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[DEVIL'S PACT Erotic Western Romance/ Menage a Trois]

Epitome of pure evil, born without a heart, soul, or conscience...even his parents did not claim him. He is an outlaw who takes what he wants...

The moment Devin Spawn stumbles upon the exquisite beauty bathing alone in a river, he wants her. Morality non-existent, yet he struggles to keep his distance. His sexual excesses and massive proportions would be too much for the tiny girl who appears more waifish and innocent than womanly. She is a widow with so much to give...

The instant Megan Spawn feels his heated touch and potent sensuality, her flesh burns with wanton desires. It matters little he is the devilishly handsome outlaw known as the Devil's Spawn, the most feared, lethal gunslinger in the West-and her stepson.

Together they risk everything in the devil's playground... Where sexuality is as untamed as the bloodthirsty savages roaming the western frontier, and childhood sweetheart Caleb Walker is guilty as sin, the dark side of lust and passionate surrender comes at a hefty price when you forge a Devil's Pact.

481 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2007

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Samantha Cruise

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December 19, 2008
As a baby, he was given away and as a child he was stolen by one of the roughest gang leaders in the West. That gang leader saw in a ten year old Devin Spawn the promise of a great leader and when he became a man, Devin Spawn fulfilled that promise. Standing 6'9 and just freakin enormous, Devil's Spawn is known throughout the West as the biggest and baddest outlaw around. He goes where he wants and does what he wants with impunity. No one can stand up to him, but the one place he stays away from is Tejas, the territory where his father lives and when word reaches him that the old man is dying, Devin heads into enemy territory, ready to finally ask the hard question, "why?" On the way, he stops to refresh himself by a river, and floating along the water is a beautiful, young woman, so naturally, he snatches her dress and lays in wait for her. Dangling her dress above her, he demands a kiss in lieu of payment. But when her lips innocently meets his, their combined lust goes up in flames, and Devin finally finds a passion that sears him all the way to his cold, empty soul.

Megan and Devin learn they are related by marriage, and they head back to the Spawn Ranch. Unfortunately, Devin is too late to get the answers he craves, but what he does get is Megan. His father wrote him a letter, telling him to care for Megan and his stepsisters. Megan doesn't want him around, though. She only thing she wants is to see the tail end of this brutish outlaw and his horse, heading off into the sunset, but she's in a precarious position at best. She owes a debt and when Devin steps up to pay it, he claims ownership of her. He settled her debt to him last time with a kiss, but this time, he wants much, much more.

This was dirty. As in rough and raunchy, and gritty and lewd. While this story definitely had it's moments of kink, it wasn't so much kinky as it was dirty. Devin has an extremely dirty and slightly perverted mind and armed with "The Cannon" he didn't really need anything else. The Cannon is his 12 inch long little buddy, which also happens to be 8 inches wide in circumference. Yikes! Did I also mention that Megan is described as being 4'11?! Oh, yeah, don't forget the menage with Megan's boytoy from the past, Caleb, who is 6'3 and comes in at a very respectable 8-9 inches. Holy %$@%! That's a lot of manmeat. If there was such a thing as too much manmeat, this would be it. I happen to be four feet ten inches and that makes me a wee bit smaller than Megan. Outta curiosity, having never seen a twelve inch dingaling, (mores the pity) I held up a twelve inch long ruler and laid it down against my stomach, and promptly burst out laughing. It's just......preposterous!! HaHaHA!

Despite my seeming obsession with twelve inch long manroots, I really enjoyed this story. It was a little slow and a little boring in the first half. I really didn't know where Samantha Cruise was going with this enormous book at first, but it quickly got better and more fast paced and at the end, all the threads came together in a very satisfying way.

My enjoyment of this book definitely came about because of Devin. He was aggressive, and very, very dominant. There are two hot and delicious spanking scenes and I've got two bits of advice. Don't tell this man "no" and don't threaten his horse. While he was dominant and slightly menacing, he was also a sweetheart when it came to Megan and his stepsisters. He would take them to school and he also read them bedtime stories every night. All that and The Cannon, too! Awwwww. He and Megan have a weird relationship. Yes, she is his stepmother, but they are not related by blood, so I guess it's okay. He likes to tease her and taunt her about that fact, but it never gets weird, or gross. The weirdness comes about because, at first, they don't really have a relationship at all. Devin just wants to set up his own private bordello that he can stop by and use whenever he wants. He even thinks to leave Megan in the care of someone else, a man she's been kind of in love with since she was a little girl. (If that was the type of Dr/Patient games little kids were playing, alls I have I say is, Day-Um! I missed out!) He slowly gets her used to the idea by having Caleb come join in on their naughty escapades. And speaking of that particular naughty episode, I didn't know they had sex toys readily available in the Wild West. Not only that, but they came in small, medium and large. Talk about convenience. I know people back then could catalogue order anything from department stores "Back East" but while perusing one of those catalogues for fun, I must have missed that section. Oh, well.

Even though I'm having a lot of laughs at the expense of this book, I really enjoyed it. It was decadently over the top and a lot of fun. For those that care, this does seem to be a permanent menage but I'm not exactly positive about that fact. It seems more that Devin was 'allowing' Megan to have Caleb as a sort of boytoy. Devin was definitely the dominant over these two, although there are no m/m scenes between the men.

I highly recommend this book as a dirty, raunchy read. It's the type to titillate and delight you, while you keep it safely out of sight of any overnight guests. It amused me and Samantha Cruise was able to spin a nice, sexy tale out of 450 plus pages and I really enjoyed it. :P
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2,239 reviews3,513 followers
February 14, 2020
One word for this book: SMUTFEST

An almost virginal in her reactions girl, Megan, does not hesitate having sex with a stranger while her elderly husband is dying. Then she realises that the stranger is her son in law, Devin, who has just come to visit his dying daddy.
Moreover Megan is teasing to the extreme her poor childhood sweetheart Caleb who wants her like a madman for years and he cannot have her as long as her husband is alive because she is not a cheater (haha).
Devin is a huge guy with a twelve-inch long and eight inches wide d!ck who scares away any prostitutes and who needs at least 3 of them to satisfy him (haha). On the other hand petite Megan can take anything he gives like a champion.
And not only that! She can also have both Devin and Caleb. And still behave innocently (haha).

I am not judgmental here, but it is so funny.

Obviously besides the smut, you cannot take the story seriously. Not even the story takes itself seriously.

Recommended for anyone who likes smutty western stories with rough cowboys and gunslingers and who does not care about the storyline.
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725 reviews326 followers
December 9, 2010
Well, I finally waded through this massive book. Wow. This guy's "cannon" was a bit much (in every sense). Most of the love scenes sounded painful and it doesn't help that the heroine was a tiny girl. I'm not saying it wasn't hot because it was but I kept wondering if this girl was going to be able to walk again after getting done with these guys. When I read most of the scenes I was thinking "Owww" instead of "Mmmmm". I'll give this book four stars for hottness but it's probably more of 3 1/2 stars due to too much CANNON (who ever knew you could have too much of that - well yes you can).
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1,295 reviews1,391 followers
May 12, 2021
This was a pretty fine erotic western, but very, very heavy on the erotic. The hero and heroine were one lusty couple, and participated in practically every known sexual act and position known to man (including spanking, light bondage, domination amd submission, anal, oral, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and menage...but no m/m or f/f) and if any of that is too much for your tastes, this is not the book for you. Which is too bad, because beyond all the sexual shenanigans, there's a pretty good story going on, which sometimes gets overshadowed by all the sexual excesses. It's basically a story about a loner outlaw, who finds something and someone to truly love for the first time in his life, and a woman who has been searching for a place to belong and to love and be loved all her life.

The story is very explicit both in language and deeds, and there's also some 'frontier' violence. The author goes into great detail describing the hero's physical attributes (6'9" and built like a horse) and the heroine's petite size, that sometimes some of their sexual activity becomes truly cringe-worthy. And it hardly helps matters that the third member of their menage is also a large man in height and sexual girth! It's probably best if you can put the vital statistics of these men out of your head, or you will truly be distracted and uncomfortable during all the pasionate encounters.

The story isn't a total sexfest (thankfully). I enjoyed the hero's interaction with the two little half-sisters he never knew he had, and how he grew to love them and the heroine. There were some suspenseful moments when members of his former gang came looking to make trouble for him, but somehow you knew he would get the best of them. And when the hero could finally accept that he deserved to love and be loved, it was very satisfying. This book would have been a 5 star read for me, except about 2/3 of the way through it got a little too out of control for me when the menage heated up and it seemed like the three of them were going at it all the time. I felt the story sort of lost it's way a little bit. But thankfully, it got back on track and led up to a very satisfying conclusion. Hopefully, there will be a follow-up to this story, because a very intriguing character is introduced late in the book, and I'd love to read his story!
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96 reviews28 followers
September 2, 2009
OMG!! It's over! Finally! I really hate to feel this way about this book. It was a great story with super intense, raunchy menage sex and some interesting characters but it should have been half the length. It went on so long with mind-numbing (and I'm sure a few other parts) sex over and over that I found myself skipping parts!!! Yikes! I never do that! Skip the juicy parts??
I'm not really sure what I think about the heroine either. I'm not a "weak" heroine fan anyway and she showed Devon, continuously, how much she loved him by doing anything sexually that he could dream up whether it was going to feel good or not. According to her reactions though, I guess it ALL felt amazing. Right!
It was a definite fantasy from the "Cannon" to the dynamics of the relationships. It would have been a four if I hadn't fallen asleep reading it last night. :p
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987 reviews2 followers
December 8, 2010
I’ve read a lot of different books. Some with even questionable topics such as rape, slavery, etc. While I had read each book, I found something in the story that I could relate too, something that made me accept the book. That didn’t happen in this book. First, the book is permanent ménage and anyone who knows my style, knows that I don’t like that. So why did I buy the book? Honestly, at the time, I bought the book b/c I was still willing to give anything a chance and plus every one was talking about the cannon. Who wouldn’t want to read a hot book about a large penis? LOL! But as time progressed, I did realize that I didn’t like PMs as much as I had hoped. Needless to say, the book was already mine and I had to read it.

The truly sad part about the book is that when you break it down in parts, you can find some of everything that you like. But together as a whole it was a hot mess! I don’t recommend this book to anyone. In fact, I have put this author on alert. I will proceed with caution when trying to buy anything from her. In all honestly, I’m still thinking that she was up late one night, talking to her girlfriend(s) and they were laughing and joking and decided to play a joke and write a really horrible book. The author herself could not tell me that this was not a spoof. How could I take this seriously?
I didn’t connect with any of the characters. In fact, I had found myself wishing them dead at certain parts of the book. First, there was whorish Megan. Out of all the characters, I disliked her the most. Who in their right mind meets a stranger down by the river and have sex with him and then learns that he is her husband’s son. I would be mortified. She claimed she was. She kept spouting (internally) about sin and carnal desires and all this yadda but I knew she was a whore. After her husband dies, Devin decides to stay on. They eventually go on with their affair. Meanwhile, she keeps thinking about this one man that she loves and how she had wanted to marry him but she can’t stop having sex with this Devin. OK!!!

Poor Caleb! I didn’t care for him because he reminded me of a stick figure just in the background. Why are you waiting for this woman? She kept turning him away, claiming it wasn’t right but she was having sex with the monster son!!! Really??? Really??? Like I’m suppose to think any good about her. Even when Caleb learns that Devin is at the ranch, he still want this woman. Even after finding them in bed together. Are you serious? Because she just told you earlier on, it’s not right to do those things! Ok, so I still push on through this. Devin knows that poor Caleb is in love with her so he offers to share her. Now I don’t know what man is that in love with a woman for this long and never got anywhere with her, accepts that she gives it up to the next man and will take her anyway he can get her? Seriously, was he that hard up? I thought there was this prostitution place in town. Go get some and chill.
There was no real plot to this story. There was so much thrown in the mix. After they go on with the ménage, there was no stopping with the sex. I found myself skimming past it and didn’t realize that I was basically done with the book. But she throws in a few bad guys (whom I was hoping kill her and Caleb) and her brother returns. The brother was weird because he was tossed in the mix and then he got creepy when he listens to the sex and stuff. Yuck! Though they have their HEA, I felt like they let stick figure Caleb in just to be polite because he was pining for the whore the whole book.

Overall, this story just didn't work for me. I won't even comment about the sex b/c that was painful to read and more painful to think about :(
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for KindleKay.
37 reviews
March 1, 2010
I read this book as it was a February Kindle Smut club book. There is so much involved with this selection that a review will be difficult. But I will give it the ol' college try:

First off, it was L-O-N-G!!! Most smut books are not nearly as long. I think the print version is 450+ pages. It is refreshing to have such a long book to leisure in.

Secondly, it took awhile to get to the "good" stuff. Sure, there was a scene early on, but it was short and unsatisfying. I began to wonder why this book was in the "super smut" category. There was a lot of plot and a lot of character development. While I would not call this one of the best written works, it was very surprising for the category.

The plot wound around all over the place. From Megan and her dying husband, to her 2 step daughters, to her outlaw step-son, Devin. There was so much in the plot: the cheating neighbor, the school headmistriss, the whorehouse in town, Megan's childhood love of Caleb, Megans upbringing, Devin being hired by the military to track his previous outlaw gang, the indians, Megans brother, and, oh yes, the unbelieveable SEX!!

Yes, the plot was a bit all over the place, but once the smut started, it started good! Even I was wondering about "the cannon" and it's insatiable needs. I don't believe that there is a man alive who can go that long or that many times consecutively. Then things took a turn when Caleb....well, I don't like spoiler reviews so I will just say that there is a bit of M/F/M action that is way HAWT, as some say.

I bookmarked several pages on my Kindle during this read. While I am not sure that I will be doing a complete reread, I am 99.9% sure that there are sections that I will visit frequently, if you know what I mean. Do I recommend this book? Well, sure! As long as you are in the mood for some SUPER smut!!! :o)
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2,169 reviews68 followers
August 13, 2008
I liked this less than the 3 stars but don't have the heart to give it just 2. I love hot sex and this book has that, except I think it's got TOO many pages of nothing but sex. I was exhausted reading it and ended up skipping paragraphs to get to the non-sexual parts.

Like Auntee said in her review, you get to know The Cannon so well, it's like reading a menage a quartre starring Devin Spawn, Megan Spawn, Caleb Walker and T H E C A N N O N.

I would have given this 4 stars if the book had been shorter, say, under 400 pages instead of the 484 that it is. The sex is graphic...and darn painful even to read about but if you think a tiny, skinny-assed woman like Megan (the book's description, not mine) can handle a twelve-inch dick AND Caleb's nine-inch one, at the same time...you'll probably like this book.

Devin loves his horse so much that for awhile, I wondered if it was going to join in the action...but for all the graphic and non-stop sex, Devil's Pact is still very much a romance with a strong HEA for all three characters. I mean, four...
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1,048 reviews31 followers
September 15, 2009
This book wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's really long and I thought the first 3/4 of the story was very slow going. I thought Devin was a bit of an ass, but he did what he thought was best for Megan. He grew up as an outlaw, so some of his behavior was understandable. Caleb was a sweetie and he'd been in love with Megan for years. Megan was an OK character. She stuck to her guns in some situations, but sometimes I felt she was a bit of a doormat concerning Devin. This book has a lot, and I mean a lot, of sex in it. The sex scenes were hot, but I started skimming them toward the end. I think it's worth a read if you set your expectations low.
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714 reviews172 followers
August 12, 2011
I will be doing two versions of this review one for goodreads the other for my blog. The blog will give you juicer details for the older people;) http://bittenbyparanormalromance.blog...

My first western I didn’t know what to expect, but this was really good. Another m/f/m with a ménage. This book is kind of pricey, it has 481 pages so its heavy not only in weight but sex wises also. This book has a suspense, D/s, lots of anal, spanking, bondage and tons of hot sex. I will add it takes a while before the three get together but its worth the wait.

Now a little about Megan, she has a few secrets one is she is in love with Devin.

Caleb is really nice he is the opposite of Devin he is sweet and totally in love with Megan.

Devin is one not to tango with period, Megan finds the out a few times the hard why I might add.

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535 reviews133 followers
Want to read
August 18, 2010
From seton's 'size matters' shelf....

In the not too dinstant future, I shall experience The Cannon.
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121 reviews2 followers
August 22, 2023
listen - did i read this book ? yes. but i wanted to gouge my eyes out. i found it while i was looking for a different book that was horror called the playground- and i laughed so hard i had to know what it was. boy do i regret it. i will never get those hours back in my life but oh my god it made me laugh so much while it’s not meant to.
this book is all smut, and i can almost excuse the writing but the concept of it being her stepson MADE ME HATE IT. i could have liked it possibly if that wasn’t a thing. i had to read it just to laugh at it and I did very much so. do i regret it? absolutely.
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330 reviews
May 2, 2018
He pushed all thoughts of the bounty aside along with every feeling other than the one rock hard and aching between his legs. In front of him, not more than ninety yards, swam the prettiest female form he had laid eyes on in a long time.
He’d watched her play in the river without a stitch on for the last forty minutes.
1,074 reviews3 followers
September 26, 2020
This one is rather long but the erotic scenes are well written. It is strangely homophobic though and it kind of annoyed me.
2,966 reviews51 followers
March 4, 2017
The H is huge, h is tiny, and this is a trope that I usually like, but he cheats from the beginning of the book and this was a turn off for me. Pages and pages of boring sex, long winded story that meanders to menage with a childhood friend? I lost interest and skimmed a lot pages - really it was DNF for me.
Profile Image for Dee.
1,420 reviews
December 11, 2010
I don't even know where to begin when describing what was wrong with this book...to start off, it could easily have been at least 100 pages short, if an editor had looked at it and I say that because it rambled, it was disjointed and it was like the author was aiming for a word count and didn't really care how she got there...it was like a bad porno movie gone wrong...

the heroine (if you can call her that) is Megan a 4'11" 22 year old (or in that general age vicinity)...now i'm 5'3" (and readily admit i'm short), so I know exactly how tall she is supposed to be and Devin, one of the heros, is described as being 6'8" (ish)...that height difference about blows my mind...i can't even imagine it...that's nearly a 2 ft difference in their sized...it just don't work...

honestly, if I could have given this book negative stars I probably would have...I DNF'd it the first time I started to read it, and the only reason I finished it this time was because I had it slotted into about 4 different challenges...I know for sure, i won't be seeking this author out in the future...
Profile Image for Judith.
1,227 reviews
April 15, 2011
An excellent historical Western of sorts, highlighting a man who appears to be lacking in conscience and whose life has testified to a being completely amoral--that is, until he spies a petite woman bathing in a river not far from his father's ranch, and the interweaving of the lives of Devin Spawn with his stepmother, Megan Spawn, begins. It is a full-length novel full of good guys and bad guys, two adorable little girls who have experienced far more loss in their brief lives than any child should, and a set of circumstances that keeps on reeling Devin back to his dad's ranch and to Megan in spite of his determination to take up his roaming ways once more. He is also a wanted man with a $10K reward on his head, so a part`of the story is how he has to deal with this if he is to have any future at all. Megan's circumstance is critical and that forms a large part of the story line. Just a very good story and one I stumbled on almost by accident and one I will most certainly re-read. Just a really fine piece of writing and some very good historical romantic fiction!
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828 reviews4 followers
May 28, 2012
While there is no denying that this was a super hot sex fest, storywise this sure missed its mark. Sure, there's plenty of erotica out there without plots, and sometimes that doesn't matter. I was just hoping for something more. From an emotional view, I was repeatedly frustrated over Devin, Megan, and Caleb's unequal menage relationship. Caleb deserved a lot more than what he got. I felt the whole story would have been better if this aspect was removed from the plot. Pages were devoted to their sexual escapades resulting in sensory overload. Honestly, 150 pages could have been removed without making any impact to the story, which would have prevented my eyes from glazing over.

A lot of times I can learn a thing or two from sexual tales like this, but after a while, I began thinking, "good grief, not again!" So, what did I like about it? The unabashed rawness of their escapades! 3.5 stars
8 reviews3 followers
October 4, 2008
If you love westerns and/or books by Lora Leigh you will not be dissapointed by this book. It is very erotic, plus it has an actual plot! The book is expensive but well worth the price and suprisingly thick.
Megan Spawn has been married but is suprisingly untutored in love. When her step- son, Devin Spawn returns after his father's death he is suprised by the youth of his step-mother...and aroused by her innocence.
Devin Spawn AKA the Canon is very alpha and sure to get you HOT and bothered. I was blown away by this book and only wish she had another book out!

Written by Steph at Bookaholics Reviews
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183 reviews74 followers
August 21, 2010
This one was OK. Not great. The biggest problem I had was the lack of editing. I find it very hard to get turned on when the page is full of typos and careless grammatical errors. Considering that this book was pretty expensive, they really could have had someone check it a little more carefully.
I also didn't find the naughty parts all that exciting. More like, OUCH!
And then there was the "Yeah, sure" factor. Much of it was just not physically possible so instead of getting excited I was snorting and rolling my eyes.
Profile Image for Cem73.
382 reviews19 followers
June 18, 2012
L'histoire est un peu longue à se mettre en place (sans vouloir faire de jeux de mots wouah hahaha...) , mais une fois qu'on y est c'est une succession de scènes toutes plus acrobadiques les unes que les autres (au point que j'en arrivais à tourner ma lisseuse dans tous les sens pour essayer de visualiser la pose lol lol lol ) et ma fois fort titillantes . Cela pourrait se résumer à une simple histoire de sexe, mais l'auteur a su créer une véritable histoire autour de personnages attachants, à la libido extrême et totalement assumée!
4 reviews
October 23, 2012
Kind of torn on this book. The story wasn't bad..the sex on the other hand.. it went on and on and on. I had a few moments where I wondered to myself 1) Has the author had sex? 2) If yes, Did her lover have a member the size and girth of "The Cannon?" 3) Is it even possible for the mechanics she described to work? I spent a lot of this book thinking, "OW! OWWWW!! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!"
Profile Image for Catherine.
369 reviews46 followers
April 27, 2014
Well I frigging loved it! It was about 300 pages of pussy dripping sex and 160 pages of good story line.well maybe a little more even. But I did love the 1st Menege scene they did. One of the best ever I think I read. It was hot and wasn't put off by how long it was either. Honestly that was quite refreshing for a strong sexual themed book to be long.
Profile Image for Therinia .
95 reviews39 followers
March 2, 2010
It isn't easy being a widow. Poor Megan has a tough choice ahead of her when two hot studs set their sights on her. Decisions. Decisions. Things soon heat up--in a good way--in this action packed western.

Profile Image for Suburbancowgirl.
277 reviews7 followers
December 4, 2014
This was a LONG book. I liked it. Didn't love it, but it was a solid read. Plenty of sucking and f*cking all around. Great character development, nice story. I just thought it was a little long and could have used a good edit.
2 reviews
August 3, 2013
The story was good and very entertaining. It seemed to get a little long after a while, like the author tried to make the book longer when it really could have ended earlier. Definitely far fetched but a very good read.
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