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A Harris Brother Scottish Wedding!

This short story was first published in the Cocktales Anthology. It reads well as a standalone but will be enjoyed better if you read Challenge first.

Only professional footballer, Camden Harris, is cocky enough to elope to Scotland with his fiancé and leave the Harris Family behind.

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First published June 29, 2018

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About the author

Amy Daws

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Number 1 Amazon Bestselling author Amy Daws writes spicy love stories that take place in America, as well as across the pond. She's most known for her footy-playing Harris Brothers and writing in a tire shop waiting room. When Amy is not writing, she’s likely making charcuterie boards from her home in South Dakota where she lives with her daughter and husband.

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Profile Image for Michelle.
1,486 reviews124 followers
September 13, 2018
Luv Camden

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This short story is so good. I m so glad I got to read this and see how Camden and Indie got married. They are such a cute couple. Camden is just so sexy so got more of him is alway good. The story was short and I would of luvd more but I m just greedy when it comes to this family. But even though the story is short I laughed at Tanner being crazy and then was a lil sad for Indie. This author is that good that she can get all my emotions goin in a few pages. I would recommend this book of you want a bit more of this great family.

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Profile Image for Leila.
408 reviews75 followers
December 8, 2019
4 thou are mine stars!

I was looking through the books in the Harris Brothers series and noticed that I had missed one. Turns out I hadn't missed it at all, but I had originally read it as a short story in the Cocktales anthology. It was actually the first story I read by Amy Daws and what got me interested in reading more about Camden and Indie and in turn the whole Harris brood!

Because it was such a quick read I decided to reread it again anyways :)

This was a short story/epilogue about the elopement of Camden and Indie and it was really tooth-aching sweet and I quite enjoyed it!

"...my love is thine, as thou art mine."
Profile Image for Tracy.
398 reviews25 followers
May 1, 2019
Short and sweet and I totally loved it!!! Cam and Indie are so amazing as a couple. It’s great being part of their wedding. Now we just need to witness Booker and Poppy tying the knot!!!
Profile Image for Diane (Books and Tequila Blog).
1,365 reviews59 followers
July 25, 2018
Sweet, funny and sexy story! I can't get enough of the Harris brothers and their significant others! End Goal is a novella with awesome narration that I could go back and listen to again and again.
-5 Stars-
Profile Image for Marty.
429 reviews6 followers
August 18, 2022
Camden is tired of Indie not setting a date and when he confronts her and realizes that it's because she will not have her family there and he will have his huge family there to support him he decides that they will elope together. The two of them go to Scotland and get married in private. During their honeymoon they share their hopes of having a family together and when they get back to tell the Harris clan everyone is super happy for them. Tanner even comes around when he realizes this means they can start their families together.
I love Camden and Indie together. They are true soulmates. My heart broke for Indie when she and Cam were discussing why they hadn't set a date yet and her insecurities came to light. Might I add I still love, love, love Tanner Harris. He's so funny and provides many quippy comments.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
March 5, 2023
AME DEMASIADOOOOO 💖💖💖 quedé con Muchas ganas de leer mas de Camden e Indie 😍😍😍

Por un momento pensé que se iban a fugar a casarse solo porque el la presionaba pero cuando leí las razón de Indie mi niña, quise meterme dentro del libro y abrazarla. Y ahí no solo me hizo sentido, sino que me pareció súper considerado de Cam que tuviera la idea de fugarse y tener una boda para ellos dos. Fue muy linda, especial, con el toque de comedia que caracteriza a esta serie de la autora ✨

Amo, amo, amo y seguro lo releere pronto 💖
September 2, 2018

End Goal was amazing! Camden and Indie's story in Challenge was one of my favorite books in the Harris Brothers series, and it was absolutely wonderful to return to this couple's story, if only for a short while. I loved watching Camden and Indie's Scottish Wedding play out, and it was awesome to see several familiar characters again. Amy Daws is a brilliant author, and I loved that she gave readers another taste of the Harris Brothers in End Goal!

For more reviews and other book news, please visit: https://theromancebibliophile.com
Profile Image for Casey Leigh.
847 reviews2 followers
January 23, 2020
Fantastic ending to an awesome series

I loved this ending and now have to go back to read the full series. Characters are uniquely interesting and individual. Love this series already.
Profile Image for Jillian.
941 reviews65 followers
November 18, 2022
End Goal is a short Novella from the Harris Brothers series. It is book 3.5 and only 48 minutes in duration. In this book we see Camden and Indie get married. The duet narration was good and it was a cute story.
Profile Image for Jeannine.
1,349 reviews38 followers
August 29, 2018
I didn’t realize that this was in Cocktales. I haven’t gotten to that big mama jama yet so it was fun to catch up with Cam and Indie. There are some funny moments and their wedding is so sweet!
Profile Image for Stefanie Jenkins.
Author 13 books396 followers
May 16, 2021
The perfect bonus when going through Harris twin withdraws! This may be short and sweet but be prepared for all the smiles and feels.
Profile Image for Vivien Parry.
754 reviews1 follower
May 9, 2023
Finding the future!

Camden is so in love with Indie that he wants to marry her. They're engaged but Camden can't get Indie to set a date. Will suggesting an elopement help?
This was a great little read that was pure Harris hilarity!
Profile Image for Liz.
3,361 reviews56 followers
November 18, 2021
Camden and Indie elope and I loved everything about this. And Tanner's reaction at the end, so much fun!

Happy reading!
Profile Image for Claudia Pinillos.
874 reviews25 followers
August 31, 2018

Swoony, adorable and funny, just what this couple deserves. I was laughing and tearing up at how cute they are. I wish I could like with the Harris family forever! 😍😍😍
Profile Image for Kasandra Setrakova.
693 reviews13 followers
June 6, 2020
נובלה מקסימה כ"כ

⁦👰🏼⁩“Indie, they are saying I don’t want to marry you because we haven’t set a date,” I grind out through clenched teeth though I hardly need to spell it out for her. She’s the smartest person I know. “There are two ways we can fix this. Either you set the date already, or I punch their fucking lights out.”⁦🤵🏻⁩

⁦🤵🏻⁩“Then marry me because I asked you to. Marry me because I want to take the next step with you!” “And who will attend this wedding?” she asks, stepping out of my arms and swiping under her glasses as errant tears fall from her eyes. “Your entire family and my one and only friend, Belle? Not to mention the fact that Belle is married to Tanner, so she’s technically your family!”⁦👰🏼⁩

⁦🤵🏻⁩“It’s strange to see you without your glasses, Specs,” Camden murmurs softly, a wicked glint in his eyes. “It’s strange to see you wearing a skirt, Camden,” I retort, glancing down and taking in his suit jacket, vest, and red tartan tie that matches his kilt. “It’s called a kilt. It’s very manly,” he corrects with a tight jaw.⁦👰🏼⁩

⁦👰🏼⁩“Would you tell him that he had a lot of nerve getting engaged without telling me first, but to go off and get married without me by his side is total bollocks and completely unforgivable.”⁦🤵🏻⁩
Profile Image for Le Blog d'Océane.
445 reviews4 followers
November 16, 2021
Je l'avoue, je n'ai lu que le premier tome de la saga, c'est parfait puisque le héros de cette novella est celui du premier tome. J'ai adoré, je trouve que j'ai bien fait de lire cette novella pile 2 ans après ou presque.
Amy Daws reste constante dans son écriture, je l'aime toujours autant pour sa légèreté, sa bonne ambiance. Puis, on a le sourire instantanément. C'est pourquoi cette novella est parfaite.
Nous avons une intrigue tout à fait classique mais j'aime car cela me rend nostalgique et la fan que je suis est satisfaite de ce happy end. Puis, Amy Daws profite, par la même occasion, pour véhiculer la bonne humeur et des valeurs positives.
Nous avons donc des protagonistes au taquet pour cette novella. Leur amour est magnifique, le mariage est sublime. La complicité est toujours au rendez-vous dans une bonne ambiance très familiale.

Pour conclure, j'ai adoré cette novella. Elle reste dans l'esprit et dans la continuité de la série notamment du premier tome. J'apprécie de retrouver la plume légère et fluide d'Amy Daws. Ce bonus se lit en 30-45 minutes mais c'est magique car on a le sourire, on s'évade un peu avec quelque chose de joyeux. Vive les happy ends !
Profile Image for joan fjordbak.
193 reviews1 follower
January 22, 2020
Ho amato questa mini-storia come poche, e il merito - come al solito - è tutto di Camden e Indie. Il mio viaggio alla scoperta di Amy Daws e della sua serie dedicata ai fratelli Harris è iniziato proprio insieme a loro, d'altronde, e sono così felice di averli ritrovati - pur avendoli visti sempre sullo sfondo di altre vicende - da non avere abbastanza parole per esprimerlo appieno.
Mi è piaciuto moltissimo vederli finalmente convolare a nozze dopo tutto quello è che passato / successo. Non mi sarei mai aspettata di vederlo succedere così, ma ho adorato il tutto comunque. Non è stato convenzionale, e ciò rende il tutto ancor più perfetto. Perché niente di Camden e Indie lo è, ed ho amato il modo in cui l'autrice è riuscita a mantenerli se stessi anche a distanza di libri.
Dopo la lieve delusione lasciatami da quelli dedicati a Tanner e Booker - quest'ultimo specialmente... - avevo proprio bisogno di qualcosa che mi tirasse su e riaccendesse la fiammella d'amore per questa saga, che ancora arde viva grazie alle vicende di Gareth. Non vedo l'ora di completare entrambi i suoi libri, infatti, e scoprire quanto mi aspetta!
Profile Image for Livia.
963 reviews42 followers
September 14, 2018
A quick but enjoyable listen! I often go in blind when reading, but that proved to be a bit of a problem for me on this one. I had forgotten the characters by name and struggled to remember which couple this was. And because I was in transit while listening, I remained confused until the end when the light bulb finally went off, lol!

Unabridged Audiobook
Narrated by: Will M Watt, Charlotte Cole
Series: Harris Brothers, Book 3.5
Length: 48 mins
Release date: 07-12-18

Cover gush: I love seeing him in that kilt, rawr! 😉

Narration by Will M Watt, Charlotte Cole - very solid 3-star performances. These two have this down pat, and I'm a huge fan of duet narration over dual narration when there are 2 POVs.
Profile Image for Maria Fernanda G Lechuga.
264 reviews2 followers
December 31, 2018
Oh my... I love Cam and Indie so much, and this story was perfect.

I loved how supportive Cam is, and how perfect he understands Indie's hestintance of setting a date to get married, and the solution of eloping and having a wedding their own way was just perfect for them. we

"...Nothing about our relationship has ever been proper. Bloody hell, we started off under the guidance of a penis list for fuck’s sake.”

The story is short,vbut is so well written with everything that is characteristic of the Harris Brothers, funny, sweet, swoony and some puns, makes it all wonderful.
Profile Image for RateTheRomance.
778 reviews120 followers
October 11, 2020
Usually these half-books drive me a bit nuts. It's always an explosion of series characters and nothing really happens. But, damn it if Amy Daws didn't change my mind!

This is a sweet and steamy novella that actually SERVES A PURPOSE in the Harris Brother series. It explores characters we have met before and adds something important to the narrative. I know, I didn't think it was possible either.

I loved this little book. I loved seeing the continuation of Cam and Indie's love story. And I loved the Harris family even more than before.

Profile Image for Pamela Lilley.
1,948 reviews28 followers
April 17, 2019
I loved Camden and Indie in Harris Brothers book 1 ‘Challenge’ so this little novella was a perfect reminder of this wonderful family of footballers as I take on book 4 ‘Surrender’. Camden and Indie decide that the best way to tie themselves together with no drama is to just go ahead and elope, and suffer the Harris Brothers wrath afterwards. Sweet, funny and everything I’ve come to expect from these players both on and off the pitch.
Profile Image for Kiira | kikkereads.
575 reviews3 followers
January 16, 2022
End Goal is a cute short story of one of the Harris brothers eloping.

There was nothing wrong with it. I just can’t get into short stories. Hence 3 stars. I still enjoyed seeing one of my favorite book families.

And I loved this quote said by Indie:

“Camden Harris, I had a list of qualities for the kind of man I wanted to marry. A description. A type. I had everything planned out. Then you happened.”

It perfectly summarizes their relationship.

Profile Image for Katie W.
890 reviews7 followers
April 24, 2022
Pure Bliss

This short story of Camden and Indie getting married in Scotland is a perfect addition to their already amazing love story. Indie’s family growing up and into adulthood made her feel alone and abandoned until a she met Belle in med school and then Camden and the entire Harris Family when he destroyed his ACL. Seeing them get their happy ending through their private wedding is sweet and so perfect for this awesome couple! Happy Reading!
Displaying 1 - 30 of 168 reviews

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