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Dollar #2


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"I should never have asked for a night with you. This would never have happened if I'd had more willpower."

Once upon a time, I was a mute captive who wished for death.
Now, I’m stowed away on a yacht.
Saved and taken, the thief who stole me demands my voice, my past, my everything.
I won’t give in.
But Elder refuses to take no for an answer.
He pushes and cajoles, slowly discovering who I am. Until I find out he plays the cello to escape his demons, all while his music conjures mine.
He’s rich, I’m bankrupt.
I’m mute by choice, he’s curious by nature.
So many reasons why we can never work.
But that doesn’t stop our connection, our passion.
Until one night, he ruins everything.

300 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 18, 2016

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About the author

Pepper Winters

93 books15.9k followers
Pepper Winters is a multiple New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today International Bestseller.

She currently has thirty books released in nine languages. She’s hit best-seller lists (USA Today, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal) thirty-three times. She dabbles in multiple genres, ranging from Dark Romance to Coming of Age.

After chasing her dreams to become a full-time writer, Pepper has earned recognition with awards for best Dark Romance, best BDSM Series, and best Hero. She’s an multiple #1 iBooks bestseller, along with #1 in Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, and Erotica Thriller. With 20 books currently published, she has hit the bestseller charts twenty-nine times in three years.

Pepper is a Hybrid Author of both Traditional and Self-published work. Her Pure Corruption Series was released by Grand Central, Hachette.

Her books have garnered foreign interest and are currently being translated into numerous languages, including already released titles in Italian, French, Hebrew, German, and Turkish.

NEWSLETTER: http://www.subscribepage.com/www.pepp...

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She loves mail of any kind: pepperwinters@gmail.com

You can stalk her here:

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Blog pepperwinters.wordpress.com

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Profile Image for SueBee★bring me an alpha!★.
2,417 reviews14.2k followers
May 1, 2017

★★★★★! Dollars, book 2 of 5. Elder & Pim’s saga continues with revelations, confusion, truths, pain, shockers & healing!

“His voice fell dark and low. “I told you you are worth more than pennies, yet you cling to a dollar as if it’s the sum of your value.”

Books in Dollar series should be read in order:
Book 1: Pennies
Book 2: Dollars
Book 3: Hundreds
Book 4: Thousands
Book 5: Millions

In Pennies, book 1 eighteen-year old Pimlico Tasmin Blythe, Pim aka Little mouse was stolen and sold to her captor where she was brutalized, raped, tortured and violated for two long years. Businessman Elder Prest, Kaitou’s arrival sets off a series of events that ultimately has Pim taken away by Elder…

Dollars, book 2 deals with the aftermath of book 1’s violent ending. Pim has a lot of healing ahead, both mental and physical. Tucked away on Elder’s luxury yacht she must cope with her past and the realization that Elder is her new owner and appears to have no plans on giving her up.

While keeping her might not be in Elder nor Pim’s best interest, letting her go becomes a fleeting alternative… as they both fight an intense attraction coupled by confusing emotions and mixed messages. It’s an unfolding of past and present events; secrets, lies, revelations, pain and healing.

“I don’t understand you, silent one, but I will.”

Eight words to describe Elder Prest, Kaitou: Complex, enigmatic, conflicted, secretive, unpredictable, devious, arrogant and possessive.

Eight words to describe Pimlico Tasmin Blythe, Pim aka Little mouse: Broken, reflective, meek, stubborn, observant, smart, strong and captivating.

Dollars, told from dual POVs, offers a multi-layered, mysterious and dark plot centered around themes of betrayal, greed, revenge, redemption and love. It ends leading right to book 3, Hundreds for the continuation of their saga.

Spellbinding story-telling! Brilliant plot! Captivating Pim! Mysterious Elder! Dark, forbidden, addicting yet hopeful!

"I'm Pim-sick and it's not a good illness to have."

Hero rating: 5 stars
Heroine rating: 5+ stars
Sexual tension rating: 5 stars
Sex scenes rating: 4.5 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 4 stars
Plot rating: 5 stars
Dialogue rating: 5 stars
Storytelling rating: 5 stars
Story ending rating: N/A
Overall rating: 5 stars

Would I recommend this series: Yes.
Would I re-read this series: Yes.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

Thank you to the shhluts on Shh… for our ARC (F)BR; CC, Liz, LoLo, Mer, Myla & TS!

ARC provided to me by author Pepper Winters in exchange for an honest review.
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790 reviews2,530 followers
February 8, 2017


Pepper Winter never ceases me to amaze me with her talent. Her stories are always so well written and so well developed, her characters so intriguing and interesting, her story-telling so effortless and fascinating. If you are a fan of dark and twisted stories, then you don’t want to miss this author’s work. Trust me on this! 'Dollars', like 'Pennies', the first installment in the series, kept me at the edge of my seat from begging until the end. I couldn’t put this book down for one minute, the story becoming more and more captivating with every single chapter. Pim and Elder’s story was enthralling and so very gripping from begging until the end. Their portrayal, their dynamic, the plot, everything was fantastically done.

“Give me what I want, and this will be a lot easier on you. Don’t, and you’ll rue the day you refused.”

Elder, deciding Pim is the most fascinating woman he ever met takes her from her master wanting more than anything to have her in any way, shape or form. He wants to keep her, at least for a while, he wants more time with her, he wants her to make her talk and find out who she is. He knows the physical and emotional connection between them are strong, but he also knows how dangerous for his heart and soul Pim is.

“Pim was a shooting star. She wasn’t free, but she was beautiful in her quest to find peace.”

Pim doesn’t know who she is anymore. She doesn’t know how to exist, how to move on or how to behave around Elder, because she doesn’t know if he’s good or bad. She is attracted with her new captor, even if she hates these new feelings; she feels she should be grateful that he saved her from Alrik, but she can’t, since in some way, Elder is the same as any other captor.


This second installment was fantastically written, perfectly paced, intriguing and so very gripping. Personally, I think it was much better than the first, everything being more fascinating in some way – the characters, the dynamic between them, the hero/anti-hero background, everything really.

“Here I was human...a girl. Here, I was someone not something.”

Pim was a heroine I felt deeply about reading the first installment, but also this second installment. I felt her pain, her despair, her confusion and I even understood her mixed feelings toward Elder. However, I have to say at times she was frustrating as hell. She was a great, strong character I admired as much as I admired reading the previous installment, even if at times she seemed to be naïve and maybe too vulnerable. Her character growth was amazingly done, with each and every chapter we get to see a new Pim, a stronger Pim, a woman who slowly starts to get more comfortable in her own skin, a character realistically portrayed from the very beginning.

“Elder Prest was the most dangerous man I’d ever known. Not because he could kill me whenever he chose, but because he had the power to steal so much more than just my life. He could steal my heart.”


While in the previous installment we get to find more about Pin and her past, in this installment we find out more about Elder. His background was gradually revealed, which I absolutely loved and with every single revelation I found him to be more and more fascinating. However, he’s still a mystery to me and I can’t wait to find more about his past.

The mystery elements were perfectly blend with the psychological ones , the story becoming more and more captivating with every chapter and with every interaction between these two characters.

Can't wait the read the next installment! Overall, a fantastic, dark, intriguing read!

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1,176 reviews4,334 followers
November 29, 2016
Please see more of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.com

If ever there was a time when I knew that I should have waited until the entire series was out before starting, it is now. I love all things Pepper Winters, so I am predictably weak when she has a new series out. I tell myself to wait, because the anticipation between each book in the series will drive me crazy. However, I have no self-control and so here I am again.

As usual, Ms. Winters has tied me in knots. I am dying to find out what the future holds for Pim and Elder, but Ms. Winters will keep me waiting for quite some time yet. The anticipation is killing me! No surprise there.

The second book in the series, 'Dollars' picks up where 'Pennies' left off. Pim has killed the man who tortured her for years, Master A. Taken by Elder Prest, she soon realizes that her rescuer is also her latest captor.

He may not be as cruel as Master A yet, but there is a darkness in him, lurking beneath the surface. How deep that darkness runs, or how it manifests itself, is still largely a mystery. Bits of Elder's past are revealed, but much more remains unknown. Who exactly is he? What is this darkness that he alludes to that he struggles to control?

As Pim recovers from her injuries she maintains her silence, choosing to observe and take in everything around her. Elder is as much her obsession, as she is his. She has learned the hard way not to trust anyone, especially men. She is certain that every kindness he shows her is a trick, furthering whatever ulterior motives he has. He has hinted as much.

Like Master A, Elder grows increasingly frustrated with Pim's silence. He vacillates between a determination to force her to talk and a recognition that this behavior would make him the exact same type of monster that she's just escaped. Throughout the book, he flip-flopped between these dispositions. After a while, it got somewhat repetitive.

Pim's behavior also seemed to flip-flop some. This was largely in response to Elder's moods. Every time she seemed to be making progress, he'd grow impatient and set her back again.

This back and forth between the two went on for what seemed like forever. Don't get me wrong, I love the angsty, push and pull between main characters. Nothing bugs me more than a story that feels forced and rushed. There is certainly no risk feeling that way with this one.

In fact, my main complaint about this book is that I didn't feel like the storyline progressed all that much. I'm sure that Ms. Winters has intentionally done this to fully develop the relationships, characters and the storyline. However, the suspense is killing me!

As much as I love Pim and Elder as characters, I have to admit that I spent most of this book just waiting for something...anything...to happen. For the most part, there was a noticeable absence of any action or plot twists that would get my heart going. I felt like this book was just building a strong foundation for future books in the series. At times I was even bored, which is unheard of for me when reading a book by this author.

That being said, it is still a book written by Ms. Winters. Even if it isn't my favorite of her books, it is still superior to at least 80% of the other stuff I read. She's just that damn impressive! I might have wanted a little more action in this one, but I know that there was a well thought out reason for the flow of this book.

Don't give up on it yet, though. The last 20-25% of the book really picks up. Suddenly, there is some action and some suspense. Questions are answered and I felt like I gained a little better understanding of Elder. Of course, all of his secrets were not revealed. I have a feeling that won't happen until the very end.

The relationship between Pim and Elder also takes a new direction. Honestly, I was a little surprised that it happened this soon. I am looking forward to seeing exactly where their relationship is headed. This is not a couple that can just have a HEA fall into their laps easily. I'm sure that there is more hardship on the horizon for these two.

All in all, I enjoyed 'Dollars'. There were times when I thought it was dragging along, but I know it will be worth it in the end. Mainly, I'm just anxiously awaiting the next book in this series and kicking myself for not having the patience to wait until all of the book in the series were finished before I started.
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933 reviews1,095 followers
November 22, 2016
I'M DEAD INSIDE... Pepper, once again you broke my heart into million pieces... :(

That end! WOW! It ruined me... :'( I loved it, I hated it... My emotions all over the place and now I'm dying to read next book. So Pepper, hurry up please because,


“Where were you?”
“Where were you?”
“Where were you?”

Profile Image for Nilufer Ozmekik.
2,309 reviews44.1k followers
May 16, 2018
In one night, I finished this fantastic book and also read “ Pretty Stolen Dolls” at the same time. I feel really lucky but my head hurts.
I love the characters. I want to learn about Elder’s past! I loved to read their growing attraction but mostly liked the storm part which was perfectly written.
Looking forward to read the other books.
Profile Image for ⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ .
552 reviews457 followers
November 26, 2016
3 Stormy Seas Stars

 photo moonsea_zpsym7aj8g4.jpg

First I have to say I loved the first book and I mean LOVED it so I think my expectations for this one were just to high. I thought the writing was great, for me it was just the content that was lacking. I am hoping that this book was a big build up for a much more lively third book. I am sorry in advance for this insanely chaotic review.

*******May contain spoilers************

The setting for this book was probably what intrigued me the most (thats got to tell you something). Living on a super yacht would be awesome heading to anywhere that takes your fancy while living in the lap of luxury.

 photo silver-yachts-presents-fuel-efficient-vessel-silver-fast-e1465567651186_zpsh1gkiorj.jpg

Pim is learning how to live with herself while not being in constant fear, of course her mind is a mess and it becomes obvious her biggest battle will be with herself. Here lies one of my problems with this book, although necessary the inner dialogue was a killer IMO it seemed to sit on repeat at times and I got a little bored.

 photo boredtimes_zpsv9topumd.gif

To me everything that got to me about this book needed to be there and I did not hate it, it just got under my skin. The push and pull in this is real people!!!! The characters are lost to themselves so have no idea how to come together. Slowly as Pim started to recognise herself underneath the layers of broken Elder started to understand her more. In turn he was able to use his understanding to get what he wanted.

 photo chello_zpsmovo6pvr.png

So this was a necessary read for the series and I will be continuing the series. However if the next one is similar to this I will reconsider.
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1,353 reviews1,283 followers
May 24, 2017
~4.5 Broken and Beautiful Stars~
"He created love but violence at the same time."

Dollars is the second book in the Dollar Series. Pim is back, and she has traded one master for another. After escaping the torture and darkness of her captivity, she has found sanctuary in the most unlikely places. This second installment in the Dollars Series is a dark and twisted tale with more pain, more intrigue, and more mystery.

"I was alone. I was tiny. I was no one. Live or die; the world wouldn't know or care."
Pim Lico is a mystery just waiting to be solved. Now broken, she doesn't know how to exist. Elder has brought Pim to his home on the sea. The boat becomes her new sanctuary. With medical help, food, clothing, Pim doesn't know what to do. As the desire to survive and the desire to die continue to do battle, Pim clings to one truth. She is alive. She is not dead.

"...another step, placing himself behind me, aligning our pieces as if we belonged to the same chessboard with a long lost king and queen."
Elder Priest is a man with a past. He is a mystery. Like Pim, he is twisted and broken inside. He brought Pim to his home to figure out who she is. The desire to know what happened to her consumes him. As Pim invades his every thought, their physical coexistence invades his heart. Pim awakens the beast that has been locked up for so long. Elder is physically drawn to Pim, but it is the emotional pull that overwhelms and destroys him. Elder knows he should set her free, but he can't seem to let her go.

"A connection breathed between us now that had no words but was so fucking strong."
Told in dual POV, Dollars is a stark contrast from Pennies. The brutal torture has passed and now it is the calm before the next storm. The pacing is slow as every emotional moment is felt to it's fullest. The psychological breakdown for both Pim and Elder is gradual as both discover a semblance of peace within each other. As the sexual attraction continues to undulate between them, slivers of Elder's past are revealed. In addition to the glimpses of the monster we have seen, a tortured kindness exists deep within the layers of Mr. Priest. I felt every ounce of frustration, pain, and sexual tension laced through every piece of dialogue both spoken and unspoken. With the explosive conclusion of Dollars the questions remain unanswered, the mystery is more complex, and the saga of Pim Lico and Elder Priest is only now just beginning.


Overall, Dollars is an absolute must read for fans of Pepper Winters and dark romance lovers. Although the pacing and mood in Dollars is a complete contrast from Pennies, I have no doubt in my mind that every single moment of the journey is significant to the overall story arc of the series. I am even more intrigued with Mr. Priest, and I cannot wait to see what happens next for Pim and Elder. No doubt, the best is yet to come!

***Dollars Series***
Pennies (Dollar, #1) by Pepper WintersDollars (Dollar, #2) by Pepper WintersHundreds (Dollar, #3) by Pepper WintersThousands (Dollar, #4) by Pepper WintersMillions (Dollar, #5) by Pepper Winters

*This was a BR with the lovely Shhluts Sue, CC, Anna, Mer, and Loyda!


*ARC graciously provided via TRSOR for an honest review!

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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30 reviews45 followers
November 19, 2016
*****5 ORIGAMI STARS*****

The art of taking a simple piece of paper (or dollar) and folding it into something beautiful. The dollar has been used, crushed in someone's grasp, it has been shared. Passed to different owners, transferred to another's possession. It's value is solely based on the numbers marked on the paper. A dollar bill is delicate. Put into the wrong hands it can be ripped, destroyed, worthless. However, when placed in the talented hands of someone with the knowledge and understanding, the skills, the patience, the gentleness, the precise movements. The paper can be transformed into a piece of art. One that the Master of the Hands will then cherish. Not only will they acknowledge it's worth but will build it up and shape it into a MASTERPIECE. A TREASURE

That's how I would describe the relationship of Elder and Pim.

 photo 0E0445EA-7C42-4FCE-9DBF-2AAEA380C09C_zpsjh6cbajs.jpg

"She was one of the strongest women I’d come across, and she hadn’t spoken a word. That sort of strength...it did things to men like me. It made me want to break her and shelter her in equal measure. It set a war in motion between the devil and angel on my shoulders, and only time would tell what part of me would win."

“I’ll tell you a few secrets of my own, silent one. I steal because I’m good at it. I steal because I get pleasure from it. You are my possession, and once stolen, I don’t relinquish what is mine—to anyone. And this—” he waggled the wallet—“is how easy I take things that don’t belong to me.”

Pennies (Book 1) was about the dark and the broken. Dollars sends you on a journey of Pim's healing and self worth. Of love, encouragement and choices. The love story that is unfolding in this series is intoxicating and alluring! Pim is still battling with herself. She has chosen to be mute for two years. Establishing their connection in the way that Elder always seems to know her thoughts and needs without a single word spoken! It's emotional and heartwarming watching Pim's trust unraveling and slowly giving him her voice, responses and thoughts.

“Whatever happened today doesn’t matter. It’s your choice to relive or forget. I can’t do that for you.” Pressing the gift into her hands, I added, “However, perhaps I’ll be your genie. Write down your wishes, silent one. Tell me what I can do to make it right. “Who knows what will come true.”

Pepper Winter's words whisper off the pages captivating the readers with her writing, unleashing all my feelings!!! Just from reading this series I am a die hard Pepper Winter's fan! How am I just now hearing about her? She has definitely become one of my favorite authors! I can't recommend this series enough!

"However, when Elder looked at me that way...I liked it. He didn’t strip me of power. He made me gather more of it. He became weaker the more desire drenched his blood, while I became stronger, having control to deliver what he wanted or deny it."

"THAT WAS THE first day but definitely not the last that Elder broke my proverbial chains and taught me how to smile again."

This is Book 2 in a 5 book series!! And I can't wait for the next ones!!!!!!! All my friends who are reading this series and loving it as much as I am...we are now BEST FRIENDS! ❤️

 photo 3500BAE1-ABA9-4F0A-A579-090076B72404_zps8n7iwniv.gif

{I voluntarily reviewed this ARC that was graciously provided by TRSoR Promotions and Pepper Winters}
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2,225 reviews8,039 followers
November 16, 2016
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
TITLE: Dollars
SERIES: (Dollar, #2)
AUTHOR: Pepper Winters
CHAPTERS: Prologue | 42
RELEASE DATE: November 18th, 2016
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

DOLLARS: This starts right where Pennies (Dollar, #1) left off, and is told in 'Dual Perspectives'
Pimilico had been stolen and sold into slavery right before her twenty-first birthday, two years under the thumb of a sadistic man who nearly killed her over and over again. But she has a new master now, the man with the dragon tattoo was her saviour or is he? Has she been pulled out of the frying pan only to be thrown into the fire?

Now the wait is on to see if she will survive what she'd endured, a severed tongue, many battle bruises mark her body to show the life she'd endured has aged her remarkedly. Will she ever talk again?

Everything moves along slowly in the beginning of this second installment, the slow build up to what's burning like an ember between these two is scorching once it's finally ignited and exploded.

Both are damaged goods but like a magnet they are drawn to each other, the good, the bad, the ugly.
And the feels will zap you full force and leave you gasping in their wake. This series is like no other series this author has written before or even what I've read before, everything is unique in it's entirety.

This book brought me to my knees then laughed whilst I was left kneeling in despair, my heart was pounding overtime, it's gutwrenchingly raw, I'm still reeling over everything I read, I still reeling over not having the next installment in my hands, love love loved this book.
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1,086 reviews648 followers
November 3, 2017

In Dollars, the plot timeline opens in succession with Pim trying to negotiate her new surroundings away from the white mansion. Not knowing whether Pim’s circumstance has improved, she is tentative and doesn’t know how to react to the demands being made upon her. Despite feeling powerless, Pim tries to overcome her past but doesn’t know what feelings to trust, as certain trained behaviors have been instilled in her core.

“And if he wasn’t like the others, how could I predict what he wanted?”

Pim isn’t the only one trying to adjust to the new living arrangements, as Elder is at odds with his decision. Exposing himself to Pim could lead to disaster but Elder can’t stay away from her. Battling his demons, he is forced to reconcile emotions he buried long ago causing tremendous inner turmoil.

“You owe me, Pimlico. I told you I wasn’t the hero.”

What draws Pim and Elder to each other is complicated. Elder has been very open about his sexual inclinations toward Pim but it’s more than just the physical in that Elder feels a deep connection to her. While Pim is processing her feelings, she is angry and feels betrayed that her body feels an attraction to Elder who wants a certain gift before succumbing to his basest desires.

“I want to fuck you.” His hips thrust again. “I want to hurt you.”

In this second installment, a range of emotion is present that includes reflection, healing, anger, betrayal and gratitude. With a somber tone, it is obvious Pim has been through hell and knowing the time it will take for her to rebuild adds tremendous tension. Adding to the conflict is the mystery surrounding Elder’s secrets and vulnerabilities. While we get a few glimpses into Elder’s world, there is still so much to be revealed and for Pim to experience.

“I need to live in the moment. The future I cannot control.”

With much contemplation, Pepper Winters takes her characters on a thoughtful and arduous journey. The plot moves at a pace that forces the reader to pause and feel how Pim’s emotions take a step forward but three steps back. At times, it is frustrating but also realistically portrayed considering her painful experience. With Elder, there were times when I wanted him to surrender to his urges and unleash the beast despite knowing how it would affect Pim and their future.

In all, the storyline successfully continues to build layers of intrigue and added dimension. There is still much to discover in this series and I look forward to continuing to see how it will all unfold.

Dollar series:
Pennies (Dollar, #1) by Pepper Winters Dollars (Dollar, #2) by Pepper Winters Hundreds (Dollar, #3) by Pepper Winters Thousands (Dollar, #4) by Pepper Winters Millions (Dollar, #5) by Pepper Winters

*An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

* This was a (F)BR with the Shhluts: Liz, Loyda, Sue, Anna, Mer and Myla too!
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888 reviews698 followers
November 24, 2016
4.5 stars

Hero 5/5 | Heroine 5/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 4/5 | Writing Style 4/5 | Steam 3/5 | Romance 4/5 | Angst-Suspense 3/5 | Darkness 3/5 | Humor 0/5 | Secondary Characters 3/5 | Drama-Conflict 4/5 | Mystery 2/5 | Twists 4/5 | Pacing Steady | Action 4/5
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858 reviews444 followers
November 20, 2016
What a fantastic continuation of the series! I couldn't stop reading and page after page the plot thickened. I want to know that the heck happened to Elder in the past that still haunts him till this day. And thank god for the double POV, seriously. Sometimes I wasn't impressed with Pim's behaviour but I get what she has to deal with and that simply needs time and a lot of patience. I only wished they would do more about their insane connection (not that they didn't do anything). The end!!! The freaking end!!! That was so mean! I want to know what happens next so bad! I cannot wait for the next book! I know their relationship will take time but I just hope that the cliffy doesn't stir the plot in some strange way. I want more of them together! They are like two missing puzzles and I truly wish nothing tears them apart. I have a feeling that perhaps we will see the bastard that got away again and that might cause some mayor drama in the future. That would be an interesting twist for sure. But till then, I can only wait for the next book to come out (which it hopefully does soon). :)
Profile Image for *TANYA*.
1,002 reviews313 followers
July 29, 2017
The contradictions in this one!! Book 1 and 2 could have been combined. Just saying.

"He permitted me to clutch him, like he'd clutch me, like we'd clutch each other." (??!?!!)
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933 reviews237 followers
December 18, 2016
The pace of this story was very relaxed and unhurried, like the author wanted the reader to savor every word written and every clue sprinkled throughout the text that might hint at what to expect for book three. Had I read this book immediately after it was released, I may have felt more impatient about the tone and direction this story took.

Reading this book felt like I was putting on my favorite accessory: familiar, comfortable, and very satisfying with a relaxed fit. Same as with this story. Book one introduced readers to the ever-defiant Pim living within a world of unimaginable horror and grotesque daily treatments, but when Elder Prest entered the picture, all bets were off and book one ended with a delicious bang! In Dollars, there aren't any action scenes and Pim is recovering from those injuries acquired in Pennies (some are permanent), but she's not exactly the same girl from book one.

There are five books in this series and I look forward to seeing the way in which PW continues to carefully and slowly peel away each layer of these characters! I recommend reading this book when time permits for a slow-burn kind of story. Otherwise, the angst, the lengthy inner monologues of the characters, and the push and pull of their slowly-developing relationship may frustrate the reader. Although this book offered more personal access to Elder's life, there were still so many secrets and passerby hints about his past that were not divulged.

Favorite thoughts from Pim?
My anger had given me a backbone, but his peace had given me sanity.

The ending was exquisite and I'm not even mad about waiting again for the next installment in this series. Thoroughly enjoyed!!
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960 reviews738 followers
December 10, 2016
What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly? ~Erin Hansen

The best feeling in the world is to get lost in a book where you’re transplanted, almost if by magic, to a new world. A world where you take flight to a new destination. Dollars by Pepper Winters was my destination to a delicious dark world, one that danced in my dreams and filled me with an infusion of heartbreak and hope. I quickly became lost in Dollars and did not want to be found.

I devoured Dollars and Dollars devoured me. I shut out the world while the dark world in Dollars became my world. Pennies was the darkness that shattered my soul. Dollars is a union of dark and light that both slayed and saved my soul. I was captivated. I was captured. I was claimed. The words whispered to me, becoming the air I breathed, as I drowned in the devastatingly beautiful Dollars. Dollars was my adrenaline...my anguish...my ache...my addiction. I WAS ALL IN.

Beautiful blue-eyed, dark-haired, and long-legged Tasmin Blythe was killed on her 18th birthday, kidnapped and sold into slavery where she became Pimlico 'Pim.' Her owner was an evil monster, one she extinguished after extensive physical and emotional abuse. Rescued by the gorgeous and elusive Elder Prest two years later, Pim is not sure whether her new owner is a saint or a sinner…perhaps both.

“We were worlds apart, yet for some reason, he’d not only invited me into his but stolen me to share it.”

Dark-haired, dark-eyed, and inked Elder is gorgeous. Pure perfection. A lethal mix of all alpha male, angel, and devil, Elder walks the fine line of hero and criminal. Burned by a painful past with wounds that still resonated with Elder and were under the surface until Pim opened them.

“She expected me to be a monster. I was a monster. Just one she’d never come across before.”

Pim has been to a hell so heinous that I would not wish it on my worst enemy. She has waded through the depths of darkness with only a sliver of hope as light.

“I told you, you are worth more than pennies, yet you cling to a dollar as if it’s the sum of your value.”

She wields power like a knife. On the outside, she is gaining strength, but on the inside, her worth is a penny when it should be billions.

“How did this man understand me when I’d never spoken a word to him?”

Pim may not speak, but her unspoken words speak to Elder. Their connection is a magnetic force, one forged by fate. Oh did I love their beautiful bond!

“He was no longer just Elder. My savior and captor. He was so, so much more. And it hurt because I wanted to know how deep that more went. It seemed like I wasn’t the only one.”

Pim is a bird in a cage struggling to be free. Though despite the hardship through the pits of hell, Pim is a warrior armed with her head in a battle of wills that aided her through the abuse, and the aftermath where her body is healing from internal and external breaks and bruises. I admired her courage and tenacity so much!

“She wanted to be normal. Despite her fighting me, she secretly hoped I’d smash her cage and teach her how to be free.”

Pim is beautiful despite being battered and bruised. A fallen angel fighting for her life, Pim looks ethereal with a glow that accentuates her beauty and strength, inside and out. Elder can’t get this goddess out of his head or heart.

“Forget the past and only remember this.”
(His lips crashed against mine.)

Oh did I SWOON! I did not expect Elder to melt me to mush, but he surprised me in the best way, making me fall for him even harder!

The chemistry between these two mostly strangers is fire-hot...a slow burn. Passion that permeates from a mere look. Understanding from a shared bond that neither can grasp nor get.

“I didn’t want to fall. I want to fly. With him.”

I LOVED ELDER, MY DARK HERO, SO MUCH!!! He is complex and caring, and dark and dangerous. Pim is breaking through her shell and rediscovering Tasmin. This jilted bird is spreading her wings, preparing to fly, and it’s all because of her dark king who wants his captivating queen. Elder can only hope that his beautiful bird—his soul mate—doesn’t fly home to her past life.

Oh did Dollars STEAL MY HEART, picking up some of the pieces that Pennies shattered. Dollars is hope and heart, strength and salvation, and love and war. Dollars was the hurricane to my heart, the fire to my feels, and the calm to my soul-slaying storm. Ups and downs. Twists and turns. Bruises and burns. I went on a roller coaster of a ride of gut-wrenching heartbreak fused with happiness and hope. I was utterly immersed and intoxicated, completely overcome by this story. I FELT EVERYTHING.

I felt every word I read in this pulse-pounding UNPUTDOWNABLE soul-searing story. Dollars bared its soul to me and stole mine. The spellbinding and spine-tingling Dollars shook my soul, grabbed my gut, and hit my heart so hard that my emotions bled long after the story was over. DOLLARS OWNED EVERY PART OF ME.

I lived Dollars. I breathed Dollars. I was bound to Dollars. I became Dollars, a story worth billions in gold. OH DID I FALL HARD IN LOVE!!! I did not want to deposit my Dollars; I wanted to keep every last word…every last feel…every last cent of Dollars to myself.

★★★★★ ‘worth millions of dollars’ stars
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338 reviews2,813 followers
January 3, 2022
I love dark romance but that ending was not it

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612 reviews209 followers
November 21, 2016
 photo what.jpg
Okay I'm at a loss. Don't get me wrong Dollars was good, Pepper Winters the writer extraordinaire went above and beyond but can somebody please...please explain what the hell just happened! Yes remain calm, take deep breaths while we figure this out!

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June 11, 2017
"Lust. Damn rotten lust that I wasn't acquainted with and would never, ever tolerate. It was a sick, sick emotion. It caused men to buy young girls and break them. It turned rationality into insanity. It ended the lives of so many."

Here's the only reason why I gave Dollars one more star than Pennies:

Sexual Tension is a bitch and a half.

Being the ever so willing reader, let me elaborate.

"We both struggled to breathe, almost as if the world had suddenly dried up of oxygen and we could only survive breathing each other"

The pace was okay. The writing was stellar. The repetition was killing. The mood shifts were capable of giving you severe whiplash. The romance was heart-warming. The plot was moderate.

The sexual tension however...

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71 reviews40 followers
November 20, 2016

Unfuckingbelievable. Picking up right after Pennies, Pim is tasked with finding who she is again after two years of captivity at the hands of a monster. But Elder. Is he an even worse of a monster than A? Will Pim finally speak? This book completely consumed me. Fuck I can't wait to see what happens in Hundreds and cannot WAIT to learn more about Elder.
757 reviews2,349 followers
May 30, 2017
Holy fuck damn fuck me fuck fuck fuck bye

4.5 stars.
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1,400 reviews380 followers
November 20, 2016
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 photo rosebuttonsmall_zpsrpi6fijr.jpg  photo rosebuttonsmall_zpsrpi6fijr.jpg  photo rosebuttonsmall_zpsrpi6fijr.jpg

Title: Dollars
Author: Pepper Winters
Category: Dark Romance
Series or Standalone: Part of a series, Book #2
Plot: 5++++
Characters: 5++++
HEA: Not telling

Holy guacamole!! How can I put to words how I feel about this book?I can probably say that I am in awe because Pepper Winters outdid herself with this book. This is unlike her other dark romances. Why? Because this is a slow burn. We have two perfectly flawed characters that like to push and pull each other, competing each other, trying to outrun each other. They both have demons. Pimlico is a deeply traumatized woman but at the same time there is an allure to her, a strength that makes you want to know her and ultimately help her. When she finds herself in Elder's hands, her torment is even greater. She is no longer at the mercy of the monster who took everything from her but she isn't sure if this new owner can guarantee her freedom.

He let me look inside him, and I didn't like what I saw.
He wasn't a gentleman. He wasn't refined.

Pim is lost in her own fears, her own emptiness. She isn't even sure what she wants anymore.

I didn't know what I needed. But it wasn't him. It wasn't this life. It wasn't even kindness anymore.

How can someone handle to be treated like a human when up till now she was nothing but a pet? How can you get back your humanity after having it snatched from you for so long? How can you accept that you are entitled to kindness? To rights like food and clothes after a lifetime of pain and fear?

Elder Prest is a thief and he has just stolen more than he can handle. A man with a dark past; a criminal but also Pim's savior.
She tests him. She brings back pieces of himself that he hates. He is not as in control as he wishes to be.

"Don't make me become something I've fought so fucking long to avoid. I won't slip. Not for you. Not for anyone."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The book will make you feel and the characters will make you think. Pim and Elder are not your usual heroes. They fall, they make mistakes but they know how to rise again. They are perfectly imperfect, their story is not an easy one. It is a whirlwind of anger, tears, pain, lust and greed. They are mysteries ready to be uncovered.

He wasn't just multifaceted; he was layers upon layers of hypocrisies.
Can Elder get what he wants from the silent slave he rescued? Dive into Mrs. Winters' skillful prose to find out. I cannot recommend this series enough. The last scene put my heart through the grinder.
I need the next book right now!

5 Stars
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1,759 reviews102 followers
March 27, 2018

I want it out.
I want it to stop
Please, make it stop.

Dollars picks up right where Pennies left off. Kidnapped, sold into sex slavery, and being horribly abused by the cruel master A., Pim is kidnapped again.
In Dollars there is not so much actual going on, but we get to know Elder more in depth. We get to know more about Elder's past, although not the full story. Pim still refuses to speak but grows more and more comfortable and starts non-verbal communication.
As they sail the ocean Elder and Pimlico spend more time together and she slowly starts trusting him and even relaxes, enjoying the feel of the sea & the sun.

Spending time on Elder's yacht, the old Tasmin sometimes scratches the surface. Pim even starts to flirt with Elder and she starts to become confused about having physical contact with Elder. Because of her sexual abuse Pim is certain she’ll never enjoy sex and does not want to have it again. Pim is very much afraid that Elder is going to abuse sexually and than sell her to a new master.

Elder has his own demons and secrets crushing him while dealing with Pim's horrific past. Pim reminds him of past events that he has buried deep. As the sexual tension between them keeps growing, Elder breaks “I warned you, Pimlico. I fucking warned you not to push me. You pushed and pushed, and I can’t fucking take it anymore.”
“Fuck, Pim. I’m—I can’t stop. Let go…goddammit, let go. Enjoy me as I’m enjoying you.”

As Pim starts to cry, Elder snaps out of his sex haze and becomes overwhelmed with regret. He starts apologising over and over again, begging for forgiveness. I was inside her against her will. I’d taken something she wasn’t prepared to give. I’d lost control. Again.

Her hands landed on either side of my face, she traced my jaw. and ....

I never thought sex would be my undoing. I ceased to be Alrik’s. And became Elder’s instead.

I am anxiously waiting for book 3!

Part of the 5-book Dollar series that has to be read in order:
Pennies (Dollar, #1) by Pepper Winters Dollars (Dollar, #2) by Pepper Winters Hundreds (Dollar, #3) by Pepper Winters Thousands (Dollar, #4) by Pepper Winters Millions (Dollar, #5) by Pepper Winters

The Erogenous Zone Book of the Month Nov 2016

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
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November 26, 2019
I honestly can't get enough of Elder Prest and this book didn't quench my thirst at all!! Dollars only made me want more and more and more of him. More of his flaws... more of his broken... more of his utter beauty. He was a man that captivated and enthralled and I was his willing servant. Move over Pim cuz if you don't want his attentions, there are plenty of us who will gladly take your place.

He was the epitome of calculated and gorgeous. A man not to mess with. A killer never to disrespect.

I will admit that Pim pissed me off for pretty much the entire book. I'm aware that she's messed up. I can acknowledge the reasons why and that she has the right to heal (or not) in her own way and time. However, the fact that she did nothing for Prest... absolutely nothing ... and yet she got so freaking much angered me. With a modicum of gratitude, no respect or civility, and very little charm, she had completely turned this wicked man into her puppet. Without a word, she had him bowing and scraping and coddling and she humbled him. I hated every single minute of it.

A part of you was stolen, and you might never get that back. But what you will get in return is someone so much stronger than the rest of us. Someone who has lived damnation and survived.

I was waiting for Pim to show me some strength. Every time Prest gave her the chance to show him the warrior she was, she failed. She got angry and raged at the wrong things and at the wrong person. And instead of letting that rage fuel her, she kept letting it defeat her. Where was her fight? Why was Prest the only one willing to go to bat for her? And seriously, he doesn't even know this girl and look at all he was doing and willing to do for her. I kept hoping he'd just drop her off somewhere, but I guess there wouldn't be much of a story then, huh? The one thing I had hoped for after reading Pennies finally happened at the end of the book and that aggravated me more. However, Winters always keeps me hooked so as mad as I am right now, you better believe I've already got Hundreds ready to go. Fingers crossed that Pim doesn't anger me further and that she finally reciprocates in a tangible way. Please let Prest get something for all his trouble. What the heck stops this chick from having a simple conversation???!!! She says he doesn't deserve her words. What the heck did she do to deserve all of the luxuries he's gifted her with? Survive horrors that he didn't even bestow upon her? Show some damn appreciation!!
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1,074 reviews2,466 followers
May 29, 2017
4.5 Stars - Pepper Winters continues to stun! What a story! What an ending!

OMG! I don't know if my heart is strong enough. It's astounding!

On to the next one....
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520 reviews147 followers
November 22, 2016
ARC kindly provided by TRSOR promotions.

OMG! What was that?
That ending! Jesus!
Pepper really likes to torture her readers. But I still love her!
She writes the best dark romance. CAN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS.
I'd say this is one of her best series... it will be epic!
You see, the thing with Pepper's books is that they are unique. Like nothing you've ever read before. You can't tell what is going to happen next. She keeps you in your toes the whole time.

I don't want to spoil anything, because there will be five books in the series and each one ends in cliffhanger, so you really need to start from the very beginning.
The worst part is the fact that we have to wait for next book to be published... damn it!
Anticipation is so very bitter sweet for me.
When the time comes, I plan to write a combined review for all five books.
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2,991 reviews689 followers
November 18, 2018
I try to like this book. But still i can not gove it 4 stars. The story is getting more twisted and darker. Much more darker with now Elder's past coming to view. We got a teaser of Elder's past. And of course his cello. Dont mess with his cello.

The writing is briliant. Dramatic and twisted. I found it slow. Too slow to progress. Like watching turtle crawling.
Then there is Pim. I can not connect with her at all. She just lost to me.

There is a lot of development between Pim and Elder. How they play mind game with each othrer. How they starting to attrack to each other like a magnet and a cello in between. The sexual tension is there. But its dark and grimsy.

3 stars.
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August 10, 2018
I was alive because of him.
I was becoming more than Pim because of him.


ben şu an öyle yıkık bir haldeyim ki,
kalbim öyle sıkışıyor ki..

Ölecek gibiyim,
kitabı okurken öldüm belki de
çünkü Q okurken bile ben hiç böyle olmadım,
Q'ya olan aşkım, hayranlığım başka

"The moment we met, our choices were stolen from us. Yours because I've decided to control your fate. And mine because you've decided to deny me what I want.


"I'II tell you a few secrets of my own, silent one. I steal because I'm good at it. I steal because I get pleasure from it. You are my possesion, and once stolen, I don't relinguish what is mine -to anyone. And this-" he waggled the wallet. "İs how easy I take things that don't belong to me."

Bu kadar mükemmel bir karakteri okuduktan sonra kendime nasıl gelebilirim?
Sorumun cevabını kimse yanıtlayamaz.


Bu kadar duygusal, kalbimi söken, ezen, mahveden bir hikayeden sonra ben nasıl her hikayeyi sevebilirim?
Öyle bir şey söz konusu değil.

I was right.
Elder Prest was the most dangerous man I'd ever known.

Not because he could kill me whenever he chose, but because he had the power to steal so much more than just my life.

He could steal my heart.

Şu an kitabı yeni bitirdim ve sadece sonuna odaklanmış durumdayım.
Cidden şoktayım ve beynimde dönen cümle belli

Bu kitaba milyonlarca yıldızı basabilirim,
bu seriye,

ve Pepper yıldızı değil bir tacı hak ediyor.

'Neden boş şeylerle zamanımı o kadar öldüreceğime ingilizce çalışmamışım da daha önceden okumaya başlamamışım?' diye soruyorum kendime. O kadar üzülüyorum ki bu seri çıkarken okuyamadığım için. Diğer kitaplar için de aynı şekil.


Q, bambaşkaydı.

Elder, ayrı bir dünya.

Tess'e hayrandım. Nila'ya da. Hala öyleyim ama Pim...
Bu kadınları okuyup imrenmemek, güçlerini gördükçe gözlerimin yaşarmasına engel olmak o kadar zor ki.
Pepper okumanın zevkini, okurken hissettiğim o kapana kısılmışlık hissini çok geç yaşıyorum. Bu yüzden üzgünüm.
Ama şu anki üzüntümün tek sebebi Pim.
Ve Elder.

"The thrill was part of the reason why I stole you. I wanted you, and he wouldn't give me the option to pay." His body tightened. "But I also stole you because it was the right thing to do. Sometimes, stealing is wrongness wrapped up in right." His eyes tightened with age-old despair, dragged into his own black memories. "Sometimes, being bad is the only thing you can to do save the good in your life. And sometimes, no matter how bad you are, even wrongless can't fix it."

Artık Q diye dolanmayı bırakacağım sanırım.
Kalbime güncelleme geldi.
yazacak bir şey bulamıyorum böyle o kadar karmaşık ki içim.
olgunluğuna, samimiyetine... hiçbir şey söyleyemiyorum..


He was a mystery, but now I knew his weakness.
His weakness is my weakness, just in different ways.
He had to conjure music. I had to run from it.

İlk kitapta olan o karmaşıklığı,
acımasızlığı bu kitapta en az seviyeye düşmüştü.
Hiç kötü hisler beslemedim Elder'a, sadece ilk kitapta bir öyle bir böyleydi ama o da mantıklı bir sebep yüzündendi.


her şey o kadar yerli yerinde ilerledi ki,
yani böyle bir gram sıkılmadım, okuyamadığım zamanlarda okuyamadığım için sinirlerim bozuluyordu.
Melike'den kaç kere spoi istedim,
dedim ki Melike, Pim kaçıncı kitapta konuşacak?


Pepper erkeklerini sıraya koyarsam;
2. Q
Kill'i sıraya koymak istemiyorum dfljg

I warned you, Pimlico. I fucking warned you not to push me. You pushed and pushed, and I can't fucking take it anymore.

ciddiyim ben Elder, Elder, Elder diye dolanmaya başladım
yani Melike çok sinirleniyodu Elder'a ama ben sinirlenemiyorum artık
o son sahnede bile sinirlenmedim
gözlerim yaşlıydı yani duygusal boğulmadan

She'd been in my head. 
I'd been in hers.
A connection breathed between us now that had no words but was so fucking strong.

Pim'in iyileşmesi için kendini geri çekişi,
ona güvenli bir ortam hazırlaması,
Pim'in onun telefonundan aradığı numarayı araştırışı,


GECE DENİZE ATLAMADAN PİM'E “If you have any balls left, girl. Come join me.” DİYİŞİ VAR YA
YA BEN NEDEN BÖYLE OLDUM????!!??!?!_!*-1*1


I'm Pim-sick and it's not a good illness to have.

sonra helikopter yata gelirken Pim'in güverteye koşa koşa çıkıp helikopterin içinden Elder'ın çıkmasını bekleyişi.. hayal kırıklığına uğrayışı.. minnoş musun sen PİM DELİ EDECEKSİN BENİ BEN DAYANAMIYORUM BU KADAR DUYGUSALLIĞA ARTIK

"You hold all the power in this situation, Pim. One little word and all my fucking secrets are yours.


Yani şu yukarıda yazdığım alıntıyı okuyunca bile sakin halim kayboluyor.

beni benden alan sahnelerle devam edeyim;

Pim'in kıyafet giymeye hala yabancı olması,
giydiği o bol siyah elbiseyle Elder'ın yanına oturup akşam yemeği yiyecekken bir anda askıları omuzlarından indirmesi,
Elder'ın çıldırması,
ya zaten Elder bu kitapta sürekli bi' çıldırma halindeydi fghfhşlk
bende öyleydim,

"So don't feel shame for showing me what you're worth. I already know you're worth and it's a lot fucking more than just sex."

sonra iş yemeğine giderken Elder'ın Pim'e teklif sunması,
ister benimle gelirsin, istersen burada kalırsın, seçim senin..

iki yıl boyunca esaret altında yaşamış, o beyaz mağaradan dışarı çıkmamış Pim için bunlar çok büyük şeyler,
ya yanan kalbime soğuk su dökmüş gibi oluyordu Elder böyle yaparak,


sonra.. o yemek sırasında kraliyetten Simo'nun Elder'ın geçmişini nerden bildiğini merak ediyorum bak, şu an orası kafamda soru işareti..

restoranttan çıkıp arabaya binecekken Elder'ın birden fikrini değiştirip yürüyeceğini söylemesi.. Pim'e yine seçenek sunması, ister benimle yürürsün istersen de Selix seni Phantom'a geri götürür.. E yani Pim kaçırır mı bu fırsatı..
Beraber yürümeye başlıyorlar, Elder Pim'in hala tam olarak iyileşmediğini biliyor
ama işte
ah ah
bu adam nedir böyle

Öyle bi'şey yapamazsın.

He wasn't a gentleman.
He wasn't refined.

Alrik piçinin zihinsel olarak yıkmak için sürekli klasik müzik açtığını ilk kitapta söylüyordu Pim zaten,
E Elder'da çello çalıyor..
Çello'ya aşık bildiğin..

Elder çello çalarken Pim uyanıyor, çello sesi odasına kadar geliyor
kabustan uyandı benim aşkım o şerefsiz adi Alrik geri döndü sanıyor
kalkıyor kaçmaya çalışıyor
en sonunda kendini Elder'ın yanında buluyor

Pim çelloyu parçalayacakken Elder nasıl deliriyor
sana dokunmayacağım diye o kadar ettiği sözler falan kaybolup gidiyor yani

He was chaos and uncultured and dying to be free to invoke whatever calamity he needed to inflict.

aşık oldum aşık
hem Elder'a
hem de o son bölüme
o son sahneye
Hundreds'a başlamıyorum biraz nefes almam lazım
o kadar zıt duyguları bir arada yaşadım ki
durulmam lazım

bir yanım üzülürken, bir yanımın mutlu bir şekilde dans etmek istemesi şöyle oluyor;

çok iyi
aşırı iyi


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470 reviews7 followers
May 9, 2017


“I’d asked for a night with her because I was fucking attracted to her-not to her skinny body and abuse, but to the soul inside.”

Dollars is the continuation to Pennies where Elder saved a bleeding Pim and brought him to what he calls his home, the sea. Going in, I am both excited and anxious. Excited because I know there will be more of Elder and to finally delve into his head. But anxious because I don’t know how everything will pan out and I have exhausted all avenues of where everything might lead.

“Killing didn’t faze me. Stealing a bleeding, dying woman didn’t increase my heart rate. I’d done worse, seen worse lived through worse.”

Elder is selfish, an enigma, both dangerous and mysterious at the same time. He’s also a complex human being with thoughts that are in contrast with each other and a set of rules he had created for himself to follow, and yet time and again, he’s breaking because of Pim.
“Her very injuries were what made her fucking stunning.”

Pimlico is broken soul but deep in her lies a soul that is innocent and not at the same time. She is my perfect heroine because I’ve dreamed of reading a character just like her, that when I think something in her might trigger, it does. It’s just the way I am fascinated by her because of her mind works, too. And there are still secrets in her mind that I wanted to discover and steal just like Elder.

“Sometimes, being bad is the only thing you can do to save the good in your life.”

This book has been slow for me at the first 27% mark. The novelty of reading flashbacks has lost its appeal on me and I try my hardest to get over it but it’s been something that interrupts with my reading. Although after that mark, I couldn’t put it down, sleeping be damned.

However, I expected this book to be darker than the first installment. I didn’t know what to expect but I wanted more. It focused more on Elder and Pim’s thoughts and their struggle with the situation they have decided to put their selves into with Elder being selfish and Pim judging him all the time.

But the ending left me something that made me crave more and want more. It’s my pet peeve in RL to wait considering I’m the one people always wait for, but I think the wait for next book is good to me. Because it made me absorb and process what I’ve just read. Now I’m in a book slump, all thanks to you Pepper!

“And there was no escape with water as her new prison and me as her new jailer.”

Books in Dollar series should be read in order:
Book 1: Pennies
Book 2: Dollars
Book 3: Hundreds
Book 4: Thousands
Book 5: Thousands

Thank you Susu! And sorry for not joining the BR. I'm really bad at it. lol

Check out my blog here:

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