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Quillon's Covert

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Novella 44k words / 186 Pages
Genre(s): Gay, Erotica, Romance, Taboo, Incest

Martin is a guy’s guy, one who enjoys the simple things in life: baseball games with his son, family days, barbecues, and date nights with his lovely wife.

Once a year for two weeks, Martin takes his son, Marty, to Quillon’s Covert, a rustic family cabin secluded in the beautiful California mountains. Since before those long days of learning to play ball, Marty has loved his dad, but as Marty matures, Martin starts to see something else settle in his son’s uncertain gaze. What’s there lingers a little more than it should, and it seems far more appraising than it once was.

As Marty shows every sign of taking the lead, Martin is faced with the tough choices most parents never see: lose his son by being a father, or try to balance what’s best for their relationship by being something… more.

But with another trip to Quillon’s Covert on the horizon, has the point of no return already begun?

186 pages, ebook

First published December 18, 2015

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About the author

Joseph Lance Tonlet

7 books375 followers
Joseph is a born and raised Southern Californian with a twenty-year stint of living in the Midwest. He loves the laid-back lifestyle of San Diego and considers himself lucky to live where people dream of vacationing.

A lifelong reader of m/m fiction, he began his writing career one night sitting at his MacBook and has never looked back. He writes to bring the characters he dreams about to life.

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May 10, 2016

"Son. This can't happen," Martin whispered firmly.
Marty gently force his hand down and back up his dad's length. "Buh-buh-but what if I wuh-wuh-want it to?" he asked just as quietly.

Are your Spidey Smut Senses tingling yet?

Did you re-read the blurb? Checked out the tags? *whispers* I won't tell a soul. It'll be our secret.

Come join me down the smutty road of jizztastic intentions...

...to dadcest, my favorite 'cest of all.

Jospeh Lance Tonlet and Louis Stevens' contemporary novella, "Quillon's Covert" is a story that spans the years with the Quillons, dad Martin and teen son Martin Jr. aka Marty. With twenty years apart and nothing sexual beginning until Marty is 18 years old, the story focuses on their California vacation home/cabin, named "Quillon's Covert", where the males can be free with themselves for two weeks out of the year and relax. The spans from when Marty is age 14 through 27, each chapter reflecting on the year, through alternating POV.

Marty has a speech impediment (a characteristic I really enjoy in romances) and is traumatized from a past choking mishap. Being as Marty is Martin's only kid, he coddled his son more than normal. What is very clear in this story is that the Quillon men love each other, more than anything and share a special father/son bond. Nothing was untoward from Martin's end and Marty was the one who developed sexual feeling for his "old man" at a crucial point in his teenage development that carried on throughout the years. He was the aggressor, if you will.

Now with dad/son incest, for me, there can be magic if it's depraved or full of sexual tension and forbidden moments.

It's incest fantasy...so go full throttle, y'know what I mean?

"Yuh-yuh-you haven't forgotten I'm g-g-gay, right?"
"No, I haven't forgotten."
"So, um, th-th-that...what you're doing, feels really nice."
"But I'm your dad--"
"Maybe it's because you're my dad."  

This book...not so. It's one the sweetest, fluffiest incest stories I've ever read.

Sweet and sugary...

No, no...more sugar than that.

That's better.

I am not a reader who needs so much sugar, especially in my smut. But to each their own.

This story was fluffed out that it's pacing and editing were off. And the emotions that can make or break good incest story suffered from it. In fact, the story focused more on not making squicky for the curious and proving no badwrong started until Marty was legal, that plot points such as Martin's struggle with his sexuality (he capitulated way too quickly), the sexual tension was non existent and there was no recap of the other 50 weeks that didn't read like a massive info dump.

"Marty, I'm not gay."
"Dad, I know--"
"No, please let me finish. I'm not gay, but...but I love you more than anyone. Probably more than I should, in fact. But that's besides the point. The point is...The point is, although I'm not sure I'll be able to love you exactly the same way in return, the though of being that close to you, of sharing something so...intimate with you, it's very appealing. Very. And, honestly, I'd be honored. Beyond honored."

I can overlook editing errors (I am mostly in this case) if the story is good. But I was more focused on the need of editing, shaving down the words in spot that got underdeveloped rather than the characters. Most of the book (instead of the epilogue), the father and son read like they were strangers outside of their cabin retreat. I thought the son lived with his mom for most of the book until I realized they actually lived in the same house outside of the cabin. The start of the book was slow, then started to warm up in the second third and fizzled out in the last third. the epilogue was nice, it also had erotic parts under the sweetness.

And the talking, sometimes they talked so much instead of acting on something. Some parts should have been shaved down, some not needed like Marty remarking on his father's business partner being weird. Added nothing to the plot of it wasn't going anywhere.

Another thing that was a good idea until it tried to extra components was the kink. One of the Quillon men likes spanking. See nothing wrong with a little sensitizing, but there was bondage brought in...it read more for titillation for the reader instead of the characters and in something that is highly character based for me that scene read off. And the nicknames, which is usually my thing, weren't working for me either, I do that, make up cute nicknames for people special to me, but maybe it was the wacky choice. Something about it didn't work.

But I could piece together the main thread. It's a simple story of a gay young man carrying a torch for his straight father and getting his wishes. It's a slow burn, the authors voices melded very well. The sex was nice, romantic and sweet. I think the length was good, the telling parts could have been lessened and the weaker points could have been more developed. I did love the accidental 'setup' between father/son that read like an ode to common Nifty porn such as needing help in the shower due to broken arms (though carrying bags with broken arms? Hmm...) or walking around naked all the time or stealing spunky underwear. Nice touch!

There was sex with nothing happening until the latter half, all nice and respectable.

Well...for an imaginary father and son pairing, I guess. ;P

The ending was...realistic with the obvious difficult this couple has. (There is infidelity on both of their parts) But oddly enough, their significant others aren't introduced, aren't really explored and other than telling the readers about them, they could've been paint on the wall for all I know.

Overall, it was sweet read...yes, for incest. There aren't many sweet, fluff incest reads, particularly with no angst. It's swimming in the 2.5-3 Hearts range for me, not for the topic (obviously not my first time at the incest erotica rodeo, buckaroos), more so for the execution. But a certain pseudo-exhibition scene sealed me swimming to the higher end of my rating range.

I wouldn't recommend it to seasoned incest smut readers whose tastes run toward depraved. I'd recommend more for readers who are curious about incest romance and enjoy syrupy sweet. This would be perfect for those readers.

Other than the incest part of their relationship, it's quite...normal. Martin and Martin Jr. make their own HEA. I do believe they'll love each other until their very last breath.

A copy provided for an honest review.
December 8, 2015

4.5 Stars

**Incest (not inbreeding. Incest)

There. Done. If you read this book knowing that, and then bitch about, it it’s on you.

Tags, tags, tags, read the tags!

My Review -

This book is about an incestuous relationship and you should know that before choosing this book. I did. And while I questioned myself before choosing to read it and deciding that, yes, I wanted to, I did give pause. I’ve challenged myself to try a lot of reads that I never thought I’d broach and have been both rewarded and disappointed. This book was a reward! And I have to add my appreciation for authors who choose to tackle risky subjects. Approaching this from a entirely compassionate perspective made it no less kinky and stimulating.

I feel a need to write two reviews for this book. Look, it’s without question taboo and that warrants its own thought process. But it’s also so tender and sweet that I keep being lulled into writing a tender and sweet review.

That, right there, the lulling, the tenderness, the warmth that surrounds this story is what makes this book entirely unique. If it were straight-up depraved with non-consensual acts then I’d know how to tell you about it. Instead this review may prove to be as twisted as the story. Heh, I wish.
Initially, it had been the kissing, of all things, which had wigged Martin out the most. Turns out, it was now one of his favorite things to do.

Martin Quillon – Handsome, dependable, mature, unassumingly sexy, and a dad.
"Yeah, right here, buddy.
Marty Quillon – From youth to maturity we watch Marty become a man and explore all that that means. And he’s kinky.

There was nothing perverted about the trust, or the love, or their shared history.
This is no daddy role play. Nope, this is fully involved relationship exploration with benefits.

Spanning some 23 years you get to know both of these men through a series of father-son getaways to Quillon’s Covert, a family owned vacation property in an idyllic, private wooded setting. Year after year the family has been making these trips, but this year is the first time Martin and Marty Junior make the trip alone, giving mom her own vacation time, uh oh (more on this later).
Fishing, swimming, barbecuing and just spending time together is an excellent way for father and son to bond, and Martin and Marty’s already close relationship flourishes during their time alone.

At age fourteen Marty begins to realize just how much his dad means to him. His deep respect leads to deeper considerations. The comfort and closeness he shares with his dad is built on a solid foundation of trust. But Marty’s youthful pubescent body seemingly has thoughts all its own when he looks at his father. From here both Marty and Martin have to deal head on with taboo subjects and overwhelming desires.
"I was just tryin' to be a good dad, Marty."
Consensual, Consensual, Consensual. The challenge here was to convince the reader that father and son were in love and if that was achieved then some of the taboo connotations could be alleviated. And for me, that happened. In fact it turns out that it wasn’t the incest that was bothersome, but the adultery aspect that kept pecking at me. After much consideration I’ve decided that I wanted Marty and Martin together despite the adultery. I imagine if we’d had “mom’s” POV I might have entirely different thoughts. Then again, maybe not. There were optional paths the characters could have taken, but ultimately I felt comfortable with their decisions.


I am familiar with Joseph Lance Tonlet’s work, but this is my first encounter with Louis Stevens’ writing. Knowing Tonlet’s abilities and penchant for challenging, psychological narrative, I assume that the authors conscientiously chose to use a more straightforward, easy going style here. Given the subject matter and the setting I think this choice suited the story well. I found this easy to read and grasp the unnerving, perilous subject matter.

I’ll be honest and tell you that a buzz of uncomfortableness (but never awkwardness) runs throughout most of the story, and that was both enticing and vexing at once. The presumed depravity is a strong chemical; intoxicating and toxic. But this didn’t mess with my head. I’m not conflicted or questioning and I put that down to the fact that this was presented entirely consensually and absolutely sweetly, lovingly, caringly, respectfully and even endearingly. Not what I expected, but I am no less pleased.

Recommended for a mature reader open to exploring new paths, thoughts and considerations.

~ ~ ~

I would like to thank the authors, Joseph Lance Tonlet and Louis Stevens for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

~ ~ ~
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1,416 reviews155 followers
December 20, 2015
Well this was more than I expected. I don’t know exactly what I expected other than the obvious from the blurb, but this book was beautiful and yet melancholy and a tad bit hopeful too.

My emotions aren’t where they need to be to review this. I know this book is not for everyone and I like to tease about liking books that are of the Milton Bradley variety… you know, Incest – a game the whole family can play. And yet, this was quiet and thoughtful with its take on the relationship between a father and a son and I’m a bit lost in the beauty of it all.

I’m not giving a false testament to the story or its content. Yes, on the level of a parent, I cannot imagine having sexual feels for my sons or anyone of their age. It’s just not in me and yet there are a lot of things I read that aren’t for me in my real life and that’s why I like to read. To step outside of my daily grind and into the fictional lives of others and given a chance, to explore something I normally wouldn’t.

That being said.

I love that this was told from the dual POV of Martin and Marty. I needed to get inside each of their brains to see how this would work out. The time span and each year they take their two week trip. The time spent on really building a story and for me, not just making it about sex and possible perversion. I am thankful that the feelings; want, desire, shame, possibilities and over all, love were present throughout this journey.

Let there be no mistake of the love that is in this book. There is so much love that it hurt at times to read it, to see it being shared in so many ways between the two as their relationship grew and changed. Goodness. I am so lost on how to properly say what I want to without it being spoilery, but this really held my heart in a vice and my libido as well, from start to finish.

The love was intense, the intimacy was overwhelming and yeah, anything sexual was hot. I admit that as well. It was a mother effing turn on that gave this reader, a low hum of arousal throughout the book. I mean, talk about UST!!! *whistles* But that alone is not enough to make me a jumble mass of emotion after reading this.

The last 10% of this book, I was a mess as I cried into my morning coffee. I wasn’t expecting the emotions that overwhelmed me. I mean, there is never an instance where you think this is NOT a father and son, the authors made sure to never let you think otherwise and I applaud them that. IF you are going to pick this up, you know before you open the book what it is and the authors don’t let you hide from it. It’s not shoved in your face but these two, ARE father and son and refer to one another this way, always.



This book really left me in a tangled heap of emotions and I’ll quit while I’m ahead and just leave this here…
They were father and son, they were friends, they were brothers and soul mates, and they were lovers. Two men who shared an immense history, a deep respect for one another, and an inexplicable amount of love for each other.
Most people would never be able to understand the relationship Marty and his dad shared. The important thing was he and Martin understood it.

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298 reviews159 followers
September 25, 2018
It doesn't say this anywhere in the blurb at the time of this review, but the downloadable file here on GR is NOT the full story. The book is short, but that file is only about 25% of it. I have a few updates on that and a seriously premature review down at the bottom, haha. Having said that, I should have stopped with the preview. This one wasn't very good.

First of all, the writing relied on the taboo for generating reader feelings (good, bad, or ugly). There were WAY too many things that just kept on and on and on reinforcing the father/son relationship, as if we had any chance of forgetting the only plot point. To wit: the name repetition in the dialogue — rarely was a line uttered without addressing “Dad” or “Son” and no one talks like that.

Also, their names were Martin and Martin Jr.
Again dear reader, don’t forget they’re father and son!!

Too many painfully eye-rolling plot conveniences.

And most importantly for me, the characters were flat. Without that development, my involvement in anything else in the story is always going to be severely limited.

I believe there’s room for everything in fantasyland, and this subject matter can be written about well (and hot). But unfortunately it didn’t land for me here.


2nd update: Nothing to see here. I now understand that the file I downloaded here on the GR page was just the preview, not the whole story. That was NOT clear. Will be back after I read the whole thing. 😂


UPDATE: After reading a few other reviews, it is clear to me that I didn't read the same thing. What I read didn't have A LOT of the content I'm seeing referred to elsewhere. Is there a shortened version of this I ran into?? No idea. Will try to get to the bottom of this...


I picked this one up after reading Loving a Straight Boy a couple of days ago, and I didn't like this one nearly as well as that. The taboo content doesn't bother me, but I felt the characters were a little flat. A lot of points were opened up and then not addressed, though I try not to hold it against a short like this because it's more of a "slice of life" and not intended to be complete. Honestly I was more intrigued by some of those glimpses than what was actually on-page.

I don't know, I'm still thinking about this one, so I might come back and update. But, initial thoughts.
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January 7, 2016
Phew.. ok... I guess I'll start with what everyone else has been saying... this was not what I was expecting.

This was essentially a story about love, about it's different forms and how certain people want to express that love.

Martin and Marty, have their annual two week nudist trip to Quillon's Covert, which started when Marty was 11. Some of the nudity scene's will make people uncomfortable, I certainly was in a few, but Martin's thoughts on his son are completely innocent up until Marty pushes him for more. I think nudity is just a cultural taboo at the moment, because people associate it with sex, when in reality its how you think about the other person that makes nudity sexual.

Anyway, getting side tracked. What made this book so much different was Martin and his perspective on moving their relationship to a sexual one.

"No, please let me finish. I'm not gay, but... but I love you more than anyone. Probably more than I should, in fact. But that's besides the point. The point is..." Martin's confidence faltered for a moment, but he plowed ahead. "The point is, although I'm not sure I'll be able to love you exactly the same way in return, the thought of being that close to you, of sharing something so...intimate with you, its very appealing. Very. And, honestly, I'd be honored. Beyond honored."

It started with love and lust came afterwards, which I thought was pretty cool.

OK moving onto said lust....

" Oh. My. God. Jesus, Dad!"
"Spread your legs, let me see your dick. I want to see what feeling my cock inside does to you."

This was going to be hot from the get go, because its father/son, but this book had it all. Rough, tender, a sprinkling of dirty talk and spanking!!! I had to have a few pauses throughout this book to... take care of business... ahem...

I had no idea what to expect in regards to the ending, it certainly wasn't what ended up happening, but I think it was a perfect fit for these two.

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Author 7 books375 followers
April 16, 2022
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June 11, 2021
2 “I can’t think of a title” stars

Summary: Martin Sn and Martin Jr. (also Marty) take a trip to Quillon’s Covert annually for two weeks. And on that trip they decide make like snakes and shed their skin (or in in this case their clothes*gasp*) It’s what Martin did with his dad and what he’s now doing with his son. This starts when Marty is 11 and he starts feeling some tingling down south when he looks at his dads physique. This spans 12 years and over that time Marty pops wood whenever his dad is around. Martin doesn’t reciprocate those feelings until Marty’s 18. After that they spend the time at the cabin having sex and loving each other. It sounds good no? WRONG. I decided to break this down by the reasons I didn’t like the book.

Martin Martin Martin where do I begin?

The nudity
I’m just going to quote Chelsea because I couldn’t have said it better myself
“I think nudity is just a cultural taboo at the moment, because people associate it with sex, when in reality it’s how you think about the other person that makes nudity sexual” 🙌🙌🙌 love this and completely agree. But some of the scenes were a bit uncomfy.
1. When naked 15 year old Marty straddles his dads lap while crying with a bone bone
2. When Martin spanked 16 year old naked Mary and again Marty had a boner
3. Anytime Marty was underage and had a bone because of father while he was naked and in company of said father

i was okay with it even if did seem sexualized and Martin didn’t reciprocate his feeling until Marty was of age. We still have underage Marty getting boners constantly, jerking off to his dad, and touching (not sexually) his naked dad. It put me in a weird situation, I liked that Martin wasn’t lusting after his teenage son but I was still in the head of the teenage son. Also naked for two weeks in humidity?? Not my idea of fun. And it didn’t seemed like they showered all that often so anytime they had sex I just thought they were all sweaty and gross. Especially when they were licking each other, I know it had to be sweaty and gross. This was more of personal niggle and didn’t have to do with the rating.

The relationship
I know this is incest but these guys were CLOSE. They slept together, snuggled together, showers together at one point it was a lot. I also thought the paddle thing was weird. There was a paddle hanging above the bed that Martins dad would use as a punishment. My mom and dad would spank us with either their hand, belt, or one time a spoon :( so I’m not against it but it was only one or two hits. A paddle to the ass 18 times is a lot different. My parents also stopped spanking us and we got older, so 17 is not an age I would be catching a belt. So Martin spanking a naked Marty with a paddle 18 times while Marty was hard was um uncomfortable. But getting back in topic, these two were attached at the dick. When Marty got boners because of Martin it was funny. When they touched each other dicks also normal. When they talked Martin having sex with his wife normal. When they takes about Marty having sex with his boyfriend you guessed it normal. But when they were showering together and Martin was scrubbing Marty’s dick and playing with his crack “innocuously” it was weird when Marty told him he was turned on. So their relationship is stilted after that but then Martin tells he’s willing to be with Marty even if he’s not gay. Last favorite trope the straight guy taking pity on the gay guy because they love them so and don’t want to lose them 🙄 Soon after (that same trip) he’s all in love and telling Marty he loves him more than anything. Martin takes his virginity and after that they go at like rabbits. I skimmed the whole book after that because it’s just them fucking.

The significant others
Martin is still married to Allie, Marty’s mother, the whole book. She’s his soulmate yet he’s sleeping with his son and telling him he loves him more than anything. And Marty also has a boyfriend turned husband turned father of their child that he loves more than anything but continues to have a sexual/romantic relationship with his dad. I don’t even care about the cheating(sorry) I just think it’s weird that they have these great loves and then every year for two weeks their each other’s everything’s. I don’t buy it and I didn’t like it.

The nicknames
They were awful.
1. Spunky Balls
2. Choad
3. ya Sod
4. Monkey nuts

Matin the third or M

Why tf do they they need another Martin. This is Marty son who he has with Andrew (through Andrews sister). They also brought him to Quillon’s Covert (when he was still a toddler) and have sex in front of him. Umm gross. He was literally a little baby, and he asked them if they were hugging and they laughed.

The names
If you’ve been confused while reading this because of the names that how I felt the whole book. Marty and Martin??

The Ending
They stay with their respective partners and continue to be in their own little bubble very two weeks of the year. What the fuck??

Commentary: my main problem was the relationships with other people!! Like if Allie is your soulmate and your son is someone you love more than life pick one!! Ughhh!! And Marty why did he go into a relationship with someone knowing his heart belonged to someone else!! It’s weird and I felt bad for the partners and Marty. He’s love his dad his whole life but he can’t be with him the way he wants. I know he says he’s accepted it but it still sucks( succinct I know). Also Martin can go fuck himself. He went into that relationship knowing he still loved his wife and that’d Mary would only get a quarter of his love. And then he always tells him they’ll continue this until their old. No thanks, but that sounds like the very short end of the deal. And all the sex was too much for me. Sometimes I want my erotica and others time I just want romance. And liken I said I always thought they were dirty so it was gross when they did have sex. And then sex in form of a toddler!! Maybe did you didn’t wait once a year to have we’d you wouldn’t feel the need to do that!! I wanted to like this more but alas I didn’t. And the reason I gave it 2 stars instead of one is because I was enjoying it in the beginning and thought their relationship was cute until it took a turn.
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625 reviews116 followers
April 15, 2021
DNF at 67%
This is the mother of all taboos, in case you skipped the blurb. 🤭 It was unexpectedly sweet, and really hot. I loved the beginning, with Marty as a teenager and seeing the intense love between them and their father-son relationship.

But once he turns 18, and they have sex, it seems it’s the only thing they do. It’s a series of scenes from their yearly trip to the cabin, so it goes cabin, sex, fast forward a year, cabin, sex, etc. And while it’s hot as fuck 🔥, I’m a little bored.

May return to finish it eventually. 🤷‍♀️
Also I’m realizing that the last few taboo books I read, I was underwhelmed. Maybe I need to adjust my expectations or quit already. I think I keep looking for the emotional wreckage that was Nicky James’ Secrets and lies.
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2,169 reviews1 follower
February 14, 2016
I just cried by its beauty.
My god where shall I begin. First this is so well and careful written it hurts
The topic is daring. Right from the start it holds you in
If people only read the blurb they will never discover and understand the beauty.
Love in its pure form is the main course and can never ever be wrong!!
This book is drenched in understanding. For Martin his son Marty will always be the centre of his world. He always takes care of him and he will always choose him, unconditional.
Marty had one safe place in the world and that is his father. They had such a deep respect for one another.
The feelings are all over. The sexual encounters are sensual, beautiful and filled with love.
Over the years they become father and son, brothers, best friends, soulmates and for two weeks in a year lovers.
I had a few questions how life would be outside Quillons Covert but I just wanna go with the flow and let the thinking go, I just want to feel...
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1,432 reviews145 followers
December 5, 2015
The official blurb tells you enough about this book, complete with tags. But there is a long-arse review of mine on the blog for the book.

Please heed the warning tags. If you don't like the following...

Erotic gay romance
Kink, taboo

...seriously stay right away.

My review is totally NSFW. Contains spoilers, I guess, and doesn't hold back with quotes etc.

 photo Potential-OTDU-Banner-9-Smaller2_zpsf0878d67.png

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1,985 reviews230 followers
June 2, 2016
This book was not quite what I expected. It was well written and I couldn't put it down. It had me feeling a number of emotions both good and bad. It made me think and I did enjoy it, but it also left me feeling a bit off.

The alternating POVs really were necessary in this story. I understood where the authors were coming from in giving Martin and Marty such a strong relationship from the start and setting up why, but that relationship starting from when Marty was 14 made me uncomfortable from the beginning, even without there being any sexual intent. I loved how Martin loves his son unconditionally and supports him fiercely, but there was that undercurrent of it being a bit too much. Maybe it was the age thing, because frankly, I felt more comfortable with their interactions overall once Marty admitted to his feelings and was a bit older and once things turned physical it seemed only natural based on their deep connection from the beginning.

I'm going to spoiler tag the rest of the review.

Overall I enjoyed the story and the fact that I went into it mainly for the taboo nature and titillation of the relationship, but came out really thinking about the story and the relationship outside of the sex is a testament to the authors having done a really good job.

New Year's BR with the lovely Bev 1/4/16!
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90 reviews19 followers
January 14, 2021
"There was nothing perverted about the trust, or the love, or their shared history. All of it was as pure as it could be."

This book was just beautiful, not for everyone, but it was beautifully written you wont be bothered that much by the subject matter. I absolutely loved the characters in this book. I loved the banter back and forth, the jokes, and the nicknames. I loved the gradual build up of their relationship from platonic father and son into sexual one. It doesn't seem wrong.

“You’re giving me something so special. You’re my son, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you.” He kissed Marty's temple lightly as he entered him again, this time burying himself to the hilt while watching Marty for any sign of discomfort. “I’ll always be thankful that you’ve shared this with me.”

Watching the progression of their relationship through the years was absolutely mesmerizing. This book is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. But if you are willing to give it a chance, you will find a beautiful story of love and acceptance.
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940 reviews
August 3, 2016
3.5 To start on a not-so-original note: this book was everything the blurb promised, and yet it was not at all what I expected. Which is what about 70% of the other reviewers are saying, so there you go.

Based on that cheap-ass cover (no offense to the hot 'n hairy dude) and bland blurb I had anticipated this book to deliver a father/son incest kink driven formulaic smut-fest (instead, it turned out to be a cover-up for a whole other kink: foreskin play 0_o). But Quillon's Covert was such a wholesome and sincere story! I could sense the authors' dedication to it when reading, and that, I think, is a beautiful thing in a time when so many newly published M/M seems to be written solely to cash in on the increasing demand.

More than anything, I loved the slow build-up, the page-turning quality, the focus on the warm, bordering on syrupy relationship between father and son, the pleasantly-paced passing of time, and their easy banter. I usually dislike anything sweet that I cannot stick into my mouth, but here I kind of enjoyed the fuzzy feelings it evoked. I caught myself wishing my dad was anything like Marty's dad (only to inwardly shout a nano-second later; "no, oh god, but not like that"). I didn't even really mind that in order to sell the whole father/son incest concept to me as a reader, the authors relied a bit too heavily on "telling" repeatedly how super-duper much the guys genuinely loved each other.

I do, however, have some points of criticism. The writing style was straightforward and got the job done, and the authors convinced me of their story-telling abilities, but their writing was never defining: it was pretty barren. There were very few descriptions that didn't immediately concern the two main characters, and those that were used, were recycled throughout (Martin drinking his beer, Marty his soda). Considering the no man's land setting, no attempt was made to create some atmosphere, and the vocabulary was sufficient at best. Other reviewers already commented on the aspects that were a bit too convenient, and I agree with them. A less blatant approach would have done the story a favor in terms of credibility. Also, there were a few aspects of the story that were "left hanging". Marty's choking phobia for example, felt like a loose thread considering the emphasis on his frustration with it.

Special mention has to be given to the authors' very obvious lust for foreskin, that not only found its way into the story, but almost took it over. I'm honestly all for uncut penises, but at some point I started wondering if "Quillon's Covert: a tale of an attentively stretched-out two inches long foreskin" wouldn't have been a more accurate title.

Still, a nice surprise that I'd rec if you're in the mood for something sweet, simple and touching with a hint of taboo.
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January 6, 2016
This is the third book I've read that revolves around an incestuous relationship between a dad and his biological son.
It's extremely hard for me to rate this, as it is definitely a taboo that would totally freak me out in real life, but which is quite an intriguing concept for erotic fiction.

So, in the comparatively small niche of dad/son romance, I think this book deserves 4 stars. It is really well written and nicely done (unlike my previous book which was a porn fest).

And keeping in mind that I really liked this book, I want to point out a few things that I found simply hilarious, even though this probably wasn't the author's intention:

The Plot
Is anyone aware that there is a long line of erotic comic strips with the theme 'dad/son go on a trip to a cabin for some 'quality time'?
I especially find the ones by Josman pretty... nice.
Anyway, this book is more or less a fully fleshed out novel to go along with these comic strips. I found that kind of hilarious.

The dialogues - sometimes they just cracked me up, and I doubt they were intended that way:

"And your chest hair is suffocating me!"

"Sorry 'bout that...just trying to be thorough...didn't realize things were quite that slick down there."

"You remember the candy cane thing?"
His dad nodded. "Of course I do."
Marty sighed. "I guess it's not just some foods I'm afraid of choking on."

Marty sighed. "I know you raised me better. But the way he looks at me sometimes... it just gives me the creeps."
"He's not creepy, Marty. He's just... German."

"That was the best first time in the history of first times. Thank you. It's something I'll remuh-muh-member forever."

[I should say that Marty has a problem with stuttering, so sorry if some of the things he said had me laugh at him]

As a dad/son romance, this was totally well done. However, if you take into consideration all the cheating (wife, boyfriends, etc), this novel is rather hard to digest, though. And I reduced one star because of the final chapter

Still, this one was really nicely done.
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October 19, 2018
I just finished it, and wow... what to say. I was curious to see how the authors could spin this story. I avoided reading more than the cursory blurb about this book knowing how differently this subject could be told.

I usually don't love multi person POV stories, but these authors pull if off perfectly. While they alternate the chapters between the characters' points of view, there is still a wealth of insight into how the other is feeling throughout. It made me feel connected to each character and I was more invested in seeing how it could all work out to each of their benefit.

I especially loved how Martin's character evolves. I can't help my empathy as a reader, regardless of the subject matter, so it's hard to imagine a parent in this situation. The authors do an absolutely amazing job of exploring how a father's love and devotion to his son could evolve to include a sexual relationship and leave me hoping for a HEA.

I haven't read any thing by Louis Stevens yet and I'm going to get right on that. I am curious to see how his style influenced this book.
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February 22, 2016
Brave. Thought provoking.

I was really nervous starting this book. I'm not sure if I'll like it. The main theme of this book is not something I even considered exploring. Until now. My goodreads friend, Sara, had me really curious of this book. Really really curious and I waited until I'm back to my dorm, away from the confines of our house before starting reading this book.

I understand that this book is not for everyone. We all have our own preferences and genre. And years ago, if I stumbled upon this book, I wouldn't even finish reading the blurb before running for the hills. I wouldn't have read this. But you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat. Turned out, this book is a really good read for me.

If you have issues with incest, secret affair and cheating, this book isn't for you (It's something I would told myself years ago). But if you're curious, have an open mind and you know, wanted to explore this genre, this might turn out to be an entertaining read for you.

Writing this kind of book is really brave. It's a sensitive topic and a rocky plain to explore. But the authors handled and delivered it well. It is in the delivery of the story and reasoning to have your readers agree with you and to really connect with the characters and story.

I don't really agree with the whole , but in this case it is realistic and I understand it. But still, it's cheating. And it was something I had to talk myself into accepting. Though it helped that in the duration of the book, it's just Marty and Martin, and that the other characters are just in the background, an echo in the story.

This is very. . . kinky. Though this more than just a kink, it's the love and the connection between the main characters.

I love the pacing of the story, really engaging characters and thought provoking story. I would have loved this book to be longer though, be more brave and to explore something more.

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May 14, 2021
Well, I can't deny it was a love/parental obsession story, but no matter how much you sugar coat it and push the romance angle, it's just wrong....and this is me speaking as the mum of a young man. Yes, it IS fiction, but at one stage, I thought I was going to dnf...I felt uncomfortable, and those icky feelings you get when you see/read something that you feel is wrong were quite strong BUT I pulled my big girl pants up and finished.

My most uncomfortable part was that while Marty and his dad believed they were in a bubble at the cabin where no-one existed but themselves, they spoke about Allie (wife and mother) as though she was a complete stranger....Marty discussing and asking questions about his mum and dad's sex life while he and his dad were doing whatever they were doing was just...wrong on so many levels.

I couldn't believe they felt no guilt at all or didn't give themselves away during the 50 weeks that they had to lead 'normal' lives. I wouldn't have been able to keep up the charade myself, I couldn't have coped with the guilt at all, but Marty and his dad did and then to carry it on when Marty actually got married to Andrew AND to start taking M (Marty's son) with them?? Eew.

Sorry guys, I'll wait for Wes' Denial and the second part of the Brothers LaFon, but this one was a step too far for me. 3 stars from me.

Thanks to Deb for the very quick buddy read. Better luck next time.
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February 2, 2017
First of all, as a die hard lover of foreskin this book was pure heaven.

Second of all, there is something special about male MM writers. I've noticed a pattern that the writing is a little dirtier, grittier and raw and I LIKE IT.
Examples of this:
Smells - when men write about men they tend to write about the dirty, sweaty, used smells of a man and how much they love it. As in more detail than "I love his man smell"
Hair - men usually have lots of hair on their butts and in their butt cracks. Why do we never talk about this? I think we should.
I think these authentic (dirty, stinky, hairy) details at hot as fuck.

Most of all, well done biological father/son incest is my catnip. Delicious.

I really really really liked the first 75%
The last 25% of this book made me feel like there was sand in my mouth. I need to go read a book with a sugar sweet HEA to wash this sand out of my mouth.
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July 26, 2017
Steadily increasing taboo tension kept me reading, compelling and crafty character development kept me caring.

This unapologetic, sometimes uncomfortable, love story wavered on the line of pure fantasy and reasoning believability. I may not be entirely untroubled with the direction of the story, but--holy clenched hands on iPad--was it an absorbing, sensual, beautiful, dare I say, natural read.

One thing I am convinced of: human love is expansive and our society is extremely limiting in its definition.
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December 30, 2015
4.5 Stars. This is an erotic taboo romance that has graphic depictions of consensual incest between a father and son. It includes, as an off-shoot, adultery, as both characters are married at points in the story. If any of these are a trigger for you, avoid the book.

I had to dip my toe in this pond–even just to experience it from a simply puerile viewpoint. So many books in the hetero world deal with incest, of a sort–there’s a huge rise in step-brother/step-father romance. And, I grew up reading VC Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic series among others, so I’m the target audience for taboo incestuous romance.

This is as soft and romantic a love affair as I could envision. I was captivated, despite my initial fears.

Martin Quillon is a doting father who has feared the loss of his son, Marty, in very real terms when he choked on a candy cane at age 6. Marty has struggled with bullying and stuttering, and Martin's been his rock, a constant source of unfailing love. This is not to say Marty does not experience this with his mother; he does. But the story is only told in vignettes of the two-week excursions to their father-son retreats the take to their isolated mountain cabin every year.

The book begins when Marty is fourteen, a few years into their visits. While on the Quillon's Covert "compound"--a one room cabin near a lake--they shed their clothes and live one with nature, fishing and barbequing and having a boys time of it. By the time Marty is fourteen he's beginning to recognize that he's enamored of his father, but this is still chrystalizing. His father is big and broad and strong, and all that Marty longs to be. The first several vignettes are really there to establish their deep and loving bond as father and son.

As Marty matures he recognizes that he's not just in awe of his father, he's attracted to him. He's 16 and already confessed his homosexuality, and been totally supported through that. Due to some injury Martin is obliged to not only punish Marty (it makes sense in the story) but to facilitate Marty's hygiene, and this is the first time that Martin begins to suspect Marty has more than a filial affection for him. Because we have been privy to both characters' POV, we know that Marty has long desired his father, in a pure love sense.

I will not be coy about this: there is a physical sexual relationship between Marty and his father. This is fully desired and incited by Marty--and only becomes fully physical once Marty is 18 y/o. The result is a spectacularly tender relationship that exists only two weeks a year. It's expressly a loving experience, one the men anticipate for 50 weeks each year as the story winds on. This continues for...years. As a kid I watched SAME TIME NEXT YEAR (which was wholly inappropriate both of me, and for me) and this book has the same sense of two people finding a respite together in a socially-unacceptable relationship. During this time Marty matures, grows into his manhood, and still never wants his precious alone time with Martin to change. The sexual encounters become more defined and explicit as the story continues. They are determinedly honest.

"No," Marty began at length, "I don't feel guilty." He looked up and met Martin's interested gaze. "What I mean is, I look at the cabin, at our time here, as a bubble--and I've thought about it in those terms for years."

"A bubble?"

Marty nodded against Martin's knee. "Our 'real life' doesn't touch out time here, and our time here doesn't touch our 'real life'. I said before I've accepted that we'll never live as a couple, and I meant that. It's taken me a long time to get to that point, but it's true, Dad."..."What we do here is between us and no one else."

I think the biggest problem I had with this one--setting the incest angle completely aside--was this infidelity issue. As mentioned, I read a metric ton of VC Andrews as a kid, so I'm kinda inured to incest. Also, this book has such tenderness, such love, I was less afraid of the damage that Marty might have--especially as he was always the aggressor. No, I think I had this niggle in the back of my mind regarding Martin's wife, and later, Marty's husband. I was not satisfied by the epilogue which brought Marty's son to the lake house--while the shenanigans continued. As a parent, I'm well-versed in getting sexytimes in under the oblivious eye of a toddler, and yet this somehow upset me. It's probably some hang-up of mine, but it still got to me. I think I would have liked the end better if Little M had stayed home with his other daddy.

That said, this is a well-written taboo story that explored a consensual father-son sexual relationship that was so carefully written as to be a romance.
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August 5, 2016
Quillon’s Covert is a family-owned cabin set in the mountains, well away from the city and the rest of the civilised world. This tranquil place nestles among mature trees, beside a lake, providing an idyllic retreat for the father and son’s annual male bonding trip. During this uninterrupted quality time they enjoy fishing, swimming, reading, listening to music, as well as cooking on the barbecue. Tradition has it they shed their clothing from the start, so neither man is embarrassed by their nakedness.

Marty is an only child and comes from a loving and supportive family. He enjoys a trusting relationship with his father, who is somewhat overprotective of his son because of an incident when Marty was a toddler. They have always been close, with plenty of affectionate contact. Marty is not a spoilt brat. He has been disciplined and taught to be respectful. As a result, he is developing into a mature and level-headed young man. He is confident enough to hug his father and tell him he loves him. Martin provides the calm and comfort his son needs. His special terms of endearment and cute nicknames are heart-warming and made me smile.

Each chapter provides a snapshot of their time at Quillon’s Covert and a glimpse into their changing connection as the years pass. We get to see both characters' point of view and the closeness between the two men and their affection immediately becomes apparent. Throughout the story their overwhelming love shines through their actions and dialogue.

When Marty reaches puberty he starts to see Martin in a different light. He wants to be and look like his father. He crushes on his Dad's hot body and his uncut cock. Marty is gay and Martin is straight. The men are candid about their thoughts and desires as their relationship moves to another level. They are both virgins with regard to gay sex and use their time at Quillon’s Covert to explore each other’s bodies and delve into their fantasies.

This beautiful story has an almost dreamlike quality, as if it is set in another world. What the two men did together at Quillon’s Covert didn't extend to the real world or interfere with their other relationships when they returned home. Martin’s love for his wife was never seriously challenged. I assume she never discovered or suspected anything untoward between her husband and son. It’s almost as if these two weeks each year were a different life, set apart from reality. They provided something for each other they didn't receive elsewhere. Both men experienced the best times of their lives here and admitted they loved each other more than anyone else. As much as they loved their other halves, nothing compared to the time they spent at Quillon’s Covert. But that's where it stayed.

This devoted love is delightfully expressed from their first tentative touches to the hot and explicit sexual acts. Throughout the story the sex is consensual. Marty constantly receives reassurance about his father’s care and concern for him.

Quillon’s Covert was co-written by two talented male authors. Each presented one character’s point of view. Joseph portrayed Martin, while Louis wrote Marty’s sections of the story. Their writing styles are similar and complement each other perfectly, giving a slightly different voice to the two personalities.

Please heed the warnings tagged in this story and give it a wide berth if you are likely to be upset by any of them. It’s a taboo story involving biological father/son incest, age difference, cheating, explicit sex, kinks, spanking, and light bondage. Don’t be like the reviewer on Goodreads who gave the story 1* even before it was released. If it’s not for you, please move on.

If taboo is your thing or you’re open-minded, give it a read and enjoy. I can guarantee you will love this fabulous piece of writing and the heart-warming story.

*The authors provided me with a copy of this title in exchange for my honest opinion*
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December 25, 2015
I am finding this review so, so hard to do. Not because of the writing, the writing is phenomenal, it is because of the subject matter. This is so off the scale taboo that I can't even begin to say.

When I read my friend Lisa at Attentionisarbitrary's review I just knew I had to read this. Her review sucked me in completely and I am so glad it did. I literally could not put this book down. If it weren't that I read it over Christmas Eve and Christmas I think I would have finished it in one fell swoop. It's that good and well written. Yes, I am gushing over a book that is so taboo it breaks the mold. This is your warning, your NC17 rating, your everything look out statement.

The authors took something as out of the realm as father/son incest and made such a beautiful piece out of it that I doubt any other author, or pairing of authors, could have pulled off as well as they did and, I must say, in such wonderfully, fascinatingly innocent eroticism.

The admiration, the love in this book shines through and is the salve that makes this work as well as it does. The ebb and flow between the two MC's, the different POV's from each character at their stages in life, the progression, and the editing make for one highly enjoyable, and erotic, read.

If this is the end result, I hope Tonlet and Stevens pair off again!
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January 10, 2016

3.5 stars

So… at first this struck me as very stagy. What I mean is the obviousness of the set-up: the solitariness of the family cabin in the woods, the emphasis on nudity while there, and the unusual, extremely physical relationship between a straight-shooter, devoted father and his sexually awakening son. It’s clear where it’s all going, and with a good slathering of overblown detail. I’m pretty sure that most ‘regular’ dads aren’t nearly as hands-on as Martin is with Marty. I have to add that everything is consensual between these two, so there's no creep factor there. But, if you’ve read the blurb, you do know what you’re in for. Heed those tags.

And then… somewhere in the middle, the slow burn, endearing love of it all grabs hold, and I abandoned all the eye-rolling. The ramp up to the taboo relationship is well done, and a good helping of naughty kink doesn’t hurt either.

It’s necessary, at some point, to just to go along with the ride and enjoy it for what it is— if you don’t mind the taboo aspect, that is. I couldn't put my kindle down.
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September 13, 2016

Honestly, if it weren't for that this would have been a 3-3.5 Stars read for me. But that makes it no bueno.
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January 2, 2016
What a bloomin fantastic book to start the new year with. It had all the best tags, taboo , secret relationship, age-gap, and of course very hot sex scenes! A lot of the taboo stories I've read are either very short or nowhere near as detailed as I like them, but this was perfect. Very well written and enjoyable.
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June 30, 2016
Overall book rating: Not fair of me to Rate
Audio book: Narrator – N/A
Book cover: 4 Stars

My review is based on my own feelings and not a reflection of bad or tasteless writing from the author at all. Everybody raved about it so I read it, because I try to be open to new things. It’s not something that falls squarely in my comfort zone so I can’t give it a 5 stars rating. But it was good. I think if I can get my mind around it, it will be a really great read, and it’s very well written. I just need a little bit more time to think about it I guess.
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December 18, 2015

4.5 Stars

You know when you have read a book and your first thought is ‘people will either love it or really, really hate it’? Quillon’s Covert is THAT book.

I rarely remind people to read the tags attached to a book but in this case I will make an exception. If you don’t like incest then walk away. It is on the page and in your face time and time again. It is not just merely mentioned allowing you to skim over it – the whole story revolves around a father and son who begin and sustain a sexual relationship. If it is your thing then I think you may rather like it!

The story itself spans several years and starts with Marty as a 14 year old. Each chapter is told from both POV’s and I found this really interesting.

Quillon’s Covert is a place that Marty and his father Martin escape to for a boy’s only trip for two weeks every year. Their time there is spent naked, having fun and discussing life’s problems. These problems over the first few years varied greatly and included Martins work, Marty’s problems at school with bullies which is compounded by his stutter, masturbation to popping zits. They are extremely close as father and son and Martin is usually the only one that can help Marty with his stutter with the simple action of placing his fingers on his lips.

As Marty matures he becomes increasingly infatuated with his father. His thoughts are consumed by the man and these include his sexual fantasies. Marty is very honest about how he feels about his father and when they venture into a sexual relationship it almost feels as though Martin has been left with little choice if he is to keep a relationship with his son. This isn’t true as we see over the years how the dynamics change and just how invested they both are.

There is a surreal feel to their relationship and not just because they are father and son. The only time they indulge in each other is when they are at Quillon’s Covert. They somehow manage to spend the other fifty weeks of the year around each other as father and son and getting on with their own lives and outside relationships. It’s bizarre but it works and it makes their time together all the more special.


“Yep, right here buddy”.
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August 17, 2016
Is it weird that I actually liked this story? It is and I don't really care. Weirdly enough, it didn't come across nearly as perverted as I was expecting. Nor was it as creepy. I don't know why. I'll give the credit for that to the authors because how can an incest story not be the creepiest thing ever. I don't know! Definitely an interesting read.
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