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An enchanting story from Maggie Stiefvater featuring Opal, Ronan, and Adam from her bestselling Raven Cycle, taking place after the events of The Raven King.

42 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 27, 2018

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About the author

Maggie Stiefvater

81 books168k followers
New York Times bestselling author of The Shiver Trilogy, The Raven Cycle, and The Scorpio Races. Artist. Driver of things with wheels. Avid reader.

Maggie Stiefvater plays several musical instruments (most infamously, the bagpipes) and makes art in several media (most generally, colored pencils).

She lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her husband, their two children, many dogs, a bunch of fainting goats, and a mating pair of growly tuner cars.

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548 reviews34.7k followers
September 21, 2019
”With intellectual curiosity, she watched ribs and hips and arms and legs and spines. She had no lust, because Ronan hadn’t dreamt any for her, but she also had no shame, because Ronan hadn’t dreamt any of that for her, either.”

Seriously, I didn’t even realize that I needed this so badly, but to be back in this world!? Ahh, it was so amazing and more than just wholesome for my heart. =))

Opal is such an honest character and I absolutely adored her innocence and the way she perceives the world. To see Adam and Ronan through her eyes was such a funny and intriguing experience. I mean most of the time she has no idea what she’s witnessing but her feelings and her love for Ronan and Adam were so tangible that it hurt.

”Adam had taken the cassette from Ronan’s hand, working Ronan’s fingers loose and putting his own fingers between them. For a moment Opal, hidden, had thought they were going to kiss. But instead, Ronan pressed his face against Adam’s neck and Adam quietly put his head on top of Ronan’s head and they did not move for a long time.”

My two favourite boys had a lot to deal with in this short story and to say it was intense would be putting it more than just lightly. But to see them interact, to see their pain and the aftermath of what happened at the end of “The Raven King” was really sad, bittersweet, beautiful and quite a sight to behold. I loved that they were there for each other and that they always tried to work things out. Still, to read that Ronan cried broke my heart, what got me the most was this scene though:

”I didn’t think I’d be able to, now that I’m not tied to the line anymore.”
“I was never tied to it,” one of the ladies had replied, “and I’ve always felt it.”
“But you’re a psychic.”
Adam had laid out his words as carefully as they’d put down their cards on the table. “Am I?”
“Of course,” one of the other ladies had said. “Did you think you’d lost everything when Cabeswater died?”
“Yes,” Adam had whispered, and Opal had felt a rush of love for him. She loved him the best when he was very sad or very serious or very happy.

Bless Adam and his soft, deliberate way to deal with things. GAH! I loved him even more after reading that scene and this is almost impossible because I love him so much already! <333

This was balm for my soul and the best comfort read I could have wished for! XD
Thank you, Maggie! <3 I can’t wait to read “Call Down the Hawk”!

Okay, it's official, I need a comfort read.
And since I'm kinda Ronan Lynch's twin nothing is more comforting than Adam Parrish! <333
I love my boy so much and I really, really need him right now. XD
So I'll crash on my sofa and will cuddle with Adam. *lol*

See you later, guys! ;-P


With Opal?!
This year!?
Expected to be published THIS MARCH!!!???? *clutches her chest*


I'm going to die!!! <333
Kill me Maggie!!! Bring it!!! Oh please, destroy me!!!
What a sweet sweet death this will be!! *lol*

P.S: Ohhhh it has a cover now too!!! I. AM. IN. LOVE.! XD
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1,176 reviews98.9k followers
March 5, 2018
1.) The Raven Boys ★★★★★
2.) The Dream Thieves ★★★★★
3.) Blue Lily, Lily Blue ★★★★★
4.) The Raven King ★★★★★

“She loved him the best when he was very sad or very serious or very happy. ”

You all, I can’t even begin to put into words how good it felt to be back in this world. And Opal is such an amazing protagonist to see the world through. She’s so curious, and so precious. My favorite secret. I loved animal days and I loved dream days. I loved it all.

“…and something about when Ronan made him laugh so hard that he couldn’t stop made her love him so hard that she felt sad because one day he would get old and die because that was what things with animalness did.”

Opal is a short story under forty pages where we are able to see the events that are happening after The Raven King, but through Opal’s eyes. Opal is the little dream creature that Ronan made, and she is so adorable. I literally was laughing out loud so many times turning this. Opal’s mind is a wonderful place to be, and it truly made the story that much more special.

“She had to content herself with stolen glimpses through cracked doors, slender one-inch views of duvet and sheets piled like thunderheads, Adam and sometimes Ronan pillowed among them.”

And my soft boy and my hard boy. Both so pure, so worthy of love, so perfect. I cried happy, light tears while reading this entire thing. Then I sobbed when it was over, because I missed this world so much. The only other series that makes me feel this way is Harry Potter, and even though JK Rowling is trying to single handedly ruin my childhood nostalgia, there is no higher praise than to compare The Raven Cycle to Harry Potter. If Harry Potter was my childhood, The Raven Cycle is my 20s.

I am not sure how Maggie Stiefvater does it. How she strings these words together and makes the most beautiful prose my eyes have ever seen. Her words impact me and touch my soul. Her words leave me speechless. Her words are nothing short of magic.

The sort of rain that makes one happy and sad at the same time. Fireflies. Harvesting all the trash. Clenched fists. Long walks home. Secret barns. Secret phone calls. Secret girls. You all, I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt to be back in this world. The transportation power of these books is unlike any other. Cabeswater is truly the one literary place I want to go more than any other, and I can’t wait to have a new home, too.

“There were no rules in dreams so you could try anything.”

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Also, talking about this at length and with ridiculous detail with my dear friend Julie made this reading experience even better. I’m so blessed to have her, and honored to call her my friend, and so privileged to fall in love with these characters with her. 💙
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570 reviews3,197 followers
June 5, 2020


If you've previously read my reviews* for any of the books in the Raven Cycle, you probably know by now that I'm a huge fan of Ronan Lynch. So finding out about this short story dedicated to Opal, aka Ronan's dream girl, had me beyond keen on returning to their world.

“She was to remember that she was a secret.”

Set after the events of The Raven King, this story, like all the best things, starts with a dream. And just like that, upon opening the first page, I felt like I had never left this world, even though it's been nearly two years since I first read the books. It's even more magical than I could have envisioned. And I have so much to discuss, so let's start at the very beginning:

(Spoilers from here.)

•  We're back at the loyal Barns, featuring Opal, Ronan, and Adam, and thanks to Opal's excellent eavesdropping, we get an insider’s scoop into their lives that just hits the mark of satisfied:

“She had to content herself with stolen glimpses through cracked doors, slender one-inch views of duvet and sheets piled like thunderheads, Adam and sometimes Ronan pillowed among them.”

I missed my sleepy boys...

• Good: Ronan's intent of dreaming up a better and safer Cabeswater. Watching him dream is always one of my favorite bits because that's Ronan at his most vulnerable. Speaking of which, this delicate shared moment made my heart flip:

“The only thing that had ever made her blink away was when Adam had once encountered Ronan in the second-floor hallway. Ronan had been standing outside of his parents’ old room, one hand holding a cassette tape and the other clenched into a fist, and he’d been there for quite a few minutes by the time Adam climbed the stairs. Adam had taken the cassette from Ronan’s hand, working Ronan’s fingers loose and putting his own fingers between them. For a moment Opal, hidden, had thought they were going to kiss. But instead, Ronan pressed his face against Adam’s neck and Adam quietly put his head on top of Ronan’s head and they did not move for a long time. Something about this made Opal burn so furiously that she could not stand to look a second longer.”

As I read, all I could think of was this fanart:

• Ronan cares so much for Adam, and you can feel it oozing off the page through the tiniest of moments:

“Ronan was less thrilled to discover Adam’s inventive way of travel. “What the hell, Parrish? I was just about to leave to get you. Who dropped you off?”
“I walked.”
“Ha ha.” Ronan’s real laugh did not sound like ha ha, but this was not Ronan’s real laugh. When Adam didn’t explain the joke, he said, “Walked. From where?”
“Work.” Adam had ceased frolicking and instead removed his shoes and then his socks before sitting at the round table in the kitchen.
“Work. What. The. Hell. I told you I was going to pick you up.”
“I needed to walk.” Adam put his head on the table.”

• Bad: We were saved from seeing the raven gang disperse in The Raven King, but it's pretty much unavoidable here... and I wasn't ready.

“I’m coming back,” he said.
She tore up some more grass, but she felt a little less wobbly having heard him say it.
“I don’t want to go, but I do — does that make sense?” he asked her. It did, especially if she thought about how some of her dreamthing’s happy-sadness might have rubbed off on him because they were sitting so close. “It’s just that it’s finally starting. You know. Life.”

You deserve so much, Adam.

• Good: Seeing things captured through Opal's eyes was a curious experiment that I find this passage conveys best:

“Ronan was not there to tell Opal it was all right for this visitor to see her, so Opal hid herself and watched the lady stalk through the mist to the back door. The lady tried the doorknob and the doorknob shook its head no, but then she opened her purse and did something else to the doorknob and the door said yes and opened for her.”

To capture the otherworldliness of Opal I simply had to listen to this equally mesmerizing song.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.46.55
If anything, this swift read prepared me for any and all future events set to occur next. I just hope the wait for the following book won't be too long.

“There were no rules in dreams so you could try anything.”

* Reviews: The Raven BoysThe Dream ThievesBlue Lily, Lily BlueThe Raven King.

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Note: I'm an Amazon Affiliate. If you're interested in buying Opal, just click on the image below to go through my link. I'll make a small commission!

This review and more can be found on my blog.
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2,555 reviews35.7k followers
March 25, 2019
i woke up this morning with a strong longing for my raven boys and this definitely helped my pining. this short story is such a dream, one i swear ronan dreamt up himself.

the writing in this is quite lovely. opals voice and point of view is so unique, so innocent. it gives such a pure quality to ronan and adams relationship with each other, and with her. this story isnt exactly necessarily, but it does provide a good bridge for the upcoming ronan trilogy.

also, this moment:

‘she loved him the best when he was very sad or very serious or very happy. something about his voice breaking filled her with feeling, and something about the vacancy of his expression when he was thinking hard felt like she was looking at a dream with nothing bad in it, and something about when ronan made him laugh so hard that he couldnt stop made her love him so hard that she felt sad because one day he would get old and die because that was what things with animalness did.’

same, opal. sameeee. adam parrish is everything. <3

3.5 stars
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1,589 reviews157k followers
December 9, 2020

Sometimes bad ideas were so bad they looped right around until they became good ideas.
The war is over, the battles are all won... but what now?

Gansey and Blue are off on an adventure, Adam will be leaving soon and Ronan needs to figure out creating a new Cabeswater...but what about Opal?

Well, for one hoofed-girl, there are quite a lot of things to be learned.
Hiding objects from other people counted as stealing, unless the objects were presents, which you hid but then laughed about later.
She has decided to just live life in the presence...and learn as much as she can in the process.

But there is something sinister lurking around.
She could hear that the long barn was full of dreamstuff, and she was afraid of it.
And she quickly realizes that the sinister-stuff is coming soon.

Ahhh! Just when I needed more Pynch in my life, Stiefvater delivers.
But instead, Ronan pressed his face against Adam’s neck and Adam quietly put his head on top of Ronan’s head and they did not move for a long time.
I loved getting the world through Opal's slightly wild and zany perspective.

She's such an interesting character and her way of viewing this is so uniquely her!
Dead things were not to be eaten on the porch, which was a hard rule, because living things were also not to be eaten on the porch.
She just kills me.

All in all, I am so happy to be back in this world and cannot wait to read the next book!

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Profile Image for Grace (BURTSBOOKS).
153 reviews361 followers
February 28, 2018
Um screw Maggie Stiefvater for being so damn talented holy shit..... it isn't just how she writes, it's what she writes and the emotions and thoughts she explores. So unique and captivating... I will never get tired of reading her work.

Also, I love Adam so much and I missed him so much and now that I'm finished this I miss him again. No character will ever compare to him in my books.

Also, give me the dreamer trilogy right now and make every chapter in Opals point of view. K thanks bye

P.S. Ronan is the only character apart from Ron Weasley who can make me laugh out loud like a crazy person while I'm reading, so there's that
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1,748 reviews5,288 followers
November 23, 2019
#1 The Raven Boys ★★★★★
#2 The Dream Thieves ★★★★★
#3 Blue Lily, Lily Blue ★★★★★
#4 The Raven King ★★★★★
#4.5 Opal ★★★★★

How could I possibly, in any way, shape or form, give this less than 5 stars? I've become so obsessed with this series and these wonderful characters, and all this did was make me crave the Ronan trilogy even more than I already was.

Opal is precious, bizarre, hilarious, and a legitimate treasure. That said, the real gem in this story is watching Ronan and Adam interact and try to muddle their way through coping with their respective traumas and futures. Every soft little moment made me want to cry and protect them. Maggie could captivate my heart and soul with five pages or less, so you can only imagine how much I cherish these 38, and how desperately I wish she could/would release more short stories to hold us over during these dark, Pynch-less times. 😭
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1,871 reviews54.8k followers
October 24, 2018
hey, anyone know if there's a small magic hooved child I can be friends with? just wondering.

this wasn't so much a "story" as a "small plotless image," but as long as said plotless image takes place in the world of the Raven Cycle in the language of Maggie Stiefvater I am happy as a clam my dear boy.

also if The Raven King hadn't made me fall a lil (I said LIL - no I told you sos) in love with Adam and Ronan, a) this story wouldn't have and b) it would have been pretty boring. but that wasn't a problem. and Opal is cool as hell.

also I miss Gansey.

bottom line: Maggie Stiefvater could write a grocery list and be like "this existed in the same world as Richard Gansey III" and I would preorder it.


maggie stiefvater, listen to me. maggie stiefvater LOOK ME IN THE EYES. i will never have enough Raven Cycle. ok? you could write a million books in this series and it would NEVER BE TOO MUCH.

(please write a million books in this series.)
Profile Image for Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen).
425 reviews1,642 followers
March 1, 2018
4 Stars
(5++++++++ Stars for Adam and Ronan)

"It won't be what you imagined, but it'll be just as good."

Holy hell have I missed these characters. This is only 30 pages, but Ronan and Adam are just as dynamic and interesting as they are in TRC. There's hints of both of them maturing and healing, as well as making plans for the future, and it's amazing.

But-- and I know I'm the minority here... I don't love Opal?

I think she's funny. I think she's quirky. She's definitely unique and seeing her perspective was fun. But I still feel like she raises more questions than she answers?

(And I'm still not sure why she exists??)

So as much as I loved seeing these characters again, and the direction it was all headed, everything was framed by Opal's perspective. This made things a little odd, and quite a few spots intentionally vague (for example, there's a lot of focus on just dialogue, and not either character's expression or mannerisms)

...but as this sets up for further installments, that's probably the point???

Ugh. Can I please have The Dreamer Trilogy now????

Also, my favorite quote (which is even more hilarious out of context)

"Can you just--shit."
"God won't get me a towel."
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724 reviews258 followers
December 30, 2020
Please excuse me while I lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling, trying to sort out what the hell just happened to my heart. Apparently Ronan and Adam's adventures on the farm with their little dream girl is everything I've ever needed.

“Sometimes bad ideas were so bad they looped right around until they became good ideas.”

Why did I think I was prepared for this novella?

a) The Raven Cycle withdrawal was too much
b) I love Pynch more than any other fictional couple
c) Call Down The Hawk was too far away
d) Pynch + dream girl opal = protective dads Ronan/Adam?

It's all of the above. Duh.

Told from the perspective of Opal, Ronan’s dream girl, this novella surrounds her small adventures out and around the farm. It was beautiful to follow Opal as she discovered the simple lessons of the world. Getting a glimpse into something of a childlike mind was lovely, it was so interesting to see the different way she views things.

As for Ronan and Adam, my love for them has only increased. I tear up thinking about Ronan’s phone calls to Gansey, him looking at his parents’ photo and silently crying, him encouraging Adam to pursue college. Tears come to my eyes because Ronan has always feared being alone, and the fact that he thinks everyone he loves is leaving him really hurts to think about. Ronan is my favourite character of all time, and seeing him think everyone is moving on, that no one will come back to him, is too much.

This novella was absolutely perfect for me. I always say that Maggie’s writing feels like magic itself. The Raven Cycle is something of a comfort for me, and so naturally I fell in love with this story. Beautiful.
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1,048 reviews1,382 followers
April 25, 2018
Post-reading review:
Adammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I like adam but I am not the biggest fan of Ronan
The writing style gets 5 stars
The story gets 3, nothing too special as the rest of the series!
(already read it twice to make sure I didn't miss anything)

Pre reading review:
Adammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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263 reviews94 followers
March 6, 2018
I literally have like no words enough how to describe my feelings after again submerging myself into the world of The Raven Boys.
I have missed them and this excerpt is one more perfect drop into the Cabeswater of memories!
For me, the wonderful way to express after reading Opal:
Opal is as abstract as Ronan’s dreams.

P.S.: This will always remain my favourite gang!
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681 reviews620 followers
March 7, 2018
I love it! This is amazing, its just so short, why is this not longer?

The setting of the novella is the summer after the incident at Cabeswater, Only Adam, Ronan and Orphan girl are present in this biok, even at that its amazing to read about these three adapting to regular life especially Orphan girl.

Opal(i.e Orphan girl) is the narrator of this book, its so cool been in her head, her thoughts about human life is hilarious, even the way she views Adam and Ronan.

The only thing stopping me from rating this 5 stars, is the lack of Adam and Ronan, I wanted more of them in these but got very little.
Profile Image for Sabrina.
477 reviews252 followers
March 3, 2018
I can’t wait to have a entire trilogy of freaking Ronan!❤️
I need more Adam.😫
And I loved Opal😍

Adam and Ronan in this were a blessing that I really needed it. I NEED MORE NOW!

“Opal often got full days of him, only having to share with Chainsaw, who Opal resented hugely and sometimes daydreamed of eating”

yes😂. Everyone wants Ronan.
Profile Image for Cesar.
366 reviews237 followers
March 4, 2018
5 stars.


38 pages of bittersweet moments that made me smile. It's nice to come back to the Raven Cycle world with my two favorite boys and their companion, Opal. This may have been a short novella, but it was definitely worth reading.

I've always been curious about Opal and Ronan and their dynamics since their personalities are different. With Opal, we get to see how she sees the world and the way she acts around Ronan and Adam. Then we have our favorite boy Ronan who can come off as a bit harsh but has a heart of gold when it comes to Opal. It was so freaking cute.

We also get to see more of Ronan and Adam together and IT WAS EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED! You can tell that Ronan and Adam love each other and the moments when they're together is so cute and sweet. I smiled throughout the whole story.

Ronan+Adam+Opal= One big happy family!



What can I say, I am Raven Boy trash and am not ashamed to admit it. This is a great novella.

Thanks for reading my review!

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588 reviews132 followers
March 4, 2018
this was so adorable and sad and funny and magical AND it’s provided me with more questions than answers ANYWAY i need ronan trilogy NOWW


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390 reviews899 followers
March 7, 2018
4.25 stars!!!

I'm willing to sell both of my kidneys for additional Pynch moments. I. AM. THAT. DESPERATE.

This book is once again, a tease. I won't be guilty to admit that I was dying to read this book because I expected a lot of Ronan and Adam moments here but I was damn disappointed!!! But nonetheless, I'll take what I can get. It's better to have something than nothing right?

This story is intriguing because Maggie hinted some things and some characters that might appear to the dreamer trilogy. Though this book really centers to Opal. She's occasionally weird and sometimes charming girl. She has this weird perspective of things and not-so-normal kind of state of mind. I was hoping that this book was more about the three of them and not only focused on Opal.

I just can't wait for more. CAN’T WAIT!
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141 reviews64 followers
February 2, 2020
I am sooo happy to have re-read this! Now i am all ready for "Call down the hawk" eeek!!!

I loved this short story so so much! Made me realize how much I have missed them - fabulous! I soooo want more!!..
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2,065 reviews1,477 followers
February 14, 2023
First Read: February 2020, Rating: 4/5 stars
Second Read: February 2023, Rating: 4/5 stars

"She was never tame. Only afraid."

This is a short novella from Opal's perspective, to bridge the gap between The Raven Cycle and The Dreamer trilogy.

Opal is born from a dream and so has the curiosity and innocent perspective of a child. It was dually heart-warming and heart-breaking to view how the characters have progressed, since the events in The Raven King, from her perspective. A portion of this was giggle-out-loud funny but the latter events were infused with clutch-your-chest sorrow. I am so ready for Call Down the Hawk, now!
Profile Image for Kat.
Author 9 books408 followers
June 16, 2022
The Raven Cycle is back! More Adam and Ronan! Oh how I adored this short story, narrated from the POV of Opal, who is an adorable narrator with her receipt-eating and annoyance with certain rules like She's delightful and impish and gives us just enough glimpses of our Raven boys to leave me absolutely longing for the next trilogy. I think the cutest thing was her limited understanding of things, like that made the narration so cute and so so Raven Boys. MS just has an amazing writing voice. And oh the Ronan/Adam feels. I am such a shipper for these two guys and now will be absolutely drooling until we get their full trilogy. Thank you so much to Maggie for writing this!

Profile Image for Maggie ☘.
538 reviews658 followers
February 13, 2019
HELL YEAH RONAN AND ADAM and OPAL!!!!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! Really excited for the new trilogy to come out. 4.75 stars

“Sometimes bad ideas were so bad they looped right around until they became good ideas.”

Right after saying this, Adam said, in a different voice, “I’m being a shithead.”
“You are. And a shitfoot. Where are your shoes?”
“Still under the table.”
“Opal, could you get them for him?”
Opal could not, because it was too boring to go back to the house when they were out here being exciting in the dark. What she could get them was that jar of twenty fireflies, which she released in Adam’s face as she scampered by him. He reared back while Ronan enjoyed the scenery.
“She’s so useful,” Adam said. Opal preened..
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71 reviews100 followers
September 27, 2019
the pynch was domestic ! handholding ! making out ! dumbassery and Tenderness !
also opal is cute & im READY for call down the hawk. bring it on maggie, im a bad bitch you can’t kill me
wow i can’t wait to read this novella based on my favorite ya trilogy!!! can’t wait to ignore trk completely and live off of domestic pynch!!! 😌
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2,741 reviews711 followers
March 16, 2018
Well. This had me confused in parts because it’s been so long since I read the series and now I’ll have to prioritize my reread.

However, I loved seeing things from Opal’s POV and of course Ronan and Adam and my sweetness, Chainsaw.

I’ve never wanted the Ronan books more.
Profile Image for Read with Sandee ・❥・.
656 reviews1,293 followers
March 11, 2018
When I heard Maggie was doing something with Adam and Ronan, I was super excited! Becauseeeee... I love them in the original series and I want to read more about them and their relationship. I didn't expect it to be like this though.

• I'm pretty much like Opal right now, I have no fucking clue what just happened.
• The writing is just as eerie and mysterious, but reading it from Opal's POV, kinda didn't work for me. Don't get me wrong, Opal's cute. But I don't think as a narrator she worked for me.
Oh Adam and Ronan. So many hearts. I want more. You sort of got a glimpse of what it would be like once they became parents. Lol. Too fucking cute.
• Who the hell is the woman who went through Ronan's computer???
• See my problem is, since Opal doesn't really know much, you don't know much either. You only know what she knows and, sometimes, it gets to my nerves.
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272 reviews163 followers
April 27, 2018
4/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"He had always been dying in his dreams, or getting small pieces cut off him, or being pitted against faceless gunmen. Nuclear bombs exploded in his hands and fish broke through windows to ruin sofas and myriad bodies showed up in myriad driveways. Not all of his dreams were terrible, but that made them collectively worse, not better."

Didn't know I needed this. Obviously not going to be writing a full review, as this is a short story, and I don't really feel as though it's necessary, but this was beautiful! Opal's perspective was a joy to read from. Loved the writing (no surprise there)! Also enjoyed getting to see certain characters again!

"“Damn you.” That was a swear that Opal was also not supposed to say (but sometimes did, over and over again, to the sleeping cows, at a whisper, to see if the shock would wake them)."
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134 reviews103 followers
May 1, 2018
this book features in this blog post on starburnt reads
adam and ronan?
adam and ronan.

seriously though, this was really well written (as always, ha, it's stiefvater), and i loved opal's unique voice and way of seeing the world. i also love how there was actually a plot and sense of intrigue/mystery.

short stories often fall flat for me or bore me, because sometimes it takes a while for me to get really into a story, and i walk away feeling like there wasn't enough substance to leave a lasting impression. but with this one, i already loved the characters, and the writing and sadness and mystery was enough to be something really lovely. i first read The Raven Cycle a year ago and haven't done much in the way of a reread since, so it was great to revisit this world.

Opal, in quotes and images:

Adam did not live at the barns, much to Opal's disappointment.

He seemed to regard this as his primary job, to dream of not sucking.

She'd been so afraid of the absolute worst that she'd missed the absolute best.

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