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Superman: Lois and Clark #1-8

Superman: Lois and Clark

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In this prelude to DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, the Superman and Lois Lane of the pre-New 52 DC Universe return in SUPERMAN: LOIS AND CLARK, from the creative team of Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks!

They were the first couple of truth and justice, the Man of Steel and the tough-as-nails reporter who was the love of his life. Then came the Flashpoint…the Convergence…and their world was wiped from reality, replaced with the New 52 worlds that make up the Multiverse.

Now Lois and Clark, as well as their young son, Jonathan, have been transported to an Earth much like the one they left behind, yet radically different. An Earth with familiar heroes, familiar faces, familiar names, but entirely different ages and attitudes. An Earth with its own Lois Lane, its own Clark Kent—its own Superman. An Earth where Superman is distrusted—and where two Supermen could cause a disaster.

For years they’ve stayed below the radar, with Clark fighting evil under the cover of darkness and Lois crusading against crime as an anonymous journalist. But now all their secrets are about to be exposed to a world far harsher than the one they left behind—and Jonathan is caught in the crossfire. Now only one question remains:

Has the time come for the original Man of Tomorrow to reveal himself?

Collects: Superman: Lois and Clark #1-8.

208 pages, Paperback

First published September 6, 2016

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About the author

Dan Jurgens

2,120 books259 followers
Dan Jurgens is an American comic book writer and artist. He is best known for creating the superhero Booster Gold, and for his lengthy runs on the Superman titles Adventures of Superman and Superman (vol. 2), particularly during The Death of Superman storyline. Other series he has been associated with include The Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1), Thor (vol. 2), Captain America (vol. 3), Justice League America, Metal Men, Teen Titans (vol. 2), Zero Hour, Tomb Raider: The Series, Aquaman (vol. 3), and the creator of DC Comics' imprint Tangent.

Jurgens' first professional comic work was for DC Comics on Warlord #63. He was hired due to a recommendation of Warlord-series creator Mike Grell who was deeply impressed by Jurgens' work after being shown his private portfolio at a convention. In 1984, Jurgens was the artist for the Sun Devils limited series (July 1984 - June 1985), with writers Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. Jurgens would make his debut as a comic book writer with Sun Devils he began scripting from Conway's plots with #8 and fully took over the writing duties on the title with #10. In 1985, Jurgens created the character Booster Gold, who became a member of the Justice League. His first work on Superman was as penciller for Adventures of Superman Annual #1 (1987). In 1989, Jurgens began working full-time on the character when he took over the writing/pencilling of the monthly Adventures of Superman.

Dan Jurgens was the penciller of the 1990–1991 limited series Armageddon 2001 and co-created the hero Waverider with Archie Goodwin. In 1991 Jurgens assumed the writing/pencilling of the main Superman comic book, where he created a supporting hero named Agent Liberty. During his run on Superman, Dan created two major villains, Doomsday and the Cyborg. Doomsday was the main antagonist in the Death of Superman storyline. Jurgens wrote and drew Justice League America for about one year and in 1993 pencilled the Metal Men four-issue miniseries, which was a retcon of their origin story. Jurgens wrote and pencilled the 1994 comic book miniseries and crossover Zero Hour. He wrote and penciled layouts (with finished art by Brett Breeding) to the Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey miniseries, which was a follow-up to the successful Death of Superman storyline. In 1995 Jurgens and Italian artist Claudio Castellini worked on the highly publicized crossover Marvel vs DC. In the same year, he gave up the pencilling duties on Superman.

Jurgens scripted and provided layout art for the Superman vs. Aliens miniseries. The story was about a battle between Superman and the aliens created by H. R. Giger (a.k.a. the Xenomorphs), from the Alien film series. It was co-published by Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics in 1995.

In January 1996, Jurgens was writer and penciller of the new Spider-Man series, The Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1), at Marvel Comics. The title was initially conceived to be the flagship showcase for the new Ben Reilly Spider-Man (it replaced the Web of Spider-Man series). The initial seven issues (#0–6, January–July 1996) were written and pencilled by Jurgens. Jurgens pushed strongly for the restoration of Peter Parker as the true Spider-Man and plans were made to enact this soon, but Bob Harras, the new Editor-in-chief, demanded the story be deferred until after the Onslaught crossover. Jurgens had by this stage become disillusioned with the immense amount of group planning and constant changes of ideas and directions and took this as the last straw, resigning from the title. In a past interview several years after his Spider-Man run, Jurgens stated that he would like to have another chance on the character, since his run was with the Ben Reilly character during the Spider-Man Clone Saga, and not Peter Parker.

Jurgens had also written and pencilled Teen Titans (vol. 2) for its entire two year, 24 issue run. New Teen Titans co-creator George Pérez came on board on this incarnation of the Titans as inker for the se

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3,918 reviews69.3k followers
December 3, 2016
Does everyone remember the shitfest that DC called Convergence ? Well, I had done an admirable job suppressing those memories, so it didn't occur to me that this was part of the end result until Superbeard had a flashback!
When Clarkstashe showed up in Superman: Rebirth, I really didn't know what to make of him, and (at first glance) wasn't all that impressed. This is going to sound awful, but part of my dislike stems from the fact I'm not a fan of facial hair.
I know, I know! That's very beardist of me! I seriously can't help the way I feel though. I mean, once every 5 years or so, my Hubs decides to grow a beard. And once every 5 years or so, I sleep on the couch till it's gone. shrugs
It's like the Good Book says: Love the man, hate the face-pubes.


Alrighy. So how did I feel about him once I finished this?
But how you feel about this book is probably going to depend on a few things. Ask yourself this question: Do I want to read about SuperDad?
Because I think part of the reason I took to the story so well is because of the family angle.


I get it, I relate to it, and it makes me smile.
Will that be true of everyone? Probably not.
Plus, I like seeing Lois & Clark together. She helps ground and humanize him, and the New 52's Supes didn't have that in his relationship with Wonder Woman. They were equals, and that was awesome in its own way, but so much time was spent focusing on his powers and alien heritage that you didn't get quite enough time spent showing the ways in which he was most vulnerable. He's too overpowered, so he needs a big weakness.
Yeah, yeah...Kryptonite. But I've always thought the people he loves are his biggest strength and his biggest weakness.
In my EverSoHumble opinion, for Superman to be an effective character, you need Lois and/or the Kents to showcase why he's so amazing. This has that in spades.


Another thing you might want to ask yourself is how much you like to see a superhero's children. We're not talking about babies like Luke Cage & Jessica Jones daughter, or Spider-woman's little boy. They don't run around chattering in the background while you're trying to hear the adults talk.
Think about Reed & Sue Richard's brood. Do you think Valeria is an annoying know it all? Or that maybe Franklin isn't quite as cute as he thinks he is?
Sometimes kids in comics are hard to take in big (or any) doses.
Personally, I thought that Johnathan (Superman's son) was an adorable addition to this story, but that certainly doesn't mean you will.


The gist is that these guys ended up getting plunked here after Convergence, and have purposely stayed under the radar because they wanted to protect Johnathan. They both still do their intrepid reporter/hero shtick on the down low, though. So they have secret secret identities!
Anyway, spoilery stuff happens & the bad guys (plus the government guys!) start catching up to them, and it looks like their attempt to give Jon a normal life may not be possible.
Then again, normal is overrated.

I thought this was a fun story with lots of action, a plot, and plenty of heart.
Plus, the hopeless romantic in me just had a blast reading about one of my favorite couples of all time.<--Dawwwww!
But I still don't like the beard, Kent...


Profile Image for Chad.
7,714 reviews867 followers
September 2, 2017
Spinning out of Convergence, Clark Kent and Lois Lane from the old DCU along with their son have been living in hiding for years in the New 52. A really cool idea and mostly well done. Barring a couple of complaints, this is Dan Jurgens best writing in years. And Lee Weeks is at the top of his game with this book, easily the best pencils of his career. The art is fantastic! My few complaints with the writing are such. Lois is very cavalier with her secrets. She knows Intergang is looking for her and she still goes to places which she knows they will be staking out. And she brings her kid along! For someone so smart, she's written to be very dumb in these instances. My other issue is that coincidentally, Superman just happens to have the other half of the Blackrock. Dumb!
Profile Image for Richard.
984 reviews359 followers
July 11, 2019
The best thing to come out of Convergence, that shitshow event DC released to bring an end to the New 52, was the return of the pre-Flashpoint Superman and this enjoyable miniseries written by veteran Superman writer Dan Jurgens.

In Convergence, all realities were re-introduced into existence, but then Superman's world was destroyed. Brainiac gives Superman a choice of which universe to settle in, and Superman takes his wife Lois Lane and their newborn son Jonathan to the beginning of the New 52 universe. In a clever set-up, this book details the early days of the family's time in this universe, as they make the decision to live a peaceful life in secret as this universe already has a Superman. It also shows the family in present day as they are living a relatively normal life, until a major threat from Intergang threatens to expose their secret.

This was a great little book as we see Clark Kent struggling to maintain some normalcy in this new world he doesn't recognize, but he just can't resist taking on saving the world as his responsibility. It also proves to be an entertaining introduction to Jonathan Kent as a normal kid who begins to suspect that something fishy is going on with his parents. This is a clever way of returning to the classic Superman character and Dan Jurgens pulls it off beautifully, leading into the new REBIRTH status quo.
Profile Image for Donovan.
697 reviews66 followers
January 29, 2018
Lois and Clark as heartwarming family, with multiverse adventure and boss fights in classic Dan Jurgens fashion. Great illustrations. Highly enjoyable.
Profile Image for Subham.
2,558 reviews59 followers
June 21, 2021
This was such a great book!! (some spoilers ahead)

It starts off with Lois and Clark escaping to this earth, seeing the new JL and their versions on this planet they decide to move upstate and live in hiding with their son Jon. We see Clark fighting threats in the shadows and Lois expose others as Author X but when trouble finds her and Intergang targets her family, she finds new secrets about her son. Also Clark has to deal with Henshaw and prevent the birth of Cyborg Superman and deal with an enemy called Blanque. We see the latters origin and his insane TK Powers and its a fun face off.

In some other place he has to deal with a reality TV villain called Blackrock and how it goes wrong and Superman has to save people there and expresses disgust over their actions and also deal with a new alien threat called Hyathis who wants the oblivion stone from Henshaw and how Clark deals with that is another part of the story and its so fun to see her powers and face off against clark hinting at big things to come.

Also when Jon finally finds out its great to see how Clark deals with that and the actions it entails, the revelations and the family moments it brings about though their life has forever changed in such a scenario.

This volume was so good and deals with the family drama and life in hiding and just showing the barrage of supervillains that Clark has to face and has fun easter eggs and just makes you nostalgic for those days of Superman before new 52 and I love how Jurgens shows the family life in a farm and hints at what worries Clark might have. The art is just too good and feels like its one of those classic comics that will always remind us of who Superman is.
Profile Image for Cyndi.
2,338 reviews97 followers
July 4, 2017
Thank you, Anne for telling me about this book! Now I understand the new Superman and his family. Excellent art, excellent story. Or stories, because there are so many going on at once.
Profile Image for James DeSantis.
Author 19 books1,123 followers
July 17, 2016
This is really a 3.5, and when it is, I usually give it a 3 and state that. However, I really thought this was fun so fuck it, we'll go for a 4.

This story is about the Superman we've known for years prior to New52. New52 Superman is darker, more cynical, and brooding a lot more. This Superman in Lois and Clark is experienced, been through the gutter, and came back as a true hero. He has Lois with him as well as their son Jon. They do everything in their power to protect their secret and stay hidden.

It has a few plot points going on that include a secret organization going after lois, a alien thing guy fighting Superman (Sorry don't know all the backstory of all the villains in DC), and then the other part is the family. Of Clark, Lois, and Jon all being together. It's touching, because they feel like a real family despite the issues they have.

If you want part growing up with a family staying hidden, part cool badass alien fights, and part some organization hunting lois (Which is the weaker part of it all) check this out. Also the art is great!
Profile Image for RG.
3,090 reviews
March 17, 2018
Very cool lead up to the rebirth start. The plotting is great, artwork really cool. Only issue is some basic plot points ( eg superman containing the other half of the necklace and not knowing...pretty stupid). Otherwsie really alot of fun. As I haven't read much superman before, took a bit of time to get my head around what was going on and what had happened.
Profile Image for Sesana.
5,186 reviews345 followers
February 5, 2017
I actually really liked this, far more than I had thought I would. This book fills in the back story for how this version of Clark Kent (apparently more or less the pre-New 52 Clark) came, with his family, to New 52 DC. Having the "real" Superman and Lois back just feels really good, and it helps that there's a solid emotional core to the book. It's a family story every bit as much as it's a superhero story. I especially loved how Lois and Clark have a relationship of equals. Sure, Lois doesn't have Clark's powers, but she's a brilliant investigative reporter, and I love seeing how much respect they have for each other. I could have done without the half-hearted superhero shenanigans, though. The punching wasn't nearly as interesting as the development of the family.
Profile Image for Will Robinson Jr..
843 reviews17 followers
May 17, 2020
Super! Awesome! This is the Superman series that fans of the character do not want to miss. If there is one good thing that came out of the not so good DC Convergence crossover event it is this great piece of comic goodness. Basically Superman: Lois and Clark follows the story of a very different Supes and Lois from the one's current DC readers know from the New 52 comic continuity. This Lois and Clark (Superman) are from the the pre-flashpoint continuity. Definitely read the Convergence: Flashpoint Book One graphic novel to get a little background on the couple. Basically our hero and heroine have a son name Jon who they desperately love and try to protect from a earth shattering secret. He and his parents are from another dimension and even more startling that there are in fact two Supermen in our dimension. Dan Jurgens is really having fun with the concept. I really enjoyed the relationship between the parents who are trying to raise their son in a world that is strange to them. The artwork is not bad as well. I really loved the optimism of this Superman which really hearkens back to what we love about the character. Even though he is a extremely powerful character it is his love for his fellow man and family which can be his weakness and his greatest strength. Jon is a likable character and offers insight into how kids see Superman and especially the responsibility that comes with his powers and legacy. I am currently reading the DC Rebirth issues and this series just makes the new books sparkle even more. I am so glad that the real Superman storytelling is back. Mr. Jurgens has offer the readers something new but also reminds us why we like the character of Superman.

Re-Read Review: 5/17/2020
Man I miss good Superman stories. No offense against those reading the Bendis Superman stuff but it sucks. Dan Jurgens and Tomasi build a mythos filled with optimism and an incredible family adventure. Reading this book 4 years later and it is quite simply to me a masterpiece. This book makes me want to go back and read more pre-flashpoint Superman stuff. Jon is just a great addition to the Superman family. His innocence and curiosity about who his father is gives the reader that excitement and joy in reading a Superman story. The artwork by Weeks and Hanna is good. The colors are well done here as well. This is great jump on point for those wanting to read modern Superman. I highly recommend readers check this book out and then move on to Superman, Volume 1: Son of Superman-Superman, Volume 7: Bizarroverse. Definitely check out Superman: The Final Days of Superman, Superman: Action Comics - The Oz Effect, Superman Reborn and read Dan Jurgens' Superman: Action Comics, Volume 1: Path of Doom-Superman: Action Comics, Volume 5: Booster Shot.
Profile Image for Alex.
82 reviews1 follower
January 11, 2017
Overall, I enjoyed the story. Original Clark & Lois on the New-52 Earth. They are in hiding as to not reveal the fact that they were placed on this Earth as a result of "Convergence". I don't recall the Convergence storyline, so I don't quite remember how they ended up on the New-52 Earth.

Clark & Lois have a young son, Jonathan, who they are trying to protect. After the New-52 Superman was outed by Lois Lane, they decided that they needed to stay in hiding and not reveal themselves to the world. Lois is a journalist working on a book under the pseudonym "Author X" about a large crime syndicate Intergang. Intergang wants to stop the release of her book and attempts to kidnap her and Jonathan. Clark/Superman (in a black costume reminiscent of his suit from the "Return of Superman" storyline) comes to their rescue.

Clark is also dealing with the return of Hank Henshaw to Earth after being away for years on a space mission. Due to his dealings with Henshaw from his Earth, Clark takes him to his Fortress of Solitude to see how he was affected by his travels. While there, Henshaw is controlled by another "prisoner" in the Fortress, Blanque, in his attempt to escape and wreak havoc across the world.

It is revealed that Henshaw brought back part of the Oblivion Stone, which a new threat, Hyathis, wants. There is a typical brawl between Superman & Hyathis, with our man in black winning (kind 0f). Hyathis disappears with an "Until we meet again" exit.

In the end, Jonathan learns that his dad is Superman from another Earth, and that he also has powers. Clark gives Jonathan his read Superman cape from his original suit. Jonathan ties it around his shoulders and attempts, succesfully, to hover in the air. Just a glimpse of the powers he will possess.

As I said, I enjoyed the story. The writing was good, but I feel comic book writers have a hard time writing kids. The kids always seem to have a larger and more mature vocabulary than I would expect. Even some of the conversations between adults in this one seemed stiff at times. Lee Weeks are was great and kept the story moving.

This story leads right into the DC Comics' Rebirth, with the original Superman back in continuity, along with Lois and Jonathan. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with the characters.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Shannon Appelcline.
Author 22 books138 followers
January 6, 2017
It seems like every time that DC tries to "simplify" their continuity they end up with something even more complex as they suddenly have to backfill and revamp. Like the Legion and Hawkman after Crisis ... or this. The premise: the Nu52 has been problematic, so DC has started to bring back its old continuity. They don't want to reboot (or unboot) the nu52 continuity, but they do want to bring in old elements, so they're instead going piecemeal. Thus, here we meet what is apparently the post-Crisis Superman, having survived the horrors of the very badly-written Convergence and now in hiding on nuEarth.

Still married.

With a child.

Despite the sordid path that got us here, Jurgens makes great use of the material. It's quite joyful to have the old Superman back. And his Lois. And Jurgens writes them well But, we get the additional joy of the next step in Clark's life: his son, Jon, is really a wonderful addition to to the cast.

Beyond that, we also get a great story of Clark trying to make a difference while remaining hidden from the nuWorld. Part of the delightful plot involves Clark trying to set right things that went wrong in his own world. It offers a nice contrast between the worlds, and that's the other highlight of the comic: it reflects how post-Crisis Earth and nuEarth are different. Yes, the post-Crisis world had gotten dark, but it's enlightening seeing how Clark reacts to this new even less trustworthy world.

Jurgen is a child of '90s comics writing, so he does often descend into fights where nothing really happens. But he's also been a strong character writer, and that's what makes this series truly good.

For a pretty straight superhero comic, this is one of the better entrants in the nu52.
Profile Image for Anthony.
781 reviews57 followers
March 31, 2017
I really should have read this BEFORE the final days of superman, but I enjoyed it all the same. Superman Returns (the movie) tried to do Superman having a son, and it didn't work quite well enough for me. It turned out to be a very flawed movie (with a few redeeming qualities to be fair). This is a much better take on the Superfamily, and at times reminded me a little of the better parts of Smallville and Clarks early years in some of the movies.

The story is a bit...yeah...it's pretty heavily tied into current DC continuity. I've read flashpoint and rebirth, but not Convergence, so there was a few gaps for me there that needed filling. But you can get the general gist of what they're aiming for: this is DC comics listening to the fans and bringing back the superman we really want for the Rebirth launch.

Now pass me those Rebirth books!
Profile Image for Arian M.
11 reviews11 followers
January 7, 2022
I thought it's gonna be a filler series about pre-flashpoint Superman but it turned out to be really engaging and well-written.
Profile Image for Milky Mixer.
408 reviews9 followers
June 3, 2018
I loved it! The undoing of the New 52 starts here, with a scaled down story about the original Lois and Clark living a clandestine life when the world they once knew becomes something else. The characters feel hopeful and familiar, and writer Dan Jurgens gives you everything you need to get wrapped up in this self-contained tale. The number of Superman books on the store shelves can feel overwhelming, but whether you're looking for a jumping on point with DC's Rebirth era or are a more casual Superman fan, you can still enjoy this one. This is the Lois and Clark I know and love. I almost want to go back and read it again right now!
Profile Image for Christopher (Donut).
458 reviews14 followers
February 22, 2019
Apart from one issue (part five) where the art really suffered, this was a fairly good arc about a secret Superman.

The reasons why he's in a strange world, married with a kid, still aren't clear to me.

I read the sequel, The Final Days of Superman, earlier, but I should have read this first.

Profile Image for The Lion's Share.
527 reviews80 followers
June 22, 2022
An original superman story which was a surprise, but they never seem to nail it with the bad guy.
Profile Image for Bryen.
64 reviews1 follower
May 18, 2018
WOW!!! This has been one of the most enjoyable books to read! I really loved seeing the pre-52 Superman and Lois back on the storyboard. This book tells the story of when they first arrived in the New 52 Universe. I admit I did have to go back and read a short synopsis of Convergence to find out a little more about what the married super couple had been up to. Basically you just need to know that they were plucked from the DC Universe just before Flashpoint, as a brief oversimplification.

There are so many things that I love about this book. The marriage between Lois and Clark is as endearing as it's ever been. Seeing these too in the role of a parent and how they deal with Jon is even more endearing. I also like that Lois was given her own little sub-plot in this, as was Jonathan. I think that Clark, Lois and Jonathan each having their own story lines, in addition to reading things from each of their perspectives made this an incredibly easy and one of the most enjoyable reads in a long time. As of right now this gets my vote for favorite DC book!
Profile Image for José Vitor - paginas_literarias.
210 reviews12 followers
October 11, 2016
Essa HQ foi um tiro atrás do outro! Antes de ler ela eu amava o Superman do new 52, agora eu prefiro muito mais o pós-crise.
Esse encadernado vai mostrar o que aconteceu depois da saga "Convergência", e vai mostrar a vida do Clark Kent aka Superman, Lois Lane e o filho deles, Jonathan, mas como eles estão em outro universo, então eles têm que manter um disfarce. Eu vi várias resenhas, e todas elogiaram o jeito da Lois, que mesmo escondida, ela continua com o seu faro jornalístico!
Confesso que peguei essa HQ só para entender o Rebirth, que é o renascimento da DC Comics, que está saindo no Estados Unidos agora. Vai demorar um pouco para chegar aqui no Brasil, então esse encadernado é só para ter um gosto do que está por vir, se você gosta do Super homem.
5 estrelas e favoritado! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️
Profile Image for Diz.
1,562 reviews87 followers
March 5, 2017
In this day and age of cynicism, we need a hero that stands for something better. This book returns Superman to his roots as a warm-hearted doer of good, which serves a start contrast to the new 52 Superman who was a jerk. However, Clark isn't the only one making a difference in the world. Lois is working as an anonymous author exposing criminal conspiracies. They form a perfect team by providing the action and information to make the world a better place. I also really liked the family dynamic in this book. The bottom line is that I'm interested in reading Superman again.
Profile Image for Primo S. .
230 reviews37 followers
July 12, 2016
So this was the first Superman-focused comic I read, and I really liked it, the art was okay, nothing special, but it wasn't bad either. And the story was great, loved all the main characters. Can't wait to see more of this pre-new 52 Superman and Jon in the future.
Profile Image for Chris Lemmerman.
Author 7 books94 followers
December 9, 2021
In the wake of Convergence, there are two Clark Kents, two Lois Lanes, and a Jon Kent running around the DC Universe - but one family is in hiding, protecting the world from the shadows. But with enemies like Blanque, Hank Henshaw, and a creature from beyond the stars on the horizon, how long can they stay hidden?

This is a Road To Rebirth type mini-series, setting the groundwork for the Rebirth version of Superman after the whole Last Days Of Superman stuff at the end of the New 52. It could have come across as transitionary, but Dan Jurgens goes out of his way to establish how similar these Lois and Clark are compared to the New 52 versions, so that it's easy for them to step in without any teething problems.

The story itself is pretty decent, bouncing between time periods as in the past we see Lois, Clark, and Jon adapting to their new surroundings, while in the present they're fighting Intergang and other threats while trying to keep their secrets not just from the world but from their son. It's standard Superman fare, but it's well-delivered thanks to storied Superman writer Jurgens.

Not everything lines up perfectly with the Rebirth incarnations at the end, but that can be chalked up to Doctor Manhattan and Wally's interferences between the New 52 and Rebirth eras.

On art for seven of the eight issues is Lee Weeks, with Neil Edwards chipping in on issue 4 and with some assistance from Stephen Segovia on issue 7. I was surprised to see Weeks on so many of these issues since I didn't think he was a particularly quick artist, but he's definitely a great one.

If you're looking for some more Superman, you can do a lot worse than this. It's not essential despite the Road To Rebirth labelling (I've read all of Rebirth Superman and this stuff only really comes up during Superman Reborn, from memory), but it's a fun little romp regardless.
Profile Image for Tesutamento.
350 reviews1 follower
November 12, 2022
Clark ve Lois başka bir boyuttan gelmiş ve kimliklerini saklayarak dünyamızda yaşamaktadırlar. Dünyamızın Clark ve Lois'i halihazırda bulunduğu için bu ikili sırlarını ve en önemlisi oğullarını
korumak için kendilerini gösterememektedirler. Clark siyah bir kostüm giyerek gizlice kötülükle savaşmakta, Lois ise takma bir isim kullanarak Intergang adlı suç şebekesi ile ilgili kitap yazmaktadır. Oğulları Jon ise ebeveynlerinin sırlarından bihaber sıradan bir çocuk hayatı yaşamaktadır.

Bir yandan yaklaşan uzaylı tehdidi, bir yandan Intergang'in Lois'in peşine düşmesi bir yandan da Jon'un ailesine duyduğu şüpheler güzelce işleniyor. Aileyi güvende tutmak için Jon'a söylenen yalanlar bir noktadan sonra iyice inandırıcılığını yitirmeye başlıyor. Tüm zorluklara rağmen yine de sıcak yuva dağılmıyor. Birbirlerine hep destek olan, saygı gösteren bu ailenin hikayesi abartısız dramlar ve bolca sevgi barındırıyor.
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131 reviews2 followers
September 16, 2018
This story focuses on the family life of (pre N52) Lois & Clark and their son. They're trying to remain hidden on the N52 Earth, where of course another Superman exists. (I didn't understand how they got there, but it's too convoluted to even care about I've been told.)

That's an interesting hook, but it didn't even explore that topic enough. It felt like Jurgens wanted to force some action in to keep the reader interested, but these are also the weakest parts of the story. There's a stock and totally dull alien threat and an evil corp is hunting Lois because she will expose them. Whenever the story shifted to Jon (the son) and his upbringing I was more interested.

Oh and old Clark in a black suit with a beard as covert ops Supes is just fantastic.
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