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From Manhattan with Love #5

Holiday in the Hamptons

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The perfect summer escape…?

Professional dog-walker Felicity Knight loves everything about New York…until her ex-husband starts working at her local vet clinic. She hasn’t seen Seth Carlyle in ten years, but one glimpse of him – too gorgeous, and still too good for her – and Fliss’s heart hurts like their whirlwind marriage ended yesterday. So when her grandmother in The Hamptons needs help for the summer, it seems the perfect way to escape her past…

Their relationship might only have lasted a few scorching months, but vet Seth knows Fliss – if she’s run away to The Hamptons, it’s because she still feels their connection and it terrifies her. He let her go once before, when he didn’t know any better, but not this summer! With the help of his adorable dog Lulu, and a sprinkling of beachside magic, Seth is determined to make Fliss see that he’s never stopped loving her…

384 pages

First published June 15, 2017

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About the author

Sarah Morgan

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About Sarah

USA Today and Sunday Times bestselling author Sarah Morgan writes romance and contemporary women's fiction and her trademark humour and warmth have gained her fans across the globe. Sarah lives near London, England, and when she isn't reading or writing she loves being outdoors.

THE ISLAND VILLA (Title SUMMER WEDDING in the UK) is out now! Watch out for Sarah's next Christmas novel, THE BOOK CLUB HOTEL (title THE CHRISTMAS BOOK CLUB in the UK) coming September.

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2,713 reviews25k followers
May 25, 2017
This is a great escapist read, full of Sarah Morgan's usual charm and wit. We have come across the characters in previous novels by the author. Fliss and Harriet are twin sisters, as different from each other as chalk and cheese. Harriet is the good twin, in Fliss's eyes, and she is the bad one, the two of them have built up a successful dog walking business, Bark Rangers. They live in Manhattan, and a driven Fliss is looking for opportunities to further establish themselves by growing the business. However, Fliss is feeling under pressure as the husband she married and divorced over a decade previously, is now a practicing vet at their favourite vet surgery. Fliss is feeling she really cannot handle meeting Seth Carlyle.

When Fliss rushes to look after her grandmother in the Hamptons after a accident, she is relieved that she can no longer run into Seth. After feeling shaken after narrowly avoiding hitting a dog, who does she bump into? Seth, of course. And in a muddled state of mind, she claims to be her twin sister. This ruse only works for a short while as her lies quickly find her out. Fliss's family history is pretty traumatic. Her father made things impossible for her, Harriet, Daniel and their mother. He was particularly vindictive towards Fliss, leaving her with lifelong issues, feeling she is never good enough, difficulties in trusting anyone and being unable to talk about her feelings. This has shaped her relationship with Seth, a man whose life she thinks she ruined. After being hit hard by the death of his father, Seth feels he needs to focus on the relationship that matters to him, because life is too short to do otherwise. He has never got over Fliss. Will the sun kissed beaches of the Hamptons have the magical ability to heal their relationship? Or will it all prove to be too far out of reach?

Sarah Morgan has a talent for creating entertaining novels for when you need a pick me up. They do not tax in the slightest and are feel good fare. The location of the Hamptons, with its beaches, sailing and caring small community is well depicted, you feel as if you are right there, with the sun, sand and sea breezes. With great characters like Fliss with her traumatic personal history and Seth, an all round good guy, the ingredients are all there for a good book. Many thanks to Harlequin for an ARC.
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1,746 reviews6,672 followers
June 6, 2018
Re-read: June 2018
Just as good as the first time. Five stars. Such a great series ❤️

Original review: September 2017
Holiday in the Hamptons is a sweet yet complicated second-chance romance. It is full of complex emotions, a history of family dysfunction, and a lifetime of learned behavior that does not do our fragile heroine any favors. It is also full of a love that never died no matter how much heartbreak was endured. It is the fifth installment and one of my favorites in a fabulous adult contemporary romance series written by the endearing Sarah Morgan. If you haven't yet started this series of standalone romances, pick any one and get started. ❤️

My favorite quote:
"Love can be scary. We put our heart in the hands of another and that requires trust. But the alternative is that we go through life without love and that's not a great option either."

Sarah Morgan's From Manhattan with Love series includes the following installments as of September 2017:
#0.5: Midnight at Tiffany's
#1: Sleepless in Manhattan
#2: Sunset in Central Park
#3: Miracle on 5th Avenue
#4: New York, Actually
#5: Holiday in the Hamptons
#6: Moonlight over Manhattan
Midnight at Tiffany's by Sarah Morgan Sleepless in Manhattan (From Manhattan with Love, #1) by Sarah Morgan Sunset in Central Park (From Manhattan with Love, #2) by Sarah Morgan Miracle on 5th Avenue (From Manhattan with Love, #3) by Sarah Morgan New York, Actually by Sarah Morgan Holiday in the Hamptons by Sarah Morgan Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan
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1,395 reviews247 followers
January 8, 2020
We all have our go to authors, those who we have a little crush over because they get it right for us so often, taking us to our happy places and Sarah Morgan is one of mine. So the fact that Holiday in the Hamptons failed for me on so many levels is a bit gutting.

"I feel like I’m never going to be able to smile again."

Sadly, this didn't even feel like a Sarah Morgan book and I've finished it feeling completely flat: she just didn't create the magic that she is so capable of. Fliss and Seth had the potential to sock an emotional punch yet it never materialised as important moments were told rather than shown, they lacked character depth and their romance was weak.


But as I've said before, you can't love everything and even your faves can miss the mark on occasion. And Sarah is still one of my faves, I'm simply drawing a line under this hiccup in the series (although I can't deny I loved catching up with Matilda and Chase) and will be back later on on the year to see what Harriet's story brings.

Copy received courtesy of HQ via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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154 reviews93 followers
June 22, 2017
Holiday in the Hamptons is the perfect book for the upcoming summer. I can imagine lying on a beach on a sun lounger while reading this would be utterly blissful.

Fliss and Harriet are identical twins who run a successful dog walking business in Manhattan. They share a cute little apartment, and have a fun care free life. That is until Fliss's ex - Seth - of more than 10 years ago appears in Manhattan. Seth is a vet and Fliss knows that she won't be able to avoid him forever. So when their grandmother falls ill, Fliss decides it's the perfect opportunity to escape the city and spend the summer in the Hamptons where they used to holiday every summer as kids, looking after her Gran.

Only her plan fails when she realises Seth hasn't permanently moved to New York City, but is also back living in the Hamptons. When she bumps into him again, she pretends to be her twin to avoid any awkward conversations. But the past chemistry between them is still running high, and Fliss knows she will need to try to keep a distance between them to protect her heart. But will she be able to continue pretending to be Harriet, or will her subterfuge be discovered? If so, Fliss knows that the past may need to be revisited, and along with it deep buried secrets and feelings brought back to the surface.

Sarah Morgan is definitely becoming an author I know I can rely on if I fancy a well written chick lit book. Holiday in the Hamptons is simply structured and told from two viewpoints; Fliss's and Seth's. This helps to understand each of the characters on a deeper level, and to see clearly why each acts the way they do, and the emotions kept hidden below the surface. The dialogue is witty and the characters relatable; although some deeper subjects were touched upon, it's undertaken in a lighthearted manner without making the book too depressing or preventing it from being a fantastic and light holiday read. I sometimes found it a bit slow moving in parts, but I can understand why it wasn't written in a rushing along at a speedy pace style.
I'm not sure if this is a common theme among Sarah Morgan books, but I noticed a few references to another of her books (Sleigh Bells in the Snow), when one of the characters mentions booking a cabin at the Snow Crystal Resort & Spa.

If you're looking for a great beach read, then look no further. Holiday in the Hamptons is almost a blue print for the prefect holiday read. If you aren't getting away this year, then the gorgeous descriptions of the beaches and scenery in the Hamptons will help make you feel like you are in an idyllic seaside resort. Sarah Morgan is almost like the American version of Jenny Colgan, a seemingly fail safe choice for well written and pure escapism chick lit.

Thanks to NetGalley and HQ for the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest and unbiased review.
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1,906 reviews200 followers
August 29, 2017
4+ Stars!

Comical, sweet, and delightfully charming!

Holiday in the Hamptons is a second-chance romance set in the idyllic seaside community that features Fliss, the energetic, scarred business owner and Seth, the handsome, generous, veterinarian in a story that emphasizes that sometimes even when you've found the one when it comes to love timing is everything.

The prose is light and fluid. The characters are adorably warm and funny, including the saucy grandmother and all the four-legged furry friends. And the plot is a rollercoaster ride full of life, love, heartbreak, loss, friendship, family, trust, chemistry, and of course some delicious heat.

I have to say that once again, Holiday in the Hamptons has proven that when in comes to writing emotional, heartfelt stories with loveable characters and irresistible happy-ever-after endings Morgan is one of the best.

Thank you to Harlequin Books for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

All my reviews can be found on my blog at http://whatsbetterthanbooks.com
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555 reviews1,531 followers
March 27, 2017

"The perfect summer escape…?"


I've not previously read anything before by this established author, but that wasn't going to stop me. One look at this blurb and it had me requesting on netgalley with no time to waste. This author already has existing books in the 'from Manhattan with love' series but this was to read as a standalone, with the being said now I've had a taster of what this author has to offer I'm definitely interested in reading more.


What did I love?
There was lots to like about this novel. I loved the family relationships and friendships scattered liberally throughout this romance novel and I also enjoyed the gorgeous setting at the Hampton's. Sarah Morgan also had a special way of making the reader feel right on 'set' with plenty of description scenes and romantic detail. I adored the tenacity of the hero and I liked the brokenness of the heroine. There was heart warming parts, teary moments and plenty of romance to keep me glued to this couples romantic progression.

Why not five?
This romance book was thorough, well written and solidly put together. I really enjoyed this authors style and for the most part her attention to the detail. For my tastes, the first 30% or so of the story telling was a little on the slow side and I don't think I can say that the author kept my full attention. However, with that being said there was something about this book that kept me going and after that point I have to admit that I was quickly hooked. My rating falls somewhere between a three and a four star; a likeable read but I needed that something more to convince me to rate higher.


Final thoughts ...
This is a second chance at love story and then some. Those who love that trope will be happy to read this book and read all the angst and navigating that this couple encounter to get to their special ending. There is plenty to like about this novel and I'm certainly going to make sure I hook myself up with some other works by Sarah Morgan. Enjoy ... kisses.

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2,836 reviews492 followers
July 18, 2019
Second chance story.

H/h had a romance when heroine was 18 and hero was 22. She fell pregnant and they married in Vegas. Then she suffered a miscarriage and filed for divorce. Ten years has passed and H/h are both living in the same area of the Hamptons where their romance blossomed. Hero is a vet. Heroine is a dog walker.

There are a lot of cute dogs in this one, btw.

The cute dogs and the H/h angsty backstory couldn’t save this one for me, unfortunately. Heroine was beyond immature and whine-y. She pretended to be her identical twin when she had a chance meeting with her ex – and she kept it up for days. Turns out the hero, her grandmother, and her twin’s friend all recognized her immediately and played along.

Heroine’s abusive father had pride of place in the story. The reader hears over and over again how the heroine shut down her emotions to protect her twin and that’s why she is so messed up. It got very old very fast.

Hero had the patience of a saint, and I should have warmed up to him. But – he didn’t seem real. He was too interested in psychoanalyzing the heroine and soothing her like a lost puppy. He never got angry. What’s up with that?

Finally, the interfering siblings got on my last nerve. Both the H/h were blessed with siblings with opinions and the inability to keep their mouths shut. Move far away, H/h.
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2,204 reviews54 followers
December 30, 2019

Holiday In The Hamptons es el quinto libro de la saga From Manhattan With Love escrita por Sarah Morgan y en esta ocasion narra la historia de amor de Fliss ( personaje secundario en las novelas anteriores ) y Seth.

De las hermanas Knight, mi favorita es Harriet, me agrada su forma de ser, tan timida y a la vez tan fuerte, por eso estoy tan sorprendida de que haya conectado y simpatizado tanto con Fliss en esta lectura, no porque ella sea un personaje horrible en las partes anteriores sino porque en mi cabeza tenia una idea erronea de su personalidad, sin embargo, admito que como protagonista femenina me gusto muchisimo.

Con Seth tambien hice clic muy pronto en la historia, reconozco que jugaba con ventaja al ser veterinario, no obstante, me encanto su forma de ser, tan paciente y maduro, es de esos protagonistas que deseas que existan en la vida real porque el mundo necesita con urgencia que haya mas personas como el.

En cuanto a la trama, hay ciertos detalles que me vi venir casi desde el principio, y en cambio otros que me tomaron por sorpresa, pero en lineas generales, este quinto tomo sigue en la linea de los anteriores, asi que si disfrutaste las partes anteriores estoy segura de que disfrutaras leyendo la historia de Seth y Fliss.

En fin, Holiday In The Hamptons es una novela romantica con la que es muy sencillo pasar un buen momento, te hara reir, llorar, enfadarte y enamorarte con todas y cada una de sus paginas.

3.5 Estrellas!
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1,197 reviews219 followers
December 9, 2022
After reading previous books from this series, I was very much excited for Fliss’s story. And what emotional whirlwind it was.
I rarely love second chance romance. When at last they come together , I always feel the regret of years they lost. Same happened here. And that too 10 years!

Fliss and Seth knew each other from childhood. he was her brother’s best friend. Fliss comes from a dysfunctional family as result she is prickly and her self preservation is pretty high. And he was always kind and nice to her. Somehow they fall in love and marries when she is 18 and he is 23. But after only 3 months their relationship crash and burns. Fast forward 10 years in which they have no contact, carries a ton of regrets,what-if’s,guilt and still in love with each other.

The writing is flawless, the characterization is flawless, the plot too. There isn’t even one unimportant scene. Everything and everyone contributes nicely to the story and main characters. I loved the scenes between heroine and her grandmother. Especially the one where she and her 4 friends gang upon Fliss. I laughed so hard there. Especially when they told her the book they were currently reading was Matilda’s last and after dinner they are going to watch sex and the city.😆
What got on my nerves was some characters actions. First of all:
I wanted to whack heroine’s father for messing up his kids and being a sour bitter puss. Hard!
Then I wanted to whack heroine’s mother for putting up with him, not protecting her kids better and keeping so many secrets from them. Again hard!
Next I wanted to whack heroine for not giving an inch and normally irritating for keeping all emotions inside her. Soft!

I felt like I needed same amount of patience Seth needed to read those moments. Still she was fiercely loyal,funny & protective. Same applies to hero. In patience department he was a saint.

The setting was just beautiful. After reading this I think even Hamptons locals would want to see it again. The way she described all the fun main couples had in beach at summer made me green with envy.
Someday (sigh).

As I have said earlier,all the books in this series are wonderful so recommended.
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473 reviews100 followers
April 2, 2019
Another great story by Sarah Morgan i haven't disliked one of the books in this story yet. Fliss is another very well developed character i never guessed the twist after Matilda's baby was born. Would highly recommend anyone who enjoys chick-lit to read this book.
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1,878 reviews1,308 followers
January 1, 2018
Fliss and Harriet are twins and they run a dog-walking business in New York together. They are successful at what they do and enjoy working together. Fliss and Harriet are quite different from each other. Fliss is fierce, closed off and strong, while Harriet is softer, kinder and more evasive. The twins are close, they had a difficult childhood and Fliss was always looking out for Harriet. She thinks Harriet is the nice twin and Fliss is the hard, much less lovable one. However, is that really true?

Fliss used to be married to Seth. Their marriage ended in a devastating way and Fliss hasn't seen Seth since. Now Seth is in New York, working for a local vet. This means Fliss has to get out of there. She needs to protect her heart, which is why she is more than happy to agree to take care of her grandmother in the Hamptons. What Fliss doesn't know is that Seth is living in the Hamptons and that he'll be back home soon. How will she handle seeing him again? What will happen when Seth is still interested in Fliss, can she give him another chance or has the past been too painful for her to ever let him in again?

Holiday in the Hamptons is a wonderful romantic story. Fliss is a force to be reckoned with, but underneath the tough exterior she's actually pretty insecure. She's been through a lot and this has made her wary. She doesn't let people in, she tries to fix every problem on her own and she will never admit she needs any kind of help. She's difficult to approach, but Seth knows her really well. He failed her once, but he's determined not to let her go a second time. I was curious to find out if he could break down her walls and couldn't turn the pages of Holiday in the Hamptons quickly enough because of this. I loved both Fliss and Seth and hoped they'd get their happily ever after.

Sarah Morgan has a wonderful warm writing style that makes her stories a joy to read. I can never put them down and usually end up reading them in one sitting. I love the way she shows her reader every aspect of what her characters are going through, each feeling is being carefully explored and explained, which makes her stories fascinating and multifaceted. She also knows how to write good romance and her books are always making my heart melt. Holiday in the Hamptons is no exception, it's a terrific charming, entertaining and sweet story and I highly recommend it.
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3,491 reviews110 followers
June 19, 2017
This is one of those books where I just have to say, read the book not my review! Mind you, I think that’s true for all the books I've read by this superb author. Her characters are so brilliantly portrayed that they feel like people you know well and can relate to and the scenarios are brought to life within the pages of the story.

In this case, Felicity (Fliss) Knight is living with her sister, running a successful dog walking business in New York. It is ten years since she last saw her ex-husband, Seth Carlyle, but now he’s working as a vet in the nearby clinic which Felicity uses. The attraction is still there and it scares her so much that she jumps at the chance to go stay with her grandmother in the Hamptons . . . . only to discover that Seth’s job in New York was only temporary and he’s actually based in the Hamptons. He’s determined to rekindle their romance and to help Fliss realise just how great they can be together. With the help of some adorable dogs, her Grandmother and her friends together with many memories this is a beautiful romance to escape into. I loved it and have no hesitation in highly recommending this and other books by this very talented author.

I was gifted a copy of this novel and chose to read and review it. This is my honest opinion after reading the book.
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3,434 reviews516 followers
April 24, 2018
The hero Sean was amazing while the heroine Fliss annoyed me because she was still so hung up over the past and allowed her verbally abusive father's words to control her. These two love-birds had gotten together too young and not communicated well which led them to go separate ways. But these two found their way again. I did love how their rekindling of their relationship is slow and they talk things through about their past and their childhood and how that shaped them.
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957 reviews205 followers
September 22, 2017
She’d assumed time would have diluted the effect he had on her. Neutralized her feelings. Instead it seemed as if it had concentrated everything.

Felicity “Fliss” Knight is pretty satisfied with her life in New York. Together with her twin, Harriet, they have a very successful dog-walker business that is thriving and life is good. Until her ex-husband suddenly starts working as the new vet at their local vet clinic. Seeing a glimpse of him again brings forth all the hurt and pain she’s kept buried since their impulsive marriage ended ten years ago. He’s still just as gorgeous and still way too good for someone like her. In order to escape all the emotions she doesn’t want to feel and the confrontation she doesn’t want, when her grandmother calls for help in the Hamptons she grabs the opportunity with both hands.

Over the past ten years he’d wished a thousand things. He’d wished their relationship hadn’t been so intense, that they’d met later when they were both ready for it, that he’d thought less about his own pain and more about hers. Most of all he’d wished he hadn’t let her walk out of his life.

Seth Carlyle has come to Manhatten with the sole purpose of confronting Fliss and her flee to the Hamptons gives him hope that she still feels their connection. He made a lot of mistakes then years ago, too young to know how to get through to Fliss when she pushed him away, but this time he’s determined to get closure about what happened back then and hopefully convince her that she’s the only one who’s every had his heart.

“Forget novellas, I’m War and Peace meets Game of Thrones, without the dragons and dead people.”

I absolutely ADORED Fliss. She’s such a complex character, so impulsive, feisty, and emotionally guarded and her protectiveness over her twin was amazing. It broke my heart that her bastard of a father made her think so lowly of herself, he made her so broken and I wanted so badly just to hug her and tell her that she was worthy of love, that she was a good person. I loved that she wasn’t perfect, her childhood taught her to keep her emotions tightly locked inside herself, not revealing how she was really feeling to anyone, not even Harry, her twin. My biggest pet peeve about second chance romances are that usually the hero proclaims that the heroine was the love of his life but I always find it hard to believe when he didn’t go after her, they usually meet again per chance. Luckily it wasn’t so in this book. Seth moved back to the Hamptons, helped out in Manhattan with the sole purpose of confronting Fliss, to finally get closure about what happened ten years ago, hoping it would help him get closure, but also knowing that with no other woman had he found what he had with Fliss. She was the only one who had every had his heart and that I loved.

He’d lost her once. He had no intention of losing her again.

I really liked Seth and how he was with Fliss. I loved how determined he was to make them work this time, to get her to trust him and to not let her go again.

He’d given her his heart at the age of twenty-two and he’d never taken it back.

I really enjoyed this second chance romance, their raw and powerful feelings, their sad past and how young they were back then. Too young to know how to fight for what they had when pain and other people forced them to let go of what they had. Both had tried to find what they had back then with other people, but it never worked. Which was another thing I loved about this book that not just the hero had tried to move on, while the heroine kept pining after him for a decade, not having sex with anyone else, like her vagina had gone on a hiatus. No, Fliss had tried to move on as well and that I really appreciated. And from the first moment they meet again, you could see their buried feelings come crashing to the surface, impossible to ignore. And I was so happy that they got another chance at a love that was worth fighting for.

“Who decides what is ‘wrong’? Wrong by whose standards? What is wrong in our culture may be normal somewhere else. And people are never ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ They’re just people. And ‘good’ people are capable of doing bad things and making bad choices.”

I love the emotion this author puts into her books and how it makes you think about people, about life. I also love her secondary characters and I really can’t wait to read Harriet’s book.

It’s not often that I find a second-chance romance I enjoy and Sarah Morgan has added another winner to this series. If you love romances with endearing characters, lots of emotional and sweet romance, then this series is for you.

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Author 5 books306 followers
January 11, 2020
Una historia tierna y dulce rodeada de perros, ambientada en un lugar muy veraniego y de ensueño y con unos personajes entrañables. Me ha gustado mucho porque aunque no es muy original tienen una historia importante que contar y más capas de las que parece a simple vista. Estoy deseando leer el último de la serie. Muy buen descubrimiento esta autora, leeré más de ella ;)
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282 reviews60 followers
July 22, 2020
"Una persona no puede ir por la vida sin sufrir. Sufrir es parte del ser humano. Aprendemos a lidiar con el dolor..."


Quería leer una historia romántica, ligera, de verano, y esta historia es exacto lo que encontré, pero a pesar de que justo eso es lo que buscaba, no terminó de convencerme.

Conocemos a Fliss, una mujer independiente y sobreprotectora con todos a los que ama, incluso ella misma, protege sus sentimientos de todos y de todo.

La primera mitad del libro vas descubriendo que fue lo que pasó en su vida y porque Fliss es de esa manera, como tiene que lidiar con inseguridades y como busca la aprobación de otros, pero pasando a la relación amorosa aunque me gustó, siento que no salíamos de lo mismo, era un estire y afloje a la relación y me llegó a casar.

Aún así, si buscas un libro de romance, muy de verano, arena y sol, este es ideal para ti. 🌊🏖️
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834 reviews99 followers
April 11, 2019
[image error]

I do like a good second chance romance from time to time. This one was interesting, believable and the right amount of angsty. I really appreciated that the charade with the twin impersonation didn't last long and that Seth knew right away. I also felt like the issues in Fliss and Seth's relationship were dealt with, not glossed over - they really got to know each other all over again in a way.

Moving on to the next one ;)
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111 reviews2 followers
April 29, 2020
Es el segundo libro de Sarah Morgan que estaba en mi lista de pendientes, aun me queda otro, pero de momento puedo decir que este me ha gustado tanto como el anterior. Esta autora me parece perfecta para cuando apetece leer una historia romántica contemporánea, sencilla y sana.

El libro forma parte de una saga de la que a España solo ha llegado una parte, la que se compone de las historias de tres hermanos con un pasado familiar muy complicado. El primer libro lo protagonizan Daniel y Molly y en este nos encontramos con la hermana de Daniel, Fliss y su ex marido Seth, del que se divorció diez años antes. Su historia comenzó de una forma un poco atropellada y terminó llena de malentendidos y dolor, pero lo que está clarisimo es que jamás han dejado de quererse y que nunca quisieron hacerse daño, simplemente la vida era complicada y ellos demasiado jóvenes para manejar ciertas situaciones.

Tengo que reconocer que este libro se me ha hecho un poco más duro que el primero (partiendo de la base de que no son libros para dramar) simplemente por que el personaje de Fliss es de los que me agotan más mentalmente. No es que me caiga mal ni sea mala persona, para nada, pero la forma de afrontar sus problemas es encerrarse, ocultarse, no hablar, dar por hecho lo que cree que es cierto sin comprobarlo... y se me hace más duro por que la ves sufrir tercamente y solo quieres estar ahí para decirle todo lo que necesita saber ya. Evidentemente, todo termina como debe y Fliss tiene justo a las personas que necesita para echarle una mano que es lo importante.

Como decía al principio, la historia se caracteriza por su sencillez y lo sana que es, lo que la convierte en soplo de aire fresco, por que aunque nos encantaría que todo fuera así sabemos que quedan muuuuuchas historias por ahí fuera llenas de una toxicidad espantosa. Por esto mismo recomiendo estos libros sin dudar a quienes disfruten de un buen romance contemporáneo. Si lo estáis pensando, darle a estos libros una oportunidad.
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246 reviews14 followers
June 19, 2020
Vacaciones en los Hamptons ha sido mi primera experiencia con el Reto Rita que organizan los blogs Mi rinconín de lectura y A la cama con un libro y la verdad es que no he  podido tener mejor estreno, pues esta novela me ha parecido una lectura sorprendentemente deliciosa.

Bajo una apariencia de lectura ligera, he encontrado entre sus páginas un relato sólido sobre las relaciones familiares, las experiencias vividas durante la infancia y la importancia que juegan los roles familiares en el desarrollo posterior de la personalidad y la visión que uno tiene de sí mismo.... Podéis seguir leyendo mi reseña en👇👇 www.merakiseshat.blogspot.com
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May 6, 2020
Dit blijft een leuke serie! In het vorige deel kwamen Fliss en Seth al voor en werd er een aanzet gemaakt naar dit boek. Ik vond het dan ook leuk om hun en hun verhaal te leren kennen.
Seth en Fliss zijn twee heel verschillende personages, wat het juist interessant maakt. Seth is zo lief en Fliss bijt het liefst van zich af en sluit iedereen buiten.
En de honden in dit boek waren ook weer een leuke toevoeging! Net zoals de oma van Fliss, echt een oma zoals iedereen dat zou willen. Dat Matilda hier weer wat meer in voor kwam was ook wel leuk, die komt in alle boeken wel even voor.
Wat ik wel een beetje jammer vind aan deze serie is dat de hoofdpersonages van de andere boeken er bijna niet in voorkomen. Maar de subtiele verwijzing naar een andere serie van haar, O'Neil Brothers serie, vond ik wel leuk.
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February 7, 2018
The fourth star is for being a book about relationships, and how to build and maintain them.

This was a predictable book in that the hero (a vet!) and the setting (the beach!) were so perfect, poor Fliss never stood a chance.

There is a lot of talking - between the heroine and the hero, but also between family members and friends. The talk was all good, but it does not make for lots of suspense ;-)

There were some seriously touching moments.

So while I was not exactly on the edge of my seat while reading this, I did enjoy it, I liked the cast, and I was satisfied with the HEA.
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June 18, 2018
This was definitely my least favorite entry in the From Manhattan with Love series. It took me most of the book to warm up to Fliss, but I think that was because more time was spent on Fliss feeling unworthy of people's love for her than on her reconnecting with Seth.

I did absolutely love Matilda and Chase's appearance in the book and getting updated on the status of their relationship. But it doesn't bode well for the main characters when the reader feels more invested in peripheral characters than the leads.

Nevertheless, this author has quickly become one of my favorites for those feel good, quick reads to break up the darker suspense/thrillers in my reading list. Hopefully, I'll enjoy the next book in this series more than I did this one.
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June 27, 2020
Qué maravilla de autora, qué historias tan bonitas. Una novela de segundas oportunidades, diez años entre el momento más feliz y doloroso a un tiempo y el presente para Fliss y Seth. Un verano en el que todo iba a ser tranquilo y acaba siendo del todo revelador. Los Hamptons, la comunidad, abrirse para sanar las heridas y unas escenas con mucha chispa y el toque justo de romanticismo. Sarah Morgan es apuesta segura.
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August 26, 2017
Favorite Quotes:

With her father, there was no cause for the anger. It was as if he rose in the morning and bathed in it.

Nothing to tell. And don’t worry, he didn’t see me. Because I dropped to the ground like a Navy SEAL on a secret mission. I didn’t move until I was sure he’d gone. I had to stop a passerby calling 911, which was both annoying and reassuring because usually New Yorkers are too busy doing their own thing to pay much attention to a body on the ground.

We’re not populating Noah’s Ark, Vanessa. We don’t all have to be in twos.

It’s classic Fliss. She puts the imp in impulsive.

There was a hot ball of fire lodged in her throat, and she realized with a lurch of horror that she was going to cry.

“We are the Poker Princesses, didn’t you know? … Why so surprised?” Her grandmother studied her over the rim of her glasses. “You think poker is something played by men throbbing with testosterone in a smoke-filled room, is that it?”

“Live while you’re young,” Dora urged and Jane nodded. “Before your hips creak.”

My Review:

Sarah Morgan exported her lovely Manhattan Bark Rangers magic to the Hamptons for an engaging yet complicated second chance romance. Ms. Morgan sent along her own special blend of endearingly flawed characters and amusing storytelling with heaping helpings of heart-squeezing angst. There were lots of humorous observations and cute animals to love and enjoy, and along with several clever dogs I was also panting and drooling over the handsome, thoughtful, swoon-worthy and model-sexy veterinarian named Seth. Fliss and Seth had experienced a hot and heavy summer fling that ended rather traumatically when Fliss was all of eighteen, and ten years later and they were both still stinging from the fall-out. Fliss was a closed off, stubborn, and frustrating character, prone to frostiness and mistruths; I wanted to give her a few good pops with my Kindle. Although when Fliss had a grip on her anxiety, she had sass, and I like sassy gals. I also adore Sarah Morgan’s clever humor, witty word-craft, and insightful writing style. I cannot wait to see what she does with Harriet’s story.
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November 28, 2017
It was okay. I found it average and rather disappointing compared to Miracle on 5th Avenue, which I absolutely loved. The characterization was weak and very cookie cutter. It also was more in "tell" mode than "show" mode.
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July 3, 2022
4.75 stars

My favorite part of the story wasn’t the romance between Seth and Fliss per say, but the emotional journey that Fliss had to go through in order to heal and be healthy for a happy life. It was heart breaking what she went through with her father that lead to many hefty scars that effected her relationship with Seth. It just felt like emotionally punch after punch of the pain that she went through. This story did a really good job of showing of why Fliss was the way she was and her reactions to certain things especially in her view of her romance with Seth both in the past and present. It just gave me all the devastating feels that were agony, but in the best way possible. I loved that.

Seth was such sweetheart. The level of pain and hurt he went through was pretty incredible too both in past and present. It was glaringly obvious how smitten he was with Fliss for years upon years. He wanted to set out to prove that she was it for him. He even tried going on her own timeline, knowing she didn’t open up to people including him. He was darn well intent on creating emotional intimacy between them first, knowing how impossible that was especially since they did the opposite in their marriage. The lengths he went to prove his feelings for her were spot on. I loved him so much.

Fliss pretending to be her sister in the beginning was an interesting dynamic between Fliss and Seth when he came back into her life. Of course the reason she was pretending was because he came back into her life. But what I liked about that storyline was that even though Fliss was pretending everyone knew that she wasn’t her sister because they knew Fliss that included Seth. But Seth wanted her to open up in her own time so he went along with the deception. There were some funny moments to come out of that.

I loved all the animals in this story. There were so many cute little dogs running around. I loved all their antics and whatnot. I loved Seth being the veterinarian with all his cute patients. It was just freaking adorable.

The only thing that I have to complete about was that I thought it could have ended a little sooner. They worked through a lot of stuff throughout the story. It was quite the process. It was raw and heartbreaking. Finally they got to a good spot, and I felt like this would have been a good ending yet Seth’s sister called and just blew all their progress to smithereens. I just wish that conflict hadn’t come.

Overall, the emotional storyline was top notch. It got me very emotional and tearing up as Fliss became more and more emotionally exposed to those around her especially Seth. There was so much tension and angst between them that it ripping out my heart, knowing they were in love yet struggled to get there with lack of trust. It was a battle to get there, but a satisfying one once they got there. I did wish that the story ended a little sooner instead of Fliss having talked to his sister, which dug up things for her hence causing another conflict between her and Seth. They had already been through so much and worked through a lot together, I didn’t need that other conflict thrown in there. Regardless I was happy how it turned out in the end.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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April 5, 2018
Sommige boeken die doen wat met je, zo ook dit boek.

Ja het is een romantisch, feelgood story maar wel met een boodschap. Een boodschap die ik maar al te goed begrijp over familie. Daarom doet het boek mij meer dan andere boeken.

We volgen Fliss, die in New York haar eigen honden uit laat service heeft samen met haar zus. Tien jaar geleden heeft zij de liefde van haar leven leren kennen, maar is dit destijds stuk gelopen. Tien jaar later blijkt hij te zijn gaan werken in New York. Fliss zoekt alle mogelijkheden op om hem niet te hoeven zien. Ze vertrekt naar haar oma in the Hamptons.

Geluk bij een ongeluk vindt zij Seth daar, haar grote liefde. Seth is een dierenarts die in the Hamptons werkt. Ondanks alle obstakels die zij tegen komen en die zij tien jaar geleden hadden weten ze elkaar te vinden. Een prachtige opbloeming van de liefde met een bepaalde boodschap. Sarah Morgan heeft het heel mooi weten neer te zetten.
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