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How To Tell Your Cat About Trump

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Are you upset about Trump? Do you have a cat? Then this book is for YOU.

Also for people who would have a cat but don't because of apartment rules or allergies, and people who don't like cats but dislike President Trump even more.

Contents: Introduction; Is Your Cat A Secret Trump Supporter?; My Bastard Cat Is A Fan Of Trump – What Now?; Signs You Have A Nice Liberal Cat; Reassure Your Cat That Donald Trump Is Not Going To Grab It; Emphasize That None Of This Is Your Cat's Fault; My Cat Is A Persian - Should I be Worried?; What About Kitlers And Demonic Cats?

26 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 22, 2017

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Breaking Burgh

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Profile Image for Lori.
371 reviews439 followers
February 5, 2020
This is a sixteen-page clever confection which was published three years ago but it seemed like the right time last night although anytime is a good time every day for the rest of your life. I'll take my LOLs where I can find them (even on the infernal Kindle that theShop --


-- I mean Amazon insists isn't defective and there's nothing wrong with their Precious).

I've lost several GR friends since I posted RTC and the Kindle Stuff last night and am wondering whether that's about Trump, cats or Kindles. Whoever you are, unless it's about Kindles, byeeee! (If it's about the Kindle, rest assured I shan't be posting a word from it ever again. But it's not bloody likely to be about the Kindle, now is it?)

So back to this mostly funny book. Here are some of my favorite bits:

"You may think you have lucked out...because your cat likes Anderson Cooper, but therein lies a trap. Anderson Cooper is like a deity to cats, even Trump-loving cats. First, Anderson Cooper kind of looks like a lithe human version of a cat, which they find very appealing. He is also very calm and circumspect most of the time, but with the ability to lash out viciously when necessary...qualities all cats worship."

Among a list of how to find out if your cat is actually a liberal:

"Way into the catnip -- maybe deals too"
"Coughs up a hairball any time Sean Hannity is mentioned."

[Listening for the sound of more GR friends fleeing. Don't g -- well, yes do if you must, like if you minded that last one.]

"Your cat has probably overheard something about Donald Trump grabbing pussies and may be scared of being taken hostage...Tell them...this does not apply to them so they have nothing to fear...
"...Your cat will almost certainly object, arguing that it is manifestly clear from the language employed...At this point there is no way around breaking it to your cat that it is a nickname for human female genitalia. Your pet will need time to process."

"'My cat is a Persian. Should I be worried?'"
"Yes, leave for Canada right now."
The author then goes through the pros and cons of other places the cat could go and it's quite funny.

There are many laughs in this little gem and let's all laugh together at the hilarious state of the world right now! Hahahaha :weep:

What follows is what I posted last night and since there are comments on it and I'm doing a proper review, I'm leaving some of this with along with a pledge that I will never, ever use That Thing for GR again:
"Help me, this Kindle is possessed. No joke.
And it's bossy: "13 more words required" This is why I buy paper books!
Brand-new Kindle for sale. Inquire @Lori. Actually I'll pay you to take the thing off my hands."
Profile Image for Bren fall in love with the sea..
1,596 reviews288 followers
February 8, 2020
“If your Spotify starts playing Ted Nugent after years of Arcade Fire, your cat will surely know something is up.”
― Breaking Burgh, How To Tell Your Cat About Trump

Rating..five... still to busy laughing hysterically..recommended to EVERYONE! Meow!

Sigh. This book is about some thing life changing. Something so important, that it is a must read. This book WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

It is about your cat.

Perhaps your little fur baby, fluffernutter, fur face, delightful munchkin..well whatever your nickname for your special one..or ones..if your cat is on edge it may well be because you did not do your duty.

You see, you need to tell your ball of fluff that "President" Trump is in fact the president. Kitties have feelings too. Your kitty probably knows..or senses..some type of danger but the poor feline may not be able to process what it is.

That's where you come in.

It is time to have a serious talk with Fluffy.

So this book covers it all! How to break the news to your little bunny face that Hillary Clinton did not in fact win the election. You should read it and take the advice seriously to avoid future kerfuffles from your kitty.

There is TONS of advice..here's some of the most important.

You must reassure your cat that when President Trump announced he'd "grabbed them by the pussy" he was talking about humans. You see your cat maybe worrying that Trump meant HIM!..Or her! And that worry maybe keeping him up at night. So you need to have a discussion with your honey about the human body and explain that "pussy" has multiple meanings. I am sorry. This will not be a peaceful conversation. But it must be done.

Other advice..how to tell if your cat is in fact a Trump supporter themselves! Well..don't laugh..it could be. I in fact found that one of my cats most absolutely IS a MAGA fan. And I found my OTHER kitty is...gasp of horror from MAGAS folks..a SOCIALIST! Yes, it is true. And she is a Sanders supporter. So THAT'S why my cats were beating the stuffing out of each other yesterday. It all suddenly makes sense..

Actually my two darlings..Elvis and Prozac.get along great..proof that MAGAS and socialists can be friends! Who knew?!!

The book is rich in detail about what country to move to, if in fact, your cat(the socialist one) does in fact want to leave the country. Don't shrug this off. Fluffy may indeed want to do just that. And as its owner, you must go with him(or her). (Or They!).

There is so much detail and information here. It is my best read of the year so far.

So..go get it..even if you don't have a fluffanutter. Get it if you just want to LAUGH!
Profile Image for Marvin.
1,414 reviews5,330 followers
February 1, 2018
I didn't used to worry about my cat Fred. During the election campaign, Fred would appropriately hiss at the screen whenever Trump appears. He seemed appropriately concerned about being grabbed and whether or not he would be deported. After all, we are pretty sure Fred has some Persian in him. But now that it has been about a year, he has become complacent about our new president. He just yawns or grooms himself when he sees Trump on the TV now. Is Fred becoming complacent or, worse, a secret Trump supporter?

Thankfully, the satirical blog and concessional publisher Breaking Burgh has addressed my concern and the concerns of liberal cat owners nationwide. First thing to remember is, even though you would like to believe it is true, your cat probably isn't a liberal to begin with. Most cat are libertarians owing to the delusion they are independent creatures while totally relying on you for their needs. When cats realize that Trump isn't trying to grab them or tax their tuna they may be more susceptible to the lure of Trump. The authors help you determine if your cat is a secret Trump supporter. I was happy to know Fred did not exhibit any pro-Trump behaviors. For example , he doesn't hiss at Mexicans, illegal or otherwise. Fred is an equal opportunity hisser.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Trump is brief and cute. It is clearly satirical and is unabashedly liberal in nature. It does require that one has an open minded sense of humor in order to enjoy it which it why I would not recommend this to our current president. However for most cat lovers and people who just like to laugh, it is a cute diversion.
Profile Image for Jenna ❤ ❀  ❤.
811 reviews1,270 followers
July 8, 2017
This is a funny little book that gave me several chuckles. Good for those who live with cats and for anyone who dislikes the orange buffoon currently sitting in the White House.
Profile Image for The Badger.
672 reviews24 followers
April 29, 2018
I really don’t see why cats can’t be socialists. After all, in nature, they live in well-established colonies. My own cats campaigned furry-ously with me for Bernie Sanders. I (shamefully) went through the checklist to make sure that none of my cats were secret Trump supporters, and only one came close—mostly because of the incessant vomiting, chair scratching, and chewing on my hair when I’m asleep (he may simply have pawtism)... Anyway, I’m pretty sure all my cats are gay, and though they spent much of the debates critiquing Hillary’s pantsuits, they all voted for Hillary...online... I mean, if they could’ve voted—because they’re cats. But truly—for every able bodied citizen who doesn’t vote, a cat should get to take their place. Not a dog (they’re stupid)—a cat!

Profile Image for Sherri Shade.
112 reviews
July 12, 2017
I'm still shielding my cat's from the truth.

Funny, funny short.
My cat already sleeps 22 hours a day if she knew about Trump she might stop getting up to eat. My son's cat is a very active, destructive, serial killer there is no telling what he would do.
Profile Image for Laura.
45 reviews
August 6, 2017
I Needed This

As a mother of cats - I found this primer to be very helpful in identifying Trump supporting behavior in my cats. The advice is right on - and we're currently exploring countries to move to - even though my cats aren't Persian.

Seriously - Read This Book. It's quick. And I giggled out loud!
Profile Image for Kris Sellgren.
1,054 reviews22 followers
January 21, 2020
This is hilarious book for cat lovers who hate Trump. Important topics are covered such as how to tell if your cat is a Trump supporter, a liberal, or a demon. The book explains how to reassure your cat that they are not the kind of pussy that Trump wants to grab. The book deals sensitively with “kitlers”, cats with a mostly white face and a black mustache.
180 reviews12 followers
January 19, 2020
Clever, hilarious and dare I say...practical. Short read that had me LOL at least five times.
Profile Image for Janette Schafer.
93 reviews2 followers
August 4, 2019

If you love your cat and are concerned by the lunacy of Donald Trump, this book is for you. Heck, it’s witty and funny enough that even a Trump supporter would like it. After all, it’s short and doesn’t have too many big words.
Profile Image for Diana.
496 reviews32 followers
August 10, 2020
Very amusing anti-Trump account told from a cat's perspective. Primrose says #votehimout2020
Profile Image for J.
30 reviews5 followers
June 30, 2019

well written. very amusing. i enjoyed it quite a bit and i highly recommend it. i kept reading portions to my husband.
Profile Image for Susanne Alethea Larssen.
50 reviews2 followers
February 20, 2021
It contains wonderful chapters.

Is Your Cat A Secret Trump Supporter?
Mv Bastard Cat Is A Fan Of Trump - What Now?
Signs You Have A Nice Liberal Cat
Reassure Your Cat That Donald Trump Is Not Going To Grab It
Emphasize That None Of This Is Your Cat's Fault
Mv Cat Is A Persian - Should I Be Worried?
What About Kitlers And Demonic Cats?
Also Bv Breaking Burgh

A good laugh, and sorely needed these days.
33 reviews
May 27, 2018
Slim pickins

Very cute, very short. Vendor says it's a 30 minute read but should have added 'if you like the pictures". Like so much of this ilk, it is really an expensive greeting card. Give one to a cat owner as a birthday gift and be sure to eat a second slice of birthday cake 🎂.
Author 0 books248 followers
December 12, 2019
Seeing the funny and captivating title, I wanted to read this short guideline of conversing politics with your cat. Of course, you have to take precautions. You cannot be too sure how your cat might react.
Profile Image for Tere Fredericks.
1,398 reviews10 followers
October 31, 2019
Really Cute Even Though How To is Missing

The "How To" made me think there is actually a way to explain this person to my cat. Part of the book is missing.

This explains if your cat needs the explanation, but other than giving it away, no way to actually explain this really IS temporary is specified to get our cats out from under the bed where they have hidden for almost three years.

This is an extremely important book as we get into the process of finding a new president. I think now is the time to update the book to comfort our companions who need to be reassured humans, while incredibly naive, can redeem themselves when needed.
Profile Image for Harsha.
86 reviews2 followers
April 17, 2020
I have been worrying about this issue for quite a while now. Being the companion of a cat born and raised in America, how do I tell him about this bizarre thing that's happening in it's territory (I doubt cats care about countries)?

Luckily, I came across this book and fortunately, it turns out that my cat is quite the liberal. When I voiced out my concerns and opinions to him, he blinked at me very slowly, yawned and went back to sleep, but I'm sure that he now understands that Trump won't be coming to grab him willy nilly.

Thanks Burgh.
Profile Image for John Waaser.
Author 7 books
September 1, 2019
My car is a Russian Blue

That's a fairly rare breed, but I was disappointed that the author did not cover this very special breed, as I am not sure whether it has special dispensation from the White House, or whether it should be deported. Other than that omission, I felt the book was informative and honest.
82 reviews
June 21, 2020
Not Funny

The author seems to strain to be humorous and fails. Most of his observations are those of most of the people that loath the president and he fell short of eliciting a humorous response from this reader.
I do hope he sold enough copies of the book to cover the cost of printing.
Profile Image for Robert.
1,280 reviews3 followers
February 28, 2022
The metaphor for "humans" that adore Trump criminal familia is "cats."
Both species are difficult to reason with, so the metaphor works perfectly. Of course the effects of Trumpus Crapus are much worse and continue to worsen.
While this older short book came out in2016, the bitter humor still works, unfortunately. Even after Trump goes to jail it will still be funny.
1 review1 follower
January 16, 2020
It’s ok.

It’s a decent read for the toilet if you are looking for one. Somewhat amusing but nothing really exceptional. Unless you are addicted to cat humor it’s not really worth the purchase.
2 reviews1 follower
January 19, 2021
Eight Hundred Stars!

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this book in 2017!? I didn’t have a cat yet at the time but I identified as one. And that’s about the same. Best book I’ve read all year.
3 reviews
November 10, 2017
Not that funny.

Not all that! Humor was lackluster. Cats are great animals they can really make you have a nice hearty laugh.
469 reviews2 followers
January 11, 2020
Sometimes I hate cats

Interesting light hearted read, I'm a Trump supported so the irony bounced off my blind support for his highness. Wow
Profile Image for Kitty Jay.
333 reviews21 followers
January 31, 2020
Very funny

Short enough that the joke doesn't grow stale, but still long enough to have a few zingers. Worth the (brief) read!
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