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December 8, 2015
Three years into married life, Tyler and Poppy are realizing marriage isn’t as easy as they thought it would be. With their busy schedules and Tyler’s constant guilt over the choices he’s made, they find themselves looking for that insanely hot connection they have had. I love Sierra’s writing, and even though this was a novella, I certainly got my fix of the insanely racy couple.

The scenes between Tyler and Poppy are just as stupidly sexy as the first book.


Sierra’s writing is just as intriguing.

And Tyler. Tyler is JUST AS SINFULLY HOT as he was in Priest.


The ending was bittersweet but perfect and I loved getting the chance to be back in Poppy and Father Bell's world for a short time.

Midnight Mass is now live |

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December 8, 2015
Oh sweet baby jesus. Tyler and Poppy are back, you guys! My heart and my left-hand could hardly keep up!

Sierra Simone has an immeasurable gift whether she’s writing contemporary or historical, and her characters find their way into the deepest part of you. Your basest desires and thoughts can’t hide when a Simone book is in your hands because she brings every emotion to the forefront. It’s fitting she decided to write stories involving theology because reading her books is like a religious experience for me. I’d happily start a religion, or more likely a cult, to honor Ms. Simone.

Midnight Mass starts about three years after the ending of Priest. Tyler is pursuing his PhD in theological studies, and Poppy has been working towards building her dance studio and foundation. They are both exceptionally busy and the day-to-day reality of life has affected them the same way it affects all of us. There’s not enough time in the day to get their work done, let alone spend quality time together. But they are Father Bell and Poppy for fucks sake! The hottest, sexiest, most depraved couple I know. If these two can’t make it through these daily struggles then the rest of us are doomed. But like a good little lamb, I persevered and kept the faith that everything would work out. Along with their own struggles, there were outside forces and influences that kept me guessing at the path of the plot.

Tyler isn’t perfect. Shocking, I know! (Don’t worry, Tyler, you’re perfect to me.) He’s a fallible human being with the same jealousies and concerns that we all have. I love how he continually tries so hard to be a better man. And while Tyler struggles, Poppy may damn well be perfect. She’s a goddess and one of my favorite heroines of all time. Her candor and wit and compassion and general smoldering make her a bona fide leading lady.

Listen. Sometimes it’s easier to just fuck our problems away instead of talking through them … and I’m not sorry about it, but what happens when they decide it’s time to hash it out and a few rough strokes and licks from the magnificent Tyler Bell aren’t going to be enough for them? A big theme in this installment is guilt and forgiveness. Can Tyler forgive himself and Poppy for his leaving the church? What happens when you believe your religious calling is the most significant part of your life, and you feel lost without it even if you willingly gave it up to be with the woman you love? How does Poppy handle her own guilt in relation to that? Her husband gave up his clergy for her. That’s a big pill to swallow. I have so much love for these characters and their struggles.

Perhaps the thing I love most about Poppy and Tyler apart from all left-hand worthy sex is their spiritual connection. When they got together in Priest it wasn’t just a physical attraction and their relationship is based on so much more than fucking. For me, the sex is just this delicious bonus of I-can-never-get-enough-need-more-right-now perfect kind of kinky debasement that I love! I read a lot of erotica and it’s hard to pick just one favorite but let me tell you, Ms. Simone’s steamy scenes are the top of the line, hottest, dirtiest, filthy kind of sex there is. You need these books in your life. Trust.

If you loved Priest, you will love Midnight Mass all the more. We get to grow with Tyler and Poppy. There are a few delicate topics in this book, and Ms. Simone handles them with the utmost care. This series is definitely going on the all time favorites’ list. Go 1-click this deliciously erotic beautiful story of love, redemption, lust, trust, and faith.

P.S. I want to read Tyler’s dissertation. So Sierra, if you could please write that up in your free time and send it on over, that’d be greatly appreciated. For an erotica book to get me interested in theology? That’s other level writing right there, y’all.
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December 30, 2015
Wow. This novella packs quite the punch. Hot, dirty, agressive sex. Mixed with guilt, doubt and jealousy. And just when you think there's the light at the end of the tunnel - nope, that's just the freight train of sadness running you over.

This novella made me ache for more. I want to know what happens next. Give me more, Sierra. More, more, more.

I am greedy for this author. For these characters. For the degrading, controlling sex. For Tyler's journey as a man and how to make himself comfortable in his own skin. For Poppy. Who really, is an amazing human being.

I hope we get more. Please give me more, Father Bell.
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May 25, 2017
Three years after Tyler and Poppy got married; the guilt is still following Tyler.
His deepest fears are two:

1. You failed at being a priest. Now you’ll fail at being a husband.
2. Tyler Bell, the priest who deserted his post, has no fucking right to talk about what the Catholic Church should or shouldn’t do.

Because Tyler does not feel that he is an ideal husband. He has a lot to learn. Since he became a PhD candidate, his main focus is his research and he really does not accommodate Poppy’s emotional needs (maybe her sexual needs are somewhat satisfied, but not in the necessary quantities).

On the other hand, his PhD although it consumes numerous hours of his everyday life, it does not seem to finish. His research needs to show how the Catholic Church can move forward, but Tayler already feels that he is not worthy of stating his opinion.

From personal experience, I know how much soul consuming is to reach the end of your PhD. You know you are almost there, but the end still feels so far away. Naturally this low mood and your grumpiness influence all the people around you.

So Tyler feels almost like a failure. And there is still jealousy for his gorgeous wife. At some point, sex will not be enough. Both will need:
Lots of praying
Lots of talking and
Lots of understanding

I loved revisiting the world of Tyler and Poppy and seeing how their life proceeds.
When there is marriage life and everything becomes ordinary and normal without many surprises anymore for the couple; it is wonderful to see that there is depth and real love besides the passion and the lust.
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July 11, 2017

➦You have to read this novella after you read Priest, the first book in the series. Like, don't even try reading this as a standalone, you will be super confused.

➦Really enjoyed this addition to the series. I was thinking it will be pretty boring since it is about the same couple and after they've found their HEA. But it was HOT because Sierra Simone always manages to sneak up on you with some super hot visuals which you've never expected to find THAT arousing.

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December 3, 2015
Once again Sierra has gathered up my emotions and shoved them into what feels like the smallest space of my heart, holding them captive, letting them bash into each other and move faster and faster until the point of pain – until the point that I think that may heart may just fucking burst – and then she releases them allatonce and I swear to fuck that they made the ‘whoosh’ sound and everything as they rushed out into the night.

This is not a fluffy and lighthearted book.

This is not a smiley skipping in a field of wildflowers book.

This is a raw insight into Poppy and Father Bell at their worst – and at their best. It’s the dark clashing with the light, it’s selfishness clashing with selflessness, it’s about what happens when everything breaks and feels hopeless and how those pieces can find their way back together. It’s about appreciating the littlest things in your partner, and holding them tight in your grasp. I ADORED THIS NOVELLA.

It’s not always happily ever after. When the pages shut and the days continue, life can sometimes get in the way of those gorgeous moments in time that make everything right. Tyler is in mid-dissertation and he’s pretty freaking distracted. Of course, Poppy’s been working hard as well to create The Perfect Event. This left not a lot of time for talking and a lot more time for longing. You can feel them start to slip from each other – you can feel the hot knife of jealousy shoved through Tyler’s chest and the burning flames of guilt eat him alive for every moment he’s not spending with Poppy. It’s gloriously honest and frighteningly accurate.

There are, of course, hot as sin scenes that will leave you thinking you’re in heaven. The raw and sometimes emotionally (and occasionally physically) brutal scenes filled the gaping need I had for these two. Sierra writes some of the most beautifully blasphemous scenes I have ever read. *drools*

I inhaled Sierra’s words like I’ve been fasting for days. Beautiful and deep, this novella suckerpunched me and left me breathless – and with so much hope. 5 stars!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]
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December 16, 2015
2 "Spiral of Guilt" Stars!


Well.. Don't judge please. I was defenitely not expecting this. Almost a DNF (which is really REALLY rare and unexpected from me). Let's see why..

I actually enjoyed half of Midnight Mass. I actually really enjoyed Priest (the novel related to this short story) and again, our protagonists are really kinky-hot together.

Fuck, that had felt good. Sinfully, amazingly good.
And still I wanted more. Her cunt. Her ass. Every tight, wet part of her. I wanted to claim her, over and over again.

She was so beautiful to me that all I had to do was watch her, and life made sense again.

However, everything comes with a 'but'. I was excting what happened during the first 50% of the book (happy times, sexy times, etc.), but this is a short story and it actually has A LOT of difficult and fucked up situations only in the second half. Too many things happen in such a short time, some really fucked up shit. And it is always related to the same thing.

GUILT. Fucking guilt. It really pissed me off seeing Tyler still struggling with his over leaving his job as a priest, his guilt over EVERYTHING. And then what happens? He starts taking it on Poppy. And then... OH YEAH, then she also feels guilty. Both of them have amazing jobs which unfortunately take a lot of time and when they have moments to be together, what happens? Tyler fucks it up, then Poppy, then him, then everything else.

Because this was my punishment. How could it not be? How could I have ever thought that a wife, a family, would be things I could have after what I’d done? After the calling I’d abandoned?
No. God was punishing me.

I think the second half of the book really ruined this for me. And I feel bad because I really wanted to like this, and I am glad many of my GR friends enjoyed it but I am sorry to say this was not my cup of tea.

Also, the epilogue. Well, I was not expecting that again. Seriously? After the very sad situation that they have gone trough? Role-playing in a church? Father Bell calling his lamb this disrespectful names again? WOW, just WOW.

So yeah, my rating is 2 STARS and only because I enjoyed the first 50% of Midnight Mass. Still, as I said I have seen many of my GR friends enjoying this so if you have read Priest and you want to know more about Tyler and Poppy this is your chance!

December 22, 2015
Father Bell, Father Bell, Father Bell, oh how I have miss thee...surprisingly so especially because I wasn't really expecting another book. Not that I'm complaining one bit!

It's been three years since we've last heard from the happy couple and they've settled down to a normal, married life. Unfortunately, Tyler's dissertation is coming up and he is practically living at the college and not fulfilling his husbandly duties....not those duties! Oh no, he always finds time to fulfill more ways than one. ;)


It's the other duties that Tyler is falling flat on...the ones where he has to be there for Poppy. And she is sooo understanding but she has reached her limit and Tyler has to learn a lesson.

So there's plenty of drama and plenty of angst and it gets very emotional which I wasn't expecting. And there was even a part that I got a little mad about until I read the author's note that explained why she did what she did and then I liked it. Weird, I know, but it worked.

And wooohooo...that epilogue! Father Bell, Father Bell, FATHER BELL!! Phewwwww! If you were a fan of the first book, you won't want to miss this one!


Favorite quote:

♥ “It’s time to confess your sins, little one.”
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December 6, 2015
★★★ 3.5 Stars ★★★

Priest was one of my favourite books this year, so of course I loved jumping right back in with Father Bell and Poppy. Did I think this book was necessary? Not really, but it's definitely an excellent addition if you fancy a steamy as fuck novella about the ex-priest and his wife.

Midnight Mass takes place three years after their marriage, with Poppy almost ready to open her new dance studio and Tyler is almost at the end of his PHD.

Tyler is struggling with his work/life balance and is suffering from his ever present Catholic guilt.

The story takes an unexpected turn when their plans go awry and Tyler is left wondering if he has taken the right path in life.

Super hot and a great catch up, recommended for fans of Priest.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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December 16, 2019
Cred că știu de ce a fost scrisă continuarea asta mizerabilă. S-a dus autoarea la editor și i-a zis că are o idee.
- Nu vreau să aud, sigur e proastă, i-a zis el. Dar fii atentă ce vreau! Un anumit număr de scene de sex.
- Gataaa, se rezolvă!
Și a scris primul volum, doar că nu i-au ieșit editorului orgasmele la numărătoare și i-a cerut să mai scrie un volum. Dar sexul nu e ca Universul și nu are posibilități infinite, așa că doar se repetă aceleași scene în alte locuri.
Nu se întâmplă nimic nici aici, în afară de faptul că el are treabă, ea are treabă, amândoi sunt așa de ocupați că nu au mai făcut sex de 4 zile jumate. Îmi vine să și plâng acum. După 3 ani de căsnicie au stat atâta vreme?! Încotro ne îndreptăm? Spre pat, să dormim. Le sugerez femeilor să țină departe de bărbați cartea asta, ca să nu îi învețe prost.
Pentru că, după cum ziceam mai sus, au făcut sex așa ,,rar", am avut timp să analizez și personajele. Ea nu e descrisă chiar rău, dar el e moartea pasiunii. Tot timpul frustrat de clasa lui socială, de faptul că nu are bani sau că nu a fost primul bărbat al ei. Întruna se smiorcăie omul ăsta. Și mi-e foarte scârbă de el când îi zice de zeci de ori ,,mielușea". Chiar și când ea e devastată după o tragedie, el o alintă la fel ca în timpul partidelor de sex sado-masochist.
Până la urmă, autoarea a reușit să mă surprindă, pentru că volumul ăsta e chiar mai prost decât primul. Mielușea, auzi la el!
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November 17, 2022
maybe instead of having sex 24/7 thinking it will solve all of your issues you should try couples therapy❤️
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January 14, 2016
it was good but not as great as the first one , there's really no important stuff happening just sex and more sex and sex and sex and sex it was good but just too much sex ruined it and for a couple that have been married for 3 years and they still fucking like bunnies ? yeah that's soo real !!!

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” I tell you. “I’m scared. But I know that no matter what happens, we will endure it together.”

the end was so sweet i loved it

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December 11, 2015
Forgive me for I have sinned and I’m going to do it over and over and over again.

Father Bell returns in Midnight Mass, an erotic novella that focuses on Poppy and Tyler three years into their marriage. He’s left the church and is still trying to find his calling without his collar on. But long days and nights hard at work is forcing a wedge between these two and with two growing careers they seem to be losing that explosive connection that burned so brightly.

This book (and series) is insanely hot. Like, get ready to lay down a towel because things are going to get messy. If you thought Father Bell was hot in the Priest, be prepared for third degree burns, because you have not seen anything yet.

But this wasn’t just hot. I loved the emotional toll this story took on me. I loved the real struggle these two faced, I loved how Sierra portrayed those moments. They were so realistic and relatable.

If you have not read this series yet, you need to. The things this man will make you feel is insane. You’ll be on your knees in no time.

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June 30, 2023
4 ⭐️

Unnecessary closure that was not needed, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
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November 4, 2017
After three years, Father Tyler Bell and Poppy Danforth-Bell's marriage life stays strong. As always their sex life is still wild and kinky omfg 😂🔥.. Even it's just a novella, it captured their struggles as a couple such as finding time for each other, dealing with insecurity and jealousy and other spices of life. It made them stronger and more mature. They're showered with blessings after the pain.
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February 11, 2020
Nu pot spune despre cartea asta nici că mi-a plăcut, nici că mi-a displăcut.
Am întâlnit aici un Tyler Bell nehotărât, nesigur pe el, care se scaldă în vinovăție. Pur și simplu mi-a părut un frustrat care nu apreciază ceea ce are alături decât atunci când e aproape să piardă totul.
Finalul a fost plin de tensiune, de durere și totuși, învăluit în speranță.
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1,761 reviews103 followers
July 29, 2021

I loved/hated this book. Tyler is a egocentric bastard, or maybe it is because I am not a Catholic that I have a hard time understanding. But, really to blame all his so called guilt to being Catholic? Nope, do not buy it. He is just too occupied with himself, what HE is doing and what belongs to HIM.
I know that I would have blown-up long before Poppy decides enough is enough.
That said, is was a HOT read ;)

Part of the standalone-serie in the Priest Collection:
Priest (Priest, #1) by Sierra Simone Midnight Mass (Priest, #1.5) by Sierra Simone Sinner (Priest, #2) by Sierra Simone Saint (Priest #3) by Sierra Simone
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1,210 reviews19.7k followers
September 3, 2023
“I love hearing you like this,” I said. “I love hearing you happy.”

I enjoyed this way more than I was expecting.

It’s always nice to see how authors choose to explore what happens after the initial HEA of a couple and this little novella of Tyler and Poppy was appreciated.

We got into the complications of maintaining a relationship right away and I enjoyed seeing their dynamic play out a lot. It felt real.
It made me like this couple even more and appreciate Priest as the first book more.

*Trigger warnings for grief and miscarriage*>/b>
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May 5, 2023
It was okay. I felt like this book was unnecessary and they honestly got on my nerves with how they would have sex instead of talking about their problems. I really loved them as a couple in Priest but in this book they were insufferable.
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December 8, 2015
ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

What a fantastic continuation to The Priest by Sierra Simone! Father Bell and his lamb are back to captivate us with a story of love, loyalty and imperfection.

Years after The Priest, Poppy and Tyler together as husband and wife. Along with love comes hardship. This book shows us that in reality there are no happily ever afters. There are ups and downs and this book realistically shows us what actual relationships are like.

Our couple makes mistakes and they have to live with them.

The writing captivated me and I loved how this story unfolded.

Fantastic conclusion-for now- to Tyler's journey. If you loved the first book, you don't want to miss this!

*****5 Stars*****
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Author 1 book336 followers
August 19, 2022
I could read about these two characters forever and never get bored.

Poppy and father Bell have my heart, honestly.

Such great characters, such rich substance.

This story isn't particularly novel but the characters make it special. The chemistry alone is enough to burn the pages.

Sierra Simone is one of my fav writers and this book and Priest should be your next read... Like right now.

I love love love love love the ending!

Wait, did I mention how much I love the ending?

I love that there wasn't any of the expected HEAs. It was realistic yet still dreamy. It was emotional and real.

Please read these two books.

Thank me later.
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1,580 reviews336 followers
December 8, 2015
Well, now, hello Tyler Bell!! Midnight Mass is a sensual, highly erotic and surprisingly emotional companion novella to Priest, one of my favorite books this year. The author has hit her stride with this sexy and sometimes painful but always steamy story of the first years of Tyler and Poppy's marriage.

"Of all the ghosts that haunt me, it is the priest who stays the closest, who dogs my steps from dawn until dusk...It is the priest who tells me to be afraid being punished.
Like I'm not already afraid.
But I never expected my punishment to come so soon."

Don't miss this book!! The bittersweet ending seals the author's reputation as a wonderful writer with depth and real emotion. Highly recommended!

(ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review.)
October 17, 2018
“I can’t ever atone for all the things I’ve done wrong.
The sister I didn’t save.
The vocation I abandoned.
The wife I’m neglecting.”
- Tyler Bell

* * *
“I didn’t know what meaningful and authentic looked like for me anymore. I’d given up trying to know God’s plan for my life, but I hadn’t given up trying to live a godly life, and I wasn’t sure what that meant in my new context. Did I stay in academia and guide other people in their discoveries? Did I go back to mission work? Did I find a non-clergy role in a church, maybe in administration or as a youth director?
The hard, cold truth: the only job I felt suited for—the only job I felt made for—was being a priest.
And I could never be one again.”
- Tyler Bell

* * *
“At the heart of us, at the bedrock of our love, there is only raw trust and deeply rooted hope. Yes, I fell for you because you were a priest. But I stayed in love with you because you were you, Tyler Bell, smart and jealous and spacey, and devoted and tortured.”
- Poppy Bell
December 10, 2015
★★★ 3 Father Bell's Lamb STARS!

I know I'm not really friendly with Priest. FYI, Priest is still a guilty pleasure read for me. I believe Ms. Simone has beautiful writing and good plot. I just wanna know what happened next after Tyler and Poppy's marriage. I never expected to be a little heavy for a short story.

After their marriage for some years, Tyler and Poppy still has scorching sex as ever. But because of their own business, time become valuable. Tyler is chasing PhD title while Poppy look after her studio. Slowly, Tyler consumed by jealousy and thinks Poppy didn't deserve him. He couldn't be the husband when she need him.

Midnight Mass told from Tyler's POV. I find her attitude is unbelievable. For me, Poppy changed so much and better than the previous book. Even I didn't know what's in her mind, I believe she's doing her best to be a perfect wife for Tyler. Mostly, the problem in this story is focused with Tyler. He's still feel guilty for leaving church to be with Poppy after all of this? Please... You're already married to her. Do communicate with your wife. Tell her what you need and what's she need. You're grown up man and ex-priest. You're better than this. Again, I couldn't handle their drama.


Sometimes I pity Poppy with how Tyler's mind only focused with sex and sex. He's horny all the time with her. I could't count how many Tyler had hard on around her. Pfft. What a filthy man.
“What to do with a bad girl who enjoys her punishments, hmm? I could fuck your mouth, but I already know you like that too much. I could fuck your cunt, but a whore like you would get off on that, wouldn’t she?”
Slut. Bad girl. Whore.

Overall, Midnight Mass is a decent short story for Tyler and Poppy's fans. Three stars for the sex; not the story. Who could forget this pervert priest? Hmph. Sorry. Btw, the epilogue was just... Uh huh. I'm speechless. Are they really did that?
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1,507 reviews132 followers
January 3, 2016
This was good an I got more of Father Bell

This was good I really enjoyed getting more of Poppy an Tyler they have been married for 3 years an things were goin good Poppy's foundation was is doin well an Tyler as his dissertation due which is stressing him out an keeping him away from Poppy they aren't getting as much time together an it start to put a bit of strain on there relationship they r both strong people but Tyler missing his parish an bein a priest but Poppy means so much to him he doesn't regret bein but the dissertation is taking so much out of him an then Anton Rees is helpin Poppy with the foundation an the Gala that's coming up and Tyler starts to get jealous there spending so much time together an he's not liking it he is goin to have to start bein there for Poppy before he loses everything

I really enjoyed this story my heart was broken for both Tyler an Poppy in this book they went through so much in such a short time they r this is a couple that have been through so much anyway an they will fight it again they have to one thing that hasn't changed is the hotness between they Poppy still luvd to b dominated an Tyler is the man to do it these two r so hot they can't get enough of each other when they r together an even when fighting they still want each other the Gala scene is so hot but hard that the same time

I m glad to get more of Tyler/Father Bell an the epilogue was what made this just so good for me it was the most perfect ending I really enjoyed it xxx

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933 reviews1,094 followers
February 8, 2017
Wow! Once again Tyler & Poppy’s story blew my mind… That was really hot. I really enjoyed reading their story. And that epilogue. Pheew I loved it and all I can say is “Panties Down”!!! :D

Oh God, I have to calm down. :D I might be need one big glass of water or maybe a cold shower might be good. Oh fuck this I need my husband right now. :D Ps. He will be very happy when I get back to home. Hahah :D

[image error]

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167 reviews11 followers
August 31, 2023
This was literally pure smut and my anger issues could not handle Tyler’s horny ass. He really pissed me off the whole book thinking with his di*k at all times. Poppy, on the other side, was a queen we stan. And the ending was good.
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3,749 reviews455 followers
December 17, 2015
Don't read this one alone in the dark, and don't start it when you go to bed. Make damn sure you start it though! That may be some of the best advice you'll get all year, so heed it. You will not be able to put this book down.

Poppy and Tyler have one of "those" relationships. The kind that is all too real, with all the ups and downs that come with that territory. What they have that helps them stand apart from the couple next door is a raging passion for each other. A passion that really helps get them through when it seems as if their love just isn't enough. It's like an invisible tether, keeping them from losing sight of each other even in the worst of storms. Reading about that passion felt like a gift. A HOT, panty-melting gift. It is made into so much more than the usual sex scene because of their deep love and respect for each other. There is something about adding true love (not just insta-love, but real love, the kind that has established itself over time) to the mix that makes it all the hotter.

The angst in the story really begins with the normal ups and downs of a marriage. There just isn't enough time to fully appreciate each other. You have so many outside people to please that it's easy to let the one most important slip to the side, because you take for granted that they'll be there when it's over. That's the real life struggle, and so many marriages can't survive it. It broke my heart to see such a perfect couple—a couple who had already sacrificed so much to be together—falling victim to that classic struggle. I feel like I know them so well, and just couldn't stand the thought that they may be too oblivious or too stubborn to fix the problem. Then there were added issues and added heartbreaks to really take it over the top in the FEELS factor.

I finished the book in one sitting, because it's short, it's wonderful, and I could not let go of Father Bell and his Lamb. I cried, because it was already past my bedtime, because it was so emotional, and because it really hit me in all the feels. Then I woke my husband up, because I was grateful for our marriage, because I needed someone to hold me, and because this book was H-O-T and I just needed. ~ George, 5 stars


I Floved Priest so I knew I had to get my hands on Midnight Mass and OMFG, it's deliciously dirty and hot! We get to see a glimpse of Poppy and Father Bell's family life and let's just say, it's like he never left the church.

Even though it was a novella, it was packed with plenty of sassiness and sexiness, as well as a story of two people whose love for each other is tested in ways that, at times, seems like there is no way out.

One thing is for sure, Tyler's love for Poppy has grown with the years they've been married. He shows her countless times that he loves her—whether it's in private or in public—and goodness, my panties just were no match for Tyler's deliciousness!

Tyler's feelings of jealousy and insecurity drives a wedge between them, and for a moment, I honestly thought it was the end of them. Well, let's just say something happens that seems to bring them both in check and see what truly is important in life. There is a bit of sadness that had me tearing up but I knew that as long as they were there for each other, they would be able to survive it.

Deliciously sexy and naughty, and definitely a go-to book when I'm feeling ornery. ~ Kara, 4 Hot stars
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