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He’s Paxton Wilder.

Twenty-two-year-old, tattooed, smoking-hot leader of the Renegades.

Five time X Games medalist.

The world is his playground—especially this year—and for the next nine months I’m stuck as his tutor on the Study at Sea program.

He’s too busy staging worldwide stunts for his documentary to get to class.

But if I can’t get him to take academics seriously, I’ll lose my scholarship…if I don’t lose my heart first.

Six unlikely friends on a nine-month cruise with the Study at Sea program will learn that chemistry is more than a subject and the best lessons aren’t taught in the classroom…but in the heart.


First published September 19, 2016

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About the author

Rebecca Yarros

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Rebecca Yarros is a hopeless romantic and coffee addict. She is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels, including The Last Letter and The Things We Leave Unfinished. She’s also the recipient of the Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence for Eyes Turned Skyward. Rebecca loves military heroes and has been blissfully married to hers for over twenty years. A mother of six, she is currently surviving the teenage years with all four of her hockey-playing sons.

Want to know about Rebecca’s next release? Check her out online at www.rebeccayarros.com.

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September 19, 2016
”In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” ~Unknown

Every day is a new beginning. A chance to love. A chance to live. A chance to dream. A chance to do! We live through our actions. We live through our memories. Sometimes we live through stories. I lived and loved through Wilder, a beautiful and broken love story by Rebecca Yarros, where I went on the emotional adventure of a lifetime—one of hope, heartbreak, and happiness.

I wanted to wait…taking my time to soak up every powerful and poignant word of Wilder. I wanted to rush…tearing through these pages like the adrenaline from this thrilling tale coursed through the story straight to me. After just a few pages, Wilder became my addiction. My ache. My adrenaline. MY ALL.

The story started out slow but a burn built that beckoned me right into the flames as my heart caught fire, a slow burn seeping into my soul, as Wilder bled into me. My emotions were amplified, a fusion of hope, heartbreak, and happiness swirling around in my head like a hurricane, waiting to hit where they would flood…all over this book…all over me.

These characters claimed me, captivated me, and catapulted me into their lives—this dare-devil adventure—where I wanted to free-fall off a cliff into the sea and float away with them and Wilder. This story sunk itself into me fast and furiously. The feels flowed through me in Wilder like waves, crashing over me and into me, highs and lows where I rose and fell like the tide. I lived and breathed this book as Wilder won me over quickly, extracting every emotion, stealing every piece of me.

Paxton ‘Pax’ Wilder is the world’s #1 dare devil, chasing that rush with death-defying stunts that would give Evil Knievel a heart attack. Dark-haired, blue-eyed, tall, muscular, and inked, Wilder with his looks, talent, and money, is every woman’s fantasy including MINE! Panty-melting hot with mad passion for life made me melt for this man!!!

“He wasn’t just hot, he was beautiful.”

In a last-ditch effort by his father to boost his grades before they impact his stunt show and team, The Renegades, Wilder enlists in a special study program run on a ship where he is assigned a tutor, the beautiful dark-haired and whiskey-eyed, Eleanor ‘Leah’ Baxter, who needs the money and the push out of her comfort zone to take an adventure and live a little.

When the cautious Leah meets the wild, Paxton, a current crashes through the air, circling them like a cloud of dust, an attraction too powerful to ignore. Fire meets ice. Paxton as a Renegade doing death-defying stunts is always on the top of this game. One meeting with Leah, and he’s almost thrown off track.

“Why did I suspect this slip of a woman was going to be my kryptonite?”

Leah doesn’t want to like the panty-melting hot playboy, but his dirty words bring out her inner wanton woman, whether she wants to admit that chemistry crashing through them or not.

“Look at you, up on my pipe.”

“Your pipe is distracting you from class.”

“It always does.”

Paxton is used to a bevy of beauties worshipping him, lining up to spend one night with the legendary Wilder. One night is all he gives. Leah has him rethinking his ‘one-and-done’ mantra. Leah has him forgetting who he was and focusing on who he is…the man he should be…the man who would deserve a kind, caring, and beautiful woman like Leah.

“I was going to have to work for Lea like I did every single stunt, with a plan and a ton of balls. Half-assed got you hurt. It was all-in or watch from the sidelines. I was all-in.”

Already I WAS ALL IN as this story quickly captured me. Leah vows to not mix business with pleasure. Remain Paxton’s tutor…even his friend…but nothing more. Though the force called Wilder may be one hurricane hitting her with a force she may not be able to fight.

“I knew why everyone got sucked in. He was magnetic, hypnotizing. It wasn’t just the body, the face or the tattoos. He made me feel anything was possible, like there was a whole shiny world waiting for me to step inside and explore. He was everything I wasn’t, but he made me feel like I could be.”

For once, Leah wants to throw caution to the wind and kiss this beautiful and bold man who is making her broken heart beat again.

“The man kissed like he rode—with a single-minded focus that made everything else in the world pale in comparison—and I could only go along for the ride.”

I felt that intense kiss surge from the story straight to me. Oh my wow! Leah has no choice to surrender to this passion that permeates between Paxton and her, pouring off the pages where I felt this passion too. The steam stirred with swoon as I could not stop SWOONING all over this story.

“I want you know that I have you on the same f**king edge you’ve had me dangling on for weeks now, desperate to know how you feel, taste, sound when you’re coming apart.”

I LOVE PAXTON SO MUCH. This man falls from cliffs and everything high, but his heart and body are racing for this woman who has shaken him up more than any scary stunt. Leah grounds Paxton while he sets her free from the walls she’s built to protect herself from a painful past.

“Everything about you scares the s**t out of me.”

“When are you going to understand that’s where life begins? Right at the edge of that fear.”

Leah and Paxton are each other's air. Each other's heart. Each other’s hope. Each other’s salvation. Leah is almost ready to take that leap, no longer caring if she falls for she knows that Paxton will catch her. Before Leah can leap and finally live, secrets are exposed. The painful past brings smoke, and they veer off course, possibly sending them into a collision before they’ve even begun the journey.

“This was the decimation of my f**king heart.”

My heart was cut in half as it lay bleeding in the aftermath with hope hanging by a thread for happiness. The feels flowed as did my tears—fast and furiously—as I hoped the race for love had a happy ending.

“I was nothing more than the means to his end.”

Electrifying and enthralling, Wilder is a tale of guts and glory that hit my heart hard, seizing my soul, where I could not help but explode in emotions. This spellbinding and spine-tingling story surged through me like lightning, fast and furiously, where its touch was felt everywhere. OH THE FEELS. My feels were free-falling through this story where I FELT EVERYTHING.

Wilder wielded itself into my heart, hijacking it…hijacking me. I was a prisoner to these passionate pages that pounded that passion straight through me. I was broken. I was breathless. I was branded. I became everything Wilder. Intoxicating and incredible, I could not help but become besotted with this book that blasted my emotions like a cannon, each explosive one making me fall harder and harder for Wilder. I FELL FAST. I FELL HARD. I FELL IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING WILDER.

I don’t know why I waited so long to meet Rebecca Yarros’ words, but I was a fool to procrastinate. This author is one of my new favorites: those who write from the heart where their hearts are poured into those beautiful and brilliant words. Wilder is not simply a broken and beautiful romance; it’s a story about LIFE AND LIVING. It’s about taking that LEAP OF FAITH...LIVING FOR THE MOMENT...LIVING LIFE NOW. I quickly learned that EVERY WORD MATTERS that Rebecca Yarros writes. Meaningful. Mesmerizing. Magnificent.

Those devastatingly beautiful books that authors pen like paint to a canvas, so vivid and valuable…THOSE ARE THE ONES THAT STEAL MY SOUL AND OWN ME FOR LIFE. Rebecca Yarros is one of those wondrous writers of books that break you, bind you, and brandish themselves to you in a bath of beauty where you’ll remember them forever. Oh did Wilder steal a piece of my soul that may remain stuck in this story forever.

“The best part isn’t the end. It’s what happens in between.”

5 devastatingly beautiful stars
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September 22, 2016
***5 "You're my everything!!!" stars***

Steamy, adventurous, sexy, emotional, unique, full of suspense!!!
You can pick one word from above and you will find it in this book!!!

I think that this series will be my new obsession!!! And I need the next book ASAP!!!

“The best part isn’t the end. It’s what happens in between.”

To be honest, i was flirting for very long time with Rebecca Yarros's series "Flight and Glory" , but i haven't take the time to read them yet...

So when i saw her name on NetGalley with a brand new series, i jumped in the opportunity!!!
And yep, it was worth it!!!
I fell in love with the story and the characters from the first chapter and i just couldn't put down my kindle...

Even i felt sadness when i arrived at the last page... I wanted more and more and more...

The story was setting on college, but the difference in here was that the "college" wasn't what we use to know!!! It was a ship that was sailing around the world, but don't fool yourselves,they still had to study and to go to classes!!!

The wonderful thing was that in every port, there was a new adventure for our heroes and with them, we were travelling too!!!
And my biggest joy was when they land on my country and to two wonderful islands... Mykonos and Zakynthos!!!
But except from my country, they travelled in too many wonderful places...

"Are you ready for an adventure?"

The second awesome thing that we witnessed in this book were The Renegades!!!

Who were they???
Well, there was a team of athletes that they were in all kind of extreme sports and all the damn time, they were pulling new stunts that left you breathless and in awe!!!
Renegades were very popular and famous and in this 9months trip at the sea, they were about to film a documentary for what they were doing!!!

But enough with that... I have to tell you some things about Paxton and Leah!!!!!

“They all want to be just like the Renegades. Well, until they realize what it costs.”

Leah Baxter had hard times before a couple of years... and from that moment she was struggling to get over what happened back then and she was staying isolated from the rest of the world...

"It was time to step out of the comfort zone I’d walled myself into the last two years."

This 9months trip with "Athena" will be an opportunity for her to get out of her shell and to start living again... but she wasn't expecting that Paxton Wilder will come into her life and turn everything upside down!!!
She had to be his tutor for the next 9months and her scholarship was depending on him, but he wasn't was she was expecting for.... and she didn't expect to be attracted to him almost instantly!!!

"Why did he have to have such different sides to him?
Wilder I could shut out. He was a pompous, reckless ass who would no doubt get me hurt in more ways than one.
But Paxton? Yeah. I was defenseless against him, and that was even more dangerous."

Paxton Wilder doesn't care for much things in his life, except the Renegades and the next stunt that he will pull. School and women doesn't mean anything for him, but in order to complete his project, he had to have good grades and that means that he needs a tutor...

Everything were going great, until Leah Baxter stepped into his life and everything changed...

"I was always in control, it was how I survived, how I thrived and excelled, but this girl—this woman—had the power to shred that control if I wasn’t careful."

Even though that he had to stay away from her, he just couldn't...
But there are many things that are hidden in the background...
So there will be a hope for those two, when they are so opposite personalities???

"Feel us. Feel what we can be like together. I do, and it’s nothing like I’ve ever known. You’re right. I’ve never been a relationship guy, but I’m ready to take that risk."

Well, Paxton and Leah were polar opposites...
Leah didn't let go easily and she was responsible and serious about everything in her life... She had some big fears that was keeping her behind!!! But damn, if that girl wasn't a fighter!!!

Paxton scared her as anything in her life, but she couldn't saty away from him...

"I knew he was a shooting star—too hot, too intense, too reckless for me.
He’d burn me alive, then consume the ashes...
But it didn’t stop me from wanting him.
And that was the scariest part of being around him. Not what he did to me, or how he made me feel, but the way I abandoned all sense of the caution that had kept me functioning these last couple of years.
He made me think there was a possibility I could live again outside the carefully constructed walls I’d built.
I just wasn’t sure I could survive when he inevitably left."

Paxton was reckless and fearless. His stunts were dangerous but nothing was stopping him... He was living his life to the fullest, but he had some issues with love!!! He had also many skeletons in his closet!!!

Leah was everything that he wasn't expecting in his life!!!

"Liking her was one thing.
Wanting her was a base, sexual need that I fully understood.
But this feeling? I didn’t know what the hell to do with this."

Leah and Paxton had a huge attraction toward each other from the first moment, but they were having a long road to walk for reaching the point to be together...

They were many things that were standing in their way...

"There’s the difference between us. I saw you and I wanted you. I talked to you and I liked you. I felt this connection between us and I jumped. You’re the one on the fucking fence, as usual.”
“Everything about you scares the shit out of me,” I said honestly.
“When are you going to understand that’s where life begins? Right at the edge of that fear.”

Leah made Paxton to realize that there are more things in life beyond the Renegades and the next stunt... Things that means much more...
And Paxton made Leah get out of her shell and live... With him, she could do even the craziest things and i loved them so much for that!!!
When those two were together, everything was shining, nothing else has matter!!!!

But reality sucks most of the time...

"What scares you the most?”
He looked into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity. “You. You scare the shit out of me.”
My heart lurched, instinctively reaching for his. “I’m not scary.”
“No, you’re terrifying. On paper you’re everything I shouldn’t mesh with, but I look at you, touch you, or get my mouth on you, and you’re the only thing I see, the only one I want, and that’s by far the scariest thought I’ve ever had.”

I think that i already told you too much and i would like for you to have your own opinion about this story...
The only thing that i will add is that i loved everything inside this book...

I loved the crazy stunts, the secondary characters, the suspense that was surrounding the story...
I adored Paxton and Leah... I even liked the hidden secrets which at the end, made me lose my shit!!! Even though that i had understand some things!!!

Rebecca Yaros knows how to built a wonderful story that will suck you in...

"The draw I felt toward her was incredible, indescribable. Stronger than magnets, than chemistry, it was a primal, clawing need in me—not necessarily for her to be mine, but for me to be hers. To be worthy of being hers after all the shit I’d done, the fuckups of epic proportions that never went away.
And once she realized what I’d done…why I’d really chosen her…
I was so fucked."

Finally, i want to add that i loved all the Original Renegades and i can't wait for their own stories!!!

God, I'm so curious about Landon and his girl.... (Nope, i won't reveal her name!!!)
They will have also a hell of a story!!!
Please February come earlier!!!!

"Wanting what I couldn’t have was a bitch."

***ARC generously provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review***
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September 29, 2016
3.75 STARS

”Are you ready for an adventure?”


Rebecca Yarros starts her new series centered around EXTREME sports, with this new group of characters called The Renegades. The story starts with our heroine, Leah Baxter, boarding a ship to tutor Paxton Wilder in a study at sea school. This totally reminded me of Sweet life on Deck yet these characters are in their twenties. They perform death defying stunts, and well the Sprouse brothers only wished they were written sex scenes like these!

[image error]

Once Leah arrives at the Athena, she quickly meets Paxton Wilder and the rest of the Renegades. From the get go, she’s expected to participate in one hell of a crazy entrance. As the Renegades are producing a film, performing stunts, and trying to pass classes during this year long cruise.

[image error]

Leah truly surprises herself by facing her fear of heights (which she doesn’t really seem to have) and the scars of a horrific car accident she survived. As for the love connection, it’s pretty hot and steamy as Leah falls for both the adventurer Wilder and the man Paxton.

”You can have me, Leah. I’m your’s for the asking.”


There’s a ton of wonderful places visited, extreme stunts performed, a trader in the ranks, and one big ass twist.


The story was very different and interesting though it was too long and at times drawn out for my tastes, it still made for a good read. Rebecca Yarros writes one hell of a hero and Paxton Wilder is no exception. This couple’s fall was well done and with the cast of characters a promising start to a new series!

”The hardest battles- the most meaningful ones- they’re fought against ourselves. Against our own fears, our own weaknesses, our own shattered expectations of what we thought this life would be.”


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September 24, 2016

Title: Wilder
Series: Renegades #1
Author: Rebecca Yarros
Release date: September 19, 2016
Cliffhanger: No

Leah is offered the chance of a lifetime: cruise to exotic locations for a year while attending University on board. Who wouldn't jump at the chance? She's given a full scholarship and a luxurious cabin, and there's only one small, insignificant catch. Tutor a fellow student and make sure he passes or she's out of the program. She has a 4.0 average and at the top of her class at Dartmouth, so she's got this handled. But the last thing she was expecting was a reckless wild boy who would tempt her to throw her caution to the wind and push all of her boundaries.

He made me feel anything was possible, like there was a whole shiny world waiting for me to step inside and explore. He was everything I wasn’t, but he made me feel like I could be.

Leah is still suffering from a very traumatic event in her life and though she's functioning and getting by, her nightmares are still haunting her. She's developed a fear of heights as well that makes her feel trapped in the past and unable to break free. An attraction to a daredevil that lives for an adrenaline rush is not something that she finds very appealing. But from the moment they see each other there's an undeniable connection that keeps pulling them closer.

I really loved Leah, she was strong and bold when pushed to the limits by Pax and I really admired her ability to stand up to him and put him in his place. He wasn't used to getting denied anything he wanted and it was something that made her even more appealing.

She was so much fun to piss off. That’s when her shell peeled back to reveal a fire I desperately wanted to feel, to witness her burning.

Although she survived something that would break most people, she get up every day, puts one foot in front of the other and challenges herself to succeed and conquer her fears. Even when her best friend can't join her on the trip for the first three months, she has the courage to continue on and force herself out of the safe world she's been living in. She's not about risks and danger, and Pax may be her biggest risk yet.

Paxton Wilder is bold, sexy as sin, and the definition of determination when he sets his mind on something. Seeing Leah's courage in conquering her phobia, her intelligence and her drive, it makes him zero in on her and there's no stopping him once that happens. I Loved him so much, he was so set on making her his and you could tell in every thought and action he made. There was no second guessing with him and wondering where she stood.

As of this moment, I was committed, and I’d never failed at something I worked for. Eleanor Baxter wouldn’t know what hit her.

It's pretty clear throughout the book that there's more underneath the surface of Pax than a carefree extreme athlete. He's covering something up and his silence is only causing the anticipation of the fallout to grow with increasing speed. It's not a question of if the reveal will be disastrous, it's when. The added mystery of the stunt accidents brought another layer to the story that kept me guessing. I honestly had no idea who the source was, as much as I kept turning things over in my mind. I really enjoyed that there was that surprise at the end when everything came together and knocks you sideways.

Ah, the writing was just exquisite at times too, there were so many great quotes I needed to highlight. It really solidified my love of Rebecca Yarros' books that developed from my very first introduction in Full Measures.

I kissed her like I’d left a piece of my soul with her and I needed to explore every line of her mouth to find it.

What did I love most about this book? There was so much to enjoy, but the beautiful and unique backdrop of the cruise to such beautiful destinations was such a fun thing to read. The secondary characters, all of the Renegade friends were developed excellently and have me looking forward to the following books in the series. The main characters both passed with flying colors for me, and their chemistry and connection were both incredibly good. It was a fast paced, light read with plenty of steam, I recommend it to anyone who wants a book that stands far apart from any other book in the NA genre you've read. I'll be watching for Nova's book with excited anticipation.

Under the sun of Mykonos, with the sand of Kalafatis Beach under us, I gave in to the adventure of my life. What a way to fall.


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September 20, 2016
4.5 Red Flag Stars

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

Leah has been accepted as a tutor for Paxton Wilder in the study abroad program. The location? A cruising ship that will take the students to fascinating destinations like Madagascar, Morrocco and, the one Leah is looking forward to most, Mykonos in Greece. The catch? She has to tutor an X Games gold medalist, Wilder. And nomen est omen, right? He does the wildest and most dangerous stunts on bikes, parachutes, jumps from cliffs. You name it, he does it.

"Are you ready for an adventure???"

Leah doesn't do heights. A traumatic experience has cured her from everything that sounds remotely like danger. Unfortunately Wilder promises exactly that. On top of it, her success at school is tied to his and he doesn't seem to take it seriously. Too bad he is deliciously hot and almost makes her forget about studying. But with Wilder come a lot of groupies and he is not known to say no to them.

The setting of this story is as unusual as it is intriguing. I have never heard of a sports romance taking place on a cruising ship. Rebecca Yarros takes us to places we dream about seeing and describes them with wonderful colors. The attraction between the two main characters is instant but it takes a while for them to find common ground.

Then there is the not so minor secret Wilder is holding back from the girl he is falling in love with. The author hints at it pretty much from the beginning and towards the middle of the story I got a pretty clear picture what it exactly was that Paxton wanted to keep hidden away. It's like everytime Rebecca Yarros dropped a hint that a layer of the secret was peeled away. And of course it is supposed to blow up in his face.

"Tell her. Kiss her. Pray to God you can make it through the storm you're headed for, then marry her and make pretty little Wilder babies."

Yet, the angst is pretty low, which I enjoyed immensely. Woven in between is a mystery that is not as obvious and I loved how the solution totally took me by surprise.

The main and secondary cast are extremely likeable characters. The camarderie between the members of the Renegades is fabulous and you just want to be part of their group.
Leah is very responsible, she isn't a spoil sport though, she has her own streak of wildness in her and she is far away from being a push over. I was happy to see that she had a backbone. With somebody like Paxton Wilder you really have to be strong.

"Everything about you scares the shit out of me."
"When are you going to understand that's where life begins? Right at the edge of that fear."

Pax is super sweet. I know! I thought he'd be a jerk with all the money, success and women he had in his life. But that was another surprise, he is a friendly, even thoughtful guy with the best intentions at heart. And he is utterly delicious and swoonworthy. One thing I was wondering about and whether it would inflluence my rating was how Pax kept pushing Leah to do things she wasn't ready for, repeatedly, even after he knew why she was scared of heights. But I got it, I understood that he would do everything to keep her safe.

One quibble I wanted to mention: The beach on Zakynthos where the shipwreck is located and Pax and his Renegades base-jump doesn't have a sandy beach. It's all rocks, small and white, and those hurt like a bitch. I know because I was there ;)

In a nutshell this was an enjoyable fast read and I loved every second of it. It was thrilling, exciting, breathtaking at times and incredibly sexy. The writing was flawless and I loved the almost poetic description this author used to adorn the prose.

His weight was exquisite, holding my body to the earth while he gave my soul the freedom to fly.

I can't wait to get my hands on Landon's book. I am wondering how many stories we will get. Either way, I'll be making sure to read all of them!

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January 29, 2021
“Everything is empty without you.”

“You wondered if you’d ever be able to let go and let someone love you… Let go, Leah, because I already do.”

- Triggers: Death of a loved one (in the past, off page)
- Setting: On a ship - Study At Sea program. Stops on this journey: Port of Miami, Bermuda, Barcelona, Rome, Istanbul, Mykonos, Morocco, Madagascar, Abu Dhabi

Paxton (college senior, majoring in physics and part of the Renegades):
The following words/phrases were used to describe Pax: sure, confident, oozed a blatant and obvious sexuality, cocky, arrogant, stubborn, reckless

Something to know about Pax:
- Pax is famous for his “extreme” sports and has won 5 gold medals at the X Games. He comes from a very wealthy family.

A quote about Pax:
“You run a YouTube channel with a few friends who all have ridiculous stage names, you’ve won a couple X Game medals in motocross or snowmobiling or something.”
“Both,” I answered automatically.
“Great. You enjoy flinging yourself off mountains and buildings and generally see exactly what it would take to kill yourself, and I’m responsible for getting you through this academic year while you’re doing it all over the world, right?”

Leah (junior, Partaking in the Semester At Sea college program):
The following words/phrases were used to describe Leah: firecracker, proud, ambitious, brave, broken, funny, honest, smart

Something to know about Leah:
- Leah normally attends Dartmouth and has a 4.0 GPA but was hired as a tutor for a study at sea program. ”if I tutored one student on the Athena, not only would my tuition, field-studies, and room and board be paid, but the program would do the same for Rachel. As soon as I’d made sure that it wasn’t some cruel joke, I’d pinched myself and signed the papers.”
- Leah was involved in a serious car accident a couple years ago. Her boyfriend was killed in that accident. ”But that was why I’d agreed to this program, right? It was time to step out of the comfort zone I’d walled myself into the last two years.”

A quote about Leah:
“living my life didn’t mean I loved him less, it just meant I loved myself, too.”

The Story:
Leah has been hired to tutor a college student for a semester at sea program.
Pax needs to keep his college grades up while he films a documentary about his “extreme” life and he has hand-picked Leah to help him maintain the appropriate GPA.

My Thoughts:
The following are my thoughts about this book:
- The characters had some depth to them and internal battles they struggled with. 👍
- It’s NA, but thank God there wasn’t a ton of whiny, backstabbing drama to wade through.
- The “guilty” person was someone I thought about, but it wasn’t obvious. So a tiny bit of intrigue.
- I loved the “Semester at sea” setting. They docked quite a few places, but not a lot of descriptive writing about the countries they traveled to, so I didn’t “experience” the shore excursions which was a bit of a let down.
- I really liked the X Games hero and all his daredevil stunts. Zip-lining, BASE jumping, parasailing and all the extreme stunts kept the action at a high level and the story moving forward and quite entertaining.
- Interesting twist with the best friend. I definitely didn’t see that coming. But, I felt this created a few holes that didn’t completely bring the puzzle pieces together.
- Excellent writing
- I loved Pax. He’s unapologetic for who he is and when he fell in love he didn’t run away from those feelings. “I can’t apologize for this because I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry about how I got you here, or for putting you in this suite. I’m not sorry about getting you to tutor me, or even putting you on the zip-line. I can’t regret a single thing that brought us here, brought me to you.”

- POV: dual POV
- H likable? Yes
- h likable? Yes
- h virgin? No
- First time they kiss: 30%
- First time they sleep together: 62%
- steamy? it has moments. Early bedroom scenes are not behind closed doors. Later ones lack steamy details.
- OW/OM drama? things stir up in an interesting twist toward the end, but on the whole no OW/OM drama
- H/h cheat? No
- Did I skip pages? No
- Big secrets? yes. Hero had a big secret that came out around 85%. The reader did not know until it was revealed.
- Did I cry? No
- Did I laugh? No, but it wasn’t a heavy read.
- Cliffhanger? No
- Epilogue? No
- Recommend? yes

“Do you ever stop to think that you’re moving too fast to savor anything around you before it’s gone?”

“We’re kind of making a documentary, and being my tutor, you’re probably going to show up in it a little.”

I like being around you. I can’t explain it any better than that.”

“I didn’t believe in love at first sight. I wasn’t that stupid. But science? Chemistry? Pheromones? Yeah, lust at first encounter, I believed that all day long.”
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2,304 reviews704 followers
September 5, 2016
5 - "You had me from the first moment." Stars!

Rebecca Yarros starts her new The Renegades series in outstanding form. I couldn’t put this book down, and I pretty much fell in love with every character that you are introduced to, Renegades specifically.

There is a little amount of set-up going on in Wilder you are introduced to the Renegades team and their hangers-on as a whole, and their particular brand of crazy that comes in the form of adrenaline fueled stunts, tricks and high jinx. Each member of the team has their own particular skill-set, as well as their own set of personal demons that they are battling with.

"I’ve never been a relationship guy… but I’m ready to take that risk."

Paxton Wilder, will have your thong elastic twanging from the first page, and it doesn’t take Leah Baxter long to realize that her panties are edging in the same direction as many, many women before her. Difference being, she’s not ready willing and able initially, and as such proves to be a bit of a challenge to the front man of the Renegades.

The sweet and sexy relationship that develops between them as he tries to prove to her he isn’t just looking to add her as another notch to his bedpost was wholly engrossing especially as the story being told is set against such a new and unusual backdrop, and that they are also dealing with their own personal relationship demons they they are both initially reluctant to talk about.

It was time to step out of the comfort zone I’d walled myself into the last two years.

Study at Sea allows the Renegades to travel around Europe, whilst performing their most daring stunts in various capital cities, and Leah is tasked with keeping Wilder’s grades up as his tutor, and interested in his education otherwise her place on the ship is forfeit, as well as fighting off her attraction to him, and dealing with the possibility that there may be someone in their midst who is trying to cause potentially life threatening accidents by tampering with equipment.

There is a massive amount going on in this book that plays out around Wilder and Leah’s developing relationship, and I am amazed at how the author pulled everything together cohesively to be honest with you, this is a story you need to pay attention to as I think that a lot of what was revealed in relation to the other team members will bear importance in the future books, but a lot of what happens in the first half of Wilder then has even more relevance in the latter stages of this story. I was literally on the edge of my seat as the author threw each new piece of the puzzle at me, and pretty much all of them came out of left-field because I was so engrossed in the reading of it, to sit back and try to figure out the relevance of things as they cropped up.

"Are you ready for an adventure?"

Buckle up your Kindles, because I think the Renegades series is going to be a bumpy ride, but in such a good, good way. The world is literally Rebecca’s oyster with this series, seeing as the team travel around by cruise ship. I am dying to see who gets their story next and where we travel to in the telling of it.

"I’m not just anyone… Don’t you know who I am."

ARC generously provided by the author via Sassy Savvy Fabulous PR, and it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review.
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3,147 reviews1,899 followers
February 16, 2017

This book was one wild ride. From the first moment Paxton enters the story you're taken on an unpredictable journey that includes death defying stunts, romantic mini vacations, and some very hot moments.

I really liked Leah's character and how brave she was. She wasn't crazy like Paxton was and didn't do all these stunts that he did, but she faced her fears and didn't back down. She had the help from Paxton, of course, but the courage it took to go out of her comfort zone was all hers and really admirable. Paxton was, obviously, a very nice character and made this book lickable. His craziness was addicting and I loved reading about the things he would do without even a second thought. But even more amazing was how dedicated he was to his sports and friends. He was just overall an amazing character,

Bottom line, this book was a winner. I already can't wait to see what else the author will bring to this series, but I just know it's going to be great.
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June 20, 2019
It had been a long time since I’ve read a Rebecca Yarros book and Wilder has been on my to-read-list for a long time. This book was fabulous! I loved everything about it. Wilder was sexy, emotional, adventurous and unique. There were many things I never expected to happen or to be revealed. Wilder will be one of my top favorite books of 2019.

I loved Paxton and Leah. Paxton is wild, talented, ambitious, famous and loyal. He always wants to do something big and crazy for his show, but he’s amazing at it. He loves what he does. Leah is smart, hardworking, kind hearted and a little lonely. She studies and works hard to get the job she always wanted. Leah has fears and she isn’t as wild as Paxton, but he makes her do things she never expected to do.

I adored Paxton and Leah as a couple. They are different, but they are so good together. They are fascinated by each other from the start. Paxton and Leah learn surprising things about each other and love spending time together. They slowly fall in love. Paxton is protective over Leah. Leah is no longer lonely because of Paxton and his friends. Paxton’s friends are amazing. I can’t wait to read the other books in this series.
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1,550 reviews3,810 followers
April 13, 2018
stars-4.png (5685×1019)

When I first started reading this series I skipped this book. I went straight to book 2 "Nova" , and after loving the shit out of that one, I read book 3 "Rebel" ", which was also pretty awesome. Now why would I do that, you ask.... Well because I could :P


What can I say...I am known for my "out of order" reading :P

So when I started this one, I already knew who Wilder and Leah were. They play big parts in the other books as well. What I didn't know, was how exactly they came to be together. Especially, since there were times I really hated Wilder in "Nova" and didn't understand, how Leah could pick him over her best friend...or so it seemed.


Reading this book with his POV helped me understand him a bit more and his relationship with Leah. Rachel and Landon from "Nova" are still my fav couple though...I don't think anything could have changed that. And Wilder... well I like him more, but I still don't love him.

Paxton Wilder is one of the 4 "Original Renegades". These 4 members, Pax, Nova, Rebel and Nitro have been friends since they were very little. They have also been involved in extreme sports, since they were very young. They are hardcore adrenaline junkies, chasing the high of pulling off impossible stunts. Think motorcross and snowboarding, paragliding etc etc).


Now for the next 9 months, they (along with other UCLA students and Renegades), are on a "Study at Sea" cruise, which was organised by Paxton Wilder himself. They are also shooting a documentary of their life at sea and the stunts they do, in honor of their team-member Nitro, who got paralized while doing a stunt.


This documentary is being produced by Paxton's dad, who also own the ship ;) There is a catch though...he needs to pass all classes or the whole thing is off !!

This is were Leah comes in. She has been lured onto the ship with a full ride...for her and her best friend, as long as she is willing to tutor Paxton Wilder. What she doesn't know is that there is another rason for her being on board the ship.....

I really love this series, but I am sticking with my previous opinion. Even though Wilder and Leah's story was very good...I just loved "Nova" and "Rebel" just a bit more.

I highly recommend this series !!
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September 9, 2016
Rebecca Yarros kicks off The Renegades series with a bang and we're brought a fantastic group of adrenaline junkies fighting their own battles as well as fighting to be at the top of their game. Heading up the team is Paxton Wilder, and I'll be completely honest here, he unleashed the cougar in me.


Paxton needs to graduate whilst hopping from country-to-country filming a documentary and performing stunts to his hungry fans, which is where Leah Baxter enters the equation: part of the reason she's gained her place on the Study at Sea programme, is to tutor Pax and if he fails, she loses her spot on the programme. Beautiful settings plus a beautiful man equals a woman fighting a losing battle as Pax begins to prove to Leah that there's far more to him than the public persona.


The setup for this series is fresh, new and the possibilities of what could come are endless. Romance is perfectly balanced with passion, action and some drama and whilst the emotion didn't hit as hard as it has when I've read Yarros' books in the past, it's still there, tugging on the heartstrings and bringing depth to the story. I loved Paxton and Leah; both are strong-willed and determined but also have a vulnerable side, and nestled amongst their story are developing plots involving the secondary characters. Characters who are each important, add value and have already endeared themselves completely.

"Tell her. Kiss her. Pray to God you can make it through the storm you’re headed for..."

Whoever gets their story next, I'll be there because if Wilder is any indication of what's to come, we're in for one hell of a journey. And I can't wait.

Copy received courtesy of Sassy Savvy Fabulous PR for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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February 25, 2017
3.75 -I did it for Nova- Stars

Not gonna lie. I wasn't very excited to read this one, but a little birdie told me that this book had to be read in order to get more background info, prior to starting book #2 Nova (I'm talking bout you, TheresaDK). And since I really, really want to read book #2, I took her advice, and endured this 630 page journey, to clutch at any snippets of info that would allow me to understand book #2 better.

I'm glad I did read this story, as it was so much better than I anticipated. Yes, there were some niggles in the storyline that I wasn't keen on, but it has only served to fuel my need to read book #2 even more and I am now dying for more answers!

Told in dual POV, this ends with a HFN straight after conflict resolution, bridging us straight into book #2, and is the first book in a continuing series. I would agree with TheresaDK, that this story should be read before jumping into book #2, because even though we get ZERO together-time with the MC's of book #2 (I'm still shaking my head in frustration about that TheresaDK), we are still given an engaging build up and background history that will help further understanding of the connection between the MC's in Nova. Ok, enough rambly reviewing. It's now time for me to drop everything and enjoy the grovel fest that is NOVA! Jewelsy out!
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September 23, 2016
Wilder is the first book in the new Renegades series. The Renegades are a group of friends into extreme sports. They are X Games champions and thrive on pushing themselves harder. The more extreme and dangerous the bigger the rush and that’s what they are after.

Paxton Wilder is the definition of a bad boy and thrives on everything that comes with his reputation. Regardless of his reputation he values his friends most and will do anything for them. That unwavering friendship is how he finds himself on a ship traveling the world completing a Study at Sea program. This program is supposed to accomplish a few things, he can complete his degree and film various stunts for the Renegades's movie.

Leah is the opposite of the Renegades. She evaluates risk and tries to avoid any situations that could put her in danger. I totally related to Leah, while her issues are deeper and more personal, I too am not a huge risk taker either. I understood her fear and motivations. The only reason Leah is even on the ship to work on her degree and tutor Paxton.

Once Leah arrives nothing is as it seems. She is thrust into a luxuries life and immediately immersed in the Renegade culture. She befriends them all, but feelings really develop between her and Pax. You can only imagine how an extreme sports enthusiast would pursue a girl who is hellbent on keeping things professional. I definitely admired how he wanted to help Leah come out of her shell and live.

The relationship between Leah and Paxton moved pretty quickly, which I loved. I didn’t feel like there was a lot of back and forth or wasted time. Even while their relationship was moving forward they were both holding back secrets and pieces of themselves.

I loved how the story was about more than that just Leah and Paxton. We also have the Renegade family as a whole who are super easy to fall in love with! There is this mystery and suspense when we learn someone is out to sabotage them. The added mystery really kept me guessing what was coming next.

Wilder is highly entertaining and takes you on a journey of finding yourself and love through extreme sports. I have loved every book Yarros’s has ever written, my only complaint here is I wanted more feels. It’s just something I have come to expect from her books and I was just waiting to feel that overwhelming heart. Regardless, I will definitely check out the next book in the series!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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September 19, 2016
To be completely honest with you, I was not expecting to love this book the way that I did. I don't know why my expectations weren't crazy high, but I just didn't go into Wilder thinking it could be one of my most FAVORITE reads of the year! But man, was I wrong. I was blown away. And even now, days after finishing, I'm still getting full body shivers at just the thought of these characters. I'm telling you, this is one of those books you just DON'T SEE COMING. It's one of those novels that sweeps you off your feet, totally BLOWING YOU AWAY. These characters are such a treat for the reader. They take charge and steal your attention completely.

Heart, sizzle, feels and so much swoon, Wilder is a unique, refreshing, charming, suspenseful, sexy and addicting ride. A full-on "on the edge of your seat" read. Once I opened the novel and started reading, I was DONE. I could not put it down. I didn't want to put it down. And when it was over, I was left GASPING, thinking, "WHOA. I FREAKING LOVED THAT!" An utter delight! It's everything you want in a read and more. The FULL PACKAGE from start to finish.

Impeccable writing.
Sexy, organic dialogue.
A fun, UNIQUE and captivating plot line that I have NEVER seen in a book.
And ALPHAS that leave you weak-kneed.

Just fantastic. I cannot say enough good things.

Paxton Wilder is a daredevil! A reckless, charming ladies man with a grin and a hardy dose of charisma that has the ladies swooning by the dozens. As the son of an extremely wealthy business man, the world is Pax's oyster, so to speak. He lives each moment to the fullest, taking all the risks he can with his team called The Renegades.

The Renegades consist of Wilder (Paxton), Nova (Landon), Penna (Penelope) and Nick. They run a YouTube channel that showcases their wild tricks via motocross, skydiving, zip lining, etc etc. It's Nitro Circus on crack. And if it hasn't been done before, The Renegades want to try it. They're the most well known adrenaline junkies in the world and they have an extreme following!

Paxton's father, however, is set on Paxton finishing his last year of college. That's all he's asking of his son. So he buys a cruise ship, sets up a college, and The Renegades are placed on board the Athena for a year long study at sea program.

Leah (our leading lady) is brought in as Pax's tutor. He needs a little help. And if Pax doesn't pass his last year of schooling, his father will pull funding for a documentary that he's desperate to make. But the moment that Pax lays eyes on Leah, it's interest and lust at first sight. She's not what he was expecting and he likes that. She's a challenge. One he wants to conquer!

Leah is excited for this year abroad. She was supposed to go on the trip with her friend Rachel, but Rachel is out sick with mono for the next 3 months, so Leah is on her own and this opportunity is one she could not pass it up! However, the moment she lays eyes on Paxton Wilder, she can sense trouble. And she knows she needs to be careful, or else the upcoming months are going to be a little more than interesting.

Paxton and Leah have a chemistry that literally burns the pages of your kindle. The two of them are down right intoxicating. Like I said above, once you start reading, you cannot stop. Every page, every word, gets better and better and better. You almost can't believe how much, how deep, and how far you're falling! It's a wild, thrilling and heart tugging ride that you want to last forever. These characters are charming, endearing, and captivating.

I truly fell in love with this book. With the unique story line. The pacing. The writing. The dynamic between the characters. The dialogue. The steamy scenes. With just every single thing. I wasn't expecting it. I wasn't expecting to be completely and utterly blown away! But I am. I was. And it is no doubt one of my FAVORITES for 2016! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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September 30, 2016
4 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)

 photo F97101A3-CB9A-4414-BDF5-65E3D67FF9B7_zpsreoxvtql.jpg

Leah Baxter grew up an only child & was raised in Southern California. About two years ago she went through something very traumatic & has been broken since. She's grieving & lives in fear. Her memories still haunt her & rule her daily life. Leah attends Dartmouth in New Hampshire. She's a junior majoring in international relations. Desperate for a change & wanting to step out of her comfort zone, Leah applies for a Study at Sea program on the cruise ship the Athena. She's accepted and in exchange for tuition, room & board, she will tutor a student.

Leah soon finds out her work study is to tutor 22 yr. old college senior Paxton Wilder. Paxton is a gorgeous extreme sports athlete who has a YouTube channel & is a five time X Games medalist. He's the leader of the Renegades who share his love of being in the spotlight. He's a tattooed, Greek hottie that is an adrenaline junkie. He's made a name for himself & his life is about taking risks. Paxton & his team are taking a break to study & stage worldwide stunts for a documentary they are working on.

 photo 536F4FC1-DF1A-43FC-8292-EF4021204838_zpsfqdpr9ib.jpg

Leah needs to make sure Paxton keeps his grades up & attends classes or she could lose her scholarship. For the next nine months, this ship is home, & she has to spend time with this sexy, wealthy, privileged playboy so she can get into grad school. She's driven & brilliant & determined not to let anything get in the way of her academics.

Suddenly Leah is spending more & more time with Paxton. She is getting sucked in to his demanding schedule & surrounded by the Renegades family. She is having adventures, traveling to exotic places, and being pushed to the limits of her comfort zone. The more time they spend together, the more they feel a strong connection & attraction for one another. Paxton needs to graduate so he can get his trust fund, not fall for his tutor. She should be untouchable & off limits, but he can't fight how badly he wants her. He likes being with her & craves her the more they are together.

 photo 05C37732-4FD0-4947-86A8-A1C5D5C29B2C_zps7f69h6vw.jpg

-He was magnetic, hypnotizing.

-He wasn't just hot, he was beautiful.

-What would it be like to have his complete attention on me?

-"That kind of intensity is captivating." Even the thought of him applying that same focus, drive, and passion to sex was enough to send a flash of pure want through me.

-With the simple touch of his lips, he'd awoken something in me I'd thought long dead, and I wanted more.

 photo E2A99872-45E5-40E6-ADB8-7C1B19ECB659_zpsblfttwg6.jpg

As Paxton & Leah grow closer, & they share more about themselves, Paxton starts to challenge Leah to face her fears & not let her past rule her present. Paxton makes Leah want to live life to the fullest. Even though they are opposites & he's this daredevil, Leah really admires how fearless he is. She begins to open herself up to Paxton & they have tons of fun. Just as she's starting to put her trust in him secrets & lies threaten to end the relationship that has become so precious to them both. I really enjoyed this book, & cant wait to get Landon's story next!

 photo 3F655344-2394-44EA-B262-AB6F69A9C7EF_zpskviisuf2.jpg

- The draw I felt towards her was incredible, indescribable. Stronger than magnets, than chemistry, it was a primal, clawing need in me- not necessarily for her to be mine, but for me to be hers.

-I had to treat our relationship like I did everything else: with full dedication and concentration. As of this moment, I was committed, and I'd never failed at something I worked for. Eleanor Baxter wouldn't know what hit her.

-I wanted to touch her heart, to claim a piece for my own, and that was something I'd never wanted from another woman.

 photo 7f2a0674-9457-4206-a18b-ab26ca446dbc_zpslrutmwsc.png
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September 24, 2016
5 stars

Wilder was such a great read, loved the characters and the storyline had me turning the pages late into the night.

I loved Pax/Wilder and Leah. They were passionate, likable and endearing characters that made me laugh, they entertained me with their banter and made me swoon on more than one occasion.
These two seriously belonged together, loved watching them connect, learn to trust and open their hearts to each other. All the feels!

Pax, how I love you


Overall, Wilder is a well written and entertaining read with amazing hot characters that will capture your heart & mind and take you on a wild thrill seeking trip while watching them fall in love.

And lastly, the secondary characters are just as entertaining and memorable, setting us up for the next books to come in The Renegades series.
*CANNOT wait to read Landon's book next in Nova*

I'm a huge fan of Rebecca Yarros and once again this talented author has delivered another fabulous read.

Purchase Links ~
Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/…/dp/B01KFX67Q...
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2daVmhB
Nook: http://bit.ly/2cu1kIw

*A big thank you to the publisher for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.*
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1,181 reviews286 followers
December 21, 2016
Cute, short-ish read.

It was exactly how I expected it to be. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely sweet. It's like most romances, so nothing special, but good enough to try and enjoy.

The characters were likeable, though not extraordinary. The plot was interesting though a bit far-fetched. The chemistry was there but not always. It was a fast read although it was boring at times.

So all in all, a typical 3-star read. Good, sweet, nice for a lazy day in bed (or a sick day in bed, what I'm experiencing right now).
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February 9, 2017
The first book in the Renegade series and it definitely delivered! Paxton wilder is beyond adrenaline junkie status and while he had a grand scheme to heal the minds and hearts of his renegade family, he had no idea he would lose his so completely! Not much better than when a bad boy falls hard! Looking forward to reading the rest of the series...esp Nova!
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April 28, 2018
Paxton Wilder is a motocross king and an adrenaline junkie, he is also the founder of The Renegades - a group of people who do crazy stunts.

Leah Baxter is his tutor who takes on a summer of semester at sea in return of being a tutor to someone on board. Lead is smart, stubborn and comes with a lot of scars. Paxton is carefree and wild. The only reason Paxton is even on the ship is due to his father's demand that he finishes college or else the plug on his TV show is pulled and a ton of people lose their job.

Leah did not know exactly what she was getting roped into but soon she is thrown into an adrenaline driven, exciting and scary world of Paxton and The Renegades.

This was, interesting. I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. The story was highly recommended to me by a friend who loves this series and me being in a romance slump, she felt would hopefully help me get past some of it. Though, I still feel stuck, I really liked Leah and Paxton they were very much polar opposite but they were so good together.

The chemistry was sizzling, the romance was slow and wonderful and the setting for all of this was just perfect.

Of course, this wouldn't be a new adult romance without lots of heat and a mix of drama thrown in at the end, which I felt worked well for this.

I enjoyed the first 30% of the book a lot. It did plateau for me after that for a while, but at the end it did manage to pick right back up again and I found myself very invested and enjoying it.

Wilder was a good character, he had that bad boy streak without being overwhelming. Leah was sweet and it was obvious she cared a lot. I also found her to be really understanding and patient with Paxton despite everything she went through in the past.

I enjoyed this, maybe not as much as I wanted to but it was a great romance, with some heat, a bit of drama and a great overall setting.This review was originally posted on Night Owl Book Cafe
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2,082 reviews857 followers
August 22, 2016
A new Rebecca Yarros series? YES, PLEASE!

The Renegades Series starts off with a bang, coupling Leah, the studious college student and tutor and Pax, the bad boy adrenaline junkie.

I think what I enjoyed the most about this, was how unusual it was. I mean, it takes place on a cruise ship that doubles as a college. Packed full of rich kids, and the craziness that is The Renegades.

Pax needs to graduate if he plans on making his dream come true, so enter Leah – the woman who will tutor him while getting a free ride to participate. But the attraction they both feel is instant, and it is not only hawt, it is sweet as hell to watch these two grow closer (even if I wanted to slap Pax a few times).

Overall, I loved the book. It’s a great start for a new series. It was suspenseful, sexy, sweet and a little angsty. I can’t wait for the rest of the Renegades to get their story, the set up for the next book was perfect! I will definitely be reading the rest of this series.

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656 reviews1,403 followers
December 5, 2016
DNF @ 10%

I have no review where I'll roast anything. I didn't have quotes that proved why I didn't like this.


Because, Rebecca Yarros is a talented writer. This book just contained insta-love and too many cliches that I was turned off by the story. I couldn't handle Pax or Leah - two of the most cliche people to be written.

So, this goes to my growing DNF pile.
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September 23, 2016

I never connected with the heroine. She was a bit dull for Wilder. Which made the chemistry feel off.

And the romance felt a little too fluffy and happens fast.

Of course, I'm in the minority here. So it might be me, not the book.

I'll post a review soon.

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569 reviews115 followers
February 13, 2017
Yep, she did it again. Rebecca wrote another 5 star book ♡♡♡♡♡
Thank god I don't have to wait too long now anymore until Nova releases because the Renegades are just as addictive as the Flyboys from Flight & Glory are!! Review will follow soon on my blog and here on Goodreads! But for now: definitely a MUST READ!! With this book Rebecca shows yet again why she's a queen in romance ♡
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1,439 reviews171 followers
October 3, 2016
This seems to be the month for amazeballs books. It’s like all my favorite authors got together to see if they could blow my mind with their awesome.

It goes without saying that if Rebecca Yarros writes it, I will read it. But damn did this book have all the action and emotion I could handle and then some.

Wilder was everything I could ask for in a new adult hero. Cocky, arrogant, wild, man whore who knows what he wants and gives his whole heart and soul into getting it. He was so fearless and full of life it was hard not to fall in love with him as soon as I met him. He is one of those people who pulls you into his orbit without effort and I loved the fact that I could feel the pull between Wilder and Leah from their first meeting.

Leah was struggling so hard to repair her broken pieces and I loved that she never used everything she had gone through as an excuse to avoid her feelings for Wilder. She was such an amazing character I loved her as much as I loved Wilder. And despite a few tests and trials she never made stupid drama or excuses, she just pulled up her big girl panties and dealt with it. Her strength was awesome to watch.

There were a few things that upset me to no end and for a while there I thought I might have to put the book down and walk away but of course Rebecca is a goddess and she pulled me back to being on her stalker list and I absolutely can’t wait to read the rest of the Renegades finding their HEA.

Check out my reviews here
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March 8, 2019
Wat een heerlijk verhaal! Leah vond ik een erg toffe hoofdpersoon en ze maakt een hele natuurlijke groei door. Paxton daarentegen was een hoofdpersoon waar ik even aan moest wennen, maar na een paar hoofdstukken had ik hem ook in m'n hart gesloten. Op naar het volgende boek van The Renegades!
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1,096 reviews459 followers
October 3, 2016
4.5 Stars!

“It’s love, Pax. It’s what some people spend their whole life searching for. Do you know what a miracle it is to love someone and actually have them love you back? You have a chance at something epic.”

Ahhh, this book was so good and so much fun! I loved it!!! I swear, Rebecca Yarros writes the best heroes ever. Her men, oh my God, her men are always the hottest, most amazing book boyfriends. After all, this is the woman that created Josh Walker, my #1 book boyfriend ever. So, even though Josh Walker will always be my main man, Paxton Wilder is at the top now too. He’s an amazing hero, in every sense of the world, not to mention ridiculously hot and an alpha through and through.

“She was better than the hit of adrenaline I craved, took me higher than any rush of endorphins at a victory. She’d become more than the thrill, she’d become the air, the only thing I absolutely needed to live.”

See what I mean? Ridiculously swoony and hot. So I guess it’s pretty clear, I love Rebecca’s men, lol. I also love her books, so well written and edited to perfection, her attention to detail is astounding. I’ve always said, Rebecca is one of the main reasons I blog, so yeah, if she writes it, I’ll read it.

So, what else can I tell you about Wilder? It’s such a thrilling ride. The book follows a group of extreme sports athletes called The Renegades, as they embark in a study abroad cruise around the world while performing super cool and dangerous sports along the way! Super fun, right? It totally is, and it totally doesn’t disappoint. This team of daredevils is simply amazing. Like I said, Rebecca’s details are on point. You get a super cool insight at not only the super cool stunts they’re performing but also a glimpse into the cities they visit along the way. You totally feel like you’re there. So cool!

Paxton Wilder is the leader of the Renegades and in order for him to continue on the trip, he needs to pass the semester so he hires a tutor to help him with that. What Paxton doesn’t imagine is that he will fall for his tutor. Enter Leah. Leah has had a rough couple of years and as a result she’s super guarded with her feelings. Leah sees the trip as her opportunity to start over and try something different and she never imagined what a thrilling ride it would be. To be honest, I got frustrated with Leah at times. She’s definitely the reason this is not a 5 star for me. While I felt bad for her and her past circumstances, it just took me longer to connect with her.

The romance moves a little slow, but for a reason. But when it happens, bam, it’s pretty perfect. I also loved all of the secondary characters, especially the rest of the Renegades. There’s also an element of suspense and some twist and turns that you definitely don’t see coming. That was definitely one of my favorite parts of the book!

So, I super recommend Wilder, it’s an awesome, thrilling ride and you will enjoy every second of it. I can’t wait for Nova’s story!!!!

“God, I loved her—and not a little kind of love. My heart was practically glowing. I probably looked like a warped glowworm or something.”


**An ARC was generously provided by Entangled in exchange for an honest review**

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March 5, 2019
After reading the light we lost by jill santopolo i'm in an romance mood for some good romance, did this book deliver that , i think it did , but it missed some things like character dept, like what's her hobby's, the history with her former boyfriend, how she met rachel , the love story of her parents and why wilders parents are divorced, ... but what i did like was the stunts and the dangerous stuff , can't wait to read nova
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September 20, 2016
The whole Paxton having feelings for Leah's best friend spiel even though it was years before, put me off the book. I did not like that at all.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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