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Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies

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Twelve-year-old Devin Dexter has a problem. Well, actually, many of them. His cousin, Tommy, sees conspiracies around every corner. And Tommy thinks Devin’s new neighbor, Herb, is a warlock—but nobody believes him. Even Devin’s skeptical. But soon strange things start happening. Things like the hot new Christmas toy, the Cuddle Bunny, coming to life.

That would be great because, after all, who doesn’t love a cute bunny? But these aren’t the kind of bunnies you can snuggle with. These bunnies are dangerous. Devin and Tommy set out to prove Herb is a warlock and to stop the mob of bunnies, but will they have enough time before the whole town of Gravesend is overrun by the cutest little monsters ever?

256 pages, Hardcover

Published August 29, 2017

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Jonathan Rosen

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639 reviews1,039 followers
September 26, 2017


Fright Night meets Gremlins meets Child’s Play! That’s what you get when you devour this book. Not only was it funny as hell, but it was full of action, and creepiness. Devin is such a great main character that you learn to empathize with and his best friend/cousin Tommy was my favorite though, he reminded me a lot of Evil Ed from Fright Night and that made the reading experience 10x better. I’m excited for the sequel and now that I know it is about vampires, the Fright Night thing will really make sense in the second one. I really enjoyed this one and I will be talking about it more in my September Wrap Up on my channel next week. 

Thanks to Sky Pony Press for this copy sent to me for free for review.
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Author 3 books67 followers
October 16, 2017
I can't remember the last time I read a book that was this much fun. I laughed my way throughout, and I found myself genuinely trying to foresee the outcome--with no success. Jonathan Rosen has written a hilarious tale that will keep you guessing right up until the end. Kudos on a wonderful debut.
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864 reviews
May 29, 2018
Interest Level: 3-6; Reading Level: 6.1

Imagine a new neighbor moves in across the street and with the things you see going into the house, you believe it is a witch. Now imagine you think that this same witch (which turns out to be a man so he would actually be a warlock) is on to you and sends a killer stuffed animal bunny into your house. This is what is happening to Devin Dexter and his cousin Tommy. When Herb moves in across the street things start going downhill for Devin and Tommy. As Devin tries to convince his parents of his suspisions they actually send him to therapy sessions with no other than Herb. Poor Devin just can't catch a break. Things go from bad to worse on Christmas Eve when Devin and Tommy are kidnapped by Herb and hundreds of evil Cuddle Bunnies set out to attack the city. Can Devin and Tommy save themselves and the city? Or will the evil Cuddle Bunnies take over the world? Do not miss this hilarious yet terrifying book about family, friendship, and overcoming incredible odds.

This books is fantastic! If this was to be turned into a movie Tommy would be the best supporting actor. Tommy is absolutely hysterical. He has such a dry sense of humor that will have you laughing all through the book. On the flip side, Jonathan Rosen weaves scary, creepy bunnies into the book and has you on the edge of your seat wondering if the suspense will ever end. Do not miss this book!!

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Author 3 books83 followers
May 26, 2017
This book.is.so.funny!

When a suspected warlock named Herb moves across the street, the fate of the neighbourhood lies in the hands of the only two people who suspect the truth: twelve-year-old Devin and his cousin Tommy. Add in some cuddle bunny toys, a magical potion, and a whiny kid sister who won't take no for an answer, well, you've got yourself quite an adventure! I laughed out loud so many times during this book! There are also thrills and chills galore, for our hero must face down an army of the undead to save his town. Kids are going to LOVE this book, as are their parents, teachers, and librarians. The whole time I was reading this book I kept thinking "this is EXACTLY the kind of book I would have devoured as a kid". Jonathan Rosen's book is perfectly balanced between scary and laugh-out-loud silly and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! More please!
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Author 20 books160 followers
June 7, 2018
A story combining middle graders, horror, humor, and death bunnies. What could go wrong? A lot. Jonathan is one of the funniest voices in MG today, and Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies will have you laughing late into the night long after your mom has declared bedtime.
Author 3 books40 followers
October 30, 2018
Honestly? I liked the look of Jonathan Rosen's 'From Sunset to Sunrise', coveted it for my Halloween reading list, discovered it was the second in a series, and slightly reluctantly bought this, its predecessor, which I thought looked too comic for my tastes. Surprise! It turned out to be as gorgeous a tribute to the horror/fun classic films of my youth (Gremlins, Fright Night etc.) as I could have hoped to stumble on.

Devin Dexter is a nice kid. He has a superbly bratty younger sister Abby, who simply MUST HAVE this year's hot new toy for Christmas, though it's sold out everywhere: a talking Cuddle Bunny. He has a rather imaginative, gung-ho cousin Tommy, who's constantly getting him into trouble with mad schemes. And then there's Devin's new neighbour, Herb. He's... probably a warlock.

When Herb tries to endear himself to the Dexter clan by mysteriously procuring a Cuddle Bunny for Abby, Dexter and Tommy are suspicious. Then the Cuddle Bunny comes to life - and it seems to want to bring all the other Cuddle Bunnies in the world to life too. Luckily, Tommy knows all about warlocks, or so he claims. Cue mad scheme to rescue the town from an invasion of malicious toys.

Good horror fiction is never just about the supernatural. It's about naming your unnamed fears and struggling to get those fears taken seriously, which is why it’s such a rich genre for MG kids. Jonathan Rosen plays with these conventions wonderfully, at one point having Devin's family send him to Herb - the very person Devin insists is a warlock bringing evil bunnies to life - for counselling, with cringe-making consequences.

This is the first in a series, and I'm looking forward to seeing Devin's relationship with his parents develop - I especially liked his Dad.

You'll find chimes of Night of the Living Dead (though Dawn of the Dead is a closer thematic cousin), Halloween III and, um, Lady and the Tramp, as well as hippo/bunny rivalry. Tommy for me is a standout character. Literally nothing not to love 🐰
95 reviews
September 20, 2017
My almost 10 year old son has a new favorite book! He absolutely loved Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies. I read this book to him. It had been a long time since we both looked forward to reading together at night. Tonight will be a let down since we got to the end of this book last night.

My son was engaged the entire time and always wanted to read more. We talked about the book and his comprehension of it was excellent. It is recommended for ages 8-12 and I think that is right on, except that there are a couple of places that insinuate that Santa is not real, and I know some kids in this age group still believe. I was concerned that it might be too scary for my son who gets frightened easily, but the writing style is light and humorous and he was absolutely fine. I would not consider this book to be scary to the recommended age group.

The book is action packed with many physical altercations between the main characters and the cuddle bunnies. Usually it is hard for me to follow fights. I'm just not interested in the fight itself, just who wins, but this author made these exchanges amusing. It is a long book, but never has a long book feel. The pace is steady and the writing style is engaging. With warlocks, magic, evil stuffed bunnies that come to life, lots of humor and excitement, amusing family dynamics, entertaining characters, and a witty writing style, I can see Jonathan Rosen's debut novel becoming a best seller. I rarely give a book 5 stars, but this book is worthy.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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84 reviews5 followers
September 20, 2017
Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies by Jonathan Rosen is a spooky book full of good humor. The story is about a 12-year-old boy named Devin Dexter whose cousin thinks Devin’s new neighbor is a warlock! No one believes them because well kids make up weird stories and come to odd conclusions pretty often. Strange things are amiss like the popular for Christmas stuffed bunny toys coming to life and behaving in dangerous ways!

The characters are believable and quite interesting with all their quirks. Throughout the story, kids will have modeled to them the importance of family and friends while working together to save their town, super soakers may be required!

Grab a bookmark (if you can put this tale down), a flashlight, and a snuggly spot, this page-turning book is full of adventure, action, humor, and spooky fun! It’s perfect for kids ages 8-12 years old.

-Thoughts by our nine-year-old daughter Melody –

Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies is such a cool story. Reading this kinda large book went by so fast because I really enjoyed it. The characters awesomeness made what was going down far more exciting than expected.

The story was really interesting. I’ve never read anything like it before. I liked how the characters worked together to save the day.

This story would really make a great tv series and a video game. I recommend this book to other kids around my age.
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174 reviews12 followers
January 23, 2018
Devin is an ordinary 12-year-old boy.  He desperately wants an iPhone and his little sister Abby gets on his nerves with her constant temper tantrums.  When movers carry in a huge pot and giant glass ball to a house across the street from Devin's family, his cousin Tommy is convinced that the new neighbor is a warlock.  Normally, Devin does not believe in Tommy's conspiracy theories, but his feelings begin to waver when Herb comes over for dinner and then the next day when he drops off a Cuddle Bunny, the hottest toy of the Christmas season for Abby.   When the Cuddle Bunny comes to life, Devin realizes Herb is responsible; therefore, Tommy's theory is actually true.  Since his parents do not believe him, Devin and Tommy are left to expose Herb and in the meantime, save their town from being overrun by the evil Cuddle Bunnies.
Reading Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies took me back to my childhood.   In 1983,  I vividly remember going to Toys R Us and writing my name on a wait list for a Cabbage Patch Doll, the most in-demand toy of the year.  In addition, there is a scene in the book where all the Cuddle Bunnies are reeking havoc at the mall; I laughed hysterically recalling the movie Gremlins, one of my brother's and my favorite movies.
Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies is a fast paced, hilarious story that middle grade readers will devour; adult readers my age will equally enjoy it since it allows us to take that trip down memory lane.  I also loved the book because Devin truly changes and grows in his quest to locate and eliminate the head bunny, Mr. Flopsy-Ears.  And stay tuned because the ending gives me hope for another adventure with Devin and Tommy.
A very special thanks to Jonathan Rosen for fulfilling one of my Christmas wishes and sending me a copy of Night of Living Cuddle Bunnies during #MGBookmas.   I loved this "hare raising" story and excited to share and discuss it with readers at my school!
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Author 23 books130 followers
September 23, 2017
A delightfully outrageous and outrageously funny book for readers of all ages, but especially middle grade ones who might like a wry, irreverent horror story. If you tossed Stephen King, Monty Python, and Sesame Street into a blender and turned it up to 11, you might get something like NIGHT OF THE LIVING CUDDLE BUNNIES. But not quite, because Jonathan Rosen is a unique talent all his own.

The fast-paced plotting and constant laughs will keep you eagerly turning pages until the very last one, and leave you hoping Jonathan doesn't keep us waiting TOO long for another tale from his wonderfully twisted mind.
Profile Image for Debbie Fischer.
Author 4 books25 followers
October 1, 2017
Evil bunnies? Warlocks? Magic? Adventure? Author Jonathan Rosen has given readers a winning combination of funny and scary in this wild, entertaining book. This fast-paced novel was a pure joy to read, laugh-out-loud hilarious and unpredictable. I particularly liked the witty banter between characters, as well as the touching blend of humor and heart as Dexter navigates his relationships with friends and family. Perfect for middle grade readers - although this adult reader loved it as well! I can't wait to see more books from this author and would love to see a sequel to this one! Highly recommend!
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444 reviews2 followers
November 29, 2017
In a genuine "boy" voice that will appeal to all, Devin battles an army of evil cuddle bunnies (will remind you of Teddy Ruxpin or Furbies depending on your age) brought to life by his dorky neighbor (secretly a resume-grubbing, evil warlock of course). Hilarious and timely without trying to be, this is a book you should plan to read in one - long - sitting.
Rosen's greatest skill, in addition to brilliant concept, is his taking just enough of a character archetype to orient the reader, and twisting him/her into someone memorable, unexpected, and larger than life.

I can't wait to pre-order the sequel!
Jonathan: This means post the link!!!
326 reviews1 follower
December 9, 2017
Devin has a new neighbor and he and his cousin Tommy think he's a warlock. The neighbor gives Devin's sister a Cuddle Bunny, a popular toy, and it comes to life. When Devin tries to explain what is going on nobody believes him. In fact, they start to think he needs some counseling. It's up to Devin and his cousin to save their town from Cuddle Bunnies. This book is fast-paced and hilarious. It's also both evil and heart-warming. I think middle grade readers will be amused.
Profile Image for Arianne Costner.
Author 2 books65 followers
April 6, 2020
Would you like to see two tween boys wrapped in bubble wrap get attacked by an evil stuffed animal come to life? Then this book is for you! Seriously though, the writing and dialogue was so clever, I smiled and laughed the whole way through. Just the right amount of goofiness and ridiculous scenarios, coupled with lots of fun action that keeps you turning pages. I loved it!! 😂
Profile Image for Steph.
1,347 reviews
December 27, 2021
A very humorous and clever read. The book is set over Christmas which makes it a fun December read, but it would be great for any time of year. The characters are lovable and the plot is captivating, making it suitable for any age. I was about to give up on Christmas books because they all seem to be love stories, so this middle grades/young adult book saved my December reads!
Profile Image for Jo Butcher.
50 reviews
September 9, 2017
A hilarious book that will have parents reading and laughing along with their middle grader. Devin Dexter and his cousin Tommy thing their neighbor Herb is a warlock who has put a spell on the hottest toy of the season - a cuddle bunny. Can they stop Mr. Flopsy-Ears and the army of evil rabbits?
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226 reviews22 followers
March 8, 2018
I won this from goodreads first reads and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was funny all the way through with a great creepiness factor without being terrifying. Really liked this one and am adding it to my son's middle grade collection
Profile Image for Melody Maysonet.
Author 1 book50 followers
August 31, 2017
I absolutely loved this book--and more importantly, so did my middle-grade son. Exciting, hilarious, and heart-warming.
Profile Image for Scott Vincent.
Author 5 books
November 24, 2017
Very funny book! Imaginative, fast-paced, with great one-liners that will have kids laughing out loud.
Profile Image for Nicole.
131 reviews
December 30, 2018
Absolutely loved this fast-moving, humorous tale! The banter between the protagonist and his cousin had me in stitches. Kids who have trouble finding books they enjoy will love this one!
Profile Image for Aprilj328.
921 reviews1 follower
June 1, 2019
Devin and his cousin Tommy battle an evil menace when the hot new Christmas toy --the Cuddle Bunny--comes alive and bent on destruction and mayhem. MG Fantasy; Horror
Profile Image for T.P. Jagger.
Author 2 books1 follower
August 2, 2022
A fun and funny book with snappy dialogue that had me laughing more than once! Though if I now have nightmares about stuffed bunnies, I will blame Jonathan Rosen….
Profile Image for Stacie Ramey.
Author 6 books155 followers
August 26, 2017
Jonathan Rosen's debut book is hilarious and fun! Kids will love watching as Devin and his cousin, Tommy, battle Cuddle Bunny toys that have somehow become animated and a threat to the town of Gravesend. The showdown in the mall is wildly imaginative as are the characters in this entertaining book. From the strange neighbor, Herb, who Tommy is convinced is a warlock, to Devin's little sister, Abby, each character takes the stage with their own agenda and their own memorable style. Read it for the scary bunnies, but stay for the fun. (less)
Profile Image for Melissa.
Author 2 books101 followers
July 16, 2017
In Jonathan Rosen’s wildly imaginative middle-grade debut, NIGHT OF THE LIVING CUDDLE BUNNIES, we meet twelve-year-old Devin Dexter, a good kid with a not-so-good problem: He’s being pursued by a posse of evil, trash-talking stuffed animals—aka “Cuddle Bunnies.” Devin's cousin Tommy thinks the Dexters' new neighbor, the seemingly mild-mannered Herb, is responsible for this hare-y mob, and worse, that Herb is a warlock. A badly dressed warlock, that is, with a penchant for puns and a weakness for sock puppets, including the wacky, advice-dispensing “Sockmund Freud.” With laugh-out-loud dialogue, droll humor, and a fast-paced plot, Rosen’s debut will delight middle-grade readers. Two paws-up!
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