aven. Aven is mysterious, sinister and delicious. He's single minded in his determination to find the doorway back to Meya, where he is now the exiled prince. I needed him to ignite and his cunning surprised and delighted me, even as villainous as he's portrayed. Be warned, Raelia ends with a heart wrenching revelation. The fate of one character rests upon Alex and her strength to fight.

Raelia is an wonderful installment in The Medoran Chronicles. First time author Lynette Noni is a magnificent storyteller, crafting a beautifully written, engaging and enchanting new young adult series with a touch of Australian charm and warmth.

My only gripe is that all the characters seem to mumble. Speak clearly children.
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978 reviews119 followers
February 20, 2016
Received from: Pantera Press
Received Via: NetGalley.com


Why this book?

I loved the first book in the series

What I thought

OMG if i could only describe this book in one word it would be "AMAZING!". Alex is back and she's even more of a kick ass heroine then before. The other characters we love are back too and amusing as ever. This book is full of action and crazy moments. The SAS class trip was extremely entertaining. The world building continued to be fantastic and the writing was superb. It dragged you into the book and didn't let you go until the last word. Overall an excellent read that I highly recommend.
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1,683 reviews597 followers
January 7, 2019
The characters in this series leave a lasting impression on the reader...I so love Alex, Dix, Jordan, and Bear...not to mention the other characters that hold a spot close to my heart. I can't wait to see how Kaiden will play into this along with the back story of Aven.

Off to the next book in this series...so loving this!
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Author 1 book8 followers
May 10, 2016
Well, my friend had to call me and sit there in silence while I made various pterodactyl noises so I think that adequately describes this book.
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1,006 reviews3,622 followers
February 25, 2018
THAT WAS SO FANTASTIC. It's been a few years since I read Akarnae, the first book in the series but everyone's love for this series inspired me to pick up the sequel.

I adored the magical world of Medora with all it's magic and mystic, from the otherworldly Medorans and the detailed combat training of the Akarnae academy. Those fight scenes were so vivid and exhilirating and when there was magic involved, it was even more nail biting.

I also adored Alex, her subtle defiance, her easygoing outlook on life and the loyalty and banter that she shares with her best friends, DC, Jordan and Bear. Although we didn't really see much of Bear in this one, her other best friends took a primary role in the book which was really wonderful to see. This series really places a focus on platonic friendships and it is so refreshing.

The majority of the book focuses on a SAS mission where Alex and her classmates follow subtle clues to achieve their mission objectives and I enjoyed it so much! Loved seeing Alex work with her classmates to go undercover. After the objectives are over though, I kind of found it to be a bit draggy but IT GETS SO GOOD towards the end and I'm still heartbroken.

The encounters with the villain Aven were incredibly chilling, as he constantly comes to threaten Alex and her friends. Always love a good ultimate villain and Aven definitely meets that criteria.

I also loved seeing more Medorans, Kyria, Rok and Zain were such intriguing, powerful characters and offered a new dimension to the story. My only reservation is Alex's classmate Skyla, her personality was that of a slow airhead and I found the way she was treated to be kind of sad. She really deserves better.

Let's not forget the swoony Kaiden who Alex shares a few sweet moments with (some which are completely hilarious). Looking forward to seeing the development of this in coming books!

The great thing about getting into a series later is that I don't have to wait until the next book to come out, I can just dive right in. I'm in for the Medoran ride now and I can't wait to read the sequels!
Profile Image for Grace Arango (G-Swizzel Books).
1,213 reviews654 followers
January 14, 2019
UPDATED REVIEW (reread 2019)
I have similar thoughts but taking it down to a solid 4 Stars. Like I said, I do enjoy this book and I do have some critiques. Is it perfect? No. Is it enjoyable though? Yes.

I personally prefer Akarnae, but I think this is a good set up for the next book in the series ;)
Actual Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

I'm really liking this series so far! Just when you think that everything is happy for these characters, it becomes dark all of the sudden. No one is safe. It seriously gave me chills at times.

At times I laughed when reading this too... and I may just be shipping Alex and Kaiden a whole lot more <3

One thing that really frustrated me was the dialogue from a specific character, and that was Skyla. I understand that she is meant to be a girl-hateish type of character, but her dialogue was kind of written as if she was intended to be a 5 year-old. I wasn't annoyed at her for the character she was supposed to be, rather I was annoyed at how unrealistic how dialogue was for a teen. I don't know why, but I picked up on that for some reason.

Other than that, this book was awesome. For some reason, I'm kind of loving Aven. I think that's because I feel like his complexity is unfolding. He makes a great antagonist. The cliff-hanger was unfair though, I mean... why?

Can't wait for Draekora!
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332 reviews28 followers
April 24, 2018
This second instalment of The Medoran Chronicles has Alex and friends setting off on a weekend training exercise that ends up testing everyone to their limits. I enjoyed this much more than the first book. The writing was stronger, the plot was tighter, and there were some interesting new characters and developments. Aven, Alex’s arch nemesis, steps up his evil to a whole new level. The ending nicely sets up the focus for book three. It’s clear Lynette Noni really thought through how to make each book feel new and interesting. It’s another fun read.
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44 reviews38 followers
March 9, 2016
Definately 5/5 stars it was a perfect sequel! I'm just going to say the ending killed me and I half expected it but was shocked anyway. Full review coming soon (:
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968 reviews64 followers
August 29, 2019
You can also find my review here: https://brooklynthebookworm.wordpress...

Raelia is perfection, at every turn! This second instalment in The Medoran Chronicles is every bit as glorious and vast as its predecessor, Lynette Noni has most definitely cemented her place as one of my absolute new favourite authors and I’ve fallen in love with this series with all my heart!
There was never a dull moment in this book, it was every bit as exciting, addictive and enthralling as Akarnae, with so much additional wonder and awe! It was so amazing reading about the worlds within Medora and all of their features, such as when Alex and her friends find their way into Meya, such a dazzling and breathtaking city! It’s here where our heroes make the acquaintance of some new faces, my favourite being Roka – who indeed is the brother of the villainous Aven! Where Aven is definitely devilishly charming and frankly terrifying (but truly one of my new favourite villains, Roka is inquisitive and curious and caring, truly wanting Alex and her friends to be safe, but knowing that Alex is connected to Aven in ways, and Alex knowing Aven’s plans to reclaim the throne of Meya, just wow!). There was not one moment where I didn’t feel on edge throughout this!
There were so many revelations throughout this book, whether its Aven wanting to unleash his fury on Alex and those closest to her (by the end my feelings were a puddle, truly, I did not see the betrayal coming, it just hurt!), but also where there is fear and hurt I know there’s hope, so I definitely am hopeful for a turn around with what one character is now going through! Also though at the same time, I’m kind of looking forward to the darker scenes? Purely though because I’m hopeful that Aven’s deciets and ploys will fail?! Either way, I couldn’t BE more excited to continue my adventure in book 3!
I loved all the mystery throughout this book too! Why was Delucia plagued by her nightmares? Were they prophetic or some other kind of darkness? Why was she so weary of Meya? Why was Jordan being so aloof to his very best friends after a weekend with his parents? The ending of this book was equally soul wrenching and satisfying!
I have to say though, I admire Alex so much! Whilst she and her classmates are on a quest for one of their classes, I couldn’t help but be in awe of her throughout! She’s so loyal and will stop at nothing to see that her friends are safe, even if that means putting herself in the line of danger! All throughout I was cheering for her and it’s just so great seeing her character develop and embrace her skills and powers! This is the perfect second instalment to a perfect series and I couldn’t put it down! This series is already one of my very favourites and even though I have four books to go and marvel over, I can already see myself rereading them!
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September 3, 2022
As Alex's second year at Arkanae begins things don't go as planned. Somehow she winds up taking part in the trial to enter the mysterious Hunter's Stealth and Subterfuge class, and what is even more crazy is that she passes doing what no other student has ever been able to - complete the trial.

This sets is motion a series of events that leads to Alex and her friends travelling to the lost city of Meya, where she meets the Meyarin Prince, Roka, who is more than willing to help her on her journey to stopping Aven from returning to the lost city.

But things do not go as planned when Alex, on an overnight assignment for her SAS class encounter Aven and those he has under his control.

This book wasn't as intoxicating as the first book but it provided a solid continuation to the storyline, which I really enjoyed. The introduction of Meya and the other Meyarins brings another aspect of this world to light and further adds to the intrigue of this place Alex now feels a strong connection with.

I look forward to the next book!
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March 6, 2018
This was such a step up from Arkanae. The mystery from the first book has been explained, and there was so much more action. That plot twist at the end though 😭
I really enjoyed the world building and the new characters who were introduced, they really added to the plot.
4.5 Stars 🌟
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June 2, 2020
loved some things, didn’t love some things.. most importantly, I need to read the next book in the series RIGHT NOW
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March 30, 2017
UPDATE: I just finished rereading Raelia in anticipation for the release of Draekora (which I got today!!!!!). I loved this book the second timeas much as I loved it the first time. I am, however, desperate for more Kalex moments - I am really hoping there are lots more in Draekora

Omg Lynette Noni you have done it again. i seriously love this world and never want to leave it. Please oh please make Alex and Kaiden official, they are so adorable. And the Harry Potter references when referring to Aven was amazing. And Jordan! Omg! Thank you again for being a fabulous author. I look forward to reading your next book.
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January 24, 2020
O.W.L.s 2019
potions - read a sequel

3.5 stars

I didn't enjoy this as much as the first book, It wasn't as addictive.
And there was less of the library which sucked bc I like me a library.
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December 28, 2020
This is a tough one for me to review because I really wanted to like it more than I did. I had to wait a while, to let it sink in and let my thoughts about it marinade a bit. The adventures are fun, the story well mapped out, the main character is engaging. I enjoyed the actual reading experience, for the most part, quite a bit, but I have to admit I had some eye rolling moments and put it down a few times to take a break. The actual reading experience was probably 4* for the most part, but the small frustrations accumulated and bugged the edges of my brain whenever I was not actually reading, when I was thinking about it.

Usually, I enjoy thinking over the books I am reading between actual reading sessions.

In this, the second of the Medoran chronicles, Alex comes back from our world to the Akarnae Academy in the world of Medora for a second year. The way she achieves this made me squirm a bit: she brings her parents with her and parks them in an isolated room of the library for a year, where they can research something archeological and she can visit them about once a month if she feels like it.... Is this something teenagers dream about? locking their parents in a box where they can visit them only when they choose...? Maybe. It takes a real stretch of the imagination to accept adults agrees to that, but moving on!

Alex starts to grow into her 'chosen one' status more in this book, having being taught more combat. She is forced into taking a new class in Stealth and Subterfuge, a class which is remarkably absent in either of those things but which gives us some pretty cool adventures in journeying through the wilderness of the world of Medora. We learn more about the Medoran royal class and then we dive into the story of how the 'bad guy' banished prince of Meya, Aven Dalmarta, is going to use Alex to get back to his city and continue his uprising against his family. This plot has Alex and a few of her friends visiting the lost city of Meya a few times, through Raelia (which I think is kind of like fairyland). Sadly the library, an element I loved in the first book, does not get developed any further in this book.

It is all a pretty fun adventure, if I sound lukewarm in my description it is because there was just so much about this book that did not hold together for me... Mostly these things are... at the end of the day it may come down to the fact that, even though I generally like YA books, you may need to be younger than I am to overlook some things in this one.

It is, I suspect, very contemporary for young people, including the fact that Medoran youth are very similar to Earth youth, including fist bumps, surfer dudes and the importance of the mobile phone (though these ones have funky holovideo). I did love the bows to Harry Potter, with the whole 'you know who' bit.
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