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Marble isn’t the only thing that’s hard at this museum.

His body is as chiseled as Adonis. His lips are as sculpted as David. And his ego is the size of the Guggenheim.

You know the type—wolfish smile and the gravity of a black hole. The kind of man who sucks all the air from the room the second he enters it. My cocky boss thinks this internship was wasted on me, and he doesn’t hesitate to let me know.

But he’s wrong, and I’m going to prove it to him. If I can stay away from his devil lips, that is. Lips that cut me down and kiss me in the same breath, leaving me certain he’s on a mission to ruin my life.

And maybe my heart.

*A brand new STANDALONE romantic comedy full of steam, laughs, and heart by bestselling author Staci Hart*

295 pages, Paperback

First published April 9, 2018

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About the author

Staci Hart

58 books6,067 followers
I was the kid who stayed inside to read.

As a four-eyed nerd with a bad perm, I was no one’s dodgeball pick, but I had a lot of friends. Frodo and Bilbo, for instance. Kristy, Stacey, Claudia and the gang (iykyk). Once, in the third grade, I wrote a teen murder mystery inspired by Christopher Pike. On solving my mystery in twelve pages, I decided I was a terrible writer and should never, ever do that again.

Fortunately, I didn’t take my own advice.

I write romance for that feeling you get at the end, like you’re standing on top of a mountain with a backpack full of hundred dollar bills. I write romcoms because is there anything better than banter and grand gestures? I write because I love to create and I love words. I love books, and I love stretching my imagination. I love love, and if you do too, bring your coffee and have a seat. I think we’re gonna be friends.

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/quirkybird
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210 reviews3 followers
September 24, 2019
2 stars for the writing on art. Minus one for the male lead who is an almost Harvey Weinstein in Brad Pitt's skin. Minus two for the female lead who is the lovechild of Bella Swan & Anastasia Steele.
Please stop writing characters who are always
1. Rambling because it's trending
2. Clumsy for the sake of it
3. Fidgeting for no reason
4. Accident Prone because it's cute
5. Self Depricating cause it's noble
6. Unaware of their model-like looks
7. Nervous in all other aspects except when it comes to sex they're vixens (this one's a mind boggler)
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3,814 reviews32.4k followers
May 17, 2018
4 stars!!!


Staci Hart is one of those authors who can do emotional, funny, sexy, angsty- she can pretty much do it all. Piece of Work is a work place romance that is fun, sweet, steamy, and has everything I love about a Staci Hart book! 

Rin is a grad student who is a bit shy and awkward. From the moment I first met Rin, I adored her. She has a great group of friends but lacks confidence. She is tall, lanky, and uncomfortable in her skin. This shows her first day of work. She needs to get herself together. This is her dream job. So she does what any woman in her situation should do... she puts on some red lipstick and gets her life together. 

Court Lyons is in important guy at the museum. When he first meets Rin, she doesn't make an impression. Then, she comes in as this tall, gorgeous goddess and he doesn't know how he ever overlooked her before. The problem is, as attracted as Court is to Rin, he has a rule. In fact, it's his ONLY rule. He doesn't get involved with his interns. 

Oh Court... Court is a boss. He's a bit intimidating, somewhat of a jerk, and you can't help but love him. He has his reasons for the way he is, and his reasons are good reasons. Rin is a heroine I loved. Seriously, she was the best! Sometimes, a little confidence goes a long way, and this proves more than true for Rin. Court and Rin together were hella hot. I loved that forbidden love aspect. 
“I won’t touch you.” I paused, assessing him. He watched me, adding like the insufferable jackass that he was, “Unless you ask me to.”

Piece of Work has a bit more angst and sexual tension than most of Hart's rom-coms, and I loved that about it. It's swoony, sexy, charming, and was a book I truly enjoyed reading.
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Author 13 books2,990 followers
May 12, 2018

Staci Hart is the Queen of Romcom’s and Piece of Work just reconfirmed that! It has the perfect amount of angst and romance and from the very first page, you won’t be able to put it down. One of my top reads of 2018!

Profile Image for Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦.
293 reviews467 followers
May 17, 2018

“I only want you.”
A Step
A breath.
A moment.
And she was mine.”

I always highly anticipate reading another Staci Hart book and become really excited about the prospect of what lies within the pages I am about to read, and about the characters I am yet to discover. After reading Piece of Work it has reconfirmed for me yet again why I love her stories so much and why I always get super excited. Her writing always feels so effortless, her characters lovable and her plotline is always stimulating, engaging and above all else impressive. There is a reason why Staci Hart is one of my all-time favorite authors and that is because her stories are always a Piece of Work.

Rin… loved her beyond any and all expectations. I fell in love with this shy, quirky girl instantly upon meeting her. She has landed her dream job working at The Met museum, but unfortunately lacks the confidence she may need to prove not only to herself, but to everyone else, that she deserves the job as much as the next person. It’s amazing the power of the all-important makeover, and what a little red lipstick can do for your self-confidence.

Court is the curator of the museum and Rin’s new boss; he is as sexy and cocky as he is intimidating and powerful, but unfortunately Rin was unable to make any sort of impression on him… that is until post makeover. Her tall, sophisticated and statuesque figure along with her sultry red lips were something Court couldn’t possibly ignore. Court comes across as a bit of a jackass, but the more you read and delve into his psyche, the more you get an understanding of why he is the way he is and in the end I really did find him lovable.

“Trust. Such a simple word, one that I’d once believed might save me. If he trusted me, maybe he could love me. If I trusted him, maybe I wouldn’t feel so lost.”

There are several things I loved about this story. The one in particular I really enjoyed was Rin and how throughout the story you got the opportunity to see her blossom, shine and really come into her own, with a much needed confidence lift. It was really empowering to be a part of watching someone grow, learn and really understand their true self-worth.

The sexual tension between Court and Rin was off the scales steaming hot, and the anticipation and angst kept those pages flipping at super speed, because I could not get enough.

If forbidden love stories with just the right amount of angst, steam and sexual tension are your kryptonite then I suggest you pick up Piece of Work, you are sure to swoon beyond all belief while reading this one.

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2,434 reviews4,571 followers
May 17, 2018
LIVE AMAZON https://www.amazon.com/Piece-Work-Sta...

5 Amazing stars

What a lovely story,I adored everything about Piece of Work!From the amazing characters who rocked this story to the brilliant and fantastic story line!Staci Hart doesn't cease to amaze me every time!


Piece of Work was packed with tension,angst and hot moments!Lets start first saying about the heroine who is one of my all time favorite!I loved Rin, she is cute,adorable and shy.It was so good how she changed through the story!I don't know what to say about Court,I'm in love!This man *sigh* he is so sweet and messed up and I fall in love with him slowly!I like the together so much!

If you are looking for a sexy read with a shy heroine and a sweet hero this is perfect for you!
If you haven't read a book from Staci Hart you must do it now!!Her stories are so unique!


Profile Image for Wendy'sThoughts.
2,650 reviews3,233 followers
July 6, 2021
4.5 More Than Expected Stars
* * * *1/2 Spoiler Free-Perfect, It's Free!!!
Think about this...Hyorin Van de Meerjust landed the highly coveted internship at the Met! This is what she had been working towards. Her entire academic experiences had focused on European Paintings research. Rin submitted the necessary kudos from professors and mentors resulting in the Met deciding she was The One.

Now with all of the excitement and anticipation of this huge opportunity, Rin was now in front of the museum and will be meeting those she will be working with. As she looked at the regal woman in her designer clothes walking towards her, Rin realized she made a mistake...


Because Rin was dressed in her normal research clothes... clothes that worked on Harvard's campus. Clothes that allowed her to disappear and not be noticed... because being noticed never worked out in Rin's favor.

As a product of Dutch and Korean heritage, somehow Rin's body never felt like it worked in-sync... limbs and arms too long, feeling like there were obstacle courses waiting to trip her up...and they usually did. Also as the graduate student, who had money for fancy clothes that never seemed to fit right. Being six feet tall, clothes were a challenge, and time spent researching art was more important than researching well-fitting clothes.

So there Rin stood, once again, feeling like she wished she was invisible. Yet, Rin knew she belonged in the Met with this internship. She had the knowledge and the goods. She had been looked at before with the type of disdain her supervisor showed. She moved forward and noted what she would need to do in order to do her position.

Dr. David Lyons is close to having his personal dream come true. He has been working endlessly to bring all of the most accomplished Fine Art pieces together under one roof...an event like no other. He has acquired the loans of most of these works with the show's main focus of Michelangelo's David still out of reach.

This is the reason for the show... David in all his 17-foot glory somehow captured this man long ago during his studies in Florence. He looked into the eyes, felt the carved marble and a connection, a calling was established... they not only shared the same name, he felt they shared the same soul.

He has done almost everything he can to bring this work to the Met. Unfortunately, the Florence Museum Curator has decided no.

But things for David haven't ever been easy. His father, a powerhouse in the Museum World and head of the Met had played fast and loose with his relationships... dating back to David's mother. His father welded power and wealth with no one immune to his whims. Even his son was just collateral damage...and the scars from that experience had changed David...
Not Loving meant no hurt. A Lesson learned well.

These two people literally collide and both of their lives will never be the same. Rin is tongue-tied and can barely speak in front of this man. He is a human work of sculpted art. Each time during her first days, she does her assignments given by the snooty supervisor. David reads her work and is shocked by the details, intelligence, wit, and insight. She intrigues him and wants to know more.

Rin goes home to her posse... women who met at college and stayed friends throughout. They all live together in a beautiful brownstone bought by a family member who invented something that was sold on TV. When these women band together to assist Rin with her wardrobe woes...a butterfly emerges.

It's not so much as she needed these items... well she did...It was that she was finally taught how to dress her magnificent body...allowing her to catch up with the brilliance of her mind.

Amazing what a well-fitting pencil skirt, silk blouse, and heels can do... topped off with a perfect red lipstick. Rin found her strength and stopped worrying about people looking at her...as she was the one in control causing it. It was a freeing experience.

This new woman, this confident person walks into the Met and this time David sees her - granted the same woman...but then again, her confidence was the difference which caused him to fall to his knees metaphorically.

This book is extremely layered and there is so much more than the humor, romance, and HEA. I found the relationship, forbidden, dangerous, and hot at the same time. David is not the most user-friendly boss...and his desire for Rin was something he had difficulty keeping at bay...

There was angst, hot, hot times, incredible art, and the whole environment of the Met. Also very savvy, smart scenes about intrigue...and the way both characters had to figure out what was important for them to be who they needed to be.

Rin was someone to admire...even when she felt she made a mistake... her inner strength was at her core. David had a lot to work out and when he realized his foolish behavior...He worked it out.

This was my first Staci Hart read but will not be my last. She laid enough groundwork for us to want Rin's posse to get their own books. I have a sneaky feeling we might be learning more about those women...fingers crossed.

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Player (Red Lipstick Coalition, #2) by Staci Hart Player
Work in Progress (Red Lipstick Coalition, #3) by Staci Hart Work in Progress
Well Suited (Red Lipstick Coalition, #4) by Staci Hart Well Suited

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
My, oh My...
Be Still My Heart...
This Cover is a Piece of Work!!!

As to the idea of this book...
Artwork, Cocky Boss, and Determined Intern...
Where do I sign up...

I am more than ready for a...

Piece of Work- May 17, 2018

Psst! Here is a excerpt to wet your whistle!

He smirked and flipped up his sunglasses.


“You’re early,” I clipped.

“I would have had my assistant text you, but she’s currently bedridden.”

“You could have texted me.”

“I didn’t have your number,” he said simply.


His eyes shifted to look behind me, and I turned to find my friends standing me in a row with my suitcase in front of them, my messenger bag on top, and fake smiles on all their faces, lips together, their judgment about as quiet as a foghorn.

“These your roommates?”

“Yup,” was all I said as I turned and took my suitcase, hugging each of them down the line with promises to text when we landed. And then I turned to Court, rolling my suitcase in front of me like a riot shield.

I tried to pick it up to carry it over the threshold, but it was heavy, and before I could get far, he’d swept it out of my hands like it was a loaf of bread and not fifty pounds of mascara and shoes.

I waved at my friends, who offered encouraging smiles and hand gestures, and I closed that door, immediately regretting every decision I’d made to bring me to the moment I turned around.

He stood at the door to the backseat, holding it open for me like a gentleman, which I knew he was not. But the look on his face of regret and deference, under the hard shell of his brooding, was almost too much to bear.

So I did the only thing I could.

I ignored him.

I ignored his gorgeous lips as they tilted and the sleek cut of his jaw as I walked past him. I ignored the sight of his long legs as he climbed in next to me and the smell of him that made me want to grab him by the lapels of his jacket and bury my nose in his chest.

The driver took off, and I busied myself in my bag, looking for my headphones and book.

His eyes were on me. I pretended like I didn’t notice.

“You’re not wearing lipstick,” he stated.

Headphones, headphones, headphones. “It’s an international flight, Court. Of course, I’m not wearing red lipstick for a ten-hour flight.”

A pause. “Rin, I—”

Aha! I popped in my earbuds the second they were in hand.

His lips flattened, his face unamused. Rin, his lips said, but I smiled and shrugged, pointing to my ears.

“Noise canceling,” I said way too loud.

His chest rose and fell with a sigh I couldn’t hear—I’d already turned on music, a playlist we’d built the night before geared toward resisting douchery and unwanted-slash-totally-wanted advances—and he reached into his own bag, a leather affair at his feet, his hand disappearing into the bag and reappearing with a book, which he handed to me.

He watched me with his expression shrouded as I paused, my eyes on the offered book. An image of Penitent Magdalene by Tintoretto filled the cover, and I met his eyes, pulling my earbuds out by the cord.

“I thought you could use this. For your proposal,” he said, giving nothing away. “I…A colleague of mine wrote it, so if you have any questions, I can connect you. If you want.”

I took it from his hand, surprised and disarmed. “Thank you,” was all I said. He opened his mouth as if to speak again, but closed it, and with a nod, he reached back into his bag for his own book. Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake.

I put my earbuds back in place, trying not to bite my lip, but it found its way between my teeth despite the effort at the sight of him sitting there, dressed like that, reading Margaret Atwood. After giving me a thoughtful gift, a book he knew I would want, one I would need for my dissertation.

Court Lyons made about as much sense to me as a scrambled up Rubik’s Cube.

I leaned against the door as I flipped through his gift, doing my best to sort through the rush of questions and confusion as Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s sang about being cheated by the opposite of love. And I found I knew exactly the feeling.

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1,049 reviews2,411 followers
May 30, 2018
Oh my god! I'm completely obsessed with this book. From the stunning cover to the unbelievable character development, and finally the visually stunning settings and there perfect execution! Staci Hart has surpassed expectations with this brilliantly beautiful work of art!

I have to be honest here. I didn't love Rin when the book started out. I worried and fretted over how I would ultimately feel about her, but WOW was I blown away shortly thereafter! Such amazing character development and progression.

But here's what really went well, the book just spoke to me. I'm a huge art lover and worked in the Art History department in college. I got so nostalgic while reading this book. It took me back to some of the most amazing years of my life! Thinking of the girl I was then and the woman I've since become is why this book is all about. Growth, develop, become the best you and loving the person you see when you look in the mirror. I couldn't get enough!

The characters are well done. The angst level is spot on. And the settings are all Amazeballs! This is a HIT! A brilliantly written story and lovely romance! 💕

For more of my reviews:
My Blog: Book Twins Reviews
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3,232 reviews1,934 followers
November 6, 2018
Get it here:
Amazon US * Amazon UK

I'm not going to lie, going into this book I was expecting the cliched "Oh she put some lipstick on and suddenly became a confident goddess," eye roll inducing type of story. And while there's nothing wrong with those, they make me a little picky since they've been done so much. But that was not this book. No, this book, and the heroine, was purely amazing and badass. I was laughing so hard at parts all while cheering Rin on as she became this strong confident woman that was finally accepting herself. I seriously wanted to just applaud and scream like I was Meryl Streep at the Oscars.

And on top of that, we got the added bonus of a love story with her asshole boss who made me want to both kick him and kiss him all at the same time. Bottom line, this is a book I would recommend to any romance reader and I can't wait to get my hands on more of the Red Lipstick Coalition.
Profile Image for Belle.
511 reviews515 followers
May 14, 2019
1.5 / 5 stars

This was just downright disappointing. Not what I expected and I truly didn't like the pinnacle of the angst.

This followed Rin, insecure and über shy intern at the Met gallery. When she meets her new boss, Court, he barely even offers her a look, deeming her beneath him and unlikely to last long. His inner-monologue was scathing and his attitude rude and cold. But low-and-behold, one amazing makeover later and this before 'ugly-betty' 6-foot tall woman is making men everywhere turn their heads. And Court's no exception.

I found Court painful and rather pathetic, a grown adult man lashing out because of past hurts. I'm sick of reading romances where characters (female and males) do horrible things to their partners because of deep seeded issues—god forbid grown ass people open their mouths and talk about things.

I think I'm just sick of authors using the same old tropes in romance. It's redundant at this point.

I want something new. There is a whole, wide range of things people could write about—hopefully we'll get more book where adults act like adults.

I also despised the fact that the main character was only 'beautiful' after she had undergone a makeover. The whole book, and every character (even the bartended and makeup counter worker) ingrained in the reader that Rin hadn't been beautiful before. I understand that the whole concept was meant to be her new found confidence was what made her beautiful—but the hero, Court, literally said he had never noticed her before.

A lack of makeup and baggy clothes doesn't hide somebody's bone structure. A coat of bright red lipstick doesn't suddenly make them DSL, they were like that before. It wasn't like she'd been walking around with a balaclava with eye holes on every day. Clothes and makeup don't change a person that much.

The whole thing was just one giant, horrible cliche. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good cliche but it has to be done right. It has to have something fresh, and most importantly, vibrant (unique) characters. I finished this book not even twenty minutes ago and I'm honestly already beginning to forget the characters. They were one-dimensional and plain.

And last, but maybe most importantly, putting on lipstick doesn't give you a brand new spanking personality. You don't go from not being able to make eye contact or speak, to being completely normal. It's such a shitty portrayal of actual social anxiety, I can't even. Self-improvement takes therapy and lots of internal work. If there was a lipstick that could fix that, I think we'd all know about it.
Profile Image for Kandi Steiner.
Author 99 books9,912 followers
May 7, 2018
GAH. This is the Staci Hart that I freaking LOVE. Rom Com with an incredible story line, phenomenal characters, and a storyline I could easily obsess over. I mean, does ANYONE write romance like Staci Hart does? The answer is a big, fat, resounding HELL NO. I am still giddy and smiley from this book, and that's how you know it was a great rom com -- it stuck with me, and I think it always will!

Piece of Work has everything I love in a book -- angst, tension, hilarity, a super hot, a**hole alpha male, and a super awkward, adorable heroine. It's also packed with things I didn't realize I loved until Staci Hart showed me, like an internship at the Met (HELLO ART AND ITALY AND OTHER BEAUTIFUL FASCINATING THINGS) and female empowerment in the form of fantastic roommates and the hilarity of figuring out makeup for the first time. (We've all been there).

Let me start by saying that Court Lyons is HOT. Like, holy fried cheese on a stick. I dare you to get through the first description of him without fanning yourself. Here's this man who is so severe, so intimidating, so freaking SLICK in his business attire that I instantly knew I'd fall for him. Then, when you find out more about his past, about his shattered heart that makes it nearly impossible for him to love, it's like a recipe for melted butter in my book -- I was a puddle, so gone, so in love, SO ABOUT IT.

Rin is my favorite kind of heroine -- she's awkward and shy, but also has a fierce boss b*tch inside her. I loved walking in her shoes, even when she tripped over them LOL, and I was immediately sucked into her story. I mean, her and her friends are EXACTLY like me and my crew, and I could literally see us having the same conversations. I remember my first time putting on lipstick, how crazy I felt, like a freaking clown, but then the next thing I knew, I felt AMAZING. It was like a little confidence boost in a magic tube. Getting to relive that moment with Rin and her friends was SO fun!

What I loved most about this book, though, was Hart's writing. I swear, no one writes romance the way she does, ESPECIALLY romantic comedy. Her writing is just so witty and fun, but also poignant. How does she manage to balance that?! It's beyond me, but I found myself laughing on one page, swooning on the other, and then wiping away tears the very next. Piece of Work is unlike any romantic comedy I've ever read, which I've learned is par for the course with Staci Hart. She's not one to give you what you expect, what you think you want, or what you've already read before -- every book she writes, every sentence she crafts is unique and magical. I absolutely loved every single word!

Piece of Work is a delicious, triple-layered cake: there's laughter, there's romance, and there's heart -- with writing only Staci Hart's magical mind can conjure up being the buttercream icing to top it all off. Grab a fork and dig in, my friends, because this is one romantic comedy you CANNOT miss. *licks frosting from fingers*
Profile Image for Carol.
1,310 reviews219 followers
August 14, 2018
3.75 stars.
This book ran out of steam for me towards the end . Liked the first 75% then just got tired with all the relationship shenanigans. Even Court's groveling at the end wasn't enough for him to totally redeem himself in my eyes.
Rin, I really liked though. She deserved better.
I really did like the setting for this story though, great depiction of the world of priceless art and antiquities .
Overall enjoyable read but not one of Staci Hart's best books in my opinion.
Profile Image for Kiki.
1,217 reviews499 followers
Shelved as 'avoid'
August 12, 2018
#metoo is real regardless of gender or attractiveness of your superior at work.

If it’s harassment, it’s harassment.

There’s nothing remotely romantic about sexual harassments, no matter how attractive the harasser is. No. It’s a myth that bad guys only look like Harvey Weinstein, they can also look like Michael Fassbender or Benedict Cumberbatch.

Profile Image for mina.
685 reviews244 followers
April 15, 2020
“Since we’ve been together, he’s berated me, accused me of seducing him for my career, seduced me, lied to me, put me in danger to suit himself, and got me fired. Oh, and insulted me with a proposal of fake marriage and subsequent divorce. The man is a red flag with legs.”

Not long after I started this book I saw that I won’t be enjoying it, and to be fair I was pretty sure I would DNF it. Now, in hindsight, that’s what I should’ve done because I haven’t read this big kind of stupid and annoying thing in a while.

Honestly, I don’t know where even to start. The writing itself was okay, but the plot…wow, what garbage. The characters were a pain! I mean the main male character is a Katy Perry song and a gigantic ass that has no fucking clue what he wants. While the main female character is naïve and stupid, she changes her wardrobe, starts putting makeup, and she magically gets a new personality.
757 reviews2,345 followers
May 31, 2018
a six foot tall Korean-Dutch awkward and insecure main character who grows into such a STRONG badass bitch and calls the guy out on his bullshit and doesn't romanticize the fact that he hurt her over and over again??? HELL YEAHHHH

NOT ONLY THAT, but there's so much female empowerment in this book!! make-up isn't frowned upon and instead used to feel confident and sexier and DAMN DOES SHE OWN IT.

this was hilarious and we had GIRLS SUPPORTING GIRLS (seriously, Rin had the best roommates)

it was fun, hot, funny, with a good storyline, but there was tooo much drama for me.

3.5 stars.
Profile Image for Bex (Beckie Bookworm).
1,959 reviews1,247 followers
May 17, 2018
Release Date-17/5/18

"Piece of Work" by Staci Hart was a very enjoyable fast paced rom-com.
with an extremely unconventional female heroine at its centre and an intriguing unique storyline that had no issues pulling me in and keeping me entertained.
This was my first toe-dip into the waters of this particular author.
And I'm very pleased to say the experience was a positive one.
"Piece Of Work" is told in dual POV; with both, David and Rin taking alternate turns reciting chapters.
It's set in the very different world of Fine Arts.
I particularly liked this fact as knowing nothing about the medium of Art; I actually felt I was getting a brief window into another world here; almost educating me about the whole setting.
First, we have Hyo-rin Van de Meer; new intern in the European Paintings department at the Met.
Korean, very tall, clumsy, shy and seriously lacking in everyday people skills.
But on the other side of the coin; also intelligent, Loyal, funny and a great friend.
Rin has so much to offer but is so used to being all but invisible to others; so when our ugly duckling with the help of her best girlfriends morphs overnight into the swan that was always hiding beneath her skin David definitely notices this and is no longer just intrigued by Rin's fine mind; but also the body covering it.
Now for David/Dr Lyons; Rins new tempory boss at the museum and the resident Art Curator.
David comes with baggage an overbearing father and a substantial Trust fund.
Always searching for a hidden agenda he's so used to people wanting something from him he never takes anything at face value.
Well got to say; I wasn't initially digging his vibe at all.
When we are first introduced to the Art Curator himself my first impression here was that he was an egotistical douche.
His snap judgment attitude towards Rin and how he perceives her was abysmal.
So dismissive; not even reprimanding his assistant The Barracuda Bianca; which is what I have affectionately titled the vicious witch; was awful to watch almost bullying.
Just referencing Rin as "The Intern" like she wasn't even a person with emotions and all that well ggrrrr; let's just say David at that moment in time was not at his finest and his inconsiderate actions really boiled my piss; like totally.
But moving on here slightly; when David does eventually start to allow his inner nice guy a small vacation things do start to look up a bit for our two lovers.
And it's not long before David and Rin are setting these pages alight with there sexy antics.
So "Piece Of Work" was an excellent read.
It was your classic ugly duckling metamorphosis story.
With a misunderstood growly Beastly Boss also thrown into the mix just for good measure.
And though slightly predictable in places; this was still a fun easy read that brought an easy smile to my face.
David along the line; did eventually grow on me and Rin along with all her friends I adored from the start.
If you're looking for a sweet romantic rom-com this ticks all the boxes.
I also think this was set up rather nicely for future publications; can't wait to see the other members of the "Red Lipstick Coalition" achieve there future HEA's.
So I'm crossing my fingers and toes here that this is the start of a fun new series.
Hers hoping.
Thank You to the Author for providing me with an ARC of "Piece Of work" of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm
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January 24, 2020
The worst book I've read so far in 2020.

I'M FLABBERGASTED AT HOW BAD THIS BOOK TURNED OUT. If we were to plot my emotions for this book on a graph, it would slowly go up and then go up and down and up and down to show how much the hero flipped the switch on his moods. First of all, the hero is dumb. He's just pure dumb. Hurt by his past, he decided to never be in a relationship ever again and to never allow himself to fall in love. Can we tell that this book is written a few years back because I can by the emotionally stunted and childish character trait!

Court constantly hurts Rin by saying the rudest fucking things ever like Rin is changing her appearance to seduce him. Please get off your high horse. She is wearing lipstick for herself and to be more comfortable with her skin and not so she can trap your ass. Then he goes all sweet and realizes he messed up so he apologizes. My neck is hurting from this whiplash.

Then we get several chapters of them having fun and falling in love in Florence but when they go back to New York, the graph plummets when he freaks out that he might actually be in love with her so he cuts her off and treats her like a sack of garbage only to hug and kiss her a few pages later. My neck almost snaps from the whiplash at this point.

When their secret relationship is exposed and Rin may lose her internship, he stupidly suggests that she should marry him because his father would never fire someone who has their last name. And afterward she graduates and they had their fun, they can divorce. Rin is hurt and livid. I am squinting at my ereader and wondering how stupid could this man be. DOES HE HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF ANYONE EMOTIONS??? WHY WOULD ANYONE AGREE TO A MARRIAGE TO CONTINUE A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP AND A JOB AND THINK THAT'S A GOOD IDEA?

He realizes it's a stupid and hurtful idea and goes fuck this and quits his job after losing Rin and I'm actually at this point wanting Rin to NOT look back. This is the first time I read a book where I prayed for the female character to not be with the male character. It would be the best ending ever in this romance story. But nope, Rin is shocked that Court would do such a nice thing and SHE RUNS TO HIM and he magically believes in love and they get married properly.

To the people who say Rin is a plain jane. I disagree. She's the sane one. She's normal. It's Court who is a joke of a character. How is he a hero??? He seems more like a zero and a man with zero emotional intelligence.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 4, 2018
5 'Art is you' Stars!

OH MY GOD. I can't believe this is my first time reading anything by Staci Hart. I am IN LOVE! I just read a little piece about the couple in Piece of Work in the Cocktales anthology and I was instantly hooked. I devoured this book because I fell in love with the story and the amazing characters Staci created.

I loved Court and Rin, they are so strong, so sweet and so sexy together and their love story is the perfect romance. I loved every second of reading this and I can't wait to read more by Staci Hart!
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June 14, 2018
“One rule. I had one fucking rule, and I’d blasted to hell for her.”

Holy meatballs on fire.

This book was H.O.T. Like, chop them chilis and top them up with habaneros kind of hot.

Hart has been my author discovery of the year (about time! I know, I know.) so after reading a few of her books previous to this one, I was shocked at the level of steam contained in Piece of Work’s pages.

As she very well warned me, this book is different from what she usually delivers. Starting with the male lead. Court Lyons’ character is like an onion wrapped in an even bigger onion. The guy has so many layers of confused I was torn between wanting to peel them off slowly and shaking him for most of the book. But that was what made reading through this book so addictive. As for the female lead, Rin, it was amazing seeing her blooming and standing up for herself. Specially after all the crap clueless Court puts her through. Honestly, he has some throat-punch worthy moments.

All in all, fun, hella hot and so addictive it will make the perfect Summer read.

*I received an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review
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May 18, 2018
So so good.
This book was just so good! And for once in a long time, I’m actually on the side of the girl, Rin, than our hot as hell, piece of art, Court. The authors description of the most uncomfortable woman you could ever meet just endears you to Rin.

When she meets the most amazing man, the sizzling attraction is just bursting off the pages. You find yourself holding your breath and feeling so horrible for her. But like a phoenix, she rises and becomes who she was meant to be and he is lucky to find her. So lucky that he breaks his one cardinal rule…

Told from dual points of view, we get both sides of the story. Court can be a jerk but they are so perfect for each other and their connection is just blazing. This story is hot as hell, sexy, and an amazing testament to the author’s ability to truly make her characters come to life.

With a beautiful HEA, this story really is a piece of work and one that you really don’t wanna miss.

* copy received for review consideration
* full review - http://amidlifewife.com/piece-of-work...
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August 7, 2019
I really like Staci Hart. But as an Art History major I could not even read past chapter 1. DNF this book. Sorry! I wanted to like it but if you start talking about successfully taking THE LAST SUPPER by da Vinci from Milan to New York. You lost me. This piece of work is the most fragile piece of art in the world and is on the wall of a monastery. It is literally painted on a stone wall of a building. You can't move it. YOU CAN'T MOVE IT. And I am not even going to talk about the other stuff mentioned in that paragraph, it will get me more fired up than I already am. But then in one breath we have moved on to talk about how the David is the one piece he hasn't aquired yet for his exhibition. I'm sorry, If you have studied Art History at all you would know that Florence would not let it's crown jewel go for all the money in the world. The people of Florence believe Michelangelo's David to represent their city in multiple ways, he is basically their mascot. Yeah, I know this is fiction but do your research and site works of art that are actually obtainable to make it beleivable. UGH. My art history heart was excited to read a book about an art curator at the Met. But the obvious lack of research on art history made this a hard pass for me.
August 22, 2019
The story and the writing didn't quite do it for me but it's a sweet read and well loved by many of my fellow romance readers. Maybe in another space in time I would have felt differently. ☆☆
March 7, 2019
4 ⭐'s

So, I went back to the beginning and read this first book (I had already read the third book). I was happy to discover there aren't really any problems if you want to read these out of order with the exception of getting some tiny bits of information about the couples who are already together.

This is Rin's story. She is also very shy and innocent but instead of petite, she is very tall! I found that rather refreshing for a change. Of course, Court loves it because she has "legs that go on for days".

They meet when she starts an internship at the Met. She is working for his assistant who is quite the wicked witch but when Rin turns in some research, Court is taken with her thoughts. He has her reporting directly to him and so begins their love affair of the minds.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that she started wearing her red lipstick and being brave, wearing clothing that made her feel better about herself. This is the beginning of her fall down the rabbit hole...because Court has some issues. He is very closed off and angry and he has good reason.

Rin is totally entranced and can't stay away. Circumstances let them have a taste of what things could be like but like I said, Court is closed off and can't believe what's right in front of his eyes.

However, I enjoyed them as a couple and I was thrilled with what Court did at the end and how that helped them with their future.
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December 23, 2019
4 Stars

Read my full review as part of the Piece of Work - Blog Tour here: Brina and the Books

One of the reasons I love Staci Hart's novels so much is the setting. All of her books are set in the best city of the world: New York City. Her descriptions of certain places in my favorite city are so real and vivid that I can actually see myself being there. Although I've visited the MET only a few times, it brought back great memories.
I really enjoyed reading about Court and Rin being so fascinated, passionate, and in love with art. I guess most people think it's boring as f*** but Court and Rin gave art a whole new perspective and meaning.

Court and Rin were polar opposites: sexy, confident, arrogant, and moody compared to shy, quiet, self-conscious, and kind. But somehow they just clicked and they worked great together and accomplished a lot of impressive things. However, Court was a little too bossy, arrogant, and alpha-male for my taste. Nevertheless, he was a great guy underneath all his brooding.

The focus wasn't solely on romance, though. A big part of this story was about self-discovery, being who you are, and learning that you are in charge of your own happiness. I loved it! There are so many heroines in the book world these days who still "need to be saved" by the male species or other people. Rin was the perfect example that there is another way. You don't need someone else to get what you want and to become who you want to be. If you want something, get it.

"If you want to wear red lipstick and curl your hair, do it. If you want to wear no makeup and shave your head, do it. If you want to clean house and take care of your kids all day, do it. If you want to work full-time and put your kids in daycare, goddammit, do the damn thing. Because that is feminism - the right to live however the hell you want regardless of whether or nor you have a vagina."

Another thing I want to address in this review is diversity. Staci Hart's books and stories are always a little but different than the rest. Good different. She writes about everyday stuff and everyday problems and often adds a healthy dose of diversity to her novels. Piece of Work was no exception and I really liked it. I want more of that in the books I read.


This was a great one!!!
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May 17, 2018

“Brilliant, bastard boss. Arrogant, arduous asshole. Cruel, clever Court.”

I love the feeling of having die hard favourite authors - the ones that you know for certain are going to deliver a ride that’s worth the anticipation and wait for their next release. The ones who always win you over one way or another. The ones who you desperately hope will carry on with their writing journey and you already feel slightly panicked at the thought of missing out on. Yes, Staci Hart is definitely one of ‘those’ author’s. Her writing is so beautifully put together and intelligently written I’m more often than not lost for words at her creativity. ‘Piece of work’ is a contemporary romance/rom com dream; one that I was eager to get my addicted hands all over and like the over zealous romance addict that I am, I was far from disappointed.

What did I love?
Typically for my tastes I was won over by this authors ability to land me smack bang in the middle of the action - there’s no doubt about it, Staci Hart has an uncanny knack of making her readers feel apart of the story telling and I was happily caught up in the romance and drama. One of the highlights for me was the wonderful friendships that are showcased, I absolutely fell head over heels for the group of girls that formed the ‘Red lipstick coalition’, if there was any fictional girls that I could choose to be real life friends with these girls would be it. The heroine and her journey was an absolute triumph, Hart managed to seamlessly put together wonderful story telling, whilst hitting me right in the heart with her message of being whoever you want to be - in this day an age a gorgeous message that I hope touches other readers the way it did for me. All in all I loved the setting of this novel, it’s positive message, a wonderful unravelled romance and most of all I’m amazed at the intelligent writing combined with a contemporary feel. Hart, has the perfect balance of keeping it real for the masses whilst packing a clean punch with her talent and clever writing.

Why not five?
I desperately wanted to hang on to the five star feelings I’d felt when I dived into this book. Alas it was not meant do be - towards the end of this book I lost a teeny bit of interest in the connection between the protagonists. That’s not to say that this book didn’t win me over, it just didn’t have that demanding five star feeling I get when I truly fall head over bottom for a story.

Final thoughts ...
If you want a wonderfully written romance with steam, love and friendship rolled into one package then this is the book for you. Hart has once again delivered a larger than life book with a wonderful combination of beautiful prose without being pretentious. There’s zero reasons why you shouldn’t be picking up this latest release, in fact I’d go as far as to say you’ll be missing out big time if you don’t. Enjoy ... kisses.
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April 30, 2019

Piece Of Work es el primer libro de la saga Red Lipstick Coalition creada por la autora Staci Hart.

A primera vista esta novela no me llamaba demasiado la atencion pero al leer un par de reseñas por curiosidad me anime a empezarla, y aunque no tenia unas grandes expectativas debo reconocer que esperaba mucho mas.

La historia de amor no me parecio que tenga nada destacable, su evolucion fue bastante irreal y precipitada, tampoco me convencieron los protagonistas por separado, ella empezo siendo agradable pero con el paso de los capitulos fue perdiendo su esencia, y el fue un personaje demasiado superficial, casi no llegamos a saber nada sustancial de el.

En cuanto a la trama, la primera mitad de la historia es entretenida aunque poco sorprendente, pero la segunda mitad me resulto un poco lineal y sosa, para finalmente concluir en un desenlace rapido y sin emocion.

En definitiva, Piece Of Work fue una lectura sencilla que cumple su funcion de mantener tu mente distraida, pero extrañe que fuera mas memorable y significativa, aun asi planeo continuar con las siguientes partes, solo que no en un futuro cercano.

2.75 Estrellas!
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May 6, 2018
Top Favorite

“I didn’t think I wanted to hide anymore. I wanted to be seen.”

If I said once, I’ll say it a thousand times more…Staci Hart is an absolute GENIUS when it comes to this genre! I can’t even tell you the amount of books of hers that are on my TOP FAVORITES list. What I can tell you is that I just added PIECE OF WORK to that list! Ms. Hart’s latest release was so much more than a romance! It is the embodiment of girl power in so many ways. It’s cheeky. It’s sexy. It’s sweet and swoony, but most of all…it was incredibly inspirational. There is an amazing and much needed message woven within the pages of this book. I was captivated from the start, charmed all throughout, and amazed by the level that it moved me. Like always, Staci Hart has created something special here. A beautiful and unique heroine…a frustratingly gorgeous hero…a storyline that absolutely warmed my heart. PIECE OF WORK was a piece of PURE LITERARY MAGIC!

I believe fans of this author are going to be blown away. If you haven’t read a Staci Hart novel, this story right here is a GREAT starting point for you to become addicted to her words.

Let’s talk about these characters, shall we? Some of my favorite characters come from the mind of this author, and Rin and Court are no different! Court will frustrate you and drive you mad, but you will need to be patient with him. Trust me when I say, he WILL win your heart, just as he does with Rin. Our heroine, Rin, is just an INCREDIBLE character. She comes off as this shy and reserved woman, but deep inside is a tigress waiting to emerge and take over the world! Court, of course, is witness to this transformation and he falls hard and fast! They battle each other and their own hearts all throughout this book. Professionally…it’s forbidden. Emotionally…it’s impossible. One has a blossoming career ahead of her. The other has been burned so badly in the past, he will NEVER let himself love again. But when they are in the same room together, sparks fly, and all of their excuses and all of the chatter goes out the window. And consequences be damned, they WILL have each other, even if their hearts are off the table.

Listen, I could go all day and rant and rave about how much I loved this book, but you MUST experience this greatness yourself! It will leave you in a state of such bliss and such empowerment. Do me a favor and put on that red lipstick that you’ve been saving for a special night. Wear that little black dress that might be on the shorter side. Don those heels that make your legs look insane. Do what you must to make yourself feel good…feel powerful…feel happy. Don’t rely on others to put you down. Be fierce. Be loyal. Be a Boss Bitch to the end!

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