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Stroked #2

Stroked Long

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From his dirty-blond hair and breathtaking smile, to the abs from heaven and the irresistible V in his waistline, everything about Bodi Olympic-gold-medalist Banks screams hot piece of @$$.

Yet there’s more.

Dark shadows lurk behind his soulful, serious eyes.

I’m enamored. He’s captured me.

How can running an art foundation with Bodi Banks turns into a slow-burning, epic romance, even though he tries to push me away at every chance? How can I stay away from a broken, routine-driven man whose soul cries to be forgiven for a crime only he believes he committed? Or is that a lie?

405 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 20, 2016

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About the author

Meghan Quinn

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When I was in high school I occasionally read books but was consumed by other teenage things so I didn't take the time to appreciate a good book on a cloudy day, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. It wasn't until I received a Kindle for Christmas one year that my world completely flipped upside down. When looking for books I came across the Contemporary Romance genre and was sold and I haven't turned back since.

You can either find my head buried in my Kindle, listening to inspiring heart ripping music or typing away on the computer twisting and turning the lives of my characters while driving my readers crazy with anticipation.

​I currently reside in beautiful Colorado Springs where the sun is always shining and there is a trail waiting to be hiked on every corner. I share a lovely and warm home with the love of my life and my five, four-legged children.

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April 14, 2017
IT'S LIVE! Go get yourself some Bodi, ladies!!!
HOLY PENIS ON A PINEAPPLE, that was excellent! lol

"...a soon to be three-star Olympian, with the most amazing body I've ever seen, a voice so husky it makes your toes curl, and a smile that will make you orgasm right on the spot..."

➦Aaaaaand, despite everything you've just read in the quote above, once he puts on the goggles and a swim cap he still looks like a penis with sunglasses. :) I quote Meghan Quinn, by the way. This woman makes me laugh - she writes these sweet, hot and incredibly funny novels and she quickly secured a spot on the list of my most-liked authors.

➦This sports romcom is definitely my favorite so far out of the Stroked series, which feature Olympic eye candy swimmers. This particular book is about Bodi. Oh, the incredibly hot, occasionally sweet and more often than not neurotic/paranoid man with severe OCD tendencies. What made him this way, you ask? I won't tell ya, read the book! :p

Ruby, our heroine, teams up with Bodi for a fundraiser project. Will her eccentric and vibrant personality help body come out of his shell?

❤I think I will have to parrot so many other reviewers and say that I did not expect this book to be this good. Meghan Quinn has certainly outdone herself. She created very likable characters, skillfully developed their relationship and threw a whole lot of funny banter into this novel. And even though I have seen this plot done so many times, the brilliant delivery made this into one of my favorite romcoms of 2016.

❤Recommended to those who love fast-paced reads with lots of humor, hot sexy times and shy/humble yet extremely sexy heroes in need to be tamed saved. Can definitely be read as a standalone.

P.S. That sexy man on the cover is Jase Dean.

Books in this series:
Stroked (Stroked, #1) by Meghan Quinn Stroked Long (Stroked, #2) by Meghan Quinn Stroked Hard by Meghan Quinn

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September 22, 2016
"Show me the most damaged parts of your soul, and I will show you how it shines like gold." ~Nikita Gill

You don’t look for love; it looks for you. Love often surfaces when you least expect it, throwing a curveball your way. It sneaks up on you and steals your heart and soul, where you can’t help but surrender to the serendipity of something spectacular you find when you weren’t even searching. Like love, books brandish you to them with a power you never predicted. Stroked Long by Meghan Quinn struck me hard to the heart with a force I did not see coming where my soul surrendered to the feels that flowed from this spellbinding story.

I dove into this pool of heat, humor, and heart, and barely came up for air as Stroked Long struck me hard, seducing my soul from the very first page. I was utterly immersed and intoxicated as this intense read rapidly captured and claimed every part of me. I expected a typical Meghan Quinn comedy—maybe with lighter laughs than Stroked—but still a comical masterpiece. Stroked Long was nothing like I expected; it was SO MUCH MORE.

It took only a few pages to realize that this Meghan Quinn book dared to be different. Dared to be serious. Dared to be heartbreaking. Dared to be hypnotizing. Damn if Stroked Long didn’t dare to destroy yet mend me. OH DID I FALL IN INSTA-LOVE AS STROKED LONG STROKED ME SO HARD.

Bodi Banks is an Olympic God in spandex: golden-sparked hair, blue eyes, a sensual six-pack, that perfect ‘V,’ and a tall and muscular body that melts panties. Bodi is a swimmer with a body made of sin and a soul that has been through hell.

“There’s a dispute between who’s hotter: Bodi or Reese King. Yes, Reese has the dark smoldering look going for him, but Bodi? There is something about his light brown hair, dark blue eyes, and damaged soul that calls out to me. There’s no contest where I’m concerned.”

Ruby Hearts, a beautiful blonde and brown-eyed with luscious curves, is the best friend of Bodi’s sister, Eva Banks. She is funny, fierce, flirty, frank, and so free…totally uncensored. I LOVE HER!!!

“So I gave myself a camel toe in front of one of the most decorated Olympic swimmers, that doesn’t mean you had to point it out to him.”

Ruby is a trip where I wanted to laugh at her and hug her hard at the same time! Tasked with working with Bodi for their newly-formed art foundation, Ruby is instantly captivated by her crush—her fantasy—who is now very real. Though Bodi, as Ruby soon discovers, appears like a beacon of force in the water as one sensational gold-medal swimmer, but is broken inside.

“I choose not to expose others to my demons and insecurities. Who would want that anyway?”

Bodi suffered a horrible tragedy as a child that impacts him every day. His days are performed with precision, planned out with regular routines. This beautiful and broken man has quickly captured my heart, shattering it to pieces as it broke for Bodi.

“I f**king hate everything about me.”

My heart that broke now bled, this man now shattering my soul. This Olympian is closed off to the world, only letting his family inside to see the real Bodi, though Ruby seems to be cracking the surface. Ruby Hearts with her huge heart tries to get Bodi to open up to her—let her inside—so she can share some of that pain that has held him captive to those dastardly demons for so long.

“Why does my heart hurt so much? There is something about Bodi that runs deep in my bones, that causes me to feel the pain he’s feeling, or the panic, or his awkwardness. It’s as if our bodies are spiritually connected.”

Ruby is the light to Bodi’s dark. The color and vibrancy to his grey and dull life. The outgoing to his reserved persona. The warmth to his cool demeanor. The calm to his storm. She is perfect for him if only he would let her inside those walls he’s plastered around himself.

Bodi grants Ruby one sensual, toe-curling kiss, perhaps the kiss ever.

“I have no ability to speak, not with Bodi gripping me so tenderly, mere moments away from caressing my lips with his. It’s too much. His presence is strong, commanding, dominant. Flat-out intoxicating…Light explodes around me, my stomach bottoms out, and my grip tightens on his shirt as he kisses me.”

That kiss?!? I felt the passion pouring off the pages straight to my soul. Oh did my soul soar to the stars and make me fall even harder for Bodi!

“I want to spend more time with her and that terrifies because more time means more exposure to the true monster I am.”

Ruby wants more than friends with Bodi, a chance to show him he could be with someone who cares about him. While Ruby sees and adores the real Bodi, she is determined to make Bodi see the light; make Bodi see her.

“I feel lucky then. Because I’m one of the few who gets to see the real you.”

I did not expect this book to be so broken. I did not expect this book to be so beautiful. I did not expect this book to blow my mind. I did not expect to swoon more than snort-laugh in this story. I did not expect for my soul to soar so high. I did not expect my emotions to explode. I did not expect for my heart to be hit so hard, struck by this story. Stroked Long exceeded my expectations, hijacked and hit my heart, and sent my soul soaring where I WAS BLOWN AWAY in Meghan Quinn’s BEST BOOK EVER!!!

Intoxicating and incredible, Stroked is a phenomenal page-turner that penetrated me from beginning to end. I smiled, sweated, shed tears, and swooned through Stroked Long. A roller coaster of a riveting romance filled with feels, anchored in angst and amusement, and laced with love, Stroked Long blew me out of the water! This devastatingly beautiful and brilliant book stole my soul and every other piece of me. I was Stroked Long and I loved every mesmerizing minute where ALL OF THE FEELS WERE FELT BY ALL OF ME. I can’t wait for the final Stroke.

5 soul-stroking stars
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September 18, 2016
5 Doggie Paddle Like a Boss Stars

“Sometimes the beauty in the art piece isn’t about the strokes, Bodi. Sometimes it’s about the colors and how you mold them together. It’s really about taking a dark, mysterious color and mixing it with something bright and cheery. It’s the contrast that makes them so beautiful together.”

What happens when a carefree art history grad meets an introverted and socially awkward Olympic swimmer? So many awesome things!

Ruby Hearts (yep, that’s her real name) has always had a bit of a crush on hotter than hot swimmer, Bodi Banks. And if you’ve seen an Olympic swimmer in a speedo, you can see where this gal’s coming from. Anywhoo, when she’s offered the chance by Mr. Hottie Swimmer’s sister to co-organize a charity event with the object of her crush, she jumps at the chance.

Bodi Banks only cares about two things: keeping what’s left of his family safe and swimming. After suffering a tragedy no child should ever have to experience, Bodi found the control he needed through excelling at his sport and keeping a tight rein on everything in his life. No deviating from his routine, no letting anyone penetrate the walls he’s erected around himself and no relationships. So it goes without saying that when he meets the glitter faced, jazz hands wielding Ruby, he has no idea what to make of her.

Let me start by saying I loved the sweet bejeezus out of this book. Loved it! I’m the first to admit that, for lack of better terminology, I can be kind of a bitch. Snarky and cynical rule my roost. So when it comes right down to it, Ruby should’ve bugged the ever loving crap out of me. The reality was just the opposite. I loved her! There’s an authenticity to her that I absolutely adored and made liking her character effortless. If the writing had deviated and her actions suddenly took an out of character turn, it would’ve lessened my enjoyment of the book, but that never happened.

I’m finally fucking admitting it. She’s beautiful. That wall has crumbled. I try not to show my emotions, let alone acknowledge them, but there is no denying Ruby’s beauty.

I wasn’t sure what to think when Bodi’s character first entered the story. First impressions left me feeling he was standoffish and almost unlikeable. Luckily, this story’s written in a dual POV and as soon as Bodi got his voice, my heart broke for him. Here’s a man that’s managed to accomplish more than most athletes will ever dream of and his personal life is non-existent. His guilt and fears have ruled his life and it shows in his interactions with others. Ruby slowly but surely melted this man’s ice and I have to tell you, it’s my favorite aspect of the book.

Have I mentioned how much I flat out loved the writing? ‘Cause I did. I kept waiting for it to slow down or come to a section that felt out of place, but that never happened. The entirety of Stroked Long was a joy for me to read and the fact it brought me out of a fairly major book slump? All the better.

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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September 24, 2016
I'm gonna admit that when I first started reading this book I thought that the wonderful Meghan Quinn had let me down.
A manic pixie dreamgirlish character in a romance that flashes "jazz hands" at the hawtie on the very first meeting?
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Ugghh No.

Then we have Bodi the tortured Olympic swimmer who has all kinds of problems going on.
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(Don't worry..I would totally go full out cougar on Spencer Reid.)

Then the story started moving away from just how annoying they were. Once together and interacting Meghan Quinn waved her magic porny wand and magic started.
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**side note: DO NOT google magic porny wand**

Ruby and Bodi started the whole romancey thing and damned if I didn't enjoy ever silly, tortured second. I had read the first book in this series Stroked and enjoyed the heck out of it. But truthfully I've been just hanging on for Hollis's book, so imagine my surprise to like this one so much. Pure win!
The only thing I missed that was in the first book was more Bellini. I KNOW everyone hated her, but that's the whole fun of her character. She is so over the top awful that I ate her up with a spoon. GIMME MORE!

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Shaddup! Kardashian heifer! Bellini would eat you for breakfast.

3.5 stars!

Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review

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September 16, 2016

5 Moose Knuckle Stars

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

After Stroked, which I had some major quibbles about (and I think I wasn't alone there), I was nervous starting this one. I was hoping for more story and less inane bitchiness that was Bellini. What can I say? My prayers were heard and Meghan Quinn dishes up a way more serious story than I knew her for.

The moment Bodi forgot to lock up the door of his childhood home was when this spirited twelve year old boy shattered. He and his sister became ear witnesses of the murder of their parents, cowered together in the tub. It was the moment Bodi turned from a carefree young boy from a loving home into a damaged human being with ticks and disorders. And above all with an unbearable amount of guilt and self hatred.

Helping to plan a fundraiser gala in memory of her friend Eva's late parents together with Eva's brother, the hot swimmer Bodi Banks gives Ruby tingles. She's had a crush on him for a long time after all. Her first encounter with him involves glitter in her face and jazz hands and how embarrassing is that?

Bodi's only concern is what is left of his family. There are two people he can be himself around: his sister and her girlfriend Lauren. These two give him a modicum of normalcy by letting him keep them safe. Talking to other people is a rehearsed behavior and doesn't come naturally for this socially awkward man. His days are planned out, deviating from his routine means ending up in a panic attack. When he meets Ruby Hearts who he is supposed to plan the gala with, he doesn't know what to do with her quirkiness. He knows she is chaos and will be a disturbance to his routine. She says those weird things and has glitter in her face. Yet, there is something fascinating about her too.

From page 1 Bodi broke my heart. He is so impeded by his disorders that he can't function without turning his lock three times in row, washing his hair in three repeats. His quirks give him a sense of calm when nothing else can.
Talking with people he doesn't know is a veritable act of force to him. In the first chapter you might think he's rude - read the second and you get your first view into the damaged soul that resides in Bodi. My heart bled on every page with him. You can clearly see his inner beauty, only he can't.

This man is so clueless to his worth in this world and not just in the athletic sense. That comes second to the heart he shares with others. He has no idea how special he really is.

His self hatred is so misplaced yet I don't pretend to understand what goes on in a person who had happened to them what Bodi experienced as a child. Despite his mental issues he is caring, protective and has the most beautiful, kindest soul. And he has a dirty mouth on him that completely took me by surprise.

When he meets Ruby it's the first time in his life that he is tempted to leave his comfort zone. She doesn't judge him, she puts his demons at ease and soothes him. He breathes easier with her.

You're sweet, caring, kind, easy to talk to, and a fucking ball of sunshine"

Ruby is such a sweet, compassionate and funny character. Nurturing, caring, selfless, gentle and super quirky. One scene involved a camel toe and I just couldn't stop laughing with the images in my mind. And everytime that scene was mentioned I cracked up again. And again. The only person who could drag this broken man out of the darkness was Ruby with her bright light.

Looking at the sparkle in her eyes that hits me straight to my core, I know I'm up against a force too great for me to comprehend, too grand to undertake. It fucking terrifies me.

Around the 90% mark I started to get a bit nervous how this would play out. It was the moment when I thought Meghan Quinn will either make it or break it now. I tell you what. She made it. I am absolutely happy with the ending.

Meghan Quinn has written one hell of a story. It's not a typical romcom. It's too serious for that but her sense of humour is spread throughout the book and I kept asking myself how this woman comes up with this stuff. I think I went through every emotion I have in my repertoir, from sad to happy, from upset to warm and fuzzy. I laughed, I cried and if that doesn't justify a 5 star rating I don't know what does.

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September 28, 2016
***4 "I was made for loving you..." stars***

This was my first Meghan Quinn's book and i have to admit that i wasn't expecting anything like that!!!
From the blurb already, i thought that we will have a quick, sexy and funny reading, but it was more than that... and i freakin' loved it!!!

It was also very emotional and with a wonderful story!!!
The protagonists were lovely persons with lots to give to each other, even though that they couldn't be more opposite personalities....
But in a strange way, it was working just fine with them!!!

“I want to kiss her.
Fucking badly.
I want to know what it feels like to be intimately entwined with someone so pure and true as her. I want to feel her warmth against my frigidness, get lost in the soft, silky feel of her skin and hold her as if she’s mine for the keeping.”

Ruby Hearts was a wonderful person!!! She was so colourful and full of life... She was sassy, funny as hell and a little bit weirdo.... Yep, she was!!!!

She was mumbling all the god damn time, but that characteristic of hers was sooo adorable!!!
She was very generous, very kind, very patient and she had only smiles to give to the others...
Her personality was magnetic in a strange way...

She was also an artist!!! And she had a thing for Bodi Banks!!!

“He's so handsome.
He's so broken.
He's so tempting.”

Bodi Banks was an Olympic gold medalist in swimming and sooo hot!!!
Perfect body, perfect abs, perfect face.... He was a drool worthy man!!! And most of the time, he was walking around with only a small spandex (Sorry, naylon and lycra!!! Bahahaha...)

But there were more than that to Bodi...
He had dark shades on his past, shades that made him a little bit weird, anti-social and obsessive...
Bodi was cocky and very sure of himself inside the pool, but outside of there, in the real world he was awkward as hell and he was feeling uncomfortable...

He was like a small boy inside the body of a gorgeous man...

"When I’m in the pool, I zone out. It’s my one and only place where I can feel complete calm."

“I choose not to expose others to my demons and insecurities. Who would want that anyway?”

So what will happen when those two contradicting characters will be put together to work for an art foundation????
Ruby is infatuated by Bodi before even she get to know him.... But what about Bodi, who wants to continue living his life in the same old routine that he is feeling comfortable with???

What will happen when Ruby is starting to change this routine and throw him out of his calm waters???
Will Ruby accept his tendencies and his obsessions??? Or will she run away once she found out the real Bodi???
Is there a hope for those two???

"She makes me feel more alive, like there’s a possibility of getting out of this little box I’ve been living in. The self-imposed and very necessary prison keeping me functional, keeping me safe. Others too.
She’s also a risk.
A huge risk, and I’ve been trying to tamp down that thought and not allow it to grow. Warning bells have been signaling, reminding me that she would want to change my routine, that she would push me to move forward in life. I’m not sure I would be able to do that."

I loved both Ruby and Bodi very much!!! Even though that they were the polar oppsites, they were having lot of chemistry between them...

Ruby was making me laugh all the time like a crazy person and i adored the way that she was facing Bodi and his weird actions...

“Why does my heart hurt so much? There is something about Bodi that runs deep in my bones, that causes me to feel the pain he’s feeling, or the panic, or his awkwardness. It’s as if our bodies are spiritually connected.”

As for Bodi??? God, my heart was aching for his behalf... It was so sad to witness all those insecurities and the low self- confidence that this wonderful man was having, even though that he was like a God in the pool!!!

But i enjoyed very much the man that Bodi was becoming when he was alone with Ruby...

“I want to spend more time with her and that terrifies because more time means more exposure to the true monster I am.”

"I’ve never felt this consumed by a woman before. I’ve never opened myself up to a woman before.
I like it.
I’m becoming addicted to it."

I can't tell you more, but believe me that there are lots of more things inside this book!!!
It was a light, funny and sexy book, which was being able to give humanity lessons and i liked it for that reason...

It was so heartwarming!!!
I also liked the Olympics vibe that we witnessed in here...
I liked all these sexy men with their tiny swim suits...

And i liked very much Eva and Lauren!!!! They were amazing persons!!!
Em... I really have to read Reese's story and i'm dying to read Hollis's book, as well!!!

"I will cherish the fuck out of her.
I will spoil the fuck out of her.
I will worship the fuck out of her.
But most importantly , I will love the fuck out of her . . . until my dying day."

***ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review***
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691 reviews91 followers
September 19, 2016
Expected publication: September 20th 2016 by Hot-Lanta Publishing, LLC

Story Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Hero Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Heroine Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Romance Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Humor Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Heat Level ~ 4 STARS!
Ending ~ 5 STARS!
Overall Rating ~ 5 I Know I Was Put On This Earth To Love You STARS!!!

WHAT A FANTASTIC read Stroked Long was for me! I was totally thrown for a loop at what happened in the beginning of this book, I was not expecting something like this coming from Megan Quinn.

This book grabbed ALL sorts of emotions for me. At first I was horrified at what Bodi and his sister went through. It really set the stage as to why Bodi was the way he was. Then Ruby was introduced, she added a lot of color, light and humor into the story. I found myself smiling and laughing. Then of course I did a LOT of REALLY UGLY crying too.

While Ruby’s character did remind me of Rosie from The Virgin Romance Novelist, I still loved the heck out of her. She was funny, witty, loving, caring and kind. She also had a very dirty mind, some of the things she said were laugh out loud funny.

Bodi on the other hand was a darker character and was like no other hero I’ve ever read about. It was wonderful reading how Ruby was able to bring so much light into his life.

So, I gave the heat rating a 4 and this book was NOT what you could call erotica. I have to say that just reading the first kiss they shared had my pulse racing. The attraction they shared, the chemistry, the feelings were front and center and SO SENSUAL! When it came down to them having sex, OH MY, my neither region was clenching. Megan Quinn sure knows how to write some wickedly hot sex scenes.

I absolutely LOVED reading about Bodi and his trip to the Olympics’. I was cheering him on along with Ruby. I also loved getting glimpses of a lot of characters from book 1 in this series, Stroked. I have to say that for me, there was not one thing I did not like about this book because in the end, everything worked out really well for Ruby and Bodi.

Now the wait is on for book 3, Stroked Hard that should be released November 1st. This will be the final book in this series and is Hollis’s and Melony’s book which I am eagerly waiting on.

*I received an ARC from Hot-Lanta Publishing, LLC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*
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1,548 reviews3,966 followers
July 31, 2017
3 Stars

Overall Opinion: I think this was one of those that I had hyped up in my own head as being this amazing book, so when I read it I found it didn't quite meet my expectations. I don't think it's the book, per se, but my expectations were just too darn high! I loved the h and I liked the H, so no complaints with the characters! I did read in a friend's review that the H's sexual history didn't match his awkwardness and personality, and I agree completely! It didn't take away from the story for me though, and that might be because I was expecting it...? I was, however, extremely frustrated with the ending! I am a greedy B and I wanted more! I wanted to experience them as that couple that navigated their new world and relationship! Why, why, why do authors do this?!? After investing my feelings and time to this couple, I want some more closure than their conflict being resolved and then being thrown into a epilogue right away! I know I might sound like a broken record to those that follow my reviews, but this is seeming to be more and more common -- and I HATE it!!

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Ruby and Bodi's story. Ruby knew Bodi's sister from college, so when she is asked to help him put together a foundation in honor of their deceased mother -- she agrees. Only she holds a major crush on him and is super awkward around him. Luckily, her brand of crazy is just what Bodi needed in his life. He is struggling with massive guilt from his past, and has gotten himself in a rut. After forming a friendship of sorts, they take the plunge and change their relationship and fall in love....and get a HFN ending.

POV: This alternated between Ruby and Bodi's POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Good until the end (see closure section below). I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well.

Instalove: No, they take a while to develop stronger feelings.

H rating: 4 stars. Bodi. I liked him. He was so damaged and it was so sad what he went through as a kid. I was frustrated when he pushed the H away, but I also understood why he did it.

h rating: 5 stars. Ruby. I loved her! She was witty, sweet, and crazy in a good way! I also loved the way she loved Bodi.

Sadness level: Low/moderate. I teared up a few times, but I never needed any tissues.

Push/Pull: Yes

Heat level: Moderate/hot. They had some really hot scenes! I wouldn't say that there was too much so that they took away from the story though.

Descriptive sex: Yes

Safe sex: Yes. Mentions of birth control and STD status. The H mentions that he had never gone without a condom, but I don't remember any mention of the h's past practices.

OW/OM drama: No!

Sex scene with OW or OM: No

Cheating: No

Separation: Yes

Possible Triggers: Yes

Closure: Nowhere near enough!! Another book with the conflict being resolved right before the epilogue! I would call this a HFN ending

How I got it: I paid the $3.99 on Amazon.

Safety: I'd say that this should be Safe for most readers.
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2,478 reviews7,773 followers
September 7, 2016
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

3.5 Stars

I have about a thousand gifs saved on my ‘puter that I need to get rid of, so y’all better go put some money on your data plans or quit reading right now.

In case you aren’t aware, I snatch (hehehe) up every Meghan Quinn book I see. I’m also lucky enough to have an enabler a friend who sends me messages when her new stuff is available for request on NetGalley. My addiction is so great that I already had an unread Quinn book on my shelf, but still neeeeeeeeeeeded this one . . . .

When I started Stroked Long and thought I was going to hate it? Oh lort. I was scurred.

Everything went to shit immediately with the leading lady Ruby Hearts (I know – these names fucking kill me). The name wasn’t even the deal, though. See, our leading lady’s job is giving art classes to kids at the local Boys and Girls Club. Sounds awesome, right? Wrong . . . .

“I didn’t know it was actually a glorified babysitting job while parents got their job on in the cardio room.”

I don’t know what magical fairyland Meghan Quinn grew up in, but if you live in a major city you’ll know that is not how the Boys and Girls Club operates. But, it’s a porno so I could ignore it. Then we got to know Ruby a little more and it became very clear very quickly that . . . .

Take a gander at my friend list if you don’t believe that I have ZERO room in my life for the “manic pixie dream girl.” Not only was Ruby a quirky snowflake, but she was one who dressed like a Crayola box upchucked all over her in case anyone missed just how speshul she was.

And then we met Bodi . . . .

“He’s so handsome. He’s so broken. He’s so tempting.”

Okay, so Bodi suffered a superbadawful as a child that caused him to have some massive trust issues and mega OCD and an inability to break from his routine and yada yada yada. I’ve never known someone who experienced any sort of trauma like Bodi did (thank Jeebus) so I’m not sure if it would have the potential of turning them into Sheldon Cooper with abs, but again – PORNO so no offense. And really . . . .

Homegirl don’t generally play that card anyway.

However, the combo of the manic pixie and this poor fella with no human skills had me wondering . . . .

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I’m no quitter so I kept plugging away and eventually Ruby grew more tolerable and Bodi broke out of his shell and Meghan Quinn’s humor appeared and by the time Ruby got to see what was going on in Bodi’s pants . . . .

I was like . . . .

(^^^My husband’s reaction whenever I tell him about how hot books like these are.)

This is a time when I wish the half star option was available, because Stroked Long really earned that extra bump, but I didn’t love it enough to give it all 4. Also, because this review is on Goodreads (which is the land of superfans who shit their pants over books without even reading them), I don’t want to be accused of being a shill and rounding up because I know the author. Trust me, Meghan Quinn would probably have a restraining order against me by now if we were friends in real life. Mainly because the final in this series is Hollis’ book and I already had to change my pantyliner twice just thinking about it and I want it written immediately.

Dear Meghan Quin . . . .

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!
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2,658 reviews3,254 followers
September 9, 2016
3.5 Actually Right For Each Other Stars
* * * 1/2
How do I even begin this review...Do I go deep and start with the challenge of living through unimaginable trauma, feeling like you were responsible...and how through this torturous guilt, your only redemption is to be the singularly focused Olympic Swimming Star...
Do I start by preparing you for the out of the box way Meghan Quinn works her stories and characters in this series...where we are surrounded by those we have met already in Stroked and how this story runs during the same time. There is cross re tell but only in minor context so if you hadn't read the first book, you could read this.
Do I start by giving you a huge warning:
Be prepared to either deal with our gal, Ruby Hearts from the start and give her a chance...or not.
Because if you do, the pay off worked for me and might for you...Because Bodi is so troubled, so closed off and in pain....It takes someone like Ruby with no boundaries, no ability to edit or wish to...to have the patience needed to finally reach this broken man.

There is lot to say about this book. It has all the romance, care and sexy times needed by Quinn. It has tremendous humor and heart- the texting and dialogue between Ruby and Bodi when they start their relationship, how it grows and develops is terrific. Ruby's crazy calms down a bit and Bodi finds it freeing to text her...saying things he never felt he could. Their growing love is sweet... important and good.

All of this is done while exposing us to the hidden side of Bodi.

Bodi and his sister were damaged almost beyond repair with the deaths of their parents. It is important to the book and I will not go into it; however, Bodi has taken the idea he was responsible...and no matter how much therapy or loving guidance he is surrounded by, he knows in his heart he cannot be free of the guilt.

His sister through therapy and then learning to accept the love of another, has started to move into a more "normal" way of living. She wants this for Bodi, too. It is the sister involving Ruby Hearts with the new non profit foundation she and Bodi are starting which is the catalyst for everything going forward.

This tale is so encompassing...we have two people who are dramatically different...Ruby, an art major is trying to make her way in the world. She was raised by a mom who is an accomplished artist...and that is insightful as to how free Ruby is...Color is her way of expressing herself. She is not cookie cutter perfect and has developed her own style...a way to show off what she has...She is almost over-unique...and her mind goes to the extreme in everything ... no edit and loves to shock whether planned or not. She is funny and good-willed...and takes some getting use to...

Bodi is this person who on the outside looks like everything is easy... he is beyond handsome. He is cut like a god, he swims with the ability to win Gold Medal after Gold Medal...doing it like he isn't breaking a sweat. Women want him, think of him and companies plead with him to endorse them.

Seems like he has it all....
But at closer inspection...He is never seen out and about, chatting with friends of any kind...He is in the zone when competing, shakes hands and does so with a forced smile. He attends only swim events, careful to make sure he has his mental mask on and then leaves asap.

He lives a life so in control, he is choking. He has gone through years of therapy and has been dealing with critical OCD. His sister gives into his need to make sure she is safe every night and as long as he keeps to his routine, he can keep a lid on all the pain, rage and fear which festers.

Meeting Ruby Hearts, working with her and then starting to actually feel things disrupts all of Bodi's control....and we are there every step of the way.

It made me care deeply for this man. It made me see Ruby as maybe what he needed to force him out of the controlled prison he created. I watched both of them fall hard...and I could see where the pitfalls were... rising ahead...waiting to spring.

This was not totally perfect.... I had some concerns about his sister's way of handling things...and whether it would be approved by professionals...but overall, I felt everything presented regarding Bodi and his OCD rang true.

Now understand... there is a huge amount of humor, sexy times and just pain fun in this book. It is layered and we get bits and pieces of a circle of characters from all of the stories for this series. The next book, Stroked Hard has been teased and let me tell you... it is going to be DELICIOUS!
Meghan Quinn likes to do things her way... and if you are on board with it... then this series is a go.

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Everyone sees the Super Star Swimmer...
Gold Medals and Rockin' Tight Abs...
Yet strip all of that away and there is hole in his heart so deep, nothing can fill it...

She is full of Color, Light and Love...
Not just a little outrageous, fully unedited...
And yet she sees him...through all the pretending...

Will he be able to cope...
Will he be able to breathe without her....

Stroked Long (Stroked, #2) by Megan Quinn - September 20th 2016

Stroked (Stroked, #1) by Meghan Quinn Stroked (Stroked, #1)

A gifted copy was provided by Hot-Lanta Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.
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September 29, 2016

Ahhh, this book left me with a huge grin! The thing is, Meghan always delivers. You can never go wrong with her books, they’re always the perfect combination of comedy and romance, but Stroked Long was so different and such an unexpected surprise! While Stroked was more comedy than anything, Stroked Long was a way deeper book, more serious book, and I loved every second of it.

I have to say, the prologue is heartbreaking. Oh man, I was hooked from then on. So Stroked Long is the second book in the Stroked series. Stroked was Reese’s story and Book 2 focuses on Bodi, Reese’s serious and brooding Olympic swimming teammate. Stroked Long can definitely be read as a standalone, although I definitely recommend you read Stroked as well, as most of these characters are introduced there.

Anyways, in the beginning we get a glimpse of Bodi’s past and what happened to him when he was a kid. Then the story immediate picks up in the present. We get to see how Ruby and Bodi met, and what makes them bond together.

I loved Ruby, a lot. She was so funny and talkative and just a firecracker. She was definitely the opposite of Bodi in any way but they completely complemented each other!


And Bodi, bless he’s heart, he’s just so hard on himself, he’s so troubled by his past that just takes him a while longer to be open to the possibility of not only loving someone, but that someone loves him. I loved the evolution of Bodi as a character.


Ruby and Bodi together are pure magic. I loved their interactions and how the relationship progresses, I love that Ruby goes out of her way to discover what makes Bodi happy and never gives up on him. She’s just the bright light that he so desperately needed. I also thought the story moved at a great pace. And there was a healthy dose of hot and swoony moments as well.


Oh and the entire gang from Stroked is there too, including our favorite love to hate girl Bellini. I have zero complaints about Stroked Long, so I absolutely recommend this one. It’s definitely my favorite in this series so far. It brings all the feels, along with some laughs. I can’t wait for Hollis’ book!


**An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**


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January 5, 2019
*****FIVE+++++++++ STARS*****
{Netgalley ARC}

I want to know what it feels like to be intimately entwined with someone so pure and true as her. I want to feel her warmth against my frigidness, get lost in the soft, silky feel of her skin and hold her as if she’s mine for the keeping.

This book right here is my favorite of the ”Stroked” series so far! Actually, I’m going to label this one of my most favorite Meghan Quinn stories! Everything about Bodi and Ruby’s romance was perfect. I laughed so freaking hard and cried so many tears when things turned heartbreaking for this amazing couple. Once you find out about Bodi’s biggest loss which was the end result of a terrifying experience, he becomes this broken Hero that you can’t help but fall madly in love with. And Ruby, wow, she was such a funny, quirky, loveable, and socially awkward Heroine that I instantly wanted to be BFF’s with. I loved her silliness. When Meghan Quinn lets her special brand of humor fly, it's pure joy for me!!

I’m sorry that I didn’t read this when it first came out but am so incredibly happy that I finally got around to it! What a beautiful, funny, and heartbreaking story!!

Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 5++++
Heroine: 5+++
Plot: 5+++
Angst: 5
Steam: 5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2C3Ed3H

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September 26, 2017
I was excited to get Bodi's story, couldn't wait to see how this beautiful secretive man found love.

I was rewarded with a captivating and alluring story. Bodi endures tragic happenings as a young boy, ones that change his entire world, his well being, and his outlook on love. He has everything planned out in his life, and love is not included in that plan. So when Ruby Hearts enters the picture, he fights the attraction, he continues to battle his desire, and he drowns in his misery.

Ruby Hearts is the epitome of beauty. She's flakey, yet charming. She's beautiful and she's smart. She loves openly and she loves wholly. She was dang near perfect for me. My one downfall, she wasn't strong enough to stand up for herself. I loved this story however, the ending didn't sit well with me. I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone that hasn't read this one yet. Don't get me wrong, it ends happily, it ends perfectly, but getting to that end, let's just say Ruby Hearts, stand up for yourself dammit!!!!!!! She deserves lots of groveling, she is entitled to some major ass kissing =)

Still loved Bodi & Rubes story ❤️

Bring on Hollis, I'm ready for him!!!

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September 21, 2016
5 stars

I freaking loved this book!! In a totally surprised, did- not- expect- this- sort- of- story-but-boy-i-devoured-it kind of love. I'm glad i took the plunge despite not liking the first book in this series. I went into this totally blind as i LOVE this author and could not be more thankful for that. The author nailed it with this one, a definite Top 2016 read for me.

Bodi is a devastatingly handsome and broken man. An Olympic medalist, he's content to live by his strict rules and rituals after a childhood incident leaves him mentally stuttered. Then comes Ruby; a petite, curvy loudmouth who makes Bodi laugh and feel emotions he's never had before. What starts out as friendly banter soon turns into an all- consuming, powerful relationship. This is where i adored the authors writing. She managed to make this relationship SO.REAL. I felt every single thing this couple felt for each other. Ruby was all light to Bodi's darkness and somehow she understood him and accepted his way of life, despite not knowing the devastating secrets. There were some super angsty moments and i had to take a breather just so i could continue reading without crying.

Despite his rigidity and aloofness, i loved Bodi. He was the sweetest, kindest man(albeit socially awkward) and treated Ruby with so much reverence. I liked that he always seemed at awe of her. Ruby is my favourite kind of heroine; she often laughed at herself, had an amazing sense of humour and was loyal to the bone. This couple were made for each other. The sex scenes were blisteringly hot and intense yet super sweet and it only made me love this couple so much more. I was so invested in their relationship, my heart shattered so many times Ruby's did.

Filled with laugh-out-loud humour, amazing sweetness and off-the-charts heat I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. It made me feel so much, it shoots straight into my favourites. So looking forward to Hollis and Melony's story next.
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September 24, 2016
Have you ever read a book and just known that the author has poured their heart and soul into the story? Stroked Long is that book for Meghan Quinn. She strikes just the right balance of playfully silly and heartbreakingly tragic while giving a story that will touch your heart and make you fall in love with the characters.

Bodi is a three-time Olympic champion swimmer. After suffering a life-changing childhood trauma, his life has become very regimented, obsessive, and orderly. He doesn’t socialize much but takes solace in the routine and the control he has over his life and his training. Unfortunately, he is just surviving and not really living his life.

Ruby is a quirky artist who is a friend of Bodi’s sister, Eva. She is brought on to help launch the foundation Bodi and Eva have started. She’s charismatic, has no filter between her brain and her mouth, and she has a major crush on Bodi.

This book drew me in from the shocking first chapter. It grabbed ahold of my heart and never let go, breaking it over and over again for Bodi and what he is going through. He feels undeserving of love and happiness, like he’s a monster when really he is anything but. Bodi is so sweet and caring, but his inner thoughts just about killed me a couple of times. Ruby is like a salve for his soul that he never knew he needed. I loved that girl for her peaceful patience and her calm understanding. She knew just how to soothe him and when to push him out of his boundaries. Ruby is utterly amazing.

Stroked Long is my favorite book of Meghan Quinn’s and that’s saying something because I loved the hell out of The Mother Road. If you have never read one of her books, please make this your first. You will not regret it and you may just fall as hard for Bodi as I have.

▸ ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

▸ Order: Kindle | Paperback | Kobo | iBooks | Nook

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September 23, 2016
:::4.5 Stars!:::

 photo IMG_20160920_133130_zps2ilnklu5.jpg

HOTTIE ALERT!!!! Bodi Banks: 4-time Olympic Gold-Medalist. Phelps and Locte has nothing on this brooding, dark, jaded hero. He's the hero every booklover should meet! Early in his life, Bodi and his sister Eva was struck by an heartbreaking tragedy. It scarred him for life. On the outside, he has it all together, but on the inside he is falling apart everyday while living under a cloud of restriction, uncertainty and inner chaos. Bodi lets no one in. No one really knows the real him, that is until Ruby Hearts.

The following sentence needs all caps: I LOVED RUBY! She was cute, super quirky, her mouth runs non-stop, she's kinda clumsy, seriously adorable and you can't help but love her. I laughed out loud more times than I can count. If there was a "Build-a-Bestie" I'd probably build someone like Ruby!

When I got this ARC I'll admit I was not expecting to like it so much! But boy I did! I loved Bodi's transformation and at times my heart seriously broke for him. Ruby was perfect balance for him. The way she gradually lured Bodi out of his shell, out of his loneliness was so beautiful. She loved him like he needed to be loved.

Meghan Quinn did a fabulous job with this story! If you like sports romances, funny back and forth bantering, lovable, adorable, eccentric characters then this book is for you. And it's now live! So go one click!

 photo Screenshot_20160919-225626_zpsaoed9nc2.jpg
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February 4, 2017

4.5 stars...

Holy. Shit. This book was so good!!


It had everything I could possibly want...

Humor... a lot of freaking humor:
"If a textile shop and a rainbow had a baby, it would be this apartment."
"I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or if it’s some kind of early warning sign of a sociopath."
"Oh Bodi, Double Stuf Oreos are not a manly cookie. Double Stuf Oreos were specifically engineered by Nabisco for raging pregnant woman and for those of us riding the red tide into Crampsville, but you’re cute for thinking otherwise."
"Where do you put it all? It’s huge and somehow it’s not flopping around in your Speedo, aiding you in your strokes like a third arm in the pool."
"What do you want me to say? That you’re a stallion in bed and the reason you keep winning gold is because of the extra fin in your pants?"
"Want to talk about taking my breath away? She’s fucking gold-medaling in that department." -Bodi
"I want to kiss her. Fucking badly. I want to know what it feels like to be intimately entwined with someone so pure and true as her. I want to feel her warmth against my frigidness, get lost in the soft, silky feel of her skin and hold her as if she’s mine for the keeping." -Bodi
"I was made for loving you." -Ruby
"'Do you want that, Rubes? My tongue slowly flicking your clit?' Who the hell wouldn’t?"
"'Yesss,' I moan, my head falling back again and my hips doing all the work as I hump Bodi’s cock, coating him with my arousal."
It also had a hell of a lot of depth, awesome characters, and I was engaged the entire time!


I loved everything about her, even her name! It was so fitting for her personality. She was absolutely hilarious and completely comfortable in her own skin.
"Yeah, it might be a little much but memorable for sure . . . as a crazy person."
I mean, I'm gonna love anyone who flashes jazz hands at random. Her humor and randomness reminded me a great deal of Lucy from To Hate Adam Connor. Now, while I didn't love the OTT humor in that novel, I really enjoyed it in this one! I think it was the fact that Ruby showed more emotion. It felt like Lucy used humor to cover her feelings up, but Ruby was the exact opposite! She very much wore her heart on her sleeve and she did a lot to ensure that Bodi knew her feelings. I really admired her courage and tenacity with him. Bodi needed her patience and constant reassurance.
"Have you become so accustomed to those weekly random acts of kindness that you can’t see the good in them anymore?"
Bodi can't see his own goodness, but that doesn't stop Ruby from trying, even when he hurts her.



*Le sigh* I want one. I'm a sucker for an awkward hero. I love their sweetness and how much they want the heroine but they're afraid of rejection. Bodi had a particularly traumatizing past that had me crying from the beginning.


He tried so hard, but there are certain fears that are embedded deep within a person. Bodi ultimately just wants to make Ruby happy. He does push her away but you can tell how much it kills him and how confused he is by the whole situation. My heart broke for him and I was glad he found a way to (somewhat) accept his past and let Ruby back in.


The one qualm I did have was that there were times where Bodi's character felt a little off. For example, I would have sworn he was a virgin given how awkward and wary by human contact he was. But apparently not... he has hooked up before, all casual... but even so, that just didn't fit his character in my opinion.

Other than that (and a small niggle about the ending, which I discuss below), I really enjoyed this! The humor was perfect, and coupled very nicely with the depth and swoon-worthy romance ;)

To say I'm excited to continue this series is an understatement!



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July 13, 2017
Whatever formula Meghan Quinn used to create this story needs to be bottled up and sold...


RomCom is a secret pleasure read for me but I don't get to enjoy it too much because at times I find it less hit and more miss.

Not here folks! This story was sexy, funny and quirky and had me laughing right to the end. Future RomCom writers need to read this story and take notes.

I am in love with Bodi and Ruby. I'm absolutely enamored by them. He's got OCD and a ton of anxiety issues.

She's awkward, rambling, and suffers from can't-shut-up-itis. They're a match made in heaven in my book and it was obvious from the start. Ruby's compassion and understanding of Bodi were beyond impressive and she's got a heart to be envied. Bodi's story broke my heart but I found joy in witnessing him strive to conquer his fears and open himself up to change. These two have earned a spot on my list of favorite couples. They are amazingly beautiful together and individually.

Seriously though Meghan...

Please don't EVER change. Every book I've tried of yours has been a winner and STROKED LONG is no exception. If any of you are still Quinn virgins, hurry the heck up and get on that! I can pretty much guarantee that you won't regret it!!

Release Date: September 20, 2016
Genre: Romantic Comedy - Sports
POV: Dual - 1st person
Heat: 3.5 out of 5
Type: Standalone - Book 2 of the Stroked series with character crossover
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260 reviews76 followers
December 2, 2021
This is so far the 5th book by Meghan Quinn I've read and I can honestly say she definitely can write. She produces some really wonderful and funny lines that make my heart ache. The storytelling is something that differs from book to book though. And thank God for that. At least each of her book is different and you never know what you're gonna get... Even if it means that her books are hit or miss for me.

In this case it was more of the "hit" even though I didn't love it that much to give it full 5 stars. Maybe it was the circumstances - I was constantly interrupted while reading it and I found it difficult to really get into the story, I had to push myself through the beginning a little bit. And in the end of the book I wanted some more closure than their conflict being solved and then being thrown into an epilogue right away... BUT overall it was a pretty amazing and quirky love story and I really loved how these two main characters (both so unlike like any others) matched so well together.

Stroked Series:
Book 1: Stroked ~ 2.75 Stars
Book 2: Stroked Long ~ 4 Stars
Book 3: Stroked Hard ~ 4 Stars
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474 reviews14 followers
October 19, 2016
3 stars

This was good, but I couldn't really get into it.

Maybe it was circumstances, being very busy and not having much reading time. I therefore found it difficult to really get into the story. I never really connected with the MCs.

Or maybe the problem is I'm starting to find the "damaged H who doesn't feel worthy of the h so he continues to push her away, but the h is so sweet and understanding so she takes him back immediately"-trope a bit tiresome.

I dunno....

But I will say that this one has some interesting secondary characters that made me want to pick up book 1 and 3!
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1,044 reviews352 followers
February 5, 2017
5 Double Stuffed Oreo and Kale Stars!

This is by far, hands down, my favorite read of 2017! Megan Quinn held me hostage for 2 hours and I crushed Bodi Banks's story! I have no idea how she can have me laughing so hard on one page and then emotionally distraught on the next. Stroked Long...fabulous...the story, the characters...the writing!

I feel like this is one of those books were you can feel the author's emotions and the words depict the struggles...everything that makes the read totally worthwhile. The background story of Bodi isn't pretty and his regimented life with everything in order and all focus done in the pool is totally captivating and so inherently sad. Then comes along Ruby..."Rubes"...and the story just takes off on the quirkiest, most heart-felt journey. Totally out of the box as a larger than life, it is amazing to read how a filterless woman steals the heart and heals the mind of a broken man.

I found the slow developing friends to lovers tale to be so completely palpable. Sexy and sweet one minute and then emotional and tumultuous the next. I cant think of a more perfect couple than the black and white shell of a man Bodi is and a rainbow filled ball of fire that is Ruby.

“Sometimes the beauty in the art piece isn’t about the strokes, Bodi. Sometimes it’s about the colors and how you mold them together. It’s really about taking a dark, mysterious color and mixing it with something bright and cheery. It’s the contrast that makes them so beautiful together.”

Totally sums up Stroked Long to perfection!
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478 reviews202 followers
September 19, 2016
Internal Memorandum

Date: September 19, 2016
To: Lovers of books and fictional men
CC: Meghan Quinn
From: PopKitty Book Reviews
Re: Reading Stroked Long by Meghan Quinn will cause severe mental and physical disturbances.

Having read and ARC of Stroked Long by Meghan Quinn I feel as though it is my civic duty to convey the many and various disturbing mental and physical disturbances of varying degrees that I underwent while reading this book so that those who are planning on reading this novel will at least know what to expect and not be as disturbed as I was while losing control of my faculties. Please find a detailed description of these disturbances below.

This book made me channel Oprah. Not because I was inspired to be kind or a great humanitarian or talk to someone about some or other harrowing experience they’ve been through.

Nope. Because:

This book had me doing the big fat ugly cry.
I had many light bulb moments (in my pants).

Migraines are sometimes caused by dehydration. When you become dehydrated your brain tissue loses water causing your brain to shrink and pull away from the skull. What happened to me while reading this book can only be described as a Uterus Migraine. Seriously, you guys, if you’re going to read this book just check your womb at the door because Bodi Banks will do a number on it. You will cramp up like it’s shark week and it will feel as though your womb has turned into a raisin because it couldn’t possible excrete that much moisture without leaving permanent damage!

Now, granted, I have a soft spot for damaged men with sad pasts but honestly I am only human and if said man has abs for days and an impossibly endearing degree of social awkwardness, how could anyone resist? Bodi is closed off and carrying so much guilt and pain around that my heart just bled for the man. He has so many struggles to overcome when just stepping foot out the door that when he is being considerate and kind and trying so hard to put himself out there, you will be enveloped in a cocoon of the warm and fuzzies. This book will lead to extreme dissatisfaction with the mere mortal men in your life.

Meghan Quinn is the queen of the quirky heroine. You will undergo severe and sometimes violent episodes of cringing back in sympathetic embarrassment. Because Ruby is a hot mess. She is a tornado of awkward conversations, word vomit, inappropriate sayings, overwhelming urges to cause accidents, bright colors and glitter. And she’s also fucking hilarious!

This book has a lot to say about panic attacks. Which is a good thing because this way you will recognise it when it inevitably happens to you. The slow burn romance, the chemistry between these two characters and the resulting sexy times will make you feel like you’re having one! Nervously clutching at your throat, holding your breath, sweatiness and heart palpitations are all symptoms you can expect to feel while reading these hot as fuck exchanges!

In closing, this book will have an impact on your ability to function the next day. Deciding to stay up all night to finish Stroked Long is more important than being mentally present the next day is a direct result of reading this book. If there is a Golden Ratio for books then Meghan Quinn has nailed it. It was altogether sweet, endearing, HILARIOUS, emotional, sexy and angsty. This book may just make you go crazy, but it’s an excellent way to go!

(ARC provide by author in exchange for an honest review)

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September 3, 2016
Oh Bodi Bodi Bodi… I LOVE this hero so much. Seriously, Ms. Meghan’s outdone herself with this book. What a beautiful story! Here is the thing – when I pick up one of Meghan’s books I know I am in for some guaranteed belly laughing, rolling on the floor and peeing my pants good time. Stroke Long is no different, BUT this book has something a little extra special besides RomCom guys … I must say Meghan Quinn has made a little soft, sweet, tugging at your heart type of story this time. I knew right away after reading the prologue that there was something unique with this book. It starts out as expected – light hearted, funny and then WHAM! BAM! F…king ripped my heart out. I did not expect that at all … For that, I am hunting her down soon to get my damn heart back

So if you read Stroked, you will see a little bit of Bodi and I am so glad Meghan gave him this beautiful story. On the outside Bodi is sexy, talented, popular, successful, and at the top of his game but he is much more than that. He is flawed, broken, socially awkward but also protective, caring, has a huge heart and a lot of love to give … he just needs the right person. Ruby is quirky and funny with no brain to mouth filter. She is honest and sometimes embarrasses herself but that’ is just Ruby - what you see is what you get. Ruby has been secretly crushing on the handsome Bodi but she finds out quickly that he is a tough nut to crack. She understands and knows Bodi’s ticks more than she leads on but Ruby never judges – I have a new found respect for this heroine. Ruby is all sunshine, loyal, caring, beautiful and has an amazing heart – someone you want to be your best friend. The chemistry between Bodi and Ruby is undeniable but their relationship starts out slow as coworkers, friends, then grows A LOT more later on. I like the gentle and steady burn between them because it makes sense and it feels more real given Bodi’s past. Bodi carries a lot of guilt - it takes time for Bodi to accept that he deserves to love someone and to be loved.

Stroked Long is fantastic guys – exquisite writing as usual. This book is sexy, witty, and heartwarming featuring a beautiful tormented hero and a sweet quirky heroine that will leave you with all the feels. You will laugh, cry and swoon. There is no shortage of sexy burning-the-sheet scenes though. The chemistry between them is mouth-watering sexy. Bodi is broody and super-hot – bring on the 6 pack and the tiny bathing suit anytime. Stroked Long as I mentioned before is deep, heartfelt, and a bit more profound than the usual romcom and let’s just say I absolutely LOVE this new side of Meghan. MUST READ!
Can’t wait until November for Stroked Hard, the series finale – Hollis and Melony.

ARC kindly provided by author and publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewer for AC Book Blog
FB ~ https://www.facebook.com/AC-BookBlog-...

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June 29, 2017
Ruby needs to work with the famous swimmer Bodi to organize an event. Ruby can’t wait to work with him, but Bodi is a little hesitant. The event is important to Bodi, but he loves to be alone and he’s not used to working with someone. The more Ruby and Bodi are together, the more Bodi likes Ruby. Ruby makes Bodi laugh again and they become good friends and more.

My heart already broke for Bodi in the first chapter. His past is awful and it still affects his life. He carries a lot of guilt. He needs control over everything. Bodi is hot, talented, strong and broody. Swimming is his escape for everything and he’s so good at it that he tries for the Olympics again. He works and trains very hard, but he loves to swim. Bodi is very close to his big sister. She pushes Bodi to give Ruby a chance and to try to let go of everything. I couldn’t help but love Bodi in the end. I loved reading about his change.

Ruby is different than Bodi, but she’s the woman Bodi needs. She’s perfect for him. Ruby is very colorful and she says what she thinks. She loves art and she’s great at it. She’s very passionate. She can be a little over the top sometimes. Ruby is patient, caring, loving and kind. She accepts and loves Bodi just like he is.

Stroked Long was my first read by Meghan Quinn and it won’t be my last. This book is emotional and funny. Bodi and Ruby only kiss (and more) in the second half of the book, but it was worth the wait. Bodi and Ruby are a beautiful couple. They become inseparable and they believe in each other.
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September 25, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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Move over Phelps because Bodi Banks has taken over the spotlight!!!! Well, in the literary fiction world that is. Meghan Quinn has once again has readers diving into her latest release and doggy paddling like crazy to keep afloat with her hottest and sexiest male hero, Bodi Banks.

 photo 1189faddb4f9571d6ad3af41edb382_zpskcvsz1gt.gif I’m finally fucking admitting it. She’s beautiful. That wall has crumbled. I try not to show my emotions, let alone acknowledge them, but there is no denying Ruby’s beauty. ”

If you have read the first book of Quinn’s Stroked Series then you are all aware that Meghan will have you drowning in love with her sexy Olympian heroes and this time, she will have you stroking long for Bodi and Ruby. Right off the opening pages, Meghan didn’t waste anytime as she made readers fall for Bodi and Ruby instantaneously as she splashed some color, raw emotions, and vivid details to their story.


Bodi Banks may be an Olympic gold medalist and a famous hunky athlete but there is more to Bodi behind that drop dead smile and body. After a tragic past, Bodi keeps his emotions in check and everything in his life in control that is until he meets Ruby, the woman who splashed some color and life into his boring life. Ruby has been enlisted to help Bodi and his sister with an art foundation that they want to dedicate to their parents. As we see more interactions with Bodi and Ruby, readers could feel the chemistry that was brewing between these two. They were the perfect pair as they both helped balance each other out. Bodi may be the star in the water but he was definitely the golden star in this book as his raw personality and vulnerability had me rooting for him big time. He was a perfect blend of sweet, sexy, and alpha. So will Ruby making a splash in Bodi's heart?

 photo 1189faddb4f9571d6ad3af41edb382_zpskcvsz1gt.gif Holy fucking shit. I’ve never experienced a moment like that before. Watching Ruby coming. Knowing I did that to her. How much she loved that. Fuck. Me.”

So if you are looking for a book that had the Meghan Quinn signature literary stamp of fun, sexiness, comedy, passion, sexual tension, and off the charts chemistry then Stroked Long is the book for you. Quinn will not disappoint her loyal readers as she presents two strong characters who found their missing piece. All there is left to stay, go dive into this amazing sexy entertaining read. And yes, pun intended.

 photo MICHELLE1_zps3515xymk.jpg Meghan Quinn

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August 29, 2016
ARC kindly provided by Meghan Quinn for an honest review, release date September 20th

I was hooked after the first book of the series, and now I'm even more obsessed with Meghan Quinn's writing because... Dear HOTNESS MIXED WITH A SWIMMER'S BODY! This story of Ruby and Bodi is the combination of emotional sweetness with a BODY SLAM touch of lust & chemistry. Chemistry and attraction that took a while to get a hold of, but soon rather than later they SPARK!

Bodi and Ruby are two, completely different personas. Their characters are beyond far apart that you would never guess for them to actually spark and be together. Bodi is a guy who has been emotionally broken due to the accident he believes he caused, when in reality it was never him and it was all in the path of occasions that caused this accident... He blames himself and has been blaming himself ever since the accident happened, which was when he was 12 years old. Ten years later, he is an Olympic swimmer who is isolated in his own world of protection. The only two people who truly understand him are Eva, his older sister and Eva's girlfriend, Lauren. That's when Ruby comes in and brings her all honest-non-stop chatty mouth with the highest obsession for patterns and colors, and brings them to the picture life of Bodi Banks. As they work together to get a fundraiser going for their participation in the Boys and Girls Club, their wall of differences seem to shatter apart, letting their similarities spark. At first, it becomes a struggle for Ruby to understand why Bodi backs away from her and does not let her in, but coming from the situation were Bodi is blaming himself for the death of his loved ones, it's understandable why he isolates himself. He is a broken soul, a broken persona, an anti-social hot swimmer who needs someone to put the broken parts of his heart back together and let his heart pump again...

I truly enjoyed this book much more than what I was expecting. During Bodi's freakouts it becomes obvious to the reader the amount of pain he goes through, and the connection Ruby makes with him and her, herself feeling that pain. Ruby's quirkiness helps in the mix, with her patterned clothing and vibrant home and making statements here and there about what she owns and doesn't and what she wants and doesn't, it's truly the cutest thing ever that I face-palmed myself because she is so relatable!

"Although, you can really wear leopard print with anything. I have these cute leopard print flats that I love pairing with bright dresses. Do you have any leopard print?"

I mean... What?! I don't own anything with leopard print, but that's probably because I'm not as "fashionable" as Ruby is! Also, who wouldn't drool over a hot, Olympic swimmer, who has a broken heart and needs comfort? Even my grandmother wouldn't mind it AT ALL! ;)

The character development is present in this story when it comes down to Bodi and him letting his heart open up to a new person, but he isn't the only one... Ruby also learns from him and acknowledges that he needs someone, and she can be that someone, but most of all she wants to be that someone.  The intimate scenes are one to talk about because... HOLY STEAMY SEX!! You honestly don't expect the amount of dirty talk coming from the shy Bodi. Because of his way around in the beginning of the story, I was assuming that he was a virgin... HAHAHAHA! I was so wrong... Bodi is a pure alpha, possessive, dirty talker man with beautiful strong arms. What is not to like, right?

At the end of the day, this book has taken a special place in my favorite's bookshelf because it is absolutely sweet and heartbreakingly good! (I'm full of ironies...)


Review done by and for Cristiina Reads Blog
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September 23, 2016
Bodi. Fucking. Banks.

My heart. Oh my God.

If you’re expecting something sugary sweet and lighthearted – full of Ms. Quinn’s trademark outrageous humor, well – you’ll find that here. But you’ll also find something so much bigger, deeper, and far more emotional than the zany antics you may be expecting. Bodi Banks is going to break your heart. And Ruby Hearts is going to patch it all back together. Hold on to your hats y’all, because this is not the story you’re expecting.

I loved it.

I mean, yes. Sometimes Ruby was a little over-the-top for me. Not Bellini Chambers over the top (a reference for those of you who have read Stroked), but enough to make me a little uncomfortable with her character sometimes. But that’s actually a piece of brilliant writing right there, I think, because it captures a character arc that I wound up adoring. Seriously. In the end? I completely adored Ruby Hearts and everything about her insanely quirky personality and great big beautiful heart.

But Bodi Banks, man. He’s the star of this show. He’s – not what I was expecting. He completely shattered my heart, almost immediately – in a way that literally forced a gasp from my mouth and had me typing furiously to my co-reviewer, “Holy shit. I’m 2% into this book and…ouuuuuch!” He’s this completely captivating mix of heartbreaking, dead sexy, and almost unbearably sweet. Looking for a complex character? Bodi Banks is your man. He’s so much more than I expected, and I loved him fiercely.

These two together are perfection. I mean, it’s not a perfect relationship and it’s not without bumps in the road but they are freaking adorable together and even as I sometimes felt like things went over the top, my heart wholly embraced them and it could not be happier.

I don’t even know how to summarize this book – it’s laugh-out-loud funny and heartbreaking. It’s tender and scorching. It hurts to read, but it feels so good. And, in the end, it’s just…joyous. If you loved Stroked, you’re going to adore Stroked Long. And if you’re new to the series entirely? Buckle up. It’s quite a ride. ~ Shelly, 5 stars


Holy. Shit. Bodi Banks. Gorgeous, Olympic-gold-medalist carefully masking dark shadows behind his breathtaking smile. Singularly focused on keeping to his routine—practice, cleaning, organizing, volunteering—Bodi has lived a very structured life. Bodi likes control, needs control. Needs to control everything involved in his life.

Enter Ruby Hearts. Ruby with her crazy jazz hands and diarrhea of the mouth. Ruby is uncontrollable—and just what Bodi needs. Ruby’s been enlisted to help Bodi run the art foundation he and his sister, Eva, started in honor of their parents. But can Ruby break through Bodi’s armor to really get down to his true self? One that Bodi doesn’t share with anyone, not even himself.

Meghan Quinn broke my heart in the prologue and proceeded to put it back together piece-by-piece in Stroked Long. I loved Bodi from page one. Totally understood Bodi’s need for routine, his need for comfort from controlling the situation around himself. I loved how Ruby came in and ingratiated herself right under Bodi’s skin and into his heart—all without upsetting his carefully planned life…she just understood him. I just really loved them both and hated to come to “The End” of Stroked Long and really can’t wait for the next one in the series. ~ Missy, 5 stars
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September 25, 2016
4 stars

A slow burning, laugh-out-loud funny, sweet, yet heartfelt story. Nookie kicked in at 55% mark. Loved both MC's (especially the heroine's sense of humour). The last part was definitely necessary to the story, but I wasn't too keen on how it fell apart and got stitched together in the end (but that's just a personal preference of mine. Rest assured, it was very well written and thought out so others probably won't feel the same niggles I did).

Highly recommended to those who love a quirky, hilarious h pulling a stoic, broken H out of his shell trope. Standalone story in a series, told in dual POV with HFN epilogue that will make you gag for the next book in this series. Haven't yet read book #1 and had no issues or confusion jumping into this one.

Oh and 110% safe for anyone who cares to know.
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September 28, 2016
4.5 stars

So many feels, I loved Stroked Long!

Loved the storyline, loved the characters, they captured my interest from the first page and held it until the end.
Bodi and Rudy were such wonderful, endearing characters. They touched my heart watching them connect and fall in love. Their journey to their HEA wasn't easy but it was all worth it when you find your perfect soul mate.

These two made me laugh...

And they made me swoon....

Overall, Stroked Long was a well written, sweet, fun, heartwarming and emotional read and I highly recommend it.

*A big thank you to Hot-Lanta Publishing via NetGalley for the advance copy.*
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September 22, 2016

‘This is all my fault. I feel like I’m in a dark tunnel with only a small light at the very end. This is all my fault.’

Well didn’t Meghan Quinn just grab our hearts, twisting them in her talented hands until the last tear and emotion seeped out before placing them back into our chests feeling full of love, contentment and hope. She really upped the ante in this one with incredible harrowing emotion, intense passion and that trademark humour of hers sporadically breaking up the sadness. And sad it was, so bloody sad we had tears running down our cheeks at times. When writing flows and brings such vivid imagery you just can’t help but get caught up in the story. And when you care so deeply, you know the Author has shown you the heart and soul of her characters which brings that intense connection between the reader and character.

‘There is something about Bodi that runs deep in my bones, that causes me to feel the pain he’s feeling, or the panic, or his awkwardness. It’s as if our bodies are spiritually connected, or at least mine is to his.’

Vulnerability, inner turmoil and social awkwardness are traits that are hard to get spot on in male characters without them losing a certain edge of purpose, if you will, but Meghan Quinn nailed it. Bodi Banks was an incredible character who we felt as if we knew from the onset. His tragic and horrific childhood scarred this man to the extent of only finding ‘normality’ and stress relieving coping mechanisms from his haunting past through obsessive compulsive disorder. A truly heart-breaking condition. An Olympian swimmer with a body to die for and a heart and soul you just want to heal, steal and make yours. What an incredible man.

“Sometimes the beauty in the art piece isn’t about the strokes, Bodi. Sometimes it’s about the colors and how you mold them together. It’s the contrast that makes them so beautiful together.”

When you think of what woman could possibly be the one to ‘get in’ and win over this broken man there really is no one more perfect than Ruby Hearts. We had such a girl crush on her. She was feisty, sweet and caring. Wore her heart on her sleeve with an excellent entertaining knack of verbal diarrhoea and the added bonus of a missing filter. She was divine. We fell in utter love with her character. Bodi and Ruby were so opposite yet really they had some of the same attributes which made them so lovable. In Bodi’s own words ‘So strange, yet, so fucking adorable.’…

‘I’m in love with a man who struggles with his emotions, who’s shut every door on his soul, leaving the tiniest windows open for me to climb through. He’s a beautiful man, with an even more beautiful heart but doesn’t seem to see that, which terrifies me.’

Stroked Long had everything in the right quantity. Meghan Quinn gave us the perfect balance to believe, experience, connect and fall in love with her story and everyone in it. You know you’ve experienced something fabulous when just in a couple of hours reading you’ve laughed, cried, swooned and done a bit of freezer time for good measure. Whilst it can be read as a standalone we recommend reading in order as whilst Stroked felt a lot different it’s still a great read to fall in love with.

‘I don’t want to let go. I don’t want to say goodnight. I want to hold her, cherish her, brand her. My Rubes.’

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