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Magnus Chase, a once-homeless teen, is a resident of the Hotel Valhalla and one of Odin's chosen warriors. As the son of Frey, the god of summer, fertility, and health, Magnus isn't naturally inclined to fighting. But he has strong and steadfast friends, including Hearthstone the elf, Blitzen the dwarf, and Samirah the Valkyrie, and together they have achieved brave deeds, such as defeating Fenris Wolf and battling giants for Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Now Magnus faces his most dangerous trial yet. His cousin, Annabeth, recruits her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, to give Magnus some pointers, but will his training be enough?

Loki is free from his chains. He's readying Naglfar, the Ship of the Dead, complete with a host of giants and zombies, to sail against the Asgardian gods and begin the final battle of Ragnarok. It's up to Magnus and his friends to stop him, but to do so they will have to sail across the oceans of Midgard, Jotunheim, and Niflheim in a desperate race to reach Naglfar before it's ready to sail. Along the way, they will face angry sea gods, hostile giants, and an evil fire-breathing dragon. But Magnus's biggest challenge will be facing his own inner demons. Does he have what it takes to outwit the wily trickster god?

410 pages, Hardcover

First published October 3, 2017

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Rick Riordan

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Rick Riordan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of many books, including the Percy Jackson series. You can follow him on Twitter and via his official website.

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January 22, 2020
"I figured something out. You can't hold on to hate forever. It won't do a thing to the person you hate, but it'll poison you, sure enough."

I love this quote! Who would have thought T.J. could be so wise?! And this is just the beginning! For once we actually get to know a little bit of his background story and I was a happy camper to finally find out more about him. About T.J., Halfblood and about Mallory, that is.
In this third and last book they all got a moment to shine and I’m still intrigued by some of the revelations that were dropped so nonchalantly, especially about Mallory!! *lol*

Well anyway there was a short cameo of Percy and Annabeth too and even though I still haven’t read all the "Percy Jackson" books I enjoyed it immensely. XD I didn’t feel spoiled so that definitely shouldn’t keep you from reading the book. Besides their interactions were really nice and I would have loved to see more of them!! =)

"Huh." Annabeth shook her head. "All these years sneaking around, and we could've just been ourselves?"
"You should always do that." Alex strolled alongside, back in human form, though he still had a few flamingo feathers stuck in his hair. "And you have to flaunt the weird, my friends."

And did I already tell you how much I love Alex Fierro?! Yes? Well, I’m going to tell you about her/him anyway! *lol* I’m still besotted with Alex Fierro and I doubt that this is going to change anytime soon. As it seems I’m not the only one who loves her/him though. ;-P Alone the way Magnus thinks about Alex is reason enough to expect an awesome ship to sail. But, hold your horses! Before you see them running off into the sunset together Alex needs to decide if she/he really wants to be with Magnus first. Haha! Yeah, Alex is a hard nut to crack. *lol* Poor Magnus! >_<

”Also, I kept thinking about Alex Fierro. You know, maybe just a little. Alex was a force of nature, like the snow thunder. She struck when she felt like it, depending on temperature differentials and storm patterns I couldn’t possibly predict. She shook my foundations in a way that was powerful but also weirdly soft and constrained, veiled in blizzard. I couldn’t assign any motives to her. She just did what she wanted. At least, that’s how it felt to me.”

Still, despite all his confusion he never falters to do what’s right and necessary. Mainly, to stop Ragnarok and to get Loki back in his chains. Something that isn’t all too easy if there are so many other problems along their way. Magnus wouldn’t be the son of Frey if he wouldn’t be able to deal with all of them though. *lol* I can’t even put into words how precious he is and I love my clumsy summer boy so much that it hurts! XD Seriously he is so kind-hearted I can’t even! <333

”I had an overwhelming desire to write a letter for Hearth and Blitz: Dear Cosmic Forces, Please excuse my friends from their deadly fate. They are not feeling well today. At the very least, I wanted to outfit them with safety helmets, life jackets and reflective decals before sending them off.”

I love how much he cares about his friends and even though he’s probably one of the most clumsy heroes I ever met (Well, I think Simon Snow is still worse. *lol*) he always manages to succeed somehow. XD Plus his love for chocolate! Haha! You just gotta adore him for loving his chocolate so much! But that moment where all his glorious clumsiness got a chance to shine?! EPIC! Just epic! *lol* Gosh I laughed so hard! Poor Magnus though! Haha!

”The most gruesome thing we discovered was in Uncle Randolph’s refrigerator, where expired yogurt, sour milk and mouldy carrots were evolving into a pre-industrial society. Randolph hadn’t even left me any chocolate in the pantry, the old villain.”

I think Magnus might have killed me a few times over the course of this book and if I’m entirely honest Alex might have killed me even more often than him. <333 Alex Fierro… *sighs dreamily*

”I wasn’t going to die without doing that,” she said.

OH. MY. GODS!!! That scene was awesome! XD And can we once again appreciate what a precious bean Magnus Chase truly is!? He takes every situation in stride and is always there for his friends. He would rather sacrifice himself instead of causing other people harm, he emits summery warmth and he has absolutely no prejudices!!! <333

I wanted to kiss him for that realisation alone! <3 I’m so sad this series is over now and I really would have wished for more! I could have easily read 10 more books about Magnus and his friends and it still wouldn’t be enough. *lol* Please Uncle Rick, could you at least grace us with a cameo in other series? That would be awesome! =)

And I don’t think I actually have to say this after my review but I’ll say it anyway:
I loved Uncle Rick’s Magnus Chase series and I’ll forever crave for more! <333
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October 4, 2021
"I like my rivers the way I like my enemies - slow, wide, and lazy."

Instead of going for three individual reviews, I thought it's better to do a series review for Magnus Chase. After all, there was little variation between the three books, aside from the continuation of plot. First two felt like 3.5-star reads where as the last one was definitely a near 4.5-stars, which concluded the series in a much better-than-expected manner. Oh, and very acceptable cliff-hangers at the ends of first two books.

"Nothing started a day better than a little breaking and entering."

We all know Riordan is one of the most consistent writers when it comes to world building, character development and that hilarious storytelling (assuming you've already done with PJO). Magnus Chase is no exception when it comes to these three characteristics. Simply put, he makes learning mythology a lot of fun. There was hardly a page in the entire trilogy that I could not laugh at, no matter how dire the circumstances were. Most of the characters were entertaining enough to keep one engaged, and the world building (or the modifications to the existing world) does not lack any creativity. With any other author, I might've said the humor was overdone but with Riordan, there's no such thing.

And as always, Riordan had done his research well. The god tree along with the nine worlds, and other monsters are well placed throughout the story, enabling the reader to understand the Norse Mythology in a detailed way. Honestly, I think reading these mythology series is one of the best ways to get started in Greek, Roman and now Norse mythologies in an unforgettable manner. Just like with all the Greek and Roman gods, the modernization of the setting does not alter the experience at all.

However, when compared to the Greek campaign, there are several things worth mentioning, starting with the plotlines. I'm not saying they were bad or boring or anything, but it just wasn't quite the PJO level. May be it was the underlying similarities. Nevertheless, it did feel a tiny bit repetitive at times. The pace was also a little too slow for my liking, especially after reading all three sub-series of camp half-blood. But in the rare event that you haven't read any of Greek/ Roman books, I'm almost certain that one could easily enjoy this series.

"I'd always slept with one eye open."

It was a nice touch to find a way to link Annabeth to this story, and then Percy too, which did make things super exciting for a while. I almost wished they could've taken a lengthier part in the story, though that probably would've overshadowed the main characters here, defeating the whole purpose. Still, it was nice to encounter them again. Another really good series by Riordan. If you belong in the intended age group OR if you haven't read PJO yet, this one would be an awesome read!

"You hear what you want to believe."
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693 reviews86 followers
October 8, 2017
Post-read review:

I'm satisfied. However, I guess this means that I have officially sold my soul to Uncle Rick.

Full review to come.

Pre-read review:

Guys, I have high hopes for this novel. But to be honest, I have one and only one demand...

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190 reviews7,247 followers
December 22, 2017
Crying. That has to be my favorite in the series. I'm in love and NEED. MORE.
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146 reviews258 followers
May 7, 2018
I don't think I could ever rate any of Rick's books lower than 5 stars.
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November 25, 2020
MCGA: 97%
Sword of Summer: ★★★★(★)/5
Hammer of Thor: ★★★★★/5
Ship of the Dead: ★★★★★/5

5 Golden Stars


I couldn't spot even a tiny flaw through reading; things kept happening in every page! & I never got bored during reading this at all!

2nd favourite in this series!
& a quick read!

Magnus is Hilarious!

In case you're wondering, Old York looks absolutely nothing like New York.
It looks older.
Magnus Chase, master of description. You're welcome.

Magnus & Percy (don't forget Apollo!; generally any First-person version uncle Rick writes is awesome! even Sadie in the Kane Chronicles!) were the books I AcTuAllY EnJoYeD reading in first person (also Pendragon at some points)

My mead cask is angry. And when my mead cask is angry, people DIE!....

those awkward moments...

THAT AWKWARD moment when you lock eyes with two friends And one of them recognizes you and begins to shout your name, but you do not want your name shouted.
Blitzen staggered to his feet....and yelled, “MAG—”
“—NIFICENT!” I bellowed over him. “What beautiful specimens!

That awkward moment when you jump out a window because your friend jumped out a window, then you remember that your other friend can fly.

with his magical talking hilarious sensitive sword!

Really enjoyed this book! good times full of laughter. LOL.
Characters: ★★★★★/5
Alex is my favourite too.

- Magnus, it may shock you to learn that I do not have every talent in the world. Just most of the important ones.

- You’re a strange person.
- I prefer the term fabulously weird.

(I do to!)


Sam was amazing! I can add her into my list of (a few) favourite female characters.
Blitz & Hearth!
all the characters are perfect! (& this is what I call a perfect book)
Plot: ★★★★★/5
the story was absolutely amazing! every second, every page, something was happening. as I said, I didn't get bored at all!
tho I expected the to be funnier as, you know, it was Magnus! but it was beautiful, with moral value
Writing Style: ★★★★★/5
like always, well-written with funny hilarious language! Rick knows the exact kind of jokes I didn't know I needed my entire life! (or wishing someone made jokes about it.)
for example:

Since I didn't have time to murder the entire murder...
& I was like 'OMG! YES! FINALLY!

or using the pop culture references & memes, which I LOVE!
World Building: ★★★★★/5
fantastic & fun & believable as always.
Idea: ★★★★★/5
just one word, legend (which can be both description or reaction!)
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687 reviews320 followers
December 23, 2017
“Sometimes you lie to deceive people. Sometimes you lie because you need the lie to become the truth.”

If I were ten years younger, this book would blow my mind for sure. In The Ship of the Dead, Magnus, Sam, Alex and his fellas must stop Ragnarok before Loki starts sailing the ship. The beginning sounded promising and I could feel there're a lot of mind-blowing packages that were to come, but I felt a bit let down after halfway through this book. It was not what I expected, tbh.

Quests after quests. Prophecies after prophecies. Isn't there anything new and fresh to put in? I wonder that after all this time the story goes on, it hasn't developed much. Yet many characters seem to grow up and learn some valuable life lessons, but the way Mr.Riordan manages to tell his story is just dull and boring. Anyway, some part of me still enjoyed it quite enough because I wanted to know the ending and how the gang pulls it off.

“You’re a strange person.”
“I prefer the term fabulously weird.”

Although the ending is legit anti-climatic. Flyting? Seriously? In addition, toward the last 20%, the story goes so fast I could feel it without any consideration. What I liked in this book? Yeah, I kinda liked Alex even though he/she didn't captivate me that much in the second book but in this one, he incredibly stands out.

“The world will end. The big picture cannot be changed. But in the meantime, as Loki once said, we can choose to alter the details. That’s how we take control of our destiny.”

Ps. If there were any chance that this series would continue, please give me more Thor. I can't get enough of him.
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1,075 reviews1,272 followers
October 19, 2017
Am I okay? Or am I dying because of the feels? Am I reborn in Valhalla?
Those are all great questions.

I didn’t read this book, I inhaled it. Seriously. This book was read in less than a day, that’s simply how good it was. I couldn’t put it down, I NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.

I loved every single character in this book, and I think what I liked the most was knowing all the stories behind Mallory, T.J. and Gunderson, it was just so meaningful. Those three aren’t really present until this book, but you learn to love them in just the little time you get to have them.

I’m so happy this book took place during Ramadan because it is so important to have representation, it matters. Seeing Samirah fasting, doing her prayers, breaking her fast with dates, focusing on her emotions, it was simply amazing.

My small son Maggie, my Mango, my Magnus, I’m so proud of him, this little shit nearly made me cry several times but I love him and of course he’s forgiven. I think it’s the book you get to really see who Magnus actually is : a healer. That’s truly the essence of his being. Magnus is best at healing people, making them feel whole again, important and loved. But being a healer sometimes means you forget about yourself, how amazing and valuable you are . . . you forgot about the greatness there is within you, that’s also Magnus. Magnus who fell in love with the most amazing person ever, I’ve named Alex Fierro.

Alex Fierro is a force of nature, that’s truly the best way you can describe her. She’s little but fierce, ready to cut your head off — yeah that’s not a joke, she’ll do it. She’s probably one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever read about, the complexity behind her character is phenomenal. She’s transgender, gender-fluid, our favourite latinx queen, and ready to kick your butt if you dare calling her by the wrong pronouns — especially when she takes the time to tell you which one to use, you punk.

Uncle Rick is truly a good ally. That is something you cannot take away from him. He’s respectful of all the different cultures there are out there, and seriously I could cry just because of that. We do not deserve Rick Riordan. We do not. Rick Riordan decided to write diverse characters because that’s the way the world is, and he doesn’t ask to be praised for that. He’s just doing his job has an extremely talented author.

Thank you Uncle Rick, you’re so loved.
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114 reviews12.1k followers
August 11, 2019
An amazing ending to an amazing trilogy! I truly love how funny Riordan is able to make his books and I feel as though he’s found the perfect balance between teaching mythology, serious topics, and a healthy dose of humor!

The whole crew is so loveable and each has very distinct personalities. I love the group dynamic and I love how understanding they are to one another.

My favorite part of the magnus chase series had been actually learning Norse mythology. It’s one of the ones I’ve been least exposed to and therefor had the most to learn about. I actually feel like I understand it better after this!
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481 reviews1,956 followers
August 30, 2018
last night I almost started crying from worry over what that stupidly vague ending meant so things are going great
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1,880 reviews22.7k followers
October 17, 2017

3.5 stars. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature:

When Naglfar ― a ship made out of the fingernails and toenails of the dead, eek! ― sets sail, carrying hordes of giants and zombies warriors to fight the gods of Asgard, Ragnarok and a world-ending battle aren’t far behind. Ragnarok can’t be entirely avoided, unfortunately (it’s an inevitable prophecy), but perhaps it can be delayed for a while longer?

As the third and final book in Rick Riordan‘s MAGNUS CHASE AND THE GODS OF ASGARD series begins, Loki has escaped from his imprisonment by the gods and is getting the dreaded ship Naglfar ready to sail against the gods, triggering Ragnarok. Right now the ship is docked between Niflheim (the world of ice and fog) and Jotunheim (the home of the giants), prepared to set sail as soon as Midsummer causes the ice on the sea to melt enough. Loki loves global warming, by the way.

Clearly Magnus Chase and his friends need to stop him somehow! But first Magnus needs to get some training in battling sea monsters from Percy Jackson, then search his dead uncle’s mansion for a mysterious clue, fight a wolf for its possession, set sail with his einherjar friends on a banana-yellow Viking warship through perilous seas to find and stop Loki, avoid being eaten by the sea giant Aegir and his nine bloodthirsty daughters, take a break to go to Alfheim (home of the elves) to fight a malicious dragon and try to get the magical whetstone of Bolverk from his hoard, then …

You know what? It’s just another quest for a Riordan demigod hero, and the fun is in going along for the ride. As is typical for Riordan’s YA books, the journey is rather charmingly complex and random, a literary Rube Goldberg chain reaction machine, where one event triggers another, which in turn trips off another, and so on.


But it’s an enjoyable ride, even if the trip is convoluted and you don’t really remember the specifics of most of these episodic adventures after you’re done reading the book. And sometimes seemingly significant events like, say, developing the ability to understand the speech of animals, are raised and then dropped with little or no explanation or resolution. But Magnus Chase cracks lots of jokes along the way, some of which are actually quite amusing. The chapter titles are always witty; my favorites this time around were “I Inherit a Dead Wolf and Some Underwear,” followed by “But Wait. Act Now, and You Get a Second Wolf Free!”

The cast of The Ship of the Dead is diversity personified, including once-homeless Magnus; Alex, who frequently shifts back and forth between identifying as male and female; devout Muslim Samirah, who fasts for the month of Ramadan notwithstanding all their troubles and conflicts; former black slave and Civil War soldier Thomas Jefferson (T.J.) Jr.; and more. With all this diversity, there’s a refreshing emphasis on friendship and loyalty. It culminates in the book’s climactic scene, with an unexpected twist befitting this entire series’ theme of unity in diversity.

Riordan finds creative ways to weave in many actual legends and characters from Norse mythology. I was particularly impressed when I did a little online sleuthing regarding Bolverk, and found that an ancient legend concerning Bolverk, a whetstone, a battle with slaves and the mead of poetry had been neatly woven into the text of The Ship of the Dead. That Naglfar ship though. *shudders*

The Ship of the Dead wraps up Magnus Chase’s initial story arc, though I’d expect that some of these characters will make an appearance again in later Riordan books. Near the end there’s a teaser involving Percy Jackson and his girlfriend Annabeth, presumably pointing to the next book set in Riordan’s multi-mythological world.

Content note: Parents of younger readers may want to be aware that the gender-fluid Alex, introduced in the second book, The Hammer of Thor, becomes romantically involved with another character in this book (trying to avoid too many spoilers here). Kisses only. Regardless of your stance on this hot topic, it's a good one to discuss with your kids.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, Disney-Hyperion, for review. Thank you!!
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592 reviews1,052 followers
October 8, 2017
The good thing about Rick Riordan's books is that you always know what you get. They are light-hearted, funny, fast-paced, and just lovely to read. Having said that - I think he might be running out of steam here.

I will not even try to give a synopsis because, like all the books in the Percy Jackson universe before this, it's basically: group of demi-gods (or Einherjar) get send on a quest, they go from place A to place B - get attacked/meet a monster/get challenged - escape, go to place C - get attacked/meet a monster/ get challenged - escape, go to place D - get attacked/ meet a monster/ get challenged - and so on and so forth. The recipe works; the books are all insanely readable and fun but, especially the later ones get a little bit stale. Not enough that I stop reading them, mind, but enough to make me hope that Rick Riordan will actually manage to wrap them up sooner rather than later so that they can end on a high.

What I love about these books is how obviously aware of his readers Rick Riordan is - and he tries to write characters that many people can relate to. I find that especially important in Middle Grade books. He seems to have such a lovely, positive world view and his books reflect that. They always emphasize friendship and being there for each other and being a good person. I like that.

I think one of the reasons this book did not quite work for me is the fact how very dark the underlying mythology is: don't get me wrong, the Greek pantheon is filled with dark and twisted tales but also with goodness and hope, Norse mythology? Not so much. It is filled with the knowledge that the end of the world - Ragnarok - is inevitable. And this grimness does not quite mesh with the light-hearted voice of the series.

But still, I enjoyed reading this book and spending more time in this world that feels familiar, it is comforting to know exactly what to expect and I needed that.

First sentence: "'Try it again,' Percy told me. 'This tme with less dying.'"
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656 reviews1,395 followers
October 7, 2017


First up, it feels so good to be writing a review. I haven’t finished a book in a while (about a week, actually) so writing this makes me so happy. Life just sucks at the moment, makes it difficult to make time for a book when you’re packing all your stuff and trying to find a house. But, hey, what can you do?

Okay, now fully into the ramble;

Some books you truly want to be longer than a trilogy. The story of Magnus Chase is one of them for me. I know absolutely nothing about Norse mythology. Greek, Egyptian and Roman mythology I all knew about so reading Riordan’s other series were made easy by previous knowledge. Norse mythology was a big wide world of nothing for me. The only thing I really knew was Chris Hemsworth played Thor (my mum loves Chris Hemsworth). This series took me a while to get into and to learn the particular gods of this world, but once I was into it I was so completely in love with the characters.

Riordan manages to weave challenges into a story that don’t become tiresome and add to the characters overall journey. He creates fresh characters in every series and their backstories will have you in tears. We don’t even get to learn everything throughout this book, simply get glimpses of the other characters while Magnus Chase attempts to stop Ragnarok.

We have such a diverse cast of characters particularly throughout this series that it is the perfect middle-grade novel. Almost everyone can find themselves in this book or pieces of themselves which I think is perfect for children who are going through particular things that aren’t the ‘norm’. I can’t speak for any of the rep though, but I believe it is well done from what I’ve read (will hunt for own voices reviews).

I really think Riordan’s series is important for the amazing plot and the characters throughout. I may be 20 in a couple months but I can’t stop myself from picking up these books and being completely engaged.


The thing about Riordan’s books is that you can’t say much about the plot without spoiling a whole lot. This book details Magnus and our well-known friends going on a journey to defeat Loki. Of course, nothing goes right and there are several side adventures that keep humour up and myself engaged as a reader.

This was the perfect book for me to read at the current time. My family is going through some struggles right now and I am getting my wisdom teeth ripped out on Thursday, so I just need to keep myself distracted (but not too distracted, if that makes sense?).

Riordan is one of the best writers for the plot, though. I need the plot to keep me engaged and entertained and never over the five years I’ve been reading his books has he let me down. I just love all the additions to the overall story and the even larger addition of humour. These books will get you smiling and giggling.

Also, the romance in this book is one of my favourite romances in every book I’ve ever read. It was cute, sweet and completely relatable. It happens so organically and isn’t forced. The trauma between characters is never disregarded either, which I loved.


#M A G N U S C H A S E

I love Magnus Chase with all my heart. He is a character that isn’t the ‘chosen one’ or the son of the most well-known and best god of that particular mythology. He’s a bit of a weenie actually. He makes me laugh so hard and constantly keeps me on my toes with his snarky remarks or embarrassing moments.

He truly grows in this book. He comes into his own and discovers more about himself and the other around him. I wish we got more of his grief, though. He has lost so much for such a young child and I would honestly be a wreck if it was me. I am blown away.

The way he is such a caring individual as well. I mean, he is the son of a god who heals people, so it makes sense. I don’t know what to say, really. I just adore Magnus Chase. He is a sweetheart and I just want to hug him.

#O T H E R S

I’ve added in this others bit purely because there are so many other characters in this book. We have Alex, Sam, Blitzen, Hearthstone, Mallory, T.J., Gunderson and Jack. They are all incredibly important throughout this particular story. Making their mark and giving us a bit more information on characters that have felt neglected in the past two books.

I particularly liked seeing Sam do Ramadam, it was interesting to have that different spiritual connection throughout the book that focuses on a mythology. Alex becomes a full-fledged character for me, as we learnt about his/her background. It was truly heartbreaking. The same goes as we learn about Mallory, T.J and Gunderson, how they all ended up in Valhalla.

I’m not sure what to say, apart from the fact I may love the side characters more than I love Magnus Chase. Wild, right?


Overall, a phenomonal conclusion. It has left me desperately and anxiously wanting more. I can’t wait for Magnus to pop up in other books Riordan does. My only complaint would be, not enough Percy Jackson. I was really hoping the Greek and Norse worlds would have come together in this novel, but oh well, what can I do now? Anxiously await for Riordan’s next release and re-read every book he’s written.
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Author 31 books5,632 followers
November 15, 2017
Oh, Magnus! You are the best!

I have been trying to decide what it is about these that I love so much. I have really, REALLY liked the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus books, but I LOOOVE Magnus. And I realized that it's because Magnus is, well, such a sweetheart. He is a genuinely compassionate and just sweet guy, and I adore him for that. His first thought, in any situation, is how to take care of his friends. He knows he's not a good fighter, and he doesn't like fighting, so he's always looking for other options and ways they can talk things out, and I adore him for it. He's also funny, but without being mean or snarky, and naive without being stupid. He's the perfect man.

I also love how Riordan, through Magnus, points out how completely crazy and occasionally gross Norse mythology is. You know me, you know these are my ancestors, you know I read a lot of Norse mythology. But let's face it: a ship made out of the finger and toenails of the unredeemed dead? That's DISGUSTING. And what would that LOOK like?! The fact that Loki once turned into a beautiful lady horse, and later had an eight-legged horse baby?! That's, as the kids say, completely CRAY-CRAY.

And I love the cast of characters in this. Samirah El-Abbas and her magical hijab. Alex and her green and pink fashions. Blitzen and Hearthstone, the ultimate surrogate dad/older brothers. I just melted with love for poor Amir, who is doing his normal human best to not freak the frak out and be supportive of all this, and who brought Magnus a cooler of falafel sandwiches for their deadly quest. Amir! You're awesome!

So, if you haven't read this series, DO IT. The first book is The Sword of Summer. If you haven't read any Rick Riordan, go ahead and start with The Sword of Summer, too. Just . . . just read these books, guys. They're great!
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159 reviews228 followers
January 28, 2018
“You’re a strange person.”

“I prefer the term fabulously weird.”

4.5. I have to admit that I started this series already ready to rage about how it wasn’t as good as Percy Jackson because the Percy Jackson series is one that I hold particularly close to my heart. However, if after the first book I was positively surprised but not impressed, the rest of the series just got better and better and I can almost say I find this just as good as the other series.

This series stands out in how diverse and open-minded it is. How many books have you read that figures characters with different religious beliefs (without any of them being judged for it, or only seen through it), characters with disabilities (and I mean important characters), characters that are gender fluid and characters with different sexualities, and more ? A book that does not make those things the most important thing about these characters. Because what is important is how kind, brave, funny, sassy, and heroic they are. THANK YOU. It felt amazing. I love all of those characters and I would do anything to protect them. Alex, Sam and Hearthstone especially.

Concerning the story, like any Rick Riordan’s book it was funny, full of action, taught a lot about North mythology and was overall such an easy and light read. I don’t think I have anything bad to say about this really. I’m really sad that this series is finished because I think I could have read a lot more books about these characters.
Guys, if you loved Percy Jackson or if you’re looking for diversity and something different, I can only HIGHLY recommend this.
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January 26, 2021
Name a book by Uncle Rick that i did NOT enjoy, i'll wait.

"I figured something out. You can’t hold on to hate forever. It won’t do a thing to the person you hate, but it’ll poison you, sure enough."

What a fantastic, amazing, and worthy conclusion to this trilogy! I'm glad with how things were settled. There were some scenes where i was grinning and laughing like an idiot and also scenes that made me feel pain and tear up.

"The world will end. The big picture cannot be changed. But in the meantime, as Loki once said, we can choose to alter the details. That’s how we take control of our destiny."

While reading TJ's, Mallory's, and Halfborn's past, i felt like my heart broke a little. They truly died as heroes and that's the reason why they are so cool. Just like Magnus said:
Mallory is the fiercest fighter and she keeps the team together.
Halfborn is the bravest and most stupendous for battling while wearing no shirt.
TJ is the heart and soul of our fellowship. I love his enthusiasm.

Heart and Blitzen. There are no words to describe how much i adore them both in sign language. Hearth is the best rune magician-elf and Blitz is the best and most fashionable dwarf in the whole nine worlds. #Blitzstone

Samirah. Indeed, her stamina is steel, her faith is unnerving and she is a daughter of Loki who is better than Loki. That's why y'all need to stan her!

Alex Fierro, the secret weapon. I just love Alex. Period. #FierroChase

Magnus Chase, our MC.
“Loki, you asked me who I am? I’m part of this team. I’m Magnus Chase from floor nineteen, Hotel Valhalla. I’m the son of Frey, son of Natalie, friend of Mallory, Halfborn, T.J., Blitzen, Hearthstone, Samirah, and Alex. This is my family! This is my othala. I know they will always support me, which is why I’m standing here, triumphant, on your ship, surrounded by my family, and you…even in the midst of thousands, you. Are. Still. Alone.” 💯💯

Jack or Sumarbrander. Yep, i saved the best for last. He's the greatest talking and singing sword to exist. I hope he can find his soulmate or swordmate.

That's all. I like the diversity and the plot. I enjoyed this trilogy a lot. Five "fabulously weird" stars!
Thank you Uncle Rick for not disappointing Charms.

"You think the world is one way, then you find out it’s much bigger and stranger than you ever imagined. If you can’t expand your thinking, you’re not going to do well in the afterlife."

Eat chocolate first, destroy the world later.
June 24, 2018
"Come chocolate primero, destruye el mundo después".

Se acerca el Ragnarok, el fin del mundo vikingo, y Magnus y sus amigos deben intentar detener a Loki antes de que la batalla del fin de los tiempos acabe no sólo con ellos, sino con el planeta entero. Un día normal para los semidioses nórdicos, vamos.

Adoro la mitología nórdica, me encanta encontrar guiños a los mitos clásicos y ver cómo Rick Riordan transforma las personalidades de los dioses y las vuelve cómicas. Me divierto muchísimo con los títulos de sus capítulos y con los chistes malos. Me fascinó ver a Percy y a Annabeth al comienzo de El Barco de los Muertos entrenando un poco a Magnus, es un crossover genial.

Y... sí, hay un "pero" acercándose en esta reseña. Y lo siento... PERO, creo que ya habiendo terminado la trilogía de Magnus Chase y los Dioses de Asgard puedo decir que es la que menos me ha gustado. Sí, es entretenida. Sí, hay situaciones de peligro y situaciones absurdas. Y sí, me gusta que Rick Riordan haya abierto el mundo de los mitos nórdicos a más personas. Pero no sé qué sucedió, la trilogía no conectó mucho conmigo. En un principio, Magnus me parecía un pobre sustituto de Percy, intentando imitar su humor y demás. Luego, creo que las cosas empezaron a alargarse muchísimo. Sentí que el ritmo y la narración de la trilogía fue decayendo.

Ahora, si hay algo que me mantuvo leyendo esta trilogía y que me hacía emocionar un montón conforme se acercaba lo que yo quería que sucediera fueron básicamente dos personajes: Samirah y Alex. Son dos personajes maravillosos y que Rick Riordan introduce en la trama de una manera completamente natural y no por "cumplir cuotas de diversidad".

Samirah es una valkiria dedicada a servir a Odín, pero también es musulmana y cree en Alá. ¡Ah! Y encima es hija de Loki. Es una guerrera de miedo, tremendamente inteligente y un soporte vital para sus compañeros.

Para mí, lo mejor de esta trilogía, ha sido Alex. Por el bien de esta reseña, vamos a asumir que Alex se siente hombre en este momento y por eso voy a usar pronombres masculinos para referirme a él. Dicho esto... Alex también es hijo de Loki, pero Loki es su madre, y se identifica como una persona de género fluido. ¡Es un personaje absolutamente magnífico! Alex tiene todos los dones de Loki: es retorcido, inteligente y recursivo. Pero odia a su madre y se ha unido al grupo de Magnus para detener el Ragnarok. A lo largo de los libros, conocemos mucho del pasado de Alex, de sus miedos y de lo espontáneo y adorable que puede llegar a ser. Siento que Rick Riordan hizo un gran trabajo construyendo a Alex y presentándonoslo en un libro de mitología nórdica, pues en realidad ayuda muchísimo a normalizar y a conocer cómo sienten y piensan las personas de género fluido, que es algo sobre lo que yo nunca había leído.


El final de esta trilogía es predecible, realmente, pero hay pequeños giros que la salvan de ser algo completamente aburrido. Es más, me atrevería a decir que Rick Riordan piensa seguir utilizando a Magnus, Samirah, Alex, Mallory y a los demás en futuros libros, pues el final, si bien cierra el arco de esta saga, deja muchos otros interrogantes que pueden ser pistas para otras sagas.
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January 11, 2021
*I sit at a table lit by a single lamp, surrounded by two mental manifestations*

Cynical Natalie: Well, well, well. How the turn tables

Me: Um, yes. I realize it's been a while—

Cynical Natalie: A year

Nice Natalie: We don't know for certain it's been a year! We don't really keep track of these things

Cynical Natalie: Shut up, ass-kisser. You ignore us for an entire year, penning lackluster rushed reviews, all because you've been getting deeper into the dating game. And now you have the audacity to sit us at this table—with no food either—and ask us to do your dirty work

Me: ...

Nice Natalie: ...

Cynical Natalie: ...

Nice Natalie: ...Does that mean I get to go first?

Cynical Natalie: Fuck you. Magnus Chase is officially proof that we've outgrown Rick Riordan. We didn't laugh out loud once during reading. Not once. Plus, age factor aside, it's the same old quest narrative. Oh, the world's about to end. Oh, we have have to go on this quest. Oh, we have to battle/outwit/meet an encyclopedic of mythical monsters.

Tell me, over a decade after the original Percy Jackson series came out, why do none of Riordan's characters brush up on their respective mythology on their downtime? It could save their fucking lives. Don't tell me they're lazy teenagers.

Nice Natalie: I think you're being too harsh. (Cynical Natalie: Big surprise) You're only complaining because we've outgrown Riordan. If you liked the book, none of those flaws you mentioned would matter

Cynical Natalie: Nope. I'd still rip it to shreds

Nice Natalie: Besides, the Magnus Chase series is a testament to Riordan's self-education and wokeness. He strives to make his books more diverse now. He even started a publishing imprint specifically for books about lesser known mythologies, written by authors from different minorities.

Alex Fierro is a gender-fluid character in a middle-grade book. It offers an accessible way for children and teens to learn about the gender spectrum and normalize it in their eyes

Cynical Natalie: Eh, I suppose. Alex is a very simplified representation though. They don't suffer from gender dysphoria or anything

Nice Natalie: Why do they have to? Gender-fluid people don't have to be all angsty about their person or gender

Cynical Natalie: I'll concede to that, but you can't deny Percy Jackson's cameo is blatant fanservice. Just leave the boy alone already. He's likely got hives by now

Nice Natalie: Oh, but we love Percy!

Cynical Natalie: Not anymore. All these fucking new books and content about him. You can't miss something if it's never gone. If anything, it's making me indifferent towards the franchise

Nice Natalie: *GASP* You take that back!

Cynical Natalie: I. Am. Indifferent. Towards. Percy. Jackson.

Nice Natalie:

Cynical Natalie: Since we broke my twin, I'll issue the final rating. 3 stars, and that's us being generous. *to Nice Natalie* Oh, quit blubbering. Here, look at this picture of Logan Lerman

Happy 2019, ya filthy animals on Goodreads.

My review of The Sword of Summer
My review of The Hammer of Thor

Other Nice Natalie/Cynical Natalie brawls reviews:

The Fault in Our Stars
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Dreams of Gods & Monsters
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Catching Fire
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An Ember In The Ashes

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
The Last Namsara
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569 reviews778 followers
October 29, 2017
Like all the books in this series, I really liked this. I think the best part of the series are the characters. I loved how his friends from the 19th floor had a bigger role in this book and had more character development. All of his friends are just so precious. I love them and want to protect each and every one of them.

Overall, this was a fantastic installment in the Magnus Chase series.

P.S. Alex is still my fav <3
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October 12, 2017
After reading | October 11th, 2017:

“Sometimes you lie to deceive people. Sometimes you lie because you need the lie to become the truth.”

I cried. I actually cried and I’m so embarrassed to admit that I cried because it honestly wasn’t even that sad. I’m just such an emotional trainwreck, and I don't know what is wrong with me.


My heart was just hit with all of the feels and I couldn’t help myself.

This trilogy has been just so heartwarming and sweet and hilarious and I love all of the diversity and the friendships and the love, and I don’t know. I am happy.

I am hopeful.

I am satisfied.

I’m so sad it’s over. I am going to miss the bravery that is Samirah al-Abbas, and the adorableness that is her and Amir. I am going to miss Blitzen and Hearthstone who are the true heroes. I am going to miss Alex Fierro who constantly changes but is always true to who they are. I am going to miss Mallory, TJ and Halfborn who have been through so much, but are so loyal and the best friends anyone could ask for.

And most of all, I am going to miss the sunshine and sweetness that is Magnus Chase. I am so proud of these nerds, I will miss them all so much.

I really hope it’s not the last we hear from the all the einherjar!

"You can't hold onto hate forever. It won't do a thing to the person you hate, but it'll poison you, sure enough.”


Before reading | July 18th, 2017:

Me after finishing Sword of Summer: okay, I'm actually totally on board with Magnus not having a love interest.

Me after finishing Hammer of Thor: ASDFGHJKL SHIP SHIP SHIP

My hopes for Ship of the Dead:
≫ BEATRICE (Rick has officially dubbed them this, pass it on)
≫ Blitzstone to be confirmed (I mean, were you not feeling those vibes in Hammer of Thor? Because it one hundred percent seems like they have feelings for each other)
≫ more Loki (I hate him, but I love him)
≫ Percy Jackson to be besties with all the einherjar (I hope him and Magnus will become best friends?? They have similar sassy personalities, but I don't know if Percy will be able to get over the fact that Magnus hates the color blue)

(by the way, can we just talk about how Magnus Chase shares a name with Magnus Bane who is in love with Alec Lightwood? Malec and Malex? And Rick also dedicated the first book to Cassie which means they're friends and probably messing with us)
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December 19, 2020
Creo que voy a apartarme un tiempo de los libros de Rick Riordan, porque con este he empezado a ver de forma muy clara las puntadas y estructuras que usa en sus libros. El mundo se acaba en cinco días mal contados, necesitamos buscar no se qué objeto mágico, por el camino nos topamos con cinco dioses y medio, etcétera, etcétera. No digo que no esté mal, pero consumir la misma estructura una y otra vez puede llegar a cansar.
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157 reviews
May 9, 2019
Haha I really like Jack.
“Where's the gold?" I demanded. "Don't make me unleash my sword's playlist.”

Annabeth frowned. "Percy's sword is a she?"
Jack laughed. "Well, duh."
Percy studied Riptide, though I could've told him from experience it was almost impossible to tell a sword's gender by looking at it.
"I don't know," he said. "Are you sure -?"
said Alex. "Respect the gender."
"Okay, fine,"
he said. "It's just kinda strange that I never knew."
"On the other hand,"
Annabeth said, "you didn't know the pen could write until last year."
"That's low, Wise Girl.”

And I absolutely love the humor and sarcasm
“In case you're wondering, Old York looks absolutely nothing like New York.
It looks older.
Magnus Chase, master of description. You're welcome.”

This is most certainly not a relatable situation
“That awkward moment when you jump out a window because your friend jumped out a window, then you remember that your other friend can fly.”

This couldn't be truer
“I think the hardest thing we can ever do is see someone for who they really are. Our parents. Our friends. Ourselves.”

I love how Magnus can be funny even in the most dire situations:
Malory sheathed her knives and signed to me, I have the walnut.
That would have made a great code phrase if we were talking about a nuclear weapon or something. Unfortunately, she just meant she had the walnut

Me: "And I am most certainly loving this series. "
Also Me: "When have I ever before not liked a Rick Riordan book ?"
Me: "This can not be more true"

I should honestly be ashamed, noticing how Samirah was so punctual and steadfast in all her prayers.

It's kinda hard too believe how stupid Magnus is :
“Back when I was a regular mortal kid, I didn't know much about combat.
I had some murky ideas that armies would line up, blow trumpets, and then march forward to kill one another in an orderly fashion. If I thought about Viking combat at all, I would envision some dude yelling, SHIELD WALL! and a bunch of hairy blond guys calmly forming ranks and merging their shields into some cool geometric pattern like a polyhedron or a Power Ranger Megazord.”

I absolutely love the idea of a big yellow ship "
“Wow," said Samirah as we approached the dock. "You're right, Alex. That ship is really yellow."
I sighed. "Not you, too."
Alex grinned. "I vote we name it the Big Banana. All in favour?"
"Don't you dare," I said.
"I love it," Mallory said, throwing Alex a mooring line.
Keen and Gunderson had emerged from belowdecks in an apparent truce, though both sported fresh black eyes.
"It's decided, then!" bellowed Halfborn. "The good ship Mikillgulr!"
T.J. scratched his head. "There's an Old Norse term for big banana?"
"Well, not exactly," Halfborn admitted. "The Vikings never sailed far enough south to discover bananas. But Mikillgulr means big yellow. That's close enough!"
I looked skyward with a silent prayer: Frey, god of summer, Dad, thanks for the boat. But could I suggest that forest green is also a great summery colour, and please stop embarrassing me in front of my friends? Amen.

This book helped me survive two weeks' Maths and Physics' classes. For which I am very grateful. cocky_grin

And not paying attention to these classes was my choice!!
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406 reviews280 followers
September 10, 2020
✨ 🌟 5 'fabulously weird' stars 🌟 ✨
Sometimes you lie to deceive people. Sometimes you lie because you need the lie to become the truth.
# 1 The Sword of Summer - 4.25 🌟
# 2 The Hammer of Thor - 4 🌟
# 3 The Ship of the Dead - 5 🌟

Ragnarok is almost here, and our heroes must find a way to stop it. This was hands down my favourite book of the series!
“I figured something out. You can't hold onto hate forever. It won't do a thing to the person you hate, but it'll poison you, sure enough.”
The final part of the trilogy was *everything* I wanted ❤️
“I think the hardest thing we can ever do is see someone for who they really are. Our parents. Our friends. Ourselves.”
Magnus is my favourite Rick Riordan character yet. He is funny, brave, sweet, loyal and there is so much goodness in him that I can't put into words. Several times in this book I wanted to reach out and give him a hug.

I loved how Magnus wasn't really the best fighter, or wasn't the son of a really famous Norse God. Instead his strength lies in healing people, not just their bodies, but their souls too. I would much rather prefer someone who heals and inspires people, than one who is simply good with a sword!

I absolutely adored how the relationship between Magnus and Alex unfolded, and my guess of Magnus being a pansexual is finally confirmed!
I'll be honest. A small part of my brain thought,  Alex is male right now. I have just been kissed by a dude. How do I feel about that?
The rest of my brain answered:  I have just been kissed by Alex Fierro. I am absolutely great with that.

Gah! Those two deserve all the happiness in the world.

In this book we finally get the stories of the other side characters including Mallory, Gunderson and TJ. The only one I missed here was Otis the goat! 😂 I'm going to miss this whole squad so much and I really wish there were more books to this series!

I rarely rate books a solid 5-star, but this one deserves it. Even though it has a happy ending, it is kind of bittersweet.
“The world will end. The big picture cannot be changed. But in the meantime, as Loki once said, we can choose to alter the details. That’s how we take control of our destiny.”



It's finally time to read the last book! ✨

I had been putting this off because I'm not ready to say goodbye to my babies 🙈💜😢
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142 reviews18 followers
Want to read
October 30, 2016
We can finally see Percy xD

But we have to wait for another year:(
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3,884 reviews31.2k followers
January 1, 2018
I'm sad to be done with Rick's Norse books. These were wonderful. Rick's writing is so clear and he has such a deep understanding of mythology to be able to play with the gods the way he does. These are some of my favorite books as I love anything having to do with mythology. I also enjoy that Magnus is a healer. It's nice that he heals.

Also, I think Alex is one of the coolest characters in literature. I mean, it's so neat that he/she is allowed to flow back and forth on the gender spectrum. It's also amazing that Magnus is attracted to him/her and it's the person. I love it. Rick also tackles homelessness in this book. It is such a well done book.

They have to face off against Loki in a Flyting to prevent Ragnarok. They go through some rough realms to get there. It starts off at a fast pace and keeps that up. The stakes are high and the action is packed. Magnus has a capable team of adventurers.

I'm glad this was my final book for 2017. Hello 2018. Happy New Year.
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