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He doesn’t do relationships. Neither does she. But they can’t fight the attraction any longer…

Nash Walker hides the demons that consume his soul. He buries them deep and distracts himself with sex. Anything to avoid facing a past full of heartbreak and regret; anything to numb the pain that he struggles with daily.

Velvet Carr has spent years fighting her demons. It’s a fight she’s winning. That is, until Nash crashes his way into her life and into her heart.

It started out as a bit of harmless fun between friends; it wasn’t meant to get complicated for either of them. But when two broken souls come together and arouse unwanted feelings in each other, complicated is what happens.

Can Nash and Velvet help heal each other and revive the love in their lives that they’ve both been refusing to allow in for years? Or will they let their demons ruin any chance they may have at happiness?

First published July 19, 2014

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About the author

Nina Levine

87 books6,236 followers

USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine is an Aussie author who writes alphas with a side of dirty and sassy women who don't hand their hearts over easily.

When she isn't creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.

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March 1, 2015
4.5 Nash Loving Stars

As you all know by now...I am LOVING this series!!! To me, a perfect MC story should have many things; some of the major would be loyalty among brothers (club members)and of family,it should have some violence, and of course a ton of hot sweaty sex! Well, the Storm MC gang has no shortage of these things, and plus a whole hell of a lot more. I am soaking it all up, and they have been added to my top favorite lists for an MC series! I will admit to be somewhat concerned about Nash's book, "Revive." Nash is one of those club members who is addicted to pussy...and I mean LOTS of it! He sleeps around BIG TIME, and everyone knows it. He is a very private man, however the ladies know that he is always ready to have a hard romp if that is what they wish. He won't even discriminate if she wants to bring a friend along. The more the merrier. The number one rule in Nash's world is to not expect any kind of commitment. He looks down on his brothers who have become "pussy whipped!" The thing is though, Nash has demons...and I mean..he is haunted in a way that I am not sure he will be able to climb out of the pain that he has buried. He will be the first to admit that he uses sex to make himself feel better, and booze if its around. Then one day a stripper named Velvet comes around...and life may never be the same for Nash again!

Velvet is a woman who has been broken by a man; but she has worked through all of that pain and become stronger because of it. She still has residue left though, and has a wall up ten feet high when it comes to men. She has been working in a club that the Storm MC own and during that time has gotten very close to Nash. Oh, and Velvet is a stripper...and I will add that she is very proud of her dancing. She makes no excuses for it, and loves it when the men look at her with want. Even though her and Nash have been friends for so long, he has tried to get her into bed; but she has never given in. Then one day, temptation gets the better of the both of them and life will never be the same. Can these two "Broken" individuals find their way back, and knock each other's walls down? Will they even try? Or have they ruined a special friendship by crossing the line? The journey to getting better has never been such a bumpy ride...It sure was fun to have a front row peak into the lives and relationship of Velvet and Nash. They will never be the same...but neither will I!

"I'd worked out her touch image was a mask she wore for the world. Underneath it, she was vulnerable; not nearly as hard as she projected. And I kinda fucking liked that. It meant she needed me, and I hadn't been needed in a long time.And that felt really fucking good."--Nash Walker

"I like to fuck, Velvet. And a woman's pleasure is just as important to me as my own. But with you, I care more about your pleasure. And I don't know what the fuck to make of that, baby."--Nash Walker

"There's a lot I don't know about you, but I do know two things; you like to get your fists and your cock out at every chance." Velvet Carr
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September 25, 2020
I liked it, but I wouldn't call this a biker/MC book. It's about two broken people trying to heal. There was a little sideline story about the club, that didn't really interest me...also that part ended on a cliffy..which I hate !!

Still 4 stars for the storyline and the heroine, because she was awesome. It just wasn't what I expected.

If you are looking for a hardcore biker book...this isn't it.
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Author 87 books6,236 followers
September 7, 2020

Friends to lovers, angsty MC 🔥

"Sexiness + Dirty Talk + Attitude + Tears + Betrayal + Tattooed-dirty mouth bikers = Mind blowing book." - Amazon Reviewer

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Amazon Worldwide

This is book 4 in the Storm MC series. Full reading order & links here

“One day you’ll succumb to my cock, sweet thing. I can be a patient man.”
“I’ve got plenty of other cock to keep me occupied, Nash. It’s your heart and your mind I’m interested in. Maybe one day you’ll give me those.”
“Baby, you say the sweetest things but truly, once you’ve had my cock, my heart and mind will be distant memories.”
She leant closer to me and whispered, “One day you’re going to be knocked off your ass by a woman who will own all three. It’ll be a sight to see, Nash Walker.”
“Sorry, babe, but the only item on the menu is my cock. My heart and mind were trashed by a woman a long fuckin’ time ago.”
More like fucking annihilated. - Revive by Nina Levine
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May 5, 2015
I have to say I'm surprised how good Revive is compare to the previous two books in the Storm MC series. I'm glad I decided to stick with the series.

Nash Walker is the Storm MC brother introduced in prior books, but I didn't paid much attention to him apart from noticing that he had something going on with Velvet, the stripper.

Velvet, a stripper working in Indigo, the strip club owned by the Storm MC. Apparently she and Nash had a platonic friendship ever since she started working there, which was four years ago. All this time, they remained close, despite Nash trying to hit on her time and time again only to have her not giving in because they don't want to ruin the friendship they had.

After one blow out between them that ended with them having a cold war, things become awkward because they both had feelings for each other. This awkward dance they had was fun to watch. Nash was acting all weird and avoiding her and Velvet was left feeling 'what the fuck was wrong with him'?

What I like about Velvet is she this upfront chick who doesn't play mind games and don't hide away her feelings. There were many occasions whereby she just gave it straight to Nash, which left him feeling flabbergasted and shocked.

"I'm not a fake friend who is happy to let shit slide. If you want that, you won't find it with me, so I suggest you go back to your skanks, who I'm sure would be happy to provide you with a shallow friendship and a place to stick your dick."

Nash is never the perfect hero by miles. If I were to list out all his flaws, is gonna be pretty long. He was the kind of manwhore that I want to have him checked for STDs. Seriously, his dick is like a free for all buffet for everyone with a pussy. I know he is hiding a secret past of his life from everyone and it hurt him tremendously. He uses sex to numb himself. I know it sounded totally lame. But once Nash came around and admit that he want Velvet and not just as a friend, he was totally swoon worthy. He redeemed his character in every way.

Nash and Velvet both had a past marriage that didn't work out for them and left them lose trust in any potential new relationship. But the spark and chemistry they shared can no longer be ignore after all the years of being suppressed. I love it that by halfway through the book they officially together.

Velvet is my favorite heroine in this series for now. Even though she is a stripper, she is one independent, self sufficient woman who had a future planned for herself. While working as a stripper, she is also getting an education in order to start her own beauty business. What I like most is how she always stand by Nash, even though he might act like an ass sometimes. Although she spit fire at him, she also believes in him and always there when he need her most.

The reason this is not a 5 stars read is because I feel that the MC aspect of the book is quite weak. I don't see Nash doing actual work for the club itself. I only see a lot of discussion between him, Scott and J, but didn't see any action at all. Scott's half brother Blade is one intriguing character that had been hyped up by Nina. My expectation is definitely gonna be high when I read Slay next.
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November 3, 2014
I honestly am not sure why I didn't like this one as much....?? It had all the right drama and steam, just something about it didn't compare to scott or J? Which was disappointing because Nash was one guy I was ready to learn more about. Don't get me wrong, the dude is hot hot hot in the sheets, and cocky, and bossy, and protective, and broken, which are traits I absolutely adore in my characters, just something I can't quiet out my finger on.....

With that said, I can't wait to start Blade's story and to see what is going down with Marcus, and omg, totally can't wait for Griff's story either, now that I know what I know, however, I'm just putting it out there right now, ......I think there is more to what's going on with him and than what's he's led them all to believe, hint hint, lol.
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September 8, 2014
 photo PicMonkeyCollagenash.jpg

I have been waiting for Nash's story since NL mentioned his character. He has been my most anticipated character so far! I was dying to know all his secrets, what made him the way he is!? I was thrilled beyond words at how his book turned out. He was everything I was looking for=) I wanted to pack my bags and get on the back of his bike and never look back!! I highly recommend this series and this book!!
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1,298 reviews141 followers
February 21, 2015
 photo 8568307.gif
Oh Nash, you sweet talker. What would we do without you???
 photo 3117545.gif
Spankings from Nash, yes please, lol.
 photo 819142.gif
"Fingernails on you back."
 photo 807334.gif
Worship away, Nash, they're all yours.
"Nash, a blindfold and rope surely had to be every woman's fantasy."

Storm (Storm MC #1)
Fierce (Storm MC #2)
Blaze (Storm MC #2.5)
Roxie (Storm MC)
Revive (Storm MC #3)
Destined Havoc (Havoc #1) also found in Bad Boys of Romance: A Biker Anthology

*Challenge: A book at the bottom of your to-read list*
Author 31 books497 followers
July 28, 2014
To say that I’ve been on pins and needles, on the edge of my seat, dying for Nash’s story in the Storm MC series is an understatement. Since the very first book in this series, he intrigued me. I knew there was more to him than just a biker that chased every tail he could get his hands on. I had built this book up so much in my mind, and Nina Levine did not disappoint me. She delivered an emotional, heartbreaking, hotter than sin book – I didn’t just love it, I fucking shout from the rooftops-buy this-book -loved it.

Nash Walker – on the outside, he’s not a complicated man. He’s a loyal member of the MC, they are his brothers, his family and he protects them at all costs. On the inside, he is slowly unravelling. Dealing with a grief so unimaginable that when it finally comes to light – it breaks your heart. He buries the pain deep, masking it all with a tough exterior and an endless line of women to make him forget. Closing off his heart, he vows to never let anyone close again. There is only one problem with that…and her name is Velvet.

Velvet Carr. Confident and sexy – she is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn’t take shit from anyone, and is proud of who she is. As one of Indigo’s star strippers, you would think that there would be the slightest insecurities over her occupation, but that’s not the case. She is comfortable in her own skin and proud of her accomplishments. Dragging herself up from an abusive relationship – she works hard for what she has, and has dreams of becoming more. Her confidence and don’t fuck with me attitude are her defenses and they have served her well as she fights to keep her demons buried. Her friendship with Nash is one that she treasures, all the while fighting the attraction she feels for him. These two are made for each other, the pull they feel is magnetic in its force. When they finally start to push aside their reservations and give in to their desires – the pages are set on fire! Nash…he could have a woman’s clothes pooled on the floor with just a scorching look. There was more than one scene in this book that left me breathless . Nash Walker ladies, satisfaction guaran-fucking-teed.

There were parts of this book that left me in tears. The farther that Nash and Velvet sank into their relationship, the more layers were uncovered. I loved, loved, loved Nash’s family. His mother was hilarious and a welcome addition to this book. I’m hopeful that we may see more of them (please Nina!!).

Darkness surrounds both of them, demons from the past rise up and threaten to shatter everything they have tentatively built. For a man that has sworn he will never give his heart to a woman again, Nash sees this as a sign to cut and run. Its frustrating enough to make you want to scream and throw your Kindle! Is Velvet the one to revive him and resuscitate his broken heart? Or is the damage that’s been done beyond repair?

While still trying to figure out what the fate of Nash and Velvet is…Nina comes out swinging with a knockout punch of an ending. The club hasn’t been silent and passive while they are busy experimenting with being more than friends – and when the storm hits – it’s a whopper.

Keep the tissues nearby, get ready to scream at your book. This is a must read in the Storm MC series. Nina Levine job fucking well done.

**5 Deliciously Wicked Stars**
xo Cassia
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2,101 reviews1,263 followers
July 28, 2014
ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review

☆☆☆☆☆ 5 Sweet Thing Stars ☆☆☆☆☆


HOLY HOTNESS!!!!! Move over J, Scott, a new sexy dirty talking bad boy is my new favorite of the STORM MC and his name is NASH WALKER. Talk about dirty, sexy, raw, and emotional… REVIVE is hands down my favorite of the STORM MC Series. I found myself devouring this book in one sitting and loved every minute. Nina Levine will wow you with her spellbinding ways in which she delivered an emotional, touching, sexy and suspenseful story of two broken hearted people finding love. For Nash meeting Velvet Carr was fate. Becoming her friend was a choice. And falling in love with her was beyond his control. When love comes knocking unexpectedly, be prepared for two broken people reviving and pumping back love into their hearts.


Nash Walker is one sexy dirty talking tattooed bad boy of the STORM MC. He is a certified manwhore and womanizer. He doesn’t do relationships ever since a painful past relationship. Well that all came to an abrupt halt, when he found himself wanting his friend Velvet Carr. He could no longer deny and resist the one girl who has gotten under skin.

Velvet Carr was a stripper at Indigo, a strip club that Storm MC owns. On the exterior, Velvet is a tough chick but behind the facade, she is a broken woman due to a previous relationship. For five years, Velvet protected and kept the wall surrounding her heart up but that all came crashing down when Nash Walker entered her life.


Revive was an emotional and heart-tugging story of Nash and Velvet reviving their hearts and of course the tale of the STORM MC boys. For me, Nina Levine has stepped up her game in this book. She took a dirty, gritty, bad boy and turned him to be one of my FAVORITES. Nash Walker tragic past broke my heart and I love that behind the image he projects, he was a guy looking for someone to put back the pieces to his heart. The sexual chemistry of Nash and Velvet was hot and combustible. Ms. Nina Levine will keep you glued to your kindle because an unexpected twist of turns of events will having you begging for more. I can’t wait for Blade’s story.

Nina Levine
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612 reviews209 followers
July 26, 2014
Nash  photo Nash.jpg a broken man filled with demons from a haunted past.
 photo armsofangel.jpg
Velvet a badass stripper, who can hold her own, against the Storm MC bikers, frequenting club Indigo. She has faced her own share of heartbreak, and won't back down to anyone. Not even Nash!
 photo Velvet.jpg
Maybe their love, can heal each other
 photo Nash3.jpg
Revive in my opinion was by far the best out of the three Storm series. Don't get me wrong, the other two were great! But Revive.....ahhh this was a fucking master piece! Nina Levine, did an outstanding role with Nash. Casting him as the devastated man, whose been through hell and back, and continues to suffer. Time hasn't lessened the pain or guilt he feels. I loved the way Nina Levine created his aurora of suspense, along with the realism of his story.
The plot is thickening within the MC and Marcus. I can't wait to see where this bloodshed and guts will lead. Maybe the traitorous leader will pay the price!
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366 reviews2 followers
July 23, 2014
3.5 stars
Another good instalment in the Storm MC series. It’s been a while since I read book 2, so when I first started this one I didn’t remember much about either of the MCs. For some reason, once I did recall Velvet being one of the main attractions at the MCs stripper club, I was abit put off. However……after the first chapter from her POV, I was back on track again since she has had it pretty hard – with her di*k-head ex-husband, who turns up uninvited on her doorstep – and I wanted to see how this panned out.

Then there’s Nash. I was instantly intrigued by his background and his hang-up with Mother’s day. For the last decade he has dreaded this day and receives a text message from his ex-wife, which indicates that the two didn’t have a great relationship and something huge occurred between them. As a result he has a nasty temper on him that landed him in jail.

So the two MCs together. Well they have known each other for 4 years and friends and never crossed that line (with the exception of some flirting). I understood their need to keep it platonic – they didn’t want to ruin their friendship. Understandable. But what I didn’t quite get was how they suddenly, after 4 years, decide to go for it. Sure they’re both under a lot of stress and pressure, but I assume that’s been the case over the years anyway. Either way, they do end up sleeping together and the few weeks after that are as they expected – tense. After some harsh words and a reality check from Velvet, Nash does make amends (after ignoring her) and they slowly pursue this new ‘thing’ between them.

In the midst of all this, there’s shit going down with the club…..shit that means im looking forward to book 4…..and the two dealing with their ex’s and past.

I short, sweet, pretty hot read.
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1,064 reviews
August 3, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Nash and Velvet's story. I was curious to see how the author would handle Nash, the consummate man-ho who shunned any type of committed relationship. She did a very good job in projecting such a tortured soul who was experiencing deep grief and anger over the loss of a child. For ten years he has felt responsible for the loss of his child and has used his fists and screwing women to deal with his grief. He has huge trust issues with women. Velvet carries her own baggage with deep self worth issues from her first marriage. I liked the fact that Nash and Velvet established a friendship first before they went into a sexual relationship. I highly recommend this book. It is #3 in the series but could be read as as stand alone. There is a HEA for Nash and Velvet But what the hell? Scott is out of the club? Now I can't wait to see what happens with the club...I'm not going to say this book is a cliff hanger because it's about Nash and Velvet, but I've become invested in Scott and J and for the book to end with Scott being voted out makes me too anxious for the next book.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,519 reviews87 followers
February 13, 2019
Revive was full of interesting revelations. We've finally learned something about Velvet and look deeper into Nash's life. I loved both of them together. But the stuff that was happening in Storm MC had turned my focus off of them a bit.
I can't wait to see when the real shit hits the fan...
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Author 1 book64 followers
November 2, 2019
Nina writes amazing MC books, but this series is just not working for me. I think. I guess I should put it aside for a while. I'm just really conflicted because I'm not sure how to explain why it's not working for me. I love gruff, broken, cocky alpha males with a foul mouth, love strong heroines who don't put up with their shit and tame the beast in them. These books have all that, yet I was actually close to DNF this one. I know two stars seem a bit harsh, but unfortunately, it was just okay for me.

I loved Nash and his easy-going, flirty, cocky attitude. Then after a few chapters, he was either mad or being an asshole. He and Velvet ran so hot and cold with each other, it was giving me whiplash and it felt like the whole story was about them arguing then apologizing and making up, just to do it all over again.
The second half of the book was way better though, we got some explanation for their actions. I still wished there were some twists and turns, maybe with Velvet's ex-husband or Marcus. Something.
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1,267 reviews40 followers
July 20, 2014
I just finished reading Revive and I enjoyed it. It is a great following to the Storm Series and I cannot wait for more. You have to definitely read this in order or you will be confused as to what is going on. This whole series is about the brothers in the Storm Motorcycle Club and the brothers find their women. Its also about betrayal in the worse form for the club and the consequences of their actions. To follow in order Storm is the first one and it is about Jason and Madison. Fierce is the second one and that it about Scott (Madison's brother and VP to SMC) and Harlow. You then follow Blaze which is a continuance for J and Madison but you still get to read about the other brothers, especially Nash. The quiet one that when he does say something, it is insightful. Now we get to see what his story is all about. He doesnt do relationships. There is a reason for that and you find out in the story what happened in his past. I figured it was something like that, not really a shocked factor but still enjoyed it. Velvet works at Indigo and has been friends with Nash and never crossing the line. Flirting yes, but actually down right screwing, no. There is a reason why they both haven't followed through. Both have secret and trust issues plus with everything going down in the Storm Club, are they able to have a future together? You will have to read and see.

I enjoyed the story. Love the whole biker aspect and always will. The dirtier and grittier the better. This story is no different then the ones in the series. I was so totally waiting on Nash. Always gives advice to others never knowing what happened to him to become so quiet and alone. Miss Nina has a way that she tells a story and to be honest, I hope she never stops writing!!

Nash is my quiet sexy dirty talkin biker! Just love him. I wouldn't want him any other way. Velvet is a dirty girl! Love her. She was refreshing to read. Not saying that I haven't read some hardcore girls but Velvet was a dirty talker just like Nash! They fit together really well. The only complaint that I have and it may just have been me was that at times it was a little slow with them. Its like once they started arguing my ears perked up and I was ready to go too. I don't know what it was. I love how it started out with friendship but once they were together, it was a little slow for me. I did however love their sexual tension. Grrrrr. Talk about sexy! Wanted more!!!

All in all, it was a very good story and I cant believe the ending and want to know what happens now! Sigh...Gotta wait till Oct for Blade's story (Scott and Madison half brother). Sexy beast. I cannot wait for more!

Story 5
Sex 5
Overall 5++++

Reviewed by Shay (Beggin) from Mommys a Book Whore
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2,282 reviews63 followers
October 10, 2014
Holly Hell I have to say I love Nash and Velvet !!!
Nash is the ultimate alpha male biker badass playboy. He does sex not relationships and commitment is a dirty word in his book. He is a man that has been enveloped in his grief and sorrow for so long that it has overwhelmed his life. He keeps it hidden and numbs the pain with meaningless hook ups and no strings sex.
Velvet has her own secrets and beasts to fight. She has done her best to keep them at bay. She has many hopes and dreams but has yet to see them fulfilled. If she only counted herself as worthy they may become reality.
Velvet and Nash have it made as friends. They enjoy witty sexual banter and harmless flirting. It was agreed that one night and it would be out of their system. That all goes to hell when it gets complicated, messy and those damn feelings get involved. Can these two friends find a way to heal themselves and maybe help each other along the way. Are these two damaged people able to love themselves and in the process love one another or will their pasts be too much to bare?
Great addition to this series!!!!
~~Michele McMullen~~
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9,520 reviews151 followers
July 20, 2014
It takes a special person to get you out of the darkness and revive you and Velvet is that for Nash. Nash he's just sexy, "you've no idea, baby. But I've got other body parts that are far more worthy of seeing, and anytime you're up for that viewing, you just call. Don't care what time of the day either." But with Nash's sexiness comes really bad demons, luckily, Velvet isn't one to shy away from speaking her mind, "eff you, a**hole." I turned my back and covered the distance to my locker to grab my bag. After I'd retrieved it, I turned back to him and spat, "and thanks for being a great friend and running off after you screwed me." After they work their s*** out I loved how they were together, "my a** hit Nash's erection and he groaned. "See what you do to me, sweet thing," he murmured, sleepily." Also I loved the texting they did with each other and how it always affected Nash, "you can't effin' send me a text like that and then ignore the eff out of me, woman." I love this series I love all the characters and I can't wait to see what happens next.
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1,154 reviews37 followers
August 18, 2020

I love this book!!! Nash is intense and Velvet is so fiesty that these two are explosive!
There's alot of emotion in this story and a scene that will stay with me forever.
Revive is HOT AF!!
August 13, 2021
Loved it!

Series is getting better and better. Really enjoyed the storyline and the overarching story arc ended on a cliffy. Can't wait to read the next one!

Story: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Trope: friends to lovers
Angst: 😱😱😱
Smexy: 🔥🔥🔥
Triggers: none
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1,257 reviews119 followers
July 14, 2017
Not for me,maybe for you.

So Nash is a manwhore not in the past not one lady in a few days, one lady ever evening.. So that bothered me a bit because every time something was wrong he was chasing a lady.. I can handle him being a manwhore but this was a bit much.. Because it is kind of thrown in your face.

Also (view spoiler)

This ended with a bit of a mystery, but I'm just done with this all so I'm going to let my mind make up the ending of that.. I'm very sorry but this was just not for me.

All the books are extremely hot and if you can take it all it is probably something you'll love. Just not for me.
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225 reviews3 followers
September 6, 2020
Recensione sul blog https://www.allcoloursofromance.it/re...
Dopo l’uscita di Tempesta, Impetuoso e Ardente, torna, Nina Levine, sempre grazie alla Hope Edizioni, con Revive il terzo capitolo della serie Storm MC.

Pronte a tornare a Brisbane – Australia?

Attenzione, nonostante sia una serie di autoconclusivi, consiglio di leggere nell’ordine d’uscita anche i capitoli precedenti, per meglio conoscere l’evoluzione della trama relativa al club.

Tra tutti i membri dello Storm MC, già dai capitoli precedenti, avevamo capito quale fosse tra tutti il più donnaiolo e beh, ragazze mie, oggi parleremo proprio di lui e della bella spogliarellista dell’Indigo – lo strip-club di proprietà del club -.

Nash Walker oltre ad essere dipendente dalla f*** è il più riservato e misterioso tra coloro che abbiamo già conosciuto fino ad oggi.

Le donne e la sua moto sono la sua passione e grazie al suo bell’aspetto, nessun essere di sesso femminile è in grado di resistergli.

Ma se la sua spavalderia con il gentil sesso spicca così voracemente dalle sue membra, all’interno, nella sua anima, lui è un uomo danneggiato, spezzato con un grosso segreto che nonostante appartenga al suo passato, anno dopo anno, continua costantemente a tormentarlo e ad arrecargli un forte dolore.

Un vuoto incolmabile lo affligge e da dieci anni sopravvive nell’apatia e nel sesso facile e senza alcun coinvolgimento.

«Un giorno verrai messo al tappeto da una donna che possiederà tutti e tre. Sarà un bello spettacolo da vedere, Nash Walker.» «Mi spiace, tesoro, ma l'unica voce sul menù sarà il mio uccello. Il mio cuore e la mia mente sono stati distrutti da una donna un bel po' di tempo fa.» Diciamo più che altro fottutamente annientati.

Per lui, impegnarsi con una donna non è possibile, e questo Velvet lo sa benissimo.

Lei è la punta di diamante dell’Indigo, la migliore spogliarellista su piazza e Nash, di questo, è ben consapevole ma per lui, è solo un’amica, anzi, lo era perché, da qualche tempo, qualcosa nel loro rapporto è cambiato.

Nash continua a guardarle le spalle ma, quei momenti di complicità e condivisione non esistono più e, entrambi, ne sentono fortemente la mancanza.

Velvet Carr, premurosa e gentile all'interno, impavida all'esterno, come Nash ha un passato importante alle spalle. Un divorzio con un uomo potente e subdolo hanno forgiato quello che è diventata oggi: una donna con gli attributi che mai più nella vita si farà mettere i piedi in testa da un uomo.

È orgogliosa del proprio lavoro, non nega con nessuno la propria professione e adora essere guardata con lussuria dagli uomini, senza vergogna né incertezze, sa quello che vuole e sa come ottenerlo.

Nonostante l’attrazione reciproca tra lei e Nash e il loro continuo flirtare e provocarsi, il loro rapporto non è mai evoluto in qualcosa di più per paura di rovinare la loro amicizia e complicità.

C’erano un paio di ragioni per le quali non volevo parlare con Nash. La prima era che la nostra amicizia sembrava davvero fosse morta dopo quello che gli avevo detto. E la seconda ragione era che mi aveva ferita tagliandomi fuori. Eravamo amici da quando avevo iniziato a lavorare all´Indigo; non amici molto stretti, ma quando ci ritrovavamo al club andavamo d'accordo. Mi piaceva la semplicità del nostro rapporto, e lui era stato uno dei pochi ragazzi che non ci aveva provato con me. Be’, flirtava parecchio ma non mi aveva mai obbligata, ed era una delle cose che amavo di lui. (Velvet)
  Avevo flirtato spudoratamente con lei quando c'eravamo conosciuti, facendo del mio meglio per infilarmi nel suo letto. C'eravamo andati vicini un paio di volte, ma lei era riuscita a resistermi e a bloccare tutti i miei tentativi di toglierle le mutandine. Aveva usato la scusa di non voler dormire con persone con cui lavorava, quindi avevo smesso di provarci pensando che prima o poi avrebbe ceduto. Comunque, eravamo diventati amici, e per qualche assurda ragione non volevo rovinare quell'amicizia per una scopata. Così eccomi qui, con un'erezione che durava da quattro anni e con nessuna possibilità che la donna che l'aveva causata se ne prendesse cura. (Nash)

 Ma, una notte di libertà ed ebrezza, cambierà tutto, e il sesso, entrerà nel loro rapporto in modo dirompente e selvaggio.

Del resto per due esseri così caldi e passionali sarebbe stato impossibile evitarlo.

Possono due esseri rotti, mettere insieme i loro cocci per risanarsi in qualcosa di unico?


Tra gelosie, ritrosie, provocazioni e sesso esplosivo saremo testimoni della nascita della loro storia d’amore ma anche dei loro tormenti e fantasmi del passato.

Ci fu un attimo di tensione; c'era stato un cambiamento nella nostra relazione e lo sentii distintamente. A giudicare dallo sguardo sul viso di Nash, l'aveva sentito anche lui. Ma era chiaro che nessuno di noi due sapeva cosa fosse o cosa farne.

Il tutto ovviamente condito dalle dinamiche del club che sin dal primo capitolo tengono banco attraverso le discutibili scelte di Marcus che, per l’ennesima volta, cercherà di mettere i bastoni tra le ruote ai motociclisti più hot d’Australia.

Hot sì, avete capito bene, ancora una volta, il sesso, farà da padrone nella trama e scalderà le nostre notti di lettura.

Cos’è Revive?

Potrei definirlo: una lotta tra corpi caldi e sensuali e due anime alla deriva, segnate, rotte e tormentate.

Velvet è una donna cazzuta, forte, coraggiosa, in gamba che, non si presta più ai giochetti mentali degli uomini e che, non nasconde i sentimenti.

Nash si scopava qualsiasi donna che lo volesse e io sentivo che meritava di meglio. Sapevo che c'era qualcosa dentro di lui che lo portava a trattarsi in quel modo; guardarlo alcuni giorni era come guardarsi allo specchio. Ero stata anch'io come lui. L'unica differenza era che ora mi rispettavo abbastanza da non ripetere più quelle stronzate ed era ciò che volevo anche per lui.

Questo suo atteggiamento eccita Nash, lo incuriosisce e lo tempra. Lui sa perfettamente che Velvet è il giusto balsamo per lenire il dolore che affligge il suo cuore, ma il dolore che prova è troppo grande  e la donna dovrà dimostrare parecchio prima di riuscire a varcare le impervie mura che custodiscono il suo muscolo cardiaco.

Nash, non è il classico motociclista nato con il giubbotto di pelle e un logo sulla schiena, così, lo è diventato, la crudeltà della vita, ce lo ha fatto diventare, avrebbe potuto essere un comunissimo civile dedito al lavoro di meccanico e responsabile nei confronti della famiglia ma così non è stato.

Ho sofferto con loro, la storia di Nash è triste e fino alla fine il lettore cercherà di immaginare quale sia il segreto nascosto nel suo dolore. Non vi nego che le mie supposizioni erano azzeccate ma arrivare al punto e scoprirlo attraverso la sua voce è stato straziante.

Lo sguardo di pura agonia sul suo viso minacciò di spezzarmi il cuore. Il Nash chino sul terreno davanti a me non era quello che conoscevo. Eppure, era sempre lui. Questo era il suo pezzo mancante; il pezzo del puzzle che mancava da così tanto tempo. Avevo imparato ad amare quest'uomo, ma spesso avevo lottato per collegare le due parti di lui che mi aveva mostrato.

Ancora una volta, Nina Levine, con il suo stile rude e diretto, il dirty talking che contraddistingue il genere e le scene di sesso arricchite da una componente di bondage, è stata capace di coinvolgere ed incuriosire il lettore dalla prima all’ultima pagina.

Ah, dimenticavo! Chi sarà il prossimo protagonista della serie?

Le premesse lasciano intravedere sviluppi interessanti su Griff ed io, non vedo l’ora di leggere la sua storia.

Consiglio Revive?

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1,051 reviews
May 9, 2016
I loved Nash in book 1. He cracked me up. I am looking forward to his book!
Sadly, I was disappointed.
My reviews of the first two books reminded me that I was looking forward to this book. I do remember wanting to find out Nash's story. But I don't really remember much past that.

My issue with this book is the reason behind Nash's emotional state being kept hidden. I understand why authors do this, but the hinting at the reason without giving away the actual reason is a bit much in this book. Sometimes this much build up leaves me deflated when I finally find out what really did go on. It leaves me thinking, is that it? I didn't quite feel like that with this book, but the way the reveal came about still left me feeling meh.

I think we could get to the actual reason for Nash's anger if he and Velvet stopped having sex for two seconds and actually talked about something other than Nash's dick. That poor girl has got to be raw by now. It truly was a bit much. Both Nash and Velvet had so much going on emotionally, separate from each other, and yet when together it was purely physical. I didn't feel like they joined on an emotional level at all. I rated this a 3 but it may actually be lower than that. I found myself rushing through to get to the end so I could move on to the next book I had waiting.
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Author 51 books107 followers
July 21, 2014
Mind Blowing

Sexiness+Dirty Talk+Attitude+ Tears+Betrayal+Tattooed-diet mouth bikers= Mind blowing book.

Since the beginning of Storm, I had a soft spot for Nash and Grif. I counted down the days for this book and let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all. Nash is a sex God. He just screams sex and we all knew it would take a special woman to break down the walls of Nash. I loved seeing the love he had for his mother(the way a man treats his mother, tells you about their character), and his siblings. I was surprised by his past. When it all came out, I actually had tears running down my face.

Enter Velvet! I just fell in love with her and don't treat me like this attitude. I loved how Nina, made this character. Velvet was healing from so much damage in her past that a lot of us could relate to and understand how she was feeling. I was so happy that they didn't give up on each other.

Grif, shocked me to no words. My jaw just dropped to the floor. One of my favorite things about this series is how despite the sex, romance, and relationships that are formed, she doesn't forget about the club. I am on the edge of the seat waiting to find out what happens with Marcus.

This is a must read for everyone if you like tattoos, bikers, strong female characters, family, foul language, and lots of sex.

Impatiently waiting for the next book........
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2,156 reviews45 followers
April 25, 2016
Loved Nash

A manwhore with a big soft heart beneath his sexy rough exterior.

Nash's backstory was sad and all he needed was the right woman to come along to get him through it.

Velvet is a straight talking woman with a history of her own that has made her a strong independent woman with a determination never to be ruled by a man again, well until the right man came along and then theres still give and take. I loved Velvets character.

Velvet : Time slowed and my whole world became Nash in that moment. I saw only him, heard only him. He was asking me for everything and I was going to give it to him.

Not only do you get a good plot with Revive in good Nina Levine style you get an alpha male, hot intense action, swoon worthy moments, drama,angst and MC business in the mix.

An all rounder MC read that hits the spot.

The characters in this series are great, lovable and I like the fact that club business is in the background to the love lives of each character and it continues in the next book should you want to catch up with what's going down in The Storm MC and I certainly do.

Another one bites the dust and another great read from Nina Levine.

Arc gratefully received for honest review Bbbf-sizzlereads-bestbookboyfriends & L.A.B.B
FB & Goodreads group
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68 reviews14 followers
July 20, 2014
Wow, what can I say, this series just gets better and better. This was Nash's and Velvet's story and I fell in love with these two straight from the start, they were both broken, and they both have a wall up to that thing called love, like they didn't deserve it. This was quite an emotional read and in some parts it broke my heart and I have to admit there were a lot of tears shed. I love all the Storm boys but there was just something about Nash that makes you fall in love with him, he can be funny, and you never no what will come out of that sexy mouth of his and there is such a great connection with him and Velvet, but there are demons that are holding him back. All of those sexy Storm boys and there partners are back and things are really starting to heat up at the club, and omg are there some things that you dont see coming, that it has got me now more excited for the next part of the series to see what happens. I cannot speak highly enough of this series and if I could give it more than five stars I would. Well done Nina Levine you should be very proud of the characters and the stories lines that you have created. This is a must read but just a word of warning, make sure you have those tissues ready.
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23 reviews4 followers
July 21, 2014
This book has it all - hurt, denial, pain, love, some hot hot scenes and a friendship of honesty and truth. 2 people who have loved before and it turned out bad. My heart broke for both Nash and Velvet. I loved their characters. I loved Velvet's tolerance for Nash but also the fact she didn't let him walk all over her. Velvet would have to be one of my favourite female book characters.
Both Nash and Velvet have a past they need to overcome to be happy. Neither are wanting a relationship but you can see they are meant to be together. Their story isn't all hearts and flowers.. I mean, Nina wouldn't make their story easy. What fun would that be!
I went through a mixture of emotions reading Nash and Velvet's story. From anger, to hurt, to amazed to love and I even shed a few tears.
This is by far my favourite Storm book in the series. It was great to see everyone still apart of the book. The story line for the club has me biting my nails!! And that ending... Don't even get me started. Love it. Everything about this book.

Well done Nina Levine on a awesome addition to the Storm MC series. Can't wait for the next one.
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