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Luca Rizzoli was nearly destroyed by a brutal betrayal that cost him his family. Now a ruthless crime boss in the city of sin, he lets nothing touch his frozen heart--until a smoldering encounter with a beautiful stranger ignites his passion. One night isn't enough for a man who takes what he wants, but his mysterious temptress has slipped away. For two years police detective Gabrielle Fawkes has lived for revenge. But a night of indulgence with a sexy stranger changes everything. Powerful, charming, and deliciously dangerous Luca, has his own private reasons for offering to help her pursue the drug lord who killed her husband. There's a lot Luca isn't telling her, and the more she finds out the less she wants to know. When Gabrielle becomes the target of the drug lord she has vowed to hunt down, she must do the unimaginable: place her life in a mobster's hands. To save her, Luca must break his Mafia ties--or risk losing Gabrielle forever.

362 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published June 27, 2017

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Sarah Castille

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Sarah Castille, writes contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense featuring blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them. A recovering lawyer and caffeine addict, she worked and traveled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies.

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June 28, 2017
3.5 Stars
There was something wild beneath the surface that his suit couldn’t hide. He had the cocky arrogance of a man who broke the rules with impunity. A man who feared nothing. A very, very dangerous man.

I was instantly sucked into the world of Ruin & Revenge when I read Nico. I was hooked, line and sinker, on these mafia bad boys. The author spares no details with he grittiness of her stories. These are not your fluffy mafia guys that you know are bad but never see their bad sides. Oh no. You see it, feel it, and downright taste it in these books. As the senior capo for the Toscani crime family, Luca may take his fashion seriously with his three piece suits, but he's certainly not afraid to get his hands dirty. When he takes a bullet for his boss, Nico, a visit to the hospital changes everything for the man that never thought he'd find himself in love.
Revenge was all that sustained her now, and she didn’t know what would happen when revenge was gone.

Ever since her husband's brutal murder at the hands of a vicious cartel boss, revenge is all Gabrielle knows. For two years, she's done everything to land on the force that's hunting down the man until it all goes terribly wrong and she ends up on the wrong side of a bullet. A chance meeting with a smooth talking stranger in a hospital is all it should have been, but Gaby finds herself drawn to him and when she seeks him out sparks fly.

Luca doesn't know much about the blonde beauty aside from his fierce desire for her that seems to grow with each new encounter. They're on opposite sides of the law. Their relationship is forbidden and may cost both of them everything and in the end, it just might.
You sure this is what you want, mio angelo? ’Cause I like it dirty. So dirty you’ll never get back to heaven.”

This was an entreating read, though I didn't enjoy it as much as the first book. Luca was sexy as sin, but at times the way that he was with Gabrielle was a bit...erm...fluffy for my tastes.
What does that mean?” He leaned down and kissed her, his lips warm and soft. “Roughly translated, it means you are my angel. Heaven is in your eyes. I am dazzled by you.”

I suppose their connection just felt so quick to me that I struggled to really connect to them throughout the entire book. That's not to say I didn't enjoy these two together, because they certainly burn up the pages together. I just had a hard time connecting the brutal mafia capo to the sweet talking lover during super dirty sexy times.

I did enjoy Garbrielle and her take charge attitude. She was a great fit for Luca and I loved the way she fought for him even when the odds were stacked against them.

My other minor quibble is I saw the twist at the end coming pretty early on. Granted, it wasn't exactly how I thought it would play out. But it was pretty darn close to fizzle some of the enjoyment of the ultimate revelation at the end there.

All in all, I did enjoy this story and I love the way we continue getting bits and pieces of future characters, because man oh man am I craving me some Frankie now. The man is ice cold and I can't wait to meet the woman that will thaw his heart.

If you're looking for a sexy and gritty mafia romance, definitely look no further. While it wasn't a 5 star read for me, it was a damn enjoyable 3.5 and I'd definitely recommend it for readers that like anti-heroes with a whole lot of grit to them

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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June 27, 2017
"Born to seduce. Raised to seduce. Live to seduce."

Luca is the second book in the Ruin & Revenge series. The Italian Mob family is back and with Nico Toscani as the boss, Luca has taken his rightful place in the kingdom by his side.

"Men like him didn't give heated looks to women like her."
Luca is a senior mafia capo under Nico. After pledging his loyalty to his best friend and boss, Luca has suffered a bullet injury and is currently laid up in the hospital healing from his wounds. While in the hospital, Luca meets another patient named Gabrielle. Although Luca is quite taken with the blonde angel, they go their separate ways and both return to their lives.

"You are my angel."
Gabrielle, a cop, cannot get Luca the Italian god she met in the hospital out of her head. When she finally gathers the courage to meet him at his restaurant, she is instantly overtaken by a tsunami of lust! Luca and Gabrielle don't waste any time rekindling the connection they had shared in the hospital and a relationship begins. Luca is unaware that Gabrielle is a cop and Gabrielle, although she suspects, is surprised to find that she in "bed with the mob". With an obvious conflict of interest in place, Gabrielle and Luca have much to overcome. With the addition of a rogue drug lord on the loose, the pressures from the police and the mob, Luca and Gabrielle must walk through fire (literally) to stay together.

"I choose you."
Told in dual POV, Luca offers an action-packed mafia romance with smoking hot passion and an intriguing plot. In comparison to the first book in this series, I would say that Luca is quite different from Nico. Although both books in the series center around a "forbidden romance theme", the characters are vastly different and in regarding the tactics in which they use to attack their adversaries. The relationship between Gabrielle and Luca develops like a slow burn and although the passionate connection between the two was instantaneous and over the top, it takes a while for these two to acknowledge what is building between them. I found the plot to be incredibly creative with all of the twists and turns and although individual elements seemed over the top, I was swept away by Luca, the Italian Mobster god, and his smoking hot COP girlfriend. I was additionally drawn to the relationship between Luca and his son. The additional element of the mafia family culture truly enhanced this installment of the series. The complex relationship between Gabrielle and Luca was beautifully crafted and together they are perfectly matched!


Overall, LUCA will appeal to Castille fans and Mafia Romance fans alike. Although this forbidden romance can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend reading NICO first. This is one crime family you do not want to mess with! I look forward to the next installment in this series as I am certain more action and intrigue is on the horizon for this Italian mafia family.

***Ruin and Revenge Series***
Nico (Ruin & Revenge, #1) by Sarah CastilleLuca (Ruin & Revenge, #2) by Sarah CastilleRocco (Ruin & Revenge, #3) by Sarah Castille

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!

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3,467 reviews2,363 followers
June 17, 2017


descriptionI actually LOVE this cover. It's hot and a very good representation of the hero (LUCA). It has good composition and eye-catching title work.description

descriptionAfter reading and LOVING book one in this series (NICO), I was super excited to get my hands on this one. Unfortunately, it failed to live up to the greatness of its predecessor. I found this one to be just SO slow and long winded. It felt like the book that never ends. Every chapter devoted to Paola could have been dropped without it affecting the storyline and would have helped speed up with the pace.

That aside I did enjoy the characters for the most part. Luca was SMOKIN' HOT and very alpha. I did not like the way he treated his son for the first half of the book. Nor did I find it believable that he wouldn't have at least had his own to verify if Gina was telling the truth. Since sons are SO important to the Mafia. Gabrielle was ok. I didn't love her or hate her. Her and Luca made a good couple, and I enjoyed them together.


There isn't any OW drama other than a few mentions of Luca's past. There is some OM drama. There is action. Twists and turns. A lot of violence. Some super hot sex scenes. Some humor. Some feel good moments. Some cute kid action (Matteo in the car...OMG adorable!) An excellent array of secondary characters. A little NICO action. All wrapped up in a sweet epilogue.

So even though this one wasn't a complete hit with me, I am still onboard for the next book ROCCO.(I was kind of hoping it would be Frankie, but no matter Apparently Frankie IS Rocco...woohoo!). One thumb up from yours truly.description


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3,409 reviews450 followers
June 27, 2017


Having loved the previous book Nico I was looking forward to starting this.

Luca I loved (along with Matteo and Max) yes he was a man-whore at the beginning but that changed when he met his Angel (Gabrielle) and he was prepared to give up everything for her. I always love that in a H.
Gabrielle however I could take or leave, at times I liked her at others she annoyed me.

My main issue (and this was my only issue with the previous book as well) was how obvious it was early on who the villain was. This spoilt the book for me, personally I would have preferred to at least have a couple of options or to be left guessing for a little while.

It also felt slow in places which might explain why Paolo featured so much it appeared he was used as filler.

I couldn't believe it when Gabrielle told Luca she was a police detective and he didn't know. Apart from the fact that he would have checked (I mean seriously he's instantly attracted to her) or at the very least asked nurse Rachel why she got shot she gave it away (or at least I felt she did) in hospital when she said:

“How about you?” she asked, to deflect any further questions. “Are you in law enforcement?”

Maybe not? But I felt she gave it away or at least gave him enough to arose his suspicions.

This book was just missing something, I know it's not helpful to say I'm not exactly sure what but it didn't grab and hold me like Nico did.

I'm really hoping the next book belongs to Frankie and not Paolo, I really really hope it's not Paolo's I had too much of him in this book, I don't want anymore.

I voluntarily read a review copy kindly provided by NetGalley and St. Martin's Press
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June 27, 2017
It's been awhile since I read the first book but it started to come back to me who Luca was. He's quite the playboy charmer and I'll admit, I wasn't sure I was going to like him. He goes through woman like candy, but when Gabrielle snagged his attention I liked what I saw.

Luca was still too much of the charmer at first but the more he was around Gabrielle the more possessive he became and there was no other woman. As independent as I am, I couldn't help but love his view on how to care for "his girl".

Gabrielle is a tough as nails detective. I like a strong heroine but sometimes those strong ones won't allow a man to care for them. She had a few stubborn moments but the more into the story as they got to know each other better, the more fun I had with their banter.

The first book seemed a bit darker and more grittier, this one felt more safe and I liked them both for what they were. I'm curious who will be the next couple and if the author changes it up once more. I'm hoping for Frankie's story. I'm a sucker for the cold hearted. ARC provided by NetGalley.
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2,417 reviews73 followers
May 28, 2017
ARC received for review

Great second book. It just seemed to take a really long time to get any where except for them hooking up. Lots of drama, wise-guy action, and hot sex. Very sweet epilogue.
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2,993 reviews690 followers
November 6, 2021
Long time ago, I picked up Miss Castille' s books. I forgot the title. Sorry. But I do remember I do not have much warm feeling toward her works. Since then my taste for romance has been changed.

Luca is mafia romance. Not a dark twisted, but with cop and mafia cross lover romance. What striked me the most is Luca. Miss Castille done a wonderful job creating his sexy persona.
When you listen to the audiobook, the narrator done a good job bringing the Italian words into a whole new level of sexiness.

The rest of the story is standard. Still I enjoy it very much. Good start for a weekend.

4 stars
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November 30, 2020
Re-read 5/15/2018 Still loved it!

“You don’t get guys like that out of your system. They ruin you for all other men.

OMG! Still on a book high after reading LUCA!!

Sarah Castille did it again! Another sexy mobster romance with humor, heat and heart!!

Gabrielle has thought of nothing but revenge for the last two years. The only goal she has in life is to bring down Jose Gomez Garcia, one of the biggest drug lords on the West Coast. When a drug bust goes wrong and she’s ambushed, Gabrielle ends up in the hospital with a shot to the chest and sharing a room with Luca Rizzoli.

A man who aroused her for the same reason he scared her. A man she couldn’t control.

Luca takes one look at Gabrielle and is sucker punched. A made man and one of Nico’s most trusted capos, Luca lives and breathes the life of the Cosa Nostra. But Gabrielle lays claim to his hardened heart irrevocably and not even punishment from the family can keep him away.

"I would endure any hardship for you. I will welcome the pain because it gives us time to be together. Every extra day I get to spend with you is worth a dozen bruises."

This was action packed, gritty, and fueled with equal parts danger, romance and burning hot passion. I loved the fast paced plot, the surprising twists and turns of the story and the glimpses into the secondary characters that hopefully *fingers crossed* we’ll see more of in future books. I really, really enjoyed reading this and am obsessed this series!

What I loved about it:
I was hooked from start to finish. I love starting a book and letting it grab ahold of you and not let go until the last page. LUCA did that for me and I loved that it surprised me. I went in a bit cautiously because of both Luca and Gabrielle’s past. I thought it might be too angsty and/or sad with two characters so stuck in the past like both MCs were in the beginning but SC managed to write a story about two people who experiences a lot of loss in life but didn’t let that consume them. Both MCs were strong, capable characters and their love for each other was just as strong and irresistible.

Their connection was both physical and emotional and the author really makes you feel it all through the writing. It was gripping and real and I know hands down I’m going to be re-reading this again soon. Just like Gabrielle, I was 100% seduced by Luca.
Favorite Line:
"You sure this is what you want, mio angelo? ‘Cause I like it dirty. So dirty you’ll never get back to heaven."

Memorable Moments:
The kitchen scene was one of the best and most laugh out loud funny scenes between Luca and Gabby. It was sweet and humorous and showed a softer side to their relationship.

"I know how your mind works. And just in case you get any ideas, nothing is going into my vagina that is meant to be consumed."

“Sorry. This right here is a no-vegetable zone.”

This had me lmao!

The second scene that sticks in my memory is when Luca punches Jeff and then realizes he fought a cop, in front of other cops, over a cop. His possessiveness towards Gabrielle was endearing and I turned to mush over it.

Final Thoughts:
I’m still madly in love with Nico but Luca is worthy competition for book boyfriend :) LUCA picks up right after NICO (Book 1) but can be read as a standalone and I highly recommend it.

The Ruin & Revenge Series
#1 Nico
#3 Rocco(COMING JANUARY 2018)

* * * ARC provided for an honest review * * *


* Re-read for the 3rd time :) Still hot, still sexy as hell and I haven't fallen out of love with Luca or Gabrielle yet, Lol!
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1,227 reviews571 followers
April 20, 2020
This mafia series is a wonderful surprise. First Nico and now Luca. This time it’s the survivor and strong police detective Gabrielle who can’t resist the dominant and sexy mafia capo Luca. What I enjoy about this series is the mature characters and what they struggle with. Gabrielle has lost her husband and now seeks revenge. Her husband’s murderer is the same Luca and his crew are after.
Luca can be ruthless when his work needs it. Killing people. The other side of him is where his heart is. Fatherhood. He’s father to a six year old boy. With Gabrielle he sees and finds someone he didn’t think was possible. A soulmate. They both find comfort in one another. Gabrielle discovers a different side of herself thanks to Luca. A more sexual and brazen side. These two are amazing together. Awesome chemistry. It was great to be back with the Toscani crew and after finishing Luca I’m very excited to read Frankie’s book. The killer without a soul.

4 Mio Angelo Stars
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1,562 reviews293 followers
June 27, 2017
Oh I just loved this!!
This book was so much more than what I expected. I loved the story and all of the twists the author put in to it. I adored Luca! He is just perfect! So swoon worthy! And the ending is fabulous too!

Sarah Castile has a winner on her hands with this story! Plenty of off the charts steam and deliciousness to go around. If you love mafia style hot reads, this one is the one to grab!

*copy rec'd for review consideration
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2,102 reviews748 followers
June 25, 2017
3.5 stars

Luca is a great possessive alpha hero and Gabrielle is a strong, independent heroine.

Secondary characters really added to this story, especially Paulo’s and Luca’s mom – couldn’t get enough of her and my heart just broke for him.

Tons of steamy sex.

Plenty of internal dialogue if that’s your thing – it’s not for me.

Slow, steady pace.

An unsurprising twist.

Told in dual POV along with Paulo’s

Safe in that Luca doesn’t sleep with anyone else after meeting Gabby.

Other than violence, no apparent triggers in my opinion.

ARC provided for an honest review
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3,130 reviews270 followers
June 4, 2017
Strong, passionate and deeply focused both Luca and Gabrielle had goals that seemed inflexible UNTIL they both ended up on the wrong end of a gun.

LUCA was an engrossing mafia based romance with heart. I found the characters well developed and extremely likable. The romance was smoldering from the start and exploded into a blazing inferno.

Solid 4.5 stars

My Rating 4.5 stars
Written by: Sarah Castille
Series: Ruin & Revenge (Book 2)
Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Ends: June 27, 2017
ISBN-10: 125010405X
ISBN-13: 978-1250104052
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/luca...
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Luca-Ruin-Reve...
Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/luca...

I received this ARC copy of Luca from St. Martin's Press. This is my honest and voluntary review. Luca is set for publication June 27, 2017.
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612 reviews209 followers
July 14, 2017
I fell for Luca hook line and sinker....ahhhh I'm so ready to find my badass mafia man! And I know which one to order hahahahha. Thrilling read, slightly predictable but damn good storyline, can't wait for the next!
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2,993 reviews870 followers
June 30, 2017
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance

Luca is a book I have been anxiously anticipating ever since book one "Nico" was released last year. And just like the first book, I was hooked from the first paragraph. I honestly couldn't put this book down, and man I love finding an author that can just reel me into a story like Sarah Castille does for me. She never lets me down, and Luca was sexy and dangerous fun and definitely put me through the ringer with this book. So lets get to what I simply loved about this book.
What does that mean?” He leaned down and kissed her, his lips warm and soft. “Roughly translated, it means you are my angel. Heaven is in your eyes. I am dazzled by you.
Our story begins with our heroine, Gabrielle Fawkes, is a police detective. Her late husband was murdered, and she has been hunting the man responsible for two years, a drug lord. But when she is shot, she is pulled off the case. But Gabrielle is the type of heroine that won't ever give up, especially hunting a man that needs to go down. Then she meets our hero Luca who also has been shot having taken a bullet for his boss and closest friend Nico. Luca is a bit of a playboy, bad boy and doesn't go for anything serious especially since she would have to pass inspection with his mother, who is the only person in the world that intimidates him. But  Luca is drawn to Gabrielle in a way he has never been to any woman before. Gabrielle doesn't know who Luca really is, that he is part of a mob crime family. Their love is forbidden for obvious reasons. But they are both hunting the same man, and Gabrielle isn't a wilting violet. She is a fighter, especially when it comes to bringing down a killer like Garcias. Luca is torn, and he might have to choose his loyalty to his friend and the mob, or to his love for Gabrielle.
You. You are worth the risk. You make me want to be a better man, a better father. I want to be worthy of you. I want to give you what I couldn't give Gina. A better life than the one I live. A future. I want to give you everything, bella.
This is a "forbidden" style of a romance, and boy did I love these turn of events. Both of these characters are very dynamic and surprised me, delightfully so. Luca fights for Gabrielle, and pretty early on into the story, which I didn't expect. And our lovely heroine, she is a fighter, and boy does she protect Luca in the best of ways. She was honestly entertaining and quite frankly a "hoot" to watch. I was rooting for her and Luca all the way through this book. And honestly one other aspect really of her character just made me admire her even more. The ways that she stands up to Luca, and even up to Nico and the rest of the members of the mob. Yeah she has balls of steel, and there is this one scene that I have re read multiple times because we see what a fighter she is, we see her strength and determination grow, aspects of her character and personality she doesn't even realize that she has until events force her to take action and realize that she is stronger than she realizes. This pair are just perfect for each other, and they so deserved a happy ending.
Feel me power, my power. Know you are safe with me. Even when you are at your most vulnerable, you are safe with me.
My only complaint of this book, was the ending. It was more abrupt than I wanted or expected so that was a bit of a downer. However there is so much to love about this book. The plot is exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat, the characters are captivating and easily relatable and ones you can cheer on, the romance is hot and mouthwatering.... A DELECTABLE TALE OF DEVOTION, LOYALTY AND THE POWER OF TRUE LOVE.

Click To Buy On Amazon
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1,314 reviews181 followers
May 11, 2020
Luca by Sarah Castille was a boatload of deliciousness. I can’t believe I waited so long to read this book, having read and enjoyed the first book four years ago.

This book hooked me from the start, and putting it down was a difficult task. Every chance I got I made sure I was listening to this dark, edgy, and forbidden romance.

The story began with Gabrielle Fawkes, who had been shot while working on a case, which involved capturing the drug kingpin who murdered her husband. The outcome of her getting was her being pulled from the case. However, her determination and hunger for revenge wouldn’t let that stop her from going after the man responsible for her pain and grief. Falling in love was definitely not on her agenda. Then she meets the sexy and dangerous Luca Rizzoli who also was in the hospital after taking a bullet that was meant for his boss.

Luca had no idea she was a cop and she was not aware of his mob ties. The one thing they were aware of and could not deny was the sizzling attraction between them. On different sides of the law, they had nothing in common except for the drug lord they were both hunting.

Gabrielle was not like any woman Luca has been with. She is courageous, a fighter and takes crap from no one. I admired how she stood up to Luca and his fellow mob friends.

Luca is a man who knows what he wants and has no problem pursuing it, and he wants Gabrielle. A play boy at heart, but that was before Gabrielle entered his life. He believes women should be protected at all cost, so knowledge of Gabrielle placing herself in dangerous situations did not go down well with him. However, he would learn that she was not a woman to be coddled.

I loved them both, and I rooted for them throughout the story. I thought they balanced out each other and their chemistry, wow was scorching hot.
I found the secondary characters captivating. There was one in particular (Frankie) that piqued my curiosity.

I loved how the story flowed and it had me on the edge of my seat for most of it. My only issue is how the storyline regarding the drug lord played out. After such a great build up, the manner in which it was tied up was disappointing.

This was my second time listening to Aiden Snow, and like the first time it was a pleasure. He made the entire story come alive. I especially loved how he brought Luca’s character to life, Italian accent and all. (Be still my beating heart). I could listen to him for hours.

Overall, Luca proved to be a thrilling listen. A story about greed, power, jealousy and undying devotion.
This review was originally posted on Totally Addicted to Reading
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8,194 reviews16 followers
June 26, 2017
Book Review For: 'Luca' by Sarah Castille 'Luca' by Sarah Castille is Book Two in the "Ruin & Revenge" series. This is the story of Gabrielle Fawkes and Luca Rizzoli. I have read the previous book but I feel this can be a standalone book if you wish to do so. Gabrielle is a detective that is looking into activities in a drug cartel along with avenging her husbands death. Luca is in a crime family and a ladies man. But these two finding their attraction to hard to ignore. But can these two from the opposite side of the road have allot to overcome to get to their happy ending. I enjoyed Luca being the strong man that he was and trying to protect Gabrielle. But Gabrielle was an even stronger person and she tried to protect him too. This has been such a great and exciting series! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile/A2H... https://twitter.com/soapsrus68 https://www.facebook.com/RomanceBookR... http://booklikes.com/bloghttps://roma... https://www.tumblr.com/blog/romancebo...
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1,074 reviews2,469 followers
December 31, 2017
Nico was one of my absolute reads of 2016. I had no reservations about slapping 5 stars on the review and singing Sarah Castille's praises to anyone who would listen. The book was absolutely everything I look for in a mafia romance--realistic, gritty, brutal, sexy, and emotive. Because of that, I immediately added Luca when I came across this second installment of the series. Unfortunately things didn't work out quite as planned.

While I enjoyed many aspects of the book, it didn't hold a candle to the first book in the series. I'm not certain what happened here, but it almost feels like I'm reading a completely different author. Where I felt Nico was prolific and over the top in the very best ways, Luca (at times) feels stilted and basic. I'm truly questioning my sanity here. It's like the tale of two books!

I'll start with what I absolutely about Luca. The storyline is great. Luca is amazing. He's sexy and smooth, like I love my men. This is where I feel Castille really excels as a writer. The over the top characterizations of her male characters immediately reels me in.
I also, to my shock, adored Gabrielle. She's a total babe and badass. It's refreshing to see a female character, particularly in this sub-genre, be strong and fearless. Hell, she even saves him a time or two. She's a total #girlboss and I fracking loved it.

Now for the part I absolutely hated. The addition of a third POV. Paola, in my humble opinion, is a complete waste of paper. I can understand using him a plot device, but there was no reason for his story to take up so much of a book focused on two other people. He was utterly useless. I could have done without that.
There were also a few inconsistencies with Luca. In several places his character and coloring were completely different. I'd like to think that this is due to that fact that the ARC may not have been fully edited, so I won't allow that fact to weigh on my opinion of the book. So, with that said, ignoring the inconsistencies and minor issues, this was a good read. I enjoyed meeting more of the crew. I loved getting a glimpse into Nico's life after marriage and the setup for additional storylines.
So, with that said, overall I enjoyed the book. The twists and turns were expertly crafted. The characters are outstanding, so I'm considering this to be a small win.

3.5 Stars
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527 reviews
June 27, 2017
This is the second book in the Ruin & Revenge series and I was worried I wouldn’t be as captivated as I was with the first book. I don’t know why I was worried, I wasn’t disappointed in this book at all! I really was so engrossed in this book that I lost all track of time! I loved it! Holy Moly was Luca HOT! When he spoke to Gabby in Italian, I literally swooned!

This is a forbidden love story between a mafia capo and a police detective. There are twists and turns, some very steamy scenes as Gabrielle and Luca have crazy chemistry. The scenes with Matteo, Luca’s son, are touching and sometimes sad. There is humor, I even laughed out loud a few times. There is a lot going on in this story with Luca and his “business” and Gabrielle and her job as a narcotics detective and how their paths intersect. There is some mystery and intrigue that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I loved the main characters and the secondary characters are fantastic and I can’t wait for the next book as I didn’t want this one to end. The only negative I had was the character Paolo, I felt his POV was not really as engaging as the rest, I felt it bogged the book down and didn’t really connect with the story as well. But overall, this was a great book!

I highly recommend this forbidden love mafia romance!

ARC kindly provided by St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.
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June 27, 2017
3.5 stars

Overall Luca by Sarah Castille was a good read.
The storyline was entertaining, the writing was well done and the plot kept me turning the pages.
Luca and Gabrielle were both strong, stubborn and passionate characters.


While I liked watching the relationship develop between Luca and Gabrielle I wish I had connected with them more. At times I struggled with some of the decisions they made and I feel this affected my overall enjoyment.

Luca is the second book from the Ruin & Revenge series, and while I didn't love it as much as Nico's book it still was a page turning read and I highly recommend it.

Looking forward to Rocco's book next. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3...

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*A big thank you to the publisher for the advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.*
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June 27, 2017

When I first started Luca, I seriously thought that I was reading Goodfellas, which I absolutely love. But, the further that I got into the story, the more that I knew that Ray Liotta was not Luca. Nope, Luca was hotter, stronger, meaner than Henry Hill in Goodfellas … now Al Pacino in The Godfather … yep, except Luca had no problem getting his hands dirty.

Luca was one of the most passionate, sexist men that I have read in a long time. He knew what he wanted, he didn’t stop until he got what he wanted then, he kept it … at all costs, by any means no matter the consequences. He was aggressive, yet loving. He had a heart but had no idea, until Gabrielle came into his life and he found out just how precious love with the right person could be.

Gabrielle was out for revenge. She lived, breathed and would die for revenge against the bane of her existence, Garcia – the Drug Lord that took everything away from her. But, after 2 years and 1 night in a hospital, her life has changed, her goals have changed and she found out that she could love again. But, the man that finally brought her back to life has been nothing but mysterious, has his own way of meting out justice. She’s not sure if she can be with a man that has an agenda that is so opposite hers. But, she finally sees the light, sees who he truly is and agrees, in some parts, that his way may be the better way. She can’t help but fall in love with a man that whispers in Italian in her ears, brings her to heights that she only dreamed about, loved his mama and is as loyal as any one person could be.

Then there is Jeff … the wild-card in this whole story. Right from the beginning he rubbed me the wrong way. He honestly showed his true colors right from the start. Then, as the story progressed, you had to wonder just what he was up to. When the truth was revealed, your heart couldn’t help but break for Gaby but you kind of figured that he had his hand in everything that happened to her.

The Ruin and Revenge series has really drawn me in. I adore Sarah Castille’s writing. She writes characters that you could relate to (in a Mafia sense). Mama Rizzoli was fantastic. She reminded me of my Nonna – I fell in love with her the first time she yelled into the phone about getting the right mozzarella. Sunday dinners – so many beautiful memories for me. But, what I loved most was how Ms. Castille brings her characters full circle … lets us see all sides of them and makes us fall in love with them. Gabrielle was a strong and determined woman and Luca was a protective, loving man. Together they were able to conquer the world, find a way around Costa Nostra rules and build a life together. Sarah Castille out-did herself with Luca and Gaby and I was honored to be able to review such a wonderful story.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
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November 20, 2016
OMG Loved this book! I had the honor of being a beta reader for Sarah on this amazing book and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I loved it! Luca and Gabrielle are fantastic and I might even love this one more than Nico! I am loving this series so much and can't wait for more!
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June 14, 2017
I must say that Sarah Castille does Mafia Romances right! Gritty, emotional, intense, and powerful, LUCA had me HOOKED from the very start! I didn't know I was craving a gritty romance, until I started reading Luca and Gabrielle's story. These two are INTENSE together! A Mafia capo and a police detective...their professions should be enough to keep them away from each other, but the connection and the chemistry is just too powerful to deny. The storyline was enticing. The suspense was invigorating. The sex scenes were HOT HOT HOT! I couldn't put this baby down!

"The things I want to do to you aren't legal in any sense of the word."

Oh boy, do I love me some Luca Rizzoli! Gorgeous, protective, seductive, charming...he is just everything you want in an ALPHA MALE. He is used to having women fall at his feet. Wispy women with no backbone, and will do what they are told, but when he sets his sites on Gabrielle Fawkes, everything preconceived notion goes out the window. She is the exact opposite of the women who fall in his bed. She is sassy, strong, independent, and just an all-around spitfire, and Luca finds her intriguing and he decides he MUST HAVE HER anyway he can. Gabrielle's sole focus has been on revenge for her husband's death. But she has missed the deep connection with a man, so she searches out Luca for a good time, not knowing that she would be falling right down the rabbit hole with him. 

"Deep down in your very heart, you want the kind of vengeance only I can give you."

After finding out each other's profession, you would think that would deter them from pursuing anything further. What they didn't know was that they both were already too far gone. With so many obstacles in their way, including an enemy drawing near, they must work as a team to bring down the bad guy. The problem is...one wants the enemy in handcuffs, the other wants him in cement shoes at the bottom of the river. Morals and loyalties are tested in this scorching hot mafia romance. You will love everything about LUCA...the tension, the heat, the suspense, the sex. It will check all of your boxes, and leave you wanting so much more!

LUCA teaser

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August 2, 2023

First. I don't think this book has the same impact if you were to read it vs. listening to the audio. Aiden Snow's voice is already sexy, but Aiden Snow speaking Italian makes me believe in heaven. Hands down #1 on sexy audio.

Luca (mob dude, works for Nico, single dad) met Gabrielle (cop, wants revenge against drug lord for her murdered husband) in the hospital after they're both shot and they have to share a room. They have a sweet little connection. I mean, who doesn't want to drop panties for Luca?? So after they get out, they go their separate ways. Then she tracks him down and they have some of the hottest sex ever. On top of their pasts that they're trying to overcome, they have to figure out how to stay together since it goes against Mafia rules - he can't be with a cop. Plus, Gabby has a killer after her. There's a lot of drama and mystery. It's one of my favorite mafia fics.

I don't really have any complaints about this book. There's PLENTY of hot sex in this book. You know I love it. I'm not a fan of kids in sexy books, so it's not a surprise I'm not crazy over Luca's kid. I also usually hate when there's more than 2 POVs, but Palo's POV isn't so bad. It really does help you understand what's going on in the story.

I absolutely LOVE this book. It's an all time favorite and I've listened multiple times.
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June 27, 2017
This was such an intense and passionate world with these gritty characters that completely pull me in. I didn't want it to end and I couldn’t read it fast enough all at the same time. I held my breath and loved every second. Fantastic story!

Luca and Gabrielle were wonderful characters. They were extremely well developed with real depth and I loved that they came from completely opposite worlds. I loved their connection and chemistry. Luca was so completely alpha and I loved his protectiveness and commanding presence. He exuded strength and confidence and he was filled with so much passion. Gabrielle was fantastic as well. She was tough as nails and working through some things and healing from a past trauma. Their worlds colliding was the best kind of roller coaster ride. I loved the drama and action, but I loved their sweet moments as well. It was the perfect combination. The heat factor was high up there too and oh my did Luca have a mouth on him with the dirty talk.

There are a couple of different things in play that all intersect and I loved when all those different elements combined, it made for a very elaborate and detailed story that pretty much had me on the edge of my seat. There are a lot of players and elements, and different POVs and I couldn’t turn the page fast enough. Just like in Nico (book 1), there is an extra person besides the hero and heroine and I find this so appealing, adding so much more to the story and I thing that extra perspective is extremely clever.

I am so excited for Frankie's story and liked getting more insight on him. He seems so intense! There were bits of foreshadowing that has me wanting more of him (book three, Rocco, won’t get here fast enough!).

I love stories like this, that slowly unfold in this perfect way with all these little details building and building. It was all fantastic. There was just so much drama that had me hooked. Everything around me faded away. And that ending! Action packed! Totally blew me away. It was all so exciting! From beginning to end I was mesmerized by this crazy intense world.

Complimentary copy received for honest review.
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June 20, 2017
Four and a half
Well this author has written an engrossing story that really had me sitting up and paying attention and honestly I'm not really a fan of contemporary romance . Add in the idea of a strong Mafia family at war and this really shouldn't be my type of book but the romance, the hidden agendas , not to mention absorbing characters totally sucked me in.
It starts off well not exactly innocently as it's immediately obvious that Luca is never going to go quietly. A proud man with honour in spades and a reputation to uphold but inside him theres a profound sadness meaning we get to see this wounded warrior really go through the mill!
Gabrielle might not have a killer instinct but she is one very determined lady and no matter what she has to do she's going to bring her husbands murderer to justice. Just how this law abiding detective and gangster come together is nothing short of incendiary but it's more then just a sexy story. I think it's the supporting characters that bring a depth to this book and I was never quite sure just who would survive and dare I suggest prosper? Gabrielle might be a little blinkered at first but Luca knows what he is up against and the sacrifices that will have to be made. Plus there's the killer to track down so what we get is an interesting read that leaves this reader smiling!
This voluntary review is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and opinions are honest and I believe fair
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July 14, 2017

So much to say I had to put it in my review to bring up later. :)

***After finishing the book***

Quick thoughts and I'll post quotes later.

I started out iffy about this book (see spoiler above) but overall I enjoyed the book and like it better than the first one.


➻ Spoiler above - After meeting the heroine, Luca's manwhorish ways stopped so I was glad for that. I just thought the above was skeezy and I didn't like it. As to the

➻ The kitchen scene that almost was. These items should not be used in love play in a romance, IMO. Not unless it is a kink story (which this was not). Oh and by love play, I mean inserting things into Gabrielle's va-jay-jay. NO!!!!
➻ Cucumbers
➻ corn on the cob (NO. JUST NO).
➻ can't recall the others but the corn cob was enough
(Eating the strawberries and licking the juice off, ok, I can get behind but the other? No!

➻ The heroine at times - she would pull the occasional TSTL moment but she was very protective of Luca and I liked that. After Luca admitted his feelings for her, she was still kind of wishy-washy and I didn't like that.

➻ The real bad guy. Totally obvious from the moment he appeared on the page. Predictable. Plus, he was majorly cray-cray and not sure how he hid that for so long. Sociopath, I guess.

What I liked:

❀ Luca - the hero. (After the beginning & minus the whole veggie va-jay-jay scene). He was quite romantic and wanted and loved Gabrielle fiercely. He was also very protective, of course. He's Italian.

❀ The ending - Loved the epilogue. Great ending and the cop/mafia thing was resolved well.

❀ Matteo - the hero's son. He was adorable!

Overall, I enjoyed the book aside from the few issues. The mafia stuff was a bit dark but it's fiction within the frame of the story (even if this does happen in real life). Not the kind of life I would want but an entertaining read.

I look forward to the next one which is about Frankie, a hard ass enforcer (killer, to be warned). Real name is Rocco.

Quotes to come later because I read this online.
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June 24, 2017
When two people get shot in different incidents, they end up in the same hospital room. They know nothing about each other but the chemistry between them is steamy and their interactions build the tension. What happens when one of them proves to be an undercover cop investigating the crime mobs and the other is actually a crime boss? Can they develop their relationship without compromising their ethical beliefs? You’ll have to read it to discover what happens!

This is a real page turner with a strong, hard and hot leading man attracted to one woman who he should really avoid! The characters are brilliantly developed by this talented author and the plot has plenty of suspense, mystery and danger to keep the reader enthralled from start to finish. It is a great suspense filled, steamy and dangerous adventure and enjoyable read, a page turner that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys these genres.

I am very happy to say that I requested and was gifted a copy of this novel via NetGalley; this is my honest opinion after choosing to read this hot, action packed book.
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November 2, 2018
2.5* rounded up

This one didn't work as much for me as book 1 did,not because I didn't like the author's writingnot because I didn't like he secondary characters,not because I didn't enjoy the plot........but all because of Gabrielle.....and maybe a little bit Luca.

Gabrielle lost the love of her life (dead exes are not my thing) some years before,she also suffered a miscarriage and has been fueled by the need for revenge/justice ever since.Though she's had some hookups in the time since she doesn't think she can love again. She's a cop who's lost everyone close to her but meeting Luca in the hospital changed things. One of my biggest problems with Gabrielle is that she had a "head buried in the sand mentality" Despite evidence she refused to believe Luca was in the mob,heck until the bad guy explained everything to her step by step she refused to think her friend could be a cold hearted murderer and drug dealer. It wasn't until she'd saved intervened when Luca was being disciplined that I warmed up to her.

Luca was a typical mafia guy,he sprouted some of Nico's beliefs on a woman's place in the mafia but thankfully Gabrielle was strong willed and no meek mafia wife.Luca too has been scarred by his past,his wife was a hidden addict and cheated repeatedly to fund her habit.When caught she told him that their son wasn't his and so Luca,believing Matteo wasn't his child sent him to love with his mother and saw him infrequently.This was unforgivable to me.Why didn't he get a DNA test?Why did a poor child have to miss his father when he was alive and well all because he took a druggie whore's word? Shouldn't he as a man who'd been betrayed by his wife,question her word? This coloured my view on Luca a bit and even though he was bossy , protective,Aloha perfection I couldn't love him as much as I did Nico.

The plot was engrossing,though filled with a lot of internal monologue, and secondary characters again were wonderful, I felt for Paulo in his struggles to make a better life for his mom and himself and I was thankful he wasn't whacked.Luca's mom was another favourite.

This one was much steamier that book 1 with lots of dirty talking taking place(yum)All in all this one was ok and I loved the ending though I would've liked to see the actual proposal.

One thing that irked me a bit was that in the beginning Luca was getting blow jobs from a nurse,after talking to Gabrielle the curtain was pulled and we're not sure if said blow jobs continued until he was discharged.....enquiring!inda would've liked to know.Though Luca never cheated, that scene stayed on my mind .
July 13, 2017
I have always wanted to read Sarah Castille, so when I was given the opportunity to read Luca I couldn’t resist (even though I haven’t read the first novel of this series)! And I am so glad I did because this was a great read! It definitely can be read as a standalone, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything not having read the first novel.

Gabrielle Fawkes has been admitted to the hospital after being shot while she was seeking revenge on the job. For two years officer Gabrielle has been trying to find the man who murdered her husband. In the hospital, she meets Luca Rizzoli and an instant attraction forms. She doesn’t know he is a merciless Italian crime boss who creates his own law, the exact opposite of everything Gabrielle stands for.

After one very sexy encounter, neither of them can let the other go, even though being with Gabrielle means Luca risks losing everything he has built in the mafia – and potentially his life.

I really liked how Luca was possessive over Gabrielle but he still respected her and in a lot of ways she completely ran the show and he just followed her. The first half of the novel I didn’t really like how he treated Matteo and how violent he was but Luca and Gabrielle made a really sweet couple. As opposite as they were, they were also a very believable couple.

Overall this was so much fun. Between the action, scorching sex scenes, crazy twists, humour and violence, this novel really had it all! I am excited to read Rocco which I think is actually Frankie’s story! I wonder who will melt his cold heart?

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July 9, 2018
I chose to “read” this story via audiobook. Aiden Snow has one of the sexiest voices in creation. I happily devoured Nico and Luca’s story through the incomparable Aiden Snow!

Luca is Mafia at its finest! Luca’s story reads like a mafia movie! Betrayal, intrigue, loyalty, dirty cops, all the very heart of mafia!

Although I absolutely love Luca and Gabriella, my heart is filled with little Mateo! Readers you’re gonna love this little guy! Palo definitely deserves accolades as well. He’s a good kid!

If you’re looking for a seriously awesome mafia story, this story is for you! If you’re looking for a narrator who makes slow incredible love to every Italian word he speaks, get the audiobook! Aiden NAILED it I promise!!!

Five stars!
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