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Superman (2011)

Superman: The Final Days of Superman

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Superman’s body is failing him. He... is dying.

With his final days upon him, the Man of Steel reaches out to his loved ones and most trusted allies to say his goodbyes. Yet while he does so, the world is greeted by new threats—a dangerous being alive with fire, who insists to Lois Lane and anyone else he meets that he is the one true Superman, and a black-clad man whose appearance and powers mirror those of Superman himself.

Alongside Batman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl, the Man of Steel must fight one final battle—seemingly against himself. Will Superman die trying to save his adoptive world and those he loves most?

THE FINAL DAYS OF SUPERMAN marks the beginning of an era, written by Peter J. Tomasi (SUPERMAN) and illustrated by artists Mikel Janín (BATMAN), Doug Mahnke (SUPERMAN), Paul Pelletier (AQUAMAN), Dale Eaglesham (SECRET SIX), Scot Eaton (THE NEW 52: FUTURES END), Ed Benes (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA) and Jorge Jiménez (EARTH 2: SOCIETY).


Collects: Superman #51-52, Action Comics #51-52, Batman/Superman #31-32 and Superman/Wonder Woman #28-29.

200 pages, Hardcover

First published November 1, 2016

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About the author

Peter J. Tomasi

1,127 books443 followers
Peter J. Tomasi is an American comic book writer, best known for his work for DC Comics, such as Batman And Robin; Superman; Super Sons; Batman: Detective Comics; Green Lantern Corps; and Superman/Wonder Woman; as well as Batman: Arkham Knight; Brightest Day; Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors; Nightwing; Black Adam, and many more.

In the course of his staff career at DC Comics, Tomasi served as a group editor and ushered in new eras for Batman, Green Lantern, and the JSA, along with a host of special projects like Kingdom Come.

He is also the author of the creator-owned titles House Of Penance with artist Ian Bertram; Light Brigade with artist Peter Snejbjerg; The Mighty with Keith Champagne and Chris Samnee; and the critically acclaimed epic graphic novel The Bridge: How The Roeblings Connected Brooklyn To New York, illustrated by Sara DuVall and published by Abrams ComicArts.

In 2018 New York Times best-selling author Tomasi received the Inkpot Award for achievement in comics.

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Profile Image for Anne.
3,918 reviews69.3k followers
February 10, 2017
Surprisingly good at packing an emotional punch!


Some of these issues were in Superman, Volume 2: Return to Glory, which wasn't very good and left me feeling like they really shit the bed with Superman's death.
Maybe if, instead of trying to break the story up and squeeze more cash from fans, they had included all of these issues in that final volume it would have been better.


You have all of the touching moment with Kara, Batman, Lois, Lana, and especially Wonder Woman...


It also shows more of Super-Glow (<--does this guy even have a villain name?) and his descent into madness. Apparently, the crazier he gets, the hotter he gets...and not in a good way. It seems as though this escaped convict got hit by some sort of falling debris that had Superman's (genetically altered?) DNA in it. It somehow got airborne because of a rogue scientist in China. Honestly, I still don't fully understand that part of the story, but the end result is this crazy guy gets a bunch of powers and thinks he's Clark/Superman.
Except he's psychotic and stabby.


At any rate, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are running all over the place trying to stop him from killing people. They even end up in China, and get to meet some of that country's superheroes.


This was less about action, and more about friendships, though. Honestly, I was good with that. Also, this volume showed more of Super-beard (the new Superman). He's actually pretty great, and I'm really looking forward to reading more about not only him, but also Lois and their son, Jon, who will apparently be the new Superboy.


The main problem I had with this was the NOPE. NO CURE. attitude Clark had about this disease that was killing him. I mean, when Diana and Bats say they need to keep looking, he just shuts them down cold.


No. Sorry. Can't be fixed. Don't bother asking any of the bjillion scientists we're close personal friends with. Or the gods you're related to, who *cough* already fixed me once.
Just gotta die.
Editorial said so!

I think it would have made more sense (and packed a bigger wallop!) if everyone had been racing around to find a cure, maybe even be close to a breakthrough, and THEN Supes sacrifices himself to save the Earth.
Can you imagine?


Bottom line: Fire-Face is going to explode, and it's up to Superman to save the day!
BOOM! OH NO! The End.
*ushers in new guy*


Not perfect by any means, but much better than Return to Glory. Your money would be better spent on this....if you were planning to spend any $$$ on it.
Profile Image for Jerecho.
387 reviews47 followers
June 5, 2019
Story - 3.5
Graphics - 3.0

I just don't care when superman dies it's just that I know for a fact that he will live again. Why kill him in the first place 😡😂 and more Supermen... I just don't get it☹️
Profile Image for Sam Quixote.
4,484 reviews12.8k followers
November 8, 2016
After one too many cosmic shenanigans, Superman discovers he’s DYING. Oh no! Again…? Then he finds out there’s another Superman out there WHO’S ON FIRE and attacking people! There’s also ANOTHER Superman living in Salinas, California with his own Lois AND they have a kid together! … Go home, DC, you’re drunk!

The Final Days of Superman waves goodbye to New 52 Superman in an overlong farewell tour while unfortunately forgetting to tell a story too! I’m sorry but at this point I’ve seen Superman die too many times to get misty-eyed over his latest “death”, and New 52 Superman really wasn’t my favourite version of the character either.

Ok, some of the cheap sentiment worked on me a little… but only a little!

Besides Superman saying goodbye to his nearest and dearest (and Batman), the story of Superman fighting the other two Supermen didn’t grab me at all. Super Saiyan Superman was a one-dimensional nitwit (Duuuh, I’ma destroy stuff!) and the black-suited Californian Superman was plain baffling - where the hell did he come from?! He’s got a family too!?! I am so in the weeds with David Pumpkins Superman these days…

The art in general is ok but nothing spectacular and there’s some foreshadowing of the Rebirth Chinese Superman with the Chinese Justice League chapter but The Final Days of Superman is really way too long for so little substantial content. Though perhaps it’s appropriate for this lacklustre version of the character to go out in this unmemorable way?
Profile Image for Chad.
7,714 reviews867 followers
August 20, 2019
Superman is dying following the events of Savage Dawn. Now he's saying his goodbyes while dealing with a new entity that thinks he is Superman. I liked this crossover much better than the previous Superman crossovers. It really helps that they had the same writer across all the books, especially when that writer is Peter Tomasi. He's really one of the unsung heroes at DC. His writing is consistently great no matter what he's writing.
Profile Image for Donovan.
697 reviews66 followers
March 23, 2017

Disjointed and unnecessary.

Not surprising when DC stuffed issues from four different series into here. Honestly, it makes for jarring storytelling and that's not Tomasi's style.

The take away is this: Big surprise, Superman is dying. And there's an imposter Superman. Wait, two. And this is such an original concept! Because I didn't already read something like this in The Death of Superman, where he died, and then when there were not two but four Supermen in the "shocking" and "totally unexpected" Return of Superman.

Honestly, this is why I prefer stand alone Superman stories. Because this he's dying-he's dead-he's alive bullshit repeats over and over. I have zero emotional connection to or sympathy for anyone in this book because it just doesn't have any weight or suspense. Death isn't real in superhero comics.

All that said, the artwork is generally good. But damn, every issue is done by another artist because, again, this compiles four different series. The only reason I read this was to find out why Supes is "dying" in preparation for Son of Superman. But honestly, I'm more confused after having read this. Who the hell is Clark White? And why should I care?
Profile Image for RG.
3,090 reviews
March 17, 2018
Superman is dying and he battles it out against an evil potential new superman. Great art, and story telling. The crossover was done really well with this one.
Profile Image for Dimitris Papastergiou.
1,811 reviews55 followers
February 22, 2018
Besides all of the cliche shit and that Supe's is dying......again........yeap......oh boy!

Yeah, besides all-a-that... It's OK!

It was a fun read, and much much less annoying than the fuckin Darkseid War, so that was a plus too.

The artwork is great!

Read it only if you REALLY love superman or like me you wanted to read it so you can finally move on to Rebirth (because at the first fucking page of Rebirth it says Read Superman #50 before you read this). Even though you do NOT have to read the whole volume to read Rebirth.

You don't even have to read the whole issue... just read the last 5 pages of #50 and you're good to go.

Profile Image for James DeSantis.
Author 19 books1,123 followers
July 29, 2016
And so comes the end of my Superman New 52 reading run. Some real shitty issues at the start, some solid ones in the middle, some even great single moments, but overall bumpy.

This is the end of the New52 Superman and for the most part it's satisfying if not hurried along. It's no "Death of Peter Parker" from Ultimate universe, but it's still solid enough. Watching the strongest hero slowly die was both interesting and actually the best part of the story. Him trying to come to terms with fading away, not being able to help people, was heartbreaking and sad but felt right.

The side stuff going on in the issues, the main cause of Superman's death, all felt very rushed and no real "meat" to it. The reason he dies is a little meh where his actual death is decent.

Overall, just like the entire run, some good, some shit, some bad. But it's still not awful.

Let's hope Rebirth is crazy good instead of just meh most of the time. 2.5 out of 5.
Profile Image for Sesana.
5,186 reviews345 followers
February 4, 2017
Not too bad, actually. At least, the parts that actually deal with Clark's impending death aren't. No, I don't really understand why he's dying, as I haven't read Superman in some time. But I think I understood enough, and at this point, I don't suppose that it really matters why he's dying, does it? Around half of the book is concerned with Clark saying goodbye to various people he cares about, and these parts are rather effective. I wish the whole book had been this. Instead, there's a story about some sort of imposter Superman, which is just ok. I kind of did like that the imposter really and truly believed that he was Superman himself, and the Chinese experimental Superman could prove interesting later on. But it was kind of a bland story to take Superman out on, with a one-off villain and not one of his greatest foes.
Profile Image for Logan.
986 reviews33 followers
January 14, 2019
Good! So I got this yesterday from dad for my birthday, and it was mostly a fun read! So this book is where DC killed off the New 52 Superman and then in Rebirth brought back the Post Crisis Superman. The story opens with Superman slowly dying after a few big battles he was in, which right off the bat gives off a similar tone to All-Star Superman. I guess you could call this The New 52 version of that story, in how it hits you right in the feels and brings out just the right amount of emotion out of the reader.

I really enjoyed the beginning where Superman was going around and saying goodbye to his closest friends and allies, that's really where I felt the most compelled and interested. The artwork as well was mostly very good, however, some others like the Batman/Superman tie-ins had very dark backgrounds in the panels and it just looked unpleasing to the eye. From a story perspective, the issues flowed very well, and the pacing felt just right, which is often hard to do when you have multiple writers and artists trying to tell one story across multiple titles.

The story does start to lose some of its lustre though when an evil clone of Superman shows up and starts wreaking havoc, and claiming he's the real Superman. The story isn't bad or anything but I just wish they came up with a better final adventure for New 52 Supes. It does tie in well and set up the rebirth superman title very well! Overall this was a fun read, which I recommend if your a fan of The New 52!
Profile Image for Chris Lemmerman.
Author 7 books94 followers
May 30, 2021
Superman is dying. After facing off against Rao, taking a dip in the fire pits of Apokolips, and trapping himself in a room full of Kryptonite, his body is finally giving up the ghost. But there's one final problem to deal with - a Superman imposter that is threatening everyone in Clark's life. With Batman and Wonder Woman at his side, Superman will make sure he saves the world...one last time.

It certainly feels like everything has been leading to this. All of the recent Action Comics, Superman (going as far back as Geoff Johns' run), Superman/Batman, and Superman/Wonder Woman stories all feed directly into what's going on here. Superman's died before, sure, but this time feels different - this time it's his choice to go out, and while he'd rather stick around, if he has to go, he'll go out saving everyone he loves.

There's a lot of set-up here for Rebirth, although you'd only know it in hindsight. There's a two issue detour to China which sets up New Super-Man by introducing Doctor Omen, and the Rebirth Superman from Lois & Clark also shows up for a substantial amount of the later issues. But even with this going on, Pete Tomasi (who writes all eight issues here) makes sure that the emotional beats are all hit along the way. Although the ending is inevitable, the journey's worth taking to see how it all plays out.

The art's pretty glorious as well. The story's bookended by Mikel Janin, while Jorge Jimenez, Scot Eaton, Ed Benes, Paul Pelletier, Dale Eaglesham, and Doug Mahnke all take at least an issue each as well. Superman goes out with a bang in the art department.

The Final Days Of Superman does what it says on the tin - it's the final New 52 Superman story, so it doesn't leave anything on the table. There's plenty of set-up for what comes next and plot threads tied off, but it manages to still be its own story even while being a beginning and ending as well.
Profile Image for Shannon Appelcline.
Author 22 books138 followers
February 3, 2017
The setup to Superman's death is pretty stupid. He's had three bad things happen to him, and so they've all piled up and resulted in him dying. OK. That's a great way to suck the drama out of what should be devastating news.

But the comic actually gets better from there. Superman tells people he's dying and there's real human interactions. Meanwhile, Tomasi seems to be playing a variant of Reign of the Superman, with a number of new Supermen appearing: a light Superman, a Chinese Superman, and of course Superdad. There's even mystery about them!

Sadly, the last couple of issues drain away most of that good will. We finally get people meeting Superdad, and there's absolutely no drama and nothing comes out of it. Then, there's a dull multiple issue fight. And then when we get to the end and suddenly folks are there that weren't anywhere around like Lana and John Henry, and it's so ridiculous that you wonder if you've slipped into a dream sequence, which isn't a good feel for the big dramatic end of a big.

Still, this was pretty decent, especially before the end. It's more like 3.5 stars than 3.
Profile Image for Tesutamento.
350 reviews1 follower
November 6, 2022
Superman son yaşadıkların dolayı iyice yorgun düşmüş ve zehirlenmiştir. Gücü azalmış hatta uçarken dengesini yitirmeye başlamıştır. Ölmek üzere olduğunun farkında olduğu için sevdikleriyle vedalaşmaya başlamıştır. Supergirl, Lois Lane ve diğerleri...

Superman bununla ilgilenirken güneş gibi parlayan bir adam ortaya çıkar ve kendisinin Clark Kent ve Superman olduğunu iddia eder. Clark gibi yaşamaya çalışır ve çalıştığı gazeteye gider. Orada agresif tavırlar sergileyen bu adam oradakilere zarar verince Batman, Wonder Woman ve bildiğimiz Superman olaya el atar. İzleri takip edince anlarlar ki Superman'in geçmiş savaşlarında ortaya çıkan enerjinin üzerinde yapılan gizli bir deney sonucu ortaya çıkan bu ikinci Superman aslında eski bir mahkummuş.

Yaşamadığı bir hayatı kendininki zanneden bu adam kahramanlarımıza zor anlar yaşatır. Son gücüyle savaşan Superman'in yardımına siyah kostümlü başka bir Superman ko��ar. Büyük savaşın sonunda bizlerin bildiği Clark Kent düşmanını yenmiş olsa da malum son yaşanır. Artık sadece siyah kostümlü Superman kalmıştır.

Farklı dört kitabın birbirini takip eden sayılarının bir derlemesi diyebiliriz bu kitap için. Haliyle çizim tarzları ve tonlar farklılık gösteriyor. Çin ve oranın koruyucularına dair kısımlar biraz alakasızdı. Superman'in finali olduğu için getirilen Supergirl de biraz gereksiz kalıyor hikayede. Bu kısımlar dışında genel olarak okuması fena değildi.
Profile Image for Yamin Eaindray.
130 reviews14 followers
June 18, 2018
I'm a fan of Peter J. Tomasi, I have read quite a few of his works and they were all pretty good. I didn't exactly read Superman New 52, I only read the Superman/Wonder Woman run written by Charles Soule and illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, Tony S. Daniel. Did I enjoy that run? Actually, yes, even though a lot of people are still bothered about the super couple pairing. I didn't read the entire Wonder Woman New 52 run either, just the first volume, so I just settled on the series where they are together, because I was busy with Rebirth. That run (I don't think I read Volume 4 and 5 though), and some knowledge from Superman — Lois and Clark, allowed me to understand it well enough. Superman's death is supposed to mean a great deal but it seems a tad bit rushed. I would have liked it to be slowed down, to have more impact, but boom, it was done already. The art by Mikel Janin is ugh, too good, although he seems to have a certain template for blue-eyed males with black hair, because Clark and Dick are almost the same face when drawn by him. Still beautifully detailed though. I think I like this overall but it could have been better.
Profile Image for Robert.
99 reviews
August 2, 2017
It was... okay.

I don't know why Superman is dying. A simple "what's been going on" intro page would've been appreciated. Especially if we're supposed to accept that, unlike every other time something like this happens, this is a foregone conclusion and it's really, actually terminal. It feels rather strange for Superman to not have plot armor and for the characters in the story to accept that—how they react and what they do makes it feel like they read the plot outline before the story started.

A lot of it felt like killing time. And the "big bad" of the volume felt like he existed only so there'd be someone to punch and

I also see we're introducing the old Superman here (with a beard and a black costume!). I find it hard to believe that any version of Superman could just hide and ignore the events of, say, Forever Evil. It's a pretty stupid retcon to say the old Superman has really been here all along, which is what I suspect is going to have happened (and it's not that he's just arrived recently or just regained his powers).

If they need a way to kill the New 52 Superman and want to bring back the pre-Flashpoint one, why not have the New 52 Superman sacrifice himself to do that. Say he knows he's dying but knows there needs to be a Superman in the world or some such thing. God only knows they do that with Batman often enough (e.g., Batman: Battle for the Cowl or Batman: Bloom) and it honestly makes more sense with Superman than Batman.

Anyway, if, like me, you wanted to know how they were going to send off the New 52 Superman, the volume isn't terrible. I'm just glad I got it from my local library instead of paying for it because there's no way this story was worth the US$30 MSRP.
Profile Image for Bryen.
64 reviews1 follower
May 20, 2018
This in my opinion was just ok. The death of the New 52 Superman was a little too drawn out and then came to a someone anti-climatic end. I found it sort of dragged out in the beginning and then rushed at the end. I'm probably biased as I never believed the New 52 Superman to be the real Superman. An important read though if you want to follow a few rebirth titles like Superwoman and Super-Man.
Profile Image for Brent.
1,978 reviews171 followers
June 22, 2018
Better than I thought! but still...
This is a transitional end to the New 52 Superman. The skill of these creators makes it notable; the mess of other stories makes it... an installment before the next installment. But, lots of talent on view!
Tomasi does as well as anyone could to transition between Supermen. It's ok.
A curiosity: mildly recommended. Highly recommended for Superman fans.
Profile Image for Paul.
198 reviews5 followers
August 6, 2022
This felt rushed and anticlimactic just like 90% of the New 52 Superman. Definitely wasn’t the worst part of the run and in fact was written better than the majority of it even with all its flaws. The list is very small for good Superman comics that are part of the New 52. There is no way I would recommend this run on Superman to anyone.
Profile Image for Koen.
811 reviews1 follower
August 9, 2017
This was a great tale to have been told.. It might have been a crazy story, with the three supermans, one even a lightning being LOL, but I actually felt some tears welling up in the end .. Don't get that too often with graphic novels :D
Profile Image for Charles.
208 reviews2 followers
March 13, 2017
I'd give this a 2.5 at best. I think the main issue here is a confusion between moments and scenes. Don't get me wrong, this is a beautifully illustrated story, but there's nothing there to compel me. We've read this story before, just slightly different, some 20 years ago. I think that's the biggest loss here. Because he's died before and death in comics is now a punchline as opposed to a plot device, all emotion, tension, and feeling are sucked out of this. Do I regret buying and reading this? No, but unsure I'd recommend it to someone who has read their fair share of Superman books.
Profile Image for MasterSal.
1,989 reviews17 followers
October 19, 2018
So my adventures of following Superman through the new 52 comes to an end. It took almost 10 months / the year to get me here and some of the feels are for that journey. So this is a review of the Superman title as a whole as much as it is a goodbye to this iteration of the character. Also - for full disclosure I did skype one of the mopey superman collected editions (i.e. the one before this one) cause I couldn't take it anymore.

Reading this as a collected edition helped keep the pace. Ignoring the silly villain (who was he? How did he come to being - I forget and it's only been literally 3 minutes since I ended this book. That says it all). I would have been super annoyed if I had to go hunting for this in all the various titles. So if you haven't read this yet - do yourself a favour and read only this version. Don't read the other individual titles as it wont make sense. From what I can tell, each character gets to say goodbye in their own joint book with Superman - so Wonder Woman / Superman, Supergirl title etc.

That confusion aside, the comic was moving - I liked the angle that Supes knew he was dying from a terminal illness which could not be cured. I wish they had given a little more time to that angle, instead of having the man of steel go down in a punch up seeing him fall to the unchangeable makes the end theoretically worse. They probably didn't go there since All-Star Superman did that so well already but this one hinted as the Death of Superman but without hitting the emotional punch of the latter.

Despite these quibbles I will miss this Superman - I wish he got more time with his successor. Seeing his future in the flesh would have made for some compelling reasons I think. This is the first Superman I followed so consistently in print so for me he did was he was supposed to - reintroduced me to the mythos I loved so much as a child. In that sense I guess the New 52 was a success and I am looking forward to Rebirth.

3 stars for that but objectively this is not a great story and the potential was squandered by using another punch up to end it. The best parts is the goodbyes and the quieter movements. The end made me sad but not tear up. It's leaving me nodding along and sympathising but not upset.
Profile Image for Stephen Abell.
133 reviews
August 11, 2016
Superman Dies - again!!!

Unfortunately, for the reader though, it's not at all like his death at the hands of Doomsday. He does go out with a bang. But in a kind of wimpish way.

One of the major faults being that it would have been better to have read most of the Superman titles as the cause of his demise is a culmination of events and C K's resolutions of those, instead of a self contained story. Though, to be honest, I do like that idea.

Second is the end fight with his doppelganger, who is created by accident at the same time as Superman China (this bit of the story feels a bit rushed and is there to tie-in the new Superman title). Even though the fight is on, but mostly off, throughout the eight crossover issues, it's over too soon and shouldn't have been a fight that would've killed the man of steel - wimpish.

Thirdly, love interests and goodbyes. I can understand wanting to say goodbye face-to-face (hope I get the chance to), but he only says cheerio to five people and one dog, Krypto, Lana Lang, Batman (Alfred, like a good English butler, eavesdrops then Thanks him), Diana (and he gets another kiss in instead of saying those eternal three words), then Lois Lane. In the previous two storylines "Truth" & "Savage Dawn" you saw a deeper side to Supes character. It's this Supes I can't believe wouldn't say goodbye to the people of Metropolis itself, and let them know that everything would be okay.

In conclusion; I believe the story could've been slightly deeper, and give C K a good send off - one which he deserves, as the ultimate boy scout. However, it is still a good read and I did enjoy it - these, after all, are only my thoughts ☺

As I've mentioned In other reviews, sometimes the crossover stories can suffer with the change in artist. Here, I am glad to say, is not the case. The artwork in each issue, by each artist, compliments not only the story but the other artists work. Making it an even more pleasurable read.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Swapnil Dubey.
92 reviews15 followers
February 17, 2020
I was sad for a while when I read Death of Superman. I literally cried.. and I mean it.. I really cried when I read Death of Captain America. The Final Days of Superman is good but not on that level. In the end it makes you sad because your hero dies but it misses the overall emotion that we should feel when a legend die. Anyway, this hardcover is pretty much cool.

A lot has happened in New 52 titles and I couldn't catch up with that but I say bringing "Our Superman" back was a bold idea. I have read Unchained and Doomed and some other stuffs from New 52 era and all these were.. lets just say not bad.

First, this is an important point for pre 52 era Superman to come outta shadow and start flying again.

Second, it's been shown here that how Lois/Lana gets Superman abilities. The details have been shared in separate issue.

Third, various artist have done good job and the red, orange, yellowish colours of the pages literally feels like the book is on fire.

Fourth, Peter J Tomasi has done justice with the villain in all ways. Denny Swan aka Fire Superman, who is made of Superman memories with a criminal record, is mad, psycho and really brings his full wrath on our heroes. Final battle is satisfying.

Fifth, I am pretty much sure it hold the pieces of origin story of Chinese Superman which is available in separate titles. Anyway, the battle between The Great Ten and Trinity sucks. I means, they just met and started fighting.

Sixth, this is the first opportunity for New 52 era people to meet with pre 52 era Superman. Lois, Batman, Wonder Woman meet him first time.

Seventh, "Superman is a symbol of hope" and he truly lives up to these words. Even in his final moments he tries to save villain by reminding his memories to him. I am sure Superman fans wouldn't want to miss one last act of heroism by their hero.
Profile Image for Wing Kee.
2,091 reviews29 followers
May 26, 2016
Okay, so I read the single issues of this event in preparation for DC REBIRTH, how does it read? Much like the half measure that was the New 52.

World: The art is aight, fairly standard DC fare, I would have wanted more sense of motion in the art but overall it's good. The world building here is a bit janky, there are bits here that are really good and then there are bits here that are choppy and incomplete. I really liked the idea of the three Supermen, not so much the China stuff, that just felt off and not authentic.

Story: This is the biggest issue of the arc. There is the journey of New 52 Supes which it's trying to deal with but the storytelling through the issues is janky. The pacing is weird and there is pointless filler I really did not enjoy, the entire China storyline is just unnecessary for this story. I know they are building towards the Asian Superman but it was out of place. Also the villain was so poorly thought out and the emotional hit in the end missed and felt rushed. It's not a good Superman story and it's not what this version deserves. This send off was not good. I could go on and compare this storyline to so many others but I don't want to due to spoilers.

Characters: New 52 Clark started off fine, the first couple of issues really rung emotionally, but the later was a disservice to the character. The villain was stupid and it was an unworthy adversary for the end of the tale, it should not have been him, stupid. I can't say more. I'm annoyed.

Not good and just a disservice to New 52 Clark no matter your opinion of him.

Onward to the next book!
Profile Image for Diego López Ocón.
283 reviews20 followers
September 11, 2016
That was sad. Is a shame that New 52 Superman is being changed by the pre New 52 Superman. Okay... I don't regret this so much, New 52 Superman comics suck aren't so good, but he got a good ending.

There wasn't anything bad in this issue but there wasn't anything great also. It was an okay story.

There isn't a lot that I can say about this but I liked it in the end.
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