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Reapers MC #6.5

Shade's Lady

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New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the world of the Reapers Motorcycle Club…

Looking back, none of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t dropped my phone in the toilet. I mean, I could’ve walked away from him if I’d had it with me.

Or maybe not.

Maybe it was all over the first time he saw me, and he would’ve found another way. Probably—if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that Shade always gets what he wants, and apparently he wanted me.

Right from the first.

206 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 3, 2017

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About the author

Joanna Wylde

47 books9,437 followers
Joanna Wylde is a freelance writer and voracious reader. You can visit her website at www.joannawylde.net.

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1,809 reviews28.5k followers
March 22, 2017
4.5 Stars

After not loving some of the more recent offerings from this series - I'm talking about you Reaper's Fall and the even worse Reaper's Fire...


Sorry, Gage/Talia flashbacks...

As I was saying.

After the two catastrophes mentioned above, I was a little wary about where the next book might take us - and whose dirty snatches our supposed "Heroes" might find their dicks buried in - but thank GAWD this one was not like that.

I really enjoyed this little nugget.

I really felt the connection between Shade and Mandy and there was a super solid plot - especially considering this was a novella.

The depth Wylde was able to achieve with these characters in such a truncated amount of page time was pretty impressive. In fact, I think Wylde must have been pluggin' along writing this and then realized:


"Fuck, this is supposed to be a novella, isn't it?" - and so decided to abruptly end the book right there lol

That's my - and a lot of people's methinks - only beef with this book.

Which is a pretty decent beef to have, all things considered.
I'll take it any day for the awesome that came before it.

This re-electrified my interest in there series for sure and I look forward to the next one.

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1,260 reviews9,931 followers
March 19, 2017
*****5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

For the first time in my life, I couldn’t imagine riding out for the next city without taking a woman with me. You fucked up, man. This is gonna get complicated.

 photo SHADES LADY - Tour teaser_zpsapqa0wmi.jpg

Once again, we are privileged to be able to spend more time with the REAPERS MC. They are one of my favorite outlaw biker gangs. Each Hero we meet is over the top ALPHA and oozing with panty melting sex appeal! They’re rough around the edges and most definitely caveman-ish, but somehow I bet most of us wouldn’t mind being owned by one of these Outlaws. Move over Horse and Picnic, there’s a new Reaper who has won over my heart and his name is SHADE!!

Not only did I love the Hero, I found the Heroine to be quite funny and I loved her strong independent personality. Mandy McBride has had her life turned upside down by men she had misguidedly put her trust in. Her ex-husband made her an unwitting accomplice to a robbery when he had her drop him off and wait in the car for him. It was obvious to the police that she was innocent but she still ended up getting sentenced with a misdemeanor and having to serve six months unsupervised probation. She gets the approval to relocate to the town her older sister is currently living in. Mandy’s sister is another McBride woman who chose poorly in the man department and has been left practically destitute with her three little girls. Mandy comes to help her sister take care of her little nieces. She ends up getting a job waitressing at a local bar, that is the hangout spot for the Reapers MC when they’re in town. Mandy has noticed the hot as hell National President of the Reaper’s but she knows he is a REALLY BAD IDEA, wrapped up in a beautiful package! Little does she know that she has caught his eye as well.

One night, after a huge misunderstanding, she ends up back at the Reaper’s Club with Shade. Her current no good boyfriend offered her up to Shade as partial payment for a motorcycle. Mandy had no idea that she was basically whore’d out, but there’s hell to pay once she learns the truth. Deep inside she is wildly attracted to Shade and fights an internal battle over giving in to her physical need for the man, but she knows Shade doesn’t have it in him to stay around for the long haul, and she’s not looking to be a notch on his belt.

Shade is not used to being turned down by a woman and Mandy’s rejection of him only spurs him on more to claim her as his. He’s got his eyes on the prize and he’ll pull out all the stops. Eventually, it turns out that Mandy’s inner ”Wonder Woman” is no match for Shade’s seductive charms. They end up having one amazing night between the sheets with the understanding that it is only to be a one-time deal, but it turns out neither one of them is ready to let go. But as feelings start to intensify, are they enough to make Shade and Mandy want to take a risk on giving their hearts to each other?

As with every Reapers book, there is the element of danger and when the lives of their women are in jeopardy, these guys take no prisoners! No one messes with their Property!!

SHADE’S LADY is currently available!! You’ll definitely not want to miss out on this entertaining novella!

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2hkmVan
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N1PJY8...
Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/Shades-Lady-Rea...
Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01N1PJY...

 photo 17631979_zpsogt4rrvf.png
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2,359 reviews4,607 followers
March 18, 2017


Biker/Reaper fans this novella is so worth the read! Joanna Wylde’s writing and storyline all equated to one solid story with a bunch of likable characters. The story starts with our heroine helping support her sister and nieces by working at The Pit, a biker bar. Mandy is in a relationship with a biker named Rebel. Rebel shockingly makes a deal with Shade, the national president of the Reapers Motorcycle Club and things get very interesting.

”It’s no big deal, Mandy. Just one quick ride. Get over yourself.”


Mandy and Shade’s interactions were very well done. The sexual tension, the banter, and the inner voice, all had me falling hard for these two. The story involves Mandy’s sister and children and her sister’s dangerous ex. What I found most endearing and unforgettable about this novella was the idea of their one night stand and breakfast throughout the story.

“For having such bad taste in men, she drew the lucky straw with Shade."

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2,434 reviews4,563 followers
March 13, 2017
4.5 stars!!!

I have read all the books from Reapers MC series and when I saw this novella I was so excited to read it because I missed this world and Joanna's writing. Shade's lady is a sweet, fun and sexy read!


I loved Shade, he is sweet, hot and bossy. He couldn't have a better girl than Mandy. This girl is strong, independent and funny. I loved their chemistry and connection. They are hot together and sweet.

The plot is interesting and refreshing! If you are looking for a fast paced story with a hot biker this is perfect for you!


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3,147 reviews1,899 followers
March 25, 2017
Shade's Lady is a short novella set in the Reapers MC world. In it we're introduced to Mandy, an overworked waitress at a biker bar who's trying to get her life straightened out. Which means her plan does no include Shade, badass biker. But when her no-good boyfriend (now ex) tricks her into going to the Reaper's club with Shade all of those plans change.

I really enjoyed this book and getting to see more of the Reapers. This has been a favorite series of mine for years, and this book give me yet another reason for why I am obsessed with these men. Shade was possessive and Alpha as hell, which made me swoon. I loved how he was with Mandy, their relationship was just really intriguing and sexy.

These two characters were different from each other and had completely separate plans for their lives, but when they got together their differences are what made them amazing. They had a fun banter between them, and I just genuinely liked them as a couple.
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1,043 reviews2,396 followers
March 16, 2017
I’m really becoming a fan of these 1001 Dark Nights novellas.  I’ve read several over the past few months and they’ve all been exceptional!  The same holds true for Shade’s Lady!  Joanna Wylde returns to the world of the Reaper’s MC to tell Shade and Mandy’s story.

Here’s the breakdown:  Shade is the National President of the Reapers MC.  Because of that, he rarely stays in one place too long.  He travels around to all the local chapters.  Moving on has never been a problem for him until Mandy.

What I loved:  This book is so funny!  Mandy’s internal dialogue cracked  me up.  She such a hilarious character and that was completely unexpected.  I loved it!  Her domestic situation was a mess, but she was a pretty cool character.
Shade is a big, rugged, hard-nosed biker, but he was really good for Mandy.  I enjoyed the chase as  much as she did!  He’s a super sexy character.  I wanted so much more of him.
The emotional aspect of the story and the secondary characters were top notch.  Mandy’s sister and the relationship development between her and Heath ran parallel with Shade and Mandy’s story.  I particularly enjoyed the dynamic between Heath and Shade.

Overall, this is an EXCELLENT novella.  My only complaint is the abrupt ending.  However, I get it.  It was short, but jam packed and absolutely entertaining.  I'm looking forward to more Reaper books soon.  I highly recommend this one to readers who enjoy MC reads and romantic comedy with a bit of drama.

I rate it: 4.5 Stars

By the way, I definitely think Wonder Woman would kick Batman’s a$$. I hope you’ve read the book and get it, if not grab your copy today and then let me know what you think.  Wonder Woman or Batman?

 photo ARC_2.jpg
July 11, 2022
Terrific story!

The following ratings are out of 5:
Narration: 🎙🎙🎙🎙
Romance: 💚🖤💙❤️
Heat/Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Story/Plot: 📕📗📙📘📔
World building: 🌏🌍🌎🌏🌍
Character development: 😌😎🙃😮

The heroine: Mandy - She is divorced and recently moved to help out her sister with her kids, Mandy is broke and working at a local motorcycle bar. She is dating a man named Rebel who is in the local motorcycle club, but thinking of getting rid of him after finding him kissing another girl when he thought she was in the stock room.

The Hero(es): Shade - Leader of the Reapers motorcycle club. He is the youngest national president in Reapers history. He is a murderer that got off on a technicality. He was always the biggest nastiest man in the room.

The Story: The Reapers are treated like royalty in Mandy’s small town. Shade has wanted Mandy since the first time he saw her. She is the waitress that is serving the Reapers one night when they came in. She was told by the bar owner, Bone, that she can make good tips being their server but if she heard them talking about any biker business that she was to immediately forget it.

The book is told in dual points of view and via dual narration, where the entire chapters told from Mandy’s point of view were narrated by the female narrator and the chapters told from Shade’s point of view were narrated by the male narrator. The narration was done by Tatiana Sokolov and Sean Crisden who both have pleasant voices which worked well for these characters.

Mandy is cute and quirky, she named her inner voice wonder woman. She likes her job and takes things in stride. Though she doesn’t want a real relationship after the debacle that was her marriage to Trevor which saw her ending up in Jail because of the creep. Her thing with Rebel was just for fun and she likes him being a biker, going on rides was fun, though Rebel had a bit of a man crush on Shade which was a bit embarrassing.

Things get a bit strange when her boss tells her to take off for the night even though they are still busy and Rebel tells her he is buying a bike from Shade and needs her to go with him to the Reapers Clubhouse 30 miles away to pick it up. She ends up riding there on the back of Shade’s bike. The story ends up being pretty good.

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2,377 reviews204 followers
March 12, 2017
Shade’s Lady had everything I love about a Reaper’s story. In fact, this one took me right back to the feelings I had when I first read about Horse and Marie – they are the reason why I fell for Joanna Wylde’s unique story telling.

Shade wanted Mandy the moment he first laid eyes on her. She works at the local bar in a small town, about 30 miles away from the Reaper’s clubhouse. There is just something about her, could be that she appears unaffected by his interest which makes her even more desirable but he also gets the feeling she is not like any other woman he has met before.

Mandy lives with her sister Hannah and her 3 kids in a run down trailer. They have had a rough time of late and just getting by day to day is a struggle for them. Hannah’s ex is a drug user / dealer and has brought nothing but crap into her life and he is a huge threat to her future happiness as he shows up every once in a while to cause her trouble.

Mandy is dating Rebel, a nice looking guy who is part of a local MC chapter, nothing like the Reapers but she likes having a good looking guy who rides a motorbike. However, when she finds herself being traded as part of a business deal she is fucking fuming! What sort of guy thinks a woman can be sold off like they are property. Well, she is about to be schooled by Shade, the owner of said property.

"I don’t have time for playing house with a woman or picking out china patterns."

Okay, Mandy has always been intrigued by Shade and all his bad boy, alpha male, sexy ruggedness thing that he has going on but there is no fucking way she is going to end up in that man’s bed. No. Way. And that is why the first time she fucks him, it’s outside on a picnic table…. You knew it was coming right? I mean, come on, who could resist Shade?!

"Holding my gaze steadily, he lifted his fingers to his mouth and slowly licked one. “Tastes good,” he whispered. “Tastes like you want me. I think you’re lying, princess. You want it and you want it bad.”

One night with Mandy turns out to not be enough for him but she has her own shit going on. Mandy has a history that she is trying to distance herself from. Hannah’s creepy ex is causing trouble for them all and having any of the Reapers hanging around is drawing unwanted attention for all of them.

Shade always gets what he wants and he wants Mandy, even if it comes with baggage – he’s got brothers who can sort that shit out.

I fucking loved being back in Reaper’s world!
835 reviews75 followers
February 20, 2018
Shade’s Lady is the kind of fairytale I can get behind!

As a young girl, I’ve always thought Prince Charming was a pansy-assed prissy marshmallow type of man. Why any girl would fall for a Prince Charming was a mystery to me. Now though, after getting a glimpse of Joanna Wylde’s version of Prince Charming, I suddenly understand the attraction.

Shade (Hello, even his name is sexy) is not only a biker, he’s president of the Reapers MC. He’s badass and scary as hell but oh so very hot. This anti-hero could charm the panties off a nun. I couldn’t have conjured up a better Prince Charming if I tried.

I was a bit worried about Mandy when she was first introduced. I liked her, but she seemed a bit scattered. She had absolute shit taste in men and no common sense when it came to dealing with them. Ignoring the warning signs, she found out the hard way her boyfriend was a douchenozzle of epic proportions on top of being a complete idiot.

Initially, Mandy didn’t appear to be the right fit for the National President’s Old Lady but it wasn’t long before it was evident she would be a great choice. She was loyal to a fault, cared deeply about others, and holy cow, that woman was hell on wheels (literally) when she was pissed.

When she went after her ex, I laughed and cheered (well, in my head since it was midnight). I think her act of revenge needed a country song written about it maybe with Carrie Underwood singing it, or better yet, the Dixie Chicks. After what the douchenozzle pulled, she was D.O.N.E. with men, especially bikers and/or bad boys.

Shade had his work cut out for him in winning over his lady and I had a great time going along for that ride as he pinned her down. He had to be very innovative as he attempted to pull off the world’s longest one-night stand.

It’s been awhile since I’ve laughed so much with a biker book. Mandy’s inner musings were a crack up, especially when Wonder Woman stopped in for a chat. I had no idea that everyone’s favorite demi-goddess was an expert on such varied topics, you know, like phone sex!

It’s a Reapers story, so it had enough action and grit to keep me happy. As a sweet little bonus, there was a side romance going on that I thought was freaking adorable. Shade didn’t topple Horse from his throne, but he got close. Shade’s Lady was sweet, witty, funny and sexy as hell with just a touch of grit and ended up being my idea of the perfect little biker fairytale.

Rating: 5 Biker Fairytale Stars

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

EDGY Reviews
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1,271 reviews337 followers
March 14, 2017
4 star-spangled briefs
wonderwoman photo: 56 56.jpg

If you’ve never read any MC book for fear it would be too gritty and violent for your palate just try Joanna Wylde’s books. Even better, read this novella to make up your mind.

I love her books! They always have:

-big, muscled, tattooed bikers. Shade was no exception and he is the Reaper’s National President. No one wants to be on his bad side. He is the King of kings. What’s even better he oozes pheromones and as Mandy said:
“Shade was so potent we’d probably have quintuplets or something crazy on the first try. You don’t even want a baby, I reminded my quivering ovaries. Jump him! Jump him and ride him like a cowgirl! they snapped back. Just think how sexy and strong he is. His sperm could kick Rebel’s ass and you know it! “

-possessive and protective alpha males. Shade sets his eyes on the prize (Mandy) and for as long as she’s with him she is his property. And no one f@cks with what’s his! I may be an independent working woman dealing with big men in suits trying (to no avail) to show they’re my boss this alpha show is always awakening my inner cavewoman. Just grab my hair already! I loved it!

-feisty female characters. Mandy is not a brilliant lawyer as she is bussing tables but it does not mean she’s not courageous, determined, loyal and daring. Shade impresses everyone and the Reapers are feared but Mandy still stood her ground and did not cave easily. Mind you she’s been out of a disastrous relationship, her mom had a bad relationship record as well and she’s determined to stand on her own two feet, without any man to help her.
“For me, men are like strawberries,” I told him earnestly. “I’ve come to realize this. It doesn’t matter how good they smell, if I get too close they’ll poison me. That’s why I’m giving them up—for my health. From now on, consider me your resident nun.” My boss smiled. “I don’t usually see nuns wearing shorts that tiny.” I rolled my eyes. “Okay, so I’m a slutty nun who needs the tips. God understands. You gotta dress for success in this world.” “Yeah, this is gonna be entertaining as hell,” he said. “
She’ll make Shade work for what he wants: her. I also loved how she owned her sexuality. She was not ashamed of wanting to have some fun without commitments or expectations. And why not?

-humor. I loved her Wonder Woman inner dialogs! They gave a surreal but comical edge to the story. Joanna Wylde would not use a little angel speaking in Mandy’s ear. No, she had to go for an Amazon semi -goddess wearing starry shorts. Here is one of my favorite quotes:
“You should really keep extra panties in your purse, Wonder Woman suggested helpfully. A girl never knows when she’s going to need a fresh pair of star-spangled briefs.”

-some twist and thrill but not too much either. Just the right balance to keep you interested but not overwhelmed with tension.

You’ve guesses by now that I really did enjoy myself reading this short novella. It was like eating ice cream: so good that you finish it in no time and leave on a high.

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1,894 reviews401 followers
March 17, 2017
After quite a few misses from this series Shade's Lady was brilliant, it really was. And the best thing .... not a single TSTL move was pulled.

So why not 5 stars?? Because there was no fricking ending to the book! I was happily reading away and gearing myself up for the big finish and ......... nothing! The damn thing just ended right there with a sort of(ish) HFN.
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778 reviews2,116 followers
February 26, 2018
Another awesome novella in the 1001 Dark Nights series.

I love this series.

After reading Kristen Ashely’s Rock Chick Reawakening and K. Bromberg’s Sweet Rivalry I had the pleasure of reading Joanna Wylde’s Shade’s Lady.

I love her Reapers MC, and have been looking forward to every single book so far. Lucky me Shade’s Lady didn’t disappoint in the slightest.

Shade had his eyes set on Mandy from the very first moment. Even so she was in a “relationship” with Rebel, a weekend biker, he couldn’t’ get her out of his mind. Shade wasn’t interested in an old lady or even a steady relationship but Mandy made him itch in the best of ways.

Mandy had been aware of the Reapers and their president since the very first time they stepped foot into the bar she worked at. As a waitress and pseudo girlfriend to a biker she liked the lifestyle, the people and riding on the back of a bike but the Reapers were still making her nervous, especially their president.

One night, her scumbag of a boyfriend Rebel, made a deal with Shade and Mandy was the collateral damage. Fortunately Mandy had a backbone made of steel. She knew that her choices of boyfriends sucked, but that didn’t mean that she was clueless about what was going on and that she would do everything in her power to keep her family safe.

She worked hard, helped her sister take care of her nieces and when time permitted she had some sexy fun. But NEVER did she expect anything for free.

Mandy was strong, independent, hard-working and knew her limits. She gave Shade a run for his money. No other women had ever talked to him and pushed back the way Mandy did.

Of course this didn’t detain Shade at all in his pursuit. It just made her a more worthy conquest.

I adored their One-Night-Stand rule.
As long as Shade didn’t invite Mandy for breakfast in the morning as a kind of goodbye they would be keeping their one-night-stand going – since neither was willing to admit that their could be more to it than just sex.


Shade’s Lady by Joanna Wylde was a perfect addition to the 1001 Dark Nights series. It was fast paced, and perfectly plotted for a novella. In addition the characters were complex and interesting.

I devoured this book after a long day at work – I couldn’t have enjoyed it more!!

4.5 stars

ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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1,371 reviews128 followers
March 29, 2017
4.5 Stars
I've had this gem sitting on my kindle waiting for me, but I even though I did pre-order it I was a little nervous to actually buckle down and start reading. It's been awhile since I've read a Reapers book, or a MC book for that matter, and I remember thinking after I finished the last book in the series, I may be over this.

I'm so glad to say, TOTALLY NOT OVER THIS!! Once I got into this story and the characters started to form I was hooked. I love Mandy and I think Shade is pretty damn fine too! I just wanted more, I so wasn't ready for it to end. I think this couple needs a full length book, I would absolutely buy it...pretty please?!?
Profile Image for MELISSA *Mel Reader*.
1,335 reviews1,398 followers
March 23, 2017
4.5 Stars!

 photo 94D2A574-4E18-49A8-BD38-1E5D0509872B_zpswbd6co5a.jpg

Mandy McBride is a 27 yr. old woman who has been through some hard times. She moved to Violetta, Idaho about six months ago to live with her sister & help her out with her kids. Trouble & bad men seem to find her anywhere she goes. She calls it the curse of the McBride women. If there's a loser in the vicinity she always finds them. She wants to change her life. She works as a waitress at a biker bar called The Pit & is casually dating a guy named Rebel. When he burns her like all the rest, she decides men are like poison to her & bad for her health. She's giving them up for a while since she has such bad taste in men.

 photo CCEAE09F-5F6F-423B-BDCD-FB3E3DC6E94F_zpsrxyjmwrz.jpg

Shade is the national president of the Reapers MC. He's the youngest national president in history. He has a place up north. He's just in Cranston while traveling & spending time with different chapters. While there he crosses paths with a beautiful woman he met once at a barbecue. She caught his eye when he first met her, & she's still just as sexy as he remembers. He makes it clear he wants her in his bed & made it well known how interested he is.

 photo BB0E6CDD-6F8A-4A70-9724-D16EADB30275_zpsrylkhass.jpg

Mandy has heard all the rumors about Shade. The Reapers were like MC royalty. Shade was pretty to look at but also scary. He was so stunning he could be a model, but was a whole different level of badass than any guy she'd ever been with. She'd been with enough dangerous men to last her a lifetime, so she needed to steer clear of Shade. The problem was Shade is relentless in his pursuit of her. He wants her so bad it's driving him crazy.

 photo 3865FDAF-AE56-48B7-8467-566CE226F505_zpsg9rikzcw.jpg

-"I know myself and I know what I don't need, and that's a man. They always cause trouble in my life. Always. History doesn't lie."

-The man radiated power, strength and raw sex. He was the biggest, nastiest bastard in the room- not to mention easy on the eyes.

-I read all the same things I was feeling in his eyes. Whatever this was between us, it wasn't one sided and I wasn't the only one blown away. "You can't tell me this isn't happening."

-"I've never felt anything like it in my life."

 photo amotorcycle_zpspe5sczvo.gif

Shade is used to getting what he wants, but Mandy makes him work for it. He is patient, and finally she gives in to temptation & agrees to spend a night with him. One night & no promises of more. She thinks she's nothing more than a game to Shade, but will she soon learn the man who's never been willing to settle down in one place wants to claim her as his own?

I really love this series & this book was fantastic! Shade was so damn sexy. He knew what he wanted & was patient till he got it. He was this big badass biker with a tender spot for a woman. I loved his alpha personality & his sense of humor. There's nothing like a gorgeous, tough biker in love. Really enjoyed this one!

 photo CE0B163D-1B96-48A0-B37E-23696A25A26E_zpsktgxscm7.jpg
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1,609 reviews142 followers
March 18, 2017
It's been ages since I read a Reapers, I'd forgotten how good they are.

This was the shortish story of MC President Shade and Mandy, a down on her luck bartender.

I loved the way Shade pursues her, in his gruff and growly hot ass way. Naturally he has a huge reason for his cockiness, but he's never wanted anyone to stick around until Mandy, so that was satisfying to read too. The chemistry was scorching and the smut was hot so not much to dislike. I wish it had been longer because I was enjoying it so much, but it was still a two hour read so pretty good for a novella.

I could've done without her inner Wonder Woman voice of conscience to be honest. I think Anastasia's inner goddess killed that for me, but KA has done it a few times in the Rock Chick books as well and it never fails to annoy me. Fortunately, at least she didn't interfere too often and the rest of the storytelling was fab so it wasn't a biggie.

Complete story but best read along with the others in this series because the Reapers are (for me) the best MC series out there and the standard that I measure the other offerings against. Recommended.
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2,984 reviews103 followers
March 17, 2017
I laughed from beginning to end. When the heroine kept debating her inner Wonder Woman voice. (Note to E.L. James's Inner Goddess: THAT'S how it's done.) When the hero took the bat out of the irate heroine's hand...only to replace it with a tire iron, because it would be a more effective weapon to destroy her slimy ex's truck. And all the dialogue between the hero and heroine: these two were the biker version of Cary Grant and Kate Hepburn in Bringing up Baby.

I didn't get the satisfaction at the end that I got with Horse and Marie'story but it is unfair to compare because the initial Reapers book that launched a thousand sequels is untouchable. But I have to say this was very enjoyable and though the HFN ending left me a little sad, it completely made sense in the context of the story and was true to the characters.

While Horse was ready to settle down with his house mouse, Shade was a true rebel biker in his heart and soul. He didn't pay lip service to the lifestyle, the true freedom, the lure of the road. He lived it. That he asked Mandy to share in that freedom was big. And she was the perfect girl to truly share and revel in that because she was just as weary as him of putting down roots and taking risks to get hurt again. She wanted her freedom just as much as he did. Their little game of stretching their one night stand for days, weeks, months, until one of them decided to "go for breakfast" i.e. break up was cute and poignant.

Whether Joanna Wylde decides to flesh out this novella into a full novel, or just keep these two as peripheral recurring characters in future books, I was quite satisfied with the way the story ended as it gave me the necessary closure. It was not rainbows and hearts and babies and kittens but it was real. I appreciate that so much. It is a gutsy move for an author. For me, it totally worked.

Wylde is one of the few authors who write about the biker world authentically but the added bonus is that she writes about it with love. In her books, I really feel the sense that these people are just ordinary people like you and me and who are a family. A makeshift family but one with stronger bonds than many biological families. She reminded me with this novella why I love her writing style so much even though I haven't loved all her characters.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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611 reviews202 followers
March 21, 2017
Joanna Wylde, she came, she saw and wrote one hell of a biker's novel.
 photo Soldiers of Darkness 3.gif
Then again that's what I've come to expect from this amazing author and why she's one of my top five favorites. Danger? By the bucket-loads, badass alpha's.....yeah fanning myself, Shade is over the top. He's the kinda guy you really...really wanna get with but are too chicken shit to.
 photo Shades Lady 1.jpg
This Reaper isn't boyfriend material or into lasting relationships but he's all about the brotherhood and his club. He'd have to be, being the national president. His word is law and absolute. He takes without apologies and at the moment his sights are firmly set on Mandy McBride.
 photo Shades Lady.jpg
Phenomenal storyline! Ten times better than Sons of Anarchy but that's just me being biased! A five star must read for biker romance lovers!
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1,930 reviews185 followers
March 16, 2017
4 3/4 "Because we haven't had breakfast yet." Stars!

I am completely, totally, unapologetically in love with the President of an outlaw Motorcycle Club! Shade is the s***! I did not expect to love this book this much. Shade is a badass sweetheart- not like a mushy, pushover kind of sweetheart, but a take charge BA alpha male, don't mind killing someone, President of an outlaw motorcycle club kind of sweetheart. I fell in love! Mandy was completely hilarious. This girl had me cracking up; and she was no pushover. She was also as loyal to her sister as she could be. Loved her too!

I don't know... this one just pushed all my buttons today. Just the kind of story I was wanting today, I guess. Hope to get some Shade and Mandy updates in future REAPERS MC books. Lurved it!! Happy reading!
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3,428 reviews
May 1, 2020
Another great Reaper's MC Club book, shorter than her normal novels but every bit as good. This was about Shade, National President for Reaper's MC and Mandy a waitress at the pit that from day one of him encountering her decided that he wanted her. What Shade wants Shade gets or so that's his philosophy! She's currently dating another biker from a riding club named Rebel with no strings attached type relationship. Rebel finds out that Shade has a motorcycle for sale and he wants it, makes a deal with Shade where he trades one night of Shade getting Mandy for the $500 he's short and Mandy has no clue that he's done this and due to Rebel's lies thinks she's riding with Shade thinking she's just on his bike because Rebel doesn't have room in his truck and that she will be driving his truck back after he picks up motorcycle. They arrive at Reaper's Clubhouse and then Shade discovers that Mandy never knew about the trade and he realizes she knows nothing about it and although he wants her bad, he doesn't take advantage of her at this time and eventually takes her back home the next day. He gives her space but still pursues her and helps her and her sister out of an issue with Hannah's ex-husband related to planting drugs in their home. Don't want to share too much, it's worth the read and Joanna Wylde is an awesome writer - it's a must read!
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2,370 reviews421 followers
April 8, 2017
Surprisingly sweet (for a MC) story with Shade, yes another Shade a Reaper this time not a Lost Rider, in love lust with Mandy's nice cleavage, even better rear end and her sassiness. Mandy is a hoot. She knows she makes terrible choices with men and plans on changing that at some time. She's just not sure when.

Shade is not exactly a knight on a white charger, but he is not as bad as he thinks he is. He's faithful, looks for ways to extend their ONS that's not really a ONS, and helps save the day.

I'm not sure where he is in the Reaper universe. I think he's the top dog.

I need to get. off this MC gang merry go round I am on.
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2,833 reviews921 followers
March 15, 2017
4.5 stars!

Joanna Wylde is back, and she’s nailed it with this short, sexy, funny and dramatic MC novella that is a fantastic read from start to finish. It’s set in the Reaper’s MC World but doesn’t really tie in to the other books in the series so can easily be read as a standalone. It features Reaper’s National President, Shade, and introduces his kickass heroine, Mandy.

Mandy is a down-on-her-luck waitress who has had a hard time, but who has moved to a dead-end town in Idaho to help her sister with her three little girls. She is struggling for money and is desperate to be free of the dramas from her past, and she is headstrong and determined to get there. She’s in a sort-of relationship with a biker from the town, but after watching her mother, her sister and herself be hurt over and over again by men, she wants nothing to do with relationships or anything long term. But then Shade walks into her life.

The man radiated power, strength and raw sex. He was the biggest, nastiest bastard in the room – not to mention easy on the eyes – and deep down inside I just knew we’d make beautiful babies together. Too bad I already sort of had a boyfriend…Shade was so potent we’d probably have quintuplets or something crazy on the first try.
You don’t even want a baby, I reminded my quivering ovaries.
Jump him! Jump him and ride him like a cowgirl! they snapped back.

Shade is everything that Mandy wants, but everything she shouldn’t want. He’s dark and dangerous and infinitely sexy, but she doesn’t want to get tangled up with him or his club – but circumstances lead to just that.

Their chemistry is electric right from the very start. Shade wants her and he makes no secret of that, and each and every encounter is sizzling with sexual tension. With the boyfriend history and Shade not letting up, Mandy gives in to what she believes will be a one night stand, but they soon discover that one night won’t be enough.

Whatever this was between us, it wasn’t one sided and I wasn’t the only one blown away.
“You can’t tell me this isn’t happening,” he said, the words torn harshly from his throat. I wanted to deny it but I couldn’t.
“I’ve never felt anything like it in my life,” I admitted. He growled, all savage satisfaction at my admission. Then his hand twisted hard in my hair, bringing his mouth back down over mine.

But Mandy is still sworn off relationships, and Shade certainly doesn’t do commitment. And with him just passing through town and due to hit the road again in just a few weeks, what else could they expect anyway?

“You can bullshit all you want about sex and one-night stands, but I’m not done with you yet and you know it. I get what I want, and I want you.”

It’s a fun, banter-filled, passionate ride for them. I loved the dynamic between them as a straight-talking smartass who has sworn off men goes up against a straight-talking badass who is used to women flinging themselves at him. Shade has a battle on his hands with Mandy, and he couldn’t be happier about it. They clash and they argue, but their passion for each other is undeniable, and they are so freaking hot together! But more than just sex, there’s an underlying connection that builds beautifully as the story progresses.

“What will you be?”
Shade smiled.
“I’ll be yours, Mandy.”
“For how long?”
He leaned forward, resting his forehead against mine.
“For as long as you want me, babe.”

I loved this book. The story is written primarily from Mandy’s POV, but there are some occasional chapters from Shade, and I really enjoyed them both as characters. They are great on their own, but together they are fantastic. I loved them and their story, and I wish we got more of it! Don’t get me wrong, I thought the pacing of this novella was great – I felt what they were feeling, and it all felt realistic and natural, I just wanted to get to know them more (Shade especially), and though I finished the book with a smile on my face, I was enjoying myself so much that I wanted more of them!

This is a fairly angst-free read. There is no game playing or stupid behaviour. There is some drama with Mandy’s family that adds a great edge to the story – complementing the story rather than getting in the way – and together with the other elements of the story, it all comes together to create an exciting, interesting, sexy, dramatic and fun read and I couldn’t put it down.

I loved being back in Joanna Wylde’s world, and look forward to whatever is coming next.

4.5 stars

Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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488 reviews2 followers
March 15, 2017
I was about to swear off this author for good after the last craptastic books from her. But there was a blizzard today. I'm stuck in house with five kids, three dogs, six puppies and four cats....so read this book I did....and it was great! It reminded me quite a bit of Reapers Property, my fav book from her. She recycled a few elements there but the story was good. I kinda wished we got more of an HEA here instead of HFN. But it was good. Five stars by default for not sucking like last few books. My friend Page thought this read like old school Kristen Ashley, and I totally agree with that. Good snow day read!
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1,753 reviews
March 15, 2017
2.5 what the hell was that ending stars

Oh goodness. What to say about this book. What to say. First off, what in the ever loving holy was that ending!?!? I read the last sentence and hit the side of the page to swipe to what I hoped was a second epilogue. Nope, not at all.

My issues with this book are several. However, first I want to say that I was enjoying the book, even if I had issues with the characters and how things were playing out in the story. However, when I read the ending I was like, "Huh? That's it?"

Jumping back to my issues:
1. The heroine was with someone else at the beginning of the book. We didn't have a scene where they were having sex but it was mentioned. Not a big fan of that but I can deal with it.
2. The heroine thinks when she first sees Shade about what beautiful babies they would make together: He was the biggest, nastiest bastard in the room—not to mention easy on the eyes—and deep down inside I just knew we’d make beautiful babies together. However, later describes children as "spawn" and that she wouldn't bring any into this world. OK, fine, don't think that then about the hero. It's not needed in the story. (IMO)
3. There were no "I love you's" in the story. Basically we get a HFN ending and I certainly wasn't expecting that and did not like it.
4. Didn't really care for Mandy or Shade. Well, maybe it's more fair to say, I didn't connect to either character. I think I did like Shade better than Mandy as he was a decent guy and didn't treat Mandy like sh*t.
5. There were no "I love you's"!!! Yes, I repeated this because I was so upset about that ending!!! Geez!!!

Really, this book could have been so much better. I know it was a novella but come on! Give us a better ending than that if this is going to be the only book you write about this couple. I maybe could deal with it, if this was a prequel to their full book but nope. This is it.

What I liked:
✾ The love scenes were smokin hot

✾ We get a side story between her sister and the local sheriff's deputy. His declaration of love is what I wanted from the hero! (Yes, I get it was a short book and they didn't know each other for long but give me more than I got at the end!)

That's about it.

I usually like Wylde's book and I enjoy her MC books because they are safe in that there is no cheating, sharing etc., however, she does have the occasional, separated sleep with other people stories. There have only been one or two I didn't care for and unfortunately, this one falls into that category. Maybe if the ending was better.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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6,924 reviews820 followers
March 19, 2017
Leigh's review:

4.5 stars

To be honest, I didn’t recall Shade from the other Reaper’s novels, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the hell out of him. He was just as sexy and confident as all of the other Reapers, and adding in the title of ‘National President’ made him just that much more badass. The novella was fun and dirty and trashy (I mean that in the best way possible) and as every MC story that Joanna Wylde writes, I can always count on it to deliver. She is the standard up against which I compare my MC books, and she never disappoints.

Mandy was the perfect heroine for this story. She needed help but was too proud to accept it. She was a bit naïve so she made the perfect foil to Shade’s jaded worldliness. She drew on his protective instincts as she struggled to handle her issues herself and not ask for help. For a guy that never wanted to be tied down, Shade felt an irresistible pull towards this woman and I kind of liked that neither of them had their act together when it came to what they were looking for in a relationship. There were no expectations and they played it day by day to see how it grew.

The storyline held my interest, the new characters had me trying to figure if any would have their own spin-off novel next, and I loved getting back to small town Idaho and biker bars.

That being said, and keeping in mind that I loved this story and gave it 4+ stars (so my grievances can’t be that large), there were still a few nits I had to pick with this book.

First, Wonder Woman. I thought she was cute at first but by the end, I kinda wanted to muzzle her. Read the book. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

Second, part of what I love about all of the Reaper’s novels is the ability to visit with my past book boyfriends. As part of the Dark Knights series, it could be read as a stand alone without any prior history. But those dirty, crude, sexy, nasty men are what make the novels so much fun. It was a pleasure to sink back into the gritty world of the MC, but I missed seeing my other boys. Horse, Picnic, Ruger! Where were you??

Third, I really liked Shade and Mandy. I understand it’s the nature of a novella, but they deserved a longer book! *

Shade’s Lady was a terrific addition to the Reaper’s series. Reaper’s fans will want to snatch it up. And anyone new to the Reaper’s will find this to be a great starting point. It’s a shorter introduction to Joanna Wylde’s writing and MC world, and will whet your interest to go back and read Reaper’s Property where it all started with Horse. Sigh.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

And finally, I’m a sucker for a HEA. I feel like this relationship has the potential to be one. But all we were left with was a HFN.
**End Spoiler**
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1,272 reviews1,373 followers
March 23, 2017
This was a super-quick, easy, raunchy read for me. It's part of the Reapers MC series, but can be read as a stand-alone. If you're already reading this series, you'll want to check out this novella about the President of all the Reapers (and the youngest one in their history--I'm guessing mid to late thirties?)--Shade. (Sorry, but I cannot recall his full name--if one was even given?) Shade's been mentioned a time or two in the previous books, but we don't know much about him.

What we do know:
Shade is a former Marine, has long sandy colored hair, has no real home (since he's president of all the Reaper's chapters and travels to visit each one), is definitely into illegal stuff and may or may not have killed someone (he was arrested for murder but got off on a technicality.) So he's a dangerous man--but also magnetic and quite studly.

This story takes place in Violetta, Idaho (not far from where most of the Reapers books are centered). Shade's 'future' lady turns out to be Mandy, a young woman from the wrong side of the tracks in town to help take care of her sister (recently broken up with her druggie ex and living in a trailer on her in-laws property) and her 3 young daughters. Mandy is on probation due to her scum of an ex who robbed a liquor store and implicated Mandy in the crime. Mandy is a waitress at a biker bar and has a wannabe biker boyfriend named Rebel. Rebel is bad news and a lousy boyfriend (he may be cheating on Mandy). Shade has caught Mandy's eye at one of the biker gatherings that she has attended; she also has caught Shade's eye. He figures it's just a matter of time before he gets her, since what he wants he eventually gets. When Rebel tries to trade Mandy to Shade for a bike(!), Mandy is incensed and refuses Shade. This only makes him want her more.

Shade is intrigued and comes to respect her. Mandy is hard working, doesn't want a man (after two bad experiences who can blame her?), and wants to stay out of trouble. And Shade has trouble written all over him. But is Shade really a good guy at heart? Mandy will find out when her sister's life, and her own life is threatened. Can she trust Shade to help her out?

This book was really fast-paced, and I couldn't put it down. It was raunchy, sexy fun, but left me with a few questions. I wanted more background info on Shade. Maybe this was mentioned in previous books and I just forgot, but I felt like I hardly knew him. And the ending? Oh wow, this book needed an epilogue! I mean, it was a HFN, but this book cried out for either an epilogue , or perhaps another novella about these characters. Please don't leave us hanging, wondering....I'm hoping Joanna Wylde will revisit these characters in a future book, because what I read about them, I liked. 4 1/2 stars
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1,362 reviews340 followers
March 12, 2017
Batman was stronger than Wonder Woman. Fucking stupid men.

And so we briefly return to the Reapers MC world with Shade and Mandy who deliver a funny, sexy and the longest one night stand to exist. Mandy has bad luck when it comes to men. From jail to her situation that mixes with Shade, she can't catch a break. With the help or not help of Wonder Woman, Mandy gives in to the temptation of Shade but not without her demands.

Shade has been interested with Mandy for a good while but he was biding his time and when a miscommunication occurs, he goes all in but it backfires. Shade's tenacity gives him the Alpha(ness) that serves up to his title of President of the Reapers. We get a glimpse of what he thinks as the story is told in dual pov but it leaves you wanting to know more on how he thinks.

Shade was so potent we'd probably have quintuplets or something crazy on the first try.

The chemistry with Shade and Mandy is instant and when they finally get together, you'll be rooting for them you're hoping that Mandy has finally got the best luck with men when it comes to Shade. They're more alike than what each other think and that makes their one night stand, infinite.
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1,813 reviews591 followers
March 12, 2017
I didn't realize HOW MUCH I missed Joanna Wylde's MC men until I DEVOURED Shade's story!

"I'm out, Shade. I don't want to be part of your world."

Badass bikers, feisty females, raw and unadulterated passion around every corner? Yep, this MUST BE a Joanna Wylde MC Romance. This fast-paced biker-filled piece of goodness has EVERYTHING to get your motor runnin'. Filled with drama, suspense, and overprotective alpha-deliciousness, SHADE'S LADY pulled me in from the very beginning and wouldn't let me go. Even though this is a novella, it's packed full of steamy sex scenes, sexy shenanigans, and entertaining banter.

"No more games, Mandy."

"No more games," I agreed.

I know some people aren't big fans of novellas because of their length and rushed storyline, but I think Ms. Wylde did a great job of enticing, entertaining, and completely immersing us in this MC world of hers. Sure, I was left wanting more, but isn't that the goal? If you are new to Joanna Wylde's work, SHADE'S LADY is the perfect starting off point to help start your addiction. You will have a blast getting your feet wet and familiarizing yourself with Wylde's brand of gritty and raw, emotion-filled romances. Fans of the popular MC series will be falling for Shade and Mandy right off the gate. It will be like coming HOME for them.

To be honest, diving into SHADE'S LADY, and being back into Reaper territory, I wanted to start the series all over again. But even more so, I want to know what's next and what Ms. Wylde has in store for us. I love being back in this world, and I definitely will be wanting MORE!


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1,671 reviews19 followers
March 22, 2017

Mandy has terrible luck with men. She literally has no good experience with a man any time in her life. Shade is the president over all the Reapers. He's alpha of course. He's had a thing for Mandy and has just been waiting for an opportunity to pursue it. Mandy secretly has sexy thoughts about him also, but she's afraid of his lifestyle and her track record.

I liked both leads and most of the supporting characters. Nothing feels over the top. I appreciate the way that he's alpha but she isn't a pushover for him. She's trying to make her life better and keep her goals in mind. The ending is nice. It leaves room for more to be told of their story. Anyone who is a fan of this author's books, MC romances or alpha male leads should definitely check out this book.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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