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Kidnapped by the Pirate

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Will a virgin captive surrender to this pirate’s sinful touch?

Nathaniel Bainbridge is used to hiding, whether it’s concealing his struggles with reading or his forbidden desire for men. Under the thumb of his controlling father, the governor of Primrose Isle, he’s sailing to the fledging colony, where he’ll surrender to a respectable marriage for his family’s financial gain. Then pirates strike and he’s kidnapped for ransom by the Sea Hawk, a legendary villain of the New World.

Bitter and jaded, Hawk harbors futile dreams of leaving the sea for a quiet life, but men like him don’t deserve peace. He has a score to settle with Nathaniel’s father—the very man whose treachery forced him into piracy—and he’s sure Nathaniel is just as contemptible.

Yet as days pass in close quarters, Nathaniel’s feisty spirit and alluring innocence beguile and bewitch. Although Hawk knows he must keep his distance, the desire to teach Nathaniel the pleasure men can share grows uncontrollable. It’s not as though Hawk would ever feel anything for him besides lust…

Nathaniel realizes the fearsome Sea Hawk’s reputation is largely invented, and he sees the lonely man beneath the myth, willingly surrendering to his captor body and soul. As a pirate’s prisoner, he is finally free to be his true self. The crew has been promised the ransom Nathaniel will bring, yet as danger mounts and the time nears to give him up, Hawk’s biggest battle could be with his own heart.

This May-December gay romance from Keira Andrews features classic tropes including: a tough alpha pirate too afraid to love, a plucky virgin captive half his age, enemies to lovers, first-time sexual discovery, and of course a happy ending. 85,000 words.

259 pages, ebook

First published October 26, 2017

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About the author

Keira Andrews

59 books2,469 followers
Keira aims for the perfect mix of character, plot, and heat in her M/M romances. She writes everything from swashbuckling pirates to heartwarming holiday escapism. Her fave tropes are enemies to lovers, age gaps, forced proximity, and passionate virgins. Although she loves delicious angst along the way, Keira guarantees happy endings!

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October 25, 2017
The year: 1710

The setting: pirate ship, somewhere in the Caribbean

Nathaniel Bainbridge is traveling by ship with his pregnant sister to meet their scheming father in the New World, an island near modern-day Bahamas called Primrose Isle. But before the ship can reach its destination, it's attacked by the The Damned Manta, a pirate ship ruled by the infamous Captain Hawk, who just struck bloody gold.

Hawk has a bone to pick with Nathaniel's father, and taking Nathaniel prisoner is the perfect plan of revenge. If Nathaniel's father doesn't cough up the ransom, Nathaniel dies.

"My treasure, my prize, my plum. That is all you are until your father pays what I'm owed."

So begins Kidnapped by the Pirate—a grand adventure brimming with passion, romance, danger, shifting allegiances, and forbidden desires.

Hawk is a lonely man who dreams of a life away from the seas. Conscripted by the British Navy at age 15, Hawk escaped only to be branded a pirate by Nathaniel's greedy, power-hungry father. Hawk is loyal to his men and swears to keep Nathaniel at arm's length, even as he grows more possessive of Nathaniel with each day.

Nathaniel is a ray of sunshine. Kind, brave, keeping a shameful secret, filled with a deep longing he doesn't understand, Nathaniel won't back down, even when Hawk is cruel. He vows to break through Hawk's staged veneer to the heart of the man.

Nathaniel is 18 to Hawk's 41, but the age gap hardly matters. This is a different time, and Nathaniel isn't a child. He craves a man's touch. Seeing the world through Nathaniel's eyes makes Hawk feel young again, even as he claims his soul is dark:

"Only devils here."

Initially the greatest of enemies, Hawk and Nathaniel become lovers. Hawk must choose: Nathaniel or his men? Love or fealty? Desire or revenge?

True hell was to love.

This is a beautifully written, complex story with a rich setting, pitch-perfect dialogue, and real, multi-faceted characters—not just Nathaniel and Hawk but the secondary characters as well:

- Nathaniel's sister Susanna, fearless, smart, and supportive (I loved Susie so much!)

- Hawk's men, including the slightly dour Mr. Snell, who would do anything for his captain but worries about where Hawk's loyalties lie, and Mr. O'Connell, forever grateful to Nathaniel for saving his life

-John, Hawk's first love, long dead (Hawk's memories of John made me cry)

This book is everything I wanted and MORE: fast-paced, incredibly sexy (eager virgin, submission/domination, mild humiliation kink & primal coupling on the beach), with adventure and romance perfectly balanced.

As a lover of history, I also have to mention the setting, which felt so authentic and true to the time and place. I am by no means an expert on pirates, but I was never pulled out of the story by anachronisms. I'm not remotely surprised. Keira Andrews always does her research. She's a master!

This is the ultimate love story, one where age and social class don't matter. There's even a daring rescue, but I won't tell you who rescues whom. In the end (and a very happy, hopeful, truly fulfilling end it is), Hawk and Nathaniel rescue each other.

"You are no man's lesser. Least of all mine. And the love I have for you is like no other."

I'm a sobbing mess. I didn't want this book to end. I'm rereading immediately, and then maybe I'll be able to write a coherent review.

For now, let me just say: This is hands down the best book I've read this year. Thrilling, insanely sexy, a wild & emotional ride and also the best MM historical ever.

For those of you worried about daddy kink, there's none of that here. The age gap is fairly inconsequential too.

And the HEA . . . yeah, still a blubbering mess.

All the stars and then a thousand more.
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3,861 reviews5,637 followers
October 28, 2017
Holy crap, Keira Andrews reached into my brain and wrote the pirate story I didn't even know I needed.

I'm a huge Keira Andrews fan, and she didn't disappoint with this one. It has EVERYTHING! It just tick, tick, ticked all my boxes. Enemies-to-lovers, a VIRGIN, an age gap, a learning disability, a historical setting- it was just totally my taste. Gah, I could NOT put it down!

Honestly, I wanted to read this book for the buzz, but I was nervous about the pirate aspect. I haven't read a pirate book before that worked for me, and I was worried Kidnapped by the Pirate would be cheesy or overdone. I shouldn't have fretted though, because Keira Andrews totally killed it.

This book is a little slow-burny, certainly enough for my tastes, and there was sexual tension for days. I adore an enemies-to-lovers, and the tension and hate/attraction really worked for me. Their feelings and intimacy grew and grew over time, and the relationship went from animosity to love very naturally and without feeling rushed. I loved, loved, loved what an eager partner Nathaniel was in the story. His sexual energy was out of control, and I adored the chemistry between him and Hawk.

I also couldn't get enough of the age-gap. If you are like me and are a fan of an age gap, you NEED to try this one. The age gap is about 20 years, and it felt just sexy as hell. In fact, this book is very steamy, so while it is very well written and has an engaging plot, it will also make fans of smutty, smutty reads VERY happy.

Kidnapped by the Pirate was just pure, awesome romance. It checked all my boxes and I'm sure it will check yours too. Don't pass this one up!

*Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*
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724 reviews2,615 followers
October 29, 2017
No rating.DNF @ around 60%.

You know when you're reading a book and the sex scenes start to bore you? But you think,ok the plot will keep your interest....

Well,it didn't and don't get the pitchforks out because just about everyone has loved this...

I've been reading this for days and definitely reached the point where I really wasn't interested in what was going to happen.

I actually adored Nathaniel.He was so damn cute and responsive,and eager,and sexy with a kind of innocence that definitely worked for me,


I didn't warm to Hawk at all and I wasn't feeling any real chemistry between them.Hot sex isn't just always enough.And I was bored by it.

Probably best to move along and check out other reviews.
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1,838 reviews1,194 followers
October 30, 2017
4.5 HEARTS--

To love could only be madness. 

Pirates. Give me a pirate romance any day.

I feel like 2017 is one for pirate romance spoiling, well for me, that's for sure. So many good MM pirate romances are out there! Keira Andrews' Kidnapped by the Pirate definitely can join the ranks of an entertaining and swoon-worthy tale. (I'm a bit of a pirate connoisseur if you couldn't tell.)

This book has a lot of buzz qualities. The hype is backed by the quality of this novel. If you're new to pirate romances, I think this is a wonderful start. I forgot how much this author excels at writing enemies to lovers tropes.

In Kidnapped by the Pirate, it delivers the blurb and more:

age difference - Nathaniel (aka Plum) is 18 to Captain Hawk's 41
enemies to lovers - both men were mere puppets on the villain's stage. It starts as kidnapper/captive but it blossoms to much more.
first time sexual discovery - once you get over the cherry popping in your head, think of all the fun an experienced lover can bring.

If you prefer a historically accurate tale, stop here.

If you enjoy tropes and don't mind having to stretch reality here and there, come aboard matey! Don't mind my squee.

In this tropey tale, Nathaniel's sole purpose in his life according to his shitty father is to be an heir. Motherless with a reading disability (dyslexic?), he's been told all his young life by his father that he's an imbecile. The one solace he has is being active and in the outdoors as much as he can. Forced into a betrothal to fatten his father's pockets, Nathaniel has to journey from England to his father's failing island Primrose Isle.

Nathaniel has a secret that would see him killed in 1710, he's gay. A fact he hides very well. And just his luck his dastardly father pissed off the wrong pirate, the legendary Sea Hawk. Captain Hawk can see his revenge finally come to fruition when he raids the merchant ship with Nathaniel on it. In order to save his sister from the wicked pirates, Nathaniel allows himself to be kidnapped peacefully.

Hawk puts Nathaniel in his quarters as his prison. And he tries to keep his eyes on the prize. Hell he even names him Plum to try and distance himself. The older, taller pirate has his eyes on the prize. Ransom the little brat in a month's time and if the governor fails to give him the money, he'll kill Plum...no problem.

Plum was supposed to be the prisoner, yet Hawk was ensnared, powerless to deny him anything, a fishing boat caught in a frigate's churning wake, swept up and only able to hold on.

Keeping a nubile, curious virgin in close quarters will wear down on a man. No matter how much Hawk acted like an ass.

I never tire of reading about a curmudgeon brought down by love. The more they resist, the more they protest, the harder they tend to fall. Hawk gave a good fight. But he was out stubborned by his Plum. Nathaniel slowly wears him down by being himself. Plus, being in close proximity day in and day out leads to caring about the other's well-being.

While the two started to open up to one another (*drum smash*), the mutual attraction only added to Hawk's downfall.

The urge to be the first to plunder that sweet, tight arse beat in Hawk like a war drum, and it was all he could do to keep himself in check.

You can only wave that juicy plum in front of a hungry person until their tempted to bite.

You know what is even better than that? When you add a heavy dose of possessiveness.

Thick, calloused fingers gently pushed the seed back inside where it dripped from Nathaniel's tender arse. "Only me," Hawk muttered, still leaning over him, lips by Nathaniel's ear.


The sex? Hot and plentiful. It's a sexual discovery win if that scratched your itch. Nathaniel is naturally submissive and eager to learn.

"Tell me. What is it you want, Plum?"
"Your cock. All of it."

Some highlights: domination, rimming, frottage, outdoor sex. Great variety and it didn't overtake the plot. I got kink teased. Just when I thought breath play was on the table, but it wasn't served. Maybe next time? ;) Overall, vanilla with a hint of spice.

The plot was fun. There wasn't as much swashbuckling action. Instead, we read how Nathaniel and Hawk grow to care and be each other's savior. Very romantic.

The villain, Walter Bainbridge is a loathsome man. He was giving me a certain Orange-Wanna-Be-Dictator vibes. *grimace* And while I wished his outcome would have been different (read: more violent and on page), it worked for the story.

Why not the full 5 stars? Being a pirate lover... I can't help but compare it to my top pirate reads. This was sweeter. There was action, but it was over fairly quickly. The central plot resolves around the kidnap and ransom, how it all ended was good. But I am lusty when it comes to revenge, I prefer on page justice. And when the final blow out happens? It was more a battle of wits and craftiness than swords.

There was a cracky fluff quality that I enjoy. It definitely delivers on the tropes and held my attention. The epilogue was pushing it for me in the sugar territory. I'm borderline on it being needed or not. (I like it darker with my pirates) However, if you're a reader who likes the HEA to sticky sweet and sweaty... you will not be disappointed! This is definitely added to my list of pirate top reads. The writing is strong and the main characters were charming.

Men were said to possess souls, and he only just discovered his and given it weight and shape.

Recommended to enemies to lovers fans who like tropes, hot sex from a pirate who likes to charge and an eager virgin who loves with his entire heart!

A copy provided for an honest review.
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October 27, 2017
“I’ve determined that three-quarters of piracy boils down to theater.”

Kidnapped by the Pirate has so much deliciousness:

~~ Age gap
~~ Virgin -- determined to experience it all
~~ Pirate -- our swashbuckling anti-hero
~~ Adventure
~~ Angst
~~ Kindle-melting smexy-times
~~ An awesome little Princess Bride homage
~~ Well fought happy ending

Oh, yes, we have it all here, on the high seas!

I truly enjoyed Kidnapped by the Pirate. Keira Andrews knows how to make a historical romance sing. Not to mention how to make a teddy bear out of a big, tough pirate.

I loved both MC's, the historical setting and the lyrical language the characters used. Simply put, Kidnapped by the Pirate was right up my tree.

John Hawk has had to do whatever has been necessary to survive, and sometimes the necessary thing involves violence. He is a pirate, after all. But Hawk is mostly a man of legend; a man who has a fierce reputation, while he tries to live a life of honor. At 41, Hawk feels ready to leave pirating behind. It's time to find someone to maybe share a life with and house with a view of the water he knows he won't want to completely leave behind. Hawk has always been a bit of a dreamer and though he doesn't believe he could ever find love again, it doesn't stop him from wishing.

Nathaniel Bainbridge is a naive 18 year old who ends up in our pirate's grasp in a case of 'be careful for what you wish'. Nathaniel is taken captive by the pirate captain, Hawk who wants to ransom the boy back to his no-good father. Nathaniel figures he is done for, because he's a disappointment to his father and he knows his father, who has squandered every bit of money he ever got a hold of, won't be able to pay. Nathaniel is smart, though and underestimated. He didn't set out to seduce Hawk, but he wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to finally know what it is like to lay with another man -- even a dastardly man like Captain Hawk.

Hawk tried so hard to not care for Nathaniel, first by not acknowledging him by name, and then by ignoring him and being gruff when that didn't work. But Hawk is not the evil-doer that he pretends to be.

In fact, neither man is really the person that others think he is. Nathaniel is seen by his family as a bit of an imbecile because he can't read. My guess is dyslexia, which I don't think they knew about back then. But Nathaniel is actually a quick study where reading and writing aren't concerned, and soon, even Hawk couldn't help but take notice. Also, in spite of his fear, at first, Nathaniel is brave. He pushes past his fears and uncertainties and takes Hawk, and his life, by the horns.

I found the story engaging, the writing strong, the heroes more than likable, and the happy ending well fought. There's nothing like love on the high seas!

ARC of Kidnapped by the Pirate was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.
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October 27, 2017
This was surely one of the most anticipated publishings of the year. I have always loved Keira’s work and her magic way with words. I mean what could be better than this? A virgin who’s kidnapped by a notorious pirate and these two madly falling in love with each other? This is soooooo my cuppa! 😁

Nathaniel is just 18 and he’s a virgin. Now he’s on the journey to Primrose isle with his pregnant sister where their father is ruling as a governor. On their way there, their ship was plundered by the legendary pirate called Captain Seahawk and his crew. The thing is, these pirates and Nathaniel’s father go way back. You see, his father is the one who branded Captain Seahawk as a pirate and pushed him to this cursed path. When Hawk learnt that Nathaniel is his archenemy’s son, he decided to kidnap him and ransom his father for a hundred thousand pound.

Captain Seahawk has been on a ship since he was 15. Now he’s a very seasoned pirate captain at the age of 41 and apparently getting tired of restless and ruthless piracy. And he finally got a chance to avenge wrong that was done to him many years ago which can possibly lead to a peaceful retirement. But the thing is although he first thought Nathaniel to be a spoilt little lordling, he comes to realize that this innocent virgin is in fact a feisty, spirited young man who doesn’t cower and relent easily. The plan was simple, keep the prisoner in his cabin for a month, barter him for the ransom and be done with it. But who ensnares whom in this imprisonment?

The banter between Nathaniel and Hawk is hilarious. The way Hawk refused to call Nathaniel by name and addressed him only as “Plum” (of course I know that Plum is another word for prize or bounty but still gleeful) was really funny and amusing .. 😂 Our “oh so fearsome and notorious” Captain was unable to resist the innocent, guileless, seductive and enthusiastic charms of the virgin. 😍 The way Hawk pretended to be tough and uncaring although he really do care for Nathaniel and his tender care to him sometimes slipped from his mask was so sweet and heartwarming. ❤️ Absolutely loved Nathaniel too. He knows what he wants and was adamant and relentless until he gets his prize. The love making sessions of these two are simply on fire. Very sexy, erotic, passionate and wild. The way Nathaniel earnestly and innocently asked for pleasure and to offer pleasure, that was very rousing and erogenous. And when our virile Captain Hawk mounted him at the beach, boy boy boy, that part was so raw and erotic and passionate. Loved the storyline and plot too. It was not only logical but also very enjoyable and fun. As always, jargon and terminology researched by Keira is very impressive. The ending was so carefully and cleverly written and it couldn’t be better. 👏 I really loved the epilogue and our two heroes’ very dreamy HEA. Loved this book to death! 😍

Favorite excerpt from the book .. ❤️

“True hell was to love”

5 very ecstatic satisfied fangirl stars

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372 reviews290 followers
March 5, 2023
He was going to hell for his sinful desires regardless, so the journey might as well be worth it.

Nathaniel is not thrilled about having to travel to his father’s new colony to marry a girl he hasn’t met. Less thrilled even when pirates intercept the ship, threaten his pregnant sister and decide to take him captive. For a month, he’ll have to survive locked in the captain’s cabin, the famous Sea Hawk, completely at his mercy.

Nathaniel doesn’t do well without fresh air and sun, without being able to move, run. He can’t stop counting the days for it to be over. Until other fantasies start to take hold of his mind, and thirty days feel like no time at all.

Captain Hawk never wanted to be a pirate, but Nathaniel’s father made sure he didn’t have that choice. Now fate has given him a chance to take revenge. However, destiny has a twisted sense of humor and Nathaniel seems to be the only one able to make his most hidden desires real. As days pass, Hawks’s starting to realize he was doomed the moment he took Nathaniel as his captive. He can’t possibly kill him if his father doesn’t pay, he can’t let him go if he does either.

I don’t like pirate romances but Moni’s review was too damn convincing so I decided to give this a try. And thank god I did, because this book was a jewel.

I don’t need action in a romance, but the author made sure that everyone who wants that won’t be disappointed. Between battles with other pirates and the suspense of what will happen once Nathaniel’s father pays-or what will happen if he doesn’t-, there is not a dull moment. On top of that, it’s full of spicy scenes that will leave you wanting more. I’m someone who always complains about having too much smut, because it tends to get tiresome and cuts the progression of the romance, but this time the author was able to show the need, the chemistry in the air so perfectly that every single scene felt like a must.

If that wasn’t enough, the romance was also amazing. They were attracted to each other from the beginning, but their roles as pirate and booty cut all the chances to experiment. Until Nathaniel, virgin and gay, realizes that this may be his last chance to experience what is like being fucked by a man and resolves to make the captain fall for his charms. Although Hawk threatened and teased Nathaniel about fucking him, nothing would have happened if Nathaniel hadn’t invaded Hawk's space, daring him to make his words a reality. I think that’s the reason why I loved it so much, because it was something that Nathaniel chose for himself, and very much enjoyed it.

“I’ve dreamed about this for so long. () I know I shouldn’t. And with you, of all men. Yet…” He rolled his hips experimentally. “Lord, it feels so good. () I shall have this. I will not be denied.”

You know from the beginning that, even though they have opposite lives, both Nathaniel and Hawk share the same dream: living in a little house surrounded by nature, sharing their peaceful existence with a man they love. They also know it will never happen; pirates don’t retire and aristocrats don’t marry men. Their time together is limited and precious, and they put it in good use.

The twenty years between them didn’t dim how perfect they were for each other. It was the type of romance where you understand why they fell in love, because you feel the same. Hawk adored Nathaniel’s carefree nature, seeing him run along the beach, going outside just to feel the rain on his face, wetting his clothes, innocent and beautiful. Ready to say goodbye to all the rules and enjoy the little wonders of life. Nathaniel fell in love with the man that protected him so he could be himself, that let him run free even when he was his prisoner, who read out loud for him despite his throat being sore and his body injured. They deserved every single drop of the love they received from the other.

Overall, Kidnapped by the Pirate is one of those rare books that manages to be romantic, sexy and full of surprising action scenes. It was a pleasure to read and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys an adventure that will put your body on fire.

“But I miss this. Don’t you long to bury it inside me? So very deep, where no other man has been?”
Grunting, Hawk cupped Nathaniel’s arse with his other hand. “Where no other man shall ever be.”
July 27, 2019
Update 7/27/19

Audio – 5 stars
Story – 3 stars

The audio definitely made a difference. Cornell Collins’ performance added some oomph the story, so I was able to finish and mostly enjoy it this time around.

I realize now why I couldn't finish the first time. When I see the words Kidnapped and Pirate in the title of a book, I think action packed, gritty, violence and high angst. It’s not until almost the end of the story that I got what I was expecting to get throughout the story.



I'm giving up at 47%. I just can't push through, and I can't figure out why this isn't' working for me. I'm not going to drive myself crazy over it though. It is what it is.
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847 reviews327 followers
October 11, 2018
October 2018


Rating for the story is still the same.

The Narration: 3.5 Pants Off

Cornell Collins was just a tad bit too extra in this one for my taste. Captian Hawke sounded like an old man smoker (not a fan).


~POUNDED IN THE BUTT BY THE PIRATE (Do you think Chuck Tingle will sue me?)~

This is the pirate book I never knew I needed. Kidnapped by the Pirate was everything I wanted in a pirate gay romance, with enough sizzle to singe my arm hairs and leave me with a smile on my face.

Nathaniel Bainbridge wants a life where how could live and enjoy the things he’s good at. He’s never been one for the books and no amount of tutors have helped with the fact that he’s unable to read. Yes, he speaks like a gentleman and one would never be able to tell that he isn’t educated or was unable to be educated. Running, climbing, and swimming is where Nathaniel interest lies, along with his interest in men. He dreams of the day he can be mounted, he gets lost in cock fantasies quite a lot. So when his dad demands he marries and moves to the new world, Nat knows he’s very much screwed. He’s not meant to be a husband but he will do what he’s told, and make the journey to a place he will never belong and marry a woman he doesn’t want.

The journey is tedious on the ship because Nathaniel is a man that needs to move, needs to do and so he’s looking forward to getting his land legs back. His trip gets cut short when his ship is boarded by pirates and Nathaniel is kidnapped for ransom by the legendary Sea Hawk.

He’s expecting to be cruelly treated on The Damn Manta but his treatment comes as a surprise and also his feelings for the pirate that has kidnapped him. Captain Hawk is the type of man that would give Nathaniel a good seeing to, and his virgin everything is intrigued and both scared by the feelings the pirate invokes. Nathaniel has no disillusions that Hawk can be a cruel man but he’s also seen that he is a good man, and he wants to experience everything with this man before he returns to his father and becomes a proper married gentleman.

First, I really freaking loved this for the sole fact that Captain Hawk is a real effing pirate. There are no rose coloured glasses when it comes to who he is. He walks the walk, talks the talk, and dresses like every dream I’ve ever had in my teenage years about being captured on the sea by a pirate and ravished.

Secondly, Nathaniel and Hawk are hellfire hot. They did the things and introduced Nat to the wonderful world of man love and Nathaniel soon starts, to realize that now he’s had cock he can never lift a frock. Hawk cares for him start to transform his feelings and he’s dreaming of a life together but everyday aboard the ship proves that he’ll never be accepted and he’s the ticket to a lot of money.

“Why did I think better of you because you read to me and were kind about my deficiencies?” Hawk tore his gaze away. “I don’t know, since apparently I must remind you I’m a fucking pirate!”

Thirdly, the wonderful age gap. Isn’t it just true classic historical romance with the naïve virgin and the worldly older man. It’s trope as old as time but there is just something about it that’s works so well in a historical setting, and man did it deliver here. Captain Hawk is forward and brusque and Nathaniel’s innocence adds fire to an already burning super hot flame.

Overall, I really enjoyed the shit out of this. Giving me all I need in pirate feels, delivering amazing fucking on a pirate ship, and giving me a beautiful HEA. I love it, I love it, and am so glad I decided to give it a read. Keira Andrews you most definitely have the sauce (no ketchup). If you’re like me and spent many a days reading Johanna Lindsey, Lisa Kleypas, Elizabeth Lowell, Christina Dodd, Kat Martin etc…in your youth (or even now). Then this book will give you such a delight, and is not to be missed.

SideNote- I need more freaking gay historical romances in my life!!
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3,351 reviews308 followers
October 28, 2017
This book is a britches ripper of the highest calibre, packed with everything you'd expect to find in this genre - devilish pirates who are too sexy to be resisted, an innocent young scamp just waiting to lure our anti-hero down the path of emotional reawakening, daring adventures and over the top villains and a setting which is perfectly researched.

I'm not going to lie, the Golden Age of piracy fascinates me, as the British Empire extended her reach across the Caribbean and used privateers to plunder their rival Spanish and Dutch competitors as they fought for domination of both the High Seas and the islands within it.

And within that world were those who skirted the fine line between privateering and piracy, who instilled fear into the hearts of the merchants and made the shipping lanes a dangerous place to travel.

The Sea Hawk is one such man and his character is perfectly drawn from those like Henry Morgan, Calico Jack Rackham or the Robin Hood of piracy, Black Sam Bellamy, known for his compassionate treatment and mercy towards those he captured.

However, he's unable to resist the innocence of young Nathaniel, being sent out to a fading colony to try and prop up his father's disastrous rule by marrying a rich heiress. But Nathaniel longs for the love of a man and he's helpless when faced by all the formidable power of Hawk.

After plenty of toing and froing, some witty bantering and a whole load of protesting, the two finally give in to the lust building between them and it's glorious.

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Keira Andrews and this book is just one of the many reasons why. It's a joyful romp of a tale with a believable cast and crew of historical accuracy and some steamy hot sex leading into a glorious HEA.

Loved Errol Flynn in Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk or Against All Flags? Then you will love this!

#ARC received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review
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1,572 reviews232 followers
October 30, 2017
*** 4.75 Stars ***

Keira Andrews has written a book about virgins and pirates with a sexy side of age gap?! This is everything I ever wanted from the M/M romance genre. Everything.

*rolls around in the trope-y goodness*

I withheld a measly 1/4 star because the book didn't make me cry (you pretty much have to make me sob like a baby to get 5 stars from me). Other than that, this book was bodice-ripper perfection.

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Author 59 books2,469 followers
October 26, 2017
It's release day for my new pirate romance! I loved writing this book. I wanted to hit all the classic tropes: alpha pirate, virgin captive, age difference, and hate to love. Of course there's also swashbuckling and a happily ever after! I hope you’ll enjoy it. <3


Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2gG8IT3
Amazon global: http://mybook.to/Pirate_KA
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2,138 reviews434 followers
May 11, 2018
4 Stars

There’s not much I can add to the host of reviews singing this book’s praises.

I mainly enjoyed this because…
1) It sentimentally brought me back to those days I devoured MF historical romance and now, made all the better with the MM setting
2) The smex was smexy with a bit of dirty thrown in
3) This consistently brought the feels, with good dashes of action and suspense one would expect from a pirate book

If you’re a fan of this author, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

If you haven't yet read this author, then what are you waiting for? Read.
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974 reviews1,798 followers
May 18, 2023
✅ 2 POVs
✅ Pace
✅ Pirates
✅ Romance
✅ Captor / Captive
✅(🆗) Characters
✅(🆗) Plot
🆗 World-building
🆗 Mild angst near the end
❗️❗️Not a trigger warning, but there is a big age gap between the two main characters

3.5 stars

It was not bad at all, but I expected more from this book. It is a good book if you want something that focuses more on the relationship development, and less on the action and plot though.

Nathaniel Bainbridge is the son of the Primose colony’s governor and is on his way to the new colony with his older sister to heed the call of his father. Nathaniel holds no love for the man, and wishes for a life of simplicity, freedom, and adventure, instead of the arranged marriage he will soon be forced into. Nathaniel’s prayers might be answered when the ship he travels on is attacked by pirates, and he is taken as their prisoner.

The world-building is very minimalistic, and sadly it impacted my appreciation of the story. While the beginning was promising, and I love pirate stories and MM romances, the fact that Nathaniel is forced to remain in the captain’s cabin during his captivity forced them to develop a more significant relationship, but it also means that almost all of the story happens inside the captain’s cabin. We don’t really get to see the tropical islands or feel the sea adventure and swashbuckling vibe that I usually enjoy in pirate books.

Even though the title is “Kidnapped by the Pirate”, and 90% of the story happens on a pirate ship, I have to say that the pirate vibe was not the most intense I’ve seen. It was evident that Nathaniel was on a ship, and the members of the crew were creepy and very pirate-y at times, but because Nathaniel spent most of his time inside the captain’s cabin, we didn’t get to enjoy the full pirate-adventure-package-deal that we could have had if he’d interacted more with the crew, or if more action happened.

Nathaniel is cute, adorable, innocent, and so full of life, but weirdly I didn’t like him that much. I know most people who read the book adored him, but his character just didn’t click with me. The innocence was cute at first, but it kind of weirded me out because it was combined with the big age gap and gave me the impression that Nathaniel was 15 at times. Also, I just didn’t feel that much chemistry between both characters. Lust and sexual attraction, yes. Real chemistry, not really.

Hawk is the renowned Sea Hawk. The feared and respected pirate captain that has been around for years, and that secretly wants out of this life. At 42, Hawk just wants to get enough money to be able to leave the life of piracy he’s stuck into, and find a quiet isolated place to live the rest of his life. At first, he is annoyed, and even disgusted by Nathaniel as he sees him as nothing more than a spoiled rich brat, but he quickly comes to realize that there is much more to Nathaniel than a pampered heir.

There is a big age gap between the two main characters, and while I don’t mind age gaps, the fact that Nathaniel has been so sheltered his whole life made it seem like an even bigger gap. It’s not just the age, it’s the fact that Nathaniel is still a virgin, has no idea how the “real world” works, and is just so innocent. He is 18, but at times it felt like he was 15… So while I didn’t mind the age gap, it was a little weird at times.

I also struggled to get on board with the “romance” at first. The spicy scenes were well written and good, but until the last part of the book, I would have described Nathaniel and Hawk’s relationship as based on lust for Hawk and lust mixed with a desire to explore his newfound sexuality for Nathaniel, but I didn’t feel a true connexion between them until the last stretch of the book… But maybe that’s just me being picky here because most people loved those two and their romance, and here I am, complaining…

I want to mention too the sweet, sweet bond between Nathaniel and his sister Susanna. They are so adorable together, and I adored how Susana was supportive of Nathaniel’s every decision, and how she wanted him to be happy, even if it meant taking an unusual path and going against everything they’d been taught as noble heirs.

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2,710 reviews
October 21, 2017
My swash has been buckled and my timbers are still shivering! Oh, to be a pirate in this fun, sexy and exciting romp through the Caribbean. Just a little reminiscent of an old-fashioned, Harlequin-type romance, Keira Andrews has reworked a classic trope into MM perfection, adding a yummy May/December element, a favorite of mine! Young, virginal, sheltered Nathaniel becomes the captive of Hawk, a villainous pirate captain bent on revenge, and inevitably, they succumb to lust and love. That’s pretty much where the resemblance to old-school romance ends. There’s not a throbbing member or heaving pectoral to be found! (Also, no Johnny Depp.)

Nathaniel, or Plum as he’s called at first, and Captain Hawk, are marvelous, full-blown characters, fitting the historical period but perfectly balanced with the modern interpretation. It’s not a slow burn romance, as each decides almost right away, to use the other for personal gratification and manipulation. It makes for some sizzling scenes as dirty pirate talk from Hawk removes Plum’s reservations, inhibitions and clothing. Despite Hawk’s alpha-pirate mannerisms, Nathaniel is no shrinking violet, giving as good as he gets, in and out of the Captain's cabin. The equal weight given from both character’s POV enhances the emotional impact from their growing fears of becoming too attached.

Action and danger abound, keeping the narrative moving and absorbing. This was one that I stayed up all night to read! I wanted Hawk and Nathaniel to reach their HEA so badly, and it was delicious, plus there’s an epilogue with a glimpse of the future. I highly, highly recommend this book and you don’t need to be well-versed in either history or Harlequin to fall in lust and love for this one!

*An ARC was provided by the author via Jessie G Books Reviews in return for a fair and honest review*
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2,195 reviews397 followers
October 29, 2017
3.5 stars

I think a lot of people will like this book. We have pirates, lots of hurt/comfort, hot sexy pirate sex and a good solid HEA.

Nathaniel is traveling on a ship with his pregnant sister to Primrose Ilse. His father is trying to build a colony there and he has summoned his children to join him. Nathaniel rather didn’t go because his father is always telling him what a disappointment he is, but he has no choice.

Just when Nathaniel is hoping for something exciting to happen, the ship gets attacked by pirates. Now Nathaniel feels sorry for ever wishing it.

Hawk feels lucky he and his pirates stumbled upon such a great price. The son of Walter Bainbridge, what a lovely coincidence. Especially since Walter Bainbridge is responsible for Hawk losing everything and forced him to live as a pirate.

And that’s how Nathaniel finds himself being held captive in the pirate captain’s quarters. He has no idea if his father will actually pay the ransom since his father lost all his money, but Nathaniel hopes he does, or Hawk promised to kill him….

I really liked how most of this book it was just Nathaniel and Hawk together in the tiny room on board the pirate ship. There was enough time for Hawk to find out Nathaniel was not another spoiled 18 year old. And Nathaniel found out Hawk was actually not such a bad person.

I wasn’t too fond of Hawk’s Quartermaster Mr. Snell, who constantly told Hawk he was going soft and that he shouldn’t let the boy influence him like that. I just wanted Mr. Snell to die a slow and painful death, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Why not 4 or 5 stars? That is definitely on me and not the book. I’m not a big fan of historicals. The mention of pooping in a bucket gives me hives. I also react very strongly to relationship angst. I don’t like it when a couple fights. I can handle it if the fight is about something I understand, but in this I thought Hawk was just being stupid.

Still this was a lovely pirate story with lots of action and good sexy times.



An ARC of Kidnapped by the Pirate was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.
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March 2, 2021
4.5 ⭐️ Despite loving Keira Andrews, I hesitated with this one forever. Kidnapped by the Pirate? A virgin captive falling for the pirate who captured him? It sounded cheesy and ridiculous. I also thought I didn’t like historical romance, so what does past me know about anything?

Was it cheesy and ridiculous? I won’t lie, it was, a little. But it was incredibly sexy, sweet, dreamy, romantic and fun!

I adored Nathaniel, and I loved Hawk even more. Both perfect characters! I loved the pirates. I loved Nathaniel’s sister Susanna.

“When you arrived, you were quite bruised. Tell me truthfully. Did he…ravish you? Force you to submit to his cruel desires?”
“No, I swear. I wanted it. I lay with him willingly.”
“But it’s unthinkable! Nathaniel, it’s…” Susanna pressed her hand to her chest, lowering her voice conspiratorially. “It’s terribly thrilling.”

Now if only I could find a pirate to kidnap me. ❤️🔥
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1,169 reviews260 followers
October 29, 2017
Kidnapped by the Pirate by Keira Andrews is awesome! KA is an author that always delivers. Her ability to go from zombies to contemporary, to sports, to historical is impressive!

If you love:

-A fast paced story
-And an ending that will make you cry with happiness

Do yourself a favor and grab this!
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371 reviews207 followers
December 24, 2019

I remember one of the first MM Romance books I read was Semper Fi by this author. And it was good. I found myself heavily invested in the characters as they went through every experience, from a battle laden scene to a simple meal sharing scene. All of it had me banking on the characters to give me satisfaction.


Kidnapped by the Pirate wasn’t that way at first. Sounding like a pantomime Mills and Boone-esque gag, I decided to read it because I thought it would be campy, unbelievable and ridiculous. A way to exercise my suspension of disbelief bone. Thankfully, it was far from that.

Forgiving the unimaginative title, the story follows a rather unlucky Nathaniel, whose fate has been decided by dismal unseen forces and his fucktard of a father. While sailing, their ship is raided by- you guessed it- pirates. Led by the formidable Sea Hawk (I think Ms. Andrews was on some uninspired juice). While plundering the ship that was sold out by another annoying fucktard called Tully, who was an employee of Nathaniel’s dad, they come across the fellow and his sister. Hawk makes a deal with Nathaniel. If he goes with them for ransom, no harm will come to his pregnant sister.

Any caring brother would take that deal, no?

While on the pirate ship, Nathaniel is locked up in the Hawk’s quarters. A pathetic huddled mess on the floor, all Nathaniel wanted was to be able to run free and use his hands. Hawk offers him his library in an uncharacteristic act of altruism but unbeknownst to him, poor Nathaniel is dyslexic. He only enjoyed books when his sister read them to him. Hawk takes Nathaniel’s reluctance to read as spite.

Ultimately, they come to an uneasy understanding. They co-existed peacefully and the fearsome sea pirate was kind enough to read to Nathaniel.

Of course, things take a turn to ensure their relationship turns from captor and victim to friends and lovers. The transition does call for a small amount of willful suspension of disbelief but it’s still satisfactory.

Through the tribulations, Hawk and his Plum (I rolled my eyes hard on that one) fall in love although Hawk doesn’t want a piece of that cake as Nathaniel is his key to getting his own fortune back.

The story was simple but pleasant. If you’re looking for a historical adventure romance that isn’t heavy on the word building- language so modest you can understand the whole thing by only reading the first and last words, this is the book for you. It was no Wilbur Smith in terms of grandiose and no Kathleen Woodiwiss in terms of emotional range. It was sweet.

Hawk managed to massage the cockles of my worn heart with this, “…Taking joy in the mundane is nothing if not wise. For what is life if not largely fucking mundane?”

In the era of Trump, neonazism, extended divisiveness and my country coyly flirting with secession and/or civil war- I need to enjoy “the mundane”. This book was rich in sweetness. And for that reason, I would recommend it to absolutely anyone in search of a good read.
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2,736 reviews230 followers
November 8, 2017
I was going to start this review by stating I should go find my own deserted island to live on in shame but then I read some reviews and...



Anyway...2★'s = it was ok, ok? And it was ok. I even liked parts of it. But, part of me thinks I read a totally different book than my friends and the bloggers. Truly.

I was just not wowed by this book.

I think I was a little bored and wanted something to happen in the worst way! Pirates people! I expected adventures on the high sea! The pacing was just so slow and nothing was happening!

While I enjoyed Nathaniel, he was a ball of bouncing energy and I enjoyed his POV, Hawk was a bit of a downer. Don’t get me wrong. I get it, I really do, but I expected something different from him.

I didn’t feel a connection between them aside from the convenience and circumstance. I think I would have kind of been into a love at first sight vibe here. Not the I don’t want to die a virgin and he’s my prisoner so why not bit we got.

I wanted to love it like everyone else it just didn’t read fast for me and I didn’t miss it when I wasn’t reading it.

Oh well.
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February 26, 2023
4,5 'Pirates well done' stars

I lost hope that I'll ever see this day but it had finally come. I've read an amazing pirate romance!! 🏴‍☠️

I started this with zero expectations in fear I'll be disapointed again but this book proved me wrong. The story was a great balance between comfort feeling of knowing that everything will be alright in the end because this is romanceland and not shying away from dark-ish themes of that era.

The couple totally stole my heart. They were passionate, they were sweet, they were so in love! And imo, there was just right amount of angst to make things interesting and spicey. Also, smut was delicious.

“There are plenty of things I can do to you that won’t leave a mark.”
“You blame my father for branding you a pirate, but clearly your heart was already black.”
Hawk lowered his voice another octave. “I’ll make you like it. Just imagine how much you’ll hate yourself after that.”

See, what I'm talking about 😏

Nathaniel - the kidnapped "victim" - was the biggest surprise. I was worried his character would be pathetic 'damsel in distress' but he was great. He might be kind of naive at the beginning but he soon became a strong character. I really liked how he stood his ground, while still being so sweetly submissive when it suited him.

Lips wet at Hawk’s ear, he whispered, “Perhaps I’ll go down on my hands and knees for you or bend over your desk. Or spread my hands on the hull, brace myself and take your cock like I was born for it.”

Hawk didn't disapoint either. Despite being a romance hero in full, he managed to stay a proper pirate. For a romance novel, I think the author did a really good job of portraying pirate' life. Also, bonus points for difference between pirates and privateers. Anyway, back to Hawk, I was totally obsessed with his possessivness 🥵

Nathaniel gasped when Hawk pulled out, the sudden emptiness shocking, his thighs quivering. But Hawk didn’t abandon him this time, and Nathaniel’s heart sang with possibility.
Thick, callused fingers gently pushed the seed back inside where it dripped from Nathaniel’s tender arse. “Only me,” Hawk muttered, still leaning over him, lips by Nathaniel’s ear.
A shiver skipped down Nathaniel’s spine like a stone over a pond’s smooth surface.

Only you.

This was my first book by Keira Andrews but it definitely won't be my last. There's an expert from another one of bodicebreeches-rippers as she calls them, and I'm eager to try more of her HRs. I need another couple as Hawk and Nathaniel!

He took a deep breath, releasing the knot of fear in his chest. “You tire of my hands? My mouth?” he teased.
“Never.” Nathaniel took Hawk’s prick in hand and stroked, blood rushing to it. “But I miss this. Don’t you long to bury it inside me? So very deep, where no other man has been?”
Grunting, Hawk cupped Nathaniel’s arse with his other hand. “Where no other man shall ever be.”
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746 reviews410 followers
July 17, 2018
This is the perfect holiday read. Somehow, historicals manage to pull off a believable happy ending on a sunny beach without any of the uncertainties of modern life. If you fall in love and build a hut with your lover to collect coconuts for the rest of your life, then that's how it'll be. I just love that about pirate stories.

Feared pirate captain Sea Hawk enters an English vessel that is supposed to bring young Nathaniel Bainbridge and his sister to Primrose Isle, the new British colony in the West Indies that their father is governing.
Too bad Governor Bainbridge is also the man responsible for turning the Sea Hawk into a pirate in the first place (don't ask, it's complicated). So finding his only son and heir on that ship is a true wink of fortune for Hawk - and he kidnaps the 18 year old lad, of course, requesting a lordly ransom for his freedom - or else Hawk would return the boy piece by piece.

Nathaniel's main issues in life are his dyslexia (which he doesn't know as such and thinks himself a simpleton) and his homosexuality, which he never dared act on.

So when he finds himself confined to the handsome pirate's private chambers where the muscled hunk sleeps in the nude (what else), Nathaniel soon learns that the Sea Hawk's death threats are only theatre and that the older man is willing to teach him about carnal pleasures in his bed.

I know it sounds terribly corny, but it is a sweet tale of love, an age gap coupling (23 years apart, which even I find impressive) and finding your path in life no matter what other people have planned out for you.

I genuinely liked Nathaniel and Hawk and found myself very much entertained, so I'll gladly recommend this to anyone who wants to dive into a straightforward romance where love is as pure as the tropical ocean where these guys make love in the warm rain.

4,5 stars!
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2,077 reviews13.3k followers
November 17, 2021
I have FINALLY picked this book up and what a good pirate story. Nathaniel is kidnapped by pirates and held for ransom by the notorious Captain Sea Hawk. Hawk was betrayed by Nathanial's father and has a personal vendetta against him. As Nathaniel is kept prisoner in Hawk's rooms, the two quickly realize they have a physical attraction to one another that is hard to ignore. I loved how Nathaniel was finally able to explore a relationship with a man after being raised feeling disgraced and disgusted with himself and his desires. This physical attraction turns into something more and it was so precious watching Nathaniel and Hawk falling for one another. My only complaint is that too much of the story took place confined in Hawk's room and I wish the plot moved a little quicker or that there was a little more action in the middle of the book. The ending is where things really picked up and I really couldn't stop reading then. But for a great m/m pirate romance, I'd highly recommend picking this book up!
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1,365 reviews148 followers
November 3, 2017
Pues no sé que esperaba, pero esto no xD
El final y el epílogo, ya me han parecido ciencia ficción, no sé cómo no se me han salido los ojos de las órbitas de tanto "roll eye"
Si tengo un hueco haré una reseña más completa.
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October 27, 2017
Take one of the most classic romantic tropes, throw in a virginal youngster, a notorious, rugged pirate and let them implode when they spend a month together in the captain's cabin.

Sigh. Can you get any more romantic?

at 18 a man in his own right in 1701, he blew me away with his courage, his willingness to give his all and never give up, his perseverance at coaxing smiles out of Hawk and peel away all the layers to find the real man behind the pirate, no matter what Hawk throws at him.

at 42 tired of being a pirate, as lonely as f*** and intent to revenge all the wrongdoings he's had to suffer. That's all there is to life, isn't there? That's all he wants to allow himself. Nathaniel challenges him, in so many ways, chipping away at the wall around Hawk. It was most delicious to see him unravel and fall, slowly, but surely.

Amazing writing! So many nuances of character development for both men! With Nathaniel learning to accept himself as who he is and Hawk to face his loneliness and let himself love again.

This book contains so many of my top favourite themes:
.) age gap,
.) hurt and comfort,
.) captive/captor romance
.) virgin and lots of firsts

And yes, the image of men in tights and white billowing shirts didn't do any harm either.

What else is there to mention?
.) The heat between Nathaniel and Hawk: there are so many incredible hot and tender scenes, but the one in the rain stands out for me.
.) Susanna, Nathaniel's sister, so adorable. Her reaction to Nathaniel's revelations made me giggle and high five her at the same time.
.) the FEELS!!!

So much fun, it went straight on my 'best-of-the best' shelf.
A swashbuckler of the old style with the added twist of two unlikely men falling for each other.

Don't miss out on this one. It is utterly delightful.

Highly recommended.
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1,030 reviews102 followers
October 28, 2017
I've been reading this genre for long enough that I know what I like and what I don't. I can honestly tell you that historical is not my thing. Neither are pirates. I'm more of a contemporary romance kind of girl. But when one of your favorite authors writes a historical pirate romance, you put aside your biases and you dive in head first.

My honest opinion, this book is perfection. I fell head over heels in love with Plum and Hawk. Nathaniel is just the sweetest. I loved watching him come in to his own... his sexuality, his confidence, his realization that loving a man is not wrong no matter what England says. And then there's pirate king Sky Hawk, who's really a good guy underneath all the bluster. I loved watching his struggle not to fall in love with Plum.

One of my top 3 reads this year!! And that cover is just swoonworthy. Exactly how I pictured them in my head!!
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2,114 reviews377 followers
October 31, 2017
4.5 Stars

Avast ye, me hearties! This swashbuckling pirate romance definitely shivered me timbers in all sorts of delicious ways.

Set in 1710, this tasty bodice-ripper follows Nathaniel Bainbridge as he is kidnapped on route to the new colony of Primrose Isle, by an infamous pirate by the name of Captain Hawk, who has his heart set on seeking revenge against Nathaniel’s despicable father over a decade old unforgivable injustice.

Nathaniel is all things sweet and pure. He has spent his youth feeling unloved by his unkind and greedy father, as well as feeling intellectually inadequate (in a time when the term dyslexia was yet to be coined), and sinful for his hidden desires which have him yearning for the touch of another man. At first, being kidnapped by Captain Hawk and his crew is a terrifying ordeal for Nathaniel, but once the immediate threat has ebbed, the true nature of the supposedly fearsome Captain Hawk is revealed piece by piece to Nathaniel in their everyday interactions hidden away in the Captain’s quarters. Slowly, Nathaniel begins to reassess his situation, and whether the life his father expects him to lead upon his safe return is the one Nathaniel wishes to live for himself, because, if he’s being honest with himself, being kidnapped by this particular pirate might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to Nathaniel.

Captain Hawk is a misunderstood man. Pirating is a life he was once forced into, largely in part to Mr Bainbridge’s treacherous actions years earlier. Undoubtedly, Hawk has made all the best with the hand he was dealt; he is a good pirate and an even better pirate Captain, but he now yearns to pack in his sails to live the remainder of his days safely ashore, preferably with a man by his side whom he can care for and warm his lonely nights. Retaliation against Mr Bainbridge, which includes a ransom hefty enough to make the crew of The Damned Manta some long-earned riches, seems like the perfect solution to all of Hawk’s problems. But being in close quarters with the young, innocent and devastatingly tempting Nathaniel slowly begins to weaken Hawk’s once unyielding personal restraint until it’s nothing but dust in the wind, making his decisions more challenging than ever, pitting his loyalties to his crew against the yearnings of his heart.

This story is everything I hoped it would be. There is plenty of adventure and action going on here, which is balanced out perfectly with an abundance of quick-wit and humour expertly used to lighten the mood. That’s not to mention the ship-loads of passion and forbidden desires that are proficiently explored between Nathaniel and his pirate Captain. Mmm-hmm.

Kidnapped by the Pirate is definitely an instant favourite of mine – unsurprising, because in Andrews I always trust.
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3,351 reviews433 followers
October 28, 2017

Nathanial Bainbridge thinks his life is over when he gets kidnapped by pirates but in fact his life is just beginning.
Nathaniel is eighteen years old and for most of those years he’s been a disappointment to his father. Learning difficulties have resulted in reading being nearly impossible for him, he’d much rather be running and climbing outside but that’s not the son his father wants.
His father is a horrible nasty excuse for a man and the new governor of the Primrose Isle. His father has been gone for years and Nathanial has thrived in his absence loving his freedom but now with the house and possessions sold both him and his sister Suzanna find themselves sailing towards the Islands where a very pregnant Susanna will be reunited with her husband Bart and Nathanial is to marry someone called Elizabeth Davenport.
The problem is Nathanial has never felt any desire towards any woman and while he feels riddled with guilt it’s men that stir him.
After he is taken by pirates the attraction he feels towards Captain Hawk is unlike anything he’s felt before. Is it just sex or is it more?
What will happen when it’s time to ransom Nathanial back to his father?

While I enjoyed this book, I mean seriously hot sexy older pirate captain and a virginal young man what’s not to like?
But I have to be totally honest and say I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I expected and hoped.

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688 reviews162 followers
May 12, 2021
I took Cal's and Starla's suggestion and grabbed this one for the weekend and welp, they were so right with this shit!!! 😫🥰❤

This story based a long time ago, where pirates were a thing and England was, apparently, colonizing everything they found. That's where we meet our lead guy Nathaniel, he is on his way to a new land, to marry a girl for his father's selfishness and make a living there. BUT in the middle of his trip the ship he's in is vandalized by pirates and not any pirates, Sea Hawk’s crew and sir Hawk himself, who has a big grudge with Nathan's father, so he decides to take the poor guy as a hostage in exchange of a money. 🤭🤭❤

I seriously was not expecting the way this book played out, it was fun at times wich I did not expect, it was sometimes heartwarming and the situation with Nathan's status as a hostage was a rollercoaster, sometimes it made me anxious, sometimes angry, sometimes hopeful and then angry again. But I loved how his relationship with Hawk got to be, I loved how he let go and started to be himself, even for the sake of: I'm dying soon so I'm living and I loved Hawk's pov, he was funny as hell.

Exhibit A: She clung to him. “Don’t go. Don’t let him take you.” Nathaniel's sister
Wishing he could roll his eyes, Hawk hauled Bainbridge from the cabin.

Exhibit B: “One hundred…” Hawk paused for dramatic effect. “Thousand pounds.” 🤣🤣

Exhibit C: He’d sworn to himself that he wouldn’t fuck Nathaniel again, but that had been yesterday. He hadn’t sworn it today.

🤣🤣 See? He's a character, I enjoyed reading him and I also liked how Nathan was brave and just went for it. I do think this dragged a little bit at the middle but it ended up nicely and I smiled all the way.

Also kudos to Keira, this is second book I read from her in a week and I realize that she treats women characters with respect, she turns them into allies instead of crazy bitches. I hadn't realized that and as a woman I was deeply touched.

Loved this author and this story! 💜❤
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