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Just for Him #1

Bad for the Boss

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Nobody denies the boss. Until her.

Theodore Chamberlain’s known for his laser-sharp focus and blunt demands—in the boardroom and the bedroom. The anti-social millionaire has never mixed business with pleasure before… but for a fierce new employee with knockout curves, he’ll make an exception. Jennifer Johnson knows better than anyone that life is tough. Why complicate things by risking the job she loves for a lust that can’t last? Her boss may be hotter than hell—but Jen’s the one who’d end up burned. Trouble is, Theo’s mightily persuasive, surprisingly sweet, and extremely difficult to resist. When a threat from Jen’s past resurfaces, her powerful boss becomes her unflinching protector. Can Theo save Jen from the evil that stalks her? And will Jen ever give in to her desires and dare to be bad for the boss?' to 'Nobody denies the boss. Until her. Theodore Chamberlain’s known for his laser-sharp focus and blunt demands—in the boardroom and the bedroom. The anti-social millionaire has never mixed business with pleasure before… but for a fierce new employee with knockout curves, he’ll make an exception. Jennifer Johnson knows better than anyone that life is tough. Why complicate things by risking the job she loves for a lust that can’t last? Her boss may be hotter than hell—but Jen’s the one who’d end up burned. Trouble is, Theo’s mightily persuasive, surprisingly sweet, and extremely difficult to resist. When a threat from Jen’s past resurfaces, her powerful boss becomes her unflinching protector. Can Theo save Jen from the evil that stalks her? And will Jen ever give in to her desires and dare to be bad for the boss?

216 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 3, 2017

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About the author

Talia Hibbert

31 books29.5k followers
Talia Hibbert is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in a bedroom full of books. Supposedly, there is a world beyond that room, but she has yet to drum up enough interest to investigate.

She writes sexy, diverse romance because she believes that people of marginalised identities need honest and positive representation. Her interests include beauty, junk food, and unnecessary sarcasm. She also rambles intermittently about the romance genre online.

Talia self-publishes via Nixon House and is represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan at Handspun Literary.

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Author 59 books8,643 followers
January 9, 2018
Not my usual romance reading (I'm not much into contemporary and really not into the boss trope) but I picked it up on a freebie whim and I'm very pleased I did because it was huge fun.

It's a massively tropetastic romance (older man, virgin heroine, boss/employee, millionaire-Cinderella) which rejoices gleefully in the tropes. There's a 50 Shades shape to the setup, even down to a contract, but this is 50 Shades if Christian wasn't an abusive tool and Ana wasn't a pathetic cipher, because these characters are lovely.

We have Theo, half-Chinese silver fox, who is actually slightly insecure and totally adorable (except, for me, in the 'bossy BDSM-lite telling Jennifer what to do' bits, but others may love that and it's well handled, in that she makes it clear he doesn't get to do that outside bed). He's good; Jennifer is bloody brilliant. She's proper fat, a really big curvy girl who if anything puts on weight during the book, and is completely happy with herself. She's got a lot of courage and a wonderful sense of humour and good friends. And she's black, because this is an actual modern multicultural British romance (and it's set in Nottingham! Not London! Other places exist!!!) and it is all just such a massive breath of fresh air. Oh, and the contract? Is drawn up by Theo to specify that if anything goes bad between them Jennifer won't lose her job or suffer for it. It is literally a "here is all the evidence you would need to sue me" contract attempting to redress the power imbalance in their relationship. Screw you, Christian Grey.

The writing is light, funny and vivid. It's an erotic romance with quite a few explicit sex scenes but tbh I pretty much just wanted more of Jen and Theo and their entourages bantering, because the ensemble was so enjoyable. There were a few daft bits, mostly around a cartoonish work harasser, but that's what tropetastic romance is *for*. For me the standout scene was when Jen gets out of a week in hospital. Theo, in the meantime, has asked her friend for advice, learned she will want to wash her hair, learned her hair type, watched YouTube videos on caring for black hair, and bought a shop's worth of the appropriate products to be sure he gets her favourite. That is what I call a hero. /melts/

Contemporary romance having a blast. What fun.
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1,088 reviews424 followers
March 19, 2019

As many of you know, I almost never write negative reviews. But leaving this book @ 3 stars with no words to accompany it feels disingenuous because Talia Hibbert is a FABULOUS writer.

[From me, a 3 star rating means that I managed to finish reading a book - that's it.]

Plot in a nutshell: Jenny accidentally sends a HILARIOUS email to her boss's boss, a man she's never met, complaining about the office letch.

From there, Jenny and Theo meet. Sparks fly, temptation begins.
She'd been a very good girl for a very long time. She was long overdue a fall from grace.
The set up for the story was soooooo good, and at the sentence level, Bad for the Boss was way above average. For example:
It was the kind of smile that could make a man forget himself completely, but she deployed it with an innocence that somehow made the effect a thousand times more intense.
Unfortunately, the story takes so many abrupt/weird turns into left field. I was left with a frown on my face and What the heck? on the tip of my tongue again and again:

Their relationship escalates from 0 to 100 in a single scene.

I was like WHAT?! , but then the writing goes back to following a logical, well-written pattern until . . .

A shows up out of the blue.

Then the writing goes back . . . yeah, you get the picture.

The worst offender though was this: The came out of NOWHERE. It felt like I was reading a different book with different characters!

I don't think I've ever read a book so badly in need of a developmental editor - BUT I read it no problem. The writing was smooth and engaging. And the diversity! I had to check what AM stood for . . . this is a BWAM btw. In case you didn't know, it stands for: Black Woman/Asian Man. And that part of the story was stellar. I loved the phone call between Theo and his mom.

Anyway, I'm very grateful this wasn't my first read by this author. I'm chalking this one up to a writer's growing pains. I'll ABSOLUTELY read more by Ms. Hibbert.
October 18, 2021
Every so often I try to read a romance novel that is out of what I call my "feminist comfort zone". That zone is in place to keep my sanity intact and my hands from throwing said book against the wall in a rage-fest (something I never want to do to my poor Kindle) . It also keeps me from penning really snarky reviews.

This isn't snarky as much as it is what didn't work for me.

I've made no secret that boss/employee romances are one of those tropes that no matter how I try just never sat well with me. Even before all the fuckwittery going on in Hollywood, DC and Alabama, boss falls for sexy employee or vice versa never worked to the point where I could get over the obvious imbalance of power. Not sorry but I don't find such imbalance sexy.

Your mileage obviously varies.

With that said, Bad for the Boss: A BWAM Office Romance wasn't horrible. It's well-written with strong female friendships (very important). The heroine is a dark-skinned Black woman (so's the roommate). In fact, had there been no boss (or millionaire, another trope I dislike), I could see myself really loving this suspenseful romance. Firstly, it's an IR set in London and we don't get a lot of those. Second, the couple is BW/AM, and there certainly aren't enough of those. Third, the heroine is the kind of quirky Black woman that we don't see very often. Lastly, strong female friendships.

I mentioned that before, didn't I? Oh, I forgot to mention the diversity which is so mundane and effortless it makes me wonder why too many authors just act like diversity is like pulling teeth with no novacaine. If you write human beings and not stereotypes, it's not hard.

Now for the save me from the bad tropes/other reasons I just couldn't finish this:

1) I am way past done with heroines whom - usually due to trauma or somehow being 'asexual' - are not given a sex life, especially a healthy one *before* they meet the hero. I just can't with this. It reinforces another trope that needs to die. Painfully. Upon a flaming Catherine Wheel. With me holding a torch singing "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. And here we have Jennifer - twenty-six years old and ready to jump her boss' bones though she knows it's a bad idea (which yes sweetie it is, no matter how sweet and romantic one tries to make it).

While the heroine hijacking of Jennifer annoyed me, I absolutely ADORED her roommate Aria (and how I wish the book was about her). This passage is one of the reasons why:

"Now, the third and final rule is this: nothing you do during sex is bad. As long as all involved are wholeheartedly up for it, don't ever let anyone make you feel bad for whatever it is you end up wanting."

Oh. My. Goddess. Aria wins my "Feminist as Fuck" award. We need more Arias in romance.

2) The irony of this book being a case of Jennifer reporting an incident of sexual harassment to her manager Priyanka only to inadvertently send the email to the head of the company, Theo Chamberlain. I was like, what??? You just reported your obnoxious coworker for harassment and now here you go?

That. Yeah. Facepalm.

3) Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Mention 50 Shades of Grey in a book unless the characters are dragging it. That book belongs on the dustbin of infamy.

4) Theo. I wanted to like him. In fact I did. Just not enough to overcome the whole "he's the boss" thing. I mean here was your employee who just reported an incident of harassment and accidentally sent it to you. Then you meet her in the flesh and you turn into a teenage lust-puppet. Granted, Theo was chivalrous enough to be willing to draw up a contract between them to protect Jennifer in case the whole thing went pear-shaped. She'd still have a job, but seriously, who'd want to work at the same company with the boss you had a torrid affair with? Even if it ended on a good note, other people in the company are eventually going to find out. If it continues, and people find out, her work would be tainted, especially if it appeared the boss was showing favors. And we all know how women get penalized for sleeping with the boss, especially when they're not.

So I'm sure I've probably bummed you out by bringing too much reality into what should be pure escapism. I'm not sorry. In order for me to enjoy a romance, I have to be able to not just lose myself in it, but I have to love the characters. I need that comfort zone of characters who compliment each other on a level playing field. If the hero is alpha, the heroine has to be alpha.

That's just how The Fountain Pen Diva rolls.

I do follow the author on Twitter and though this one didn't work for me, I definitely want to check out whatever else she writes. Which is me bribing her to give my girl Aria her own book.
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2,180 reviews417 followers
June 25, 2018
4 Stars

Bad for the Boss: A BWAM Office Romance is fun, steamy, and plenty romantic, featuring a delicious cast of diverse characters and telling a simple yet highly engaging office romance story so moreish I literally couldn’t put it down.

There are plenty of classic romance tropes being utilised here, and as far as I’m concerned they’re all very well-executed. The story features everything from an age gap to a work-place romance between a millionaire boss and his virginal employee. Plus, there is also a dash of suspense and intrigue in this one, too, with a stalker element running throughout as a secondary story arc.

Primarily, the story follows curvy black heroine Jennifer Johnson who is just trying to make good in her new advertising job while dealing with the emotional effects of a past trauma. A few months into the job, Jennifer inadvertently meets one of the company heads – older, half-Chinese, publically reticent Theo Chamberlain – and the two hit it off in such a big way that they quickly begin an impassioned (and secretive) love affair.

Jennifer and Theo were both lovely and relatable characters and I thoroughly enjoyed the way their romance unfolded. I particularly liked the way they addressed the potential power imbalance as boss and employee and the way they dealt with the possible negative effects this could have on their working relationship as well as their personal one.

There was nothing particularly novel about their office romance, but Hibbert’s exceptional writing, paired with her great character development and her ability to write dialogue and banter that is realistic and charming, really gave this story an original voice and made everything feel fresh and exciting.

I banged this baby out in one afternoon, which is a huge rarity for me these days and speaks highly of my overall enjoyment.

It has only taken me two books to consider Hibbert an easy and dependable one-click author, and I eagerly wait to read what she fancies up next.
Profile Image for Sonja ✧・゚。★・゚☾.
536 reviews466 followers
April 22, 2021
3.8 out of 5 stars.

I will seriously eat up anything Talia Hibbert writes.

Bad for the Boss is Talia Hibbert’s earliest book release that is still available for purchase—she’s removed a couple of her earlier works. If you enjoy her writing, I’m sure you’ll like this as well!

Overall, I had a fairly good time reading this, though it was a bit too cliche for my liking.

❝He was intoxicating and intoxicated all at once; they were drunk on each other. And she knew, the way she’d never known anything else, that it would always be like this.❞

Profile Image for destiny ♡ howling libraries.
1,749 reviews5,291 followers
May 14, 2020
Another amazing Talia Hibbert read! With this being one of her older works, you can tell her writing has matured and grown even more beautiful in the years since this was written, but I still thought this was incredibly lovable and I feel like that says so much about her level of talent.

I loved these characters so much. I loved the humor, the rep was brilliantly done as always (Jennifer is Black, fat, and bi, and Theo is Asian), the steam factor was off the charts, the chemistry was tangible between the little lovebirds, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much suspense there was! I think this book might have had the most "drama" of any of Talia's books, or at least off the top of my head, and it was really thrilling and fun. I found myself so worried for what was happening, but I love that I know I can always count on Talia for a sweet HEA. ♥

Most of all, I'm so excited to know I have 2 more books ahead of me in this series, because I can't wait to read more about Aria and to meet Lizzie!
Profile Image for Syndi.
2,994 reviews690 followers
April 23, 2022
Bad for the Boss is not exactly the right fit for my taste. I was expecting more from Miss Hibbert. I think she meant this book to be light read.

There are a plenty of hot sizzling bedroom scenes. I am very happy with it. But as story goes, I need something more twisted or more complex.

3 stars
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1,838 reviews1,205 followers
June 25, 2018
So me and reading books lately? Itjust hasn't been working. I've DNF'd too many to count and even thinking about going back to try to finish them gives me the eye squints...

Ex. the plot's too big for the writer to handle or I obviously see the plot points the author threw together to make a story (and I know I've read a better version somewhere) or the chemistry lacks or a combo of the aforementioned.

Which sucks when you love to read but the books you've tried ain't cutting it.

So what's a girl to do?

Well...other things. But anyway, I went on vacation and this book happened to my face and eyes. And it was THE PERFECT FUCKING THING TO READ. I finished it in under 24 hours I was so entertained. I still found time to party but when I got a break, I hopped my ass back to my Kindle to see what happened next.

Now before I get into why this book works and why I will make sure I clear out this author's back list, let's get the issues out first because I feel like I will gush and I don't want to get lost in the sauce.

This could have been a 5 but it's not because there were a few points in the story where something would happen between characters that sorta jumped ahead of the plot. Like ILYs or action (yes there is a spot of suspense where I sorta guess who was the culprit). The typos didn't bother me (they're there like a friendly bump in the road). But the minor plot jumps or shift where it could have been a touch smoother.

Oh, plus if the hero actually have ever talked to a problematic employee like that, he would have been sued like a motherfucker. Sometimes the characters' voices would switch and I felt like the author got a little lost in the plot.

But the tropes, the fun and the pluckiness is what wins in Bad for the Boss! Hm...plucky? Yeah, it's plucky as hell. The main characters make this story. But I have a soft spot for the heroine, 26 year old bi orphan virgin Jennifer Johnson, who on paper seems like a good girl.

Jennifer ends up sending an accidental email to her boss, Theodore Chamberlain (who she never met) and the two have a snarky camaraderie that pulls the reader in. Infectious!

Another reason why the book wins? A multicultural cast of characters! Asian-British male lead (let's hear it for a POC hero written well)! British BBW heroine (where the curves and insecurities are acknowledged without being overkill)! A very strong start with an engaging middle made for good times. Jennifer banters well. You can't help but be drawn to her. Theo couldn't resist.

Plus Theo wasn't a alpha-hole. Though it could be possessive at times, I'm not mad at him in the least.

The suspense bit? Wasn't bad, could've been smoother. Because the 'villain' had ample time to make a move, so looking back after reading and comparing it to the romance...not as solid.

100% ENTERTAINING though! This is mostly light with a heartwarming heroine, handsome and hot hero and good dialogue!

Solid 4 stars
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368 reviews63 followers
September 16, 2019
3.5 stars.

I didn't devour Bad for the Boss. Which left me conflicted, because I have devoured every other Talia Hibbert story that I have read.

The writing was sharp and charming. The humor was on point. And it was full of the diversity that readers have come to know and love from Hibbert. Although I thought that I would struggle with the workplace age gap romance, it didn't bother me. Jennifer and Theo were likable characters, and the relationship was sweet if a bit too focused on sex.

Instead, I struggled with a plot that became increasingly convoluted and messy. I spotted the "bad guy" from a mile away, and the supporting characters did not appeal to me.

Alas, I still found Bad for the Boss an entertaining read. Even in a more average story, Hibbert's talent shines.
Profile Image for Fangirl Musings.
427 reviews107 followers
November 12, 2017

One Sentence Summary:

She’s his 26-year-old, curvalicious, black employee & he’s her 40-year-old betatastic Asian boss who plays Hero-In-Pursuit.

Name That Trope:

* Black Girl Magic
* Consent for DAYYYYYS!
* I’ll take, ‘Books That Subtly Shade Institutional Racism, Sexism, & Fatphobia’ for 200, Alex.
* “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but my penis likes you, so call me baby.”
* Psycho Crazy Stalker = Protective Hero
* Accidental-Email Epistolary Meet-Cute
* Curvy Heroine & Stretch Marks & Dimpled Thighs, Oh My!

What part made you fangirl squeal:

1) A lone drunk bar gal hits on our guy. After brushing her off he puts her with a group of sober women. HIS HEROIC HEROTASTIC HERO-NESS IS REAL, YALL!

2) The sex talk our heroine's friend gives???? God ding dang that needs to be taught in every school, everywhere!

3) When hero hottie insisted on paying for the heroine’s therapy; THIS IS WHAT HEAs ARE MADE OF, PEOPLE!

4) Our gal lowkey tosses out that she’s bi & it ain’t no big thing! Hollywood, take fucking note.

Favorite Character:

Picking between Jen & Theo is sacrilege but if forced, TOTES JEN! This book is 100000% hers in a way that gave me oxygen, free money, and french fries.

How smexy was the smex?

The OTP’s 2nd scene! Mutually clothed humpity-hump on a desk was a thing. Even better? When they go to Pound Town there ain’t no bullshit virgin vjayjay pain!

Whose Line Is It Anyway:
“Let me play with you, Jenny. Can I?"
“Previously, lust had been a vodka shot; with him, it was a pill.”
[heroine got them lust feels’] “She felt like a storm cloud, swollen, heavy, but floating nonetheless.”
“The balance of society is weighted unfairly in favor of men, so anything they might give me in return for the blessing of my time is nothing less than what I deserve.”

Got any bitching to do?

Only 2 itttttty-bitty complaints.

1) The hero rocks insta-lust/insta-like that pops off with early intimacy. But the book’s still a slow burn because our OTP mess around before they Pound Town around.

2) The couple’s emotional conflict resolves quickly after the psycho stalker climax goes down. This fix feels fast, but it’s true to the characters.

Visually Depict Yo Book Feels:

Famous last words:

Yes, the book’s got some flaws. Yes, I still crack read it in 4 days while nightly rocking the “Just 1 More Chapter” lie. This is only the author’s 2nd book & holy SHIT did it say and do lots! I want more heroes like Theo, and more heroines like Jen with her realistic personality and body! The writing was just epic ass beautiful, yall. I GOT FEELS OKAY?!


For a more in depth, LOL-fest discussion on romance novels, HERE BE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

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656 reviews1,393 followers
April 9, 2018
I mean I love Talia’s work but this one wasn’t for me. I like workplace romances but I feel that maybe the boss/employee trope wasn’t for me. I really just felt uncomfortable by it. There was also a fourteen year age gap between the characters that rubbed me a little the wrong way, I always get a bit uncomfortable by age gaps, I just feel as if two people are at two different places (especially when it’s 26 & 40).

My main issue was that the whole encounter started due to the main character joking about sexual harassment in an email that she mistakingly sent to a boss. It just didn’t work for me. This could be because of all the research I’ve been doing into the ‘Me Too’ campaign for a research paper but it just felt off.

To be honest, I skimmed this book from around 20% through as well.
Profile Image for Kiki.
1,217 reviews519 followers
Shelved as 'avoid'
April 21, 2018
I’m sure this is a wonderful book.
As a matter of fact I’m certain this is an exceptional book.
The characters are multicultural, and not one-dimensional, and the book really is quite brave and thinks outside the box.
However, I do have issues with experienced hero vs virgin/inexperienced heroine. And pairing that with a bossy hero, I don’t feel this book has the power balance I seek in my reading.
However I do have respect for this author, she has gone out of usual trope of breathtaking beauty and Anglo-saxon/European/sheikh billionaire trope. A British-Chinese hero seems awesome!
Just the content is not for me.

Read The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears's 3-star review of Bad for the Boss: A BWAM Office Romance by Talia Hibbert

Check out this review of Bad for the Boss: A BWAM Office Romance by Talia Hibbert
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1,780 reviews291 followers
February 16, 2018
This is actually a low three stars -- more like a 2.5.

In my mind this book is a text book case in the divide between the writing versus the story.

The writing was very good. I actually enjoyed it. The dialogue was mostly great. The main character Jennifer had a fun inner voice. She also had a great personality. In fact a lot of the characters had personalities that I really enjoyed, especially her roommate Aria. The hero Theo was, imo, the only real personality casualty because to me it felt like he inhabited a character type rather than being a real character.

However the storytelling frustrated me beyond everything. It starts out great with Jennifer (mis)sending and email to her boss complaining about a lecherous co-worker. The email was intended to go to her immediate supervisor who is also something of a friend. But the email mistakenly goes to the head-guy, Theo. The email exchange is rather fun and a little flirty. As meet-cutes go, it is really cute. But then the rest is downhill from there.

Theo insists she comes to his office to meet in person. Whereupon his dick gets hard and falls immediately in lust with her. Second meeting they are dry humping on his desk. Soon after he is buying her clothes and whisking her away on a magical date complete with helicopter rides and private menus at swanky restaurants. He basically pervs on her like her co worker did. But he is allowed because she likes him. He wants her and basically falls into insta love with her.

I don't feel like we actually watched them have a relationship. I don't think they earned their HEA. It was just insta-love + sexy Times + some good dialogue with the book working overtime to let us know what a good guy Theo is.

There is also a secondary romance plot and a stalker plot. The secondary romance plot just felt like it took up page space. It could have been interesting but the author really didn't do anything with it. The stalker plot also could have been interesting. The set up was good but then it was just a few incidents and blam! Everything really just skimmed the surface.
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191 reviews214 followers
April 11, 2018

Loved Talia’s writing, as usual, but unfortunately I wasn’t as invested in this pair as I have been in previous books of hers. Theo was bossy & controlling and I felt he didn’t properly respect Jennifer the way she deserved. He rubbed me the wrong way right from the beginning when he wouldn’t respect Jennifer’s wishes to not be called “Jenny.” The plot was kind of choppy at times, I didn’t get a real feeling of the characters & their relationship was a little rushed. Feeling kind of meh about this one.
Profile Image for Ivy Deluca.
2,198 reviews290 followers
January 28, 2018
Jennifer Johnson, social media consultant, types a mocking email to her friend about the office Chester the Molester (y'all know the type), and sends it. Sounds funny....except her friend doesn't get it, but J Theo Chamberlain, one of the partners, gets it instead. Oops. As you may have guessed, one thing leads to another and romance happens.


The Good. Kickass prologue that immediately hooked me? Check. Diversity from leads to supporting characters (Jennifer is black, Theo is Asian), not just the random minor character for "color?" Check. BBW Heroine? Check. Protective, gamma hero? Check. Office romance that actually deals with that pesky power imbalance instead of completely ignoring it? Check, check, and check. I love the sex scenes (even the ones that have a strong FSOG vibe to them). I love that Theo revels in the realities of a BBW's body and he respects her feelings, doesn't take consent for granted and looks for ways to put them on equal footing when he can. The writing is strong, and it's reflected in alot of scenes that are realistic while still giving you those office romance fantasy feels. However....

The Bad. The love is pretty damn insta and made the overall story uneven. The moment that Theo sees Jennifer he is smitten. Super smitten. It's sweet, but when they hookup in literally their first physical scene together, I was a bit thrown off. I mean, there's alot of sex.


I know, I know. I never thought I'd say that. Unfortunately, it felt as if the sex took the place of some emotional development and it just depended on the insta-love to make up for it. Add that to the condensed timeline, and alot of drama happening in such a short period of time, that when the love declarations happen, it's a just a bit off. So much of the romance is handled in a realistic and responsible manner, that I wanted to see more from the ILUs.

Everything in Between. The suspense subplot was good. The prologue sets it up and it is woven through the story, so I appreciated the twist, even if I guessed part of it. I do take a bit of issue with one crucial tidbit. This is spoilerish, so if you're not interested in that, look away.

Other than that one detail, I liked it.


I really liked Jennifer and Theo's romance and it was a refreshing change from the vanilla-tinged landscape that can be Romancelandia. The pros far outweigh any cons in my opinion and I don't hesitate to recommend this. I would definitely read more from Ms. Hibbert.

For more reviews, visit

description description description description
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180 reviews2 followers
March 18, 2021
I must be the problem at this point, because I DNF.
I read lot of books with the boss-employee theme and never had complaints, instead lately I'm having a lot.
it's weird meeting your boss day 1 and he is already hard for you but is even weirder --->

That's where my conflict started, i know they both like each other BUTTTTTTT , buuuuut I thought about myself and a hot boss on my office and yep, it could keep being weird. Let me know you... at least more days??? idkkk man.

I'm a complainer¿?? maybe I am.
I liked him and he has charm. I also liked her but definitely I need start reading other type of books.
Profile Image for Jenn (The Book Refuge).
1,874 reviews2,815 followers
July 13, 2022
This was highly ridiculous and improbable in plot wise and seemed to have too much shoved into too few pages.. however..

I loved the characters and that kept my interest.

Plus-sized Black Heroine. Older Asian Hero... the chemistry was epic.

3 stars
3 on the spice scale

TW: power dynamic, stalker (not hero), some racial and fat phobic slurs (a few from villian)
Profile Image for Somia.
2,061 reviews135 followers
April 27, 2020
When Jenny accidentally sends the Boss a funny email meant for her manager about the office creep/letch she thought she may be in trouble what she didn't count on was Theo's unwavering interest.

Plenty of heat and sparks between Jenny and Theo, that being said more oomph was needed overall when it came to the plot and the fleshing out of the characters. Insta is the main ingredient in this.

Unintentional re-read, keeping on my kindle for when I need something super light and easy (at some point in the very distant future - a book/plot I know I will forget).

Potential Triggers:
Profile Image for Anna lost in stories *A*.
1,021 reviews170 followers
April 13, 2021
not gonna lie, normally, from a different author, this would probably be a 4 stars read for me… but it’s Talia Hibbert :) so I had to give it 5 stars :) I know, I know… but I don’t care :) her writing style just really works for me and her stories just always bring me joy… even if in some cases, like this one, they can be a bit ridiculous :) I inhaled it in one evening and already managed to forget most of the details, but that’s ok :) it’s just gonna make it more fun for me to reread in the future ;)


Profile Image for Fadwa (Word Wonders).
547 reviews3,523 followers
February 2, 2019
Actual rating: 3.5 stars

CW: Murder, on page sex, drugs, anxiety attack, PTSD, harrassment, stalking, kidnapping at gunpoint, misogyny and fatphobia, explosion, animal kill.

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Reading Talia Hibbert’s very first book after I’ve read so many of her later works was An Experience. Let me preface with saying that I did enjoy reading Bad for the Boss, but it’s definitely my least favourite of her books, which boggles my mind a little because the third book in this same series, Sweet on the Greek, is my favourite of hers. If anything, Bad for the Boss made me appreciate how far she’s come as an author from this book to her latest ones, writing wise, characters wise and even in the way she builds her relationships. Without further ado, let’s talk about this book more specifically.

The writing reads almost exactly like all of Talia’s other books, if just slightly less polished and refined. But what I’ve noticed and have come to cherish is the fact that it has all the funny, hot and yet endearing qualities to it. Bad for the Boss is written primarily in dual POV from both Theo and Jen(nifer)’s perspectives and I loved how the two were so drastically different and yet just clicked and made sense together instantaneously. There are also a couple perspectives added for just a chapter or two throughout the book the most noticeable one is Aria’s, who’s Jen’s best friend and the heroine in the third book.

Listen, I freaking adored Jen. She’s black, fat and bisexual. And I loved how every part of her identity influenced who she was as a person but without ever taking over her completely. She has insecurities related to her body, and I genuinely like how those were handled, I can’t speak of that specific representation personally but as I’ve seen in fat folks’ reviews, the general consensus is that it’s really well done. She’s also ambitious, and amazing at her job which she’s passionate about and confident in her skills in. I love boss ass women who are confident in their skills.

My favourite thing about Jen and that I saw myself in though is that she has PTSD, and that was so amazing and refreshing to read. Her parents get murdered when she’s a kid (graphic description of that in the first chapter, so, warning!) so she has trauma related to that and gets panic attacks when she finds herself in situations that remind her of that. The way her panic attacks and thought process were portrayed was way too relatable.

Then we have Theo, Jen’s boss and her love interest. He has one heck of a temper but what liked about him is that he’s aware of it and works on never letting it slip with Jen, which fails sometimes but never in major worrisome ways, just in a “he’s human and bound to slip” way. He’s also cocky and has one heck of a sexy aura to him, not in the way he’s described, but in the way he acts and just how much self-assurance he has without ever crossing into the insufferable territory, and we all know that’s a tough line to navigate. I liked how he’s hyperaware of the power imbalance between the two of them and wants to do things 100% by her and to protect her interests.

Jen and Theo’s relationship starts in the funniest way possible. Jen sends him an email meant for her friend, complaining about a co-worker of hers who lowkey harasses her and makes her uncomfortable, a few emails later she finds herself in his office and short after sprawled on his desk. Literally. And hear me out, I am a HUGE smut fan but even to me, the way that part unfolded was way way too fast. I get insta-lust and I love it, but this took it to a whole new level. Not that I hated that scene…uh…nope, but I would’ve liked a little more build-up leading up to it.

The romance is age gap, the age difference is 14 years if I remember correctly and Theo wants to give Jen the world and treat her like a princess which he doesn’t fell to do. this book has such a glamorous side to it that had me daydreaming about someone buying me a gown and taking me on some kind of extravagant date. Their chemistry is obvious on the get go, not one second did it have me questioning it or wondering is they really should be together, they just were effortlessly good and fit well with each other. One last complaint I have is about the BDSM bits, they were consensual but a little bit iffy, considering how Jen doesn’t have any prior knowledge and Theo doesn’t really give her any guidelines to how things go, safe words, etc…

The little mystery/thriller element thrown in there was a really great addition. It was spoiled to me because I read the third book first and it’s talked about a few times with detail in that one but I still enjoyed it nonetheless, it was peculiar knowing what will go down and watching it unfold, waiting to learn all the sordid details of it.

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April 20, 2022
I'm not generally an office romance person, but this is Talia Hibbert so I will let it slide
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February 14, 2020
Because I've been enjoying Talia Hibbert's recent books so much, I wanted to read her backlist. Bad for the Boss is okay, which is GR's 2-star rating. I'd say it's on the good side of okay, but my feelings for it are too mixed for me to give it 3 stars.

Starting with the positive, aside from the epilogue, I was really into the first half of this book. Initially, it felt like a great readalike for Beautiful Bastard, which I love, because it was doing the whole boss/employee romance and playing with power dynamics in a way that (for me at least) successfully skirted the line between problematic and works-for-them. This did change a bit as time went on, but over all I was pretty okay with the relationship between Theo and Jennifer. It's instalovey for sure, but I didn't super mind?

Also, I really liked the rep in this. Jennifer's a Black woman, and she's fat. What I thought was really awesome compared with most romance novels I've read with fat heroines is that it really doesn't shy away from her body in the sex scenes. There are references to her dimpled thighs and their size, and I thought that was nice.

Moving into things I have mixed feelings on, I loved that the hero was an Asian man. He's hyper-masculine and strong and domineering, basically an alpha male, which I don't tend to like in my heroes but at least it plays against stereotype. As alpha males go, he's fairly thoughtful and sweet. But he also bosses Jennifer around constantly, and it wore on me as time went on. In the bedroom (or office) during sex, I was fine with that, because it worked for both of them, but I hated it in their relationship more generally. He constantly makes decisions for her and most of the time steamrolls her if she expresses discontent. This made him feel like an asshole and Jennifer feel like a pushover.

What really didn't work for me was the actual plot for several reasons. The book opens with a prologue where the heroine's parents are brutally murdered during her childhood. Then the book spends about 50% being a cute, fluffy workplace romance, and then suddenly there's a murdered cat nailed to a door. It's very much not seamless. Romantic suspense admittedly is less my thing than a fluffy romcom style romance, but I feel like it needed to be weaved throughout rather than just in the prologue and the last half. And surely there was a better way to threaten her than a dead cat? Was that really necessary?

I had to buy this to read it, and I kind of wish I hadn't, but oh well I'm happy to support Hibbert even if I ended up not being a huge fan of this one. It was a quick enjoyable read until near the end even for me, and if you like romantic suspense, it might work better for you.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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January 20, 2018
I really wanted to like this more than I did! And I do want to highlight what I enjoyed:

This is a black English author writing diverse English characters that really reflect the multicultural England I know and love. Jennifer is black and Theo is half-Chinese. They live in Nottingham. That’s right—NOT LONDON! I have nothing against London but I sometimes wonder if American authors who set books in the UK realize there’s more than London and small villages with castles. I would love more contemporary romance set in the UK by British writers (the only other one whose books I read is Alexis Hall, I think?). Especially authors of color.

I also love that Jennifer is plus size and this is something Theo DROOLS over. There’s one scene where he touches her stretch marks and compares them to raw silk and the idea that romantic hero LOVES A HEROINE’S STRETCH MARKS was so wonderful.

Having said all that, this particular story didn’t really work for me. It didn’t make me rage-y like the previous boss/employee romance I read, but it’s still not a trope I like. And this book had soooooo much going on, including some really traumatic events, that the short length of this did not allow the author to flesh out. I will say, I got to a point reading this near the end where I wondered if she was making fun of some of the tropes, not in a mean-spirited way. Some of it was so cliché it almost felt satirical at times. But I don’t think it’s that deep. I think it’s more that this book is a big dose of bananas and it was actually pretty fun at times. Too bad it was all over the place (seriously what’s with the random POV shift with secondary characters?).

I think she’s got talent, and I’m interested enough to read her again.
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September 24, 2021
Less insta-love and more insta-lust but this was still a super fun romance read with that Talia Hibbert charm.

This was definitely darker than what I'm used to from the author with murder, stalking, kidnapping, animal cruelty, and attempted murder playing major roles in the plot. The story also features (and warns) about the power imbalance in the main relationship as it's between a young woman and her boss. The two discuss and acknowledge that power imbalance, though, and it's a plotpoint I've only ever been comfortable with in books since it's dual POV and we have genuine love and respect guaranteed.

I'm overall very excited for the rest of this trilogy.

CW: (beyond the topics listed previously) home invasion, workplace sexual harassment, explicit sexual content, fatphobia, and this story features an age gap romance between boss and employee (inherent power imbalance- ages: 26 + 40)
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April 24, 2020
DNF at 72%
I’m convinced that the Real Talia Hibbert did not write this book. If indeed she did, it breaks my heart to have to give this 1 star.

It does make sense that Bad for the Boss is one of her earlier ones: it could’ve been written by any okay-ish romance author with a less than nuanced take on the boss/rich older man/daddy trope. This book was less polished than her other works and so blah and generic. It came off as very 50 Shades, even as the characters themselves were quick to mention how it was nothing like that.

I’ve read basically all of Talia’s other published work because I enjoy her witty writing, her snarky heroines, and the soft and sexy dudes! But this book contained none of the above. There was no genuine connection, little witty banter, forced-passionate sex, and lots of assumed/dubious consent here. Theo’s two emotions were horny and angry, which came off as superyikesdotcom given the whole reason he and Jennifer actually and met was over someone else sexually harassing her. And Jennifer... used to be emo and that’s all we know about her. I was more interested in Jennifer’s roommate Aria than Jennifer-my-name-is-NOT-Jenny (unless Theo says it) herself.

I genuinely hope there was some mistake in authorship. If not, I guess I’m happy Talia’s writing has gotten so much better in the last few years.
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January 13, 2018
This book was tons of fun. I don't know how she managed to write a romantic thriller with so much humor, but Talia did it. I especially loved the email interchange between the two protagonists at the beginning. So much humor and heart!
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October 10, 2018
Pretty disappointing.

This boss trope is already a hard sell for me, as is the billionaire one. The characters and the relationships felt very flat. The dialogue was forced. Not at all like the other Hibbert I read, which was immensely enjoyable.
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August 12, 2022
Very fifty shades freed, but with diverse representation.
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