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Elements #2

The Fire Between High & Lo

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There once was a boy, and I loved him.

Logan Francis Silverstone was the complete opposite of me. I danced while he stood still. He was quiet, and I was always running my mouth. He struggled to find a smile while I refused to frown.

The night I saw the darkness that truly lived inside of him, I couldn’t look away.

We were broken together, yet somehow whole. We were wrong together, but always right. We were the stars that burned across the night sky, searching for a wish, praying for better tomorrows.

Until the day I lost him. He threw us away with one hasty decision—a decision that changed us forever.

There once was a boy, and I loved him.

And for a few breaths, a few whispers, a few moments, I think he loved me, too.

324 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 25, 2016

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Brittainy C. Cherry

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3,920 reviews33.1k followers
October 16, 2021
5 stars!

 photo B8A782DE-293A-47F4-BAE1-D9460084F871_zpsn01zotd7.jpg
“You’re okay, Logan Francis Silverstone.”

“I’m okay, Alyssa Marie Walters.”

When it comes to beautiful stories that make me feel and fall in love, no one does it like Brittainy C. Cherry. No one can write like this woman. She is probably the most talented author I’ve read. And I read a lot. Her words move me beyond belief and her writing style is so gorgeous, powerful and special. When I started The Fire Between High and Lo I had high expectations. I expected greatness and I wasn’t disappointed. Once again, B Cherry brought it.

Logan Francis Silverstone hasn’t had an easy life. His parents are addicts and the only person he has he can count on is his brother, Kellan. Then he meets Alyssa Marie Walters. And his life is forever changed. Lo and Alyssa become best friends. She is from the other side of town, her mother being a successful attorney- but that means nothing to Alyssa or Logan. Alyssa is the only person Logan truly lets in. She has his back and cares about him. She loves him unconditionally. Logan feels the same way about her.

 photo DD8CA360-44A5-456C-B53F-3FA19020FE04_zpsgzklivyu.jpg
“You’re my best friend, High.”

“You’re my best friend, Lo.”

Eventually, things change between these two. Their friendship grows into something so much more. They still are the best of friends, but they love each other unequivocally and completely. They are always there for one another. They share their hopes and dreams. Logan’s home life is not ideal, it’s hard. Alyssa’s is hard too in a different way. Things aren’t always good for them, but they always have each other.

Until everything changes. Que broken heart. Logan is broken. His issues and self-deprecation contribute to many choices he makes that turn his life upside down. And at the same time, turn Alyssa’s life upside down as well.

 photo 1E2A4CAC-D968-491E-BA47-B6D77B8171F8_zpskntftk72.jpg
We were so broken. We were so worn out from the lives that we lived. But tonight we made love with the broken pieces. It was intense, it was sacred, it was heartbreaking. It had it’s highs, it had it’s lows. It was us. I missed us so much.

Alyssa and Logan’s story isn't always easy to read. They have just as many hard times as good times, and just as many ugly moments as beautiful. As low as some of the lows can be, the highs are so so high. I fell in love with this couple. I rooted for them both. My heart broke for them. As they healed, so did I.
“If you judge him solely his moments of lows, then you miss out on his beautiful highs.”
Alyssa is so strong. I was amazed by her determination and strength. She loves Logan so much and I love that she was always the high point in his life. Logan was amazing as well. I love a broken soul who finds the person who helps them heal. This couple was perfectly imperfect. Friends, lovers, soulmates, the perfect match.

 photo F7BAF8B0-2C1A-41F3-93EF-F6F7C3570B42_zpsfd02sehs.jpg

Cherry has that ‘it’ factor when it comes to her writing. I recommend all her books. Every single one. Every story she’s written has been completely unforgettable to me and The Fire Between High and Lo is another to add to the list! This book did have some angst- but it was the good kind of angst. The kind that makes your heart stop and makes it hard to breathe. I live for these kinds of books!

If you’re looking for a love story that will move you, that is stunning and beautifully written, one that may break your heart a bit- but will certainly put it back together, pick this one up! A 5 star favorite for me!!!
“For always, High?”

“For always, Lo.”

 photo DC19A552-6C0F-48BD-8958-00C3D125E00E_zpsjmk1ykin.jpg

***beta copy generously provided in exchange for an honest review***
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1,176 reviews4,335 followers
October 3, 2016
Ms. Brittainy C. Cherry has, once again, ripped my heart out. I swear, this woman has the power to wreck me! Her stories are beautiful, and at the same time, tragic. She'll make you fall in love, only to rip your heart out. Then, she'll slowly put the pieces back together again.

'The Fire Between High & Lo' is one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride! I felt so conflicted over this story. It made me so damn angry, but I couldn't pull myself away from it. I was hooked.

At the core of all my emotional turmoil was one man, Logan. I loved him, but I hated myself for loving him. He was a complete jackass for most of the book, but I couldn't help but love the A-hole.

A victim of neglect and abuse at the hands of his deadbeat, druggie parents, Logan has never known love and security. He's always known that he wouldn't amount to much and that he wouldn't escape the only life he's ever known. Instead, he uses drugs and women to numb the pain.

Outwardly, Alyssa has a perfect life. The daughter of a successful attorney, she lives in a beautiful house and seems to have the world at her fingertips. However, her reality is anything but perfect. Her every move is scrutinized by her overbearing, frigid mother. Nothing she does will ever be good enough to please her. She just hopes to bide her time until she leaves her mother's home.

When Alyssa meets Logan, she is taken aback by his rudeness. Yet, she sees something in him that draws her to him. His eyes tell her of his hardships.

She decides to reach out to him through an act of kindness. That single act, completely changes the course of their lives. It begins a friendship, that becomes so much more.

I absolutely had a love/hate relationship with this friends to lovers love story. When things were good, they were great...but when they were bad, they were really, really bad. Alyssa and Logan were inseparable one moment and overnight everything changed. It is incredible how one thing leads to another and before you know it, everything has spun completely out of control.

This is where I had some difficulty. Logan screws up, really big. Then he cuts off Alyssa. I couldn't get past his horrible treatment of her. I couldn't understand it and I certainly couldn't excuse it. She did nothing to deserve that.

Years later, and still acting like a complete and total asshat, Logan waltzes back into town. He doesn't apologize. Nope, he shows up at Alyssa's door for a booty-call and she actually lets him in!

In that one moment, I wanted to reach through my Kindle screen and bitch-slap both of them. I was so mad! Of course I wanted them to work through their issues...eventually. In no way, was this what I had in mind.

So, even though I loved the story, I couldn't give it a full 5-star rating. I expect my heroes to do some serious ass kissing after they screw up. It is one of my biggest pet peeves in a love story.

That being said, it says a lot that I was able to get past this hang-up to enjoy the story. Usually, it is a deal-breaker for me. Ms. Cherry managed to keep me hooked, despite it all. As much as I hated Logan, I loved him too.

If you're in the mood for a highly emotional, angsty type of romance, this is a fantastic choice. The characters are flawed, but you'll love them in spite of everything.

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1,162 reviews4,276 followers
February 10, 2019
4.5 Stars

I’ve just finished this book and I can’t think. All these feels, OMG, the FEELS....

Well done, Ms. Cherry, well done!

Overall rating: 4.5 stars

Writing style: 5 stars
Story: 4 stars
Flow of the story: 5 stars
Character development: 5 stars
Hero: 4 stars
Heroine: 4 stars
Secondary characters: 4 stars
Tone of the book: 4 stars
Emotion evoking: 5 stars
Originality: 4 stars
Enjoyment: 4 stars
Effect on me: 4 stars

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790 reviews2,530 followers
April 1, 2016
3 Stars!!


“Some of the best things in life come from the strongest kinds of friendships.”

There’s no secret I love this author. Brittainy C. Cherry knows really well how to write an emotional story. She always delivers beautiful written stories that have the power to move almost every reader out there. Since I loved the first book in the series I anxiously waited to read this one. I liked it enough and of course I loved the flawless, almost poetic writing, but sadly for me wasn’t as good as the previous book in the series.

“You’re okay, Logan Francis Silverstone.”
“I’m okay, Alyssa Marie Walters.”

This second installment tells the story of Logan and Alyssa. These two met when they were fifteen years old and clicked from the very beginning. No one expected for them to become friends, no when they are so different from each other, no when they come from different worlds. Logan’s parents are drug addicts, so it goes without saying his life wasn’t very easy. Living in a one-bedroom apartment with his mother, Logan is trying to survive day by day as best as he can whishing he could offer his mother a decent living, without any help from his abusive father.

“We listened to each other’s darkness and we showed one another our light.”

Alyssa is from the other side of town. Her mother is a successful attorney so she always had money and everything she wanted. While her mother offered her material things, she never gave her what she always craved – love and care. Besides his brother, Logan has only Alyssa in his life. Alyssa is the one who gives him a piece of quite, who cares about him, loving him no matter what.

Times passes and things slowly change between Logan and Alyssa. They can’t deny anymore the feelings they start to have for each other. They become a couple, but their happiness is short lived when they are torn apart by some misunderstandings and some hasty decisions.

Like I said above, I liked this one, but sadly I didn’t love it. Compared with the previous book in the series this one was just meh for me. Both Logan and Alyssa were likeable characters I guess…for the most part. I liked Alyssa. She was strong and so caring and thoughtful with Logan. I loved her determination and overall I enjoyed her personality. Logan was great as well, but I would have wanted at times for him to fight more for Alyssa and for what he really wants. I would have wanted to “convince” me more that he wants and love our heroine.

I liked Logan and Alyssa’s friendship, the familiarity between them and all their sweet moments, but I have to say the romantic aspect here wasn’t as developed as I would have wanted to be. I can’t say I felt a very strong connection between these two and that’s why the entire time I only saw them as friends. I really would have wanted to feel more passion between them.

The pace of the story was pretty great and the plot was well developed, but at times I felt some sub-plots were a little too much. So the multitude of them led of course to some angst and drama. The angst was good, but the drama…ugh…a little too much for my liking.

That being said, this was a good read, but definitely not my favorite by this author.

“Why didn’t you ever give up on me?”
I shrugged. “Because some things—the best things—are always worth fighting for.”
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750 reviews1,937 followers
February 4, 2021
“I shrugged.
He shrugged.
I laughed.
He laughed (ringed I mean)
I parted my fingers.
He parted his fictional fingers?..
I leaned in.
He leaned in.
And i pressed 2 stars.

Was talking about my phone, of course. There's a lot of shrugging in this book, it makes me think that this gesture is an equivalent for love (I'm exaggerating but it was too much).

My reactions while readingthis book:





Before we start I would like to mention that I loved The Air He Breathes. I only knew about the sequel a week ago and directly downloaded it. I really hoped this book would be a change from all this dull contemporary romance but it wasn't.

I was disappointed.

I chose this gif specifically because of Ozzy.

The Story starts with Alyssa paying more and more attention to a boy who comes to smoke near her workplace with his friends all the time. Soon, they became best friends. Wished they stayed this way. His name was Logan. His brother, Kellan, turned out to be dating her sister, Erika.

Logan grew up in a corrupted environment, between an addicted mother living in a "shit" neighborhood and a father, a drugs dealer, who only visits them to beat his mother, it's hard to grow up to be the perfect child. Alyssa was the light of his obscure life.

Alyssa always wanted to be a musician but her mother, a successful rich attorney, wanted her to follow her path. Alyssa refused. She never got along with her mother but at least, she didn't leave her. Her father who inspired her to play music, broke her heart when he left her.

They were different yet so similar. She was rich, he was poor, she played the piano while he used drugs but her father was a jerk, his was satan, her mother annoyed her, his harassed him.

Naturally, they'll fall in love. Their relationship was great. Alyssa was content until he left one day and never returned her calls.

There are couples that you crave seeing them together. There are couples that look okay, meh. But the worst are those that you can't see their connection, the flame. Unfortunately, I couldn't feel the spark between Logan and Alyssa. AND THIS BOOK IS NAMED THE FIRE BETWEEN HIGH & Lo!!! I didn't hate them but didn't see them as a couple, they were only friends and a number of cringy words didn't help. I'll spare you the cheesiness. I mentally rolled my eyes too many times.

I get that Lo is a nickname for Logan but to call Alyssa High because she's his greatest high, seriously?

Logan is an asshole. You can't argue on this point. I hated how she let him in after he came back. I love my heroines to resist, to play hard to get. She was so easy, too available. And of course, he didn't hesitate to talk to her big. To treat her like she's nothing and it's all her fault. Yes, yes, we know he didn't mean it, but that's no excuse. He had an extra hard life, like most of the romance main characters, but again, that doesn't justify his behavior, his actions. not that i do have a problem with drug addicts and people who get high all the time

I don't have much to say about this book. Typical New Adult book. Overall, this book was disappointing. I was expecting a lot more. I haven't given up on the series, though, I will read The Silent Waters, hope it'll be better.
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Author 65 books15.5k followers
Want to read
March 20, 2016
Pre-order your copy of The Fire Between High & Lo today for .99CENTS! -->
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1R9Ajr8


There once was a boy, and I loved him.

Logan Francis Silverstone was the complete opposite of me. I danced while he stood still. He was quiet, and I was always running my mouth. He struggled to find a smile while I refused to frown.

The night I saw the darkness that truly lived inside of him, I couldn’t look away.

We were broken together, yet somehow whole. We were wrong together, but always right. We were the stars that burned across the night sky, searching for a wish, praying for better tomorrows.

Until the day I lost him. I threw us away with one hasty decision—a decision that changed us forever.

There once was a boy, and I loved him.

And for a few breaths, a few whispers, a few moments, I think he loved me, too.


Book #2 in the Romance Elements Series.

Complete standalone. (less)
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1,260 reviews10k followers
March 22, 2016
*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

We were closer than I ever knew any people to ever be. He was a part of me in every way possible, our lives twining together as if were one flame burning together.

 photo e99b663491af8b525b56e30ff09e20aa_zpss6hiuris.jpg

Brittainy Cherry has another HIT on her hands with this one. I knew when the buzz first started going on about this book that I just had to read it. This author has the gift of being able to create such beautiful and memorable characters who suffer from enormous heartbreak but are able to overcome huge obstacles while also capturing the reader’s heart. Her secondary characters are also such complex individuals that always add so much more depth to the storyline. Once I picked this one up, it was literally hard to put down. The writing is exquisite. I couldn’t stop highlighting so many passages because I found so much beauty within the pages of this book. This story also contained two of my favorite tropes – friends to lovers, and second chance romance. So how could you go wrong with a formula like that??!!!

Alyssa Walters, aka HIGH, and Logan Silverstone, aka LO, met and became the best of friends when they were around fifteen years old. They came from polar opposite worlds. Alyssa’s mother was a successful attorney and they lived in a large house in a gated community. Logan lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment on the wrong side of town, with his mother who was a drug addict and part-time prostitute. What they both had in common was that they each had negligent and abusive parents, but wished with all their heart that they could just be loved by them. Eventually, Logan and Alyssa will find it hard to deny their feelings for each other and once they give in, the two become inseparable.

Unfortunately, a misunderstanding causes a rift between them and ultimately results in tragedy. The two are forced to spend some time apart when Lo checks himself into Rehab. What was only supposed to be a six-month stint, ends up turning into a five-year separation. During his time away, “High” sends “Lo” daily texts and voicemails that always go unanswered. My heart broke over and over for Alyssa. She loved Logan with all of her heart and tried so hard to let him know that she would always be there for him. I wanted to kick Logan for avoiding her because even though I kind of understood why he kept his distance, I still felt he was being pigheaded.

Family issues force Logan to return back home and since Logan’s older brother is living with and engaged to Alyssa’s older sister, there is no way they can avoid each other. When they come face to face once again, no matter how hard they try, they will be unable to fight their feelings for each other.

But can Alyssa get over the fact that Logan left her when she needed him most of all? And can Logan get over his hang-ups and will he finally realize that he is the only man that was meant to own Alyssa's heart? Or will another tragedy send Logan back into another downward spiral that he will not be able to recover from?

This is one of those books where once you start it, you will find it hard to put it down for even a second, so I advise that you start this book when you have enough time to devote to it. I have a feeling that those who had issues with the first book in this series, will end up really loving this one. Even though this is book two in the ELEMENTS series, it can be read as a standalone.

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
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477 reviews391 followers
March 29, 2016
I wanted to love this book but sadly I didn't. There is no doubt that the writing is beautiful, the story is emotionally packed and will be able to tug at your heartstrings. I loved some parts of it (like brothers' relationship for example, it was beautiful), I just didn't feel the connection between High and Lo. It failed on romantic level for me. I didn't feel the love. Honestly, Lo was a selfish douche bag. I get that he had his demons, but he kept hurting her and hurting her. It was hard for me to stomach at times. When I finally saw the love on his part, it was at the end, too little too late. And the whole thing with Sadie was just awful.

Well, I can't love them all.... But I love the author's style and will definitely be reading more books from her.

ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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1,005 reviews796 followers
March 23, 2016
There are books that just hit you and stay with you, books that just floor you emotionally, this book did that for me. I swear from the beginning I felt this story, every word.

"Because if you judge him sole on his few moments of lows, then you miss out on his beautiful highs.”

Logan and Alyssa are from two different worlds, but amongst the chaos and heartache in their lives they find each other.

Logan is the son of a drug dealer and addict, the odds are stacked against him from the very beginning. Alyssa is the black sheep in her family, but her family has the means to allow her to pursue her dreams. Both of them don’t belong in their lives, but have different struggles. Alyssa and Logan are not a story of insta-love, they were friends first. I loved their friendship, it was so genuine and really allowed us to understand them as individuals.

Obviously the connection grows into more, but their love is tested and tried when mistakes are made. The story spans multiple years, but delivered so perfectly you don’t feel like you missed out on anything. I loved seeing these little moments that allowed me to see how things progressed.

"Because at the end of the day, we’re all just lost. We’re all cracked. We’re all scarred. We’re all broken. We’re all just trying."

High and Lo, Alyssa and Logan, are two of my favorite characters, because they are both fighters. Their fight was different, but still required so much heart, determination and forgiveness. I love how this story made me think, it really showed how different our lives can/could be just based on circumstances out of our control. It also shows you that you can be more than your past and that anything is possible.

Logan and Alyssa’s story is so unbelievably beautiful and genuine I couldn’t help but feel for them. It’s crazy that books can make you feel for fictional characters, it I did. It was like these events happened to two people I loved. That I actually experienced things with them. Brittainy always blows me away with her writing and The Fire Between Hi & Lo is no exception.

I don’t even know how it’s possible for an author to continue to deliver such unique, emotional, heart wrenching reads that are written so perfectly, but she does. I don’t care what Brittainy writes I will always jump at the opportunity to read her stories.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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2,415 reviews4,661 followers
March 30, 2016
3 ~ 3.5 Stars

”She believed in God while I danced with demons.”

Brittainy Cherry once again delivers a big story but this time sadly the love connection was lost on me. I did have all the feels but it was for Kellan and Erika perhaps they should have been the story’s full focus? I think my lack of connection was with the heroine, not so much her being willing to take Lo anyway she can get him but I just found her not real enough, and together they lacked luster. I’m still sad that I didn’t fall hard for High & Lo.

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1,548 reviews3,984 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
April 8, 2016
DNF @ 63%. I know, I know -- it is so late into the book, but I just couldn't do it anymore! This might be a little ranty, and I'm going to curse -- so I apologize now.

Here's some major spoilers as I break down the story, so click at your own risk:

What a doozy of soap opera drama (and not the good kind). I'm happy I gave it up and put it on my dnf shelf!
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1,484 reviews79.1k followers
September 21, 2022
"For those with a fire inside them, thriving for better tomorrows. For those who need to know that their past mistakes do not define them. This one's for you."

This will definitely be in my Top Ten Reads of 2020. *sob sob*


Favorite Quotes:

"You never knew how good you had it until you saw how bad someone else did."

"His soul was set in flames, and he scorched anyone who stood too close. She stepped closer, unafraid of the ashes they were destined to become."

"Why did we as humans always want love from the people who were incapable of such a feeling?"

"...you're not going to stop using, and she's not going to stop giving. You're both addicted. You're both lighting yourselves on fire, as if you don't feel the burn."

"I finish every show with this song, because it means so much to my heart. It holds a lot of my soul within the lyrics, and always reminds me of a time when I once loved a boy... And for a few breaths, a few whispers, and a few moments, I think he loved me, too."

"That was the thing about life: even when the days faded to black, you were always given another chance, a second moment to try again to rise from the ashes."
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933 reviews1,094 followers
October 6, 2016

"As the sky became black and the cool winds brushed against us, I whispered against Alyssa’s ear, pulling her closer to me.
“For always, High?”
“For always, Lo.”

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2,434 reviews4,592 followers
March 24, 2016

"She believed in God while I danced with demons."

This was such a beautiful story! Seriously I'm still crying after finished I it the day before, I can't forget this story! Once again Brittainy C Cherry touched my heart. She broke me and then she made me smile and feel happy! I loved this story more than anything! Alyssa and Logan are two unique characters who were made for each other.


."She was my best friend the highlight to my shitty day."

I adored Logan even though he has his issues and he was broken, I fell in love with his personality! I loved how he cared about Alyssa and how passionately he wanted her. I just wanted for him to be happy! Alyssa is a sweet girl who has her own problems. But whatever happened she knew she could rely on Logan. I loved how these two became friends and then something more. They were so cute as friends, I loved how much they cared for each other and how protective they were of each other.

I loved their journey they had their moments. This story is intense, emotional, sweet, meaningful and heartbreaking. I can't choose one book out of this series because I loved them both so much! This is definitely one of my favorite books for 2016!

*An advance reading copy was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.*

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965 reviews1,248 followers
April 1, 2016

Title: The Fire Between High and Low
Series: Elements #2
Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
Release date: March 25, 2016
Cliffhanger: No

She smelled like the days when summer went to sleep and awakened as fall. Soft, sweet, perfect. My fucking high.

Brittainy C. Cherry has done it again. Made me a blubbering mess and a believer in the redemptive power of love. What I love about this author's stories is that she writes about weighty subjects with true value. And she does it with subtle nuances that feel so organic to the story, I don't doubt the authenticity of the words. I walk away from reading her books with the knowledge that I've read something so beautiful that I won't soon forget it.

There is often tragedy, pain, and tortured souls. Characters who are fighting for their happily ever afters with everything in their beings. These are characters that are not perfect. They're realistically human and fallible. And I think that's one of the things that makes me so easily drawn into these characters' lives she creates.

Logan and Alyssa easily captured me and held on tight from page one. Logan, the impoverished boy who was mentally and physically abused by his parents. He wanted nothing to do with love, it's caused nothing but heartache his entire life.

And Alyssa, a wealthy girl who had everything money could buy except the affection and acceptance from her parents. They were opposites in many ways but in the ways that count, they understood each other at an intrinsic level. They found acceptance and love, but most of all, friendship. Before they were lovers, they were best friends. A pair of struggling teens dealing with the hand that life gave them.

There was a feeling of completeness when they were together. I felt their camaraderie, their joy, and their comfort in one another. Yet, in their younger years, I also felt the turmoil. The feeling that as perfectly as they understood each other, they were headed toward tragedy. There was too much emotional damage caused by years of abuse for things to run a smooth course.

I hated my mind, how it remembered. Memories were daggers to my soul, and I hardly had any positive ones to hold on to.

How would they manage to survive if being together was no longer an option?

This book is told in part when they were seniors in high school, and partly 5 years later. It's the before and after. One horrible choice. One decision that altered their lives forever and left devastation. The after is filled with regret, loneliness, and pain. And memories that haunt. I'm not going to lie, there was a period of time in this book where I started to doubt Logan. His actions were done out of anger, self-preservation, and a fear of hurting Alyssa any further. And he was a complete ass. I'm just going to throw that out there. But there was a turning point in the story that made everything all right again. All the frustration that was building evaporated with the knowledge that the author revealed.

Another thing I have to mention is how much I adored the bond between Logan and his brother. The love they shared was something so unbelievably beautiful. An unconditional love that never faded or broke no matter how hard life beat at it. I actually cried just as much with scenes involving him and his brother as I did with him and Alyssa.

This was a story about healing, about overcoming the circumstances that you arrived in and becoming a better person. It's about learning to love yourself. Accepting the love that has the power to mend the broken pieces, and form something even stronger. It was told in Brittainy's lovely poetic style of writing that never fails to enchant me.

A person didn't fall in love. They dissolved into it. One day you were ice, the next day, a puddle.

Read this book! I can't recommend it enough.


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Author 9 books406 followers
February 2, 2023
Another powerful installment in Brittany Cherry’s elementals series. Logan has lived a terrible childhood as the son of two addicts and abusers. Alyssa has a controlling, emotionally abusive mother, and a father who is never there. They have a friendship that turns slowly to high school love, but can two broken people do anything but hurt one another. Five years later, can they finally form something real? Powerfully done. I won’t go into detail here about the plot because there are some interesting twists that come up in this, but I will say that as always, I love Cherry’s ability to create real, relatable characters you want to cheer for, and beautiful love stories.

Trigger Warnings:
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173 reviews2,750 followers
August 14, 2017
"‘We’re all just walking each other home.’ I never really understood the meaning until right now."


My heart is so so so full. I cried and cried and it's the next day and I'm still weeping. There come's a book every so often that reminds you why you love to read. What made you fall in love with the power that words have over you. I let myself succumb to this story, inch by inch it ate me up. After finishing, with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face - I sat in silence.

"There was something different about the artists in the world. It almost seemed as if they felt things differently, deeper maybe. They saw the world in color, while many only saw the blacks and whites."

This story completely broke me and overtook me while I read it. High and Lo's love set my whole world on fire, and I am writing this now, still reeling in the flames. This is that kind of book.

The Fire Between High & Lo is now tucked into my all time favorites shelf, and it is never going to leave. Not my shelf, not my heart.

The Story
This novel started with a dedication;

For those with a fire inside them,

This is a very clever way to initiate a dedication because, everyone - everyone that will read till the end, hit that epilogue, and get to witness Alyssa and Logan's story left with a fire inside them. Even if you didn't realize it because it acted as a force, not as a thing. An unstoppable force that slowly stitched and carved it's way inside of you, and without even realizing it - you're left with an undeniable fire inside.

"I met my best friend in the checkout lane of a grocery store. And my life was never the same again."

The moment you are thrown into Alyssa and Logan's life, you feel. No, that kind of feel. You f.e.e.l.
You ache, and you weep. You laugh, you go through different emotions. Some people go through life feeling these emotions only once or twice. This story rips it out of you.


I wrote a blog post yesterday on childhood romances and soul-mate love. I think I'm a genuine sucker for this sub-genre of romance. Every part of this book was so perfect. I have no other way but describe my love for it.

The Romance
"I want you to fall in love with a heart that beats like mine beats for you. I want you to laugh so loudly, and I want someone to fall in love with the sound of your laughter, the way I love those sounds. I want you to have your happy ending. I want you to move on. I tell myself each day that I’m not in love with you anymore, that I moved on."

It hurt. Their romance was drawn out by the little things. And the little things always hurt.

One thing I love, is that we fell in love alongside Lo and High. We feel in love with their love in real time - we went through the chronological moments in their life that shaped them and thats what really dug itself deep into my system and sat there.


I have so many highlights and notes on this story. The last time I felt so broken when finishing a book was when I read "The Opportunist" by Tarry Fisher. It is truly one of my all time favorite books and every-time a person asks me t recommend them a romance - that is my go to. But now, I have another.


It was raw and powerful and real.

"Each day it happens, right before I close my eyes to sleep. I see your face, your smile, your soul, and in the quiet whispers of the night, I fall in love with you all over again."

Erika and Kellan

If you've ever had the opportunity to listen to "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson prior to this novel. You're about to hear it in a whole other light.

Erika and Kellan stole my heart and ate it together.

The sub-plot between them four in the second part of the book hit the nail on the 5-star rating hammer for me. Because family, is one of the elements in a book that is an immediate "FUCK YES". We got to see that sometimes love is imperfect and broken, and can get damaged along the way. But that doesn't mean it isn't what it is. It's love.

“Then you shave yours,” Erika challenged, taking the clippers from my grasp, then holding them out to Logan. His eyes widened with horror, and he held a finger up to her. “You watch your language.”

The Writing
"You’re still the reason my heart beats. You’re still the air in my lungs. You’re still my greatest high. And I am still truly, madly, painfully in love with you. And I don’t think I’ll ever know how to stop.”

It scares me to think that there are so many authors and writers out there, waiting. Some of which, I won't get to experience in this lifetime. Most of which think they're not good enough when their words are capable of severe heart failure. All of which scare me.

In this lifetime, I am so glad I got to experience Ms. Cherry's writing, because it is truly spectacular.
Some scenes in this book were so fucking sad, I hated that I could so vividly see them in my head, and others were so magical that I didn't want them to end.
Minor scenes like the train, the roofing scene, the replies. They added up and combusted inside of me.



The Humor
I felt the need to make a sub-section for this because holy hell.

Maybe it's just me and my dry humor but a lot of scenes killed me in The Fire Between High & Lo. If I could list them, print them and stick them all over the house I fucking would.

Let me just give you a couple examples:

1) “Of course I know what I’m doing,” I shouted back.
“But how?” I turned to her and gave her a sly smile.
“I saw a documentary once on roofing.”
Her eyes bugged out and her hands waved back and forth. “Nope. Nope. Get down, Logan Francis Silverstone. Now! Watching a documentary does not make you a professional.”
“No, but the tool belt does!”

2) "The four of us stood in aisle five of Pottery Barn, staring at the different plate sets. Erika’s eyes were narrowed, deep in thought, as the rest of us swayed back and forth."

3) description

The Fire
Elements of this book came together and made a wildfire.

For my last segment, let me break them down for you into my favorite quotes (I HAD TOOO):

“Mmm,” I lightly sighed.
“Are you moaning over my pie?”
“I’m definitely moaning over your pie.”
“Open your mouth. I want to hear you do it again.”

We started off with a silver fork and a documentary of pie. We made it into a framed silver fork and a documentary of replies.

In the bottom of the box was a framed silver fork. I closed my eyes as I held it in my hands. I sat in the pile of memories
“I made a documentary while I was in Iowa.”


"His lips reminded me of the summer when kissing was all we’d do. Reminding me of the first boy I’d ever loved and the first and only boy who managed to break my heart."

"Maybe the whole point of my life was to simply find you, even if it wasn’t meant to be forever. And that thought alone is enough to get me through each night of loneliness."

"I know you’re mad at me. But I miss you so much it hurts to breathe some nights. You asked me what I do when it rains? I lie in bed, and think of you."

Hate that I Love You.

“You’re going to break my heart, aren’t you?” I whispered against his ear. He nodded, guilt in his eyes. “I might.”

"What she’s doing is selfish, too. See, you’re not going to stop using, and she’s not going to stop giving. You’re both addicted. You’re both lighting yourselves on fire, as if you don’t feel the burn."

"She came from a lifestyle where fancy dinners were normal, I came from a world where dinner wasn’t always available."

My conclusion is this.

And so I will end this review, reminding both me and anyone of you that have come and read this far:

"One day at a time. One broken plate at a time, Erika.”
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August 20, 2019
Cuando encuentres a alguien que puede hacerte reír cuando tu corazón quiere llorar, tienes que aferrarte a esa persona. Cambiará tu vida a mejor.
He terminado esta maravillosa saga de libros y sinceramente estoy muy triste y me da mucha pena, porque me han hecho sentir un millón de cosas.
Esta es la historia de Allysa y Logan, dos personas totalmente distintas y que acaban convirtiéndose en mejores amigos después de compartir unos momentos en el lugar de trabajo de Allysa. A partir de ahí, empiezan a entablar una preciosa amistad, que es sin duda el ancla de Logan, ya que su vida es un tremendo desastre. Logan viene de una familia desestructurada. Su padre es camello y maltrata a su madre, su madre está siempre puesta de drogas hasta arriba... estas dos situaciones hicieron que Logan tuviera acceso a las drogas desde pequeño y acabase enganchado a ellas. Logan y Allysa empiezan a enamorarse, pero algo sucede y todo lo que estaban construyendo se estropea y acaban separados durante muchos años. Cuando vuelvan a encontrarse... ¿resurgirá el amor entre las cenizas?
Esta historia está dividida en dos partes. La primera cuando los protagonistas son más jóvenes y la siguiente cuando son más mayores y después del hecho que cambia sus vidas. En ambas partes tiene mucho drama y os pondrá los sentimientos a flor de piel. Se tratan temas muy importantes, como es el consumo de drogas y los problemas que conlleva.
He amado mucho a los personajes y he empatizado mucho con ellos. Logan ha sufrido mucho durante su vida, y es algo que vamos viendo mientras leemos la novela. La vida le llevó a cocinar desde que era pequeño, ya que su madre no lo hacía nunca, y eso ha hecho que tengo un sueño, ser chef, pero sabe que con la vida que lleva, sus sueños no están para cumplirse. Allysa es una chica increíble. Soñadora, le encanta tocar el piano y quiere dedicarse ello. Conmover a la gente con su música. Los momentos entre ellos son supertiernos, llenos de pasión y de tensión. Son dos personajes con mucha química. También he adorado a Kellan, el hermano de Logan. Que por cierto, es la pareja de Erika, la hermana de Allysa. Así que como veis, queda todo en familia xD Fuera bromas, son personajes necesarios, sobre todo en la segunda parte de la novela y de los que no me hubiera importado conocer más.
Os vais a encontrar una preciosa historia de amor entre dos personas muy distintas, con la que sufriréis y os frustraréis, pero con la que también conectaréis y amaréis. Debo decir que siento que en general, mirando el resto de las novelas, esta es la que menos me ha gustado, sobre todo el principio de la segunda parte del libro. Pero aún así, tiene una notaza y lo he disfrutado. Son unos libros que merecen totalmente la pena.
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November 14, 2018
4 For Always ★'s

“She promised me I wasn't the product of my yesterdays and knew I was destined for amazing tomorrows.”

"Because if you judge him solely on his few moments of lows, then you miss out on his beautiful highs.”

It's 2:16 a.m., good things its the weekend :) because I could not go to sleep until I finished this book. Now that it's finished I figure might as well get this out of the way! It took me a while to get into it, it started out really slow. Other than that I really did enjoy it, so so so much. The Fire Between High & Lo was another tear tearjerker for me as well. I teared up many many times. A lot of parts in this story are sure to break your heats I promise you that. Tomorrow I will get started on book #3 in this series, The Silent Waters...So looking forward to reading this one :)

*Each book is a complete standalone with different characters.*
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July 27, 2018
Español - English

"Tu hogar es siempre tu hogar. Incluso cuando no quieres que lo sea".

Este es el segundo libro de la serie Los Elementos de Brittainy C. Cherry, que también se puede leer independiente. La forma de escribir de esta escritora es fantástica. Lamentablemente aunque el libro me gustó, no lo adoré como El aire que respira.

Logan Francis Silverston ha tenido una vida muy difícil siendo hijo de un traficante de drogas y de una drogadicta. Desde pequeño ha estado abandonado a su suerte por su madre y con brutales golpizas de su padre. Desde muy joven también consumía drogas. Las usaba como un medio de escape de su situación. Antes de llegar Alyssa a su vida solo confiaba en su hermano Kellan.

Alyssa Marie Walters vive en otras condiciones ya que aunque su padre no vive con ella, su madre es una abogada exitosa, pero es muy exigente y entiende que estudiar música es una perdida de tiempo y dinero y que es más un hobby. Es una persona con mucha necesidad de cariño y aceptación por parte de su padre.

Alyssa (High) y Logan (Lo) contra todo pronóstico se convierten en los mejores amigos, pero con el tiempo se van dando cuenta que son el uno para el otro, almas gemelas y se convierten en pareja y todo es perfecto hasta que todo se desmorona.

Por un malentendido las cosas se salen de control y terminan separados, con Logan en rehabilitación para dejar las drogas y luego no responde más los mensajes de Alyssa por cinco años hasta que una situación familiar lo trae de vuelta al pueblo y se dan cuenta que aunque han cambiado y madurado como personas, su amor sigue intocable.

Es una historia muy emotiva con constantes altos y bajos, con la que en varias oportunidades lloré un río.


This is the second book in The Elements series by Brittainy C. Cherry, which is also a standalone. The writing style is fantastic, but although I liked the book, I didn't adore it as The air he breathes.

Logan Francis Silverston has had a very difficult life being the son of a drug dealer and a drug addict. Since childhood he has been abandoned to his fate by his mother and brutal beatings by his father. From a young age he also used drugs. He used them as a means of escape from his situation. Before arriving Alyssa to his life he only trusted in his brother Kellan.

Alyssa Marie Walters lives in other conditions because although her father does not live with her, her mother is a successful lawyer, but she is very demanding and understands that studying music is a waste of time and money and that it is more of a hobby. She is a person in great need of affection and acceptance on the part of her father.

Alyssa (High) and Logan (Lo) against all odds become best friends, but over time they realize they are in love of each other, soul mates and become a couple and everything is perfect until everything is crumbles.

By a misunderstanding things get out of control and end up separated, with Logan in rehab to stop using drugs and then no longer responds to Alyssa's messages for five years until a family situation brings him back to town and they realize that although they have changed and matured as people, their love remains untouchable.

It is a very emotional story with constant highs and lows, with which on several occasions I cried a river.
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May 25, 2016
3.5 Stars
“You’re okay, Logan Francis Silverstone.”
“I’m okay, Alyssa Marie Walters.”

This is just another book that suffered under my inability to not compare books. My 3.5 rating doesn't mean I didn't like the story, just that I kept thinking back on how much I liked The Air He Breathes and wanted those same emotions.I also had a few problems with the characters, but nothing too bad that made me hate them. This was still a very beautiful story, that I'm sure affected a lot of people's emotions, but not mine.

I loved the connection that Alyssa and Logan had, and that it could survive so much heartache and time apart. Alyssa was actually the character I liked most, which rarely happens because I usually only tolerate the heroines. The strength she showed throughout the story both broke my heart, and put it back together again. She didn't have the hardships that Logan had, yet to me she was the one that had the hardest emotional experience because of her love for Logan. She was his High, but he was her Lo, and she didn't let that break her.

My problems mostly came from my own personal issues, and how much I hate reading about addicts. I can sometimes be okay with it if the main character is a recovering addict, but I don't enjoy reading about them while they are still using and having those issues. I couldn't connect with Logan because of his problem in the first half of the book, so I distanced myself from him emotionally.

The emotions that I kept waiting to feel, they were sort of there, but not about the main characters. By the end of the book I realized that the only time I was even close to crying didn't even involve Alyssa and Logan together. It made me feel kind of meh that I was more invested in a secondary character than I was about the main ones.

Overall, this is a good book that I highly recommend for anyone that likes an emotional read. It was my own issue that lead to me not getting super invested into the characters, and I don't think many others will have that problem.I will definitely be reading this book again some day and maybe then, since it won't be so close to when I read The Air He Breathes, I'll enjoy it more and not compare the two books.
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March 24, 2016
★★★ 3 Stars ★★★

Once again Brittainy Cherry has delivered an emotionally charged story that will no doubt steal the the hearts of many readers.

In this standalone romance that spans five years, we are introduced to two young people who come from very different backgrounds, but have more in common than one might think.

Logan Silverstone has no hope for his future, he spends his days looking after his drug riddled mother and his nights filled spending time with his best friend, Alyssa. She is his high and being the broken boy he is, he feels like he is not good enough for her - He is Lo.

"You're my greatest high."

They had a tumultous relationship that frustrated me no end, but Alyssa was always the strong one and I loved her for that - she never gave up hope.

This was a good solid story, but my lack of emotional connection to the romance held me back from appreciating it to it's full potential. I think my main problem was my feelings towards Logan, I don't think I ever fell for him like I wanted to, sure I felt for him, but I never came to understand his actions towards the one person in his life outside of his brother that loved him unconditionally.

A solid three star rating from me.

The Fire Between High & Lo is a standalone contemporary romance, told in dual POV.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Images featured in this review were created by me using stock images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites.

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September 22, 2019
Bin froh, dass ich dem zweiten Band noch eine Chance gegeben habe, nachdem ich den ersten Teil wirklich furchtbar schlecht fand (sorry, not sorry!).
Das Buch teilt sich in zwei Teile: im ersten Teil erleben wir das Kennenlernen und den Beginn der Freundschaft zwischen Logan und Alyssa als die beiden noch Jugendliche sind. Der zweite Teil spielt 5 Jahre später, nachdem die beiden sich lange nicht gesehen haben und keinen Kontakt zueinander hatten. Ich mochte beide Teile echt gern. Genauso wie den Schreibstil. Viele simple Sachen hat die Autorin mit ihrer Sprache wirklich wunderbar eingefangen. So spielt auch wieder oft das "Feuer" aus dem Titel eine (poetische) Rolle.
Was die Autorin außerdem furchtbar gut kann ist Gefühle zu transportieren. Ich hatte wirklich fast permanent Tränen in den Augen oder sogar richtig Schmerzen in der Brust, da ich mich in vielen Situationen fast schon zu gut in unsere beiden Protagonisten hineinversetzen konnte. Das kommt auch dadurch, dass wir immer abwechselnd aus Alyssas und Logans Sicht die Geschichte erzählt bekommen.
Dennoch hat mir in diesem Buch auch wieder etwas ähnliches sauer aufgestoßen wie im ersten Buch: es war mir (vor allem zum Schluss hin) einfach zu viel des Guten bzw. in diesem Fall des Schlechten. Klar diese Bücher leben von Drama und Problemen, aber ein bis zwei Baustellen weniger hätten es für mich nicht minder emotional gemacht muss ich sagen. So grenzen die Bücher der Autorin für mich leider immer ein wenig an Effekthascherei...
Trotz diesem Kritikpunkt hat mir das Buch aus den oben genannten Gründen wirklich gut gefallen, es war ein Page-Turner, den ich innerhalb von gut 24h verschlungen habe. Bin mir dennoch noch unschlüssig ob bzw. wann ich den nächsten Band dieser Reihe lesen werde. Vorerst ist mein Bedürfnis nach emotionalem Drama wohl erstmal gedeckt.
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March 25, 2016
4.5 Radiant Stars*****

(ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review)

BRAVO!!!!!! Standing ovation!!!!! Brittainy C. Cherry has done it again, delivering another remarkable story that made my heart burst and my skin tingly with so many feelings. TOP READ OF THE YEAR!!

 photo image_zpswrdy2u3c.jpeg

Two best friends, with nothing in common but pain. Their friendship, the most treasured thing they both have, but sadness and pain will come and shatter their lives.

Years and messages will go by unanswered until tragedy will be the only thing to bring these two broken souls together again. Can they forgive each other and be friends, or perhaps lovers, again?

Read this gorgeous story and find out how The Fire Between High and Lo can consume your days and nights. This will be the most beautiful and memorable love story, you'll read this year.


 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
April 20, 2016
3.5 ★'s

Typical rich girl meets poor, bad boy but instead of immediately falling in love, they become best friends and then more. Unfortunately, the good times can never last.


• I enjoyed reading how Logan and Alyssa became friends and how they were always there for each other.

• Logan's cooking and love of documentaries.

• Alyssa's piano playing.

• Alyssa's relationship with her sister, Erika, and Erika's endearing OCD.

• Logan's surprise for Kellan and Erika.

• Raspberry Oreos...I've never even thought of that!

• Hi & Lo. ♥



• It was hard not to hold this up to the first book, The Air He Breathes.

• Why do they always have to be sooo horribly poor and abused? I mean, it's always a terrible thing but it just seemed too extreme. And don't even get me started on Logan's dad. :(

• Then, as if the drama between Logan and Alyssa wasn't enough, let's throw in some gut wrenching drama with his brother, Kellan.

• The message totals irked me to no end, "I left a boy a message each day for almost five years.", does not equal 1090 messages...not even 1123 messages!

• Logan and Alyssa felt more like best friends to me...I couldn't really feel their connection.

• Believe it or not, I needed more angst! ;)


I enjoyed the relationship between Logan and Alyssa and wished it focused more on them. However, with everything going on, the story definitely isn't boring and win-win if you favor friends to lovers romances.

(Prior to review...)

im gonna read it just for the angst!
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August 28, 2022
3.75 stars

I got emotional while reading this. These characters went through so much pain for no reason I want to hug them all and the flash back scenes?? WOW my heart.

This was a second chance romance book that I really enjoyed but at times I was praying that I would not start crying and that some things would not happen. I quite liked the pacing of this book. I thought it was the correct speed and my favorite part was definitely part one where they were 18 and best friends. I think they had lots of Chemistry and were overall very lovable characters even with their flaws.

I did however think that it was a tiny bit too dramatic for my liking. There was just pain on pain on pain on pain in this series and maybe that was a bit too much for me especially with the fact that they were all kind of different story lines.

Overall I still think this is a good book that is just dramatic but very easy and quick to read. And you will definitely fall for these characters
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March 23, 2016
5 “you’re my greatest high” STARS

This is the second book in the Elements series and also my second read of the talented Brittainy Cherry. I was in awe of her after reading The Air He Breathes and now, now, with this one, she has me on my knees.

Talk about a writer that can effortlessly evoke so many emotions and craft such wonderfully layered, heart wrenching and heartwarming stories.

Logan Francis Silverstone and Alyssa Marie Walters
 photo Highlo_zpsu3olcao1.jpg

“I met my best friend in the checkout lane of a grocery store. And my life was never the same again.”

“She came from a lifestyle where fancy dinners were normal. I came from a world where dinner wasn’t always available.”

High and Lo’s friendship is special and of course, grows into something much more.

“We were different in so many ways, except for the one which was the biggest fire that burned in us.”

Both of them have their demons but Logan’s are darker, larger and more powerful. As things get bigger and more real, everything comes crashes down around them and pulls them apart.

“Because after the highs always, always, came the lows.”
 photo HiLo_zpszvsrs6ds.jpg

This is a hard read in that it’s real, their relationship isn’t always pretty and there are some pretty dark and sad lows. I loved both of these characters and despite the mistakes and ugliness, these two deserved their happiness. I laughed, loved and cry with these two.

“…love wasn’t a prize. It was a weapon.”

“The bruises on one’s heart were always the hardest ones to heal, they seemed to last the longest.”

There was a beautiful symbiotic nature to the writing and flow of this story. For every beautiful, limitless high, Cherry gave us a devastatingly harsh low but combined, this is one stunningly breathtaking story that will move you, break you and renew you.

 photo hiLo2_zpscbmcvlei.jpg

This is a must read!!

**ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**

For more reviews and blog posts.

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December 9, 2017
*Ya puedes leer mi reseña completa en el blog y SIN SPOILERS*

ACTUALIZACIÓN: 2.5 porque casi todas las impresiones que me dejó son malas.


¿Tienen idea de cuantas veces estuve a punto de abandonar el libro? MUCHAS, fácil más de 10 porque con cada capítulo que pasaba sentía que nada avanzaba, que la historia no corría, que todo era taaaaan lento, fue en realidad desesperante, pero luego llegó esa segunda parte y fue como WOW... un libro totalmente diferente, conmovedor, sensible, desgarrador.

“Truth or lie?”
“I’m doing absolutely nothing.”
Her bottom lip trembled. “And the truth?”
“I’m beginning to rise from the ashes. I’m only in the early stages of rebirth, but I know as I ascend, I want you to be locked with me forever.”

La historia se divide en dos partes, la primera, donde conocemos a los protagonistas en plena adolescencia, donde por momentos las escenas, diálogos, acontecimientos y más me resultaron agotadores, fue una primera parte muy lenta y debo decir que en cada capítulo estuve a punto de darme por vencida. Pero siempre hubo algo que me incitaba a seguir leyendo... algo que me decía que si no lo hacía me perdería una gran historia.
Lo bueno es que le hice caso a mi yo interno y continué, porque en la segunda parte no pude soltar el libro en ningún momento. Los problemas, decisiones y drama excesivo también estuvieron aquí, pero los sentí menos abrumadores y mejor llevados que en la etapa adolescente.

Logan en su principio fue el típico chico malo, oscuro y lleno de demonios que se me hizo insoportable en ciertas partes, con padres dañados, drogadictos y maltratadores. Aly simplemente no fue mucho en toda la historia, había vistazos si, pero no tomó gran protagonismo; fue la roca de Lo, el faro al cual él siempre llegaba. Y Dios... Estuve taaaan molesta con ella a veces, porque vamos!!!! Si un hombre me hace eso... aunque lo AME (con mayúsculas eh), mínimo lo hago sufrir tantito (soy re sangrienta jajá, lo sé.)
En fin, el libro no está al nivel del primero de la serie, pero tiene la misma sutileza y sentimentalismo que la autora tuvo en "El aire que respira" y para ser sincera, creo que es una historia en exceso cliché, llena de tópicos y que no nos muestra tanto a la protagonista femenina como a Logan. No me mal entiendan, yo amo los clichés pero es que aunque la historia no es mala, la primera parte fue en exceso aburrida, era como leer dos historias diferentes en una, y estoy segura que si la primera parte me la hubieran ahorrado sería un libro 5 estrellas, pero bueno... muchas páginas me sobraron. Demasiadas. Además, los protas que tienen problemas con las drogas no son nada para mí.
No se si fue la primera parte, que no conecté con los protagonistas de la forma en que debería o que no lo leí en mi lengua natal, pero no me gustó tanto como pensé (juro que si la autora le hacía "eso" a Kellan, definitivamente le iba a poner 1 estrella, es que tanto sufrimiento no es sano!!!)

She believed in God while I danced with demons."

PD: La de frases que tiene el libro! <3 uffffff me mataron en cada una de ellas. Si leíste el aire que respira y te gustó, vas a encontrar el mismo estilo desgarrador de la autora, y una historia bonita, aunque no especial.
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March 25, 2016
3.5 Pinky Stars

I was so excited to finally get a copy of this book. I enjoyed it but I felt it could've been so much more. Contrary to The Air He Breathes, this book didn’t draw me in. I thought the idea interesting in the beginning and decided to give it a shot but was really disappointed. I’m not sure what happened with this one. Just didn't connect with it like the first Elements book. Give it a shot. I still love the author and I am desperately anticipating her next work.

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
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March 22, 2016
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Brittainy C. Cherry in exchange for an honest review..Thank you!!

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TITLE: The Fire Between High & Lo
SERIES: (Elements #2)
AUTHOR: Brittainy C. Cherry
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: March 25th, 2016


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A heartfelt journey of addiction, friendship, love, redemption, a second chance romance.

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I LOVED the first book in the Element series (The Air He Breathes) so it was a no brainer that I'd be seeking out an arc for this book, this book was one of my many highly anticipated books for this month..

Dual POV..Even though this states it's part of a series it can be read as a standalone. Whilst the main focus of this book surrounds Logan & Alyssa, other family members are introduced within the story..This unlikely duo Alyssa and Logan are best friends, both crave to be loved by their parents.

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That saying "Opposites attract" couldn't hit the nail on the head more so than these two scarred souls, these two are as different as chalk and cheese but it is what it is and they have an undeniable bond that they don't even understand.

There once was a boy and I loved him.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic He started calling me HIGH because he said I was his greatest high.

Alyssa and Logan were convinced that they had nothing whatsoever in common, she was a church goer, he was the bad boy who would be around the corner smoking pot. She believed in god whilst he believed in the complete opposite. She had a future whilst Logan was trapped in his past.

One boy who set my heart on fire.

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We were broken together, yet somehow whole. We were wrong together, but always right. We were the stars that burned across the night sky.

Their unlikely friendship started off innocent enough, from childhood friends to lovers.

I could tell he'd been through worse private wars than most people walking the earth just by the way he stood.

Like a hamster on its spinning wheel Lo's life was a downward spiral into the darkness of drugs, the oblivion of numbing the brain, the hurt, the words, the physical abusive, the addiction..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic He was almost always stoned. He knew it bothered me, but he always said he was a hamster on the wheel, unable to change his ways.


An intervention sees Lo trying to get his life back together. wasted years, alone. Lo a product of his childhood even though he fights tooth and nail that his up bringing doesn't define the person he is five years later.

"I shrugged.
She shrugged.
I laughed.
She laughed.
I parted my lips.
She parted her lips.
I leaned in.
She leaned in.
Our lips locked as our souls became forever intertwined, and even though my feet were planted firmly on the ground, I’d never in my life felt so high.”

It's no surprise that I'm a fan of this authors but also that this is a childhood friends to lovers book is another tick for me, this genre is one of my most loved genres. Gods the feels, the raw emotional intensity, the passion these two share is why I am a devoted hardcore reader, it's authors, books like this that made me want to become a blogger.
I loved these two characters with their flaws, their insecurities, but in the end love conquered all and put all their demons to rest.
Your heart breaks for Lo, the life he was born into, this authors story telling made this book so life like in my mind, I could see his life unfolding as she was spinning the web of his addiction, his drug intake, to dull the pain of wanting to be loved by his mother, his outlet was to get high, he craved the love of his mother past..
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