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Big Rock #2

Mister O

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Just call me Mister O. Because YOUR pleasure is my super power.

Making a woman feel ‘oh-god-that’s-good’ is the name of the game, and if a man can’t get the job done, he should get the hell out of the bedroom. I’m talking toe-curling, mind-blowing, sheet-grabbing ecstasy. Like I provide every time.

I suppose that makes me a superhero of pleasure, and my mission is to always deliver.

But then I'm thrown for a loop when a certain woman asks me to teach her everything about how to win a man. The only problem? She's my best friend's sister, but she's far too tempting to resist--especially when I learn that sweet, sexy Harper, has a dirty mind too and wants to put it to good use. What could possibly go wrong as I give the woman I've secretly wanted some no-strings-attached lessons in seduction?

No one will know, even if we send a few dirty sexts. Okay, a few hundred. Or if the zipper on her dress gets stuck. Not on that! Or if she gives me those f*&k-me-eyes on the train in front of her whole family.

The trouble is the more nights I spend with her in bed, the more days I want to spend with her out of bed. And for the first time ever, I'm not only thinking about how to make a woman cry out in pleasure --I'm thinking about how to keep her in my arms for a long time to come.

Looks like the real Adventures of Mister Orgasm have only just begun....

308 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 30, 2016

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About the author

Lauren Blakely

222 books20k followers
A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. Her heroines are strong and smart and her heroes have hearts of gold and fantastic funny bones. She'd love to give you a free book today! Check out her web site to grab your free read: https://laurenblakely.com/one-free-book/

Connect with Lauren here

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122 reviews225 followers
May 10, 2016
OOOOOOOOHHHHH Lauren Blakely!!!! How do you manage to give it to us EVERY SINGLE TIME?!?! When I want something sexy, funny, dirty, and a feel good kinda read, I know I can always count on you!!

If you read Big Rock, then you were introduced to Nick Hammer and Harper Holiday. Childhood friends. All grown up. And sexy. And ready to get down n dirty behind Harper's brother, Simon's back. Who also happens to be best friends with Nick. See the problem here?!

Harper needs help in the "love" department. She's a little rusty. And needs some schooling and guidance. And that's where Nick steps in. He offers her his full service. And what better way to teach than hands on! But what happens when you throw the class lessons out the window? And when feelings start to develop?

What I love about this story, is watching and listening to Nick's inner struggles. He wants Harper. BADLY! But is also struggling with betraying his best friend. I love getting to hear his thoughts. There's so much more to Nick Hammer, the Womanizer. Did I mention he draws and writes dirty cartoons. Is that like the best and most creative job ever!! And Harper!! She is seriously the coolest chic ever. I fell instantly in love with her. And GOOD GOD!! These two are EXPLOSIVE together. I'm talking sizzling hot!! I love sex scenes. Obvi. But I'm telling you, I literally wanted them to just continually do it throughout the whole book!!! I know!! I'm a machine!!! Kidding lol. But for real! Lauren Blakely made me want to crawl into my kindle and have sex with them!! That is how engaging it was to read. Lauren made me want to have my first threesome!! And that my friends, is the power of writing.

Lauren Blakely. I love you, your mind, your kinkiness, your dirty talkin men, your sexy and classy as hell women, your writing and most importantly your humor. My two favorite things in a book, sex and humor. And you nail it every time.

If you haven't read Mister O yet, then you are seriously lacking the O!! YOU NEED THE O!! Get it now!!
341 reviews169 followers
May 11, 2016
Someone get me a fan, stat! And a new pair of panties! Because Nick and Harper’s super hot sexting set me on fire! Seriously, this whole book is filled with witty flirty, banter and super sexy innuendo, so be ready! Once again, Lauren has proven that she can write male POV like a badass!

My absolute favorite thing about Nick Hammer (Hammer, ha! I love it!) is that he’s a GOOD GUY! Yes – he draws dirty cartoons, and yes, he has a dirty filthy mind, but he’s also sweet and charming and not a man-whore! He’s what I would call a serial monogamist – he dates one girl at a time but never gets super serious about them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And since Nick is a such a stud in the bedroom, he’s never single for long.

When we first met Nick and Harper in Big Rock, I just knew there was something sparkly and shiny between them – and Lauren worked her magic with these two and gave us SO MANY SPARKS! From Harper’s “Princess Awkward” moments to Nicks dirty thoughts, to their getting-to-know-you-in-the-dirty-way text messages, everything about this couple just left me with a smile on my face and lots of tingles all over.

I have always said in previous Lauren Blakely reviews that I love how she makes each one of her characters stand out in their own way – and she delivered again. Harper is a magician! I mean – COME ON – quirky and cute and memorable! You can never forget who Harper Holiday is! Everyone about Mister O exceeded my expectations – the charm was spot on, the sexual chemistry was smokin’ hot, the dialogue was clever and entertaining. I can always count on Lauren to give me a good time when I pick up one of her books. And I cannot wait for Wyatt’s story!

If you haven’t picked up Big Rock or Mister O yet, DO IT NOW! 5 stars!



You guys... YOU GUYS!!! Nick and Harper are almost here!!

Mr. O is the perfect spin off to Big Rock - the funny is perfection, the dirty will make your panties melt right off of you, and the sweetness that is Nick and Harper is off-the-charts swoon worthy!

**full review to come...**
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474 reviews110 followers
April 25, 2016
What can I say about Nick Hammer and his exceptional skills of.... Drawing... I was going to say drawing, NOT! The Hammer is exceptional at everything he does and his best skill in life is giving women multiple screaming orgasms! Nick knows just how to pleasure his women, he's all about being a woman pleaser. He's a giver...of multiple O's! You know, the magically delicious ones!!!

"Yes, Harper, you can totally ride me, and I will give you ten thousand orgasms before I even have one. Because I am that kind of lover. I am generous and giving, and I would absolutely love to introduce you to my tongue so I can do things to you that will turn your world inside out and leave you begging for more."

Harper is Spencer's sister, she is friends with Nick and after the little trick they pulled on Spencer it seems that Nick may actually like Harper. He likes her enough to want her underneath him, rocking her world and providing hours and hours of professional service with his hand, tongue and cock! Will these fantasies become a reality for Nick or will he stay friend-zoned forever?

“Riding you was easy. But beyond that, I want to know what feels good to you, and what you want. And I want to know what I like. I can tell you what I think I like. My God, I love looking at dirty pictures, and sexy pictures, and naughty gifs, so I think I have a good idea.”

I didn't know if I would love Mister O as much as I loved Big Rock, I am pleased to announce that Ms. Blakely surpassed all my expectations and took me for the best adventure with this story line, characters and funny as hell texts. Ms. Blakely has quickly become one of my favorite go-to authors when I want something fabulous and wickedly sexy. She knows how to bring the sexiness to my favorite fictional characters, her stories are mouth-watering and panty melting! Mister O is deliciously sexy, magically addictive, flirty and irresistibly charming! This story brings all the charms and sexiness I crave in a 5 star read. Move on over Spencer, the Hammer is in and he has stolen my heart FOREVER. 5 orgasmically delicious, magical stars for my favorite read of 2016! P.S. Nick Hammer belongs to me, he will always and forever be one of the sexiest book boyfriends around and I lay claim to him ;-) #HammerisMine #OrgasmDonor #OrgasmDoctor #DenasHammer
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2,355 reviews112 followers
April 20, 2016

I loved Big Rock. And I love Lauren Blakely. She is a 1-click author for me, has been for a while, and I swear each book is better than the one before it...which is confusing to me because each time I think "there's no way she is topping this one" and each time I have been wrong. Ok, so that is not really an issue.

When we met Nick in Big Rock as Spencer's friend, I knew I wanted Nick's story. Because, how could you not want to read about the guy who created "Mister Orgasm"?

What I didn't expect was that this would be better than Big Rock because, well, have you READ that one? If not, pause here, read it, and come back. If so, you know what I am talking about. I mean, really, how is this BETTER???

Nick was amazing. He was so funny, so sexy, so hot. He was the cutest combination of little boy charm and panty-melting hot man with a beard. And, he is in love with one of his good friends, his best friend's sister in fact. Although he hasn't quite figured that out yet. Give him time.

Harper is so fun, so loving, and perfect for Nick. She gets him, she protects him from ring hiding women, she throws bowling games, and most important, she understands what is important to him.

Nick's internal dialog is wonderful and while it is tongue-in-cheek and witty in a lot of places it is also full of depth. You get to know Nick, to understand him, to know what makes him tick, what drives him, and you are there as he realizes that he has actually had feelings for Harper for quite a while.

I love that he doesn't hide from his feelings, that he doesn't push her away (the opposite in fact, though the timing wasn't the best) that he realizes that he wants her to know how he feels because it matters. Because she matters.

The book is well-written, the dialog is wonderful, and there are no moments where you find yourself "side eye-ing your Kindle" wondering what the heck just happened.

This was just good. Really, my review could just read that and be totally accurate.

***ARC Provided by the Author***

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2,082 reviews861 followers
May 19, 2016
Mister O brings us the story of Harper, Spencer’s little sister from Big Rock and his best friend, Nick Hammer. But this can be read a standalone (but I recommend reading Big Rock). A little bit awkward, Harper can’t seem to find her footing when it comes to men she is attracted to – but that is where Nick comes in. As the creator of the popular animated series, Mister O, he is the perfect man to help her. But neither of them expected that their secret attraction was a shared one – or that it would quickly become addicting.

I have been a huge Lauren Blakely fan for years but something has shifted with her writing over her last few books that is simply amazing. Where I would fully enjoy the story, I find myself fully falling in love with each new book she releases. The humor is perfectly timed, her characters are endearing and the story they have to tell is simply amazing. I loved experiencing every moment of this book. I am a huge fan of the girl falling for her older brother’s best friend and this book did not disappoint. But I think what I loved the most was that Nick and Harper were friends that were finally done fighting their feelings. I loved Harper’s awkwardness and her geekiness – I loved that Nick embraced her sarcasm and even loved her for it.

This series is easily my favorite from this author. I loved that I got that little bit of the Seductive Nights series tossed in – getting a chance to spend a few sentences with those characters. But most of all, I am excited for what she has in store for us next. I am dying to get my hands on the next book she has in the works.
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1,039 reviews40 followers
May 4, 2016
Mister O is an endearingly sweet, sexy romantic comedy. The characters are quirky, fun and witty. If you’re looking for a feel good romance then this one is for you!

Mister O was a definite surprise, with the name like Mister O I was expecting a sexy, over-the-top playboy. What I found was an endearing, quirky good guy with a golden heart.

“I want to look into someone’s eyes and feel like he knows me, understands me. I want him to see my quirks and accept them, not try to change them. I want to know what that’s like.”

Nick Hammer, aka Mister O, is the creator of an animated spoof of a dirty superhero. He’s very successful in his career and giving woman pleasure, however he hasn’t discovered true love.

Harper Holiday is magician who has been too busy with work to date. She’s also a little quirky. What Harper needs is a good lesson in the opposite sex. Who does she turn to, none other than her brother’s best friend, Nick.

Nick and Harper share many of the same quirks, Harry Potter, the love of showers and some dirty texting that will make you blush. They only planned for a week of opposite sex tutelage while Harper’s brother is honeymooning, but when Nick begins to develop strong feeling for Harper the idea of an expiration date is no longer an option. Now the question is does Harper feel the same way? This story was truly a surprise! I love every page. Nick and Harper are sexy nerds with quirky personalities. You couldn't ask for a better match. 5 Stars!
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2,346 reviews216 followers
May 1, 2016
It's been a while since I read a Lauren Blakely book and now I'm questioning my sanity as to why I've left it so long and why I haven't read her entire collection, because quite frankly this was a major case of right book, right time.

I simply loved everything about this book.  I especially loved the fact that it is told entirely in Nick Hammers point of view.  I loved his filthy, sexy mouth. I loved the fact that he was very specific as to how he wanted to rock Harpers world and the fact that he lived up to the name Mister O in a big way was a huge bonus.

Harper was a little harder to get a read on, but that made this book all the better because as a reader, we were often as clueless to her thoughts as Nick was.

Even the characters occupations were unique and everything just worked perfectly for me.

Some of the secondary characters in this story are from other books by Lauren Blakely, but I definitely had no issues and completely accept that Mister O is a stand-alone and I'm happy no spoilers were revealed.

For anyone who loves a relatively short, sexy read with strong characters then I'm confident you will enjoy this book just as much as I did.
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514 reviews2,035 followers
May 1, 2016
5 Multiple O Stars!!!

“Your pleasure is my super power.” Well that line had my nips standing at attention! YES. PLEASE. I FLOVE THIS BOOK. SO. HARD. I knew I would. It was orgasmically delicious! Mister O is a feel good friends-to-lovers romance that had me smiling my face off! I got the warm and fuzzies from head to toe and everywhere in between! I laughed, I swooned, I had so many feels! Oh, and I may have been turned on...a lot. Not gonna lie.

I knew before I even started this book that Lauren was going to make me fall madly in love with Nick and Harper. She’s a rom com genius! I loved Nick from the moment I met him in Big Rock. And what a sight he was to see! He’s cocky, hilarious and super sexy! I mean, he’s the super hero of PLEASURE. And he delivers. Repeatedly. I wanted him to be MY purveyor of pleasure! RAWR! I wanted to be his Dirty Princess! Mmmm. Hmmm. But he’s only got eyes for Harper. In Nick’s words she’s strong in her beliefs with a kick-ass attitude. And I completely agree! I just couldn’t get enough of her! I’m crushing on her big time! These two have utterly and completely wrecked me. I’ve been love struck!

Nick and Harper together are like...WHOA!!! I was blissed out of my freaking mind. From the sexting to the role playing. Whew. I felt like I was caught in an epic battle of lusty love! They are electric! Together they make the ultimate super couple! I think I actually saw stars! Yep. I may have experienced multiple O’s while reading some of those sexy scenes. It was delightfully sinful and super hot! And oh. So. Satisfying.

Nick and Harper’s love journey was sweet, entertaining and fun! My heart did all sorts of things! I felt hot and tingly all over! I couldn’t get enough of this story! This is one of those books that you simply cannot put down. If you’re looking for a fun, sexy, dirty, heart warming read that will make you deliriously happy and horny grab this! You’ll love it! I fuck this book so much!!!
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2,178 reviews1,234 followers
May 1, 2016






Nick and Harper have known each other since their were teenagers. But Harper has only ever been his best buddie's little sister. But she's not that little anymore. And he's not that shy high school boy anymore.
He's still that nerd - but now he's a hot, successful, tattooed and very sexually active and talented nerd!


And even though his thoughts are on Harper a lot these days - especially all his naked thoughts - he just can't go there. Spencer would kill him! She can only ever be a good friend.

But then suddenly Harper has a proposition for him. Not really the one he imagined in his naked thoughts, but still: she wants him to teach her how to date. How to talk to guys she's attracted to.

And since he's an expert at the whole male-female thing, he agrees. Plus it gets him more Harper-time.

But of course boys and girls can never be just friends right?
And all those sexy texts and conversations are not really helping him with the friends-only thing....
But does she have the same kinds of feelings for him????
I guess we'll find out ☺☺☺

What will happen with Harper & Nick?
Will Nick teach her how to fall in love with someone else????
Will there be a horrible Cliffhanger?


I'm not telling you that of course ☺


ok - no Cliffy ☺ it's a standalone romance!!





What a fun and romantic and adorable book!
I loved Nick & Harper!!!
I just love male-POV romances! The things authors come up with. I'm kinda worried about the male species, if they're really thinking about all those things all day long!!!

Nick and Harper are just sooo adorable with each other. She's flirting with him and he's imagining her naked, but both don't think they're each other's types.... too cute.
And all those sexy texts and conversation and innuendos - ugh - I just loved those two together.

And I also loved how Spencer is watching out for his sister...unfortunately he wants to set Nick up with his future sister-in-law.... But what Spencer doesn't know yet, but the reader does... Natalie will be the third books' heroine - and she'll get Nick's brother Wyatt, who is his twin by the way, and just as amazing - also a tiny little bit crazy..... CAN'T WAIT!!!!

I really enjoyed reading Nick & Harper's story. It was soooo funny and sexy and just plain adorable!

MISTER O was such a hilariously funny & adorable & sexy male-POV Romance! Go and one-click yourself some Nick & Harper!!!!

and now hurry Lauren - I can't wait to read Wyatt's story!!!



Smokin Hot Book Blog Email

May 4, 2016

 photo mister o lauren blakely_zpspsakaher.jpg

Book Review: 5+++ Stars

Nick Hammer has earned his place as my new #1 Blakely Man and not just by racking up Os, but also because the way he loves with all his heart.  

I am always sure about Lauren’s books. Her writing style, her amazing well developed sexy and complex characters and most of all, the plot she always adds to her books has secured her a spot in my Top 5 of authors of all time. So, with all that said, I was 100% sure I’d love Mister O , especially because of what I read about the MCs in Big R(c)ock . I was captivated by Nick and Harper then and started plotting their story in my mind. Obviously, my theory wasn’t what Lauren wrote— thank God, I love being surprised by books —and I’m more than pleased *ahem* with what I read.

I was so eager to read this book. I loved their prank to Spencer in Big R(c)ock, and I could sense—through Spencer’s eyes—the sexual tension between Nick and Harper. So, the moment Mister O hit my kindle, I dropped everything and devoured it. Literally devoured it. Usually during week days I don't read so fast because of work and shit, you know, life happens, but this book was SOOOOO GOOD, I didn’t mind staying up late reading and laughing my ass off with all their sexy adventures. I think if I hadn’t stopped to make crazy memes (no sharing, sorry) and google Bucky The Cat , I would have finished faster.

Let me be clear, Mister O is a standalone novel but you’ll love it more if you read Big R(c)ock first. Why do I mention this, because in Big Rock , Harper asked Nick to pretend to be interested in her just to annoy Spencer—I tell you, that scene is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!! So, since this moment Nick started having fantasies and dreams about Harper, but he didn't make a move because of Spencer. He respected his best friend so much, which meant Harper was a NO NO for Nick.

For Nick’s torture, he and Harper started to hang out more frequently and he noticed she was a little awkward when she was around other guys she was “interested” in. That's when he offers to help her in the “ art of dating” . He was “ Mister O ” after all—the expert. So, the torture continued. Soon those lessons moved to the bedroom, and like we say in Colombia, “La cosa se puso buena” (things got better… Yeah, it sounds more awesome in Spanish, I know). Obviously, the fact that Harper was Spencer’s little sister was still an issue for Nick, but their attraction and feelings were bigger and bigger by the minute, so….GOTCHA! I won’t tell you what happens!! You better GO READ MISTER O RIGHT NOW!! You need to live read this funny romantic story yourself.

This book not only gave me a new super sexy, super awesome and super great in bed Book Boyfriend, but also gave me a new Book Girlfriend. Lauren’s heroines are always a great match for the male characters in her books, but I am 200% sure, Harper is the most naughty Blakely girl ever written. She was funny, sexy and very smart. I loved how she was always sure of what she wanted in her career and also in her personal life—Nick! So, prepare to love Harper as much as you’ll love Nick. Mr. and Mrs. Orgasm.


This is a very direct message to Lauren:

 photo fRzmQsj_zpsmododsfj.gif

 photo ARC REVIEW_zpseu9cd4hh.jpg
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524 reviews184 followers
June 29, 2017
★★ 4.5 stars! ★★

*cue the booming movie announcer voice*


Lauren Blakely delivers BIG with Mister O, from the big laughs to the even bigger feelings. Told with Blakely’s signature heat, humor, and heart, Nick and Harper’s story is guaranteed to have you swooning and grinning like a fool from the beginning to the very last page.

If you read Big Rock, you might remember that Nick is Spencer’s best friend, and Harper is Spencer’s sister. You might also remember that Nick and Harper tried to trick Spencer into thinking that something was going on between them. It may have been fake at the time, but now Nick has some very real feelings for Harper. Feelings that go way beyond platonic and into ‘I’m falling for my best friend’s sister’ territory.

Harper is the kind of heroine I kind of girl-crush on: smart, strong, and quick-witted. (I mean, she’s a magician for goodness sake. How kickass is that??) She gives as good as she gets, well, except in the bedroom/romance department. That’s where Nick comes in.

Nick would do anything for Harper, so when she asks for his help, he’s powerless to say no. He uses his knowledge and skills to give her lessons like a dirty-talking professor. Even though they are supposed to be having a ‘no-strings’ relationship, I love how careful and sensitive Nick is with Harper while pushing her out of her shell. It kept the tone light while preventing it from feeling cheap. It seems like an easy balance, but it could have gone disastrously wrong quickly.

Nick and Harper have such an easy flirtation with one another that you just know they will be spectacular together once they finally admit their feelings. I loved every moment of their banter and verbal sparring. It is done in such a fun and intelligent way that dare I say, Mister O feels like a ‘smart romance’? Yup, I said it. I love when a romantic comedy can touch my heart, engage my mind, and give me butterflies. Mister O definitely brought all of that and I love him for it.

I’m a sucker for a good romantic-comedy, but if it is a male-only POV, it’s pretty much a given that I am going to love it. Lauren Blakely is proving to be a master at the genre and the male-only perspective. I am loving this series and can’t wait to see what is in store with Nick’s brother, Wyatt, in Well Hung.

▸ ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

▸ Order: Kindle | Paperback | Kobo | iBooks | Nook | Audible

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790 reviews2,530 followers
September 20, 2016
Been wanting to read this? Now is your chance to score a free signed copy! We are running a double giveaway to celebrate the launch of our new blog! www.steamyreads.net

4 Stars!!


'Mister O' was much better than I had expected. I liked the other book I’ve read by this author, 'Big Rock', but in my humble opinion this one was way more entertaining. Maybe because the plot was more structured or maybe because the entire story was told from the main male perspective…who knows? Anyway…it was…at least for me. 'Mister O' features characters we met previously in 'Big Rock', but you don’t have to read that one to fully enjoy this fun and sexy gem.

“Giving a woman a sheet-grabbing, toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasm is pretty much the Best Thing Ever.”

Our male main character is Nick Hammer, “a superhero of pleasure, a good-deed doer”. Nick excels in many things. He’s a famous, talented cartoonist, a good brother and friend, the creator of “Mister Orgasm”, a sexy comic that made him successful and…a student and a master of the art of giving Os.

“She’s quirky hot. Nerd hot. Video-gamer fantasy hot. She does kickboxing for workouts, she competes hard in our summer softball games, and she knows what house she’d be in at Hogwarts.”

Harper Holiday is Spencer’s sister, Nick’s best friend. Harped is a green-eyed redhead beauty and works as a magician. Nick and Harper’ have known each other since forever, they are friends in some way, but what changed lately is the fact that Nick sees Harper more than his best friend’s little sister. The woman is gorgeous, has a cool job and she knows how to use sarcasm to accomplish several things. There’s just one tiny little problem when it comes to Harper Holiday.

She doesn’t know how to act around guys who like her and she has no idea when they’re into her either. Needless to say, Harper would love to have someone who would be interested in giving her some lessons in dating. Nick is more than interested to help Harper, to spend more time with her, but everything gets deliciously complicated when Harper starts to want more – for Nick to help her seduce and please a man in bed and also help her figure out what feels good for her.

“This woman is in my arms. She is all I see, all I hear, all I smell. The need to be closer to her consumes me, blotting out everything else—most of all, the reason to stay away.”

Lauren Blakely delivered a fun and sexy read that kept me entertained from start to finish. While I didn’t like too much the other book I’ve read by this author, I truly enjoyed this one. Like I mentioned above we get only Nick’s POV, which I enjoyed. Firstly because it was done pretty well and secondly because I’ve never missed Harper’s point-of-view. Why? Because Nick’s POV was simply fun and I had a blast being in his head. I loved his sense of humor and his honesty. The guy knew what he wanted from the very begging and you have to love a man who knows what he wants, a man who’s ready to go after what he wants and desires.

“I’d play Dirty Synonyms, Dirty Antonyms . . . Dirty Anything with her.”

I really enjoyed the way Nick was portrayed. I must admit I fell in lust with him a little. Nick is handsome, tattooed and wears glasses. Hot, right? And of course I should mention that he’s a very good tutor when it comes to all these lessons in seduction and sex. Harper was likeable from the beginning. She was sexy, fun, sassy (with Nick) and perfect for our hero. I liked their friendship and the easily banter between them, but what I really enjoyed was their slow burn lust and also love relationship. It was fantastically done, nothing was rushed and that’s why everything between them felt believable.

“Pretending I didn’t have a crush on you was the greatest trick I ever pulled off.”

The sexy “lessons” between them were hot as hell, maybe because their chemistry off the charts?! I don’t know…but I simply loved them...so hot and so well written! I also enjoyed their flirty texts and their sexual innuendos. They made me smile and grin so many times.

All in all, 'Mister O' was a great mix of humor and steam with two engaging main characters, great story line and entertaining writing.

“New York and autumn. Harper and me. Love and friendship.”

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1,476 reviews459 followers
May 6, 2016
Unpopular opinion alert:

I was bored through most of this to be completely honest. While I did enjoy reading through Nick's POV, it simply didn't offer enough development of the main characters' relationship nor did I feel his and Harper's connection all that strong. The sexy scenes, when they finally occurred at about 60%, were hot. The beginning was mostly a buildup of Nick's courage to do something about his attraction to Harper. I don't even remember anything meaningful occurring then. The pacing on the latter half of the story goes faster which I found both good and bad. Good because something was finally happening. Bad because they don't get a chance, IMO, to grow together. All in all, I found it ok but I was expecting more. Please note that this is just my opinion and that others have enjoyed it very much. Safety: No OW/OM/Sharing. Neither are Vs. Condoms until they make a decision not to. No abuse/rape.
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662 reviews2,462 followers
September 27, 2016
Re-read 8/9/16 Audible Version

"I want to look into someone's eyes and feel like he knows me, gets me, understands me. I want him to see my quirks and accept them, not try to change them."

I loved this book back when I've read it in May and I thought a re-read was in order, especially since Well Hung is about to be released. And of course, I went for an audible version... well, because........... SEBASTIAN YORK! Turns out I wasn't PMSing after all, I loved it just as much the second time :)

➦This is a fun and sexy romcom with very likable characters and low levels of drama. Nick is a cartoon artist and he is married to his job. He is not a manwhore, he calls himself a "serial monogamist." All about serving a woman, this one...

Harper is Nick's best friend's sister - a quirky, vibrant, honest and naughty magician in need of some tips on dating. So, Nick to the rescue... and here starts an amazingly steamy romance that will have your toes curling! :)

❤I really loved the characters in this novel, especially the heroine. I felt like I was falling in love with her along side with Nick. And since the book was told only from his POV, it was easy to do. The way he described her and worshiped her - it was beautiful. :)

❤The novel is pretty low on drama and contains no unnecessary cliches. There's no elaborate plot in this one but the character interaction, in my opinion, more than made up for the lack of one. The characters made rational decisions and actually talked to each other pretty openly. They do communicate quite a bit through texting, which was off the charts hot!

➦I recommend this book to anyone who's in store for a low angst, fun, flirty, steamy read; anyone who likes friends to lovers/forbidden romances and male only POV. Definitely one of my favorite contemporary romcoms of 2016!

Big Rock by Lauren Blakely Mister O by Lauren Blakely Well Hung by Lauren Blakely The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely

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April 29, 2016
4.5 Stars

Princess Clueless, you're about to get an education in all things you're oblivious to."

Alright, tell the truth, are you like me and you looked at that cover and blurb and thought to yourself, 'ah yes, another deliciously irreverent manwhore falls for his best friend sister, fluffy and smutty read. Adding!'
No? Pfft! Well, you my friend are far less judgy than me, then. Because that was totally what I thought. But congratulations to you for not thinking that. *hands over cookie*

But in all honesty, I was not expecting this book to have the amount of depth that it did. It caught me by complete and total pleasant surprise. It was this perfect combination of humor and steam. I had a goofy grin on my face while reading. I adored the characters. I loved the story. I'm seriously kicking my own stubborn ass for not reading anything else by this author before. But I digress.

Mister O is told entirely in the male POV and done so flawlessly. I loved being inside Nick's head. And can we talk about that name for a hot second here, because NICK HAMMER. C'mon now! Can he have a better name. Especially when this is a man that really knows how to use his tool. (uhem)

Ask me my three favorite things and the answer are so easy they roll off my tongue: hitting a home run for my softball league, drawing a killer cartoon panel, and-oh yeah- making a woman come so hard she sees stars.

But I digress again. Nick Hammer is a famous cartoonist, whose hilariously sexy comic about the adventures of Mister Orgasm has landed him a cable show. He's handsome, successful...and completely in lust with his best friend's younger sister.
She operates at this constant state of verbal banter that's flirting, but not quite flirting. The net effect? I'm a cat, and she's working the laser pointer

Can a heroine be more perfect in all her award glory? Absolutely not! I loved Harper. Here's a chick that can wield sarcasm better than her magic wand (did I mention she's a magician? How cool is that? C'mon!) but at the sight of a man she's interested in she goes sassy to awkward in 2 seconds flat. Who better than to teach her the way of the wooing and dating that Mister Orgasm himself?

I have to admit that I haven't read many books with the male harboring unrequited lust, and that was such a refreshing change of pace. While Nick can barely walk straight because he wants Harper so bad, she's seemingly oblivious to him. But as their lessons progress, the chemistry between them gets stronger and stronger. I loved that the author was able to pull it off. It's no easy feat to pull off building chemistry like that without making it seem like it came out of the blue for Harper. She truly makes you feel it. It was so entertaining because you see it coming way before the characters themselves do and it was utter perfection.
My throat goes dry. My bones heat up. This girl and her innuendoes will kill the last remaining non-sex focused brain cells.

Nick was amazing. I loved him from the top of his head to the hot nerd glasses to the sexy man beard and his delicious tattoos. The steam is a slow build, which really worked for the story here. It makes sure you're just as invested in that HEA as the characters.
I can't keep rappelling down the cliff face of this untamed desire for her. I've got to reel it back in, stuff it into a trunk, lock it up, and then toss the motherfucker to the bottom of the ocean.

I felt for Nick. He wants Harper but she's entirely hands off for him and not just because she's his best friend's sister but because he's terrified of losing her friendship as well. Harper gets tongue tied around any man she likes, and the fact that she can use it just fine to throw sexual innuendos his way tells him that she doesn't think of him that way...or does she?
Whatever this kiss is, it possesses its own pulse, its own frequency, as if the air around us is charged and vibrating with sensual energy.

Mister O was a hilarious and deliciously sexy romp from beginning to finish. The characters are perfectly imperfect. The story is addictingly good. It kept me smiling from cover to epilogue. It really doesn't get much better than this with a rom com! I can't recommend it enough to any reader that enjoys a good laugh with their steam, because the combination of it here? Perfection!
I want Harper to want me this same wild and crazy way, like she can't get enough of me. Because, hell, it's become that way for me.
It just has.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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December 14, 2016
2 Stars

This was supposed to be the book that would get me out of my reading slump. Unfortunately, it wasn't the one. Too much sexual frustrations and innuendos, not enough romantic development.

I was so excited to find out that Nick Hammer is the leading man here. He was introduced in Big Rock which was my first Lauren Blakely read and which was also the book that I liked. I thought Nick was such an interesting guy. He's basically sex on legs. He's a cartoonist who's well-known for his sexy comic The Adventures of Mister Orgasm. I loved that this book was told in his POV because his thoughts are entertaining and... dirty. Who can say no?

"I suppose that makes me the Magellan of the female orgasm. A true explorer venturing forth, fearless and ready at any moment to map the terrain of her pleasure until she cries out in rapture."

What I didn't love was the exaggeration of the smut. Not to mention the lack of plotline. At first, it was fun and entertaining but later on I found myself getting bored because of the repetitive flirtations that seemed to lead both the characters to nowhere. There was a potential conflict, of course. Knowing that Nick was secretly lusting over his best friend's sister seemed to really create a good clash but then it was resolved easily so...

There was a little bit of chemistry between Harper and Nick but it wasn't that powerful to make me swoon. Perhaps there just wasn't anything new here. Sure there were steamy scenes and some romantic development in the near-end but the overdone sexual frustration took most of the time before they figured out that they're actually in love with each other and they're not just horny. Meh.

Pages of Pearl

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August 10, 2016
The Adventures of Mister Orgasm and Princess Awkward

Princess Awkward, aka Harper Holiday, is in desperate need of help with the opposite sex. Whenever a guy she likes is around she becomes a fumbling mess that can't even speak without saying anything hugely inappropriate. In swoops Mister Orgasm, aka Nick Hammer, to save the day. When he see's a woman in need he's there to help with his superpower of multiple orgasms. But this may be the hardest mission of his life because this isn't just another woman, it's his best friends sister who he's had feelings for for quite some time. Can Mister Orgasm save the day this time, or will it be his first failed mission?

This book was fantastic and had me enraptured from the prologue. I really liked getting so much of Nick's feelings in these uncharted waters of liking a girl who didn't like him back. Not something that happens often to a good looking, tattooed artists with the nickname of Mister Orgasm. And did I mention how hot he was. Cause lawd he was delicious and the things he could do with his tongue will melt your panties.

I really liked how Nick wasn't shy about his past conquests, but he also wasn't a complete manwhore either. Sure, he loved giving women pleasure and made no apologies for that, but he didn't go around jumping in bed with every woman that looked his way. I thought it made his character a lot deeper and gave his personality that something extra that took him from being a typical Romance Hero and made him an extraordinaire one.

Nick and Harper together were hilarious and I loved the back and forth banter between them. They were just so out there and funny with the random ridiculous subjects they would talk about as if it was an everyday conversation that most people had. There were many times that I was hiding my face and trying not to burst out laughing in public while reading. Spoiler alert: It didn't work, I just looked like a weirdo.

My only complaint is that I really would have like Harper's POV at least once or twice throughout the book.There was a point in the story where it seemed her character changed a little bit and I think I would have understood why a lot more if we had gotten her thoughts around that time or maybe at the end.

Overall, Mister O was a comical, yet sexy story that I would highly recommend. If you like Rom-Coms and a sexy, tattooed Hero that isn't selfish at all in bed, than this book is the one for you. Next up is Nick's brother Wyatt in Well Hung, and I can already tell you that the book is going to be great.
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June 14, 2016
Men. hmmfff! I don't know how they walk around with those things. They seem to take over their lives. In this book, much like the last one, our narrator is a guy who seems to think about sex every second of every day. Is this really representative of the adult male population? Cuz, I don't know how they could possibly get anything done if this were the case. Also, I think it just shows that we women should be running things. Men are too penis-centric.

actually, this looks pretty accurate. Except it's missing the part of their brains obsessed with weather and routes to going places. What's up with that?

So, our "hero" is Nick, who is dedicated to the female orgasm. Go Nick! I think Nick should make some public service commercials about this.

excuses, excuses...

Nick is supposedly an expert at reading the female body language to make sure she is "happy". But, to be honest, Nick kind of sucks at reading the very obvious clues that his crush is putting out to say it is mutual. He angsts throughout most of the book about what she means when she says this or that, and does she like him. Like, like him like him? *insert eye roll here* Geez, Nick, for a guy who is so penis-centric, it seems you may not have testicles.

He finally goes to his friend's wife to tell her everything that has been going on with him and his chick because he has no idea what it means when she tells him how great he is, touches him excessively, sexts with him, brings him little gifts, and has sex with him. It's just so damn confusing!

"My wife is brilliant..So, can you tell us what this all means?"

Men! Seriously? We are not that hard to figure out. Maybe if you would stop thinking about your penises for a minute and spend a little time thinking things out, and less time naming your penises, you could probably come up with some of the obvious signs we are always throwing out there.

I wonder what this sign is trying to tell me..

Overall, this book was fun and romantic, but nothing earth-shattering. It had some cute moments. On the other hand, I had an earth-shatteringly good time reading this with all of the ladies who joined in on this buddy read. You girls rock!

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April 26, 2016

Title: Mister O
Series: Standalone
Author: Lauren Blakely
Release date: May 2, 2016

Ever since Nick Hammer was introduced in Big Rock, I was dying to get my hands on his story. How many books have you read where the hero has a successful animated dirty superhero show? I'm going to guess none. Just like me.

Nick is a sexy former nerd with glasses, he's tatted, scruffy, and oh-so-charming. He has a little bit of an arrogant and conceited side, but he was so down to earth at the same time you can't help but get a cheesy grin all over your face when you get inside his filthy mind. Especially since that mind is directed toward his best friend's sister-the sexy redhead who stars in all of his burning, forbidden fantasies.

He's secretly had a crush on Harper ever since they played a prank on Spencer and pretended to kiss. Turns out, that was the trigger that flipped his switch from platonic to spank the naughty librarian. Once it was turned on, there was no going back. To his eternal frustration, he can't seem to stop fantasizing about doing a multitude of very non-friend like things to Harper.

Her neck is long and elegant, and I've got this feeling her skin tastes spectacular there, and everywhere. I wonder if she'd enjoy soft, lingering kisses along her neck, across the column of her throat, up to her ear. Whether she'd moan, and sigh, and lean into me, her body asking for more.

I loved it. I loved seeing him try to resist what he was feeling, his thoughts were hilarious, the humor on-point. I couldn't get enough.

She operates at this constant state of verbal banter that's flirting, but not quite flirting. The net effect? I'm a cat, and she's working the laser pointer.

Nick has resigned himself to his secret lust being unfulfilled. Harper seems to be completely indifferent to him as a man, and he's not about to cross that line anyway. Until he discovers Harper's embarrassing secret: She's completely rattled and awkward around men. Being a professional illusionist for children's parties doesn't leave her much adult socializing time.

So they make a deal: She hangs with him at functions to to ward off the unwanted female attention he gets. He gives her lessons on how to lose her awkward.

"Princess Clueless, you're about to get an education in all things you're oblivious to."

Let's chat a minute about Harper. She was just the sweetest heroine, and as naive as she was about men, she had Nick wrapped around her little finger. Her flirty but innocent comments soon started a round of sexy texting that had my internal temperature rising. They were flirting with danger, playing a provocative game that could only end in disaster.

My throat goes dry. My bones heat up. This girl and her innuendoes will kill the last remaining non-sex focused brain cells.

When Harper's brother and his new wife leave to go on their Honeymoon all bets are off. While Spencer is away, Harper and Nick play.

Harper and Nick agree on a short fling, but things quickly start getting more complicated than they had anticipated. Though there was a small conflict towards the end, the book was relatively drama free and that was something that I appreciated. It was all about the two of them exploring their deeper feelings and finding the courage to reach for their true desires.

Another thing I enjoyed abut Mister O was the fact that Nick may have been experienced with women, but he was no typical one-night stand manwhore. He likes to call himself a "serial monogomist". In other words, he's more of a short relationship type of guy with lots of women. He's all about learning how to please a woman, and please her multiple times I might add. He's not about using women as sex objects for one night and throwing them away like disposable trash. I'm at the point where I think I need a break from the overdone bad boy manwhore. I think I'm burnt out on them, and it was refreshing to not have to read another one. This hero is respectful, affectionate, and generous. I guarantee, there's plenty for you to fall in love with in Nick Hammer.

This is one of those books that fulfilled everything it promised. I was expecting a witty rom-com with an abundance of delightful sexy times. And that's exactly what I got. I was laughing and fanning myself from one minute to the next. Mister O has a unique set of characters that were really noteworthy. They were original, endearing, and more than a little seductive.

Nick's brother Wyatt is getting his own book next and I'm really looking forward to seeing him meet his match. I highly recommend this one if you like male POV books, this one was done exceptionally well and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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April 17, 2016
If you liked Big Rock, then you'll LOVE Mister O!

O' my...Lauren Blakely knows exactly how to deliver a sexy, hotter-than-the-sun romance with a title like Mister O! Humor, sexual innuendos, dirty sexting and more O's than than you can possibly know what to do with...wait, that's soooo not true. You'll know what I mean once you read this lust-inducing, O-mazing book!

Nick Hammer....ah, Mister O himself is a one of a kind character. Smart, successful, gorgeous...the man rocks a pair of black framed glasses and gives "sexy nerd" a whole new meaning! His mission in life is to not only make his dirty animated TV show the best, but to give women the greatest and most sublime O's they've ever had in their lives. Come on...how much more perfect can he get? Throw in his wickedly naughty sense of humor, Nick makes other men look tame!
Harper Holiday. To describe her in one word, it would be genuine. She's intelligent, witty, and charming. But the more you get to know her, the more you find out about a whole new side to her that only Nick has the ability to uncover.

Nick and Harper compliment each other like no other characters I've read before. They feed off the others qualities and truly made their relationship very authentic. Many friends-to-lovers romances can focus on the story to help build the relationship between the main characters. But Mister O does the complete opposite, which is utterly brilliant! Nick and Harper's feelings and emotions for each other is what drove the story and made it such a success. Told entirely from Nick's POV, I found myself invested in his feelings and the issues he faced when it came to Harper. Miscommunication was not the real issue between these two. It was more along the lines of not expressing their true, deep in their hearts, feelings for each other. Misunderstanding and the fear of a broken heart can keep anyone from taking such a giant leap.

I honestly and unequivocally LOVED this book! I would even go as far as to say more than Big Rock, and that is an amazing book. The chemistry, comedic dialogue, passion and vulnerability displayed by these characters is outstanding! And YES!...even more pervy Fido! This book has it all! I cannot wait for the next book, as I'm sure Wyatt will not disappoint!

Absolute MUST READ! 5+ O-standing Stars!

*received ARC in exchange for an honest review.* ~Kelly
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2,658 reviews3,256 followers
September 6, 2020
4.5 Decoding Men and Women
* * * * 1/2
Spoiler Free
Before I get into this fun-fest of a book, I must congratulate Lauren Blakey on delivering what she promised. She promised us a book titled Mister O with a hint at this character and story in her hugely successful tale Big Rock.

In that book, Ms. Blakely took us on a journey using the male POV and it worked for me big time.
In this next book, which is a stand-alone but does have crossover characters, she does the same thing. What she also does is insert all types of nods to readers, sexy innuendos, and wonderfully fun times.

All of those things are expected...after all, it is a Blakely read. But as with her other books, she loves to turn things on end... and with these two characters, Nick Hammer and Harper Holiday, she does just that...for we are given not only a love story but amazing insight of what the "Man and Woman Thing" is all about...

How in the hell do we figure out each sex's code...What do they mean when they say things...
Do the words really represent what they are saying or is there some hidden meaning to them...
Figuring out the opposite sex is an age-old problem... and in this book, it is no different...just used in a very smart, sweet, sexy way.

The world has changed...ways we communicate have advanced with the introduction of Smart Phones, minicomputers, and the Net. All of these advances allow the way we interact to have a buffer...a keyboard to type our thoughts and wishes...without having to say them face to face...It makes reaching out and being open to saying what we would never say outright easier for some...

Lauren Blakely uses this idea perfectly in Mister O.

Cool, Hot... Charming and Oh, So Sexy...these are not the usual way the lone artist in high school would be described. The Geeky guys; computer nerds, graphic comic artists, cartoonists...these were the grist for the bully mills... the ones to Not sit next to at Lunch. But oh, how times have changed...

For that loner, the one who always had his head down drawing cartoon panels has turned into the most amazingly hot sexy man. And all of the fantasies he drew and thought about are now happening in his series Mister O...making sure this Super Hero saves the damsel and day with his power of giving O's to curl toes and heal any need.

Nick Hammer is living the dream. His original cartoon strip has become this animated series Mister Orgasm with a dedicated following; Adults, male and female, watch it as guilty pleasures on late-night cable. Teenage boys cling to the ideals and purpose of it like the holy grail... for every story is giving them some type of insight into what girls think and want via their O inducing hero. His series has provided him with a life of ease with working out, enjoying time with his friends and family, handling his idiot boss, and doing what he loves, drawing.

It has also allowed him to use freely and happily his own superpower nonstop...giving real women exactly what his alternate persona gives...

Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Sheet-Grabbing Ecstasy. Yes, we are talking about a man who will do whatever necessary to make you have that babbling, speaking in tongues, pulling hair, and losing your mind O's...and did I mentions one of his most favorite ways is going downtown...taking in all of the sights...licking, sucking, biting, nibbling, kissing and doing it all with his radar on high alert to see what is the thing which works the best...

Yup, that is our guy.

And we are in his head... All the Time...

He is this man-child who has grown into a person of insight of others. He was a late bloomer sexually in actual practice, having an older girl instruct him in what she liked...He paid attention, was an adept student, applying all of his experience to an oath... a code of sorts where it is the giving which makes the way of the man. ...and he has lived by it.

So our story is rather simple...we have Nick who is best friends with our last fella from Big Rock, Spencer. They have been buds forever and with this relationship comes, you guessed it... Harper, Spencer's little sister. Now keeping with the best friend code...one never leches after said, little sis...
But since they all have grown up and recently spent more and more time together, Nate has had a problem which keeps reoccurring...

Harper has been infiltrating his fantasies, his characters, his mind at every turn. It has gotten worse since when they played a joke on Spencer and his lady love, Charlotte, at the last softball game. Harper "pretend-made out/hugged" with Nick to tease the two of them. While it was all fun and games, in that moment of touching her back, stroking her hair...a switch was flipped and now it cannot be turned off... It is Harper 24/7 in his head.

Harper is a lovely thing to think about... she is quick-witted, extremely smart, and has a wonderfully toned body. Red hair, green eyes, and kissable lips....yup... she is lovely. She is also just as dedicated to what she loves as much as Nick. She is a magician, for real. She fell for it at a very young age and became proficient early. She now does kids parties and business events. With the support of her parents setting her up with an apartment in the city, she is able to do what she loves. She is fun, smart, and very cool.

She is also someone who has no real dating skills...Doing magic is also like being an artist...It takes practice...hours upon hours of practice by yourself. Doing this alone...watching in a mirror... making sure the secrets of the trick are not exposed. Also working as a magician has other drawbacks...for once another person knows that is what you do...they want you to reveal the trick...to tell them your secrets...and that is not the way of this art. The way of this art is to hold them dear...to never reveal...which will cause the habit of withholding to develop outside of magic.

Harper and Nick start to interact more...as friends and it is during this time, Nick watches Harper geek out when talking to a fella she likes. She has no game; no ability to understand flirting or even to make her mouth move. As she returns to Nick and their conversation completely embarrassed, she confides that this happens all the time when she is around men she likes. This opens the door to another conversation with them and the next thing Nick knows, he has been signed up to give her dating instructions so she will be able to handle this guy she likes.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem for Nick... but this is... He is having a battle of wills with his mind and dick...both are playing unfair...the mind is picturing all sorts of ways to have Harper and his dick is agreeing with every single thought...He is constantly in a state of arousal using different icky visions to take hold of the situation- she is his best friend's sister... a no go zone...So he will fight it during this tutoring time.

Well, what happens next is no surprise...and yet it is for us readers...for not only do we get what we thought we would...all the sexy goodness of a Blakely read...we get true insight to the age-old dilemma of man/woman communication.

We experience all the concerns and questions which float through Nick's head about what is it Harper is saying to him...or is she feeling exactly the same as he does when they look deeply in each other's eyes that first time... or when things begin to escalate...are they just doing this dating tutoring or are things becoming more real for the both of them.

It is very easy to get caught up in all the sexy goodness of this read...The texting, the tutoring which becomes much much more...but what really gives its uniqueness was the heart...the insecurities and the truth of wanting so badly to understand what the other person is feeling...to know they are there for you and you can be who you are without any pretense or fear.

Yes, there is more to this story than what I have told you...but I do think what I have shared will get you in the right frame of mind...Be ready for extreme maleness and fun... sexy, sexy texts and humor.

Watch for a nod or two for the reading public...and dig in for everything you love about a Lauren Blakely book; smart men who love their women and women crafty, witty, and able to see they can be themselves without having to manipulate or change for happiness. Yum!

These can be read in any order although this was how they were published:

Big Rock (Big Rock, #1) by Lauren Blakely Big Rock (Big Rock, #1)
Mister O (Big Rock, #2) by Lauren Blakely Mister O (Big Rock, #2)
Well Hung (Big Rock, #3) by Lauren Blakely Well Hung (Big Rock, #3)
Full Package (Big Rock #4) by Lauren Blakely Full Package (Big Rock, #4)
Joy Ride (Big Rock #5) by Lauren Blakely Joy Ride (Big Rock, #5)
Hard Wood (Big Rock #6) by Lauren Blakely Hard Wood (Big Rock, #6)
First thoughts were how much fun I had reading this...was it perfect, no...
But had many, many, wonderful moments...and surprise, surprise... not all of them were about sex!
Will be doing the review and leaning to 4.5, maybe.

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Well, Wendy did her chores....
Touched all the "Good Girl Bases" and is getting her reward...
Mister O...I am ready for all your Grown-Up Geeky Goodness
Lay it on me!
I'm going in :DDD
Ok, Ok, Ok, let me get this straight...

(I know I just sounded like Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon)
My Geeky Guy, the Creator of Mister Org@sm is going to have his time with Harper???

Ooooh, I knew it from the first moment I read their inter-action in Big Rock...

People, this is going to be sooooo good...
Soooooo dirty and sexy....
but such a long wait...

That's ok...No, Really...
I'll just practice all my delayed gratification...
Because I know the payoff will be outstanding...
Probably Guaranteed or your money back, hahahahahaha

After all, it is called Mister Org@sm!
Expected publication: May 2016

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3,749 reviews455 followers
May 1, 2016
I can't even stand how happy my heart is right now. That's a weird thing to say, right? But it's so full! And all that fullness just erupted in a fit of unexpected tears because this book just took a swing at all my favorite feels and completely knocked my socks off.

Nick. Hammer.

I knew by the end of Big Rock that I was going to love Nick Hammer. He did not disappoint. He's sharp and witty, confident and unfiltered, and just nerdy enough to make me sit up and take notice. Also—tattoos. And glasses. Stick a fork in me y'all. However, all these things don't paint a vivid enough picture of Nick Hammer because he's also super tender, smart, and unexpectedly sensitive in a way that completely stole my heart (after making it ache and flutter over the course of this book).

Harper Holiday is his perfect match. Quirky and awkward and completely adorable—she's like this perfect blend of straightforward minx and bumbling goof. When she asks Nick to teach her how to win a man, she puts them on a path that is scorching hot and sensual. There's a very subtle forbidden element to this story, but the bigger attraction is how their friendship deepens into something so much richer, filling my heart drop by delicious drop until the very end when it set off that explosion of emotion. Harper and Nick are so much fun together—and a complete joy to read.

This book (or these books, really) presents itself as a bit of a fluffy read, so I was a little surprised when I had such an emotional reaction to it. Here's the thing: It has so much heart. It is a sexy and fun read, but Harper and Nick are the real deal and there's no way to read that ending and not feel like you just read something special. The little glimpses of Spencer and Charlotte felt warm and rewarding, and the whole damn package just left me with the biggest smile on my face and this full to bursting happy heart. LOVED IT. SO MUCH.

And now? Let the countdown to Wyatt begin…*flexes grabby hands* ~ Shelly, 5 stars


If ever a book should *come* with a HAPPY ENDING, it's Mister O. I mean, really...

This book just sort of THRUST itself into both my heart and my head, and is yet to let me go. It PENETRATED the book fog I was in before I opened it up, and now, I'm so freakin' happy, I'm only flail away from doing star jumps or some shit.

It's ridiculous but totally warranted. Brother's best friend is one of my favorite romance sub-genres, and when you bring it together with Lauren Blakely—and her signature banter—it's a recipe for success. And a kind of giddy happiness of the whole body that feels like...err, well...Mister O lived up to his name.

Let's HAMMER out the details of why I loved it so, shall we? Nick. A cartoonist (so nerdy cool), purveyor of female pleasure with a predilection for crosswords and showers. Oh, and a total dirty-talking panty-melter. With a really big…HEART. Yassssss.

Then there's Harper. A flipping MAGICIAN, for crying out loud. In the Lauren Blakely Awesome Professions Hall of Fame, that's gotta be top dog. She's a little awkward and a lot charming, and so much FUN. I loved her—she was witty and creative and sassy.

And together they were, pardon the pun, MAGIC. All intense chemistry, with this kind of slow burn friends-to-lovers (another sub-genre I love, FYI) romance that wasn't just sexy. Or funny. Or flirty. Or heart-smooshy. It was ALL of those things.

So, the end result is me, satiated, smiling and oh, so SATISFIED. Which, for a book called Mister O, is exactly as it should be. ~ Beth, 5 stars


Oh, Mister O! You sure know how to keep a girl coming back for more. This book was so good, I couldn’t put it down! Not only was it a best friend’s little sister book, it was also a nerd alert!

Ms. Blakely seems to be able to make any profession hot! A sexy comic strip creator and a naughty magician—and the two were perfectly quirky!

“I have no clue if her mind swerved out of Friendshipville and into Naughty Thought Town that day in the park, too.”

Nick Hammer, creator of The Adventures of Mister Orgasm, and Spencer Holiday’s best friend, knows how to please a woman. He made it his life’s work to pleasure a woman, and not only in his comic strip. But he has one small issue…

“I’m the one with the big secret – that I’m completely fucking tempted by my best friend’s sister in every way. Unrequited lust sucks balls.”

Harper Holiday loves her job. She is a magician and loves the illusion she brings to children’s lives. However, she needs help with men. It’s been a long time and decides she needs some dating lessons, and who better to give them then Nick? Harper then decides that dating is not enough and that Nick needs to teach her how to seduce and please a man.

Not one to turn down a woman, especially one he has been lusting after; the two enter into a scorching hot relationship.

“I’m drunk on her, intoxicated on her taste, her tongue, her mouth, her sweetness.”

The two of them together are sizzling! Even their fantasies had my kindle on fire! Oh, and the dirty talk—top notch!

Seriously, I loved everything about this book. It was hot as hell, funny, sweet, and fun; a perfect read. I loved that it was strictly from Nick’s point-of-view. I adored seeing Spencer and Charlotte, as well as Clay and Julia. I cannot wait for Wyatt’s book!! ~ Tiffany, 5 stars
September 26, 2016
FULL REVIEW, thank you for the journey, my scientific lovies! (And sorrynotsorry for being from the future and finishing this one way before everyone else!)

So, yes this has that high probability of being really bad.... the cover makes me pant and the blurb makes me eye-roll.... and not just at the punctuation. However, is it likely to be worse than MERMEN?! Yeah, probably not.


Buddy-read with HALF OF GOODREADS, the scientific half, set to commence June 13! I'm ready for some CHEMISTRY, Ladies!!

4 And-that-last-one-is-my-favorite Stars

Nick Hammer get your ass on my man-shelf, sweetheart!

Those of you who have been paying attention know that there is a LONG ASS list of qualities that will do me in when it comes to the male of the species. My absolute favourite, is the sexy nerd. I love me a guy in glasses.

UNF!! Yeah, that there does it for me, in a major way! The glasses, the facial scruff, the I’m-thinking-something-super-naughty look on his face. *sploosh* Nick Hammer is NAUGHTY, he has the filthy flirt down to a science. And he is an unconventional nerd. How is he nerdy? He is nerdy about the female orgasm, about studying the way his partner responds to given stimuli and using that knowledge to rock her fucking world. I’m sorry?! That is HOT AS FUCK! A+

However, that is not my favourite part about this story. What I love about Mister O is how absolutely ass over elbows Nick is for Harper the ENTIRE book! He’s attentive, he’s present and he is absolutely adorable. And I’m not just talking about the steamy sex scenes (though those are really great), I’m talking about the fact that he pays attention to what she says. He is aware of her, in a huge way. He ADORES her. In fact, when he first agrees to help her he does so because he believes that not knowing how to interact with men will hinder her in life. Despite the fact that he believes that she is attracted to another man and that he will never be able to have this woman he is desperately attracted to – on every fucking level, from.the.very.beginning. – he agrees because he wants her to be happy, even if it isn’t with him. That is the definition of swoonworthy, for me.

I press my lips to hers, and the temperature in me soars. I kiss her soft and tender as I touch her face, my fingers exploring her. It’s such a rush to kiss her in private with no one watching, to have her permission behind closed doors. It’s a privilege to know this part of her, this side she so rarely shows. The side of her where she lets me in, where she lets go.

And sure, the pair of them (or at very least Nick) are oblivious as hell. It’s extremely obvious what is going on the entire book. But in the words of one of my favourite TV characters of all time:

This story is incredibly light on drama, well-written and dangerously sweet! Nick is one of the sexiest love interests that I have ever read. I enjoyed this novel immensely! I will definitely be checking out other books by Blakely in the future.


In the spirit of being accurate when advising Six which of these two, Nick or Wyatt, I prefer I decided that I should re-read this steamy nerdgasm this weekend.... mmmmmmm, Nick's Hammer.

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May 4, 2016

This was such a funny and sexy story! I don't know why I haven't read a book by this author before! Her writing is so good and I finished this book with a smile on my face! I need to read more books by her!
It was such an entertaining story, you will definitely enjoy it as much as I did especially if you are a fan of friend to lovers romance!

“Our lips graze.
brush my lips across hers, a barely-there caress that’s full of promise,
a hint of what it could become if it were real.”


Harper is his best friend's sister and she is supposed to be off limits. But he wants her and it's killing know that he can't be with her. But when she needs his help to learn how to date men things change between them.
Nick and Harper had such an amazing chemistry! They were funny and playful but also so hot! One of the best parts in this story was Nick Hammer's thoughts!I love this man, he is smart, funny, super sexy and he knows what women want! Harper was also an amazing heroine!


“I want to yank that lush body against mine, let her feel how much she turns me on, and find out if I do the same thing to her.”

If you are looking for a fast paced and funny story with two amazing characters that will make your heart melt then this book is exactly for you!

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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May 20, 2016
"4,5 My type is you stars"

...your mouth, your face, your hair, your body, the way you touch me,
the way you respond...it's all one massive turn-on.

This book was a BIG, FAT, HUGE, MASSIVE....
I ENJOYED this book so damn much!I think I liked it better than "Big Rock"!The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I had a lot of things going on the last couple of days that I didn't finish it in one sit, and just had to put it aside all the time...
"I like giving you what you want."
You're what I want. All of you.

Ok Nick Hammer and Harper Holiday were a hell of a couple!They were SO right for each other and SO in sync with everything that was Nick and Harper individual, it just blow my mind...That's why this book was so GREAT!!!I just want to say Congrats to Lauren Blakely because you NAILED IT with this book and I can't wait to see what's coming next from you lady! You're my girl! What do you say? ;p
I loved every word in this book. It was funny, sexy, steamy, dirty with a lot of positions and make overs that Harper made them true because they came from Nick's fantasy world! This book was full of O's coming from either Nick's fantasy or his big hard c*ck, they both were delicious!!!

Yes, Harper, you can totally ride me, and I will give you ten thousand orgasms before I even have one. Because I am that kind of lover. I am generous and giving, and I would absolutely love to introduce you to my tongue so I can do things to you that will turn your world inside out and leave you begging for more.How's that for an answer?
"I want to strip you naked so I can taste every inch of your skin. I want to spread your legs, and make you come on my lips, and all over my face."

I loved Nick his not your usual playboy afraid of commitments or something. He was so funny and hot with his dirty little jokes and cartoons drawings.You can just enjoy him, he had the whole package smart, funny, sweet, caring, possessive, the perfect man I may say...Lucky Harper!!!

Out of nowhere, a possessive curls through me, and I want to be the only one to know this part of her. I want her pleasure to belong to me, and only me.

Harper was also a great heroine.She was a magician so she had a thing with tricks and making people happy. She was inexperienced with men so Nick came to save the day...and he did by giving lots of O's!She was the perfect match for Nick and when they were together everything clicked in their right places!

I want Harper to want me this same wild and crazy, like she can't get enough of me. Because, hell, it's become that way for me. It just has."
Tomorrow, I'll tell her everything, and I'll have to tell her brother, too, that I've fallen wildly, madly, relentlessly in love with my best friend's sister, and I can't imagine living without her.

Also can I just say that I loved the fact that no unnecessary drama was required!
Can't wait for Nick's brother book "Well Hung"!

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3,625 reviews
June 14, 2019
I have yet to read a book by Lauren Blakely that I do not absolutely love. Mister O is no exception. This book is sexy, sweet, funny and hot, hot, hot! It is told from Nick's point of view which I loved. We first met Nick Hammer and Harper Holiday in Big Rock. I knew then that this was a book I did not want to miss.

Nick is one panty-melting, heart-stopping man. Nick Hammer is Mister O. He has made himself a success as the creator of the animated show, The Adventures of Mister Orgasm. This extremely gorgeous, funny, hot nerd has it all. That is why his best friend's sister, Harper, wants him to help her learn how to be comfortable around a man. These two are actually two peas in a pod who are so compatible that it is almost unbelievable. You will love the slow build to this incredible relationship that has been building for longer than either of them realize. You will love how Nick visualizes and deals with his feeling for Harper. Harper is quite the feisty, sexy and sassy woman that keeps him on his toes.

I love this book! You will just feel good after reading it
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June 21, 2016
Lauren Blakely knows how to choose titles for her books.
Lauren Blakely reels readers in by the title of her books.
Lauren Blakely titled this book Mister Orgasm.
So, therefore, Aileene, amongst thousands of readers read this book about Oreogasms.


After reading the synopsis, I was led to believe that Nick was an escort or some sort of Orgasm adviser. After all, this is what he said,
Making a woman feel ‘oh-god-that’s-good’ is the name of the game, and if a man can’t get the job done, he should get the hell out of the bedroom. I’m talking toe-curling, mind-blowing, sheet-grabbing ecstasy. Like I provide every time.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that he was
But that didn't bother me.

So, just to stress the obvious here, this book is his story with Harper Holiday. From platonic friendship to spanking naughty librarian friends to lovers. And was told solely from his perspective.
And boy did I enjoy reading what's in his filthy head.

Before going into it further, can I just point out his name?
Can I also draw everyone's attention to the title of the book?
Mister ORGASM.
Hammer and Orgasm.

And Aileene?

Believe me when I say that Nick('s) HAMMER is like Thor's hammer.
I hear you ask why?
Because when use for pounding , it delivers tremors.

pls don't ask what I was doing here...

Ok. On to the Oreo fun filled review.

The Twist.
Nick Hammer. This nerdy dude made me hot and bothered.

Nick in my head

*looks up again*
Oh Lord... *heads to the panties drawer*

He is insanely HAWT from the top of his head down to the cuticles of his toes...
Give me this moment to describe him even further and to justify why I was firing on all cylinders.

Head - sporting man beard and glasses. F*ck.
Body - rocking with muscles and ink. Double f*.
Hands - very talented. F*ckity f*ck
Mouth - totally sinful and full of experience. F* times 100

*clears throat*

....is apparently very good in deciphering women's body language and proclaiming himself as the super hero that saves women from the drought. But you see, not everything goes his way because he was lusting hard after his best friend's little sister, Harper. She's a no-go-zone. A hands-off can't-claim-her-kinda-thing.
And as always we want what we do not have ESPECIALLY what we CAN'T have.
And Nick is a very good example of this coz he non-stop fantasizing about doing a mass of very non-friend like things to Harper.

Little did he know though that our wicked pretty leading lady was crushing on him since day one.

The Lick.
Harper, our cool magician heroine is sassy, the sweetest and flawlessly clever girl but gets overly shy and tongue tied around any opposite gender she fancies.

So what did she do?
She enlisted Nick's help to cure her shyness, after all, he is D Mister Orgasm.

They have started by exchanging innocent txts that soon converted into a round of sexy texting that had my body temperature soaring dangerously high.
They were flirting shamelessly. Played a provocative game that ended to multiple oreogasms and realization.

The Dunk.
Did you see my progress update? If not, go on and check. Go. *does the shooing gesture*
Because it made me feel too lustful that I was ready to jump a construction worker's bone.
Not my proud moment. So not very lady-like.

With what I mentioned above, this book without a doubt is wickedly the

And to add more.

1. Harper being a magician. This earnt a brownie point from me. Never have I read a book where a leading female character makes a living out of children party tricks.
2. The humour is on point.
3. The sexy scenes - Oh God *bites lower lip*
4. Relatively drama free. I hate it when characters finally learnt their true feelings, then gets scared and ran away, only to realised that they can't live without the other person. This one had their courage to reach for what they truly desire.
5. Another thing I appreciated was the fact that Nick may have been experienced / expert with women, but he was no typical one-night stand manwhore.

Now, like any other stories, this book is not all filled with creaminess. There were let downs too.
1. As much as I enjoyed their sexy times and learning more fantasy role plays and different positions I can't help but go snooze on some of it. No, I wasn't bored but my attention wavered. For me, it bordered on too much sex scenes.

And lastly, couldn't help myself but to cocked an eyebrow here (in a disapproval manner, that is.)
2. Not for one second did I believe that Hussy Harper needed those lessons. What happened here was the student, (WAS NEVER REALLY AN INEXPERIENCED STUDENT) became the teacher in the first lesson.

...maybe she was a fast learner?
I adored her character but to brand her amateurish? PUH-LEASE, not buying it.

Heaven has a name and it's Oreogasms flavoured Nick Hammer with creme filling in between.
Sweet holy f*ck, with all those pounding and bouncing I'm
giving it 3.5 stars.

Prequel to this is Big Rock.


Time for some serious

Buddy read with my The Abtastic Ab Loving Geishas,Karly and Heather tomorrow, 13 June.
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August 8, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

 photo 6e566101939fb56ddb0b75722ce930_zps3uz6zyrj.gif

Irresistibly sexy, funny, and ooooooooh so sinfully entertaining!!!! That’s right, Lauren Blakely has once again bewitched her readers as she introduces readers to a man who has been gifted with a super power. Yes, ladies his super power is giving P-L-E-A-S-U-R-E. Yup, you guessed it they don’t call him Mister O for nothing.


So who is this Mister O? Well, Mister O is Nick Hammer. If that name sounds familiar then you probably have met him in Big Rock but if not don’t worry you will really get to know Nick and trust me you would want to get to know him. Nick is sexy, sweet, and oh so dreamy. As a well known cartoonist aka Mister O on late night cable, Nick has made a name for himself. He has a legion of fans and of course, the ladies love him. But there is one woman that Nick can’t have. His best friend’s sister, Harper Holiday. That is until she ask him how to get a man. What started off as lessons turns into something more. So will Mister O be hammering his way into Harper’s heart and more? I guess the only way to find out if Nick really has super power is to read Mister O.

So yeah, I think it’s already given that I LOVE this book. How could I not when Lauren Blakely continues to write a smart romance that was fun and outrageously sexy. With Ms. Blakely knack for smart sassy and sexy romance, she brings Nick and Harper’s character to life. She allowed her readers to experience everything from the awkward moments to even those steamy moments that will have you blushing and making sure no one is around while you read this book. So if you are looking for a romance that will have you begging for more Mister O then I highly recommend you give this book a try. And oh yeah, I can’t wait for Wyatt’s story in Well Hung.

 photo a506126deaf60bc1deb9d1251f474e_zpsblkr5jj6.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Lauren Blakely
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April 22, 2016
5 Deliciously Hot and So much Fun Stars!

 photo b5418a39-0cc6-404f-a23b-52a44f7b3c1a_zpsnfr80v21.jpg

I can say that with 100% truth that Lauren Blakely always delivers on her promises! She said she was giving male POV, and while I fell quite a bit in love after Big Rock, it is a total love commitment now that Mister O came to my kindle!

I LOVE male POV. Obviously being a woman, it is no doubt that the complexity of the opposite sex is fascinating. I think it can be a tricky thing to dive into the psyche of a confident, horny man without making him "cocky" or seem shallow. Kudos Lauren Blakely for giving excellent, fun-filled yet confounding thoughts in this read of a man who seems to be falling for his best friend's baby sister!

Nick Hammer, aka "Mister Orgasm," and Harper Holliday have known one another forever. Instead of a drama filled story of forbidden love, there is a comfort and easy friendship for the two. With Nick in the business of pleasure and Harper in need for lessons in all things male, it seems pretty obvious where this is headed. Good thing this romantic comedy was beyond fun and fantastic to follow along!

With some of the best one-liner flirting texts, come hither eyes, and pure sexual tension, Nick and Harper take seduction 101 to a whole new level, acing those lessons along the way. This was one of those books that had me laughing out loud and blushing to the point I had to make sure no one was reading over my shoulder at work! I could go on and on about the read as I beyond enjoyed it. Lauren Blakely blended her signature steam with a smart and fun romance while giving two of the coolest book characters I have had the pleasure to read!

ARC provided generously per author
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