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Red Queen #4.5

Broken Throne

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Return once more to the deadly and dazzling world of Red Queen in Broken Throne, a beautifully designed, must-have companion to the chart-topping series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Aveyard.

The perfect addition to the #1 New York Times bestselling Red Queen series, this gorgeously designed package features three brand-new novellas, two previously published novellas, Steel Scars and Queen Song, and never-before-seen maps, flags, bonus scenes, journal entries, and much more exclusive content.

Fans will be delighted to catch up with beloved characters after the drama of War Storm and be excited to hear from brand-new voices as well. This stunning collection is not to be missed!

480 pages, ebook

First published May 7, 2019

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About the author

Victoria Aveyard

26 books67.1k followers
I'm an author/screenwriter who likes books and lists. This site is the nexus of my universe.

I wrote the #1 NYT bestselling series RED QUEEN and my next series, REALM BREAKER, will be out in May 2021.

The genres I'm into include YA, Fantasy, Historical, Adventure, Apocalyptic - if people are dying, I'm buying.

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August 4, 2021
“The snow made the choice, not me.
Not the party.
And certainly not the lure of a young man with bronze eyes and a broken throne.”

Broken Throne is a collection of novellas that take place before, during and after the events of the Red Queen series. It features two previously published novellas, Queen Song and Steel Scars, and three brand-new novellas, and contains a few extras such as maps, flags and journal entries written by Julian.

Queen Song

Queen Song is the first previously published novella and takes place before the events of the Red Queen series and follows Cal’s mother, Coriane. The novella shows how she went from being a girl of a lowly High House to the Queen of Norta.

“She was happy, yes, in her own way, as best as she knew. But there’s a difference between a single candle in darkness and a sunrise.”

This novella is one of my favourites, mostly because I loved Coriane’s character. I felt such a deep level of sympathy for her because she was clearly unhappy and depressed. Her romance with Tibe was heartwarming and seeing characters such as Julian and Sara, and even Cal himself, through Coriane’s eyes was also such a lovely touch. It makes it that much more heartbreaking when Cal reads her diary in War Storm. But no matter how many times I read this novella, it always leaves me feeling so sad and angry. Angry at Elara because she destroyed Coriane’s life. Sad for Coriane because she didn’t get to see her son grow up and died too early. Coriane honestly deserved more. She deserved so much more.

Steel Scars

Steel Scars is the second previously published novella and takes place before the events of Red Queen. It follows Farley’s missions in the Scarlet Guard that lead her to meeting Shade and then Mare.

“Are you with us, Shade Barrow?”

“I’m with you, Diana.”

“Then we will rise.”

His voice joins mine.

“Red as the dawn.”

What I like about this novella is that we get to see a more in-depth look into Farley’s character, that we don’t really get from seeing her through Mare’s eyes, at least not in the first book. But what’s also a really nice touch is that we get some well needed interactions in the early stages of the relationship between Shade and Farley and they just warmed my heart. This, coupled with Bright Shadow, a novella in the Glass Sword collector’s edition, are all we have of Farley and Shade. It’s not enough! These two deserved so much more. They deserved better.

World Behind

World Behind is the first new novella in the collection and takes place during the events of War Storm. It follows Ashe, the captain of a keelboat and Lyrisa, the niece of Prince Bracken and a Silver princess, as they cross paths.
“Nowhere is quiet, not in the world ahead or the world behind.”

I think this novella was really interesting in that it provided us with two perspectives from characters who aren’t involved with the main events of the series and who have no desire to be a part of the war.
“I try to stay out of things, try to keep my focus on what’s right in front of me. I don’t bother with great and terrible people of the world. I only know what I must of them to stay alive, stay ahead, and nothing more.”

Ashe was an interesting character because I enjoyed seeing him develop in the short amount of time we get to know him. His interactions with Lyrisa were my favourite and how his feelings for her slowly changed was also nice to see play out.
“I’m on a Red Riverman’s keelboat, outnumbered and hated by everyone around me, with nowhere to go but forward, a dead girl on the run.”

Lyrisa was also an interesting character and reminded me a little of Evangeline in that what you see is completely different than what is happening under the surface. I enjoyed her character growth throughout the novella, in understanding that there are two kinds of silvers, the good and the bad, and figuring out which one of them she is going to be. The conclusion to this novella was also a nice touch and overall, I really enjoyed it.

Iron Heart

Iron Heart takes place after War Storm and follows Evangeline and Elane, as they struggle to let go of their past and adjust to life in Monfort.
“For now I can rest, and heal my iron heart.”

This novella was amazing. Evangeline is one of my favourite characters and has been ever since I read from her perspective in King’s Cage for the first time. And after War Storm, I wanted more of a conclusion for her character arc and this novella delivered it in abundance.
“Princess Evangeline. Lady of House Samos. Daughter of Volo and Larentia. I am none of those things anymore. Not after today. I should be glad – I should be relieved to be rid of the name and the life my parents gave me. And parts of me are. But the rest of me can’t help but be reminded of what I traded away to live as who I am now. What I betrayed. What I killed. What I lost forever.”

What I like most about Evangeline is that she’s had such character growth throughout the series. Who she is at the start is almost unrecognisable to how she is now in Broken Throne. But even then, she still has growing to do and it’s touching watching her go through it. Evangeline is proof that even if you are brought up a certain way, taught to want something, that you can still change and grow and be a different person. And she really showed me that in this novella, that she’s changed and can change even more. And I’m so happy with how her character arc ended.
“I know you like to pretend to be made of iron. Even in your heart, my love. I know better, and you don’t have to hide with me.”

We also get to read from the perspective of Elane, who we’ve never heard from before. Reading from her perspective was just as enjoyable as I’d assumed it was going to be. Seeing Evangeline through Elane’s eyes is really interesting because we get to see her vulnerabilities and what really drives her as a character. And I think the love between Elane and Evangeline is so pure, and it really shows through Elane’s determination to follow Evangeline and support her through anything and everything.

Fire Light

Fire Light takes place two months after the events of War Storm and is told from the perspectives of both Mare and Cal, as they return to Monfort after their time apart.
“We were right to come here. To rebuild ourselves, to figure out who we are now, in spite of our missing pieces.”

This novella was everything I needed and more. Although I was satisfied with the ending of War Storm, I knew I wanted more regarding Mare and Cal’s relationship and this novella delivered it in abundance. I’ve literally been shipping Mare and Cal since Glass Sword and I was so nervous reading this novella because I wanted only the best for them. I’m so, so happy with how their storyline was concluded and I’m also not ashamed to say that I cried.
“I am almost nineteen. I have nothing but time. To choose, to heal. To live.”

Mare has gone through so much and she’s grown as a result of it, which is why she is one of my favourite characters of all time. At the end of War Storm, she really made me proud because she was realistic and she displayed maturity beyond her age. Even in this novella, the way she handled things was really good and I’m so glad her and Cal found their way back to each other but also that they’re going to take things slowly.
“Even without her lightning, Mare Barrow still manages to strike me through.”

Cal has also gone through changes of his own, after abdicating his throne and I’m so proud of him as well. Cal, like Evangeline, is proof that although you may have grown up being taught one thing, you can change yourself and do another. I’m a firm believer that both Mare and Coriane had an effect on Cal and is the reason he made those changes and I think his mother would have been so proud with how he turned out to be in the end.

Fare Well

Fare Well is the last novella in this collection and is told from the perspective of Maven, as he is confronted by Cal one last time and also Cal himself, as he faces the memory of Maven after his death.

“It would hurt him deeply, wound him forever, if I let him glimpse what little is left of me. That I’m still here, in some forgotten corner, just waiting to be found. I could ruin him with one glance, one echo of the brother he remembers. Or I could free him of me. Make the choice for him. Give my brother one last proof of the love I can no longer feel, even if he never knows it.”

This novella really surprised me because I thought I knew all I needed to know about Maven but no. I think, at least in my opinion, that Maven’s decision not to show Cal that there was still a part of him left in order to prevent Cal from struggling with his memory after his death was really touching. It showed that although his mind had been warped and twisted beyond repair, there was still a part of him that cared enough to do this last thing for his brother.

“But like always, I could not let him go. Even now, I cannot let Maven go. I never will.”

Cal’s final goodbye when he visited Maven’s grave was really sad. Cal has such a big heart and I don’t think I realised just how much Maven meant to him until the end of this novella. Cal said he couldn’t ever let Maven go and I think that’s okay. I really do. I’m so proud of how far he’s come, in that’s he’s mature enough to know that it’s okay if he holds on instead of letting go.

“History will remember you, mark my words. Make sure it remembers you well.”

This collection also came with some extra scenes and journal entries and maps, all of which were such a nice addition to the series. My favourite was the entry right at the end, after the last novella, which basically summarised how the next few decades unravelled. It was so unexpected but such a nice touch to wrap up the series.

“We destroy. We rebuild. We destroy again. It is the constant of our kind. We are all a god’s chosen, and we are all a god’s cursed.”

Overall, War Storm left some loose threads left untied and Broken Throne tied them all together and did so much more. It’s so bittersweet that this is the last instalment in the Red Queen series but it was such a perfect last instalment. I’ve been with this series since the very beginning in 2015 when the first book came out and I’ve been following it ever since. I feel like I’ve really grown with the series and grown alongside Mare as well. If I could go back and read the series all over again for the first time, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Thank you, Victoria Aveyard, for writing this and for taking my emotions on such a rollercoaster. It’s an experience that I will never forget. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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April 15, 2021
Return once more to the deadly and dazzling world...
The audacity of this tomf*ckery...
This stunning collection is not to be missed!
Whelp, guess I'm in


Queen Song *

*note, some of you may notice that this is the exact same review I posted for Aveyard's previous collection of novellas. Look of she can copy-paste and claim it's a new collection, I can too:

Right off the bat, shouldn't the title be Queen's Song?

Anyway, it took me roughly half the book to figure out who this Coriane was - turns out she's Prince Cal's mom - who spends the entire book complaining about Elara (Prince Maven's mom).

Once I figured out who was who...I knew that this was not going to end well. Why? Cause we were already told the entire plot of this one in the original novels.

Let me repeat that.

We already know what happened.

So...this begs the question - why write a novella? Because some stories are just meant to be told too good to pass up on a money grab.

After all, these are the two women responsible Mare's greatest life dilemma - does she go with good-guy-hottie (Coriane's brat) or bad-guy-hottie (Elara's spawn). Oh the decisions!

Anyway - Coriane wins the King's heart, marries him, is driven insane by Elara and then kills herself. What. A. Shocker.

As an aside, I can't be the only one seeing the flaw with the way the royalty choose their spouses.

They set up a huge tournament and whichever minor nobility manages to kill their competition gets to marry the king. So, the goal is to find the strongest, cruelest and bloodthirstiest woman...then hand her the crown.


And then everyone gets so shocked when someone murders the king. Wake up people.

Steel Scars *

*ditto, already published in cruel crown. Here's my review from there.

Right off the [redacted], Farley doesn't get [redacted] or [redacted] by steel. So, I don't know where this title thought it was [redacted].

In fact, so much of this novella was [redacted] that I literally wanted to [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] up its [redacted].

Anyway, this one follows Captain Farley - the only captain who managed to touch up her bright red hair on the battle field to keep away those pesky roots. Truly an inspiration.

For such an exciting-sounding plot ("recruiting black market traders, smugglers, and extremists"), Victoria Aveyard sure knows how to tone it down.

The most intriguing mystery was the accent.

Farley has this over-the-top-posh British accent throughout the audiobooks and yet literally everyone else has a very standard American accents. Could she be a spy?

Even if she's from a different area of the country (somewhere where they mysteriously have British accents) - you'd think there would be at least one person with a similar accent. Is she a redcoat traitor?

Anyway, after finishing this novel, I'm disappointed to note that there are no new developments on Accent Watch: Farley Edition but I'm fully confident that Aveyard is planning a grand reveal in War Storm that will settle all our anxieties.

Audiobook Comments
I just looked it up and this one was read by Andi Arndt, Jayne Entwistle, and Amanda Dolan. I literally couldn't tell that there was more than one reader. Someone wasted a lot of money on that audio.

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Happy Reading!

In Addition, may I voice my disgust that the sweet ombré effect (which originally drew me to these novels) has been completely ruined? Absolute travesty.

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June 1, 2021
I’m on BookTube now! =)

”Perhaps this is my own ignorance, but I cannot fathom the death of millions by the order of one.”

I don’t even know how to start this but let’s just say this was very different to what I expected but it was still okay. I mean I obviously expected a collection of short stories and that’s what I got. Well, that and additional info about the world building which was really nice. The fact that those stories followed a timeline and that we actually got to see some moments that played after “War Storm” was great too. Still, I wasn’t happy that “Queen Song” and “Steel Scars” were included once again because I already read them and would have liked some new short stories instead. I guess that’s just personal preference though so yeah. Also this might be a spoiler now so if you don’t want to be spoiled about Maven you better don’t click that button but for everyone who hopes there will be Maven in this book and doesn’t want to read my entire review to find out: If you want to read more of my thought on this and the other short stories, feel free to continue to read my review. I’ll try my best to keep the summaries spoiler free. ;-)

Queen Song: 4

”Her footsteps were even, not too fast or too slow. How far away must I be?
Farther, said Elara’s sneering purr in her head. She nearly tripped over at the sensation. The voice echoed in everything around and in her, windows to bone, from the chandeliers overhead to the blood pounding in her ears. Farther, Jacos.”

I already said it and I’ll say it again: This short story is amazing and heart-breaking at the same time. It’s about Cal’s mother Coriane and how she got to know Cal’s father and ended up becoming the Queen of Norta. The story itself is pretty slow at the beginning but the ending is... haunting. I have no other word for it so I’ll just leave it at that. This said, “Queen Song” was definitely one of the best short stories of this collection.

Steel Scars: 2

Okay, I’ll be totally honest here: I skipped the entire short story because I already read it back in 2017 and I just couldn’t bring myself to read it again. I didn’t like it when I first read it and I doubt anything would have changed if I would have given it a second chance so 2 stars it is. My opinion still stands.

World Behind: 4

”A silver princess abandoning her kingdom, dead to all who knew her. And wanting to stay that way. I’m intrigued to say the very least.”

I’ve got to admit that this was a really nice short story and I enjoyed it very much. Ashe and Lyrisa were two super intriguing characters and I totally loved their interactions. Also it was nice to see a different POV than the ones we already knew and to experience how the war felt for all the refugees that had to deal with its repercussions. It’s good their POV was told and I also think it’s very important. Usually only the main players in a war write history and get the attention; it’s always the civilians who suffer the most though. So kudos to Victoria for giving them room too!

Iron Heart: 3

”Princess Evangeline. Lady of House Samos. Daughter of Volo and Larentia.
I am none of those things anymore. Not after today. I should be glad – I should be relieved to be rid of the name and the life my parents gave me. And parts of me are. But the rest of me can’t help but be reminded of what I traded away to live as who I am now. What I betrayed. What I killed. What I lost forever.”

I was never Evangeline’s biggest fan so this story was okay for me? I mean I’m happy for her and Elane and I’m glad she finally did what she wanted to do instead of what everyone else expected her to do. It takes guts to go your own way and I really liked that Evangeline was ready to do it. Still, aside from her embracing her new home and status not a lot happened in here so it was just a nice addition to the main story we already know. No more, no less. ;-)

”Hereafter, I shall be known as Evangeline Samos of Montfort, and I swear my allegiance to the Free Republic, where I can live and love freely. I renounce my citizenship in the Rift, in Norta, and in any country where people are caged for the circumstances of birth.”

Fire Light: 4

”When we first came here I told myself it was so we could heal and mourn together. And so I could forget. Put aside all the things Maven did to me and I did to him. Instead, barely a day goes by without me agonizing over him and his fate. Whether he deserved it or not. If I made the right choice. If he could have been saved.”

I think of all the new short stories this was my favourite one. And this even though it was about Mare and Cal. *lol* As you all know I was never the biggest fan of this ship so I certainly didn’t expect to like this story as much as I did. I guess what I liked the most about it was that it gave me some sort of closure. I never got that at the end of “War Storm” and somehow this short story was exactly what I would have needed after finishing the last book. It was good to see that Mare and Cal tried to work through their differences and that they still dared to hope for a better future. After everything they went through they were both thoroughly broken and I think Victoria captured this more than just well. Their grief, their guilt and self-hatred, their doubts and fears and - like a thread through all of their thoughts - their still palpable love for Maven. Because yes, those three were messed up and their relationship was more than just dysfunctional but at the end of the day both of them loved Maven in their own way. My heart still aches for Maven and obviously Mare’s and Cal’s hearts still ache for him too. <333

”I thought I’d lost them both, lost them to each other one last time. My brother would have liked that. He took her once before and he would have taken her forever if he could have.”

”I can still hear him in my head. You think I can’t lie through pain, he said when Tyton got too close. You think I haven’t done it a thousand times?
He meant the torture his mother inflicted on him. I knew that then and it haunts me now. Whatever his mother did to him whenever she entered his mind – it was torture. It was pain. And it twisted him beyond repair.”

”She feels the memory as I do, both of us lost to watching the floor. Her smile fades, as does mine, and we weather the storm of loss and regret together. It’s the only way through it.”

Fare Well: 3,5

”My mother gave me so much, but she took in return.”

This short story was just too.... well, short! I really would have loved to get a full short story about Maven but all I got was one chapter and even though this was a great chapter and made me feel all the mixed feels it still wasn’t enough. Victora could have given us a short story about Maven’s past and how he met Thomas. She could have given us a story about Maven as a little boy, but she did none of those things and I’m kind of bitter about it. Yes, “Fare Well” gave us a good glimpse into Maven’s mind and yes, it even managed to kind of redeem his character... but it didn’t give me all the content I was craving for and the knowledge that I will never get more of him is sort of irritating?! >_<

”Cut for cut, my mother whispers, louder now, taunting. The words slice like a razor.
It would hurt him deeply, wound him forever, if I let him glimpse what little is left of me. That I’m still here, in some forgotten corner, just waiting to be found. I could ruin him with one glance, one echo of the brother he remembers. Or I could free him of me. Make the choice for him. Give my brother one last proof of the love I can no longer feel, even if he never knows it.
I weight the choice in my heart, each side heavy and impossible. For one terrifying moment, I don’t know what to do.”

”He is without his title, with little more than his name. But every word on the stone is the truth. We love him – and he strayed down a path no one else should pursue.”


This collection of short stories kind of started with Elara’s influence and also sort of ended with it which gave this a pretty nice touch. I really enjoyed some of those stories and considering it all it was a nice compilation. The additional info about their world and how it came into being was a welcome supplement and I’m sure if you’re a hard-core fan you’ll appreciate “Broken Throne”.


It’s finally time to read this!!
I have no idea why I didn’t read this yet. I mean W.H.Y.??!
Sometimes I don’t even understand myself. *lol*
Maybe I’m afraid there won’t be a lot of Maven in it...
Anyway! Enough of procrastinating!!
Let’s just do this! XD

Please somebody tell me that there is going to be more about Maven!!!
And please, please, please somebody tell me that one of those novellas is going to be about Maven and Thomas!
Because if yes.... oh god I'm already dying just thinking about the possibility of it all!!!
AHHHHHH!!! *dies*

GIMMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *greedy grabby hands*
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January 6, 2020
Meanwhile, in an alternative universe...

Keep it down, would you? We're trying to focus here!” sitting with Maven upstairs, Mare Barrow shouts over the deafening, ear-splitting sound of cheering—not that anyone listens, of course. Downstairs, her brother Shade is Jumping around the room and fist-bumping his noisy audience with quite the ceremony, while his losing sparring partner, Ptolemus Samos, stands with a frown.

Evangeline patronisingly pats her big brother on the cheek, “Next round, remember that he doesn't just stand there for you to pierce his heart with a blade, huh?” Ptolemus sneers, batting her hand away, and calls to Shade, “Shake a leg, Barrow! I'm getting you this time.”

Shade reluctantly puts Farley, who he'd been kissing beyond the inconvenient lines of propriety, down and looks to the smirking Cal, standing beside them and all too happy about the fight's results, “Is that a challenge? Ooh, I feel like that's a challenge,” he Jumps back in the sparring area with a grin, rubbing his hands together, “Bring it on, Little Tolly.”

Ptolemus points a finger at him as he slowly advances, “You'll pay for that, bro.”

Unfazed and too sure of himself, Shade pretends to be in thought, “Just a question before we start; where would you like me to put the dagger when I beat you—the neck again, or somewhere more creative like, hmmm,” he pauses for dramatic effect, “Your Silver ass? Considering your hair is silver, too. I'm just saying...is your ass silver? Do I even wanna know?”

At that, Eve bursts out laughing and covers her mouth, trying to hide it—for the sake of her brother's wounded pride—and, of course failing, while Farley, looking disgusted, says to a fuming Tolly, her mouth crinkling in distaste, “Please, don't answer that, I do not need to know that detail.”

Ptolemus smiles cruelly, pieces of metal floating all around him, twisting and sharpening into deadly weapons that make you pray only for a quick death, “Say your goodbyes, Barrow.”

As the two start circling each other, Kilorn pulls out a bag of chips, pops some into his mouth, and focuses on the delicious crunching, completely mindless of the silence ruling over the room as everyone stares at that small, inconspicuous, vulnerable package of eatable gems in his hands. That is, until a steel blade whips through the air and hovers dangerously close to his throat. His eyes widening, he quickly stops chewing.

“Warren, be a good boy and give that to me before I open your neck from ear to ear,” Evangeline says sweetly, walking up to him.

Kilron slowly extends his hand and she snatches the bag, plopping down next to Farley. She takes a few chips as Eve offers her the bag, “At it girl! Seems like you Silvers aren't useless after all. Who knew?”

“You didn't want the ones in my mouth?” Kilorn asks, and yelps as one of Eve's metal blades appears out of nowhere, pricking his butt cheek.

“Shut that pretty mouth of yours Kilorn,” Cameron says affectionately from his side, giving Evangeline a thumbs up as she passes the bag around. Cal fills both his large hands, revealing an adoration for chips no one knew existed. What do you know, perhaps it was this love of chips that beat his love of the crown.

Kilorn gives a double take at Cameron's words, “Hey! You should be taking my side! Why didn't you do your thing, you know, and Silence her?”

Cameronn looks offended, “And let you eat the chips all by yourself? No thanks.”

“Ouch, my pride is wounded.” Kilorn says grimly, putting his hand on his heart in mock pain.

“Lick it, it'll get better. Now hush, the fight is more interesting than your ego.”

Just then, Tolly rapid fires sharp pieces of metal at Shade, anticipating his spee. But there's nothing as quick as Shade who Jumps, appearing two feet to the left. Ptolemus redirects them with his swift reflexes, but Shade again disappears into thin air before they get anywhere close to his skin. Frustrated, Ptolemus curses, “Stop jumping around like a scared little rabbit, Barrow, and fight!”

Dodging a spear barreling his way, Shade smiles, “As you wish,” and disappears. Tolly quickly turns his bracelet into a blade to defend his back, expecting Barrow's appearance behind him. What he doesn't see coming is a sharp wooden dagger pricking him somewhere uncomfortably and preciously south, with Shade standing right in front of him, looking apologetic with a sheepish smile, “Oops. Sorry bro, had to impress the ladies.”

There's a gasp, then maniacal screaming starts to fill the room and leak out the doors and all the way up the stairs, with none other than Kilorn acting as cheerleader. The chanting, “Barrow, Barrow, Barrow,” hits the walls and windows, and my precious eardrums, trying to break through. I am definitely going to have a headache after all this childish fanfare.

Standing unnaturally still, Ptolemus gives a nervous laugh and raises his hands in surrender, “Nice one, now just...be careful with that...I use it to impress the ladies, too.”

Shade pulls back his magnetron-proof dagger, making Tolly sigh in relief, and pats him on the back, “Fair enough. We wouldn't wanna lose such a blessing now, would we?” he says, grinning.

Ptolemus gives a good-natured laugh, “I give up man, you're unbeatable. I do not want to face you on a battle field.” Shade's smile widens, “Why wou—”

“My colours!” Tolly shouts.

The screaming that leaked upstairs seems to have done its job quite flawlessly, because a fireball shoots out of the door upstairs, which Cal swiftly extinguishes, cutting Shade off and causing everyone to jump up in alarm—well, everyone but Evangeline. “What the hell is Mare doing to Maven up there!??” shouts Kilorn.

Evangeline smirks, “The dirty,” and pops some chips into her arrogant mouth....more

Continue reading some more with Mare, Maven, Cal, and the rest HERE. (It's short)

My pre-read pre-review (a parody of The Greatest Show by Hugh Jackman):
Full review to come :)
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Shelved as 'not-sure-if-i-ll-read-it'
April 13, 2019

480 pages! 😳

But... did you see the gorgeous cover?
August 31, 2020

Broken Throne es un libro compañero de la saga de Red Queen y, si bien tiene algunos relatos y muchos datos que ya conocemos, hay un par de historias que se pueden considerar epílogos oficiales de War Storm, así que yo diría que son vitales para terminar de conocer y experimentar por completo todo el universo que creó Victoria Aveyard.

Antes de hablarles sobre cada uno de los relatos, voy a mencionar que los otros extras que trae Broken Throne (las líneas de tiempo, las mini biografías de los reyes de Norta, etc…) los encontré poco relevantes. Sí, son datos que le añaden más dimensión a los siglos de historia de ese continente, pero nunca me he llevado bien con los info dumps porque, total, al final se me olvida todo. Así que nada, están bien si alguien quiere consultar puntualmente quién fue Tiberias III, pero no para leer con el mismo mindset con el que se lee una historia o un relato.


”There is nothing so terrible as a story untold”.

Este es uno de los relatos “repetidos”, pues ya había sido incluido hace tiempo en Cruel Crown. Yo lo leí en ese momento, pero decidí releerlo para tener la experiencia de Broken Throne completa.

Aquí nos encontramos con Norta muchísimos años antes de que nacieran Cal, Maven o Mare. De hecho, los protagonistas son la generación anterior. Queen Song cuenta la historia de Coriane Jacos, quien sería la madre de Cal, y cómo llega a casarse con el rey Tiberias y ganarse de enemiga a la peligrosísima Elara Merandus, madre de Maven.

Este relato es brutal, pues realmente entendemos cómo Elara se fue metiendo poco a poco en la mente de Coriane hasta destrozarla por completo. Es muy duro leer los diarios de Coriane y notar que ni ella misma sabe si lo que está pensando o lo que le está pasando es por causas naturales o si Elara está en su mente de nuevo. Y, bueno… el final… wow. Todos conocemos el final si hemos leído Red Queen, pero no deja de ser sorprendente y muy, muy crudo.


”Belief doesn’t make it easy to take a bullett”.

Vale, pues si el anterior relato se centra en los de sangre plateada y en las reinas de Norta, este se va al extremo contrario y nos muestra las entrañas de la Guardia Escarlata y de aquellos con sangre roja en las venas.

Farley es la protagonista y nos va narrando un poco de las diferentes misiones que cumple para infiltrarse en Norta, obtener información de los países vecinos y mantener a esta gran organización rebelde andando. Si bien este no es mi relato favorito, pues tiene muchísimas comunicaciones en clave que, en mi opinión, entorpecen la lectura, sí hay un elemento que hizo la lectura mucho más llevadera: Shade.

Si han leído la saga saben que Shade es uno de los hermanos de Mare Barrow y que su final fue… desgarrador. Por eso leerlo cuando aún está vivo, cuando todavía no entiende muy bien por qué él, teniendo sangre roja, puede teletransportarse y hacer cosas que en teoría están reservadas a los plateados… bueno, digamos que es una patada al corazón, pero también es espectacular.

En general, creo que es un relato que no aporta mucho al mundo de Red Queen, más allá del ship de Shade con Farley, pero ni eso lo hizo suficientemente entretenido para mí. ¡Además es larguísimo!


Este es uno de los relatos más random de todo el libro porque, literalmente, se desarrolla alrededor de dos personajes que nunca hemos visto ni en media página de la saga. Uno de ellos es Ashe, un contrabandista rojo que transporta personas y mercancía a lo largo de un río que está en las Disputed Lands. La otra es Lyrisa, una princesa que está huyendo de su compromiso con Orris Cygnet, un hombre cruel y abusivo.

La historia empieza cuando Lyrisa le paga una suma exorbitante de dinero a Ashe para que la lleve río abajo y él, a pesar de sus dudas porque ella es una plateada, acepta. Sin embargo, los problemas empiezan a mitad del viaje cuando Orris y otras personas los atacan.

Creo que este es un relato que Victoria Aveyard quiso incluir para que entendiéramos que no todos los plateados son iguales, que algunos quieren escapar de su destino y buscar una vida más libre lejos de las ciudades principales y las monarquías. Además, Victoria logra construir una relación muy interesante entre Ashe y Lyrisa y, cuando terminas el relato, quieres saber un poco más de ellos porque la necesidad de saber que cada uno encontró su futuro feliz es imposible de eludir.

Así que nada, es un relato random, pero que tiene un ritmo bastante bueno y logra entretener a pesar de que sus personajes, al principio, no significan nada para nosotros como lectores.


”It is an odd thing, to be loved and know you are loved as well”.

Iron Heart es el primer relato en Broken Throne que podría considerarse como un epílogo de War Storm. Aquí la protagonista es Evangeline, que lleva viviendo ya un tiempo en la nueva república de Montfort. A pesar de la aparente paz, hay muchas jugadas políticas que siguen vigentes y una de ellas es que tanto su hermano como ella deben abdicar al trono del reino que creó su padre, Volo Samos, antes de morir.

Así que en Iron Heart vemos a una Evangeline que no termina de adaptarse a Montfort, que sabe que es libre de amar a Elane sin esconderse, pero no es capaz de proclamarlo a los cuatro vientos, que entiende que como ya no será de la realeza tiene que encontrar un trabajo en esta nueva república y que, además, sigue lidiando a su manera con la pérdida de su padre y con la amenaza constante que representa su madre.

Creo que esta historia sí que nos ayuda a entender un poco más todo el desorden político que quedó al final de War Storm y, sobre todo, a saber a ciencia cierta en dónde están los personajes ahora, pues Evangeline no es la única que aparece en estas páginas. Además de eso, me gustó que Victoria Aveyard ahondó en la relación de Evangeline y Elane, en los miedos que aún están allí y en los sentimientos de cada una. Especialmente de Elane que, a pesar de ser una sombra, ya está cansada de esconderse y ser cuidadosa en público con la persona que ama.


¡Paren todo el mundo porque por fin llega el relato dedicado a Mare y a Cal! Ay, mis niños… ¿Cómo osaron dejarme con el corazón tan roto después del final de War Storm? Es que, de verdad, esa escena en la que se despiden porque ambos están muy rotos después de la guerra y de todo lo que han vivido es tremendo. Sobre todo cuando Mare le dice a Cal que necesita tiempo, que no sabe cuánto y que él no tiene por qué esperarla. Eso me dolió mucho.

Pero en Fire Light el reencuentro es inminente. Los grandes mandatarios y encargados de las alianzas con Montfort, Norta y la Guardia Escarlata van a reunirse en la república y a discutir este nuevo orden mundial. Obviamente Cal irá como parte de la delegación de los estados de Norta y Mare, que ha estado retirada con su familia en las altas montañas del norte de Montforn, debe volver a la ciudad y actuar como una de las representantes de la Guardia Escarlata.

Quizá lo que más me gustó de este relato, además de poder ver cómo está funcionando todo este nuevo orden, fue ver a una Mare y a un Cal mucho más recuperados y enteros. Ambos sacrificaron demasiado durante la guerra y necesitaban ese tiempo para recomponerse y sanar. Y ahora, que están a punto de encontrarse, los nervios están tan presentes que ni siquiera saben cómo actuar el uno con el otro. Son adorables y mucho más maduros ahora de lo que lo eran varios meses atrás.

Este, definitivamente, es el relato que nos merecíamos, pues está lleno de conversaciones importantes sobre su futuro como pareja, conversaciones que nunca tuvieron tiempo de tener cuando estaban al pie del cañón. Al final amé que decidieran tomárselo todo con calma, viendo cómo se desenvolvía el día a día y cómo se presentaba el futuro ante ellos.


Este es el relato en el que se me rompe el corazón porque literalmente lo narra Maven en uno de sus últimos momentos de vida, pues ya está condenado y falta poco para sus últimos latidos. Cal va a visitarlo y hablan muchísimo sobre el daño que le hizo Elara. Todo es tremendo, de verdad. Sobre todo porque Cal sigue intentando encontrar un pedacito de su hermano dentro del monstruo que creó Elara. Y Maven, muy dentro de sí, todavía siente ese amor de niño pequeño que le profesaba a su hermano, pero a pesar de eso no lo admite ante Cal para que sea más fácil olvidarlo.

Toda la historia de Maven es absolutamente trágica, pues siempre fue una marioneta de Elara, la psicópata mayor. Ella lo deformó tanto que incluso Maven disfrutaba con todos los horrores, pero joder, era una situación horrorosa.

Y el final de este relato, cuando ya ha muerto Maven y Cal va solo a visitar su tumba en una isla perdida en medio de la nada… ¡Qué crueldad tan inmensa la de Victoria Aveyard! ¿No podía dejarnos terminar Broken Throne con la promesa de una relación preciosa entre Cal y Mare? Noooo, claro que no. Tenía que apuñalarnos en el corazón una vez más.
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Want to read
May 16, 2018
I just finished War Storm, and what I want to know is:


I honestly don't know what I will do until then, or how I will wait that long. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, I am so excited!
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May 31, 2018
If this doesn’t include a story on Maven’s past with Thomas I’ll screammmmmmmmmm!!!
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Want to read
May 12, 2019
May 02, 2019
Do NOT disappoint me, dear book.

Also, do give me something everything of 💔Maven💔.

May 12, 2019

Last night I found out that this one consists of several novellas including Queen Song and Steel Scars that were published previously. I just skipped to the very end where we get a little Farewell of Cal and Maven and I found out that I could never let go of Maven just like Cal couldn't. And of course, I finally did cry for dear cursed Maven.

It would hurt him deeply, wound him forever, if I let him glimpse what little is left of me. That I’m still here, in some forgotten corner, just waiting to be found. I could ruin him with one glance, one echo of the brother he remembers. Or I could free him of me. Make the choice for him. Give my brother one last proof of the love I can no longer feel, even if he never knows it.

Will read the full book in the right order in a day or so.
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May 23, 2019
3 stars.

As many of you know, I am not a huge fan of the Red Queen series. My reviews range from "It was OK," to "I fucking hate this book!"

The Red Queen series as a whole is just another generic dystopia series that brings nothing new to the genre. That is my opinion and I will stand by it. That being said, when Victoria announced Broken Throne, I'll admit, I was intrigued. War Storm's ending was left open and Broken Throne filled in that openness with a few stories that take place after the events of the last book. Broken Throne also gives insight on life before the series takes place such as documents and written notes.

After reading Broken Throne, I can say that While I'm not necessarily a fan of it, it was a decent add-on to the series.

Sidenote: Broken Throne contains two novellas that I have read before, Queen Song and Steel Scars and those act as prequels. I will not be reviewing them as I had already reviewed them. Instead, I'm reviewing the other stories.

1. The Documents/Written Notes - 4 stars.

I've always been interested in how the world of Red Queen came to be. The series takes place a thousand years in the future in the United States and parts of Canada, that much we know. The documents and notes added more to the lore of how the U.S. came to be with Reds, Silvers, and Newbloods. While it wasn't in-depth, it did answer the questions I had.

2. World Behind - 2 stars

This story was completely redundant. This takes place during the events of the series and normally while I like the idea of seeing the events take place from a different character's POV, this one was just boring and didn't add anything to the world.

This story takes place in the Disputed Lands where there is no law and it's everyone for themselves. It's mainly a place where smugglers and refugees go to since all travel is primarily through boats. I should've liked it but was bored instead. The characters didn't interest me, the plot ended quickly just as it began, and it added nothing to the story. I know that not all novellas are supposed to give insight to the world outside of the main protagonist, but World Behind was a chore to get through.

3. Iron Heart - 4 stars.

Our true queen Evangeline is back and she along with Cameron are the saving graces of this series. Evangeline is the perfect example of complicated. In her heart, she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it. Here, we see her trying to live the new life she wanted for her and Elane. She still doesn't know what she wants and this humanizes her. She should've been the protagonist instead of Mare.

We also get Elane's POV here and I liked how she was the voice of reason/being a caring, patient girlfriend to Evangeline.

Iron Heart is hands down, the best story out of all the others.

4. Fire Light - 3 stars.

Hoo boy. We have my least favorite character Mare. This story is angsty love between Mare and Cal and though I know angsty love can be good, this one, in particular, was kind of annoying. I still don't like Mare as a character and she did annoy me in this one as well. But I didn't hate her as much because in her POV, she does bring up some good points on who she is as a person if she can live with her sins and continue to live on. Cal is the same mindset too and they both have a lot to get through.

I still stand by my opinion that Mare and Cal are not a good pairing. Not to say their relationship is toxic, I just don't understand what Cal sees in Mare other than being an annoying person who can't seem to make up her mind half of the time. And their "love" just feels too artificial, too generic. That being said, I did like how Fire Light give us closure to how they would feel about each other.

5. Fare well -4 stars.

I won't go into detail with this short (less than 20 pages long) story, but I will say this: He deserved better.


Broken Throne was a decent add-on to the series. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it does have some answers some readers wanted and I think it delivered. Is it perfect, no way, but it was a decent book. And I pray that Victoria doesn't decide to write more in this series like other authors are doing.

Thanks for reading my review!

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June 12, 2019
I just want to start off and say how happy I was to come back into this world. I was absolutely giddy and went into my Target to get my copy at like 7 a.m. before I went into work. The poor worker had to dig through several boxes of new releases to find it.

Broken Throne is a compilation of stories set in the Red Queen world. There are multiple novellas, some previously released and some new, as well as maps, journal entries and the part that I was most excited about: stories from post-War Storm. This is what I'll be reviewing here.

Broken Throne picks up a few months following the ending of War Storm. Norta, with Cal's leadership, is working on setting up a democracy and bringing red bloods and silvers together. This involves getting silver allies to renounce their place on the throne in favor of democracy. This process is shown through Evangeline and Elane's eyes. The first chapters from this section are purely from their perspectives.

As mentioned in War Storm, Evangeline and Elane are now living in the democratic plains and are trying to figure out what to do with their lives now that Evangeline (and Tolly) are no longer headed to the throne. As you can imagine, while Evangeline is content with her choice to renounce, she is struggling to figure out what to do with her life. Eventually, Cal comes into the picture as he works with Tolly and Evangeline, which then leads to Mare and her family joining the group.

Similarly, Mare is struggling and trying to work through her mental health following the ending events of War Storm. Her family, after spending time in a remote area, heads back toward civilization as important policy talks are taking place. This is where Cal and Mare are reunited and all the feelings I have toward this couple hit me square in the chest.

I seriously love Cal and Mare together so much. I also love Evangeline and Elane, but the Cal/Mare ship is one of my favorite from any series. While I was fine (ok, a little sad, but understanding) with how things ended in War Storm, I was happy to get even more resolution from Broken Throne. If you are looking for a happier ending, then you'll be looking in the right place.

My only wish is that selfishly, I wanted even more. I could have used less of the journals/novellas from other characters' perspectives and more of Cal/Mare/Evangeline. That's who I love and that's who I wanted to follow along. There's also one chapter from Maven, but it is fairly short and based in the past. It's fine and I'm sure Maven-lovers will be happy for it, but since I'm not in that camp, I felt just fine with it.

From everything Victoria has said on Twitter, this will be the last Red Queen item for a long time and that's fine. Sad, but fine. I'm happy to have gotten more closure from our favorite characters. I'll never stop hoping to get more stories with my fav characters, but I can be very happy with everything that we've gotten.

P.S. The Target edition has an annotated chapter featuring the dancing lesson scenes between Cal and Mare. I really liked this and was interesting to see some insight into Victoria's thoughts in writing the scene and the little things she dropped in there.

Some of my favorite quotes (some mild spoilers):
Mare went up there once, trying to outrun something. I understand the urge. Now she's somewhere farther north, still recuperating. Still mourning. Still running, even if she's finally standing still.

Princess Evangeline. Lady of House Samos. Daughter of Volo and Lorentia. I am none of those things anymore. Not after today. I should be glad-I should be relieve to be rid of the name and the life my parents gave me. And parts of me are. But the rest can't help but be reminded of what I traded away to live as who I am now. What I betrayed. What I killed. What I lost forever.

"Of course it is," Cal replies, his tone light. "It's an exclusive club you're joining. I have to be on hand to welcome you in the Abdicators."
My lip curls. All the same, I take Cal's arm, pulling him into a stiff but quick embrace. "Please don't start calling us that," I growl

I missed you. I'm glad I went away. It was a mistake to go. It was the right thing to do. I'm sorry I killed him. I'd do it again if I had to. I need you now. I want more time. I love you. I love you.

If not for the circumstances, I would laugh at the thought of Gisa scolding Mare into dressing appropriately, and forcing her into the jacket. I blush at the thought of getting her out of it. Focus, my mind screams, and heat flares around me.
"Could you not?" Julian mutters through clenched teeth. The corner of his mouth twitches, betraying amusement.

"Why do you keep nudging now?" I drop my voice.
Evangeline does no such thing. "There aren't many who deserve to be happy. I'm certainly not one of them, but here I am. I think you might deserve it, Barrow."

"Did you wait, Cal?"
His fingers weave through mine as he grins. "I'm still waiting."

Here 👏 for 👏 Evangeline/Elane 👏 and 👏 Mare/Cal 👏

Miss me with that Maven obsession. 👊
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January 7, 2021
Realmente pensé que no me iba a gustar, pero lo disfruté y me parece un libro que aporta bastante.

Trono destrozado es un libro extra en la saga de la reina roja. Incluye al otro libro extra que es corona cruel. Si o si es necesario leerlo una vez terminada la saga principal.

Este libro cuenta con 6 relatos + un montón de contenido, mapas, información sobre los continentes, sobre los reinos y repúblicas, sobre las casas y familias, árboles genealógicos y más.

Canción real 👸🏽
Este relato es uno de los que aparece en corona cruel, es sobre la madre de Cal. Cuenta quién era ella, como llegó a casarse con quién luego sería el rey, cuál era la situación de su familia en ese momento, etc. Me gustó, ya lo había leído hacía unos cuantos años cuando salió corona cruel. Llegas a encariñarte con el personaje.

Cicatrices de Acero ♥️
Este relato es sobre Farley, comandante de la guardia escarlata. Es el otro relato de corona cruel. No me gustó demasiado, se me hizo aburrido e interminable y la historia no era muy interesante.

Un mundo detrás 🌊
Me gustó este relato, si bien transcurre en el mismo mundo los personajes son nuevos. Una princesa plateada que decide escapar de un matrimonio arreglado y para eso toma un barco de un capitán Rojo para cruzar el océano. Estuvo lindo, me encariñé con los personajes y los llegué a shippear, lástima que el romance fue apresurado. Me hubiera gustado leer más de ellos

Corazón de hierro ✨
El relato de Evangeline, le da un final al personaje que tan presente estuvo en la saga principal. Es uno de mis personajes favoritos y esta vez no me decepcionó. Hacía falta este relato para poder conocer su final.

Luz de fuego 🔥
Otro relato necesario, el final de tormenta de guerra fue agridulce y apenas nos dejó información sobre Mare y Cal. Este relato nos cuenta un poco más, funciona como un epílogo de la saga principal.

Un adiós 😔
Y finalmente el relato de Maven y Cal. Lastima que solo haya tenido 20 páginas. Otro relato necesario, tormenta de guerra tuvo un final tan apresurado que no pude despedirme bien de los personajes, este libro lo logró.

Yo leyendo trono destrozado: 🥺😬🤣🥰😱🤔
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February 25, 2020
Okay, I read it and now I'm finally diving into the review. Oh lord.

Okay, so Broken Throne is basically filled with novellas within it. Of course, the first two are ones I'm already familiar with. Not that I'm complaining.. but really? Why do I get these two all over again? I would've loved two whole new stories and just have this book be filled with brand new novellas in general.

Besides that, I guess it was kind of nice to be reminded of what happened in Queen Song and Steel Scars.. even if I can still remember it from the last time I read those two.

Then we get newer novellas - YAY! Out of all of them, I liked World Behind and Fire Light. The others, Iron Heart and Fare Well, were okay but I was mostly bored with them. World Behind was most definitely my favorite because I just fell in love with Lyrisa and Ashe. They were beyond adorable and it just made me smile. It was probably the only novella that I actually paid attention to as well.

As for Fire Light, I did like getting more Mare and Cal. I've always loved these two together and I was really made at how War Storm ended. So, in a way, it sort of made me happy again. I'm also not going to lie, this story did have it's super boring moments as well. I don't want to get into so much detail.. but if you read/listen to it - you will know what I'm talking about.

Overall, I guess I'm happy that I listened to it.. but ugh, nothing could redeem this series after reading War Storm. Sorry, not sorry.

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May 22, 2022
“I have nothing but time. To choose, to heal. To live.”

Queen Song, ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Steel Scars, ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
World Behind, ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Iron Heart, ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Fire Light, ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Fare Well, ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


This was such a good read. My favorite was definitely Fire Light.

But I also just really loved reading about all those things that are mentioned, but never gone into with any detail. Especially Julian's notes in between each story. And the one at the end with Maven and Cal.. my heart breaks. I love Maven so much. He's just one of those guys you GET, even though they're kind of.. the worst.

I loved the Red Queen series and cannot wait to read them over and over again like I do with all of my favorite books.

- Paige
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December 29, 2019
I've been contemplating for months whether to read Broken Throne or not, given that War Storm gave most of us an awful and an unsatisfying ending. Just a couple of days ago I finally decided to read this and be complete with the entire once and for all (otherwise I would've felt guilty for not continuing the series even if it only consists of novellas).

Although this book consists of 6 novellas, I already read the first two; which were Queen Song and Steel Scars long ago, so I only had to read the remaining 4.

I can't say this was a life-changing and/or gave the series a whole new perspective to look at, but if you felt like you needed more specified answers and a full conclusion on the characters I'd say then read this.
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March 23, 2020
This book was not necessary at all, but is appreciated. If you wanted to know more about the history of silvers, then this is your book.

I enjoyed it more than the other books in the series and felt very sorry for Maven.


Este libro no era para nada necesario, pero se agradece. Si querías conocer más de la historia de los plateados, este es tu libro.

Lo disfruté más que los otros libros de la serie y sentí mucha pena por Maven.
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June 10, 2019
Red Queen: 5 stars
Glass Sword: 4.25 stars
King’s Cage: 4.5 stars
War Storm: 3.25 stars
Broken Throne: 3.5 stars

First part is spoiler free!


Before going into debt on the individual stories I want to give you a little background on my experience with the Red Queen series. I first started Red Queen a year ago and fell head over heels with the writing, world and characters. I binge read all four books in a month and had an amazing reading experience. However I found the final book War Storm incredibly boring and one of the worst conclusions to a series ever. So hearing that a final book with short stories was going to be published had my hopes high for a better ending to one of my favorite series.

And while I did enjoy the individual stories I have to say that Broken Throne wasn’t as satisfying as I’d hoped. First of all, I didn’t agree with the stories selected for this collection. Two stories are prequels to the Red Queen series, and though interesting they didn’t add anything news for me to the plot (and I’d already read them). Then one novella had nothing to do with this series at all and contains only new characters. Then the final story is only 20 pages and is just there to let bygones be bygones, nothing new or nothing to add to the previous books. And finally there are two stories that seriously added something for me after War Storm but they weren’t perfect either. Furthermore I missed a story about the main villain Elara and how she became the person she was. And I felt that some characters got more attention than they deserved while others were completely ignored (Barrow family , Kilorn and Cameron?)

Finally, I just need to say that I am deeply disappointed that this novella collection still didn’t really gave me the ending I was hoping for in the Red Queen series. I think War Storm left a bit too much of a mess to be cleaned up. Things I wanted to be flashed out like the war and the politics had to make way for the childish romance of Mare and Cal and Evangeline that can’t make up her mind. I had hoped that the final 4 pages with how the world ended up would have been a 200 page novella. There were bombs dropped in those pages like; etc etc… that I needed a whole book about!!


However all that aside, when I received Broken Throne in the mail I literally gasped from the beauty of this book. The fond is purple (!), the endpapers are stunning, there are multiple maps, family trees, information about all the kings/queens, all other countries, their rulers and of course that cover!! This book is an absolute must have for the Red Queen fans. I loved all the entries included that were written by Julian and I kind of forgot that he gave this to Cal, so it was super fun and interesting to read that with all the notes written besides (although the purple pages got at times very dense and info dumpy). And how did I not know the Red Queen series doesn’t play in a fantasy world but in our own US 1000 years in the future!! (or did I forget this?) It was so interesting so hear Julian talk about dangers we face in our current society like the climate change and how that can destroy us.

I also want to comment on some overall things that I’m not going to repeat in every individual review. First of all I have to say that I forgot how much I love Victoria’s writing (I really hope she will write more series in the future). Furthermore I have to say that I’m in love with this world and the magic. It’s not that hard to make me love a story if some of these things are involved. Next, I loved every single title of all novella’s; they were so fitting, so lyrical but also had such a deep meaning! Furthermore I went into this stories kind of blind and had no idea what and who they were about before reading them. Although I had previously read Queen Song and Steel Cars but my rating of them hasn’t changed.

Contains spoilers!

Queen Song: 4 stars
Queen Song takes place before Red Queen and shows how Coriane, Cal’s mother, grows up from being a lowly house girl into being the Queen of Norta.

I had previously read this novella but reading it a second time wasn’t any less heartbreaking. While reading this you hope that this story will have a different ending, but of course it doesn’t. Overall I really loved getting to know more about Coriane and how she got to end up at the palace. I loved following her throughout her life and seeing characters like Sara, Julian, Elara, Tibe and baby Cal, through Coriane’s eyes.

“She was happy, yes, in her own way, as best as she knew. But there’s a difference between a single candle in darkness and a sunrise.”

Even though this story is sad and what Elara did was sick, I did really enjoy her as the villain, plus the display of her power and ruthlessness was absolutely magnificent. The hope you get halfway through the story when Coriane confronts Elara and those minutes you think everything will be okay...


Nevertheless I kind of missed Elara’s pov for some reason; I have no idea why she became so villainous, no idea why she had no moral and was able to kill not only the queen but also 3 unborn babies. And I did wish this story was a bit longer, I would have liked if the relationship between Coriane and Tiberius was a bit more flashed out and if we really got to see Coriane’s brain decline under Elara even more.


Steel Scars: 3 stars
This story takes place before and during the events in Red Queen and follows General Farley and the Scarlet Guard and how they first infiltrate Norta, what eventually leads to her meeting Shade and finding out about the Newblood abilities.

I wasn’t as invested in this story as I was in the other stories. This was mainly because Farley isn’t my favorite character in the Red Queen series and thus a novella about her wasn’t something I would particularly enjoy or “need”. Another thing that really contributed to me not enjoying this story as much, was because of all the radio messages. I listened to this one on audio and they read every single message aloud like: “the following message has been decoded…”, and every time I would lose interest and be angry that I had to listen to the same text a 100 time. This could have been solved by removing them entirely and insert sentences like: “She got a message saying… and she responded …”. The messages didn’t add anything to the story in my opinion and took me out of it completely. Furthermore I didn’t think that this story was a story that needed to be told. I’m much more interested in the silvers and their abilities or in the political games of the palace. The plot also wasn’t that gripping and interesting and I felt like this story started a bit strangely in the timeline and ended very sudden. It didn’t really feel like a novella but just a few chapters from Farley’s perspective. And finally I wished we got to see more Farley and Shade. For such a long novella I think the focus could have been a bit more on such their relationship and their chemistry.

“Rage is a double-edged sword, and this woman has been bled by both edges.”

What I did really enjoyed about this story was all the inside in the Scarlett Guard. They were a very well organized and smart organization. I loved the little details about how they would keep things a secret. I think the Scarlet Guard is one of the only well flashed out/explained rebellions in YA literature and thus it never made me frown when they won or had succeeded in a mission. Another thing I liked was that we got more Shade, there is a very small part in the Red Queen series where he is actually a part of the cast. However he is one of the emotional driving forces of Mare and determines a few of her actions. Getting to know Shade better and seeing how he came into contact with the Scarlet Guard was fun to read about (I, however, think that I would have enjoyed reading from his pov more than Farley’s). Furthermore I really appreciated how well this story aligned with Red Queen and the small references toward that story. E.g the scene with the pickpocket thief I could appreciate so much! But also in the end we get to see how Farley meets Mare and what happened behind the scenes in the Scarlet Guard when Mare’s abilities were discovered.


World Apart: 4 stars
World Apart plays around the time of War Storm and is about a smuggler called Ashe and the Piedmont princess Lyrisa and their journey to safety.

This was the first new story I read and when I started it I felled a bit …. Confused? Not that it was bad or anything, but I had expected all these stories to be background stories or stories in the future with the cast of Red Queen. And in the beginning I just couldn’t comprehend that I didn’t recognize anyone, or why this story would be important for the series. But I enjoyed both Ashe and Lyrisa very much as characters and it was great to read from their pov. They were so different but both very interesting. I think this story displayed the hopelessness of the “common” people and awfulness of the situation in War Storm very well. Not everyone was so fortunate as Mare to just fly to Montfort and be protected there. All the people on the docks pleading to be taking by the boats to hopefully a better future, broke my heart. I loved that it viewed another side of the world and that these were characters not involved in the main events of Red Queen. Furthermore I loved seeing how Reds viewed the Silvers. They are utterly frightened of Lyrisa and her powers. It was also super fun to see normal people talk about Mare and everything that had happened in the series. For such a short story it was full of tension, secrets and action and that kept me on the edge of my seat. I just couldn’t stop reading. I also really loved the red servant family and their children, especially the girl, I loved that they were a female couple!

“Nowhere is quiet, not in the world ahead or the world behind.”

However I have to say that after finishing I still don’t understand the point of this story. We have never met any of these characters, and there wasn’t anything that contributed to the Red Queen series and I felt that was quite a shame/missed opportunity.


Furthermore I wasn’t a fan of the ending, which is quite open and I have no idea what will happen to Ashe and Lyrisa, which makes me say once again: what was the point of this novella? I kept thinking that they would show up in a later novella, but nope! And lastly, I didn’t think that the plot was very original or at least not anything I hadn’t read before: “Princess running away from home because she doesn’t want to marry the awful cruel prince that comes chasing after her”.


Iron Heart: 3.0 stars
This novella is about Elane and Evangeline after the events in War Storm.

My first responds to this novella was literally: “OMG EVANGELINE!!!! YESSS! AND ELANE!!”. I was soooo ready for a story about them. They were my beloved couple in the Red Queen series and Evangeline is one of my favorite characters!


However my excitement slowly died while reading the beginning of this story. Where I expected a powerful bi relationship with determined young female characters, I got a story about a whining girl and a lot of arguing and persuading. The plot of this story mainly revolved about persuading Evangeline to go with Ptolemus to the Rift to abdicate but Evangeline refusing to do so. Besides that this novella bored me to tears, I have a problem with the plot and characterization of Evangeline. In Red Queen Evangeline is strong, determined, selfish, arrogant and headstrong, but here she hides in a garden so she doesn’t have to talk to people and make a decision. I don’t understand that she doesn’t take responsibility, don’t understand that she just sits around and does nothing, lives from the “red” government. I think that is so unlike the Evangeline in Red Queen. Maybe I remember her wrong, but in my head she would have never done that and would have taken charge of her own life. Especially since she kind of got everything she wished for and can finally be with Elane in the open.

What would have made this story a 1000 percentage better was adding 30 more pages and giving Evangeline depression or PTSD. I did see some signs of that but it was never really clarified. On top of this in about three quarter of this story Evangeline suddenly gets over herself and decides she does need to abdicate and go to the Rift. But not only that, no, she also takes things into her own hands and writes Iris, their mortal enemy, a letter to kindly bend to the new alliance. It was just so sudden and without explanation that it was unbelievable and a bit strange for me. I personally wished that something happened, e.g. an attack from silver nobles on Montford and that Evangeline would lose something/someone so she would finally get some inside about what to do. Some other small things I was disappointed about was that we didn’t really get to see a great fight scene and that she doesn’t use the metal in her garments anymore which was her signature look. And finally I wished we got to see a bit more off Evangeline and Elane’s relationship or individually about Elane, since this whole plot was so focused on Evangeline.

“I know you like to pretend to be made of iron. Even in your heart, my love. I know better, and you don’t have to hide with me.”

Some things I did really loved was the dual perspective and that we thus got a pov from Elane. I also loved seeing all the other characters like Ptolomus, Davidson, Carmaron, Farley, Cal, Wren. Loved the scene with her and Ptolemus fighting. And of course all the reunions in the Rift, the one with her mother broke my heart. And just small little things like that after she announced her abdication she turned her throne into thousands of needles and let them clatter to the ground. The last thing I want to mention about this novella is that I did really like the ending and how it concludes Evangeline’s character’s story!


Fire Light: 4 disappointing stars
This novella is about Mare and Cal and the mess of the Red Queen world that War Storm left us.

I have a bad memory and totally forgot why I hated War Storm so much. But luckily this story kindly reminded me of that. There was just nothing solved and this world is again on the verge of a war. If you asked me all the war counseling, all the political stuff and the romance in this novella should have been in the final book instead of all the unnecessary filler.

But we are here to talk about the novella Fire Light and not about War Storm. I actually quite liked this novella. I liked all the political discussions, loved the reunions with characters, loved to see how they all were and especially loved seeing the Barrow family all together again! And my queen Evangeline was back, witty, cunning and snarky as ever.

A thing I didn’t like as much was the romance. We have had FOUR BOOKS(!!!!!) of Mare and Cal dancing around each other and then in War Storm they let each other go. And that makes things in this novella super awkward and they don’t want to talk but they are both thinking about each other sooo much. I wanted them to kiss and make up and couldn’t stand all the inner monologues whining about the other person and if they would like them still. If you have read this novella: “he didn’t say a word”, would probably trigger you just as much as me.


“We were right to come here. To rebuild ourselves, to figure out who we are now, in spite of our missing pieces.”

On the downside this story once again ended when the war is nowhere but over. At the end of this book there is a little 5 page summary of everything that happened after and I was so sad that was just summarized there. So even though I overall loved this story I stay with my statement that this should have just been part of an epilogue of War Storm and not a novella on its own. And then we could have made the five page summary into a whole novella book and have a decent ending to this series!


Fare well: 3 disappointing stars
Mini story of Maven and Cal’s last conversation and Cal visiting Maven’s grave after the events in War Storm.

What can I really say about a story of 20 pages? This story also disappointed me. I’d hoped for something renewing, something devastating that we didn’t already know. But instead we got much of the same Maven who is crazy and obsessed. It was a bit bittersweet to be in Maven’s head because I did still hoped that he could be saved since he was not evil from himself. However this story really showed how deep Elara’s influence went and that Maven was beyond saving. But we already knew all this and I to be honest I wished this story was about some of the surviving characters since this felt pointless.

What I did like were Cal’s diary entries and him visiting the grave. I did wipe away a tear or two. And in a weird way I liked this story as the conclusion.


“We destroy. We rebuild. We destroy again. It is the constant of our kind. We are all a god’s chosen, and we are all a god’s cursed.”

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June 8, 2019

Queen Song - 4/5

Aunque siento que ésta historia no aporta información relevante para la trama, disfrute demasiado conocer más del personaje de Coriane. Ésta historia está casi escrita como una tragedia, o al menos eso me pareció a mi. Siempre me ha encantado como escribe Victoria y me gustó bastante el contraste de hermoso y triste que tiene Queen Song.

Steel Scars - 2.75/5

Farley es un personaje al que quiero mucho y una que es sumamente interesante, pero ésta historia fue de lo más aburrida de la vida. Creo que se debe a que todo esto sucede antes de Red Queen y de como fue que la guardia escarlata llegó al punto donde conoce a Mare, y si soy completamente honesto la verdad no me importa mucho. Como ya se a donde llevan todos los eventos hasta el final de la serie, ésta historia no fue de mi total interes.

World Behind - 5/5

Dios mio, ésta se llevó mi corazón. Se nos introducen nuevos personajes para ésta historia y se me hace una falta de respeto que solo los hayamos podido leer por 60 páginas. Necesito un libro completo de estos dos.

Iron Heart - 4.5/5

Mi bebe Evangeline se merece el mundo entero. Fue muy doloroso leerla y ver la situación donde se encuentra. A partir de ésta historia comienzan las que aportan información para la serie, ya que todo toma lugar después de War Storm. La última linea de este libro me pegó demasiado duro y de verdad espero que en la cabeza macabra e increible de Victoria Aveyard Evangeline tenga el final que se merece.

Fire Light - 5/5

Creo que era obvio que ésta iba a ser la que más me iba a gustar. Mare y Cal, mis bebes hermosos que llevo leyendo ya 4 años son los protagonistas de ésta y obviamente considerando ciertas cosas que suceden en el último libro me urgía saber que iba a pasar. Hay varias lineas, DEMASIADAS, que me dieron justo donde duele. Eso es algo que siempre me ha gustado de Victoria: sabe como deliverar un golpe cuando es necesario. Hay mucha información que a mi parecer es muy importante para los eventos que suceden en War Storm así que sí recomendaría leer al menos esta historia corta. El final me pegó por el hecho de que ésta es la última vez que leo a estos personajes y a esta historia. Cuando terminé el 4to libro ya sabía que iba a salir este, entonces tenia esa recomfortación, pero ahora que ya lo terminé no se que hacer de mi vida. Lo que más me gustó de Fire Light es que, a diferencia del tono que tiene toda la serie, lo que predomina aquí es la esperanza, y fue algo muy bonito de leer.

Fare Well - 5/5

Fácilmente pudimos haber terminado este libro sin necesidad de demasiado sufrimiento pero aqui andamos. Esto más que nada es como un capítulo extra a algo que sucede en War Storm, algo muy spoilery. Vemos un suceso desde una perspectiva diferente y algo que sucede después de tal suceso.
En pocas palabra, demasiado dolor y lágrimas.
Y me encantó.

Es triste ver a una de mis series favoritas de la vida llegar a su fin, pero estoy muy feliz y agradecido por haber experimentado ésta historia desde sus inicios hasta su final. Es y será una de mis favoritas por siempre.
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December 8, 2020
Genau wie bei der Throne of Glass Reihe blicke ich hier mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge zurück.

Diese Reihe wird immer einen ganz eigenen Platz in meinem Herzen haben. ❤️
Sie begleitet mich schon so lange und hat jetzt ihren Abschluss gefunden.

Das Buch kann nicht nur als Roman gesehen werden. Es besteht aus mehreren Kurzgeschichten, viel Zusatzmaterial und einer sehr interessanten Aufmachung.

Die erste Kurzgeschichte fand ich wirklich unheimlich traurig. Obwohl man schon wusste, was in der Vergangenheit passiert ist, hat es das nicht besser gemacht.

Nach dem Ende von Teil vier wird hier deutlich, dass die Protagonisten noch alle an etwas zu knacken haben. Niemand ist ohne Narben davongekommen. Physisch und Psychisch.
Manche Sachen fand ich sehr sehr emotional.
Beispielsweise die Schicksale von Mare, Farley oder auch Cal.

Es fällt mir nicht ganz so leicht diese Reihe loszulassen, aber ich weiß, dass letzten Endes alles so gekommen ist, wie es sein musste.
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1,013 reviews2,059 followers
July 14, 2023
Well, I think I'll leave this one as DNF for now, because it's been over 3 weeks since I last touched it, and I have no motivation to pick it up.

It's not bad, it's just really long and boring, and I feel like I'm wasting my time reading this when I could be reading something better and more exciting.

Queen Song ⭐⭐⭐.5
Steel Scars ⭐⭐
Red Queen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Glass Sword ⭐⭐⭐⭐
King's Cage ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
War Storm ⭐⭐⭐

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November 3, 2021
honestly was never planning on reading this but i needed a better ending than war storm. i didn't really care for most of the novellas except mare and cal's one. but im still glad i read it because i finally got the ending i wanted and it explained what happened after war storm. i skipped queen song and steel scars bc i read them years ago.

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September 1, 2020

have you ever read a sequel to a book you just gave 5 stars to but the sequel is so good you have to lower your previous rating just to give this sequel a 5-star review? that's the case.
broken throne is way more of an ending to the red queen series than war storm ever was. it gave the series the conclusion i asked for. it could easily stop being the red queen #4.5 to be the #5.

i'm gonna miss this world so much.
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Currently reading
January 21, 2019
Oh no, there's another one...I still haven't finished War Storm yet. I will forever love Red Queen, but to me, the series has been rolling down hill since then.

But Maven literally carries the series for me and I can't resist another book that could possibly have him in it. Even if there's a chance that he will make an appearance, especially if it's a story with him and Thomas, then I must read this. I MUST.

And it doesn't hurt that the cover is gorgeous.
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May 9, 2019
I have never been a huge fan of this series. I only continued reading it because I’m not fond of leaving them midway and I especially like getting some closure about characters. That’s also probably the only reason I read this short story collection, because War Storm didn’t give us a satisfactory ending nor did it complete the arcs of the characters.

This book starts off with the previously published stories from Cruel Crown, which I was obviously not interested in. The next story called World Behind was probably set during the events of King’s Cage and had new characters whose predicament I couldn’t care less about. Evangeline’s story was interesting, getting to know about her life in Montfort and what her and Elane’s future looks like. But my love hate with her character still continues, and she manages to piss me off while also feeling good that she is getting the life she wanted. The next story was what I really wanted to read - what happens when Mare and Cal meet again. There is still a lot of reconstruction to be done and they are not obligated to the same sides, but it was nice to see them finally come to some form of resolution about their future. Both of them still grapple with the choices they made regarding Maven and while I know that he is a villain, I was glad that they remembered him. The last little story called Farewell definitely made me a little emotional.

However, it’s the historical accounts that are written throughout the book are what impressed me. We get to know more about how this world of Silvers and Reds came to be, and it was actually very fascinating to see that it’s a post-apocalyptic version of our own. I think I never saw that coming. We also get little tidbits about all the Calore monarchs before Cal and that was interesting. But the best part was at the end, where we see how this world ended up and what happened to all these characters in the future. I don’t wanna spoil it but it’s that final historical account that gave me the closure I needed.

Obviously if you are a diehard fan of the Red Queen series, you should definitely read this book. Otherwise, I don’t know if it’s worth the price. Despite my curiosity, I would not have read it if not for my library copy.
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Want to read
November 30, 2018

IT HAS A TITLE!!!!!!!!!



This is my MOST ANTICIPATED read for 2019. It's pretty late but the read queen short stories officially have a title. I am a HUGE Red Queen fan. I have forced most of my friends to read it ( and they loved it )It is my all-time favourite series so of course, I am super excited for these short stories for multiple reasons.

1. I need that Mare-Cal ending. WHAT HAPPENED TO MARE AND CAL'S HAPPILY EVER AFTER?????????????? I was so angry that they didn't:

get engaged
get married
have kids
2. An Epic Finale. War Storm did not give us the most satisfying ending that we were all hoping for. It kind of left us hanging and I was so upset until I found out that there would be short stories.

3. Victoria Aveyard mentioned a story about Evangeline. She went from one of my least favourites to one of my absolute favourites in the last 2 books. I am so excited to see where her story leads (and Elane of Course). How is she dealing with living away from Norta?

4. New characters...YES PLEASE. I am so excited about the new characters who were not in the original 4 books, how the war affected them

5. Just getting back into the Red Queen series one last time. Yes, we all said this about War Storm but now, it is the last finale. I know personally, I'm gonna probably cry because there won't be anything to follow Broken Throne. Thanks, Victoria Aveyard for one more book and an EPIC series that will forever be in my heart.

I'm super pumped for the cover reveal and the short stories. Like and Comment if you feel the same and you're excited as well. GO CHECK OUT MY BLOG

Thanks for reading

-Letter My Reading
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May 14, 2019
Started it,Had a breakdown, Bon appètit

No really, Broken Throne is a must have for every Red Queen (probably not for Maven stans but who cares).

Victoria once again brings us in her world of politics, betrayal and heartbreak. Her writing is fierce and tempting and exciting. AND I NEED MORE OF IT!!

It was amazing to read how the characters have dealt with the after match of the last war and it was exciting to see that they keep growing as humans. Miss Aveyard knows her character so well and didn’t forget where they came from. Non of them was out of character and i really loved it.

Every short story gives you all lot more information, joyful moments and a lot of tears!

Like i said, if you loved and admired the Red Queen series as much as i did you will love this book so so much!

I’m just writing this with tears in my eyes because i still can’t believe that it’s over but let me tell you one thing. Red Queen might me over but it ended with a BANG!!

A million stars from me for this masterpiece!!
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