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“I swear by the stars that you and the others slain tonight will be the first of many. Of that you have my word.”

With Aven Dalmarta now hiding in the shadows of Meya, Alex is desperate to save Jordan and keep the Rebel Prince from taking more lives.

Training day and night to master the enhanced immortal blood in her veins, Alex undertakes a dangerous Meyarin warrior trial that separates her from those she loves and leaves her stranded in a place where nothing is as it should be.

As friends become enemies and enemies become friends, Alex must decide who to trust as powerful new allies—and adversaries—push her towards a future of either light… or darkness.

One way or another, the world will change…

404 pages

First published April 1, 2017

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About the author

Lynette Noni

20 books4,497 followers
After studying journalism, academic writing and human behaviour at university, Lynette Noni finally ventured into the world of fiction. She is now a full-time writer and the #1 bestselling author of the six-book young adult fantasy series, The Medoran Chronicles, the award-winning YA duology, Whisper, and the globally renowned YA fantasy trilogy, The Prison Healer.

In 2019, Lynette’s book Whisper won the ABIA Award (Australian Book Industry Award) for Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of the Year, as well as the Gold Inky Award (Australia’s only teen choice book award).

Her newest series, The Prison Healer, won the 2022 ABIA Award for Book of the Year for Older Children (13+), and was shortlisted for the 2022 Indie Book Awards. It was also a finalist in the 2022 Audie Awards, and a CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) notable mention for Older Readers Book of the Year. The Prison Healer was also voted in at #2 on the Better Reading Kid’s Top 50 list for 2022 — directly behind Harry Potter.

Collectively, Lynette’s books have been published in 18 different countries and counting.

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July 9, 2017
Alex is a mortal but after being claimed by Aven, a disowned former prince of Meya, she has Meyarin blood flowing through her veins. She is staying in Meya to train so that she can go up against Aven. I haven't read the first two books but after reading this one, I'm totally going to. The writing was good and even though I was a little confused at first about what was happening it didn't take long to catch on. The plot line is interesting and I really want to see where this series ends up going. I enjoyed the twist at the end of the book. I think the way technology was added to the story was pretty cool also, usually a lot of these adventure/fantasy books don't do that.
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March 7, 2020
First Read: May 14th 2017
re-read: January 26th 2018, March 8th 2020

i swear by the stars that you and the others slain tonight will be the first of many.. of that you have my word

Wow! this book is defiantly a step up from book two, but i will probably be saying this about every book in this series but it's true Lynette defiantly knows how to write a really good book and it shows.

This book picks up after the events of book two and we see Alex, Bear and D.C in a top secret facility trying to get to the surveillance room to see if what Aven said about Jordan's brother is true and they do find out in fact that he was lying about it. Soon after they find out they are captured by officials and are locked up awaiting trial but are saved by Roka and are taken to Meya. Alex has to once again say goodbye to her friends Bear and D.C while she stays behind to begin training.

I loved the beginning of the book it was good to see the gang back minus Jordan, The humour and friendship was still present between the three even though they are facing uncertain times with the pending war against Aven. I would have love to have seen a little more of Bear and D.C in the beginning of the book before Alex has to stay in Meya for training. Alex is soon set on a task set by her Medorian counterparts, trouble soon follows Alex when she has to save a dragon from being taken from Aven which she does successfully i might add. Alex awakens up in a whole new world and with dragons which i absolutely loved!, Alex is soon set off in the past where she is put to the ultimate test, where friends become enemies and the enemies that she thought she had surprisingly become friends.

my plot review: This book was very different then the other two but still very good and very well written. The plot has grown a lot since the first book and Lynette has grown this series and has grown this world and has thrown so much information that it's not overload but it was very much needed. I love how the message for the book is friendship and loyalty are two of the biggest things that play part to this wonderful series. The third book is defiantly one of the most crucial ones for the series and will definitely play a huge part in moving this story forward


Alex: The growth that this character has had in three books has been so wonderful to see and Lynette has written such a strong main character were she is still learning as the books go on but is always ready for a challenge that she must face. Alex has become stronger over the course of three books but has retained her humour, grace and loyalty that makes her a great main character to read from. I am very interested to see where Lynette takes Alex in book four and i have no doubt that there will be some triumphs in the next book.

Roka: i have loved getting to know this character since he appeared in book two and has become one of my favourites. He's funny and witty but also very strong and loyal towards not only his family and other loved ones but also towards Alex and her friends. I'm sad that i don't think he will be in much of book four as he has been put in a coma.

Aven: This character has me torn because of what i learnt from this book and what events made him what he is today was absolutely shocking. I loved the past Aven because he was just a normal prince living a very seemly normal life at the palace. I loved this character in this book and feel so bad for him, he grew very attracted to alex and got as far as even telling her about his feelings towards her and she turns him down which i was expecting her to do. From Alex getting hit in the face with a branch i just knew it was all over from there and thats when Aven snapped and violently killed the humans that Alex learns in the future.

Draekon: The dragon! oh man was this character a great addition to the series and i was honestly not expecting him to be a dragon let alone live amongst other dragons that world Alex visited was absolutely crazy. It will be interesting to see if the bond that Draekon had to create in order to save Alex will hold because i have a feeling that it may be tested in book four.

Kiya: Also another Medorian character i loved getting to know more about in this book, we learn that she in fact hated Roka and only put up with him in front of everyone else just to keep the peace which i found hilarious. Her character development has been fantastic and i have loved learning about her past self and what we will see in her future self.

Zain: another Medorian character we get an insight to after he is also in the past when Alex goes to Meya. I liked how Zain was meya's number one criminal but they never really tried to arrest him for his crimes at any stage but i liked how Alex got him to try out for the royal families guard which he did and ends up joining.

Niyx: this character also has me conflicted in this book because i know i shouldn't like him but he made it really hard for me to hate him. He helped Alex so much throughout this third book which i wasn't expecting at all but i am still very suspicious about his motives but i did like this character in this book when i know i shouldn't have

so many new characters were introduced in this book that it was hard to keep up with it all but they were all relevant to the story and moving it forward. I didn't get to see much of Jordan, Bear and D.C as i would have like to but hopefully in book four we get to see more of them and there adventures together continue.

this story has taken of in a direction that i didn't think would happen and i am ready for the next book in this series, i tried so much to keep myself from reading this book but i caved and just had to read it to find out what happened, but i will now have to wait a year before the release of book four.
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January 31, 2020
**Re-Read Feb 19**




This is possibly my fave book in the series and it's mostly because of this guy. Niyx is one of my fave characters ever. He's snarky and fun and savage and flirty and ultimately a great guy who is BFF material. He melts my heart. I LOVE YOU NIYX. His pet name (haha) for Alex is the greatest and just melts me even more.

There's also a lot of fun in getting to know all these characters that we met and liked okay in book 2 but haven't really heard much about. Meya is a fun world too and who doesn't love magic elf power?


Also, Xira is just the cutest THANG.

So look basically the characters in this book are my life and I love them with all of my heart and said heart is certainly squished and bruised and slightly shredded but HEY I'M TOTALLY OKAY LET'S MOVE ON TO RE-READING GRAEVALE SO WE CAN PROPERLY DECIMATE THIS OVERWORKED HUNK OF QUIVERING MUSCLE IN MY CHEST.

This has been another emotional response review.


Original Review

I'm so depressed that this has only just been released and now I have to wait for the next installment all over again! It's gonna be a looooooooong wait!

In this third novel in the series, we travel away from Akarnae and spend some time in Meya. It's quite a beautiful diversion from the previous two books, as it allows us to get to know new characters and fully appreciate the story that's been lurking in the background until now. There's plenty to learn in this new realm, and Alex handles it all with her trademark sarcasm and gracelessness. The stakes are much higher and her naivety does get a little frustrating at times, but it's well balanced with her wit and the constant ribbing from her companions. It's easy to get swept up in her emotions, particularly as her feelings towards others transform.

There's not much I can say without spoiling things, but suffice it to say this is a fantastic continuation of the series. It can seem a little slow in parts, with little movement from the Meyarin setting, but there's still plenty of action and the hits keep coming. The introduction to the world of Draekora was an absolute delight, and I look forward to hearing more about its inhabitants in following novels. It was also nice to get away from the Harry Potter-esque schoolroom antics. This story has really taken off on its own, compared to the obvious HP influence of the first book.
This novel tugged my heart much harder than I anticipated. The pain still hurts. Hopefully the next novel can repair some of the damage!

Review for Akarnae (4★s) HERE
Review for Raelia (5★s) HERE
Review for Graevale (5★s) HERE
Review for We Three Heroes (4★s) HERE
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May 31, 2020
Alone in the palace with Roka intent on her training, Alex was wary as she was deposited in the forest with the goal to return to Meya by the following evening. This was the initial assessment to see if she could go the distance, to bring out her Meyarin blood, to be able to fight the Meyarin rebel prince. But after considerable time, exhaustion and hunger became nothing to what Alex saw in front of her. Shocked and slightly in awe, the sight of an injured dragon was enough to convince her she was dreaming. But what came next proved Alex wasn’t dreaming and with Xiraxus by her side, the following weeks would be the biggest test of her life.

Could Alex put aside her fear of what she knew, to learn more? Akarnae was her knowledge; her gifts were her life – was it possible this was destined as Xiraxus was sure it was? Alex’s awareness was heightened; her fear was real – what would the future be for the city of Meya; for the Meyarin people she’d grown to admire and even love?

Draekora is the 3rd in The Medoran Chronicles by Aussie author Lynette Noni, and oh my gosh! it was another absolutely breathtaking read. The tension, wonder, imagination, adventure! I’m gob smacked by this author’s talent as she ups her game – where it didn’t seem possible she could get any better – and Draekora is the result! Spectacular writing, amazing characters – I’m already looking forward to #4. I highly recommend this series where it’s vital to start at #1.
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Want to read
October 21, 2016
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May 1, 2018
Draekora is the third fantastical installment of The Medoran Chronicles. Alexandra Jennings is an adventurous, enchanting character and her journey a compelling narration. As Alexandra continues to prepare for the impending confrontation her main concern is for Jordan, captured under Aven's influence. Alexander is wonderfully human, immersed within a world of immortal beings and transported to a bygone illustrious City of Meya, concealed as a lost Meyarin daughter.

Roka and Aven Dalmarta are assigned to assist Alexandra, her humanity unbeknownst to both Dalmarta Princes.

Roka is disciplined and gentle leader and accepting of the Meyarin trade with the human population who reside beyond the boundaries of Meya, whilst Aven opposes. Aven's distaste for mortals evolves as he and Alexandra begin to develop a tentative friendship. Aven is a warm and compassionate young man, albeit ignorant and consumed with abolishing transactions with human merchants and incites a revolution evoked within the darkened streets of Meya. Aven is a delectable character, nefarious but not without redemption and I'm entirely infatuated.

Xiraxus is a wonderful addition to the The Medoran Chronicles. The Draekon heir shares a familial alliance with Alexandra, assisting her in navigating the City of Meya.

The Meyarin chronicles were captivating and I appreciated Kyia and Zain's inception. Aven's trusted warrior Niyx was delightfully surprising and an ingenious inclusion. Alexandra's parents are still noticeably absent, assumingly discovering the artifacts of the Akarnae Academy as are friends Bear, Jordan, D.C and Kaiden, Alexandra's potential love interest although a constant within her thoughts.

Author Lynette Noni had crafted a breathtaking ambiance that introduces wonderous worlds in an exceptional and enchanting infusion of fantasy and adventure.

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February 11, 2019
SPOILER-FREE VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk9ns...

SPOILER-FILLED BOOKTALK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oc5Q...

This book. This BOOK. THIS BOOK! Draekora is such a step-up from Raelia and Akarnae, something I didn't think was possible. The book takes us in a very different direction, but one that is so necessary for Alex's story and for books going forward. The plot for this one was fairly simple, as it followed Alex learning more about her abilities while trying to get home from the place she is currently stranded in.

In a way, we are introduced to a whole new cast of characters (although most of them seem fairly familiar), and we don't get to spend a lot of time with the characters we know and love from the first two books. Despite this, I found that I wouldn't have this book any other way as the new characters were so complex and compelling. I fell in love with them immediately (even one character that I really shouldn't have fallen in love with), and my FAVOURITE character of the ENTIRE series is properly introduced in this book which always makes me so happy.

5 out of 5 stars and recommended to lovers of fantasy everywhere!
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June 5, 2017
Ok so I wrote a review quite a while ago for this book and I just found it. So without editing or re-reading this review..........

*spoiler free review* Draekora is the third instalment in 'The Medoran Chronicles'. I would like to begin this review by saying that this book is not perfect. Draekora does have its flaws however, I would like to give it 3.5 stars because of how the ending was able to give meaning to the events in the story leading up to it.

When I first begun reading Draekora, I felt sceptical about what was happening and why it had any relevance to the story. To me, the turn of events had absolutely nothing to do with the plot and was just a waste of time. The actual Draekons felt like a very forced and unnecessary move. Alex could have easily gotten to wherever she does via the library.

HOWEVER, I really loved how the author's sense of humour though out the book and was laughing the whole time. She was able to turn a what would have been into a very dull book into something very enjoyable so claps to the author! *claps*
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4 reviews
March 31, 2017
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347 reviews33 followers
April 26, 2019
5 stars

Sometimes I read books I just love but it's hard to pinpoint why.
This series is one of these.
It has a lot of standard tropes and there's not a lot of surprises but it's just a really enjoyable read

I just want to keep picking it up and read read read.

The world building is stunning - it really is. There's just so much detail and every book there's somewhere new to see and it's amazingly vivid. You get drawn into that world so easily and completely it's brilliant writing.

The characters are great as always even though this one really does focus more on Alex which is great as she is a great character. She is just so relatable and sassy which really endears her to me. She is way out of her depth but knows she just needs to tough it out and figure it all out. Again it's great writing.
Some of the other characters are there too and they do add to the story in a massive way.

This one has a great plot twist which I loved. So many times I was thinking oh no it can't be and while you knew it was coming it still had a huge impact.
I sound like a broken record but it really is great writing.

I really love this series and each book not only never disappoints but it raises the bar every time. It's captivating and I just can't stop reading it.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.
If you like YA fantasy then you have to give this a go.
It's truly a must read.
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508 reviews9 followers
April 1, 2017
Holy mother of vaeliana Draekoran heir. 'Draekora' by Lynette Noni was such an amazing instalement in 'The Medoran Chronicles' series. I think that this third book is my favourite so far. 'Raelia', book two, ended with everyone finding out that Jordan had been Claimed by Aven - this leads friends Bear, DC, and Alex to try to save him. The book starts with Alex working with Bear and DC, but is later thrust into the world of the Meyrians, Meya, where she is to be taught how to use her traces of Meyrian blood. In the third instalment, we are introduced to some new characters who I absolutely love, as well as some old favourite (just in a different way).

I have decided, after reading this, that Lynette is a torturer who revels in the pain of her characters and readers (I am sure she actually doesn't, and is in fact as heart broken as the rest of us are) (read 'Draekora' to find out what I mean by this). Now to wait a year until the release of 'Graevale'.
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1,683 reviews597 followers
January 7, 2019
Wow...just wow...how this book tied everything together. I have no clue how the author was able to write this past so seamlessly into the present plot of the story...FANTASTIC!

And my heart strings? Jeez...could this have been any more heartbreaking with Alex and knowing how everything came to pass. I can't say anything more on this without giving away this twist of the story.

It was awesome to live the past of Aven and the rest of the Meyans. OMG...don't even get me started on Niyx. Holy moly...definitely he is my favorite character now ❤️❤️
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1,547 reviews83 followers
October 16, 2018
When a series shows slight improvement….
Okay for someone that was reading purely for Aven you may very well be disappointed. His bad guy charm went down 300 points and his now on the streets begging for them bad. He was sappy, love struck and emotional and *shudder* normal. However you do get introducted to Niyx who is literally amazing, funny, snarky and full of all the sass one could consume. I found him delightful! Other than Niyx…
The whole book was predictable and Alex yet again makes me want to kill her.
Everything was over explained and I mean everything
Of course Alex bonded with a dragon
Of course Alex is a great fighter
Of course the sun shines out her arse
Of course she is the reason the whole war starts
For someone sooo powerful and soo amazing she literally has the personally of a desk lamp. Mostly dull but when she occasionally comes on the lamp blows. And I can’t get over how stupid her actions are overall. I seriously cannot believe how dull and stupid she can be. GIRL DO SOMETHING USEFUL! Alex is super special unlike anyone else all these people and creatures have met where she is magically chosen for no apparent reason to win a world not of her world. Like what makes this bitch so special? Her smart arse mouth? Anyway.. I need to stop ranting about Alex.
I loved the back in time element to it, though I have to admit the ending was too easy to predict, way too easy. The story line for this book was basic to say the least, it was pretty much us getting a glimpse into why Aven is this way and to be honest we don’t really need a whole book to know why Aven became who he was. They are bad for a reason and we love their darkness and control, just let them have their moment instead of making them sappy and plain jane again.
The world building wasn’t present here. I know that we have visited Meya in a previous book but Alex has gone back in time and failed to notice anything new about her surrounds? I needed the world to have more depth to it but it kinda just blending into a normal human world at points, well actually a lot of points. Meya may need to get a ‘Welcome to Meya sign’ in case people got confused.
Summing this book up. There was a dragon who was cool. I will no longer support Aven in his quest to kill Alex, he is so uncool now. Niyx was pure joy. Story meh. Other characters meh. Book meh
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,385 reviews93 followers
April 12, 2017
I despise book series that are released once a year. They fall off your radar and they have no sense of continuity; you may remember parts of the story but you can't remember the author. When you have a 'to read' list that enters the hundreds why would you want to repeat yourself? If you're averse to this, I don't suggest you read it till all 5 books are out. I'm sure publishing houses and authors wonder why their books have less and less readers, so I can only guess they're greedy or just plain stupid, and can't wait to release the books 4 or 5 months apart once the series is almost reached its conclusion.
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November 7, 2019
After the devastating climax in Raelia, which honestly took me ages recover from (I finished it late August this year, I’d taken a slight breather from Lynette Noni’s world of wonder and feelings that is her Medoran Chronicles (it’s true!), but then I met Lynette over this past weekend at Supanova Adelaide, and I knew it was high time to resume my adventure with Alex Jennings.
That’s exactly what Lynette’s books are in all their forms, adventures! And there is honestly no way I could even begin to imagine what would unfold in Draekora!
Did I love it?
Absolutley! Every moment was utterly awe inspiring, every bit filled with wonder as Akarnae and Raelia were, but even more so! Just when I thought Lynette Noni couldn’t excel in her stories further, she completely knocks it out of the park!
Draekora essentially resumes not long after the events of Raelia, with three out of our friends of four undertaking a quest to see if they can learn if Aven’s manipulations hold any substance to them. Now, I definitely had my suspicions as to whether or not Aven had an ulterior motive, so I don’t want to comment further on that for not wanting to spoil, but I will say that right from Chapter One, I had such excitement upon being reunited with our friends, of course feeling their anguish given what happened in the previous book, but still clinging on to a shred of hope!
I’ve always found, whether it’s Lynette’s The Medoran Chronicles or her Whisper duology, that I’m always feeling hopeful for what’s to come! That in a sense mirrors my own personal attachment to this series and I definitely feel like its a total comfort read too! One that since the beginning, had cemented its place in my all time favourites!
I digress, though – back to Draekora.
Draekora has the pacing and nail biting, thrill pumping that you want any third book in a series to posess. What struck me as ultra impressive is that the balance of time is definitely held delicately! As Alex finds herself transported to the past, it was so impressive and totally unnerving reading about a specific character, how they were before how they came to be how they are!
The fact as well that such a substantially large chunk took place in the past really kept up the anticipation too! I mean, I felt like it wasn’t at all guaranteed that Alex would return to her time safely, and what about everyone else? The fact that Alex actually tried to break down Aven’s icy barriers were just so crazy! It just made me admire her even more and seeing the tender side of Aven was totally unnerving too, especially since we got to see that hatred and madness manifest, too. I still have chills as I reflect!
Accompanying the chills though throughout was total and utter awe inspiring wonder throughout, marvelling at Lynette’s brilliant storytelling. Such an example is when Draekora, is revealed.
Best title significance ever! And what came from it too is definitely one of my utmost favourite bookish animal companions! I loved their strong and personal connection with our Alex, with the most delightful tenderness and loveable banter thrown in!
I knew that the past would connect with the present, and Lynette Noni definitley did not cease to amaze for one moment as everything played out! I loved every aspect of this third installment, I was never not amazed and on the edge of my seat constantly! Just, wow! I’m so exctied to continue my journey with Alex and especially after that, frankly powerful ending in Draekora, I know the stakes are oh so much higher!

If you’ve not read The Medoran Chronicles, I cannot encourage this enough! They’re everything you need right now ;).

More reviews can be found on my book blog: https://brooklynthebookworm.wordpress...
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1,623 reviews128 followers
February 13, 2021
It is with some regret that I have decided to make this a DNF at page 280 or so.

The regret comes from the fact that I think that somewhere, under the terrible, choppy writing and the complete lack of characters there is a great story trying to come out and I want to know how it resolves. Does Jordan get free? Does Alex ever do anything worth while? Do any of the great ideas behind this book ever break free into an actual story?

It is just not worth the alternating pain and boredom to find out however and at the point where I realise I am skim reading all the time? That is time to quit.

This book gets straight into the story without going too much into the previous two books - that was fine. It seems to me however, that with each book the quality of writing decreases. The first was good; there were characters, there was plot, there were events. The ability to write characters vanished in the second book and has not returned. The plot - needed more time and thought put into it. Perhaps the first one had more time spent getting it right than subsequent books, more feedback, more rewriting. Also I feel like the 'Y' in the YA is getting younger and younger as the writing gets more and more basic. Alex is meant to be seventeen, I think, but while she sounds her age in the first book, by this, the third one she is so underdeveloped she comes across as maybe twelve at best.

Here is the plot in a nutshell ; Alex gets into something, Deus Ex Machina gets her out. In chapter 1, she gets caught in a building, Deux Ex Machina is the Medoran Zain. Chapter 12, Alex is in trouble in a forest Deux Ex Machina this time is a dragon with which she is gifted an Anne McCaffrey like bond that is then completely wasted as it is barely mentioned thereafter. Chapter 20 Alex is Deus Ex Machinaed by the library (another wholly wasted, potentially great plot device). Somewhere else she is in trouble in a tavern, DEM again.... I am sure I have missed some because, really, there was no surprise or thrill to them, it was always a bit blah because there is always a DEM for Alex.

Here is my major problem with the book, while there are some great GREAT concepts none are ever fully developed, all are insufficiently expanded on - my heart wept when we only got a coupe of pages of Draekora itself, what a concept! I wanted more... And Alex. Alex is a major problem by now and not only because Alex is not longer a believable character but because all that happens is Alex this and Alex that. Seriously, I was so bored by the wordy, unbelievable, lack of plot in this story that I started counting the number of times 'Alex' appears on a page. Here is a fun game for you: Open this book at random, count the number of 'Alex's on the page. I never found less than five per page and I think the average is seven or eight. Nothing happens except Alex this, Alex that, Alex has, Alex hasn't... Were the first books like this? Perhaps, but there was enough good stuff to keep me going, here I was just skim reading, waiting for an actual plot element and counting Alexes.

I am really sad about this series, it had so much potential and so many great ideas. It just feels to me like the author has this whole story arc that she is following but without taking the time to get quality writing along the way.

Also, how am I the only person bothered by the flaws in this book? There are so many of them, and so few redeeming qualities that all the five star rates boggle my mind.
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488 reviews113 followers
February 15, 2019
THIRD READ 15/02/19 - 5 stars

I still stand by my original review, only let me tell you, this was even more heartbreaking to read after having read Graevale and We Three Heroes. You should still read it though.

SECOND READ 30/01/18 - 5 stars

FIRST READ 24/06/17 - 5 stars

no no No NoNo NO NOO NOOOO NO NOOO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! That was NOT NICE!!! my heart is an absolute wreak.
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75 reviews72 followers
April 23, 2019
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Author 14 books87 followers
April 2, 2017

I have loved the Medoran Chronicles ever since I read Arkanae. The whole series is a thrilling ride if fun, It was with great excitement I began Draekora. It was everything I expected and more. Draekora is undoubtedly the best book in the series so far, Every single aspect about it is just perfect. It began with action, Alex and the gang trying to prove whether Jordan's brother was alive or not. The storyline then gravitated to what is the most portion of the book, Meya. Alex goes to Meya to train under the tutelage of Roka, Zain and Kyia.
Her adventures in Meya(both past and present) is one of the most compelling storylines this series has had not only because it has to do with badass training, time travel, bonding with a Draekon(Dragon), and other treats but because it reveals the origin of some characters and answers to many questions I've had so far.
Alex is one of my favourite book characters and she once again pleased me in Draekora, Her tale just keeps getting better and better. There are so many little plots that made Draekora good. The beginning was engaging enough for it to be a great start to the story and it carefully inched towards Alex's travel to the past where the majority of the action took place. Seeing Aven with new eyes was very enlightening and it gave new depths to a villain that was already intriguing enough. I like a well fleshed villain and this series definitely delivers, We get to see what his original motives were and the catalyst that catapulted him into his road of doom. Though it does suck that he used to be such a great person, Draekora definitely humanizes (pardon my pun) him in a way we haven't seen before. Meeting Roka, Kyia and Zain before they are the people they are in the future was awesome. There's this youthful vibrance to their demeanor that's obvious in their camaraderie, It was really fun seeing them relate to Alex as peers though I still loved their more grounded character in the future.
Niyx is a fabulous surprise I didn't see coming. If I was told a new character will be introduced that I will fall head over heels for, I would have never believed. At first I was hesitant to like him but just like Alex I eventually fell for his charm and it was nice that he wasn't exactly who he was portrayed to be. The absence of Alex's main gang was certainly felt but I didn't mind too much because we got relationships and friendship's equally awesome and epic.
Character wise, Alex made a lot of achievements and improvements in her sojourn through time. She's not only stronger, badass, smarter, faster and wiser, She's more committed. Not that she wasn't committed to the cause before but her time in the past revealed a lot of things that makes defeating Aven a pivotal endgame that HAS to be achieved. I'm really loving who she's being and can't wait to see more of her in the further books.
The most delicious part of this book surprisingly came from the Draekon or as we call them Dragons. The specie was totally unexpected but a really welcome addition to the series and their floating islands Draekora is just simply amazing and beautiful. Alex bonding with the Heir of the Draekon is just brilliant storytelling, it lead to a lot of interesting developments. I certainly can't wait to know what befell the Draekon further into the series.
The book might be mostly in the past but is no less a phenomenal installment in the series.
With that crazy action filled ending, it's clear that big things are coming and a major war is looming. With the signs that Graevale (Book 4) is getting back to common ground (Alex at Arkanae) while still having more than a few surprises, I can't help but eagerly await more books in this five star series. Lynette Noni's books are definitely a must get for everyone.

P.S: That cover is so beautiful it makes me want to take a long extended vacation in Draekora.
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April 17, 2017
My mind is completely fucked right now. Like.. seriously. That was one hell of a roller-coaster ride and I never wanted it to end. I know it took me forever to get through (srsly, 2.5 weeks is like an eternity), but Draekora is hands-down the best book in the series so far, and the others just cannot compare (that must surely tell you something if you know just how much I love both Akarnae and Raelia . I desperately need to get my hands on Graevale RIGHT. NOW. But while I wait, please answer me this: How in holy hell does this series keep getting better and better with each new installment?????

September 29, 2018
Please just give me a minute. My mind hasn't still adapted to the fact that book four won't come out till next year. And I seriously don't know how I am going to wait that long.
This is killing me.

When I re-read it like 6 months later
Are you kidding me. For some reason I believed that if I re-read the whole series, by some unknown miracle I would instantly be rewarded with the next book. Should've known better of course. Turns out I have to yet wait another 3 months? Speaking of which I forgot how mind-blowing, wrenching, confusing this book was (in the best way of course).

Man i'm going to have a hard 3 months. Brace yourselves.
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February 26, 2023
Third read through and I still adore this instalment. Original review below.


This was a re-read for me, and knowing what happens at the end just made the entire experience so bittersweet.

And I'm noticing so much more, this round of reading, just how much Alex suffers in this series. Girl just doesn't catch a break.

The turn this novel takes for the direction of the series really changes everything, and changes absolutely nothing, all at once. This might be my favourite book of the series.
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February 8, 2019
I am not okay. This book... this book. “Draekora” is everything I hoped for and far, far more. Everything is completely turned on it’s head and it is glorious. There’s one character who ripped my heart out (okay, thee, but one’s a dragon so what can you except?) and it was glorious. Also, did I mention dragons? Lynette’s books just keep getting better, and I can’t wait for the next one to completely destroy me...
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April 18, 2018
Lynette Noni does such a fabulous job of developing this story in new directions. This book explains so much of why things are the way they are. Once again we get to meet new characters, but we also get a lot more depth on existing characters. It’s great to see a bit more complexity for Aven’s character. And Niyx’s character really shines. It’s getting a little darker, but it’s still a lot of fun.
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August 26, 2022
400+ pages with zero plot development - this book annoyed me. The events in this book could have been told in 100 pages and then the plot could have actually moved forward. Not worth the wait between Book 2 and Book 3.
Also inserting bible verses into general conversation (often with tenuous links and always without referencing) seems more like plagiarism than honouring.
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