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Kingfountain #3

The King's Traitor

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Against all odds, Owen Kiskaddon grew from frightened boy to confident youth to trusted officer in the court of Kingfountain—and watched its regent, Severn Argentine, grow ever more ruthless and power-mad. Robbed of his beloved protector, his noble mentor, and his true love, Owen has anticipated the day when the king he fears and reviles, yet loyally serves, will be toppled. Now, as Severn plots a campaign of conquest, the time has come to take action…and Owen’s destiny demands that he lead the strike.

Ordered to incite war with a neighboring kingdom, Owen discovers its beautiful, reclusive ruler, whose powerful magic might even exceed his own. Together they mount a daring plot to overthrow the corrupt monarch, crown the rightful heir, and defeat the prophesied curse threatening Kingfountain with wintry death. But Severn’s evil is as bottomless as the fabled Deep Fathoms. To keep his ill-gotten throne, he’ll gladly spill the blood of enemies and innocents alike.

386 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 6, 2016

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About the author

Jeff Wheeler

99 books4,563 followers
Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler took an early retirement from his career at Intel in 2014 to write full-time. He is a husband, father of five, and a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Jeff lives in the Rocky Mountains.

Jeff's blog and suggested reading order can be found on his website: http://www.jeff-wheeler.com/

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2,032 reviews1,422 followers
September 14, 2016
I received this in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. Thank you to the author, Jeff Wheeler, and the publisher, 47North, for this opportunity.

This is the third and final installment in the Kingfountain fantasy series and, in my opinion, is by far the greatest! This is a series that has continued to go from strength to strength as it has progressed and I am so sad that my journey with it has come to a close!

All three books have been told from the perspective of Owen Kiskaddon, who has transformed from the frightened seven-year-old of the first installment and the feared and cunning warrior of the second, to both having been replaced by the contemplative, honoured and hardened individual of the third. Owen is now twenty-four and wise to the politics of the crown. His involvement with these are more direct than ever before, and we see both political and personal demons haunt his moves and motives throughout this.

Other beloved characters made a reappearance, alongside many new faces that were just as quick to claim my heart. Wheeler truly knows how to create a cast of real and emotive characters.

I love the historical and mythological influences that shone throughout this series, especially in this book. The references to Sir Arthur and The Lady of the Lake made this a thrilling read and had me attempting to second-guess the characters' motives and outcomes. Unsuccessfully every time, of course.

The reoccurance of historical themes and political actions is something that has permeated all three books. It is also something that can be likened to our own world's history, which heightened the reality of the characters' predicaments, if not their fantastical setting.

This did not conclude neatly, but authentically. However, all the characters that have been on this series' journey got the ending I believed they so aptly deserved. This felt honest and real as there was no neat packaging away of the plot, but a conclusion that allowed for the series to close, but the reality of it to remain.
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1,282 reviews3,270 followers
December 1, 2018

If you liked Six of Crows, then you need to read this series or anything that’s authored by Jeff Wheeler.
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308 reviews74 followers
December 17, 2016
This was a great ending to a King Arthur (and Little Mermaid) retelling.
I genuinely think this is a series that might appeal more to women than men, it is a greatly told story of trust and mistrust, of justice and fairness.
I was just so enchanted by the series and I just loved the magic system - which I do not think it is based on anything I have read so far.
The book just left me with happy, a fantasy story with a very positive approach. There is death but I believe it can be coped with.

The writing style is also something I have greatly appreciated.

I would almost say that this is a series that can be approached at any age, a delightful story that will leave you smiling!
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1,867 reviews16.5k followers
July 28, 2022
Jeff Wheeler concludes his first Kingfountain trilogy with this 2016 novel.

The author would go on to write many more books in this world building, including more Kingfountain books as well as books in his Muirwood and Mirrowen series, though they are all apparently in the same fantasy universe.

What stands out to me in this book, the entire series really, is of Wheeler’s great ability to fashion this story from a conglomerate of historical and literary sources. Here we have elements of English history and Joan of Arc as well as a creative retelling of Arthurian legend. Throw in the mix Wheeler’s “Fountain Blessed” magic rules and this is a page turning, good time.

The author also demonstrates an ability to eschew predictability. The first two books in the series were exceptional in this regard. This one had the tone of a wrapping up of accounts and so was somewhat predictable, but still kept us guessing and kept the pages turning.

Wheeler is also to populate his story with a great variety of colorful characters and this one provides some new players and also some insights and backstories for characters we have seen before.

To be honest, I thought this one missed a step or two and I did not enjoy this one as much as the first two and another Muirwood book I read but it was still good, I liked it, and I will likely continue reading more of Wheeler’s works. Thankfully, he appears to be an extremely productive writer and we have much more of his fantasy to look forward to reading.

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134 reviews66 followers
February 10, 2017
An enjoyable read but far too predictable. It had the premise for a great story but fell flat for me: the fact that it was fairly predictable to guess what was going to happen did the book a big disservice.
There was so much potential in there for greater characterisation. A bit humdrum in the end.
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1,196 reviews2,583 followers
June 26, 2020
*** 4.35 ***

"...“Inside each person lives two wolves. One was full of evil, jealousy, anger, resentment. The other wolf was kind, benevolent, generous, and dutiful. Owen had asked how someone could survive with two such beasts inside them. Would not one of them eventually win? Duke Horwath had given him a crinkled smile. “Which wolf wins?” he had asked. “The one that you feed.”
― Jeff Wheeler, The King's Traitor..."

What an enchanting retelling of the Arthur story! A very different take on the legend, but just as beautiful and dark at times as the one it was based on. The trilogy started very much like a very young readers story, but from eight years old in the first book, it went to 17- 18 years old in the second book, and here Owen is 24 years old - a very mature new adult. It has the feel of an ancient fairy tale and I really enjoyed the feel of it. Since this book closed up the ark of the trilogy quite nicely, I am guessing we will be dealing with next or future generations in the next trilogy. I am going to continue with the Muirwood series which are related to the Kingfontain world and I can't wait to find out what happens from here on out:)

"...“We learn much through suffering,” she said. “But I think what we learn most is who we really are. I’ve known the true you for some time, Owen. But you were like a chick struggling to escape its shell. Now you’re free to grow and become what the Fountain intended you to become. You may have thought what the Fountain forced you to endure was unpleasant, even cruel. But now you know yourself. Now you know what you would have chosen without any foreknowledge of the consequences. That’s why I couldn’t tell you, Owen.”
― Jeff Wheeler, The King's Traitor..."

Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you Need in the pages of a Good Book!!!👍
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Author 65 books1,490 followers
August 23, 2016
I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this from NetGalley. The King's Traitor is a fabulous ending for the Kingfountain series. I listened to the first two books on Audible -- Jeff Wheeler and Kate Rudd are an unbeatable combo--but was so eager to find out how the series wrapped up that I couldn't wait for the audio this time. Very strong recommend!!!
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222 reviews6 followers
January 21, 2023
Probably 4 - 4.5 stars but extra star for characters making good choices so I don't have to throw my Kindle across the room AND because in the author's notes he mentions Richard Armitage as a casting choice should the series ever be filmed. ;)
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241 reviews2 followers
September 12, 2016
First, I applaud the author for writing a fantasy story that deals with meaty human moral dilemmas without resorting to explicit scenes and language. There is a lot to be said (and thought about) in this series about loyalty and ethics.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first two in the series, which married War of the Roses history with an interesting magic tradition steeped in history. Throw in some interesting self-centered characters and pragmatic betrayals, and it was a winning formula. Some of the writing was uneven, but the plot was never predictable and the characters enjoyable.

The third in the series was more of the same, but the final third of the novel let me down. In what seems to be an apparent effort to really make the conclusion epic, too much happens. Several of these surprising events of the book came out of nowhere and it were not convincing.

I ended up disappointed mostly because of how involved I was. It is not a bad book, it's a good book with a bad ending. I'd hoped for better. I do recommend that you read it because I think there are unique (or at least uncommon) elements in here that are worth having. I also think the errors are correctable Mr. Wheeler continues to evolve as an author.

Here are a few of my objections. These contain some spoilers, so don't click this unless you have read it.

A cardinal rule about fantasy: if you use, magic, be consistent. If you suddenly start to use previously-unhinted-at capabilities as a crutch for your plot, it feels fake. Yes, I know fantasy is fake. But it needs to remain true to how it has been set up--not used as a Deus Ex Machina when you need to resolve a plot point. I thought the first two books did a pretty good job of avoiding this pitfall.

Characters also need to be the same way. If they have a change of heart, that change needs to come via experiences that have changed them. It shouldn't feel random.

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691 reviews98 followers
June 20, 2019
The intrigue deepens, the pieces are in motion, and Owen must unite Ceredigion under it's rightful king before the ancient curse of the Wizr's sends the entire kingdom to the deep fathoms.

It's hard to talk about book three without spoilers to the rest of the series. The magic that brought Owen and his future wife together ended up being....well...beautiful. They were SO freaking adorable when they fudged their first kiss, and those sandals 😊😊😊

I love in Wheeler's books how decisions always have consequences, good bad or ugly, and there is always some kind of pivotal choice to be made. I knew Owen made the best choices and he was rewarded for it. As the mystery and lore was unfolding, I was hoping for another flood of biblical proportions........

How many times did these books make me tear up? How much do I love Owen's honor, and Sinia's power? Evie's mind? Etayne's love? Severn's broken, wicked tongue? The innocence but sharp minds of Drew and Gen? Ah man....I love it all. It was a little bit refreshing to read something with a christian undertone again as well, with real respect and courtship and knight's honor.

These books are appropriate and I would go as far as to say wholesome for any age. If you can handle multiple heart breaks and love legends, lore, and magic, these are for you. 5 stars all day long, and a combined 11/12 for the whole trilogy☺
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473 reviews15 followers
November 10, 2021
So, yes, I shared a tear or two while reading The King's Traitor . I cannot be more surprised as the first in the series barely managed to capture me, but somehow, the author has made me feel for his characters and I loved how he wove the threads leading to that ending . So yes, the ending was satisfying and closed the trilogy well – with a small loose-hanging thread to make it clear, that the story will continue with its descendants making the Kingfountain into a six-book series.

In my opinion, the author primarily wrote this series for his children, though it can be enjoyed in any age (as I did) and there are certainly a few things that children would miss. And yet, the humour is sometimes very childish, for example, laughing at your adversary’s mishaps. The books are devoid of violence, sex or swear-words and also rather short, fast reads, so might be used as bed-time stories. I would not recommend it, if you dislike romance, though to me, it worked very well and definitively enriched the story.
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2,686 reviews163 followers
January 18, 2020

If one enjoys a truly epic tale where the twists and turns are so deftly written that the reader can NEVER guess what will happen next, this is the book and series for you!!! Every single time, I thought I knew how things would turn out, something would happen and I would be right back to biting my nails and furiously turning the pages. There were actually times when the tears were leaking down my cheeks... and this is from someone who thought she was, by now, immune to that drivel and savvy to any type of plot-device. Even when I wanted to kick Owen's character for his waffling, I understood to my very bones what and why he made the decisions he did. Kudos Mr. Wheeler for a truly original and superb piece of work!
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678 reviews20 followers
October 6, 2016
Received from Netgalley for honest review,thanks to author.

This is 3rd in series of books about Owen Kiskaddon and his life from young boy in too far and growing into a fine Nobleman.

Brilliant story,which was well written throughout the series and was a joy to read.

Basically a coming of age saga,but really good,well thought out an thoroughly enjoyable.

Great series ,I recommend you give it a go.
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665 reviews68 followers
December 8, 2017
Thoroughly enjoyable light fantasy series.
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1,323 reviews153 followers
July 7, 2020
Against all odds, Owen Kiskaddon grew from frightened boy to confident youth to trusted officer in the court of Kingfountain—and watched its regent, Severn Argentine, grow ever more ruthless and power-mad. Robbed of his beloved protector, his noble mentor, and his true love, Owen has anticipated the day when the king he fears and reviles, yet loyally serves, will be toppled. Now, as Severn plots a campaign of conquest, the time has come to take action…and Owen’s destiny demands that he lead the strike.

Ordered to incite war with a neighboring kingdom, Owen discovers its beautiful, reclusive ruler, whose powerful magic might even exceed his own. Together they mount a daring plot to overthrow the corrupt monarch, crown the rightful heir, and defeat the prophesied curse threatening Kingfountain with wintry death. But Severn’s evil is as bottomless as the fabled Deep Fathoms. To keep his ill-gotten throne, he’ll gladly spill the blood of enemies and innocents alike.


“We learn much through suffering... But I think what we learn most is who we really are."

After what transpired in the last book in this series, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this one. Fortunately I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. I love how the characters in this series learn and grow. The author manages to write depth into his characters while keeping the story easy to read. For example, as I said in my review of The Queen's Poisoner, the king is unexpectedly complicated and not just a cookie cutter villain. I appreciate that I can read these when I'm not in the mood for something heavy and real in-depth, and still enjoy the story and feel attached to the characters.

There is a span a several years between each book in this series and normally I'm not a huge fan of that, but this is one of the only series I've read that I actually don't mind time jumps in. I went into this feeling bad for how things ended up for Owen, but by the end I was glad at how things turned out for him, for Evie, and for most everyone else. Wheeler's stories are inspired by other tales, or events in history, and this series was very inspired by the Arthurian legends. This book in particular was inspired very much by the Lady of the Lake, and I loved how it was woven into the book.

After finishing this I wanted to dive right into the fourth book in the series, which moves forward in time to feature the children of the characters in this one. However, someone recommended reading the Legends of Muirwood series first, because there are heavy tie-ins, so I'm going to put the last three books on hold and jump on over to Muirwood for a while first.

Review also posted at Writings of a Reader
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80 reviews7 followers
March 29, 2018
Easily the best book in the series so far and you can tell that even early on. Its a shame it took Wheeler 2 whole books to ramp up to this but I am definitely glad I stuck with the series. It isnt Sanderson level but definitely a good page turner. Once I was past about 30% I read the rest in a little over a day. Everything that built up to this point started morphing and collapsing in on itself. The magic ramped up, the espionage took some twist, secrets were revealed and kingdoms changed. That is what I expect from a fantasy book, maybe not the espion, but you get the point. This was a good read. Maybe i will get to the others some day but as of right now, im not really interested in reading about the children from the end of this book.
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966 reviews192 followers
January 5, 2020
Book 3 and so far this was my favorite.

Owen growth as a character is something else.

The King still is an a$$ determined to keep what isn't his but there are others working to take the throne from him and give it to the true King by all means.

Enjoyed... The sadness, drama, fighting etc.

When you think the war is over boom something else starts.

Cant wait to read book 4.
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Author 85 books9,339 followers
January 31, 2018
What an excellent addition to this series. I love when series just keep getting better and better. The introduction of Sinia is quite wonderful as I was worried about the direction without Evie. Very well done. I applaud you.
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Author 20 books324 followers
September 23, 2019

I will say, the author's note at the end cracked me up.

"By the way, if this series is ever made into a movie, I kindly request that Richard Armitage play King Severen, thank you."
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Author 4 books163 followers
October 5, 2019
Reader thoughts: I love it when a series ends well! And Kingfountain certainly ended well. I'll say what I can without giving too much away. Ahem.

The overall plot. This ended well because it wasn't just armies fighting and the bigger army wins. No. It was magic (can we move the chess pieces?) and strategy (is the king lying to his messengers?) and sneaking (who's hiding in the snow bank?) and allies (will the commoners follow a tyrant?) and prophecy (why is it still snowing?) and performance (when will he draw the sword from the fountain?). This was their plan to defeat the bad guy and win the entire kingdom to their side.

Owen and the king. These two were never friends, but there was an understanding between them, despite the rift. The rift grew worse (especially with how Severn sold Evie in book 2). Lies and treason poisoned their relationship. I love that Owen tried so hard to not kill the king. The two did not sit and hack at each other until one died of blood loss. They fought with their strengths, with words and allies and magic. The end (who went where) fit perfectly.

The poisoner. She loved Owen, or thought she did. What was he supposed to say to convince her he didn't see her the same way? He handled this with grace and maturity. I am satisfied with where the story took her, and I liked to see the ways she learned from Owen. He's not the only one who gets to be a hero.

Owen and Evie. He wouldn't let go of her, but she had moved on. She wanted to be friends, but he couldn't let himself for fear it would lead to stealing her from her husband. I love that he was self-aware enough to draw boundaries with Evie. The end was beautiful, too, with his dilemma and Senia not being who she claimed.

Owen and power. This might seem like a strange category. What does Owen want with power? Of course he's not going to try and hold onto it. Right? Well, I doubted him. Wheeler wrote the book well enough that I, as a reader, suspected Owen of trying to take/keep/steal the crown and throne. I was worried, and that shows that it was a well-done concern/conflict.

I was surprised at several points, especially with how poorly some of the good guys' plans went. I was not sure whom to trust, and I simultaneously wanted Owen to trust everyone and be extra paranoid. This was a good balance for a reader, since it never let me get bored.

I loved the conflicts and resolutions on all sides. This book had abundant problems in many varieties. We had prophecies, magic weather, lies, betrayal, poison, magic swords, broken hearts, magic travel, invisibility, eavesdropping, and just trying to keep an entire kingdom safe from its own king.

Some people died, which was sad, but it all fit just right. I love what happened with Drew's mother, although I should be horrified.

Writer thoughts: How in the world did JW manage to tell this complex of a story from basically only one pov? I noticed at least two strategies.

1, the more basic one is the chapter intros. Those come from journals or notes from other characters, giving readers a glimpse of the rest of the world and letting JW foreshadow and drive up tension.

2, the harder bit to pull off is making Owen a centerpiece to the plot. He was the hub (sandwiched between the king and the heir). Because of this, all the information came to Owen just when readers needed it. Owen knew what the king was doing, what the duchess was planning, when Evie was coming, and where the heir was hiding. Owen made most of the plans himself and, as head espion, he knew of most plans he did not make. I was impressed that this never felt contrived or forced.
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1,845 reviews360 followers
October 8, 2017
Owen had me worried for a bit. He is such a loyal subject and did Severn’s bidding quite willingly. He seemed so bitter and sad. I was so disconcerted with this character’s direction. I shouldn’t have doubted. With the love and support of so many friends in this book, Owen once again comes to the aid of the kingdom.
I especially found engaging the real-life tie-in of the Wizer board. I’d love to learn that game, but I can’t seem to master chess yet.
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26 reviews7 followers
December 26, 2020
I can’t give this book less than 5 stars!! Just can’t!! Because it’s so good!! Love all the plot twists, the unpredictable stuff ... everything! I’m a fan of King Arthur legend so this being based on it is just goood!
Owen has my heart since the first book and the rest of the characters are also very interesting and can’t wait to see what happens to them and the next generation as well!
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Author 46 books635 followers
August 5, 2022
Owen Kiskaddon, Duke of Westmarch, survives death in his quest to save the kingdom from a curse in this third installment of the Kingfountain series. He finds an unexpected ally in the mysterious Duchess of Brythonica but hesitates to truly woo her when his heart still belongs to his first love, now married to another. Destined to protect the future and their righteous ruler, Owen must fight against King Severn before a blizzard annihilates his people. A terrible choice awaits him that will affect their fate. Sympathetic characters, nonstop action, and unexpected twists make this a page-turner. Added to the appeal is the lack of bad language, sex, and gore. These are “clean” fantasy stories that involve one main character throughout his struggles as he gains his powers and realizes what path he must follow. A couple of magical elements remind me of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, while other factors herald the King Arthur legends. Nonetheless, this magic system works and makes for great world-building.
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144 reviews
November 9, 2018
The King's Traitor was not as good as the previous two books in the series. It felt like the plot was rushed throughout the story, so most of the characters were not able to be fleshed out. For instance, I really liked Sinia's character. She was quirky, mysterious, and compassionate. But her relationship with Owen was so quick that I did not believe their feelings for each other had grown over the course of the book as the plot would otherwise suggest. I was happy to see that Evie was enjoying her time as a mother, however, and her daughter Genevieve made portions of the story so much better.
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131 reviews10 followers
October 21, 2018
A potentially heartbreaking story, all wrapped up neatly with a bow. A happy ending?! ..... Maybe.... But wait! Who's that emerging from the cave?
Profile Image for Chillysbuchwelt.
389 reviews8 followers
September 16, 2019
Es passt wieder wunderbar zu dieser Geschichte und den beiden Vorgängern. 😍

Jeff Wheeler entführt uns mit seinem authentischen und packenden Schreibstil, wieder in eine Welt voller Intrigen, Verschwörungen und Abenteuer.

Owen ist mittlerweile ein erwachsener Mann, der weiterhin treu dem König dient.
Doch der scheint, trügt.
Während Owen noch immer versucht über seine verlorene Liebe, hinwegzukommen und dieses Königreich irgendwie zu retten, wird Severn immer grauenhafter und dunkler.
Wer wird den Kampf um Königsfall letztendlich gewinnen?
Schwarz oder Weiß?

Ich war von Anfang an wieder voll drin und wollte wieder gar nicht aufhören zu lesen.
Owen ist mir mittlerweile wirklich ans Herz gewachsen.
Im ersten Band war noch der kleine Junge, im zweiten schon Teenager und nun ist er richtig Erwachsen geworden.
Ich finde diese Idee auch einfach total toll, dass wir unseren Protagonisten schon in so jungen Jahren Kennenlernen durften.
Die Entwicklung von Owen finde ich richtig faszinierend und teilweise wirklich schockierend.
Was er alles in seinen jungen Jahren erlebt hat, ist Wahnsinn, doch dies hat ihn zu dem Mann gemacht, der in diesen Band ist.

Band 3 ist nicht nur sehr Actionreich und gefüllt mit extrem viel Spannung, wir haben hier auch jede Menge Emotionen.
Wir treffen alt bekannte Charaktere, dürfen aber auch wieder neue und außerordentlich interessante Charaktere Kennenlernen.
Die Loyalität mancher wird hier ordentlich auf die Probe gestellt.
Was mir besonders gut gefallen hat, ist die Tatsache, dass wir hier noch mehr über das Wizar Spiel erfahren und auch erkennen wie wichtig dieses ist.

Jeff Wheeler konnte mich mit Königsfall (3): Der Verräter wieder schnell in seinen Bann ziehen.
Es ist faszinierend, wieviel Tiefe die Charaktere besitzen und dementsprechend ist es toll, deren Entwicklung zu begleiten.
Die Politischenfäden in diesem atemberaubenden Fantasy Epos werden hier noch mall deutlich!
Wir haben ein spannenden und Action reiches Abenteuer, mit vielen Intrigen und bösen Machenschaften.
Von mir gibt es auf jeden Fall wieder eine absolute Leseempfehlung!
Ich hoffe sehr, dass der Heyne Verlag auch noch Band 4-6 Verlegen wird. 💖
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171 reviews46 followers
February 5, 2017
Great conclusion to a new favourite series of mine! Back then, I picked up "The Queen's Poisoner" on a whim due to its beautiful cover and fell in love with the writing style and the characters.

In this third book of the series, we follow the now 24-year-old Owen Kiskaddon who has become an important Lord at court. He is now master of the Espion and enjoys the king's trust. However, he wants to overthrow the king due to his tempers and untolerable decisions.

At the beginning of this book, Owen is still caught up in his feelings for his first love Evie, who is now happily married to a king from a neighbouring kingdom. He then gets the order from the king to propose to a Duchess whose lands the king wants to conquer and even though he makes a really bad first impression, she seems to fall for him. Owen learns that she is a powerful wizard and can help him fight the king to enthrone the rightful king.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Owen and the duchess Sinia and loved that they are eventually together, despite the emerging possibility for Owen to find happiness with his first love, Evie.

Another enjoyable addition to this book were Genevieve, Evie's daughter, and Drew, the prophesied rightful king. They reminded me so much of Owen and Evie in the first book, which was absolutely adorable.

Overall, I really liked the conclusion to this series and I am really happy that we get another book that takes place in this world!
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