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Big Rock #1

Big Rock

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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Romance (2016)
It's not just the motion of the ocean, ladies. It's definitely the SIZE of the boat too.

And I've got both firing on all cylinders. In fact, I have ALL the right assets. Looks, brains, my own money, and a big c*&k.

You might think I'm an a*&hole. I sound like one, don’t I? I'm hot as sin, rich as heaven, smart as hell and hung like a horse.

Guess what? You haven't heard my story before. Sure, I might be a playboy, like the NY gossip rags call me. But I’m the playboy who’s actually a great guy. Which makes me one of a kind.

The only trouble is, my dad needs me to cool it for a bit. With conservative investors in town wanting to buy his flagship Fifth Avenue jewelry store, he needs me not only to zip it up, but to look the part of the committed guy. Fine. I can do this for Dad. After all, I’ve got him to thank for the family jewels. So I ask my best friend and business partner to be my fiancée for the next week. Charlotte’s up for it. She has her own reasons for saying yes to wearing this big rock.

And pretty soon all this playing pretend in public leads to no pretending whatsoever in the bedroom, because she just can’t fake the kind of toe-curling, window-shattering orgasmic cries she makes as I take her to new heights between the sheets.

But I can’t seem to fake that I might be feeling something real for her.

What the fuck have I gotten myself into with this…big rock?

BIG ROCK is a standalone, dirty romance novel written from the guy’s POV by NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely…

235 pages, Paperback

First published January 6, 2016

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About the author

Lauren Blakely

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A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. Her heroines are strong and smart and her heroes have hearts of gold and fantastic funny bones. She'd love to give you a free book today! Check out her web site to grab your free read: https://laurenblakely.com/one-free-book/

Connect with Lauren here

➜ WEBSITE: laurenblakely.com
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122 reviews223 followers
December 17, 2015
Omg!!! What a fantastic book!! Filled with LOL moments, quirkiness, sexiness, sweetness, and Spencer and his dirty talkin and his very BIG.....ROCK!!!! This is a true romantic comedy that will leave you wanting more of Spencer and Charlotte!!
The friends to lovers, or in their case, fake lovers are just the best!! And this one is no exception!!

There isn't one darn thing that I didn't love in this story!! It's one that captured me from page one, and had me up into the early morning hours still reading! It is now 3 am and I just finished and HAD to write this review! I loved how the story was told from the male POV for the whole book. It was different and it was done brilliantly!!!! Spencer might come off as cocky, arrogant or the playboy type. Well, actually...he is!!! But that's what makes him Spencer!!!! He's absolute perfection!!!! And Charlotte!!! She's sexy and confident. She's the whole damn package!!!

So basically we have Spencer and Charlotte. True best friends and business partners. A certain situation comes about where him and Charlotte have to act as an engaged couple for one week. Spencer's heart is in the right place...and soon his big rock...will be in all the places!!! The faking it leads to them having a week long sexcapade. While thinking they are still "just friends" and will be able to both end things after the week is up. But during this time, lines are blurred, rules are broken, and feelings have developed. Will these two be able to go back as just BFFs, minus the whole benefits thing? Or will one or both realize that what they want is forever? Or will it be too late? Well, you're just going to have to read to find out!!!!

I'd like to point out on how much I loved the family dynamic. It is so refreshing to read about a normal, loving, supportive family. With no baggage, or demons, or disturbing pasts. Now don't get me wrong, I do love those. But it's so nice to read about the happy ones too. And I just absolutely LOVED Spencer's dad. I don't think I ever wrote about a character's dad!! He's amazing!!! And I loved his and Spencer's time together. As well as his sister, Harper. I think she needs a story of her own!!! I'd be happy with a novella even!!

This book from the first time hearing the title and then seeing the cover caught my eye and attention. I knew it was going to be something special. And it has become my favorite Lauren Blakely book!!! It's no secret that Lauren writes some of the hottest books and the sexiest of men. But to be able to still do all that and lighten a story up and add humor. And to write one of the best books I've read this year...well that my friends, is pure excellence!!! This is sexy rom-com at its best!! And a definite 1-click!!!
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689 reviews13.5k followers
January 14, 2016
Oh My Goodness **melts with pure delight!**
That was sooooooooo sweet.
That was pure, delectable, sugary goodness for my bookish soul. It was such a pleasureful read, it made me fall in love with Lauren Blakely all over again.

My word. Spencer is... he's as sweet, and as sexy, and as perfect as can be. I feel like someone's breathed life into me as a reader. Big Rock was refreshing and did nothing but make me smile, and giggle, and FALL in LOVE with reading and this sweet "friends to lovers" story line.

Everything was perfect. Absolutely PERFECT.

There was nothing was over the top. There was no crazy, dramatic drama. No drawn out dilemma's. The characters were entirely relatable, completely lovable, and unbelievably heart warming. And the steamy scenes were HOTTTTTT... I mean, WHOA. WHOA. WHOA. This author can write some hella-hawt scenes! I was fanning myself, in smutty heaven.

And then to top it off, to add the cherry to the already yummy sundae, I got a swift kick in the feels! Not only were the steamy scenes hot, they were heart tugging and AHHHHHHH ***screams**

God, I loved it. I just LOVED this sweet little romance. It's the perfect book when you want to feel good. When you don't want to be bogged down by angst, pain, and over the top storyline's. When you just want a book that is soothing and happy.

Spencer is a GREAT guy. He's so sexy it's ridiculous. With his adorable grin, sexy as hell smirk, and funny one liners, I just LOVED him. He's not an asshole at all. He's a gentleman who knows he's hot, who knows he brings a lot to the table, and instead of using all that to be pompous or arrogant, he does the opposite. God, like I said before, it's so refreshing. I loved reading about a hot, rich, well endowed man, who's a GREAT GUY and not an absolute arrogant ass. I mean, he has a great family and great friends, and he is just all around AMAZING person. I LOVED that!

Then we add Charlotte to the mix--a successful, sweet, and lovable woman who is sexy as sin, easy to talk to, isn't high maintenance and for me, the combination of her and Spencer, was a win.

The dynamic between those two is pure perfection. The banter is hilarious and seamless. It's all so natural. Every thing about these characters give this delicious little romance it's own heart beat. The pages have a pulse. They breathes life into you, the reader, and immediately you're invested in this story and these characters.

GAH, I'm over the moon in love. If you're looking for something light and sexy, fun and romantic, then this is for you. It's absolutely one of my faves of Lauren's and I am so ready for Nick's book, it's not even funny!

Overall, there wasn't a scene, or a sentence,or a single thing I would change. I just LOVED it. I LOVED it so much.
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960 reviews737 followers
January 6, 2016
Fun, flirty, flaming hot, and fabulous, Big Rock lights you up with laughter and heats you from head to toe, touching your heart along the way. Big Rock is seductive, sinful, sexy, and one super amazing package. You’ll devour Lauren Blakely’s latest sensation, Big Rock, with a voracious hunger---taking all of it in---as it’s that delicious and decadent. Big Rock is simply the perfect fit for the lover of…romantic comedies and steamy stories.

Typically, I’m not a fan of single point-of-view (POV) stories, as it’s hard to capture the viewpoint of both leading characters when only one is speaking. However, Big Rock is written in a refreshing and melt-your-panties male voice with a fine-tuned and detailed storyline entailing countless character thoughts and dialogue, making Lauren Blakely’s execution of the single POV flawless and fabulous.

Before you dig in and go put that BIG Rock into your lap, perhaps have a few pairs of panties on standby and maybe your own man, boy toy or battery-operated toy handy as well. This super sexy story steams up your e-reader, delivering heat to your head right to your lady parts. Holy hot!

How can you not love a scorching story with a first line like this one?

“My dick is f**king awesome.”

Skip down just a few lines on the first page:

“You don’t want to ride a miniature pony when you can saddle up on a rock-star cock at the rodeo of your pleasure.”

O.M.Giggles! Barely into the book, I was already contemplating a shower to cool off my body that was suddenly on fire.

Moving on to just the second page, the fire burning through my body quickly became an inferno:

“When it comes to my best asset, all I want you thinking about are these words: long, thick, smooth, hard. If the Renaissance masters were carving sculptures of cocks, mine would be the model for all of them.”

You get the BIG picture: Big Rock is big HOT. Smoking. Smoldering.

Multi-nightclub owner, Spencer Holiday, is one ultimate alpha who is locked and loaded with a weapon that packs a nearly foot-long powerful punch. Dark-haired, blue-eyed, chiseled, and muscular, Spencer is over six feet of man candy with a BIG rock or weapon of mass destruction that ladies of NYC line up to sample. This young and rich playboy works his BIG rock like a fine-tuned guitar---slow, steady, hard, fast---an instrument that performs to perfection.

It’s too bad his BIG rock has to go on lock-down while Spencer plays the part of the good guy, a gentleman, a one-woman guy, a family man. It’s time to find a fake fiancé to impress a potential buyer for his father’s jewelry store empire.

“Ouch. I’ve just handcuffed my favorite appendage for the next few weeks. But that’s okay. I can do this. I can pretend to be engaged. I can put my dick on ice. So to speak.”

What better woman to play this role than his beautiful best friend, Charlotte Rhodes?!? They have already faked a relationship before to rescue each other from bad dates. How hard can it be? The chemistry is electric so no faking that part. A few weeks of pretend, and then back to normal.

“Charlotte and I can both appreciate each other’s appearance. That’s one of the great hallmarks of our friendship. I can acknowledge she’s a babe, and she can do the same with me, and we’re still all good. That’s why she has to be my pretend fiancé.”

The problem is that Spencer does not realize nor could he fathom just how Charlotte would make his BIG Rock want to come out of hiding and play…HARD.

“Charlotte is kissing me. On the streets of New York. Her lips on mine. She tastes fantastic….I want to tug off those panties, sink into her heat. But she’s my best friend, and I can’t do that.”

Lines are blurred. Feelings are forming. What begins as a game starts to become and feel real.

“All I want is more of this fake kissing. More tongue, more lips, more teeth. More contact. More her. Exactly what I can’t be wanting.”

When a secret unfolds, and a tornado of trouble starts spinning their way, the game may be over soon. Spencer may have dug himself into a mess bigger than his BIG Rock.

I love a well-written friends-to-lovers story, and Big Rock delivers the goods. Lauren Blakely is a master at romantic comedies---humor and heat that soar through the pages in stories that are achingly addictive. A playful and mesmerizing masterpiece that pulls at your panties and tugs at your heart, this book is pure pleasure. I still want a longer play date with my BIG Rock. Lauren Blakely has banged out another BIG hit that leaves you hungry for more ROCK. Go grab your Big Rock now and devour him…I mean...it…this brilliant book.

Five BIG and brilliant stars

***ARC provided to Bookalicious Babes Blog for an honest review***
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2,658 reviews3,254 followers
June 21, 2023
5 Male POV, Friends To Lovers Win
* * * * * Spoiler Free-This is the Stand Alone that started all those Sexy Men Books by Lauren Blakey 1/4/2017

There is nothing better than picking up an author's book and knowing you are going to have a terrific read. When I read Lauren Blakely, I know for sure a couple of things are going to happen...

There will be men who know how to whisper in your ear all the naughty things you need to make you feel wanted and hot...

There will be men who can then back up all those teases with the "real" deal...

There will be women who will not stand for being taken for granted or disrespected...they are complete in their careers and have a pretty strong sense of who they are...meaning they can give as good as they get...

Both characters will have personalities that work... maybe a quirk or two, maybe not... but they will have hearts and be people we would want to know...

And most of all... when the story hits just right, it is because of a terrific lead-up to the event. There has been banter, joking, touching, and just being together in other ways than sexual. So when the main event takes place for these two characters, everyone involved is primed for it... meaning not just the characters but the reader as well.

Big Rock is a perfect example of this type of book. From the obvious teasing cover, Spencer Holliday is presented to us in all his glory. Our minds have this image of a stud half-covered with a sheet and in our mind's eye, we think we can see what he is sporting...and we are not ashamed about it as it is presented to us from the start in the first conversation Spencer has with us. He is proud of his "equipment" and proceeds to explain all that he has done with it and how well it has served the women he has been with and him.

He also breaks the mold of the usual sob story of "Whoa is me, never learned to care for anyone because my family is so messed up, hence my playboy ways" reasons... Nope, Spencer comes from almost a perfect family, has been educated at top schools, and is a very successful businessman. Oh, and he is charming, loves his family, and has a best friend as a partner in their 3 bars.

Oh... did I mention his best friend/ co-owner of the bars is a woman...Yup, his best friend is Charlotte.

They met during college and have been friends through various boyfriends for her and hookups for him. Both followed their own business path and at the right moment, became partners in starting their bar businesses. This has worked perfectly; they have movie nights, hang, bullshit, and can feel free and easy with each other with never a moment of weirdness.

We even are there to see how all of this works when Spencer sees a fella start to come and hit on Charlotte when she is deep in work mode not wanting to be disturbed. Faster than the guy can get out a line, Spencer is by Charlotte's side, touching her arm and letting the guy know this woman is his fiance, and isn't he, Spencer, lucky? After the guy leaves, the two of them banter a bit and then say goodnight. Easy, right... good friends and business partners.

What happens is a perfect storm; Spencer's dad is looking to sell the Jewelry Business to this conservative buyer. Spencer's reputation of being gossiped about and pictured with all types of women needs to be cut back for the sale to go through. Spencer, wanting his dad to be happy, gets carried away and says something to the effect of -no worries, I am engaged to Charlotte.

The next part of this perfect storm is Charlotte's ex making her life miserable...It seems he can't accept Charlotte doesn't want anything to do with him. They were about to be engaged, buying a bigger apartment in the building they lived in, and she discovered him cheating. Now that the fling is over, he wants her back and is sending annoying presents every day making it a spectacle in the building and embarrassing her daily.

Enter Spencer needing Charlotte to agree to be his fake fiancee for a week while the sale of the business goes through for his dad. Spencer wasn't able to tell his dad it was fake because then the dad would never allow it, as honesty has always been key. Charlotte hems and haws thinking this over but when the idiot ex approaches her while Spencer is there...she makes that turning point decision and the fake fiance is on.

All of this is in Spencer's POV. The charm, sexiness, and just plain enjoyable guy is there throughout. We are there to see and anticipate all of the changes we know are going to happen. This couple is hot, tender, and sexy. It doesn't matter this is a tried and true storyline...It all flows together and we become interested in all of it... to the very end.

Lauren Blakely has a huge hit on her hands with Big Rock...and she knows it... with a cover and even a smartly formatted title... How could she not?

If you want to have some manly thoughts and fun with a love story you will adore, Big Rock is for you.

These can be read in any order although this was how they were published:

Big Rock (Big Rock, #1) by Lauren Blakely Big Rock (Big Rock, #1)
Mister O (Big Rock, #2) by Lauren Blakely Mister O (Big Rock, #2)
Well Hung (Big Rock, #3) by Lauren Blakely Well Hung (Big Rock, #3)
Full Package (Big Rock, #4) by Lauren Blakely Full Package (Big Rock, #4)
Joy Ride (Big Rock, #5) by Lauren Blakely Joy Ride (Big Rock, #5)
Hard Wood (Big Rock, #6) by Lauren Blakely Hard Wood (Big Rock, #6)

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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480 reviews18 followers
January 28, 2016
She's done it yet again. Big Rock, a witty, funny and yes, sexy story. How is it possible for Lauren to have you loving yet another one of her men. Yes, Spencer, you will fall in love with him. Starting with the prologue. All things BIG right? It turns out though that it's not all about that. This story is about true friendship. A friendship which will test Spencer and Charlotte, a friendship almost broken apart by a game of pretend. But to what cost? I couldn't put it down. I was laughing out loud numerous times, squirming in my seat yet again. This story is witty, funny, sexy and yes, sexy..........thank you Lauren for another fantastic read❤️ Received an ARC for an honest opinion.
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3,749 reviews455 followers
April 6, 2016
When Spencer Holiday propositions his best friend, Charlotte to be his fake fiancée for a week in order to help his dad seal a business deal, he thinks the most difficult part is going to be living without sex for the duration. He’s not prepared for the reaction Charlotte has to him, or—in turn—the reaction he has to her unexpected behavior. When Charlotte makes a proposition of her own, everything fake starts feeling a little too real. The line between friends and lovers is sometimes thin, but can these two cross it without losing the best friendship either of them have ever known?

I expected this book to be hot. I mean, it’s Lauren Blakely and we all know that Lauren Blakely excels at scorching hot, panty-destroying, fuck hot sexy. And she nailed all those things (and then some) here. I also expected this book to be lighthearted and funny. And it was, littered with laugh-out-loud moments and an overall feeling of happiness. What I did not expect was for it to be sweet in a way that was not overdone or cheesy but hit me right in my feels, and made my heart go all ooey-gooey. Because sometimes the magic is in the little things. And Spencer and Charlotte do the little things just perfectly right.

I’m a sucker for these friends-to-lovers romances. I’m also a sucker for these fake relationship romances. So basically, this book was already set up to be a win for me. It had some subtle twists that set it apart from others of its kind. I loved that it was written from Spencer’s point of view—though it was maybe a little distracting how in love he was with his own junk, it was also hilarious and all the sweeter when his feelings began to deepen. I also love that there’s no damaged goods here; Spencer is a player because Spencer loves the game. Charlotte had some unfortunate relationship issues in the past, but she’s not wilting from it. Life goes on. She’s strong and smart and completely likeable. Basically, she’s the best kind of book heroine.

Everything worked for me in this book. It’s light, and maybe a little fluffy, but I loved that about it. I loved that Spencer was a good guy, and Charlotte wasn’t afraid to call him on his shit when he was being an idiot. They felt like real people to me—the kind of people who love their families, and love to have fun, and occasionally do stupid things but aren’t afraid to roll with it when the game changes on them. It was adorable, and sweet, and crazy sexy, and…fun! It coaxed out my big goobery “I love this book” smile, and left my heart completely happy. And then it left me with a Nick (Spencer’s other best friend) tease that has me basically salivating for more! Well played, Ms. Blakely. Now, more please! ~ Shelly, 5 stars


Stick a fork in me, I am DONE. I just finished Big Rock and yes, I am grinning from ear to ear. Can you blame me? It was fantastic, fun and fucking hot from start to finish!

Spencer Holiday has it all—looks, money, charisma and *ahem* the goods between his legs. And he knows how to use it all to his advantage, too.

Which is why it's a little unfortunate that instead of doing just that, he's pretending to be engaged to his very hot best friend and business partner, Charlotte. They both have their reasons for the charade, and they both know the score...

Don't fall in love.

Except, somewhere along the way, things on that front get a little dicey for Spencer. And while it might have started as a fake relationship, it may not end that way...

So good. Seriously, so, so good. This was Lauren Blakely at her slay-me finest—a book so full of humor and banter and swoon that putting it down was a task I was unable to accomplish. Read in cover-to-cover in one sitting? Oh, yes, I certainly did.

Spencer is definitely going to win hearts in this male-only POV standalone. He did mine. Because, whoa, he's the perfect blend of hubris and humility. Sex and sweetness. Lust and love. He was self-aware enough of his attributes (and his rightful arrogance in them) to be the best kind of alpha-hole—able to back up his words with his actions, both in bed and out.

Oftentimes, when reading single POV books, I feel a little robbed of the other perspective, but not so here. While I adored Charlotte, I quite loved seeing this tale unfold solely through the eyes of Spencer—and trying to decipher what was happening between our hero and his best friend right alongside him. Just as I loved seeing him interact with the people around him; quirky and lovable family members, not-so-loveable schmucks, and lickable…err, I mean, likeable friends (Mister Orgasm, where do I sign up for that?!)

It’s not typical for me to sit at my laptop smiling as I write a review, but in this case, I just can’t help myself. Every time I think of something else I liked, loved, melted over in Big Rock, my face cracks and I remember exactly why Ms. Blakely remains one of my favorite, go-to authors—she can give me fantastic, fun and fucking hot. Oh, yeah, I’m definitely done. ~ Beth, 5 stars


OMG – I can’t stop laughing!

From the opening sentence this book found my funny bone and kept on kicking it! I’ve read a lot (maybe everything?) by this author and know any story will be well-written, super sexy and offer something fresh and new. This one though, this one hit it out of the book stacks for me. It was big in so many ways.

It was hilarious, with the dialogue and Spencer’s inner monologue just inviting me in to share the joke and laugh along with them. And someone was truly inspired by his twig (*snicker*). And I really thought rock was a euphemism for something else… I know, I know – but I couldn’t help it!

“My d*ck is f***ing awesome. But don’t just take my word it.”

The sex… OMG, the hot, toe-curling sex! The story was told entirely from Spencer’s point of view and he wasn’t shy about sharing his thoughts on how to treat a lady. When he said “back-arching, toe-curling” – he was not kidding! Watching his casual, though oddly respectful, approach to the opposite sex get turned on its ear was simply a treat.

And at the heart of it this story was all about love. Somewhere in the midst of the lies, the truth came out. I wanted, needed, to believe that their romance was simply waiting for the right time to come out. The tickles tell all!

Both Spencer and Charlotte were so good together and being surrounded by supportive, equally engaging family and friends (that I need to hear more from) was icing on the cake.

A deception that turned into so much more, this is a friends-to-lovers romance that just made me sigh over and over in contentment. This world needs more Lauren Blakely. ~ Diane, 5 stars

341 reviews169 followers
January 2, 2016
Avail for Preorder! http://amzn.to/1OnFrI1
Official Review:

Hands down, this is my favorite, and Lauren’s BEST, book to date! I absolutely LOVE Spencer and Charlotte together! This book is going at the tippy top of my Best of 2016 list - and it’s only January! I lost track of the number of times this book made me laugh out loud. The comedy throughout this book is spot on and so smart! No dirty jokes for the sake of a dirty joke here folks… every line is meant to move the story forward and gives us insight into the characters and their relationships with each other. I truly believe this book is going to be a smash hit for Lauren!

Where do we start with Spencer… From the prologue you may think Spencer is going to be douchey - but come on - if anyone knows Lauren, she’s not going to make her hero be a dick. Nope, Spencer may be cocky, he may have been a previous manwhore, but he’s so much more than that! He’s smart, he’s driven, he’s self-made. He is SO SWEET! And the dude is freaking hilarious! Also, he’s got a big cock and he knows what to do with it! WINNER!! He does have a bit of a playboy image in the media - but he’s still a gentleman. He doesn’t “use” women - in fact he’s the type of guy to pull your chair out for you before he bends you over it and fucks you from behind. Now that's a gentleman! He’s close to his family - and one of my favorite things about this book is the banter between Spencer and his family. They love each other, they’re straight with each other. And they are so down to earth despite being internationally known.

Enter the BFF Charlotte - I love her. She’s smart as a whip, sexy, and so sarcastic! She may be one of my favorite Blakely girls ever written. She gives Spencer just as much grief as he gives her but you can tell that there is true friendship between them - no secrets. I loved that she was so willing to help Spencer when he asks to do the biggest favor in the history of favors. And even though we don’t get Charlotte’s POV during this book, you can still feel her character fall as this charade turns into something so much more.

Once Spencer and Charlotte give in to their growing attraction - it's on! You can't stop a freight train and you certaining can't stop Spencer from screwing the hell out of Charlotte once he's gets started. But best of all, there's this friendship between them, plus the amazing sex. And you just KNOW that it's going to lead to something really fucking amazing.

Not often do the side characters scream “give us our own story” like Nick and Harper did! God, I need their story. One of the things I’ve always said about Lauren’s work was that she makes sure each character is original and leaves a mark in your brain. Nick and Harper have done just that. I’m dying to get my hands on Mr. Orgasm - which is going to be their spin-off!

Bottom line, this book is fantastic. It’s sexy. It’s laugh out loud hysterical. It’s memorable. I just loved everything about Big Cock - I mean Big Rock ;). I can’t wait for you all to read this book!
Profile Image for ~IreneOust~.
509 reviews781 followers
January 10, 2016

This book ...

This book is funny. It's sexy. It's light. It's feel good & it's super entertaining! If you love romantic comedy/friends to lovers story told from male POV, you should definitely give 'Big Rock' a go because Lauren Blakely did such fantastic job creating what has now become one of my favorite couples - Charlotte and Spencer! The chemistry, the banter ... when I wasn't laughing, I was grinning at my Kindle like a loon. And then there were parts when I wasn't laughing OR grinning but was trying really hard NOT to squirm in my seat because those parts were SO HOT that they left me VERY hot and bothered! TMI, I know ... but it is what it is.

Bottom line - if you want a lighthearted read that reads like a breeze, go 'BIG ROCK' or go home!


 photo LB BR_zpssr75jc9p.jpg

 photo amazon_zpsnaai1yht.png

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474 reviews110 followers
December 14, 2015
If you haven't heard of Big Rock yet, hurry up and buy it. The cover is Hot Hot Hot especially with Spencer on the front showing off that big ass ROCK and delicious body. I read the prologue and instantly fell in love before knowing anything else about Ms. Blakely's newest release. The prologue will have you drooling and giggling like a school girl, wait, Spencer will do that to you constantly throughout Big Rock. Spencer is a typical manwhore, banging different chicks every night and loving the single life. When Spencer tries helping his father sell the business, Spencer's slutty ways are questioned and without thinking, he blurts out his brand new engagement, or should I say fake engagement. After begging and pleading Charlotte, Spencer's best friend and business partner, she agrees to be the fake finance for one week. As you can guess, the manwhore has to keep it in his pants for a week, that's the deal he's made. Will he be able to keep that beast put away for just a week?

Big Rock is a breath of fresh air. I've been bored lately with what I've been reading and needed something fun, fresh and different while still sexy at the same time. We all know I need to have some hotness in the books I read. Ms. Blakely delivered everything I was looking for and much, much more. Spencer is fun, flirty and oh god, SEXY AS SIN! Spencer will leave you drooling and licking your kindle with every single page. Spencer is and will always be my #1 BBF of all of Ms. Blakely's sexy men. PS. I licked him so he's mine. Back off! Of course I loved Charlotte's character as well, she has the spunk and knows just how to keep up with Spencer's wise ass. I loved this so much, as soon as I finished, I wanted to dive back in since I couldn't get enough of Spencer and his big Coc, I mean big rock! I can't wait for you all to enjoy his sexy ass as much as I have. Big Rock was a perfect read with 5 filthy rock hard stars.
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January 8, 2016
3.5 Stars!!


“…bigger is better. It’s more fun. Ask any woman who’s ever had to utter the dreaded words, “Is it in yet?”

“Big Rock” was a sweet, fun and sexy read and if you enjoy male POVs this might work for you. While the premise wasn’t anything new, the execution was quite delightful and entertaining. A friends to lovers story, “Big Rock” fallows Spencer, a manwhore extraordinaire who is known for his “talents” and also for his father’s business.

“I have an encyclopedic understanding of what a woman wants…and giving it to her. I achieved full fluency in female body language, the clues, and the gestures.”

At 28, Spencer is rich, hot and…a gentleman. He has a degree in business and he runs the three Lucky Spot bars with his best female friend Charlotte. Charlotte is gorgeous and Spencer knows it, but he never, never saw her more than a friend since their friendship is too important for him.

To help his father land a business deal Spencer needs ASAP a fake girlfriend. His first option of course is Charlotte, but his best friends is reluctant to accept. Forced by circumstances, Charlotte is accepts to pretend for a week not only that she is Spencer’s girlfriend, but his new fiancée as well. Everything is good, until Spencer makes the biggest mistake that is between friends – starts to fall for Charlotte.

“Something is happening. Something strange and completely foreign. My heart is speaking a language I don’t understand as it tries to fling itself at Charlotte.”

This was a fast paced, light enjoyable read! I liked the fact the entire story was told only from Spencer’s POV. His “voice” was honest, funny and he honestly charmed me from the start. Cocky, yet adorable Spencer was an endearing character from the beginning. He knows who he is, what he is and most important of all what he can offer to his lady friends.

“I’m picturing Charlotte in bed with a purple vibrating rabbit, legs spread, hand working the ten-speed controller, breath coming fast.
Thanks, brain, for putting that fantastic image in my head to derail any intelligent thought.”

With Charlotte he was pretty great. Sweet and attentive, caring and thoughtful, he was the perfect fake boyfriend. I loved the dynamic between him and Charlotte and also the relationship he has with his family. Charlotte’s character wasn’t as developed as I wanted to be. She was a great friend, smart, funny and sassy, but I really wanted to know her better.

I usually enjoy friends to lovers stories, but IMO everything here was rushed, actually very rushed at times. So not everything was so believable. Even the sexual tension between these two felt rushed and the transition from friends to lovers felt a little abrupt. However, I liked Spencer and Charlotte together. They knew each other really well, so there was a familiarity between them quite endearing. The steamy aspect was done well and they were pretty hot together.

Overall, this was an enjoyable friends to lovers story with likeable characters, sweet/funny and sexy moments and entertaining dialogue.

“It’s beyond attraction, Charlotte. I’m fucking dying to taste you, and you better not ever doubt how much I want you, with me on my knees, peeling off your panties so I can bury my face between your thighs.”
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January 10, 2016
***4 Stars***
A sweet,sexy story...yes,it's predictable but sometimes that's just what I need.I really enjoyed it and the fact Spencer is sexy as hell doesn't hurt.

I've read a few really intense books lately and this was a refreshing change.I'm definitely not one for fluffy romance books and this kind of fits that category but I really, really enjoyed this!!....Mainly because Spencer is HOT!!....there will be a lot of my thoughts fantasies about him...

So,like I said this is totally predictable and normally there would be a lot of eye rolling going on but,there wasn't because this is just an easy likeable story with(did I mention,a hottie??...yes I'm sure I did!!)

Spencer is an admitted Manwhore....sexy as hell,he's got it all going on.....did I mention he's HOT?....

Spencer needs a 'pretend' girlfriend.
His father has a successful Jewellery Business he wants to sell but the buyer has strong family values so Spencer's reputation must be played down.

Enter Charlotte...Spencer's best friend and business partner

She agrees to the 'fake' relationship as she has issues of her,own.

This is told only from Spencer's POV and let me tell you...what's better than getting into the mind of a dirty thinking man...
And this man is deliciously dirty but so sweet as well...the perfect combination,right??....

Absolutely loved Charlotte and Spencer(he's hot....did I mention that??)

Recommended if you want a light hearted,sexy read with a man that is sex personified.......
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June 30, 2017
3.5 Funny and Sexy Stars!

Best friends and business partners pretending to be an engaged couple? This may not end well. lol

It's my first time to read a book written by Lauren Blakely. I've heard so many great things about her books and seeing most of my friends on Goodreads enjoying them, I couldn't help myself but try one. And I did enjoy. Big Rock is a quick and hilarious book and it's a perfect combination of sweet and sexy.

The narration actually reminds me of Emma Chase's Tangled-- It's all done by the male protagonist. Spencer Holiday is a man with so many accomplishments. He is the owner of the famous dating app known as Boyfriend Material and the son of a successful jeweler. Apart that, he also co-owns a downtown bar with his best friend Charlotte Rhodes. One day he decided to help his father turn over his jewelry shop to the high-profile businessman Mr. Offerman, but he was trapped when he learned that the man is conservative and meticulous when it comes to the previous owners' background. It ended up with him announcing that he is engaged to Charlotte. Now since Charlotte is trying to move on from her ex's cheating affair, she agreed to pretend as his fiancée.

I admit that the plot is a little bit worn out. I've read these kinds of stories before. Best friends turned to lovers... pretend couples falling in love in the long run... friends with benefits thingy... Alright, maybe I have read enough books with these tropes and this is the reason why I wasn't really thrilled on what's about to happen to the characters. It was pretty much predictable to me as I've already visualized that Charlotte and Spencer's relationship will step up to a new level.

"But you're not supposed to be attracted to your best friend like this. That's not how it works. I'm probably going to have to get checked into a fascility to deal with the amount of attraction I have for you. I'll ask them to remove it, and they'll say, 'Sorry, sir, it's spread across your entire body and we can't take it out."

But even though I found the plot to be a cliché, the fact that Spencer's POV is so entertaining, I enjoyed the book so much. It also helped that Spencer's character is pretty attractive and amusing. At first I thought he was an arrogant jerk because, who would think otherwise when he says something like this in an opening line?

"My dick is fucking awesome."


So yeah.. Despite the clichéness of this book, this was a fascinating read. There was certainly a love story. And although I found the romantic development moving a little too fast, I totally understood it since the book is quick and short-length. For fans of rom-com books, you need to read this book and meet Spencer Holiday!

Pages of Pearl

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February 1, 2016
I can pretty much sum up my review in five words. I. Effing. Loved. This. Book. I wasn’t sure I would like it because I’m not into covers with mostly naked men—shocking, I know. I always feel like they’re overcompensating for a small…plot. And really the basis of the story isn’t anything deep or even original. Best friends pretend to be a couple, but eventually they cross the line between pretending and genuinely feeling something more. The End. Right? Except not so much in this case.

In this story the playboy, Spencer, isn’t a douche. He’s just a genuinely a nice guy that tries to do the right thing for those he loves. His cockiness is humorous, and he’s hot as hell both in and out of the bedroom. Sorry hubby, but if Spencer was real and polygamy was legal, I’d totally marry him in a heartbeat.

There’s a reason—albeit a rather impulsive and excessive one—for their ruse. I liked that there’s a quick-ish buildup of sexual tension, but not an abrupt let’s have sex because I’m suddenly in love with you transition. Spencer knows the stakes are fairly high if their arrangement ends badly because Charlotte is not only his best friend, she’s also his business partner.

I’ve got to say I adored Charlotte. It’s wonderful to have a smart, sexy, and honest heroine. There’s no b.s. or melodrama with her, and Spencer doesn’t play any games either. They are straightforward with their feelings, and those emotions spill over into some off the charts chemistry. They seriously heat up the sheets, but there’s also a lot of playfulness between these longtime friends that had me smiling from ear to ear. The side plot involving Spencer’s dad and his business deal is entertaining as well.

The story is told entirely by Spencer, and I have to give a shout out to Lauren Blakely for writing from the male point of view so convincingly. This friends to lovers romance has heart, heat, and humor. It’s a refreshing twist on a common trope, and it hit all the right notes with me.

Recommended for fans of:
Male POV stories
Friends to lovers romance
Lighthearted romantic comedy
Steamy sexy times

Reading Frenzy Book Blog

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January 26, 2016
Faking it led to making it.

Obviously, the cover of Big Rock is sexy, but the story is too. It's also extremely funny, cute, sweet and romantic. One thing I find interesting when I read friends to lovers story is that one or both are scared of ruining their friendship if they take it to the next level. It's interesting because I think a deep friendship with your partner, should be the cornerstone of the relationship. My hubby is my best friend in the whole wide world. My Mum and Dad are best friends and I'm pretty sure hubby's parents are too. I think because of this, my belief in a HEA for friends to lovers storyline is stronger.

This story is completely told from Spencer's point of view, and to be honest, I started out thinking he was a bit of a douchewaffle. It's probably understandable that he's a wee bit arrogant, considering he's good looking, rich, has a great family and strong friendships. It also helps that he's got decent "equipment" and knows how to use it...or so he's been told. Spencer is a manwhore and proud of it. He doesn't want a serious relationship and is happy the way things are. He has become a little famous in his exploits, and unfortunately, it could end up costing his dad a big business deal. His solution...change his ways and become respectable. Bring in The Fake Fiancee.

Charlotte is Spencer's best friend and business partner, owning and working in their three bars together. Their friendship is strong and they know they can count on each other. When Spencer comes up with his wacky plan, she, at first, hesitates but then decides it will work in her favour too. Charlotte has a pesky ex who won't leave her alone. She can use Spencer to make her ex finally accept they're not getting back together. Besides...it's only for one week.

They set ground rules and make plans and everything is going along swimmingly. And then they kissed. Sizzles and sparks set this couple on fire and because they know each other so well, the connection is intense. I could feel it jumping off the pages. Before long, their emotions get involved, but neither knows how the other feels.

I really enjoyed Big Rock and loved that it all started because Spencer was trying to help his dad sell his jewellery store, so he could retire. I did not like the family involved in the business deal. He was a sexist pig and between him and his wife, they were both narrow-minded and old-fashioned. I loved Spencer's best friend and sister and can't wait for their story.

This is a very sexy read and by the end, I was convinced Spencer really did know how to use his equipment. The romantic scenes at the end were very sweet.

If you're looking for a funny, lighthearted and sexy story, Big Rock would be perfect. I will definitely be reading more from this author in the future.

To purchase Big Rock from Amazon - http://amzn.to/1SJduMD

I’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy. To see more of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons -

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November 17, 2015
First of all, I want you to stop and listen to me. This isn't a copycat male POV book where the hero is an asshole player. Spencer may come off as a player who only cares about the size of his…well, you know, but that's not who Spencer is. He's a good guy. He loves his family, his friends and his job more than anything. He doesn't have a sad backstory or daddy issues. He's just a normal guy who likes to have fun with women. A lot of women. But, when he's asked to calm his hormones, he jumps into a lie that quickly has a mind of its own. The easy part was begging his best friend and business partner, Charlotte, to pretend to be his fiancée for a week. What's the hard part you ask? Spencer can't control his feelings for his friend and once he kisses her he's lost. He's pretending, but it's real. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows this feels right. But, he thinks Charlotte is just playing the part and will easily walk away after the week. A turn of hilarious events, interesting dinner parties and hotness throw Spencer's mind and maleness into a tail spin. Will he fight for what he wants? I love Lauren and have read all her books. This is still a Lauren Blakely book, folks. It's just written in a different way. If you're a fan, you'll love it, if you're new to Lauren, give it a shot, you won't be disappointed. And hey, there's a cat in this book. I hate cats, but something about this one makes me love him. You'll see! I laughed, cried, got hot and bothered, got mad and laughed some more. Spencer is hot as sin and you don’t want to miss his story!

She led our first kiss. She caught me off guard on the street with a fantastic ambush, but this kiss is mine.
I’m controlling it. I’m leading it. And I want to tease her. To make her squirm again, only this time with desire.

“Friends don’t let friends eat gummi bears alone. I’ll bring the bears.”
“I’ll eat the green ones for you.”
She shudders. “Hate the green ones.”

“Are you trying to seduce me?” I ask as I walk over to her.
“Yes,” she whispers, her voice feathery. “Is it working?”
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January 10, 2016

Title: Big Rock
Series: None
Author: Lauren Blakely
Release date: January 6, 2016
Cliffhanger: No

When I came across this book, it started calling me. And NOT because of that delicious cover. Nope.

Well....all right. Let's be real here.

Can you really blame me?

Spencer, most talented player in town and his big cock rock had a proposal for his best (girl) friend. A pretend engagement that would benefit both of them and would end after a very public breakup in one short week. They both had completely platonic feelings for one another, so what would be the harm?

Charlotte and I can both appreciate each other's appearance. That's one of the great hallmarks of our friendship. I can acknowledge she is a babe, and she can do the same with me, and we're still good.

Spencer cleans up his reputation and helps his father land a business deal, and she gets her annoying ex off of her back. Win-win, or so they thought.

Yes, this has a lot of elements involved that aren't exactly original. It's purely male POV, from the charming and conceited manwhore. Friends to lovers. A short pretend engagement/relationship that blossoms to more. Yet that didn't really bother me as long as it was as steamy and chuckle-worthy as it was promising. I was in the mood for something light and fun and this seemed to fit the criteria. With a first line like this, I was grinning from the start and was feeling very optimistic about this book:

"My dick is fucking awesome."

I said, this guy is completely full of himself and not shy about letting everyone know it. PERFECT! There's just something about that cocky, unrepentant manwhore that has the ability to charm you and make you laugh at his antics. And best of all? They are the most entertaining to watch fall helplessly into love. The confusion, the panic, the scramble to try to cling to their freedom. It's so wickedly fun to see.

I can handle this. I'm not tempted at all by my best friend. My dick, however, begs to differ, the traitorous prick.

Spencer was a great character, though after the initial boasting about his size, stamina, and skill, he started a fast free fall into his evolving emotions over Charlotte and I didn't get to revel in his cockiness quite as much as I had hoped. And that wasn't necessarily bad, as I did enjoy his character for how sweet he was. He was very devoted and loyal to her-even when he didn't quite come to the realization that his feelings were not in the same comfortable place they had always been.

The sexual tension started to build very quickly. After they made their agreement to start their farce of an engagement, poor Spencer started to view Charlotte in a whole new light. He always saw her as attractive, but suddenly the sight of her body had him feeling some very lustful thoughts.

For me, that seemed somewhat too abrupt for me. To go from completely platonic feelings (brother-sister type) to full on desire like that, I would have liked to have seen it happen a little more gradually. With the one week time frame of their engagement, I understand that this was what was behind that. But it didn't feel one hundred percent natural to be honest.

My small issues aside, this did fulfill my cute and sexy requirements when I decided to give it a shot. Lauren Blakely has created a story that will hit all the right buttons for those out there who are fans of the friends to lovers trope, and manwhore POV books. Don't let my below 4 rating dissuade you from giving this a try. For me, it missed the mark a little on the "wow factor" but I can see it being a big hit for a lot of people. The humor was plentiful and the steam was pleasingly hot.

I'm hoping that Nick, Spencer's (male) hipster best friend will get a chance to have his story told soon. There's a whole lot of potential there, I was thoroughly intrigued by him. It seems I have some stalking to do over his potential book.


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January 20, 2016
4.5 "Happy wife = happy life" Stars!
 photo Big Rock - Lauren Blakely_zpsb1vhbbbp.png

Obviously, I was super excited about this book because.. of course.. THE COVERGASM! I mean, it totally got my attention lol Also, it was not my first book by this author and I knew I would probably enjoy it.

Big Rock is a stand-alone novel written by Lauren Blakely and it is about Spencer Holiday (a super-hot bussiness man, son of the owner of the famous jewelery Katherine's and NY finest playboy who claims his dick is awesome and that he is a good guy) and Charlotte Rhodes (Spencer's bussiness partner and his best friend who will become his fiancé for a week).

How much pleasure has my dick wrought? I don’t kiss and tell, but I’ll leave you with this. My dick has a perfect track record.
That’s why it fucking sucks that he has to go on hiatus.

I really enjoyed Big Rock: it is funny, light, with little drama and super sexy! This novel reminds me of Tangled and my dear Drew Evans because Lauren decided to write this in Spencer's POV. I mean, he is so freaking funny and so sure of himself! lol Apparently, he has a lot of experience with women and he knows how to treat them as a gentleman. Also, he happens to be hung like a horse, which always helps, right ladies? ;)

I’m horny as hell. I feel like I’ve taken Charlotte Viagra, and this hard-on is a cruel and unusual punishment for lusting so badly after my best friend.

However, everything changes when he wants to help his father with his jewelery bussiness and he needs to be seen as a settled man. So.. he asks for help and Charlotte, his best friend, becomes his fiancé for a week. Obviously, throughout this week Spencer starts to realise that he has stronger feelings for Charlotte and falls in love with her. These two together!!!!!! OMG, so hot and so sweet! And idk... I suspected that she felt something stronger since the beginning, which made it even better for me. Seriously, loved this two together!

“What do you want?”
I curl my hand around the back of her head and tug her down to me. Her lips hover inches from mine. I thought I didn’t want sex and sympathy. I was right on that account. I want sex and something else, though.
Sex with her. Sex with feelings. Sex with the only woman I’ve ever felt this way for.
I whisper in her ear, “You.”

I think it's great to fall in love with your best friend.. I think it has to be that way: first friends and then more. And Spencer and Charlotte know each other very well but they needed an 'excuse' to finally be together forever. I loved the secondary characters as well: Spencer's father, his sister Harper, his friend Nick.. And I hated Emily and Abe's guts!!! They were so fucking selfish.. Still, our couple gets their HEA at the end so.. they win!! lol

I burn up all over as I watch her. I am comprised of nothing but heat. Her lips. Her mouth. Her eyes. Everything. She is my fucking everything.

Therefore, my rating for Big Rock is 4.5 STARS because I really enjoyed this story and its characters: it was funny and it was sweet and hot at the same time. Always love that! And.. Lauren already has announced that there will be a book with Harper and Nick's story, which I am super excited about! Still, I did not rate it with 5 stars because I felt the ending was a bit rushed (but I still enjoyed it!). So, if you want a feel good book to read, I totally recommend this one :)

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January 6, 2016
A brief disclaimer: I floved this book and more specifically, Spencer! Most of this review is going to be about him and my love for his character. *cue blubbering and gushing* Ok, moving on...

There are several things you know you are going to get when you read a Lauren Blakely book: hot characters, steamy scenes, great writing, and a story you will love. Big Rock is all of that and more! Lauren Blakely over delivered with Spencer and Charlotte’s story, and I’m overjoyed by how much I loved it. I truly enjoyed every minute of being inside Spencer’s head. Big Rock is big fun and totally adorable.

I am a massive fan of male point-of-view stories, and from just reading the blurb, I knew that Spencer was going to be awesome. What I didn’t expect is that while he’s confident (*cough* cocky), he also has a heart of gold.

I have big love for Spencer, and I think he’s a fabulous character. Like, Samantha Jones from Sex and the City fabulous, and I am convinced he is the male version of Samantha.
Samantha Jones quote

My reasons:
1) He knows he’s fabulous and he’s not shy about it.
2) He loves sex.
3) He doesn’t ‘do’ commitment or emotional attachments.
4) He’s always got your back, no matter the situation.
5) He’s speaks his mind and he knows how to talk dirty.
6) He knows his booze.
7) He knows what he wants in life and he’s not afraid to work hard for it.

(See what I mean??)

Meanwhile, Charlotte is no wallflower in this story. She has moxie, and she has it in spades. Her willingness to help Spencer when he needed her most was enough to endear her to me immediately. There are several laugh-out-loud funny moments during the banter between Spencer and Charlotte that had me cracking up. They’re best friends for a reason, and I found myself wanting to be besties with them, too.

I also admired Spencer’s relationship with his family. His sister and parents provide laughs and advice, but they aren’t afraid to slap him upside the head when he needs it. There is no animosity or brokenness here--that in and of itself is a breath of fresh air.

There is no doubt in my mind that Big Rock is my favorite book by Lauren Blakely. I can say with 100% certainty that it will be on my Best Reads of 2016 list. I can’t wait to see more of these characters when Mister Orgasm comes….I mean, arrives in October.

Sidenote: If you haven't had a chance to watch Lauren's naughty book readings and puppet theater, please do yourself a favor and head over to her Facebook page to watch them. Her voice was in my head the entire time I was reading this book. You're welcome.

▸ ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

▸ Order: Kindle | Paperback | Kobo | iBooks

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August 21, 2018

I had a very hard time getting into this book and I was bored to tears waiting for the actual story to begin. None of the characters could even remotely grab my attention. It was difficult for me to enjoy this one because I couldn’t connect to the characters, and couldn’t care less about them. This writing style didn't work for me.

There was so much happening that seemed irrelevant to the story. There were too many fillers that I found myself skimming through them. I think this book could have been half as long as it is without losing anything. I was sick of Spencer’s inner monologue which went on a lot of the time.

Normally friends-to-lovers romance is ok by me, but for the reasons I’ve just said, this book didn’t hit the spot for me. For the most part, the story made no sense to me. According to the story, Spencer is a PLAYBOY. And he’s spent most of his free time with Charlotte because she’s his BEST FRIEND?! He really enjoys her company, so much so that he would rather go to her house, watch TV shows, and eat gummy bears than hang out with his male friends?! This was very unrealistic. Sorry, but I didn’t buy it.

Spencer is not my kind of hero. I wanted to see him being man enough to protect Charlotte, but on the contrary, what I saw was that Charlotte jumped to protect him twice. Gah! Sorry buddy, I love alpha heroes, and you’re not!

Well, there were some parts that made me laugh uncontrollably, and there were also some sweet moments that made my heart swell with joy. (See? I’m not that harsh!)

There was no actual drama in this book. NO DRAMA! The drama should be the drama, but it wasn’t the drama, so why in the world did I read this book for? At this point, I no longer cared about the epilogue. I didn’t get what I wanted, and I was so upset!

And by the end, I got nothing from the story except steamy sex scenes. Yeah, they had mind-blowing sex and the sex was freaking scorching hot! But it wasn’t enough for me. This is a love story, so am I wrong for wanting something that truly touched my heart? (Looks like I didn’t get that either.)

However, this one wasn’t bad by any means; it was just not to my taste. Please don’t let my review discourage you from picking up this book.


**BR with gorgeous ladies at Abtastic Ab Loving Geishas.
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June 12, 2016
I'm so very not sorry that I had to read this filthy book! But, it was like a prerequisite for a college course. Really, it was. Because I'm reading the next smutty book in this series with half of goodreads starting tomorrow, so it was of the utmost importance that I had an understanding of this complex world and the characters.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have taken that test!

So, this is a friends-to-lovers story with the hero of the story being a dick. No, literally. I'm not saying the guy was a dick, I'm saying the dick was the guy. But, actually, the guy was kind of a dick in the early part of the book too. I guess when you're packing that kind of heat, you get a little full of yourself. Plus, I think his brain was packed into that thing.

Men and their roosters! Am I right?

Anyway, the story was okay - cute & fun. But, this book is all about the smut. If you want some good smut, here you go. Enjoy a giant-sized portion!

mmmm... foot long!
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1,172 reviews98.8k followers
January 29, 2021
This was just too predictable and I never felt like anything was really at stake. Also, this book tried way too hard to be funny and just kept missing the mark. I truly should have DNFed after the opener, my god.

Trigger and Content Warnings: talk of cheating in the past and a lot of misogyny.

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May 13, 2017
Big Rock
Author: Lauren Blakely
Release date: January 6, 2016
Cliffhanger: No

One of my friends Recommend is book to me while back & I am sorry to say that I am just now reading it

Big Rock was exactly the kind of story I needed to read. I need a good comedy & good laugh… I think I had a smile on my face throughout the whole book. I've read a few really intense books lately and this was a refreshing change. Big Rock is romantic comedy at its finest.

This what you can find on Page 1 & tell me after reading this, you don’t want find out more about Spencer

"My dick is fucking awesome. But don't just take my word for it. Consider all its accomplishments. First, let's start with the obvious one. Size. Sure, some people will tell you that size does not matter. You know what I'll tell you? They lie. You don't want a tiny diamond on your finger when you can have three carats. You don't want a one-dollar bill when you can have a Benjamin. And you don't want to ride a miniature pony when you can saddle up on a rock-star cock at the rodeo of your pleasure."

If you need Lil more Info

Spencer Holiday-I’m Twenty- Eight: single, rich, hot & gentleman… Like it’s a surprise when I get laid

I loved seeing into Spencer's mind. I found him funny, smart, sexy, cocky & so loveable. It's a friends to lover’s story, a romantic comedy… When Spencer Holiday propositions his best friend, Charlotte to be his fake fiancée for a week in order to help his dad seal a business deal, he thinks the most difficult part is going to be living without sex for the duration. ...Spencer's best friend (Charlotte) & business partner are so hilarious in his book …

** Big Rock is a standalone romantic comedy**
Recommended if you want a light hearted, sexy read- Friends to lovers romance- Steamy sexy

I can’t wait to read Nick & Harper’s book next - Mister O
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January 9, 2016
4.5 Snufalufagas Stars

“Okay. So we’ve got no anal, no sleepovers, no weirdness, no lying. We do this for a week, and we return to being friends.”

Sounds simple enough.

My favorite overused, done to death trope when it comes to books of the romance variety is the friends to lovers one. I absolutely love it! I can’t get enough. It doesn’t matter if there’s an unrepentant manwhore involved and he’s just doing his bestie a solid by relieving her of her pesky virginity. Or a troubled gal who’s been hurt one too many times and seeks comfort from her always understanding but socially awkward male BFF. Bonus points if we get a male POV and he manages to turn into a beast in the sack. Hook. Me. Up.

I guess it’s no surprise that Hard Rock worked for me in a big way. Yes, it’s got the friends to lovers trope in spades, but the goodness doesn’t stop there. Spencer and Charlotte fell quick and hard once they allowed the attraction to finally register. The fact that either one of them seemed to know what to do about it was an enjoyable bonus. Even then, there was no pushing the other away because they weren’t sure what to do with all of the feels or unnecessary f**ing drama! God save me from men that ignore their feelings and push their ladies aside “for their own good.”

Something is happening. Something strange and completely foreign. My heart is speaking a language I don’t understand as it tries to fling itself at Charlotte. Great. Now, that’s two organs I have to do battle with every day.

How can you not love this sweet, clueless and hot as hell man?

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January 27, 2016
Steamy romance, swoon-worthy lead, humorous moments - What more can I ask for?

 photo rps20160126_133954_zps4le6yhzj.jpg

This is was just really fun to read. I loved watching Spencer and Charlotte's friendship blossom into L-O-V-E. It was super cute. This book was flirty and sweet and hot! Lauren Blakely does a great job of making sure her characters have chemistry which is something I have to have in a romance.
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January 11, 2016
3 Princess Cut Stars

When Spencer’s father business needs a little push, he decides to clean up his act in order to help. In order to do that he asks his best-friend for help, all he needs is that she pretend to be his fake fiancé for one-week.
But when their fake relationship evolves for a more real think, they may realize their friendship will never go back to the way he was.


This was a sweet and hot reading, high on steam and low on angst. Perfect if you’re looking for a quick and fun romance book.
To be honest, the story was a little predictable and find myself having my mind wandering during the story and not paying attention to the book, the predictability kind of made me lose a bit of interest.
However, if you’re a fan of the friends-to-lovers plot, or if you like sweet romance in male POV’s you’ll probably like this book.


Rating: 4 Stars.
Characters Development: Spencer was nice, and his mind was a fun place to be, despite seeming a little forced at times. I liked him but if I’m going to be honest he felt like a watered version of Drew Evans. (Tangled Series). What I really liked was how effortless his relationship with Charlotte was. They were cute as friends and it was a natural transition to more. Charlotte was sweet and likable, but to be honest there’s not much more to say about her personality.
Steam: Hot.
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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March 17, 2017
The first three lines of the book had me already laughing so hard.

“My dick is fucking awesome.
But don’t just take my word for it. Consider all his accomplishments.”

Spencer and Charlotte have been business partners for years and had never been more that best friends until now when they decide to play a dangerous game.

“But we made a pact long ago, and re-upped when we went into business together on this bar. If either of us needs a fake girlfriend or boyfriend to gracefully get out of a sticky situation, we’ve sworn to step in and act the part.”

But this time is more serious because Spencer asks Charlotte to pretend to be his fiancé in order to help his father sell his business but then, the pretend turns real.

“I want to imprint this moment on my permanent memory. To never forget how it feels to take my shirt off Charlotte.”

I truly don't have the words to describe how much I loved this book. I freaking loved Spencer. He's the sexiest and funniest man alive. All experienced and all but when it comes to the woman he cares he's just a sucker.

“As I draw a delicious line around her belly button, I’m intensely aware of how much I want this night to be amazing for her. I want her to feel worshipped and fucked at the same time.”

Also loved the fact that his family is different from all the rich families we read nowadays, they're all "normal" and happy with life.

Seriously, this is a must read !
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August 21, 2017
4,5 Sterne

Ich muss gestehen, dass ich dieses Buch total geliebt habe! Klar kratzt es mit seinen unter 300 Seiten teilweise nur an der Oberfläche, aber ich mochte es trotzdem total gerne! Allein die Erzählperspektive des männlichen Protagonisten hat mich total interessiert, da in diesem Genre ja zumeist eher aus weiblicher Sicht (oder wechselnder) erzählt wird. Ich fand Spencer auch einfach klasse. Ich fand ihn nicht unsympathisch oder eingebildet, sondern total witzig und ich hatte das Gefühl, dass er sich selber nicht zu ernst nimmt. Charlotte fand ich auch klasse, weder zickig noch dumm-naiv. Der Plot war vielleicht nicht der aller komplexeste aber ich fand es wahnsinnig unterhaltsam. Eine humorvoll erzählte Geschichte, perfekt für einen schnellen Weekend-Read! 👌🏻😊
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March 10, 2017
A ver... ME ENCANTÓ. Fue un libro fresco, divertido, entretenido y muy ligero y sin complicaciones. SIMPLE. Porque a veces lo simple es lo indicado, y no se necesitan grandes dosis de drama para hacer un libro fabuloso.
Este libro fue en una palabra: DELICIOSO.

Me encantó la narración ágil y sencilla.
Me encantó el protagonista que es mucho más que un player egolatra.
Me encantó la protagonista que es más que la amiga siempre perfecta.
Me encantó la Harper, me encantó Nick y me encantaron todos.

Vamos que en este libro ni si quiera hay un villano central para que me entiendan. Fue un libro simple, lleno de clichés, (es verdad) pero que fue 100% disfrutable. Me pareció una lectura ágil y espontánea llena de romanticismo.

El único punto malo (es que soy muy quisquillosa) es en cuanto a las escenas +18... la verdad, yo francamente podría habérmelas pasado y no afectaba en nada en mi calificación. Al contrario.

Al ser un libro sencillo, no hay tanta profundidad dentro de la historia o los personajes, pero es que ¡justo eso es lo que estaba buscando! Estaba un poco harta de tanto dramatismo y una historia como está es justo lo que necesitaba.
Además está el hecho de que a mí las historias FRIENDS TO LOVERS me derriten como nieve al sol, y si a eso le agregas un romance falso... bueno, le da muchos puntos extras Haha.

Lo cierto es que la declaración de amor me parece de las más románticas que he leído. (Si, ya sé que soy súper cursi) pero es que entiendan... Spencer hizo y dijo las palabras correctas en el momento adecuado.
PD: UFFFFF con el primer beso, estaba a dos de raptar al prota y secuestrarlo FOREVER. (Inserte emojis de fuego, en llamas)
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January 28, 2016
Cute, lite, sexy and FUN!

First of all, kudos to the author (or publisher) for the eye-catching cover/title/graphics. Seriously, would you give this book a second glance if just a diamond ring was on the cover?

This was a cute friends-to-lovers story that I kept imagining as a Hollywood RomCom movie, or at least a Lifetime/Hallmark one.:)

Spencer and Charlotte are the hero and heroine, twenty-something buddies since college who own a couple of NYC bars together. Spencer is known about town for his horndog reputation (and his big endowment), and Charlotte is the one woman who he hasn't slept with. Spencer's dad owns a chain of fine jewelry stores (think Tiffany's) and is looking to sell the business so he can spend some more time with his wife. But the ultra-conservative buyer for the business frowns upon Spencer's playboy reputation. What can Spencer do to help the parents he loves and make their dream come true? How can he appease this wanna-be owner of his father's business? Why a fake engagement, of course! And who better to go along with it than the woman who knows him best, and would do anything for him, but Charlotte!

If you loved Emma Chase's Tangled you'll love this story. It's told in first person, from Spencer's pov, and he has a funny, dirty mind ala Drew. He's sexy, funny, cocky, charismatic, and has a big heart. Yes, he's a bit clueless about his real feelings for Charlotte, but he comes around in time. Of course there's plenty of heat between this couple (not surprising given that cover) and tons of chemistry. Since they've known each other for years, you tend to believe in them as a couple and pull for them to realize that yes, they belong together and when will they realize that?

If you're looking for something light and sexy, with no real angst or big misunderstandings, then this is the book for you! 4 1/2 stars
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