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This is a short novel, about 60,000 words.
On the outside, Dina Demille is the epitome of normal. She runs a quaint Victorian Bed and Breakfast in a small Texas town, owns a Shih Tzu named Beast, and is a perfect neighbor, whose biggest problem should be what to serve her guests for breakfast. But Dina is...different: Her broom is a deadly weapon; her Inn is magic and thinks for itself. Meant to be a lodging for otherworldly visitors, the only permanent guest is a retired Galactic aristocrat who can’t leave the grounds because she’s responsible for the deaths of millions and someone might shoot her on sight. Under the circumstances, "normal" is a bit of a stretch for Dina.
And now, something with wicked claws and deepwater teeth has begun to hunt at night...Feeling responsible for her neighbors, Dina decides to get involved. Before long, she has to juggle dealing with the annoyingly attractive, ex-military, new neighbor, Sean Evans—an alpha-strain werewolf—and the equally arresting cosmic vampire soldier, Arland, while trying to keep her inn and its guests safe. But the enemy she’s facing is unlike anything she’s ever encountered before. It’s smart, vicious, and lethal, and putting herself between this creature and her neighbors might just cost her everything.

235 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 2, 2013

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About the author

Ilona Andrews

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Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team. Ilona is a native-born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the U.S. Army. Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him. They met in college, in English Composition 101, where Ilona got a better grade. (Gordon is still sore about that.)

Gordon and Ilona currently reside in Oregon with their two children, three dogs and a cat. They have co-authored two series, the bestselling urban fantasy of Kate Daniels and romantic urban fantasy of The Edge.

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April 15, 2018
Dear Ilona Andrews,

I'm writing to you today to inquire about your availability to speak at a week-long conference hosted by Concerned Readers Anonymous. We're a non-profit organization made up of mostly bibliophiles, with the odd comic book geek thrown in for good measure. For the most part, our meetings are pretty tame, and involve talking about our latest reads while trying to be the least introspective person in the room. Also, sharing pictures of our cats has become a favorite staple.

We know that you're likely very busy, and we in no way want to intrude upon your valuable time, so we've taken it upon ourselves to come up with a list of speaking topics for you, as we feel that you'll be able to greatly expound upon each.

1. How to successfully write strong, intelligent females
2. How to successfully write complicated, alpha males
3. How to write imperfect but lovable characters
4. How NOT to be a misogynist
5. What a plot is and why it's important
6. How to write visually stunning action scenes
7. Character progression: what it is and how to not suck at it
8. How to avoid archetypes and stereotypes
9. How to avoid over-used themes and tropes
10. Chemistry: how to get those hormones pumping

We've also taken it upon ourselves to form a guest list made up of quite a few authors that we think would benefit from listening to you speak. I won't post it here, as I don't want to name names, but needless to say, we expect a packed house.

We will be happy to provide both lodging and food for your stay, as Millie's mother has recently passed away and she now has a spare bedroom open for you.

Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Navessa, CRA President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary...and sole one of seven members!

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April 2, 2018

MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List

I fell right in love with this book! This is also my first Ilona Andrews book, but it won't be my last! I love them!

Dina Demille runs an Inn called Gertrude Hunt. She has a little Shih Tzu named Beast. There is a permanent guest living with Dina as well, her name is Caldenia and she cracks me up talking about eating people from time to time. :-)


There is something killing the dogs in the neighborhood, which ticks me off to no end. Dina asks her new neighbor, Sean, the werewolf to take care of it. Dina ends up taking care of the FIRST one herself. There seems to be a pack of these stalkers and they have someone ruling over them to reek havoc. At some point some vampires show up and some stuff goes down and they end up with one in the Inn trying to heal from a stalker attack, one of the family memebers, Arland shows up to help him heal.

There are some beautiful black and white pictures in the book done by Doris Mantair. Here are some below in color of Dina, Beast, Sean and Arland.


I love the Inn! It's magical and Dina is only strong with magic when she is near the Inn or inside of course. It does so many wonderful things for Dina, I want one! It's a beautiful looking home too. The Inn is also a neutral place for different paranormal beings (guests) to seek refuge. Dina is the Innkeeper and she can take you right out of the Inn if your being a jerk.

Anyhoo, they all find out what is going on and Dina, Sean, Arland and the house work together to defeat the monstrosity. There are some other things involved but you have to read the book :-)

I am so thrilled with this book, I love stuff like this and I look forward to getting the next one!

I leave you with --->EXCERPTS<---

Ha! He remembered my name. I waved my fingers in the direction of the door. "Shoo. Leave, and don't slam the door on your way out."
He planted himself, arms crossed, muscles bulging.
"Make me."
He didn't deserve a warning, but I gave him one anyway.
"I've had about enough. I'm serious, Sean. Leave or there will be consequences."
"Give it your best shot."
Fine. "Your welcome is withdrawn."
Magic smashed into Sean. He went airborne. The side door swung open just in time and he flew through it and into the orchard. The orchard was a safer bet. The bulk of the house shielded it from the passersby and traffic, which would hopefully let us avoid pain-in-the-butt questions.
I heard a solid thud, then got up, and looked out through the open door. Beast joined me.
Sean lay unmoving on the grass. Ouches.
I glanced at Beast. "I did warn him."



Beast barked again.
"Yeah, whatever." Sean took a step toward the house.
Beast growled. The undertone of her growl changed, gaining a vicious edge. Sean squinted at her.
Beast's long fur stood up like hackles on a cat. Claws slid from her feet. Her mouth gaped, wider and wider, as if her entire head had split in half. Four rows of fangs gleamed inside.
"What the hell...?" Sean backed away.
Beast jumped, covering ten feet in a single leap.
Sean grabbed a young oak branch and jerked it off the tree. Beast launched herself and he swung the branch like a bat, trying to knock her aside. With a sound somewhere between an upset wolverine and a pissed-off bobcat, Beast clamped down on the branch. Sean jerked it back and forth, trying to get her loose. Beast hung on and went airborne. Four rows of teeth crushed the wood -chomp-chomp-chomp -and Sean stumbled back, a stump of a branch in his hand.

Needless to say, little Beast ran him up a tree after that. :-)

Once again, I loved this book and I'm so glad I took the time to buy it and read it!!!
January 13, 2014
Actual rating: 3.5

This book is part sci-fi, part fantasy, and all hilarity. It is utterly charming. Sure, there's a werewolf, a vampire, and a love triangle, but Twilight this ain't.

This is my first Ilona Andrews, and while I cannot say that it has converted me into a fan of their writing, I did enjoy this book. My main problem with this book is that it didn't draw me in as much as I had expected. It was a pleasure to read, but it lacked a certain spark that would consistently hold my attention. It took me a long time to actually finish this book because I didn't really feel compelled to actually continue on. There was nothing overtly wrong with the book. There are a lot of things that I felt could be improved, like the characterization, the love triangle, for fuck's sake, and the overall complexity of things, but overall, this completely fulfills the job of thoroughly entertaining me and not aggravating me in any way.

I mean it, guys, there's just no anger here. I'm the most bitter person I know, and I could find nothing that I disliked about this book.

It is light hearted and refreshing. Humor is so pervasive here. For a book with a plot revolving around the bloody mutilation of humans and animals, this book constantly made me smile.

There is magic, murder, mayhem, combined with so much alpha male territorial tension that you could cut it with a knife. A werewolf. A vampire lord. Alien nobilities with a penchant for flesh (the fresher the better). Monsters prowling around the neighborhood killing indiscriminately like the mother of all chupacabras. Intergalactic diplomacy and an alien goblin market. An inn with a life of its own, and an innkeeper determined to hold it all together.

Rest assured, there is plenty of blood, guts, and gore, and a dog-like monster who would make Cujo quiver in his large floppy paws.
It was at least five feet long, maybe five and a half. Spotted black and blue fur grew in patches along its spine; the rest of it was covered with pinkish wrinkled skin. Its skull was almost horselike, if horses could be carnivores. Long jaws, too large for the head, protruded forward, making the wide, flat nose seem ridiculously small. A forest of sharp bloodred fangs sprouted from the jaws, barely hidden by white lips. But the eyes, the eyes were worst of all. Small and sunken deep into the skull, they burned with malevolent intelligence.
The writing is delightful and made me chuckle more than once.

Dina is an Innkeeper, the guardian of the magical Inn. Think of the Inn not as a building, but a living, breathing thing. An oversized pet, if you will, controlled by its mistress, the Innkeeper. The Inn is sentient, it has power of its own. Like a fortress, it keeps the unwanted out by any means necessary.
My magic boomed through the inn like the toll of a huge bell. It had no sound, but I heard it all the same. Sean flew out of the house like a fleck of dust caught in the current of a fan and smashed into an apple tree forty feet away. I heard the crunch all the way from where I stood.
"Karma," I said, petting the doorframe.
The house creaked.
"You did well," I murmured to it.
The Setting: I enjoyed the setting and the world building, but it took some getting used to. I had to stop midway through this book to ask my friend if this book was in fact a part of another series, because at times, I felt like I just walked into a party in the middle of a joke, and missed the punchline. The setting was a little foreign at first, it is not hand-fed to you. This book is set in the present day, but incorporates a lot of fantasy and sci-fi elements, and it took awhile for the entire setting to be explained. The world building is interesting, and funny. Did I mention funny? There's a lot of whimsical word play that made it exceedingly silly at times, while never reached the point of utter absurdity.
"How about Auul? Does that ring a bell?"
When pronounced the right way, the name rhymed with Raul, but it was softer, said with more longing, each vowel stretched until it sounded like the howl of a lonely wolf under the full moon.
"Cute," he said. "Are you going to bark at me next?"
Everyone does agree that after the civilizations had existed independently for almost a thousand years, the Raoo of Mraar invaded Auul.

The Characters: Dina is such an endearing narrator. I loved her voice, I loved her narration, I greatly enjoyed her character. Dina is humorous, she is strong, she has magic, and she knows how to wield it. She is an efficient, rational woman, a hardworking one, intent on keeping the peace and maintaining the integrity of her Inn. It is an important task, Innkeepers are not just housekeepers, they are diplomats, bound by numerous laws of their trade, and they must be well-versed on the workings of interplanetary laws concerning their guests as well. It is a job requiring intelligence, hard work, and Dina has plenty of both. She has to be tactful, she has to be sensitive to her guests when they are in her inn. Even if they are so self-important it's hard to take them seriously.
"House of Krahr!" the vampire with the banner barked quietly.
"Krahr," the other four vampires exhaled and glared at me.
Usually they roared their house name at the top of their lungs, trying to intimidate... Oh. They were trying to be inconspicuous. I bit my lip to keep from laughing. I'd never had an attempt at intimidation whispered at me before.
"My lord, why are you wearing trench coats?"
"We must blend in," he said. "This is a covert operation."
Don't laugh, don't laugh, don't laugh..."It's very hot," I said. "Trench coats are a cold-weather garment."
The other characters are a werewolf who looks like one would expect. And by that, I mean a Jacob Black clone.

Did I mention this book has pictures? It has pictures!

So here's the wolf, Sean:

Aaaand his polar opposite, the vampire lord, Arland:

They both have their alpha male moment where they sort of sniff each other and growl at each other and call each other names, but neither of them are ever overwhelmingly bad or cruel. Sean tends to be a little patronizing sometimes. If you asked me whom I prefer, I'd have to say that it's the vampire. Just because he's a vampire, and he's a blond elfin type who looks like he's Legolas' bodybuilder cousin. Also, Arland is a sweetheart ^_^
"When a man takes up arms, he does so for many reasons. Sometimes to punish, sometimes to intimidate or frighten. But when a woman picks up a weapon, she means to kill. So please do not take this as an insult."
He leaned toward me. Suddenly the space between us shrank.
"I will do everything in my power to ensure your survival, and should the need arise, I will put myself between danger and you."
The Romance: Yeah, there is a love triangle, but it's not to be taken too seriously, because both guys hate each other more than they like Dina. There is a lot of territoriality (a vampire and a werewolf would never walk into a bar together), and little more beyond that. Also, there's a fucking monster on the loose, guys. Ain't nobody got time for romance.
"Why are you helping them?"
"Because the safety of the inn and its guests is now in jeopardy."
"And the fact that both of them are heartbreakers has nothing to do with it?"
"They are very nice to look at. But the dahaka [monster] threatened me in my own house. That I will not tolerate."
And that's just the way I like it.
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February 13, 2022
2/13/22 - I know I reread all of these recently, but I had to listen to the Graphic Audio version. It was so good!!

9/13/17: "Jesu, Helen, turn the horses!"

After finishing this for the FOURTH time, what more needs to be said?

10/22/15 - UPDATED REVIEW:

Well, kind of. Mostly it's a few quotes for the masses, then I've got a secondary spoiler-tagged section for questions and theories.

It was as if a medieval castle and a Southern-belle, antebellum mansion had a baby and it had been delivered into the world by a gothic wedding-cake decorator.
The inn was lavished with spindle-work, didn't make sense, and was too elaborate, but it wasn't a monstrosity.

Nothing special about that except I LOVE it.

"There is nothing wrong with my Hello Kitty T-shirt."

HA. I wonder if that's why whoever put a shirt on WHITE HOT cover dude chose a Hello Kitty shirt.

When I was around ten, I saw a documentary about a Dale Chihuly glass exhibit and became obsessed with the strange bright shapes. My parents' inn had grown glass tendrils on the ceiling in every color of the rainbow. When the sun hit it in the morning, my room had shimmered like a mermaid's underwater palace in the middle of a magical reef.

THIS. THIS would be amazing:


SPOILERY quotes and thoughts:

10/21/15: Reread. YES, again. I started to read Sweep in Peace, but then I thought . . . Why? What if I forgot something? Then I did forget something. From #2. And if I'm forgetting things from #2, I've almost certainly forgotten things from this one, and here we are. Drat. ;)

Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

4.5 stars

I’m just gonna say upfront—Ilona Andrews is my absolute F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E.

I always get uncomfortable when writing about her/them because as some of you (MOST of you?) fellow Ilona fans already know, “Ilona Andrews” is a husband/wife writing team. So if I’m talking about her<—–see there it is right there, I either look like a noob who doesn’t know that they are, in fact, a “they,” or, if you aren’t quite as big a fan as the rest of us, I look like an idiot for referring to what on the surface appears to be a singular individual, as a plural. So. For the purposes of this review, “Ilona Andrews” will be a her/she.

But I’m not a noob. Fyi. *facepalms self* (b/c dorkness).

Anyway, like I said—my favorite. SO imagine my surprise and delight when Andrews announced on her blog a little over a year ago that she would be posting a FREE WEEKLY SERIAL on her website.

If I was not an internet stalker before that announcement (and that’s debatable), I most definitely was afterwards. Her blog took up residence in my coveted bookmarks bar space, and I began to ritualistically check the site. Anytime I did anything on the internet: email, facebook, pinterest, goodreads, etc., I checked for a new Clean Sweep installment. It was borderline ridiculous, but that’s just how I do things—ALL in.

And it was. So. Worth. It.

Then, back in December, the story became available in its entirety, PLUS an all-new epilogue, PLUS artistic renderings of the main characters, in paperback and ebook form. And here we are.

Dina Demille is an Innkeeper. An Innkeeper? you ask. Yes, but not-your-ordinary Innkeeper. Dina runs a sentient Bed & Breakfast (a B&B that can connect with it’s Innkeeper, and rearrange itself to better suit her wishes) whose guests are exclusively A-L-I-E-N-S and creatures from parallel dimensions. Dina can wave her magical(?) broom and open Stargate-like portals to other worlds.

It’s kind of cool<—–I misspelled friggin’ awesome.

But unfortunately for Dina, one of Earth’s WAY-out-of-towners, who is not a guest at her Inn, appears to be viciously killing neighborhood dogs. Initially, Dina suspects Sean Evans, the new, local (A-L-I-E-N) werewolf, but after observing his shock and disgust at the canine murders, she decides that he’s not responsible, and that the attacks are to provoke him.

Dina tells Sean to clean up his mess.

Sean plays dumb.

Dina says, “Fine, I’ll take care of it myself.”

Sean says, “Like HELL.”

Basically that’s what happens anyway, and off they go to find and stop whatever is killing animals before it escalates to killing humans. Together.


Have you picked up on the fact that I have a thing for aliens? B/c I totally do. And there is something, to me at least, that is SO cool about SciFi explanations for supernatural creatures.

Got a man who can turn into a wolf and/or a man-wolf hybrid? He’s an alien from a planet whose government genetically modified its people with nanotechnology in order to survive a war. Oh, and the reason his shifts don’t hurt is b/c the nanites suppress his pain sensors.

Totally legit.

Clean Sweep is the first installment of Ilona Andrews’ Innkeeper Chronicles. It’s part Science Fiction, part Urban Fantasy, and you will love both parts equally. Keep an eye on her blog for information about the next serial installment which is due to start any time now. Any. Time. Now.

Jessica Signature

My other reviews for this series:

Sweep in Peace (Innkeeper Chronicles, #2)
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329 reviews1,771 followers
February 3, 2021
4.25/5 ⭐

Uhm, why did I wait so long to read this thing? Because, er- it was damn good.

Given the fact that it was so short (I mean, not even 300 pages goddamn it!), this book was packed with so many heart-pounding moments that I didn't think possible. I felt like drinking three Espressos in 10 minutes.


I really loved the characters.
Dina is a sassy innkeeper with a wicked broom and a smart mouth, Sean is a sexy werewolf that doesn't back down when he wants to piss Dina off, Arland still did not impress me with his vampiric nature but boy got fire so I guess we'll have to see what he does in the future books. Also, how cool is Caldenia? Just love her highness.

The action itself is galactic. It kind of reminded me a tiny bit of SJM's House of Earth and Blood with the mixture of magic, vampires, werewolves, traders of forbidden magical objects and the whole other world Houses system. It really gave me an interesting vibe,

And even another cool thing about this book? There are actual portraits of the characters in there so you don't have to wreck your brains thinking how the fuck does X look like, I simply can't imagine them like that!

This was a really nice book and given the fact that it was supposed to be romance too, the reduced amount of romance in it was actually what it needed to add to its awesomeness. It was just the perfect amount of lovey-dovey and I really liked that!

April 3, 2023
And the moral of this rerererereread is: there's no place like home Gertrude Hunt.

👋👋 Until next time and stuff.

· Book 2: Sweep in Peace ★★★★★
· Book 3: One Fell Sweep ★★★★★
· Book 4: Sweep of the Blade ★★★★★
· Book 4.5: Sweep with Me ★★★★★
· Book 5: Sweep of the Heart ★★★★

[January 2021]

🏰 My Name Is Gertrude Hunt Buddy Rerererereread (MNIGHBR™) with the IA Addicts 🏰

And the moral of this rerererereread is: I think I like this one a little. It's probably not that obvious, since it's only my seventh reread but, yeah, I think I like it. A little.

And the other moral of this rerererereread is: not sure what the fish Santa is doing but I'm still waiting for a canine derivative for Christmas. I've been asking for one for six bloody shrimping years now, so it might perhaps maybe time for Mr. Claus to get a move on and stuff. Unless he wants me to slightly unleash my murderous kids on him and his herd of silly grass-eating quadrupeds, that is. (But hey. no pressure and stuff.)

And the other, other moral of this rerererereread is: when in need of technical advice, ask Caldenia first. Always. Especially when it comes to the retrieval of fragile items from uncooperative individuals.
"I boiled him, my dear. It is still the only sure way to separate hard bits from all that flesh. And you have the added advantage of your captive being already dead, so there will be none of those annoying screams to alert the neighborhood."

👋👋 Until next time and stuff.

[June 2020]

💊 IA is the Ultimate Cure to Covid-19 Buddy Rerererereread (IAitUCtCBR™) with the IA Addicts 💊

And the moral of this rerererereread is: Furball and Prince Rapunzel, a love story for the ages.

More or less, yes. If Furball were a cat and Prince Rapunzel a puny human, that is. But apart from that, this is a pretty accurate description of their mutually respectful, wonderfully affectionate relationship, yes.

Oh wait, Prince Rapunzel just asked me to deliver a very private message to Furball:

Well, that would certainly explain, um, things. (It's the coffee that did it, methinks.)

[April 2019]

🧹 Fear My Mighty Stick Buddy Rerererereread (FMMSBR™) with my lonely little self the IA Addicts 🧹

And the moral of this rererereread is: not all brooms are created equal. And neither are bed and breakfasts. Just so you know and stuff. Until next time and stuff.

Or next month/year/decade/century/whatever/you get my drift and stuff. Oh, and by the way, pretty hot hairdo/beard combo I rock there, ain't it? Yeah, I think so too.

[July 2018]

💥 Life Sucks but Worry Not for the Ever Marvelous Authorlords Will Save Our Souls Buddy Rerererereread (LSbWNftEMAWSOSBR™) with the IA Addicts 💥

And the moral of this rerereread is: serial, creative urination sprees + unassuming canine derivatives + Caldenia's cooking advice + Goldilocks, Tinkerbell and Rapunzel, oh my + Arthur C. Clarke's third law of prediction + a Bloody Butcher with a wonderfully dry sense of humor + coffee that doubles up as whisky = let's dance and stuff.

[November 2015]

· BR with the eye candy IA Addicts ·

Were you seriously expecting me to review this book again? No? Oh good, I wasn't planning to. I'll give you a quick recap, though. Because I'm nice, full of love and kind thoughts, considerate, caring and charitable . Here goes:

I want to be Caldenia when I grow up, so I can annihilate billions of people in the blink of an eye. Or just sauté their livers in butter.
② I want Dina's broom.
③ I want Dina's monstrosity of a house.
Beast kind of makes me think of Grendel. Except that she doesn't barf everywhere. Too bad.
⑤ I want Sean to pee on my apple trees.
⑥ I want Arland to run naked in my orchard.
⑦ Never underestimate the power of bleach (especially when at Costco's).
Soren and Officer Marais are Ange's.
Shelly seems to be under the impression that Arland is hers just because he’s a vamp. Hahahahaha. Shelly lurve, you have the best sense of humour. Arland is MINE MINE MINE. Obviously.
⑩ I’m feeling uncharacteristically generous these days and therefore have decided NOT to kidnap adopt Sean. So please do feel free to civilly argue over which one of you will be lucky enough to have him.

There's nothing quite like peaceful resolutions of disputes, if you ask me.

The End. Until next time.

[November 2014]

Buddy read/re-read with Robin, Carole's Random Life, Alexa and Athena (Shardbearer).

I'm so glad I re-read this, I enjoyed it even more than the first time around! When I think I only gave this book a three-star rating when I first read it, what was I thinking?! Up my rating goes! :)

I love Dina and her inn, Beast, Sean, Arland and Caldenia. The Andrews really write the funniest dialogues ever and I enjoyed every line! Favourite scenes: Beast attacking Sean, Arland getting drunk on coffee and running around Dina's orchard naked, the Costco scene (Cleanup on aisle five!!) and the final scene with the dahaka and the Anansi pearls.

This really was a fantastic read! I'm actually thinking of starting Sweep in Peace again. I read the very first chapters when they were uploaded by the Andrews but then gave up because I wanted to read the whole book once it was published. Now I'm not sure I will be able to resist it much longer! ;)

[May 2014]

This book is a strange mix of aliens, werewolves, magic, vampires and monsters but it really is entertaining. The introduction of the main characters is a bit confusing as we don’t really get a sense of what is so special about them and some things are left unexplained. Still, the mystery is unveiled as the story progresses and we are introduced to a very well-built, original world.

I really like the idea of the inns, innkeepers and their “exotic” guests. It offers almost endless possibilities in terms of plot developments and sequels. The characters are nicely done. Dina is an engaging narrator: she is deceptively strong, witty, has magic and a sense of humour. What more could you ask for in a heroine?! Oh, I should mention that she also has quite the dog and the coolest broom! There are two main male characters in this book, although one is introduced much later than the other: Sean the werewolf and Arland the vampire. They both go all alpha male at some point or other, which results in some very funny situations and dialogues. There is a bit of love triangle going on but it’s very light as Dina, Sean and Arland have better things to do (like chasing monsters on the loose) for the moment. I guess this leaves rooms for development in the next instalments of the series!

Overall, a very entertaining, refreshing read with a fun heroine. Sweep in Peace, the next book in the series, was supposed to come out in early 2014 but it is now scheduled to be released in December 2014. Can’t wait to read it!
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1,574 reviews8,230 followers
February 2, 2020
I first read Clean Sweep when it began as a free on-line serial story. It was entertaining, but seemed to be taking a paranormal romance direction in the second book, Sweep in Peace, so I stopped following the series. Peace was recently released as a Kindle book with an accompanying deal on its predecessor. In the spirit of curiosity, as well as escapism at the end of a long week, I decided to give it a re-read.

The plot centers around a young woman, Dina, who owns a mystical Inn. The neighborhood is being troubled by a particularly nasty predator, and the resident werewolf, Sean, seems disinclined to do anything except mark his territory. Needless to say, events escalate.

Characterization is, as always, stellar, particularly those characters that tend to drop in, whether it is Mr. Byrne discovering his dog, or the sardonically amoral Caldenia, who offers advice on finding an object: "I boiled him, my dear. It is still the only sure way to separate hard bits from all that flesh. And you have the added advantage of your captive being already dead, so there will be none of those annoying screams to alert the neighborhood. Good luck."

Dina is so relentlessly cheerful, positive and good, that I confess I find Caldenia's willingness toward theoretically violence a welcome relief. I love the Inn, which takes on the personality of a loved object, and Dina's Shih Tzu, Beast.

World-building is interesting. I love the idea of the Inn, which puts me in mind of Way Station. It went an unexpected direction, which I would have liked better if it didn't entail so much describing. Exploring might have been a better way to do, but again--limitations of the form.

On the current re-read, what I had perceived as a love-triangle in the serial feels much less so. But everyone is, of course, stunningly attractive. There's a solid attraction/romance feel here that does not progress very far, in modern romance terms, but is integrated well with the conflict.

I think the Andrews are accomplished writers who spend a great deal of time and effort sweating over their works. Unfortunately, Clean Sweep lacks the finesse their more polished (and planned) works. Normally world-building is reasonably well-integrated into their storytelling, but in this case, there's a great deal of telling the reader through the voice of Dina. It became quite noticeable by chapter three: "trying to phone him would be useless--no innkeeper would respond to a phone inquiry," and "Most innkeepers in my position would've left XX to die on the street." It's quite possible that this is to help the reader recall the setting/premise as the story unfolded over a period of weeks. However, as well as giving background, the information frequently serves to explain to the reader why a particular course of action will/won't work. I felt like it was likely a reflection of the short form, as well as possible over-awareness of readers asking questions on why a particular even did/n't occur.

I mean, really--I can see where authors may want to just write and leave social media alone. According to Andrews' blog, they'll often get comments on "why didn't X do Y," and "why didn't Z end up with A?" A serial seems particularly open to that kind of feedback. On the positive side, authors should be flattered their creations are so real. On the negative side, I think they end up carrying some mental burden of expectation from their fan base. At least, that's what I guess from Andrews' more frustrated posts. Personally, I'd likely say 'take it or leave it' and block like crazy. But I have limited tolerance that way.

On a final note: portraits are included as we meet some of the central characters (but not the ugly ones). It didn't work quite so well on the Paperwhite. The artwork seems decent, but reminds me a bit of pastel-drawn elves on a new-age calendar.

Don't get me wrong: even on a bad day, the Andrews write better than most. I'm not unhappy I bought it. An interesting world that could be fun if they continue to play in it. I found the next installment a definite improvement.

Re-read January, 2020 as the third book comes out. I think above comments mostly stand, although I think the novella has been re-worked enough to merit rounding up to 4 stars. Plot is definitely tightened from the serial (Amazon had informed me there were updates to my Kindle copy a couple of times) but there is still a bit of 'we're gonna explain this for the sake of plot points' that doubtless would have been changed had it been a normal re-work-then-release book.
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4,060 reviews69.5k followers
August 24, 2017
The premise honestly didn't sound all that good to me. Sorry.
And (again, no offense) I just don't like the look of these covers. They just don't make me want to open it up. Kinda reminds me of the style of the covers on some of the books I would have read 30 years ago or something.
I know better than to judge a book by its cover, I just...


But I saw that my library had these so I decided to find out if all the IA Addicts out there were right when it came to these books.
About an Innkeeper. That has Space Aliens stay at her B&B.


Ok. Due to some tomfoolery with the online catalog, it turned out that only the 2nd and 3d books were available for Kindle users! And since I haven't used Overdrive in forever, I had to try to redo my account, but the whole thing tried to download to my phone instead of my computer (HOW?!) for some reason, and then there's just the fact that technology and the use of apps scares me in general (BECAUSE THEY'RE WATCHING ME!), and...
So I bought this.
I spent $4.99 of my own money on something that wasn't groceries.
The last time I felt so decadent was when I splurged on those No Muffin Top underwear instead of the 10 pack of Hanes.


Anyway. The point is, I now owned a sci-fi book with an iffy premise and needed to read it.
Which I did.
IN. ONE. NIGHT. <--because it was awesome!
This was...ok, so don't get scared off by the weird blurb about aliens and inns because this is extremely character-driven. PLUS, it turns out that the whole Innkeeper thing is a lot cooler than it sounds. And unlike a lot of series that start off with an annoyingly underpowered main character (who predictably just hasn't come into their power yet...wah, wah, wah) this chick is fucking awesome! I mean, I can see how she's going to get far more badass in the future, but she still whooped ass in this one.
And the Inn itself?! Don't mess with this girl or her house is gonna fuck you up!


And Dina's frenemy, Sean? I love him. I think I may love him more than Curran, and I never thought I'd say that. Never.
*feels guilty*


What I'm trying to say is, this was perfection for the first book in a series!
I loved the aliens, I loved the mash up of sci-fi and paranormal, I loved the plot, I loved the characters, I just LOVED it all!


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December 20, 2019
99c Kindle sale, Dec. 20, 2019! This is the start of a SF/fantasy series by Ilona Andrews that I've really enjoyed. A fun, light read, and easier and quicker to get into than the Kate Daniels series, if you're a newbie to Ilona Andrews. Review first posted on Fantasy Literature:

Dina Demille, a young woman, runs a quiet bed-and-breakfast in a small Texas town. Her inn is a quirky old Victorian home that looks like “a medieval castle and a Southern-belle, antebellum mansion had a baby and it had been delivered into the world by a gothic wedding cake decorator.” Dina’s only companion is a small black and white, not-quite-ordinary Shih Tzu named Beast, aside from her single permanent guest in the inn, but Dina is hoping her inn will become more popular ― with space aliens.

The Gertrude Hunt Bed-and-Breakfast is, in fact, a house with mysterious powers and a symbiotic relationship to Dina, and it secretly caters to otherworldly visitors from all over the galaxy. It’s one of many on the planet Earth, which is a popular way station for alien travelers. The inn’s sole guest is a bloodthirsty former Galactic aristocrat who caused millions of deaths in her former life, and who is now using Dina’s inn as a permanent sanctuary.

As an innkeeper, Dina is supposed to keep a low profile and stay neutral and safe, but when something starts killing the local dog population and threatening humans, what’s a conscientious girl with magical powers to do? Dina tries suggesting to the local werewolf, a buff ex-military guy named Sean Evans, that he step in and take care of the dog-killing alien, but when he blows her off, she decides she has to get involved to protect her community.

And somehow it all gets very complicated from there, but it involves a semi-sentient house, a Shih Tzu with unexpected talents, and some sexy guys, wrapped up in a blend of science fiction and fantasy and liberally spiced with Ilona Andrews’ trademark sarcastic humor. Who knew that werewolves and vampires are actually space aliens?

Clean Sweep, the first novel in the INNKEEPER CHRONICLES series, is slightly reminiscent of Clifford Simak’s classic work Way Station with its galactic inn setting, but takes a more urban fantasy approach. Ostensibly this a science fiction work, but for all practical purposes Dina’s and the inn’s powers are magical. No effort is made to explain scientifically the basis for these abilities, other than Dina’s citing of Arthur C. Clarke’s famous Third Law of Prediction: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

The Ilona Andrews husband-and-wife team has a certain formula that almost invariably appears in their novels: a kickass heroine with extraordinary abilities and a sarcastic attitude, a tough and sexy love interest with whom the heroine has an intense but often antagonistic relationship, and supernatural, life-threatening challenges that serve to bring the two together. That same formula is used in Clean Sweep, but the Andrews team creates such an engaging, humorous read that it’s difficult to begrudge their repeated use of the same basic literary recipe. And within that familiar framework, there is a lot of imagination at play. Elements like the magical, shape-shifting inn, Dina’s similarly shape-shifting broom (which functions at need as a weapon), and Beast the talented Shih Tzu, are delightful creations. And while the story pulls in the standard urban fantasy werewolf and vampire characters, both of these races are given a rich back story and history that both fits the science fictional setting and explains some of the legendary traits of those races. There’s even a wink to the love triangle trope, as Sean the werewolf and Arland the vampire discuss their intentions toward Dina:
“My intentions are my business,” Sean said.

“Mhm,” Arland said. “I have spent my spare time studying literature popular with young women of this planet. One should always study the battlefield.”

Sean glanced at him. “And?”

“I suggest you give up now. According to my research, in a vampire-werewolf love triangle, the vampire always gets the girl.”
Clean Sweep isn’t deep, but it is a lot of fun. I’m anxious to continue Dina’s story in the second volume, Sweep in Peace.

Initial thoughts:
How does this even happen?

I've got a backlog of books to read and reviews to write, but Jessica linked a chapter from the latest book in this series that's posted on Ilona Andrews' website, and then I found the first three chapters of this first book on the series on their website as well and read them, and the next thing I knew I had bought the ebook and was deep into it--disregarding not only other books to read and reviews to write but also *whispers* work. And (after I dragged my reluctant self back to work) I finished it up in one day.
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September 24, 2022
Things are not as they appear and fuck if that aint the GODDAMNN motto here at Gertrude Hunt Inn

Dina Demille runs a cute Texas home but GUESS WHAT its a MAGICAL INN and she is a legendary INNKEPPER that can CONTROL it so basically a sanctuary type magical zone for ALL CREATURES and yup okay i love this concept

Sure she a sweet Southern belle who loves to care for people but you better watch yo self if you fuck with her or her guests
“He didn't deserve a warning, but I gave him one anyway.
"I've had about enough. I'm serious, Sean. Leave or there will be consequences."
"Give it your best shot."
Fine. "Your welcome is withdrawn."
Magic smashed into Sean. He went airborne. The side door swung open just in time and he flew through it and into the orchard.”


I don’t think you understand how original and unique this concept is !! How loveable and well developed all the characters were. A real strong female lead, great-world building, and unique side characters that each added to the story that FORESHADOWS FOR LATER BOOKS! its just so beautiful *chef's kiss*
“You may not have the air support, but you have me."
"Wait a minute. Just yesterday some man barged into my house and ranted about handling everything himself. Was that you?”

A cool theme is meeting different guests in each book that are prominent for that story where each guests having interesting backstories and need something from the Inn:
“Some of us have to mind the safety of the realm," the blond said. A narrow smile curled his lips.
"I've given the realm eight years of my life. It can bite me," his stocky companion retorted.”

Like please tell me more sir i ready and willing to listennnnnn

Also just a heads up, for yes... its true there IS a love triangle... but i ain’t even mad bout it
“I suggest you give up now. According to my research, in a vampire-werewolf love triangle, the vampire always gets the girl."
"Is that so?" Sean asked.”

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June 11, 2020
This is based in a very unique world where there are supernatural creatures - but they are actually aliens, and "Inns" (planetary rest-stops) that are sentient. A hotel for the creatures that your average human has no idea exists.

Pretty much..

Dina is our hero. She is in her 20's and is an Innkeeper. This means she runs the bed & breakfast for intergalactic monsters and takes care of their needs. She has only one guest, Caldenia, who is some sort of alien royalty who kills and eats her victims. And Funyuns. Gotta have the Funyuns. I can relate.

I know what I'm going to be singing all night. And, now I want Funyuns.

We start our story with a dead dog. There have been several dead dogs in the neighborhood and Dina is tired of it. She knows that a werewolf recently moved in and that this is another creature threatening his territory and taunting him. She lets the werewolf, Sean, know that she is tired of waiting for him to take care of the problem and that she's stepping in. Also that she knows he is spending his nights peeing all over the neighborhood to mark his territory. I'd say it's a werewolf thing, but as a woman who lives with three grown men - it's just a man thing. They pee everywhere. You, unfortunately, get used to it.

It still won't work. Nice try, though.

Sean completely disregards her - a small human woman - and learns very quickly that things are not what they appear to be. They decide to work together, and then some vampires get involved, so they end up a threesome. In crime-stopping. This book has no smut. Not even the slightest hint of an inkling of smut.

The story was pretty good, but the world-building was great. Really original stuff! The whole thing with the sentient inn was very imaginative and entertaining.

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Author 9 books2,012 followers
October 8, 2015
what a surprise.


i kept waiting for this to suck, but it never did.

just got better and better—more imaginitive, more funny, more more.

i had two quibbles:

1. every boy she meets is gorgeous

2. every boy she meets wants to fuck her or put her in jail and then fuck her

3. there is no three; i told you i only had two quibbles—pay closer attention next time.

niggles with pacing or structure or character development evaporated in the face of the eminent awesomeness of the plot, and the admission at the end that this book was written on the fly and released serially, with no follow-up editing to clean up missteps in the early going.

a really impressive bit of storytelling from a pair of writers having a grand ol' time.

highly recommended—if only for the closing twilight joke alone.
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May 24, 2023
Me: Hey Ilona Andrews, is this a sci-fi or an urban fantasy or a romance?

Yep, you don’t have to choose here. You get it all!

*chefs kiss* 🤌

What can I say about this awesome series that hasn’t already been said?


Therefore I will shut up and let you read the series for yourself. It’s worth it, I promise.
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April 3, 2017
11/17/16 Kindle Daily Deal today on my favorite UF authors book at Amazon

Reread because 3rd time is a charm with my fellow Ilona Andrews Addicts starting Nov 3 2015

Yep, I'm still team Sean and I need Dina's broom and I really want to visit Gertrude Hunt for a stay because I have often felt that the rules of physics should just be suggestions.

2nd Read November 2014

There are some books you read the second time through and you find yourself skimming to get to the parts you really liked or they lose something since the first time you read them. I have re-read 10 Ilona Andrews books and I loved all of them even more then second time through. I always find something that I missed or I relive the moments I loved and they are even better, Clean Sweep is no exception to that!

First I loved the setting in the Gertrude Hunt Inn so much more this time through
It was as if a medieval castle and a Southern-belle, antebellum mansion had a baby and it had been delivered into the world by a gothic wedding-cake decorator.

 photo gertrudehunt_zps63e45d77.jpg

Second Dina with her southern bell sweetness and just a touch of sass is awesome. She is a strong woman and badass in her own way. The Innkeeper magic is different and interesting and I really need a shape shifting broom in my life too. When the outside world sees her she looks innocuous and fragile but she is so much more as both Sean and Arland find out the hard way.
”….Second, I thought you were just a normal person who somehow knew about werewolves. I didn't have all the relevant information. Had I known you had a haunted house, a magic broom, and a devil dog on your side, my initial response would've been different."

The triangle of flirtation was just as fun the second time through. Sure I have a team and I hope he wins but there is but a single kiss in this book. Just enough to keep the romance junkie in me at bay but not so much that any part of the potential romance hijacked the story.

Ilona Andrews always incorporates such great details and characters into their stories. Caldenia is a personal favorite as the only guest of the inn who is wanted for crimes against the galaxy. She looks harmless but she is anything but.
Caldenia descended down the stairs and saw him. "Ooo. Planning a kinky morning?"
"No, just dealing with a pesky intruder."
"Oh well. If you kill him, do save me his liver. Werewolf liver is a very tender delicacy." She licked her lips. "Especially when sautéed in butter."

Another great start to a series that I hold very high expectations for in the future.
And Now We Wait for the Next Great Installment
 photo waiting_zpsa02838e1.jpg

Original Review Dec 2013:

If you have never read a book by Ilona Andrews this is a great introduction to their writing style and a good measure of if you would like other books written by them.

I have read the entire Kate Daniels series and I love it, this is the only other book I’ve read by Ilona Andrews and sometimes when you read another series by an author you just can’t help compare it to the original series you loved. Things overlap and it seems there aren’t a lot of new ideas. I can say without a doubt that is never an issue in this short novel.

Dina runs an Inn, on the outside it looks like a normal bed and breakfast, but on the inside the walls can rearrange themselves, spatial distortions are common, floors open up and it is complete attuned to the emotions and wellbeing of the Innkeeper Dina. There is magic afoot and it is interesting and complicated and intricate and I loved every word of it.

”…Something isn’t right with you and this property. Strange things happen around it. I don’t know what is going on, but I will find out. You could make it easier on yourself by coming clean.”
“Sure. This is a magic bed-and-breakfast and the two guys in my kitchen are aliens from outerspace.”

Okay on to the two aliens, I know, I know you are thinking love triangle right. Well sort of, it is more of a flirtation triangle. This is one of the things I really like about Ilona Andrews, they know how to pace themselves and take their time. Sure there are two very hot, very different men in this story however they are there to add to the plot of the story and not hijack it with romance. The banter between Dina, Sean and Arland is funny and actually adds to the world building as they talk to one another and figure out how to best their adversary. Never did it overshadow the rest of the story. In future books something could play out more, it is hinted at, but in this book it was simply an introduction and a getting to know you better sort of environment.

"I suggest you give up now. According to my research, in a vampire-werewolf love triangle, the vampire always gets the girl.”

The world is slowly revealed by showing you through interactions and events. Never is there an info dump so it takes a little time to get the hang of this new world that isn’t exactly what I thought it would be. There is also a bigger back story to Dina and the Innkeepers that seems like it will be the underlying arc throughout the series. I was interested in so many facets of this new fantasy world from the aliens, to the dimensional portals, a sentient building and some very interesting characters including Dina herself and her one guest who very nice for someone responsible for millions of deaths.

Clean Sweep was written as a fun experiment where the authors published one chapter at a time on their website until its completion. After each chapter fans could comment and throw out ideas about the story. It was all free during the writing process, after the completion they compiled as an ebook for sale the paperback version to come out sometime. That is how they intend to write the entire series the next section starting in 2014 so if you are a fan you can read it chapter by chapter until it is published. I will definitely be tuning into their website as they write the next installment.
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October 2, 2018
*Price drop to $0.99 at Amazon US, 10/2/18!*

*4.5 stars*

Let's just admit something to ourselves: Ilona Andrews can do no wrong.

This new series from my favorite writing duo is freakin' fantastic. It reminds me of the world of The Edge series (On the Edge) while not being a romance. It was magic and humor and made me want to SQUEEEEE!

I want to read more about this magical innkeeper who temporarily houses freaky intergalactic beings!! I don't know how this author pair keeps coming up with new, fresh ideas, but that well of brain-gems better never dry up. I'm thirsty for more! MORE!

It just goes to show you; self published or not, Ilona Andrews is kicking ass and taking names.
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November 28, 2021
I fell asleep countless times while reading this book and I can't believe the same duo wrote the outstanding Hidden Legacy series. It didn't help that the cast of characters were all so self-aggrandising and insufferable. This is certainly one for the HATED IT list. 😒😒
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January 31, 2022
Reread 8/12/17

5 sweeping stars

I absolutely loved this book! I fell in love with the world, the inn, the murderous guest Caldenia, Dina the innkeeper, everything really.


It was a breath of fresh air, a wonderful revamp of stereotypes (werewolf and vampire) in the urban fantasy genre in a totally different way . Ilona Andrews built a new world to be immersed in and I'm thirsty for more. Loved the Innkeeper idea though I kept expecting her to do this:
Of course she doesn't. She is an innkeeper not a witch!

For a relatively short story it packs a whole new world, with a lot of details without overwhelming you. It has action, humor, a bit of romance,in short everything you could ask for. I have fallen and now I need more.

And as an added bonus you get a glimpse of the two brothers from The Edge series George and Jack all grown up!

What more can you ask for from this book? Nothing except the next one!
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June 29, 2017
See this review and more like it on www.bookbastion.net!

Having been on Goodreads and part of the blogging community for awhile now, I've come across the name Ilona Andrews quite a few times, but this was the first book I've picked up by this author, or rather dual authors. A pseudonym for a husband and wife author duo, Ilona Andrews has penned a number of urband fantasy/paranormal novels and series that I have somehow overlooked until I picked up a copy of Clean Sweep. And boy am I glad I did!

As a huge fan of supernatural/paranormal/fantasy elements in general, I can tell that this series is going to hit so many of the right notes for me if a few kinks get ironed out along the way. There's a lot I really loved here and spoke to me as someone who grew up hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Charmed.

Strong female lead- check
Magic everywhere- You got it dude!
Cool monster and world building? - Up the wazoo.
And it's got some humorous elements too! 

From page 1 it was like being dropped into a fully realized and vibrant new supernatural world that I was eager to explore. I was pleasantly surprised that every time I thought I had things figured out, the authors would unfold some new dynamic or significant bit of information about the world that made me realize we were really only scratching the surface. That makes for some really compelling reading!

I appreciated that the authors attempt to go further than a simple "supernatural creatures live on earth" storyline that we've seen hundreds of times before. Expanding the world to include cosmic travel - essentially turning supernatural creatures into alien beings - was a fun twist on the genre and one I think can be used for some really interesting character and culture dynamics in the next books. Not to mention the potential for some really memorable and monstrous baddies in the future.

Along with the creature feature details that I loved, I enjoyed the magic system as well. It's well defined, makes sense and had some great limitations to it too that ensured Dina didn't become an overpowered monster slayer every time trouble arrived. This of course allows for the tension to build, especially every time Dina is away from the Inn, where her power is at its strongest. Of course, she's still strong in her own right, even when her powers are weak, and her broom is one of the cooler and more memorable magic items I've read about in recent year.

So why not 5 stars? 

There were some a few tiny things that rubbed me the wrong way, and while they didn't bother me enough to ruin my enjoyment of the story, a book is still the sum of its parts and these parts could have done with one final tune up before they left the starting gate. 

The two male leads aren't compelling enough yet. Dina was wonderfully established, with lots of backstory and I felt engaged by her narrative. However, Sean and Arland kind of paled in comparison, the latter was especially difficult to root for. He's given one really silly scene which I thought was great, but it wasn't enough to get me to root for him. I was also left with a strong impression that there's going to be a love triangle going forward, and Dina's connection to both the guys could have been done with a bit more finesse if I was going to be meant to buy it. 

The Inn and its place in Texas are underutilized. I love the idea of this small town in Texas being the backdrop for all these strange supernatural goings-on, but I just didn't buy the vibe in the slower scenes as being filled with that good ol' Southern charm that I had hoped for. Also, the Inn and its guests could have been more vibrant. The Inn is basically another Halliwell Manor from Charmed, except it is full of magic, not just the people that call it home.

While that's a really cool place to center a story around, I was hoping for more from the denizens that called the place temporary home. There are reasons given in the book, for why the inn only has one guest besides Dina and the two male leads, but I just thought more could have been done with that awesome setting. The additional guest is also treated more like window dressing. She's often in the background, chewing the scenery when drama starts going down, but never really developed or given anything interesting to do. 

Finally, the bad guy just is not compelling enough for a first book. I didn't feel like there was enough personal threat to Dina and the main characters. Don't get me wrong, mad props to this creative team that can dream up such creative sounding monsters.  The Dahaka was great in the early scenes, but the more we learn about it's motives, the less I liked it. As a bad guy, it's reasons for being bad end up being poorly defined and only very loosely connected to the main characters, meaning I just didn't feel much threat from it.

Had this been an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it would have been one of the middle-season filler episodes. You know, the ones with the "Monster of the Week." Still fun to watch, but nothing really all that critical ends up going down. I have a feeling the next books in the series will ramp up the tension a bit more though, and I'm excited to see where things go next. 

★★★✯✩ = 3.5 out of 5 stars!
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January 9, 2016
~6~ Ilona Andrews stars

The Ilona Andrews team shows yet again that they can right some of the best Urban Fantasy out there. This book reached all my expectations and then some, and trust me, they were high. Clean Sweep is a great Urban Fantsay, Sci-fi book, the first of a new series for our favourite pair of authors and I was taken with it from the first page.

Ilona Andrews create a new, complex universe in Clean Sweep. It is an advanced world where people can travel from planet to planet through portals and new species are created as the technology advances. I admit that II wanted a little more info on how the world works but I preferred the "need-to-know" bases than the usual info overload. There are many different creatures in this world just like Kate Daniels but the most important in the story are vampires, werewolves, shapeshifting dogs and sentient inns with very charming Innkeepers and some baddies than I can't even imagine how they look from the descriptions.

Gertrude Hunt is an inn, a neutral place where any traveler, from any planet on the universe can stay as long as they pay. Gertrude Hunt is also sentient and linked to its Innkeeper, Dina. Dina has been raised inside an "Inns| walls and knows exactly how to be a great Innkeeper, how to control and treat her home, but she is young and she hasn't been assigned to her Inn long. She only has one guest, Caldenia, who can never leave the inn and hope to live. Life is pretty good as she tries to make a reputation for her business and maybe find what happened to her parents 3 years ago. But now someone is killing dogs in her neighbourhood and Dina has a choice, should she try to find the person responsible or should she stay neutral as she is supposed to and let someone else do the dirty work?

I have to say that I loved Dina. She was a nice, honest person who minded her own business but helped other people without getting something out of it. She wasn't uselessly stubborn, she didn't believe herself to be the best of them all, she didn't get into petty disagreements and tiring arguments. She knew her strengths and her weaknesses and used both to her advantage. I got a sense of contentment out of her, quite unlike most UF heroines who seem more restless and battle ready.

Surprisingly, I didn't find myself interested in the "men" in this book. Both Sean the werewolf and Arland the vampire left me with lukewarm feelings. Neither seemed overly exciting although I did like the way they went at it for a girl who couldn't care less. And I was more than happy that although Dina does admire both men's physical appearance she doesn't fall head over hills for both. I think it's quite obvious that given the choice she would go for Sean at this point. I was amused though over Arland's lack of experience on Earth.

“I have spent my spare time studying literature popular with young women of this planet. One should always study the battlefield."
Sean glanced at him. "And?"
"I suggest you give up now. According to my research, in a vampire-werewolf love triangle, the vampire always gets the girl.”

Not very surprisingly my favourite character in the book was Caldenia, the inn's resident psycho. She was cold-blooded and not at all regretful of the evil things she had done. Made of awesome!

12/2015 Re-Read PS.

Arland on coffee!

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November 3, 2017
3.75 stars rounded up

Ilona Andrews are becoming one of my favourite authors. Their stories always have a good plot that keeps the reader engaged. It's full of witty banter, swooonn worthy men, badass heroines who really know how to take care of themselves (which I'm honestly all here for), and weird ass creatures who just don't know how to give up. Their books are so much fun and I'm glad that I have a lot more of their work to read eekk!

"What are you intentions toward Dina?" Arland asked on the screen.
"My intentions are my business," Sean said.
"Mhm," Arland said. "I have spent my spare time studying literature popular with young women of this planet. One should always study the battlefield."
Sean glanced at him. "And?"
"I suggest you give up now. According to my research, in a vampire-werewolf love triangle, the vampire always gets the girl."
"Is that so?" Sean asked.
"It is."
"In that case, may the best man win."

lol, love it!
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April 22, 2023
Dear Traveller! Welcome to the lovely Gertrude Hunt Inn B&B, in the town of Red Deer, Texas.
A perfect place to rest and relax, where your every need will be catered to by your caring Innkeeper, Dina Demille. Walk around the lovely, shady orchard; sit on the porch; sip a glass of lemonade in company of the gentle, aristocratic lady, permanent resident of the Inn & most wanted, killer tyrant of the universe (addicted to FunYun and YelloMello).

Besides the Inn’s unique capability of self-defense, security level is heightened by the presence of an alpha-strain werewolf. Entertainment for ladies is provided by the occasional appearance of a heartthrob, chivalric vampire warrior who, when drunk on coffee, gets all his clothes off and runs around the garden in the nude. When sober, same vampire may offer physical exercise to gentlemen and flirts with ladies. (I mean, who could resist a vampire who reads the Twilight series as social research to win a lady's heart?)

Normally I don’t do gushing, but the authors Ilona Andrews just make me do it almost all the time.

From page one I fell hook, line and sinker for the story and the characters, especially the Inn, Gertrude Hunt, itself. She is every woman’s dream: self-defending, self-cleaning, self-decorating with an underground storage for unwanted rooms and with doors opening to the most renown intergalatical market and other planets. From now on she is my best-loved literary character to whom noone can compare.


The other MC, Dina, the Innkeeper, as a caregiver and homemaker kind of person, is very relatable to me. At the same time she is smart, resourceful and compassionate.

I also think I am developing a minor crush on Arland. I very much picture him as Lee Pace in the Hobbit series, but with fangs, black armour and no hideous hair decoration. :)


And Caldenia, killer-tyrant can be none other than Helen Mirren, yes?


The world-building is great: detailed, but not overwhelming. The romance is very appealing, but not heavy and it does not, at any point, hijack the narrative. The mix of political intrigue & action scenes is very well balanced and throughout there is the trademark wry humour with emotionally highly touching moments.
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October 11, 2017
This was a great start for the series. Of course the characters will take some building and Dina needs some seasoning, but the concept is excellent!
Ilona Andrews have taken the paranormal world and made it science fiction. Love it! Seems that all the vampires, werewolves, ghouls, etc. began on other planets. Earth is a neutral planet and must be left unaware of the space creatures walking around, by galactic law. Any being who breaks this law faces reprimand. And if it is an innkeeper they lose stars on their ratings.
Dina is an innkeeper. Although she likes her job and has trained for it her whole life, her main reason is to find her missing parents. They were also innkeepers until they and the inn disappeared.
This series has some wonderful characters and I can't wait to see where they go! 😊
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May 22, 2023
2021 Re-Read

***2021 The Dog Days of Summer***

It's summer and this year I have chosen to read books that include canine companions. This series includes an enhanced Shih Tzu, Beast. Beast looks like a normal small dog until she is facing a threat. Then her claws grow and her teeth reveal themselves to be four rows of razor sharp weapons. She is devoted to Dina, her owner, but we get to watch her coming to trust Sean, the alpha-strain werewolf neighbour. Much as Dina herself warms up to him.

I re-read these books a lot. I don't always make note of it on Goodreads because I hate to admit how often I need a comfort book or just a mindless pleasure read. I like that Dina is established and capable all on her own. She likes Sean and Arland because they are entertaining and handsome, but she doesn't need either of them.

I also feel great empathy for Dina's feelings about her missing parents. I miss my parents all the time and have for 25 years now. I have hopes that the Andrews will reunite the DeMille family at some point. But not too soon, as I selfishly want more books for my rereading pleasure.

March 2019 Re-Read

When life is getting me down, I turn to Ilona Andrews. I powered through the Hidden Legacy series and still needed an infusion of light-hearted fun and fantasy. Enter the Innkeeper Chronicles. I debated long and hard before I sank my cash into these volumes, but I’m so glad that I did. There’s nothing like Dina, Caldenia, Sean, and Arland to make me smile and feel better. I am so relating to Dina missing her parents right now—my mother’s last sibling passed away at the end of January and I am missing her, my parents and all the other aunts & uncles. Spending time in Red Deer, Texas, helps me feel a little less lonely.

So yes, I’m avoiding life right now and re-reading old favourites. I’m not sure when this tendency will end, but I’m enjoying my vacation from reality.


Urban fantasy with a tiny bit of a twist. I have come to expect good things from the Ilona Andrews writing team, and this book did not disappoint me. I enjoyed reading about the semi-sentient house which doubles as an Inn (note the capitalization). Innkeepers have a symbiotic relationship with their buildings, and that bond provides power for doing necessary things like protecting the grounds and the guests.

So, Dina is an Innkeeper, dealing with guests from off planet. Usually, vampires and werewolves are treated as Earth-dwellers, so I found it piqued my interest that they come from other worlds in this book. This arrangement provides the authors with the ability to use novel villains and to let Dina travel on some interesting side trips. We learn the rules that govern Innkeepers, werewolves, and vampires in this universe as we proceed in the story. (As an aside, for some reason the Inn made me think of Clifford Simak’s Way Station--perhaps it was having to deal with potentially cranky, off-planet visitors.)

Quotes like this amused me:

“I have spent my spare time studying literature popular with young women of this planet. One should always study the battlefield."
Sean glanced at him. "And?"
"I suggest you give up now. According to my research, in a vampire-werewolf love triangle, the vampire always gets the girl.”

Because of course there is a bit of paranormal romance included. So far, it is contained in Dina admiring both “men” for their physical appearance (and one rather intense kiss). I know that I have said before that the love triangle trope does little for me, but at this point it is merely amusing and does not over-power the problem solving aspect of the story.

This series has proven impossible to find via the used book stores in my city, so I must confess that I purchased both this book and the second of the series as an early birthday present for myself. The introduction states that the series is an on-going experiment in creation with input from the fan base. This first book suffered a bit from that process in my opinion, but I am still happy that I bought the second book and I look forward to having time to enjoy it too.

Read as part of my Halloween Book Bingo 2016 project, to count towards the Vampires vs. Werewolves square.
December 20, 2019

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12/20/19: This book is 99c today! Order up!

I actually read this a while ago but it was right before I left for Japan and I was lazy, so the book ended up in currently-reading limbo for a while as I trekked across Honshu. Now I barely remember reading it because I just finished WHITE HOT and neither Sean nor Arland can compete with the elemental powerhouse that is Mad Rogan and if you disagree with that, I'll see your disagreement and raise you one tactile. The end.

People are shelving CLEAN SWEEP as paranormal romance, but I feel like it fits more into the futuristic-science-fiction romance branch, because it's about other planets and aliens, and focuses a lot on the relationships between the beings of those worlds and those who reside on Earth, with innkeepers being the "waystations" where those various aliens interact - for better or for worse.

I really enjoyed this book, even though I am beginning to suspect that Ilona Andrews can really only write one type of heroine - the brave, snarky, ditzy, kick-butt variety that delivers one liners as casually as an 80s action hero. Meg Cabot has the same problem. It's not really a bad thing, since I like both of their books, but after a while you start to get a serious case of deja vu with each "new" heroine you encounter.

The murder mystery was done really well, and I liked the focus on diplomacy and intrigue. I thought the world-building was incredibly unique, given that this is a book about vampires and werewolves (sort of). I didn't really find either of the heroes "hawt," but they were interesting.

Honestly, though? My favorite character was the house. It reminded me of the Luggage from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

3.5 stars
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January 26, 2022
Very excited to start this series by the Ilona Andrews writing team as I EAGERLY wait for book ten of the Kate Daniels series to come out. These guys are just amazing when it comes to writing paranormal and urban fantasy.

Dina is a witch and innkeeper, a tradition handed down from her parents. Her magical inn, which can do all sorts of groovy stuff, is a sanctuary for magical guests as they stay the night on their travels. Unfortunately, one day some creepy beasts show up in her Texas neighborhood and begin killing pets, and it’s up to her and the rogue werewolf Sean who keeps wandering around giving her smoldering looks to figure out what the heck is going on before the humans catch on or someone gets hurt.

I always enjoy the creative world-building this writing team employs and this novel was no exception. Eager to read on to book two!

Please excuse typos/name misspellings. Entered on screen reader.
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July 14, 2019
Rereading this puppy in preparation for Sweep of the Bade

Probably one of my most favorite series by Ilona Andrews, and somehow this series never gets old.
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September 6, 2022
✅ Characters
✅ Mix of urban-fantasy and sci-fi
✅ Pace
✅ The Inn & Innkeeper role
✅ Plot / Action
✅ There is not a lot of romance, but that's perfect for the story
✅ Beautiful cover

What an entertaining book! For a novel that's less than 300 pages, so much happens! Dina has to figure out a way to eradicate an alien threat in her neighborhood, deal with a grumpy and antisocial werewolf that has the hots for her, take care of high-ranked vampires and keep everything safely hidden from humans. The pace is fast (but not too fast, don't worry), and it's non-stop action, intergalactic politics, and snarky humor.

The concept of having an Inn that serves as a neutral ground/secret base for supernatural species reminded me of A Void of Magic that I read earlier this summer. I have to say though that I was not expecting the sci-fi touch with the paranormal species coming from different planets and the possibility to create portals to travel to other parts of the galaxy. It added a different touch from all the other paranormal books I've read lately, and it opens the door for so much world-building expansion in the future! Also, the concept of the mighty Innkeeper and the magic Inn is just AWESOME. The way the Inn is sentient and can be shaped into almost whatever Dina wants is so cool!

“Since I've moved here, you have shown up at my door eight times. I obey the laws, I pay my taxes, and I haven't even gotten a parking ticket in my entire time as a driver. Yet if anything at all happens in the neighborhood, you appear at my door. I bet if a meteorite fell somewhere in the subdivision, you would be here asking me if I personally launched it out of my doomsday cannon.”
“…Something isn’t right with you and this property. Strange things happen around it. I don’t know what is going on, but I will find out. You could make it easier on yourself by coming clean.”
“Sure. This is a magic bed-and-breakfast and the two guys in my kitchen are aliens from outerspace.”

Dina lives alone in her old Victorian Bed & Breakfast, and she's proud of the Gertrude Hunt even though it's old and doesn't have a lot of visitors... Actually, the only resident besides her and her dog is a mysterious alien lady with many bounties on her head. Back to Dina, she's brave, kind, fierce, and has a sassy smart mouth. She does not let herself be impressed or intimidated by anyone, whether it's Sean the gruff and sexy alpha werewolf, or Arland the gorgeous and intense vampire. That woman got fire and I really loved her.

“Where is Arland?"
"Rapunzel decided to walk around in the woods to get 'the feel of the battleground.' He won't leave the grounds and he promises to defend the inn with 'all the strength in his body.' I told him if he gets in trouble, he should try singing prettily so his woodland friends will come to the rescue. I don't think he got it.”

"What are you intentions toward Dina?" Arland asked on the screen.
"My intentions are my business," Sean said.
"Mhm," Arland said. "I have spent my spare time studying literature popular with young women of this planet. One should always study the battlefield."
Sean glanced at him. "And?"
"I suggest you give up now. According to my research, in a vampire-werewolf love triangle, the vampire always gets the girl."

Sean and Arland together. 👌
Sean is the typical gruff lone wolf that is also fiercely protective and jumps headfirst into action. While it's nothing new when it comes to werewolf characters, I really liked him and his snarky interactions with Dina and Arland. I am not that impressed with Arland, but we didn't see him quite as much as Sean so maybe he'll grow on me more in the next book if he's there. Still, the budding bromance between him and Sean was delightful to read (yeah I decided that it's a budding bromance and I don't care if I'm wrong).

“That suit has gone to your head."
"It's not the suit, buttercup."
"I don't do pet names."
"Do you do werewolves?"
"Okay, I'm not talking to you anymore.”

He leaned toward me. Suddenly the space between us shrank.
"I will do everything in my power to ensure your survival, and should the need arise, I will put myself between danger and you." His voice was quiet and intimate. "Do not hesitate to use me as your shield."
His voice sent tiny shivers through me.

Another thing that I LOVED is that there is not a lot of romance in this book, but that's perfect for the story! There is just enough sexual tension and cute moments, but the plot does not revolve around romance AT ALL, and Dina is not a hormonal teenager guided by her sexual attraction for the hot supes residing at her Inn. I can't help but wonder if this will turn into a love triangle? There would be potential, but I think we all know who Dina would ultimately choose so... Unless she keeps both of them... 🤔😏

Finally, I want to say that the portraits of the characters in the book are also a super cool addition! It's a small thing, but I loved it, it helped me imagine them and made them more real and tangible as soon as they were introduced.

Gerard Demille and Helen meet ⭐⭐⭐

Artworks by Disanthus

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December 3, 2020
1st read - November 2013 (Beta Read)
2nd read - January 2014
3rd read - November 2015
4th read - December 2016
5th read - October 2017
6th read - May 2019
7th read - December 2020

Main Review

Buddy read with Ange, Aly & Cory

Clean Sweep was originally published as a free serialised novel on the Ilona Andrews website, I hated the idea of having to wait between instalments so I decided to hold off until the story was complete before reading it. When the authors were looking for beta readers to help edit the story before it was published I jumped at the chance of helping and I feel it's only fair to point that out even though I've tried very hard not to let that effect the way my review has been written. If you look closely you'll spot my name in the acknowledgements but even though I received a free ebook from the author I loved it so much that I also purchased a print copy to sit on my bookshelves.

Part of the Clean Sweep Acknowledgements

Anyway, to get back to my review I have to tell you that I'm a huge fan of Ilona Andrews and their Kate Daniels series, they have become an auto buy author for me and Clean Sweep just helped to confirm the reason for that. They really do create such fantastic and unique worlds and I adore all of their characters, the fact that they treat us to strong heroines and alpha heroes who respect women and never step over the line into a-hole territory just seals the deal.

This story may have vampires and werewolves but it's far from your normal paranormal affair and you will also be treated to alien worlds and unusual races - the scope for future adventures in this world is just astounding! Dina is an Innkeeper, part of a magical race who offers safe haven to intergalactic travellers who are visiting foreign realms. She has an almost symbiotic relationship with the Inn she runs, the house protects her and she is able to draw from it's strength but without her keeping the Inn would wither away and die. Innkeepers have a duty of care to their guests and will do anything in their power to keep them safe but they are supposed to remain neutral when it comes to anything outside of their territory. Dina finds herself unable to sit back and do nothing when something starts attacking people in her neighbourhood though and she soon finds herself in a whole heap of trouble.

I don't want to say too much about Dina's relationship with the Inn so I'm just going to say I loved it, the Inn is almost like an additional character in the story and I really enjoyed getting to see how they were able to work together against their enemies. Dina has certain abilities on her own but she is stronger by far when she is in her own territory and has the Inn's power to back her up. She really is a great main character, someone who is honourable and determined to do the right thing even if it puts her life at risk, in fact Dina is the kind of person you'd want at your back if you were in trouble. There has been tragedy in her past but that has just made her all the more determined to make a success of her Inn and to build a legacy that she can be proud of.

The romance takes a back seat in this story which is a good thing because the authors spend more time focusing on their world building and introducing the characters but we are treated to a couple of alpha hotties who I'm looking forward to getting to know better. Normally even a hint of a love triangle would have me running in the opposite direction but I'm glad to say that isn't the case here and I'm actually really intrigued by both of the potential love interests. First you have Sean, an alpha werewolf who knows very little about the supernatural world and where he came from, he has his eyes opened in a big way but although it comes as quite a shock he takes most things in his stride. The scenes between him and Dina had me laughing out loud on several occasions and I loved seeing her put him in his place rather than going stupid around him just because he's a sexy man. They have great chemistry and I want to see them spending more time together as the series continues.

Alpha werewolf Sean

The other guy Arland is a vampire from a powerful family, he is noble and proud but very respectful when it comes to Dina. He understands her abilities so knows just what she is capable of but he still wants to help keep her safe. Both guys are protective and they can be quite growly towards each other but Dina won't accept any of their crap and she is more than capable of standing up to them. We don't get to know Arland quite as well but there are some great scenes with him and I found myself really liking him too. I'm not going to say who I think Dina will end up with because although I have picked a team I don't think it would take a lot to make me switch sides!

Vampire Arland

I could go on and on about the things I loved about this book but I really think you should just read it for yourself rather than have me spoil it for you. The special edition print version contains beautiful images of the main characters (these could only be improved if they were in colour) and I believe these illustrations are included in the ebook too. I'm excited that this is the first book in a new series and any new books will automatically go to the top of my to buy list the second they are released! If you're looking for a new urban fantasy series that is unique and memorable then Clean Sweep is a must read, as is anything else Ilona Andrews has ever written!


Beta Read Squeeing

HOLY SHIT I got accepted as a beta reader for this one *excited flailing*

Beta reading for Ilona friggin Andrews!! Words can not describe the excitement :o)

I know the story is already available to read online for free but I'm excited anyway LOL


Update: I really enjoyed this story & am thrilled that I was able to beta read for one (well I guess that should really be two LOL) of my favourite authors.

I've ordered a paperback copy so I'll be re-reading this very soon and will write my review based on the final finished version.


Another Update: Just received my print copy & OMG I had to share this pic from the acknowledgements!! This made my year :o)



3rd Read

Just like with anything written by Ilona & Gordon Andrews I love this book more and more every time I read it. If I could give it 10 stars I would! I'm not going to write yet another review so I'll just say that if you've not started this series yet you need to fix that mistake NOW :o)


4th Read

I love this series more every time I reread it. Ilona & Gordon Andrews write some of the best series out there, their world building is second to none, their characters are kickass and amazing but flawed enough to feel real and the stories hook you from the first page.

I'm a fully pledged member of the Andrews' fan club!
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June 11, 2020
*** 4.44 ***

"...“Did you hear that?" a woman asked. I crouched behind the growth. No. No, you didn't hear anything. Don't mind me, I'm not hiding the corpse of a nasty creature behind your flower bed. Nope. Nothing here but cute, fluffy bunnies scampering adorably into the night...”
― Ilona Andrews, Clean Sweep”...

Absolutely delightful! I love the imagination and creativity this duo of authors posses! They are a very reliable read every time I wonder what to read in order to lift the gloom that sometimes overtakes us all for one reason or another. They give us yet another look at the well familiar lore of werewolves and vampires, and I am gluttonous to consume everything that comes from their collective pen!

"...“Obnoxious smart-ass. Never been anywhere, never done anything, huh. Arrested development, huh. Considering that it was coming from a man who spent his nights peeing on his neighbors' fences, that was rich. Shoot, I should've told him that.”
― Ilona Andrews, Clean Sweep”...

We are introduced to Dina, an Innkeeper, who has just reopened a long abandoned Inn. She has a long term guest, a Lady who has payed for "a lifetime" of occupancy, and hopes to be able to lure more guests with the quality of her services. However, weird creatures seem to have targeted her neighborhood, leaving dead animals and the occasional human in their path. Dina has to decide if she is ready to compromise her standing of non-engagement as an Innkeeper, or if she will stand and defend the innocent bystanders who are her community. Maybe the newly moved into the neighborhood werewolf, who has been marking his territory vigorously, ( "...“It's being handled. Your involvement isn't necessary. You're free to continue on your serial urination spree.”... ), will fix the problem without the necessity of her involvement. But then there were the vampires... Yeah, action will be required!

"...“I have spent my spare time studying literature popular with young women of this planet. One should always study the battlefield."
Sean glanced at him. "And?"
"I suggest you give up now. According to my research, in a vampire-werewolf love triangle, the vampire always gets the girl.”
― Ilona Andrews, Clean Sweep..."

Fun, imaginative, full of tender moments, this is another must-read book by the Ilona Andrews team! Have fun with it!
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August 28, 2022
How ironic that I read the Edge novels, begrudgingly at first, because I really wanted to read the Innkeeper series, only to end up loving the Edge more – for now. Honestly, the highlight of my experience reading Innkeeper so far is briefly spotting what must have been an adult George and Jack, based on the description. This made me positively giddy as they are part of what made Edge so good! I’m so grateful I was made aware that The Edge is worth reading before Innkeeper!

My love for the Edge notwithstanding, Clean Sweep’s plot was quite engaging; Dina is another strong magically talented heroine to root for. Though there is almost next to no romance yet between her and Sean (I rather think it’s eventually coming though), there is lots of fun banter to enjoy. After some initial antagonism which provides for said banter, they end up working together. So no complaints about the small dose of romance; the potential is clearly there.

As for Sean, he is yet another shapeshifter, which the Andrews really like their male protagonist/love interest to be (not that I’m complaining - I love all those characters); here, he also serves to introduce the reader to the magic system and the world building, which I found a refreshing take. It’s not often that someone who is actually part of that world is the newbie – only Harry Potter comes to mind.

Then there is the vampire Arland, military head of his house, annoyingly beautiful and in his formal polite manner the perfect foil to the arrogant, irreverent alpha-male werewolf Sean. Even though this has the smell of a love triangle, I somehow doubt the Andrews will walk that particular Twilight road. (I fervently hope I’m right. I hate love triangles.) Quite amusingly, Arland is quick to point out the similarity of the situation:

“I have spent my spare time studying literature popular with young women of this planet. One should always study the battlefield.“
Sean glanced at him. “And?“
“I suggest you give up now. According to my research, in a vampire-werewolf love triangle, the vampire always gets the girl.“

That statement alone leads to me believe that, this time, the werewolf gets the girl.

As for the worldbuilding, I really like the origin stories to both werewolves and vampires: both are races from different planets. Vampires aren’t undead though their habits and physiology inspired Earth‘s legends.

As much as I enjoyed the world(s) created here, for now my favorite remain the Kate Daniels‘ universe and that of the Edge, the Weird and the Broken. But that might very well change once I get more into this series. It also took me a book or so get fully invested in Kate Daniels and the Edge. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book and to seeing more of George and Jack!
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