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Eons ago, the Devil fell from grace.
Now, he might be falling for her.

Grace Celestin is no stranger to sin. Working in a dive bar on Bourbon Street will expose a girl to a lot of nastiness. But when a disturbing prophecy leaves her with more questions than answers, the only man who can provide them is more than just a little sinful. He’s Lucifer, the Devil himself.

Luckily, the Devil’s in New Orleans—Hell’s on hiatus and the tide of damned souls has dried up, leaving him between jobs. From the moment he bumps into Grace Celestin, however, he thinks he may have found a new one. She’s being hunted, and not even voodoo can keep rogue angels off her trail.

More intriguing still is the fact that Grace isn’t just beautiful—it’s that unlike every other human who’s ever lived, Lucifer can’t read her soul. And if he wants answers, and his throne back, he’s going to have to help her get some answers of her own.

For the first time since he fell, the Devil has been drawn to the light. And Grace, despite all she knows, finds herself tempted by the darkness.

Lucifer is a 55,000 word stand-alone novel containing adult content and is recommended for readers age 18+

212 pages, Kindle Edition

Published December 24, 2017

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Ava Martell

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613 reviews809 followers
September 7, 2022
What a awesome take on Lucifer morning star!!! I loved this author's fabulous story telling and her characters were unforgettable as well . Lucifer and grace's chemistry was off the charts hot,sexy and oh! So sensual. Hell's resident bad boy has gone on hiatus from hell and is looking in the city of New Orleans for the archangel Michael who he thinks is causing trouble for the humans,but when he meets grace just with one touch he knows she's different. It seems that she is the last one, a human who carries the blood of angels! But she is consided a abomination and must be killed to purify humanity once again. Lucifer thinks he knows who wants to hurt grace,but their is one player who has hidden til now. Can brothers come together against a archangel who's gone insane or will Lucifer lose grace and the one chance at a love of a lifetime!💖💋
August 15, 2020
I’ve always liked stories of Lucifer walking the Earth!

This is my second time reading this book and I still think it is a 5 star book. I love the fact that Lucifer is shown as the fallen angel that is in charge of the punishment of sinners not someone who goes out and actively creates evil people or lures people into sin. He even says so himself a few times. Though he does say that in his younger days he was a bit different and would ride out with the four horsemen and get up to no good (I am paraphrasing here).

Lucifer sees that something is happening when soul counts in Hell drop off, and decides that they are being stranded on earth and thinks Archangel Michael is stirring things up to the detriment of humanity. After so much time away from Heaven, Lucifer has realized that there needs to be a balance and actually cares for humanity in a way, or at least he thinks that only souls that are corrupt should go to hell and they shouldn’t be corrupted by heavenly interference.

Lucifer comes to earth to on vacation so to speak, but really to check things out and confront Michael. He meets meets Grace soon after hearing a prophecy from an old woman and Grace isn’t like everyone else. He can’t get a read on her like he can with other humans. So he is intrigued. Lucifer is one of those impressive and compelling characters that I just can’t get enough of. He is one of those guys that are so bad they are good.

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2,211 reviews650 followers
June 21, 2018

When a prophecy of a grave revelation is spoken to the most unlikely of creatures, the dark Lord, himself - Lucifer
He's coming for her. And you aren't strong enough to stop him. He'll tear you apart, one feather at a time if you get in his way. And you'll get in his way.

he becomes more than intrigued into finding out WHO this mysterious being is...and when he sets his eyes on HER, there's nothing that even the darkest soul of Fallen angel can do and not FALL once again...
I'm Lucifer. Prince of lies. Lord of Hell. The Supreme Tempter of Mankind. And somewhere underneath the blood-soaked memories of Hell, I am still the Bringer of Light. The Morningstar. His favorite. And I ache for that - for her.

yes, this lovely fragile being has awakened "feelings" in Devil, and the way she's perplexed towards the whole ordeal happening around her, and knowing that her past, present and future is already set in the celestial destined path...she is Grace Celestin , and she will fulfill her destiny, just like her maternal ancestors did...and she will change the face of the Devil, the odds of people on Earth...and she will engage the battle of all battles, cause she's something no one expected...
To most of the world, I am still called many things. Prince of Lies. Lord of Hell. The Supreme Tempter of Mankind. I am not so naive to expect humanity to find a new scapegoat for their sins anytime soon....

But ever so slowly the bits of me lost to the darkness have crept back, and I can already feel the awakening of the Lightbringer. The Morningstar.

First time reading this author, but since I am attracted to all celestially themed subjects in a reading material, I tend to 1-click these books, even though I usually go to my fave authors for that part LOL and since I am tuned to them I am also very sensitive and prickly while reading about the mentioned themed material, thus making me a bit strict in rating.

I rated this book with the actual 3.75 stars cause I found the interactions between the main characters a bit "too fast/too soon" for me, to have a credible notion of them "falling" for one another, apart from them being insanely attracted to each other on this higher/fantastical level.

Secondly, I found the events happening in this book a bit similar, if not majorly similar to the events in other books I have recently read, and of course, I am being aware of the fact that if you go into the celestial thematic in books, you can't just trespass certain "gravital facts" in the celestial order of things LOL, yeah you can change things around them and maybe in between them without interferring the factual states, and that's where you can show the talent of imaginative power every author has a free pass of taking, and yet some do act on it fully and others go into it reluctantly...

Anyway, to cut things short LOL, I loved the premise of this book, I found it interesting, inspite of the similarity with other content I have read before and I was a bit surprised, I found it intriguing that the Devil was absolutely romanticized here...

I usually like to see him as misunderstood broody tempter of sinful pleasures LOL but I don't romanticize him or about him, usually LOL, so yeah, it was interesting, as an idea :)

If the pacing and the rhythm of exchanging events and action sequences were just a bit slower in the sense of connection in between one action and the other, it could have been a better rating for sure!

But all in all, it was a good read!!!
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January 10, 2020
"The world has many more layers than you imagine. Good isn't always good. And the blackest evil can be the only light that can cut through the shadows."

3,5 ***
This was Lucifer Lightbringer/ Devil seen in a different light.
I liked this story and the characters .I loved Lucifer..I mean what's not to love about him? His confidence, gentlemen ways, funny arrogance. He is so much more than the old beliefs , so complex and misunderstood . As his words say: he just punishes the evil does not create it, but humanity will always need someone to blame for their sins.
Grace is a good heroine. I liked how centered she was and didn't let herself get overwhelmed by the truth of her real self.
As a couple they were passionate and the chemistry felt genuine. It bothered me that the author didn't waited a bit more time for the relationship to develop before trowing them into having sex .
The plot is engaging and opens roads for more books in this series that I plan to read.
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2,051 reviews129 followers
April 12, 2019

I was so psyched to see this on KU, quickly grabbed and downloaded – because come on who wouldn’t want to read a book about hot sizzling fallen angel Lucifer and the women who finally makes him feel.

The start of this book was a scrumptious little morsel and I found myself sinking into the pages of this story with ease, as the book progressed by deep absorption waned, but I still very much, enjoyed the story and characters. However, one issue I had was the transition from Lucifer and Grace knowing each other to sleeping together, it didn’t feel smooth, the start of the scene in fact jolted me out of the story, and had me double blinking thinking huh, luckily it wasn’t so bad that it eroded my enjoyment of the book/characters.

Lucifer is in his words:
I am called many things. Prince of Lies. Lord of Hell. The Supreme Tempter of Mankind. Once, years beyond counting ago, I was the Bringer of Light. The Morningstar. His favorite. And now? I’m all those things and much much more, but I stick with Lucifer.

He really is so much more than the devil of myth/lore, and in some ways shackled to hell and all it holds, as Lucifer himself says in this book, he punishes evil, he doesn’t create it. The author incorporates shades of grey well into the story she has cultivated, showing that what is deemed/positioned as good isn’t always so good, and evil, well that can at times be in the eye of the beholder.

Grace is an innocent and is ‘The Last’, which means she has a massive target on her back. I really liked the fact that she refuses to sit in the side-lines, like a damsel in distress, whilst others try to protect her. She is very level-headed and takes everything in her stride.

Grace does something his eons of torture, decadence, deception and pleasure have not been able to do – she makes him truly feel and want to be truthful– a reality that startles him like nothing else.
Something about this young and very human-seeming girl make me want to eschew the usual deceptions. I actually find myself wanting to be honest with her.

I like some of the twists in this book, and the way in which Lucifer tries to protect Grace, even though it pains him so greatly – half of me was going NO, and the other half was sighing at how much he cared for her.

Acquired via KU, on my list to buy when the price goes down.
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2,502 reviews1,214 followers
February 12, 2023
Lucifer: a male who finally grew tired of the status quo when a human woman made him feel for the very first time.

Grace: a woman who didn’t know her own worth until she was being hunted by someone intent on killing her. For years she was numb to everything, until Lucifer lit the spark to break her heart wide open.

I think I would have enjoyed it more if there was more in the way of character depth. While I liked what I was given, I knew there was so much more below the surface. And with the way this author writes, I know she could have brought it through.

Very well-written and descriptive with dynamic characters and steamy beginnings.

Find more here: Lucifer

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301 reviews
May 17, 2019
The Devil, a fallen angel, and…whatever the Hell I am sit in a destroyed bar as evening bleeds into night. There's a joke in there somewhere.

I've always been a sucker for a story about the devil. Especially when the ol' prince of lies isn't such a bad guy after all. Lucifer is like the ultimate anti-hero, so I will always enjoy a story where he gets a HEA. Maybe it's from the 8+ years of catholic school, but I've long been jaded and skeptical of the catholic church. I mean, really, after you hit a certain age, the answer to every question can't be "because God said so." It just doesn't make sense. But I won't bore you with my heretical ramblings.
So onto the story…the short answer is, it was good. That's it. Not bad, not great. I liked Lucifer, but I've read versions of him I liked better. I liked Grace too, she went from sad to strong, which I can appreciate. I love a book set in NOLA, so it had that going for it. The author has an interesting writing style that worked surprisingly well for this story. There were a few times I laughed, and a few times I thought a good point was made. But the whole thing seemed to be missing something. Between the insta-love, and the weird pacing, I couldn't help but feel like it could have all just been better. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it, I did, I just didn't love it. I liked it enough that I'll most likely move on to book two (especially since I'm pretty sure it's in KU). Maybe I'll get pulled into the whole thing a little more by the next one, but honestly, if Lucifer didn't make me fall in love, I'm not holding my breath that any of the others will.
Spoilers below…

I am called many things.
Prince of Lies. Lord of Hell. The Supreme Tempter of Mankind. Once, years beyond counting, I was the Bringer of Light. The Morningstar. His favorite.
And now? I'm all those things and much much more, but I stick with Lucifer.
It just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? The screamers always emphasize the first syllable, drawing the rest out in a shriek or a gurgle, depending on if I'm in the mood for quite torment that day.
The criers, they irritate me most of all. They choke the letters down like a child swallowing bitter medicine while they stare up at me with pleading eyes, hoping to be the one to incite the devil to mercy.
The broken ones have silent, dead eyes ignoring the torturers and demons that surround them. Sometimes I'll hear my name on their breath, a barely audible wheeze as they resign themselves to Hell.
I can hear the disgust. What did you expect? Hearts and sunshine? I'm the Devil.


"They come with the room?"
Rolling my eyes, I turn to the girls. "Out," I order.
They scramble to obey, hastily pulling on last night's dresses and too-high heels, albeit more than a little reluctantly. "We can come back later," the taller of the two adds, her gaze moving from Phenex to myself.
I chuckle at her mental salivations. "Now now Clare, your husband probably wouldn't appreciate it if you spent yet another night out getting Eiffel towered instead of cooking him dinner. Adultery is such a petty little sin. Maybe invite Jamie here over one night instead. Men never seem too bothered by that brand of adultery," I add with a smirk.
Her mouth hangs open for a moment with misplaced moral indignation before she grabs her friend's arm and bolts from the suite, slamming the door on her exit.
"She seemed nice."


Heaven never made me kneel, but for a taste of her I'd gladly prostrate myself.
I kiss my way up each thigh, feeling them trembling against my lips as I hover so close to where she wants me. Her fingers tangle in my hair, her grip just painful enough to incite me more.
"Lucifer please!" she begs, her voice rough. I glance upward and see her staring down at me, lips swollen and pupils blown, the grey of her irises swallowed up by hunger, and I know I must look the same.
Never let it be said that the Devil can't be merciful when it suits him.


How did I feel? In the space of little more than a day, I discovered I'm the last in a line of cursed women that stretches all the way back to God's own daughter. Angels killed my parents and are still hunting me. I have actual supernatural powers. On top of all that, I've just had the best sex of several lifetimes with the Devil.


But buried in all the noise of his existence, hidden below the screaming crescendo of anger and defiance, is a deep well of iron resolve.
He believes.
He believes that stopping Uriel and protecting me is worth it, even if it costs him his life. It may have taken thousands of years, but the Devil finally sees humanity as something worth saving.
But revelation or not, I'm not going to let anyone else decide the destiny for one more Celestin woman. After all, I'm the Last, and I know with absolute certainty what is going to happen.
The princess is going to save herself in this one.
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3,349 reviews434 followers
July 12, 2018


I liked the title, cover (I love the cover) and blurb so I was looking forward to a good read.
Lucifer for me looked like Tom Ellis and spoke with a British accent. I just couldn’t shake it and therefore the book for me had a lighter feel than I think was intended. If you can read it without that Lucifer in your head then I think it will feel more like the author intended.

This is an enjoyable read and I have to say I liked Grace. I liked Lucifer obviously, I mean what’s not to like but Grace was a good female character. Strong levelheaded and took everything in her stride and I do mean everything.

Lucifer has risen from hell trying to solve the mystery of the missing souls. Enrolment is down in hell and he’s on earth to investigate.
Then he sees her and for the first time in so long he feels.

Grace is more than she first appears and her whole life has been building towards this showdown.

Like I said it’s an enjoyable read and I’m seriously considering moving onto the next book which belongs to Michael.
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578 reviews1 follower
April 22, 2019

This book is completely different from anything I have read before. It was very intriguing , sexy, and a sweet love story all in one.
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769 reviews37 followers
December 4, 2018
So many things happen in this book very quickly, insta love, this was interesting but I expected so much more....
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2,951 reviews49 followers
December 27, 2017
🔥🔥🔥Five Blazing Hot Stars 🔥🔥
Martell nails it with Lucifer! Found a new go-to author!
Action, heart, some serious twists, and turns- hidden subtle backstabs - and a whole lot of intrigue wrapped up for an all around five star read!
Grace is just prodding through life - everyone and everything that has ever mattered to her has been ripped from her life - doing her best to make it through each day- until the day she sees the darkness and heeds the signs
I am trying to write this so you do not miss all the fun of shouting "OMG" and "NO don't do it" while at the same time I
am just going to tell you if you want a romance that will keep you engaged, have you seriously swooning for the devil himself and leave you wanting more of both than this is it- look no further
And better yet it is currently available in Kindle Unlimited
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796 reviews
January 16, 2018
Lucifer 😈

This is a new author to me. I liked her writing style. I was definitely intrigued by the blurb. O decided to give this a try, I'm go glad I did. This was a fun read for me.

Grace lost her parents and moved to New Orleans. Gets a bartender job that she hates. She visits her mothers friend who warns her what is about to come. Grace feels a presence stalking her. Lucifer shows up. Is Lucifer after Grace, or is this devil trying to save her?
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4,967 reviews524 followers
April 8, 2019
Lucifer has left hell to get a feeling for what is going wrong with the humans. What he finds is Grace Celestin who draws him in in a way no other has. She is a mystery and is in danger from an old threat. Will Lucifer be able to protect the woman who is softening his heart?

This was great, very different and I thought Lucifer oozed charisma. Definitely an intriguing series and look forward to more to come.
217 reviews3 followers
April 10, 2020

DNF - I think around 30%

I'm rally surprised at the number of glowing reviews, perhaps I'll try and re-read it in the future and see if it's my frame of mind that's the issue. But it was just so meh.

The characters were pretty boring, the relationships felt forced and more than anything... it just copied the TV show? I think I must have given up before the story really started to kick in, but I just don't have it in me to continue with it right now.
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3,297 reviews10 followers
December 28, 2017
This is my first book by this author and I was not disappointed. Great read that was well written and it kept me hooked.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
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894 reviews33 followers
January 17, 2019
4/5 - I liked it but it was very blah in respect to intimacy.

This is a story about the Devil, Lucifer. Not horns and pitchfork but Lightbringer and Morningstar. It’s a beautifully told story and the writing is 100. My only gripe is the lack of descriptive intimacy. This is PNR but it leans more middle of the road on page naughtiness.

Grace is on the run. Lucifer is the only one that can save her. Who you think is the villain really isn’t. Grace and Lucifer heal each other and it’s rather romantic.

This takes place in New Orleans. It would consider this book an urban PNR. There is a lot of “Christianity” talk, some Voodoo/ Hoodoo aspects. It gets slightly bloody, battles and all.

Some cast of characters:

Lucifer, The Devil
Grace, heroine
Michael, archangel
Uriel, archangel
Phenex, fallen angel

So here’s the deal with this story. A lot of biblical theology is used and bent. Story wise it’s great. For the biblical theology college student I had some problems tackling the blatant blasphemy. Obviously I’m not a hardcore bible thumper look at reading catalogue; I’m just saying something’s were tough for me. But I didn’t let it effect how I rated this book.

Book 2: Archangel - can’t wait
Book 3: Phenex - really can’t wait
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558 reviews1 follower
October 13, 2019
I found this book completely enthralling.

Ava Martell has a very distinctive writing style. She is a true wordsmith and the reader is drawn into her story from the first page. A very intriguing look at Heaven and Hell, good and evil, right and wrong, love and hate, and all the shades of grey in between. Definitely a worthwhile read and I am looking forward to "Archangel," the second book in the series.
463 reviews1 follower
January 31, 2019
I would give 10 perfect stars if I could

This is by a mile the best Lucifer book that I have read. Its depth of description, psychological set and premises surpass any other work of this type. I hope the books that follow from Ava are this good.
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139 reviews2 followers
May 14, 2020
Not too impressed. I give 3 stars. Just a paranormal romance involving Lucifer, Archangel Michael, Uriel, Phenex and a girl with divine bloodline called Grace.
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572 reviews9 followers
December 6, 2021
My first book by this author, it was really good, slow start but it kinda has to be to get the back story...I will continue this series.
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30 reviews
September 11, 2018
Great for lovers of the television show Lucifer. An obvious and perhaps tired comparison, but there is no denying this book has much in common with it. I came here purposely looking for a story like that, one of love and redemption for the Devil himself, so I wasn’t disappointed. A fairly quick, fiery read because you won’t want to put it down.
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389 reviews32 followers
December 28, 2017
Grace’s back in New Orleans after leaving seven years ago when her parents died. Despite having a degree in journalism, she’s working as a bartender at a bar in the tourist district. Leaving work late at night leads to some creepy encounters, but it becomes more than that when she discovers that not only is she being followed, but someone was actually in her home as she slept.
Lucifer is the Devil, literally. Suspecting his brother, Archangel Michael, has released demons on poor humanity, he decides to make a trip to Earth and fix the mess. But soon he’s being told of prophecies and a “her” that will change everything for him, and possibly Heaven and Hell as we know it.

Lucifer is full of biblical trivia that I’ve either long since forgotten about or simply never heard of, and it’s pretty interesting. The way that Martell weaves centuries-old stories into modern day is impressive, but it’s even more impressive how sympathetic she’s able to write the actual Devil. The romance between Grace and Lucifer is powerful and unique. Very little of their relationship is predictable, and the same is true for the entire plot.

The book is a standalone, but the ending is more open-ended than I would’ve preferred, but that’s just me. I anticipate there will be more books in the series and presume it’s possible to see Grace and Lucifer again in the future.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 18 books10 followers
February 2, 2018
I have often wondered if Lucifer's evil reputation is well deserved. This book certainly casts doubt on this theory. How can God's favourite suddenly not only stumble but fall headlong into the fiery pit? A well written novel, 'Lucifer' casts doubt on the wisdom of God's experimental creation of the Human race. I loved how the author creates a new character, namely Grace, adding her to the Holy Trinity. That was a complete surprise. All the characters are well drawn and the story rolls along beautifully. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I look forward to more from Ms Martell.
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Author 10 books122 followers
March 24, 2020
Hell, yes! Pun somewhat intended ;) Ava, you can count on me being a faithful reader after just one book. I loved the layers of the characters, how they evolved and grew in a realistic way despite the crazy supernatural chaos around them. The steamy scenes were on point and never too much or overdone. The action scenes were easy to picture in my mind and the plot was filled with just enough twists and turns at all the right places to make this book difficult to put down. Oh, and the writing quality was superb. :)
January 10, 2019
"The Devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and horns. He comes as everything you've ever wished for."


She sees virtues. He sees sins.

Lucifer by Ava Martell makes you think about what it means to be the Devil. The Keeper of Hell. Does he tempt sin, or does he punish the sinners? Sure, in real life it might be the first of the two, but the Lucifer portrayed in this book makes you understand exactly why he was God's favorite in the first place.

The book begins with him starting a vacation away from Hell, which does have a purpose, but Lucifer plans on feasting on a little human sin during his time on earth first. On a mission to find what's behind the dry-spell of souls being banished to his home, he finds himself in the middle of a quarrel with his long lost brothers, Michael and Uriel. He didn't plan for such a tempting distraction, though. A woman that has her own pain and demons to fight.
"Whatever happens, this was real." I tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear, my voice wavering the slightest bit. "You made the Devil love you. Remember that."

Lucifer is such a softy in this book and I absolutely loved it. Who knew that he would be a man with pain of his own? His character was intriguing from the beginning. I actually think he was the only character that caught my attention because he was so real and so hurt that every other character's problems failed to pull at my heartstrings. He yearns for the calm surety that only Heaven can give him, and in his eyes, Grave Celestin is the closest he will get to it. She's a ball of warm light that his darkness wants to bask in.
"Heaven never made me kneel, but for a taste of her I’d gladly prostrate myself."

I was hoping for more of a slow burn romance and I'm disappointed to say that I didn't get that in this book. The two main characters fell in love with little buildup and the steamy scenes were rushed and not very steamy. Truthfully, I fell more in love with Lucifer's journey and his sweet words rather than with his and Grace's relationship. I just didn't connect to her character at all. She was a little too dull for my taste and she seemed far too accepting of her fate. I could have read this book and been more satisfied if her character was removed completely.
"I am Lucifer. Prince of Lies. Lord of Hell. The Supreme Tempter of Mankind. And somewhere underneath the blood-soaked memories of Hell, I am still the Bringer of Light. The Morningstar. His favorite."

As for the writing, I found it confusing at times when the author switched back and forth between first and third person. It always threw my brain for a loop and I would find myself stopping for a moment to gather my bearings. Other than that, it was an enrapturing read!

3.5 Stars.

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454 reviews14 followers
April 8, 2020
This is my first time reading anything from Ava Martell and I'm really, really freaking glad that I did.

Grace lost her parents to a horrible car accident when she was a teen. Now after college she is looking to find her place in the world, which lets her go back to New Orleans, the city where she grew up and where she lost her family. The only problem with this is that something in New Orleans is looking for her, with no good intentions.

Lucifer. We all heard about him, right? In the church, from other's people mouths, what he is, what he was, what he represents. What if there was something more to the Fallen Angel than what meets the eye? I'm not saying he's good, because he is definitively the King of Hell but what if... what if there was a light left inside of him, some part of that beautiful Angel that God created...

I love stories when the seeming villain is not what it seems. This was an enthralling story and I was hooked from the first couple of paragraphs. Every word, every way of looking at the world, at how people acted, reacted. I have a healthy respect for the supernatural myself, even though I know it's not something people widely accept, so this kind of fantastic story always made me think.

The biblical references are just spot on to what I've been hearing all my life and the questions the author presents are just so compelling I could not put the book down. I ended up reading until 3 am and woke up with my eyes all puffy because of it the next morning, but it was so worth it for me.

The characters were well crafted, with enough background to make me feel like I could get a real grasp of who they were and what they were about. I like the mysterious aura of the book and the moments when I found myself nodding because I agree with some of the things I was reading about. The world is our own and not at the same time, this is a piece of fiction with enough reality in it that you can't just shake the feeling that some of it click.

The plot twists, the Archangels and Lucifer's friend, that was a roller coaster. I could do nothing but watch how things happened and try to piece together why it was happening. I did not piece together the real bad guy in this story yet. I know he was put in his place, what I don't understand or grasp just yet is why. What happened to make him like that?

I'm happy with the ending and it says it's book 1 from a series, which means I'm going to be following this author to see when the next book is coming out because I want to read that too. I couldn't recommend this book enough. If the New Orleans setting and the biblical theme is not enough to attract you, maybe the spice that this book has between Lucifer and Grace can make you dive right in.

*I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book provided by Hidden Gems*
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1,251 reviews44 followers
May 1, 2018
I wasn’t sure at first but I loved it by the end....

Grace seemed like such an apathetic and dour character full of self pity and little else but she quickly starts to grow and change when she meets Lucifer ....
I loved the intelligent,strong,kind and determined and resourceful person we see emerge, that I personally hadn’t
been expecting....

I loved than even when gaining her own power and losing some fear she still had some common sense : “ and a pair of black flats (because when you might have to run for your life from a murderous angel only an idiot wears heels).”
Lol, that was Grace and she’s right only an idiot goes into a potentially dangerous situation wearing heels , but you know what ?

I’ve had too many,too many books where not only does the supposedly ( very smart and strong heroine ( she has to be, we’re told she is constantly) do something stupid like wear expensive heels to a crime scene out in the woods or muddy farm land where a carnival is being held,even worse you have heroine in every romance sub genre military,cowboy,paranormal, alien,shifters,vampires, ( almost always in) contemporary,steam punk ,you name it getting angry and then going off to a bar alone to get drunk..
Seriously ?

While Grace started off in a bar, I loved that even though devil or not she couldn’t see he was just a stupid man at times,she almost always seemed to have common sense...
Not enough characters have that in books sadly...
I also loved that she followed her instincts, she knew when to question and hen to just feel and let go...
Lucifer on other hand was deeply conflicted and while I did get it, hearing about it over and over again started to wear on me a bit and I really wanted to smack him upside the head more then once when he kept making the classic to the point of cliché move of chasing away the woman you love and are trying to protect “ supposedly for her own good”...
Such BS! Luc...
Such BS!
Being literally older than dirt you’d think he’d have a clue...
but no, sadly, no... it’s bad enough to sell her abilities short,but news flash ! If she’s all on her own who’s gonna help her if the bad guy finds her before you find him,while your off being all delusional and everything ?
Laughs or worse , you start to get yours handed to you and need her to back you up ?
Huh ?
That’s what I thought ...
I loved this story and I hope there will be more, even though Lucifer was a but dumb at times, I had a lot of fun..
Thank you ❣️
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January 12, 2019
The Devil Meets His Match

After Lucifer claws his way out of hell into modern day New Orleans, his path crosses Grace Celestin, a young woman tending bar in a tavern. Thus begins an ancient prophecy. Who is good? Who can be trusted? What secret power lays hidden in Grace's blood that could redeem the devil?

Lucifer, book 1 in a series by Ava Martell, has some of the same plot elements as the tv show, but it's a different story. (Even if the devil speaks with a British accent in my head & resembles Tom Elliot in my mind.) Grace is unique & has a calming effect on her Lucifer while he lends her strength to fulfill her destiny. Their attraction to each other is fiery hot.

I enjoy a good paranormal romance but have grown weary of Vampires & shifters. Redeeming the devil is a great alternative.
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May 18, 2020
Lost interest. I was intrigued because ever since becoming a fan of Lucifer (the TV show) I've been obsessed with this version of his story...fallen angel who isn't REALLY evil just misunderstood. But there just aren't enough pages in this book for the proper exposition needed to tell this story.

Things are moving too fast, characters aren't reacting the way any normal person would react. One of my biggest pet peeves is characters doing stupid and unrealistic crap in order to hurry a story along. This girl just met the Devil and is just like "okay come to my house"...yea, NO.

So, unfortunately, this is going to be a DNF for me. I will have to just stick with the TV show to get my fill of this brand of Lucifer for now.
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