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The Protector #1

Dangerous Promise

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A female bodyguard with enhanced abilities. A billionaire playboy committed to destroying people like her. A romance they didn’t expect…

Dive into the first book in the fantastic new Protector series set in the near future from New York Times bestselling author Megan Hart!

Nina Bronson used to be all human -- until the experimental surgeries and internal technology that saved her life and enhanced her as a soldier also forced her to leave the army for private service. Now she and her peers are facing slow, painful deaths unless their technology is upgraded, and the one man keeping those upgrades illegal and unavailable is an obnoxious billionaire. A man too gorgeous for his own good.

A man she’s supposed to guard with her life.

Ewan Donahue is the public voice speaking out against the enhancement procedures of injured soldiers. But when his lobbying leads to death threats, he needs someone to protect him around the clock. He doesn’t want to rely on an enhanced soldier—Nina’s tech goes against everything he stands for. But he really doesn’t want her to be beautiful like she is. Doesn’t want her to suffer like she will.

Doesn’t want to succumb to the searing desire he feels for her.

As a series of attacks on his life send them to a remote cabin, their close proximity brings them together in ways they never imagined. They know they must prevent the need simmering between them, resist each other at all costs. But when tensions are high and danger is close, passion burns hottest of all…

255 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 2, 2018

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Megan Hart

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Megan Hart has written in almost every genre of romantic fiction, including historical, contemporary, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, futuristic, fantasy and perhaps most notably, erotic. She also writes non-erotic fantasy and science fiction, as well as continuing to occasionally dabble in horror.

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January 2, 2018

I found the blurb for this book intriguing.

Nina Bronson signed on to serve her country as a soldier but after she died she ended up as so much more.

I didn’t have a choice about the tech, you know. I’d signed that agreement when I went into the service, giving them the right to use my body as they saw fit in the service to my country. I thought that meant donating my organs, something like that. I had no idea it meant they could keep my corpse alive long enough to experiment on it. I didn’t know they were going to outfit me with a bunch of hardware and software that would end up killing me slowly.

Nina is now enhanced and working in private security, she’s the best you can get and because of the price tag that comes along with her very few can actually afford her services.
She surprisingly finds herself working for Ewan Donahue, I say surprisingly because he’s an incredibly rich and powerful man that’s lobbied against enhancements and adjustments and he’s managed to put a stop to them with the Enhancement Repeal Act.

There’s a lot here that makes this an interesting read. Nina is a woman totally confident in herself and her abilities and while she finds herself attracted to Ewan she’s no intention of ever taking it further.
Ewan carries a lot of regrets over his part in the enhancement programme and he fully understands the irony of him hiring Nina. He also finds himself very attracted to Nina, it helps that’s she’s totally unlike any other woman he’s known.

The more time these two spend together the more they get to know the real person underneath the public front.
They draw closer but still there’s a huge gap between them. Part of which is that Nina is deteriorating, she desperately needs an upgrade that Ewan has stopped.

Like I said there’s a lot here, often it’s a case of two steps forward, one step back or in some cases one step forward, two steps back. The sexual tension grows the more time they spend together and it’s only a matter of time before something gives.

So why only 3.5*?

It felt over long and the push/pull got to the point it was driving me crazy. I’m not known for my patience so this might not be as bad for you.

The plot appeared to have a huge hole in it which annoyed me but not enough to stop me moving onto the next one.

All section I copied came from the advanced reader copy I received and may change in the final version.

I voluntarily read a review copy kindly provided by NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press.
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January 25, 2018
So, okay, I did not realize this series was in fact one story told over three books, featuring the same characters, as opposed to a bunch of connected standalones with different leads. I'm kind of miffed about that to be honest. However I had planned to space these reads out a bit anyway and now I have even more reason to do so; helped by this not really ending on a cliffhanger. That being said, I'm going to be optimistic and hope we have good and satisfying reasons for dragging this out.

"You think I'm vain."
"Is that what you're calling it? How practically pre-millenial. No, your self-confidence is galactic, as the cool kids would say."

The world of The Protector series is ours but in the future. I think it's 2050-ish and technology has made many advancements. Including the ability to enhance humans. While the technology and laws were revoked almost before they could begin, the world boasts fifteen enhanced human beings. Most were soldiers who came back from deployment injured or near death, their bodies consigned to science, and so was the case for DANGEROUS PROMISE's heroine Nina. In book one of this series, she's introduced to her client, Ewan, who just so happens to be the one lobbying against her kind and their ability to receive upgrades to their software that mean the difference between a slow death and memory loss, and more years to live, serve, and protect. As a result, their relationship is rather rocky and I thought their early dynamic to be perfectly done.

"You hired me to do a job that I'm qualified to do specifically because of the exact experimental surgeries you've worked to suppress, discredit, and make illegal. That just sounds practical to me, though. Certainly not personal."

This is my first read by this author and so I had little to no expectations going into this. I was intrigued by the premise which I had read -- one I skimmed over to try and go in blind as per my preference these days -- and delighted by the concepts, the snark, and the morality of Nina's existence vs Ewan's hypocrisy in needing the very thing she offers when his lobbying results in threats to his life.

"If humanity is meant to evolve, it will happen the way it's supposed to. Not because we fill our heads with hardware."

The chemistry between these two is really interesting. Ewan is no alphamale for all that he's rich, handsome, intelligent, and adverse to emotional connections. Nina is the dominant in their interplay because she's stronger, faster, and unwilling to bend to his will when it comes to his safety. There's also an additional dynamic to their intimacy that I really enjoyed because it was atypical to the standard romance tropes.

Donahue would never be the sort of man to understand how much easier it was to keep someone at a distance if you let them think they might get in your pants.

However around the 50% and on is where things kind of fell apart for me. This is easily a four star read for the first half. But after that point the plot necessitates a long stretch of time where nothing really happens (which as I was reading made no sense to me as the time remaining wound further closer to the end only to resolve with a quick 'resolution' that was annoying but typical considering this is a series with more to come from these two) and combined with some strange (also, trite) dialogue choices sprinkled throughout the book, a weak hook to the story that I almost wish hadn't been known to us via his perspective, not to mention a few things that kind of happen unacknowledged only to suddenly be acknowledged later.. it didn't feel completely fluid.

"You see me as a soldier or a woman. Not both. I can't be both to you?"
"I don't mean your gender. I mean--"
"You mean that I can't be strong and fierce and protect you, and also be your honey sugar cookie baby. Right? I can't be both things."

Complaints aside, this was a great start to this series. It has an interesting premise, with a bit of a change up from the typical bodyguard stories -- not to mention gender roles in general -- a slowburn romance that is probably going to be even slower going as their story drags on two more books, and I'm looking forward to where things will go in the next installment. There's a lot of potential here and Hart almost exceeded my non-existent expectations but I will definitely be going into book two with a certain amount of hope for more action and less filler.

3.5 "someone so concerned about what makes other people human or not should absolutely care that he's incapable of emotion" stars

** I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher (thank you!) in exchange for an honest review. **
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January 3, 2018

4.5 stars

I had a hard time at the beginning of Dangerous Promise. But, as the story progressed and I got invested in the characters, it grew on me. In fact, I can't wait to start Wicked Attraction to see how everything gets resolved.between Nina and Ewan.

Ewen started off as an egotistical sphincter (in Nina's words). He refused to allow her to protect him in the way she was accustomed to. But, Nina is just as stubborn as he is and eventually gets her way. Besides, he requested her specifically to protect him, now he has to live with the rules. She needs to find a way to control her libido around him. She can control every other bodily reaction because of her enhancements, she should be able to control wanting him so bad. But, there is something about him that has her intrigued and interested. She will only sleep with him on her terms though. She has not been able to feel any emotions since her surgery so she knows there is no way that she could fall in love with him and he doesn't believe in love. But, when they finally connected, it was more than what she thought it would be and suddenly, all her emotions came back and love bloomed. In the end, she not only felt love but heart-break and betrayal.

Nina may be faster and stronger than him but there is no way she will be in the bathroom with him, sleeping on a cot in his bedroom and beside him every minute of every day. But, as danger strikes more than once, he understands why she needs to be there. She has proven that she can protect him from those trying to kill him and respects her immensely. Now, if she wasn't so sexy, so enticing, he may have been able to hold himself in check around her. He can't get involved with her with the secret that he is keeping from her. Besides, she hates him, hates what he lobbied for, hates what he stands for. Now, after finding out the truth, she just hates him. He will do anything to get her back into his life, to try to get her to understand. He's just not sure if she'll ever forgive him or want him back.

Like I said, I did have a rough beginning to Dangerous Promise. I'm not sure if it was because of the futuristic aspects of the story or the characters themselves. But, they both started to grow on me as Megan Hart brought them from antagonistic to friendly to being in love. She absolutely drew me in with the transformation of Ewen and has me very curious as to how she is going to resolve the differences now separating them. Like I said, I am looking forward to Wicked Attraction and can only hope that it s half as intriguing and interesting as Dangerouos Promise turned out to be.

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April 5, 2018
I've given this an A for narration and a B+ for content at AudioGals, so that's 4.5 stars rounded up.

Megan Hart’s  The Protector  trilogy is set in the near future, in a world which has suffered a Second Cold War, massive environmental damage following an abortive attempt to colonise the moon and the near destruction of the planet’s computer infrastructure when an unknown hacker wiped out around ninety percent of the world’s servers and back-up data, deleting bank accounts, personal data and causing untold chaos. It’s a world that is recognisable (and eerily plausible!) yet subtly different from our own, and the author does a fabulous job in Dangerous Promise  of balancing the need for backstory and world-building with the plot and the romance in the story.

I’ll say now that this is a trilogy in which all three books need to be read or listened to in order to experience the complete story and reach the HEA; fortunately, at time of writing, all three books are available so you’ll be able to jump straight in to the whole thing without having to wait months for the next instalment.

Nina Bronson is one of fifteen former soldiers who underwent experimental surgery after being severely injured. In fact, she was dead for seven minutes – and was brought back to life by the implantation of newly invented nano-technology in her brain, technology which gives her greater strength and stamina and the ability to control her physical and emotional reactions and bodily functions. But not long after these procedures were carried out, the program which created it was shut down and laws were passed forbidding any future research or experimentation on the tech, meaning that Nina and her fellow ‘enhanced’ are the only ones like them in existence, and that as the tech eventually degrades, so will they.

You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals .
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2,471 reviews243 followers
July 5, 2018
Megan Hart is best known for writing erotica and erotic romances so I already know from past experience to expect some high quality sex scenes in her writing. However Dangerous Promise goes in a whole new direction than her previous books. The first in a futuristic sci-fi romance series entitled The Protector, it’s an intense and action packed tale set in a not too distant future with an ‘enhanced’ bodyguard heroine and a billionaire hero. You won’t find a happy ending for the couple here, as there are at least two more stories to come, but luckily they are being released in quick succession (one a month) and this is a good thing, as if you’re like me, you’ll be ready to dive into the next one as soon as you can.

Nina Bronson has worked for two years for ProtectCorps as an elite bodyguard. She fought as a soldier during the Second Cold War where she was wounded in action and was declared brain dead. She was revived through a set of computer enhancements, nanochips connected to her brain and nervous system to control her bodily functions, her emotions, and even with the ability to erase her memories. Fifteen soldiers had undergone the enhancement techniques before the program was ended . Many believe they shouldn’t exist at all. One of those is Ewan Donahue, Nina’s new client.

Unbeknownst to Nina, Ewan is responsible for the invention, programming and funding of the technology that saved her. He’d created his own fantasy version of a human before realizing the full implications of the Pandora’s Box he’d opened, and Nina’s existence is proof of his greatest achievement and his most profound failure. Having to hire her to keep him alive is the ultimate irony, but his last two bodyguards died on the job, the death threats he’s receiving show no sign of letting up, and he has no alternative.

Nina knows how Ewan feels about the enhanced. He’s the leading voice speaking out against the technology, which is what has led to the death threats against him from a variety of factions. Unfortunately, the enhancements are starting to degrade and the ban making it illegal to continue the research means there is no hope of their being repaired; in short, Nina will die a painful ‘second’ death as the nanochips break down. But Ewan is a client, and he’s paying well for her services. She can keep her emotions locked down and do her job. But not so for Ewan. Despite his beliefs, he finds Nina beautiful and bewitching, strong and capable and he’s intensely attracted to her. When Nina indicates that she’d be willing to indulge in a sexual affair with him, he can’t resist. But will it lead to a fatal mistake?

The world building in this story is unique and full of little details. Though a year isn’t specified, there are clues to the date being near the end of the current century. For example, Ewan has a record player, a museum piece, with a collection of vinyl records in which he references having an album of his great grandmother’s called Groove Hits of the Sixties and jokes that it’s from the 1960s, not the 2060s. All the monotheistic world religions have combined into one, with the ‘OneGod’ being revered. At some point in time, a space station had been built on the moon that affected its orbit, and thereby the tides on earth, leading to environmental disasters and wars. A computer hacker destroyed 90% of the world’s linked computer infrastructure, causing chaos. And of course there is the technology that Ewan created. Nina’s enhancements include the ability to go without food and sleep for extended periods of time. She can pixelate her view to give her clients privacy while in the room with them, she has superior hearing and reacts to threats instantly, her computer like brain calculating scenarios and cause and effect actions. And if requested for security reasons she can wipe out her memory.

Ewan and Nina spend a lot of time talking, which isn’t surprising since she never leaves his side. Their discussions cover many topics including the ethical implications of Nina’s existence. To Ewan’s chagrin he comes to really like Nina as a person, which makes it hard for him to continue to advocate for her demise. And while Nina can turn off any feelings she might have for Ewan, he can’t do the same. Nina likes sex and with her enhanced senses she can see when Ewan is aroused, which leads to some intense and steamy scenes between them. Nina is always the one in control, which is even more of a turn on for Ewan, and likes to inflict a hint of pain in her partner, which Ewan also finds he likes.

Of course while all this is going on, there are also people out to kill Ewan in some very inventive and nasty ways. The action scenes come and go without warning, making for an exciting read. Nina never forgets her mission, but she does begin to open herself up to feeling emotions where Ewan is concerned, and to the genuine belief that they could have a future together. While Nina and Ewan develop a physical and then an emotional relationship, the main conflict between them doesn’t go away and leads to a dramatic conclusion, revelations that leave things up in the air on a cliffhanger that definitely has me wanting to read more. Dangerous Promise is a riveting, sexy, intense read set in a frighteningly believable future.

This review also appears at All About Romance: https://allaboutromance.com/book-revi...

A copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review.
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February 7, 2018
I don’t read much sci-fi romance, but I like it occasionally, and when I read one of my fellow AAR reviewers’ take on Dangerous Promise, it sounded really intriguing.

Set in a near future (a date is not specified, but I’m guessing late 21st/early 22nd century), Dangerous Promise introduces readers to kick-ass female bodyguard Nina Bronson, one of fifteen former soldiers who were all ‘enhanced’ using newly invented nano-technology which both saved their lives and has given them greater strength and stamina and the ability to control their physical and emotional reactions and bodily functions.  When Nina joined the army at nineteen and signed documents allowing her body to be used in the event of her death, she’d assumed it meant organ donation – not that she’d be brought back from the dead by having a number of nanochips implanted in her brain and nervous system.

Not long after she and her fellow ‘enhanced’ were created and the implications of the tech were fully understood, laws were passed outlawing any further implantations or any further development of the tech.  Nina and her fellows are thus the only enhanced humans in existence, and as the tech gradually decays, so will they, as they’ve effectively been denied access to the necessary upgrades.

Billionaire businessman Ewan Donahue is the highest-profile, most vocal of those who oppose the development of enhancement technology, and he’s a very visible target for those who believe the tech should be available to others – especially one organisation who wants to use it to build legions of super soldiers.  Being threatened is nothing new to him, but when the number of death threats he receives increases, leading to the deaths of not one, but two of his bodyguards, he approaches the elite ProtectCorps agency and hires Nina as his personal protection.

Both are well aware of the dichotomy inherent in their situation and make no bones about it.  But what Nina doesn’t know is that while Ewan now speaks out against the enhancement tech, he’s the one responsible for developing it in the first place.  Desperate to help his sister Katie, who was dying of Dementia, he invented and programmed the original software that connected to the brain and nervous system that should have allowed Katie to regain control of her mind and body… but sadly, the breakthrough came too late to save her.  After her death, and finally realising the implications of what he’d done, Ewan came back to reality with a thud and realised how messed up it was to want to play god with people’s lives - and made sure the program was shut down.

But their positions on either side of the debate don’t prevent a powerful attraction developing between them.  They are together 24/7 and spend a lot of time talking about many different things, including the ethical implications of the enhancement tech and Nina’s very existence.  Nina finds Ewan very attractive and her enhanced abilities allow her to work out that that feeling is mutual.  She isn’t averse to having a sexual relationship with him and is safe in the knowledge that she can turn off her emotions and just enjoy the sex… but for Ewan, it’s different. He’s come to know and like Nina as a person, and is falling in love with her, deeply and completely.  There are a number of superbly-written steamy scenes between them, and before very long, Nina starts finding it more and more difficult to keep herself aloof and begins slowly to open up and allow herself to have the sort of feelings for Ewan she’s never had for anyone.

Of course, the path of true love can never be allowed to run completely smooth, and with Ewan’s secret hanging in the air between them, the book concludes on a dramatic and heart-rending cliff-hanger with the story to picked up in book two, Wicked Attraction.

Ms. Hart establishes the background to her story brilliantly, and her world-building is superb.  The earth of the time the book is set is recognisable, but has suffered a second Cold War, environmental disasters as the result of an abortive attempt to colonise the Moon, and something called Gray Tuesday, when an unknown hacker destroyed ninety percent of the world’s servers and back-up data, wiping out bank accounts, personal data and generally causing untold chaos.  She also explores the importance of memory to who we are – the nanochips that give the enhanced their increased abilities can also be reprogrammed so parts (or all) of the person’s memory can be erased – and the idea that Nina and those like her are regarded with suspicion and hatred, and that they are somehow ‘lesser’ because of what they have become.

Dangerous Promise is an action-packed, sexy read based on a well-developed and intriguing premise which features two flawed, interesting characters with great chemistry.  I’m hooked, and will definitely be snapping up books two and three to find out how everything turns out.
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January 1, 2018

Dangerous Promise is a science fiction (I think) romance set in the near future written by Megan Hart. I read it because Megan Hart wrote it — it's as simple as that. I didn't even have to read the full summary to know I would be reading it. All I needed to know was that one of my favorite authors wrote it.

Science fiction and futuristic stories don't find themselves on my reading list often, probably because authors tend to set their books in a future time that's far from something to look forward to, but I wouldn't let that deter me here. The disturbingly near future Megan Hart created in this series is bleak: a lot of species are extinct, synthetic food seems to be on the main menu for most people, while real food is something only the rich can afford, humans have messed around with the Moon, and caused damage on Earth, and the United States now called the North American United States have been in, surprise, surprise, yet another war.

Nina Bronson was a soldier who got severely injured in that war and died, but she didn't stay dead. Enhancement technology was implanted in her body, and she survived and became stronger, faster, she became a super soldier. However, that technology had become illegal, making necessary upgrades impossible, so the tech which had saved her life would end it an a matter of few years.

Being enhanced meant Nina had to leave the army and work in the private sector. She worked as a protector, and her newest job was being a bodyguard of Ewan Donahue, the man most responsible for making the enhancement tech illegal. Ewan was less than pleased to have Nina as his bodyguard, but the threats on his life called for having someone extremely capable to protect him, and Nina was the best. Neither of them was satisfied with their arrangement, but they were determined to push through: Nina was a necessity for Ewan, and Ewan was a job for Nina.

Like the time the story takes place, the relationship between Nina and Ewan was cold in the beginning. It was nothing surprising given their backgrounds. What was also nothing surprising is that that changed because of all the time they spent together which really was all the time. They would have friendly talks, other times they would argue. With each attack on Ewan that Nina stopped, they became closer. Despite himself, Ewan was becoming more and more attracted to Nina, and that attraction wasn't one-sided. They danced around it a lot. It wasn't until the plan to find out who was after Ewan led them to Ewan's secret property away from anyone that they finally acted on it. That's when it got complicated and more emotional.

Complicated and emotional love stories is one of the main reasons I love Megan Hart's books, and Nina and Ewan's is apparently so complicated it needed a series to be told. Having read this book and about a third of the second installment, I can see why that is. Staying together won't be easy for them. That was clear from the beginning. The story is told from both Nina's and Ewan's perspective. What we find out about Ewan and what Nina wasn't aware of is Ewan's involvement in the development of the enhancement tech, and his reasons for lobbying to make it illegal. That was why his attraction to Nina was unwelcome, and once he developed feelings why he was afraid of Nina finding out about it. For the first time he was with a woman who made him think about forever. Sadly, he was having a hard time figuring out how to make it happen. It was the same with Nina. They were in love. Away from the world and their regular lives, everything was perfect in their little bubble. But the bubble burst. Reality and hidden truths came crashing in leaving them with heartache.

In the end I'll say this was another Megan Hart book I really liked reading. Dangerous Promise did what any first book in a series should do, and that is to make me want to read the sequel. I not only want to continue reading, I am anxious to find out what happens with Nina and Ewan. Wicked Attraction, here I come!

***ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.***
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January 4, 2018
I find that Megan Hart writes such different things from book to book. I fell in love with her when she wrote Broken, Dirty etc.., and I’ve followed her work since then. When I saw her new series featuring a female bodyguard set in the future, I was definitely intrigued.

First, and I didn’t realize this, the entire series follows Nina and Ewan. I assumed book two would have a different hero and heroine, so I was expecting more to happen in this book. Dangerous Promise started very strong for me but it definitely lags in the second half.

Nina is one of fifteen enhanced humans in this futuristic world. After joining the military, she dies on the table and is brought back with a series of nanochips, that gave her “greater than natural control over her bodily functions. Endurance, strength, focus.” Coming back like this led her to have a falling out with her family and since then she has gone into the private sector as a bodyguard. Hired out to keep people safe, she is the best of the best. And that is why billionaire Ewan Donahue has hired her.

Unknown to Nina, Ewan actually developed the tech that lives inside Nina. But then he realized this tech could be used by the wrong people and could create horrible consequences. He immediately reversed his stance, and now lobbies hard against enhancing humans. Nina knows about his lobbying and hates him for it, as upgraded tech is really needed for her and the few others that have it, as theirs is becoming outdated and causing some pain. But a paycheck is a paycheck, and she agrees to guard him, as Ewan has had multiple threats and attempts against his life. He isn’t sure who is targeting him, and after two of his regular bodyguards die, he turns to enhanced humans.

They hate each other at first, and I do like a nice hate relationship where that lust simmers right underneath the surface. Ewan does get attacked – several times and this author writes well done action scenes. Ewan has to accept the fact a woman is saving his butt (the horror!) and comes to trust her and respect her once he sees her skills. He has guilt about her not knowing it was him who created the tech to begin with, which eventually comes out later in the book.

The first half is all about understanding Nina’s enhancements and guarding Ewan’s life. I was into it for sure. But the second half really drags. Their hate for each other eventually turns to a romance, but it takes a long time. Like I said at the beginning, I didn’t realize these two would continue to star in the subsequent books so I was expecting a faster pace. I was also a little confused about Nina and her ability to feel emotions. I thought it was limited due to her enhancements – but then she is falling in love and feeling all the feelings towards Ewan and I wasn’t sure if that was really consistent with what we are told at the start of the book.

I wanted Nina to be a little – less human, if that makes sense. By the end of the book, I had kind of forgotten how powerful she was at the start of the book. She seemed more regular and I would have liked her “otherness” to still be prominent. I also though Ewan goes from such a jerk to too nice. Especially since we get more of him as the series progresses. I know, I know – I’m so picky!!

I loved the set-up and the brief glimpse at the world. I may read book two, but I think I will read reviews of it first.

Grade: C+
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January 17, 2018

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I've always been a fan of Megan Hart, as you probably have noticed if you follow this blog for any length of time.  Her stories are always interesting and to me they delve a little deeper than just a romantic connection.  Dangerous Promise is the beginning of a storyline I can't wait to know all about and a heroine I really liked.

Nina Bronson is the best bodyguard money can buy.  She's also one of the few humans who have had the experimental and controversial surgeries that have left her almost with super powers.  Those same surgeries saved her life and forced her out of the Army.  And now she's tasked with protecting the man who is fighting for that technology to never see the light of day again and stopping any needed upgrades from reaching those who already had the procedures done.  Little does she know what role Ewan Donahue really had in the creation of the technology and the guilt he carries for it.

I'm a sucker for bodyguard tropes and this is a great example of it.  Nina reminded me of Major in the movie Ghost in the Shell.  She's come to terms with her new reality, she's embraced some of it, struggles with other parts of herself.  And most importantly, she struggles with how she connects with other people.  While I liked the hero of this story and his own issues, I think Nina was the star of the show here for me.

There is a slow burn type of romance throughout this story but also be warned that this doesn't end in a definite HEA.  The story continues in the next book and keep in mind this is a trilogy that follows the same couple.  For me, I was very satisfied with what we got in terms of the build up of their romance and connection in this one and it doesn't bother me that it's going to take a few books to get a conclusion.  The storyline around them is interesting enough that I'm happy to be along for the ride.

This right here is my sci fi romance happy place.  It's all about the futuristic, genetically modified humans with some extra abilities and a world that's just a little different and a bit more technologically advanced than today.  Wrapped up in some danger, politics and corruption.  No blue aliens in sight, sorry Suz.  I can't wait to read the next one.

*ARC provided by publisher
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August 13, 2019
3.5 stars.
I'm a super Megan Hart fan!

I grabbed this because it was new Megan Hart. I had no idea it was even sci-fi. Thought it was more contemp rom bodyguard troupe. Which it does play with, but it's much more. I enjoyed this, but I didn't relate to the heroine like I usually do. I probably won't finish this series but will def read more Megan Hart.
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June 23, 2020
A huge fan of Ms. Hart, I picked up this trilogy, blurb unread. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting but this wasn't it. Usually, Ms. Hart creates romances which break my heart. The conflict is a star-crossed lover. In this series, there is a major conflict between the lovers. It could be that I read this series completely out of order. I read book 2, book 3 and then this 1st one. I highly recommend against reading out of order. This trilogy should be read in the order it was published.

Nina Bronson may regret having donated her body after she was killed in action. Whilst her body was donated to science, they brought her back to life. Except she is blended with hardware which allows people to erase her memory. This made me pause because I'm an organ donor. I'm rethinking my organ donation after watching several movies of body donations post death and now this book. I digress.

Nina is suddenly considered not human and a threat after her years of service before and after death. She is then hired as a bodyguard to the man who not only created the tech, but made it illegal. This is not going to go well. Whilst Ewan is now wavering on his decisions, he is entranced with Nina and sees her as a human. My issue with this pairing is that I didn't really feel Nina's attraction to Ewan. Ewan came across as an idealistic professor in an ivory tower. His actions have consequences which he seems to either ignore or decline talking about. He is a type of person I cannot stand.

The story is well written. The sex scenes were okay. The chemistry was off for me. Still, this first book sets up the second book, Wicked Attraction well.

*provided by NetGalley
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July 9, 2018
I really like this author and often her stories go in places I don't see coming, punching me in the gut. So when I saw this book pop up on my library's website it was a no brainer to request it. Sadly it didn't work for me.

I liked the idea of an enhanced solider, loved that it was a woman we were reading about, but hated how/why Nina ended up enhanced. She seemed to do a great job at bodyguarding Ewan. Ewan turned me off from the start. He came off as an entitled rich guy, one who thought he deserved it all. I didn't like it when I learned he was big in the process of the enhanced soldiers and then limiting changes to them. When he started to crush on Nina he became mildly interesting. But as things started to roll I realized I didn't care if the people coming after Ewan got him. This one just wasn't for me.
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August 1, 2018
Plot: 3/5
Characterisation: 4/5
Prose: 4/5
How much I enjoyed it: 4/5

Like some readers, I didn't realise that the series is about the same couple until I finished the book. So I kept on having anxiety on when are they going reconcile as I get closer to the end. But that aside, even with the slow pace of the plot, it doesn't feel draggy and I quite enjoy the banter between the H/h.
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Shelved as 'lost-interest-bad-reviews-purgatory'
December 9, 2017
But why dies he have to be a manwhore though..?
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January 3, 2018
Having not read this particular type of romance in awhile that has elements of science fiction,I have somehow become enthralled enough to wanting to read the follow up soon.
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March 6, 2018
This was an ok read, I was as invested into the story as much as I wanted to be, I thought I would have LOVED it more. I haven't read Megan's work in a while. This one was not too long and it didn't drag on or anything, I just think that for me I wasn't connecting with the characters. Overall the writing was good and the story flowed nicely, I am looking forward to the next story.
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December 16, 2017
When I started this book I knew it was part of a series and the concept sounded interesting. While it isn't unusually to find a female body guard not featured in romance and romantic suspense series this one added a little twist that had me thinking long after I finished the book.

Nina Bronson is human but while her body and mind were once human she is now part cyborg (Technological enhancements ) for lack of a better word. She signed her life away to the military without realizing the could do what they wanted with her body.

The author's ability to write Nina keeping her part human and part cyborg I enjoyed. Megan Hart about into question a lot on how technology has changed out world and can change out our in the future.

The author played both side of the questions she asked and it was enjoyable to read the debate and banter that flowed natural though out the book.

I can't wait to read the next in the series

I personally enjoy books that have me thinking long after I put the book away and start the next one.

Thank you to Netglley and the Publisher: St. Martin's for the advance copy.
#DangerousPromise #NetGalley
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April 3, 2018

I've been a Megan Hart fan since the way back, loving the incredibly emotional erotic romances that she published. It seems she is branching out over the last few years and crossing genres into the realms of suspense and thrillers. With The Protector series, Megan offers a futuristic romance with an enhanced heroine and billionaire hero struggling through a contentious relationship.

Nina Bronson is a soldier that died in a futuristic war and was brought back as one of fifteen "Enhanced," stronger, faster and more resilient than average humans. The Enhanced are now working as protectors (body guards) for those who are able to afford their services. But the enhancements are starting to fail and Nina faces a bleak future and early death if the tech is not upgraded. It seems one of the side effects of Nina's enhancements were emotional, and she is unable to process or feel certain emotions. This had the unfortunate effect of Nina coming across as an automaton. I could not connect to her character at all, and often Nina's thoughts, reactions and the emotional aspect in general didn't make sense to me

Ewan Donahue is a billionaire genius who created the tech implanted in Nina's brain. Ewan has also become the strongest lobbyist against use of the tech and has blocked the updates for the Enhanced. His issues with the tech are wrapped up in morality and past tragedy, and he never thought to hire one of the Enhanced for his protector. But with ever-increasing threats on his life, he had to get the best - Nina Bronson. Unfortunately, I needed more character development with Ewan (and Nina as well). I felt like I didn't know much about him and even when we learned his past, it wasn't enough to connect me to his character.

This story is heavily dialogue-driven, which often felt stilted and choppy. I'm so used to Megan's intensely emotional stories that I felt like I was floundering with this one. When there was a lot of action and danger, it took the focus off the contentious relationship somewhat. But for about half the book, our couple is off in a remote location with only the dialogue and intimacy to drive the story. I got fairly bored during this part of the story and I just didn't understand these two as a couple.

Probably the most interesting aspect of the story were the futuristic parts. The snippets of world building that were included had my attention - I only wish there were more of them. I wanted to know more about the war, more about Gray Tuesday, and how the "North American United States" has changed. Are there United States now besides in North America? Are Canada and Mexico still in existence? I just had a lot of questions that could have been answered with some additional world building.

Finally, there was a rather large plot hole that drove me absolutely bonkers. I'm going to hide that discussion behind a spoiler tab, so only click it if you want to read on. Yeesh. This is the part of the story that made me the most ranty.

I accepted the third book in this series for review (not knowing it was part of a series), so I feel like I have to continue on so I can at least give that book a shot. I'm not really looking forward to the next one at this point though.
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1,551 reviews
January 13, 2018
i enjoyed this a lot but there was no conclusion and i am not sure if i liked how MH left it...
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September 11, 2018
3 stars.

A bit disappointing. The premise was a lot more interesting than the actual book. I found the interactions between the H/h a bit underwhelming and the pace choppy. The narrator's flat narration didn't help, especially with the action scenes. I hope the next book gets better.
1,340 reviews8 followers
December 10, 2017
Dangerous Promise, is part one of the Protectors series. Meaning we are left with a cliff hanger. Good news is next part is only one month away.
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December 24, 2017
I adore scifi romance, but I'm not a big fan of the "women kidnapped by aliens" genre, so it can sometimes be slim pickings.  The blurb reminded me of the Deus Ex game series, which is a personal favorite, so I was very interested.  This is, at heart, a scifi version of a "bodyguard and client" romantic suspense, and is a nice mix of action and romance.

Nina's basically the female version of your typical ex-military alpha hero, which worked surprisingly well.  I like books with strong heroines, but usually they also have even stronger heroes, so it was a breath of fresh air to have a heroine who's both stronger and more alpha than her partner.  She's delightfully no-nonsense, and makes no apologies for who - or what - she is.  She doesn't hesitate to call out Ewan's bullshit, either professionally or personally.  When Ewan points out that they're from completely different worlds, that his is dinner parties and business deals and hers is fighting and violence, Nina fires back that it's people like him that make people like her necessary.  She also makes no bones about the fact that they're on opposite sides ideologically, and but she respects his opinion on that, which, frankly, is much more levelheaded than I would be in that situation.  Without the enhancement upgrades, which Ewan actively fights against, Nina's brain will slowly degrade until she's basically a vegetable.  Nina, however, has more of a "carpe diem" attitude, and I'm sure it also helps that she views their relationship - as boss and bodyguard as well as as a couple - as temporary.

“I’ve tossed it around from every direction. What it took to bring you into my life. How you’re the worst possible choice for me—”
“As far as compliments go, I have to say, you could use a few lessons in how to give them better.”

I was torn on Ewan.  He's a bit Darcy-ish about his attraction to Nina - a lot of the chapters from his point of view are about how much he hates his attraction to her.  The part I had the hardest time with was the secret he kept from Nina.  Ewan's guilt for his part in the enhancement program is a driving motivator in his life.  So, besides being ridiculously hypocritical, keeping that from Nina felt, basically, like a betrayal.  Ewan has some roundabout logic that he doesn't want to get into a relationship with Nina because he's afraid it might actually turn into a longterm relationship.  Part of her attraction to him, actually, is that as part of the enhancement process, she's lost the ability to feel strong emotions, so she could never fall in love with him.

“[W]atching her in action had been one of the hottest things Ewan had ever seen . . . and he hated it. He didn’t need a reminder about what she was, and he definitely didn’t need to find it attractive. The idea of it was perverse, like if the doctor had wanted to make love to his monster after creating it.”

Their relationship is...interesting.  From the start, there's a tension between them that is unusual for both of them.  She's much stronger than him, obviously, and he actually gets off on her hurting him - nothing whips and chains, level, just biting and pinching, mostly.  Ewan being Ewan, though, it's another thing he doesn't want to accept and tries to turn back around on her.  Neither seemed to be able to decide whether they really wanted a relationship or not.  While they do, eventually, fall in love (thanks to what seems like a giant dose of forced intimacy and cabin fever), I wasn't completely sold on it, given Ewan's actions and general selfishness.  While he certainly takes steps towards redeeming himself, by the end of the book, he's still not there.  Also, this is part of a series, so there's no HEA, and, in fact, the ending is a bit of a cliffhanger.

I waffled back and forth on whether to give this 3 or 4 stars, and eventually rounded up to 4 because I do really want to know what happens next.  Can they make their relationship work?  Now that one threat to Ewan's life has been dealt with, will more spring up, especially once their relationship becomes public?

Overall, while I found some parts frustrating, I'm very much looking forward to the next book to find out what happens next.  Recommended if you like romantic suspense scifi with strong alpha heroines!

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.
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December 12, 2017
‘Dangerous Promise’ is quite a unique, somewhat futuristic take on the bodyguard cyborg and the client, or at least it’s probably one that will appeal to readers who are hungry for a kickass, enhanced, ex-military female who conducts her personal life like the stereotypical no-strings military alpha hero that are dime a dozen in this genre.

Not that a role reversal is uncommon in the plethora of romance stories today, but Nina Bronson is a female protagonist unusual enough to make anyone sit up and take note. That’s the book’s standout feature, along with the immediate conflict posed by Nina’s very own abilities being the very issue the billionaire womaniser Ewan Donohue has aggressively fought against. As the female mirror image of the alpha hero, Nina is an unmistakably strong female lead with technological enhancements that only elevate her above a ‘normal’ book-heroine, right down to her own casual hookups and her willingness to sleep with clients if that would protect them (if that even makes sense).

Unafraid to call out misogyny and the double standards that women like her face, Nina might just be a loudspeaker for what many might feel about the double standards and the complaints voiced against the romance genre today as she kicks and punches her way out of things/issues both verbally and physically. Next to her, Ewan can only be the beta hero, dimmed and outshone in every way by Nina’s wonder-woman abilities until he’s a grovelling mess, their only tussling happening in bed after he yields to her judgement when it comes to his protecting his life.

Upping the sexual tension with Ewan as they circle each other in a game that’s akin to a 2-steps-forward-one-step-back dance is perhaps the form of foreplay that Hart wants to bring across, but somehow, Nina’s relationship with Ewan seems unequal in so many ways. Ewan’s own history with women and the way he treated them until Nina didn’t exactly made me a huge fan of his; the constant comparison of how awfully selfish he used to be with others and with Nina proved more of a turn-off than a revelation of how special she is supposed to be. Moreover, for all of Nina’s insistence about owning her own sexuality, her sudden insistence that sex should only happen between consensual adults who want and like each other equally is the argument she uses to keep Ewan at arms’s length. As much as the inevitable sex scenes are hot, I can’t quite get on board with the subtly manipulative and contradictory sides of Nina and Ewan, the former of whom can seem to do no wrong even as she blows hot and cold.

As the first of a 3-book series, ‘Dangerous Promise’ draws out the dialogue and the threats much longer than I expected. The plot advances, albeit slowly and what would be typically resolved in the last three-quarters of the book reads instead like the end of a tv episode, where the characters return for round 2 and subsequently, round 3 as the series goes on. Hart definitely delivers very well-written action scenes, though these are short and brief and interspersed with a lot of dialogue-turned-flirty-banter that can get repetitive, inevitably slowing the pacing of the story. There’s also sort of a cliffhanger but there’s very much the sense that whatever resolution that Hart gives is a temporary one. Nina’s and Ewan’s story is far from over, that much is clear.

It’s kind of tough to write a review for a book which I wanted so much to like but fell a bit short of expectations, and that’s only because I prefer the type of relationships where both the h/hr need each other in equal ways, where both aren’t beyond reproach. But if the alpha female dominating the headlines, so to speak is what you’re after (Nina is a feminist’s wet dream after all), then ‘Dangerous Promise’ is the type of read that will be your catnip.

*ARC by the publisher via Netgalley
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January 26, 2018
Dangerous Promise is the first book in the exciting new The Protector series by Megan Hart. An intense, futuristic romance that you won't want to miss! I normally don't like any type of futuristic type of stories, but this one isn't like any other that I've heard about. I really enjoyed this book, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

The story is based in the not so distant future, but the main focus of the story is about the technology that was used on wounded soldiers that had either died briefly, or was almost dead. The Tech used saved their lives, and gave them super human abilities like enhanced strength, senses, reflexes, and more. However, the downfall is that the Tech has to be upgraded periodically, but there is a man who has fought for laws making it illegal for any further research, testing, upgrades, or anything relating to the Tech to be done. What no one knows is that the man who has fought to stop everything Tech related is actually the same man who created it in the first place, but because of an unknown hacker collapsing most of the world's technology several years before, all of the information was lost.

That same man, Ewan Donahue, has been recently been receiving death threats, 2 of his security personal was killed, and so he's decided to hire the best protection that money can buy. The only problem is that the best comes in the way of a beautiful woman, a former soldier who was one of the few who was given the Tech, the very thing that he's fought against. To say it's contradictory is a huge understatement, especially when there's an explosive chemistry between them.

Nina Bronson loved serving her country, fighting for the freedom of others, until everything went wrong. When she technically died, the government implanted the Tech that they had been researching for years, giving her a chance to live, as well as numerous other abilities that could make her, and others like her, basically a super soldier. However, before those who had received the Tech could fully understand and learn how to use the abilities, they were deemed to be an unfair advantage in the war, and were unable to return to duty. Going into one of the few options she had, Nina decided to help others by becoming a security specialist, using her new skills in protecting those who could afford the very high price that her bosses charged. The last thing she ever expected was to have to protect the very person who was responsible for making any further upgrades illegal, and ultimately would be responsible for her and the others deaths. However, being the professional that she is, she decided to do her job like she would for anyone else, except that she didn't count on the insane attraction between them, or how much their lives would change.

This was an intriguing story with lots of action, mystery, suspense, and an unexpected romance that just pulled you in more. I'll admit that there were some phrases and wording that I wish had been explained beforehand, as it was a bit difficult to understand without any details or references to what they meant. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this, and I can't wait to read the next book.

I would definitely recommend this book, series, and great author.

I have voluntarily reviewed this complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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January 16, 2018
Nina’s client was Ewan Donahue and she was determined to put distance between herself and one of the world’s eligible billionaires who was acting like it was dissatisfied about touching her. She knew how Ewan felt about the enhanced. Dealing with prejudice was party of the new life she had been given not condemned to. Nina told Ewan he was given all the specs and requirements before she had arrived. Ewan had paid double the usual acquisition in order to get her there. Nina said Ewan had hired her she just didn’t show up Nina was the best of the best in her field. Ewan had hired her because of the recent threat on his life the night before. Nina woks in Project Corps and had been in charge of more than a dozen senators, CEOs, philanthropic recluses, and once an actual princess who had been the easiest to deal with. Nina had learned the ways of the wealthy and powerful. Ewan didn’t know how brutal Nina could be. Ewan had fifty seven confirmed serious death threats made in the last three and a half weeks. Previously he had three actual attempts on his life and two of his former bodyguards had been killed while protecting Ewan. Nina enduring the enhancement procedures she had to save her life made her the woman she was today. Nina had been dead for eight minutes before the enhancement procedure had been started. Ewan had a lot of people who wanted him dead because of the technology which he had created which oddly enough had been used on Nina.ewan regrets the enhancement technology he created. Nina is attracted to Ewan but never plans on anything happening between them. Ewan is also attracted to Nina and she is unlike any other woman he has ever known as time goes on and he gets to know Nina. Nina had been a soldier in the Army fighting for her country when she had been killed. But after she had been enhanced she had to leave the army and went into private security. Then an attempt was made on Ewan which Nina was able to save him from being hurt and the go on his secret property where there is a cabin to be safer. There Ewan and Nina give in to their hot chemistry. But Nina starts to deteriorate as she needs an update that Ewan has stopped.
I had mixed feelings about this book. Nina and Ewan are definitely from two different worlds but somehow that matters less and less as time goes on. I liked there was a lot of action. And it starts right at the beginning of the book. This book does drag for me at times. This is definitely a different type of book for me to read but I did like it basically just a lot of things annoyed me and took some if my enjoyment away. I was confused how Nina could feel so much. But the thing that really brought this rating down is this ended in a cliffhanger and I hate them and that is well known by anyone who has read my reviews. As I said I had mixed feelings on this one.
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January 2, 2018
4.25-4.5 STARS

When I read the premise for “Dangerous Promise,” the first book in author Meghan Hart’s Protector Series, I’ll admit, I was intrigued. Typically, I find that stories set in the future hold little appeal. But there was just something about this story that called to me, inciting me to take a chance. And, oh how so very glad I did!

Nina Bronson was a soldier—a soldier that had died. But thanks to an experimental surgery incorporating new technology, Nina was not only saved, but she joined a select few, whose human body was altered with enhanced abilities. But aging technology means that unless that technology is upgraded, Nina and the others face a slow and painful death.

Ewan Donahue is a billionaire who has been quite vocal in his opposition to the use of this technology on injured soldiers. He even campaigned against the upgrade of this technology, making it illegal. Along the way, Ewan has made himself some enemies, provoking numerous attempts upon his life. But the loss of two bodyguards has Ewan going against all he stands for, hiring Nina as his bodyguard and counting on her abilities to keep him safe.

Despite their numerous differences, there’s no denying the chemistry that surges between this pair. While Ewan fantasizes frequently about taking Nina to his bed, Nina refuses to be used by Ewan to simply scratch his itch. But, over time, Ewan sees beyond the physical; he sees Nina for who she truly is—a smart, witty, beautiful woman who’s not afraid to put him in his place. Eventually, deeper feelings begin to grow. Yet, how can they possibly dream of a future, when someone is determined to end Ewan’s life, while Nina’s will end if she doesn’t receive the upgrades she desperately needs. And if that isn’t enough to tear this couple apart, then Ewan’s greatest secret, surely will.

“Dangerous Promise” is more than just a futuristic novel. Simply put, it’s a love story with a futuristic twist. Quite easily, I fell head over heels in love with Nina and Ewan’s story. While unique in concept, it’s this couple’s constant exchange of flirty banter that I found most appealing. And while I wouldn’t exactly classify the ending as a cliffhanger, I am certainly eager to pick up where the first book left off.

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1,303 reviews89 followers
February 21, 2018
This futuristic story of an ex-super soldier whose very tech puts her on borrowed time, and the billionaire that tech has made her able to protect. Is one that holds so much more for readers than its romantic trappings would lead readers to allow.

Both leading lady, Nina Bronson, and leading man, Ewan Donahue, are alphas in their own right. But Ewan's appreciation for, and attraction to, Nina's fighting prowess, speed, strength, and beauty is a refreshing twist; that one never tires of.
Said appreciation goes a long way towards ushering in the heated femdom romance that transforms this read from scifi chic to futuristic sexual fantasy of the most readable kind.

Balancing the heat, are the elements of danger presented by Ewan's predicament as a hunted man, Nina's personal war with the failing tech in her head, and the secret that lies between them.

Secrets it seems, are an underlying theme of this book. Because it's secrets, or more to the point. The need for keeping the secrets of the rich and powerful clients that Nina, and others like her serve. That are at the heart of the war for the rights of "the enhanced".
Rights that Ewan is doing everything in his power to strip away.
He comes face to face with the one person charged with saving both his life and his heart.
Knowing that everything that he stands for could mean the end of hers.
This is a book that will turn you on while making you think.
It gives rise to questions like:

Who or what defines "humanity"?
If technology advances to the point of "enhanced humans", who has a say over how that tech is used?
Do our memories really belong to us?

This book is one that is well written, thought provoking, heart stopping, and sexy as all HELL!
An excellent start to a wonderful series.
99 reviews
January 11, 2018
I was generously given an ARC for an honest review. This is an exciting start to a trilogy. Nina is an "enhanced being".....think bionics with a super computer chip implanted in the brain. This book was a bit different, in that the female character is the in the position of strength and is somewhat emotionless, due to her enhancements. The male character is still a strong character and has some issues because of his role in the development of these enhancements. Also he has to come to terms with the fact that he is attracted to someone so much physically advanced than he is.. The story takes place in the near future where society has almost destroyed all things "natural". I didn't really feel the chemistry between these characters until 60% into the book and the action didn't pick up until then too. The beginning part of the book was a bit slow where I kept going in and out of the book. But it does rev up midway and it ends setting up for the next book. Although it is a trilogy, it does not end on a cliffhanger!
The story is about Ewan ( a very wealthy industrialist and a lobbyist opposing the enhancement technology) hiring Nina to protect him against some attacks on his life. Obviously he has issues with his attraction to Nina, due to his stand on the enhancements. And for her part, Nina is wary of Ewan because he is the major opponent to the enhancement upgrades she needs in order to stay alive. When they finally get together, there is a tiny bit of a reverse D/s relationship.....where Ewan has to come to terms with that particular side of himself. All in all, it was an entertaining book.....slow at times but definitely worth the read.
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