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February 22, 2017
 photo 484177b5-ff94-47d7-8db9-5682c233f68c_zpsbou429fb.jpg

Where I Belong is a sweet and sexy summer romance, but it’s more than that. It’s a story about two people who loathed each other falling in love. Oh how I love these hate/love relationships.

Mia Corelli has been best friends with Tessa Kelly since she was a child. She now lives in Georgia and Tessa in Alabama. Mia decides to get away from all thats going on in her life and spend the summer with Tessa, who she hasn’t seen in a long time. Mia has decided to start her summer with a bang when she gets into town. She decides to lose her v-card to a handsome stranger at the bar. Little does she know, that handsome stranger is Tessa’s older brother, Benjamin Kelly. The kid who used to torment her as a child.

 photo 822558f3-f297-4ea3-b30a-cb097fcb42c4_zpsigsraeuz.jpg

When Benjamin and Mia find out who each other are, they have rather opposite reactions. Mia can’t get far enough away from Ben, but Benjamin can’t get her out of his head. He wants more than just one night with her. He wants the past to stay in the past and to be able to move forward. But can Mia do that? Forgive, forget, and move on with Ben?

The back and forth banter between Mia and Ben was great. My favorite scenes were the ones with little Sir Nolan. I loved Ben so much, and any time Mia got under my skin in the slightest, all I had to do was see her with little Nolan and my heart softened.

This book was sweet, but it was also smoking hot. This author knows how to start a book out with a bang. And we get a little more creative than your run of the mill sex scenes, which I appreciated.

 photo 6d4a4f38-f91d-4685-b961-291af976d3c9_zpsj73ajt6d.jpg

J. Daniels has this quality in her writing- it’s like once you pick up a book by her, you don’t want to put it down. This book was entertaining. It was easy to read and get lost in Ben and Mia’s story. I completely adored Ben. I loved that this story made me laugh, smile, swoon and even brought me to tears a time or two. It was a great read. Solid 4 stars for me.

After getting the snippets of Tessa and Luke… I can’t wait to dive into their book later this week! I love the brother’s best friends story line, and Luke just seems like my type of guy.

 photo f2839086-6f1a-415d-919f-8138d1941de2_zpsmcenqreq.jpg
“I can’t imagine loving her any more than I do right now. But I know I will. Because every second I’m with her, I fall harder.”

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June 28, 2017
DNF @ 43%

That's it. I'm out.

I've tried so hard to like this book because of so many positive reviews. Unfortunately it didn't measure up. I've been putting this book down for days and every time I try to go back and continue it, it just didn't work out.

I really didn’t care about any of the characters and that's the main problem I had with this book. Also, I find everything so far-fetched. I couldn't believe how the heroine Mia Corelli turned into a total vixen after being deflowered by Ben in a one-night stand. Ha! Not to mention how she became at her horniest every time Ben was around and how she kept on reminding herself that she hated him. C'mon, you can't hate a person while lusting over him at the same time.

You have got to be kidding me!

As for Ben... I was so bothered with his over-possessiveness even though he and Mia were still not together.


Even though I was almost half-way, I ultimately decided to just drop this one.
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July 14, 2014

 photo What-the-fuck-GIFS.gif

 photo keshagif.gif

What is going on here??
DNF @ 24%. Why?

Well, let me give you a brief synopsis as to what I read so far....

Mia is heading back to her Alabama to spend the summer with her childhood best friend, Tessa.

Growing up, Mia was tortured by Tessa brother, Ben. Ben was cruel, but your typical teenager who saw his sister and her best friend as leeches to his too cool ways.

While driving, Mia decides to stop at bar and look for the guy who she is going to give up her virginity to because she doesn't want Tessa to think she's a loser.

 photo cersei1.gif

Why she would be willing to give up her virginity to the first taker because of what her best friend will think of her is stupid. But let's continue...

A random guy starts hitting on her, flirting with her and she decides this is they guy she is going to give it up to.

 photo OhWow.gif

So this guy takes her back to his place and proceeds to do all these nasty, kinky stuff to her - and takes her prized possesion with like zero hesitation. If you're offering, why not right?

 photo when-your-friend-gloats.gif

This dude instantly falls in love with this girl because her body is banging and she is like an angel to him.


So, the next morning, she leaves and proceeds to go to Tessa's house to start her non-virginized vacay.

As she's lounging by the pool with her best friend, who walks in but the man who totally beat up her vajayjay the night before.

Oh but it gets BETTER...drumroll's Ben!! The guy she hates for making her childhood miserable was the man who took her virginity.

 photo shocker.gif

So Mia is PISSSEDD and Ben is in BLISSS because he wants her. He wants her badly.

Mia shares with Tessa that her brother is the one who made her see heaven the night before, unbeknownst to her.

It's been nine years since Mia last saw Ben and she still hates him (mentally) but her body says otherwise.

So, Tessa starts inquiring about Mia's big hurrah.

1. How was Ben in bed?

 photo giphy-14.gif

2. How many orgasms did he give her?

 photo tina_fey_nothankyouplease.gif

3. This is my favorite one (and please take into full consideration my total sarcasm) - WAS IT TRUE HIS PENIS WAS 9 INCHES LONG AS SHE'S HEARD VIA RUMORS???????????????????????????

 photo giphy-15.gif

Let's not all forget here - SHE IS REFERENCING HER BROTHER!! This is like mental incest (let's call a spade a spade here)!

I think my brain exploded, and my mouth hit the floor and the nausea started up.

But I pushed on... because sometimes I'm a glutton for punishment until I've had enough.

Mia is playing hard to get with Ben (which seriously, why would she bother doing that now???) and Ben is all ready to change his ways and prove to Mia that he is not the same person he was growing up.

And then I had to stop. I couldn't do it to myself. I didn't want to know what happens next if I had to continue reading the dialogue that was going down - ESPECIALLY Tessa and her way-too-close-for-comfort conversations with and about her brother.

While I'm sure many have read this and enjoyed this, I'm going to walk away now while I can.

 photo tumblr_ms9otiMLMK1rkvx9ko1_250.gif

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March 19, 2015
3 Stars

I enjoyed this book and I would have given it a higher rating if it wasn't for Tessa, Mia's best friend. Her constant sexual comments about her brother, Ben, the hero, were disconcerting to say the least. Other than that disturbing aspect of the story, Where I Belong was a fun read.
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August 3, 2016

"what happens when the one person you wish never existed becomes the one person you can't imagine being without?"


If you are on the look out for a new author to fall in love with, then stop right here. This is the second J Daniels novel that I have devoured and I can lovingly recommend this fabulous author who produces Well written novels with plenty of fantastic sex scenes and gorgeously thought out story lines. 'Where I belong' was a story that I couldn't help but fall into addiction with, it has plenty of love/hate shenanigans and once again I feel giddy excited that I've discovered another author to fall in love with. Readers get yourselves acquainted with the ultimate reformed, tattooed arsehole and a heroine that finds she can't possibly resist, welcome to one hot Alabama summer.

What's it all about?
Mia Corelli is about to return to her home town in Alabama. Determined to enjoy her summer she hopes that she doesn't have to encounter her best friends brother, Ben Kelly the only man that she hates more than anything. On her arrival Mia meets a mysterious stranger who quite literally sweeps her off her feet, she can't quite believe that on her first night she has met a man that has given her summer the perfect start. Benjamin Kelly has no interest in long term commitments but he can't quite forget the one perfect night with the one girl who managed to take his breath away. But soon enough secrets are revealed and Mia and Ben's lives cross paths once again. Sadly their reunion is damaged by a shaky past and unforgotten hurts meaning that this duo might not overcome their difficulties to make a future of happiness together. Follow the unfolding story of one hot summer and prepare to laugh, cry and blush as Mia and Ben try to find that one person to love.


What did I love?
A tattooed hero who turns out to have a heart of gold, what is there not to love? This author has a way of taking me right into the middle of her love stories and with that talent comes the ability to make me feel all the emotions that she creates in her storyline's. In comparison to the first book that I read by J Daniels, 'Where I belong' held a little more heart break and although not particularly soul crushing it most certainly addressed some themes that had my heart racing and I don't mind admitting that I shed a tear or two. This story unusually had the feeling of a new adult book but with a thread of the seriousness that gave it a contemporary feel, which although not the norm actually worked well for my tastes. The dirty talking and sexual teasing was a winner for my reading tastes, this couple certainly have a way with words and I loved their jesting and sweet talk right the way through this story. I don't want to give away too much about the plot but I can say that an 'I love to hate you' theme always interests and entertains me and add to that some red-hot intimacy and you've got yourself an author who knows how to make her readers sit up and take notice of her erotic writing skills. From page one I knew that this book would win me over, a combination of some well placed author appreciation and a hero that made me blush using just a sentence or two and I was happily indulging in my love for a story involving a sexy hero and now I'm happily waiting for J Daniels to carry on delivering more.

Why not five?
Undoubtably there were moments that I loved about this book, after all a four star rating equals top quality enjoyment in my eyes. 'Where I belong' was a novel that on occasion had some winning moments that I truly adored, on the other hand it also had some moments that although had potential in my opinion failed to deliver. That's not to say that this book didn't have the enjoyment factor I just struggled to connect with the delivery of some of the drama towards the end and at times the character decisions throughout. I will always look forward to a release by this author and I can already tell that her style of writing and erotic romance is just my cup of tea.


Final thoughts ...
I'm always impressed with an author who is not only able to make me fall in love with the main characters but with the secondary characters of a story as well. I'm also always pleased to see an author plan a continuing series with differing couples. J Daniels has lined up the continuation of this series nicely and I'm already not so patiently waiting for the next book to be ready to read in my kindle. If you are partial to some drama and indecision in the books you read and you love a love to hate you themed story then 'where I belong' will be ticking some boxes nicely, as for me I'll never be saying no to a novel delivered from this author. One thing is for certain Benjamin Kelly is a hero worth reading about and I certainly found myself quickly infatuated and head over heels. Go grab yourself a slice of Alabama, this hero is waiting to be loved. Enjoy ... Kisses.


*Guest reviewer for Dirty girl romance book blog, ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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May 23, 2015

I absolutely love brother’s best friend books. They encompasses two of my favorite things forbidden love and second chance love. This isn’t a case of forbidden love, since Ben’s sister is more than happy for them to date. However, it is the a perfect example of second chance love.

The story begins with Mia coming back to Alabama to visit her best friend for the summer. She is so excited to have this summer of fun, but is dreading seeing Ben Kelly, the guy who made her childhood a nightmare. Mia and Ben were arch enemies as children, he terrorized her at every turn. Some of the scenes completely broke my heart, but Mia gets the last laugh. Nine years later and Mia isn’t the same ugly duckingly, she has grown into a beautiful woman.

On the way to Alabama Mia decides she is done being an innocent virgin and she is going to remedy that before she starts her summer of fun. Insert Ben. Yes, Ben. It has been nine years, so when they meet in a bar neither has any clue who the other is during their one night stand. Side note: so freaking hot!!

Mia is outraged to learn that her sex god is also the tormenter from her childhood and wants nothing to do with Ben. Ben doesn’t feel the same way though. He wants nothing more than to get to know the grown up Mia.

“Luck has nothing to do with it. Fate maybe…”

Thus begins our second chance romance story. I loved this and all the little extra surprises. Ben was such a great guy and I quickly could see he didn’t have any of the same qualities and had grown up. Obviously most of us are not the same people we were when we were children, but it takes Mia time to open up to the idea he is different.

“The boy I once wished never existed was now the man I wanted to spend every second with.”

I absolutely loved these characters. Mia is strong, beautiful and compassionate. I loved how Ben was charming, sexy and really just a great guy. This story had so much heart and a whole lot of hot, dirty sex. I was blown away honestly, in GREAT way. My only complaint is how quick they were to jump to conclusions. Even if things were resolved quickly it felt like drama for the sake of drama, it didn’t add to the story. Do I recommend? ABSOLUTELY! I loved this story and think it is still worth reading. I loved the friends of the group and can’t wait to read their stories.

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March 9, 2020
4 I don't even know what I'm doing here STARS

“This is where I belong. Wherever you are. Always.”

I'm trapped in chick-flick hell or maybe heaven? Not sure. Either way...send help!

So, here is the thing. I just needed a little change of pace because the emotional head-trip of a book I'm reading right now was fucking up my good Easter mood and I thought chick flick, something light and fun and cheesy is exactly what I need.

Don't fall for it, it's a god damn trap. I'm already on the second book and I can't stop. It's really good in a awful kind of way...if you get my drift.

And yes, I went all out on the cheesiness with my collage. Just sharing the love.

“The boy I once wished never existed was now the man I wanted to spend every second with.”

The story!

Mia visits her best friend for the summer. On her way to town she has this super great idea...losing her virginity to a stranger. So, naturally she hits up a bar. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, turns out the stranger she hooks up with is her best friend's brother and the bane of her childhood. She hates him. Ben tormented her for being over weight and just a general nuisance in his mind.

After seeing him for he first time in nine years she has no idea the sex god is someone she would normally never even think of sleeping with.

Hilarity ensues when they meet as Ben and Mia for the first time!

“The girl I once couldn’t get far enough away from had become the woman I couldn’t get close enough to.”

My thoughs!

If you ignore the fact that she decides to give her virginity to a stranger it actually turns into a nice read. Mia and Ben are really explosive together and once Sir Nolan enters the game things just get all kinds of cute and adorable.

Have I mentioned that Ben is a cop? Yeah, it's pretty hawt.

The writing is good, the characters are lovable and it's a feel good - don't think too much - summer read. Just as advertised. I enjoyed it.

Enough said.

I'm currently reading Luke and Tessa's story. See you on the other side. ;D

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March 12, 2015
4 I belong in Alabama ..
with Ben .. handcuffed preferably! STARS

Mia and Benjamin


So, baby
So please don't judge me
And I won't judge you ..►♫


I'll never hurt you, Mia,
and I'll fucking kill anyone that does .."

Just let the past
Just be the past ..►♫


Sleep, angel.
You have me.
I'm never letting you go .."

And if you love me
Then let it be beautiful ..►♫


Am I glad that I stumbled across this novel! I REALLY enjoyed this one for a first time read by this author. Not disappointed and I will be checking out more by J. Daniels. I recommend as it is a short, sweet, and summery-feel read. I adored Ben and admired his perseverance .. he just DOESN'T give up! Did I mention he's a COP .. why HELLO officer .. oh and he's an amazing daddy to a little knight in shining armour named Nolan .. hello #BookHusband. Mia .. oh Mia .. good for you for being so strong .. you told HIM. Teenage Ben was such an a*shole but he's CHANGED .. trust me but can Mia? They may have undeniable chemistry NOW however can the past be forgotten?

Where I Belong J. Daniels
- Sleepless, Readmore. Twitter

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer, #1) by J. Daniels
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February 7, 2023
➳J. Daniels has done it again... And WHAT A FREAKING STORY!

➳Ben and Mia are absolutely adorable together. And Nolan? My heart breaks for him because he is just too cute for a three year old to be true ("that's why its a fictional book, Cristina...")

➳I know, I know... I just want to hug him and cuddle him for days and watch Mike the Knight with him every single day! This story has spoiled me 100 PERCENT! I want more and more! I cannot believe I just got to reading this series and I honestly am too excited to hold as a paperback. I'm going to hold this baby for the rest of my life!!

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November 22, 2014
3.5 cute stars!

I liked this one but didn't love it. I don't mind virgin heroines but Mia was a bit too much of a Mary Sue for my taste. At least, she acts like one in one scene and then goes full on slutty queen the next, I got whiplash. I wish there was more push and pull between Ben and Mia. I mean, there was because Mia tried to stay away from him but she ruins it by constantly thinking about climbing his monster cock to be believable.

So yeah, it was cute, fun, easy read but not my favorite. I'm looking forward to Tessa's story though.
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July 25, 2014
4,5 Summer Love Stars.

Mia is getting a break from her own life and decides to spend the summer back in Alabama, with her best-friend Tessa.
In her first night there she decides it’s time to get lose and loses her virginity to a stranger that she can’t get out of her mind.
The next day she discovers that the stranger is Ben, Tessa’s older brother who made her life hell when they were younger. But now Ben isn’t the bad boy he once was, nor is Mia the annoying little girl. And this time, Ben is decided to have her.

But how long can it take before Mia can forget how much Ben hurt her in the past?
And even after they realize new feelings are growing between them, how can a summer fling survive the winter?


Rating: 4,5 Stars.
Storyline: This is a sweet and sexy romance about a summer love, that like always, isn’t just a summer fling. Perfect for when you need a quick, sexy and sweetly entertaining reading.
Writing Style: First person. Dual POV. Refreshing writing with great flow.
Character Development: Ben was pretty good and I loved how he grew as a character. Mia was harder to like. She wasn’t really “bad” but she was kind of whinny and selfish. At least she was kind of funny. Tessa was amazing and I can’t wait to read her book and Nolan, he was probably the sweetest kid ever written!
Steam: Hot.
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March 20, 2016
Re-read 15/2/2016: one of my Favorite Books!!!

"5 Ben+Mia=Insatiable couple!!!

I FREAKING LOVE this book!!!

I FREAKING LOVE this series!!!

I FREAKING LOVE this author!!!

Every time I re-read this book I feel like I read it for the first damn time!
And I love it even more!I'm just going to warn you my friends you're going to read a LOT the words LOVE,AMAZING,HOOT,DIRTY, ROUGH, POSSESSIVE, ALPHA-MALE!Ok let's keep it PG here...
I'm overreacting, aren't I?????NOOOOOO I don't think so!!!
This book is about Ben and Mia who knew each other when they were kids because Mia was good friends with Ben's sister!Now you think they had a crush since kids, BUT and that's a HUGE BUT they actually didn't like each other very at all!!!Ben was really mean to her and since Mia had some "issues" with her appearance he was an even bigger asshole!And let's face it kids in that age are little brats!

Benjamin Kelly.World's biggest dickhead.

Now 9 years later these two meet again in a bar and attraction pulling them together like a moth to a flame.Mia was going for the summer in Ben's house to be with Tessa but before she arrives there, she needs to get rid of her V-Card and here it comes Ben saving the day!!!They have a HELL of a night between the sheets and that's not enough!
(SEE insatiable,rough,hot sex...mmmhmm).
After the big night they meet again and understand what went down which by the way Mia doesn't like it one bit!They start the game cat and mouse...
Ben chasing what's his and Mia running for the hills!!!

"Stop telling you that I want you?Stop telling that I've been going mad since you walked out of my bedroom?Stop telling you that you're so incredibly beautiful,I'm having trouble remembering my own name when you're around me?"

Ben wanted Mia from the beginning so when he learned the truth he just lay his claim and tried to make amends about the awful things he did in the past(SEE a possessive alpha male!).Mia tried to avoid him because she was hurt from his mean comments and now he was different and wouldn't let her alone!

My angel is here for the whole summer and she wants nothing to do with me.

Ben wanted to win her over so he use the BIG GUNS which in this case is his son,the adorable,
cutest little boy of ALL the books I've ever read in my life.
(and I would like one for myself, Pleeeaaase!!!)
AnD that's Nooolllaaannn a knight with a sword ready to save princess Mia from the dragons!!!
"What's this?Whoa!"
"That's for brave knights that endure dragon injuries!
Do you have any dragon injuries?"
"I got hit by a tail wight hewre."
"Well,if it's okey with your daddy,I can wrap you up
with my magic band."
"Pwease, Daddy?"
"Well I can't have you bleeding all over my truck with
that massive head wound."
"Sir Nolan, you look ready to take on a land of dragons."

His spelling...just kill me now!I LOOOVED Nolan!
"It looks like another Kelly boy has a crush on you."

Ok now let's get to the hot,dirty,rough sex with a possessive alpha male!!!
"I was trying to be good,baby,I wanted you to see that I'm not that same guy you once knew.I'll never be that guy.I'll never hurt you,Mia, and I'll fucking kill anyone that does. But this is it.Once I have you again,I'm not letting you go.So you better be damn sure this is what you want because there's no going back after this."
"Good.Fuck me, Ben.Show me that I'm yours."

"I can fuck you and tell you how crazy I am about you.
I'm very capable of making you scream and worship you at the same time."

The scene where Ben is in his uniform and Mia handcuffed..???HOOOOT!!!
Ben was sweet and crazy for Mia...
"No one has ever loved anyone as much as I love you.
I got you beat there,I'm afraid."


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December 22, 2015
3 'I hated you but now I love you' Stars

 photo image_zpslww2bdhi.jpg

Ben was a bully. He bullied his sister's best friend Mia. He would call her names like "ugly" and "fat". He was your typical teenage bully.

 photo image_zpsubkbkgay.jpg

But what he didn't know was that how much it affected Mia. She would never show him how much he got to her and she would never cry in front of him. She hated him.

I hated him with a fury. I was convinced that his sole purpose in life was to break me down to nothing. And he succeeded on more than one occasion

Before the ninth grade Mia and her mom moved away from Alabama to Georgia. She still keeps in touch with her best friend but she hasn't seen her in a while. Mia's mom seemed to be getting better so she wanted Mia to spend the whole entire summer with her best friend and to stop worrying about her. Before she meets her best friend she has one thing she needs to do, and that is losing her virginity.
 photo tumblr_me04redlJw1r2jswho3_r1_250.gif

She ends up meeting this really sexy guy at the bar and he was interested, she knew this was her shot. She went home with him, had multigasms, and a wonderful night. When she left at the morning she was disappointed that she wouldn't see this amazing guy again...or would she?

Ben can't seem to get the girl from last night out of his head. When his sister called him begging him to clean the pool and arrives and sees Mia the girl that used to annoy him and thought that she was ugly with glasses and braces is now hot and gorgeous, and she's also the girl from last night. But total turn off when he thought..

The girl of my dreams turned out to be Mia fucking Corelli. What the fuck?

I think me and Mia were thinking the same thing....
Asshole Day photo AssholeDay.gif

But he was totally forgiven after that.

Mia wants nothing to do with Ben but he seems to be having different thoughts, he wants everything with her.

“Mia is mine. And I don’t care if it takes weeks for her to realize it."

What happens when the person you hate the most can't seem to stop thinking about.

The girl I once couldn’t get far enough away from had become the woman I couldn’t get close enough to.

And of course not to forget about Nolan. He was just this adorable little thing especially when he's with Ben, their relationship is amazing.

 photo image_zpsynisxqwf.jpg

emma stone photo tumblr_lyjrmv1PVL1r3ovdbo1_500.gif

It was a very nice summer story and really enjoyable....there was some here and there but everything else was good. I was like "What the fuck?" And confused and pissed at Mia especially Anyways I liked Nolan parts out of everything, he was such a cupcake.

My future. My forever.All mine.
Shelved as 'cheating'
October 23, 2016
I don't know about this book but apparently the sequel has cheating OW activity. This book seems to be also unsafe because (correct me if I'm wrong)

Passing on this one.
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865 reviews288 followers
July 9, 2014

This was a cute and steamy enemies to lovers type of story. It also had the whole little sisters bestie going for it, which I love. It was also in dual pov's, love that too. Mia is returning to Alabama to spend the summer with her best friend, Tessa. Mia's been taking care of her mom, who's sick, so despite being reluctant to leave her, her moms insistence seals the deal. Mia hasn't been back to Alabama in 9 years. The one person she's dreading seeing is Tessa's big brother, Ben.
For years, Ben had tormented and made fun of Mia. He was insensitive, a jerk and an asshole all rolled into one. But it's been 9 years, and Mia isn't the same girl, doesn't even look like the same girl.

The night before she's to meet up with Tessa, Mia decides to have a one night stand, and she does that with a stranger, a very hot stranger, at a bar in Alabama. Their night together is explosive and everything Mia has ever wanted. There's a connection there and despite the steamy night and the possibility of more, Mia leaves to start her summer with Tessa. Soon into her vacation Mia sees Ben and realizes HE was the man that rocked her world. But it's hard letting go of hate and getting past old memories. Ben's mission becomes making Mia his.

So this was sweet. I felt Ben really jumped right in, claiming Mia all for himself. He had to work for it, but that's expected after treating her as he did as a teenager. I liked Ben, he was a great guy: sexy, considerate, loving and of course, a dirty talker! I thought his feelings seemed rushed, but that's me. Mia was alright. She was a good heroine but she tended to get on my nerves with her behavior. She also lacked a filter. Yes, a filter--the thing that helps you decide what to say or ask, as apposed to spewing verbal diarrhea. Some of the things she said to Ben were inappropriate IMO. Some of the text messages she had sent were so crass. I was cringing. I honestly don't know ANYONE who would ask those things in a text, especially with someone NOT their boyfriend. But aside from that she was sweet.
I also found myself wondering what she did with her life, before taking care of her mom. Found it odd that those things weren't explained for her or Tessa. Do they just lounge around? Just things I thought about.

I thought the secondary cast of characters were good. I especially liked the sub-plot of Luke, Ben's partner ( he's a cop ), and Tessa. They were a pseudo-couple, but had some major problems at the end. I'm so interested in their story. Reed was also a mysterious friend of the bunch. His story sounds like it would be great too, he's been burned in the past, so I'd love to see a love interest for him. This group of friends were so sexually forward in their comments, it was funny. In the real world if someone was overheard saying some of these things, it would be crazy!
So a good book, 3 or 3.5 stars to me is good, not great and not a favorites contender, but still potentially recommendable and worth reading. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
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948 reviews726 followers
September 3, 2017
My name is Karen and I confess that I've been a hoarder of this book for nearly three years or a month after its release...UNTIL NOW. Until I conquered Ben. ALL of him.

Not even five percent in and I was SHUDDERING, the steam, sorrow, and sweetness sank into my soul. I was BREATHLESS as my heart pounded out of my chest, chasing every wondrous word. Every part of me was in every word of this story. Hook. Line. Sinker.

Ben, oh Alabama Alpha! His possessive words POSSESSED ME! Add those to his tall, inked, muscular body, prize package, and intense grey eyes and I WAS A GONER!!! This hot cop with a huge heart caught me! I wanted to be arrested! Ben was PURE PERFECTION!

I did not expect to be scorching to burning levels at not even ten percent in but needed to be fanned after Ben and Mia's epic night!

One third in and tears fell as the painful past collided with the promising future like fire and ice. Push and pull...push and pull. The angst...the build up...AHHHH...I was in so deep that I wanted to stay.

I I sank into this story. Sweet, sexy, and soulful, this childhood friends-to-lovers story was EVERYTHING! Where I Belong belongs to me now, and oh is this story still singing to my Southern soul.
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June 28, 2017
4 'I Belong to You' Stars!

I got this bad boy for free a few days ago and I am so happy I decided to read it! J. Daniels stole my heart with her Sweet Addiction series and now I am sure I will fall in love with her Alabama Summer series too because I really enjoyed Where I Belong!

It was funny, cute and oh-so-hot! The chemistry between Ben and Mia is amazing since the very first moment they lay eyes on each other. Also, Nolan is the cutest boy ever (I just adore single-dad stories, man!). Obviously, I am so curious about all the other characters so I can't wait to read the other stories in the series. Highly recommend!
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July 7, 2014
2.5 Stars

Oh how sad I am! Once again I find myself in the minority and questioning whether I'm reading the same book others are. I'm certainly asking, "Hey, what's the deal?" This one was a big disappointment.

My basic problems stemmed from an overload of redundant sex without much meaning (or at least in my opinion). I kept chanting, "Less is more . . . meaningful." After awhile, I just gave up and skimmed the filler because I wasn't missing anything I hadn't already read more than several times over.

I also felt that the story was unrealistic in areas of real life importance and seemed almost naïve and thoughtless. There was so much hatred by the female lead against the male lead for the way he treated her as a child -- and now nine years have passed since they've seen each other. They meet as "strangers" in a bar where they have immediate chemistry and after 30 minutes of flirting, they hook up for the night without exchanging names and she willingly follows him to his house to have sex for the very first time -- because yes, she's a virgin! In my opinion, the girl is either desperate or totally stupid (and I'm inclined to go with the latter). She's best friends with his sister but neither one recognizes the other when they come face-to-face in the bar and when she does find out who he really is, she even doesn't know he has a child that's three years old -- just doesn't make much sense to me. They have lived in separate towns but only 3 or 4 hours apart which makes it even more unbelievable that they haven't had more contact as best friends. The balance is all off for me.

Again, the writing is not bad and there is definitely a good basic storyline that could have stood solidly with a little more development -- it had promise but went unfulfilled. Another one of those coulda/shoulda/woulda situations.

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December 3, 2019
OMG! Totally loved this book! This is my new favorite author! Love the POV from both Mia and Ben. I also absolutely adore Nolan. I can't wait for the 2nd book about Luke and Tessa. I just checked her other books and it seems she only has one other book out called Sweet Addiction (Sweet Addiction, #1) by J. Daniels , which I bought right away ($.99 on

I have a weakness for dirty talkers and Ben is certainly one and a cop to boot!!!

Read it, you can go wrong!

***Reread for the 2nd time***
Still loved it!!! Ben is super hot and sexy even though he was an ass to her as they were growing up.
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November 20, 2014
4 Super Cute Summer Stars

I read Sweet addiction and so I was wondering if Where I Belong would make me feel the same. Where I belong isn’t a funny read, but it was very sweet and enjoyable.


Mia has been tormented by her best friend’s brother for years. She moved away and hasn’t seen him in nine years. Now, she’s back for the summer and she wants nothing to do with him.

Or she thinks she does, until she meets a stranger at a bar the first time she arrives into town.

She doesn’t know that the stranger is Ben.


First off, Love the beginning and writing flow. Where I belong hits me with a great opening and I know this one will be a fun, fast and easy read.

I love those books.

I love the banter between Mia and Ben. Okay so I didn’t care for the fact she lost a bunch of weight and got pretty, BUT it does happen and it’s nice she is overcoming her fat girl issues.

I also like that when Mia and Ben first meet they didn’t know each other and had this incredible night. When Mia realizes the stranger is Ben she automatically goes on the defensive and I don’t blame her. Let me tell you this. I was tormented by two brothers growing up. They treated me just like the way Ben treated Mia. I hadn’t seen them in years and yes I came back, skinner and not as frumpy as my childhood self.


So yes, I could relate to Mia and yes I loved how she didn’t forget everything that happened and forgive Ben. Ben realizes he was a jerk and tries very hard to win Mia over again. He uses anything he can. There is a bit of insta-love on his part I didn’t care for, but then again, I liked how strongly he went after Mia.

There are other elements that are thrown into the mix and it makes me very happy. Where I belong is a bit cheesy at some parts, but sometimes you want to read that really cheesy book that makes you smile. I can’t wait to start the next book in the series.

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer, #1) by J. Daniels AMAZON
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May 23, 2022
Note for my future self:

If you’re into reading sex scenes from 5% or so, read this. But it got boring, nothing really happened, she went hot and cold and he knew she was the love of his life without knowing her name or remembering how he mistreated her in the past.

But two stars for Nolan, that kid was awesome.
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June 29, 2016
*2.75 stars*

My first from this author and I'm kinda disappointed with it!

The story was unrealistic and underwhelmed, so were the characters. I'm all for cute/sweet love stories involving a kid but this was way too cheesy and overdone! I hated the terms of endearment like angel/baby used constantly after having meet only once??! Don't get me started on the sex! it basically overtook the plot itself. For most parts I was wondering how/when did they fall in love with all the sex and sexual fantasy they were having because this was the major case of INSTA-LUST.

However, I might still read her others books well, because her writing is spectacular. I even enjoyed certain dialogues and heart-warming moments involving this three year old powerhouse 'Nolen'. Not the swoon-worthy alpha hero or mind blowing sex kept me going, but the hope of meeting Nolan in ever chapter prevented me from giving up on it earlier.

Can we have a book starring only Nolen and his sword?!
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July 3, 2014
I like sister's BFF romances so I tried this.

The bk started off hot and it has some humour but there was something off about it. It lacked finesse, I guess. Little things set me off.

For example, H picks up h at a bar and his pickup lines are so cheesy and crude that it's hard to believe any woman with an average IQ would find that attractive.

Then there is the H's sister who wanted to know all the dirty details of her bro's sexual performance including whether his cock is 9 inches like she heard. Ewwwww.

I also thought the transitions from chap to chap were jarring. Then when the plot moppet appeared, I had it. I HATE rugrats in romances. Or should I have said I hate woowats in my womances? Wuz dat kyoot enuff 4 U?

DNF @ 46%
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September 13, 2019
Otra sinopsis vende humo.

Me había llamado la atención se veía interesante, ese tipo de historias clichés que se disfruta pero la verdad estuvo muy equis.

Muy al estilo Alexa Riley pero más extenso, muy azucarado, instalove.

La narrativa, historia y personajes muy pobres y se me hace raro porque ya había leído a la auotra previamente pero en otra serie y si me había gustado.
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November 20, 2014
2.5 stars

I'm actually kind of disappointed in this book. It was cute enough, but not what I've come to expect from J. Daniels. It felt almost too silly. There wasn't enough actual plot for me.

Mia was likable enough, but some of the things she said and texted were just ridiculous. Ben had a bad case of insta-love once reunited with Mia. Now I'm actually one for insta-love, but this was straight up crazy instantaneous. Also, what was up with his relationship with Angie? That made absolutely no sense to me And don't even get me started on Tessa and her weird obsession with her brother's bedroom prowess and what size penis he was working with. It was definitely uncomfortable to read.

I'll try more from this author in the future, but I'm done with this series.
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May 17, 2015
Ben and Mia.... WOW! Fucking hot! What a wonderful story J has created with these two. The characters are all awesome, can't wait to find out which characters story will be next.

If you haven't read J's work yet, I can't recommend it enough. She is a hell of a storyteller with great smut thrown in. I can't wait for her next work.

If you did read Sweet Addiction and didn't think anyone could be hotter than Reese, jut wait until you meet Ben. Hot alpha cop, dirty talker extreme. Love him.

Keep them coming J. Can't wait for more!
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March 11, 2015

✯✯✯✯ 1/2 Stars

“Little Miss Unwilling to Let Go of the Past.”

We had originally planned to start this series at Book #3 as we were told each could be read as standalone. So, we started reading When I Fall, however, by 20% we had to put it down. Why? Well, we fell in complete book love with the other characters who’d each had a book already. Hence, a book binge began as we read Where I belong and All I Want in one sitting. J Daniels is a brilliant Author; she reeled us in hook line and sinker with characters that had us swooning, laughing and ultimately ending up with a lot of freezer time. Their stories were addictive and highly entertaining. One word – unputdownable!

“Sleep, Angel. You have me. I’m never letting you go.”

Where I Belong is the story of Ben and Mia. Ladies, Ben will literally ROCK YOUR WORLD! He’s without question one of our favourite heroes out there. Incredibly sexy, a cunning linguist …holy hell he knows what to do with that filthy mouth of his. But above all; he had a side to him that’ll make your ovaries melt while you swoon over his protective side. He was perfection!

“And say what, angel? That I could kiss you for hours. That I love the taste of you on my tongue.”

As for Mia; she’s so incredibly lovable, sweet, feisty and compassionate. Their story is romantic, funny and bloody hot. It’ll satisfy all your reading needs; no question!

Yes, it was a tad predictable and insta-love, but overall we just can’t recommend this Author and this series highly enough. What a fantastic weekend we had reading!

‘When she looked at me, she saw me. My hopes, my fears….She fucking owned me with that stare and I never wanted to look away.’

Where I belong is a story of childhood memories; forgiveness and second chances. It’s a story of family and friendships and a love so incredibly passionate and romantic.

Oh and on a last note; you will meet one of the cutest kids out there – Nolan will melt your heart – he’s a true scene stealer!

♥ ♥ ♥


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70 reviews
October 16, 2017

☾HOLY HOT COP. I may be forgetting one, but I'm pretty sure this is my first cop book?! Like I swear the police uniform thing is new to me! Gosh now I need more...

☾Truthfully I saw this book on Instagram because it was in sale. I have a list of books on my reading hitlist and because I'm a procrastinator, I downloaded this instead :) I'm already a huge fan of the author and knew I would enjoy this, and I did. SO SO much.

☾Ben annoyed me in the beginning, mostly because his infatuation with Mia didn't really make sense to me. They had hardly spoken, they literally had only slept together and he said something like "it's not about sex, I could talk to her for hours and never get tired of it" (this was before he knew it was Mia). I'm like UM she didn't even talk though...?

☾Let's forget about that though, after Nolan was revealed was when Mia started taking him more seriously. I adore the relationship Nolan has with both Mia and Ben. Adorable! The little three year old had me laughing out loud multiple times.

☾I was so incredibly happy when the author didn't make Mia fall at her feet the second Ben started giving her all of his attention. There have been so many books I've read where the lead woman just gives in, in situations like this and it makes me want to scream!! It didn't happen here and it made me love the book 10x more.

☾Mia and Ben's relationship progressed at the perfect pace, keep in mind that yes this was only the summer BUT they had known each other for WAY longer. I think the ending was perfect, I was waiting for the time when Angie was out of the picture!

☾My longest review ever apparently...but seriously I can not praise this book enough. I'm reading 5 star books right after another and I'm on cloud 9 because of it.
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