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Elements #4

The Gravity of Us

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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Romance (2017)
Graham Russell and I weren’t made for one another.

I was driven by emotion; he was apathetic. I dreamed while he lived in nightmares. I cried when he had no tears to shed.

Despite his frozen heart and my readiness to run, we sometimes shared seconds. Seconds when our eyes locked and we saw each other’s secrets. Seconds when his lips tasted my fears, and I breathed in his pains. Seconds when we both imagined what it would be like to love one another.

Those seconds left us floating, but when reality knocked us sideways, gravity forced us to descend.

Graham Russell wasn’t a man who knew how to love, and I wasn’t a woman who knew how to either. Yet if I had the chance to fall again, I’d fall with him forever.

Even if we were destined to crash against solid ground.

270 pages, ebook

First published April 12, 2017

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Brittainy C. Cherry

65 books15.5k followers

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3,916 reviews33k followers
August 7, 2021
5+ Graham Cracker stars!!!

 photo Add heading_zpspm9knukr.png

I know I say this after reading every B Cherry book, but I seriously think THIS book is my favorite of hers. Brittainy-
“Every word you’ve ever written becomes my new favorite story.”

Lucy and Graham’s story is original, beautiful, and completely unforgettable!

The Gravity of Us starts with Lucille Palmer. A heroine with loads of strength, love, and the biggest heart. Lucy has 2 older sisters and they all lost their free spirited mama years ago. Out of all the girls, Lucy is the one most like her mama. She’s sort of a ‘hippie weirdo’ and I mean that in the best possible way. Lucy is one of the best heroines I’ve ever read about and by far my favorite character Brittainy Cherry has ever written. I loved every single thing about her. And her nickname for Graham- best thing ever!!!
“You can call me Lucy.”
“How old are you?”
“Lucy is a name for a child. If you ever truly want to make it in the world, you should go by Lucille.”
“Noted. If you ever want to be the life of the party, you should consider the nickname Graham Cracker.”

 photo Add heading-2_zpswepkk9md.png

Lucy and Graham meet under interesting circumstances. It’s safe to say that they are opposites. Lucy is fun, free, and happy, where as Graham is taciturn, grounded, and grouchy. This is a story of opposites who are thrown together and some how, some way fall for each other. At first, Lucy drives Graham crazy, but with time, she grows on him. In fact, she is one of the very few people in this world Graham can stand. I loved how different they were from one another. Seeing the way Graham changed and evolved afters spending time with Lucy was one of my favorite parts of the story. I love how one person can come into your life and change everything for you.
I wanted to know what it meant to be a part of her world. To be a man who felt everything.

 photo Add heading-3_zpslspxcot9.png

I don’t want to delve too deep into the story. I loved all the moments that made me gasp and watching how everything came together. Just know this story is exceptional. It’s a forbidden(ish) love story, but it’s also a journey. These characters go through a lot but everything that happens happens for a reason (MAKTUB). Not only did I adore Lucy and Graham, but there were some exceptional supporting characters. Ollie was by far my favorite.

Brittainy’s writing is stunning. It’s epic and brilliant and just everything. Her stories are unlike any authors out there. Every book she writes is unique and emotional and she knows just how to get me in the feels. Every book Brittainy writes makes its way onto my favorites list. She’s that kind of author. Her books are truly special and one of a kind. So many of her quotes speak to me and I just can’t get enough!

Sometimes when your heart wanted a full-length novel, the world only gave you a novella, and sometimes when you wanted forever you only had those few seconds of now. And all I could do, all anyone could ever do, was make each moment count.

The Gravity of Us pulled me in from the very first page and never let go. It moved me, made me think, made me feel, and made me fall in love. I laughed, I cried, I cried some more, but I was left with a full heart and a huge smile on my face when I was finished reading. This book is going on my all time favorites book and is my top read of 2017 so far! I give it 5+ stars and recommend it to everyone!!
“Love doesn’t push things away. Love doesn’t suffocate. It makes the world bloom. She taught me that. She taught me how love works.”

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beta copy provided by author
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689 reviews13.5k followers
April 10, 2017
"I’d died a million deaths before I gave living a chance, and my first breath of life was taken from her lips."

I swear, every time I read this author, I AM WOW'ED. To the point that I have NO IDEA what to say in a review. In fact, I don't think I've ever managed to finish a review on one of Brittainy Cherry's books because all I have is "OMG! OMFG! OMG! OMG! OMGGGG! OMG!" at the end! She leaves me speechless.

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It never ever ever fails. I'm left OPEN MOUTHED AND SPEECHLESS.

And so, here I sit AGAIN, staring at my blinking cursor, wondering to say to do this justice. And honestly, there's nothing. This is a WOW, WHOA, OMG, ANOTHER LEVEL, kind of book and Brittainy has me in awe!

"If love were a person, it would be her."

I'm going to give you 3 reasons you need this book in YOUR LIFE.

1. Brittainy Cherry is a brilliant writer. The kind of writer that makes you close your eyes and just breathe out wow's! It's poetic and beautiful. Some of her lines, her paragraphs, kick you straight in the gut. You can't do anything but sit stunned by the beauty and depth of what she's penned. I think she's one of the BEST indie authors I've ever read. She's original with her content, and I get the sense that she thinks long and tirelessly over EVERY word she allows on her pages. Everything has a meaning. There's no bullshit fluff in her work. She's trying to SHOW her readers something. She's trying to inspire them and that BURNS bright in her novels.

"She was the one thing off-limits, and the only thing I’d ever craved."

2. The characters in The Gravity of Us literally stop you in your tracks. They're relatable, heartbreaking, and you fall in love with them fast and hard. Lucy's a free spirit that feels everything in the deepest of ways. When she laughs, she laughs hard. When she loves, she loves fully and unconditionally. And when she hurts, she feels it all over. She's emotional and quirky, dramatic and sweet. A loyal, fierce, and an inspiring female force in this novel.

And then we have Graham. Graham who's completely broken. Where Lucy feels it all, Graham feels nothing AT ALL. He lacks empathy, kindness, and isn't afraid to cut you with his words. He's hard to love. Hard to forgive. And he doesn't care about what you think or feel. He's just cruel and mean, yet under all the ugly is a soft, broken spirit just begging to be found and healed.

Lucy and Graham are complete opposites. And the way the come to meet and then build a friendship is both inspiring and breathtaking! You will love the slow burn in this. The angst that builds slowly over time it makes you feel like you could burst. The love that slowly builds between Graham and Lucy is pure and right, romantic and once again, BREATHTAKING.

“Being around you does something strange to me, something that hasn’t happened in such a long time.”
"What happens?”
He took my hand in his then led it to his chest, and his next words came out as a whisper. “My heart begins to beat again.”

3. The premise of this novel, the way it's written, the flow, the pacing. It's all so well done.

Heart stopping.

It's a story line that will keep you hooked from start to finish. It's a little forbidden, but it's not tawdry or overdone. It's not illicit or naughty. It's pure and written so right. This book isn't a forbidden romance just to be a forbidden romance. Everything has meaning, purpose, to the overall story arc. Also, the twists and turns leave you on the edge of your seat. There's are things I just never saw coming. Things that broke me but made this story, oh, so damn good! I truly believe it's one of the most well plotted and thought out novels.

Overall, I'm enamored by this author and her way of telling a story. Graham and Lucy are destined and the way fate brings them into each other's lives is absolutely magnificent! I'm in love with the purity of these characters and the message of this novel. I think it's a powerful story of letting love in, letting it shine, allowing yourself to feel the highs and low's even if you're scared.

Embrace your fears.

We all have a path that is written for us. A path that might contain love and should always contain happiness. We deserve good things. And sometimes, even when dealt the shittiest hand, it's up to YOU to make your situation good. Individual happiness lies within, no matter the situation!

I really think this is a MUST READ novel. A 5 star, EPIC, UNFORGETTABLE ride that stole my breath! READ IT.
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1,288 reviews3,232 followers
January 26, 2021
The Gravity of Us is a heartfelt story of two people who found love in the most impossible of circumstances.

Brilliantly written and enchanting. Highly recommend.
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Author 65 books15.5k followers
January 4, 2017
~*~The Gravity of Us Official Synopsis~*~
Book Four in The Elements Series
Coming Spring 2017

Graham Russell and I weren’t made for one another.

I was driven by emotion; he was apathetic. I dreamed while he lived in nightmares. I cried when he had no tears to shed.

Despite his frozen heart and my readiness to run, we sometimes shared seconds. Seconds when our eyes locked and we saw each other’s secrets. Seconds when his lips tasted my fears, and I breathed in his pains. Seconds when we both imagined what it would be like to love one another.

Those seconds left us floating, but when reality knocked us sideways, gravity forced us to descend.

Graham Russell wasn’t a man who knew how to love, and I wasn’t a woman who knew how to either. Yet if I had the chance to fall again, I’d fall with him forever.

Even if we were destined to crash against solid ground.

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2,413 reviews4,661 followers
May 2, 2017


Brittainy C. Cherry delivers a very unique storyline. This story centers around one of three sisters who were raised differently than the 'norm' with a special spirited mother. Lucy finds herself in the midst of her older sister’s personal life and in turn she steps in and helps out a heartless hero.

”She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all.”


Lucy is an extraordinary heroine. She embodies all the good in the world yet comes across light and airy. She is a strong contrast to Graham Russell. Graham is an author who has been hurt and has enormous walls up. In a time of crisis he finds that he needs Lucy’s help and in return a slow burn, forbidden-ish, love story develops.

” Her emotions weren’t what made her weak. They were her strength.”


The supporting characters to this story were unforgettable as was the love the sisters’ mother gave them all and that they all carry with them each every day. Graham’s transformation and fall for Lucy was so well written it was truly heartfelt and believable. This was a solid story and quite beautiful novel!

”Live each day as if it’s the final page. Breathe each moment as if it’s the final word.”


**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**
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1,162 reviews4,270 followers
August 3, 2020
4.5 stars

Phew! For a minute I thought this would be another DNF. When a book starts with and you start crying on page 7?

I gave myself five chapters max before I called it a day. I am SO glad I didn’t give up. Because after that bumpy start, I was quickly won over by this beautiful, poignant book and its amazing characters: a girl who feels everything and a man who feels nothing at all.

I was totally consumed and absorbed by their story. Ms. Cherry once again proved that she is a true master of words. She writes with beauty and simplicity yet profound perception about the human nature. Her style is poetic and lyrical.

And therein lies my dilemma. You see, I am not a big fan of poetic writing or overly sentimental stories. Not everybody can pull it off. And for me, this book is bordering on being too poetic and overly sentimental. The characters felt too black and white and the dialogue too idealistic and perfect at times. But I couldn't not love it.

If you love emotional books, don’t pass on this one.

August 5, 2017
***3 STARS***

Unfiltered review here... https://prettymessreading.wordpress.c...
Why did I give this book 3 STARS? Simple. It doesn’t compare to the books I’ve given 4 STARS to. I felt as though I would have been disrespectful to all of my 4 STAR reads if I had shared the same rating between this one and the other 4 STARS.

I’m going to start with Lucy. I liked her, she was a sweetheart and I could see myself liking her in real life. She makes no apologies for who she is and loves herself enough to not give a damn of what someone thinks of her. She cares about everyone and everything with her whole heart. She even sympathizes with a man she doesn’t even know, who has just lost their father.

Graham was a cold-hearted man who gave zero fucks about it – my kind of guy. But he was also boring as hell – not my kind of guy. He didn’t have one single fun or entertaining moment in the whole book. All he did was mope around and feel sorry for himself. The boy had daddy issues, which I get but damn, he was putting me to sleep.

Graham is a best-selling author whose real life was more of a blank page. He had nothing he truly cared about and nothing that he wanted. His only friend was a 70 year old something man.

Lucy was a florist who’s desire was to spend her warmth and joy with the world. She wanted nothing more than to find a way to help Graham enjoy life and not spend it locked away in his mansion where he could block everything and everyone out.
“She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all.” – Graham

I love myself a good alpha man with a cold heart that a good woman can work her way into but Graham was like a walking black cloud.

The man was just a walking ad for Prozac. And I like Prozac BTW. It’s helped many lead more productive lives. I just wanted to shove them down Graham’s throat to help him too. Because all in all, he wasn’t a bad person.

This book doesn't take a lot of effort to figure out so I’m not giving anything away when I say they eventually find themselves together and live happily-ever-after. It just sucked that the only other emotional I felt throughout the book was depression. I don’t think I smiled once.

Per the title of the book, Graham and Lucy are pulled together by gravity, or so the story tries to tell us. I didn’t really see it as such. I felt like they were brought together by circumstance, just like any other relationship. That’s like saying gravity pulled my husband and I together instead of strippers and tequila. But it was a good try and I’m giving this book an A for effort.

Is it a horrible book? No.
Would I recommend this book? It depends on the person. To my sister, no! She hates super sensitive books.
Am I glad I read it? I wouldn’t say I’m glad but I’m not upset about it.
Do you think the author is talented? Yes, I do.
Would I read this book again? Hell, no!
Will I read more books by Brittainy Cherry? If I have nothing better to do, sure.

This book was like listening to Sam Smith and Adele singing everything depressing and wanting Bruno Mars to break in at some point to make you smile again.

Stalk all things messy...

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932 reviews1,094 followers
June 5, 2017
"Loving Lucy Hope Palmer wasn’t a choice; it was my destiny."

Oh Graham, I love you so much. <3

This was my 4th book of Ms.Cherry's and with each book this woman amaze me and left me speechless with her talent. I’m in love with each words of this book, I’m in love Graham & Lucy and I highly recommend to you Elements series. This series are must read… You must read Ms.Cherry’s beautiful words. Trust me, they’re all gonna touch your heart & soul. <3

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1,260 reviews10k followers
April 23, 2017
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

Right after we soared to our highest heights, we descended and crashed to our lowest lows—but not before his air became my breaths, not before his earth became my ground. His flames were my fire, his thirst was my water, and his spirit?

His spirit became my soul.
Then, we prepared ourselves for goodbye.

 photo SBPR-BCC-TGOU-Teaser3_zpszsdbtm9n.png

If you're looking for perfection, this book right here is it!!!

After having read several of Brittainy Cherry’s books, I am convinced that she is currently one of the greatest writers out there! Her words come together to create some of the most heart-achingly beautiful characters and stories. I am not even sure that I could come up with a review worthy enough to express just how much this story affected me! All I can say is that this might possibly be my favorite installment in the Elements series. The author truly saved the best for last. I doubt anyone who picks up this book will not fall madly in love with the utter beauty that lays within these pages.

Lucy Palmer is the youngest of three sisters and out of the three, she is the one who is most like their mother. Her mom was a free spirit, always on the move and nearly broke for most of their lives. She never gave her daughters financial stability but she more than made up for it with her unequivocal love that she had for them. Before her mother dies, she asks Lucy to take care of her sisters because she knew out of the three sisters, Lucy was the one with the biggest heart which had the capacity to love deeper than her two siblings. Their mother’s death strengthens the bond between Lucy and her sister, Mari but, their oldest sister, Lyric, ends up walking out on her family to build a life for herself.

Years later Lyric comes back into Lucy’s life but it’s not under the best of circumstances. Lyric, ‘aka’ Jane, is now a lawyer and married to a very successful but abrasive best-selling author of horror. She’s just given birth to a baby girl, who is almost three months premature. In a state of panic and because Jane does not have a maternal bone in her body, she ends up abandoning her husband and child without a backward glance. And Lucy, being the beautiful person that she is, comes to the aid of her sister’s overwhelmed and socially inept brother-in-law, Graham Russell.

 photo SBPR-BCC-TGOU-Teaser5_zps5whwol1x.png

At first, the relationship between Graham and Lucy is beyond awkward and strained. Graham is a very prickly man and not at all easy to be around. Once the story unfolds and the many layers are peeled away from his course exterior, we get to see what made this man turn as cold as ice. What’s even more beautiful is just how much capacity Graham’s heart has to offer undying love. He eventually sees what so many others took for granted in Lucy and all he wants is to shower her with the love she has always been searching for.

At first, it will be hard to fathom how Graham and Lucy can ever end up together because of his marriage to her sister and the fact that Lucy has a boyfriend. I will say this, I never for once felt that “cheating” was ever an issue in this story. They didn’t jump into anything lightly and there was definitely a slow and tender build to the romance, and yet never did I feel like things needed to happen sooner, and there wasn’t one single moment that I wasn’t absolutely captivated by this story.

THE GRAVITY OF US is currently available! Make sure you get to this one asap! This is one of those books that will leave an indelible effect on your soul.

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2ok3xtx
Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/HfzJ5h

 photo 14160636_zpsskp0scnk.gif

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
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1,449 reviews1,091 followers
May 9, 2019
I think my eyes hurt from rolling so much at the purple prose. Here are some examples that had me dying a little inside:

The mantra of one of the main characters:
"Air above me, earth below me, fire within me, water surround me, spirit becomes me."

The description of their first kiss AS IT WAS HAPPENING:
"I felt her entire being wrapping around my soul, soaking me in, changing me into a better man than I'd ever thought I could be. I'd died a million deaths before I gave living a chance, and my first breath of life was taken from her lips."

A description of them having sex for the first time:
"He kissed me with his always, and I kissed him with my forever. Right after we soared to our highest heights, we descended and crashed to our lowest lows-but not before his air became my breaths, not before his earth became my ground. His flames were my fire, his thirst was my water, and his spirit? His spirit became my soul."

I mean, seriously. Stop it. STOP. IT.

Also, I am obviously still very much in a book reading slump. I mean, this book has an average rating of 4.43 and my friends average rating was 4.12 and I still kind of hated this book! :(

I'll try to attempt an actual review this time:
Lucy - the heroine who annoyed the heck out of me. She spouts the random crap about earth/fire/water/spirit in order to fit the "hippy" label that the author tries to give her. Oh and she likes trees/flowers/gardening, because of course. Also, she is a doormat.

Graham - the hero who is an absolute ass and got married for unknown reasons which completely does not fit everything else about him. Also, he magically changes with his love for another woman. Also, can I just say that the name Talon for a girl is absolutely terrible?
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2,225 reviews8,034 followers
April 9, 2017
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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For an author, he was unnervingly good-looking and fit. A tattoo traveled up his left arm, wrapping around to the back of his shoulder blade, and his arms appeared as if his biceps had their own biceps, who had then given birth to their own biceps.
For a moment, I considered if he truly was an author and not Dwayne Johnson.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Each book within the series is a standalone so they don't have to be read in any particular order. What I loved the most about this book was the simplicity of the story, this author created such a life like storyline which made it so much more believable and allowed for a deeper connection not only with the written words but with the characters themselves.

She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all.

An unconventional meeting sees Lucy meeting the elusive author in a back alley where they are both locked out of an event centre where her floral business ‘Monet’s Gardens’ catered for Graham's funeral of his estranged father.

But when that door finally sprigs open it has a domino effect and Graham is calling on Lucy to help him.

“ Words freed me from falling too deep into my mind where I stored all the pain from my past. Without writing, my world would be filled with loss. Without words, I’d be shattered.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While Lucille is a positive love life to the fullest outgoing kind of person. Graham is a moody, complex closed off to all aspects of life kind of man, to open up is to feel. A dysfunctional up bringing has bearing on the man he is today.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“ You’re both hot and cold all at once, and I cannot for the life of me figure you out. I don’t know how to read you, Graham Russell. I pride myself on being able to read people, but you are different.”

There is no better feeling in the world than to pick up a book and to find yourself transported to a world of feels. And ‘The Gravity of Us’ delivers that tenfold.
Wow, what an epic journey.

The Gravity of Us: A slow burn Romantic story by Brittainy C. Cherry is the fourth book in (Elements, #4) Series. The Gravity of Us is told in a dual POV’S. Meet Lucy and Graham.
These two characters are complete polar opposites of one another. He’s the closed off broody non feeling author and she’s the hippy weirdo woman that wears her heart on her sleeve and feels everything.

Thank you for the opportunity to review this book I can't wait to read more from this author.
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2,307 reviews44k followers
April 7, 2018
It’s so fascinating journey to read this book as I’m crying my eyes out. Well written character descriptions about a love story about a man seems like heartless but who represses his emotions and builds walls to save himself from emotional turmoils. Well Graham is one of the complex characters who is acting like who has lack of feelings when he stumbles as he finds his polar opposite.
I love every part of it and if I have an opportunity to give more than five stars to this hearth wrenching story I’d love to give seven stars. It’s about to open your hearts to take risks about your lives and love unconditionally which we need all around the universe. I’m so excited to read the other books of the series.
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861 reviews288 followers
February 15, 2022

’I smiled. He grimaced. Our usual.’

“You need a break. Plus, we can’t be late.”
I cleared my throat and kept typing. “I decided I’m going to have to miss out on this silly engagement. Sorry, Jane.”
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her jaw slacken. “Silly engagement? Graham…it’s your father’s funeral.”
“You say that as if it should mean something to me.”
“It does mean something to you.”
“Don’t tell me what does and doesn’t mean something to me. It’s belittling.”
“You’re tired,” she said. There you go again, telling me about myself.
“I’ll sleep when I’m eighty, or when I’m my father. I’m sure he’s sleeping well tonight.”
She cringed. I didn’t care.
“It’s time to hop in the shower and get dressed. I hung your suit in the bathroom.”
“I told you, I cannot make this engagement. I have a deadline to meet.”
“While you have a deadline to meet, your father has already met his deadline, and now it’s time to send off his manuscript.”
“His manuscript being his casket?”
Jane’s brows furrowed. “No. Don’t be silly. His body is the manuscript; his casket is the book cover.”
“A freaking expensive book cover, too. I can’t believe he picked one that is lined with gold.” I paused and bit my lip. “On second thought, I easily believe that. You know my father.”
“Can you pretend you’re sad at the funeral? People will talk if they see you smiling.”
I gave her a tight fake frown. She rolled her eyes.
“Good, now repeat after me: my father was truly loved, and he will be missed dearly.”
“My father was truly a dick, and he won’t be missed at all.”
She patted my chest. “Close enough. Now go get dressed.”
Standing up, I grumbled the whole way.

why did i find that whole exchange hilarious 😆

“You can call me Lucy.”
“How old are you?”
“Lucy is a name for a child. If you ever truly want to make it in the world, you should go by Lucille.”
“Noted. If you ever want to be the life of the party, you should consider the nickname Graham Cracker.”
“Are you always this ridiculous?”
“Only at funerals where people have to buy tickets.”
“What was the selling price?”
“They ranged from two hundred to two thousand dollars.”
He gasped. “Are you kidding me? People paid two thousand dollars to look at a dead body?!”
I ran my hands through my hair. “Plus tax.”
“I’m worried about the future generations.”

I laughed. “Richard hasn’t gone down on me in what feels like years.”
Her mouth dropped open in disbelief. “Then you should’ve broken up with him years ago, sister. A boy who doesn’t go down doesn’t have the right to your services once he goes up.”

“It’s six in the evening.”
I turned around and raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, it is.”
“I eat dinner at six in my office.”
“Yes, I know.”
He cleared his throat and shifted around in his shoes. His stare fell to the floor for a few beats before he looked up at me. “Professor Oliver’s wife, Mary, sent me two weeks of frozen dinners.”
“Oh wow, that was sweet of her.”
He nodded once. “Yes. One of the meals is in the oven now, and she made each pan enough for more than one person.”
“Oh.” He kept staring at me, but didn’t say anything. “Graham?”
“Yes, Lucille?”
“Are you asking me to eat dinner with you tonight?”
“If you would like to, there’s enough.”

loved how awkward graham was. so the ‘grumpy’ trope did deliver i guess. but the heroine, described as a hippie that brought crystal ball everywhere and uses sage was not enough to fill the sunshine role for me

still not sure on how to feel bout this author’s writing style. torn between deep & beautiful or just dramatic & pretentiously extra :

”Graham Cracker?” I said softly, turning my body toward him, moving a few inches closer.
“Yes, Lucille?” he replied, turning more toward me.
“Every word you’ve ever written becomes my new favorite story.”

“Lucille,” I called, straightening my tie.
“A bit of advice.”
“Yes?” She wrapped her arms around her body and when she looked at me, her smile was gone, replaced by a heavy frown.
“Feel less.” I breathed out. “Don’t allow others to drive your emotions in such a way. Shut it off.”
“Shut off my feelings?”
I nodded.
“I can’t,” she argued, still crying. Her hands fell over her heart, and she shook her head back and forth. “This is who I am. I am the girl who feels everything.”
I could tell that was true. She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all.
“Then the world will do its best to make you nothing,” I told her. “The more feelings you give, the more they’ll take from you. Trust me. Pull yourself together.”
“Doesn’t it tire you?” I asked.
“To feel so much?”
“Doesn’t it tire you to not feel at all?”
In that moment, I realized I’d come face to face with my polar opposite, and I didn’t have a clue what else to say to a stranger as strange as her.
“Goodbye, Lucille,” I said.
“Goodbye, Graham Cracker,” she replied.

‘It was all right that she and I handled things in a different fashion. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and I kept my heart wrapped in steel chains deep within my soul.
Without thought, I held her closer as her body continued to shake. The woman who felt everything leaned in closer to the man who felt nothing at all.
For a split second in time, I felt a little of her pain while she encountered my coldness, and neither one of us seemed to mind’

“Being around you does something strange to me, something that hasn’t happened in such a long time.”
“What happens?”
He took my hand in his then led it to his chest, and his next words came out as a whisper. “My heart begins to beat again.”

“You make the world a lot less dark.”

“One day you’ll be happy we didn’t work out,” I promised him. “One day you’ll wake up with Talon on your left side and someone else on your right, and you’ll realize how happy you are that you and I didn’t work out.”
“One day I’m going to wake up,” he replied, his mood somber, “and it will be you lying beside me.”

Lucy lowered her voice and whispered, “If you need to fall, fall into me.”
Within seconds, gravity found me. Every sense of floating was gone, every sense of strength no longer mine. I began to descend, faster and faster, crashing down, waiting for the impact to hit, but she was there.
She was right beside me.
She caught me before I hit the ground.
She became my strength when I could no longer be brave.’

’My mouth crashed into hers, making my mind swirl as I felt her lips on mine. I felt her entire being wrapping around my soul, soaking me in, changing me into a better man than I’d ever thought I could be. I’d died a million deaths before I gave living a chance, and my first breath of life was taken from her lips.’

“Lucille?” he whispered against my neck as I snuggled myself closer to his warmth.
“I don’t want it to be true, but I want to prepare you. There’s going to come a time that I let you down. I don’t want to, but I think when people love each other, they sometimes let each other down.”
“Yes,” I nodded, knowingly. “But I am strong enough to lift myself back up. There will be a day that I let you down, too.”
“Yes,” he yawned before pulling my body closer to his. “But I’m certain on those days I’ll somehow love you more.”
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April 13, 2017
*Amazon US*Amazon UK*

Brittainy C. Cherry has never failed to make me cry my eyes out so I really don't know why the emotions this book made me feel came as such a surprise. Maybe because they hit me in an almost sneaky kind of way. When we're introduced to Lucy and Graham we got humor, and intrigue more than anything else. Seeing how different their personalities were sucked me right in and I couldn't help but laugh at Graham when he seemed to just not understand the concept of happiness.

And then BAM the sadness and the pain came at me and ruined my soul. I honestly don't think I stopped crying the entire last 30% of this book and it was the best feeling to experience. Yes that sounds crazy, but this was sadness that makes you cry all while being deliriously happy when those tears turn from pain to happiness.
"Live each day as if it’s the final page. Breathe each moment as if it’s the final word."

I connected to these characters instantly and fell for them really hard. Lucy was this fun and bubbly type of character that I adored getting to read about. Usually I'm not a lover of the super positive heroines that never see the bad in life. But with Lucy she saw the bad, and then turned it into something great, and I loved seeing that.

Graham was so different than her but his character had a lot of depth and once you actually dug into that it was brilliant. I really liked how complex he was and that he came off as this unfeeling bastard, when really he felt just as much as Lucy did.
"She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all."

Bottom line, this is a book I will recommend for everyone. It was truly amazing and I think it will hit peoples emotions the way it did mine, which will make you love it.
ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.
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March 29, 2021

Book: The Gravity of Us
Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
Type: Standalone┃Elements #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
POV: First Person - Dual
Rating: 4 Hearts!

Name/Age: Graham Russell : 30-35?┃Lucille Hope Palmer : 26
Setting: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Published: April 12, 2017

She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all.

Sometimes you read a book that touches you on an emotional level. It's a book that burrows into your very heart and grabs hold. A book that's different yet unforgettable. A book that I can't put down until I find out what happens in the end. The Gravity of Us was that book for me. This riveting, emotionally intense novel hooked me from page one, made me shiver and swoon, shattered my heart and then fused it so beautifully back together again. I could NOT put it down. I loved Graham and Lucy. They were flawed, vulnerable, and real. Their story is complicated but their love is real and powerful.

Loving Lucy Hope Palmer wasn’t a choice; it was my destiny.

He is everything I love in my heroes; he's fiercely protective, broody and broken. I love seeing grumpy, broody heroes come out of their shell and accept the fact that they deserve to be loved as much as anybody else.

Graham’s story is one of pain, acceptance, and selflessness. He believes he does not deserve love. Graham never had it easy growing up as a child. His past is full of open wounds that just refuses to close but by some miracle, he has managed to make a better life for himself and take care of his baby girl in the process.

Another thing I really liked was the way he was around Lucy initially. All, come here and do this and get out. But being around Lucy gave him a glimpse of the simpler things he could be appreciating and enjoying without the exhaustion of keeping up pretenses or working overtime hours.

“It’s you,” I whispered, our lips still slightly touching. “My greatest hope is, and always will be, you.

Lucy is a complete hoot, her infectious personality could melt the hardest of hearts, and quite honestly, Graham didn't stand a chance. She’s a bundle of sunshine and craziness and I absolutely adored her. I loved how she tried to make her dreams come true. She is a one of a kind woman and I admit I’m crushing on her big time. She’s free-spirited, quirky, a bit insane and I fell in love with her instantly.

She was my freedom, yet I was her cage.

What I love about Brittiany C. Cherry is her ability to create beautiful characters; she has this way of making her readers feel emotionally connected with them. Her characters are not only beautiful on the outside but most importantly, on the inside. Just when you think you have her writing style all figured out, she does a complete 180 and surprises you with each new twist and turn that she throws your way. Like, The pace is spot on. Her writing and passion bleeds through the pages and you feel it all through your bones. It's phenomenal.

“Lucille?” “Yes?” “You make the world a lot less dark.”

Lucy's forgiving nature - it seemed like she was too forgiving at times. She forgave both Mari and Lyric way, way too easily. Especially Lyric who frankly did not deserve her love at all.

When Mari came to apologize to her for her shitty behavior, I wanted Lucy to be more angry at how she was treated by her BEST FRIEND AND SISTER. I wanted her to be pissed at Mari. She aggravated Lucy to the point where she quit her lifelong dream! And Lucy just straight-up forgave her, no apology needed. I would've liked it to be stretched out just a little more.

But apart from that, I really enjoyed the book.

Graham with his baby was just an OVARY EXPLOSION in waiting. His dedication to being the best for his baby girl was absolutely commendable, and their relationship was just pure perfection. Like a hot man playing peek-a-boo and giving kangaroo care? So adorable. Sign me up for that anytime.

Every word you’ve ever written becomes my new favorite story.

I really loved this book and all the characters. Brittainy C. Cherry has cemented her place as a force to be reckoned with. If you’re anything like me and love your slow burning romances then I urge you to one click The Gravity of Us, because I have a feeling Graham Russell will be melting hearts around the world. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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April 13, 2017
+5 Awesome Stars <333

"We weren't supposed to fall for one another, she and I.
Yet it seemed gravity had a way of pulling us closer."

Brittainy delivers an unforgettable,beautiful,unique and original story. The Gravity of Us is an emotional,intense and heartbreaking story.I don't know where to start and what to say,because when I finished this book I was speechless.Seriously and now after two days I'm still thinking about this.


Apart from the story the characters also touched me in so many ways.I connected with them and I could feel everything.Lucy is one of my favorite heroines in this series,she is kind,sweet and lovely.

"This is who I am.I am the girl who feels everything."

Graham isn't the best hero from the first moment but as you read more about him,you fell in love with him and you want to hold him forever!Lucy and Graham are totally different and it isn't a love at first sight but when it happened they fell hard for each other.

"When his head rose and our eyes locked, I swore he somehow squeezed my heart with his stare."

Rest assured that you will not be disappointed with this one!For one more time Brittainy impressed.She is so talented and each one of her books are perfection!


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April 24, 2017
*****5 Stars*****

“Air above me, earth below me, fire within me, water surround me, spirit becomes me.”


Brittainy C. Cherry has done it again with another outstanding story in her Elements series. ‘The Gravity of Us’ was absolutely phenomenal and I could not fault it. Some authors I hold in such a high regard, where their books have a profound impact on me in a way that other authors aren’t able to do. Brittainy C. Cherry is one of those authors. Her writing is always so beautiful and easy to read, that I get invested in the story and feel like I’m living it along with these characters, I feel each touch, the heartbreak and the joy of the characters. I am yet to read one of her books that I don’t utterly adore, hence why she is one of my favourite authors. I have never given any of her books less than 5 stars and I don’t think I can say that for any other author I have reviewed. If you haven’t checked out any of her books yet, then do yourself a favour and one-click this author, because you won’t be sorry.

To date I don’t believe a character in any story I have read has moved me more than Lucille “Lucy” Palmer. She is such a positive ray of sunshine; she constantly wears her heart on her sleeve and always sees the best in everyone and every situation. Lucy is one of three sisters and is the one who is most like her mama, a free-spirted hippie. She loves easily and without condition and feels absolutely everything; from love and happiness to sorrow and despair.

“Even the darkest souls can find some kind of light from your smile.”

Graham is the polar opposite of Lucy; while Lucy is light, Graham is dark. He is a brooding, sullen individual and has made himself numb to any feelings. He has not had an easy life and as a result has built up so many walls around himself, protecting himself from experiencing any more pain again. Not surprising he has a very hard time letting his guard down; to let someone in and become vulnerable is something he avoids. Of course, once he does do this, they will see how truly amazing he really is.

“Graham was a monster born from the ugliest of circumstances. He was painfully beautiful in such a dark, tragic way. His words urged me to go while his eyes begged me to stay.”

Lucy and Graham are brought together through unfortunate circumstances. Lucy being the selfless and loving person she is takes it upon herself to help Graham and as a result, a beautiful slow burn love develops. Lucy doesn’t put up with Graham’s grumpy ways and ultimately mends his broken heart. She teaches him that it’s ok to open your heart to the prospect of love and to move past the risk of more pain and heartache. They really were the perfect couple; they complimented each other and accepted each other for who they were, flaws and all. I’ve never read a story before where two opposites worked so well together.

“Lucy Palmer had saved me from the darkness, and I’d never be able to thank her enough.”

This compelling and beautifully written story had me enthralled from page one. It made me laugh, made me cry and made me fall in love. This story is about love, loss, family, friendship and ultimately finding that one special person who has the power to be the light in your dark world. 'The Gravity of Us' was definitely an unforgettable story that moved me beyond recognition and I would recommend this story to anyone who has the appetite for beautifully written words that will stay with you forever.
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February 15, 2019
Viva-la-Melty!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....

THANK YOU *Carol*!

Audiobook --read by Erin Mallon, Brian Pallino ......terrific voices!!!! **GREAT AUDIOBOOK**!!!

Romance books --romantic comedy -- heartfelt stories about love - relationship complexities --are on the RISE! They are popping up everywhere! (for mainstream literary readers too)

Do NOT let this book cover (the hottie with sexy abbs) jade your assumptions!
.....Some serious issues are going on in this novel.
.....A mother leaves her newborn!
.....The newborn was premature. (and very sick for months)
.....The father was clueless about babies! (all new parents are -but he 'really' is) --

The father- Graham - **is** a stud-gifted -successful author! The guy can write --but he sure can be an ass! yet. We love the guy anyway! Watching him become 'human' is almost painful. haha!

I WAS HOOKED HOOKED HOOKED..............loved listening to this Audiobook!
GREAT DIALOGUE --all in the name of love and war --haha!

Lucy is the girl we love -- How in the world can a person NOT love Lucy?

Here's a funny -- (it was suppose to be serious --and it 'is' the truth) --- but I laughed out loud by the way *Graham* said these words:
"She wore her heart on her sleeve, and I wore mine locked up under chains" ----- want to gag? -- laugh? roll your eyes? --- I just laughed!!! cheesy! (in a fun way)

I'm telling you this was FUN: (I've been into fun).....'filled' with honest-to-goodness thought provoking situations....with characters we want to keep getting to know!

Lightness during these rainy days is great!!!!-- (not ALL is light) -- yet this book with the 'GUY- -with-the-ABBS', on the cover will surprise even the most serious of readers!
You might even find yourself smiling from the inside!!

Warms our hearts!!!!!!!!!! Pure enjoyment storytelling!!!

Graham Crackers take on a whole new meaning!!
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July 8, 2018
4.25 stars...

✓ Finished in a day
✓ Highlighted the crap out of the book
✓ Cried like a hormonal baby

Yup. I definitely just finished a BCC book... I swear to God, this woman's writing pulls me in like nothing else. Even if I have quibbles with the plot, I still tear through her books and enjoy the hell out of them. This is definitely my favorite in the Elements series. I really liked the two main characters, like a lot a lot, and I enjoyed the heck out of the slow burn in their relationship (which is pretty rare for me).

- Lucy -

Lucy was a ray of sunshine ☀️ I loved her upbeat and positive personality. There aren't many heroines like her and found her so refreshing. It was also amazing how she never apologized for who she was. She wasn't afraid to be different.
"Just because I'm not like you doesn't mean I'm weak."
It wasn't always clear to see from her perspective, but I loved the way Graham saw her...
She was all over the place: flighty, random, passionate, and emotionally overcharged. It was as if she was fully aware of her faults, and she allowed them to exist regardless. Somehow those faults made her whole.
And her sassiness certainly didn't hurt 😉
One day I'd stop being so nosey, but obviously that day wasn't today.
I know some people might see her as a pushover, but I never did. I think it takes a lot of courage to forgive the way she does. It's not always easy and some people don't deserve it; it's certainly not something I can always relate to (I can be quite petty 🙈), but I love characters like her. Her unapologetic nature was heartwarming and inspiring. She was always there for Graham, no matter what.
"If you need to fall, fall into me."
- Graham -

*le sigh* I had a pretty big girl crush on Lucy, but Graham?


Yeah. I'm in love 😍😍😍 I'm a sucker for a hero who starts out being a Grinch and ends up having a heart of gold 💛 He's dismissive of Lucy but I never thought he was overly rude, I've certainly read worst characters. Graham was bitter and wanted to be left alone, and it was very obvious...
"I shouldn't be surprised by humans at all, but still, each day they tend to shock me with their lack of intelligence."
"Please excuse me, I must go someplace other than right here," Graham coldly stated.
He didn't know how to handle Lucy's temperament and I think that exacerbated his negative feelings. But he slowly came around and I loved LOVED LOVED the wisdom he had to offer. This quote right is one of my favorite from the book...
"Just because you smile and act free doesn't mean the cage doesn't exist. It merely means you lowered your standards for how far you'll allow yourself to fly."
Add to this that he's a writer and a doting father...
Talon was my savior, and I'd promised myself to be a dad to her, not merely a father. Any person could be a father. It took a real man to step up to the role of being a dad. And I owed that to her. She deserved to have me fully.
AND then he gets super swoony?
"You're a prize of a woman, rose petals in your hair and all."
"You make the world a lot less dark."
Loving Lucy Hope Palmer wasn't a choice; it was my destiny.
If love were a person, it would be her.
"My greatest hope is, and always will be, you."
There was something romantic about the way she moved throughout the world, the way she danced on her tiptoes and laughed without any regard for appearing ridiculous. There was something so true about how she held one's eye contact, and the way she smiled.
I was fucking done for.


Yes, I know that was a lot of quotes. And no, I don't care. That was the narrowed down list, so consider yourself lucky 😋

- Graham + Lucy -

From the very beginning they had a complicated relationship.
She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all.
They both recognized their differences, but they couldn't help but be drawn to one another.
We weren't supposed to fall for one another, she and I. Yet it seemed gravity had a way of pulling us closer.
I didn't fully understand the forbidden aspect of their relationship. Yes, [MAJOR SPOILERS]

So, no, I didn't feel like their relationship was wrong. I understand their reluctance because it was a tricky situation but I don't think they deserved to feel guilt or that anyone should have given them crap for their feelings. Another thing I loved a lot about Graham was how he stuck to his feelings. There was push and pull in the beginning, but once he committed, he was all in.
"It's not going to be easy. It might be very hard, and weird, and out of the norm, but I promise you, if you give me a chance, if you give us a few moments, I'll make it worth all of your time. Say okay?"
And can we take a minute to appreciate this amazing quote?
Our kiss was as if heaven and hell collided together, and each choice was right and wrong at the same exact time. We kissed as if we were making a mistake and the best decision all at once. His lips made me float higher, yet somehow descend. His breaths somehow made my heart beat faster as it came to a complete halt. Our love was everything good and bad wrapped in one kiss.

I loved so much about this book, but unfortunately, just like the other books, the ending kept this from being 5 stars for me. I haven't loved any of the ending conflicts in this series. They've all felt OTT and a bit forced, in my opinion. This one was a little different though and the change was what made me like this one better than the others.


I was still 100% invested and I certainly didn't hate it, but I wish it had felt more authentic.

Now I know I included a lot of quotes already, but it's BCC so I have to throw in a few lot more...
Everything in life happened for a reason, happened exactly how it was meant to, no matter how painful it seemed. Some love stories were meant to be forever, and others just for a season.
Love. The emotion that made people both soar and crash. The feeling that lit humans up and burned their hearts. The beginning and ending of every journey.
Nothing good ever came from an unexpected letter written in black ink.
Real life was a mess of words that sometimes worked, and other times didn't. Real life was an array of emotions that hardly made sense. Real life was a first draft novel with scribbles and crossed out sentences, all written in crayon. It wasn't beautiful. It came without warning. It came without ease.
Because that was the thing about hearts— when you thought they were completely full, you somehow found room to add a little more love.
"Being with someone you aren't meant to be with out of fear of being alone isn't worth it. I promise you, you'll spend your life being lonelier with him than you would being without him. Love doesn't push things away. Love doesn't suffocate. It makes the world bloom. She taught me that. She taught me how love works, and I'm certain she taught you the same."
Sometimes when your heart wanted a full-length novel, the world only gave you a novella, and sometimes when you wanted forever you only had those few seconds of now. And all I could do, all anyone could ever do, was make each moment count.
"There might be a million reasons why you think it couldn't work, but all you need is one reason why it could. That reason is love."
If only the world could feel the way our hearts beat as one, then maybe they wouldn’t be so harsh to judge our connection.
"Air above me, earth below me, fire within me, water surround me…"

GAH! I love this woman's words. I'm sad that the series is over, but I'm very excited for the future journeys BCC will take us on 🤗


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November 5, 2018
Ich kann es nicht oft genug erwähnen, aber Brittainy C. Cherry schreibt direkt in die Seele. Sie nimmt die Worte und formt sie zu Gefühlen. Schleudert sie dem Leser entgegen und presst sie in Kopf und Körper. Ihre Geschichten werden zur Gänsehaut auf meinen Armen. Zum Adrenalin das durch meine Blutbahn rauscht. Zu jedem Takt meines schlagenden Herzens.
Sie schreibt. Man fällt.
Direkt in die Geschichte hinein.
Und es gibt fast nichts, was einen auffangen kann.
Außer das ewige Happy End, das niemals kitschig ist.
Sondern immer richtig. Wichtig. Echt. Pur.

„Wie die Erde um die Sonne“ ist wieder einmal ein Feuerwerk der Emotionen.
Die Geschichte beflügelt so leicht, wie sie dich wieder in den Abgrund reißt.
Graham und Lucy, unterschiedlicher können zwei Menschen nicht sein.
Eine Geschichte voller Höhen, Tiefen, Maktub, Lachen, Blumen, Familie und Zweifeln. Eine Geschichte vom Bleiben und Verlassen werden.
Eine Geschichte voller Power und Liebe. Für immer, die Liebe.
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December 9, 2017
***3.5 Maktub STARS***

Ya en el blog la reseña más COHERENTE (porque yo nunca soy coherente en goodreads haha).
Ojalá se puedan pasar por allá a darme amor ❤️ HAHAHA. :)

#SorryNotSorry ¡¡¡¡¡SIN SPOILERS!!!!!!

Llegamos al último libro de la que se convirtió una de mis series favoritas de 2016.
Antes que nada, debo decir que soy fiel seguidora de la autora, ADORO todo lo que escribe Brittainy, sus historias son de personajes, y cuando no conectas con ellos, sus libros son de esos que o adoras, o terminas odiándolos.

Toca el turno para Lucy & Graham. Dos protagonistas que son totalmente polos opuestos.

She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all.

Lo primero que voy a decir es que este libro fue una total sorpresa. Les prometo que el primer 20% estaba rodando los ojos a cada frase. Y cuando supe lo de la hermana, ufff... estuve a punto de dejarlo. Mi descripción gráfica en esos momentos era justo así...


Pero la autora tiene un estilo que emociona, que atrapa y que te pide que sigas leyendo.

Aún en contra de mis convicciones lo hice. Me sorprendió como un libro que era tan malo (porque en serio... no lo aguantaba) pudiera recuperarse tanto. Hubo momentos, frases, segundos... que fueron PERFECTOS.


Pero también hubo algunos que simplemente no deberían haber estado ahí. Juro por dios que en esos momentos me quería aventar por la ventana... bueno, al kindle hahaha y casi lo hice eh... pero aguanté.


Graham es un hombre duro, insensible, apático, frío y calculador.

Lucy es todo lo contrario. Ella cree, ama, llora, vive. SIENTE. Pero siente tanto que a veces es demasiado.

Bien dicen que los polos opuestos se atraen, y estoy convencida que Graham la necesitaba para aprender a sentir y Lucy lo necesitaba para aprender, que no siempre sentir es lo mejor. Que a veces duele demasiado, pero que, de todas formas hay que afrontar las cosas.

Su amor fue pausado, lento. De esos que me gustan. De esos que se van cociendo a fuego lento. De los que se sienten, y son grandes, reales y vibrantes. Simplemente hay amores como esos que no deberían ser. Pero en el corazón no se manda. Y si algo he aprendido es que a veces podemos caer por las personas menos indicadas.

For the first time, I began to understand her fully. The beautiful girl who felt everything. Her emotions weren’t what made her weak. They wew her strength

Esto pasa con Graham & Lucy. Son dos personas destinadas a estar juntas pero obligadas a estar separadas.

Hay tantas cosas mal con el libro que no puedo nombrarlas, casi todas son spoiler. Y es por eso que al principio me costó muchísimo engancharme, me costó conectar con los personajes y aprender a quererlos.

No me enamoré de Graham como lo hice de Brooks en "The Silent Waters" que es, al menos para mí, EL MEJOR LIBRO de esta serie. Graham no está al nivel de Tristan tampoco, pero para mí, lleva un muy merecido tercer puesto en esta serie.

ATENCIÓN: TE AMO Brooks, todo mi corazón, para ti FOREVER...


Ok no, me fui... sigo con esta reseña!!!

Lo que pasa es que él, Graham no Brooks ❤ eh, en un principio fue demasiado patán, demasiado frio, y desapegado. DEMASIADO ARROGANTE. Su pasado no me resultó tan impactante. Al menos, no para que justificara el ser como es.

¿Me sorprendió su evolución?
SI. Totalmente. Fue de no sentir nada, a tener el corazón desbordando de sentimientos. Pero hasta ahí.

Todo lo contrario me pasó con Lucy, me parece que fue por mucho la mejor protagonista de la autora. Es encantadora, es fuerte y es simplemente la clase de persona que me gustaría ser. Una guerrera con los pies sobre la tierra, pero al mismo tiempo una soñadora irremediable.

Me encantó el profesor, amé a Talon y odié con todas mis fuerzas a Jane y Parker. Quizás ese es el mayor logro de la autora, meter a algunos personajes en tu corazón y hacer que no puedas soportar a otros. Gracias Brittainy por darme sensaciones que no pensé sentir, por mostrarme que todos podemos encontrar a nuestro Graham o nuestra Lucille.

“Being around you does something strange to me, something that hasn’t happened in such a long time.”
"What happens?”
He took my hand in his then led it to his chest, and his next words came out as a whisper. “My heart begins to beat again.”

Un amor así, es imposible de olvidar. Pero siento que en su historia hubo muchas cosas mal también.

En fin, si lo que buscas es un amor bonito, pausado e inolvidable este es tu libro. Creo que mis valores y convicciones me impidieron disfrutar de él, tanto como quería. ES QUE EN SERIO... ESO NO SE HACE...


En conclusión,
no es el mejor de la serie pero si es uno de los que mejores momentos tuvo. Los más emotivos y emocionales fueron con el profesor. Se llevó mi corazón. Estoy 100% segura que si no eres como yo, lo vas a AMAR.


PD: Cuando lo leas, POR FAVOR habla conmigo, necesito fangirlear intensamente este libro. LIKE A LOT!!!!!
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June 7, 2017
Graham Cracker, you magnificent bastard. And Lucy is a gem. There is nothing I love more than a story about good people. Makes my heart happy. The way these two came together was beautiful to watch/read, and I now I have to make my way backwards through the Elements. <3
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April 27, 2017
This story is Amazing. It's beautiful. It's soul searing. I loved it. So loudly.

I'm gonna be honest, when I started this book I was seriously thinking "why all the 5 star reviews". I couldn't get into it, then bam. I was worried where the story was going to head. But man oh man was I wrong. In so many ways.

Graham. My oh my Graham Cracker. You are a man of many mysterious mysteries. One would think. You write dark, unhappy, monstrous novels that hit every best seller lists out there. But once your heart opens, it opens hugely.
 photo 9B1E4246-660A-45AB-9077-12BF10928F26_zpszyihfujc.jpg
Lucy Lucille. You are so full of life. So full of love. You are so free to love and do what you want and once you figure out what it is you want, you get it. It doesn't come freely, it doesn't come easily, and it definitely doesn't come without hurt. You are such a beautiful selfless soul.
 photo EB014077-6468-454C-AEA3-00A48F69A15C_zpstwagmnsv.jpg
I loved the ending. I loved the epilogue. Hell I loved this whole book. This author simply amazes me with her writing❤️
 photo 0C7CB996-7F86-4F47-9AE8-83E3D3B341E4_zpsgkmhzlb5.gif
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April 10, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone Book 4 from Elements series
POV: First Person - Dual

Lucille (Lucy) Palmer was a free spirit. She was as bright and lovely as the flowers in her shop. She was never one to shy from embracing her emotions even if it's against a heartless man.

Graham Russell was an award winning fiction author. His books might have heart, but the man himself avoided showing it in real life. That was until she entered his life and showed him what it meant to live a fulfilling life.

I always love books that evoke emotions and I know Brittainy C. Cherry is capable of doing that. This book surely succeeded in that matter.

She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all.

If there's one fictional character I could easily relate to, it's Graham. He's cold, apathetic and pretty much an asshole. I feel like I'm the real life reflection of him - except the asshole part (Well, at least I hope not haha!). But behind the facade, he had the capacity to open up his heart.

She was the one thing off-limits, and the only thing I’d ever craved.

Lucy was the complete opposite of Graham. If they were books, he would be a non HEA mystery and she would be a rainbow farting unicorn romance. She brought light and happiness into people's lives without being annoying.

Heartbreak took love and mutilated it, humiliated it, scarred it. Heartbreak slowly began to freeze heartbeats that had once been so welcoming to love.

I was excited to read this book, but as I progressed, I started to doubt it. I like both characters, but I wasn't "feeling" it. It took close to 70% for it to stir something in me, but as soon as it did, it was an emotional assault, and that's a good thing in my book lol!

“Being around you does something strange to me, something that hasn’t happened in such a long time.”
“What happens?” He took my hand in his then led it to his chest, and his next words came out as a whisper.
“My heart begins to beat again.”

I like how Graham evolved organically. There's nothing worse when a character flipped like a switch. The writing as usual is beautiful with plenty of quotable sentences.

The Gravity of Us revolves around two individuals who help tether each other to the ground while learning to enjoy the high of life. It would appeal to readers who like to embrace their emotions.

Standalone books in the series:
The Air He Breathes (Elements, #1) by Brittainy C. Cherry The Fire Between High & Lo (Elements, #2) by Brittainy C. Cherry The Silent Waters (Elements, #3) by Brittainy C. Cherry The Gravity of Us (Elements, #4) by Brittainy C. Cherry

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April 24, 2018
4.5 stars

“She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all.”

The Gravity of Us is the story of Lucille and Graham, an optimist and a pessimist. Circumstances throw them together and Graham ends up needing Lucille even if he doesn’t want to admit it. While Lucille drives him crazy, over time she begins to grow on him and a mutual attraction develops.

“It’s just funny, isn’t it? How the main characters never know about the adventures they’re about to go on.”

It’s funny because I don’t normally enjoy very sweet books. And this book is so sweet, but it wasn’t cheesy. And I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much, because I was able to enjoy the sweet and it didn’t make me overdose on it. And while this book was sweet, it was also full of FEELS. ALL THE FEELS. Not the angsty feels, but many feels and I enjoyed that very much.

What stuck for me most and what made this 4.5 was the beautiful story, the beautiful words, and the beautiful characters. No one was perfect, but they were appreciated for who they were. The romance was built on respect and friendship and that made such a strong foundation. A wonderful slowburn romance.

Amazing book and it didn’t take long to read, so I recommend you carve out some time and read it asap!

“I imagined what it would be like to be happy, and I think you are the definition of happiness.”

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April 15, 2017
3.5 Stars

Overall Opinion: This was a total 5 star read for me in the first 80ish%! I felt like the major conflicts were thrown in way too late and resolved way too easily for them to be believable. I am so bummed! I loved this book until then! I knew we had to have the conflict, so I was expecting it...but that late?!? It was accompanied by some other big drama for both the H and h (that felt a little OTT) right at the same time! And all of the conflicts seem to take a complete 180 and turn around without any further issues?!? Yeah...not just bummed -- a little ticked off tbh.

Total side note here -- but if all authors had biceps like the H is described to have and that on the cover, I think the ladies are looking for the wrong type of man! ;)

Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Lucy and Graham's story. They meet at a funeral where they both get trapped by a locked door. They have an instant pull even though they are total opposites and start talking, and Graham reveals some truths that he hasn't ever done before. Lucy is shocked to find out that Graham is actually married to her estranged older sister. After some traumatic events, Lucy ends up helping Graham out with his new life changing realities. They spend a lot of time together, and help each other through some hard times which only ends up bringing them closer and making the pull harder to ignore. After getting through those hard times, they do get a HEA ending.

POV: This alternated between Lucy and Graham's POV.

Overall Pace of Story: Good until the last 18ish%. I never skimmed, and I thought it flowed well.

Instalove: No, they take a good while to develop stronger feelings.

H rating: 4 stars. Graham. I liked him. He was a bit of an apathetic, but moody guy (if that even makes sense) that said some brutality honest things at times that had to sting -- but I ended up really enjoying his character.

h rating: 5 stars. Lucy. I loved her. She was a "hippie weirdo", but I loved that about her! She was always positive, loving, and extremely loyal.

Sadness level: Moderate/high. I needed a few tissues, but it never turned into an ugly cry.

Push/Pull: Yes

Heat level: Low.

Descriptive sex: Yes

Safe sex: No

OW/OM drama: Yes

Sex scene with OW or OM: No

Cheating: Technically, yes.

Separation: Yes

Possible Triggers: Yes

Closure: This had pretty good closure with a jump ahead epilogue and a HEA ending. See "overall opinion" section above about my issues with the conflicts being resolved too easily.

How I got it: It was part of my kindle unlimited subscription.

Safety: This one should be either Safe with exception or Not Safe depending on personal preferences.
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June 19, 2018
Un protagonista que empieza como el culo pero que termina enamorando a cualquiera, una protagonista que es todo corazón, dulzura y pureza, alegria, y juntos forman una preciosa historia con sus muchos momentos malos, pero con sus tambien muchos momentos buenos y bonitos.
La autora ha creado algo digno de leer, asique lo recomiendo 100%

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August 19, 2019
Solo porque sonrías y actúes con libertad no implica que la jaula no exista. Solo significa que has bajado tus estándares sobre lo lejos que te permites volar.
Brittainy va a conseguir que me explote el corazón con sus historias. Qué bonitas y profundas son todas.
Esta es la historia de Graham y de Lucy. Graham es un escritor de gran éxito, frío e de impenetrable corazón. Lucy es una florista, amable, dulce y excéntrica, con una sonrisa siempre en la cara. La vida de este par coincide en el funeral del padre de Graham, donde Lucy es una de las encargadas de las flores y que cuando se conocen, descubren que sus vidas están conectadas. Al principio, Graham es una persona muy desagradable con Lucy. Toda su vida ha estado acostumbrado a que le abandonen y eso ha hecho que sea muy reservado y frío con las personas. Pero algo sucede en su vida que hace que Lucy, esa chica tan alegre, acabe su vida e irremediablemente, acaben surgiendo los sentimientos entre ellos.
Es una historia con muchísima profundidad. Toca unos temas muy importantes y como marca a las personas que lo han sufrido. Habla del amor en su estado más puro y lo que se debería sentir cuando se ama de verdad.
Este libro os despertará un montón de sentimientos y sensaciones. No me cansaré de decir que aunque parezcan simples historias de amor, esta saga es mucho más que eso, y este libro no se queda atrás.
La autora escribe TAN BONITO... podría ponerle un post-it entero al libro, pero bueno, sí que me ha hecho gastar tres paquetes de post-its. Y es que tiene frases desgarradoras, profundas y que se te marcan en la piel como un tatuaje.
Es cierto que este libro ha sido el que menos me ha gustado por el momento, pero no por nada en concreto, tal vez ha tardado más en empezar y se me ha quedado más flojo el drama. Dios, es que amo el DRAMA es mayúsculas JAJAJA. Entonces, como que me ha parecido que no sufren lo que yo les hubiera hecho sufrir. Que cruel soy, de verdad xD Como si no hubieran tenido suficiente los pobres.
Es precioso ver como evoluciona Graham en el libro. Como Lucy va fundiendo ese corazón de hielo y colándose en él con sus cosas hippies y raras. Ambos tienen muchísima química y amaba cada momento juntos. También me hicieron sufrir muchísimo, pero oye, por eso leo estos libros.
Me vuelvo a repetir, pero si os gustan los libros con buenas historias de amor, bien escritos y con personajes maravillosos, tanto los que amas como los que odias, tenéis que leer estos libros.
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December 7, 2019
5 ‘Maktub’ stars

"If you need to fall, fall into me.”

Rereading another one of my favorite books because I feel like ending my year with old favorites. Also, this is technically the final exams season for me and I decided to finally acknowledge my responsibilities, So I just feel like dedicating this last month to rereading some of my favorite books.

"Thank you, Graham.”
“For what?”
“Catching me before I hit the ground.”

This was my first book by Brittany C. Cherry, and my favorite one along with ‘The silent waters’. it’s just so simply beautiful. This book was so emotional and heartwarming, with two completely different characters who found their way to each other. This book was solid. With some amazing side characters. A sweet romance. A heartbreaking and heartwarming plot both in the same time. An effortless beautiful writing. A memorable quotes. I loved Graham and Lucy so much, and I freakin love this book.

After all, maktub—it was already written.

Song recommendation:

Rise up by Andra Day
Say you won’t let go by James Arthur
Unsteady by X Ambassadors
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June 29, 2018
****4.999 Todo está escrito STARS****

PopSugar Reading Challenge Categoría #5

“I love you, Lucy,” he said, not calling me Lucille for the first time ever. “I love the way you give, the way you care, the way you laugh, the way you smile. I love your heart and how it beats for the world. Before you, I was lost, and because of you, I found my way home. You’re the reason I believe in tomorrow. You’re the reason I believe in love, and I plan to never let you go. Marry me. Marry Talon. Marry us.”

Así estoy en estos momentos a segundos de haber terminado este hermoso libro

Sé que las altas expectativas son unas perras que te juegan en contra y de verdad que tenía bastante miedo leer este libro tan esperado y que no me gustara pero muy en el fondo de mi corazón sabía que no me iba a decepcionar y no lo hizo, y ahora sí me declaro OFICIALMENTE una fangirl de esta serie

Brittainny C. Cherry la volví hacer juro que la volvió hacer, me removió tantas cosas por dentro, con sus escritura tan linda y sus palabras bonitas volví a dejar mi Kindle como un arcoíris, que iban penetrando poco a poquito en mi alma y mi corazón oscuro, hace que conectes con los personajes y que empatices con ellos que sientas sus miedos, fracasos, frustraciones, su dolor y el amor y no fue la excepción con estos protagonistas.

Lucille y Graham dos polos opuestos ella tan libre y el tan encerrado en una jaula, ella vuela y él es la gravedad.

La historia de Lucy y Graham fue bastante linda, sin ese instalove que es tan irreal, oh no ¡! Su amor se fue dando des-pa-sito (se nota que no me traumé con la canción de Luis Fonsi que sale como 100 veces en la radio), lento de esos amores que disfrutas, que te emocionas con una acción con una mirada y que sin darte cuenta llegas a un punto donde están enamorados y eso es lo que me pasó con Lucy y Graham, además como siempre digo No se necesita estar repleto de escenas de sexo para que sea entretenido, es más en este tipo de historias chafa la lectura

Es una historia dónde el amor es el principal impulsor de todo no sólo de pareja, sino el amor de la familia, de los amigos y el amor que le tiene un padre/madre a un hijo como te cambia la vida y te hace querer ser mejor persona y te cambia la perspectiva de la vida, por ahí hay un dicho popular que dice No es padre el que engendra sino el que cría y es muy cierto y en esta historia no los muestra. Las segundas oportunidades también juegan un papel importante que no es demasiado tarde para darle una oportunidad a la vida.

“After this I need you to go back to being my friend, because being friends with you makes me a better person. You make me a better human.”

Ahora hablemos de los personajes

Lucille Que mujer tan más fuerte valiente y buena persona, en serio una gran protagonista de esas que son todo corazón, desinteresadas que dan todo y no piden nada a cambio, ella es un espíritu libre y un alma alegre que con sólo su presencia ilumina la vida de las personas que la rodean Grecia en modo filosófica cursi en su máxima expresión, Lucy es la mejor protagonista de esta serie tenía la valentía que le hizo falta a Maggie May

The tears kept falling as she listened to the beautiful vocals, her body rocking slightly as I held her hand. For the first time, I began to understand her fully. The beautiful girl who felt everything. Her emotions weren’t what made her weak.
They were her strength

”Graham Cracker” Él es de esos protagonistas que me gustan que son fríos con pasados tormentosos pero que conforme va avanzando la lectura se van derritiendo y derribando sus barreras hasta convertise en unos teddy bears, al principio no veía la manera de enamorarme de él fue un patán bien hecho, pero conforme se fue ablandando soltaba cada frase que me hacía suspirar realmente amé a Graham y en esta serie lo pongo a nivel de Tristán ya que mi amado Brooks está a otro nivel, lo tengo en un pedestal en el cielo., para ti siempre mi corazón

El libro tuvo sus momentos perfectos y de lloradera STOP !!! Aquí hay Spoilers
• Las mejores escenas se las llevó Graham que a pesar de ser un hombre frío que no sentía nada,
se convirtió en esos hombres que decían las cosas más lindas del mundo

Loving Lucy Hope Palmer wasn’t a choice; it was my destiny.

•Los momentos con el profesor Ollie, fueron escenas divertidas y conmovedoras y sobre todo su muerte y cuando Graham se desmorona ahí solté mis primeras lágrimas.
•Cuando Graham hace el Jardín para Lucy eso fue bello
•La propuesta de matrimonio para mí fue PERFECTA, la amé y lo voy admitir mi lado cursi hizo que llorara de felicidad LITERAL lloré

Ahora que se acabó esta serie no se que va a ser de mí, se convirtió en una de mis series favoritas de la vida, tal vez no sean los mejores libros, puede que tengan drama innecesario que hayas situaciones ilógicas y absurdas PERO a mí me llegó al corazón y tocó fibras sensibles dentro de mí, sobre todo con The Air He Breathes y The Silents Water que este último es mi favorito y él mejor de toda la serie para mi, me identifiqué y los sentí. Esta serie llegó en el momento justo en mi vida donde todavía estaba sufriendo la pérdida de personas queridas tal vez todo está escrito y era el destino que esta serie se cruzara en mi camino Maktub

Con The Air He Breathes aprendí que por muy profunda que sea la pérdida siempre encuentras la luz al final del túnel y el dolor no es para siempre
The Silents Waters me enseñó que la vida es de momentos y que hay algunos que nos definen y no hacen las personas que somos por como los afrontamos
The Gravity of Us me dejó que la familia no sólo es de sangre, la que comparte tu ADN, sino la que te da amor.

Me encantó que la autora haya enlazado todas las series con esta frase
Air above me, earth below me, fire within me, water surround me, spirit becomes me

PD. Me faltaron muchas cosas que poner en esta reseña sobre todo a las personas que odié, pero no merecen mi tiempo y palabras sólo les dejo este mensaje.

PDD: Un dato curioso ¿Se fijaron que todas las protagonistas de esta seire eran rubias?
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