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Sparks fly between a misunderstood New York socialite and a cynical divorce lawyer in this lively standalone rom-com from the USA Today bestselling author of Blurred Lines and Love Story.

Pampered heiress Georgianna Watkins has a party-girl image to maintain, but all the shopping and clubbing is starting to feel a little bit hollow—and a whole lot lonely. Though Georgie would never admit it, the highlights of her week are the mornings when she comes home at the same time as her uptight, workaholic neighbor is leaving to hit the gym and put in a long day at the office. Teasing him is the most fun Georgie’s had in years—and the fuel for all her naughtiest daydreams.

Celebrity divorce attorney Andrew Mulroney doesn’t have much time for women, especially spoiled tabloid princesses who spend more time on Page Six than at an actual job. Although Georgie’s drop-dead gorgeous, she’s also everything Andrew resents: the type of girl who inherited her penthouse instead of earning it. But after Andrew caps one of their predawn sparring sessions with a surprise kiss—a kiss that’s caught on camera—all of Manhattan is gossiping about whether they’re a real couple. And nobody’s more surprised than Andrew to find that the answer just might be yes.

218 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 18, 2017

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About the author

Lauren Layne

54 books9,926 followers
Lauren Layne is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen novels, including Hot Asset, Hard Sell, and Huge Deal in her 21 Wall Street series, as well as her Central Park Pact series. Her books have sold more than a million copies in nine languages. Lauren’s work has been featured in Publishers Weekly, Glamour, the Wall Street Journal, and Inside Edition. She is based in New York City.

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August 15, 2023
Re-read #4 (8/14/2023) 5 ‘ridiculous’ stars I always trust this book to get me out of the worst reading slumps, cheer me up when I’m down, fix all of my ridiculous problems. My forever comfort read.

Re-read #3 (1/2/2021) I decided to begin the year with all the cheerfulness and ridiculousness that only this book could bring! I just needed my comfort read. I’m thankful for Georgina and Andrew’s existence and their morning encounters for they make me truly absolutely happy!! Wanna have a permanent goofy smile on your face? Read. This. book!

Re-read #2 (5/2/2020) This is such a ridiculous book, but it’s my favorite kind of ridiculous. It’s so funny and entertaining. I love those two idiots so much. Their morning encounters are still the Highlight of the book! This book made me swoon so much and feel like an idiot with a permanent huge smile on my face. It feels like those sweet old movies that fill your heart with joy. This book was totally absolutely perfectly ridiculous and cute!!!

5 ‘perfectly ridiculous’ stars

Despite the high temps of that swampy July morning, the encounter had been the start of an epic cold war. Me, the socialite in apartment 86A against the uptight esquire in apartment 79B. I’m not entirely sure I’m winning the war, but I’ll never tell him…

I hadn’t read a lot of Lauren layne’s books, but so far, this is my favorite. It was fabulous. A good romance book with humor. It’s a book that will leave you with a permanent goofy smile on your face. This book really brightened my mood. It was really entertaining! Such a breath of fresh air.

She wasn't blindly waiting for some fairy tale; she was just smart enough to believe that she deserved it.

At 5 am every morning, Georgina Watkins would be coming home from a partying night bearing Donuts for her doormen, While Andrew Mulroney would be on his way out to the gym then to his office. This just shows how different those two are. Their encounter every morning was the Highlight of the book! Both of them look forward to the 5 am exchanges more then they want to admit. I think I waited for the 5 am encounters even more than them! Those two have been on an epic war since the day they met when both were moving to the same apartment building at the same day. They both love to bug and tease each other!

"What are we celebrating?”
“My victory.”
“Do I even want to know what you’re talking about?”
I lean across the table with a triumphant smile. “You thought I wouldn’t last a day in your world. I’d say I’m flourishing.”

He leans forward as well. “In case you haven’t noticed, we quit being in ‘my’ world the second you dragged me out of my office for a boozy lunch, and gave my assistant the rest of the day off without telling me.”

I smile. “Like I said. My victory.”

Georgina Watkins is a socialite who spends her days shopping and her nights partying. However, she’s really more than meets the eye. I loved her!! She is not the typical stereotypical socialite. She’s funny, kind, warm-hearted, fabulous, caring, and friendly. She always makes an effort to listen to everyone, she also believes in love and happily ever afters. She’s loved by everyone. Well..almost everyone except Andrew Mulroney. To him, she was just “ridiculous”.

Andrew is the best divorce attorney in town. He’s an uptight, super smart, workaholic, and a successful man. He used his head more than his heart. He understands logic more than feelings. So technically, it’s a mind versus heart war!

"Forget it. You’re ridiculous”

This was a fairytale! The book was amazing. It was full of sassy banters, mind blowing chemistry, angst, hilarious moments, and a slow burn romance. This is a haters to lovers, opposite do attract romance comedy novel that would make you swoon and smile like a fool! The book was totally absolutely perfectly ridiculous!!

"Love me back,” he whispers. “Please love me back.”
“You’re ridiculous,” I whisper. “Of course I love you back.”

Song recommendation:
Delicate by Taylor Swift
That’s how you know by Amy Adams
Blow your mind by Dua Lipa
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April 14, 2017
Despite the high temps of that swampy July morning, the encounter had been the start of an epic cold war. Me, the socialite in apartment 86A against the uptight esquire in apartment 79B. I’m not entirely sure I’m winning the war, but I’ll never tell him...

Where has this book been all my life?!! Where?!! I don't have the words to describe all the love I had for this story! It was addictingly delicious and wickedly funny! Walk Of Shame is a book that will leave you with a full heart and a goofy smile on your face. It will make you swoon and make you laugh. It's a book that you'd be incapable of reading without smiling the entire time. It was, in a word, PERFECTION.

I'm a sucker for a good enemies to lovers and this was utterly delicious! Witty banter, snarky sarcasm, ah-mazing characters, and enough chemistry to zap your finger with electricity each time you turn the page. So. Dang. Good.
I don’t like games, Georgiana.”
“Which is why you need to play them, Andy.”
He blinks. “It’s Andrew.”
“Hmm. How about Drew?”
“No.” The word is a growl. “Georgiana.”
“Yes, Andy?”
He exhales. “I’m going to kill you.”
I can’t help the laugh. “See, I don’t think so.”
“Don’t you?”
“Nope,” I say, sucking sugar off my thumb. “You don’t send flowers to someone you’re going to kill.”

Georgie is no stereotypical socialite. This is a heroine that's absolutely impossible not to love. She's warm-hearted, genuine, witty and sweet. There's no catty friendships and silly drama with her. Can I just say what a breath of fresh air that was for me? Because GAH! I loved that! Being the daughter to two moguls leaves her wanting for nothing, but she's not spoiled in the very least. She truly cares about people and I adored the easy friendships that she developed and drew people to her with her presence. Even the doormen to her building weren't immune to her easy charm. The one person that was, however, was the stuffy divorce attorney that seems to go out of his way to either ignore or insult her.
What exactly did you do for exercise, Georgiana?” he says, giving me a skeptical look. “Twirl your hair?”
“If I do it vigorously, it counts as cardio.”

Andrew Mulroney, boy genius, now successful and most sought after divorce attorney is the definition of routine. Up at 5 am, exchange snarky sarcastic barbs with Georgie, work, sleep, repeat. He was so adorably awkward that you can't help but like him. He's not your stereotypical playboy hero. Yes, he's successful now, but he's not the life of the party. He's been on the fast track to success since high school, and he's not about to let a party girl distract him...even if the party girl is a lot more than first meets the eye.

I loved the banter between these two and the slow burn of sexual tension. Between every barb and insult these two exchanged, there's a crackle of attraction and I absolutely loved the pacing of their relationship developing. It goes from frenemies to a reluctant friendship to so much more.
The man whose head moves insistently between my legs is nothing like the buttoned-up lawyer who has spent the past few months ignoring me. This man is raw and primal, his touch sure and possessive, as though every part of me is his and he’s always known it.

I adored every single page of this book. Every. Single. Page. The friendships between Georgie and her girlfriends, the witty banter between her and Andrew, the slow burn, the crackle of attraction, EVERYTHING. Everything just flowed effortlessly to make for one unputdownable read that left me with a goofy grin from beginning to finish. I can say with utmost certainty that this may have been my favorite book by this author to date. If you're looking for a witty rom com with a dash of enemies to lovers, you seriously can't go wrong with this book!
He palms my ass before his fingers explore, tracing the upper elastic of my underwear. “Georgiana. Are you wearing impractical undergarments?” “Yes. One might even call them . . . ridiculous.” He pulls back, eyes gleaming. “I’ll be the judge of that.”

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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April 18, 2017
*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

I feel the breath knocked out of me, because there’s no more denying it, no more denying my heart. This is it for me. This is what I want, not just for as long as I can have it, but for always.

 photo WalkOfShame_Square3_zpsx0qidqes.png

Now, this is the kind of story that I have come to expect from the talented Lauren Layne. It’s why I will always read anything she writes. I will never grow tired of reading her books! She has a knack for the enemies-to-lovers RomComs and WALK OF SHAME is going on my favorites list!

At first, I was a little worried because the Heroine seemed to be a shallow Manhattan socialite whose only purpose in life was to party every night with her friends till dawn and to make it to her weekly hair salon appointments. But as the story progresses, we get to peel back Georgie Watkins’ layers and she ends up being an endearing and whimsical character. The man that’s been occupying most of her thoughts lately is her gorgeous but utterly standoffish and cold neighbor, Andrew Mulroney. Andy is one of New York’s top divorce attorneys and he’s a no-nonsense kind of guy who lives a very structured life. These two meet up in their luxury apartment lobby every morning at around 5 am when Georgie is just making it home from her nights of partying and Andrew is on his way to the gym and then to the office. They share a bit of sarcastic banter each morning and you know from the start that there’s some serious chemistry building between them.

 photo WalkOfShame_Square2_zpsgks55ixt.png

Georgie is affected by Andrew’s comments and perception of her. And Andrew can’t deny that Georgie’s vivacious personality is starting to be something he craves and can't live without. Ultimately the two become romantically involved and the steam is incredible between them!! They may be total opposites but their differences seem to complement each other nicely. Andrew’s life seemed dull and monochromatic but now Georgie’s presence is breathing gorgeous technicolor into it. Neither Georgie nor Andrew have ever experienced real soul changing love before. Andrew has not been a believer in love being that his profession deals with the ending of it. Georgie may not have ever been in a serious relationship prior to Andrew but she’s always been a believer in ”fairy tales”and ”happily ever afters”.

Just when they are starting to realize what’s in their hearts, a devastating secret has the potential to put an end to what could be the greatest love Georgie and Andrew have ever encountered!

WALK OF SHAME goes live on April 18th!

Link to our Blog Post: http://wp.me/p6ztVM-3bo

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01...
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/walk-...
Google: https://play.google.com/store/books/d...
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id11...
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/walk...

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857 reviews1,774 followers
February 21, 2022

🎧 2nd Read, Jan. 2022 — 4 Stars
📚 1st Read, Nov. 2020 — 4.5 Stars

It’s 1am.

It’s dark and I’m alone in my room. Ready to go to bed (after posting this) with the biggest smile on my face and the happiest thoughts on my mind because . . . THIS BOOK! I was -ˋˏ encahnted ˎˊ- . It’s like The Hating Game all over again. Except, this time we meet a party girl vs. a smart stuffy lawyer.

It’s not an office so much as an apartment lobby romance. Our main leads live in the same building and keep running into each other every morning. No, this is not the walk of shame that you’re thinking. With a fairytale-like spin, this book is simply adorable and full of pure awesomeness and never ending hilarity.

Andrew and Georgianna are such opposites that everytime they talk to each other about something, they always take it the wrong way. It made my heart twist because I love when characters (good naturedly) step on each others’ feelings. 🙈 It also made my heart twirl because I lived for their snarky exchange.

“She wasn’t blindly waiting for some fairy tale; she was just smart enough to believe that she deserved it.”

Great characters, fun banter, swoony romance, hot sexual tension, LOLs humor. Overall, a wonderful story! Loved it to bits. It’s an old release, but in case you missed it, definitely recommend this! Especially, if you love The Hating Game and the movie Enchanted—which I’m going to have to re-watch tomorrow.
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1,288 reviews3,230 followers
March 24, 2020
Georgie and Andy, sitting on a tree......! Swoon, I loved it.
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1,162 reviews4,279 followers
August 3, 2020
3.5 Stars

Loved it! Better than expected.

Reading enemies-to-lovers romantic comedies is always a huge risk for me – 'funny' heroines tend to be annoying as hell. And this one features a socialite.

Let’s be honest, shall we? What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of a socialite?

Exactly. Luckily, the heroine is nothing like that. Well, she does spend her days partying, hanging around, splurging on beauty treatments and doing other important stuff the filthy rich do in their 'spare' time. But everything that comes from her mouth is hilarious as shit and smart as a whip. She is easy to like, strong, witty, and, most importantly, down-to earth. She is also cheerful, exuberant and bubbly, the three qualities that could so easily make her irritating as hell. But she isn’t. On the contrary, she is ridiculously perfect.

The hero (who is the reason why I picked this book in the first place because cynical) was lovable but, surprisingly, I didn’t love him more than the heroine, which is a rarity for me. He was sweet but deliciously grumpy, moody, antisocial, awkward, uptight and stiff. But, don't worry. He is hot as hell.

The storyline is a bit predictable but I didn’t mind at all. The banter was fantastic.

Even the twist that happens towards the end (which I guessed very, very early) didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the story.

All in all, a light, funny and entertaining read full of witty humor, charming characters and sizzling chemistry.

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662 reviews2,462 followers
April 21, 2017

➦Ok, I totally gave in and read this. One simply needs to know what all the hype is about. So today, while, washing the beast, I was happily indulging in an audiobook of this story.

➦And by "washing the beast" (there's really no innuendo here, people) I mean I was giving my 70 lb dog a bath. And even though that gif up top sure does look cozy it's nowhere near as relaxing. So anywhoooo, followed by a couple of hours of grooming and BAM - I've finished this book! So I hereby certify it to be perfectly suitable for listening while trying to wash/groom/tame any sort of beast.

➦I suppose, in a nutshell, that's what the heroine of this enemies to lovers romance is trying to do - tame the beast! The hero is the best divorce attorney in town, an uptight and somewhat unfriendly suit, who lives in the same building. Every 5 am these two seem to be having run-ins in the lobby and they might or might not be deliberate.

➦So long story short, it's a pretty lighthearted romance with whole lot of witty banter and as far as romcoms go it's a very solid read. One thing worth mentioning, perhaps, is that the writing is very... um, chick lit? It's not a bad thing, by any means, but it's sort of all hearts and rainbows and you have to be in the mood for that too. Also, I, personally, find expressions like "evidence of his arousal" in a reference to a cock a bit cheesy. But that might be just me.

➦If you liked The Hating Game then you'll probably enjoy this book. So, if a humorous enemies to lovers read is what you're looking for, then go for it!
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422 reviews16.9k followers
May 28, 2017
Heart vs Brain, Episode 4

Narrator: Brain was suspiciously quiet upon finishing Walk of Shame. Heart knew she'd probably regret it, but with steely determination and the help of liquid courage, she asked the dreadful question.

Brain: Go away Heart, I need to put my cells in order.
Heart: Come on, tell me what's going on! You know I can be very persistent.
Brain: *sighs* That is sadly true. In fact, perhaps you'll be useful for a change.
Heart: Hey, I'm always useful! If it weren't for me, Katerina wouldn't even be alive.
Brain: Well legally speaking, a person is dead when I stop functioning, but that's not an issue at the moment, I'm healthy as a racing horse.
Heart: *snorts*
Brain: Anyway, I need to ask you a question.
Heart: Only if you promise you'll stop insulting/correcting/annoying me.
Brain: Sure, sure. How would you describe Walk of Shame?
Brain: Um, what?
Heart: A flying unicorn with wings made of glitter. A cupcake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.
Brain: Still, what?
Heart: A Cutie McFluffy.
Brain: Ooook, I suppose what you truly mean is that this book was delicious and utterly adorable? Even though I must clarify that a flying horse is a Pegasus, not a unicorn.
Brain: Right, sorry. Would you care to elaborate a little further?
Heart: It was hilarious. Have we read the enemies-to-lovers trope before? Sure. Lauren Layne's characters, though, were truly endearing. Funny, messy and hot!
Brain: Well that's the problem! For the first time ever, it was the female character, Georgie, the one I absolutely adored. She was not the typical shallow girl that came from a rich family, she was very caring, loyal, chatty, and her incoherent conversations and cupcake addiction made me love her so, so much. I just don't know what to make of Andrew.
Heart: Really? I thought you had a thing for successful, uptight and cold male characters who hide their vulnerable side because they're hurt or afraid of getting hurt! Plus, Andrew was yummy . I would love to lick him like the frosting of a cupcake, I would-
Brain: Heart, put yourself together! I am the one being vulnerable right now, there are some things I can't process and it's frustrating!

Brain: ...
Heart: Alright, tell me your problems! (I deserve the award of the most patient Heart after everything stupid Brain has put me through)
Brain: I didn't find enough depth in Andrew and there were times I couldn't feel the connection between him and Georgie. Yes I admit they had some very heartwarming scenes-
Heart: How would you know? That's my area of expertise!
Brain: -and others which were rather steamy, but something was missing. So, we'll have to go for 3 stars I'm afraid.
Heart: Hold on a second! Did you like Andrew's big gesture in the end?
Brain: Of course I did.
Heart: Did the entire book put a big smile on your face?
Brain: Yes, but-
Heart: Listen to me, Brain. There are days you feel you're a badass and can conquer the world. And then there are days you feel like crap, like a walking and talking failure and disappointment that destroys everything in its path. When you face a day like the latter, you and I both know what lifts our spirits. Books like Walk of Shame. Authors like Lauren Layne, whose purpose is to show you the fun side of life, to soothe your soul and make everything okay with their witty characters and the sweet love stories, even though sometimes they seem unrealistic. We're not looking for realistic. We're searching for an escape. A cure. And I think that Georgie and Andrew offered us exactly what we needed: Perfectly ridiculous.
Brain: Perfectly ridiculous. You know Heart, I think you're right!
Heart: That's a first! What about the rating?
Brain: Four stars?
Heart: Four stars, baby!

Narrator: For the first time in forever, Brain realised that Heart was not that useless and pathetic after all. Sure, she was a source of trouble and pain, but in the end, so was Brain. They were such a bizarre duo, those too.

You can read the previous episodes here:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
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317 reviews3,127 followers
April 19, 2017

YEPPERS!!. This was an entertaining read. I devoured in one sitting, unable to put it down. It checked many of my favorite boxes: A frenemies romance. Characters who held my interest from page one. Witty and bantering conversation. Lighthearted and humorous.

I thoroughly enjoyed how this "opposites attract" romance played out.

Georgie Watkins has a chatty, upbeat, stay out all night with friends persona which collides with the uptight, logical, always on a rigid schedule temperament of Andrew Mulroney. Night and day personalities, ring a bell? Smile vs. Scowl, come to mind? They have been butting heads since the day they met when both were moving into the same Manhattan apartment building and argued over who gets to use the utility elevator that was double-booked. Georgie is one of New York's most quintessential socialites and Andrew is New York's most famous divorce attorney.

Georgie has her heart set on a 'fairy-tale ending,' while Andrew spends his days dividing the assets of 'fairy-tales that have ended. Their romance is a bumpy but fun ride.

I always look forward to a Lauren Layne read and if you are already a fan of hers, I think you will enjoy this one. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading a Ms. Layne book, but love a romance which is humorous and witty, give this one a try.

*I received this book, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review*
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2,658 reviews3,256 followers
May 9, 2019
4 Love Unexpected Stars
* * * * Spoiler Free-RUN DON'T WALK, $1.99!!!
The Love Institute brings to you today's Seminar:
Today we have the pleasure of observing an interesting coupling brought to you by the renowned author Lauren Layne. We have had many guests presenting their finding on the human condition know as Love...all of them revealing in their own way. Today's presentation is focused on two subjects who at first glance would have nothing in common. It is only after a more detailed look are we able to see how they connect.

Our first participant is Georgianna Watkins. At first observation she seems flighty, shallow, easily classified as a Trust Fund Baby who sleeps all day and parties all night. The most important things that fill her days are hair appointments, decisions of which night club to attend and whether she can make the right choice of Jimmy Choos to buy.

But with a more intense and revealing examination of Ms. Watkins, we see there is much more to this woman. She has an Economics degree from Brown and arranges the workings of many charity events. She is loyal, caring and sincere with her friends and makes the effort to listen when others are talking... no matter who it is. She goes out of her way to acknowledge those she is in contact with everyday...The doormen in her luxury building are not just doorman... they are like family... with daily donuts as she arrives home at 5AM. There is more to this pampered New Yorker....

Our other participant is Andrew Mulroney. Mr. Mulroney is serious. He is a highly sought after divorce attorney whose clientele is either famous, notorious or both. He also is one of the youngest men to reach partner in a prodigious firm. This would follow the path he has had... graduating high school as a young teen, doing college before most and finishing law school when others would be starting. At first glance, he seems collected, assured and confident. He can also come across as somewhat distant and abrasive.

However, with a more discerning eye, there are moments of insecurity, a sense of trying to keep up and the leftover feel of not belonging ... it is momentary but there. For if there would be one way to describe Mr. Mulroney, it is professional.

These two people become entangled due to their habitats. They both live in the same building. They both have habits which cause them to cross paths daily. However, the way and reasons for their crossing is unusual...

For when the clock strikes 5AM, Georgianna Watkins is coming in from a night of club hopping with her social set. She comes bearing Donuts for her doormen peeps and spends time chatting about soon to be had babies, wives and any other topics that happen.

At this same time, Andrew Mulroney is making his way out to do his run. He has his green drink in the stainless steel mug, his gym tote and dressed in black running gear. He will stop by and say hello to the doorman as a polite greeting and then the games begin....

Because Georgie, as everyone calls her, loves to push Andrew's buttons... and Andrew seemingly distant will retort something then say Georgianna is Ridiculous and leave. This has been happening for quite some time... and the both of them will never say it... but they look forward to these exchanges more then they want to admit.

They experience the classic confusion of What Does That Mean... they have to analyze comments said, blunders made while trying to have snappy responses...and it is enlightening to who these people truly are...Because both are lost...They both need each other and when the barriers fall and each is let in...They become better people.

This undertaking by Ms. Layne worked on many levels. It had all the feels, fun and intimate times to explore this search for Love.

The Love Institute would like to thank you for your participation in today's seminar.

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Ready to take my own walk... Here's hoping there is no shame in my game!

November 10, 2016
Lauren Layne gave us a new snippet of Walk of Shame...
I don't know about you... but I was thrilled to have an additional taste right about now....

“The server comes over to take our drink order.

“Champagne, please,” I say with a smile.
“Iced tea for me,” Andrew says. No smile.

“He’ll have a glass of the champagne as well. We’re celebrating,” I say with such friendly self-assuredness that the waitress writes it down and walks away without confirming with Andrew.

He’s giving me that half-amused, half-exasperated look that I’m getting to know quite well. “What are we celebrating?”

“My victory.”
“Do I even want to know what you’re talking about?”

I lean across the table with a triumphant smile. “You thought I wouldn’t last a day in your world. I’d say I’m flourishing.”

He leans forward as well. “In case you haven’t noticed, we quit being in *my* world the second you dragged me out of my office for a boozy lunch, and gave my assistant the rest of the day off without telling me.”

I smile. “Like I said. My victory.”

The waitress reappears with two champagne flutes, and I lift one towards Andrew. “Cheers?”
He rolls his eyes.

Lauren Layne gave us an itsy bitsy tease today...a quick reckoning of maybe these two have been confused about each other...


I shake my head and bend to pick up my bag. “Have fun at the gym, Mulroney. I hope you choke on your wheatgrass.”

I’m still blinking back tears, but at least I manage to walk away with my head held high.

He catches up with me before I can make it to the elevator, his fingers wrapping firmly around my bicep and pulling me back around. “Georgiana.”

“What?” I snap, turning around. “What can you possibly say that you haven’t said a million times already with every scowl, with every eye roll, with every *you’re ridiculous*. You think I’m stupid and worthless, I *get* it.”

The guy’s expression is one tangled knot of emotional constipation. “That’s not what I think.”
Lauren Layne is at it again....
Who else could present this scenairo....

A Stunning, Trust-Fund, Society Gal...
Who is steady content of the notorious, gossipy Page Six with her exploits....
The highlight of her day....
Crossing paths in the AM with her Uptight, Workaholic Neighbor as he starts his day...and she ends hers...

He is The Celebrity Divorce Attorney...
The one all go to...to make ending their marriages go the way they want...
Causes this man to become resentful of "their spoiled" kind...

And She has been pushing All of his Buttons...
So much so that he does the unthinkable...

Now the spotlight is on the both of them TOGETHER...
Oh, this ought to be Delicious!

Walk of Shame-April 18th 2017

A gifted copy was provided by Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept for an honest review.
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337 reviews1,008 followers
May 1, 2017
5 stars!

Review at Of Pens and Pages.

You know it’s a 5-star read when you find yourself smiling stupidly after finishing the book. But when you find yourself singing and dancing like you’re in your own Disney musical number? That's a favorite. This was my first Lauren Layne book, and you can bet your a** I’m going on a binge read this weekend! This opposites attract, slow burn rom-com had me hooked from start to finish!

Despite the high temps of that swampy July morning, the encounter had been the start of an epic cold war. Me, the socialite in apartment 86A against the uptight esquire in apartment 79B. I’m not entirely sure I’m winning the war, but I’ll never tell him…”

While the rest of socialite Georgiana Watkins’ easy-going life has turned bland and lackluster, her daily 5 am run-in with her uptight neighbor Andrew Mulroney, Esquire never fails to lighten up her day. She’s generally well-liked by everyone except the celebrity divorce lawyer which makes it more fun to tease and rile him up.

Top divorce lawyer Andrew Mulroney has no time for spoiled rich girls who go home at 5 am after a night of partying, but between you and me, he secrently enjoys sparring with Georgiana. When one of their arguments that end in a mind-blowing kiss gets caught on camera, he joins the world in wondering if what he and Georgiana have is more than that one kiss.

I’m going to kill you.”
I can’t help the laugh. “See, I don’t think so.”
“Don’t you?”
“Nope,” I say, sucking sugar off my thumb. “You don’t send flowers to someone you’re going to kill.”

There’s just something about stiff, grumpy men falling in love and turning into the sweetest teddy bears that tickle my fancy (among other things). Andrew is a genius, skipping grades and graduating earlier than most people his age. Because of that, he’s had a hard time making friends and interacting with other people. He stumbles and falls a few times when it comes to wooing and flirting with Georgiana, but what I love about him is he tries really hard to be better. He uses his head more than his heart, so it was difficult for him to trust the heart when it was finally the one steering the ship.

I was a bit weary when I first read about Georgie. She seemed like the typical socialite who spends her days shopping, partying, and eating brunch. That’s what Andrew first saw when he met her. But her sunny personality is hard not to like, and I found myself enjoying Georgie very much! She’s optimistic and is a total romantic who enjoys Enchanted and all things that end in a happily ever after. A little sheltered, but she has a kind heart and a fun disposition that lures in anybody.

This well-written book made me laugh, cry, fan myself, and swoon. I loved Georgie and Andrew’s verbal sparring/foreplay, the sexual tension sizzling throughout the story, and the sex. My gawd. A freak in the sheets (and every surface possible), that Andrew!

Walk of Shame is a standalone rom-com told in alternating POVs. Romance readers and fans of The Hating Game will enjoy this light and fun read filled with witty banter, fantastic build up, sexual tension, and a happily ever after.

And if any of you are curious, I sang and danced to Barcelona by Ed Sheeran!

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January 25, 2022
[reread: 23/01/22]

there’s something about a man unbuttoning his collar and rolling up his sleeves that just ruins me every time.

My mouth goes dry as he reaches up a hand, unbuttoning the top button of his shirt, hooking a finger into his tie and loosening it.

first Jack Hawthorne, now Andrew Mulroney??

after rereading this, then reading Marriage for One and Lilac i am now firmly aware that i am a whore for the stoic, mysterious silent types who are soft af but quickly turns into this dominant alpha that just leaves you like 👁👄👁

i mean, any time Andrew whispered “perfectly ridiculous” i honestly blushed like a goddamn idiot. gimme all the book recs with cold, stoic and mysterious heroes who are sluts in the bedroom :)

while Georgiana is still that bitch. wow. she was just so relatable even though she’s a multi-billionaire socialite... which i cannot relate to in the slightest. yet she still manages to be so funny, down to earth and, yeah, relatable.

Anyway, my idea of the gym is something like this: trot on the treadmill or the elliptical at a pace just vigorous enough to make your boobs and ponytail look good, but without actually breaking a sweat. Twenty minutes, max.

my kinda gal. she made the book that much more fun and lively. it was just a breath of fresh air to read, honestly. i miss simple books like this that aren’t too complicated and just deliver a simple, but equally wonderful romance.

i loved Georgie taking care of Andrew while he was sick🥺 the trope is usually used the other way around, but it was so sweet having grumpy Andrew at the mercy of Georgie fussing all over him. their grumpy/sunshine dynamic was top-tier— her teasing and his stoicism just made for the perfect bickering and dry humour.

the only thing i found baffling about this was how Georgiana’s chapters were first person POV while Andrew’s were in third person? it was definitely an odd narrative choice.

that being said, i enjoyed the almost conversational way Georgie’s chapters were written, like she was chatting with us, gossiping and conspiring with us. it was definitely fun, like we were in on all her secrets.

just loved revisiting this book!! discovering old faves from when i first started reading romance is a mood atm.

He still doesn’t relax, the press of his fingers urgent, demanding. “Love me back,” he whispers. “Please love me back.”
I press my face to his neck. “You’re ridiculous,” I whisper. “Of course I love you back.”
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May 6, 2017
5 'That’s How You Know' Stars!

My dear Lauren Layne, you magnificent woman, you've written another masterpiece! Actually, this book left me without words after finishing it that I did not write the review until now. I just re-read my favorite moments (basically the whole book lol) and I fell in love all over again with this outstanding enemies to lovers story!

Walk of Shame is the fourth installment in the Love Unexpectedly series but it can be read as a standalone. In fact, I haven't read the other three books in the series so I can assure you it can be read as said. Now, here is why you'll love this book: two actual opposites (in almost every aspect) fall in love. We have a sexy workaholic hero (Andrew) and a sassy heroine who likes to party and have fun (Georgie) and together they gave us the most wonderful frenemies love story.

If I had even a lick of sense, I’d forget him and this weird game we’re playing. Instead I keep coming back for more.

Basically, Andrew and Georgie are neighbors and they've had this weird tension between them since the very first day they met. As you can imagine, they love to bug each other (especially Georgie) and, of course, it's is clear this "tension" is not only about hating each others guts. The back and forth between the MCs is to die for! I loved the banter between these two and how that develops into an adorable, emotional and very sexy chemistry. Man, the sexual tension!

“What exactly did you do for exercise, Georgiana?” he says, giving me a skeptical look. “Twirl your hair?”
“If I do it vigorously, it counts as cardio.”

Shit. He was screwed. How had this woman gone from being the aggravating menace of his early mornings to the center of everything?

The consequences of these "perfectly ridiculous" situations is, obviously, inevitable! The mix of sassiness, light angst and sexual tension is mindblowing and when these two start actually falling for each other is even better. Their chemistry is HAWT AF, guys! Walk of Shame made me laugh, made me cry and made me swoon all over the place: that's why I loved it this much! Andrew and Georgie are such an amazing couple that you can't stop from falling in love with their love story.

“Love me back,” he whispers. “Please love me back.”
“You’re ridiculous,” I whisper. “Of course I love you back.”

Therefore, my rating for Walk of Shame is 5 STARS because I can definitely assure this is one of the best works by Lauren Layne and you all know how much I love her! This woman never fails me when it comes to reading a light but still exceptional love story. Highly recommend checking this book out, especially if you enjoy the enemies to lovers troupe!

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April 14, 2017
5 Sweet and Sassy Stars

Let me start by saying I finished this book over two hours ago and I'm still grinning. You know those deranged looking people you see with the too big smiles and you're not quite sure if they're happy or bat shit crazy? That's me and I'm owning it, dammit!

Georgianna "Georgie" Watkins loves her life. Considered a rich party girl by most standards, Georgie does pretty much whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She's living the life of a fairytale princess with zero complaints.

Lately her favorite hobby is getting under the skin of her stodgy but hot neighbor every 5 a.m. as she's coming in for the night and he's starting his day. Their high rise lobby has become a battleground of sorts and as far as Georgie's concerned, it's game on.

“What part of what I just said translated to attraction?”
“None of it,” Marley admits . “But I saw you guys talking when he first came in. It was a toss-up whether you were going to arm-wrestle or just start making out.”

Andrew Mulroney, Esquire doesn't quite know what to make of his sparkly, shiny neighbor. Sure, he's attracted to her but surly their differing lifestyles negates any chance of a real relationship? Even if Andrew wanted more from the feisty woman, he has a habit of sticking his foot in his mouth and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

What did a man do when he’d inadvertently called a woman an idiot simply because he’d wanted to hold her attention, to keep the conversation going so she didn’t tire of him?
It was schoolyard nonsense.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say Walk of Shame truly reads like a Disney fairytale turned contemporary romance. And unapologetically so. It works as well as it does because despite the length, both Georgie and Andrew are given the layers needed to make them believable characters you actually want to root for.

Georgie's not the vapid, narcissistic Kardashian clone I feared she'd be. She's kind, caring and smart with just that little bit of edge I need from something like this. Don't want to be too saccharine, now do we? In turn, Andrew wasn't just an uptight lawyer suffering through his time with Georgie. When we get those glimpses inside Andrew, we find a caring, driven and often too smart for his own good man.

And the banter between these two? Yes, please and can I have some more? I'm a banter loving kind of gal by nature and I loved the way Lauren Layne did her thing with Georgie and Andrew.

Rainbows and unicorns, folks. That's what I'm feeling here. If sweet with a healthy dose of sassy isn't your thing, you may want to skip this. As far as I'm concerned, my cold black soul needs a little sweet every once in awhile.

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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April 30, 2018
Yes, I'm giving a rom-com, chick-lit, fluffy lite romance 5-stars! Shut up!

It was funny! You know what a sucker I am for any book that can make me laugh.
It also had the enemies to lovers trope - another thing I'm a sucker for.
It hit my weaknesses.

Some things are just irresistible.

So, our girl, Georgie, is hilarious. She reminds me of Elle Woods in the first Legally Blonde. Very shallow but entertainingly so. She is a party girl. She wears diamond cupcake earrings and likes sparkly things. Her favorite movie is Enchanted. She's nothing like me, but I would still like to hang out with her. Of course, she would end up in tears after spending time around me, but still. Fun for me.

Her enemy is Andrew, a divorce attorney. He lives in her building and is going out to the gym every morning at 5 am - just when she gets home from her nights of clubbing. Here are a few of her descriptions of him:

.. has been known to utter the phrase "the body is a temple"..
...the type that sneers at donuts....
In workout mode, picture this: Thor and Captain America somehow defeat biology and have a love child together...

Wait a minute... did she find my dream board? It's MY idea for science to make a Captain Thorica!

hmmm. maybe with a dash of Loki?

Our couple are always exchanging little barbs and it's adorable. Of course, there is so much sexual tension between them that you might get pregnant from their fumes. But, worth it. With their chemistry, things are gonna get good.

Yeah. That good.

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October 12, 2018

What a lovely, lovely, lovely read!

Walk of Shame is one of those books that make you forget the world around you while you’re reading and leave you sighing happily when you’re done.

It’s been quite a long time since I last read Lauren Layne’s book. I decided to pick this one up because the premise sounded very promising, and it didn’t disappoint! I enjoyed it so much. The story grabbed me right from the start and didn’t let go until the last page.

Walk of Shame was an entertaining read, full of love, laughter, sexual tension, and emotions. It had a great storyline, numerous laugh-out-loud moments, swoon-worthy and sigh-worthy romance, well-written drama, and endearing and touching groveling scene.

I loved both main characters. Georgie is very endearing and funny. I loved how she was so true to herself. Her sassiness had me smiling and chuckling throughout. You have no idea how funny and lovely she is! Oh, this woman seriously cracked me up—not once, not twice, but countless times!

Andrew is a genius and he is nerdy in some ways, which is really cute to me. *sigh* But don't underestimate this man. He does have a hot, sexy, and wild side that will definitely blow your mind. Yeah…I wanted him all to myself…

I enjoyed the sexy witty banter between them. It was very amusing seeing them trying to score points off each other. It was very obvious that they didn’t like one another since the first day they met. Andrew didn’t like a spoiled party queen like Georgie and she didn’t like an uptight divorce attorney who took things too seriously like him either. Without a doubt, they were nothing alike, but ironically, sparks flew whenever they were in the same room and the chemistry between them did jump off the page. The sexual tension was totally off the charts! The more time they spent together, the more intense their feelings grew.

And here I was wondering how two completely different people could make their relationship last forever…

Well, I was over the moon when they finally got their happily ever after. Incredibly cute!!

My only complaint is that there was no actual Georgie's character development. I was expecting her to become more mature, get a real job, try to change her life for the better, or maybe start to figure out what she really wanted to do with her life. According to the story, she thought about finding the job—just once, but that was a good start in my opinion. And from then on, I was looking forward to her change. But sadly, there was no mention of it in the whole remaining story so I was a slight bit disappointed.

Nevertheless, that was a minor issue. It didn’t make the book any less enjoyable and I adored Georgie still.

All in all, this was the book you couldn't read fast enough, yet didn't want it to end. I loved it. If you’re looking for a good enemies-to-lovers romance story, then what are you waiting for? Go for it! This one is for you!
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March 25, 2020
Re Read March 2020

4.5 perfectly ridiculous stars!

"Walk Of Shane" Was such a pleasant read for me it was flirty, sexy and with just the right amount of funny moments I enjoy. It made this book just about perfect.


The MC were so different from each other Georgiana, a rich socialite that loves partying with her friends. Andrew is the opposite, a divorce lawyer for celebrities a health nut and total workaholic. They both live in the same building and everyday they run into each other in the lobby.


Oh my goodness each encounter they had was so much fun, sarcastic but at the same time flirty. I loved the build up and pace of their relationship it was my favorite part of the story. Georgianna was a great h, even though she's rich is a sweet and nice person. Andrew, I loved how aloof he was at first it made him sexier in my eyes. But as any relationship they go through their bumps along the way and when they think that they are too different to be together they soon realized that they actually bring out the best in each other.


I don't wanna say why didn't I read this one sooner, because I'm thinking I read it when it was the perfect time for me. The the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I just wanted to see a little more of Georgianna and Andrew together as a couple other than that I loved it.❤️
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December 14, 2017
Perfect in every way. Just a total swoonfest. This book put me in HEA coma in the best way possible.

Full review to come...

ARC provided by the publisher
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April 6, 2017
Love, love, LOVE! My favourite Lauren Layne book to date! I feel the need to go watch Disney movies and find a Prince Charming.

Wow, I feel in love with these two so quickly. Quick wit, a sharp tongue and a shining personality describe resident party girl Georgie, while she clashes with prim and proper, too smart for his own good, divorce attorney Andrew.

There two were sweet and fiery, trading barbs and stealing moments. I've been having a bad string of 3 star reads and became invested in these two so much more than I could have expected. It was so much fun to read!!!

Full review to come. <3
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April 18, 2017

"Forget it. You're ridiculous."


I love nothing more than a enemies to 'I can't stop thinking about you' story. The opposites attract theme was at it's very best in the hands of Lauren Layne and she certainly pulled out all the stops with these characters. I can't stop loving this authors work and I hope that I'll never have to. Once again, Layne made me melt in the best way possible and I have to admit that I'm quite happy with my gooey romance reader status.


What's it all about?
This is an opposites attract/hate to love you story all rolled into one happy romance story. If you want swoon, sweet and funny then stop what you are doing and pick up the latest by my favourite, Lauren Layne. One moody, serious hero meets more than his match with this loveable, socialite heroine in what I've pegged as a favourite book of this authors to date.

What did I love?
This book was a big, long shout out to the happily ever after and that's just one of the reasons why I adore this author. Lauren Layne never apologises for her affirmation to the big romance she proudly displays in her books. There's not an iota of bad, sad or indifference in this book. Instead there's plenty of unapologetic swoon - the kind I can't get enough of. I loved ALL the characters in this book, including (and not dismissing) the wonderful secondary characters that made me smile. But there's no mistaking the spotlight on the stars of the show, these protagonists could not have been more to my taste. Wonderfully romantic and entertaining to boot - I fell crashing head first into love with everything about this novel. Once again, thank you to the lovely Lauren Layne for being my favourite, you never fail to hit the spot.


Final thoughts ...
If you want a book to escape into with nothing to think about other than fabulous characters and a sweet story line then you really will not go wrong reading this romance. Honest to goodness I have no idea what the secret ingredient is that makes me love a Lauren Layne novel but I really can't get enough. Adorable to the end and packed full of fabulous banter I already wanted to flick right back to page one, once I'd reached the end. Readers, if you normally love a Lauren Layne novel then you'll be in absolute love with this book. Enjoy ... kisses.

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April 14, 2017
2.5 stars.

Seems that I'm in the minority here, but my first experience with Lauren Lane sadly wasn't what I'd term a huge success.

"You’re probably rolling your eyes right now."

I struggled with this pretty much from the start, particularly when it came to Georgie who, whilst kindhearted and at times sweet, generally came across as privileged and shallow making her difficult to relate to. And, whilst Andrew was better, he was a bit of an uninspiring hero for much of the book despite the fact his banter with Georgie was at time quite amusing. Admittedly I warmed to them at around the 65% mark and the ending and epilogue upped my rating, but I needed more much sooner.

"...it’s all just feeling a little bit blah."

Overall I found the story predictable and bland, which was a real shame as I do love an enemy-to-lovers romance. Plus the switch between first person for Georgie's POV and third person for Andrew's wasn't a style that worked for me. It's highly likely that this is a case of it's not you, it's me and I'm certainly going to check out a couple of Lauren's earlier books which I have on good authority should work for me, so this is one I'd say to judge for yourself.

Copy received courtesy of Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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April 19, 2017
3.5 Stars
A very enjoyable story that had me entertained and smiling. My only beef was the "conflict for conflict sake" conflict at the end, and the resolution ending that didn't light my fire like I had hoped.

Told in mainly the h's 1st person POV and some of the H's 3rd person POV thrown in. It was a different dynamic/format than I'm used to but I didn't mind it and it didn't distract from the story. In terms of HEA, there was a 1 year out epilogue at the end.
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April 18, 2017
Happy Book Birthday!

Enchantingly sexy, flirty and fun to read. Lauren Layne delivers another romance to fall for, keeping us frantically flipping pages with the irresistible chemistry between a socialite who believes in fairytale endings and an uptight, pessimistic divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in love. Walk of Shame has fabulous sexual tension, snarky sarcasm, and fun banter that will make you swoon, smile and laugh.

Although New York socialite Georgianna Watkins loves to shop by day and party by night, the best part of her day is when the party ends and she accidentally on purpose runs in with the stodgy neighbor who hates her is leaving for his long workday. She’s determined to make him like her, but nothing more. The enjoyment she gets from mocking him and excitement from seeing him every day has nothing to do with her wanting more, or does it? Can she crack the uptight and serious exterior of Andrew Mulroney, Esquire?
“The encounter had been the start of an epic cold war. Me, the socialite in apartment 86A against the uptight esquire in apartment 79B. I’m not entirely sure I’m winning the war, but I’ll never tell him.”

Andrew Mulroney didn’t inherit the partner position in his law firm, he earned it with hard work. Something the beautiful Georgianna probably knows nothing about and one of the many reasons he should not be interested in her. He’s also noticed she’s honest, has a sweet, caring heart and sharp wit, which makes her even more attractive even though he knows the two of them don’t make sense together. Besides, he doesn’t have time for relationships. But when one of their early morning arguments ends with an epic kiss, he finds himself wanting more.
“I don’t like games, Georgiana.”
“Which is why you need to play them, Andy.”

He blinks. “It’s Andrew.”
“Hmm. How about Drew?”
The word is a growl. “Georgiana.”
“Yes, Andy?”

He exhales. “I’m going to kill you.”
I can’t help the laugh. “See, I don’t think so.”
“Don’t you?”
I say, sucking sugar off my thumb. “You don’t send flowers to someone you’re going to kill.”

Do you remember Giselle from Disney movie Enchanted? She was impossible not to love, right? Lauren Layne captures that essence perfectly in Geogie. I just loved her. She comes from money but isn’t spoiled or snobby. She’s genuine and kind, easy to get along with. She even chatted up and brought doughnut to every morning to her doormen. The only one who didn’t like her was Andrew, who fought tooth and nail against their attraction.

Most would think that Andrew’s life was complete. Smart, good looking, had achieved success at an early age, famous in his own right. But his life was colorless and dreary, right down to his all black workout gear. Well, except for his red sneakers. He was so proper, but got awkward and flustered every time he was around Georgie. It was very endearing.
Instead of the usual black gym shoes, the man’s shoes are red.
“…You went shopping, Dorothy!” I say happily.
He stares at me. “I don’t shope.”
Of course not. Far too frivolous.
“No, that makes sense… Glinda would have given these to you… What’s on the schedule today? Treadmill, or just skipping down the Yellow Brick Road?”

The tension between Georgie and Andrew crackles every time they come into close proximity to each other. I loved the antagonistic push and pull between them which made for a delicious slow burn, turning enemies into friends and much more.

The writing is wonderful, from the city descriptions that made me feel like I was right there in NY, to being in Georgie’s head. The story has a wonderful flow and the secondary characters are charming. I hope we get a story for Marley!

Walk of Shame is standalone contemporary romance by author Lauren Layne. This is a frenemies to lovers story that has everything I love to read in romantic comedies. It’s adorably fun, delightfully sexy and lighthearted. It is told from both points of view with a happy ending.

Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2oCssde

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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February 9, 2022
On Kindle sale today 9th Feb 2022 for USD 1.99.

I am re-reading all my 5 star rated romance novels. There are 62 on my shelf (and counting). This is book 43.

(Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Starched (hero) gets Unstarched, Sickbed Vigilance, Class/Culture Divide)

This is how my 43rd re-read held up.


This was my original review:

How had this woman gone from being the aggravating menace of his early mornings to the center of everything?

You know those books where you don’t really need the main leads to get together because watching them fight is more fun? Yeah me neither. Who doesn’t want the two main leads to get hot and heavy?

EXCEPT maybe this book.

- So our cold war just turned straight-up icy. No problem. I can work with that.


- Damn. She really was the most ridiculous creature. He carefully hid his smile until he was back outside.

- “You don’t send flowers to someone you’re going to kill.”
“Maybe they were for your funeral.”

- “What exactly did you do for exercise, Georgiana?” he says, giving me a skeptical look. “Twirl your hair?”
“If I do it vigorously, it counts as cardio.”

- “Do you ever let loose?” I ask. “Order french fries? Unbutton a button? Have a one-night stand?”
“That an invitation?”
“Of course I’ll share my fries,” I say, reaching across the table and giving his hand a little pat, deliberately misunderstanding his question.


They even make sharing a flu, transferred through a kiss, totally enjoyable!

- “How long have you looked like this?”
“Like what?”
“Regurgitated death.”

- “The paparazzo sold his tawdry photo of us?” I reach across and pat his hand. “Poor thing. Is that what made you sick?”

- “You said the other day you were going to kill me, and you have. Death by flu, transmitted by kiss.”
“I’m sorry about that,” he says, his tone amused. “Truly. But…pretty good kiss, though.”
I sigh and rub my cheek against the pillow. “Pretty good kiss.”


When they stop fighting and start lovin’ it’s ultra freakin’ amazeballs.

- “So are you going out with her?” I ask softly.
“I meant to,” he says. “I made reservations. Dressed for it.”
“To punish me.”
He sighs tiredly and rests his forehead against mine. “To move on from you.”

- “When I kissed you the other day”—his fingers spread wide over my back, coaxing me even closer—“that wasn’t a mistake. Not even fucking close. Or if it was, it’s one I intend to make all over again.”

- “Please don’t put some sort of esquire spin on this,” I whisper against his mouth.
He lets out a quiet laugh, pulling back just slightly. “Esquire’s not an adjective.”
“Sure it is,” I say, trailing my lips over his jawline, since it’s all I can reach. “Synonym: stodgy. Definition: prone to overthinking.”



This book is a solid 4.5 so I am rounding up to 5.

- The elevator door opens, and we step inside, a half dozen people shifting to make room for us inside the crowded car.
He stares straight ahead as the doors close, then says quietly, under his breath: “Yes.”
“Yes what?” I whisper.
He glances down at me, his expression unreadable. “Yes, perfectly ridiculous.”
I can’t help the smile.

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2,309 reviews709 followers
April 18, 2017
3.5 - "Perfectly ridiculous..." Stars!

Lauren Layne returns with the fourth book in her Love Unexpectedly series, as with the previous stories Georgie and Andrew’s enemies-to-lovers tale, is a standalone and you do not have to have read its predecessors.

This was one of those reads where I had to leave reality at the start of chapter one, as a New York socialite Georgie isn’t a character that I would generally have any sort of connection with, I am not fortunate enough to be able to spend my days primping, pampering, doing a bit of fund-raising for those less fortunate than myself when the urge takes, before partying the night away, to return home by five the following morning, in an effort to drive her hot, but extremely stuffy neighbor to distraction as he is leaving home for a day in the office.

The socialite in apartment 86A against the uptight esquire in apartment 79B.

But it was an easy enough story to get into, the chapters were pretty short and Lauren has a way about her writing that draws you in, and luckily things progressed between our H/h at a pretty rapid clip to keep the story moving along albeit in a quite predicable manner, although I did find jumping from 1st for Georgie to third person for Andrew’s POV a little distracting.

"When it comes to you, I seem to make a mess of everything. Because saying nothing at all seemed better than saying the wrong thing…"

Andrew was adorably blunt and uptight, and as the story progresses you get to understand why he appears as stuffy as he is, Georgie was the opposite of that and her effervescence did bounce really well off his dryness, especially as they became more emotionally involved with each other.

"Being in my orbit can get messy."

This was a quick easy read, I won’t lie and say it was some of the authors best work because it wasn’t, but it was entertaining enough to keep me interested, the dual POV although more in Georgie’s favor helped keep both characters accessible, and although I could see where things were going from very early on, I was interested enough to want to see how Georgie and Andrew worked through everything to get their Happily Ever After.

ARC provided by the publisher via Tasty Book Tours, in exchange for the above honest review.
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April 17, 2017

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books


*Slow clap & grinning broadly*
That's what I'm talking about!

This is what I want to see from Lauren Layne, that tongue in cheek humor with a little angst on the side. Her stories have been a mixed experience for me but if this author gets it right, it's amazing.

Georgie is a socialite, she goes out, has fun, does fundraisers and charities and at the end of the day...err...night, at 5 AM in the morning she expects to see her stodgy neighbor, Andrew Mulroney, divorce lawyer and uptight jerk. That man seriously needs to loosen up.

Andrew follows a strict regimen. Every day, Andrew gets up, gets dressed and prepares for the day, which includes working out and meeting his ridiculous neighbor Georgiana at 5 AM when she comes home from another party. You could say they have a standing appointment neither of them knows about. What she doesn't know, though, is that he actually thinks she is sweet and kind.

When he is dragged into a party by Georgie's best friend and against his will they have an actual proper conversation, which - of course it had to - ends on a dare. Georgie would spend a day in Andrew's life and he will prove that she doesn't fit into it. Game on!

This was such a wonderful celebration of love and life itself. Georgie is an amazing heroine with a big heart and positive outlook on life. She is kind to everyone she meets, even Andrew, although he rubs her to wrong way. After all, she knows that he doesn't hold her in the highest regard. Or does he?

“What?” I snap, turning around. “What can you possibly say that you haven’t said a million times already with every scowl, with every eye roll, with every you’re ridiculous? You think I’m stupid and worthless. I get it.”
The guy’s expression is one tangled knot of emotional constipation. “That’s not what I think.”

Andrew is totally clueless when it comes to Georgie. She is so far out of his league that he doesn't know what to do with her. It was adorable to see him struggle with his own feelings and his confusion that he liked her so much - the complete opposite of himself.
Being highly intelligent and more the thinker than the feely-touchy type he isn't very good with women either. Scratch that, sometimes he is downright socially awkward and spouts some silly things which can actually hurt the receiving end of his barbs. Which most of the time is his sweet neighbor.

He couldn’t think about anything except the horrible moment when he’d thought he was making a joke, only to realize the second it left his mouth that it had been downright cruel. Andrew had never been good with women.

You could also say that being a divorce lawyer Andrew doesn't exactly have positive stance on love and marriage. So what does he have to offer a bubbly, optimistic and sweet woman like Georgie?

The woman was just so damn vivacious, drawing people to her with every breath. Everyone liked Georgiana. And she’d chosen him. Somehow, this gorgeous, compelling creature seemed to want to spend time with him.

The witty banter between the main characters, which is a trademark of Lauren Layne's stories, was my favorite thing in this book. I really loved how they always tried to one-up each other. Georgie had a good and reasonable head on her shoulders, which made me fall in love with her even more. I adored Andrew, especially when he got out of his head and let the feelings flow. He also had a decisively bossy side to him, which was rather hot.

I love this author's stories when she gets them right and this one was definitely a winner for me. Dear Ms. Layne, please keep writing wonderful books like this one and I'll be your forever happy reader.

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May 19, 2017
A very simple story that feels like a Harlequin romance…
3 out of 2,5

Don’t let the title (Walk of Shame) mislead you (don't expect a dirty-naughty book); this is a simple and fun fairy tale romance with some steam in it... nothing more, nothing less...

Georgianna Watkins is the daughter of a rich and famous family. She doesn’t have a job but she does some charity work every now and then. What she mostly does is shopping and clubbing. In her heart, she is all good, I mean she is not pretentious at all. She is really a sweet girl who shows affection to everyone around her.

When she comes home from the clubs at 05:00 a.m., she usually sees her workaholic neighbor, Andrew, who goes to the gym at that hour. He is a divorce lawyer. At the entrance of the building, they talk for a few minutes and they both tease each other.

Andrew Mulroney doesn’t fall immediately for the drop-dead gorgeous Georgianna; on the contrary, he seems to be bothered by her. He says she is ridiculous because she is too cheerful and affectionate (she brings donuts to the working stuff in their building every morning, etc.) but it is also clear that he is trying to resist her charms.

Georgianna basically acts like she needs everyone to love her and the fact that Andrew doesn't love her immediately bothers her.

Well, I kind of sort of haven’t told my best friend about the thing Andrew and I have. I’ve been telling myself it’s because it’s not a big enough deal to warrant mentioning, but the truth is, I don’t know how to explain it.
I don’t know how to say out loud that there’s this guy who doesn’t like me and that it bothers me. A lot.

Her obsession with him may start like a challenge for her to make him like her but gradually, we see that both are attracted to each other for real.

The book is all about how their teasing and bantering turns into a sweet romance.

When they are together, a very predictable problem appears towards the end and then, it is quickly solved in a nice way and we have a HEA...

As I said, it is a sweet and fun fairy tale.

Did I like it?

Well, it was OK, nothing much to criticize. I wasn’t bored at all but I can’t say I enjoyed my time with it very much because I was always on that thin line between "feeling bored and enjoying it".

And there is one more thing I am very hesitant to say but I need to say it. Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want to accuse anyone of anything and with all the respect to the writer of this book, I just had this weird feeling that the book was aimed at being something similar to “The Hating Game” by Sally Thorne and this feeling of mine irritated me a lot. Well, this is just my personal opinion… my feelings... just a hunch… nothing more… If you read it, you may understand what I mean… or not… Just saying :)
October 15, 2019

She wasn't blindly waiting for some fairy tale; she was just smart enough to believe she deserved it.

Story 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Once upon a time there was a bookworm that read “the hating game” by Sally Thorne 26263 times and desired a new fun book that made her happy.
And then she scrolled through Goodreads and found this book. And it was good.
So, so good.

Georgiana Watkins is an it-girl, party-girl and possibly the loveliest person on earth.
If you don’t like her, you’re probably crazy.
Unless your name is Andrew Mulroney, Esquire.
Because then you would live in the same building as her and see her on every weekday at five a.m.
But even though you two have a lot of witty exchanges, you kinda like the mornings with her.

Aaaaaah, I waited so long for such a hate-to-love-book after reading the hating game.
And I loved it.
Definitely a recommendation for everyone that loved my favorite book.♥️

Character 🌟🌟🌟🌟
The woman was just so damn vivacious, drawing people to her with every breath.
Everyone liked Georgiana.
And she’d chosen him.
Somehow, this gorgeous, compelling creature seemed to want to spend time with him.

Georgie is a sweetheart. She is the nicest, loveliest and most adorable girl you’ll ever meet. She will lure herself into your heart without you even noticing it.
She knows how to style and dress herself, knows all the people you should know.
She’s rich, pretty smart and loves a happy ending.
Andrew is the absolute opposite. He’s smart too, even a little bit (or a lot) smarter than average people. He’s a successful divorce lawyer who loves facts, early mornings (five a.m.!) and good workouts. And he’s not a loveydovey like Georgie is.
He don’t believes in fairytales, especially happy endings.
His mantra is: Love is for week minded people.
At least until he meets Georgie.

Ah, these characters. I wanted to be Georgies friend from the start. I love positive, happy people that try to cheer you and everyone around you up.
And Andrew... after he showed a bit of his real personality you can see that he’s actually a pretty decent, caring and really nice guy.
He’s actually really cute and romantic in some way.

Relationships 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Oh, like I mentioned at least 7227727 times.
I love hate-to-love-tropes
It’s my absolute favorite.
And this one was... so cute, so funny and so satisfying.
They banter made me love,
their cuteness made me smile and
the whole book made me really, really happy.

Writing style 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Well, that was fast. If I didn’t need to sleep and go to work I probably would have read the whole book in one day. Because it was so addictive, like crazy.
I couldn’t stop reading.
I will definitely reread this book some time.
And I can’t wait for it to make me happy again.
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June 2, 2017
5 Perfectly Ridiculous
 photo IMG_3518_zpsqh06jgmh.jpg

This book was a ray of ridiculously wonderful sunshine. It was funny, cute, sweet and just a book that make me laugh and mostly made me smile. It's an enemies to lovers story that was executed perfectly in my opinion.

A wealthy fun, beautiful socialite and a high powered, straight laced divorce attorney.....both know how to get under the other's skin and drive each other crazy. Georgiana "Georgie" was adorable and her life was all about her friends, partying and of course charity work. Andrew Mulroney was a workaholic and very prim and proper. Both lived in the same building and that was how these two became "enemies" of sorts. Enemies who knew how to aggravate the other, push the other's buttons and create the perfect storm.

Georgie and Andrew are complete opposites. But isn't it opposites that attract or do they cause havoc for one another? These two do both. The ease of their animosity towards one another is laced with underlying feelings that each keep to themselves. But when Andrew becomes an unexpected guest at Georgie's dinner party, all bets come off the table and these two merge their love and hate for one another in a cute and funny tale. From workouts to sickness to heartache and to love.....this book will keep you believing in happily ever afters.

I have found that when I open a Lauren Layne book, I am going to be swept into a light and fluffy HEA book. The banter between the character is always fun and spot on and the angst is minimal and enjoyable. Walk of Shame delivered on all the above and left me in a feel good mood. I laughed, smiled and truly got swept away with Georgie and Andrew in this wonderful enemies to lovers story. A must read for all die hard believers in happily ever afters . . .

*ARC kindly provided by Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*
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