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I Do, I Don't #1

Ready to Run

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The Bachelor meets The Runaway Bride in this addictive romance novel about a reality TV producer falling for her would-be star: a Montana heartthrob who wants nothing to do with the show.

Jordan Carpenter thinks she’s finally found the perfect candidate for Jilted, a new dating show about runaway grooms: firefighter Luke Elliott, a known player who’s left not one but three brides at the altar. The only problem? Luke refuses to answer Jordan’s emails or return her calls. Which is how she ends up on a flight to Montana to recruit him in person. It’s not Manhattan, but at least the locals in Lucky Hollow seem friendly . . . except for Luke, who’s more intense—and way hotter—than the slick womanizer Jordan expected.

Eager to put the past behind him, Luke has zero intention of following this gorgeous, fast-talking city girl back to New York. But before he can send her packing, Jordan’s everywhere: at his favorite bar, the county fair, even his exes’ book club. Annoyingly, everyone in Lucky Hollow seems to like her—and deep down, she’s starting to grow on him too. But the more he fights her constant pestering, the more Luke finds himself wishing that Jordan would kick off her high heels and make herself comfortable in his arms.

The I Do, I Don’t novels each have their own enchanting HEAs, and can be read in any order.

215 pages, ebook

First published August 22, 2017

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About the author

Lauren Layne

54 books9,926 followers
Lauren Layne is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen novels, including Hot Asset, Hard Sell, and Huge Deal in her 21 Wall Street series, as well as her Central Park Pact series. Her books have sold more than a million copies in nine languages. Lauren’s work has been featured in Publishers Weekly, Glamour, the Wall Street Journal, and Inside Edition. She is based in New York City.

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1,288 reviews3,230 followers
June 28, 2018

Well color me surprised.

While I didn't enjoy I Knew You Were Trouble, I loved Walk of Shame so I went into Ready to Run with high hopes (and a bucket of organic butter popcorn). I mean this is THE Lauren Layne, one of the most prolific and undisputed queens of the romantic comedy genre.

Well, color me surprised.

The plot itself was fine; Luke, a runaway groom who'd jilted 3 brides and, Jordan, a reality show executive, hell bent on getting him signed as the next bachelor for a reality show. The problem is: Luke wants no part of it while Jordan refuses to take no as an answer. After all, her career was on the line.

Following from his last dissent, Jordan moves to Luke's hometown where she meets his friends and family who promptly adopt her as one of theirs which only serves to piss Luke off.

Then the plot became a version of groundhog day. Luke says no, he's mean to Jordan, Jordan digs her Louboutins in, Luke thinks she's annoyingly cute, she thinks he's annoyingly rude (and cute) then, repeat.

And repeat.

And repeat.....

It. Was. Brain numbing.

And very easy to set aside.

So, yes, that's a no can continue from me. DNF @ 60%
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June 23, 2017
4.5 Stars!

What a fun, fun, fun read!! Did I mention this was a whole lot of fun to read?

Lauren Layne has this fabulous ability to write the wittiest, sexiest romances along with irresistible characters you just want to plop yourself down with and have a beer or glass of wine and a plate of nachos. I have read and totally enjoyed many Lauren Layne books, but this one steals the show (pun intended).

Luke Elliot, a local Montana firefighter, is a notorious runaway groom. So far three would be brides have been left standing at the altar. He flat out refuses to talk about why he got cold feet at the last minute.

Jordan Carpenter and her sidekick friend and co-worker, Simon, are on a mission to hunt down Luke and get an exclusive for the television show they are producing called Jilted. They were sent to talk him into staring in the "Bachelor" like realty tv series where twenty-five women vy for his attention in hopes of being chosen to walk down the aisle and say "I do."

Jordan, a big city kinda gal, is feeling quite jumpy driving around big sky country trying to track down the elusive Luke. It is bringing back too many memories of the very small town she grew up in in Kansas and hasn't visited in over twelve years. Too much unfinished business back there she would rather tamp down.

Sparks fly when Jordan finally tracks down Luke and tries her best to convince him to star in the show. But Luke informs her, in no uncertain terms, there isn't a chance on God's green earth he will ever be part of it, and tells her to get on the next flight back to NYC!

Sparks of sexual attraction also fly between the two and the battle lines are drawn.

Ahhhh, have I mention what an incredibly fun read this was? Fantastic storyline, bantering conversation and genuinely love able characters.

*I received a copy of this book, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review*
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1,260 reviews10k followers
August 18, 2017
*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

Her heart recognized him—her soul knew this man because somehow he’d wiggled inside her and occupied every corner of her that mattered.

 photo R2R_Teaser1_zpsjmtboem7.png

The ”I DO, I DON’T” series is off to a very good start with READY TO RUN. Although I am not a fan of reality shows, especially “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”, I found this story to be a fun, sweet, and sexy read. The Heroine is a “City Girl” with a big heart and the Hero is just downright sexy and charming with his “Country Boy” attitude. I loved the slow buildup to the romance between the main characters and enjoyed getting lost in the charm of small town living. This is the kind of storytelling that has kept me a loyal fan of Lauren Layne.

Jordan Carpenter is on her way to a small town in Montana in hopes of acquiring the leading man of a new reality show that her tv production company is hoping to launch. The show’s premise is similar to “The Bachelor”. The man who Jordan’s company has their sights on is Luke Elliott aka “the runaway groom”. Luke is the handsome firefighter who has become infamous on the internet for having left THREE brides at the altar. The show is dying to get their hooks into him and they feel with him as the lead, their ratings will go through the roof. The plot of the show will be to finally get Luke to marry one lucky lady. The problem is, Luke wants nothing to do with this show and he is very private about his personal life. From the moment Jordan and Luke meet, it seems they can hardly manage to be civil towards each other. Luke’s standoffish attitude puts them at odds right from the start, but the entire town seems to fall in love with Jordan.

 photo R2R_Teaser3_zpsultnpcpm.png

Jordan can’t help but be a little hurt by Luke’s demeanor towards her and she also can’t seem to fight the attraction she feels towards him. She’s also having a bit of internal conflict by even being in a small town and that’s because she isn’t a true City girl. Jordan comes from small town roots herself but heartbreak has kept her far from home and she has come to love her life in the big city because there are no reminders of things that bring her great sorrow. She ends up renting a house in Luke’s home town in hopes of being able to convince him to do the show.

Their paths cross often, partly because Jordan is determined to change Luke’s mind, but mostly because it would seem that many of Luke’s closest friends can see there’s incredible chemistry between the two and they’ve all decided to play match maker. Eventually, it will be impossible for Luke and Jordan to fight the attraction and things will get steamy and complicated between them since they both know that it’s only a matter of time before the big city calls Jordan back.

 photo R2R_Teaser5_zpsjuvg0wbd.png

Will they be able to let each other go when Jordan must head back to her life in NYC? Or will Luke and Jordan find a way to their very own happily ever after?

READY TO RUN releases on August 22nd!!!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2uQaFFU
B&N: http://bit.ly/2gRa4wY
Google: http://bit.ly/2uPMpDX
iTunes: http://apple.co/2wp4NTy
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2vK9AeC

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2,658 reviews3,256 followers
January 30, 2018
4 Everything is Not as It Seems Stars
* * * * Spoiler Free It's Live !!!
I cannot keep up! Lauren Layne is a Writing Machine and she keeps putting out books with a culturally media savvy eye. As the blurb so aptly states... think The Bachelor meets the Runaway Bride and you have an idea of how this book should feel. With the solid crafting Layne does... this read was easy to pick up, dive in and enjoy.

With the Layne touch to this premise, there is chemistry, plot points and emotional questions which are answered in the end.

Jordan Carpenter is a reality producer. She is on her way up the career ladder and this new series is her way to be recognized and promoted.

Jordan is a small town girl trying to make it in the big city. Jordan's formative years were nurtured in Small Town America. She didn't have a driving need to leave until she lost her parents. Somehow all the memories she had became too much for her... so off she went to New York City. There she started at the bottom with an entry level position. Over time she became the go to person when smart ideas needed to come to life.

In order to have the latest greatest thing, the production company and producers have decided to do a new series based on an idea from social media. A small story came out about men who just can't seem to marry and run more than once just before the wedding ceremony. It piqued the curiosity of the production company and the next thing Jordan knew... she was scouring the web, Facebook and small town newspapers looking for the perfect Runner.

Jordan thinks she has found Bachelor Runner Gold. She has found a hunk of a man... a fireman, for God's Sake in a small town who has skipped out from the alter 3 friggin' times. He is gorgeous, he has a normal open look...not that crazy look she had seen from all the other candidates...He was the type of guy who looked like the camera would love him...Hell, the viewing public would eat him up with a spoon.

There is just one tiny problem...this fireman is ignoring all of Jordan's attempt to contact him.

She has sent him emails.
She has left multiple voice messages.
She has even mentioned the crazy, stupid amount of compensation the show is willing to pay him...

And she has received NOTHING BACK...

Which is why she is on the road with her favorite production attorney driving to the small town where her fireman lives. Jordan has decided this fireman was the perfect candidate and she was going to get him for the show - period.

Luke Elliott has a life he likes. He has grown up in this town and all of its inhabitants look out for each other. He may have been involved in relationships which ended at the church... but no one in town thinks of Luke as a bad guy...

In fact, everyone is very protective of him and this human wall of silence is what Jordan must climb...But she's not put off, because at her core... She is a small town girl and understands how to play this game...

If you can't beat these people... you join them... and she does.

Luke Elliot is a very special character... he is all guy and puts up a wall of No to Jordan's request. Doesn't matter how much the show will pay him, he wants nothing to do with it...He does have a problem with Jordan staying in the town and continuing to ingratiate herself with locals....

The problem is he cannot stop thinking about her... how she looks and talks... how her skin looks so soft, imagining how silky it must feel...This is not good... Somehow he will have to get her out of his head...

Maybe they should just get this itch scratched...

There was a lot to like about this story. Luke has hidden depth and Jordan has been running from her pain by hiding in the big city. These two are fun together and when things get complicated... they fight to figure things out and make each other their main purpose.

This is a new series for Layne and it looks like it will be a fast paced ride. There will be a show with lots of characters who are looking for love... Something Layne is great at writing.

Ready to Run (I Do, I Don't, #1) by Lauren Layne Ready to Run (I Do, I Don't, #1)
Runaway Groom (I Do, I Don't, #2) by Lauren Layne Runaway Groom (I Do, I Don't, #2)
Just Run With It (I Do, I Don't, #3) by Lauren Layne Just Run With It (I Do, I Don't #3)

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Oh, Ms. Layne... You have made me want this book before your first draft is done!

Per Your Monthly Newsletter:

"It's still very much in "first draft" mode, but here's a quick look at a recent writing session:

“We’ll double the original offer.”
He didn’t even blink.

“Twice as much,” she said.
“Yes, I’m aware what double means, City Girl.”

“It’s a lot of money,” she said.
Luke took a sip of beer and said nothing.

Her eyes narrowed. “Do you even remember what the first offer was?”
“Didn’t forget. Never read it in the first place.”

She scowled. “I spent a lot of time on those emails.”
“Well, you wasted your time. I never made it past the second sentence.”


Luke moved so quickly she gasped when he stepped towards her, crowding her space. Her surprise had her rocking backwards, the spike of her heel sinking all the way into the grass and throwing her off balance.

He reached out quickly, a palm against her back steadying her stumble even as he sent her heart racing.

“I’m only going to say this once more, City Girl, so listen up,” Luke said in a low gravel, his breath warm on her face. “I don’t care how much money’s on the table. I don’t care if your ‘hand picked’ women are all Victoria Secret models with degrees in neuroscience, who run charities in their spare time. I’m not, nor will I ever be interested in being a part of your show. So you can prance your high heels and your tight ass right back to New York City and leave me and my town in peace.” ”

Le Sigh.....Is It August Yet....

Ready to Run (I Do, I Don't #1)-August 22nd 2017

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August 28, 2017
4 stars!

Review, Excerpt and Giveaway at Of Pens and Pages.

Ready to Run is a cute and fun small town romantic comedy that will make you grin and laugh at the witty and effortless banter, swoon at the sexual tension, and maybe even tear up at certain events in the story. It had a wonderful pace and a slow burn I enjoyed immensely.

Jordan Carpenter, a New Yorker with more small town in her than she cares to admit, flies with her friend and company lawyer Simon to Lucky Hollow, Montana to try to convince firefighter and three-time runaway groom Luke Elliott to star in their network’s newest reality show, Jilted, an a la The Bachelor with a twist.

Convincing Luke is harder than she thought and Jordan ends up staying longer in town than she planned. Luke wants the Jordan gone, but it seems everyone, including his sister and friends, has embraced the city girl into their circle. He will never say yes to the absurd offer to make a spectacle of himself and his past, but he can’t really stay away or stop looking at the woman who was too distracting for his own sanity.

The attraction is obviously there, but will they act on it when Luke knows Jordan has something she wants, and Jordan knows she can’t have an affair with the same man she plans to marry off to some stranger on a reality show?

I had a lot of fun reading this book! All of the characters, Luke, Jordan and basically everyone from Lucky Hollow, were likable (with the exception of Eva, bride #3), and it was such a hoot to see them interact with each other. The town was such a tight-knit group, and it’s obvious they care about each other. Jordan is a strong, independent woman who does not shrink easy, and Luke is a hot and charming man when he’s not being worried about spilling his secrets to someone who doesn’t deserve to know it.

The chemistry between Jordan and Luke was sizzling! There’s a strong hate to love going on here, more on Luke’s side since Jordan kept pursuing him to star in a show he knows he’ll despise, but his attraction to her was seeping off the pages.

I also loved reading about the mystery behind Luke’s runaway groom status. What made him abandon not one, not two, but three brides in the altar? By the time I found out the back story, I could understand his firm decision to have nothing to do with the show. And I felt bad for him, too.

There was also the mystery behind Jordan’s past. Her initial dislike/reluctance to stay in Lucky Hollow had more to it than the lack of Starbucks, and we get to see that as the story progresses.

And that epilogue. What a perfect way to end this story! It made me so happy.

After reading Ready to Run, I’m looking forward to the rest of the standalone books and especially excited to meet Gage Barret, the star of Jilted, in Runaway Groom!

Tropes: Small Town, Hate to Love
POV: Third Person, Dual POV
Standalone: Yes

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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852 reviews3,882 followers
February 15, 2021

♬ ♪ Where is the magic ho ho ho where iiiiiiiiiis the magic eh eh eh eh where is the magic ha ha ah where the fuck did the magic goooooooooooo

I thought for sure
I'd fall in love
Without pressure

But who are you
I don't know you
Are you done yet

- I just don't care

And apparently I can't fucking rhyme eitheeeeeeeeeeeeer
And this book wasn't even a disasteeeeeeer

But I can't feel any connectioooooooooon
Another borefest in my collectiooooooooon

♬ ♪ Where is the magic ho ho ho where iiiiiiiiiis the magic eh eh eh eh where is the magic ha ha ah where the fuck did the magic goooooooooooo

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794 reviews892 followers
August 24, 2017

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

✮✮✮ 4 STARS ✮✮✮

“I don’t care how much money’s on the table. I don’t care if your ‘handpicked’ women are all Victoria’s Secret models with degrees in neuroscience who run charities in their spare time. I’m not, nor will I ever be, interested in being a part of your show. So you can prance your high heels and your tight ass right back to New York City and leave me and my town in peace.

Jordan is a heroine with a history we only learn about rather late in the story. We don't know what made her the way she is, just that there seems to be something in her past that she has never processed to a degree that she can trust people to stay with her. She always chooses the safe path, keeping people at arm's length, never letting somebody in too deep.

Physically, she’d been perfectly stable. Emotionally, she’d always had one foot out the door.

Jordan is a city girl who loves her home in New York very much but as you read along you meet the Jordan who comes from a small town and realizes how much she misses the familiarity, the people who know one another well enough to have them stick their noses in your life.

The people of Lucky Hollow in Montana sense the small town girl in her and welcome her in their fold from the start. It helps that one of their own doesn't seem to be able to take his eyes off of Jordan, whether he looks at her in anger or with desire. I really liked Jordan, she was ambitious but she didn't sell out her own grandmother just to reach her goal. She has a gentle heart that bruises easily when you know which button to push. And I loved her general attitude towards the people in town, deep down she is a simple and nice small town girl with the dreams and wishes of one.

Trouble was, Jordan was getting the distinct impression that Luke Elliott thought everything worth caring about in life had long past slipped away.

Not much is known about Luke's past brides and why he left them at the altar. He is just as closed-off as Jordan when it comes to the other gender but as the story unfolds you realize that not everything is as it seems. Luke is quite the grumpster and I wanted to kick him a couple of times, especially around the 85% mark when he still didn't get his head out of his butt - he gave me a major case of whiplash there.

“You make me want things I haven’t let myself want in a long time.”
He studied her, then shook his head. “That’s it? That’s all I get? You tell me you’re dredging up the worst part of my life, and I get some vague crap about your self-discovery.”

But there were also times when was utterly charming and sweet - his abrasive attitude wasn't always unwelcome and I totally loved how it ramped up the sexual chemistry between Luke and Jordan. I would have liked to see more grovelling at the end.

“Well, that makes two of us, Small Town. Because you don’t know yourself either. Enjoy your solitude and your attitude problem.”

The whole town of Lucky Hollow and its inhabitants charmed me. I loved the well-meant meddling, the fun they all had playing matchmaker for Jordan and Luke. They were one of my highlights in this story.

“Jordan. Where’d she go?”
“I have no idea ,” she said, holding his gaze. “Back home, I imagine.”
Home. That felt wrong. It was wrong. Home wasn’t New York. Home was . . . with him? The thought felt both ridiculous— he’d just met her—and yet not ridiculous at all.
“You’re so dumb,” Isobel muttered, shoving in a mouthful of lettuce.

The blurb had me at "firefighter" so I was eager to check this book out! I love Lauren Layne's writing - she puts her heart in it and it shows. This story has her signature banter and snark and some angst-packed situations but it never gets too much.
Ready To Run is a lovely start to a new series by this author and I am looking forward to reading the next installment!

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2,309 reviews709 followers
August 22, 2017
4 - "Even Jimmy Choo can’t disguise your roots." Stars!

Lauren Layne begins her new I Do, I Don’t series with an opposites attract romance, when big city girl Jordan travels to the wilds of Montana, to try and lure fire-fighter Luke to sign up to be the lead in a new Bachelor type reality show.

I’ll be honest and say me and Ms. Layne have hit the skids in 2017, everything I have read by her so far this year has been underwhelming, underdeveloped and pretty mediocre, something that has come as a bit of a shock after years of being one of my go-to contemporary romance authors. Ready to Run is the first book I have read since the latter stages of 2016 that even remotely resembles the writing quality of the author I have come to expect.

"You’re little more than a vulture in heels."

The story between Luke and Jordan could have been pretty run-of-the-mill frenemies-to-lovers, but the author keeps you on your toes through its telling by revealing in phases the reasons behind his three failed weddings, each woman that he at first assumptions (particularly by Jordan) left at the altar.

A man who’d left three women at the altar wasn’t the hero of the story...

The more Jordan and Luke get to know, and start to then fall for each other the more each of them reveals about their pasts, and I liked that. This isn't a book that’s all about the sex, it’s an easy-going story-line that delivers more on story than bedroom antics, I liked that it wasn’t rushed to be honest, bearing in mind they start out disliking each other the gradual move to admitting attraction and then to more kinds of builds as their personal backgrounds develop.

There was no future for a TV producer from New York City and a firefighter in Montana.

I still think the author is forgoing quality over quantity with the amount of books she’s pumping out at the moment, but Ready to Run did give me hope that this is a series that will give readers more of the engaging story-lines, likeable characters and quality writing that I have come to expect from her.

ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
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2,245 reviews970 followers
July 20, 2018
Reality TV Producer Jordan Carpenter is pursuing a lead for her new concept show, Jilted. Firefighter Luke Elliott has been to the altar three times and walked away at the last moment. When Jordan shows up in Lucky Hollow, Montana to convince him to be the first star, all he sees is a fast-talking city girl who’s meddling in business he’d rather have left alone.

I questioned my judgment in deciding to read this book, my first by the author I heard so many good things about, as I’m not a fan of reality TV shows and especially despise The Bachelor. Still, the premise and the characters sounded interesting so I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, even the talented narrator couldn’t make this one work for me.

I really liked Jordan and the people of Lucky Hollow. The author mastered creating the small town feel and dynamics I find endearing. Who I didn’t like was Luke. He was horrible to Jordan from the start who never did anything to earn that level of animosity. And, he was that way for most of the book even after their relationship heated up and there was a bump in the road. His pitiful attempt at redemption didn’t pass muster with me though it did with Jordan. Maybe I could have forced myself past all of this but there was a constant rinse and repeat of him being nasty, apologizing, a step forward and then one backwards. It was a bore.

The narrator was really good, capturing Jordan’s personality aptly. She made all of the scenes not involving Luke fun and interesting. I’ll still try another book by the author but this was a miss for me. I should have known reality TV wouldn’t work for me in any format, especially with a lead character who was so unlikable.

(I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review)
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1,854 reviews485 followers
August 23, 2017
Happy Book Birthday!!

A great blend of fun and sexiness to kick off a series you won’t want to miss.

Lauren Layne has a wonderful way of writing a story with good balance between delightful fun and hotness that grabs me from start to finish. I haven’t missed a single one of her books and I don’t plan on doing so because I know I’ll be getting an enjoyable escape every single time. With this first book in her I Do, I Don’t series, Ms. Layne sets the stage for an amusing and addictive series about runaway bachelors.

In Ready to Run we meet big city, reality TV producer Jordan Carpenter who is trying to recruit the small town, elusive firefighter Luke Elliot who’s left three brides at the altar. After being ignored via emails and phone calls, Jordan decides to head to the small and picturesque town of Lucky Hollow to talk to him personally, but no matter how much she tries to convince him to participate in the show he just won’t budge.

Much to Luke’s dismay and Jordan’s surprise, she’s having a good ‘ol time reacquainting herself with the small town life thanks to the warm welcome she’s getting from everyone else, from invitations to participate in the kissing booth at the county fair to his exes including her in their book club. Before long Luke and Jordan are incapable of ignoring their growing attraction, but as candidate he’s off-limits to her and her presence is dredging up old wounds.

There’s a lot more to Luke’s runaway groom story than he lets on and Jordan senses this because there’s no way a man who dedicates his life to saving people and even cats and is so liked by everyone would callously leave his brides, or would he? Can he let down his guard long enough to confess the reason behind his shielded heart and admit his growing feelings towards the sexy city slicker before it’s too late?

I really enjoyed Luke and Jordan’s story, especially the charming backdrop with all of the town’s endearing characters where everyone knows everyone else, and of course Jordan’s BFF, the colorful Simon. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

Ready to Run is the kickoff book in the Ready to Run series by Lauren Layne. It is a standalone, contemporary romance. Told from both points of view, with a happy ending.

Amazon -> http://amzn.to/2sYBQ0m

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts taken are from that copy. *

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1,800 reviews487 followers
August 28, 2017
This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

This romance was just charming! I am not usually too eager to read wedding themed books but I like Lauren Layne's writing enough that I knew I had to read this one. This was a really fun premise with most of the wedding talk being about a groom who had a history of leaving his brides at the alter. Throw in a reality show wanting to capitalize on that and and you have a great set up. This was just a lot of fun to read and I enjoyed every page of it.

Jordan comes to Lucky Hollow with one thing on her mind. She is determined to secure Luke Elliott, the hunky local firefighter, for a new TV show. Luke has left 3 brides standing at the alter and seems to be the perfect choice for the new reality TV show. There is only one problem. Luke isn't interested. At all. Jordan refuses to give up too quickly so she settles in for an extended stay in the small town of Lucky Hollow.

Luke is an all around good guy. He works for the local fire department and has a great group of friends. He is not at all interested in the attention he is getting in regards to possibly staring in a new reality show. He has had 3 relationships end poorly but he has moved on with his life. The entire town seems to want him to sign on for the show and they have all become friends with Jordan.

I really enjoyed Jordan and Luke as a couple. They started out as adversaries because of the TV show before giving into their attraction to each other. Even when they were arguing with each other, they had some great chemistry. They seemed to be really good together anytime they shared a scene. They both had some painful events in their past that were heartbreaking.

I would recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. This was a really fun story filled with wonderful characters. It was one of those story that leaves you with a big grin on your face by the time you get to the last page. I can't wait to read more of this new series soon!

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley.

Initial Thoughts
This was such a charming romance. Jordan and Luke had fantastic chemistry and just seemed to fit. By the end of this book, I had a huge grin on my face.
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2,178 reviews1,233 followers
August 22, 2017



Jordan is working for a NYC reality TV-show. She's responsible for finding a suitable candidate for the first season of JILTED. A show just like THE BACHELOR, only with runaway grooms. Guys who've come close to being married before, but instead of getting married ... they left their future brides standing at the altar!
And Luke from Lucky Hollow, Montana is just such a guy. He's been almost-married THREE times!
The sexy firefighter would be the perfect guy for Jordan's show, but the poor guy doesn't want anything to do with Jordan and her ideas.
But unfortunately there's this mega attraction. And Jordan doesn't seem to want to leave town without him! And all his friends and family and the whole little town basically want to shove him towards Jordan and that show!!!
Let the fun begin ☺☺☺

What will happen with Jordan and Luke??
Will he agree to be in her show?
Will there be a HEA???




Adorable book!

It's like something straight from the Disney or Hallmark channel.
Sweet, funny, cute, frustrating, sexy.

Lots of funny and adorable co-stars!


Of course it's not all mega-happy and sweet and insta-happily-ever-after. We also need to find out why Jordan left her home town over ten years ago, aaand more importantly what happened that Luke didn't get married those three times???

I really enjoyed reading it! And I would totally watch it on TV again! ☺

READY TO RUN was an adorable & funny & sweet & moving love story! Run to your nearest amazon for your own sexy firefighter - Luke is MINE!!! ☺


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August 22, 2017
4 'City meets Country' Stars!
ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Since this baby is LIVE today, it's a great day to post my review! I was lucky enough to read this during last weekend and I have to say I am pretty exicted about this new series! You probably know my infinite love for all things Lauren Layne so, of course, I really enjoyed reading the journey to love between this couple.

Ready to Run is the first installment in Lauren's new series called I Do, I Don't. She describes it perfectly by saying: "The Bachelor meets The Runaway Bride" because this series (or at least this book) is about runaway grooms! Ready to Run is a love story between two different people (a city girl who is used to get what she wants and a hot country firefighter) who actually are not that different when they start falling in love with each other.

“So why are you pushing so hard for a guy who clearly wants no part of this?”
“He gets under my skin.”

I loved the idea of this new series and Lauren just gave us a great start to it! I have to say I am not a fan of realities but I enjoyed the building of this one. Jordan and Luke's hate to love relationship was entertaining, emotional and sexy! I love Lauren's slow burn romances and she did not disappoint with this one at all. These two have awesome chemistry!

“That’s not what this is. Luke, you have to know by now that this isn’t just about the show, it’s not about my boss.”
“No? What’s it about then, Jordan?”
“You make me want things I haven’t let myself want in a long time.”

As I was saying, Jordan and Luke are great together, especially when they start acting on their feelings. However, I have to confess I found Jordan too focused on getting Luke on the show sometimes. It was clear that Luke did not want to participate and you will understand completely why towards the end (I felt so bad for him, poor thing!). But, as always, Lauren gave us an adorable ending and a freaking epilogue (YAY!!!!).

Her heart recognized him—her soul knew this man, because somehow he’d wiggled inside her and occupied every corner of her that mattered.

Therefore, my rating for Ready to Run is 4 STARS because, as I said, it was a great start to the I Do, I Don't series! I am definitely curious about the next two stories and to see how different they are from this one. I love Lauren's writing and her characters: obviously, Jordan and Luke were no different. So, if you enjoyed this woman's books in the past, check the start of this new series!

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1,232 reviews2,066 followers
August 22, 2017
You can always count on Lauren Layne to deliver a well-written and heartfelt romance between two very different people.

In this Runaway Bride meets The Bachelor love fest, Lauren Layne ventured into something she's never quite done before--a small town romance. And I dig it.

Jordan Carpenter is a producer of a new show called Jilted. Jilted is basically The Bachelor for runaway grooms. She's tasked to rope in Luke Elliot as the first runaway groom to be featured in the show. The problem is Luke isn't interested in being a reality star or letting the whole world into why he jilted those bride, not once but three times.

So Jordan decided to go to Lucky Hollow to convince Luke herself and she not only found the prospective groom reluctant, he also doesn't think highly of her and her "city" ways. She found herself attracted to Luke which complicates things. And Lauren Layne didn't shy away from writing complications. It's why I enjoyed this book so much.

At first I wasn't quite sure whether I actually like Jordan or not. And I was afraid that she was going to constantly harp on the city versus small town cliches too much. Thankfully, that wasn't the case because Jordan was a much more complex character than I initially pegged her to be. Her backstory is quite heartbreaking which totally surprised me.

The chemistry between two characters was fantastic. The romance took time to develop which was plus because the journey to get to that place was enjoyable. I loved Jordan's interaction with Luke's friends and the people of Lucky Hollow.

There were some things to nitpick. Most notably Simon AKA Jordan's very gay, very flamboyant best friend. And the ending was also very rushed. There was a sweet epilogue though so it wasn't a complete disappointment.

Overall, this is typical Lauren Layne. Meaning, it's lighthearted and fun but with enough emotional heft to make it thoroughly satisfying.

ARC provided by the publisher

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6,425 reviews215 followers
March 14, 2018
Ready to Run was a really cute book. It's about Luke, who has left the alter three times, being "convinced" by Jordan, who drove to Montana to talk to him, to join this reality show called Jilted. Their first meeting doesn't go has planned.. which was predictable.. because what guy or person would want to join a reality TV show because of that reason?

Of course Jordan is determined to get Luke to join - however, he is stubborn as a mule at this point. Somehow Jordan starts developing friendships around his cute hometown. From those she has learned more about Luke and his past. SO OF COURSE SHE STARTED TO DEVELOP FEELINGS FOR HIM. Low and behold, he started to develop them as well. He also doesn't want people to know his reasons for leaving the alter. When Jordan finds out the true reasons why it definitely brings new challenges into their developing relationship.

Overall, I really liked it. I'm kind of glad I just kind of stumbled upon this book and this series. I really want to dive into book two right now. It was cute. I loved the whole cliche and super predictable lovely relationship between Luke and Jordan. I am so happy I read it and fell in love with them and this story. I want more.
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1,858 reviews120 followers
August 22, 2017
4.5 stars

I really enjoyed Ready to Run by Lauren Layne.

The writing was well done, the storyline held my attention and kept me turning the pages late into the night. I just didn't want to put it down.
I found Jordan and Luke likable, funny, endearing, passionate characters and loved watching their relationship develop.
They made me laugh, they made me swoon, they frustrated me a little and then they made me fall in love with them and their beautiful, heartwarming love story.


Overall, Ready to Run is a great start to the I Do, I Don't series. All the characters made this a fun and entertaining read and I highly recommend it.

*Purchase links*
✦ KINDLE ⇢ http://amzn.to/2wpTB6y
✦ iBOOKS ⇢ http://apple.co/2vBlJ9g
✦ B&N ⇢ http://bit.ly/2wppxId
✦ KOBO ⇢ http://bit.ly/2vJm49z
✦ GPLAY ⇢ http://bit.ly/2fXg9rT

*I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.*
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August 23, 2017
Favorite Quotes:

“That is one hot firefighter… Every last one of them belongs on a naughty calendar.” She gave him a look with a raised eyebrow. “If you don’t get ahold of yourself, they’re going to have to turn the hose on you.”

He’d spoken with his mother just yesterday, and she’d launched into a fifteen-minute description of an article she’d read about how men’s reproductive systems age just like women’s and if he was going to give her grandchildren, he’d better get on it. He’d claimed a fire emergency before she could describe what or whom exactly he was supposed to get on.

Call me a girl, and I’ll do just about anything you want. The men in your town have been ma’am-ing me, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Small population means limited number of eligible men and women. Anytime there’s fresh blood, the sharks circle.

My Review:

Jordan was intrigued with uncovering Luke’s story and signing him as a star of her new reality television show. Luke was dead-set on keeping his history under wraps.   They were in a duel to out-stubborn each other while his small meddlesome community was uncommonly tight-lipped. Jordan grew even more determined with the thought that there must be something more to his story if no one was willing to spill the beans. She wouldn’t give up and he wouldn’t give it up. I enjoyed the premise of Ready To Run and the surprisingly nuanced and complex story behind the story. Ms. Layne has a definite knack for creating complicated and endearing characters who are flawed yet ever so enticing, and I just adored Luke. I also appreciated the storyline being well-balanced between the heart squeezes and humor.
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December 27, 2018
Ready to Run follows Jordan Carpenter, a producer for a show called Jilted. Jilted is an upcoming show; it's about men who have left women at the alter looking for love, a.k.a. The Bachelor with a twist. When she finds the perfect candidate in Luke Elliot she decides to drive to Montana to convince him to join the show.

Luke has left 3 women at the alter, and as you could imagine, he wants no part in TV show that would air out all his dirty laundry. He loves his small-town life and his career as a firefighter, he has no interest in being on TV.

This was such a breezy read. However, the characters here were not my favorite. I am so used to falling head over heels for Layne's characters in her Oxford series and Sex, Love & Stiletto series so I was a bit disappointed that I didn't in Ready to Run. I don't know if the story was too short and the two main characters didn't have time to fully develop or if I just couldn't connect to them. But something didn't fully click for me. 

I will say I am more excited about the second book, Runaway Groom, than I was for this one. The Bachelor / Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure, okay? Like two seasons ago I decided to watch it because there was nothing else on TV and I got hooked. I hate it but it happened. So I'm excited for Runaway Groom because it will actually take place on the set of the show and follow the contestant of it.

While this wasn't my favorite Lauren Layne book it was by no means a bad one. This was a very quick and easy read, and it was a nice change of pace from the past few weeks of just reading textbooks for school. 

**ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**
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February 23, 2018
Didn’t feel the chemistry that I wanted and didn’t get the swoons as I hoped. Still, I finished it in a night, so that’s gotta say something about the ease and enjoyability of this book.
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2,340 reviews101 followers
March 26, 2018
Cute romance. Our hero is a hot firefighter with the reputation of leaving three different women waiting at the alter. Enter our heroine who is a producer for a reality tv show. Her job is to ‘produce’ the needed fella for a new show. The plan is to convince our hero to find love on a ‘bachelor’ type show.
But, getting him to the alter is a different battle than expected. Lots of twists and turns on the way to Happily Ever After.
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August 22, 2017
Some books are just flat out fun and this gave off a seriously entertaining vibe right from the start. From the awesome cast of characters to the animosity and flirting, this just checked every bell and whistle for a great story. It had an awesome HEA that left me with a big ol' smile on my face! Loved this!

Luke and Jordan have excellent chemistry mixed with some friction and it was just down right amusing to watch them butt heads and see those sparks fly and build. I was excited while reading, wanting to know the details, wanting to know about Luke's past brides, and just eating up all the fun that ensued while it was happening. Luke was great, super sweet, and also kind of gruff because of the situation. Jordan was adorable, I liked her spunk and that she held her own but that she was open to seeing what was happening all around her. I loved learning their back stories and thought there was really good character development. I loved watching Luke and Jordan’s edges soften, the heat crank up, and them come together.

The writing was awesome and I adored that this was told from dual POVs. I loved the build and development as well. This was a fast paced, easy read that brought the fun. There was so much sexual tension mixed in with that animosity and I just couldn't wait for everything to come together. There’s a nice amount of heat and emotion mixed in as well. There was a great cast of characters really helping the story come to life and adding more entertainment value. Jordan's best friend was pretty spectacular as well adding his own brand of zing and whimsy.

Charming, sweet, and sexy. Loved this! The take away is that this is a feel good story that was extremely entertaining and will leave you smiling. It was a delight!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.
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January 30, 2018

This book, this story, put a big ole smile on my face. From the first page until the last, this sweet, romantic, happily ever after love story was addicting.

When the sexy, once small town, New York girl, turned reality show recruitment coordinator, Jordan Carpenter meets her objective, Luke Elliot, the sexy, fire fighter, 3 time runaway groom, there are sparks, annoyances, irritations that all mix together for a wonderful enemies to lovers story.

Luck Hollow, Montana oozes charm and a sense of home. The secondary cast of characters add sparkle and pizazz to the story that makes for a quaint sweet love story. And when the “City” girl comes a calling for the “Country” boy.....the undertone of sexual attraction mixed with the enemies component makes Jordan and Luke a couple that you root for throughout the entire read. And of course the small town meddling to get these two together is as sweet as apple pie.

There are just stories you read that are easy, sweet and simple. Ready to Run is just that. The angsty level is low but the story is just infused with charm and delightful characters that all blend together perfectly.

*arc provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*
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April 17, 2018
This is extremely short and not at all up to Layne's usual high standard. Jordan is obviously at something of a crossroads with her life, ready to figure out what she really wants in a home (town, rather than domicile). She grew up small-town but has experienced enough of New York to feel comfortable there and to finally make a choice (leaving her small-town in the first place was reactionary, though justified). So I can see why she'd be interested in Luke as the small-town guy everyone knows and respects and she finds that he lives up to the trust and admiration others have for him in selfless, even kind ways.

What works against that is that Jordan gets the rough side of his inner jerk pretty much every time. It initially makes sense because he knows she's there hunting him down to play a leading role in a show he knows he'd hate—not least because it exploits aspects of his history that don't look so great but that he can't clarify without breaking significant trusts. So I get his initial pushback on Jordan. Only. He persecutes her way beyond the point where he really should have known better. At one point, when the chips had been truly down and they'd been intimate enough to share vulnerabilities, he made a swipe at her that ended the possibility of my charity with him. It was unwarranted and even cruel and at that point I was just done.

Layne tries to pull him back with a grand gesture that shows he really does understand Jordan and is ready to sacrifice to be with her. But it's too little too late. I mean, kudos for having . So it might have worked if he hadn't been quite so grandiose in his jerkitude before. Which is another way of saying it doesn't work...

So this gets three stars by rounding up from the 2½ it earned. And most of that is for Jordan and her journey of self-discovery.

A note about Steamy: The story has one explicit sex scene and it's extremely well-done. It's the light side of my steam tolerance even though the story is a short one—mainly because it fit extremely well, was on the short side, itself, and matched (and illustrated) the growing intimacy near-perfectly.
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1,327 reviews234 followers
August 23, 2017
4.5 stars.
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
Any book written by Lauren Layne is a no-brainer automatic YES read for me, as I love her writing so much.
She especially has a talent for these fun and lighthearted romances-and this book is a great start to the series.
Loved the storyline- about a reality TV producer seeking out and falling for her would-be star, a Montana heartthrob who wants absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming show. Which is sort of a hybrid version of "The Bachelor meets The Runaway Bride".
Loved the chemistry between Jordan and Luke- it was perfect reading, so satisfying.
Most importantly though for me is that- there are ZERO scenes of said (sappy) reality show and that this is in fact more a small town romance where a city girl meets a small town boy and it definitely has all the "feels" I associate with and love about this sort of romance.
 photo da856c4d-6a16-4828-a1f8-43bb2279f1f0_zpsp9bo3dqc.png  photo e9252a97-2c3b-427f-a3a2-d4263c86915e_zpshkcrt062.jpg  photo 6cded2a2-768a-48e6-9e67-b0a6f5ff12bf_zpsfmwzpzoy.jpg
August 1, 2017
Ready to Run is the first book in a new series by Lauren Layne focusing on runaway grooms. Guys that just can't seem to commit for one reason or another...until that special someone comes along and changes their skittish ways.

Luke Elliott is infamous about leaving not one but THREE fiancées at the altar. When word gets out about this, Jordan, a TV producer, comes up with a great new idea for her show Jilted. Kind of like reality TV The Bachelor, where he has to choose between all these beautiful women to finally commit. One problem, our sexy firefighter in rural Montana so zero interest in making a drama TV show mocking his past broken love stories. So he and Jordan are truly at an impasse. Too bad she isn't up for grabs because, although she is a pushy thing, she's stirred some serious sexy thoughts in his mind...

Jordan Carpenter didn't anticipate two things in Lucky Hollow, Montana. First, the feelings that came barreling back while staying in this small town USA. So much like her hometown, the things she thought she'd run from are what she's missed the most. Also, Luke Elliott is not an easy sell. In fact, impossible. What's he got to lose? What's the story behind him and each of these jilted brides? Are there two sides to his story?

Cute, low on angst but heavy on small town endearing characters, Ready to Run is one of those easy to read, entertaining reads. I fell in love with the show's lawyer, Simon, who's very much gay and flamboyant and crying for a book of his own. Looking forward to more in this series.

Advanced copy received by author in exchange for my honest review.

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189 reviews28 followers
July 8, 2017
[I received a free advance review copy in exchange for an honest review]
I honestly read playboy firefighter in the synopsis and couldn't click that 'request' button fast enough. I had really high expectations for this book, and it definitely didn't disappoint. It's got the hate-to-love trope which I absolutely love. And then the small-town romance which I'll never get over. Falling in love with this book was a no-brainer.
I honestly wasn't a big fan of Jordan's at first. I understand her going to Lucky Hollow to find Luke. I admired her resolve and persistence initially. But her badgering after Luke's pretty obvious rejection to participate in the show was sort of cringe-worthy.
But besides that, I fell in love with Lucky Hollow and its people myself. I love how Jordan just instantly clicked with the ex-brides. I LOVED THAT. Everyone was so incredibly nice and sweet and it reminded me so much of the town I live in.
I loved the country fair part!! When Luke and Jordan volunteered to work at the kissing booth and both were hell-bent on making the other one jealous. It was so much fun to read!!
Simon's probably my favorite character, though. I was always looking forward to his scenes. I'd constantly find myself laughing so damn hard whenever he's around Jordan or just literally talking to her over the phone:
"Yes, I watered that weird plant in the corner."
"It's fake, Simon."
"Shit. Well, okay, I'll try to swing by later, make sure there's not a leaky mess. Your neighbor's cute."
"Damn; figures..."

Then, of course, there's Luke, who I honestly can't ignore any longer. How could I?? He's amazing. UGHH he's so friggin charming and sweet and, well, okay. HE'S A FIREFIGHTER. We can't ignore the elephant in the room, now, can we?
"Nobody was inside?" she asked.
He shook his head. "Nope."
"Not even a pet."
He have a little smile. "You were hoping to see me saving a cat?"
"Have you?" She smiled back. "Saved a cat?"
He winced and looked away and she gasped. "Oh my God, you have, haven't you? You've saved a freaking cat..."

I loved at the end when Luke was dead-serious about him transferring to the NYFD. THAT MADE MY HEART SKIP A BEAT AND LITERALLY GO NUTS.
*Too busy melting into a puddle of goo to actually swoon*
Overall, I loved the plot. Totally refreshing and original! Loved the writing style and the characters. My only problem was the ending, which was amazing but, well, I expected more than a wedding, to be honest! And as I previously said, I had a small problem understanding Jordan at first.

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2,120 reviews1,365 followers
September 9, 2017

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Lauren Layne fangirl, but this year her books and I have not been getting along all that well. I held out hope that Ready to Run would change that for me, but unfortunately it didn’t. Ready to Run, while it possesses quintessential elements that make Layne’s novels very readable, is also bland in other ways. Perhaps the biggest issue for me here are the characters. Normally, this author writes compelling voices whose happily ever after you root for. Neither Jordan nor Luke were interesting characters. Instead, I found them to be incredibly irritating. I absolutely hated how pushy Jordan came across as. The way she kept forcing herself into Luke’s life in order to get him on her new Bachelor-esque show was disturbing and uncomfortable. Imagine if the genders were reversed here. You know you would 100% want the woman to get a restraining order … Other than that, I found Jordan to be self-absorbed, and a little too focused on her job. Luke isn’t a character who stands out any better, in my opinion. Layne is known for writing compelling and swoony heroes, but I found Luke to be the opposite of those. He is very grumpy, and closed-off, and I didn’t feel like enough time is spent in Ready to Run exploring his character, so he comes across as a boring jerk more than anything. The romance wasn’t any better. It’s a hate-to-love romance, what seems to be Lauren Layne’s obsession lately, but it’s not done all that well. There is no smooth transition from the hate to the love, and it’s lacking in the banter that make Lauren Layne’s romance so ship-worthy. In the end, I just don’t see this couple lasting beyond the ending, which isn’t a feeling you want to be left with when you finish a romance novel. All that being said, Ready to Run is still readable, and there were elements I liked such as the town setting. Overall though, Ready to Run is a miss, and I’m doubtful that I’ll be continuing on with this series. We’ll see!
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540 reviews332 followers
August 28, 2017
Ready to Run was absolutely adorable and so much fun! It reminded me all over again why I fall so hard for Lauren Layne books. I always want to be bff with the girl, I fall madly in love with the boy, and there's a group of friends that I would love to have in my life. Plus the pages are filled with fabulous banter and a storyline that captures my heart. It always makes for the perfect romance book that I can easily get lost in. So if you adore small town charm, a couple that goes from hate to love, and characters that leap off the pages, then you should definitely give Ready to Run a try!
“Wait, Luke.��
He paused but didn’t turn around.
“You know I’m right about everyone wanting you to do this show. Why is that?”
His shoulders tensed even more than they already were.
But the only answer she got was the slam of her front door shutting behind him.

Jordan Carpenter is on her way to hopefully snag the guy that will star in her new reality tv show. It's called Jilted and while it's similar to The Bachelor, the main guy has been a runaway groom. And the guy she's after, Luke Elliott, has left three women at the alter. When I read that I was completely perplexed. Especially when we witness how much the whole town loves him. Plus did I mention that he is a firefighter?! Ugh, so hot! So I was more than intrigued! From the first few pages the storyline felt unique and I already loved all of the characters. I just knew that the rest of this book was going to be a huge hit for me!
“Have you?” She smiled back. “Saved a cat?”
He winced and looked away and she gasped. “Oh my gosh, you have, haven’t you? You’ve saved a freaking cat. You couldn’t be more perfect if you tried.”
His eyes locked on hers, and Jordan backpedaled . “Not perfect for me. I meant for the show. . . .”
It was the wrong thing to say.

Jordan and her colleague/friend, Simon, easily made connections to the people that lived in Luke's quaint little town. It was so heartwarming to see how welcoming they were to them. And as Jordan slowly met Luke's friends, I was happy to see that they truly wanted Luke to do the show. Yet there's a huge snag, which of course had me grinning. Luke's dead set on not being a part of the show, and not liking Jordan. Even though he feels an attraction to her. And he's not the only one fighting it, because Jordan feels it towards him too. Thankfully we got to alternate between Luke and Jordan, so I could see all of their thoughts about one another. I'm a huge fan of a dual-narrative! Especially since the sexual tension between Jordan and Luke was mixed with banter, and that made for some explosive scenes. I had to know what they were thinking!
The more they touched, the more they wanted, the longer they kissed, the harder it was to stop.
And it had to stop. This was . . .
Luke’s mouth moved from her lips to trail down her neck, and her head fell back with a gasp.
Madness . This was madness and irresponsible, and . . .
Career suicide.
Luke’s hand was on her waist, sliding up over her rib cage . . .

The one thing I was a little nervous about was would Jordan be too pushy with Luke? I have no clue why I had that thought in my head. But the answer is definitely no. I mean, yes she moves into his town and infiltrates his life. Yet it doesn't really feel like that since she establishes real friendships with so many of the town's people. And she backs off from Luke too. But looking back, I think it all worked so perfectly because Jordan is this warm, friendly, nice person whereas Luke was at times grumpy, standoffish and a huge jerk (that’s my favorite kinda guy, in case you didn’t know lol). Oh, I couldn't help but love him when he was a jerk.....there's just something so addicting about a relationship that has animosity and dislike. I root that much harder for them! And the way it all ended?! So many happy tears were streaming down my face. This book made me so elated and I wasn't ready to say goodbye to all of the new friends I made. So yes, I definitely recommend Ready to Run! Here's hoping you love it as much as I do!
“We’re not sticking around here,” Jordan explained. “We’re about to storm a firehouse.”
Simon rested a hand across his chest. “Oh sweet Jesus, I think I might faint. Do you think I could talk one of them into wearing just the suspender things, no shirt?”

PS I loved, loved, loved Jordan's colleague and friend Simon. The friendship between them had me smiling and laughing and he was such a fabulous person to have in this book! It made me desperately want to have a novella just about him!

*ARC kindly provided by Random House Publishing - Loveswept via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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