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Kingfountain #2

The Thief's Daughter

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A Wall Street Journal bestseller. The second book in the million-copy bestselling Kingfountain series from Jeff Wheeler. Owen Kiskaddon first came to the court of the formidable King Severn as a prisoner, winning favor with the stormy monarch by masquerading as a boy truly blessed by the Fountain. Nine years hence, the once-fearful Owen has grown into a confident young man, mentored in battle and politics by Duke Horwath and deeply in love with his childhood friend, the duke’s granddaughter. But the blissful future Owen and Elysabeth Mortimer anticipate seems doomed by the king’s machinations. A pretender to Severn’s throne has vowed to seize the crown of Kingfountain. But Severn means to combat the threat by using Elysabeth as bait to snare the imposter—and forcing Owen, as a pawn in the dangerous charade, to choose between duty and devotion. With poisoners and spies circling ominously, and war looming on the horizon, Owen must make painful sacrifices to beat back the advancing shadows of death and disaster. Will Owen’s conflicted heart follow the king’s path or will he risk everything for love?

368 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 31, 2016

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About the author

Jeff Wheeler

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Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler took an early retirement from his career at Intel in 2014 to write full-time. He is a husband, father of five, and a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Jeff lives in the Rocky Mountains.

Jeff's blog and suggested reading order can be found on his website: http://www.jeff-wheeler.com/

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366 reviews109k followers
May 23, 2020

big fan!!
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1,282 reviews3,270 followers
April 17, 2020
Stunning, just beautiful

This series owned my life and very nearly broke my heart. The plot, characters, atmosphere; all painstakingly created for the reader who has little time for the fluff and silliness that’s prevalent in the YA fantasy genre. You’re in for a treat should you decide to read this.
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2,032 reviews1,422 followers
October 26, 2016
This is the second book in the Kingfountain fantasy trilogy and, in my humble opinion, a vast improvement to the first installment.

It wasn't that the first book was bad, in any sense of the word, it just contained too many inconsistencies of character for me to see past and fully immerse myself in the intricacies of the story. Here, however, the plot has progressed nine years and, with it, so have the characters. The older perspective made for a far more enjoyable reading experience.

Seventeen-year-old Owen Kiskaddon proves a more reliable narrator than in the first book, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading of his personal character growth. Gone is the shy young boy and, in his place, a tactical and feared warrior has emerged. Owen and his childhood friend, Lady Elysabeth Victoria Mortimer, are just as close friends but their relationship has continued to blossom along with their age. Their feelings toward each other were very sweet and innocent and it made me smile at how strong their emotions were and yet how hesitant their actions. The historical element really shone in these moments, as the strict culture regarding courting was adhered to almost biblically.

This is just as dense on court intrigue and crown politics, as the first book, but it was also framed nicely by action-heavy opening and closing segments. The action-heavy scenes provided a nice mix of pace that kept me intrigued and eager to continue reading as I never knew what was next in store: I could second-guess none of the action and there was nothing that proved predictable about the plot or the characters!

It was interesting that the enemies of the first book proved to be the cohorts of the latter. New enemies had arisen, and yet these were also painted in a forgiving light, leading the reader to guess who the real foe of the state and the crown really was. Owen is caught up in this young adult game of thrones and his lesser status and magical abilities made this a unique and thrilling perspective to read from.
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308 reviews74 followers
December 11, 2016
I am genuinely in awe; I liked the first book of the series but I was somehow puzzled by the fact that the main character was 8 years old.
This book though follows Owen's adventures when he is 17. As a side note, I genuinely find Kiskaddon as musical and I smile every time I hear it.
I listened to the book while I spent most of the day in the car and I was absolutely entertained. Owen, Evie, Etayne are just characters I like, clever, hard working, hiding secrets. The villains - that are not really villains - are well described too. I would actually go as far as to say that the villains is a very fluid category and the people in this category are not necessarily bad people.
I find the book is construed in a way that there is an explanation for all loose ends.
I enjoy the magic system - so unique, linked to the fountain, such a powerful fountain, connected to the water even visually. Impressive clever idea!
I feel like there is a reference (if not an entire retelling) of King Arthur and I cannot stop being in love with this aspect.
The only aspect that is somehow missing is action; better said, there is action but it is very limited. The book is just perfectly tailored though despite my personal interest in more action driven books!

I cannot wait to start with the next book of the series!
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1,196 reviews2,583 followers
May 28, 2020
*** 4 ***

This book was much more to my liking than the first one in the series. This might be due to the fact that the protagonist was a kid in the first installment, while some time has passed by the beginning of this one and now Duke Owen is a young man, loyal to his King, who seems to tether on the brink of anger and insanity... Owen is Fountain-blessed, which in this world means having a magic, gift of the Fountains in the heart of the world. His seems to be a deeper sight into the nature of people, as well as discerning patterns, seeing "truths" and at times, being able to gift others with a spark...

Apart from the magic, he has also grown to be a warrior and a crafty strategist and spy. The one constant is his love for his childhood friend, Lady Elizabeth Victoria Mortimer, who has grown into just as delightful of a young woman as she was as a child. But she is the granddaughter of a Duke, and the King, who is rightfully paranoid about being targeted by slamming courtiers, would likely not let two of the most powerful dukedoms to combine and threaten his throne, and has decided to use the Lady's loyalty to make other political alliances. This leads the childhood friends on a mission to another kingdom and all kinds of intrigue and plotting ensue.

The book is deceptive in its simplicity of story telling and it sneaks up on you with the way it makes you care about all the main characters. It feels like a classic tale about "a kingdom long, long time ago", and I have always been a fan of this tradition. It is written in a very accessible way for all ages to enjoy, and I would recommend it to all. A very pleasant, but also thought provoking and contemplative read. Looking forward to the continuation in the next book.

Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a good Book 😉
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1,867 reviews16.5k followers
July 21, 2022
I read another reviewer describe Jeff Wheeler’s Kingfountain series as a G rated Game of Thrones and there is something to that description.

Eschewing much of the violence of Martin’s saga and all of the sexuality, this is nonetheless a well thought out and fascinating fantasy world building that uses a plethora of historical, mythical, and literary references to build from. I especially liked the use of Arthurian legend and Joan of Arc history, though there are plenty more, often subtle allusions to other works. While this could be distracting, I found it endearing and was almost – almost – like a wink and nod breaking of the fourth wall as the parallels with other writing is so obvious.

This book takes place nine or ten years after the events of The Queen’s Poisoner and Owen is a young Duke with plenty of ability and confidence. And, most importantly, he has learned to use and better control his Fountain Blessed powers. Wheeler’s deft narration also provides a better understanding of the Fountain, and we have a more fully realized set of magic rules.

The eponymous Thief’s daughter is the new royal Poisoner and Etayne is a fresh new addition to the already very colorful and multifaceted cast. We follow Owen and Evie to the smaller kingdom of Atabtyrion where Wheeler gives us a swashbuckling tale of court intrigue and political espionage.

Looking at the titles of these books: Queen’s Poisoner, Thief’s Daughter, King’s Traitor and so on, we see that Wheeler is writing a fantasy series that at its heart is about relationships, and themes of loyalty, fealty, and personal honor are explored and described.

Good fun, many unexpected twists and turns and the ending was very good, but I thought this missed a step or two, some of the dialogue was flat and the story waned a bit in the middle, I did not like this one as much as the first; but I still really liked it, am invested in this series and I’m off to read the next book.

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691 reviews98 followers
June 13, 2019
It's coming to my awareness that my favorite books are riddled with about two thousand layers of intrigue and betrayal, machinations, trickles of magic, spies, and a few heartbreaking twists.

Naturally I couldn't put this down.

"Owen Kiskaddon first came to the court of the formidable King Severn as a prisoner, winning favor with the stormy monarch by masquerading as a boy truly blessed by the Fountain. Nine years hence, the once-fearful Owen has grown into a confident young man, mentored in battle and politics by Duke Horwath and deeply in love with his childhood friend, the duke’s granddaughter. But the blissful future Owen and Elysabeth Mortimer anticipate seems doomed by the king’s machinations.

A pretender to Severn’s throne has vowed to seize the crown of Kingfountain. But Severn means to combat the threat by using Elysabeth as bait to snare the imposter—and forcing Owen, as a pawn in the dangerous charade, to choose between duty and devotion. With poisoners and spies circling ominously, and war looming on the horizon, Owen must make painful sacrifices to beat back the advancing shadows of death and disaster. Will Owen’s conflicted heart follow the king’s path or will he risk everything for love?"

My heart was right there with Justine, sobbing at the answer. I am curious to see how this plays out in the next book😳

What else? Owen's power is developing into something that is SO interesting, and I liked how the King's poisoner was brought into the fold of things. The magic Wizr board was also fascinating as is all of the treasure, and insights that Owen can see from the past. I know book 3 is going to answer some of these mysteries and I can't wait.

I looove the characters now too. Owen has transformed into quite the leader and the King's right hand, Evie is the ultimately brave and intelligent woman, Etayne is little weird but a wonderful addition. Clark is a good guy too, I fully wish him the best but I have a strong feeling that Wheeler will eventually kill him off. I hate what Severn is doing to them...how far will his madness and their sense of loyalty stretch?

Things do happen a bit conveniently but thankfully Wheeler is a good enough storyteller that he can get away with telling us what happens, instead of putting the reader in the thick of it. There are definitely some parts where I would have liked to see some of the action though.

I still smashed that 5 star button unashamedly. I couldn't put it down and am invested in EVERYONE. Fully recommend the series for fans of historical fiction, epics, fantasy, I really want to say Christian fiction too because Wheeler writes a very clean message and his characters truly honor each other, and you know he's a man of God as well. Sometimes a religious undertone comes through in his works and his books are totally appropriate for young adult/christian/etc
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473 reviews15 followers
November 8, 2021
Unexpectedly, The Thief's Daughter completely drew me into the Kingfountain series . I was hesitant after the first instalment and I remained sceptical throughout the first half of the book. I even thought about giving it up; the too predictable romance (still a children’s book – no kissing, but events take place 7 years later so our protagonists are now young adults), the unquestionable loyalty (and the perverse testing of it), the perfect young lord… But then somehow, the outcome changed; I’m starting to see the grey areas, the ending was not what I predicted and so, I could hardly put the book down. Overall, I think 3.5 stars, rounding up, as I couldn't wait to put my hands on the next one.
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53 reviews8 followers
March 10, 2017
first off, I want to say that I adore the names of the characters that this author has chosen. This is the second book of the king fountain trilogy and I liked it better than the first. This story is full of magic, battles, love and loyalty. A perfect setting for a story. The author paints a clear picture in my mind and I'm very in touch with the tale. I listened to the audio book and enjoyed the narrator's performance and voice technique. I look forward to the next book
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1,845 reviews360 followers
June 20, 2017
3.5 stars

A stringently G-rated GoT series for the young-at-heart. A little bit of battle, a tiny death or two, some poisoning, unrequited love; it's all in there.
This book picks up ten years after book one. Owen and Evie are young adults and representatives of the court. There is a new poisoner too. But what's this news about a usurper???

Summer Fantasy Fest read #20
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Author 24 books1,077 followers
March 31, 2017
Each book deserves its own review, but I'm too busy moving on to book three to write one. Suffice to say if you got this far you're going to keep going.
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634 reviews143 followers
May 30, 2017
This ending almost moved me to tears. I don't know what it is about these books. It just sneaks up on you and smacks you over the head with the feels. You read through not realizing how much you care until the last chapter, maybe even the last paragraph, and then you all of a sudden want to sob your eyes out and you don't know why.

The Thief's Daughter picks up 10 years after the events of The Queen's Poisoner. Owen is a "man" (if you can call a 17 year old a man) leading battle charges and acting as a spy, or Espion, in the book, plotting to save his kingdom and destroy others. I do feel like this is where some of the magic was lost. Owen was only 8 in the first book and seeing the story told through the eyes of such an innocent and shy boy was so special. He battled with things that are otherwise simple for adults like lying and secrets, and you just felt for him. Now, he's all grown up and while there is much more at stake, the innocence has been lost. My only real critique for this book, is that Owen often seemed more like 25 than 17. I understand why he was written to be 17 but he just seemed much older. Overall it wasn't too big a deal.

If you know anything about the Cousin's War, you surely have heard of the mystery of the Princes in the Tower. What happened to them? Where are they buried? Did one of them make it out alive? Was that an impostor really an impostor? This mystery has fascinated me for years, and I've read a couple of historical fiction novels examining the mystery. Historians don't agree on any one conclusion. I was thrilled for Wheeler to look at it here, and I thought he did an excellent job. (Especially since he followed my favorite, and perhaps romantic, notion that one Prince made it out.)

I love the character Owen has grown into. I loved Lady Elysabeth Victoria Mortimer too. I especially loved Etayne. I love that you never really know what to do with her. You want to trust her, but something nags at you not to. There are definitely some interesting character developments in this book in regards to character we already know, and new and equally introducing characters are introduced as well.

I still think these are character driven books, but for anyone who enjoys action oriented books, The Thief's Daughter has much more of it than The Queen's Poisoner. There is battle and espionage all happening with Owen as the MC. Etayne's disguises were also a wonderful addition and made the espionage parts so exciting to read.

Overall an excellent second book and I'm already chomping at the bit for the third.

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208 reviews23 followers
September 4, 2017
How do I best explain my disappointment? This book isn't bad by any means. The writing style is fun and entertaining the plot isn't bad either, the intrigue and politics are fun as well ... It just wasn't very unique to me.
While the first book was amazing exactly because the main character was a little child but the story wasn't a middle grade or kids book, we now have the traditional teenaged hero and ... it just didn't grip me nearly as much as the first book. Not to mention the whole Eve stuff.
Not sure if I will continue this series (especially since it apparently has now a sequel trilogy! Never a fan of those!). It just isn't a priority for me right now.
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2,966 reviews243 followers
August 23, 2017
I just finished listening to this book on my latest long car ride and I LOVED it. I just can't get enough of this series or Owen! The first book was when Owen was just eight years old. In this book, Owen is 17 and has grown up so much. There is magic and adventure, friendships and enemies. It's fantastic. Clean and great for the whole family, I think. I can't wait to get started on the next book. Which I might read instead of listen to because I can't wait that long. :) Kindle Unlimited has both the book and audio which is fantastic for me! Yay!
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690 reviews72 followers
August 30, 2021
Aslında kitap çok iyiydi puan kırma sebebim tamamen aşk yüzünden oldu...kiz karakter sonunda golü çaktı bana cinnet geçirtti...
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230 reviews45 followers
May 5, 2021
Całkiem ciekawa kontynuacja pierwszego tomu, chociaż nie podobała mi się jakoś bardziej od poprzedniczki.

Niestety, nadal nie rozumiałam relacji królestwa króla Severna, a innymi królestwami. Nadal nie do końca byłam świadoma, z kim w sojuszu, a z kim prowadzi wojnę. Zamiast prosto to wytłumaczyć to wyjaśnianie było prowadzone jakoś tak "na około". Na pewno ta trudność jest też związana z nazwami krain i imionami postaci, które są trudne do zapamiętania. Chociaż przeczytałam już drugi tom to nadal jedyne imiona jakie pamiętam to Owen i Elizabeth, bo są najłatwiejsze. Nie mam też bladego pojęcia, jak nazywa się ta główna kraina, gdzie mieszka Owen. Dobrze, że przynajmniej na początku książki jest mapka to sobie do niej zerkałam.

Druga sprawa to to, że chociaż sama fabuła jest okej to wydarzenia są tam bardzo spłycane. Taki przykład - rozgrywa się bitwa, więc sądziłam, że nieco poczytam sobie o strategii głównego bohatera, ale nie, ponieważ ugodziła go zatruta strzała i całą bitwę przespał. O wyniku bitwy dowiadujemy się po fakcie.

Dużym plusem jest na pewno to, że Owen ma już siedemnaście lat, a nie osiem. Już bardziej mogłam wczuć się w jego postać, chociaż nadal do moich ulubieńców nie należy. Poza tym pojawia się wątek miłosny, którego w pierwszym tomie nie było. Całkiem przyzwoity, ale widziałam lepsze. Zresztą nie był jakoś bardzo rozwinięty.

Książka przyjemna, ale nie zapadająca w pamięć, bo jest interesująca tylko w chwili czytania. Końcówka zachęca do przeczytania kontynuacji, więc na pewno po nią sięgnę.
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111 reviews20 followers
August 19, 2022
The second of the Kingfountain series follows the adventures of Owen Kiskaddon through several kingdoms with unmemorable names with some entertaining characters. Owen is joined by Elysabeth Victoria Mortimer, his best friend since childhood who is now the main love interest. The evolution of King Severen from kindly man who speaks harshly to outright villain is fascinating and disturbing. Some new characters are introduced, including a sort of replacement for Ankarrette from the first book. There are truly powerful themes, of the balance between love and loyalty and honesty versus ambition. Owen develops as a relatable character with real struggles whose worth rooting for. As previously mentioned, the real drawback of the series is the complicated family trees and lands which hold no real meaning. Overall, an enjoyable read with well-developed characters set in a confusing land with lots of power struggles.

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention the real reason this is 4 instead of 5 stars is because of the bogus magic system! The "Fountain" gives basic abilities like persuasion in book 1, only for book 2 characters to have the ability to RESSURRECT people! Not only that, but also telepathically communicate somehow?! So instead of being merely wizards, they are straight-up Jedi... that annoyed me a lot, mostly because they weren't nearly as powerful in the first book.
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131 reviews10 followers
October 16, 2018
Once again, Mr Wheeler has both delighted me and deeply moved me.

The Thief's Daughter is a book about love and passion, friendship and loyalty. Most of all, though, it's a book about integrity. I don't want to give away anything because I don't want to ruin anyone's personal experience of the story. I will just leave you with this quote from near the end of the book:

"If your master demands loyalty, give him integrity. But if he demands integrity, then give him loyalty."

In our contemporary world, where so many people wallow in self centered behaviors and ignorant words, perhaps it's time that we, as a society, start to think about what it means to live in integrity.
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390 reviews6 followers
October 4, 2021
Naja von der eigentlichen Geschichte her war dieser Teil besser als der erste aber wirklich begeistern konnte er mich nicht 🙈 die Story finde relativ interessant aber der Protagonist Owen hat viel von seinem Charme verloren und auch seine Entwicklung mit Evie fand ich mega blöd besonders wie sie auf manche Sachen reagiert hat 🤷‍♀️ mal gucken ob ich mich mit Etayne anfreunden kann und ich hoffe dass die Dialoge im dritten Teil nicht so gekünstelt wirken 💪
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2,686 reviews163 followers
January 20, 2020
Truly folks, how often do you see me give five stars to two books in a series, in a row?! That is just how perfectly written these books are, though. In this second installment, the author had my emotions so wrenched up that the tears were leaking and the nails were chewed. The plot is so deftly written that the reader can’t, at any point, guess with accuracy what the next twist will bring. Just when one thinks they know what the outcome will be, it turns completely upside down! It's true story-telling at its very best!
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1,902 reviews152 followers
March 12, 2019
I think this second book was better than the first. It does introduce many new "mysteries" for the story line.
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1,420 reviews283 followers
February 16, 2017
4.5/5 Stars

This review and many more can be found on my blog: Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Owen and Elysabeth have spent the past nine years together in the north and they have long assumed that they would one day be married. But when King Severn’s throne is being threatened, his plan for saving it involves quite a bit of sacrifice—on Owen and Elysabeth’s parts. Elysabeth is now promised to the enemy (or at least one of them) and she’s bound by duty and her love of her kingdom to follow through. Elysabeth is every bit as passionate as an adult as she was as a child—her character lights up the story every time she’s in it. And the longing between Owen and Elysabeth is palpable. This book is all about duty versus the heart, and both Owen and Elysabeth have spent their lives putting kind and country first. Fountain magic plays an even stronger role in the plot in this book. Which makes sense, since Owen has had nine years to develop his talents. I loved the magical elements, but I won’t go into any detail about them since part of the fun was discovering how Owen’s magic has progressed and finding out who else has fountain magic and the ways they use it. This book easily gets 4.5/5 Stars from me!

***Disclosure: I received this book from eStories.com in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given for the review and all opinions are my own.***
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1,557 reviews310 followers
August 17, 2016
4 stars!


Say nothing.

The Thief’s Daughter picked up nine years after The Queen's Poisoner ended. The writing and the complex plot reflected those changes, which made this book even better than the first one.

The change in Owen’s POV was a welcome one. As much as I liked him as an eight-year-old, there was a lot more to work with when he as a teenager. It left room for more secrets and lies and schemes, and we got just that.

And there were soooo many secrets this time around! So many reveals and plot twists and new information surfacing, it made this a very engaging read. We also got a little more world-building both on the magic front and other kingdoms, as well as seeing how Owen’s magic worked, which was really cool.

We sadly didn’t have a lot of Evie this time around, and what we did was filled with dread and a bit of sadness. It was a little hard getting through the parts with her and Owen, seeing as everything I didn’t want to happen… was… happening.

I did love how Ankarette was still missed, though. She had such an enormous impact on Owen when he was a child, and he still grieved for her even now. Jeff Wheeler did not forget how important she was to Owen when writing this book, and it was bittersweet having Owen remember her during his most difficult times.

We did get a few interesting new characters who were very important to the plot. They were part of some new mysteries that were introduced, and will probably have a big impact in the next installment.

And the character development of the old characters is also worth mentioning, especially that of Severn and Owen. Severn changed a lot from the king he was in the first book, and Owen was faced with a lot of difficult choices this time around. I’m really curious to see where that will take both of them as the series progresses.


Review of The Queen's Poisoner.
Series: #2 in the Kingfountain series.
POV: Told from Owen’s POV.
Content Warnings:
Cliffhanger: Yes.
Up Next: The King's Traitor.
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503 reviews66 followers
April 14, 2020
This book was even better than the first one! OMG, the feels!

So, it starts 9 years after the events of the queen's poisoner, when Evie and Owen are 17. The kingdom is facing troubles, there is a big plot cooking in order to overthrow king Severn. Two neighbor kingdoms and a pretender to the throne are looming in the horizon, as well as war. In order to prevent this, the king sends Owen and Evie on a mission that will test their loyalty. In this book they will have to choose between duty and love AND IT'S HEART BREAKING. We travel with them, see them struggle and suffer.

All in all, war is at the door and they all face a terrible fate worst than loosing land. THE ENDING BROKE ME. I mean, it was so raw and Evie's speech was beautiful and real and just so pure, like their love. Meanwhile, an ancient mith is also at play, as well as a new poisoner with an amazing skill. Intrigues, mystery, ambitions and loyalty is all over this book.

It's pretty amazing to see the evolution of the characters, especially the king and Owen. The king was never a nice man, but now he is changing and at first they defend him and you understand why he is that way, but at the end you realise he is just cruel and wants everyone to feel the pain he suffered too. Like he wants people to be miserable and that is what makes you dislike him. All the while, Owen stays loyal to a man like that. I think this is brilliantly written because you can see the dilemma of the heart.

Evie continues to be my favorite character, at the very start she DEFENDS THE NORTH BY HERSELF, I mean that is so Sansa LOL She is passionate and brave and in this book you see how smart and witty and truly observant she is. Brilliant book. Loyalty bind me to give it 5 stars!
Profile Image for Littlebookterror.
1,696 reviews59 followers
September 16, 2018
I cannot wait to read the next book, the ending has me very excited.

The first half of book lacked for me quite a bit. While Owen is still an incredible character, I found the journey to be bothersome and uninteresting. The further along we get, though, the more my interest piqued.
Evie is still the same old strong character, and I enjoyed her stubborn actions and strong will that had her at the forefront of most happenings.
The titular character of this book was not really up my alley. I did not enjoy how she was set up and what role she might end up playing. She had her good moments though.

But best of all might still be King Severn Argentine. His life story, his character traits and overall story arc is just perfection. You get opinions about him from all sides and several points of view which keeps him well-rounded. The mistrust from his subordinates is a common theme that reflects in his thoughts and actions well. In general, he is an odd mix of the stereotypical "evil" king and the benevolent saviour - and he straddles the line well.
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2,125 reviews268 followers
May 25, 2018
I think I liked the first book better, The Queen's Poisoner. Your reaction to each book depends on what you like more: children learning to navigate the royal court (TQP); or romance, political intrigues and battlefield strategy (TTD).

This is the one about Owen and Evie, grown now to 17, solidifying their feelings for each other while King Severn tests their loyalty. King Iago is another suitor for Evie's affections, while Etain - the king's new Poisoner - grows close to Owen. A usurper claims to be one of the nephews who Severn tried to kill as a child. And could the prophecy of "The Dreadful Deadman" become fulfilled before Owen's very eyes?

Plots and subplots, alliances and betrayals abound. I think most readers would give this book a higher rating, but I give it a 3 for taking too long to grab my interest - I know, it's hard to believe after reading that paragraph above.
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311 reviews2 followers
July 27, 2022
Das Buch hier ist der zweite Teil einer Trilogie.
Er setzt knapp 10 Jahre nach dem Ende des ersten ein.
Der Protagonist Owen ist zu einem jungen Mann heran gewachsen, der seine magischen Gaben zu nutzen weiß. So ist er ein geachteter Herzog und treuer Diener Severens. Doch seine Treue wird auf die Probe gestellt als Severen für ein Bündnis mit einem anderen Königreich seine Liebe Elysabeth zu einer Vermählung drängt. Gleichzeitig taucht ein Mann auf, der behauptet einer der totgeglaubten Neffen des Königs zu sein und damit der rechtmäßige Herrscher.
Der zweite Teil hat mir nicht ganz so gut gefallen wie der erste. Vielleicht weil Owen eigentlich wenig eigene Entscheidungen trifft. Entweder folgt er den Befehlen des Königs oder denen der Quelle (einer magischen Kraft). Das fand ich etwas langweilig. Daher gibt es hier von mir nur 3 ⭐.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 23, 2018
I quite enjoyed this. The world expanded greatly, and this was far more emotional than the first book. All of the characters grew and developed in fantastic ways. Evie and Owen absolutely broke my heart. I'm definitely looking forward to continuing with the series.
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July 27, 2021
I have pity for Owen but I still want smack him in the head for being so stupid 😫
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