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After everything they've been through together, Angela, Maddie, and Zoe know they'll be friends till the end--but sometimes the fates (or parents) have other plans.
With sophomore year and its troubles behind them, the winsome threesome is on cruise control, enjoying the well-earned perks of being sixteen. But then Angela (SnowAngel) gets some seriously bad family news :'( that threatens to change her life forever. On top of that, Maddie (mad maddie) decides to let loose her wild side :P and Zoe (zoegirl) struggles to keep a big secret from Angela :O. Will junior year pull the girls apart just when they need each other most? Only their instant messages reveal the full story...

256 pages, Paperback

First published March 1, 2006

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About the author

Lauren Myracle

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Lauren Myracle is the author of numerous young adult novels. She was born in 1969 in North Carolina. Lauren Myracle holds an MA in English from Colorado State University and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College. she has written many novels, including the famous IM books, ttyl, ttfn, and l8r, g8r.

Her first novel, Kissing Kate, was selected as one of ALA's "Best Books for Young Adults" for the year 2004. It was named by Booklist as one of the "Top Ten Youth Romances" of the year, as well as one of the "Top Ten Books by New Writers." Her middle-grade novel, Eleven, came out 2004, followed by its YA sequels (Twelve, Thirteen, Thirteen Plus One) .

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55 reviews2 followers
March 18, 2008
It has a lot of bad words
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February 7, 2017
“You should eat a waffle! You can't be sad if you eat a waffle!

Overall Thoughts

This was a super fun, easy and cute series. Nothing intense of course, there's not much to actually review. But if you're looking for something light and funny, this series is great. The girls are hilarious and I found myself getting actually invested in their story lines and wondering what was going to happen in their lives next.

- Until Next Time,
Emerald BookWorm
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1,015 reviews920 followers
February 25, 2021
It was so fun reading this series again! I can see why I loved reading them in high school!

"After everything they've been through together, Angela, Maddie, and Zoe know they'll be friends till the end--but sometimes the fates (or parents) have other plans.
With sophomore year and its troubles behind them, the winsome threesome is on cruise control, enjoying the well-earned perks of being sixteen. But then Angela (SnowAngel) gets some seriously bad family news :'( that threatens to change her life forever. On top of that, Maddie (mad maddie) decides to let loose her wild side :P and Zoe (zoegirl) struggles to keep a big secret from Angela :O. Will junior year pull the girls apart just when they need each other most? Only their instant messages reveal the full story..."
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419 reviews26 followers
September 30, 2008
This is the second of a series of epistolary novels relating the IM conversations among three BFFs in Atlanta. The format was interesting because it was unconventional, and it didn't detract too much from the movement of the plot. This may be because the plot has barely any perceptible movement at all. As with most IM or SMS conversations, not much is being said.

The "wild" one of the three starts smoking pot (that the other two are shocked by this at age 16 seems a bit unrealistic), the "timid" one begins secretly seeing a boy who used to be majorly into the third member of the group, and the third one, the glue that keeps them all together, is cruelly forced to abandon her friends and move to El Cerrito, CA. (Yeah, East Bay!) That's about the entire book in one sentence.

I decided I probably didn't miss much in the first novel, and didn't check it out of the library after all. I checked this one out in the first place because it's Banned Books Week, and this was mentioned as a challenged book. Whoever thinks this book is objectionable sure is sheltered.

Very Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants without as much action.
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November 28, 2018
Writing one book in chatspeak apparently wasn't enough for Ms. Myracle. Just because something is "cool" doesn't mean it should be reinforced, or drawn upon for profit. As adults, we have a responsibility to make sure our children are the best that they can be. Writing a book in chatspeak most certainly is not one of them. Is it any wonder why so many people - especially young ones - today have such atrocious grammar and communication skills, and on top of that, think that promiscuous behavior and drugs is okay? I'm no prude or grammar Nazi, but this series makes me weep.

If I want to get a book for the teenage kids that I will probably have one day, I'll get them 'Are you there God, it's me Margaret'. I enjoyed that book as well as many other classics for teenagers (or just overall classics such as Oliver Twist or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, for example) Ms. Myracle's Internet Girls series is a embarrassment to civilization, her generation, my generation, teenage generations, and to anyone with even a whit of commonsense. There's a universe of wonderful books out there, this book is not one of them.
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252 reviews2 followers
April 13, 2014
Igh this book bugs me. Its so good but yet so..... horrible. Allow me to explain.

-There problems were petty and cliché, yet I cared about them.
-The characters were obnoxious, stereotypical, and well clingy, but they felt real.
-the romance was pretty bad, but I love reading romance so what can I say.
-Zoe and Maddie had complete personality switches, (that actually was just weird)

half the time I was like:

Yet the other half I was like:

I know right what is wrong with me, I like this series. In fact, I have the third book ready to read right now! I'm not going to just yet though. I might read a few other books first but really, if you hate cheesy books but easily accidentally fall for some then this is the series for you.
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683 reviews39 followers
September 10, 2019
You guys don't even know how ecstatic I am to be reading this series again. These books are my everything!

I especially love this, the second novel in the series. I forgot about how hilarious this one was. God, I love Angela. I love all of these girls--Angela, Maddie, Zoe. They have become human to me. In my mind, the Winsome Threesome are actual, real people more than they are "characters" at this point.

Just one little thing though; this reprinting of ttfn with its "updated cultural references" isn't as good as the original (which I tragically lost from my personal library at some point. *cries forever*) That's just a personal preference, obviously! But I miss the early-2000s vibes of the original with its IMing and internet café's, etc. It gave the girls a much more unique dynamic that, truthfully, wouldn't be the same in this smartphone era. Also, a lot of scenarios in this reprinting don't make sense, assuming that they all have cell phones and multiple social media platforms to communicate across, as opposed to just the home phone and desktop like in the original.

But that's just me being salty and old. ttfn is still a great story regardless!
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1 review
November 19, 2012

I would recommend my book TTFN by Lauren miracle to a friend because it shows who your true friends are, and how there always going to be there for you. They also want you to find yourself in your teenage years. You also learn to be responsible. Some people would not recommend the book TTFN my Lauren miracle because they think Is bad to find you true friends and your not ready for it and your to young to find yourself in life. The book takes places in Atlanta Georgia with Maddie, Zoe and Angela. Even though some people still believe we are too young to find ourselves. I think we are at a perfect age to find our selves and see whom we want our friends to be growing up in life.

My book has many imagery sentences. On PG 22 she “stomps into bedroom and plunks down in front of the computer”. I know when I’m angry I slam doors and make a lot of noise so people will now that I’m mad. So when she’s stomps in and sits on her computer I want to see why she’s made, and what happened to make her mad. I can assume its something about her parents because that’s what every one has been telling her. That there’s something going on and they don’t know if it’s good or bad. So If that was me I would have handled it differently and I would make my parents tell. My parents never hide anything from me. So I don’t have to worry. This books always keeps me guessing.
There are multiple conflicts in my story. On page 39 she said” I smoked pot for the first time, ok?” This is a very big problem because smoking pot is not good for your health. You can get very sick and ill and she’s probably only doing it for Clive. I know if one of my friends told me they were doing pot I would tell them to stop and tell them all the consequences. If the didn’t stop I would tell there parents I wouldn’t want to hurt my friend but it is best for there health and safety. I would also recommend my book because it always keeps me guessing and the language and action keep the story interesting. On the other hand some people think that the book is to mature and inappropriate for children. I somewhat agree to that statement. I do think that for younger kids it wouldn’t be a good book, but I think as me being a 8th grader that I have matured and I can read and understand why should put that inappropriate part in their.

Also in my novel there is a lot of suspense. On PG “I confronted her and she said there was something going on she didn’t wanna talk about it without dad and Chrissy. I would be mad my parents were hiding something, but if it were something bad that they weren’t telling me I would obviously not want them to tell me. But it makes me ask myself what is he hiding from her and why can’t she see it? I think Angela is probably scared nervous anxious she just wants to know what they have to say. But the tone of her mo voice it sounds bad and she thought it was something good but she’s in for a big surprise.

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37 reviews1 follower
May 15, 2015
I really like this book I like how the three friends text each other every single day. And even thoe one of the girls needed to go to California and leave her friends and not see them for a lot of years. She still keep talking to her friends by texting.
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28 reviews
November 26, 2008
this book was good its kinda fun to have an author write about 3 teenage girls IM their selfs
38 reviews4 followers
January 5, 2009
this book is about a girl and how she gets through high school
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308 reviews43 followers
February 11, 2015
This was another re-read for me and i loved more this time then the first time i read it! i so enjoy reading books from my High school days! on to the next!
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Author 7 books68 followers
March 25, 2022
Like the first book in the series, ttyl, this is written entirely in instant-messenger chat. Set at the end of the 90s or possibly early 00s, this story is a bit more typical teen drama than the first book, and it's plot is more evenly spread out between the three main characters.

Maddie (mad maddie) falls for a stoner guy who's too wrapped up in himself to see that she cares for her. Zoe (zoegirl) finds herself in her first real romantic relationship, but she's not sure how far she wants things to get physically. And Angela (SnowAngel) has to move from Atlanta to the SF Bay area when her father loses his job and lands a new job on the West Coast.

Angela's plot is the most dramatic in the end, and it ends up bringing the Winsome Threesome (surprisingly, this name was all over the first book, but gets dropped like once here) back together as besties. Unfortunately, the lead-up to the resolution for Angela involves a lot of complaining, and a lot of resentment directed at a character who is meant to be unappealing, but who ends up coming off as sympathetic just due to Angela's bad treatment of her.

Zoe's plot is by far the best here, with a genuinely nuanced look at teen attitudes toward attraction, dating, and sex. Zoe comes off as the most real of the three, and her boyfriend is portrayed as a reasonably interesting and well-rounded character.

The emphasis on cannabis use in Maddie's plotline just felt a bit... off. It seemed overly negative, and rooted in ideas from a generation or two earlier than the character should have been. This is coming from me, who has never used cannabis, although I have friends who have had positive experiences with it, but the attitudes displayed by the main characters on this issue just seemed overly serious and menacing.

The pacing was a bit slow at the beginning, but the ending made up for that nicely. As with the previous book, the author is very clever with her use of the format, smoothly working around the fact that the action of the story generally takes place "off camera". The dialogue is funny, and is a nice trip down nostalgia lane for anyone who spent hours of their time chatting away on AIM or ICQ.
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126 reviews
July 9, 2021
i must say, i was surprised when i read the second book in the series. i read the first book in the series (ttyl) and i gave that one 2/5 stars.

so when i read this, i must say, i was quite surprised! the angela moving away thing was a great addition to the plot, but angela was just SO selfish the whole time. she was keeping zoe back from dating doug, even though she literally rejected him so many times.

and once DOUG started dating ZOE, she got jealous & possesive over doug, like he was just there for when she needed him, then she'd dump him, rinse & repeat.

maddie was also really stupid in this book, i can't believe she got peer-pressured to smoke POT with her obviously stoner friends. also, why did she call clive, chive? that's the stupidest name ever. i don't understand why maddie was trying to get w/chive even though he was obviously in a relationship, and, even after all the hints were dropped to maddie, she STILL continued to hang out with chive & his creepy stoner friends.

idk, i feel like the plot in this book was way better, and zoe was actually a good character. everyone was still a stereotype though, but i must say, this book was impressive compared to ttyl.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
9 reviews1 follower
March 8, 2019
This book was really good. It was a sequel to the first book. I like these books because they are fast reads and they are also known topics about this time and age. I love reading books with people from high school. It had so many interesting and fun things going on in the book that made it so good. The characters are so funny and the story outline is well thought out and I couldn't put down the book whenever I started reading it. I never wanted to stop reading either.
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778 reviews14 followers
July 15, 2012
I suppose such titles as ttyl, ttfn, and l8r g8r are appropriate for Lauren Myracle’s trilogy, considering how often the three main girls say goodbye to one another. As novels written entirely in instant messages, I suppose it’s only appropriate to have a way to signify the end of a conversation and move on less awkwardly to the next one. Appropriate and perhaps even necessary, but repetitive. I suppose there’s a sense of security in this repetition, a repeated formula that assures readers that everything will turn out alright, in the end.

ttfn finds Angela, Maddie, and Zoe in their junior year of high school, with old worries now a year behind them and new worries ahead. Angela’s parents are preparing to drop a bombshell on her. Maddie has made friends with a pot-smoking boy named Chive, who also sees no harm in sharing partners. Zoe has become close friends with Doug Schmidt, who in the first book was smitten with Angela. This is the setup for their upcoming troubles.

Myracle likes to focus both on issues we hear about in the news and personal problems that are more familiar to teenage girls. In Angela’s case, her father has been laid off, and now the family has to move to California for his new job. In this way Myracle makes a connection with a real thematic issue affecting many families today, and she puts it squarely into the perspective of a teenage girl who can only comprehend the fact she's going to have to move away from her best friends. I'm sure many teenage girls in similar situations can relate to this, though adult readers will likely relate more to the father losing his job. Pot smoking and drug use are also hot issues, particularly when it comes to teen use. The way Maddie justifies smoking pot, by saying it's no big deal, is an accurate portrayal of how teenagers respond to the reactions of concerned friends.

The novel can be a little bit too repetitive, especially regarding how Angela feels about moving. Too many conversations focus on how upset she is and how the three best friends are meant to be together forever. This bogs down Myracle’s usually vibrant energy, which still shows through in large chunks of the novel. And you know whenever somebody continually repeats that they will be together forever that they will begin to drift apart. Angela physically moves away, and Zoe and Maddie begin to spend time with their boyfriends rather than one another. That this happens is only natural, though the girls are upset to realize it.

As the girls have grown older, they have grown less afraid of talking about sex. There are lots of discussions about blow jobs, masturbation, and even things done between a boy and a girl that don’t involve sex. These girls are at an age when sexual experimentation is a fact with some, and likely a topic of conversation for most. I think Myracle’s handles the discussions of sex realistically. None of the girls actually have sexual intercourse, but at least one of them comes close. While the girls don't obsess over it, we find examples of ways that boys imagine even the most innocent gesture as something sexual. Zoe tells Maddie about a boy in her class who says he knows why girls jiggle their legs while sitting down. Only a teenage boy could come up with the idea he has, and only a teenage boy would believe it.

Overall I thought ttfn was just as good as ttyl. It kept me entertained, and even had me laughing out loud at times. I find some of the conflicts less believable than others, such as one between Angela and Zoe over Doug. Perhaps teenage girls would fight over such things and in that case they would relate better than I can, but it still had me wishing for a little more substance. It's a little too convenient that the main conflicts of each of the girls reaches a climax on the exact same night, especially when you consider one is 3,000 miles away. And of course the conflicts resolve a little too quickly and easily, considering how much time Myracle spends developing them. Still, it was a fun, if predictable read, though I’m sure teenage girls would like it better than anybody else.
March 14, 2011
I chose to read this book because i read the one befor it and i liked it a lot .
this is a realistic fiction
This book took place in atlanta.
The three main characters are Angela , maddie, and zoe.
In this book Angela is devistated when she finds out that her dad lost her job and that they are gunna have to move to california so the 3 best friends are trying to spend as much time as possible together be for the big move . But once angela moves it starts to seem like they're all spliting up angela is having trouble making new friends and is concerned why her to best friends back at home hardly ever spend any time together. Maddie found a new crew to hang out with and her to friends are very concerned because she started smothing weed and they know thats not the real maddie and that shes doing it just to fit in and to make this guy like her more who really doesnt care about her and is nothing but trouble. While zoe just started working at a day care where a kid name doug also works who used to have a huge crush on angela but she would never give him a chance. But when angela starts to feel lonely and starts to notice doug hasnt been paying much attention to her she decides to talk to him when she then finds out him and zoe are datting and even tho angela never liked doug zo was still scared to tell her but when angela found out she was very upset but eventualy forgave zoe while maddie was getting a kick out of the fact that zoe actually did somthing wrong. then one night the three of them all decide to make a few poor decisions Zoe decides shes guna have doug come over and cook him dinner but it turned out to be more than that and her parents come home and see her naked. While maddie got arrested for buying weed and then once they let her go gets arrested agian by the same cops who told her to go home after they released her the last time . While angela on the other hand is on a bus from californina on her way back to atlanta because she ran away. and now she has no one to pick her up so maddie sneaks out to get her and takes her ot her aunts house and her aunt freaks and makes her call her mom and then all 3 of them get grounded but on the bright side angelas parents decided to let her stay in atlanta with her aunt...
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March 30, 2010
In the book TTFN there are three best friends. Zoe, Maddie, and Angela. These three have been through so much in their friendship. But the things are about to heat up in their friendship because Angela has just found out from her parents that she's moving to california. When Angela found out that she was going to be away from her besties she freaked out because she has never been away from them and she doesn't know what she would do with out her besties. But as she is away from her besties Maddie and Zoe get into an argument. You see Maddie finds a guy who she likes yet he does pot and only wants to be friends but with conditions. While Zoe falls for a poet named Doug who makes her heart sing with joy. Yet they like the same guy. How will this end up? Will Maddie and Zoe ever be the besties they used to be?

While reading this book, I came across a connection between me and maddie. I also found a theme to the book. I'll start with the theme. You see I thought the theme would be friendship. The reason why is because Angela is going to be away from her besties and I thought that this book was mainly about that. Now the connection I had was When my best friend had to move to baltimore. I didn't know what I would do with out her. She was the one that completed our little clique or whatever you want to call it. Andn now that she is gone we don't really hang out anymore.

I give this book three stars. The reason why is because I liked the book. It was a good book. But it was kind of confuesing. It sounded like that if Angela wasn't there, Maddie would go off and do something bad and Zoe would try to be on her own and met a guy. would recommand this book to girls who don't really depend on their selves. And that they need a best friend to lead them.
3 reviews1 follower
December 17, 2013
TTFN (Ta-ta For Now), told entirely in instant messages by Lauren Myracle is the second book in the Internet Girls series. The book begans by introducing the Winsome Threesome once again! This book follows Maddie, Zoe, and Angela through the new flirtations,fixations, and frustrations of eleventh grade. Don't worry, it gets better.

Everything was good until it all came crashing down. One the of three named Angela thought her parents were becoming a lot more distant and it felt like they were hiding something from her. She thought they were getting her a car but that was not it. One night her parents took her out to eat and told her they were moving to California, and that was about 3,oo miles from where she lived now. She was so upset. When she told her friends they became upset as well and this was just the beginning. One of her friends Zoe was starting to like the guy who liked Angela for so long, and Zoe hadn't told her yet. When she did find out she was furious, her and Zoe got into an argument. Zoe kept telling her she was sorry and soon after Angela accepted. While all this was happening their third best friend Maddie was getting into drugs and doing bad things. The girls tried to tell her that what she was doing was bad, but Maddie didnt want to think about it. Finally one day Maddie told her friends she got caught and she was grounded, but on a happy note Angela was moving back. The girls were so excited. They spent the rest of the year together.

This book shows a lot about how to help and keep best friends. The conclusions are a bit obvious, but the book does say some nice messages about friendship and being true to yourself.
3 reviews
November 2, 2016
I read the TTFN aka the book in the series after the first book TTYL. I honestly really liked the book after the first once it just got better. They have developed new relationships....kept old ones. Made new enemies....made up with their enemies. But most of all they really matured. Even though in the book they do something that completely gets them in trouble then they realize their mistakes and it makes them more of an adult.
The biggest thing I liked about the book was the relationships just because I'm a big one about LOVEEEEE. And lots of love <3 happened in the book. Zoe the really uptight goodie goodie got an actual boyfriend. Which is why I love Zoe so much because she reminds me of myself. We both are shy and goodie goodies, We both have the complete opposite friends compared to myself. Which I really admire about their friendship... they are very different which can cause small conflicts but at the end they know they love each other, and show it.
Out of the book there really isn't anything I DIDN'T like really. But I do wonder how or if they will make more books in the series. If they were to just continue their journey in high school I would might get bored reading basically the same setting and problems over and over again. They could maybe get to their summer or maybe even college. Or in fact when they are adults.
Over all I really liked this book. Once again I would reccomend this book to anyone who likes drama and romance . I hope they make more books in the series. MMK BYE.
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November 2, 2009
TTFN is a book about three best friends. Through out this whole book, the story is told on IM. These three best friends are Zoey, Maddie, and Angela. Zoey's email is Zoegirl, Maddie's email is Mad Maddie, and Angla's email is SnowAngel. These three best friends always told each other secrets and never lied to each other. But as the story goes on, their friendship starts breaking a part. For example Angela moves to California, Zoey starts liking Angela's X boyfriend, and Maddie is taking drugs. Then Zoey starts taking dares that humiliate her and Maddie is the one who is coming up with these dares. At last, in the end of the book, Zoey, Angela, and Maddie are all back to being the three best friends that they were before.

This story definitely can connect to any person that have friends that they argue with. This book can also connect to me because even though I argue with my friends, we always get closer every time we argue. I can connect this book to any book that is about friendships because in every book, you learn a lesson.

I thought that this book was really great, that I HAD to rate it as a 5 star book. I would rate this as a 5 star book because this book is like you are seeing a person life, because it looks so real. I thought that if a person who is having hard times with their friends read this book, then later on they would know to forgive and forget. Also, I love to IM too. =0
October 8, 2014
This book is an amazing way to pass time, it's not boring, but yet again it's not one of those books that keeps you at the edge of your seat. It tells you the laugh-out-loud story of three girls that are all best friends and telling each other what is going on in their awkward lives, all through sms and some text messages. It was a really cute book to read because of the style of text, but at some points it was hard to read because it was written in the form of stereo-typical text message, meaning that rather than them writing out, "Hey guys how are you?", "I'm doing great." or "Me too!" it is written as, "Hey gys how r u?", "Im doing gr8" or "me 2!". those phrases are easy to understand, but when they use acronyms such as "ttfn" it gets a little harder to understand what they are trying to say, well at least for me it was, I had to look it up online to figure out that "ttfn" means "ta ta for now". This book, other than the some difficulties I had in reading it, was a really funny book that I could really relate to, and I would most certainly recommend it to a fellow classmate or friend in need of a good laugh because only a chapter into this great book I was hooked and was laughing a little after every paragraph I read. This book is the second in its series, the first book is TTYL, the third is L8R, G8R, which is followed by YOLO, the fourth and final book in the series, so far. I plan on continuing to read this amazing series.
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1 review
November 8, 2011
The book, “TTFN” by Lauren Myracle was a great, humorous book that I would recommend to anyone in high school. The line, “She gave me a little plastic care-bear to clip to my backpack!” (127) made me laugh in my head. No high schooler has care-bears on their backpack! Once I read this, I could just picture a little girly care-bear clipped to a 16 year old girl’s backpack while walks through the hall. I chuckle to myself every time I read it and everyone else probably does, too. Another line that I thought proved my point is, “Unless the glendinizer locked angela in the basement and forced her into a vest! Ahhh!! Vests are soo hideous!” (201) reminds me of my sister because she acts like the fashion police sometimes. Any girl would probably agree that vests aren’t the best looking articles of clothing. I laughed out loud and thought of a creepy girl who creeps around, forcing girls into vests. The last line is, “that proves it…ur a chicken s***!” (159) made me smirk at the crude humor of the line. I can picture myself saying that to one of my friends in the future. It is an inappropriate line, but everyone who reads this would laugh. It’s a random, funny line that readers, like me, like. No one I know has said that, but it gives me a good laugh. This whole book is full of comical lines, which makes this book an excellent, easy read.
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October 27, 2010
ttfn is a good funny n sad book at the same time and i like it alot.the book is about theses three girls that are best friends.there names are maddie aka mad maddie zoe aka zoegirl and last but not least angela aka snow angel.maddie likes this boy named chive.when chive surprised maddie it was her to try pot for the first time.when she tried it made her feel dizzy.when she told angelas she had freaked out on her and asked her why did she do it.angela had to move from alantla to calforina and when her parents told her she was so mad that she wouldn't do nothing until her bestfriends got her to do stuff with them before she had left.the onlyu reasons that she had to move is so her dad could get moved a posion because he had got fired from his other job.zoe is ok but now she likes the boy that angela like and she won't tell her that she do and maddie keep telling her to tell her but she don't and angela keep asking her what's the matter but she won't say nothing to her.the omly one she will talk about it is with maddie because she don't want nobody to know.maddie is still smoking pot and zoe still won't tell angela about her liking the boy and angels still don't want to move to calforina.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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47 reviews
June 10, 2010
TTFN - A book written in IM'S (instant messages)! That's very cool. The first time I saw the cover, I thought it was such an ugly cover. Then again a lot of my friends some how read it before. This book is written based on online conversations between three high school girls, Maddie, Zoe and Angela. The three best friends comes apart after Angela moves to California with her family. Things at their home town comes undone, along with their friendship. After Angela's move, Zoe and Maddie's friendship breaks since Maddie starts to hang out with a girl who's in to drugs. Doug, a boy who's been crushing on Angela becomes the boy that's falling in love with Zoe. After Angela heard about Doug and Zoe getting together , she gets mad. Zoe's angry that Angela's finally realizing that Doug was a good guy, only after Zoe and Doug got together. Angela never appreciated Doug that much before, and it was just unfair for Zoe. Through some more instant messages, eventually the three makes up and promises to be friends forever once again.
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March 7, 2015
The summary of this book is that Angela, a sophomore teen, is having to move to El Cirrito, California because her dad has a job there. Her other friends, Zoe and Maddie, are not happy she is moving. Will this break their friendship? Or just make it stronger? The main characters are Angela, a typical teenager that worries about who likes her or if she looks good, Maddie, the wild girl, and Zoe, the mom of the group (or just really cautious). The setting of the book takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. The conflict of the story is that their friendship is on the brink of breaking. The resolution of the conflict is that Angela finally runs away and jumps on a Greyhound back the Georgia. Once she gets there, their friendship is restored. My opinion of the book is that there should be more books because this book was the second book of the sequel ttyl. My recommendation of the book is if you like drama, this is the book for you.
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September 13, 2010
Junior year, and Maddie, Zoe, and Angela are dealing with larger issues. Sex, drugs, separation. Although the books do have similar patterns to the rising/falling action they aren't as predictable as they could be.

As for content (not having read the last one yet, it's at home and I'm at work), I can see why ttyl/ttfn/l8r,g8r can make some parents see red. There are references to sex, body parts, drugs, cutting, drinking, swearing, etc, etc. But...the characters sound like three teenage girls. When we were their age, who else did we discuss those things? (Well, not me because I didn't have any bffs since mine ditched me in grade school but you get my point).
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November 29, 2012
This book was really interesting to read because the whole book is in instant message. I really like how the book doesn't revolve around just one person, instead it revolves around three. The other thing I really liked was that the three main characters stayed best friends no matter how bad the situation is. I would recommend T.T.F.N from ages 13 to 16 because it's a really easy book to read and there are a lot of situations that teenage girls can relate to. Overall I think this book was amazing.
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