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Two Dogs in a Trench Coat #1

Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School

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From Book 1: A New York Public Library Best Book for 2018 Sassy and Waldo are good dogs. They spend the day keeping their house safe. Has a squirrel ever gotten inside? No! But every day their boy, Stewart, comes home from this terrible place called school smelling like anxiety and looseleaf paper.

Sassy and Waldo decide to save Stewart. But they don't let dogs into school. So Sassy and Waldo decide to get creative. They put on an old trench coat, and now everyone at Bea Arthur Elementary thinks they are a new student named Salty from Liver, Ohio. Well, everyone except Stewart.

Sassy and Waldo love school! Everything smells like meat and dirty socks. And they discover a whole other way to help out Stewart!


Published May 29, 2018

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About the author

Julie Falatko

14 books138 followers
Julie Falatko is the award-winning author of picture books and novels, including Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book), the Two Dogs in a Trench Coat series, The Great Indoors, Yours in Books, and many more.

Originally from New Jersey, Julie now lives in Maine with her family.

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Profile Image for Kari.
907 reviews11 followers
May 14, 2018
This book was dumb. It had many plot issues. One dog could speak human, the other dog was surprised by this but then suddenly, inexplicably is able to do the same with zero reasoning why. The “problem” in the story (waiting too long to work on a big project for school) is solved by doing it last minute and still getting an A++. Not the best lesson for a book to teach... the idea that two dogs in a trench coat could fool 9 year olds, the teacher, principal and secretary for days is far fetched as well. Overall not impressed.
Profile Image for Darla.
3,518 reviews619 followers
May 25, 2018
A big thank you to Scholastic and Edelweiss for a digital ARC of this book.

Sassy and Waldo are concerned about their boy Stewart. He does not seem to enjoy this place called school very much and have very little to say about it each day when he gets home. They decide to break up their squirrel maintenance routine and get into the school to rescue Stewart. After considering various options, they discover a trench coat in the dad's closet and use it for a disguise.
I was charmed by the cover and wanted to see more of the artwork in the book. Unfortunately the artwork is not yet final, so this review is really based mainly on the story. There were some funny bits, but not enough for me to want to read more in the series.
Profile Image for Karina.
Author 11 books882 followers
March 20, 2018
This is such a fun and funny book! Sure to please new readers. Love all of the food references!
Profile Image for Melissa.
57 reviews2 followers
September 25, 2018
I'm not sure how I feel about this book. Maybe my expectations were too high going in? The premise sounds hilarious, but it just didn't work for me. Also it got annoying that every time a food was mentioned it was in bold. Somehow seeing the word "meat" in bold ten times on a page lacks appeal. I know the story is from the dogs' perspective, but it seemed unnecessary, and if you're going to do that why not bold everything that would excite a dog, like squirrel? (and there were a ton of squirrels) However, I would totally recommend this book to anyone looking for an easier chapter book who enjoys dogs doing silly things.
439 reviews7 followers
April 28, 2018
If you judge this book by its cover or its title, you won't be disappointed. Surprisingly, the book manages to be funny and remain funny throughout its entirety - truly an impressive feat in a children's book.

I think this will be a popular title among younger readers.
Profile Image for Bridget Neace.
1,297 reviews6 followers
May 12, 2019

Because seriously? I'm expected to buy that seeing a figure wearing a trench coat with a DOG'S head doesn't clue people in on the fact that the figure is a dog? I will suspend my disbelief for many things, but not this.
Profile Image for Eti.
125 reviews18 followers
April 5, 2020
Absolutely necessary reading right now. I needed the joyful, hilarious hijinks of Sassy and Waldo as they go to school to take care of their boy, Stewart - and try to understand the strange thing that is school - excelling at gym and lunch, of course... I listened to the audiobook which is narrated by Oliver Wyman but feels like a full cast. (I also have been attending Julie's instagram live reading, which are also giving me life.) If you're looking for a hilarious, distracting, wonderful book to share with readers of all ages, I highly recommend the entire Two Dogs in a Trench Coat series!
163 reviews
April 18, 2019
*I received an ARC of this from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review*

I couldn't get into this book. It sounded funny, but as an adult, I didn't think it was. I could see how children would find the ridiculousness of two dogs in a trench coat going to school and the slapstick humor funny. The plot seemed to be all over the place and was too unbelievable for me to follow with any enjoyment. A dog that can talk? How do the adults not even realize they're not humans? I'll share with my kids, but it won't be a book I pull out to recommend.
Profile Image for Cherie Gilmore.
109 reviews9 followers
October 4, 2019
2019-2020 Bluebonnet nominee.
My daughter enjoyed this book as she said it had a funny concept with dogs going to school. Fans of Captain Underpants will probably love this book as well.
As an adult, I didn’t find the story pulled me in. I also couldn’t imagine how a talking dog could go to school. Surely someone would notice a hairy student with a snout. However, I would still recommend this to elementary aged readers. I enjoyed the humor throughout the book. I just wouldn’t chose this one to read by myself.
42 reviews
January 2, 2020
Sassy and Waldo, Stewart’s dogs and stars of the book, are endearing characters. Keeping up with them and their school journey was fun. I think Stewart has an easy time due to his helpful dogs, and I wish he would be held accountable more. Alas, cute story.
Profile Image for PrincessOfParis.
157 reviews
December 1, 2020
I love this book it was amazing 😻 I loved how the dogs both thought it was prison but it really wasn’t it was the school that Stewart was going to!!! Anyways I love this book (as I said in the first sentence) so please read this for me and love it 😍!!!
Profile Image for Jen Van Fleet.
39 reviews8 followers
March 4, 2019
Kyndel’s review: This book is super funny with two dogs who sneak into school to help Stewart. My favorite part was when Stewart gave his chaotic presentation!
Profile Image for Eileen W.
171 reviews1 follower
July 19, 2020
These books were just ok for me, but my 9 year old daughter found them entertaining.....so I'll bump it up a star since she's in the target reading age, and I clearly am not!
Profile Image for Elizabeth.
80 reviews
March 17, 2022
I would highly recommend the audio version of this book to anyone who will be traveling in the car with a variety of ages. Both my 14 year old and my 10 year old were laughing out loud at the story and the voices that were used. It was so enjoyable!!!!
18 reviews1 follower
April 23, 2020
I really liked this book and it was a good fit for me
Profile Image for Jenn.
864 reviews30 followers
December 31, 2017
Very cute, very fun partial-graphic novel about two clever dogs who miss their boy so decide to disguise themselves and join him at school. Some of the absurdist commentary may go over the heads of younger readers, but parents will enjoy the jokes.
Profile Image for Dannie Moore.
98 reviews2 followers
May 29, 2018
Julie Falatko is at it again with this amazing and hilarious chapter book! From the perspective of dogs, Falatko has captured the thought process of a dog (as humans perceive it, anyway) beautifully. Even the writing style feels as though a dog wrote the book. It's truly a canine masterpiece that had me giggling from cover to cover. Meatball!
Profile Image for Melanie Dulaney.
1,488 reviews73 followers
June 6, 2019
This nominee for the 2019-2020 Texas Bluebonnet Award had me laughing out loud and will likely have many of my 4th and 5th graders moving into “guffaw” territory. Sassy and Waldo take their dog-jobs very seriously, but that is the only thing that gets that adverb! These two are determined to keep the house squirrel free and to get to the bottom of Stewart’s problem with that dreaded place called School. Author Julie Falatko has them dressing up in an old trench coat and waltzing into Bea Arthur Elementary as a new, albeit furry, student who just happens to have recently gained the art of speech and just happens to land in their young human’s class. Along with crazy squirrels, big projects, productive trips to the cafeteria and an interesting connection with Bax the Bully, Falatko liberally sprinkles figurative language and great vocabulary amid rich context. Readers will easily discern the meanings of words like vigilant, feisty and nonchalant while teachers will have ample material for reinforcing the use of sensory language, similes and onomatopoeia (imminent intruders and flourishing fluff, being only two examples of the later). I will be reading from the end of page 12 through page 16 as a promo for this excellent launch into a new series that already has a book 2 available and number 3 right on the horizon, but I may have to practice it several times to avoid snorting with laughter as I try to engage my students. Highly recommended with no warnings on content for read aloud or independently in grades 2-5, especially if those students are fans of Vernon’s Hamster Princess and Dragon Breath books or Cronin’s Chicken Squad series.
Profile Image for Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*.
6,001 reviews193 followers
February 2, 2020
Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School by Julie Falatko, illustrated by Colin Jack, 192 pages. CHAPTER BOOK. Scholastic Press, 2018. $10.



Scruffy terrier Waldo and a nap-loving bulldog Sassy love their boy, Stewart, and are great at protecting their home from potential squirrel invaders, but they are worried for him. Every evening he arrives home with a weird smell of boredom and anxiety. After failing to block his morning departures, they manage to escape the back yard and follow his trail to this place called school. Since the alpha humans at the school don’t seem to want to let dogs in, they don a trench coat, and pretend to be a new student. No one but Stewart can see through their disguise, and it turns out that the dogs are a hit! From the lunchroom to the music room, everyone loves them. Everyone, that is, except Stewart.

It is over-the-top silliness, perfect for young readers. All the food words have their own font, as do Waldo’s words when he speaks human. The bantering between the dogs is hilarious, and their perspectives on the school experience is, too. Their incredible sense of smell and their obsession with squirrels manage to come into play many times.

P.K.Foster, MLS, school librarian
Profile Image for Jennifer.
1,119 reviews16 followers
July 12, 2018
Funny and ridiculous transitional book (chapter book/middle grade). Colin Jack's illustrations were perfect. Some of the dialogue and how it was indicated was a bit confusing, though.
Profile Image for Rebecca Caufman.
2,231 reviews2 followers
September 20, 2018
I wanted to like this book. I wanted to laugh. But I didn't. It starts off well...two dogs worried about their human and why this thing called school is making him miserable so they dress up as a new student to investigate. But when none of the humans figure out that Salty is really two dogs things went down hill for me. The class has a big research project they need to do and the boy never asks his teacher for help and when he loses the sheet he doesn't ask for a new one. The night before the project is due he decides to do the project on squirrels and base it on the facts his DOGS tell him which he gets and A++ on! The humor just did not work for me.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for AMY.
2,474 reviews
August 14, 2020
185 pgs. Funny story about a couple of dogs who make a plan to go to their owner's school and see what they can learn. Humorous and funny illustrations throughout. The first time I read it, I was not impressed for some silly reason. I gave a second shot and I actually enjoyed it. There are moments when I laughed out loud. Great fun! I reserve the right to change my mind and this one is definitely worth a read. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Highly recommended for Grades 4-5.
Profile Image for Andréa.
11.6k reviews103 followers
Want to read
March 9, 2018
Note: I received an ARC of this book from the publisher at ALA Midwinter 2018.
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