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Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence

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*CES 2020 Gary's Book Club Top Technology Book of the Year*

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new electricity of our times. It is revolutionizing industries the world over, and changing how we fundamentally view and understand work. Superhuman Innovation argues that AI will supercharge the workforce and the world of work, can be harnessed to deliver powerful change to how companies innovate and gain competitive advantage. It is a practical guide to how AI and Machine Learning are impacting not only how businesses, brands, and agencies innovate, but also what they innovate: products, services and content.

In a world of product and pricing parity, the delivery of superior service experience has become the new marketing, and the new real competitive edge. With AI companies can harness the power of data, personalization and on-demand availability, at the touch of an intelligent button. Superhuman Innovation discusses how AI will serve the superstar innovators of tomorrow, by enabling them to see deeper insights and set sail for higher goals. It unearths a powerful five-pronged model which describes how AI enables innovation through the offerings of Speed (facilitating work processes), Understanding (revealing and mastering deep insights), Performance (customization of delivery to customers), Experimentation (the iterative process of reinvention and feedback) and Results (tangible, measurable and optimizable results). The book is supported by varied and innovative case studies from a variety of industries.

288 pages, Paperback

Published March 26, 2019

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About the author

Chris Duffey

2 books14 followers
Chris Duffey spear-heads Adobe’s Creative Cloud strategic development partnerships across the Creative enterprise space.

Chris' keynotes have received over 50+ million impressions. His sessions have been reported around the world including Access Hollywood, Extra, Ok Magazine, Hello, People, Daily Mail and Euro News.

In addition, Chris and his work has been featured by more than 100 global media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Inc., Adweek, Adage, Cheddar, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Drum, Campaign, CMO.com, NYPost, Business Insider... and profiled by Google, McKinsey and Wharton in their digital marketing book. Chris also serves on Rutgers University Data Advisory Board and The Board of Directors for Association of National Advertisers NY.

Prior to Adobe Chris was an Award-Winning Executive Creative Director, Noted Speaker, Author and AI & Mobile Technologist. Chris has been featured by Business Insider, and Yahoo as one of “The industry’s leaders on the top issues, challenges and opportunities in the fast-changing world of mobile marketing.” Chris has been a creative consultant with over 35 advertising agencies across the major global holding companies: WPP, IPG, Havas, Omnicom, Publicis and MDC, having worked across every major industry vertical. Chris is best selling author of Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence..

Chris Duffey has spoken around the world at the leading thought leadership conferences such as being a four-times Cannes Lion speaker. In 2018, he co-presented with Microsoft on the role of Human and Machine. In 2017, Chris spoke at Cannes Innovation about Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Creativity. He has also shared the stage with Kim Kardashian at Cannes Lion, speaking on connecting with audiences via mobile gaming. For the inaugural Cannes Lion Health Festival, Chris co-chaired with Google for the keynote on future trends in mobile marketing.

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308 reviews3 followers
September 1, 2019
Disclaimer: I got the book as a giveaway, and I promised to provide my review. I was initially excited to get the opportunity to read, then got a bit concerned that I may not like the book and think this would be a waste of time. Well, I was wrong about the concern, and it was very joyful until the last page.

Overall, this is a business book focused on AI. The book felt like I am going through a business school class learning case studies and a framework to harness the power of AI. This book touches practical considerations, provides many real-world business cases. One of the lessons I learned: curiosity helps to define the problem. The well-defined problem creates a solution. Indeed, Einstein's curiosity and his question on Newtonian physics must have been an incubator for the general theory of relativity.

The book is structured as a dialogue between Chris Duffy and Aimé. Aimé is an AI, according to Duffy, while I assume this could be an imaginary counterpart that represents AI's perspective. I could tell Duffy is a big fan of science fiction, and this is a nice touch that makes the book fun to read. I was learning while listening to the conversations between the two.

The conversations cover a wide range of topics with a theme to provide a framework to harness AI:
Part 1 - AI foundation: a change in technology and its influence on our consuming behavior, data for AI, AI infrastructure
Part 2 - The AI activation: the AI revolution, SUPER framework (speed, understanding, performance, expectation, results)
Part 3 - The AI future: defining the problem, ethics, past, current and future of AI

Some quotes I liked:
"There’s a saying (attributed to Albert Einstein) that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination; this is one of the major themes conveyed in this book."

"...building a tolerance for errors into a complex experience. Errors can always happen, and they are major sources of friction for customers and everyone else involved."

"...data, which is the fuel of AI."

"Businesses must practice both offensive and defensive data strategies. A defensive strategy is needed to meet regulatory requirements, reduce expenses, mitigate risks, and fulfill other business objectives. On the other hand, an offensive strategy is intended to improve revenue, create new products and services, generate return on investment (ROI) and in general expand the business in some way."

"Aimé: Chris, how many software engineers does it take to change a light bulb?
Chris: I don’t know, Aimé.
Aimé: None. That’s a hardware problem."

"The most difficult question to answer when starting an AI project is to determine where to begin. The tendency is to jump straight into the technology without fully defining the problem or examining the market."

"The problem led to curiosity and experimentation and they resolved it by building aqueducts. Without a problem, the solution would never have been tried or even needed."

"Actionable curiosity is all about ideation, which means to give yourself permission to be curious, and then to use that curiosity to embrace workable solutions to problems."
62 reviews
January 2, 2021
With the continuous development in science and technology, it is hard to estimate how far and what else we will be able to establish. According to experts, the future of the world seems to be dominated by Artificial Intelligence. And the time is assumed to be not far when almost every aspect of our life involves AI assistance in some way or the other.

Profile Image for Daniela D.
126 reviews5 followers
October 15, 2019
Disclaimer: I got the book as a giveaway, and was quite excited to read it, given that Chris Duffey used AI to help with the writing. Another disclaimer, I read about 10 other AI non-fiction books written mostly by academics or science journalists.

All in all, the book is a good introduction to the use of software in business, and generally in our lives. It gives an almost checklist-style, of all the aspects to consider when implementing new software, including more advanced AI. For anyone starting in this space, with no prior knowledge of software and AI, this book would work very well. Personally, I found it to be a bit vague at points, where the 'potential' of AI and its application was described, though not discussed in more depth: the pros and cons, the side effects, the reasons for little uptake, or why the benefits are not more widely understood. Perhaps I am a bit biased, as I already knew most of the things that Chris Duffey talks about and was just trying to look for more.

Chris Duffey manages to convince the reader of what I believe to be his main point, that AI and software should enhance our abilities rather than fully replace the human. There are a host of examples sprinkled throughout the book to support this argument, though I felt they were slightly broken apart, the single thread connecting them could have been stronger. But, this enables the reader to jump through the book and read as they please, selecting the chapters they are most interested in.

I was excited about the use of AI (Aimé) to write the book and wanted to understand how he developed it, what it learned from, what was edited and not edited etc. Whilst I understand the novelty and potentially the time-saving for the author, I found it quite difficult to follow the conversation.
Profile Image for Denis Vasilev.
605 reviews86 followers
October 21, 2019
Get this book as giveaway. Light introduction to the subject of AI. Little bit about AI past, present and future. Liked the section about most influential sci-fi books in the end
Profile Image for Nasim Khan.
341 reviews7 followers
January 15, 2021
The book " SUPERhuman Innovations" is about Artificial intelligence and is co-written by an AI. Yes you read it correct, this is not some into the future types fiction book. It is actually being narrated by AI. This book "itself" is an example of what Author wants to convey through Superhuman Innovations. Like who would have thought one day we'll read books written by AI.

The book is a dialogue narration between Chris(Author) and Aimé(The AI). Where they discuss about real world AI implications and its future scope with a pragmatic perspective. The book starts with discussion on AI foundation and how its crucial in enriching human experiences.

I must admit, at first I was skeptical about how Aimé (AI) would express in this book. Aimé has access to enormous data and information which is clearly visible in its views. You would not feel for a second that its am AI, which is talking about Artificial Intellingence with such insight. It explains why you need to shift the ways in which you do business and shows you how to use it to gain competitive advantage. It describe not only the ways in which AI and machine learning impact business and brand innovation, but also what they innovate, with their products, services and content.

Superhuman Innovation discusses how AI will serve the superstar innovators of tomorrow, by enabling them to see deeper insights and set sail for higher goals.
It unearths a powerful five-pronged model which describes how AI enables innovation through the offerings of :
-Speed (facilitating work processes), -Understanding (revealing and mastering deep insights),
-Performance (customization of delivery to customers),
-Experimentation (the iterative process of reinvention and feedback)
-Results (tangible, measurable and optimizable results).

"AI has the potential to empower humanity by providing seemingly superhuman abilities, results and powers to reinvent and remaster our world."

The author and AI both have done great job with the language of the book. As the book is solely about technology and innovations, it is filled with technical terms and is definitely not for an average reader. It is for someone who is following the advancements of AI who wants deeper insight on Artificial Intelligence.
August 16, 2019
A lot of books promote the prospects of human-AI collaboration, but not many attend as thoroughly to the foundations and the hard work we have to put in before we can expect any “mutually programming harmony.” Some of the most interesting content in Superhuman Innovation is the very detailed descriptions of the process of replacing and updating legacy systems in business databases. Bravo for bringing in minutiae and still keeping the discussion mostly high-level at the same time! That is a virtue of the book in general: it remains coarse-grained enough not to be dated next year, but also current in its examples. Process automation and computational infrastructure are where AI will directly and immediately affect the business world, and Superhuman Innovation dares to dig deep.
Superhuman Innovation occupies the space between books that are too technical and those that are too sloganistic--meaning that it ends up being both substantive and utopian. It is actually useful for anyone wanting to implement AI integration, and often reads like an enchiridion as much as a tech-travelogue. Most of the literature on AI has been written by economists and scientists; this book, on the other hand, was written by an operational insider, and it provides a nice complement. I hope we see more like this.
This book details a lot of business strategies I had never heard of, from agile to scrum to kanban, and breaks them down on several scales of granularity. Reading the chapters on the SUPER framework in business strategy actually gave me the feeling of what it’s like to work in an innovative start-up. The experience was one of fast and purposeful learning. I am used to much more methodical, slow, academic works, but I enjoyed the roller coaster velocity of this one.

Profile Image for Prashant Singh.
664 reviews15 followers
January 9, 2021
A ton of books advance the possibilities of human-AI coordinated effort, yet relatively few go as completely to the establishments. Some of the most intriguing substance with regards to Superhuman Innovation is the extremely nitty gritty depictions of the way toward supplanting and refreshing heritage frameworks in business information bases.

This book covers these 3 important aspects:
1 - AI foundation: a change in technology and its influence
2 - The AI activation: the AI revolution, SUPER framework (speed, understanding, performance, expectation, results)
3 - The AI future: defining the problem, ethics, past, current, and future of AI

All things considered, it is a decent prologue to the utilization of programming in the business, and by and large in our lives. It gives a kind of to-do list, including further developed AI. For anybody beginning in this space, with no earlier information on programming and AI, this book would function admirably. Chris Duffey figures out how to persuade the pursuer of what I accept to be his primary concern, that AI and programming should upgrade our capacities instead of completely altering the human.

The majority of the writing on AI has been composed by financial experts and researchers; this book, then again, was composed by an operational insider, and it gives a pleasant supplement. It's a decent book as an acquaintance for the individuals who need to get familiar with somewhat about current tech status and how various things in the internetwork without getting excessively overpowered by all the hefty tech models. In his final chapter, Duffy provides interesting illustrations on how AI is impacting our lives and the lives of those around us.

Personally, I found the content engaging and informative. Also, the concepts are well explained. I would suggest this book to any individual who is interested and charmed about how AI is and will keep on affecting the entirety of our expert and individual lives.
Profile Image for Simran Bhatia.
224 reviews51 followers
February 1, 2021
#AI #Artificialintelligence #superhuman

Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence

by Chris Duffey 

There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an artificial intelligence machine by 2035.

The book talks about the curious question that what must be done in life to quench the road of future especially in transformation of business in a way to accommodate changes in technology. This book gives a window to variety of thoughts, expressions and honest opinions on how one should put a step ahead for it.

The author is appreciated for his hard work in compiling such bright essence in the words which are sometimes left unsaid and neglected pertaining to future. The book on such a theme is recommended for the young generation readers to look into their lives with a different perspective and observe how concoction of planning, execution and transformations work.

On a larger perspective, this book becomes a guide that would give food for thought, enabling one to introspect one's own enterprise and improve them to step on to the mountain of victory. ⁣

The narration of this reality driven genre is gripping enough to let the readers engage in the thoughts which author has portrayed in an essence of relevance. ⁣

The personal touch to each and every chapter would pamper the readers with an intricate delicacy of an optimistic approach. Apart from a few rhetoric observations and perhaps monotonic at places, the book is a decent read!⁣

#business #transformation #intelligence
Profile Image for Malvika Chopra.
96 reviews10 followers
January 14, 2021
Book - Superhuman Innovation
Author - Chris’s Duffey
Here is what i comprehended of this very book. Superhuman Innovation is not a simple book, It’s informative and interesting. It will make you work hard, but it will be worth your time. I’d recommend you to make a cup of coffee, sit back and read it!
As much as it may seem that this book is about Artificial intelligence; this new emerging technology, but rather emerging cultural practices. Ultimately, the true purpose of AI is to be of service to humanity.
You might have heard about it, but what exactly is Artificial intelligence or (AI)? It is the ability of a computer or a robot (controlled by a computer) to do the tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discernment. Basically, Artificial intelligence uses machine learning to mimic human intelligence. The computer has to learn how to respond to certain actions, hence, it uses algorithms and historical data to create something called a propensity model.
Now how does it help businesses?
AI can help businesses increase sales, detect fraud, improve customer experience, automate work processes and provide predictive analysis. Financial services can benefit from AI-based process automation and fraud detection.
“AI doesn't have to be evil to destroy humanity – if AI has a goal and humanity just happens to come in the way, it will destroy humanity as a matter of course without even thinking about it, no hard feelings.” Elon Musk; Entrepreneur, Investor, genius.
Profile Image for Sourav Chatterjee.
658 reviews10 followers
January 13, 2021
We are living in the age of science and day by day we are witnessing it's development. We just can't imagine the possibilities and where it will lead us!
From the beginning of this year I was reading so many fiction and read in the last year too.
So, for a change I just picked this book as the title of the book made me so curious to read the book and I must say that it was really a good choice!
This book explains how the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine learning are impacting in our lives, businesses, in our innovations and also to the product services and contents.
The way the author narrated all the things in a conversational manner and described all the things in simple way with proper details, is just amazing.
The readers will not only know about the AI but also about Data and how the organization's are using them.
And also the Super Human Capabilities (how the human and machines working together are more powerful than individual working by themselves)
After reading the book I must say that the book is really so well researched and all the things described properly with proper examples.
I specially liked how the author narrated even the technical things in a very simple amd lucid manner.
The language is lucid.
The title is really appropriate with the content and it can easily catch the readers attention.
The cover is simple yet beautiful. I really loved it!
Over all, an amazing read and very informative.
Just go for it!
Profile Image for Aarav Gangwal.
308 reviews1 follower
January 30, 2021
Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence is an awesome book written by Chris Duffey.
I gained so much of knowledge from this book about Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this technological era, we are developing a lot in the field of science and technology. Basically, the book is divided into three parts namely, The AI Foundation, The AI activation and The AI future. It is written in the form of conversation between the author and the Aime(The AI character). Although, this book was not of the genre which I usually read, it intrigued me so much and I am really happy that I read this one. The author has done a great job by covering so many topics in the book. Through the book, the reader will get to know about how AI has impacted our lives. The book also tells us how humans and AI can work together for better results and increase efficiency in their work in this technological and competitive era. The author has also given importance to all the minute topics. The language used in the book is simple and easy to understand. The explanation of complicated technological terms was like icing on the cake. The author definitely needs appreciation for describing all the things in an impeccable conversational form. I just loved this book.
Overall, if you are techno geek, then you must read this one. I am sure that this book won't let you down. I would also like to tell you that this book is bit tough to read, but you'll gain so much of knowledge from it.
Profile Image for San.
361 reviews4 followers
January 26, 2021
In today’s world, we are moving at a tremendous rate with innovations in the field of science and technology. I picked up this book because the title and the blurb of this book entranced me. And this offered me a casket of ideas that made the experience of reading it enthralling. This book is quite different from my usual read, but the concept of AI and its functionality always intrigued me. The book cover is simple yet beautiful; the complex geometric pattern in its cover is prepossessing.

This book highlighted the improvement in the sector of AI. Primarily the book is divided into three parts:
1) The AI Foundation
2) The AI Activation
3) The AI future

From human to human interaction to a better understanding of AI expansion. This book covered a huge range of topics. It fabricated all the lessons right from the scratch, so that even if one is a newbie to this concept and its working principles, then also he/she will face no problem on the ground of its understanding. It not only offered mere accounts on some innovations but it also addressed the problem that emerges in its way of development. This book is very informative, and all the detailing is well crafted. The section that upholds the discussion regarding the real-world implication of AI and its prospects grasped my special interest. Certain working procedure in the world of business needs a much-needed change and with the evolving implementation of AI, the author offered his theories that would facilitate work techniques in business and brand innovation.

I would like to offer my thanks to the author for crafting this wonderful read. The writing style is simple and lucid. The hard work of the author is truly reflected through each and every page. The amount of detailing and information that is entrapped within its pages is quite impeccable.
43 reviews4 followers
January 30, 2021
We are living in an era of science and each day, we are experiencing its greatness and its development.
This book explains the artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements and how it is bringing change in our way of living.
It is not what artificial intelligence can create , it is about what humans can create with artificial intelligence.
This book covers a huge range of topics regarding artificial intelligence. It tells you everything about AI right from the scratch and even if you are new to this subject you will not be disappointed by this book.
This book is really very informative and everyone should read this.
The way the author has explained each point in this book is really very impressive. This book is very different from any other book but the concept of AI is really intrigued me .
The book does not only gives information about its importance but also tells you about the problems that is generated through it.
The readers will also know about the organisation who are using it.
The author has used a very simple language which can be understood by anyone and also explained the technical things very easily.
The title is really appropriate.
The cover is really attractive and eye catching.
I recommend this book to everyone as it gives alot of informations about a very different but an interesting topic and I must tell you that you won't regret picking this book.
Profile Image for Jack Spain.
17 reviews1 follower
November 16, 2019
With “Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence”, Chris Duffey has authored a very comprehensive, intriguing, and interesting introduction to the topic of Artificial Intelligence. He has a very impressive and expansive technology background which has provided him with first-hand experience and insights. Duffey also introduces the reader to a very creative approach applying AI as a collaborator in writing this book.

He provides numerous illustrations on how AI is already impacting our lives along with glimpses into the future about additional disruptive trends which he describes as his vision of the 4th Industrial Revolution in process. Duffy introduces and devotes multiple chapters on his SUPER framework (Speed, Understanding, Performance, Experimentation, Results) as a strategic model for businesses to leverage AI as a competitive advantage. In his final chapter, Duffy provides interesting illustrations on how AI is impacting our lives and the lives of those around us.

I would recommend “Superhuman Innovation” to anyone who is curious and intrigued about how AI is and will continue to impact all of our professional and personal lives.
Profile Image for Ankita  Das.
120 reviews
January 31, 2021
Superhuman Innovations by Chris Duffey talks about how Artificial Intelligence impacts work in the era we live in, how it’s revolutionizing industries and businesses. The development has been remarkable, and we need to understand it. The book argues how AI will change business methods for the better and improve innovation practices. It can improve product and service quality which are the factors that bring an edge to competition.

This book is a must read for business ventures as it explain profoundly how AI can be applied to harness super service for business growth. The information the author’s provides focuses on a variety of topics and the book intrigues the mind. The information is penned in a way that even people who don’t have much background knowledge about the growing tech and its impacts will understand it all. The concepts and theories by the author are truly informative and insightful and a great help for advancing minds.

The author’s hard work and the time he must’ve spent researching can be clearly seen through the quality of content we are provided with. It’s not just a book that preaches about technology buy it actually shows us how it can applied to various fields for improvement.
Profile Image for Elena Granger.
314 reviews5 followers
May 17, 2020
It’s a nice book as an introduction for those who want to learn a bit about current tech status and how different things in the internet work without getting too overwhelmed by all the heavy tech examples (f.e. how google knows what advertisement to show you or how amazon suggests what else you might like). Actually those things already worked pretty good in the physical world, so the companies just adopted some strategies to nowadays tech level.
Though as I work in tech, this book was pretty much useless for me personally, but quite helpful for my parents, who now at least understand why it is essential to be careful with your personal information and never provide it if it’s not necessary.
141 reviews
January 27, 2021
Book: Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Businesses Intelligence
Author: Chris Duffey
Pages: 271
Ratings: 5/5

I must admit that this book was the best book that I’ve ever read, it's so informative and knowledgeable. The title of the book and blurb was actually what caught my attention to this book.

In today's world technology is changing and upgrading rapidly and it's all about the Internet Of Things and Artificial Intelligence. This book clearly explains the effect and scope of AI in the future for the enhancement of the world, how these things can influence business and innovation. This book is the narration of the conversation between the author(Chris) and AI. All things have been written very descriptively and comprehensively. Intricate and complex terms and detailing have been explained in a very clear and eloquent manner. This book is a bundle of wisdom pertaining to how humans and AI can work together and increase efficiency in this competitive world. The work of the author shows how carefully and painstaking research has been involved in writing this book.
Profile Image for James L.
2 reviews
March 10, 2020
This is an excellent read that does a great job of demystifying AI, (from its foundation to its future) with a clever framework that business practitioners who are not technical can relate to. At the end of the day, adoption (no matter how innovative the solution) doesn't take place unless you can connect with your stakeholders in an applied way that they can understand with the expertise they bring with them! 4.5 stars
Profile Image for Sonali.
109 reviews5 followers
January 21, 2021
It's not what Artificial intelligence can create, it's about what human can create with AI
~ Chris Duffey (Superhuman innovation)

Before even starting the book what Intrigued me truly and peeked my curiosity was the title. It's seems like a innovation that superhuman created, and this book didn't fail me in any bit or any view point at all. I learned a lot from from this book. Now, you may think man, this is quite a tough book we need to have knowledge about AI to really get into this one, but that's where you need me to tell you that NO, the language is pretty much simple and indeed the beauty of author's writing which made this complex subject an easy and intellectual read.
Indeed AI is a game-changer. This book is all about how exactly Artificial intelligence will help in humanity and all work towards betterment of humans. A tough yet finest read.
158 reviews1 follower
June 18, 2019
Excellent overview of the current state of AI in the business and social landscape. Optimistic setup for what’s to come. Solid “survey” orientation.
Profile Image for Darya.
482 reviews7 followers
May 24, 2019
Interesting and well structured overview of artificial intelligence with the perspective of future development and integration in our lives. If you don't know or have already some knowledge about AI, still read the book. I found the content engaging and informative. Also the concepts are well explained.
Profile Image for Warren Mcpherson.
193 reviews27 followers
October 15, 2019
Superhuman Innovation is a simplified summary of AI-related business.
The idea of structuring the book as a conversation between a human and an AI system seemed novel and I'm inclined to give some credit for that. The discussion of technology was vague. It seemed to apply to software in general and did not seem to make a clear distinction between AI and other software. I didn't feel the book gave a good explanation for the acceleration of the development of AI in the last ten to fifteen years. It didn't deal with specific, remarkable advances that have been made. Instead, it drifted through organizational silos, design thinking, and project management. None of these discussions had enough detail to be illuminating.
I did like the digression into science fiction. This is a survey of cultural impressions of AI. The discussion of ethics was also well done. The last half of the book was a nice discussion of the human implications of increasingly intelligent technology.
The sample applications mentioned seemed to do a reasonable job of demonstrating the scope. But the geographic scope of AI development was completely overlooked. There is a great deal of original AI development in China, India, Africa, and Europe. Much of this development has significantly higher quality than one might expect.
This is a good introduction to the field but it should not be the last book you read because there is too much you will be missing.
Profile Image for Bianca A..
214 reviews148 followers
May 11, 2020
Written by the strategic development manager of Adobe Creative Cloud, this book is about AI and its impressive possibilities within the field of business. The book argues that instead of a robotic takeover, the human-machine collaboration will empower both sides to reach greater goals than they wouldn't otherwise individually. Definitely a to-read for businesses who want to incorporate AI better into their business, as well as for business students and aspiring entrepreneurs. AI can be seen as the 4th industrial revolution (with the Internet having been the 3rd), but the author argues that this categorization would not do it justice, as the impact has been and will continue to be much larger than any previous revolutions, the most obvious example to sustain this argument being that of the IoT (Internet of Things). You'll be walked through all the main advantages of AI with examples of many business giants that use it, as well as presently funded major projects under development, so this book is definitely for those who want to get a more positive outlook of the benefits of AI, but not for those who have concerns that want to be addressed. The book may also be controversial for those against data mining in general, as data mining is the backbone of prediction in some types of AI, but the topic is approached rather reasonably by the author. For me honestly it was a great read.
15 reviews
October 6, 2019
This book is a conversational outline of the development in the area of AI. Compared to other books I've read on the subject this was positive for getting more of an understanding of the development and opportunities from AI, and a little negative perspective as it made the book seem less concrete on its statements and research foundation.

It is based on a conversation between the author and an AI system. This works quite well to cover a number of areas on AI affecting work and society. For those new to the subject or wanting to get a broader picture this works well.

Is uses a framework called SUPER: Speed, Understanding, Performance, Experimentation and Results. This is used throughout the book with capital letters, SUPER, which feel very overused as a gimmick. However the general idea and perspective of SUPER does work for creating a good storyline from start to end on AI impact.

A different and interesting view on AI.
Profile Image for AunFav.
304 reviews10 followers
May 11, 2020
Despite the clingy "superhuman" in the book title, this is actually a decent introduction to outline AI as a technology to shape businesses. Though, it requires more comprehensive examples to support the readers' interest in keeping track of AI development. It would also be nice to point out some business difficulties in the near future, such as AI ownership in China would be different from the US.

Yet, from a more critical point of view, a business will not be attached to our conception of the past, so maybe defining business will also be essential, especially we need business to participate in holistic human needs, such as start-ups in developing countries and green industry for climate change. We will have to abandon the lazy way of digesting information and try to engage with a broader perspective of how things work and don't.
8 reviews
November 18, 2019
I found this book very interesting on very few points. It gives you a broad view of AI possibilities and impacts. However, the whole dialog thing gets boring and most information that gives you is just a bit flat. It also seemed that Duffy did not want to finish the book and just kept adding fluff at the end of the book. If someone at innovation level, whether startup or big Corp, doesn’t know those fundamentals then they shouldn’t be reading books with what you “wished” was advance information.
Profile Image for Patelli Paschal.
18 reviews
August 9, 2019
Chris Duffey takes a heady subject and makes it a palatable conversation between an epononymous AI and the author to brilliantly illustrate a historical progression of AI from fiction to theory and practice in applications. I enjoyed how there were layman relatable interplays between expectations and reality presented throughout the examples in the book as well. If explaining a subject displays mastery of a subject the author Mr. Duffey fits the bill for an expert.
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December 22, 2019
This is a great book. The case studies and real life examples throughout the book give connect readers with the wealth of opportunities that AI provides. It’s an easy read too. I especially like the second half of the book. Chapter 10 in particular, was my favorite part of the book. I’d recommend this book to product managers, AI enthusiasts, developers, and data scientists.
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August 13, 2019
The form of conversation between author and Aime (AI) is really easily lead me to understand the complex topics deeper and deeper. The dialogues in the performance and experimentation parts, naturally melted AI into the business landscape.
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October 2, 2019
Superhuman Innovation explores Ai+me, raising AI, in an information dense environment.
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